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  1. cant blame muffins tbf Got the warning sorted w/ the ‘falsifiying’ monk items because many staff members don't know the actual history of the Wilven Monks. 501 essentially rebranded the term mid-late 2018 by having the order be called Wilven and taking the same approach as the player orientated group. It’s just people misunderstanding and believing that they’re trying to invalidate and retcon the past of certain character, which will assuredly not happen. Do remember that the original monks were basically removed in multiple iterations from player hands because people kept either abusing the ‘protection’ aura or erp’ing openly on cloud temple grounds in front of newer players. You shouldn’t have been banned but this issue is blown WAY out of proportion. It’s not some weird copy-right plagued thing, it’s people just not approaching the correct members of staff and rumors flying into a meaningless shitfest.
  2. I see you.

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  3. Hey all, we will be looking at reviewing the Story Applications in the coming days. The duties have changed inside the teams and so have the processes, but you are still able to broadly ‘specialise’ in Lore or Events. If you’re interested, I’d recommend applying as we will go through interviews in the coming week


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      ooo fresh spirits for us to crush

  4. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  5. Ascended x Mystics will truly be a reality if this fails
  6. volatite wouldn’t have enough energy to be viable for cannons as an fyi
  7. mordu summons a literal skinwalker that’ll absorb him and take over his minecraft account for drawing fake pentagrams with satanic symbols
  8. Tbf slings do deserve a better rating, their versatility is unmatched where they should be at least High B – Low A tier. Love the intent of this post and I do understand the frustrations demonstrated. There are a few obvious tweaks done, but the ranges are capped at shout+render distance. Emote counts aren’t the issue, just the defining of certain armors and their actual damage is the issue. Though having an actual flat out reference for people to utilise in CRP is something the server does desperately need. Because I’ve came across people in events who think they can shoot 90 blocks + with crossbows and things like that accurately, or being able to instantly pierce through basically anything.
  9. reminder please do not do erp (especially if you’re a minor)


    If you genuinely want to sext, don’t do it with weirdos who roleplay because 9/10 times those that pursue this sort of RP are predators looking to sexually exploit and manipulate you.

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      wouldn’t want to do any elven roleplay 

    3. LoTC's Next Top Model
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      what about my big hunky olog woman idea

  10. come on at least LotC-ify concepts don’t just straight rip it
  11. Moved to Denied Events.
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