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  1. drain me, beat me, skype me, sir Sir tophamΒ hatt@kingnothing

    1. kingnothing


      Thomas used to grumble in the shed at night. β€˜I’m tired of pushing coaches. I want to see the world.’ The others didn’t take much notice, for Thomas was a little engine who talked big.


  3. no literally this is all clotting has every brought to the community. necromancy in its current state already allows for necromancers to be soft-pk'd until resurrected upon any death. the better way to go about moderation or necromancy coven wars would be to rply kill out the enemy coven and make sure that they aren't able to properly acquire the resources to sustain themselves. part of what i think IS working for the dark arts community right now is the new theme of there being multiple different covens/synods/whatever. more than one witch group, mystic group, etc. it provides freedom for aesthetic and creative uniqueness amongst the dark arts groups and also gives players more options in terms of the community they want to be apart of without losing the magic that interests them. -100
  4. Strange coincidence that I’m stumbling onto this as just moments ago I was talking about the playerbase and it’s β€œism”s. Now, I would like to preface, before I go into my perspective, that I identify as a trans-woman very publicly on the server and most of the player base has always known this since I joined back in 2015. This server is CERTAINLY ratioed when it comes to male versus female players and that comes with the territory of video games, and roleplay ones more specifically. There is a respectable populace of female players though, and part of that has to do with the medium we’re playing on Minecraft. However, it’s no secret that most communities, settlements, and even staff teams are (and for the most part always have been with few exceptions) primarily led by men. I have done an occasional holiday in human noble roleplay, but I am a magic roleplayer so that is the setting where my IC perspective is going to be coming from primarily. I have noticed that with all of my mage characters, primarily in the Voidal and Dark Arts spaces, that were traditionally β€œfeminine” in nature were treated VERY differently than those that were more neutral or even slightly masculine because of their desires to be treated with respect by their peers. Now, my character Kypris is an exception as I did purposely play her overtly sexual and in your face - she was meant to be irritating and make those around her uncomfortable for the sake of picking fights and flexing her combat prowess. I am not referring to my time there as I already know first hand how women like that are treated by society. With my Frost Witch, I noticed a very different reception from both IC and OOCly. I purposely avoided any and all romance RP on her, I made sure to rarely have her in dress skins or anything β€œrevealing”, and I made sure to have a major part of her personality be built off her desire to use the time granted by her immortality to learn and experience everything she possibly could about the world. I made sure to roleplay her emotions as rather cold and she was generally rather closed off. This was the character I was HANDED Dark Magics on left and right. I was the owner of two active charters. I was invited to significant roleplay events. I was given ST/ET oversight and green lights to push my magic abilities to their limits with rare hesitation. No OOC scheming, no 5 minute magic deals, or anything like that. Her dedication and presence was generally taken seriously which led to IC rewards - despite the server’s highly encouraged vilification of me. Another thing I think is worth noting during this time is my pulled back OOC presence during this time. I was significantly less active publicly in discord, the forums, and any other non-IC LoTC mediums. Everyone was still aware of who I was, because the OOC bullshit was still happening without me engaging. Now I joined at the age of 15, or so, and the hate towards me back then from almost exclusively slightly older men was ridiculous. Having people sending things to my house, calling my mother’s job, accidentally sending a threat to my brother’s school instead of mine, finding my social media and spreading my pictures (before I really began my medical and social transition, and i was not proudly exposing my appearance. nowadays I often have my selfies as my forum picture) , and just blatant transphobia publicly on forums or discords. We’re not here to discuss all of that and my role isn’t relevant because NONE OF THOSE THINGS ABOVE should have been allowed to happen here - they did, relentlessly for years. Similar things have happened to other trans players, and even cis-women. I have never seen something like that happen to a male player, even with similar OOC public opinion who hadn’t done something universally and morally detestable. I was going to go in about my time experiencing this type of behavior outside of roleplay, but decided against it as this post primarily used IC as the basis for their observations. I think we all know that there is a discussion to be had their though. For all the men on this post coming up with the saddest of excuses and saying anything, BUT acknowledgment of the blatant misogyny on this server you’re probably part of the problem.
  5. i don’t speak dog hoe, idc what no witch say. i stay in her mind, i gotta condo in that witch head 😌

    1. Nug


      im telling the barbs and you will be dealt with

    2. π™»πšžπšŸ XO

      π™»πšžπšŸ XO

      @NugΒ no wait uhh!!Β 


      this one is for the boys with boomin' systems top down ac with the coolin' systems when he come up in the club they be-


  6. !_!


    summon yayayafun for me, thanks. i’m about to come to NYC and give you the Kensington Kombo.

  7. pride month’s over, what do you mean they’re talking about fairies on the forums? wait a minute… honestly? werk πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ +10
  8. my jeans got rips in them so the swag can breathe @kingnothing

  9. you ask for friend snapchat at club dancefloor? do a money spread now, freak boy.

    1. Tabby64


      shut up james charles


    2. Tabby64


      I responded to the wrong status update. . . now i look like the fool


  10. got locked out of my discord (: add my new one Hoechii#9214 🀍

  11. I know I’m late to this, and there’s probably nothing that I can add that hasn’t already been said. So, I’ll be quick. That vehemently toxic shit was going on since 2018? I remember dealing with absolute craziness back in 2016-2017 from having my address doxxed, my accounts hacked, pictures leaked, and transphobic slurs. Over the years I’m glad to see that stuff like that really isn’t tolerated anymore - well, for the most part, apparently. I’ve known Muna for quite a few years here and it’s been disgusting to see the stuff you’ve gone through here and I’m terribly sorry that stuff like this was still going on. I applaud you for putting this on blast and airing that shit out. I hope they’re permabanned and that this helps to crack down on future OOC harassment that beyond crosses the line in the future.
  12. back in my day you could have 5 dark arts on one character

    1. Trinn


      take your meds luv

  13. death has come to me, kissed me on the check, gave me closure πŸͺ¦

    1. Nug


      was it hot

  14. lady hear me tonight lizard dance one hour loop

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