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  1. Tato

    Sensory Illusion Amendment

    Belka bless this amendment
  2. Bryophites dont exist anymore 😞
  3. Tato

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    If ya bring a pet plugin back, and people get horses then they can summon them wherever and bam: fast road travel!
  4. I agree. Imo the whole thing is also ugly and makes Tab an eyesore now. But goodjob to them anyway!
  5. Since its so vehemently enforced that what you carry 'OOcly' is what you carry 'RPly' no matter what, I DO WONDER how people carry whole suits of armour, stacks of meat and various tools. Especially without any movement impairments, even moreso when they carry the armour without wearing it. Very odd.

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    2. UnusualBrit



    3. Raphael Payne

      Raphael Payne



      please just let me be a landsknechten ritter in peace LOL

    4. Youngie5500




      Some people want to roleplay a fighter other than a knight without getting screwed over in MCPVP

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  6. Tato

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    I would not dare say there is no issue, however I do not think this captures the whole issue. You are trying to dictate who people are allowed to interact with and make the world nothing but a picture of untouchable nature. If there are 1-3 people at a freebuild, that is not the whole 100 people on the server. There are plenty more to play with outside of it. I do acknowledge that that there are oft times where RP is spread; but you cant limit anyone to x places that have restrictions on every single thing. I play a character who is hated by most IRP, and I am banished from just about every nation and settlement though I do wander in and out of some. This would discourage any 'evil' roleplay because which nation caters for the undead or some mischievious group? Generally if you're a mischief irp, they're not going to oocly let you have a secret place inside the city. What I do think is a problem is a large majority of players taking it upon themselves to own some major stronghold or something of the likes, and then for what? It isnt RPed at often, it is absolutely useless. This is where you get the stone brick and wooden structures for people to store chests in and actually have no RP purpose or drive. What I do think can be useful are freebuild guild halls, or significant structures or unique places. There are some wonderful freebuild cities- Belvitz and Holm- and there are some wonderful guild halls or the likes, and structures- the Celestial Tower, the spook hill, Dragur, or in previous the little human settlement near the spook hill. I travel the map very often as when I play there are usually little people on. There are so, so many structures that are needless and absolutely pointless. There are even more ugly ones, and countless inactive ones. I modreq to get these amended, so I do know there is an issue but it cant be labelled 'freebuild is the bane of the server'. It is more like everyone thinking they can build their own cities or require a random house in the wilderness when it really is not necessary or has no point other than storage - and even worse, going inactive after building these. There is a line between it, but it blurs based on opinion.
  7. Tato

    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    I mean, what if the owners of some doors purposely jam their doors for 90 mins (repair and retry if they unlock)?
  8. Tato

    [✗] Chisel and Bits

    Hello, Mods are not a good idea for this server- while yes, they do provide extras to the platform we play on, it takes it away from Vanilla MC and gives us the requirement of downloading forge or a modpack which I doubt will ever happen on LotC. As well, I am sure many people do not want such for LotC. We use Plugins for all the unusual and unique stuff added into this. This also applies to your other suggestion.
  9. Tato

    A New Ruler

    Loras, unlike the other edgies, cheers and applauds proudly for his beloved friend and fiancee! "Cyrene, I'm so proud of you!" He actually shrieked at the coronation because he actually cares, mightily excited.
  10. Tato

    Death and Damnation: The Story of Richard's Wrath

    Wonderful writing
  11. Tato

    Clickbait, probably

  12. Tato

    >me being inactive as heck

    As has been said, a ghost or graven could be good. I would love to see a halfling ghost tbh
  13. Are you able to play your own golem...?

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    2. _Jandy_


      Doesn't make sense. You'd end up having to interact with your other character which isn't allowed.

    3. Kanadensare


      You cannot play your own golem, as two characters that you own (on a registered alt account or your main account) cannot interact.

    4. Tato


      Ah, I suspected such. Thank ya!

  14. Tato

    The Soldiers Wedding

    Loras grins at his small havoc he caused, his evil deeds and his showing up despite not having been formally invited.
  15. Tato

    [✗] Sprite Rewrite, again

    If ya take a quick peek at his, he has expanded on the creation and reproduction, defining it more clearly- similar can be said about the appearance and structure section. The behaviour of sprites is too written about. They are beings of plant who gain energy photosynthesis and sit in puddles for water. Its not a big change, but it flows better than 'sugar water blood vessels'. I agree something does need to be done about the language though. I am a fan of the minor control of plants, however. That makes the lore feel more concrete, thought out and is an enjoyable read. I dont mean to be offensive or anything, this has a hard feel to it. All in all, creating something that you both agree on and as such can be fully backed by the sprites is important. A split due to minor differences doesnt sound bad, but these creatures are built on minor detail.