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  1. ScreamingDingo

    The Aesopian Manifesto

    Yeah stop deleting the post FMs that **** ain't cool. Gonna quote it to make sure it's not removed. I have spoken to numerous LT who have been against the items and the entire eventline of September. I can't 'leak' details and messages, but I can assure you there is a vocal portion of the LT who disagree with everything that's presented and are simply overruled If you're supporting someone who's intention is to solely **** over a playerbase and their lore, especially if you also disagree with the group oocly is just absolute crap. Many people dislike the druids, but supporting Aesopian for the intent of having him unravel and cause strife to that playerbase? **** is the antithesis of how LotC should run. Shitting on another playerbase and using a staff member who is abusing his position to constantly do so, it's just not how LotC should function dude. Also trust me, my reputation can't get lower than it currently is. Traction has been made by this post and I thank everyone for being civil. Fellas should probably not jump on @christhemythical. Fellas is just going along with his own RP, the issue at hand is at the corruption of Aesopian and the quality of his eventline
  2. ScreamingDingo

    The Aesopian Manifesto

    The Aesopian Manifesto This post I decided to draft on the public outcry against the staff for the “nuke” retcon in regards to the Warclaim that happened today/yesterday (depends when I post it). I have a lot of thoughts, based on the September Prince eventline and how this is detrimental to both the standards of the ET and playerbases of what should be deemed as ‘good’. I feel an obligation to make this post on the sheer fact of my contributions I’ve made within the ET and how disappointed I am to see how one of the ‘forefront’ figureheads of the ET is leading with, whatever this eventline is. I’m going to break down the three things I have problems with, and then will use the two scenarios within the last few months which have highlighted the ineptitude of him. Yes, guess what. I scream and complain, but I got ttwestern removed the same way for abusing his position, let’s see if I can do the same here. @Aesopian The first golden rule - “Don’t say **** you to the playerbase” I’ll lead with this poll, right here. The results seem good because of the consistent over 5s, but there’s something people need to realise the biggest problem. If people genuinely think your event is bad, there is something wrong with it 90% of the time. Though, the best bit about this evidence is thinking about where this event is orientated. The Druids, this entire event is saying **** you to every single druid in existence. I’d normally love that, but it’s insulting the way it’s happened. You can insert this example into any one of your playerbases, and you’ll understand why the outcry is public. “If an event team member, who has been known in the past to be hostile and negative to your playerbase, creates an entire eventline based on your origin lore, public lore and private lore. It then reveals every bit of its secrets to the public, grants people titles that they are undeserving of and butchers the interpretations of your gods.” This is the problem. You do not use lore that a playerbase consistently uses, and then literally crap all over it and expect that you’re the best thing since sliced bread. I’m assured that the druid playerbase is definitely not in favor of the things Aesopian has done, if anything I have heard a vocal amount that simply ignore his events or complain consistently. If this was happening to a playerbase that had a backbone to complain, then Aesopian would have been stopped literally MONTHS ago. Your job as an event team member is to create roleplay and an enjoyable atmosphere, but when you flush the work of others down the drain for kicks and your own personal “lol”. That’s when it gets faded. What Aesopian has done is consistently fucked over the playerbase this original eventline was meant for, but now you might ask how the playerbase of lotc hasn’t lynched him? Aesopian’s simply created a group of players that he rewards generously for leading their playerbases into these downtrodden, poorly made warclaims on the promise of lore items and potential things that could be abusable. He’s simply spoonfed a large majority of the players shiny pixels and loot for their compliance to not scream abuse on the absolute massacre of the original lore. People go to the September Prince events at this rate for his “loot table”, that is about it. Or even with the promises of doing things that would normally not be possible. (eg. Kadarsi and the Nuke. I’ll go into this later). He’s got a devoted playerbase of about 40-50 people who will defend him tooth and nail, because he’s funding their land auctions with the abundance of ET signed items that’ll be sold in the auction house in two months time. So, to avoid pissing off the original playerbase, you create another, more receptive one to try and have every ignore how scummy and corrupt you’ve been with the entire eventline. I can’t even be shocked or disgusted, I’m impressed that people were stupid enough to follow this. The Second Golden Rule - “The MMO fantasy” Here is the last big incident that Aesopian caused in about October with his warclaim. He placed the idea of “true death” and the iffy PK. Though, this was not just it, the PK and the Nuke will be heavily elaborated on in the third section. The MMO fantasy is the mob style of PVE warclaims that he has been doing recently with the “conquest of september”. What this does is break the fundamentals of freeform, mcrp events and replace it with a cheap substitute that can be emulated on any other server. A slew of mob spawning with some cheap broadcasts to keep things interesting. Though, the biggest problem in this post is Aesopian being unable to handle the perpertual powercreep he has created. LotC lore accommodates for the ‘infinite’ damage playstyle with all the outdated and bullshit lore people have access to. What this created, was a scripted event where the players could do absolutely nothing, where people screeched for dynamic roleplay in a scenario that was glimpsed ooc’ly to be winnable by Aesopians own mechanics. But then, he literally goes back on his own mechanics once he realises he lost and bullshits the rest of the scenario. Read through a majority of the thread above and understand what I mean. It starts to become more consistent and clear about the style of actor Aesopian is, and what his events and his success mean for LotC. If you set up guidelines/mechanics for a creature and have it visibly beatable, you cannot ever go back on your word and gimp out a large chunk of the playerbases who have even given you the time of day to take part in your event. To simply go “**** it I don’t want to lose I have an outcome” and completely just trash everything you have done for the past few months. IT IS RIDICULOUS Aesopian - Chaos Incarnate The title is a joke, obviously. But it describes how Aesopian deals with things in regards to his eventline or anything in general. He doesn’t. His mannerisms and thoughts are complete and utter chaos. This recent event has had him lure Kadarsi into a sense of security that they were allowed to detonate a dirty bomb made out of restricted, unobtainable sources of thanhium and a creation of other things to fulfill their idea to “kill the prince”. I can’t blame the Caliphate at all, if anything they were manipulated and ushered on by Aesopian to do it, to probably deflect blame or just have an excuse to cause atrocious landscars across the map. What he has done, once again. Is absolutely decimate the credibility of his eventline, and/or the LT with his actions of encouraging players to make lore-breaking decisions and things that would never be possible without his encouragement. If this was any other situation, shitstorms would have occured. But allowing them to detonate a giant lorebreaking bomb that’d wipe the map to not even kill something, like this is ridiculous and a manipulation of the playerbase for accepting it for how it is. Aesopian, time and time again cannot let his ego be touched, or any criticisms heard without the “you’re wrong lol i have players following me” in every single instance. The sheer audacity he has with his movements and his ‘untouchable’ persona have basically turned the ET into a laughing stock and I feel genuinely sorry for anyone on the team that gets compared to him. He has granted his own playerbase perks to ensure they’re compliant and never complain about his events. Giving them things that should be impossible, but were approved on gradual oversight. He has landscarred and made disgusting disfigurements of the map under the guise of the September Prince. Whatever he wants to trash, he will go over to and destroy. There is no method with his madness. It is just chaos. He has abused lore, time, time and time again. I have no clue how he has not been banned with the sheer amount of reports I’ve heard that have been placed on him. If any other ET did this, they’d be removed in a day tops from when it was filed. Aesopian shouldn’t be granted special privileges to abuse. The “PK” was a simple thing of Aesopian testing the waters of how much he can abuse, using a single roll and emote to try and permakill someone. But then backpedaling and saying “oh no it wasn’t that”, especially after he emoted that monks could not touch them is such a spineless move. Aesopian has the server wrapped around his finger and the general server narrative is suffering. He has done things that no other ET could even dream of getting away with. He’s a corrupt staff member and a poor actor. The playerbase of LotC, stop praising this man as a god. And @Xarkly For the sake of your team and even your name, please remove this man off your team.
  3. ScreamingDingo

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    This isn't me handling the event, Aesopian has been abusing his position for months. I'm just shocked how people think this is actually acceptable.
  4. ScreamingDingo

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    I'm sorry but letting a lore breaking nuke that AESOPIAN enabled to seem 'cool' by the playerbase is absolutely ******* ridiculous. He should've went through the right channels and not abused lore, while doing an absurd amount of disgusting landscarring that followed. I'm shocked how players are enjoying this absolute mess of an eventline, I'd rather Supremacyops shove down word altars in my throat than the mismatched cult of personality that this entire eventline has generated. AESOPIAN enabled this nuke with the knowledge of knowing how bad it'd be received by staff, just so he could play the "epic staff member who protects roleplay". **** is delusional and that's even coming from me, one of the ETs who have abused their fair share of lore. This is, too much.

    I would just like to remind any aspiring or newer ET to look at this thread after the current events

  6. ScreamingDingo

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Name: Quentyn Race: Human Age: 40  Discord#: joel#4235
  7. ScreamingDingo

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    I’m pretty happy the birthing thing got removed from ST’s. The only real clarification I’m confused with is Apostasy. I understand “why”, but within lore it would make no sense for the body to not just be instantly killed. As you’ve stated, it is a full commitment to the Aspects, the moment that it is removed, it makes sense that they would just succumb otherwise. The Aspects don’t actually care about druids and their squabbles, (or shouldn’t anyway). Why would something they’ve dedicated their lives to not kill them, even if the process was basically them being impaled and wrapped into a tree. If that protection goes, they’re still just impaled in a tree. (Or killed in whatever manner) I understand all the OOC drama surrounding it, but it was probably one of the better parts of ST’s that had a consequence that basically 90% of other magics didn’t. It has the potential for great roleplay, I believe anyway. Though I’m not part of the druid community so I can’t comment on how relevant my take on it is. Also why the moonlight requirement it makes zero sense. Otherwise, it doesn’t actually look that bad.
  8. ScreamingDingo

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    this is exactly not what I meant at all. By current culture I meant the people taking part and having something orientated to their own culture with things as simple as militant or exploration based things. do things that the players would enjoy was the tl;dr. Current culture was meant to reflect the event group you're handling, bad wording on my part
  9. ScreamingDingo

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    “If” a submission is made, then it should be submitted privately for the sake of avoiding any potential for meta-gaming. The idea of what you talk about in your post of using “aengudaemons” or “the void” as pivotal plot-points is what reveals both pieces as lazily written and implemented into the server. Both concepts have been butchered time and time again by either ET, LT or admins who decided they wanted to spin their own take on these things, where they have bombed out. To no avail. Race specific eventlines should be orientated to the current culture, using nostalgia and ‘history’ as a leading entry is something that should be avoided. There have been eventlines where they are race-driven, but not using the crutch of lore to reinforce their legitimacy. Instead, what they do is normally expand on a character’s experiences and give them something that the players /then/ can use as history. The September Prince eventline is essentially “lorebloat” 101, condensed into a shoddy format and rolled out with significant drawbacks. It overuses the base lore it was given, moulds it and breaks druidism while doing so, and then using something that was written this map to bolster a significance to it. This is not what eventlines should be. If you want a historic, lore based setting. You do what Xarkly is doing currently with the Vaeyl Order, things that have enough relevance to the older lore but give a fresh take that allows it to be engaging for the rest of the server. basically race driven eventlines should actually provide the ability to bolster cultural significance for later players while most bits of lore have been butchered severely enough to never be enjoyable again.
  10. ScreamingDingo

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    Current lore just doesn’t work well with creating a narrative that’s more engaging than a glorified “oh i cleared a big thing and found out something thats written on a history post.” With no lore being hidden, the ability to actually have characters discover things and be interested ooc’ly and ic’ly is non existent. LotC lore structure is fundamentally flawed in regards to its applicability in events.
  11. ScreamingDingo

    GM Update Log - November 2018

    I ******* hate this team
  12. >letting new players log out or be confused going into the mess the cloud temple is. >having an option of their introductory roleplay to be within the culture they applied to. Who gives a **** about merit, effort and competition when most of the races are going to be united next map. I include elven subraces as separate races at this point. We need to somehow direct new players towards establishing themselves in nations. Racial spawns shouldn’t be for people who already know their alignments and will go off 1000 blocks into the wilderness to RP, they’re for the lifeblood of LotC. N E W P L A Y E R S
  13. ScreamingDingo

    Rule Clarification [OOC Rules Enforcing IC Status Quo?]

    Yeah the rules are pretty crap and backwards I have no clue why the scrolls are the only document on the server that can’t be released through dynamic RP.