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  1. what if I just get aesopian to add urguanian tunnel worms that attack miners randomly
  2. IGN: Adelemphii DISCORD: Adelemphii CATEGORY: FIGURA GAMING TITLE OF YOUR PIECE: CARROT HARVEST (p.s. if my scripts get downvoted, it's discrimination)
  3. I was writing a comment, but it ended up become a long winded rant on how much I dislike both PvP and CRP. I'll simply post the first paragraph I had written. I dislike commenting on posts like these because while I do have opinions, I have no solutions or semblances to ideas for solving these issues, and no desire to argue on the forums. For me, my biggest issue with LoTC is a lack of enjoyment from both PvP and CRP. CRP has its issues where not everything can be consistent, everyone wants to win, and depending on if you do honor combat or a rolling system, it can be largely RNG based. PvP is another factor that I've never truly enjoyed on LoTC, I'm not a skilled individual when it comes to clicking very fast or not getting bored in a blob fight as wars and raids have been for the past couple of years.
  4. I had misunderstood the stacking question, it was indeed a bug that has been patched out as of... 3 minutes ago. The bag gobbling up items was fixed yesterday and if anything else related to that occurs please either DM me on discord or send a message on the Feedback Form I have added a message that will play when you've overfished an area. I will be adding more items, those which were obtainable via drops before the fishing plugin (i.e. those fish spawn eggs, etc) over the course of the next few days.
  5. This is why I created the "junk bag" item, since you can carry as many of those in your inventory as you can fit. They're small shulker boxes for fishing items (everything the plugin gives, except for tools). Unfortunately I couldn't think of an easy way to stack fish of similar enough types while being different in the way you're thinking of, as it would remove the descriptions and they'd lose their uniqueness so the junk bag is your solution. The fishing net & bucket is a WIP, as I had plans of doing something with them but wasn't quite sure what exactly that was. I made a feedback form and if people have feedback on the plugin they can write to it and I can look. https://forms.gle/tWRjczXAsct9r7ju8
  6. It's not a recipe, it's an item that appears when you use a fishing net while holding a bucket in your off-hand.
  7. HOOKED Hey there, fellow Lord of The Craft enthusiasts! I'm excited to unveil my latest creation, a labor of love that's set to redefine your angling adventures. Get ready for a boatload of new experiences, including: Fresh Fishing Gear: I've poured my heart into creating a bunch of brand-new fishing drops that'll have you reeling in excitement. From quirky contraptions to valuable trinkets, there's a whole ocean of possibilities waiting for you. Tailored Loot Tables: Say goodbye to predictability! I've introduced dynamic loot tables that change based on the biome you're fishing in. Each area has its own surprises in store, so explore far and wide to uncover unique treasures. Fishing Responsibly: I'm all about keeping the waters thriving. With my overfishing mechanic, you'll need to be mindful of your fishing habits. When an area is overfished, the chances of landing rare items decrease, encouraging sustainable fishing practices. Tools of the Trade: Fishing isn't just about a rod and bait anymore. Discover a range of cool fishing-related tools I've designed to make your angling adventures even more epic. From skinning knives to junk bags, you'll have a blast using these utilities. Skinning Knife: Caught a fish? Waste not, want not! Use this handy knife to skin the fish and make the most of your catch. Fishing Net: Want to capture that elusive fish without the mess? Just right-click your caught fish to cleverly capture it using this fishing net. Fishing Bucket: Catch a fish? No problem! Use this nifty bucket to keep your freshly caught fish alive and kicking. Junk Bag: Need a way to carry all those interesting odds and ends you've fished up? This leather and rope bag has got you covered. I'm not stopping here – I'm committed to keeping the gameplay engaging. Your feedback is my compass, guiding me towards continuous improvements. And don't worry, I've built the plugin with flexibility in mind, so tweaking and refining items and mechanics is a breeze. Before we wrap this up, I want to give big thanks to these players for their awesome item description ideas: Apotolofo ColonelClassy DeepDarkSamurai KitsunenoKage66 Nymdrael Wulfric_borr RoyalCrafter Norgeth_ Traveller Your creative sparks have ignited an exciting new chapter in my fishing plugin. As you embark on this journey, remember to cast your line wisely, and make the most of these thrilling new features. Happy fishing! FAQ
  8. if ur censoring PEE VEE PEE, u might as well ban people from having PEE VEE PEE in their usernames

  9. Here's my quote: $1500 base
  10. join story team today (I know I am!)

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