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  1. you all realise that you can just ignore telanir and tythus and restructure the techlock


    lore is always a guideline, never a defining rule



    1. Boruto


      the matter’s hardly that simple. sure, you can ignore the admins, but these are creatures of dark and ancient breeding. they’d come back in a few years time, and I doubt they would be very happy with you.

    2. Knox


      they probably wouldn’t even know tbf

  2. Though he allowed Sakura to roam, unsure of how the potential trade-off is looking
  3. The moderators all assemble for their weekly meeting.
  4. this entire post just makes me feel uncomfortable and idk what specifically about it makes me feel that way
  5. Yeah, I know it's not a coup. I'm just saying that rules being forced and created for this will never be a good contribution to the server. I was of the mentality because of the stupid ooc **** that people will force, but there's the double edged sword of people abusing ooc coup rules to inflict them onto situations that don't make sense There'll never be consequence and/or accountability with how LotC is, having ten+ different playerbases and drastically different mentalities makes it nigh impossible to enforce successfully. It's literally just hoping your NL has RP above their own sense of a powertrip on mineman
  6. that's when ur playerbase departs and they're left with nothing. It's not a good system but it's a point where every other nation would be happy to harbour an influx of players from those that dislike their NL
  7. coups will happen if the players want it and won't happen if the players don't literally zero need to put it into rules, it just encourages malicious takeovers with no regard for rp. no more redtape, just force players to not be absolutely fuckwits and actually contribute and collaborate
  8. this post didn’t age well at all
  9. just a bit of advice for people wanting to make lore



    when thinking of concepts, make it as simple and easily transferable as possible. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel for the sheer sake that players who get their hands on the lore will pervert those expectations


    also consider not trying to make things that are big baddies and ‘absolute’ powers. With how LotC functions, antagonists are insanely flawed concepts which lose their purpose in narratives to this experience. Don’t try to use tropes that seem cool in novels, they /will/ fall flat on LotC.


    other than that, just aim to enable the potential for interesting RP. Don’t try to have nefarious intentions of trying to boost some power or gain some extra stats to use in a ‘combat’ scenario. That’s all lore and all interactions on LotC should be about in their foundation, creating good roleplay.


    1. _Jandy_


      also be ready to wait forever for a verdict 🙂

  10. shitters screaming at shitters for being shitters Nice
  11. please don't mess with past continent travel mystery the voidal massacre was enough
  12. there'll never be a good world event for the sheer sake that there's like 20 different playerbases on here with very different views and ideas of what is good. also stop making world events some shitty sewer water splattered antag grinds.
  13. breaking news – PvE in events is catered to those that have the attention span of a goldfish and should be thrown aside

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    2. Aidoro
    3. Aidoro




      ‘whilst still working and making events that cater to and uplift the community.’


      Great work there.


    4. ScreamingDingo




      Big agree, just requires some actual thought to plan those out. Wouldn't trust any of the server to be able to make something that's coherent and enjoyable for PvE currently that isn't just glorified slugfests

  14. U fellas really gonna try to martyr ggt like come on



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    2. Language


      I still don’t understand what happened to ggt if you could fill me in

    3. Harrison


      can u turn ur words the other way around so i can understand they’re upside down -_-

    4. Corporatocracy




      yea i guess u dont consider him pure bc he doesnt rp the way u like :: politics larp +  lady dress-up lol

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