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  1. It’s essentially a directive being pushed by Flamboyant, there are definitely LT on the team that share your own concerns and ideas about the houses. Yet it’s being pushed because you always gotta follow the bigwig

    watching old warclaim videos makes me wonder where did we go absolutely wrong. being able to mimic this in modern day would be ******* amazing. people spamming shout, rallies coming from their own cities.


    This is what we need to return to

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    2. Fireheart


      I’m sorry you do not have sufficient casus bellis for this status update.

    3. Lionbileti


      just give me conquest again, All I want is Conquest. Nations r awful because they don’t die, and new groups cant take their place.

    4. CosmicWhaleShark


      The world was smaller and the playerbase was more divided in the past, this kept OOC out of the equation on the grand scale. People fail to play their characters as well when it comes to warclaims recently, as in the last three years. It becomes a question of a player’s skill or ability to lead and how many connections they can exploit. As a result they’ll contort RP to what is their best chance OOCly, because many feel it’s their OOC reputation at stake. If they feel they’re going to lose they’ll cheese pvp build techniques and take advantage of OOC delays and use information gained OOCly to make necessary preparations for the ideal outcome. If they lose it was due to staff corruption, normally. Warclaims were originally made for the sake of participation, and they evolved as players became less and less capable of agreeing on terms or outcomes themselves. Compensation for player behavior and lack of sportsmanship is ironically what lead to the current state. We went from interesting battles like Wrath’s Clutch and Das Boot – Orc/Dwarf honor wars - to players literally burning their city down to avoid a warclaim, or demanding a warclaim be made and then not showing up to it so they have time to evacuate their loot or important RP items during the OOC buffer due to this babying. Rather than being part of the game they became a way to avoid consequences for playing the game the ‘wrong’ way – as in being in a position to lose.


      Damn warclaims, they ruined warclaims.


  3. Realistically, the mantra of arch-aengul/arch-daemon is pretty dated and limits how gods and other powers can manuever themselves within lore. Iblees is already basically "dead" and has been for a few maps, and Aeriels role has descended from being the head of the pantheon to a glorified mouthpiece to be abused and referenced. There's a definite reorientation away from the ideas of the "angels and demons" and it's something that will fit lotc better imo. And they've been around for at least previous to recorded time, they've been around for at least 2000+ in the scheme of things. Since all the aengudaemonic formation and creator stuff was prior to the original brother cursing and **** also spirits are useless they're just Apohets poo nuggets x
  4. telanir please stop trying to force the players to change sporadically and break behaviours they’ve learned from the last 6 years. As I said before, I actually like the intent but why is your execution always so ham-fisted and forced instead of slowly weaving this mentality into the players over a few months
  5. Why didn’t you shout out @SatchellGizmo They did fantastic work
  6. Candidacies for the 1744 Imperial Senate Election in Kaedrin SURNAME: Gurbanguly-Levi FIRST NAME: Richard ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Varoche Palace DATE OF BIRTH: 1701 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Kaedrin?: Y Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: N If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Y ((MC NAME)): ScreamingDingo
  7. The bureaucrat continues onward with his loaf of bread, acknowledging his look. With that, he'd then tip his hat towards the carriage driver, but why?
  8. An Imperial Bureaucrat eyes the missive, seeing the legislation mentioned and then handing the missive to the others that are nearby. Looks of confusion are clearly apparent, but why?
  9. i got a point for linking the wikipedia article of the Hundred Flowers Campaign on the post...
  10. do you need some real music? 

  11. A Senator would spit out his tea all over the plays that would be laid infront of him. Frustrated, he looked towards the courts to see the issues with such a declaration
  12. Insanely difficult to enforce because that requires a giant shift in the playerbase mentality in comparison to the lore. All lore can offer tools to provide as such, but it will permanently lie with the players to be able to enforce the standards that should go with holy mages.
  13. Yeah, essentially I enjoy the dynamic but I’d rather it be an RP dynamic instead of enforced through lore. By that I mean completely having the ability to counter-act the other persons magic and therefore essentially invalidate most of their abilities during conflict. Most of the issues lie with the inability of the dark/light dynamics to actually take consequence and then the general ‘arms race’ attributed with the dark/light dynamic. If the dynamic is enforced through lore, there is a race to essentially amp up your magic to be able to beat the other in every situation possible. Just keep the **** RP, make it so it isnt counterproductive to actual RP and maybe just RP conflict properly. As I’m rewriting the Cleric thing I’m trying to deviate hard from the objective ‘Dark/Light’ counters, for the sake that it really isnt productive to roleplay and the playerbase cannot be trusted with direct counters to the other playerbase. Though I also ******* hate good/evil swapping like with clerics turning into necros or necros turning into clerics.
  14. With that, the Kaedreni Senator would gesture to Charles Napier in the room, while speaking. “With the issues that arose from the d’Alba disaster of 1740, I have drafted a bill and so has Senator Napier in accordance to handling future states of rebellion and unrest within the Empire. The d’Alba Act and the Emergency Resolution are bills to be used in tandem, and hopefully used to set precedent to the current political climate of Curon. I also call for votes upon the Emergency Resolution Act, for the house will be left to debate and then vote to establish true precedent for our Empire.” One of the many servants of the Chamber would walk around to each of the senators present, passing the ‘Emergency Resolution Act’ to all those present. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w6oiZ_e_GJMLFMqKeYP-yQEeFvjRiB9iJETdqJnR6UM/edit?usp=sharing
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