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  1. let it die, it was a **** magic. even cam knows that
  2. ScreamingDingo

    [BREAKING NEWS]: Coder Interacts With Community

    code a plugin that bans anyone who uses “bring back nexus” in a sentence
  3. ScreamingDingo

    Warclaim on Mynebor

    Hey, just as the guy who wrote the war rules. Gonna show a rough evaluation of how this’ll be done. The warclaim is against a free-build, so all that needs to be achieved for a Justified War with the Conquest War-goal is 20 War Points and a single CB. The Demands CB has been successfully achieved with the forum posts provided, granting 10 War-Points to Urguan. The Rivalry CB has been achieved, considering the posts between the two nations since the start of the new map. This would grant 25 War-Points to Urguan. The Attack on Leadership CB has been achieved, posts provided have shown as such, this grants 20 War-Points to Urguan The Claims CB has been achieved, with the demand post. This allows for a marriage/other section of claiming the title of Mynebor. This grants 15 War-points to Urguan. Urguan has 70 War-Points for a 20 War-Point war. They’ve definitely met such criteria and this should go ahead. And since this is a freebuild, only 5,000 minas will need to be spent initially to start the war. Also as a heads up. @J33xt101. You should know this exists
  4. ScreamingDingo

    [Creature Lore] Shimmander

  5. we gonna get a repeat of the fall of snorland again? :L


    the system was rigged from the start kids

  6. ScreamingDingo

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  7. ScreamingDingo


    A lone man in the woods would look over his plans. The new era of warfare was about to begin and it seemed to truly favour humanity at this moment.
  8. ScreamingDingo

    April Community Newsletter

    Great work, Moderation Team!
  9. ScreamingDingo

    [Lore] Supplemental Naztherak and Inferis Amendment

    imagine being the naz community in 2019
  10. ScreamingDingo

    Regarding the Current State of LOTC

    Roleplay and your experience on LotC is reliant solely on yourself and who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with passionate rp’ers who care about story then you should be able to enjoy the quality of rp provided. If you surround yourself with bored people and those who want to be spoonfed things, then you will adopt those same patterns. The general atmosphere of the server shouldn’t affect your RP, as strange as it sounds. This medium can create isolated cliques and groups that are able to provide substantial rp, where others would struggle massively. The amount of effort you put into this is what you get in return, basically.
  11. ScreamingDingo

    Playable CA Race Lore - Drakul, Serfs Of The Stone Serpent

    we can only wish
  12. ScreamingDingo

    Playable CA Race Lore - Drakul, Serfs Of The Stone Serpent

    Cut Helgraen out and go for it. Just know you guys are gonna get absolutely butt blasted by edgies swamping this.
  13. ScreamingDingo

    Playable CA Race Lore - Ghost [Rewrite]

    Notably within sections of exorcism, PK clauses and gold effects
  14. ScreamingDingo

    Playable CA Race Lore - Ghost [Rewrite]

    Read your piece again properly, there's quite a few sections that contradict one another since you've tried to Frankenstein multiple lore posts and your own ideas into a single thread.