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  1. masha’allah

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      habibi come back @Flamelynx

  2. allah inshallah

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      if Allah was real fireheart would be killed for being a transgender : )

  3. for luke dunamis!!!

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      yes mlord

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      try talking to community team members, since ur new, they can help u out though 😄👍good luck

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      get in voice chat

      nottingham vc

  4. with this gear we can finally defend the favelas

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      victory royale

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      You are the champion!


    me getting ready to defend the favelas

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  6. First Edition #1 Emperor Resigns and Incest?! A NNN artist’s depiction of Emperor Augustus in the Act There has been new information released, upon the Emperor having abdicated the throne to his son Antonius II to the throne! Upon his abdication, he has released a royal decree stating the information of which will contain his royal line and as well why he decrees! The preposterous Emperor Augustus has stated he has made incestual love with sister Alexandra Horen! And those Paul Franz Duke of Adria and Valera Franz are inbreds by the blunt definition! A shocking occurrence indeed! The NNN will keep close to this matter, as it is expected that the Duke will resign knowing he is of degenerative blood! Snow elves restricting freedom of speech? A NNN artist’s depiction of the snow elves restricting Nottingham Trading Co.’s Freedom of speech! The Nottingham Trading Co. (No relation to the NNN) has recently been refused to put posters around the city of the Snow Elves. A Nottingham Trading Co. manager has recently spoken to us upon the matter his name Hannibal, he has said he put the poster up one day and then next it was torn down, unsure of the causes but he has said he thinks it is the snow elves attempt at restricting freedom of speech and trade! A truly debilitating claim to the snow elven kingdom we are putting our best journalists on the case to find out if this is true,stay tuned upon the matter! Big Business underway! A photo taken by an NNN journalist with his trusty dwarven rune camera! The Nottingham Trading Co. is bringing big business to many cities across Arcas from the free city of Ves to the blessed Sutica! Unemployment is no more a problem with the introduction of the business into new cities bringing many open jobs to the unemployed and homeless giving them a stable source of Mina, home, and food! A true ideal for cities to have such a bustling business! NNN is a nonprofit Private new organization with the ideals of maintaining proper information of the news of Arcas, and seeks to be YOUR #1 source of reliable information!
  7. well well well... @Wtflucaswtf

  8. “hmm, yes good work Crowley. Your debt to the raomir quick blade family line is almost over” he says, rubbing his hands together
  9. only screenshot i could find, but here’s renatus : P
  10. gg wargames

    1. Flamelynx


      next time i’ll bring a stone sword 😑

  11. OOC IGN: strawhatluffy__ DISCORD: 99% Neanderthal#6439 AGE: 15 RP CHARACTER NAME: Kor (Clanless, going to make him if I get accepted) AGE: 54 WICH ART WILL YOU STUDY: Archery REASON FOR JOINING: I wish to learn how to fight and experience battle like a true Ireheart RACE: Dwarf WICH OF THE 3 UNIFORMS WILL YOU CHOOSE?: Assassin choice will affect your training.
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