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  1. The veils of purple and crimson intertwine from the smouldering crater that remains within the Urguani Mountainside. Corpses litter the inside of the scorched earth that surrounds the ivory object that fell from the sky many years ago, bloodied orifices stained and mixed into the dirt beneath. The deep noise that came from the object dissuaded most animals, no birds flew overhead and purposefully changed their routes to avoid even colliding with the columns of light and flame that bellowed upward. Scorched lines of dirt and earth spread themselves out in a crude, nonsensical web. Crystalised rock was seen jutting from the edges of the impact sight, with glimmers of light shining from the occasional cloudy sheen of glass that envelopes itself over various spikes that protrude from the edge of the crater. Between the veils, the air shimmers and vibrates in strange, erratic patterns, a curious sight to any that venture close to the object. The stars above twist and change when stepping closer to the object itself, the positioning of different orbs of light changing place among the dark abyss that encases the world itself. The trees around the mountainside seem to wilt slowly, strange patterns of leaf shedding corresponding outside of the seasonal patterns, where spring would rise and the plant-life covers itself with the crisp, dry leaves that normally dwell upon the months of harvest. Where the heat of the middle months are followed by trees that shed their branches bare, exposing the skeleton that held nature’s bounty upon its shoulders. For whatever lingered too close to the object that fell from the heavens, it perverted the nature of what remained. What did the heavens grant us? Why is it here? What will we do?
  2. tbf the white kha debacle is the equivalent of like trying to get humans to not say they’re direct children of Horen or whatever. It’s very arbitrary but it’s purpose is to basically stop the bastardisation of the past and allow for the Kharajyr to actually remember their history instead of people using it on ‘white bleached cubs’ and justifying it as wanting to be cute. Benbo's done really well here, it’s something more succinct and clean cut that helps show their place on the server. We’ll see if it goes through the slog of loremags and survives the process. This is hopefully a kick up the ass for any people who want to play kharajyr and to double down and create something unique.
  3. you’re an internet terrorist

  4. You should ask for a raise from Tythus

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    1. Cr1TiKaLlyMoist


      Unironically doubt we’d be able to have anything that resembles a competent end of map eventline if it weren’t for Joel. Man works harder and more competently than most other staff members. Kind of **** for him to constantly be the sole target for hate mongering when people feel like it’s time to be assholes on the forums

  5. They are nothing but hater, haters. Clout chasers.

  6. If you don’t let players repetitively spit in your face while you smile and take it, then you’re a tyrant. 

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    2. Mordhaund


      joel is a great man

    3. BrandNewKitten


      Joel isn’t nasty. We just need to take a look at how ST currently function, what power they should have over the server, and why the playerbase is fed up. This isn’t a new thing. Players have been angry for a long time now. 

    4. ScreamingDingo


      yes the players are upset their toys are being taken away from them. As they always will. There'll never be proper satisfaction with staff because of how the server functions. We've never had a united community and probably never will, because that's how lotc works to survive. Too many splinter groups with different priorities, ideals and visions of how they believe the server will be

  7. Third time is the charm, isn’t it?

    1. Sorcerio


      I love Minecraft roleplay.

    2. Nug


      watch your back story boy.....

  8. I’ve explored this issue so many times. Like I don’t want to hear this broken record and the people who need to know about it, know about it. I’m just saying that most of these issues I’ve spoken to other Dwarves about. If anyone wishes to approach me about this. My discord is joel#4235. I’m happy to respond to PMs and communicate about what happened. The TL;DR was basically there was miscommunication about the fleet, then the spreading of rumors and a variety of things. The fleet is something I’m aiming to fix up and organise, but if people throw punches I’ll throw punches back. The mechanics of the event were made because the players were genuinely struggling to interact and do the event, which is my fault for expecting my own personal RP standards. So I’m play-testing systems, so may work, so may not. I’m trying the best I can to create assets and systems that story team members can use later for next maps and for other ETs to adapt the styles that work. Otherwise we scrap the systems that don’t work and alter them otherwise. I’m trying and we’re constantly adapting. Alot of **** that I’ve wanted to happen hasn’t, I’ve had lack of support and participation and then a bunch of people ignoring my event for either some bad experiences, my reputation or a variety of other reasons to not bother. I’m really trying to give you guys something you’ll all enjoy. We just need to open up those channels of communication between everyone. He also did, but once again. I’ve spoken about this /alot/ since it happened a few months ago
  9. i just got done with a 50 rep thread I really don’t need to do another
  10. The night sky drapes across Arcas as the waters surrounding the Korvassa shudder in small waves. Giant, bloodied behemoths are seen trudging through the shallow sandbanks, their chained ankles tearing through coral and disturbing the aquatic life that inhabits that area. With this, the mammoth-like beings move upon the shore of Vanmark, materials and chains rattling upon the top platforms that occupy the creatures. Within the night, blackened shapes now consume the airspace between Vitenna and Vanmark, the infernal calls and screams heard from the refugee camp of the Qalisheen and to those that occupy the former burial site in the mountain range. Traders, merchants and people are seen traveling in and out of the city, the presence of the beings lingering but no infernal beings roam the walls of Vanmark. The citizens themselves were constantly aware of the threat that surrounded the city, yet it never intruded or exuded its will against those within. Instead, pieces of paper are hammer into the nearby forests, sent with envoys and a variety of ways that spread across the lands of Arcas.
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