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  1. imagine even trying to reskin a blatant rip off and incorporate it into lotc's universe :^)
  2. Artwork credit to (https://www.deviantart.com/inaauderieth) ANALYSIS OF RECENT EVENTS - THE RECENT EXPEDITIONS OF THE VEIL RESEARCHED AND PUBLISHED BY CURATOR PYTROL. BASED ON THE WORKS OF CURATOR ELGAN AND TYBALT BEFORE THEIR DISAPPEARANCES. SUBJECT MATTER - VOIDAL TEAR, MORDSKOVIAN HORROR, THOUGHTFORM, THE ‘DREAMER’, EGO “ The recent emergence of the Korvassian entity has shown interest of how the void itself interacts with our world. The last time an entity of this proportion had entered the world, the consequences that followed were of horrific proportions. The recent phenomenon of the ‘ego’ and the voidal ascension are concepts that are otherwise more ancient in concept when analysing sources and material that has been compiled and released to the general public. Those of Shamantic influences utilise a way to truly travel with their ego, though in a way where the mindplane itself allows for the transportation towards an entity driven by those that are of true divinity. Though, other forms of ego-travel have been theorised and believe to be possible by many esoteric anomalies which have left corpses or madness in their wake. The void is believed to be based upon the utilisation of the ego to siphon thoughts and mana into the concept of reality, yet the void has been a concept only present with the existence of descendants. Creatures and entities of the world do not possess this ego-centric version of power, yet we are the only ones capable of utilising and harnessing this power. Many might dispute this concept with the idea of the deific influence, but those do not require ego-centric connections to explore and locate planes of existence to will things to life. Instead, the deific influence is based upon direct intervention to those that proclaim themselves divinity, they require permission and devotion. The Void is a concept that is lawless and based truly within the ego of all mortals. Though, the Mordskovian Horrors were based on the idea of the ego and mortality, does this mean that the Void and the concept of the “Thought-form” are one in the same? Have we simply utilised the innate human ability of free thought to bring something into existence? The ‘Dreamer’ proclaimed ascension from the mortal coils through the complete abandonment of the mortal vessel to reach the spiritual plane where it lay, where pain and emotion could be escaped and then turned into pure bliss and unfathomable potential. If the systems of the void themselves are challenged, if they are now fracturing along the veil? Perhaps then descendant-kind themselves is transforming the way this source of unlimited potential works. What if, we are the creators of the void? This research is granting us closer to true ascension, to whatever these occultist fanatics were proclaiming as their true salvation. We see Voidal Horrors, but what if they are nothing compared to what truly lies within the abyss. The human mind is limitless, for we create with untapped potential. Curator Pytrol “
  3. UPDATE – 12/06/19 “Adventurers have tried and attempted to cull some of the populations of the island and have been unsuccessful. During one of these expeditions, a population of an undiscovered species was found by an adventurer of the name of Pikel Boldshoulder ( @Pikel Boldshoulder ). This undiscovered species swells in numbers and true details about its behaviours and capabilities are left unknown to most. There have been noticeable increases in population of the local fauna of the island as it becomes more dangerous for adventurers to wander within unprepared. Ruins are slowly being uncovered and nests are being tracked to their exact positions. When these nests and ruins have been discovered, bounties for expeditions and scouting will be arranged and supplied to the adventurers willing to take part in these discoveries. Good luck as always, descendants. This island holds more secrets than just simple creatures.”
  4. FAILURES - I “Remember, these creatures are too plentiful to tackle at once. Tactical retreats and whittling the population down in multiple trips is truly the way to do as such. Stay safe as always descendants, monsters roam these isles.”
  5. If anyone wants to do a part of this bounty in the next few hours, lmk. I’m free and don’t have any actual requests for today. Contact me over MC or otherwise.


  6. telanir is an unironic accelerationist

  7. Thank you so much for writing this. I've been here over seven years and seen the absolute scum this server has had to offer. I've seen staff defend known pedophiles because they were their friends and other despicable acts ignored because no-one wants to face that reality and deal with the situation. I just wish this server was not filled with genuinely disgusting excuses of human beings that prey upon younger and more than likely vulnerable people. Stay safe please always to whoever you are as a youngster, male or female. Predators should be shamed and shunned off the server en masse, it's not the most “safe” approach but it's at a point where people should be known of how they are. I know with a few of the cases I've heard about I warned other RP servers about their actions on lotc to at least save another community from being preyed upon. If you have younger friends who may be getting close to someone, please for everything you have in you. Check in with them and ensure they're not being groomed or being preyed upon. Considering my future career nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a community I take part in not have the true awareness for the legitimate dangers people face on the internet.
  8. The next few weeks are going to be so exciting!!

    If you thought the forums were rowdy now it's gonna be AMAZING soon :3 :3 :3

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      You’re such a ******* ho, I love it

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  9. I’m the real baratheon idiot

    1. Boruto



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      we will fight this to the death in boar hunting

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      no thats me actually

  10. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE- Harpy Nest LOCATION – The stone landmarks of the Jungle Island. THREAT LEVEL – Difficult REWARD – 150 minas per Harpy Head claimed PROGRESSION SYSTEM (IF APPLICABLE) – Time The southern islands boast a decent population of these abominations. The creatures that are half avian and half woman, a horrific scene for any hunter who has not felt their sting previously. They will swoop, eviscerate and devour any who do not approach them with caution and preparation. Do not let the population swell, for bigger threats might follow with these hellish women in tow. ((Contact myself on the forums or on discord at joel#4235 to organise a time to try your hand at this))
  11. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE- THE PREDATOR OF THE JUNGLE LOCATION - LOCATED AT THE SOUTHERN JUNGLE ISLAND OF ARCAS THREAT LEVEL - EXTREME REWARD - 15,000 Minas PROGRESSION SYSTEM (IF APPLICABLE) – Failure This creature is a horrific, unknown entity which lurks within the jungle. There are remnants and ruins of what this beast may be, but it seems to control the populations of certain threats and otherwise maintain the natural order of the island itself. There is no hard evidence of what this creature is, except it having the ability to topple the trees that litter the island. Do not take this bounty or hunt with no preparation. This WILL kill you. (With such a warning, this will require an agreement to PK on death, non-reversible.)
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