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  1. xboxersz

    The Academic Union

    OOC Username: xboxersz Discord: You have it RP Name: Theo Age: 32 Race: Human Place of Residence: Markev Department: Professors of Academia Other Guilds: None
  2. xboxersz


  3. MC Name: xboxershortz Forum Name: xboxershortz Skype Name: thewhirlwind47 Timezone: EST Age: 15 Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the standards set forth to be a member of this team? Certainly, I’ve been around on the server for over three years, I’ve spent some time with just about every race on LoTC, and I’m an avid reader of the lore and our wiki. Over the years, I believe I’ve accumulated a vast store of knowledge about our lore through which I can assist new players. As well, by reading through the duties of the team, and seeing firsthand what they do, I do believe I grasp the AT standards quite well. Why do you want to be an AD member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others? As previously stated, I’ve been on the server for three years, and being on the AT team is a way for me to give back to LoTC, in a job that I believe I’ll enjoy. I still remember the AT that accepted me onto the server, everblu2er101, who helped me out with a lot of advice coming onto the server, and even later after I returned from a four month hiatus about 10 months into my LoTC experience. The AT team has been a lot of help to me, and in turn I’d like to help new and returning players by being a part of the AT. I do believe I am capable of working and collaborating with others quite well. I consider myself to be a diligent and peaceable person with well thought out opinions, who doesn’t take things personally or hold a grudge, and is willing to adapt to new situations. Do you recognize that you will be given extra responsibilities such as working on the LoTC Wiki, assisting the AD in creating guides and helping new players with their questions upon logging into LoTC? Of course, I am certainly adaptable to doing any sort of work the AT team requires of me. Helping new players is something I’ve been somewhat active in for a long time, and I don’t believe tending to the wiki will be too difficult. Given the name of the AT, I do believe my confidence in my ability to judge incoming apps goes without saying. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you? No, though if you have any questions about my app or me in general, please do ask. Tell me a joke (Better be good!) My social life There is a sign in Munich that reads, “Heisenberg might have slept here.”
  4. xboxersz

    [Denied] Draeris' FM Application

    A dedicated, intelligent, and friendly fella who'd make a great addition to the team +1
  5. Name : Aldduqat Rajul Race : Farfolk Age : 14 Reason for converting to Harringtonism? : To worship the Creator in a pure and uncorrupt church Would you be willing to support the Church financially to ensure that financial corruption can be brought to an end?: Of course
  6. xboxersz

    The Northern Research Guild

    MC: xboxershortzCharacter: Div'Igne IkurntirProfessions: FarmerDepartment: EngineeringSkype?: thewhirlwind47
  7. xboxersz

    The Circle Of Dragur

    Name: Div'Igne Ikurntir Age: 110 Race: Mali'Aheral Intended topic of book: Criminal Justice Systems [[MCname]]: xboxershortz [[Timezone]]: EST
  8. xboxersz

    The Order of Magi

    Name: Div'Igne Ikurntir [Mc Name]: xboxershortz Race: Mali'aheral Magic you wish to study: Transfiguration and Conjuration Guild you wish to be associated with: Sanctuary
  9. xboxersz

    The Barmy Merchant Company

    Name: Thueban RamilRace: HumanPast Groups: NoneSkills: Knowledge of navigation and astronomy, mathematics, basic business skills, tanningReason for joining: To make some money [OOC]MC Name: xboxershortzSkype: thewhirlwind47Teamspeak (Y/N): NoWill this be your main character: Yes
  10. xboxersz

    The Dawnstride Voyagers

    A ushanka, please
  11. xboxersz

    The Dawnstride Voyagers

    -game name: xboxershortz Roleplay name: Thueban Ramil Skype: thewhirlwind47 Any other guilds: No
  12. xboxersz

    The Gentlemen's Society

    *A poem is pinned onto one of the posters. The Battle: Two groups of men stand out in the sand Red or blue surcoats mark each of the bands Weapons of all different sorts in their hands Ready to fight, and spill blood on the land Each side charges forward, swords clash, and men fall The blue men are slaughtered, their soldiers are mauled The surviving blue troops are attempting to crawl Away as the red men are left standing tall The war has been lost, but the battle is won The moon has come up, and down goes the sun There are many a valiant songs to be sung Since the fighting is finished, is over, is done ~Copernicus Vanderson II
  13. xboxersz

    [Recruiting] The Winterguard

    OOC: MC Name: xboxershortz Skype Name: I don't have Skype. RP: Name: Copernicus Vanderson the Second Gender: Male Experience: Doctor and Botanist of the Brotherhood of the North, scientist. I, Copernicus Vanderson the Second, do claim a promise of loyalty, to protect and stand for the lands of Herendul, and to always value the Creator's, and your will, Kommandant of the Winterguard, and all your offspring, according to my obligations to the Guard. My sword, my shield, my strength, mine life will serve Herendul, and all its kin until the day I claim the deathbed.