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  1. Tato

    The Banishment of Clan Raguk

    Loras harvests wheat and wonders about his Raguk friend
  2. Thats very humerus, Sky
  3. Tato

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Original_Potato Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/3c3a7e1193d483f0029c8ed0cdc026ee Obtainment: bought Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/d5219f67a31961403225173a46cb4727 Obtainment: bought Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f41249e3c2aad4d1e416ca7903a38ae5 Obtainment: bought Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/47bbb58697f26e6871ad1deb5b66e374 Obtainment: bought Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/87a951d5793562dda5d260e9bd9b38b0 Obtainment: Aesop Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/07f13afc22fd2b750f40f5fc80bcf1ea Obtainment: Aesop Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/4ae87b0580b63f7d3fe3f233ca0b7491 Obtainment: bought Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/0857fdc1721f4c3ce2b26353d7351a92 Obtainment: Flambo Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/a4f548c8765982b63a1e2de173c0c07e Obtainment: Aesop Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/ca5b247e5bb0215450d193113559fe1d Obtainment: Aesop Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/b776ce7fa9a3f6de041e393cab454bf3 Obtainment: I believe from an ET or Dev, a long while ago
  4. Tato

    A formal resignation

    Assuming it’s an open letter, Loras of the Iron Horde, finds a missive in his crippled hands. Despite his distaste for humans, particularly the Empire, the elf sympathises with the ‘Former Elf’ he faintly recalls from Sutica, and reckons is the snelf from the orc incident. The disabled fella considers introducing the Healer to a particular concept of such practice.
  5. Tato

    Peace out!

    goodbye gaymer 🙋‍♂️
  6. Tato

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Original_Potato Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/d931c6259311734d1fcc609cfbcd396f Obtainment: Auction House or Eviction Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/75310c5680a53013c5c7ab1fd2920977 Obtainment: Jaeden Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/7cd1aaaf334523e02e9e6e5750117f52 Obtainment: Jaeden
  7. Throughout roads and cities, notice boards and signposts, novices of the new Merchant ‘Lord’ insert Gideon Eustice plaster advertisements of his first bounty. Wanted: Tainted Spriggan Threat level: Difficult Suggested party number: 6+, druids perhaps. Description of beast: The spriggan is a malignant creature created to dominate nature and all things such, turned evil akin to a golem turned redcore; through the intervention of some sort of necromancy. Not much is known about the spriggan, however it is far more mighty than a regular- which is already such. Location: Snowey region/forests around Haense. Rewards: Gideon Eustace seeks primarily the sapling of the tainted tree- show to obtain such is unknown. To return with such will offer greater options and beastly parts/wondrous trinkets of greater value. To return with the ashes or body of the spriggan, Gideon will offer a sum of min. To return with safely contained and living tainted materials, alongside the remains of the spriggan, will grant one a sum of mina and the choice of lesser beastly bits and curious trinkets. Should you desire the spoils for yourself, you will rue the day you crossed Gideon Eustice. I offer this bounty as an offer of work, for my esteemed self. To partake, leave an expression of interest and my novices shall seek you. Utterly and Only the Kindest Regards, and best of luck, Gideon Eustice, Grandest of Merchants, the Master of Whispers, Collector of Animalistic Antiques, Settler of Many Lands, Curator of Exotics, Humblest of His Line. ((Reply to the post to express interest & contact Tato#6438 over discord to organise a time)).
  8. Tato

    Settling Above the Sands

    Loras reckons the fellas are pretty cool, save for the Prince.
  9. Tato

    RP and Map Size

    in the 600 abandoned baronies, duchies and random stone-walled castles but it entitles a power complex, so thats cool for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Tato


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fregObNcHC8 I gazed a gazeless stare, we walked a million hills, I must have died alone, a long, long time ago. He stood at 5’5, and saw the world from lower than most of his kind, elf or uruk. And so too did he perceive it differenly. Step after step, his worn leather boots crunching the leaves below, Loras saw the vigilant trees of Freygoth casting shade over Bregthar’s steadfast boulder, covered in Akathro’s water delivered by Urin. He felt Fiazra’s breeze caress his pale face, rustling his deep crimson hair, and Ghorza guiding his brisk step. He heard Ublulthar’s cry of hope and new beginnings, as birds chirped to the rising sun, his eye briefly drawn to Skathach’s greatest, blazing feat breaking dawn. The young shaman, the old honorary, graced through the forest, a mosaic of spirits calling out to him, dwelling on himself. Who was he? What was he, to himself, and to others? Where was he going in life? He could not answer, simply repeating the line of questioning over and over in his mind - perhaps the calm forest was a distraction. His three remaining right hand fingers tapped against his thigh in a silent reminiscence of an aged melody. The dolt had not realised until it was too late, that he’d reach a riverbed, stumbling on a rock and splashing into the icy cold water; winter was clawing its way to the forest. The elf cursed to himself, whimpering as he began to shiver, the wind biting his drenched attire. The water was shallow only knee deep, yet he could spy the shore about two meters away… There though! A fish shot past in the blink of an eye, a dark silhouette masked by the murky waters and growing clouds. The heavy grey sky blocked the sun, Loras hesitating with a moment of eerie suspicion; he caught a glimpse of what he’d tripped on, a small root-burrow on the shoreline, though such a glance lasted a mere brief second… Howling and screeching, whimpering and whining, tears hasty to well and fall from his single eye. In a desperate, instinctual attempt to flee he tried to hop through the small river on his single left leg. An utter failure such was, the fellow finding himself in the water again, to which the beast continued its flurry of attacks, crawling all over him. Loras panicked, his breathing - when he would manage his head above the water - was all but calm, his body flailing and convulsing as slimey, rough creature bit and clawed and touched his gentle frame, his soft flesh. He screamed out, submerged in the shallow water, and the world turned utterly black. Loras was dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1SE0DzmHik Take me to good days and my old ways with my old friends, trade it all away just to spend a day with them. The aquatic creature, a platypus infact, had not killed him. He had died the first day he had been cast out, he had been left astray by his people… and for what? For loving others. It had not been the first time a government was distasteful of him, it had not been the first time he was reprimanded by the law and it had not been the first time he was hollow. For all his faults and issues and problems and failures, Loras had not been as low as he was then. He was banished. His life flicked past in a slow instant; The first day he had arrived to new civilisation, to the Federation of Sutica, where he’d walked in and managed to get arrested nearly instantly. Aerolun, his first love and eternal torture. Mikaeil, his second love and the power he helped nurture in Loras. The cloak… The Hedgehog… Holm, the Dominion, the Inquisition; all after his head. Umbra. The first day he’d walked into the Goi: “Blah wiv mi iv lat wizh tu learn ob da spiritz” Nazark had said, sparing his life. He recalled the desperation for purpose, for a being higher than him to guide himself. He knew of all others but the Spirits. When Vorgak spared his life and took him as a snaga. The day Thurak had offered to open his eyes, to teach him the path of the shaman. Ravena and the Cult of Iblees, the consequences of such… Fauth and the Bard of Yar, Gadhaal and the family and everything since. It was chaos, his mind, as his life flashed before his eyes in an untame order so chaotic that there was sense to it. The world warped around him, scenes melting into a endless void. He saw his lithe figure cross-legged on the floor, among a world of simple, endless black. Who am I, what am I, why am I? Tears came, and quickly departed, it did not make much sense. The words echoed, bouncing across the infinite surfaces, sending slight ripples throughout from each agonizing reflection. Who am I, what am I, why am I? Not a few days ago had he been asked this. What has brought you here Loras, here to who you are now? She had questioned. I am three pillars of desire: of power, of purpose, of family. He’d near-enough answered. That held more weight, more truth to it then he’d realised. He was not a misguided red-headed elf unable to be truly faithful. He was a man driven by desire for three things. Power. He’d clawed his way desperately to power many, many times, whether voidal, or deific, and finally… dark. It was a mistake, he knew, to connect to the void. It was as it is called, a void: it is nothing, it brings nothing but an illusion and corruption to oneself. It is an anchor for the void to connect to you, to overwhelm you and take your soul. Deific power was too desperate, driven more so as a mediator between purpose and power. And dark… that was a mistake. To touch the stone, to take a knee, to beg, that was not who he was. It was no argument of pride, or honour, but of self. Loras was devoid of any sight towards any of his pillars, what held his structure, and it was worse than the void. He had to pay for that… but then- why would he touch another stone? It’s colour drastically different, and so too its power, but it was misguided nevertheless. He needed it though. I need it. The Spirits do not care for it - and so he shall not. Purpose. A scientist, a transfigurationist, a dedicant, a citizen, a friend, an outlaw, a mage, an illusionist, a steward, a bard, a merchant, a trickster…. a shaman. A shaman. He had known the spirits, he had served the spirits, he had stepped on the spirits. Every path he had taken he had failed, he had deserted. So what was his purpose? This pillar was the sturdiest, and yet the weakest. One tap of the hammer and it would crumble - though one specific and only hammer. He was a shaman still, in practice, in loyalty, in purpose. But how could he…. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t my fault. Family. Between power and purpose, a bit both - belonging and backing, family was the most important. He knew not of his parents, he knew not of many who had cared for him - the first of which he had thought cared had destroyed him. Aerolun… Why? Mikaeil had deserted him. Umbra had deserted him. Who else did he have? Zurge. Thurak. Razik. His brother, his mentor, his love. He had family, and he had failed them all - he had failed them all. They still cared, though… right? He was Loras. He was a student for power, he was a servant of the spirits, he was a brother, a student, a lover. He was missing an eye, fingers and likely some mental capacity, but he has what he needs, and I am growing with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffsuYl9-UQg I've been reminiscin', sippin', missin' ya Mmm… wait- w-what? Loras’ eyelid flickers in the humble moonlight, his coming-to a startle as his mouth is apparently being forced open, and closed, and open; as though he were chewing, and a bit more forcefully than the caretaker had meant. “Git dah zkah uff me!” He announced, flinging his frail body out of the unknown fella’s grip, flailing and crawling through the blend of dirt and sand- still by the shore where he last was. His foot tingled, and so did his jaw, his head- and he realised he was quite numb. A subtle crimson, his perception blurry and unfocused, but that was the beast before him. A sudden surge of confidence empowers him, likely due to his lack of feeling, and he steps forth to deliver a punch towards the crimson creature - who stands unmoving, simply watching Loras with a grin, as Loras punches the air; his depth perception failing him. “Loraz, Loraz, calm dah zkah down!” It speaks. “Wub dah ZKAH did latz du tu me?” he screams, his voice hoarse and struggling for volume, suddenly more fearful of his apparent numbness. “Mi helped latz…” The more clearly-appearing man says, an Uruk of the Goi. “R-Relk?” he quietens, looking up to the larger fella. A brown-grey mush falls from his mouth, Loras hadn’t realised such was there. “Yub, Loraz. Mi wuz walkin’ agh mi found latz here- latz wuz attacked by ah platypuz, agh unconsciouz. Mi treated lat with atheroz!’ he beams with another grin. “Oh- Atheroz? - I.. Mi apologize, Relk. Mi juzt woke up agh… yub.” Loras shakes his head, slightly embarrassed, and steps forth. OOC
  11. Tato

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 7

    Loras really wishes he was a snelf, but reckons that’d make the ‘ame hate him even more. He also thinks this is p sick.
  12. Tato

    AMA cuz I think like 3 people remember me

    whats somethin old u wish was still around whats somethin still around u wish wasnt
  13. Posted by the door of the Votar’s Shaati Headquarters is a tacked letter, the poster unknown, bearing the guild’s first bounty; a creature residing not twenty meters from them. Wanted: The Desert Devourer Threat level: Moderate Suggested party number: 4+ Description of beast: A hulking beast about 5’5 of muscle and terror and about 7’5 from maw to tail. The creature stalks low and rises proudly high, a chimera-esque mix of a crocodile head + tail, lion upper-body and hippopotamus backside. The Desert Devourer. It has been reported that the creature is a pseudo-immortal, and one must confirm it is truly dead before they deal with the corpse. How one could truly kill it is unknown. The beast is aggressive, but known to tactically flee if it may need to. It has superior agility in the water, however one must not doubt its ability on land. The beast is no new face to some of San’Khatun... Location: The desert oasis, residing in a cave eerily close to the Votar’s Shaati’s. Rewards: The poster seems to have already decided upon the guild’s method of looting: Voting “The party will vote to determine he who showed the most prowess in the hunt and they will have the pick of one spoil from the creature.” The rest is to be sacrificed to Votar and determined Spirits. ((A bounty specifically limited to the Votar’s Shaati, discord is Tato#6438 for questions, though I will be in contact)).
  14. Tato

    [Bounty] Mutant Hog | Challenging

    Bounty Complete.