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  1. Tato

    [Shamanism] Spirit Smithing Rewritten

    How does one ‘recharge’ a spent trinket? neat rewrite tho
  2. Definitely! The spirit of mental instability one there isnt combat based 😛 (though I guess it would involve some bit of combat). Will do tho, ty. And ty to the others too xx
  3. Username: Original_Potato, pm me for alt. Discord: tato#6438 Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard What group/playerbase are you most involved with?: Dont quite have a solid playerbase as I like to move around from place to place. Familiar with Sutica, Holm, Belvitz and Krugmar. Staff History: Nada Ban History: Its coming eventually Blacklist History: Nada Why do you want to join the Event Team? I took a break for a while after I RP began to turn stale, which I wrote a whole post about but dont recommend you read, but now that I am back I'd like to do a little more than mundane RP as well as explore some ideas into events that I've had (I always end up forgetting them though). I am an Aussie, so I'd like to provide for the fellas complaining about no events or anything around these times - and I'd like for some RP during these off times as usually if you can even find it, its rather boring. Why should we accept you onto the Team? Only one solid reason and that is ya are apparently lacking Aussie dudes, though I'd like to hope I could provide some decent quality events which what the team is about. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: High Fantasy, morally challenging events of themes across a wide spectrum. I'd like to back events with reasons, and have lessons to go with them. I'd like to see what style I'm good at, if any, and go from there. What makes a good event? As I said in what kind of events I aspire to do (as hopefully Id be doing decent events): a challenge to it, morally, physically, mentally, anything unless there is no need for a challenge (a passive event for fun) in which case it should be supplemented with unique themes, twists and something to make it worthwhile. I also believe events need reason to occur, they need logical backing and an incentive other than loot: primarily in character. I also am not a fan of people capping events at X number of players. I agree, too many players and it can get out of hand but OOC restrictions on things to limit RP, even beyond in character reasoning, is dumb IMO. Create three in-depth event scenarios: Alright, maybe somewhat cringe, but hecc it also it hurts cuz I’d like to do these in game but it feels like they’re spoiled as I write them. ~Rider on the Sea ~ Basic Description: By a seaside city, washed upon the shore is what appears to be a small, rock with a lock on it, odd. Upon closer inspection and possibly handling, one may find the rock is truly a metal casing, forged by a beastsmith to take on the unlikely appearance. Rusted and old, the lock quite easily comes off. However, the contents inside are well preserved: fortunately, for there is a warning engraved into the top, ‘Never to be released.’ it cryptically reads. Soft whistles and whispers seem to linger around the open casing, with the treasure wrapped in a soft silken cloth inside. Inspecting it, one will find a set of two dried and rotten, yet not ever able to fully decay, eyeballs. It is obvious that inside these two eyeballs and rather small, but most definitely precious diamonds. Whether you take everything, just the eyes or just the diamonds, or even not open the box at all, a dark future aways you and your town. Logistics: A headless-horseman esque event brought about to teach characters the danger of acting despite warnings and dealing with the dangerously unknown while also providing a hopefully spooky and entertaining experience, the town of the thief is sure to suffer. Brought forth from such a thief is the Rider on the Sea, a ghastly, rotted man on a similar horse, missing both his eyeballs. He wields a great sword far larger and stronger than he with rusted mail and sea debris over both him and his mighty undead steed. Blinded only by his lack of eyes, he seeks out he who has taken his rightful possessions: bringing his wrath. This fella has a few mechanics (which I think are important to define before an event to establish boundaries that adhere to realism and consistency) to him, namely: - The rather ghostly and haunting ability to make entry and exit through water, a feature similar to vanishing in fog. Any sizable water bodies may contain, and provide escape to him. - A lack of feeling, sight and sensations beyond smell, sound, taste: the three of which are enhanced supernaturally. - Strength far surpassing anything natural. - An inherent desire and need to have his possessions returned. - A way to peacefully remove him. - High intelligence and awareness, though not able to be reasoned with for he is far too fierce to care. It may retreat to fight another day, or appear only on occasion to soon leave again. Requirements: - No builds required. - Skin: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/white-walker---game-of-thrones/ | The skin is not something I worry too much about. Here it is simple and not great quality but will suffice. Just used a white walker since thats the most common resemblance in skins I could find. - A white horse/skeleton horse/undead, whatever one (spawned in). ~ Mental Instability Mystery ~ Basic Description: This one will be quite a bit less detailed as it is more player-oriented and to be tailored by the scenarios. I’ll record the reactions, personality and desires of the main aspect here and what I hope it to bring. I’d also like to bring light to and make use of some unfortunately unused lore by Mephaloosistation (I gave up on that spelling) as well as offering some long-term RP avenues + consequences. A shrill scream echoes through the night, the last cry of a poor girl falling victim to an unfortunate haunting. Growing stronger and stronger over time, attached for a time longer than they can remember, the spirit of mental instability grows restless this one night, and so the city will feel its insane havoc. Logistics: Perhaps a slight bend of the lore, though an interesting narrative driver, this event will show the murder of various citizens around a city: by who? That is for them to find out, though the answer becomes more and more confusing over time as each and every may end up with blood on their hands. Taken control of by a far-too-powerful spirit and forced to murder without even knowing or remembering what they do, they will be left to figure out how to approach this. Note: there are a few clues I’d like to leave subtly in places, though I wont say what 😆 Requirements: - No builds required. - No skin required. - Player willing to begin with the spirit and go along with whatever RP it will bring. ~ Basic Beta Monster Hunting ~ A different style of event to the two aforementioned, I wish to provide an ability for players and their characters to have viable hunting RP, though not without challenges, decent preparation and knowledge and consequence for being ******* stupid. In one or two popular cities, I will erect a stand advertising a peculiar fella dressed in odd formal clothes, perhaps a tad cliche, that offers to buy and sell various relics and trinkets: but will only trade. Minas are useless to him, and he is one greedy fella, so if one does wish for one of his exotics they must either scam themselves to buy something over priced or follow his insider hunting tips to return to him with different exotic beast parts for him: dead, or alive... However, if you get greedy and stinge on upholding your end of the deal, even if you havent received whatever ya wanted to buy with your monster loot (but decided wasnt worth the loot you got), then expect such a greedy man to dish punishment for snagging his tip. Here I’d like to start off with predominately canon creatures until I’m comfortable enough to bring new and unfamiliar creatures (though I do like using existing lore and will still keep it ound). As said, I do not like events that give out loot (which is usually a main incentive) and endorse a pvp-anathema hardcore roleplayer’s literal equivalent of a raid. This caters to that well, especially to keep out the ‘super light and unbreakable armour made from wyvern luba cockatrice scales’ that is similar to lore endgames. There is loot, but it will be balanced and the incentive here is more to prvide interesting beast-hunting RP as well as trade and learning RP.
  4. i hate ama’s and people who do them
  5. Tato


    hello folks I cant be bothered with syntax and grammar and whatnot here, forgive me or ya dont have to read it. also I use the word magic a lot but it can mean either like magic magic, or like fantasy and mythical aspects of the server (not just slice of life, politics, steel and food and farming mundane reflections of real life stuff.) I barely play LotC, but I might come back. I hover around occasionally on my alt and try get back into it. It's very hard as an Aussie kid at school cuz I often get on with like, very few people to RP with. Quite a number of people have some level of distaste for me, and most dont know me. Im just your average player who is sometimes really salty but generally tries to be nice and has mundane and barely sufficient roleplay, but I try my best... ish. The point of this thread? no particular goal its just a couple messages for fun and maybe a punishment for yours truly I havent logged in on my main in just over a month now, but before that Id barely been playing anyway. And this all really just comes down to magic on lotc. bloody hell all Ive ever been into is magic, lore, mythology, lotr, got, magic stuff, similar themed things, fantasy and mystical ****, etc. So of course the place where I could actually dictate and place an extension of myself into these favoured sort of things was LotC: a wonderful place when I was introduced to it. And yeah magic on lotc always interested me. I am familiar with most lore and magic on the server, but Ive only really done void magic on my chars (did a bit of druidism but shelved the char before attunement). Sooo that seemed really cool at first, and I think I was lucky getting transfig on my character because thats the least repulsive magic of the voidal ones. Anywho eventually it just got stale as the magic seemed a hollow self-power-boost sort of thing. It didnt drive any particularly interesting roleplay like deity or dark might. It was just some common **** for people to OOCly grab so they can have some hollow power. And its like, theres not much IC reason to actually want the void if you think about it. Would you taint yourself for power? It doesnt actually happen because very few people roleplay it like that. And ICly my character wondered aloud to those people how they werent affected and got answers like "its just a myth. With exercise and a healthy diet it doesnt do much." its absolutely grot. Ill put myself in line for a magic blacklist here, and probably deserve it, but I know 100% I aint the only person like this and I'm far past it so think whatever ya wanna think. It wasnt too major, but my character Loras got sensory illusion from uhh PizzariaDjango's character. Anywho, had one lesson, and then Pizza got banned. Still is banned. But I still RP'd it and told myself Loras is just practicing himself. Bullshit. I literally basically powergamed because logically I should be Tier 1 in illusion on him: I've done a lot with it. Why did I do it? I thought it'd provide interesting and fun RP and it sometimes did but overall it just contributed to the shallow, OOC mindset that ruined the server for me, and maybe others. What I was doing with sensory illusion wasnt anything game changing, just building upon the unstable character I was cringily playing who liked to trick people. Very amusing some of the things that happened. But the point of it is, people dont fuckin' RP magic properly and they dont do it for the whole mystical learning and development, the building upon a character through experiencing, learning and growing it. I mean, some do, but theres a lot that dont: me included in this. Then, I got taught Arcanism and Telekinesis. I accidentally ended up ******* up with telekinesis and powergamed it. I peacefully resolved it, apologised and what not. But I hadnt had any lessons and still used it. Didnt bloody change. After that though, I was barely playing: and in that time I barely played I basically never used magic because of how pointless and shallow it had become- which was also from me often selling magical enchanted things and devaluing a lot of the stuff, though I did try to just make them nifty trinkets for fun. My motive there was money, not RP I will admit though. I did eventually come to find a new way to RP interesting magic: this was by making an instrument to cast from and then I just played as a bard with some magical illusions to accompany my music. That was passive and quite interesting RP but got boring soon. Thats a lot of stuff left out and mumbo jumbo because I have no particular end point here. I eventually wanted out of void magic and this hole I fell into. I wanted a purpose for my character to pursue and use magic: magic magic magic everything was about magic cuz thats what interests me most. Cant help it. Still does, but (before this part of the story) it dominated me. Its like... what I played for. I just wanted a new experience which reflected my tastes and interests, and it fortunately just so happened Loras' ex shaman teacher was back, also fortunate he had reason to try return to shamanism: a magic that provided little in the ways of power, promoted new and exciting RP and different avenues to explore/return to (orcish RP is very fun, especially with racial barriers and the likes). This seemed perfect, didnt work out tho. So instead of fallin back into grot magic holes I lost interested and dont really play the server. and now Im a hypocrite, repulsive reprobate and I see where I was wrong. Void magic is disgusting and maybe I shouldnt be trusted with it. Im over the whole thing where I was so into it (magicky fantasy woo stuff), but its what Id play lotc for if I come back: the fantasy aspect, here. Also RP items have a similar sort of view among people, but its wider than just the magic community. Lets take a look at the ones I still have before I burn them (I think I gave away a bunch I used to have rip) https://gyazo.com/df1c9811ce56df24d31e62802f31cc21 https://gyazo.com/15f42ffa3e7e9af7cfd591dde3323ee6 https://gyazo.com/019049acc591f857f8cd0a97de3202b5 https://gyazo.com/2092da9050fdf8b686674adf5d03460d not amazing I know but its an effort to remove em at least https://gyazo.com/1a4e5318e81ec946213e389674191324 https://gyazo.com/c8bc7d74e6197e17d17fcd39da7ba189 so overall what I want to say is that I was consumed by void magic and everything about it. I was driven OOC to pursue it and it ruined roleplay for me completely. If you're like this, takes steps to change. Doesnt just apply to void magic, but most others are a bit better because they have reason. The whole concept of the void here is stupid and simply a means to bolster someone with literally low tier and pointless **** that overall ruins stuff in most cases. Also that I am a bad player and in my maybe returning state hopefully going to be better thanks folks. waste of time, but at least you know one more person is less disgusting btw I dont know how many LT Ive asked at this point and Ive been ignored or told something will happen which doesnt end up happening but hopefully they'll actually do it now. Deny my bloody magics fellas, please, for the billionth time. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170201-ma-transfig-original_potato/?tab=comments#comment-1605361 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/171789-ma-illusion-original_potatos-application/?tab=comments#comment-1620505 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174489-ma-telekinesis-original_potato/?tab=comments#comment-1643363 arcanism was already denied woo edit: also cognatism but thats hidden and my students: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/175380-transfigurationmamystery_uialben/?tab=comments#comment-1652060 was taught only to connect to the void. Never taught any more than that and wont. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174741-ma-transfiguration-mattthekid2004/?tab=comments#comment-1645603 taught 1 month of transfig: thats 1 month of transmutation ONLY. dropped aaaages ago by the student. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/174523-ma-arcane-total_xanarchy/?tab=comments#comment-1643645 as Matt above tldr: Im a scummy player and 90% of the magic community, particularly void mages are too unless Im the only one out of maybe a few. rip me
  6. Tato


    Wonderful char card- I like the format (and info too) for ya History 🙂
  7. Tato

    [Serious Buyers Only] Legit Diamond Chestplate

    😮 you stole that from me
  8. Tato

    The Frondor Residence

    Is the history with this family real ?
  9. Tato

    The Old Oaks Tavern of Belvitz

    Loras is really sad because he’s an amazing bard for the amazing tavern and was forgotten. Big sadness
  10. Tato

    Alternate Applications Information

    my balleyes are wide open
  11. Tato

    Alternate Applications Information

    i see how it is