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  1. BronCloch

    Aquaquean's Application Team Application

    Just going to drop a +1 here. Aqua is a wonderful person, with a great personality, hard work ethic and a drive to better places and people. I believe she would benefit the team greatly and be a hard worker that is dedicated to helping new players and sharing her insight as a newer player that has gone through and seen the changes implemented since her arrival. I’d love to work with her.
  2. BronCloch


    I was going to write out a long message, but realized everything I have to say, I already said on Discord. Love you Blago. Keep it real and keep being a wonderful person. ❤️ And stay in touch with me on Snap!
  3. BronCloch


    Hello! I’m pleased to accept you to Lord of the Craft. Shortly you will be whitelisted and be able to play on the server at your leisure. Below are a list of helpful links to help get you started on your journey through the world of Lord of the Craft! If you are in need of help while on the server, you may do /atreq or contact me through Discord at Sakura#8726. The New Player Discord is also available to help you out. I look forward to seeing you on the server. Good luck! Helpful Links: Server Rules New Player Discord The LotC Wiki The LotC Discord Skin Archive The server IP: mc.lotc.co

    I've always walked alone
    I chose the path less taken
    I refuse to let you win
    Life's a ***** and I've been shaken

    Its not a joke at all
    Inside my spirit's fading
    I refuse to take the fall
    Cause no one cares at all

    Wake me up when this is over
    I'm tired of living life like its a dream
    Please wake me up when its all over
    I'm tired of living right here in between
    I refuse

    Cause at the end of the day I'm not you
    I refuse


  5. BronCloch


    Hello! Your application is very well written. I am pleased to see thought and effort put in behind your biography and your interesting facts. However, there are a few tweaks that need to be implemented before I can accept your application, those being as follows: Your power-gaming definition is incorrect. You can find the proper definition on the LotC Wiki! Your application will be put on pending for the next 24 hours in order for you to submit tweaks. At the end of the 24 hours, if you have not submitted tweaks, your application will be moved to denied – but you will still be able to reapply immediately after! If you are in need of help, you are welcome to join the New Player Discord or join the server and talk to us in Wandering Soul chat. You can also submit an /atreq on the server itself and an AT will help you if you’re on the server itself. You are also more than welcome to speak to me on Discord in order to help with anything you need at all. My Discord tag is Sakura#8726. Helpful Links: Server Rules New Player Discord The LotC Wiki The LotC Discord Skin Archive The server IP: mc.lotc.co
  6. BronCloch


    Changed Status to Under Review
  7. BronCloch

    Under The Burning Light

    4th of The First Seed, 1693 Walking through the eerily silent Red Faith Hall, Valencia Mournstone's hand brushes against the well worn ash wood pews. Memories of the services, prayers, and candlelight that once flickered through the hall swell within her heart, a twinge of grief strikes her. Hand falling to her side once more, she turns away from the familiar ash tree mural and to those who had gathered behind her. “Send word out, those of the Red Faith are welcome to return to their place of worship.” Her voice is soft, with a resolute tone to it, an order from the Lady Mournstone. Mournstone-blue eyes turned to the mural of the burning Ash Tree on the wall, closing for a few seconds after a moment in remembrance. Long legs stride forward toward the lectern, her hands lifting to pull a single blue flower from its place tucked into the bun on her head. She placed it on the lectern, lifting her eyes to the mural. A single phrase came from her lips, uttered in a ghost of a breath, “For Thoromir.” The men behind her move off, taking their fastest steeds to nations far and wide. In the wake of their passing, scroll and posters were hung, bearing the following message and map to Nordengrad from Cloud Temple: To those loyal to the Red Faith, The walls of Nordengrad once gave haven to the aspirations and dreams of the All-Father’s children. The walls stand, as does the temple that gave home to the High Keepers and the Keepers of the Red Faith. It has been several years since they last heard the words of worship. They strain to hear, to take in the preachings and callings of the faithful and the loyal, and the hearth fires struggle without those dedicated to tending them. Nordengrad was once the home and heart of the Red Faith, and it calls now to those absent too long. The heart of the faith still beats, and calls to those loyal to it to return home. There is sanctum here to worship freely. Join those still within our walls, and let the hearth fires burn brightly. Signed, Valencia Mournstone Countess of Nordengrad and Lady-Matriarch of the House of Mournstone OOC Information: Nordengrad is looking for a High Keeper of the Red Faith and several Keepers of the Red Faith. If you’re interested, follow the map and come speak to someone in roleplay! The map is under the spoiler! Special thanks to @argle-bargle and @Sky for the help on writing this!
  8. BronCloch

    [✓] [Server] Gleamss Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Please note that a bad day does not constitute an excuse for inappropriate behaviour. While understandable – we all have them – it’s important to note that doing such things on a bad day leads to worse days and actions have consequences. That being said, I do hope you enjoy your time being unbanned and get back to roleplaying soon!
  9. BronCloch

    Seeking Vet and Stable Hands

    Valencia Mournstone dips her head, smiling at Alena as she returns from putting up posters, “Perfect. Now you’ll have help, and we can get to trading horses. I’m proud of you.”
  10. BronCloch

    [Denied]wolfkite1's Game Moderator (Contributor) Application

    I think Jaeden says it best in my opinion. We may have our differences and I may not always agree with you or what you do, but you are passionate and you have good ideas. You’d do well for war rules and fixing up raid rules.
  11. An Atmorice bows her head respectfully in front of a shrine dedicated to Wyrvun. She murmurs softly, placing offerings before it.
  12. BronCloch

    The Act of the Contract, 1691

    A very angry Mali’fenn female glares out the window of her home, her hands holding a carved white Wyrvun statue. She looks down at it, setting it upon the shrine where it belongs and kneeling to place offerings before it.
  13. BronCloch


    Valencia Mournstone, Countess of the Earldom of Nordengrad and Lady-Matriarch of House of Mournstone adds her signature.
  14. BronCloch

    Nordengrad Imperialization Act

    Valencia Mournstone bows her head gratefully. She takes up a feather quill and dips into the ink, signing her name in a delicate hand.