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  1. World Building Lore is always great
  2. Hey LoTC - Blobiverse fans! 

    I wanted to update you that a new patch has been released and it's a long awaited one including many requested features! I'll allow @Telanirto speak on them himself.


    Play today! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/blobiverse-virtual-life/id485233267



    1. Abyssus


      when are you adding the battle pass

  3. Don't follow the patriarchy, leave the region, lose it, rebel against the system. Don't let the admins win.
  4. Atronach drones would also have this restriction or no?
  5. ( https://i.pinimg.com/564x/e5/99/0a/e5990a0c322a2ac13c639e8e3ae6c444.jpg ) PREFIX The Tree of newfound growth is a wood attuned by the influences of the void. Groves of Trees cannot be found as they’re not naturally occurring. Certain special conditions must be met for one of these trees to grow. The tree sprouting will have twisted roots flowing up the body to a twisted trunk, warping the tree as it grows. The first bloom of the tree will split in two through the middle, and a crystal will be found in its core, the two halves floating. As the Daerom Tree blooms, its unique wood properties can be harvested, and the greater source of mana that influenced its growth can finally be witnessed. The wood overflowing with primal void energy, able to attune itself effortlessly to it, more manageable than that of magegold. GROWTH Artificially grown, the Daerom Tree is created through an overflow influence of the void. A greater mana source is required to passively cohort a sapling into changing its growth pattern to that of tremendous potential. Carefully imbuing the seedling will warp the roots to become twisted and hollow, as with the tree trunk when nearing the center. Once the Daerom tree blooms, the reasoning of the hollow wood near the trunks middle comes to tuition as the tree snaps in two, revealing a focus crystal core, the two halves of the tree become separated though still part of the same growth, the top-half remaining on top and ascending above the focus crystal like it remains unbroken. The bloom of the tree sprouts that of the first appearance of crystalline-shaped leaves, similar to that of a colored glass packed together as if shaped thinly shaped glass hanging down to that of a willow tree. The leaves being transparent, can see liquid mana traveling between as if absorbing and collecting the greater source of mana around it and synthesizing the energy to liquid mana. The tree's trunk is seen to be warped and twisted with intricate linings and designs adorned on the wood, the prior seedling fighting to grow to than what it was to become. The wood on the tree, when close, you can see the wood breathing the liquid mana flowing within the outside veins of liquid mana pumping from the leaves, branches, and trunk down to the roots and vice versa. Though these liquid mana channels are beneath the surface of the bark, they can be seen from the surface. The wood of the Daerom Tree flows with liquid mana to keep sustenance on the wood. It is found to be highly resistant to that of voidal arts, able to distort the magic which hits it and distribute it throughout the whole trunks of the tree. Even pinpoint attacks will not bypass this resistance, only overwhelming force that cannot be redistributed to the level of wood available. Daerom tree blooms will never falter in any season, therefore after, except only when the greater source of mana is destroyed or removed from it. Taking half that of its bloom growth to wilt fully. Starting with the falling of the crystalline-shaped leaves, which will eventually dry up the synthesis of liquid mana required to sustain the tree. Growth Stages: HARVEST The harvest of the Trees wouldn’t be one of difficulty having many ways to fell the tree. The most common way would be to remove the core focus crystal; doing so will collapse the top half leaving the bottom to be cut through normal means. Regular cutting methods otherwise would easily take the wood as if cutting a regular oak. The logs of Trees would have varying colors differentiating the trunk rings depending on the aura color of magic(s), which influenced its growth. The crystal core on the tree would be that to match the size of the tree and is difficult to remove, a regular sized tree core may be removed through translocation or alter-position spells countering the flow of mana holding the crystal and tree, although unable with brute physical force, requiring at least orc level strength to pull out by hand. Shattering the crystal by slashing or blunt damage can be done, the crystal having 5 points of health, slash damage taking 1HP, and blunt taking 2HP. The crystal's durability and size depend on the tree. Abnormally large trees will have a greater to impossible breaking point/unable to move/translocate magically. As the tree's core is broken, its topmost part will collapse and fall, succumbing to the laws of gravity that it once defied—allowing the easy harvest of the wood without much issue but destroying the tree in the process. You may instead for a lower yield of the wood harvest branches so the tree may be intact and regrow the broken pieces. The wood is remarkably light for what one would initially believe, that of the weight half of regular oak logs, yet having the same oak hardwood density usually. The remains of the tree can be stored until treated either in the void or within a greater void-influenced area until treated. The harvested wood retains the same high resistance of voidal arts, distributing attacks through the wood if it doesn’t overwhelm its structure or too much mana cannot be redistributed. Causing the wood to splinter or shatter depending on the forces applied. An overwhelming force of void energies would require direct voidal attacks to attack the whole structure at once, including connected pieces. The force of the attacks will still be caused, either uprooting or pushing objects back, depending on the power of the attack. You may discreetly harvest the tree's sap without cutting it down, which can be done with a spile or peeling bark. The sap will be a viscous sweet mixture of liquid mana, similar to honey. It can dry up to form mana formations of amber-like substances. The crystalline-shaped leaves may be harvested from the Daerom tree without causing damage if enough remains to support the tree. The leaves are only as durable as a hollowed glass bottle, the leaves being hollowed focus crystals. The crystal leaves will not gather or synthesize liquid mana once barred from the wood. The leaves can be taken out of greater void-influenced areas without wilting. REDLINES Daerom Wood can only be made with constant greater void influence areas, being within a mana obelisks range or greater. A Daerom Tree requires a greater void influence to grow and sustain itself, and you may only have one tree per 10 meters range. If you don’t meet the requirements, the tree will not grow. You may grow the tree underground as it doesn’t require regular sustenance. If growth is disrupted by either harvesting before the bloom or taken out of the greater void influence area. The tree will wilt and die. When the Daerom Tree is ready for harvest if taken out of the greater void influence area. The tree will wilt and die. If the Harvested Daerom Tree wood is taken out of the greater void influence area. The tree will wilt and die, except if stored in the void or treated. The Sap/Amber/Leaves can be removed from void influence without it being destroyed. The Tree can be seen with flowing void-based mana surrounding and inside of it. The Tree can have mana flowing through or pass through it. A mana obelisk's range won’t be impeded if the wood blocks a path; it will go through it. Spells will not go through. You will, at most, get three workable logs per tree. One Wood if the branches of the tree are taken, or three if cut down. You may receive more depending on ST discretion. When harvesting sap, amber, or leaves from the tree, it will not destroy the tree. Does not require an ST signature. When a seed is planted underneath a voidal tear or hollow, the Daerom Tree will sprout to life around the rift and grow to encase it, even to the size of an up to the size of an Elder Tree, bolding the same resistance to fire. When blooming, the center will be the rift/hollow in place of the focus crystal. The wood density is that of Oak Hardwood, no matter the sapling used. The weight of the wood is that of an oak tree wood halved. https://www.inchcalculator.com/lumber-weight-calculator/ Cannot be interacted by druid communion/control. APPLICATIONS (RAW FORM) The applications of untreated Daerom wood would be minimal to remain inside the void. Though all applications of regular raw form wood can be made. When taken outside of the greater void-influenced areas, however, the wood would wilt and die unless treated prior. The applications of untreated Daerom wood remains similar to regular wood counterparts with exception of its high resistances to void based attacks/energies while within a greater source of mana. The wood may be built structurally similar to log-housing or defensive walls as with weaponry and armour continuing to allow the resistance to flow through it. Mana will still bypass through the wood allowing pure mana based influences to go through seamlessly which doesn’t prevent the negative effects of a voidal tear/hollow, still disrupting those affected. If the structure of Daerom Wood is minimal such as when made into weaponry, armour or shields it may negate void-based strikes against it except unless overwhelmed, the overwhelm effect on these void-based attacks will persist for thirty narrative minutes, having a limit of three ‘strikes’. T1-3 attacks will accumulate one strike, whereas T4-5 spells accumulate to three strikes. The negation only works if the spell is a lesser size compared to the structure of your weaponry, armour or shield, for example a baseball sized projectile, a large based attack such as ‘water-wave’ will overwhelm the protection. Once the strikes have accumulated to reach three or past the threshold the Daerom wood splinters and breaks, the protection ceasing only potentially successfully protecting against multiple or one large void-based spell, as reminder the force of the ability will still be applied, with the same example of ‘water-wave’ you may not get ‘void wet’ although still be pushed back. When the wood is burned through natural flames or overwhelmed voidal fire, even if the wood is dead it’ll burn with a stream of colourful smoke relating to the log rings aura colour which may become a grand spectacle or beacon of colour shining through the sky. Voidal flames will not cause the wood to ignite with natural fire unless intended. The logs will burn for thirty to sixty narrative minutes until it’ll eventually crumble to ash depending on the heat intensity. REDLINES The wood can be made into anything ordinary wood can be made into without limitation or special properties given to it, except if listed above. When taken outside of the greater void-influenced areas, however, the wood would wilt and die unless treated prior. Thus the void-protection ceasing to exist. Armour or weapons made from the raw-form of wood are limited to plates unable to form around the person and create an edge, making it so you're limited to blunt weaponry. Armour/weapons made due to the light nature of the wood can be worn/wielded, including two handed weaponry - the adeptness of using the weapon is depending on the person. Which includes T5 void-mages. Void-based attacks will persist for thirty narrative minutes, having a limit of three ‘strikes’. T1-3 attacks will accumulate one strike, whereas T4-5 spells accumulate to three strikes. If your armour / weapon is overwhelmed with void energy it will not nullegate the effect of the spell. Overwhelm means if the spell is greater than the current protection. Having wood armour trim cannot protect you. You have to be in full wooden-plate. If the spell covers more than the wood protected area, including connected parts it is covered 'overwhelmed'. Cannot be interacted by druid communion/control. APPLICATIONS (TREATED FORM) The treated form of Daerom wood is done through the use of Transfiguration or Voidal Artificery weaving their mana through the wood with either transmutation or the imbue ability. Coursing mana through the wood and eventually sealing the liquid mana pathways causing the wood to no longer succumb to the effects of wilting and dying due to being outside of the greater void influence. The wood still retains its original density and durability however the voidal-resistances are lost, in turn voidal energies cannot now pass through the treated wood, including the negative/positive effects of a tear/hollow. The treated form of the wood is still capable to be worn and wielded by master void-mages allowing them some protection and further refinement of the wood allows them to shape it to many shapes and designs, removing the restriction of only plate or blunt weaponry. Treated Daerom wood still retains liquid mana channels through it, which allows an enhancement of void-based applications such as the ability to retain an enchantment that is fuelled and powered by the wood not taking from the individual who activated it in question. The method of activation allows oneself to move away from the enchantment when initially activated, although it requires the individual to be within a reasonable area to do so. In turn- any deactivation word can be spoken by the opposing party to disrupt and cancel the enchantment as it casts. While the enchantment is being channelled it may break focus and cancel itself out if it has been parried, moved further than three blocks (per round), or forcefully moved through an attack. Through the use of Voidal Artificery, obtaining the Daerom Tree focus crystal core one may utilise it as a bound object for a familiar/manifestation. The core can then be imbued within the center of a treated Daerom Wood figure to give life to a familiar providing it with a physical body to dwell. The body is able to be any size or shape up to a capped limitation of a standard wolf or dog. The familiar now with a physical body is able to articulate and move itself independently from the owner as it retains its own core. The new Daerom Wood familiar is unable to be cast from by its caster due to this, no longer utilized as a focus-crystal beast. The familiar however still may be bound with a singular separate enchantment, which when activated follows all rules specified above. The Daerom Wood familiar may-be-bound to a secondary focus crystal core which leashes it to a particular individual, unable to move more than 20-blocks away from it, limited to one per-individual effectively taming the familiar to follow commands given if the ‘leash-tether’ goes outside of 20-blocks or out of line-of-sight it will go inert, appearing as a gargoyle wooden statue. While the familiar still retains the no affinity for combat, meaning it will not go to strike/attack even when commanded, you may move it to a position to activate the trigger for the enchantment bound onto it or utilize it as a physical barrier for anyone hoping to pass. REDLINES Treated Daerom wood doesn’t retain any voidal magic resistance. The treated wood will not have void-influences pass through it naturally unlike untreated. The positive/negative effects of a voidal tear/hollow cannot bypass the wood structure, unless broken. You may finely shape the treated wood and wear it like regular armour, retaining the same durability as hard oak wood. Master mages (T5) are able to wear this armour as if it was the weight of gamberson. Treated Daerom wood can retain a singular enchantment, which can be independently activated within three blocks of the person activating it. Activation can be done without focus as with deactivating if within the same area. Otherwise the wood follows the same restrictions as enchantments, if attacked, knocked to the side or move further than 3-blocks per round it will deactivate. You may lay the enchantment down as a ‘trap’. Daerom Wood Familiars are independent creatures in themselves not bound to a caster unless the ‘leash crystal’ is created alongside it. With the leash crystal the familiar will act as tamed and listen to commands of the beholder. It may not directly attack or fight in combat, although it may move/block areas. If an enchantment is activated on the body of the creature, it follows the above redlines. Wood familiar is unable to be cast from by its caster, no longer utilized as a focus-crystal beast. The Daerom Wood familiars can be broken/destroyed by similar meals of breaking/splintering wood. The familiar will lose all memories of itself if the bound object inside of it is destroyed. The Daerom Wood familiars will go inert and unmoving turning into wooden gargoyles if out of 20-blocks when bound by the crystal leash or out of sight of the beholder. The Daerom Wood familiars when not bound will act as a passive creature made of wood, fleeing when threatened. Follows all redlines from Transfiguration Enchantment lore and Voidal Artificer Lore unless specified differently above. Cannot be interacted by druid communion/control. APPLICATIONS SAP / LEAVES The Sap harvested from the Daerom tree is a viscous mixture similar to honey with a sweet taste upon it, followed by its colour matching to the aura of magic which influenced its creation. The sap will provide no nourishment when consumed, as if it dissolves into nothing once eaten except for leaving the blissful taste of a sweetness aftertaste. If a being from the void or mutated from the void consumes the sap regularly they will find it to calm and ease the flow of hunger, sustaining themselves on it. Eventually the creatures or mutated void-creatures can forgo any other natural foods and survive primarily on the sap produced by the trees, if they go without it however- soon die or be met with hysteria overconsumption on anything around it. The Sap when dried out can turn itself into an amber, which can be utilised as an arcane focus or focus crystal, which can aesthetically take the place of a crystal holding a more natural form. The Leaves on the Daerom tree are similar shaped like regular leaves except its made out of a crystalline transparent structure, these ;leaves will take in voidal energy around it within areas of greater mana sources. The energy taken can be seen in these crystals following the ‘leaf stems’ which will have liquid flowing through. Able to be utilised as a device that can synthesise void-mana into liquid mana. The liquid mana extracted this way will have a void based origin. REDLINES Daerom tree sap will provide no nourishment or fulfilment to any playable race except if void mutated/created. This allows void based creatures “Eg- mana-weave bug” to consume it. The nourishment it will give to these beings will cause a reliance and need for the sap overtime. Keeping the creatures alive however at the cost of other nutritions. The Daerom tree sap can be utilised for faux flavours in food or drink to give sweetness to it without sugar required. The amber created from dried sap follows all focus crystal / arcane focus redlines if made into it. It only aesthethically is different. The leaves may produce liquid mana when within a greater mana-source. One dose is able to be taken from a leaf each day. The leaves can be reshaped into jars with transfiguration - transmutation - alter shape, long as the crystalline stems are intact. Cannot be interacted by druid communion/control. Reference Art: https://i.imgur.com/ZXhVwqp.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OMmU9zq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/qoPgbnQ.png Citations: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Credits: Evo - Writer. Soul - Tree Builder. Mages Guild - Feedback.
  6. The trial of Valazaer The trial was held by Evo’lur Tartarus on the Okarir’Maehr Valazaer, councilor of Haelun’or, jurisdiction of knowledge and magic within the walls of the silver city. The trial of Valazaer was called due to the actions of the councillor at the verdict given to Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos where they lashed out on the misuse of magic, utilising Fire Evocation to attempt to usurp the decision brought forward by the Maheral Seth Calith, speaker of Larihei pardoning the death penalty of the prior mentioned Pamphilos to instead be banishment. The choice to take action and attempt to execute Pamphilos came after the pardon verdict by the Maheral and done within the justice building of Haelun’or. Showing impurity within the halls of Justice of our esteemed city when the target of their aggression held no contempt or will to escape. Now the trial is not only calling on this action of Valazaer, it calls forth a previous crime on one of our own kin of Elves. Luthriel. During the time of Luthriel who tried to live within our silver walls previously was banished and branded by the Sohaer at the time as impure without trial, the elf showed no direct threat and held no weapons yet Valazaer under grounds of ‘banishment’ took action as a commander of the Sillumir, our guards to ‘deal with her’ and on investigation by myself who escaped and treated Luthriel to safety was mutilating and the declipping of the elves ears. The violent actions of Valazaer is something we should look into and further prevent, as the Okarir’Maehr they should know their actions are inexcusable during the trial and usurping the choice of the Maheral, speaking as hand for Larihei over the Maheral’s choice. The evidence I have for the two situations would be from those attending the trial of Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos and the former history of Luthriel’s own witness as they now reside within our city. As the situation was brought up to the council and Sohaer at the time, it was dismissed and the actions of the Sillumir commanded by Valazaer at the time went unchecked. I have utilized the example of past behaviour here showing a pattern of Valazaer’s aggression and it was agreed by the Maheral, Seth Calith that the family name be stripped by Valazaer who shared the same due to the actions and history of the elf bringing impure behaviours to the family. The trial I am calling for, I do not seek banishment, nor do I seek execution. The path of the elf I would like the esteemed judges to vote for would be the path of purity so Valazaer can earn their family name back and their seat on the council if the judges do decide to retain them on the position. Undersigned Evo'lur Tartarus By will of elheial’thilln, by will of Larihei
  7. Natural Ingredients have been utilized in alchemy before without having specified harvestable reagents. For example- Deers heart for Audnian alchemy. Or direct example: With your example of redstone having properties of; Rage, Instability and Vigor. It gives a good counterpoint, however they're still node based examples. - The reagent is a good post to give some reagency into, I am just thinking of the application of it.
  8. The only thing holding me against the idea of adding in honey/beeswax to have reagents would be how you want to harvest them. Currently all alchemy reagents are node plugin based, do you want to add honey/beeswax to the same? If you do all currently collected honey/beeswax would be illegible to be used in reagent harvesting. If you do not, the storages of honey/beeswax storages are now used for reagent farming. Alongside what of created bee hives people have in greenhouses?
  9. In comment to this, the spell here is purely for scions only then, when thought of combat availability. I'm not against the idea of feat spell additions. Since the spell does require continuous focus, binding it to an enchantment would break if used to dodge/parry/attack?
  10. Preface: This was written prior to your comment of new spells/abilities, I will comment when available to the new ideas on my thoughts and opinions. Hey there Aelesh, i’ve taken a look over this lore and past iterations of celestialism and wanted to post some of my feedback and concerns on the piece you’ve written here. Before I start I wanted to express that this rewrite thematic is great and has potential to be a new voidal magic that expresses the neutrality of the void. I will go in a linear direction, starting from the top and below which will come with concerns, feedback and questions to the overall piece of lore. I wanted to first bring up a big thing of the magic, being Aura’s as your celestialism post heavily relies on it. Specifically I have two lore references, one from Voidal Connection and the other The Aura of Mana. I have references the two posts with their name. I wanted to specifically bring this up due to it stating that a person can pick between multitudes of colours, up to three. Specifically from “The Aura of Mana” “- Auras can showcase up to a limit of 3 different colors. Meaning, a mage's aura could shift between colors such as red, yellow and orange, or white gold and blue. Shifting between multiple shades of the same color [like pinks & reds, or dark forest green & mint] is generally considered 1 color.” I wanted to know how Celestialism acts in regards to this, in your teaching ritual you specify your aura needs to be listed on your student application. Would Celestials have three available aura colours to them in this case? ✦ Celestialism draws its practises from the Celestials, a unique strain of Voidal Horror. With the void eventline on the current map, creatures of shuul and celestials where listed as the same ‘krill’ type creature by the ET and even Zarsies himself, referring as I quote. “Celestials are like shrimp / krill if the Void were an ocean, just little puny guppies similar to zevn/imps for inferi. They are what is referenced in Celestialism albeit no player content lore exists for that currently so they're just ET creatures.” Reference It is mentioned however in the same quote, there is no current player lore for it except for now, which you created. I wanted to point this out due to you mentioning them as a different strain of voidal horror when as the quote suggests lesser/greater horrors are in a completely different league compared to the ‘krill’. At the end of the day its thematics of wording, so there isn’t any criticism here, just some thought. You mention in the notes section just three paragraphs down there is no difference as well when the above quote differs. ✦ Incompatibilities Looking at the list of incompatibilities you list several voidal feats due to the demerits that the magic offers but haven’t given reasoning to some. Might I ask why an Arcane Scion or Voidal Artificer cannot achieve the rite of exaltation? With the above redline of a Celestialist cannot have selfish desires, an Voidal Artificer has none and rather gives to people and considers everyone a friend. I also wanted to address the other voidal feat Veil Watcher, it bares no mention here so I can assume it is compatible with Celestialism despite the destructive behaviours and mental debilitations? On the added line, you have listed that machine spirits are compatible, is there a reasoning behind this? Would those which have been revived via Tawkin revival also be compatible? I am all for the incompatible list of the other magics. ✦ Radiance [Combat] [Passive] Celestialists find that their magic is bolstered by the Celestial Arcana from which they now draw their spells. This bolstering makes their aura gleam brighter, and causes their spells to cause additional damage to Voidal Horrors. As this ability is mostly ET ran, I have no issues with the overall description given. I would only change one line mentioning ‘voidal horrors’ to ‘void creatures’. As there are many which dwell in the void. As shown example, Shuul, Celestials, Lesser/greater horrors, behemoths, ext. If it is changed, you might have to specify if it harms creatures which came directly from the void or mutated by it. ✦ Melding [Combat] [T1] The Celestialist breaks down their aura and melds it with a target. Without the barrier of refuse mana that would normally prevent two souls from touching, telepathic and empathic communication becomes possible. This is due to the participants' souls quite literally touching one another, their essences entwining themselves together. My first criticism on this would be the same, it shares similarity to a Voidal Scion ability, “[Spell [Combat]] - Melding Adept and experienced in combative and generally impromptu magics, melding is a trademark capability of Arcane Scions, serving as a useful tool in battle as a crossover of transmutation and ancient arcanism.” Reference. Might be best to reword the ability in this post to prevent confusion. To the actual feedback of the ability, melding is an ability which I assume is a channelled spell and taking a constant mana drain to do so. You specify the mana drain is significantly reduced at Tier-3 however nothing else relating to mana past this point. The version of telepathy here is simple enough of exchange of information within line of sight, I would ask if clarification can be made if the spell can be imbued onto two items, having them linked and communicating between within the radius, via enchanting if you wanted to make this possible. The last line: ➣ A Celestialist may choose to cause their aura colour to become that of their targets. As aura specifically is a big thing in Celestialism this one line is a pretty big change as it changes certain effects of the spells in question as you detailed below. If you utilize this ability on a celestial for example who naturally has a Pink aura to your own of Blue, then the ‘Aura Effects’ spells do change. Is this combination intended? What would happen if the meld ends while Arcanify/Aura effects are active? In the same example as above, the Blue aura on them would turn back to their natural red. How does this play into the magic? Does the Arcanify/Aura effect of the spells break? ✦ Arcanify [Combat] [T2] A Celestialist can empower their aura with arcana, causing it to bless them with magical effects. Is this indefinite? As long as you're connected with no drain of mana? If you utilise any of the aura effects to ‘end the blessing, does arcanify end? In turn any target under ‘bless’ also lose the effect if the caster has? The concept of this spell is generally fine, my only criticism of this spell would be apparitions. In regards to bardmancy specifically the spell “Visual Trick” is essentially this non-combative gimmick which I believe should be kept to the Bardmancy magic as it gives them flavour and doesn’t overshadow the spell with your one line description. If you wished to delve further into this spell, similarly to how other evocations have done, dedicating multiple paragraphs to explain the limitations. Here it has none except ‘out of combat’ and able to create sounds? ✦ Bless [Combat] [T2] By channelling their Arcanified aura, a Celestialist can extend the powers they are blessed with to other nearby targets. The Bless spell is interesting, the supportive premise of the spell is something I quite like and opens the door to many interesting ideas and effects to give to someone. My concern is some lines in it however, specifically you mention it lasts indefinitely, meaning the cast of the spell either costs no mana and or channelling the spell doesn’t syphon mana. Especially if cast on multiple targets. My second point, is this item enchantable to transfer the magical aura imbued on the trinket to the person, blessing them? ✦ Aura Effects For starters, I understand the mean to add combative effects to blessing though some of the effects below are overtuned. I would urge you to reconsider a majority of them and keep it to more of a ‘celestialism’ vibe and not straight CRP buffs. Consider for example, more void-inclined buffs/boons. I will list below the Aura Combative Effects, ➣ Red and Pink Auras [Combat] Range abilities +3 blocks increase, projectiles slightly faster and Truer? Than normal. Spend 1 emote to have hyper-perception. End the effect to perform any action swiftly, reacting to danger or perform precise actions for 1 emote. Although the first point doesn’t really have a big impact on anything, I am confused what you mean by the ‘truer than normal’ part of the text, are you insinuating that projectiles have a ‘lock on’ ability? The hyper perception is something which isn’t inherently bad, though curious how it fits with the celestialism thematic? This last point might be something up for contention, for example from the “Boons and Banes” Explanation Topic. It suggests this quote below: “Passive bonuses should avoid gimmicks. Gimmicky things can be like rolling benefits, interference with mechanics (such as seeing through blocks, invisibility, breathing underwater, etc…). While something like enhanced perception or nightvision is okay, something that justifies borderline metagaming would not be. Such as ‘detecting’ magics, cas, etc. on another person, or being able to detect some sort of attack, casting, or so on within a certain radius can be distasteful as well. Consider as well the limitation of minecraft mechanics. Currently, there is no way to mechanically represent underwater breathing, lack of food, invisibility, and so on. Please do not rely on this or try to incorporate this into your lore.” I am using the quote above to read further into the third point of performing feats of swift action specifically, which can be taken as you giving someone the ability to make a dodge, attack or movement in a aggressive or defensive way. Which is quoted ‘can be distasteful’. Looking at the overall blessing ability you can give this to at most three people, four including yourself. ➣ Yellow and Orange Auras [Combat] +2 Movement. End the effect to perform a feat of supernatural agility for 1 feat, within 3 emotes. Hyper-balance, greater than an acrobat. Body becomes Lighter. I don’t exactly see an issue with the increase in movement speed, especially at the low movement increase. The concern was brought up with the above commenter stating how one cannot escape if someone is under the effects of this boon. Performing a supernatural feat of agility would need some clarification on what it exactly does. Does it bypass minecraft current limitations? This especially would need some redlines to specify what it can do. Backflips? Hyper-balance seems like an interesting choice but surpassing that of a master acrobat? I don’t believe a passive boon ability should have this effect, similar but not surpassing would be better. As you’ve described it one can just walk/dance/juggle/handstand over a tightrope. Body becoming lighter, I understand you don’t mean this as in ‘armour becomes lighter’ but in turn, if your own body becomes lighter wouldn’t it mean you’re more capable at wearing heavier armours? Take into consideration, you weigh 100kg, if this spell makes you 50% lighter, you now weigh 50kg, meaning you can make-up the equivalent of your previous weight-wearing armour. I know this isn’t as you intended but perhaps needs some clarifications. ➣ Blue and Purple Auras [Combat] You get the Voidal Scion buff of concentration, unable to disconnect unless stabbed, ext. Mental buffs, less likely to be discouraged by emotions striking them. You’re giving a passive Voidal Scion boon of concentration up-to four people. You’re taking up a whole idea of a feat and putting it into a passive boon. This needs to be reworked. Mental buffs, are RP flavour, so there isn’t really an issue to this one. ➣ Green and Brown Auras [Combat] Get mage-armor, half plate. When struck, shatter the ‘veil’ around them, knocking people back and stunning them. A passive ability gives you mage-armour, if cast over someone with armour already. Does this double the ability strength? I’m sure you can see the potential issue of this ability alone. The knockback 3 blocks and one round stun with the shatter ability is something confusing. Does it break the aura ability surrounding the blessed, removing the mage-armour? It specifies [6] emotes to recharge, which I assume is just the shatter ability. This is a passive effect on up-to four targets. It is enough to straight up discourage any melee user from attacking, add in a clause that auric oil/null arcana rips through without triggering the ability? I will also quote voidal connection: "On Armaments Mages who practice magic for one or more OOC months cannot wear full plate effectively, and at best are limited to half-plate or some light gambeson. Anything more than this would render the mage unable to cast and incredibly exhausted after just a short time of wearing it. Though a mage could wear full plate prior to this point, their ability to do so would slowly degrade, exhausting more over time. Once a mage has reached about three OOC months of casting would find themselves unable to cast in anything heavier than gambeson, struggling to connect and maintain their breath in heavy plate." Reference I am quoting this specific piece since a mage after three OOC months would only be able to wear gambeson, except again if you're a scion. ➣ White and Black Auras [Combat] Any/all attacks are magical and void based. Causing disorientation when struck. Mana cost of void spells cost one tier less, T4 spells become T3. Attacks on hit causing magical void based damage is a pretty neat idea, although you specify ‘all of their attacks’, I assume this means ranged attacks as well? Would this also mean other magical abilities, are now also void-attacks? The second point of all void spells costing one less being a passive ability is a bit extreme / over the top considering something like this already exists, being in Blood Magic. “Augmentation - Combative” in example: “Tier 3: The spell is cast with +1 to its tier. The blood mage may extract genus from blood within 1 foot of themself and may empower others via touch.” With your ability being a passive and not requiring a resource or sacrifice, it is much more ‘powerful’ and you should reconsider this ability to not cross-over other similar ability types of other magics. ✦ Familiars My overall opinion on familiars is the niche has already been accomplished by Voidal Artificery and if you wanted to create your own brand of familiars it needed to stem from that magic. In turn, using a familiar from the Voidal Artificer Lore and imbuing it with magic to conjure a body for the Celestial familiars. To give the lore some interaction with other voidal abilities which have similar things. Especially since they have the same/similar appearance, except one being physical and the other ethereal. “They will always appear to be the colour of their bound Celestialist’s current aura, and will effervesce with raw Arcana.” I will not give comparison to Voidal Artificer Familiars apart from the above statement. With my general concerns about the cross-over of familiars, I will ask is your familiar independent or does it need to be manually handled? For example, can it move without being instructed? When it casts magic, can it do so out of its free-will or do you need to activate it? When the familiar casts magic, are you also able to cast magic? ➣ When out of combat, the familiar may range as far as it wishes from it’s Celestialist. If I am reading this correctly with the following redline of: ➣ Whilst a familiar can be used to peak round corners, the presence of the familiar should be clearly emoted. Are you able to send the familiar off to ‘spy’ on areas and locations to then report back to you with the telepath melding ability? ➣ Celestial Familiars are able to sustain [10] wounds before dying. This ability is extremely tanky, I would say [3] wounds would be enough. You want to protect the creature, not utilize it as a wall between you and an attacker. ✦ Barrage [Combat] [T3] A familiar is able to create a dense packet of arcana which it flings at a nearby target; this packet of energy explodes ferociously, knocking back those hit by the blast. This missile can be further augmented with particular colours of aura. I believe this ability alone outscales most of other void evocations for the reason of the emote count required, for example from the four evocations: ➣ Fire Evocation: Flame Projectile [C] Flame Projectile make contact with any person or object, they will give them second degree burns upon touch. ➣ Earth Evocation: Earthen Offence [C] Rocks Rocks may be conjured, able to bruise flesh and fracture bone upon direct contact with unarmoured individuals, though only able to lightly dent plate and cause light bruising at most in the case of an armored opponent. ➣ Water Evocation: Water Blast [C] By conjuring forth a congregation of water, a water evocationist can send forth a jet or projectile of water to blast opponents backward. While not very physically damaging, it’s force is moderately strong possessing enough force to send one toppling backwards, though holding no more force than a descendant’s push, likely causing them to stumble back around [3] blocks if unprepared, or even cause them to fall over. ➣ Air Evocation: Gust [C] Depending on the tier, the object or person will either be pushed backwards or stumble downwards. Aiming for one’s feet is the best means of achieving a trip, while aiming for the center or chest region can cause stumbling backwards. The abilities I detailed all taking three emotes to utilise which I wanted to express power-strength, your ability can bruise targets (not specified if it does if they’re in armour), pushing the target(s) within one block of its impact back 3-5 blocks and stunning them for one round. Reading the other abilities of evocations, one of these effects are fine but you’re adding in multiple, fire evocation causes burns, earth creates bruises, water holds people back and air pushes others away. I believe this ability is too over the top and should be reconsidered or rewritten to balance it correctly as it essentially does all of the things here except for ‘fire/burning’. The Barrage ability also comes from the celestial, which isn’t a bad thing, I would urge you to specify that if it channelling the magic the celestialist is unable to cast magic themselves. ✦ Shelter [Combat] [T4] A familiar is able to create a shield from their arcana; this shield gains unique effects based on the familiar’s current aura colour. I believe this ability is fine with a few tweaks, the familiar casting the spell should be listed as manual casting from the celestialist through the familiar. The auras on the spell are an interesting quirk of the magic which I do like, although one should reconsider how effective they are in combat, for example a barrier that when broken knocks back and stuns? Is a bit over the top and then the shield for all aura should be limited to only a few people in the radius. I understand with the last two spells, barrage and shelter comes from the celestial familiar and having it independent to cast free from the celestialist concentration. A mage should decide when to cast a spell and not be able to have multiple active at once. Pick to bless, barrage or shelter someone. Not have two active at once. It offers more gameplay opportunity and makes you question what is the best spell to have active at the current time rather than always having bless up. ✦ The Rite of Synastry [Non-Combat] [T5] Basic teaching ritual and have no comments, the flavour is there which is nice. Exalted ✦ Beacon [Non-Combat] [T3] [Passive] An Exalted Celestialist is blessed with further power that draws tiny Celestials to them, who become constant companions in life. This power also allows an Exalted Celestialist to cast new spells, and some spells which were previously only available to their familiar. The overall flavour of this ability is nice, on initial look at and read, although delving further through it comes with some issues starting at the quote below. ➣ Whilst out of combat and connected to the Void, a host of tiny, curious and inquisitive Celestials surround the Celestialist. These Celestials may perform simple tasks for the Celestialist, such as bringing small objects to them, fishing things out of their pockets, helping them to cook a meal, and so on. Although the ability is fine in question, it kind’ve steps on grounds of a few things on the server currently, if you study Atronach Forging for example, Atronach drones can do the same purpose. Which already fills the niche of a void-based “do this” type of thing. Reference ➣ A Celestialist, should they be familiar with the creator, might be able to determine who brought an enchantment into existence. The ability here seems like a ability associated with some of the voidal feats being: [Passive] [Noncombat] - Aura Sensory. Reference, Reference & Reference The ability you mentioned here has aspects of the Aura Sensory which although only works on the void, your ability works on all enchantments. I understand you have a clause requiring OOC permission and it doesn’t state anything but ‘If you’re familiar with the creator you would know who made it”. How familiar does one have to be? To know the aura of the user, can they see the aura on the item a voidal eminence ability? ✦ Greater Melding [Combat][T3] A deeper and more advanced form of Melding, Greater Melding allows a Celestialist to meld with a great many targets at once. When outside of combat, the Celestials which flock to an Exalted Celestialist can help with the meld to improve its range. The spell here is mostly fine, I just have the same questions I expressed in original melding here. I only have one thing to point out which is, ➣ This spell cannot be followed up with Bless, unlike regular Melding. You don’t specify in regular Melding or the spell Bless any interaction. ✦ Sanctify [Combat] [T3] The Celestialist uses their Celestial Arcana to purge Voidal corruption from an area around them. ➣ When targeting an area, the Celestialist may cleanse corruption from trees, plants, and animals, but not from descendants. This is because these targets have less complex souls. Personally when I and Fadedquartz attempted something similar to this with a structure/gems except for a spell it was met with criticism that voidal corruption was minimal unless you got rid of the source. For example, A mana obelisk doesn’t produce much ‘corruption’. If the motive was to clear up tears/hollows it was told that the area would be so much bombarded with mana the corruption would come back as quick as it was disposed. Furthermore, the quote: “It doesnt make sense for voidmages to have a way to clean it up, even then, only an aspect stone can clear a hollow and thats a deific artefact, shamans/druids cant unless its very minor stuff.” - Squak. Reference Continuing with the idea of purging corruption from creatures, in itself aren’t you creating that corruption with the celestial gardens? I quote, from a spell below, “Creatures with weaker souls gradually and randomly lose their anima, their inner workings replaced with arcane pseudo-souls of the same kind as those which lie at the heart of a Celestial. Creatures that undergo this process are transfigured into otherworldly things; new limbs, organs, ethereal patterns that pulse across fur or feather, branches that droop with crystalline fruits, all these things and infinitely more are possible. Within the confines of this garden, life has been liberated from itself.” How is this different to corrupted creatures from the void if the gardens do the same? ✦ Expel [Combat] [T4] ET based spell, so I don’t really have a say in what can be done. ✦ Grace [Non-Combat] [T5] This spell is the greatest expression of an Exalted Celestialist’s capacity for symbiotic magic. By calling a great many Celestials to their aid, the Celestialist crafts false flesh or bone for a target, which melds with their mundane body and helps the target to function as normal throughout the healing process. A healing spell, generally the void isn’t attributed to having this kind’ve magic and the only thing similar to this would be Life Evocation (conjuration) Jing healing. Reference ✦ Constellation Casting [Non-Combat] [T4] I don’t have a comment on this as it opens the avenues of ritual casting. ✦ A Cosmic Seed | Celestial Garden The flavour here is wonderful, just some critiques. ➣ a garden extends [20] blocks from its centre The garden expanse is very large, and doesn’t require RO consent. I suggest decreasing the size considerably. Does the garden halt at walls when it grows or bypasses it? For reference if reading correctly, this is the allocated size at T1. Reference ➣ Celestialists within the garden may behave as if they are constantly casting Greater Melding. They remain able to move, walk, talk and cast spells as normal, unlike a regular cast of the spell. Additionally, the range of the spell is increased to include all those beings within line of sight. Is this available for combat? ➣ Celestialists can cause these apparitions to begin at will. Unsure what you mean by this statement. Begin at will? ➣ A Celestialist gains access to [3] portions of Celestial Arcana. This Arcana may be spent to cast Sanctify or Grace. It does not regenerate, and must be replenished by going to a Celestial Garden. You specified this in the Exalted Celestialism Beacon ability but didn’t reference it in the Garden Post. Would need some clarity on how they refill. ✦ Celestialism Rituals ➣ The Rite of Growth [T1] A nice flavour spell in general, although three months is a decently long time to provide a memory, could you lower it to a week? You have to also be careful that you cannot force someone to put memories into the tree/branch, you have OOC consent listed but not RP consent. From my experience the ST are finicky about this stuff. ➣ The Rite of Stillness [T2] A pretty innocent ritual with nice flavour. ➣ The Rite of Constellations [T2] Permanent metagame. I suggest reworking the spell to only work while within the same distance as regular melding [7] blocks. Though an item should be handed to either player ST signed to signal / mark the individual of communication. The person should also be labled to not be able to be melded to other people from the person they’re currently bound too unless, unbound first. ➣ The Rite of Transcendence [T3] Although the spell is mostly harmless, it has some aspect of blood magic in it in the last line of evocations becoming permanent, as it is a spell within that lore. I don’t think however this clashes so much to outright get removed or criticised much. Overall good ritual. ➣ The Rite of Exaltation [Non-combat] [T5] Basic ritual to bind two slots of the magic. Overall, the concept of celestialism here in my opinion needs work and opportunity, in prior iterations of Celestialism it was mostly non-combat based whereas here it seems you’re directly putting yourself in harms way. It is an interesting interpretation, although I feel that with the current classification of magic on the server it doesn’t really have a purpose the way you outlined it here currently as other magics either have the spells listed or fill the niche.
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  12. Good concept, curious what people do with it if accepted.
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