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  1. im all for small settlements #startingoutsmall #letsgodude #copeandseethemegabuilders #smallfryriseup #itsokaytostartsmall #we'regrowersnotshowers
  2. It's almost the weekend my friends

  3. I love fishing.

  4. I used this like a year ago and made a parrot model and put it on my head, could never get it off kekw
  5. who hurt freja :(

  6. don't include me in this, I don't play enough to use any crowns. I just wanted to comment this: You know how many coal vips you could buy with 12100 crowns? At least 2!
  7. is it really a minecraft roleplay server if an admin doesn't change every 3 months
  8. plugin wasn't removed I just made a mistake with permissions in code, then couldn't be assed to fix it and when I got into the mood of fixing it, I got sick and so couldn't test the fix for a day. When the plugin gets updated everyone who is an owner/member of the region they're in can use the command on a sign. I had made the mistake of trusting a bunch of people in probably the top 100 most toxic minecraft communities to not abuse a feature. Don't fear, next plugin I release will assume every player on the server is a toddler and cannot be trusted with even the slightest bit of power.
  9. completely random thing I made just 'cus I wanted to

  10. There's bits of chicken between my teeth. That's all.

  11. The Blind One mourns the death of her elder brother.
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