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  1. The strange substance vanished from Charles Galbraith, it seemed that it was only him that preached falsehoods and inaccuracies with things that bent past reality.
  2. Blessed be, those of the descendants under the care of our beloved Triumvirate. We of Wilven do seek those of the blood of scholars to fill our library. For our own shelves have laid empty since the Library of Dragur, held its departure with the destruction of Arcas. What we seek is a true return to us honoring our ancestors and the times that they took part in, for the newer generation to absorb and understand the mistakes of the past. For this, I do ask for those of long life, or those that have recorded these events to immortalise themselves with their works. For our first collection of works, we aim to look for those recounting events from the era of Aegis and Asulon, outlining certain familiar eras that are iconic to the development of the nations that stand here. Specific areas of interest that we are looking to gather knowledge upon are below: ✎ The Fall of Alkhazar ✎ The fleeing of Aegis ✎ The Phoenix Rebellion ✎ The Death of the Wandering Wizard ✎ The histories/interactions with the Mori’Quessor ✎ The Chronicles of the Creation of the Holy Orenian Empire ✎ The Trial and Burning of Dawn “The Baker” Perea and the Salvian Histories These are topics that we believe critical works and knowledge are missing within our libraries, important events that helped shape the lands that we now inhabit. For this, we are offering 100 mina for every work that is written on the topics present and 75 mina for every other work that will be used to help understand these lands. For submission, there will be an assortment of chests that will be at the Cloud Temple for us to analyze and gather. These books will need to be titled and your name should be presented for us to grant you an allocation of mina after reviewal. They will be under scrutiny and will be then immortalized within the Cloud Temple’s new library which is under development. If there are questions, we do have an aviary at the Temple to ask questions. Do contact me there so I will be able to answer and respond to any true inquiries. Shall the Sun, the Moon and Stars shine ever brightly above us, to guide us through the darkness that dwells in the edges of the world. Monk Florencio, Keeper of Knowledge

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      thats kinda hot ...

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      alexa, he has a pulse now. what did you do

  4. on behalf of dingo incorporated we do not take responsibility for the recent attack. thank you for your cooperation and support of this company, we appreciate you all.

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  5. oren will dissolve and acre will do a courland and become insignificant after the first month as a bunch of human kingdoms pop up for the orenian battle royale for the empire unification 6 months down the track
  6. How to design eventlines - Google Popular Game Copy Paste into Google Doc
  7. Lore has been shelved and moved to the appropriate subforum. If you have questions about why this specific lore has been shelved, please contact an ST Manager or the ST Administrator.
  8. What DOES THIS MEAN WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK IM A SECRETARY also can't believe the weird Tokyo Ghoul rper from 2011 is an admin... more oldheads...
  9. its a shame i liked the build in acre, its not reflective of its insides though :*(
  10. This lore has been denied - This lore falls under the Deific Embargo, focusing on Primordials which are currently being sorted out and could potentially have a large plothole if this piece goes ahead.
  11. great war NATO v USA omg!! :3

  12. Okay ignore what I said bring them back
  13. didn't read but I'm going to strawman this single point Nation Leaders should be held to a higher standard of conduct and roleplay because they effect their entire playerbases actions and behaviours with what they outwardly display. If a Nation Leader thinks it's fair game to harass and **** over other playerbases out of OOC spite, the players that follow them also adopt that behaviour. Honestly couldn't care less but all of this drama AND ban is extremely easy to avoid if you simply just roleplay on a roleplay server (lol). Not every NL is taken out for these actions, it's quite rare to see the level that has been achieved since the very start of this plot months ago where the entire coup was clowned with the Disney villain blogpost.
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