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  1. remember when you got banned for saying welcome back jon snow what a ******* meme 

    1. TankM1A2


      @mra8ur93ss >tfw you get banned before theres even a rule about your offense

    2. Arygon


      Vlad approved. "Da, Da."

    3. mra8ur93ss


      lmao oops amirite uptop??

  2. da, da

    1. Arygon


      davai, davai suka blyat

    2. Vege



    3. Arygon



  3. warg1

    1. Lionbileti


      You left me.

    2. Glocky18


      you disgust me sir

    3. sergisala


      He also left me :(

  4. Everything that I had in place worked whilst I was there, I didn't change it after I left and it's unfair to say any extistential server wide crisis that ensued following the end of my six month rule was my fault
  5. Go **** yourself the lack of activity is nothing to do with me, there was little RP prior to my antics, and during my 6 month rule on this map there was always a decent amount of RP under me, as there was every other time I've managed a group
  6. i support this people who lack strength and physique will just never understand how 2 properly rp as it. vege signs
  7. *david "fivehead" Cameron, a young conservative eager to become mayor posts his propaganda all around every major city*
  8. hemlo partner in crime and grime 

    1. devvy


      *hiss* im his partner in crime and grime.

    2. Hero_


      Ey bozo, what's the big idea?

    3. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      joe and joe's crime stop

  9. reformation of lilille? @Babadooks 

  10. 1. house vegetarianism i mean house staunton
  11. apply for gm

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vege


      wouldn't want me to

      build a castle on creative 

      @ nordwen??? 

    3. James2k


      wtf harrison why arent you asking me to apply

    4. iMattyz


      It wasn't a castle it was a tower.


  12. is this still a thing

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Glocky18


      Shhh you will attract Max

    3. Narthok
    4. Hero_


      just mineman not srs

  13. You know he's the man for the job