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  1. Flamelynx

    The Avatar of Wurst

    Wurst, Spirit of Cheating “Take my gift, spread it like Rex Vrograk of the old Orcish Rexdom, and to you my son, a 1000 men will flee” Wurst, Spirit of Cheating Rognor watched how radically the Uzg had changed. Since his birth as the son of the Rex, to his ascent to Swampgoth, to his victory in the Atlasian Clan Wars. But now, there was one thing he had to do. Ensure the victory of Krugmar. The heavy weight of dishonour hung on his shoulders, from his murder of the shamans, and overthrowing of Shakul with no klomp. He had accepted his fate to be denied entry into the Stargush Stroh by Kor. As he rose from his last slumber, he took a final look at the many Lak orcs sharpening blades and mounting Toalaks. Grabbing his, he placed it at the foot of Schrek’s door before leaving the clan hall. He quickened his pace, going to the Shaman’s Den, hastily grabbing a wad of cactus green and tossing it into the fire. Closing his eyes he sat, the calming smells of the herb beckoning him to sleep. He took a deep breath, before deeper and deeper into the black he fell. “And who are you orc, to enter my realm with no tribute or shaman” The Spirit of cheating spoke in Old Blah, sat upon his throne, a shallow skeleton, crowned, and with 1 eye he peered over his realm. As Rognor looked closer, he saw it was that of a hawk, staring into it he could almost make out an old dwarf with blue face paint until the Spirit spoke again. “Answer quickly, a great war is coming, and many spirits will gain great power over this. I have no time to speak with mortals.” he said, continuing his Old Blah before he rose, the earth rumbling, as the Rognor trembled, forcing himself to his knees. “Oh great one, Wurst, Spirit of cheating, I ask of lat only azh thing. I have no one else to turn for this wagh. The lords of the pinkehs unite to flat us all in this great wagh. Leyd has no hand in this wagh, lat are the only Spirit who I can turn to” “I care not for your war you fool, I am the Spirit of Cheating the more you talk the more angered I become” “Nub, lat must care, for tiks beyond count the orcs have served you, praising all spirits in the wars we bring. Do not leave us today” The spirit laughed, a thousand screams erupting from his realm as he sat back down once again “It is true..” he pondered “For you, I will release one of the hawk’s prisoners, he will grant you victory. Nae… I will send an avatar of myself, he is the only one that can save you. For you my son, I will send Ghazreyul’Braduk. But one must take his spot” With that, the orc returned to his realm, the cactus green burned out, he was sat alone in the damp shaman den. He knew what he had to do, he rose, the flame imprinting itself into his eyes as he stepped, the flame licking his skin, until finally he fell, but another arose. ((this just epic haha post im not even a lutauman))
  2. Flamelynx

    Taking What is Ours

    Wurst’Raguk’Romstun nods “Diz azh ahm da true emperor”
  3. Flamelynx

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    Wurst’Raguk polishes the new Raguk armour given to him by Luke “Dunamis”.
  4. Flamelynx


  5. Flamelynx

    The Peasants Tourney

    ((Username)):DPFLAMELYNX Name:Thorne Age: 60 Clan (If Applicable): Title (If any): Rorik Bannerman Chosen Event/s: All IF IN DOUBLES DUEL: Dueling Partner’s name: Hanasun Chet ((username)):Inferno_Ougi Team Name: Thorne and Hanasun
  6. Flamelynx

    Iron Uzg Slavery

    Norland reaches out beyond the emerald sea, ”((real flay btw)).. why have you turned.....”
  7. Flamelynx

    -= Sangmar Mercenary Company. =-

    OOC: Minecraft name: DPFLAMELYNX Discord: Flamelynx#3327 RP: Name: Thorne Race: Human Subrace: Heartlander Age: 60 Faith: Allah
  8. Flamelynx


    “Rule only applies to orkz”said
  9. Flamelynx

    An Appeal to Integrity

    “I got a feeling this guy is a Horen, I don’t know why, just do”
  10. Flamelynx

    ooc chat

    “lal nub care” says
  11. Flamelynx

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    papyb brings me joy! +1
  12. Flamelynx

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    i don’t have screenshots but i killed an elf in name of kor once, was wondering what lt i talk to about my immortality?
  13. Flamelynx

    Bobby Williams vanishes

    Thorne-Chan solemnly nods noting the passing of his beloved. He allows a tear to roll down his scarred and tanned cheek before uttering 1 word “raomir who?”
  14. Flamelynx


    why do you play a female character when you’re a guy irl?