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  1. Tato

    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    I mean, what if the owners of some doors purposely jam their doors for 90 mins (repair and retry if they unlock)?
  2. Tato

    Chisel and Bits

    Hello, Mods are not a good idea for this server- while yes, they do provide extras to the platform we play on, it takes it away from Vanilla MC and gives us the requirement of downloading forge or a modpack which I doubt will ever happen on LotC. As well, I am sure many people do not want such for LotC. We use Plugins for all the unusual and unique stuff added into this. This also applies to your other suggestion.
  3. Tato

    A New Ruler

    Loras, unlike the other edgies, cheers and applauds proudly for his beloved friend and fiancee! "Cyrene, I'm so proud of you!" He actually shrieked at the coronation because he actually cares, mightily excited.
  4. Tato

    Death and Damnation: The Story of Richard's Wrath

    Wonderful writing
  5. Tato

    Clickbait, probably

  6. Tato

    >me being inactive as heck

    As has been said, a ghost or graven could be good. I would love to see a halfling ghost tbh
  7. Are you able to play your own golem...?

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    2. _Jandy_


      Doesn't make sense. You'd end up having to interact with your other character which isn't allowed.

    3. Kanadensare


      You cannot play your own golem, as two characters that you own (on a registered alt account or your main account) cannot interact.

    4. Tato


      Ah, I suspected such. Thank ya!

  8. Tato

    The Soldiers Wedding

    Loras grins at his small havoc he caused, his evil deeds and his showing up despite not having been formally invited.
  9. Tato

    Sprite Rewrite, again

    If ya take a quick peek at his, he has expanded on the creation and reproduction, defining it more clearly- similar can be said about the appearance and structure section. The behaviour of sprites is too written about. They are beings of plant who gain energy photosynthesis and sit in puddles for water. Its not a big change, but it flows better than 'sugar water blood vessels'. I agree something does need to be done about the language though. I am a fan of the minor control of plants, however. That makes the lore feel more concrete, thought out and is an enjoyable read. I dont mean to be offensive or anything, this has a hard feel to it. All in all, creating something that you both agree on and as such can be fully backed by the sprites is important. A split due to minor differences doesnt sound bad, but these creatures are built on minor detail.
  10. Tato

    Sprite Rewrite, again

    This is a mess, mmm, I dont get why you couldnt edit this into the original post opposing to making another thread and editing the link of this thread into it. Seeing as your and Laffen's rewrites are very similar, could you summarise the differences? Perhaps you two need to discuss this more to find something you can both agree on, and take what is and isnt good from each other's lore. Each has its ups and downs, work together and make it a m a z i n g
  11. Tato

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    If it's dead though- doesnt have a soul, right?
  12. lol who bought the Emberthorn Zweihander from the Holm shop for 4k then put it up for auction for 5k?

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    2. Tato


      Red eyes to keep the purple ones hidden, bags under his eyes cuz he's got a new horror and doesnt sleep, new hairstyle for once, and simple black robes for lack of any better skin.

    3. Ixli


      uh huh

    4. Tato


      It is uber edgy though

  13. Tato

    [Rewrite #3] Bryophites!

    Lore has been updated! @Clayphish @Aelsioln @Sybbyl0127
  14. Tato

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Can lesser moving be used on dead things? Like, someone gets really messed up when they die, so to figure out who died a chronomancer reverses the dead body? Not in such a way they'd be brought back to life, but their body repaired. Say, if the family of a dead person want a nice body to be buried after he was... burnt to death.
  15. Tato

    A Young Publishing

    Copied to parchment by memory and spread through the land, a particular elf reveals a further the truth of Allim-Crua, Khelkina and the purple trees. "I decided it time I do study into the apparent mana-crystals in the purple cave, so I lugged a pickaxe the whole skahin' way there. I nicked a bitt'a the crystal and apparently a human shows up. Purple-afflicted too. He asked why I was collecting crystals, to which I responded, "Why simply, out of curiosity. I was also hoping Allim-Crua may show." I replied, to which he appeared hurt and after a bit of chatting he claimed he was as knowledge and versed in the New-Mana Business and Allim-Crua was. So I asked out of fear of having my soul warped beyond repair for being rude, if it was offensive to chop the crystals. He told me we needed them, I asked why and he called them keys. We went on chatting, and from the encounter I learnt: An 'entity from the dawn of time' is locked away. This entity made the 'new mana'. The Vaeyl Order oppose this new entity, likely keeping it locked away. The Vaeyl Order oppose this new entity through the ice wall of the South. This ice wall is the 'way in' for the entity, though warning 'the cold harbours Undeath'. I queried about the monoliths, to which he replied, "My power can't be destroyed, only containted." I then queried about the mana and it's properties, and this is the part that scares me the most, "It only heals your wounds so long. You are a wound to this realm, the taint is hidden by a facade none will see through." From this, I draw the conclusion that the entity is of great power, however that power is being contained, likely by the Vaeyl Order. The ice wall is somewhat of a cage or barrier that contains the entity, and the monoliths are vital in the destruction and release of the entity. The entity seeks to heal the realm, likely being something it refined and helped grow as it was from the dawn of time. With its minimal power, expressed through leaks in the cage, it is able to create pools and trees of 'health' to heal the wounds on the realm; on us. But once it grows more powerful? We are erased, we wounds are wiped from Atlas. I cannot understand, however, why the Vaeyl Order opposes both this evil, and us." The author apparently did not include himself in this missive.