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  1. On the average player side of things, yes that was the main point of it. /cardex nationality was a temporary measure made while Realms was being developed, and "/realm join" is simply a replacement for that. On the backend, Realms was aimed towards combining functionality which was split between multiple plugins into one, where we can use Realms' API in other plugins for managing regions, who the leader of a region is, and various other things. TL;dr, Players will very rarely interact with realms aside from using /realm join <realm>. The Leaders of Regions should inform their players that if they hadn't previously ran /cardex nationality <nation>, they should instead be running /realm join <realm>. This functionality is simply for associating with a nation for warclaims, and has no further planned reasoning behind it. Notes: If you check /card and click the "Click for more.." button in chat and you have a Nationality, that is automatically converted and you will not have to run /realm join If you run /realm join <realm> and it says that you're in a realm but it does not show in your cardex, make a modreq and request to have your realm association cleared. On the side which most players will not see, this plugin serves to allow for (moderation at the time of this post) to manage worldguard data such as PROs, give PROs the ability to use the /rg addowner command, view various regions (vassals, etc) under a nation, among others.
  2. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ REALMS UPDATE JUNE 2022 ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ The new Realms plugin has been added to LOTC! What is the Realms plugin? Realms is a plugin made to add nationalities to everyone’s individual personas, as well as make the lives of staff easier on the back-end. By doing /realm, you’ll open a GUI with the ability to see Nations, Settlements, and Mercenary Camps alongside some additional information. Lairs are hidden from this menu unless you are already part of one. If this is the case, you will also only see the Lair you’ve joined. Anyone can join Nations, Settlements, or Mercenary camps by typing /realm join. Add a space to this command to see the list of available realms that can be chosen from. To join a Lair, that Lair’s PRO must invite you using /realm invite <player>. You cannot join any Lairs without being invited first. Be warned, you cannot leave a realm you’ve joined without making a /modreq and having a mod remove you. PROs can forcefully have someone removed from their realm by making a /modreq of their own. Why is this important? Realms is replacing a temporary CardEx solution which tied personas to regions for the purpose of wars and conflict. Staff also get commands that deal with world guard regions, allowing them to handle or change these areas easier. List of commands for reference: /realm | Opens the Realms GUI to browse current realms /realm invite <player> | For any realm’s PRO to directly invite a player, useful for Lairs /realm info | Displays information about the realm the player's persona is in /realm info <id> | Display information about a specific realm /realm join <id> | Join a nation directly without a menu /realm list | List all current realms Plugin made by Adelemphii Post made by @Hermit_Jack If you find any bugs, please let us know! (Triage Team via /treq in game or using our issue tracker) Want to know more about upcoming projects? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Check out the Roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/Lord-of-the-Craft/projects/3 Cheers, Tech Team
  3. mind boggling new addition to lord of the craft #1 minecraft roleplaying server since 2012!!!! /roll 2
  4. paid lc when

    1. Laeonathan


      soon I hope because I dont wanna do that many pastes any more

    2. Taketheshot
  5. I like freebuild but I'd have no motivation lacking my resource island for my resources are lacking in depth when gathering logs for my beautiful cottage in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with nobody around but me and my cows.
  6. pls fix @aiden0023 Like the olden days... get your nexus prefab tents set up, go kill some skeletons and come back "I killed some spooks in the forest, here's the loot." gg I dislike when massive nations just sprout out of nowhere tbh Me too :D I like being able to build my small fishing boats on rivers and they'd be able to fit without looking unnatural / like they wouldn't fit. Not everyone goes saltwater fishing, it's a completely different thing, and my joy comes from freshwater fishing.
  7. I could go for a chicken sandwich rn

  8. based take #3, delete magic. magic cringe

  9. based take #2 lets go back to 1.8.9 so we can have 20 tps so we can bring back having mobs naturally spawn and keep their pathfinding

    1. space warlord organ trader

      space warlord organ trader

      honest to god the best take on the server rn 

    2. Illinois Fan

      Illinois Fan

      real real real real

  10. Adresin Tunnelsmasher just wishes to get shitfaced like old times.
  11. bring back ct rp hub, ct rp hub was best time isolating ct is cringe and it should be a part of the map >:**

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    2. Benjiota


      yh we should have a better ct - I agree having an rp community and practically a minor settlement there run by CT wilven monks is foolish and unnecessary , I was a part of it briefly so I would know just how deep that rabbit hole is- but I'm not a fan of the empty build we currently have, that as many have been very vocal in pointing out- looks like a hypixel lobby ( we should return to the traditional sand temples that have been recognisable for so long, have a nicer neutral zone like arcas had )

    3. Adelemphii


      @Adelemphiiyour opinion sucks, just remove ct as a whole

    4. Adelemphii


      also athera CT was the best CT can't change my mind it was cute

  12. fun story, the app to join lotc didn't require 13+ when I first joined, but I still lied about my age in my apps anyways.
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