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  1. Vege

    The Battle of Leuven

    “Haense hasn’t won a battle yet, why are they still fighting?” asks Godfrey.
  2. Godfrey nods, smiling a little.
  3. Would upvote but I don’t have any more +1s I don’t condone any OOC harassment or bullshit from either side, especially my own, I don’t have any feelings of animosity towards other players anymore, it’s a game and we should all be mature enough by now to get on with one another – which doesn’t mean everyone has to be best buddies, but at the end of the day there is no need for excessive shade / harassment / insults to either side of the war Little bit of **** talking here and there is fine, but there's a line Probably have thrown a bit of shade in my time on the server, but I haven’t played properly in two years and done quite a bit of maturing since then. Most of the lads on the server are decent once you actually talk to them, which I did find with the Haense player base, after actually talking to quite a few of them This is the last thing I'm doing on LOTC, I don't wanna leave on bad terms with anyone, so lets try and make the best of it.
  4. can we just all be friends please 



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    2. frill


      you killed me in war claim this is unforgivable 

    3. Vege


      @frill nice did i actually 

    4. frill


      ofc not 🐵

  5. Appreciate everyone speaking out against the ruling.
    1. Lionbileti


      You’d probably do a way better job then most of these buffoons on staff tbh...

  6. any mod that isnt speaking out against this is complaciant, how can you stand by and let these continuous fuckeries go on, whether youre on our side or not?
  7. hehe staff bias whats that
  8. Emperor Godfrey welcomes back the rightful Pontiff of the Canonist Church!
  9. Emperor Godfrey sort of half nods and half shakes his head
  10. Percival Staunton smashes his room to pieces as a large piece of him dies.
  11. The 16 year old Emperor toddler raises his sword to the sky, wiping the blood and mud from his face. “Now we take the fight to them.”
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