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  1. We're very excited to allow you to move to the next stage in this 'professional' application, how about you tell us a little about what you like to do in your spare time?

  2. @TigergiriThe agreed upon minas has been deposited into Elysium's bank account, Celianor now owns the tile.
  3. If Fenn doesn't have enough to finish their payment for the tile after the war, the rest of the money will be debited from Celianor's Treasury. @Tigergiri @Twinny @Monkee
  4. Okay, the warclaim will be happening on the 25th @ 3 PM EST. @Tigergiri@Twinny Tile transfer will begin today. I will calculate your war costs shortly.
  5. omg @Heero @Llir @Telanir @Josh3738 @ErikAzog @all 3.0 babies it’s happening. please bring back hops and mixing shit in a cauldron
  6. We cannot hold up for one person. The difference for Krugmar's side is that multiple people cannot show up. We'll just have to keep extending if we can't have it the 25th, 2nd, or 9th.
  7. Okay let's wait until the 2nd then. We can do the 2nd & 9th if anything.
  8. Perfect. I'm gone all weekend so if you, @Monkee and @Tigergiri are free - let's get that set up today/tonight. I've reviewed their fort and told them to make modifications to it accordingly. The shifting half-slabs to get through ankle-biters are being removed. Soul sand is being removed. Redstone is being removed. Any gate signs that can't be reached by a treb are also being removed. It'll be fair for both sides, IF it even comes to a siege.
  9. "Leadership from both sides will use the war-thread to organize the specifics of the warclaim. Use this time to declare allies and settle on an exact time of day and location." This has been adjusted. Elysium's extension holds no precedent here. I've realized how close Saturday is and I don't want either side to rush rosters. It'll end up in a failed / unfun warclaim in which staff will be blamed for. "Follow the spirit of the rules, not the word of the law—these rules create an environment for fun and organic war (no loopholing!)" I am forcing Celianor/Malinor(?) to buy the tile from Elysium. Celianor will own the tile. This is completely allowed within the rules. West Hub is an extension of land (AKA you can pass through it). This makes sense as Celianor directly borders West Hub. Also, for future reference, we will not allow anyone to "loan" a tile for war. Also, Elysium has full reason to give their tile to Celianor. The Orcs declared war on Elysium in the first place. "In our assault upon Elysium, they were granted extended time when we wished to pursue it so we would assume that affect is still in place as we are now on the defensive and request that it be consistent." See above / my response on the warclaim thread. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns - please reach out to me on discord @ itdontmatta#9932. Otherwise, I'll be locking this post.
  10. 1. There is no staff bias here, no one has a vendetta against either group. 2. The tile purchase has yet to go through. I need @Twinny's permission to confirm this tile transfer and war overall actually. 3. The warclaim cannot happen this weekend. It's not good to rush warclaims and I want both sides to beef up their rosters in time. We also need time to check rosters as people have already been trying to slip through the cracks in fighting internationally. I have been notified of sides recruiting from pvp servers. People who are recruited from these servers will be arbitrarily removed from your rosters (AKA we may not even do complete checks on them and just remove participants from your rosters off of suspicion. People can attest to this as it has happened before. It can be pretty unfair when we remove people from rosters, so I ask that you both be honorable during this war). Please do not recruit outsiders, people from other servers or other nations. It ruins the fun for everyone. 4. Elysium's war sets no precedent. They claimed they were unable to make the warclaim and instead hosted a pvp training on the day the warclaim was set to take place. 5. Please send me your rosters ASAP so we can start checking people off. 6. @Twinny @Monkee I'll need a list of any mercenaries you plan on hiring immediately. Please send me a list of their usernames. 7. Wherever the defenders retreat to, assuming the attackers win the skirmish, will be the place of the siege. Yes, you can theoretically "siege" an abandoned town but you need to wipe out the remaining opponents on the tile first. The skirmish is set to take place on the 25th @ 3 PM EST, unless either side has a disagreement with that.
  11. The warclaim will take place this Saturday @ 3 PM EST. Neither side may make major adjustments to their build without approval from myself. A fort repaste / rebuild is not allowed (even if it’s done by hand / without worldedit pasting) unless both sides agree on waiving that rule. I understand that @Monkee wants to have Nor’asath pasted so really you both have bargaining chips here. Come to an agreement and we can make it happen.
  12. The fort is not ultimately important at the moment because this weekend's warclaim will be a skirmish, not a siege. I am willing to allow major modifications to the tile if both sides agree to this.
  13. Hi @DrunkPapaBear, @Twinny, and @Monkee, The warclaim is scheduled to take place this weekend, Saturday or Sunday. All pastes are halted unless both sides want to agree to otherwise (both of you have come to me about this).
  14. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ MODERATION TEAM UPDATE Spring 2022 ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ Hi everyone! I want to personally thank you all for your patience in awaiting a Mod Team update. I apologize that it has taken so long, though I wanted to put it off until we had exciting news to share about our directional changes on the server. Firstly, I'd like to say congratulations to our new additions. We’ve truly stacked our roster this time around, and the team looks forward to working closely with them in the coming months. Infraction Hub [COMPLETE] The current infraction system, while serving the purpose of recording rule-breaking history, does not encourage players to learn from their mistakes. Day or week bans, categorized by an arbitrary "level 4" or "level 5" infraction, ultimately create a confusing and inconsistent rule enforcement. In essence, our team will be getting rid of small, punitive day bans. Instead, we will be replacing them with longer punishments that are given after multiple warnings. Infractions will continue to serve as a record of a rule-breaking history. Though, we have now implemented an automatic one-year expiration (thank you @Llir) on all minor and moderate infractions in each category. Old System New System Understandably, Mod Team's new direction in giving longer punishments can be quite concerning. I want to assure everyone of our philosophy - these bans should not happen often. Situations with repeat rule-breakers will be analyzed, and the team will determine whether it is the fault of our rules for being too easy to break. If such is true, the rule will be adjusted accordingly. Perhaps the most exciting part for you, my lovely reader, is that all infractions level 5 and below will be expunged from player history. If your UUID is not on this list, you will have a clean record starting today. If your UUID is on this list and would like to inquire more, you may contact myself or a mod manager on discord. Current bans will not be lifted or affected by this change. Rule Reorganization [COMPLETE] The rules page will now reflect each infraction category. A screenshot of our infraction guidelines has been provided on the rules page to provide transparency behind bans & ban history with players. Appeals & Reports [COMPLETE] A significant problem with the Mod team was the lack of transparency regarding bans. In taking on a more “rehabilitative” standpoint with the rules & punishment, we have decided to push for more openness in appeals and reports. All mod appeals & reports are now public. Raid Rule Rewrite [COMPLETE] The previous raid rules were filled with a lot of features and functions from previous maps. We have rewritten raid rules to be concise & to the point, while also maintaining the balance between attackers and defenders. Huge shoutout to @Masouriand @Miofor their initiative on this. Petty Theft & Heist Rewrite [IN PROGRESS] More to come! Forum Mods, Rules, and Warning Points.. oh no! [IN PROGRESS] More to come! Thank you, itdontmatta & the Mod Team
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