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  1. this is abhorrent and cringe I'm really disappointed in snow for being an accomplice
  2. why is evelyn in a bdsm outfit
  3. Tato

    Botany Backtrack

    I’ve yet to get into using the plugin because Im poor as **** but it seems really damn awesome - Give flora variants potency/life timers. - Remove the name tags from the flowers; instead, make them appear as simply the items hovering. People, then, are able to right click the item for a small description on the bush, rather. Could also add an enchanted appearance if you wanted to make em slightly easier to spot. - Add a variety of tools that different plants require; a fungus is not harvested with sheers. I’m not a botanist, and I am dumb, but it would be a nice way to mix it up. - Add a seperate section to the auction house so the Misc section aint taken up by huge plant descriptions that go halfway off my screen.
  4. Look at everybody there, below All the yetis that I love and know And they're wakin' up to see this awesome mornin' They've all got a smile on their face Another reason I love this place 'Cause it's always full of live and never boring Look all around us, it's all rock and ice and snow Frigid and freezing, yeah, it's pretty great, I know And hey, hey, it's another day Like every other And I don't wanna change a thing Not one little thing, I mean, because I do what the stones say And I'm doin' okay What could be better than this? It is what it it is, it is perfection Look at everybody do their part And they do it with a happy heart And it gives them all a sense of greater purpose Well, that's the way that I wanna be I wanna make them all proud of me Just be a steady yeti and deserve this (Do you seriously believe mammoths are holding us up?) (Mhmm) (What's holding up the mammoths?) (Uh, hello? It's just mammoths, all the way down. Don't listen to them, they're questioning the stones, and we don't do that, okay?) If there's a question, causing you to go astray Just stuff it down inside until it goes away Got it? Good! Now we all said hey, hey, it's another day Like every other And I don't wanna change a thing Not one little thing, I mean, because We like livin' this way And we're doin' okay What could be better than this? It is what it it is, it is perfection Woah, woah I said, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, it is perfection Woah Woah I said, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, it is perfection
  5. Are you the guy who made the gehennna train station? I’m really interested in roleplaying with you and becoming your personal shade house boy, HMU. Lots of love, xoxo. uwu hehe xD

    1. Lackless_


      only if I could kill loras and keep him dead, this is my first and final offer

    2. Tato


      🦀 loras is gon- wait ****

    3. SquakHawk


      Chirag Gupta, more commonly known as "Indian Task Force Unit 33: Aerial Division", was a top graduate airforce pilot for India. He has over 2,619 confirmed kills and possibly even more. Most of his kills came from bombings on Pakistani towns, but a small amount of the kills actually came from snipershots. He claimed to have sniped his ex-girlfriend from 3km away, while eating *****, but we cannot confirm this. His first mission involved the attack on Fort Bawish, an Iraqi military base rumored to contain high amounts of cheese-touchgas and other harmful chemicals. Gupta dropped the bomb that would destroy Fort Bawish and was therefor honored as a hero of the nation. Now that Fort Bawish was blown up the cheese-touchgas could rapidly spread and infect the bordering towns and cities. After his military duty he moved to Plainview with his wife. Because of Chirag's low stature people oftenly mistook him for a child, he would later use this at his advantage. After living for 6 years in Plainview his wife was murdered by the Pakistani secret police. He decided to go back to India to rejoin the airforce and find the people that were guilty for the murder on his wife. After locating a secret Pakistani base and raiding it Chirag contracted the cheese touch, this pushed him to do one more mission before going into a clinic for the cheese touch, even though he knew there was no remidee. This mission turned out to be his last. After Chirag Gupta sadly passed away, his autopsy found that cheese was building up in his pulmonary artery and vena cava which eventually caused his death.

  6. can i use all my dark magic on you and fulfill my dreams of magic domination? I'm really really really strong!!! Ive five tier fives a many a MArt! I cannot waiiit aahhhAYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE
  7. cage a goblin and a halfling and wait till they produce a baby = gnome
  8. Tato

    Zacho AMA

    complete the sentence: Ug ug,
  9. A black goblin snatches a letter to store in a cave.
  10. nope no demons on this server aint the place for you buddy sorry
  11. Tato


    “Brother..” The elf, tall, pale and adorned with a vibrant mop of red, croaked in a hushed whisper, his dull-emerald gaze latched to the beady black orbs hidden within the grass. His loose attire did naught to assist his resistance to the cool chill of the early air as the brother turned to Aelor’s sight. They were brothers - but knew only little of each other until the day prior; and now, were sharing the burden of murder. For a good cause, Ael could not justify such a sentence. Death is a part of Nature as much as life; but natural death. To take a life unneeding, unsuspecting, undeserving.. Defied such a notion. Yet, the aspiring servant took the task, and questioned with little conviction. The pungent mix of rabbit feed, consisting of vegetables; primarily carrots and lettuce, perforated the duo even from such a distance. “Draw,” The younger brother guided - an elf living up to his name, in blatant contrast to the ineptitude of the elder; following his directions with all but proficiency. His hands trembled, as the arrow seemed not to fit nor balance on the string of the bow, brought back to his ear. “Aim, and release.” At his sibling’s heed, Aelor let loose the arrow; his breathe seeming to trail the piece as it travelled expertly through the air, soaring with power and precision to fall short and far to the left of the critter. A good warning for it - a prompt for it to launch off in a blink of an eye. The two brothers shared the long-passing hours, waiting in stalwart stillness and vigilant silence; fixated on the wooden cage set inconspicuously before them. Aelor released heavy, meditative breathes, seven seconds in, three seconds out. This was a setup practiced, successful once - and done solely by the dedicant in acknowledgement of his task. The wooden twigs that posed as bars appeared almost drenched; the overwhelming scent a tell to its nature. Pungent, putrescent apple. A trail of carrots and lettuce were set to guide the rabbit, which would seemingly never appear. It was another early morning, and Aelrindel had no life beyond this need - nowhere to be, no one to please, nothing to do. The same was unlikely able to be said for Artanis. The younger was far more accomplished and proficient in every facet, yet such expected jealousy was not considered, even, by the other. It happened before the blink of an eye - though such was delayed, now, for fatigue had it’s relentless grasp on Aelor; exclaiming with silent joy as it seemed so simple.. So, so simple. Such a creature had simply entered, in pursuit of a salvation to its natural hunger, and signed its life to Cernunnos. The entrapment rattled softly as the bark gate fell before the rabbit, and Aelor stepped up - approaching slowly across the long distance. Beady black eyes darted about the world with fearful innocence, Aelor’s form buckling with each step. It seemed a mile away, that little box with that little rabbit. He found his breathe to be naught, his steady breathing pattern lost to welling tears. I have to kill this. I cannot kill this. The doubt, the fear, the guilt, all tore at his stomach, leaving it in shreds. I cannot. Aelor decided, not five feet away from the critter as it bounced about the small cage in a desperate, fruitless attempt to live. And his knees buckled. He dropped. I am no druid. I do not know service. I do not know love. Air forced its way to his lungs, wheezing, and suddenly; he was not falling - but he had not hit the ground. All this - the patience, the guidance, and the vigilance of his brother to… kill a rabbit. Artanis steadied Aelrindel, and took him forth.
  12. Surprise is a virtue.

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