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  1. The Merchant Sloop is seen on the docks of the ruined settlement of Vaelya. The bandits themselves hauling supplies and their remaining cannons onto the deck of the ship. A few men are seen with sigils of the Blade and Star on their shoulders, jeers and remarks made against one another as they assemble on the ship. The flames of the ruins of Vaelya are snuffed, its innards littered in cannonshots and the horrors that came from the various groups that attempted to dislodge them. The ship is spotted sailing towards Freeport. The land of the Free and Questionable. Those that had heard of the gro
  2. If this isn't the Resource and War System Overwrite expansion I'll be mad.
  3. think the real issue w/ conflict on this server is the people who preach dynamism are normally those who refuse anything bad to happen to them by any ooc means possible.

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    2. Shmeepicus


      2 hours ago, Burnsider said:

      My favorite part of LOTC nowadays is when you let your character lose, but then the other side gets mad at you for not losing in the way they wanted you to. Come on, now, you got the win.

      Does this actually happen?! 

    3. Burnsider


      Happened when my last character died, for example.

    4. rukio


      @Burnsider See, I don't really believe in playing to lose because a lot of people are negative energy even if you do lose. I don't, however, usually kill the person I'm in conflict with anymore unless they're doing something *really* dumb or being a skyrim bandit npc where you beat them down and they cower then try to backstab or w/e. I think its more fun for both sides if you let them live, maybe take a finger or something at most, unless they're some serial killer or w/e where it doesn't make sense to let them live. 


    1. Aengoth


      official clout man chaser

  5. - WARNING - Heavy Firepower has been spotted with these 'Brigands'. They seem to be in possession of two Vaelyian Lead Belchers. The sounds of these horrific machines of war have stained the battlefields to groups that have come past. Small, marked graves now litter the sides of the city as bandits lay their dead to rest. Any attempts at negotiations with this group will most likely be met with resistance from the constant aggressions. They have bunkered down and become a force to be reckoned with.
  6. Currently impossible to make personal nodes at the very moment. It requires heavy dev attention and with that, botany nodes will have people get a stack a day individually, where we could be producing 40 stacks herbs a day by a nation that wants to go around doing that. There's alot of bad things about personal nodes, so it's really us trying to decide where to go from here.
  7. we were about to monopolise it for solely ST items but here you are ruining our staff hoard and giving it to the masses
  8. looking for dwarf/orenian et-st interested in applying for the st

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    2. Abyssus


      how about me joel

    3. Cracker
    4. DahStalker


      return me to hell, joel. return me to hell. 

  9. Heed heed, all ambitious adventurers. Our company has been scouting out the areas of Vaelya to clean up the rubble left by the settlement that collapsed upon the shores. Their marble towers crumble and we wish to excavate these ruins to benefit our own enterprises. The lovely materials left in this town would be a benefit for us to be able to deal with, but these squatters have been seen picking off our caravans and otherwise occupying the abandoned village. We are looking for those who are not of the faint of heart to drive them out of this area, violence is encouraged but yo
  10. just a normal ca as it has been for the past 5 years. You'll probably need to hire a Bitcoin Skinner to get you a Kha skin. Or the dude that kinda leads them can help @chaosgamer_
  11. seeing "ill give you atronach forging for infernal alchemy" mages be elitist makes me feel something different
  12. if libs disappears so does the banlist
  13. There's already this niche tbf in Vivification
  14. nice, mods please pressure us we need it
  15. once again cmu launches a psy-op against me and its effective
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