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  1. lotc drug culture is so cool and quriky

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    3. Mannamannaa


      Something something Krugamine, Kaktus Greenz, Bakwuds - ok lets face it Orcs have the best drugs, hands down.

    4. Neviah


      love me some cactus green

  2. [[This is a prophetic vision accessible to seers, naztherak, farseer shamans, vivification clairvoyants, and mystics with hexing per Prophecy lore. This Prophecy is also seen by those who have interacted with the [Tree] Eventsite that is ran by ScreamingDingo, if you do not belong to one of the groups above. This is a continuation of the above prophecy, if not witnessed before, the full picture of the prophecy has been completed.]] Birthed from its roots, the monstrous being takes root within the world itself. Feldamir, the World Eater. The titanic, as it rumbles through the earth. Your own visage appears to the field of blood, where the warriors of crimson stand tall. The beast rips through the hills in a thunderous explosion, jets of green and black flame spewing from its body as it leaps across the skies, hitting the ground with vicious tunnels that eviscerate any that remain below it. Hordes of creatures are slaughtered and extinguished of their lights, the behemoth now presented in full glory. The true rise of chaos has been birthed from the pits of the earth. From the Roots of Widukind, shall the World Eater consume all. Blood seeps from the maw of the Worm, as does the foundations of the world. It wanders upon a sea of blood, the bogs of miasma as red, thunderous streaks follow suit. The birth of the beast was followed by its baptism. That held in its true form, the titanic mountain eater. That which would consume the mountains of heaven and hell. It comes.
  3. "Pa! The strange scaled ones are talkin' 'bout having relations wit' people an' animals again!" The little boy runs towards his father with the missive, all as the figure grabs a wooden sign and plants it at the front of his farm. He revises what it says, painting over it and revealing it to the world "NO XANNITES NO DRAGONS NO ACCUSATIONS OF INTERHUMAN-DRAGON CUCKOLDRY" The man smiles as he looks at his sign, pleased as he walks back to his abode
  4. haense went full circle nu-oren
  5. [[This is a prophetic vision accessible to seers, naztherak, farseer shamans, vivification clairvoyants, and mystics with hexing per Prophecy lore. This Prophecy is also seen by those who have interacted with the [Tree] Eventsite that is ran by ScreamingDingo, if you do not belong to one of the groups above.]] The hordes of bloodsoaked soldiers lay across the battlefield, the open taunting of the skies cast a sickening grey that envelopes the heavens. The fields of green now lay covered in the ichor of crimson, earth that remains scorched and stone that lays shattered. The marching soldiers raise their blades, the ignition of flame and fervor seen in the crowd below as the incoming fog is repelled. The fogs of death sweep towards the soldiers, yet the pillars of flame that cover their blades send sickening screams to the skies, dissuaded by the true legion that marches ahead. Stone shatters and cracks within the darkness, the tumbling of idols intertwined with the scent of the sea. The thunderous cracks echo through the darkest, deepest caverns as the blood-soaked legion continue their march. With that, your eyes now cast towards the ground, sent hurling towards the battlefield with a sudden jolt. Your eyes awaken, the fields of blood work akin to mud as they stick to your every joint. The burden of armor carries upon your back, the heaviness of your form causing you to stagger as you stand up. The whistling of arrows is intertwined with the sudden shattering of concussive bursts that remain behind you, green infernos engulfing fellow figures that remained behind you. Yet, as you turn to look at the blast, your own throat is grasped by some beast as your eyes make contact with the being. A twisted, melted visage of blood opens its jaw, the face of the distorted soldier inhuman as the grasp of the gauntlet grows tighter, air now struggles to reach your throat. Your arms swing wildly at the beast, yet it towers high above you, each dripping blob of blood staining upon your armor as your legs dangle from the ground. Air Another gasp fails, all as you try to dig your fingers into the skin of the strange beast, yet they run slick with liquid and do not grasp upon anything. Your head thumps, your body aches and yet the scents of war stain your nostrils. Air Your own vision fades as your throat tightens, the chest grows heavy, your arms continue to flail mindlessly, aimlessly, begging for an end to this chaos. Yet, your last flail follows with a sound that resounds within your ears for what seems to be an eternity. Crack The vision melts away as your own heart beats, taking position upon reality once more.
  6. your forum pfp inspires extreme rage in me because I recognize what it is but I cant remember where it's from

    1. rukio


      bear in the big blue house

    2. argonian


      it was banned in australia

  7. why nerf a very neutered ability further?
  8. Hate to blogpost but I will anyway. The intent of this guide is probably for all the wrong reasons, but the small philosophy about creating characters with depth is something that rings true. Emotions are something that we should feel with roleplay, it helps evoke certain reactions to scenarios and also allows for a further depth that allows for characters to become their own people beyond your every control. You should be making characters that are not throwaways, giving them flaws, dreams and goals to actually follow and build their own personal philosophy to create a truly unique experience. What most people fall into the trap of, is that these goals are motivated OOC or your character turns into an extension of your irl problems and how to escape and/or deal with them [Which escapism is fine to do if you really need to, but the narrative of others is what should be prioritised over all]. You should care about your characters, their actions and their resolution, it should be slightly emotional to let go of a good character that you have spent years on. Though, it becomes a problem when these emotions leak into roleplay itself and stop your character from actually performing how they would with what has been built for years, sudden 'preservation' instincts, making them break their morals to not PK, even avoiding PKs entirely and disparaging an entire group for your own personal gain. You should also never approach these characters similarly to tabletop characters, it is viewing the server in a closed lens when we compare the stakes of what this server actually presents to the player. DnD and most tabletop settings are following the few, where the world is crafted around them and their actions. Every single interaction that a DM does for a small, personal group, will always be with the end goal of entertaining and enjoyment of those playing it. It is like playing a single player RPG. Then comparing to this server, where hundreds of players actually craft the world, the circumstances and the existence that your character has been thrust into. It is a truly unique experience of a sandbox that has rules, limitations, hierarchies and experiences that go well beyond the structure of a typical RPG. It is a narrative that is not written by you, but you are able to contribute small amounts to this book to craft a story of a world that has existed beyond your input. It is the main appeal of LotC, being able to either be such a monumental figure, or just a passerby that could change someone's characters ambition with a few words. The depth of characters that you have on the server can be monumental, but you must always realise that every action you take is affecting another person's story, it is truly selfish to believe that you are the center of the universe and the server does punish those that think in this mentality with how easy it is to die for speaking out of turn in court, getting randomly attacked or even suffering massive defeat against creatures beyond your comprehension. You are allowed to feel emotion for your character's story, it allows for your own roleplay to be augmented by what a human[person] would truly feel in that situation. But it can never break into OOC or the outcome of roleplay itself, a PK is a sweet resolution of closure, a loss is a great way to build character, a win is a pursuing of goals, but all of these things are done to expand the story of those around you, not your own. Don't be a selfish roleplayer, this server does not need more of them
  9. James2k has more rep than you joel... you need to catch up...

    1. argonian


      my rep ratio is still ruined tho from forum games in 2012


      i had a worse than 1:1 ratio until like covid

  10. rapid accelerationism into aegian-primo-treehouseism on the kings road
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