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  1. Flamelynx

    The Ambush of 1708

  2. Flamelynx

    The Ambush of 1708

    translate to NA please ((i actually do not understan,d this is not an attack on this platyer : P))
  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Ban Minecraft Usernames warclaimin10 Ban Reason Toxicity towards others in the roleplay situation and handling GMs. Players Involved Myself, and a few imperials, LogPitsPun, and Tasty_Cheesecake By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned because I was being very toxic and passive aggressive to people in ooc while they were trying to roleplay with me, and lashing out at the GMs who were trying to help handle the situation. Why should you be pardoned? I believe I should be pardoned because I have accepted my mistake and will make sure it does not happen again. I originally began to lash out at the GMs and other roleplayers at the situation because I believed that they were not following rules, when it was actually myself that didn’t know the rules. However, even if it was me in the right, I was passive aggressive, and insulting, and condescending towards the GMs that were just trying to help me, and were even willing to get into voice chat with me. I’m really sorry about all that happened, and reread the rules before beginning to write this appeal so that it does not happen again. Also, after talking to Tasty_Cheesecake in voice chat, he told me why he felt I was being toxic, and though I did not originally agree, thinking back a few hours later I have to agree with him. I believe I can return to the server now as I can clearly understand when my actions harm other players’ fun and feelings. Also, I am sorry to Punisher who I was accusing of handling my situation and then not responding to me, after looking at it again I was just being impatient and jumping to conclusions. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I have already reread the rules to make sure that I do not mistake the rules, however, if I do happen to get into a situation like that again, I will recognize that the GMs are volunteering their time to the server, and do not need me insulting them while they are just trying to help. Furthermore, I will also recognize that the players are just there to roleplay, and have no ill will towards me out of the game, and will keep all of my actions in character, and if I need verification, I will ask the GM that is handling the situation, and act within what he says instead of trying to ask other GMs for answers. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The community guidelines are very important for promoting good-natured discussion and an interactive community because it deters people from judging others in character actions, and promotes focusing on the person themselves. It allows the game to be laid back, and used as a way to kill free time while promoting enthusiasm and aiding new players. If these were not in place, the server would be run over with toxicity and over competitiveness that would kill it as many casual players would not want to play. When players become over competitive they tend to turn toxic when things do not turn in their favour, and reading up on the community guidelines is a good reminder of how you should act at all times, and why. Essentially, they are a path to casual game play where everyone can have fun whether they are the winner or loser while adding to LOTC’s expansive lore and history, and I will aim to always keep them in mind when I am playing the game or interacting with its players.
  4. with this gear we can finally defend the favelas


    me getting ready to defend the favelas

    Edited by Flamelynx
  6. Flamelynx

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    mmbruhhhhh what the hell
  7. Flamelynx


    Scribed upon the 13th of King John’s Welcome 1707 A realistic depiction of the “Clown” Emperor Antonius II Horen “The Inbred" NO GODS, NO KINGS, NO BORDERS By the actions of Reivers & Co, the “Clown” Emperor Antonius Horen “The Inbred” has been put to death within the confines of the Adrian court. This interesting development occurred as the Reiver company was enjoying the fruitful company of their many women and jesters along the roadside after a fortuitous venture of banditry or mere minging. During this time of laughter and celebration, the unsightly Emperor sallied forth, approaching the Reivers & Co with a band of lame members, unfit for me a noble scribe to record as soldiers. The powerful bandit group did not give the Imperials any mind, continuing to enjoy their food as well as women until the very moment the rally assaulted the Reiver company. The Emperor charged in after cowering behind his troops for a time and was defeated easily by Lonan Daemyr the Black. Antonius’ cowardly show of insufficient martial prowess demoralized his company and they were slaughtered by the blade, or through a mere stroke of luck ran wounded and with a fearful look in their eyes. After the encounter, the victorious Reivers were suddenly rushed by an army many times larger than their own, but with valiant blades and strong wills they hacked through the masses and emerged victorious with little fatalities. After coming from the battled unscathed, Groka grabbed the sobbing Emperor by the wet of his ears and dragged him all the way to Adria. Upon the high throne of the Coward Duke Paul, the Emperor’s neck was slit and he bled his diseased blood across the carpets. With fear in his eyes (which have a long and unsightly distance between them) and beads of sweat forming upon his prematurely receding hairline, the Duke, Martin, cried and ran from the room on his hands and knees. Suddenly the room burst aflame and the victorious Reiver band & co scaled down the wall side guided by the powerful Officer Grudgebeard. Upon their landing, the many women of Adria, both married and unmarried, threw cheers of joy and swooned upon the walls as their hearts felt a tug of admiration directed towards the powerful Reiver forces. Seeing this all men within the confines of the Adrian citadel fell to their knees and wept bitterly, for the uprisal of all days had been done. And so was written a tale of legend known to all millennia born upon this day. The brave Reiver Band has found their mark upon history for all ages to come. [!] Marked upon the bottom of the notice is a fingerprint of the “Clown” Emperor in his sacrigilgeous blood,a mark of vericfation of the events claimed to have occured today.
  8. Flamelynx


    “I wonder if Snow Elves can melt?” Wondered Charles, bastard son of the late Antonious Horen, as he sat in his office writing in his business ledger.
  9. Flamelynx

    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    “All women just exist for reproduction, it’s simple biology, heh. In terms of combat they are practically useless, if the Empire was smart they’d just give government mandated women to smart and physically strong men to reproduce as that’s all they’re good for.”
  10. Flamelynx

    NNN First Edition

    First Edition #1 Emperor Resigns and Incest?! A NNN artist’s depiction of Emperor Augustus in the Act There has been new information released, upon the Emperor having abdicated the throne to his son Antonius II to the throne! Upon his abdication, he has released a royal decree stating the information of which will contain his royal line and as well why he decrees! The preposterous Emperor Augustus has stated he has made incestual love with sister Alexandra Horen! And those Paul Franz Duke of Adria and Valera Franz are inbreds by the blunt definition! A shocking occurrence indeed! The NNN will keep close to this matter, as it is expected that the Duke will resign knowing he is of degenerative blood! Snow elves restricting freedom of speech? A NNN artist’s depiction of the snow elves restricting Nottingham Trading Co.’s Freedom of speech! The Nottingham Trading Co. (No relation to the NNN) has recently been refused to put posters around the city of the Snow Elves. A Nottingham Trading Co. manager has recently spoken to us upon the matter his name Hannibal, he has said he put the poster up one day and then next it was torn down, unsure of the causes but he has said he thinks it is the snow elves attempt at restricting freedom of speech and trade! A truly debilitating claim to the snow elven kingdom we are putting our best journalists on the case to find out if this is true,stay tuned upon the matter! Big Business underway! A photo taken by an NNN journalist with his trusty dwarven rune camera! The Nottingham Trading Co. is bringing big business to many cities across Arcas from the free city of Ves to the blessed Sutica! Unemployment is no more a problem with the introduction of the business into new cities bringing many open jobs to the unemployed and homeless giving them a stable source of Mina, home, and food! A true ideal for cities to have such a bustling business! NNN is a nonprofit Private new organization with the ideals of maintaining proper information of the news of Arcas, and seeks to be YOUR #1 source of reliable information!
  11. Flamelynx

    Nottingham Trading Company

    looks around for dewper
  12. Flamelynx

    [PK] A lone orc steps onto Stargush'Stroh

    *sheds a tear for his lost ally chet
  13. Flamelynx

    Alcoholic Seeks New Cardboard Box Home

    myyyy / \ / word’ says beowulf