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  1. transition map is a write off don't think it's reflective of how anything will be


    lowkey the smart idea is to use this as a three day break

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Sham404


      Thats already how its meant to be. Them not working is an error the techs are already looking into, as soon as it was noticed it wasnt working. 

    3. Luminaire


      I'm honestly moreso dissapointed than anything. Expected an RP transitional map like we had last map change, not a testing ground for a plugin that shouldn't have been pushed out like this.


      Hope this is used for actual feedback so that we'll get a proper version of Vortex later into the new map as it should still be a promisin plugin

    4. Sham404


      yeah, the tech team was not ready to put the plugin into the transitional map, the guide wasnt ready, it was a terrible implementation. I think in the actual new map it will be a thousand times better and it will be immediately noticeable

  2. The Continent has literally been exploding with anomalies for the past few weeks post Inferi. Bunch of massive ripples and storm anomalies have been happening sporadically during peak and off hours. We've got new land exploration already happening, and Arcas is basically doing an Aegis from the death of Gazardiael
  3. Story Announcement - Trimming the Trees [Treant CA Embargo] Hey, ScreamingDingo here. Very quick announcement. The Treant CA has been temporarily placed on hold from adding new applications. Issues have been found with the lore and the guide and the team is looking to rectify it ASAP. If you do find any more additional issues with the lore, please inform the ST management and we will aim to adjust the lore and balance it. In its current state, the lore offers issues in terms of balance and is vague. Current Treants can still play their characters, but no new ones will be made until another announcement is made.
  4. Hey, ScreamingDingo here. Just here to announce that the main section of the “Inferi Incursion” has been completed by the server. A fantastic achievement for you all to witness and see what we had planned for you all during this roughly three-month stint. As we approach 8.0, this eventline was an experiment to focus on how to create engaging RP antagonists through trying various systems and differing away from mechanical solutions (PvE) purposefully to see the extent to how we could pull this off. I would like to believe it was a moderate success, we were able to host multiple large events which encompassed 150+ people, where the last event broke easily over 200 at the start of it and then dipped to about 150-160~ after the six hour slog of the event. We saw some monumental changes and things that people believed were not possible and feel like we have really laid the groundwork for better events in the future. The main objective of this eventline was to essentially remove the Mathic Age and have the ability to either repurpose/rework the Golden Weapons to have them have more of an impact on roleplay and their powers outlined properly so they can not be abused or ruined in future events. This allowed for us to also show the death of aengudaemons and the reshuffling of the “Pantheon” in a way that was engaging and carried a story beyond that to engage other playerbases that would not be interested in simply meddling in the affairs of the aengudaemons. I have a feedback form for the event which will be posted below. This can be filled out anonymously or you can provide your MC name and potentially be approached to ask about your feedback and to elaborate on it more. This is so I am able to create a resource and reflection upon the eventline for other Story Members to see, explaining what worked and what doesn’t when approaching these eventlines. All so if we inevitably have another “world-scale” event, we are able to do it to the best of our abilities using what we learned from the Inferi. Feedback Form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmnLhR19YAYGaKwd-4oLWtmvZMS1itCIji_ZIjghNRjCpTqw/viewform Please also use this thread to ask further questions or elaborate on feedback that you have on the eventline. I will aim to answer any and all inquiries if people wish to. Once again I thank you all for participating in the eventline and here is the link to the “RP” summary of the last event, with also a post by Firespirit44 relating to some of the systems we utilised during this eventline. “Systems” - The RP Post - Damnable Horde Information Post -
  5. The End of the Mathic Age The Inferi Incursion battered the military bulwark of the Descendants relentlessly. It had been years since the Qualisheen had been displaced by the initial assaults of the otherworldly hordes, as their forces rapidly took control of the Upper Korvassian continent strangling it into submission. Demonic influence spread across the region with record speed as strange anomalies had begun to manifest, militaries sallied as citizens worked intensely to supply the fighting forces confronting the demonic threat. The Last Light Camp, the Firewatch Alliance, many organizations sacrificed lives and resources combating the infernal hordes of Moz Strimoza. The Descendants had worked for years to prevent the taking of the Skull; an object that had descended from the heavens like an accursed comet. Yet, during the Siege of Aegrothond it was displaced through the eternal horrors of the Hive and transported to the center of the Inferis’ own forward base in the center of the Korvassan encampment they called home. The siege had been the first major defeat of the Inferi on Arcas, where the forces of the False Sultan and the Chained Lord broke upon the walls of Aegrothond after razing Siramenor. With the Inferi deterred from taking the city by its staunch defenders and the many armies of the Firewatch Alliance that had assembled for the city’s defense, the Inferi Hordes were pushed back to the chagrin of the remaining demonic generals. So began the Aengudaemonic Intercession with the strange energies within the Skull of Metztli, and the final assault began with resounding force. Many rumors circulated over the years about the possible return of the Betrayer, or the interference of other aengudaemons who were interfering in the conflict for their own aims. Yet none expected the sudden shift that was coming, the shift that would see the ageless aengudaemons reveal themselves to the world once more. 22nd of the Sun’s Smile, 1792 An old grizzled wayfarer stepped along the walls of Al’Faiz on the eve of a terrible battle. The plates of his armor clanking as the city’s inhabitants echoed faintly from the center of the bastion. Siege equipment was prepared as large ladders stolen from the Inferi by the Descendants were reappropriated for use in their own siege to retake the city. Burns littered the side of the Old Wayfarer’s head as he held a single amulet in his gauntlet; a token with the symbol of a goose folded in steel. The emergence of an anomaly in the days prior had alerted the Wayfarer. Spheres of translucent light flooding from the center of the camp, the beams piercing the night sky above with energy with a strange figure floating at its center. A macabre representation of the power of the contents of the bounty of the heavens, a twisted alien-esque embracing and consumption of whatever was held within the ivory object that plagued these lands. Within the camps of Al’Faiz the Knights of the Radiant Star, an order dedicated to the veneration of the Aengul Malchediael, mobilized in preparation for the final battle. Their tabards emblazoned with the sigil of a golden star. The ordermen set to preparing as they honed their blades upon wet stones and strung their bows, sharpening arrows and fetching rations for the courageous undertaking that was to come. The rest of the Descendants were sent letters alerting them to the necessity of immediate action. The armies of Last Light Camp and the Firewatch Alliance arrived and the Order of the Radiant Star prepared to assist them in the retaking of Al Faiz. The Wayfarer turned his head as they all set out for the battlefield. He watched with suspicion as he saw the Aengul Gazardiael in the distance with a weapon wreathed in fiery light. 23rd of the Sun’s Smile, 1792 The day started with the gathering of the united nations of Arcas to make battle preparations. The various factions assembled to meet with the Order of the Radiant Star to coordinate battle plans with the waylaid Knights of Malchaediel. The equipment was prepared in light of Ser Darius’ plan to breach the central encampment and take the battle to the enemy. The proximity of the Hive to the central camp meant that the Descendants would most likely incur heavy losses upon invading Central Korvassa. This would leave a brutal stain upon the battlefield, but the generals knew that it was necessary. The rumors of what laid within that central encampment was unearthed: it was said that Iblees dwelled within the forlorn Skull of Metztli, devouring her deific essence -- her soul perhaps -- in order to begin the end times. The Inferi were no longer blessed with the fortuitous success they had at the beginning of the war. They had lost many crucial strategic zones and their core leadership was in disarray. Unorganized and trapped in unfamiliar territory, every demon acted to save itself. Once they had all served the sigil of the Pentacle; and while some still used the banners of the infernal Pentacle during their conquests, most abandoned their allegiances when given the opportunity to create their own armies, their own independent power structures. As night fell, each of the nations mobilized after the meeting in Al’Faiz. The Firewatch Alliance gathered their troops prepared for the final assessment. Each regiment brought their ladders and prepared to re-conquest the forsworn lands of Korvassa. The skies themselves shifted as the avatars of the sky bound Aenguls manifested for the final battle. Xan, Aeriel, Gazardiael and Esthael mobilized to assist the Descendants and reject the Inferi forces from the planes of the material They aligned themselves with their corresponding parties and set out to destroy the enemy. As the combined armies trudged over the debris of the dunes; blood, sand and feces littered the ground as they crossed into their final positions. The Inferi forces prepared for the inevitable clash as deep drumming echoed through the air from within their encampment. They screeched in the Infernal Tongue while rising themselves to their feet in preparation to slay the Descendants. Pikes, spears, crude axes and bows were carried by the demons as they began to fire upon the brave invaders. Their armor was crudely decorated with spikes, strange eldritch symbols written in smudged blood. The Descendants approached the trenchline and the two massive armies clashed. The horns of battle resounded throughout the field in great bellows that transcended all sense of distance. Blood and gore sprayed from all sides of the field as men let loose their dying cries, and demons crumbled into ash in prompt disintegrations upon being slain. A human soldier bearing the garb of the Imperial State Army gutted an Inferi as it crumbled to ash which got caught in the soldier’s eyes while a closeby Zar’ei lopped off the poor young man’s head with a simple swipe of its curved sword. The terrible crash of cannonfire emanated from the field as cannonballs rocked the great fortress’ vast walls, the palisades exploding in a vast storm of wooden and metal shrapnel. Metal and flesh singing in sick symphony as the chaos of war descended upon both man and beast. With the screams of battle and the death rattle of many living creatures stirred The Hive. As the Aenguls offered the Descendants counsel, the armes parted ways to commit to each of their respective objectives. The Golden Knight Gazardiael led the vanguard of Urguan across the trenches, the brutal battle ensuing as dwarven hammers and battleaxes pierced against the Infernal hordes. Shields of great gold radiated from his form as arrow fire was rejected through the ethereal barrier which protected the legion, The army encased the monumental ballista with their encroaching shields, swarming over the Inferi remnants as they used its own ammunition against its creator. The gargantuan bolt was swiveled around and aimed into a wall of the encampment, blasting it into remnants of broken wood and chain. The breach was successful by the Dwarven front as the others continued. Xan’s thunderous calls rattled the main battlefield as bolts of crude lightning broke upon the Korvassian Bay. The Aegrothond aligned crew battled against the emerging entities of the horde that dashed across to them, spears and arrows were exchanged as were bloodied blades upon those that clashed together. The siege remnants of the eastern coast of the encampment were taken out with the ship’s own weapons. The xannic led battlehead slamming into the side of the coast as they emerged from it, meeting the strange giant brutes with an invigorating wrath that pumped through their veins. The brutality of Xan was shown through his own extension and by his followers, giants were felled and torn to ribbons through the evisceration of their legs. The gore-ridden display of battle hidden from most descendants, but ever so vital as they approached from the rear. The soul-bound flames of Aeriel exploded from the left side of the battlefield as the Norlandic-Orcish alliance broke through the furthest flank of the entrenchment. These pillars of white flame eviscerating the Inferi in a manner where many had not ever experienced, their armor only saving parts of them as the flooding light pierced every part of their twisted forms. As the Inferi carried their mal-flame, the original force it was based upon was clear to the hordes, that of the fabled soulflame sweeping across the battlefield and piercing the mortal planes for the first time in centuries. The Orcish ballista was carried with this detachment, the Rex and a few ologs escorting the strange fabled stone spear across amidst the battle and violence. From the center of the encampment arised a great stone Gargoyle wrought by the power of Iblees. It shuddered as Eshtael clashed with the infernal being, the Aengul’s scintillating magic light clashing with the beast’s body. Zekul'akudah, the Gargoyle, swept outwards with the Hammer of Urguan and with a powerful blow sundered Eshtael’s arm from the rest of her body. The Inferi screamed jeeringly, taunting the Descendants after the perceived victory as the skies themselves parted and turned black. The Hammer of Urguan awakened once again from the call of Perpetiael after the piercing scream of the wounded Elder Aengul resonated across the field of battle. The lines of the Inferi were broken by the brave charge of the Descendants as they crossed the distance killing demons on foot. The horrifying buzzing of The Hive permeating the battlefield and lingering over the horizon. The hell-bent insectoid demons spilled forth from their nests as Gazardiael took the distraction of the Descendants and his fellow Aenguls to commit an uncouth act. The Radiant Man himself slowly unravelled the staff that dwelled within his weapon. The golden helm directed towards the strange cosmic anomaly as he approached and started uttering his own words. Everything fell into place for Gazardiael, all the work he placed and subjected the mortal planes to for the last decade had finally come to fruition. The macabre anomaly floated in the opaque barrier that deterred all from it, the sheer energy felt through the vibrations that haunted the ground that the descendants stood upon as they clashed with the insectoid horde. The ethereal pull was felt by all of the aengudaemons present, an alluring sense that felt innate within their forms as Gazardiael prepared for the completion of his existence. That of the Golden Weapons, that of Aeriel, Esthael and Xan, even that of himself and the fallen Goddess of Time. They were all present, ready to be absorbed into a singular hivemind that would bring the new beginning of existence. Corpses from both sides fell in piles, the ground slick with blood and ligaments, as metal rattled and spells were loosed. The sky trembled from the weight of the mighty cosmic intercession that was transpiring. This had never happened before, and so many Aenguls had never been present in one place for centuries. The bloody rampages continued on the ground as the cosmic intervention hummed in the distance. Gazardiael lifted his hands into the air just as a resounding shot ruptured his epidermis. The Spear of Brev, an ancient weapon doused in Aengudaemonic essence pierced the Aengul’s avatar after being fired by the Orcish Rex. The Elder Aengul was flung into the monolithic gelatinous egg construct with a terrible thud that caused all to look on in horror as his betrayal was realized. The Aengudaemon wreathed and wriggled, the ancient being paralyzed by the Spear of Brev and entrapped. Ichor bled from his body as it quenched the spearhead, and Malchaediel and the Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker approached. Jorvin squared his jaw and looked at Gazardiael menacingly, before shattering the Aengul’s head with a blow from the Hammer of Urguan. Malchaediel turned and with the Sword of Horen he swept his Aengudaemonic brother’s head off to promptly conclude the matter. A stream of light shot out of the godly being’s corpse as the sky was torn asunder. The Hammer of Urguan melted into a sheen of bright light and force that pushed back all the armies of the Descendants, a resonating clap of divine force that tore apart the encampment, the very fabric of reality appearing to be ripped at the seams. Segments of the ground collapsed into an abyssal void beneath the ground, the Korvassa beginning to collapse as a consequence of fissures as the continent was shattered. Aeriel departed back to her realm in a stream of light, as did the wounded Eshtael. Xan erected four wards to surround the gelatinous egg containing the Skull of Metztli as it began to sink through the ground. The sounding thunderous cracks emerged from the fissures as they stained the very mortal plane, rattling the canopies of the nearby coastlines that encapsulated the Sutican and Aegrothond bays. The surge of gold and sapphire intertwined with the white that spread itself across the Korvassian skies akin to a plague, bubbling and seeping into every recess that encompassed the surrounding area. The Descendants fled the sundered lands with their dead and wounded and began to travel back to their cities. Massive clouds of dust were seen in the horizon as the souls of Inferi escaped back into the High Hells of Moz Strimoza. A terrible rift emerged in the sky where Gazardiael had been slain, an oblique tear representing the kinslaying that had transpired there. Endless gaps in the world were visible as the all-consuming abyss lying beneath their feet was visible through cracks in the ground. The descendants had won, they had stopped whatever terrible event that just transpired from ever happening again. The bulwark of the descendants against a plethora of threats was cemented here, where they defied the heavens themselves and created their own path. Though, the world would never be returned to what it was prior. The fissures of the Korvassa occasionally spewed amassed smogs of black mists and strange anomalies that plagued the area. Storms of blood, earthquakes and other pseudo-natural occurrences plagued the descendants from the aftermath of the divine clash. Those of the Brotherhood of Brev began to write letters to the descendant nations, their own ships now preparing to flee from the world that they stumbled upon. The lands where they laid in seclusion and isolation, those of the Titans that encompassed the Spear and the relics that were exchanged between them. All as a single, plated wayfarer dwelled upon the edges of the Korvassian Fissures. Inferi were seen in the distance brutally murdering one another, bands of the roaming remnants scrambling for what little power and security this realm could offer them. Shuddering echoes of light were seen occasionally, the wrath of entities beyond this realm as they struck upon lonesome Inferi in a fit of rage. The Old Man pressed his lips together as he started to whistle a jovial Kaedreni War tune, all as a single goose followed his footsteps. A single emblem of metal held between his fingers as he looks to the center, a simple remark coming from him. “So ends the Age of Mathic.”
  6. you’re still staying banned from the lore discord
  7. nice backlog i will be the best pokemon possible
  8. good to see an expansion of the Cathant Cultures
  9. HEY I HAD EVERYTHING READY DON’T BLAME ME This man with such a scandal should not talk so much ****.
  10. The depths of the Korvassa buzz with constant infernal activity, the screams and yells familiar to those that stand on the edges of its chaos. Amidst the chaos lies the Jewel of the Korvassa, Al’Faiz, where it stands proudly in tow with the assortment of knights and mercenaries that now take over its walls. Banners of the descendants fly proudly on its towers as ships dock upon the very edge of the hell-bound island, supplies flooding in and reinforcing the fortification of the city. Vitenna lies in ruin, any or all organisation completely destroyed by the “fleeing” of the General that remained there during its attack from the descendants. The walls remained crumbled, the innards of the city gutted and spread across the streets in a horrific display of debris. Dog-like entities roam the streets, as do small factions of the Inferi that litter the area, but no-one stays long in that area. A zone of battle, a zone of conquest, that of complete destruction. Along its edges lies the hive, where bug corpses lay across the grounds that occupied the former behemoth of an object that laid upon the crevice of the mountains. Dead bugs and their carapaces rotting away in their own embrace of death as the mountains buzz with activity. The ground rumbles and moves, the Hive itself breeding and expanding its opportunities within the area. That of the center of the Korvassa lies the bounty of the heavens, hundreds of troops surrounded the magma-filled trenches in their legions of plate that drape across its entrances. The sigil burns brightly above the camp itself, the symbols periodically changing as the decrepit landscape is highlighted by the infernal sign above. Chains drape the wooden palisades, as do preparations for the inevitable showdown which lies in wait. The last stand of the organised Inferi forces, all protecting what laid in its center. The grotesque, large abomination of flesh and bone is seen pulsating from the edges of the Korvassa. A ribcage that encases a central meat sphere that digs into its grotesque form. It beats akin to a heart, shudders sent periodically through the dunes near the camp with each rhythmic pulse. The camps themselves remained cleared and turned into make-shift defenses as the drums of war beat heavily through the area. All that remained for the anomaly was for it to either hatch, or be destroyed. With that, the skies themselves appeared chaotic to descendants throughout the nearby future. Chains of lightning coiled around the skies haphazardly as figures of gold and white fell from the clouds themselves. That of the Lion and Mongoose had been heard in whispers of descending upon the Mortal Planes, as did the Radiant Man who graced the presence of the Novellen Palace. Others were heard on the fringes of society, where entities and figures rose and changed to the times of chaos that dwelled from the skies themselves. Prophecies aligned, visions were granted and the pieces were all falling into place. For once, the skies did not ignore the plights of the descendants, they instead were embraced and prepared for the slaughter that would ensue in the coming year. Where descendants would stand tall next to one another, united for one of the few times that have ever happened within the history of their existence. Where those that fought as brothers did against Iblees himself, the descendants prepared to see the outcome of whatever threat laid within the Korvassa. This was the Last Stand, the last push to break this incursion that plagued the descendants for years. To avenge all those that had fallen, all those that had perished to the demonic horde, their retribution was able to be enacted upon those that remained.
  11. A single golden knight is seen in the company of the Knights of Malchediel, the tabard adorned in pure white fabric and the distinct white visor that adorns his helmet. "The skies must now intervene"
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