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  4. LAST NAME: Metalfist FIRST NAME: Dain AGE: 169 EXPERIENCE: Yes ((MC NAME)): Endershadow292 ((DISCORD)): snipertje21#7705
  5. IGN: Endershadow292 RP NAME: Dain Metalfist CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  6. The Metalfist Clan Their Will - Korthon’Var The Metalfist Clan is a relatively young, lowborn clan who find their roots back to the beginning of the First Confederation of Hammers at the early days of Atlas. A clan born out of necessity, formed to create a home amidst the rubble of an abandoned city. It was here where the clan played a crucial role in the forming of the Second Confederations of Hammers and their survival, which in turn led to the forming of The Kingdom of Agnarum and the later return of Urguan as we currently know. Their history has always been full of minimal members with high ambitions. It all started when the Silverveins abandoned the hold of Azgaryum and retreated back to Kaz’Ulrah. They who refused to leave the city found themselves in an odd spot. A large city, few Dwarves and a common goal. Deny Kaz’Ulrah their victory. The few Dwarves of different clans abandoned those who abandoned their hold and united into a new clan; The Metalfist Clan. Named after the smithing company Gimli’s father ran during his younger days, the Metalfist clan had no distinct culture. No distinct look. Each did their part for the betterment of the hold and kin. The Clan’s peak was reached during the Second Confederation of Hammers where they played a vital role during both the formation of the Confederation and the Unity with Kal’Bogrin into The Kingdom of Agnarum. The clan has always offered quality craftsmen, workmen and soldiers to the Kingdom. Metalfists filled the ranks of Legionnaires. Filled the gaps in the economic and political system and did the jobs that had to be done. Their strong will to create the best possible home for their clan and kin was bearing its fruits and their will remained strong. This is a ‘tradition’ that is still carried on to this day. The Metalfists will forever be a hardworking, honest and devout clan. Clan Culture and Traditional Stylings The Metalfists follow their own version of the long-lasting Steelheart Culture. In many ways they remained the same, but the emphasis now falls on their strong belief of individual honour. One’s word should equal an oath. The Craftsman's Culture. Every dwarf needs to put in their part and work. Metalfists, like Steelhearts, acknowledge the difference between males and females. Despite this they view that their responsibility to their culture and their family is the same. The males and females are expected to follow their tradition and will be punished equally. For this reason, if a Metalfist goes to war or a raid they will kill all those that are not children as in their perspective it is the responsibility of all adults to be able to defend themselves and the people close to them. If a mother is not able to pick up a weapon to defend her homeland and her family she is not worthy to be called a mother. If a male innkeeper is not capable of protecting his Inn by means of force he is not worthy of that inn. To a Metalfist one must be ready to sacrifice it all for what one holds dear, even if this includes one’s life. Both parents are meant to aid equally in the raising of the child to become a proper Metalfist and Steelheart. Traditional Stylings The Style of Metalfist Crafts would be considered fairly basic for there dwarven kin, Ornate gems and gold are rare for one to use excessively as is with some of the cavern clans, with the Metalfist Styling often appearing similar to the Elder Clan Grandaxe. However, they are often built much more sturdy, far beyond what is needed, and much use of stone is favored in the halls of the clan. Armour is a matter of preference, with most members of the clan owning a suit of thickened plate armour with riveted mail skirt, armour such as brigandine or gambeson is not however unknown and is well used when the need demands a more flexible and easy to don armour. Clothing and General Appearance Leather robes and apron: Usually worn whilst performing manual labour as crafting. The leather protects the wearers from being harmed by workplace injuries or ruining their clothes. Ceremonial robes: White robes with minimal designs possessing the colors of the clan of the wearer. These clothes are worn for cultural and religious acts and ceremonies and are kept as clean as possible while they are not worn. Kilt: As many mountain dwarves, they tend to wear kilts with the colors of their clan. These long wrapped blankets are worn by Men and Women alike in both daily life, during travel or during battle. Every Metalfist will create their own kilt with guidance of a crafter who knows how to do the process, to become a true clansdwed. Plate Mail: As is old Dwarven tradition, good heavy plate armour is a must under the Metalfists. You must learn how to take care of every part of it and make it your own. This will be worn during battle or for ceremonial purposes and is meant to be practical over anything. Hair Styles Despite a lot of dwed wearing different types of hair styles, there are some that are traditional to the Steelheart culture. Dragon’s Tail: A shaved head with a ponytail at the back of the head. One of the most popular haircuts by the Steelhearts. This hairstyle has been popularised by the uniqueness of it and the fact that it facilitates the viewing of the surroundings during the battlefield. Steelknot: A side knot on top side of the head. Believed to be used by the ancient Steelhearts. Like the Dragontail this head style removed the excess hair that could cover the view during battle. Unlike the Dragontail however it is much more elegant and hence more difficult to make. Classic Ponytail: Used by many races the ponytail has been used by warriors from all cultures. The Steelhearts are no exception to the rule and tend to wear them when they don’t feel like putting the effort of making a Steelknot, or they cherish their hair too much to go semi-bald and get a Dragontail. Blood Traits of the line of Gimli First Metalfist Strong of will and hardy of body, those of the line of Gimli Metalfist have a few common traits that bind them together closely. Hair of various shades of Ginger are the standard, and stocky and well built physiques. Standing around 4 foot 4/5 inches on average. Beady eyes stare out from their thick skulls, with large eyebrows and even bigger noses the norm among the Metalfist children. Religion The Metalfists believe in the personal bond between Dwed and Brath. If you wish guidance from the Brathmordakin, pray to them. The clergy should be nothing more than those who maintain the sacred sites of the Dwarves and they see the Clergy as a potential way to dilute the true intentions of the Brathmordakin and should be kept under careful eye, with some Metalfists taking it upon themselves to keep a eye from the inside of said organizations. The bond should be Dwed and Brath not Dwed and Priest. If you wish for Yemekar’s guidance; Work in his name. Create and he will look over you. If you seek health for your family; Give it to your ability and Anbella will do the rest. You must praise the Brathmordakin through your actions, words alone will not suffice. As Steelhearts, they have a Patriarch that teaches the Beardlings about the Brathmordakin and history of the dwarves, parents are also expected to teach their children about the Brathmordakin. It is a great dishonour for a parent to have a child that does not know about the Brathmordakin. For a Steelheart death is not an issue, in fact they welcome it. The life goal of these dwed is to die in battle so that their souls can go to Dungrimm’s Halls. If they haven’t died in battle they believe that they will be reborn as another dwed to try again. However, if the dwarf has lived a vain and undwedmar life he/she will be removed from the cycle forever to never be granted the gift of Dungrimm’s halls, instead they will be treated to the dark depths of Khorvad’s realm. It is also believed that in times of great harshness great dwarves from the past take mortal form once again to guide their people. Steelhearts believe they have been granted the gift of prophecy through battle. When a Steelheart is heavily wounded in battle it is said that sometimes the Brathmordakin give them views of the future. If the Steelhearts survives he/she will be able to tell his kin that the Brathmordakin have given them a vision. Once the others are informed of this vision it is up to each individual to believe in this vision or attribute it to blood loss affecting the brain. 'A stylized image of a Metalfist cleric in the field of battle' The Iron Law I - A Dwed that kills a kinslayer is not a kinslayer himself as a kinslayer is not graced by the Brathmordakin any longer. II - Steal from a dwed and your hand will be amputated. III - The Iron Law does not protect non-dwed. IV - Enslaving a dwed is punishable by being blinded. V - Sleeping with a relative is punishable by castration and amputation of the nose. VI - Studying Voidal magic is not a crime but helping undead or practices of dark magic, much less using it yourself will brand you as a willing helper of beings that kill dwed making you a kinslayer and able to be executed by decapitation. VII - Those that kill themselves in the dishonorable act of suicide will not be buried. VIII - All dwed must be given proper burial if they died with honor. IX - Disrespecting a dead foe is punishable by the removal of one eye and a hand. X - Lack of belief in the Brathmordakin in the Steelheart culture is punishable by death and indecent burial. Dwed is no Dwed if they don't believe in the Brathmordakin. The Metal Law I - Your word is your honour. If we cannot trust your word, we cannot trust you. Breaking your word and lying to your kin is punishable by removal of the tongue and excommunication. II - Always remember. Remember the good, remember the bad. Remember your word, remember their word. What was said and done cannot be undone and act accordingly. Failing to stand up for yourself will label you a coward and is punishable by the shaving of beard, dragon’s tail and excommunication. III - Your clan is your family. Even though not all are related by blood, all have proven themselves and have been accepted as family. Repeated disrespecting of family is punishable by removal of the eyes and excommunication. IV - Dwed is dwed. Even though you might disagree with another's opinions, you will not abandon your kin. Failing to aid your kin will label you a coward and is punishable by removal of the dominant hand and excommunication. CREDITS: Original Steel-Heart Culture by Mateolog Bulk of Writing: DwarvenDaddy, Endershadow292 Formatting and Minor Edits: Titanium430
  7. Dain Metalfist read through the old tome as a grand smile appeared onto his face, he'd think back about the good old times in the confederation of hammers and in Agnarum when he used to lead the Legion of urguan. He then looked down at his children as he told them ”Read des keds, des tells ef wot yer fameleh ‘as done en ahr loifes. Ef da grand toimes ef da confederatien ef ‘ammers whech turned entu da kengdom we currentleh live en safeleh.” He'd then close the tome as he happily answered all the questions his children had about the old days, happily moving to sit at the fire place.”
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