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  1. selling my soul to dedicated rp naval groups or groups in general that want events



    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. ScreamingDingo


      we don't do player requests. Sorry! :))

    3. func_Soap
    4. NotEvilAtAll


      Brandybrook will be trying to get the ol’ Spicy Shrimp crew back together and run some naval events ‘n stuff.

  2. now I'm going to look like a copy-cat and I can't even **** on telanir because you made the post first 😠
  3. might have to make a good shitpost about the conflict rules

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    2. ScreamingDingo


      pvpers are literally smooth brain 99% of the time but so are the "hardcore" slice of life rpers that make victim RP **** so I'm torn

    3. Kanadensare


      dont think about the pvpers then, think about the system


      would you rather be forced into 9 person edgy magic CRP or settle it with some quick PvP that gives every1 a perfectly equal chance?


      would you rather be forced into 3 person raids (dynamic RP btw...) that can happen at any time or 10 person raids that can happen once every 3 days?


      think about the big questions, formulate a system around that, and then beta test it


      if it’s abused horribly, patch the holes


      if it’s just straight up ****, redo it with a different mindset

    4. WACKO


      PVP or RP, that is the question.

  4. You're a bit mad having to literally drop your height six inches or rp being a full olog with mental drawbacks tbh. It's not honestly that ridiculous of a change and shouldn't be something that should cause a massive uproar. Braduks can still have their cultural clan stuff and your character isn't dramatically changed, they're just shorter to avoid the misuse of Olog blood which has happened for years.
  5. Brace for impact

  6. Can we just turn this into a bash wolfkite thread I'd really like that
  7. Culture posts don't need lore, it's not like these are any real concepts anyway
  8. No better time to genuinely try to join the LT than now. On the eve of the lore games, you'll be able to contribute to probably one of the biggest lore projects the server has ever undertaken. You will make a massive impact on the server if you apply.


    1. TrendE


      Hope I’ve still got that open invite, Joel! :-)

  9. A bald man grumbles at the notice
  10. hi please dont look at unread content or have follow post notifications on for me thanks

    1. lowkeyminecrafterrorist
    2. SubscriptShark2


      881 notifcations, thanks xd

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