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  1. ALTERATION TO WAR RULES: Both sides are no longer required to honor the original 1v1 agreement. Alliances are now freely allowed as long as they follow the aforementioned ally rules.
  2. A lot has happened in the past day. My DMs are open for anyone who wants to talk about our stance on safety. Ultimately, my goal on this server is to ensure people are guaranteed a safe space. 

  3. I will be locking this post until we offer a response.
  4. Really like the Maj. Vandalism update Matta, good stuff so far!!

  5. ADDITION TO RAID RULES: Directly after combat, raiders may perform one act of major vandalism without approval from an RO. A Moderation Team member must supervise.
  6. I'm sorry @Cpt_Noobman.

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  7. URGUAN V. OREN FOREWORD The Admin Team has approved the usage of the drafted war rules to be used for this conflict and this conflict alone. The aim of this is to provide a new war experience for the participants involved as well as trial our hopefully new war system. This ruleset is subject to changes (if both sides agree) and clarifications from staff as needed. Huge thanks to @GMRO, @Mio, @FlemishSupremacy, and all others for helping us make this a possibility. FEATURES COMMUNITY: Nation Leaders engaging in war will assume an active role in fostering quality roleplay & camaraderie. Wars must be grounded in mutual OOC respect. SIMPLICITY: Follow the spirit of the rules, not the word of the law—these rules create an environment for fun and organic war (no loopholing!) DYNAMIC: You may run wars any way you choose. If both sides agree, they may (at any point during the war) add, remove, or update any of the rules below. JUSTIFICATIONS FOR WAR War is often cruel and arbitrary. Nations may declare war freely at their own peril. They do, however, need to follow a declaration format. METHOD OF WAR DECLARATION When a war is declared, you must write a post declaring such. Within the post, you must state your war goal from the list below. WAR GOALS War goals come at a cost. This cost is multiplied by the number of tiles your nation currently owns. The cost is paid once. If one calls upon allies, half their tiles rounded up are added to the warcost. Settlements that aren’t a nation count as one tile. Mercenaries may be hired by a nation to supplement their nation’s fighters. A nation shall pay an additional 1500 for every 10 mercenaries a group supplies, with the number of mercenaries rounded up. Mercenary companies or those acting on their behalf should have a post indicating their services. If the war goal is achieved, the attacker must purchase a new CB. The same goes for attackers who desire to change their goal. Conquer Tile (1500 x tiles) A wish to conquer a tile from the defending nation. The tile must be bordering your own nation. Requirements: Win a normal field and siege battle. Conquering the capital tile or a non-nation settlement requires administrative approval, and will be the last tile to be conquered. Pillage a city/settlement (500 x tiles) Pillage the nearest non-capital city and steal around 15% of the nation’s treasury, or pillage the capital city for 25% of the nation’s treasury. Requirements: Win a field and siege in the tiles until reaching the target city. If their lands directly border the target city, they may immediately attempt to pillage it. Cultural or Political Demands (300 x tiles) Forcing a change or return of a title. Forcing a major structural change; destruction of a fortress or vassal, construction of a statue or wall, etc. Force a repayment of previously pillaged mina. National humiliation, apology or insult. Requirements: Win a field and siege battle upon the target tile. Capturing Nation Leader (200 x tiles) A desire to capture the nation's leader. If they are successfully captured and it is desired, they are subject to being forcibly permanently killed. Requirements: Win a field and siege in the tiles leading up to the capital city Alternatively capturing the nation leader through roleplay means and kill / capture them once by a character with sufficient role-play and appropriate convincing reason. Capturing a specific individual (100 x tiles) Capturing a specific individual who is not the nation leader. Requirements: Win a field and siege in the tiles leading up to the capital city. The target may declare another location to be the place of residence for the target, which must be besieged instead. NOTE: This may not be a PVP fort. Capturing an item, ship, or other object. (100 x tiles) Capturing a specific item as well as war booty of 5% of the nation’s treasury. Requirements: Win a field and siege in the tiles leading up to the target location. The attacker must successfully siege the location of said item at the outset of the war. If it is in a person's inventory, the capital is the specified location. If war has been declared, nations may not begin to construct new large projects or fortifications in tiles that are on the outside border as it would be too dangerous to send construction workers into a war area. If builds are made, it may come at moderation and world discretion to destroy them. Small barricades and minor changes to current builds are allowed. INITIATION OF A WAR After your war has been declared, you may make a subsequent post declaring where you wish to fight a skirmish or field battle. It should follow the quickest route(s) for you and your allies to the war-goal. This post should include the attackers, defenders, war goal, a proposed location, day & time. Leadership of both sides will organize the exact details of the warclaim in the comments of the post. These details can include, but are not limited to, specific location, exact time and day, or declaration of allies. Lastly, any further war discussion will take place on the warclaim thread and not in private forum or discord chats. ELIGIBILITY TO FIGHT For war-claims, only certain people are allowed to fight. A plugin will handle the eligibility for fighters: Nation of persona This will be tied to your persona card Age of Persona Created at least two weeks beforehand. Time spent on persona 40 hours required NOTE: Characters may not be renamed old characters. New players may be granted exceptions on a case-by-case basis. ALLIANCES Allies are friendly nations which have declared allied status in a roleplay medium. Allies may assist Nations in Warclaims. However, they must have their allied status declared at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of the Warclaim. Once this is done, half their tiles rounded up are added to the main aggressor’s warcost. For allies to assist in Warclaims, the two nations must be connected through a fast travel ferry, cart, or a connected tile. Furthermore, the main Attacker Nation may launch a war from an allies’ tile if the ally gives consent for it, but this stipulation does not apply to conquest situations. COURSE OF A WAR Once a war goal has been chosen, the attackers may indicate their path to get to their final goal. This path is laid out through tiles, and is not a narrow line. An army therefore passes through tiles. Defenders can try to stop their advance as often as possible per defense of each tile, but are allowed to forfeit this right would they rather just fight out a siege. Warzones To obstruct the attacker’s path, the defender can opt to defend against the attacker’s path. This excludes unclaimed tiles. That tile will be turned into a warzone on the war server (thus, not on the real world). This war zone will be opened once ready, but will not have any consequences until Saturday at 4 PM EST to 7 PM EST, during which time a few capture points will be opened. Both sides will need to try and take these capture points, which will accumulate points for them. The side with the most points will win. During this 3 hour period, respawns will be ON, allowing fighters to come back multiple times. Additional rules: Participants must bring a full set of either chain, plate or gambeson, alongside weapons, and may thus not rush with only a weapon (or nothing at all) All locks will be removed in the warzone. No one locks may be placed on any block. Sieges Once the attacker has reached his target, what follows is a siege. These will follow the more traditional warclaim format. The defenders and attackers can buy siege weaponry which can be used to shoot holes in defenses and destroy enemy siege engines. In addition, they will be allowed to use ladders and battering rams to overcome defenses. Siege equipment are one-time use, meaning they cannot be used in further engagements. All siege equipment costs 300 minas, and will be handled by a plugin. Victory terms: Upon an attacker victory, they may simply move on to a siege (if applicable). Upon winning the siege, the attackers may, if the wargoal allows it, the defender may block them again. If the defender cannot or opts not to do this, they may go and siege whatever target they have chosen to siege. Upon two consecutive defender victories, or a singular failed siege (had the defenders decided to waive their right and proceed to just a siege of the tile) the attackers will have failed their war. Their war goal has been cancelled and the money they paid for it will be wasted. The defenders will be granted a CB of equivalent value or less of their choosing, free of charge. This CB will expire within a week. Attackers win if: All defenders are wiped out. The attackers hold a pre-decided capture point (usually the main square) after a set amount of time. Defenders win if: All attackers are wiped out. The defenders hold a pre-decided capture point (usually the main square) after a set amount of time. END OF A WAR In the case of an attacker victory, they get the wargoal they paid for. The defender nation may not be warred for the next 4 weeks. If the defender nation wins two consecutive battles, the attacker’s wargoal is forfeit, as is the money they paid for it. The defenders are free to pick a war goal of their own and counterattack. They themselves may not be warred by anyone for four weeks. The attacker, due to the loss, may also not war anyone for a four weeks. ALTERNATIVE Should both parties be able to work out any alterations to these rules, or work their own rules out, and have both leaders agree to this, then these rules will be put in effect and enforced for the duration of the war, only changing if agreed upon by both parties. The rules listed above serve as a fall back, should an agreement not be reachable. RAID ADJUSTMENTS All raid targets will have a 3 day cooldown. Incumbent parties may adjust these values during wartime negotiations. Raid size is dependant on the raiding target: Lairs: 6 players (10 max) Settlements: 9 players (15 max) Nations: 12 players (20 max) The max is allowed when an hour of notice is given to all online region owners of the enemy side by a moderator. If no region owners are online, the max may not be brought. ADDITION TO RAID RULES FOR OREN V. URGUAN Directly after combat, raiders may perform one act of major vandalism without approval from an RO. A Moderation Team member must supervise.
  8. We're gonna go through mod apps soon!!

  9. We're going to be going through mod applications soon. Get those apps in!!

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      the only apps i care about getting in are my ******* college apps

  10. Original: General Rule 13: You may not abuse mechanics to access areas you cannot get to in roleplay, this includes boat glitching and using horses to bypass walls higher than 3 blocks tall. Update: You may not access areas you cannot get to in roleplay. This includes using boats, horses, or 'horse parkour' to bypass walls higher than 3 blocks in height, or gaps wider than 4 blocks in length. Rational: Clarification of the rule for moderating, as well as setting a more realistic standard for what movement we allow for horses and boats.
  11. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Hello everyone! The Moderation Team will be actively reviewing applications within the next few weeks. If you’re passionate about helping the server and adding towards the effort of keeping this server a safe and enjoyable community, we encourage you to apply to the team. We are looking for a broad range of individuals to represent parts of the community that have been previously unrepresented, with all-encompassing qualities in devotion, level-headedness, diligence, and others. To apply, please visit the form link below. You are welcome to reach out to any moderators to ask about the process. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/56-moderation-staff-application/
  12. Be sure to throw your war feedback in the LotC Community Involvement discord! We'll be closing it up soon. https://discord.gg/gDwBw95zTM

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