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  1. Even tho you're banned I'm gonna leave this up since it's about me. I'm gonna lock it until I can respond.
  2. everyone complains but still plays
  3. people who think this is real

  4. Dagor smiles in honor of his adopted brother.
  5. ok, but when are you going to take me to small claims court in ireland?
  6. Hi everyone, For the past month, I’ve been reflecting on my tenure as Moderation Administrator. I’ve realized that I have become a little burnt-out from the responsibilities and have decided that it would be best to pass it off to someone else. Thus, I’d like to express my deepest condolences for @Rilath. A funeral & wake will be held in the Cloud Temple so everyone may pay their respects. Haha, just kidding :blobiverseemoji:. He’ll be taking over the position as Moderation Admin. We have full faith in him being able to execute the responsibilities of madmin as an esteemed veteran of the community (holy crap, aegis player!). Rilath was a no-brainer choice for joining the Admin Team. His recent stint as a mod-manager has shown us that he is more than capable of excelling in the role, and we have high hopes for what he brings to the table. What will I be doing in the meantime? My absolute top priority is helping Rilath get settled into his big boy boots. Afterwards, I will be helping the Administration Team from behind the scenes as the Operations Administrator in an “as needed” fashion. The position of Operations Admin is changing significantly, and isn’t like the previous iterations of it that we’ve seen (calm down Harold). It’s now a secretarial role, designed to help with the odd-jobs of being an admin. This includes handling tickets, filing directives, and helping out other admins as needed. With all that out of the way, please congratulate @Rilath Sincerely, itdontmatta
  7. I really apologize for not explaining the ruling well enough. I understand a lot of you are frustrated with the ruling, but we cannot encourage bad sportsmanship in roleplay. (I'm also unapologetically apologetic for my cope & seethe joke, it's just a prank guys cmon) What I mean by that is adding people to regions to ensure that they are eligible to fight in the conflict. Internal conflict is internal for a reason. Over 30+ people were added to the oren_acre region within the past day or two, and most of them were coincidentally at this raid. I don't care what the nitty gritty of the rule says. This raid didn't sound right, and I could not let it go through. Had it gone through, this event would've been used as justification to make people eligible in any potential internal conflict / warclaim. I'll keep this thread open, and I'll do my best to respond accordingly.
  8. Hey @Heero, I hope you've been doing well. I notice it's been a while since we've been able to just sit down and talk. I was reminiscing with the other admins about our little inside joke. You remember that one. It was when Kowa used that unnecessarily technical word in a conversation about next map's tiles. Pervasive? Perversion? What was that hahaha. BTW the filibusters have been getting really really bad. Each day it's getting worse. I feel like one day I'll be Cryin' Chuck in the United States Senate hahaha. I really miss you showing up to admin meetings late because you were about to miss your train back home. What's it like to have tenure BTW? Do you get like a Burger King budget from Tythus? Miss you lots. xoxoxo Sincerely You're Bricked Up Pen-Pal, itdontmatta
  9. you really gru on me. you're one in a minion.

    1. Sorcerio


      I wish we still had the downvote button. 

    2. Heero
  10. What's your favorite part of moderation? (besides being bananas and minons)

    1. Mio
    2. Burnsider


      It pays pretty well. 

  11. you gru on me you're one in a minion

    1. JoshBright


      they are regressing from bananas...

  12. hey bro i'm free now xD

    1. Heero


      context, mr matta. CONTEXT

    2. itdontmatta


      we made a plan to catch up and i was free..

  13. people who use my old name are just weird
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