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  1. [RP] Participant’s Name: Dain Metalfist Name of Ancestor: Hekkaes Goldhand Why this Ancestor: Hekkaes Goldhand he put a lot of work towards making the grand kingdom grand. Mask (Homemade/Custom Order/Standard): Standard Mask Description (If Ordering): N/A [OOC] MC Name: Endershadow292 Discord (If you have): snipertje21#5631
  2. Deldrach would hear of the news of David's death as he said “May you and Billy find eternal Happiness.”
  3. As soon as the results to the chiefdom of cotton were in Bordavir slammed his fist on the table saying “T’ese bastards forgot aboot t’e loine ef cotton and refuse teh lesten tuh a elder dwed's words agenst a beardlin’.” He’d then start digging in some old documents looking for the old clan traditions, as he found them he blew the dust off of them as he proudly read through “Ah well challenge Maggie Cottonwood tu a duel fer chiefdom ef cotton” He’d then go on to read the old document stating: To Gain leadership of the Clan a Cottonwood would challenge the Chief for a duel. If the Chief wins the duel he remains chief and has proven his strength to his people if he falls he is considered a weak leader. The one who beat him gains the title of Chief, but challenging the Chief is considered a dishonorable thing to do and shows the challenger has no respect for him and will be shamed. Also the Chief can decline your challenge as he sees you unfit for leadership. Bordavir then went on to the clanhall of the cottonwoods where he posted a notice stating: “I Bordavir Cottonwood hereby challenge the pretender Maggie Cottonwood to a challenge for chiefdom, if this challenge is not accepted Maggie will be seen as dishonorable and weak. Next to that I Bordavir Cottonwood do not recognize the leadership of Maggie Cottonwood as she is a beardling and has yet to gain any experience to provide propper leadership to the clan.”
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