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  1. well at least i can still pitchfork lynch monks still even with this buff
  2. lol being blind on LotC is basically an unachievable death wish that limits characters so much. Seers serve a niche to offer some sort of substitute to essentially not lose their charafcter immediately and take an esoteric route into the magic. It’s literally a point of who cares, if its not personally affecting your roleplay or detracting from it. There’s no reason to go after them, especially when its a self-guided feat that has little to no interaction with others
  3. Whatever Flam said prior is pretty much invalidated now tbf. This magic could definitely function w/out the merge
  4. Because it’s really easy to change these small things with just a shift in the community mindset but every time those sort of changes happens they’re pushed back into rule-lawyering or otherwise invalidating RP that can happen through ways to ensure they win. I’m just more annoyed. Good **** can happen if people want it to happen, bad **** will happen if people don’t. Posts like these just make me sad because they really point out how the state of the server continually changes for the worse on a community level. If anything, people asking for more staff intervention are just encouraging more rule-lawyering and avoidance of consequence. I just want new players to enjoy the server, which constantly seems to be a trend that cannot happen
  5. wheres the anti-telanir podcast tearing apart the issues of the server


    :^ )

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    2. Harrison


      u can praise telanir’s better outlook on the server all u want now, and dont get me wrong it’s pleasing to see, but we would not be in the hole we are in if it were not for the attitude, decisions and precedents he set 

    3. SaltAlt


      ??? Telanir always gets more attentive when his bs is called, then just slinks away for another 6 months to come back and force another autistic change.

    4. Haseroth


      I don’t know brother, however i for myself do not think that Telanir’s hopes of reaching 500-750 concurrent players via “word of mouth” only is in any shape or form realistic. Without proper marketing we will stay around 250-300 even with proper sharding. Not to mention if you force people into shards, it will likely create a lot more problems. 

  6. good villains require good victims and both simply dont exist on LotC currently.
  7. If they want to, then so what. That’s roleplay and that’s what it brings. If people need to be defended ooc’ly it 100% cheapens the experience. This lore is extremely lenient considering the sheer amount of bodies required to actually sever someone. Nothing /should/ stop a character, if you piss someone off and can’t fight back you lose. That’s just how it is. No more silly OOC measures to disconnect, don’t hide behind that crutch. This lore allows for them to unite and /also/ take away magic without PK’ing the character, which is 100% a saving grace to whoever is subjected to it. There’s no negatives or drawbacks to the disconnected except losing their magic. It’s a very nice way to do it, where most of the time it should be just a hard rip w/ a lost character
  8. There’s literally no issue with this disconnection war stuff it’s literally people being babies and being scared they are threatened. It’s genuinely a sort out in roleplay issue that doesn’t need to be redlined in lore because someone might ‘unfairly’ lose their status (even though it doesn’t even PK them). If a magic is lead with Tyranny, it naturally dies out. I hate the idea of blocking disconnections and **** with OOC redlines over just what happens IG, why should you have to appeal to a random LT to disconnect a character when it happens IG.
  9. halflings dont deserve rights and this post is the reason why
  10. @Telanir

    hey if u promote me to admin i promise i wont simp or abuse women on here


    i hate women too much to even acknowledge them

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    2. Ang


      bad darkstalker

    3. Harold


      take the torch dingo

    4. ronjeremus


      i joined 12 days before you so i should be the admin

  11. imagine needing an OP event race killer when most ET are too afraid to even wound people out of fear of backlash
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