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  1. Holy ducks nuts yes Tato will be writing something really terrible. Also, for the next – do Nation themes
  2. i wAnT a SeWrE goLem CoRe tO reEmeMbEr thIs i DeSerVe iT
  3. Pale Pot reckons he should give his people a visit, even though he wears shoes and lacks proper etiquette.. almost the same as a bigg’un
  4. Surely you know how bullshit that sounds, right?
  5. is this ooc or ic? are you using gm powers to check chests to enforce that second info point?
  6. DragonsRoost 2.0
  7. this is worse than massive


  8. i cant deal with this new tab


    its like when arnotts shapes changed

    please do what they did and offer the new and old versions because the og is sooo much better

  9. theres a roleplay server that ha- oh wait you could get premium porn or a moshi monsters membership
  10. Pot knows nothing of the thoughts of the mind reader. ((Screenshots are OOC, yo))
  11. Pale Pot doesnt believe the evidence to be real.
  12. how do you do the thing to look at personas with x name?

    1. funnyGoTavatar


      /realname [name]

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