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  1. please rap e and shred the shattered remains of magic abused even further. Truly, for you have permittance, violate more the abhorrence of enchantments!
  2. i really really really really like bleach!!!!! icihigo nagasaki is my favourite character! the duality of his visage really connects to me on a deeper meaning and Zanpakutō is my favourite thing about the movie!!!!!!! can i please be the one in possession of the sword when this lore is accepted?
  3. Does it now take edit tokens to edit the description of an item?
  4. someone put Dunmer in a blender chucked in a turd called it juice
  5. Tato

    Safety Team

    Telanir executed the safety team in a pretty darn jolly fashion
  6. You’re evidently offended – I apologise for commenting. I dont think I can dedicate myself enough to writing anything, nor do I particularly want to. I aint invalidating you and if ya think Im wrong, then that I am to you! sorry lol
  7. The way that this lore piece is written, with the introductory paragraph the most blatant, is the epitome of the low standards and quality of common Voidal roleplay. I am left confused by the lore pieces thrown out by you, Tox, one who seemed to play a character at the pinnacle of such Voidal rp – as I feel little thought, time and effort went into this piece. If I am mistaken, that’ll be a horribly rude comment, so I apologise. The introduction of this vague ‘trance-like state’ and the use of hallucinogenics is, as I believe has been said prior, akin to an off-brand 10ç edition of shamanism; however, where shamanism succeeds in such a thematic calibre, this has little relevance to the Void – and no relevance is offered in this lore piece. Voidal mages being pot heads is like druids being pioneers of an industrial age. The material-ritualistic approach, imo, is on the right track, but it has been very poorly executed in this piece. The concept of an induced trance is vague and confusing – a place requiring plainly willpower and focus from a mage, and yet they’re capable of their every day activities so long as they don't hear something so loud their ear bleeds- or, they aren’t stabbed. That seems so much less clear, and more empowering to such a weakened voidal mage, than the current, flawed lore. “The more inexperienced the mage is, the easier it is to break their connection.” This is blatantly disregarding the direction of the lore games to set lore to be clear and to the point, and is the kind of line that people pick up to take an inch to a mile. I again don’t mean to be rude but I think you should put more effort into the lore you produce. I do agree the void and **** needs heavy change and repair – but I am of the mind that the LT have been planning for quite a while a solution (rip Zarsies) to such, and are producing something akin to this (though wider) themselves, and player pieces that impede on such seem, frankly, a waste of time and pile onto the bureaucracy.
  8. i get what you mean but this is convoluted and confusing **** is unnecessary this is stupid, vague, and if it may pick up simple minds, I assume any mental mage that uses the spell will be stunned by connecting anywhere that isn't a sterile box this contradicts a redline following, and is retarded the origin story is horribly written, and the first spell is not promising. I've no motivation to read further, and the rewrite seems heavily flawed and unfit for the lore games standards imo imo imo imo imo imo imo imo imo imo ^^^^^^^
  9. A truly decent job on the rewrite; not so foul and fulfilling of the cliche Wizard’s niche, and yet flavoured with mostly open and welcoming curiousities for the arcane. Not surprised to see the two honey dippers tacked on the end, though. A few minor and subjective gripes, though: - Make the teacher application require two slots be taken. The passing of a mystical art should only be done by one with mastery of such form, else it must be poorly had, and cheaply given. - Arcane beams, to me, have always been tacky and a questionable part of Arcanism; though that means that to many, it is an admired staple. You begin to the sentence with a phrase to soften the hard-hitting ability, ”may be the finishing spell to a fight” - which puts the idea of it being used once they’ve near already won, and makes it seem more acceptable. I can see that being the case... at the start of the fight. I can see someone hiding on the roof casting this one unsuspecting, or arriving to a homestead to cast it through the doorway. While not totally unacceptable, though totally do-able with any other spell from any other magic, it puts a bad taste to the blatant power of it. I believe you should clarify the effect of distance on the beam, and make it have a large, diminishing impact on the power of the spell. At that, decide that the ‘crushing’ part is only if the victim is pressed to a surface within a certain, acceptable range (ie. 3-4 meters?) to counter someone 7-9 blocks away being squished by a bug. Further continuing from the prior, someone being pushed 7-9 blocks may end up within the beam again – resulting in them being further pushed back. Therefore, I think you should limit the effective distance of the beam to somewhere between 6-10 blocks (though diminishing between the beginning and such an end), and what may be a minor bit further is naught more effective than the arcane missile. - Arcane rays feel similar in genre to arcane beams, with the distasteful surprise (there may be appropriate times in which pre-charging could be acceptable) which sours the ability. They should fall no differently than rocks, at the speed of gravity – not crossbow bolts. You’ve not clarified: is there a range from the caster that it can be called down from? Is there a timeframe/approximate amount that fall – or must that be disregarded, for if any are within, they are sure to be harmed within an instant? I imagine an immense pressure falling atop a target’s head would be rather crippling to more than just halflings. If a brick drops on my head, I drop dead on the ground. - Arcane colossal shield is cool in the theoretical, and okay-ish for significant scenarios; I can see the appeal of a large feat, but I think such a feat is diluted by the possibility of a singular mage doing such (and is a pedestal simply waiting for its heroic character!). You nearly did it- but it should be completely a multi-mage spell. Again, I do quite like it. The title had me excited for an emphasis on potentia conjured from the void, though it wasn't quite. edit: also change the fuckin background. its the same on literally every void magic piece and its ******* gross
  10. oh another druidism addition lol
  11. As Demotheus said; there is no flavour nor explanation to this lore besides “this is a feat from diversification in arcane learning”. There is no basis to why it works as it does. While you needn’t bloat the lore nor thrust elaborate explanations unto the eldritch that would otherwise be curiosities – why is a mage able to reach into the void to place themselves or other matter in/out? A quotidian (and albeit somewhat lacking) example would be for the evocations: The void mage, understanding the intricacies of the primeval element, is able to conjure such a power within the void – where the common law of mortal physics and limitations have no definition – and through the expenditure of their mana, bring it forth into the mortal plane. In regards to your first spell, Minor Teleportation: - What the **** is a telegraph emote? - “You may tack on an additional emote to double your max distance but you must telegraph on your 3rd emote and it uses up more mana understandably” this is unclear as ****; contrary to the purpose of the lore games - How long does the anchor last? Forever? Until focus is no longer had – must complete focus be had on the anchor? - Do you need line of sight of the anchor? - With the ‘Double Distance’ schmick, does that mean the current max is redundant? Would it not be better to state a greater tax above certain thresholds than this confusing ****? - “Cannot use this to travel the vertical axis drastically.” Same as point two. Drastically for me is 100 blocks- so can I go up 5 blocks? - "EVERYONE can see your anchor. You must CLEARLY emote it.” You barely elaborate (besides a small dot, and the vague use of the word ‘swirling’) on the manifestation of the anchor – what are the redlines to which its physicality should adhere? Brisk step is also retarded as a one emote teleport spell because you only have to connect to the void once. The concept of it is aids. This also breaks the redline of “Translocation cannot be instant” – or is that only in reference to the last spell, ‘Half Translocation”?. You’ve put translocation in a bunch of places without defining it – partially clear only to those with the prior knowledge of the translocation gone. The other spells too lack but I am not at liberty to dissect the seven spells of two magics combined into one magic slot. This lore, to me, seems ignorant of the rising standards of submissions and should be scrapped. Acceptable chunks could be pulled out, but I think you should heavily review your piece. dont mean 2 be ofensive simply constructive plz dont be hurt! good job and i think its great that ur putting effort into the community!!!! sorry if im wrong!!!!!
  12. can i have a location for my questionably evil cult in the temple next map? it uhh helps new players with rp so its reasonable to hide there!!!!!!!!!!
  13. An aura of power erupts around Miamara the Desert’s-Bane Witch in a torrent with power akin to such wild sandstorms; her hair, unkempt yet somehow so very beautiful, whips in the untamed winds as her beady eyes gleam with a righteous lust for strength. Her lithe hour-glass-esque form, refined with diets, exercise and bulimia, bends to the rich, red ground and elongated fingers, elegant in their own luscious manner, grasp the scarlet sand to then be dribbled on the fine blade she laboured so on – with forges and all that!!! ”Sand, STRENGTHEN!” she screeches with a strained moan. ”Sand, STRENGTHEN!” she screeches with a strained moan again. ”Sand, STRENGTHEN!” she screeches with a strained moan and again. ”Sand, STRENGTHEN!” she screeches with a strained moan and again and again. ”Sand, STRENGTHEN!” she screeches with a strained moan and again and again and again. ”Sand, STRENGTHEN!” she screeches with a strained moan and again and again and again and again. Miamara proceeds to repeat this, in the inexplicably appealing anime-screech four more times, having to have said the two second phrase every ten seconds for four minutes. By the end of such, she is resulted with a blade 35% weaker than a decent% stronger than regular weapon. The Desert’s-Bane Witch wields her scythe, her straight, white, teeth gleaming in a petite smile as her thin fingers hold the mighty creation of fine smithery. And in such a process has the nature of that which she somehow sources her magick been evoked upon her own mortal incarnation. Saliva is scarcely about her mouth, dry like a desert from such a mouthy work. What is she to do now, but find some water to swallow and relinquish her mortal form from the suffering of thirst? this is really horrible lore and coming from a CT makes me really really disappointed note: sorry if this offends anyone its not meant offensively
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