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  1. rip censorship of rp threads!

  2. post deleted : (

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      See you in a year.

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      ur dumb flame lmao

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      At least you didn't post it in a discord server

  3. i agree he should be unbanned. bans doesnt often stop toxicity from what i've seen but it would go a long ways to speak with him
  4. Flamelynx

    Execution of the Whitewash

    "hurhur" the elf comments one last time in his broken attempt at blah while the arrows pierce the whitewash "Dis wub habben when lat zuk twiggie pee-pee"
  5. very unimpressed with staff using ai to monitor chat. this is what elon musk was warning us about people 
    Image result for spurdo on computer

  6. give nickofwar a chance guys. if he does bad as a gm then u were right, if not good for everyone

  7. A sign has been put up in Senntisten and in Adria Looking For Marriage Edward Thorne Woodlaw Hello I am Edward Thorne Woodlaw and have hit the ripe age of 32. My father has been missing for a long time so no father figure is here to get me an arranged marriage. Sad! I am a very kind and funny peasant that is looking for love, and my credentials are below. “Saturday night is for the boys” - Thorne Me in my casual outfit made by my mother. Thanks mom! Very cool! This uniform isn’t just for drinking with the boys though! In this outfit, I was the first Renatian to witness the return of Tobias Staunton on Atlas, who felt my might when I later helped to apprehend his (presumed) concubine the same day. “War, war never changes” - Thorne Me in my old Renatus military uniform. Elves shook beneath my gaze when I wore this uniform! “Kill me now or I will wage an endless war” - Thorne This was the uniform I was in on the day I aided Ser Antonius in killing 2000 White Peak virgins. I myself trapped 500, and regularly distracted them until being caught! Right before I was to be slain, Ser Antonius rushed forward and slaughtered them! Thanks Ser Antonius! Very cool! “People always tell you, 'Be humble. Be humble.' When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!” - Thorne I am now a veteran of 2 wars (USA vs NAA and ARA vs Coalition), both of which my side has won. I now work in the Cantina and occasionally help my good friend Robert Von Gilead out in his mercenary duties. Credentials: Autograph from Donald Dabber (yes, THE Donald Dabber) Blessed by Prior Constantine in his final moments before disappearing from sight on Atlas Trusted, and friend of Ser Antonius Horen Witnessed and took part in the death of Eimar the fat and Charles the Bowlcut Owns 2 houses (both paid off) Once a colour sergeant in the Renatus military Son of Thomas Woodlaw the Ascended Nearly 800 minas in the bank Devout Canonist Friend of Ser Konrad Friend of Prince Demetrio of Santegia Entrusted with the protection of Lady Rubens by the Crown of Renatus-Marna for 1 year Credentials My Prospective Wife Should Have: Be a devout Canonist Be a Human Know how to cook If you seek to unite with me in love, seek me out in Senntisten, the capital of man! There, we MAY begin courting.
  8. beef squashed 🙏 imattyz , rin , medvekoma left to go 

  9. "everybody is a genius. but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid' - imattyz 


  10. FMs locked the elf thread so i shall comment here. elves broke raid rules by bringing way more than 10 pple and still made a victory post. lol?

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    edited to be less toxic :pray:
    1. PiousChorale_


      The post is unlocked, but it's an RP post so you couldn't necessarily place that there anyways. 

    2. Flamelynx


      i thought i could put (( <message> ?

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      edited to be less toxic again :pray:
    3. WuHanXianShi14


      It was a counter raid, as we had just been raided at our city, giving us the ability to raid with 20 people.

  11. Flamelynx

    A Declaration of Allegiance

    "Charles the Bowlcut lives! We are doomed!" cries a soldier, forgetting how Ser Antonius and 1 peasant killed 20 of them by themselves.
  12. Firstly, thank you for replying to this thread, good to see an admin clarifying the situation. I don't understand how you saw no need for a punishment on Ioannis' case, it was pretty damn convincing he DDoSed Dewper. Also, DPM saying he'll DDoS ACU20 was the pushing incident to get him banned, but you let an admin with lots of proof against him suggesting he DDoSed do the same. Youngie said it's just a joke so it doesn't matter, and you say it does. I think it's fine personally, but that should apply both ways. And, if you're set on it not being right, shouldn't you have punished Ioannis even if you don't think he DDoSed?
  13. @Youngie5500 what racial slurs btw? Racial slurs are common on discord, and you get kicked from the server if you say it on there. So did he message ACU20 harassment and racial slurs or was it leaked from a discord? (not saying either thing excuses racial slurs used harmfully)