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  1. Tato

    EtherealPvP's Event Team Actor application

    I do like that you at least accounted for alternate routes with your events but as I skimmed over them I began to get some MMO vibes. Fashioning events with waves makes little sense unless your necromancer is poetic and prefers to give his victims a chance. RP stands for roleplay not rollplay. They sound the same, but are very different. You give out ‘rare items’ at the end of the events. Theres two things that really hurt here. The first is that it seems like thats what the event leads up to, like Im a high elf sorcerer trying to get the Dream Eater’s Cape for my rainbow stat build. Events arent about loot, and the way you present it in these scripts makes it seem like it. It aint a reward you as an ET have to give. The second thing is your method of giving out loot: creatures dont ‘drop loot’ outside of MMOs and the likes. This aint the likes. They dont, either, require prompts nor indications that the boots are magic when the winners are sawing off fingers to steal the rings. Even further, they dont require chance and rolling out of 100 to check loot. Aint DnD- though Ive never played it I assume this is how that works. That is absurd. +1’ing means little, but if you change your attitude towards events from ‘MMO Dungeon/Quest’ to ‘Unique furthering RP devices’ I’d be all for ya ^not that my support has much meaning^ oh and not all events need to be fueled by combat
  2. black and blue or white and gold

  3. yo I aint the best at pixel art but if you got some skin pics, reference art and detailed descriptions to share I can try do some for ya. Rly bored, and without the internet connection to jump on lotc. Free, cuz Im tryina practice + wouldnt want anything anyway.


    my one example, my char, https://gyazo.com/4a6beb279ffe2cc9f1e6aa068f7418c4


    discord is tato#6438

  4. Tato

    Skin Shop

    I have all my skins handmade and delivered within 7-16 business days, high quality and primed for use on LotC, by her. The detail is impeccable and like I get asked if I made the skins and I say yes just to make myself seem cool
  5. Tato

    perspective on new player spawning

    Perhaps a bit too much like fast travel, but I reckon having like an area at cloud temple where you see a board of signs, each with the name of each place that has an Emerald Soul Pillar & the accompanying ability to click that sign and have your soulstone slot 0 replaced with that pillar. A prompt, warning, confirmation and informant that you can return that slot 0 to Cloud Temple through whatever command it is that does that, would be required. This is not directly Fast Travel, as it still functions the same as what we have currently, barring the fact you must locate the area first before setting the stone to it. It does however, open up faster ways to get to a new place, but doesnt provide an answer to always getting around speedily- as you’d have to wait for your soulstone to cooldown and hang around cloud temple to be able to use it again.
  6. Tato

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    can fm’s please add a downvote button
  7. Tato

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    Wonderful idea +1
  8. Tato

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    there was, despite it being unused, lore about the moon and a fae realm gateway in atlas so it isnt completely random I hope Im allowed to say that, just hide this if I aint
  9. Tato

    Guy with swiggly fingers

    first the weird slave sex thing then the worms in ur ded body then this wut
  10. Tato

    At Sea: A Mother's Wrath

    ((Wow you wrote this f***ing amazingly, and recounted it stupidly well like, woa. Was hella fun w/ ya’ll!)) comic sanstm
  11. Tato

    An ! Explosive ! Request

    [!] A missive, written in Comic Sans, is posted around Cloud Temple for the recently-dead or very weird folk who go to Cloud Temple to... RP? To stand around like good citizens. ”Throm’ka reader, I am Loras’Lak, basically-honorary of Clan Lak and Bread Man of the Orcs. I am putting this up at Cloud Temple to try find an Alchemist who’d like to teach a fella a thing or two, or like everything. I cannot pay, I have no money, I have few possessions and like little talents. Except cooking and singing. We all gotta’ start somewhere though. If you’d be interested, we could work out some eventual repayment, or you could take glee in the fact that you are spreading your trade like a responsible alchemist and helping a poor fella out.” Praise be Theruz, the Spirit of Learning, and so too all the rest. ~ Loras ~ ((it is comic sans & pretty colours, incase you were wondering))
  12. Tato

    Dingo looks to train small green men

    its cuz of me he saw me and was like this potato is cute and so he decided it he was a madman
  13. Tato

    HortonHeardAWho's Event Team Actor application

    goblins +1
  14. Tato

    Remove Post-Warclaim eviction notice

    its a game. Realism isnt always applicable and what it all comes down to is having fun. If your idea of fun is to ****** people’s pixels, then you should a bandit group. Its not realistic to have an Auction House or a universal bank that shares across every city or skygods or schematics houses. Afterall, a whole playerbase’s city has been taken. Is it really necessary to try steal their personal items too? Or do you just want to own the city very early? As I said, its a game, and you needa consider the other people’s fun as well + patience is a virtue
  15. Tato

    [Denied] My Malgonious Fanclub Application

    sry ),: