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  1. come back bud, lets be green again


    1. Tato


      oath bruh I was actually just thinkin bout this

    2. rukio
  2. Brush bruised with flame, a faun slaughtered; A breeze of blood, across. A mark atop, thick to fall. Invoked were not She So Edgy, but The LORD- So Great. To Hell with these Heathens.
  3. Tato

    pIxEl rAt

    fuckin rat
  4. Tato

    pIxEl rAt

    “Not as cool as that ***** that make art that is pixel and move up and down and do trick” i dunno how to animate but its free. contact me alec#6438 for free shitty pixel art if ur character is cool doing 5 or some **** redlines: - suticans not allowed - females are hard so idk if i can do - so are bright and white characters
  5. where are my testacles morty
  6. holy retard this is roleplay server????? bruh id love to be forced into rolling instead of roleplaying everytime someone has a fuckin spackattack
  7. You’re a potato >:)

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