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  1. I will admit I got confused somewhat when you're mentioning ectoplasm followed by talking about crystals as I believed this to then be a mysticism addition which limits someone to practicing mysticsm only (exception of house magery). I read further along and as others have expressed it seems lackluster as you mentioned you're essentially locking someone to this crystal magic, essentially making a five slot magic, I assume without possibility of magic feats either. Having a five slotted magic in this case would mean the lore should have an account and power to represent it, which the lore of this magic does not. I recommend looking into multi-slot or locked magics such as necromancy, mysticism, druidism, paladins for some examples here. By me mentioning 'power' I am not talking about combative use, more-so talking on the abilities and what they do as it doesn't feel like it should take up anything more than a single slot of magic currently. To the abilities themselves, they're not written in a way magic is usually written within listing mechanics and steps of process, rather with listed descriptions causing you to read multiple paragraphs scrolling up and down the page to understand the emotes required or mechanics of a direct spell, take the one quoted below for example: Alright so this is what the gem does, now lets look at how to do the ability. Imbue with concentrate, lets now quote that. Its listed under 'melding'. So you already have some confusion here, as it isn't the direct word used. So now you read, the gem required a ritual to be done to fuse the gemstone into the body for it to be activated. You don't detail the ritual out fully or give fluff which makes me believe to do the ritual, you, go to a graveyard, circle yourself with candl- gemstones and runes, cut a hole to insert gemstone, imbue with ectoplasm/mana. --- I believe for this to become more clear, you should first concise down several pieces of the lore. You should explain Concentrate in its own paragraph and how it works to activate the gemstones hidden abilities, not just mentioning it in several other texts. Add flavour/detail to melding and expand upon it. When descripting the gemstone abilities write it like a magic spell, detail the fluff on how it activates/works, essentially how you imagine it to happen. Below detail mechanics, such as ability cost - does it require focus? does the gemstone have limited uses?, how many emotes does it take? In the case of the gemstone(s) quoted above "Beryls" firing a crossbow bolt, in techlock it mentions this takes 3 emotes, does your gemstone do the same? or are they more limited? Is it piercing or shatter on impact? What visuals are there? It also isn't mentioned if the gemstones when concentrated require ST signing.
  2. This is a social experiment test. When the data has come in and feedback provided we will optimize the system to potentially limit the AH from selling Lore Based items so food/building mats can still be sold. Although this is up to the community.
  3. You don't need to glow eyes or have visible distortion when casting void magic either, just droplet of sweat or cracking your fingers can do. Long as it is a tell and people can notice. This is all redundent however if the spell states it has more effects and stuff to cast.
  4. Reading the spell description here can leads the mind to believe the ability is more powerful than at least from what people in the comments specify. If it wasn't for that I would support the amendment change as you're clarifying it a bit more than what is written at least, nor toning down the ability strength.
  5. A T4+T4 = 1 T5. A T3+T4 = 1 T5. Five T4 mages will = 2 T5 mages, not 3, the numbers do not accumulate, requiring pairs.
  6. [Amendment] Tear - Creation Process Edit Purpose: Inclusion of a redline from Mana Obelisks to Tear creation to help streamline creation of void objects, while not disregarding cooporative actions between players and allows scions to still be able to partake in void-based creation rituals. Redline Inclusion: - The presence of 1 tier 5 mage is compulsory for the creation process, however magi of a lesser tier may act as equivalents of a tier 5 magi: Two tier 4 magi = One tier 5 magi Two tier 3 magi = One tier 5 magi
  7. I believe the only issue with having racial hubs like that eliminates non race settlements/nations for example if Lubba/Lurin becomes a nation. It is miscellaneous. Where would that go for your dock idea? Plus how do you then limit FT, by allowing only nations? Or do we allow settlements? CT doesn't have to be big to incorporate all the fast travel points.
  8. It was more to separate a congestion of hubs in one area and which can be expanded on if needed. I'm not asking for a large CT build but one that is thought out and ways for expansion without congestion. Separating the four main hubs to then transport you to another area of the map where you can find the right role-play location you want to go would be more ease of access and directly putting you in RP. We can come up with a better system though I feel this one would be better then "who has the closest spot to a hub or CT to monopolise rp"
  9. To the idea of hubs I believe you can utilise the same system you have now with some changes. Keeping the four main hubs, north, east, south and west but have them lead to a different corner of CT. In this corner will have Fast Travel points if needed to the settlements/nations in that area. This way, it prevents players from capturing tiles round hubs, and able to put players directly to the role-play.
  10. Focusing on this, 1) You cannot use enchantments/magic while actively using alchemy. - I assume you cannot prepare multiple alchemy potions at the same time? , - Would an alchemy potion counts as a major action similar to enchantments/casting? As in the beholder while priming/readying a potion have limited moved an actions to represent it? eg- Unable to attack/strike/block or move X amount of blocks while focusing? 2) Summons/creations would be inherently magical by default, and would count obviously as an active spell/enchantment. - If you have a 'druid' who is communing with an animal, does this count as magical since communion doesn't have any 'cast times' and passive by default? - If you have a golem/atronach/alchemy man/smoggers, ext would they be able to activate or carry an activated alchemy potion? - If you have two people, one is a conjurationist who summons a cow. The second person not connected, placed an activated potion on said cow. Is this possible? - Is an Olog now unable to carry alchemist potions as they wouldn't understand how to activate them?
  11. It wasn't exactly specified, what about magic specific alchemy? Eg- dark alchemy for necromancers. If there is a spell active and youre inside of it (not the mage), eg- whirlwind from air evocation, can you activate a alchemy potion? What of pets, if a pet has a potion, can it be activated? If the pet was a summon? How would enchantments work with alchemy?
  12. How did you get that much bone meal without bone block nodes?
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