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  1. You've been out for cigarettes & milk for 6 years when are you coming back

  2. they were shelved for a horrid rewrite + a year straight of full inactivity apart from two players. don't be the whiny baby as usual
  3. cannibalism is the great anti clique equaliser..... embrace it vampire noobs
  4. help he's assassinated me I have no control over my redtag
  5. snoren rn

    1. Javert


      Can't believe I'm saying this but. Based Dingo?

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      introducing the new breathe strips (tm) to help stop your nasal congestion and give you a better sleep. 100% guaranteed to stop snoren habits for good!

  6. hey guys let's reset maps


    it's not like we always throw away new toys and get bored after three months anyway

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    2. Valannor


      @Narthok Yes, we need more dragons... More kaiju...

    3. monkeypoacher


      i think we should reset staff instead


      anarchy server anarchy server

    4. xX_Wowjayhz2012_Xx
  7. This year has been a hard one for everyone, a lot of chaos and otherwise horrible things that came through with the pandemic that’s ravaging everywhere. Craft wise, we’ve had some really full on scandals and I must say that my own admin tenure has been a wild one. Getting cancelled publicly on Twitch for saying no to basketball, to the most recent thing that happened that I do not want to give more attention and publicity. It’s been a big one and the one thing that I have been waiting for is the ability to be able to step back from doing the duties that I am not passionate about. I wasn’t a perfect Story Admin, or even a great one, but I believe there is a semblance of legacy that my successor will be able to carry on into their tenure. All I can really say, with a full heart is to announce the promotion of @SquakHawk formally to the position of Story Administrator, I will be stepping down from this position and where I am going is currently undetermined. I will see where the Admin Team and Squak needs me and will adjust accordingly. Squak has been the backbone of the Story Team for almost the last three years, and up and comer where she was apprehended by a previous Story Admin on their looks to be promoted. Though they’ve been pivotal in a multitude of changes and lore initiatives that have come forth through the years, I want to see the real improvements Squak can bring to the server and the playerbase as a whole, so buckle in and enjoy. With my departure as Story Admin, the airing of grievances is something that is a tried and true holiday tradition. To give Squak the best foot forward, there is a poll/survey below that will ask for feedback and what you believe should be improved and fixed now that I am out of the picture. Please be genuine and give real feedback, as this will help push momentum for an even better team than I could even imagine. - ScreamingDingo Link to the form - https://forms.gle/BQN2HbsLuiqfBFmT9
  8. go back to the retirement home, we'll deal with the internet terrorist when we sort it out. Thanks, J.
  9. see you next year dude, have a good break over the holidays
  10. funny take but the division of conflict RPer v slice of lifer is more of a representation of people who see this place solely as a game to win against those who see this as a place to create a narrative

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    2. Sorcerio


      Conflict is necessary to achieve a compelling narrative, although that conflict need not always be some extravagant contest of arms or the decimation of one's opponents on the field of battle.  

    3. ScreamingDingo


      the great brainlet click filter has been initiated. you have been exposed

    4. Salvo


      I was merely pretending to be retarded

  11. An Artist's Depiction of the Great Flight of the Emperor. A historian looks up at the missive and screams at the various proclamations that have been spread since the disappearance of the Pillar of Oren. The single balloon that was found departing on the day of the transfer of the Empire is something that has been the pinnacle of his research and observations of the last few days, strange cheese cloth wrapped around his head as his cabin is covered in charcoal scribbles. "Those deviled sky people, co-ordinated the flight of the Balloon. To collapse the old wigged Empire, it was all with the single departing from the top of the palace. No-one saw it, but me. No-one saw it, but me. No-one saw it, but me." His own ramblings follow as he flips the notice on its back, drawing and scribbling a few phrases upon the back. "Was this Harren's Reincarnation. The Downfall of Humanity." "Lorina Carrion's Burial Sparked the Wig Courte." The man continues to pin and move various pages across his cabin. An occasional raving elf is heard as the sparking of gravel is heard from outside his hut. The strange puppets that were salvaged from the dangers of the Brae-Bellion. There are too many stars in the skies, are they eyes?
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