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  1. Kor'garr holds the crumpled piece of parchment in a steady grip, his crimson gaze staring unflinchingly at the message of feasting and celebration. A thin smile stretches all-to-tight between his tusks before the grey orc gives a resolved nod. "Grog, klompz, agh zhiniez. Yub, dat'z wut dah Rex wuld wuntz." A small blotch on the bottom of the missive rests distorted from moisture; a single droplet of liquid had fallen down from the grey ork's chin.
  2. This sounds great! ...When do we start?
  3. Why are we all freaking out about this? Just download more ram, SMH.
  4. First of all, thank you! Ohhh dear. I have no clue what to put for a favorite song, so I will just go ahead and list a couple. "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" from Iron Maiden's Powerslave album is an excellent take on the original piece in a heavy, powerful metal spin. If you are more of an electro/alt fan, Robert Delong's album In the Cards has a great variety of meaningful songs, and his lyrics are very thoughtful. Going from alt to just plain weird with the electropop genre you can try out AJR, with The Click being my personal preference compared to their newer stuff... On the ot
  5. Kor'garr would nod thoughtfully in response to the elegantly flowing stanzas, his crimson eyes gazing into the empty air. "Hmm... Kor'garr tinkz it zoundz 'hozh..." The orc glances down with a shrug, before tapping beautifully inscribed pages with the fingers of his good hand. "Butz wut'z it blahh'zin? Kor'garr kannubz reed diz."
  6. Kor'garr would smile softly at the news, re-wrapping the cloth bandages around his left arm. "Yub... Kor'garr grukz iz 'hozh tu 'az peece wit da twiggiez lyke Zoluz agh Miz... Agh at leezt dah tribyootz frum nub'hozh twiggiez." The Grey orc would then give a soft chuckle as he steps back into Krugmar's forge.
  7. Hello! Just wanted to drop a quick note introducing myself! As stated above, I am myself, a new member to the server and forums. My first persona is that of Kor'garr, who you have probably seen getting terribly lost somewhere around Krugmar, Elvenesse, or Talon's Port. If you all have suggestions on where I should take a look for tips of any kind, have invites to places, or just want to drop a quick note saying hello, I would be happy to hear it! In the meantime, a little more about myself. First, 21 Years old. I'm an avid music lover and musician, I have multiple amazing dogs, and
  8. Kor'garr would drag his finder over the finely written script, muttering to himself in attempts to better understand the advertisement. "Hmm... Traydez... Zelling tingz... Kor'garr kan gitz moar teef fur grogz and grubz... Oh! Meybe da grubzomanzah kuld taek 'iz famuz ztewz!" The orc rushes off to tell the Grubgoth of a new opportunity.
  9. A bald-headed grey orc rubs his chin, squinting curiously at the notice with a heavy, furrowed brow. "Soz, dah shortz gotz ah parteez plann'd, yub? Diz myte bi 'hozh, deyz makez taztee grubbinz..." Kor'garr takes note of something when he scans down through the invitations, rapping the brightly decorated paper with a pointed finger. "Oi! Dey'z envited dah twiggiez chief, butz wut 'boutz dah Rex? Juzt dizreezpektvul!"
  10. Kor'garr squints at the paper, his heavy brows furrowing while he struggles to perfeive the message. "Kliff jumpin' iz loike uh 'hozh toime, 'avent dun that in 'eers... Grog-werkin... Oi, Wroightin wit free grog? Zoundz loike Kor'garr shud tayke uh tripp!" The grey skinned ork looks around for the nearest map, to find the location of Talon's Port.
  11. Mannamannaa


    Kor'garr was not unused to the realities of a nomadic orc tribe as a kub. His father, Dreck'garr, had been crippled from a klomp in his own kub years, but continued his mettulwerk for the tribe despite the lack of limb, and his momo tanned hides for the tribe whenever she wasn't wrangling him or one of his several bruddahs. Meanwhile he got all the food he could, and a little more, through struggling in the dirt with the other kubs until everyone in the pile was black and blue all over and the grub was gone. And of course, as was properly orky, he used his bare hands! None of that
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