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  1. A deceleration is sent directly to the settlement of Svenheld. "Baldur of Svenheld will yield to the House of Ruric at once, or military action will be taken."
  2. does Oren have any vassals left

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    2. 吳憾戰士14


      Oren doesnt even exist anymore for all intents and purposes

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      yeah u pulled the ejector switch just in time chummer

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      daddy vege?

  3. King Tuvya smiles as a new age of positive Haensetian-Courlandian relations can begin.
  4. Thank you, for the promotion to Stauntbucks manager, you beautiful person... *wipes away a tear*


    1. Vege


      you earned it 


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  6. "This is the only way we will minimise civilian casualties. Leave immediately, innocents of Johannesburg, lest more innocent blood be spilt." Proclaims Tuvya.
  7. this is the best meme of the whole war
  8. “I Emperor Tuvya II with a true and contrite heart, ask for God’s forgiveness in the errors of my ways and accept the True Faith of God. I accept the real teaching on Predestination, Exalted Sucession, Horenic Exalted Supremacy and Pontifical Infallibility. With this oath I accept the orthodox views of the true Communion until the day of my death.” 9
  9. "Welcome to the revolution, Cousin." Says Tobias, smirking.

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      you're uprooting roots that've been rooted


      git b4nn4d

      Wait a second...


      That just had my WT application on there.

      What in the world are you doing vege


    2. Vege


      i will sit on the iron throne sir i warned you all of this day through my trashy memes 

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      oh boy

      you called me sir, thanks dad!

  11. THE BATTLE FOR JOHANNESBURG Ashford forces assaulting Barrowyck | Baldwin de Lyon "Sometimes the Lion needs to Show the Jackals who he is." - King Tobias Staunton before the battle of Goldfield. No man could have expected the forces to do so well at the Battle of the Gorge, triumphing over a superior force of the Empire for the first time in living history. They had buried the false Emperor and his troops under a landslide of rocks, arrows, and sharpened blades. Yet there still existed an aura of tension about the insurgent forces - if the men of Lorraine were able to scale the walls of Ostwick then their noble rebellion may be put to the blade then and there; the hopes of freedom for man crushed forever. They had toiled for days, weeks, and months, preparing their weapons for the defence - sharpening stakes and digging trenches ever deeper. It would all be for nought, though, when the news flew from Metz. Their historic brothers-in-arms, the Lotharingians, had raised their blades in rebellion alongside the Courland forces - determined to avenge the holy Church which had suffered so much at the hands of the tyrant and to spill blood in the name for their Savoyard brothers who had been wronged so harshly by the throne. Yet still the Imperials had persisted in their underhanded tactics, throwing out the forces from Metz and seizing control of the city from its true lord. Only when they had been scattered once again at the Goldfield in the south, piles of dead men mounting in droves at the side of the southern roads, was Metz returned and the route to Johannesburg opened. The defection of the men at Cantal to the now inevitable victory left a single, final battle to still be fought upon the field. Thus the combined host prepared their weapons, set aside their defences, and turned their sights to a far greater prize: the head of a man who had wronged so many and now, impotent, lingered behind the walls of his capital. They marched to Johannesburg - assured of victory - and prepared to end the Empire. WARCLAIM Tier: 1 Type of Battle: Siege Date / Time: 21/1/17, 3PM EST Sides: A: House Staunton and Allies B: Holy Orenian Empire and Allies LOCATION Direct Area: https://gyazo.com/dce9e09435aec64a8f97ff227d26c6ea Wider Area: https://gyazo.com/c4d31fcddc9d6345e1238ce65dae3350 TERMS OF VICTORY For Attackers- If the defenders are killed, driven from the field, fail to attend. For Defenders- If the attackers are killed, driven from the field, fail to attend. AFTER VICTORY For Side A- The House of Staunton are given control of the city of Johannesburg. For Side B- A counter-attack can be declared. The House Staunton forces cannot launch another offensive campaign on Johannesburg for two weeks. RULES - No status switching, - No golden apples, - If the defenders do not attend, they implicitly forfeit and attackers win, - No modifications can be made to the castle from time of this post, - No TNT,
  12. "I offered you peace, Orenian vassals, you should of taken it whilst you had the chance." Declares Tobias, as he presses on to Johannesburg.
  13. remember guys it's the taking part that counts

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      The Beast mod Orodreth

      quickly make another child vege. I want to be traitorous scum too.


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      stop stealing my jokes

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      shut up mitto they're my jokes now 

  14. Vegetarianism the first of oren

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      and his amazing duke of turov keaton

    2. sergisala
  15. yeah guys just remember it's the taking part that counts