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  1. Oliver Staunton wonders if it is time.
  2. Known Luke for a long time, definitely feel he is capable +1
  3. still not over this 


  4. now that lotc is dead the only thing left for me to do is to utilise my skills of recruiting child soldiers and become an African warlord


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    2. The North

      The North

      lotc has been dead since june 2013, everything after is a homosexuapian after shock

    3. Lionbileti
    4. Suxals


      Give me a nice uniform and i'll be with you


    ppeas dont give wanring post


  6. pinally a ballus I can get fehind

    1. mitto


      At last, a cock I can sit my ass on

  7. this is the reason lotc is dying
  8. "Doesn't Lorraine need honour to have an honour guard?" asks Jim the Lifeguard as he nails one big piece of wood to another big piece.
  9. is it time for me to reform the holy courlandic empire to save this sickened server

  10. perhaps it is time again :**
  11. i think the route cause of all of lotcs problems began when @Pond left
  12. and so it had begun 


  13. wondering what to do now on lotc hm hm hm 

  14. how do i work this

    1. Hero_


      What did he mean by this????

    2. Vege
    3. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      And you may say to yourself "My God, what have I done!"