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  1. they don’t want you to know

  2. Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. I just got Peter Griffin in fortniteitdontmattapetergriffinfortnite.png

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    2. Netphreak


      Resigns from Admin because of a lack of time.. Plays fortnite instead. 

    3. itdontmatta


      Life's more enjoyable now

    4. kindEmperor


      you'd get boxed like a flopper 

  3. Sir Ruben, Your letter has found its way to me, and I must admit, it reeks of desperation rather than valor. To dredge up the ancient history of our forefathers and clothe it in the garb of "honor" does little to impress or intimidate. You accuse me of abandonment, yet it is you who seems eager to forgo reason and ration for the reckless pursuit of conflict. Although, if it is satisfaction through bloodshed you seek, I shall not deny you the opportunity to attempt, albeit vainly, to reclaim the vestige of honor your family has miserably lost. Let us meet in Portoregne. Lorenz Gavaudin
  4. Very good post, hope admin team can take a look at it.
  5. to all the people posting status updates (majority of those always complaining about safety)


    guy's unbanned, i reached out to him and explained the situation


    i'm overly cautious with TOS banned players who may be alting


    i connected the dots incorrectly, talked to 60, and he's unbanned now


    i get that i still live in your head rent free but move on

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    2. itdontmatta


      1. Lol

      2. I didn’t ban Frill for posting the KP logs. Keep in mind I pushed for the KP ban. 
      3. Yes I did. Not enough evidence to convince others at first. He was banned, wasn’t he? 

      4. I don’t think De_no was reported while I was the admin. 


      don’t throw stones in a glass house rukio 

    3. Milenkhov


      ur the best itdontmatta omg ‼️

    4. rukio


      1. lol

      2. That was the original reason he was banned.

      3. Because of my efforts, not yours.

      4. De_no's ban was pushed multiple times over the course of several years.


      or what, you're going to go try to cause more rifts in my relationship? 

  6. I can't live if living is without you

  7. no idea, didnt really bother to ask My decision usually boiled down to the severity of the action of the player, and how much time has passed. There are some bans I turned away because I didn't think that they should've been unbanned due to their heinous actions. The trol ban was the toughest ban we've ever handled. This was because of the culture shift in the server, which we never really acknowledged. Something that was said in the admin meeting was: "well, this was the culture of the server 6 years ago. would we permaban him for what he said today? probably. but would we have permabanned him 6 years ago? probably not." Cancel culture is insane on LotC, especially when you see these players who have said similar things themselves. Most everyone on LotC has done regrettable shit. Self-reflect before you start pitch-forking on the forums. Though, if the person is continuing their behavior - it's free game. yea lol im proud of my accomplishments He is really loyal to the server. No funny business with him. We voted to undo one because it was a self-report that upon review, wasn't anywhere close to violating the safety policy. I believe it was a ban that was done in haste and without review because of a 13th forum uprising One of our best policies was ensuring that Tythus had to sign off on unbanning permanently banned players (PCV and TOS). All Tythus cares about is keeping shitty people off the server. So I trust his judgement in the case that we've got a bad one. I've never voted no on a TOS ban. I voted no on a PCV ban once (along with fellow administrators) because of lack of evidence. I have voted no on CGV bans more than once, albeit rarely. It's difficult to get all admins on board with my agenda, but that's not a bad thing. I do not see donation money, although I know we're in a good position. I believe the server turns a profit, but we just use those funds to upgrade our hardware.
  8. ??? penguin It's a stupid color and asserts authority that it doesn't have on a minecraft server. I like red on cars tho
  9. 694-30-6021 The ban I regret the most is probably Rylothh or maybe even M1919. The one I think was most deserved was [insert TOS banned player here].
  10. It’s 11/1.. And my last post as admin. AMA. My accepted approvals over the past two years (excluding bans and failed approvals): Statistics: Proposed approvals: 128 CGV Bans: 13 PCV Bans: 15 TOS Bans: 32 (this does not mean those are all the bans we did in the past two years, just the ones I typed up) FAQ: Where are you going now? I'll be a mod for at least a month before dipping out, pending the conversation I have with 60th on when he wants me to go. After that, I'll be focusing on IRL! Are you going to miss the moderation team? Yes.. it is my baby.. I will miss all of you. Good luck. You guys are doing great and 60th is a fantastic successor :) Are you going to miss the administration team? Absolutely. I don't think I could've asked for a better team to work with. There were many times where meetings turned into a heated mess, but as soon as the meeting ended we left our disagreements there. I wish them nothing but the best. If you have any questions about specific approvals or even regrets I had as admin, feel free to ask. No secrets!!
  11. Hid all the stupid replies You guys all suck equally and I know that because I watched all of you get into pissing contests for the past two years Stop being so negative and go enjoy the server for once
  12. washed and irrelevant now

    1. DrakeHaze.


      change your name back to arockstar now

  13. shoutout maltamoss Hi everyone, This time I'm actually leaving. Throughout the past two months, my schedule has been getting busier and busier, and I no longer have time for LotC anymore. Truthfully, work has completely swamped me and I want to focus more on my IRL relationships & future grad school. I'm really grateful for the opportunity that @Telanir@ScreamingDingo@Llir and @Heero gave me in the first place, and I'm even more grateful to have worked alongside them as well as@HogoBojo and @squakhawk @The60th is now the Moderation Admin. I have my full faith in him to do better than I did in every categorical aspect of administrating. I will be sticking around as admin until November 1 to help him transition into the role. After that, I'll be a moderator for a month and then fully make my departure from staff. --- Thank you for this opportunity to serve you, and I wish you all nothing but the best. itdontmatta
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