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  1. cloudy with a chance of vegetables 

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    2. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      join me friend, and together, we can rule the world


    3. Harold
    4. Matheus


      ill be a fruit just 4 u, mlord

  2. you're not even a real joe u have a y at the end of your name 

  3. batty boy - emperor tsuyose 2 king Alex


    1. Vege


      but what did he mean by this ponders alex

    2. ImperialRoyalist


      drunken tsuyose sends regrettable message 2.0?

    3. Tsuyose


      @ImperialRoyalist if only i did regret it but i meant every word of it

  4. [Denied][GM] Suxals wants a blue tag

    Capable, competent and friendly individual, I've known him since he joined the server, he'd make an excellent GM.

    1. Vege


      thank you for this joe number two

  6. papi where u, u never came back after u went 2 get cigarettes :((

  7. i can feel it coming in the air tonight

  8. six days until the two year anniversary of theformation of the duchy of courland hold onto your hats 

  9. hope ur all ready for the fifth coming of vegetarianism x

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    2. HurferDurfer1
    3. _draak


      Are you going to make a good courland this time?

    4. EpicBlade


      Praise the Vegetarianism!

  10. Let's get cooking 

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    2. Glocky18


      I want to have an African special dish

    3. SugarBlind


      its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

    4. dkink14


      Give me your best mashed potatoes with gravy,  a nice lap of beef and a salad.