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  1. ScreamingDingo

    - Seeking Household Servants -

    To the said applicants, Your application has been reviewed and you have been selected to complete an interview with the Imperial Chamberlain, Felipe. You will be contacted and a time shall be organised where we shall meet and discuss your abilities. May you be worthy of serving the Imperial Household, - Felipe of the Heartlands.
  2. ScreamingDingo

    [Feat] Vivification

    Either way involving a creature that has absolutely zero involvement with mysticism and inserting these "striga souls" is stupid and something that goes against everything the lore has. Don't want it to be another blood mage situation so it'd be great to remove it, even if striga aren't successfully shelved
  3. ScreamingDingo

    [Feat] Vivification

    remove this weird striga spirit **** lol
  4. ScreamingDingo


    Going to close this Your View on the 20th of February. If you have any more thoughts or opinions please contact me beforehand or post below.
  5. ScreamingDingo

    - Seeking Household Servants -

    Hiring The Imperial Household is interested in finding any peasantry or others to fill these special roles that will grant you importance within the Court. The positions that are required to be filled are listed below - Butlers / Maids Those who maintain the cleanliness and order of the Imperial Palace Duties will require cleaning, serving and otherwise being an extension of the Imperial Family’s wishes and needs in the household. Imperial Head Cook / Cook The Imperial Head Cook will need to have proficient skill in the preparation and ability to create feasts worthy of grand events Cooks will require proficient skills in kitchen maintenance, food preparation and cooking. Those who know of exotic cuisine shall have an advantage over others. Maintaining stocks of liquor and other consumable items. The Royal Gardener The Royal Gardener will be in charge of the maintenance of Palace Grounds. Duties may include trimming, weeding and planting flora at the request of the Imperial Household. To maintain and grow produce as needed for the Imperial Kitchens. Those interested may apply below, send the application to the Imperial Palace with a return address and the Imperial Chamberlain will reply to you to arrange a time of interview. Application -
  6. ScreamingDingo

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    please dont associate with me thanks
  7. ScreamingDingo

    is it sunnyside up egg or a fried egg

    they’re both different things what are you actually asking
  8. ScreamingDingo

    About my recent ban appeal (Please watch)

    Should be unbanned now. Try logging in now, otherwise contact me on discord (joel#4235)
  9. ScreamingDingo


    Alright, I agree with you on certain points about this but I made these rules and systems with the intent of keeping a realistic restriction on things that the server isn’t mature enough to deal with. This system I’ve made is meant to encourage those pvp-orientated playerbases the option of non-absolute wars while giving the opportunity and extension of diplomatic and conflict RP to something that isn’t filled with toxicity. Your proposal of having a constant war-capture point system is something we cannot do as LotC as a whole. Essentially giving a freeform constant system will allow for abuse and loopholes, trust me if I wanted to do war rules of how ‘I’ truly wanted them, they’d be bare minimum with little to no staff intervention. I’ve tried with this system to add attrition warfare and strategy with the tile system in a way that’s accessible to people but simple enough to allow for the mobility of strategy and different approaches allowed to it. This is my best compromise to try and create an RP based and orientated system that removes the drawbacks of the OOC toxic wars we’ve had for the last few years. Though I need to ensure it’s not abusable and that means the rules will have to be complicated. These rules and terms are objective for a reason, to stop this subjective mod bias. They’re fairly clear cut and can be explained in simple terms by people. I’m trying to do what you’ve suggested with the Grand Strategy system, sorry if I don’t live up to the expectations that you wished for.
  10. ScreamingDingo


    Yeah, fair enough. The defender fort system was my compromise of not having builds and forts litter the map because of the charter system. Baronies and ‘tribal’ camps will depend on the situation, because at the moment this system relies on there being a “single” capture point at the Capital tile. This is all made with the presumption that there will only be one controlled ‘nation’ tile per settlement. Paying upkeep was a thing to do attrition-wise and I would not want to enforce fort payments outside of war-time for the sheer sake of adding onto systems that are unneeded. I’ll have to adjust the system slightly for when other nations are granted settlements within the same tile, because it’s something that I honestly have no clue how I’ll do that. I’ll overcome that hurdle with the last adjustments to the systems before I send it to the admins after the community feedback. Also with the standing army bonus, it’s a nice thing but it seems to be adding nothing really to the system and creates a “subjective” measure and advantage to those in staff. System is attempting to be clear cut as possible to avoid the subjective CB bias and things that have happened previously. Thanks for the feedback! You can only gain up to 30 war points maximum with the Border Conflict system. This is meant to encourage diplomatic relations with your direct neighbor nstead of confrontations. Also there’s no point fishing for CBs for Plunder and Pillage. You do realise that offensive wars can be declared without any CBs and only are twice the amount of a justification war. It’s just that these are limited in the choices of war-goals you have, while justified has access to basically all of them.
  11. ScreamingDingo


    that’s the plan
  12. ScreamingDingo


    Your View - Wars Hey LotC, it’s been a while since we have discussed wars and what systems we could implement to try and change things around. With a massive thanks to @Corpean, @3andDand @Stevie and the Nation Leaders for providing feedback on this. These are the things that were suggested last time, with a few added additions and an entire new system to place some sort of RP emphasis and strategy beyond simple clicking. There’s the Stellaris War-goal / CB system in the document below https://docs.google.com/document/d/10-1MhDANVO1trdN-FN9W6zAa0ncnPPu5_3eC4Lyn_gk/edit?usp=sharing And the system of “Tile Movement” to add more depth and the ability of attrition to wars. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g9RK5ByYoSg1GUhzmWwEGB8wp5WMKUnRRouXDJr6nQ4/edit?usp=sharing My discord PMs are open for any suggestions, otherwise post them below on the forums. (joel#4235)
  13. ScreamingDingo

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    ./ban SpaceofAids
  14. ScreamingDingo

    Where are heists/Whatever happened to burglaries?

    Robbery and Heist RP has completely been non-existent for a solid three-four maps. After the second iteration of the Thieves Guild died there was barely any traction for people to try and do this. Also you say that we can grab most of the minecraft community but the RP section is so niche that if anything we have to try and drag from other communities which may not be so suitable for us at the current time. No-one wants their **** stolen by someone where there is no interaction, and that’s essentially what robbery RP is 95% of the time. If you genuinely want to set something up, you can collaborate with players and try to set something up between yourselves. Otherwise I don’t think there’s any actual priority for additions to chest robberies any time soon. Do check out the /lockpick plugin IG though, the server has automated being able to break doors and trapdoors if that is up your alley.