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  1. Can he truly break the denial streak, or will this be another denial under his belt
  2. Honestly sounds cool, happy to help clarify any mechanics/background stuff that we ran if you want some inspiration and how to ground it for LotC's universe. Feel free to contact me on discord! :)
  3. Amendments/Additions implemented into main lore post. Thank you for your submission. Moving to correct subforum to prevent redundancy and clutter.
  4. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.
  5. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  6. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  7. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  8. SYMBOL: The Tortoise DOMAINS: Prosperity, Luck, Festivities. STATUS: Unknown ORIGIN History of Perpetiael Upon the darkness of existence, the boisterous entity emerged from the shards of reality. Perpetiael was that of Success and Prosperity, who held himself bound to the whims of descendant kind for his aspects were defined by their creation. Before the Thirty Years War itself, the Aengul was spoken of in myths and stories which foretold a creature of great excess and joy. His form was that of a simple, large man carrying barrels of ale, and each step would cause bountiful growth of the foliage beneath. A jolly figure, this being was known to roam around the world and grant villages grand ideas of harvest and luck for their seasons. The offerings to Perpetiael were great, for the more you offered the Jolly Entity, the more that would be bestowed to your lands and life. Gamblers and farmers alike revered this entity, for his existence showed the bounties of both their paths. For the bounties of Perpetiael themselves did bless the outskirts of the villages that would later be brought under the Empire of Urguan, where they revered and spoke his name of truth to those around him. The prosperous working folk knew that luck itself mattered as they hunted for gems and ore within the bellies of mountains and held the mine shafts that kept their safety from the dark depths of the world. For the bells of Aeriel called his servitude and he went to the heavens themselves with Jophiael, Malchadiael and Gavrael. The four were granted a task by Gazardiael and the Arch Aengul, to leave their realms and permanently descend within the form of Brightsteel Weapons that would help seal Iblees himself. For such, Perpetiael was placed within a vessel and dubbed, “The Hammer of Urguan”, granted to the brother of the same namesake. A brightsteel weapon that granted the user almost infinite luck and prosperity in their actions when the gaze of Prosperity was held on the user. The Empire of Urguan continued its growth with the weapon, the combining of his kin with the mountains flowing ever of gold and magic held their part as the war drew near its end. The citizens of Urguan were accursed in the final defiance of Iblees, where Dwarven Kind was formed. The King and holder of the weapon felt the power of Perpetiael slowly grow dormant as the years progressed. The prosperous era of Urguan was littered with fewer showings of extreme wealth and luck by its workers, as the innate energies of his Hammer itself caused the seasons to slowly grow harsher. Droughts and blizzards followed in the depths of such seasons, yet none as cold as the oncoming haunts of Ondranach in the future. Greed and Prosperity are words that can change at any moment, and Urguan succumbed to such greed. The mountains of gold and steel that drenched the Dwarven King continued to pile as the reserves of the lands grew quieter. Urguan then emerged from isolation, abandoning his Armour and the Hammer itself, now entitled to the Dwarves that would continue from the life of Urguan. For now the weapon was kept in the possession of the Urguani Lords, only emerging into prominence by the greatest dwarves who could awaken a fraction of Perpetiael’s power. His own reluctance to help was bound in the curses of Urguan’s Kin, as Greed was the excessive antithesis of the jolly, generous god. For those that were pure in heart and intent, could use this Hammer in its capacity. The influence of the god itself emanated through the early halls of Aegis, where this weapon was utilised and kept safe by the bloodline of the Ironguts. The blessed of Belka aimed to ensure that this relic was kept safe and guarded, as this was one of the few artefacts of the Betrayer’s War that was kept preserved and protected. To ensure that this weapon did not fall into the wrong hands, was truly the focus on the relic-keepers of the Kingdom. This continued until the Mathic Crisis, where the weapon was lost to the Inferi Generals during this event. The exact events of how this was lost are unknown to many, where some say it was a lone dwarf who betrayed their kind to hand it to the Inferi, to those saying that the Ironborn remnants of the Dwarven Factions used brutal methods of Blood Magic to ensure it fell into the grasp of the invaders. Nevertheless, it was claimed by an Inferis that was beneath the banner of Ixris themselves. The emergence of the Aengudaemons was seen within the ‘final’ battle of the Mathic Crisis, where those of Aeriel, Xan, Tahariae and Malchadiael were spotted within the chaos. Even that of Esthael descended upon the lands to fight, in their vessels that were susceptible to damage. Within the chaos, the presence of Aengudaemons awoke a large font of power from the slumbering Perpetiael, where the Inferi General was able to strike against Esthael and dismember her left arm in a brutal flash. The battle raged upon as blood was shed, before the final strike against Gazardiael was done by Malchadiael and Jorvin, wielding the Hammer of Urguan. Those of reality were blown back from the battle scene as the horrendous site sunk into the depthless abyss of the lands. Holes of reality created as the Hammer of Urguan tumbled into the darkness. Ever travelling, truly now lost to time. HALL OF ABUNDANCE Realm The Realm of Prosperity is one of excessive grandeur and wealth. At its centre lies a gold encrusted banquet hall, where the followers of Perpetiael feast and drink to permanent delight. The halls seem endless, where every material and item imaginable are present to those that walk through the cobbled floors. Outside the Hall lies the mountain ranges that surround it in a valley, with each of the mountains encrusted in Gold and Silver, metals that adorn it naturally and yet show the extravagance of the realm. Where flora was present, it was lush green and excessive in its proportions, showing the delights of nature and its bounties at their fullest. This realm is later inherited by the Dragaar, Uzhurn. Where it has become a realm known as, “The Weeping Spires”, where all the assets of success and prosperity lay in states of destruction and chaos. The perversion of this land has been seen by the absence of Perpetiael in his realm, his influence waning for every moment since his sudden descension at the hands of Aeriel and Gazardiael. PRESENT DAY Following Perpetiael’s followers are rare, as the presence of the Aengul has been absent for millenia. Though he is worshipped as a God of Luck to gamblers, where Llahir’s own trickery was praised on one extreme, the sheer success and luck that carried with Perpetiael’s influence was well known. With that, he represents the true balance between excess and enjoyment to fulfil one’s life, where greed has not succumbed to its followers. To benefit the revellers, the gamblers and those who simply seek success for their travels, the patron of the Hammer of Urguan remains the best representation of their wishes and desires. It is rumoured that the Mina was developed in the likeness of Perpetiael’s exploits prior to the descension, where the ‘gold’ coin was seen as the perfect representation of wealth where one could hold many in excess, but one would represent enough to purchase whatever they wished. The varying coins and values of them carried the success that Perpietael exuded with their legacy. The true fate of Perpetiael remains currently unknown, disappearing during the Disaster of Mathic after the slaying of Gazardiael. The Vessel of the Hammer of Urguan, or the Aengul themselves, have not been spotted by any entity yet. Purpose: The reason for this post is quite simple, I believe in granting life and background to significant characters/entities that have been within LotC. The Hammer of Urguan was from a god that was unwritten about or unexplored, where I believe the personality and traits of these weapons should be encompassed to the public. The jolly, Tom Bonmbadill-esque Aengul was something I believe would be characteristic of the weapon of sheer luck. This allows for small cults of worship to explore these dwarven entities, or maybe an inclusion within the Brathmordkin if they wish. As I will release the other Golden Weapons with their backgrounds, I want to give life to the background of the pantheon and have it make sense. Perpetiael is an entity with not much use left from him, post the Mathic-Crisis eventline. To give him a good post and potential eventline ties would be a great way to bring life and knowledge of this entity to others. Citations: The Headcanon of ScreamingDingo Credits: ScreamingDingo - Writer Werew0lf - Format
  9. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  10. I'll have a chat with the interviewers and discuss this, no need to change your app since I can just make a note.
  11. Hi everyone, The Story Team comes with a notice of recruitment for members of the Lore Sect. We are looking for members who are interested in lore and enjoy reading submissions to help guide the way to implement magics and other pieces that build the greater world. We are specifically looking for people who will participate in Lore Voting and Magical Artefact Voting, to ensure that we can keep up with the demand of player submissions. You do not have to have experience with Lore and Magic on the server, but must have a drive to be ready to learn and understand the standards that are kept when reviewing pieces and ensuring that they are ready for the players to use. We are ideally looking for about 6 or so members to join the team, so we are eager to see who applies and get them through the interview process ASAP. The new map means there will be opportunities for joining in on projects and other aspects of the Story Team as we re-orient ourselves from the first few months of transition and truly settle into the map. If you have any questions, please contact kikowastaken, squak or ScreamingDingo on discord. Apply here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1194-story/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/54-story-staff-application/
  12. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  13. people praise being elite consequence accepting rpers and then immediately get away from things that have PK clauses


    le epic powerful mage rp

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      tfw start out pk elitist and have gone full circle realizing the best quality rp comes from unique and meaningful interactions and people who are more inclined to give those will do it regardless of the existence of a PK clause or not and forcing it upon people will just make the situation worse for everyone

    3. Carson


      I mean aren't they accepting consequences by choosing not to engage with an event:? it would be different if someone pulled up to a PK clause event, died, and then didn't want to PK

    4. Neviah


      i love pk clauses

  14. the biggest racket on lotc is the skinning community. how u going to let someone charge you a mid-range game for a pixel skin.


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      how else am i gonna flash my cash

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      $5 AUD Steam gift card, take it or leave it.

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