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  1. imma stone knight killer askin bobby where the house is

    noobies askin who she tho? i’ll smack you in the mouth *****

    heard they wanna solo but i cant without my frost witch

    capped my fire evo smoked the pallies by the ounces

  2. lets raise moz in the streets, drink mead, and get into trouble

  3. everything i drop is a banger

    1. tilly


      couldn't agree more.

  4. "You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair." Old Chinese proverb In August 2023, a weekend I had anticipated spending warmly in a nearby park was unexpectedly overshadowed by dark clouds and echoes of distress. Amidst my journeys, encompassing both highs and lows, nothing matched the profound ache in my chest on that fateful day. For privacy's sake, I'll omit his name, a choice that stings as it seems to erase his existence more than preserving his anonymity. He was a man I cherished deeply. Encountering him felt like stumbling upon a character from a movie, with a name akin to John Wick. He embodied speed, danger, fearlessness, and an unparalleled vitality that whisked me away from the remnants of my former life. In the midst of my family's disintegration and the aftermath of divorce, I found myself abandoned in the house I grew up in, desolate and chilling. But I wasn't alone; he was there. In the midst of the December winds, he'd generously share his coat as we sought refuge in laundromats, gas station bathrooms, and abandoned buildings. We battled addiction and homelessness together, with him steadfastly by my side during moments of sickness, starvation, and self-inflicted pain. His nameless illness led him down a harrowing path, transforming his mind into an impenetrable labyrinth. As violence and darkness escalated, my belief in the man beneath the turmoil endured. Periodic incarcerations became a part of our reality, a prison in the heart of the city serving as a constant reminder when I roamed the streets alone. Eventually, I had to prioritize my well-being, grappling with critical health issues and a distorted mind from living on the fringes. Although my journey to reintegrate into society is ongoing, he chose not to accompany me. After enduring hours of desperate pleas, I made the agonizing decision for my own sake. They found him, cold and isolated, on an overpass where we once found solace in the city lights. The substances he used to numb his pain ultimately claimed him. My reaction was a cacophony of screams, tears, and destruction. I yearned for justice against those who had failed him and carried a burden of guilt, questioning what the world could desire from someone like me. If you've experienced loss or grief and have suggestions, or if you're navigating a similar journey and seek solidarity, know that I'm here. While I've distanced myself from the server for various reasons, I share this experience in the hope that it may resonate with othersβ€”we're all human, and life happens to us all. "As long as I can I will look at this world for both of us. As long as I can I will laugh with the birds, I will sing with the flowers, I will pray to the stars, for both of us." Sascha
  5. i should be runnin’ for the hills…

  6. Back in my day- No, seriously we used to have lots of different items that did this - all of which utilized cursed ice from the altar in some way, shape, or form. My witch (or well, I guess Vivec at the moment) has at least 3 of these items still, never got around to verifying with the ST if they’d still work. Brunhylde’s Bribe, False Princesses’ Fetish, and I forget the one that used to belong to Meguzara. If this ends up getting passed I’ll make sure the witches get them. Anyway! Frost Witches in their current state are by far one, if not the, weakest dark arts magic/creature. Not that they’re designed to be endgames, but their lore inherently comes with a lot more downsides than it does reward. Over the years it’s only gotten worse. From the inclusion of charms (which now means our teeth, skin, blood, etc are even harder to conceal). The lack of available magic slots partnered with changes to their mentality which kills character development outside of the coven and makes it hard for them to do much else aside from the coven. The sisterhood is a pillar of the lore, yes, but when the sorority is MIA because the girls hate playing… I mean, no shit I’m biased, but something has got to give in favor of the witches. Once again they’ve fallen into a period of complete inactivity due to the circumstances surrounding their lore. +666 πŸ₯Ά
  7. Maushflokh flips her bangs with a dramatic huff. β€œThat’s amazing~” she’d groan in her best attempt at showing support.
  8. Addressing the profound darkness of addiction, it's a relentless force that drives individuals to destruction, fostering a cycle of taking, manipulating, and consuming everything in its path. Reflecting on my first character, Kypris, who was a self-insert grappling with addiction, I initially shied away from portraying the gritty reality of substance dependence. Methanphetamine and Fentanyl withdrawal is actually hell on Earth, AND I was already playing a Shade? I chose the insomnia redline. Over time, I've observed characters labeled as "addicts" over the years, yet seldom does addiction serve as a central pillar shaping their identity and narrative. Unlike my gender identity or abuse trauma, addiction has been the defining force molding my life, seeping into every aspect of my personality. I resonate with the relentless dissatisfaction, the absence of foresight, and the persona of the fun, social, party-goer masking the underlying struggle. For those who've experienced addiction, it's more than a mere aspect; it intertwines with our core. It's not akin to a peanut allergy; it permeates every facet of our existence. Encountering a depiction of addiction on this server that captures its essence felt profoundly validating. Your nuanced understanding and depiction of the struggles with addiction resonate, and it's admirable to witness someone who grasps the complexities and perhaps navigates their own journey through such challenges. 🀍 β€œThe most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
  9. Nefertiti and her sister strolled merrily down the winding birch wood forest path, their destination beckoning in the distance. The skeleton trailed closely behind, escorting the beleaguered Druid prisoner. Casting occasional glances backward, she relished in the dread etched across his visage, a testament to their wicked triumph. With self-satisfaction, she broke into a playful song for her sister, a wicked twinkle in her eye. "He thought we were bad, wait 'til he sees the stairs!"
  10. @fighting evil by moonlight lookie, our snow elven man servants are… ALIVE!!! 🧊 ((great job dio ilysm please do a river dance on my face 🀍 going to come back and leave an actual review/thoughts later~))
  11. looking for new vamp players, hmu on discord πŸ–€



    1. ferdaboy


      been a vampΒ πŸ§›πŸ˜ˆπŸ©Έ

  12. Nefertiti would smirk devilishly from atop the upper balcony’s edge of the Qunita del Sorda. Her gaze shifted back to the rest of the Alzgomalda huddled up behind her, all adorning their faded crimson robes and various masks. β€œIt has begun, sisters. Time to make ourselves useful”.
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