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  1. This lore has been denied. Mani submissions are currently no longer being considered given the mundane and easy nature of them, and thus we recommend making a cultural post for them which you are fully welcome to write upon. Have a great day!
  2. Your formatting is so fucking nice maybe I will steal you for when I finally finish aengudaemonica
  3. savoy AND adria

    fucking hell we need to break rose-tinted glasses

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    2. monkeypoacher


      yo @rukiocan I be a salvus shield? i want you to bark orders at me 😳

    3. El Padrecito

      El Padrecito

      With no OSL or Caliphate, we can conclusively see once and for all who SHOULD have won the Duke's War

    4. rukio
  4. this is literally the length of a tweet what the fuck are you doing
  5. Grifter and his fourth wall breaking fountain of knowledge
  6. seeing the name of Savoy back physically repulses me

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    2. HurferDurfer1


      2 tru alot of 'savoyards' coming out of the woodworks....


    3. Abeam


      Almost like it's a cynical power grab, Joel!

    4. Javert


      Joel being based again?

  7. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  8. The void has been given so many opportunities to be expanded in certain ways, but the players refuse to replay it as anything else. You can play a wizard so fucking easily with voidal magic but no-one wants to break the norm and roleplay aesthetics that aren't spoonfed to them in the lore post. The normal wizard should not be messing with insane eldritch powers or acknowledge them above as they exist. It's a font of power that has long lasting consequences, but only if people decide to let's say. Put entire cities up in the air floating. The amount of actual involvement with what voidal influence and "peering" into the void can be should be genuinely only seen by like one or two mages that take those steps to go down the route of insanity. Nothing is stopping Gandalf larpers at all, if anything, magic is in its best state for the amount of versatility and paths you can ultimately take. It's more on the players completely, I believe players are simply too uninspired to try any magical aesthetic that is beyond the "I will gain all power." Can't blame the lore at all, when the mage themself has to willingly delve into that very heavily to realise the font of power they draw from. If you think of it as the warp from 40k, void mages should be using the warps power like how orcs think and do shit without knowing there's a greater power to it. Not having everyone be a psyker tier warp delver
  9. why is this just basically void magic but taking the weaknesses out and having the alchemy language be it's base. I don't get it, I absolutely just don't understand why. The eldritch horror subtype of the void is completely avoidable with good teaching
  10. Discord isn't a valid medium for roleplay, which I will repeat once again. Doesn't matter if we can't see what they said on discord, they are actually not allowed to use discord as a way to communicate in roleplay
  11. Messages require exact time-stamps and Admin/Tech intervention to keep track of. It's an unsustainable system, and discord roleplay is currently invalid so meta-gaming through that will lead to a ban, either way.
  12. Your View - The Removal of Birds Hello, on behalf of the Administration I write this post to try and get the opinions of the use of “Birds” and their contribution to roleplay. They are a controversial mechanic in LotC that is at the forefront of meta-gaming issues within conflict situations and have been since they were introduced. The ability of the infinite, teleporting super-sonic bird that can get to anywhere and everywhere with the information necessary, which breaks the flow of roleplay and creates issues that dispel the dynamism of LotC as a whole. My own suggestion, with advice of the moderation and some refining would be along the lines of this. - To ban the use of /msg as an in-game medium way to message other players about information that is In-Character. Specifically, surrounding any conflict situations. I believe that the Mali-Rally plugin has alternative methods where this can be approached in roleplay. The notes plugin that has been introduced recently can be used for characters to talk to one another when offline, allowing for the meeting and arrangement of roleplay if necessary. This also allows for us to include authentic couriers for say, nations organising treaties or ransoms being made from bandits. There are many nuances surrounding this issue, but the main idea is to allow conflict to be organic and insular, where people cannot pull parties that should not be able to, to participate in it. We want to give power to the roleplayer, while being able to disarm those that try to use OOC methods to discredit the flow of roleplay. This post is an open discussion and something we want the community to evaluate as a whole. This is so that if the response is positive, we are able to draft a system of banning /msg for IC interactions that works well and is accepted in the community. If it goes horribly, nothing else we can do but bin the idea. - ScreamingDingo
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