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  1. Endershadow292

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    MC Name: Endershadow292 VIP Rank: Gold In-game screenshot of your tag and username: https://gyazo.com/272bd3604bba2197ee0c88d228d27bc0
  2. Endershadow292

    [Accepted] Punisher8817's Application Team Application

    Very dedicated and active member of the community, would be a great addition to the application team!
  3. Endershadow292

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: Endershadow292 Discord Username: snipertje21#5631 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: yes How active are you?: very active my dear friend. IC Name: Theobaldus Surname: var Caer Title: Colonel within marna, marshal of white peak. Liege Lord: Eimar var Burgundar Gender: Male Date of Birth: Race: Human Subrace: Heartlander Culture: Gotha PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 6"4 Weight: 110 KG Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: White Hair Color: Black Markings: Terrific moustache PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Gotha Occupation: Marshal of white peak/Colonel of the Rams horn brigade CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Theobaldus var Caer, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  4. Endershadow292

    [Accepted] [Pending]Capace's Event Team Actor application

    +1, Is a very professional person and knows exactly how to respond to rp emotes in the right way.