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  1. mod update 2: ok so i forgot to fix the permissions on reports subforum.. why did no one tell me????

    1. Twodiks
    2. Eryane


      cuz ur smelly 

    3. Cepheid


      i also don't have perms in my nation subforum, but I do in other nations...

  2. Purple is Loyalist spawn (tilly) Red is Rebel spawn (eddy) Warclaim is at 2 PM EST, see you there!
  3. Need a response by tonight if possible @tilly @Eddywilson2
  4. Internal conflict is strictly internal. I can make a few exceptions to your side as there are people who aren't on the region that do roleplay in Petra. Please let me know if this Sunday or next Sunday works. I prefer this Sunday, as it would be best to not prolong this conflict.
  5. @Eddywilson2 I'm ok with this, what's your take? (btw random haeseni will not fight)
  6. btw thank you for the free rep guys

  7. was the contents of the chest known in rp at least b4 illegal break-in?

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    2. itdontmatta


      the president is not taking questions at this time

    3. Xarkly


      6 hours ago, itdontmatta said:

      the president is not taking questions at this time


      so you're saying the letters were found illegally and yet this war is proceeding as if they weren't?

    4. itdontmatta


      yes that is what im saying

  8. Hi @Eddywilson2 @tilly A lot has gone on in the past few hours! I want to provide you two with a couple of facts that preceded the event. A player had illegally breached a room to an unlocked chest that contained evidence of the adultery. This player will be handled accordingly with Moderation policy and server rules. The player in question then revealed this information in roleplay, which led to the spiral of events. Region members were added by both sides within this period. This is not allowed, and it will be rectified. Going forward, @tilly will remain control of the Petran capital. Locks by @Eddywilson2will be removed. A camp will be set up outside of the capital for the rebels to hold. My hope for a warclaim (if this is what you guys want given what I've said) is either this Sunday @ 4 PM EST, or Feb 4th @ 4 PM EST. Let me know what you think!
  9. mod update 1: comments on appeals didnt work out so we're removing them 

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    2. tasty_cheesecake


      no!!!!! my rep farm!!!

    3. rukio


      @Charles The BaldWhat you missed was the 'pedo' in his name and him talking like he was a nonce now causing issues. 

    4. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Then I am wrong, FOOOOOK HIM.

  10. A mysterious armored figure by the name of Franz approaches each of the settlements around Almaris. He speaks of a camp, run by notorious outlaws of the continent. "There, they sell you equipment. Things that if you get caught with, you'll be imprisoned or even executed for." "Where is it? The Southeastern part of our realm, on the southern continent. This sketch of it is all I have."
  11. Original: N/A Update: Raid ladders and TNT can be used at any time during or leading up to a raid of 5 or more people. The raiding party must include in the raid modreq that they will be using PvP equipment. Players must emote in shout placing the equipment in a minimum of three emotes if PvP has not yet started. Players who seek to break the equipment through RP means must emote 3 times uninterrupted to successfully disarm it. Emotes are not required in PvP Rational: N/A
  12. ;/ What was your favorite moment on Mod?
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