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  1. Kor'garr's laughter continues to rumble through San'Velku, the grey orc nearly keeling over in his mirth. "Dah ztowt... nub beerd! Vunniezt tyng Kor'garr evur peep'd!" He pats his large handlebar mustache, face aglow with a tusked, superior grin.
  2. Welcome to the War Nation!


    I see you are another member of the Ar clan, which is great. =)


    Feel free to give a shout if you need anything!

  3. Hey there!


    Just wanted to congratulate you on your successful application and welcome you to both LoTC and the Orc community. Feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions about getting settled in, or join our Discord if you have not already!



    If you want to send a message to me directly, I am Mannamannaa#2335. We look forward to meeting Bazza Grakka soon!


    For Blood and Honor,


  4. Kor'garr's lips curl around thick tusks into a wide grin as he hears the message, large mustache curving slightly upon his joyous expression. A glance around his nearby surrounding shows the bustle of an active city, workers carrying heavy burdens of supplies while forges and flames belch pillars of smoke into the sky above. He chuckles to himself upon seeing kin slam drinks upon the tavern bar and training weapons into practice humans. "Grub, grog, greenz... diz wihl bi'ag bub'hozh feztival loike nub uder! Agh wit dah ugz kaktuz dub!" The Rex lets out a loud, gravelly laugh before rising from his seat around the bonfire. "Wehl? Letz git reddi tu zelebrayt! LUP'BETHARUZ!"
  5. Kor'garr suddenly rises from his position near his forge, the strange idea of setting up some painting sessions for his citizens coming to mind. He shrugs with an easy grin. The city's haruspices would be glad to host such an event.
  6. [!] A poster is nailed upon the Krugmar notice board and covered in scrawling orcish script. [!] A CALL FOR SNAGAGOTH [!] A colorized depiction of a Snagagoth berating some unfortunate soul, whip at the ready. [!] To all citizens of Krugmar! Kor'garr is glad to announce that the position of Snagagoth, once held by our brother Bugharz'grat, is now open for claiming! Any interested in both capturing and holding Snagas for the Wagh Nation have this rare opportunity to step up and show their might. Combatants will have each other in an Honor Klomp to the Krimp with fists for the position, or face Rex Kor'garr (as a test of strength) if they are the sole challenger. Upon victory the new Snagagoth will have a prized position upon the Rex's Council, authority over any snaga related matters, and a third of any profits made from snaga auctions or ransoms within Krugmar! Any brave Orc that wishes to sign up for this event can let Kor'garr know ahead of time by signing the bottom of this poster, blahhyng with Kor'garr, or just being in the klomping pit when all of this starts! This klomp will happen on the azhty'dubth (XII) day of the upcoming Deep Cold! Be there to watch the fight in the Betharuz Tavern, enjoy grog, and watch the rise of a new leader in the Wagh Nation! For Blood and Honor, Kor'garr the Clanless, Rex of Krugmar
  7. Looking for neat RP! Feel free to send me a message if you want to do something with the Orcs. =)

    1. Urahra


      Would love to come by and visit the orcs, but I'm worried they'd kill me again :(

  8. A grey orc looks over the blood-stained plaza in silence, brow furrowed in thought. Slowly, the Rex paces around the bonfire, solemnly closing the eyes of those who had passed in battle. Weapons are gathered, bodies arranged to better reflect their status as respectable warriors instead of being left sprawled amongst the dirt. All the while his blood soaked form leaves a trail of crimson stains, the vital red hues of both dwed and uruk mixing upon the battlefield. Only when the six cooling corpses are composed honorably does he break silence with low, gravelly mutters. "Azh avtur azh, nubhozh tydyngz kaym tudey. Dwedz wur nub dah kin curzed wit Bloodluzt, doh Kor'garr wuld'av grukk'd uderwyze vrum der mizplayzd angur. Agh now der az bin'ag needlezz battul bitween peepulz uv honor. Valze akyuzazhunz vrum dah ztowtz led tu der vlattyng... Buht alzo dah lozz uv anuddah bruddah." Dwarven bodies are laid to rest while a solitary orc passes to the afterlife. A bittersweet victory, for how could five dwarves be worth the cost of a single brother? Yet the Rex smiles, preparing to celebrate both the victory of Krugmar and the life of a fallen orc.
  9. Huh, never really thought about the ages of people I RP with. I am 21 years old.
  10. A bulky grey fist lifts up a poster to crimson eyes, gaze scanning over the message in silence... Until harsh barks of rumbling laughter echo throughout San'Velku. "Ag 'hozh challinj, yub! Kor'garr iz imprezz'd, agh wizh'z tu peep diz bruddah Augrec en 'iz klomp aginzt dah nub'ded." The Rex chuckles, eyes lit with the manic sparks of bloodlust while a thick mustache curls above his tusked grin. "Hmm... Kor'garr wundurz iv dah bruddah wuld loike'ag propah wehpun vor diz... Werz dah ink agh kwill?" Kor'garr continues to chuckle as he begins writing a missive upon the poster's blank side, an ecstatic smile upon his face.
  11. What is the most memorable RP experience you have ever taken part in?
  12. Kor'garr looks over the missive with a raised brow, a grin beginning to curl around thick tusks. Suddenly, the Rex belts out harsh barks of rioutous laughter, the grey orc struggling to contain his mirth upon viewing the lengthy list of various demands. "Wehl dehn. Guezz doze ztowtz ahr nub dah protekturz dey grukk'd, yub?" Several more seconds of boisterous chuckling pass before Kor'garr slaps the message down upon the wooden desk nearby, his frame still shaking from suppressed glee. "Iv dah nayzhun uv Vortize 'ad kept tu dah deel agh ztay'd tribyootariez, dey wuld nub bi ovurrun bai'ag gruup uv banditz..." Another shake of his head is given as the Rex returns to his smithing, flames crackling all the while as columns of smoke drift up from the city of San'Velku. "Purhapz day wihl lurn vrum diz."
  13. I love additional elements of flavor and subtle details like these. Excellent idea and the sigils themselves are beautiful! Well done!
  14. Rex doing Rex things, also practicing guitar and making sure my dogs get lots of affection. Looking to host some events around Krugmar, feel free to reach out if you have any ideas!


    1. Carson


      u are the most wholesome person ive ever met

    2. Urahra


      really liking your tenure as rex. 

    3. Mannamannaa


      Aw, thanks! I really appreciate it. =)

  15. Hey there!


    Just wanted to congratulate you on getting accepted to LoTC, and welcome to the Orc community! I play Kor'garr the Rex (king/warchief) of the War Nation of Krugmar. You will probably see me around the city, and I am always happy to say Ug (hello) to a new face. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions, or join the discord below! We would be delighted to help get you settled in.




    If you have the time, the Orc subforum is very useful for learning more about orc culture or announcements for future events. Hope t talk with Krognak soon!



    1. Carson


      i love u dude

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