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  1. Best moderation lead I ever worked under.
  2. LAST NAME: Metalfist FIRST NAME: Dain AGE: 169 EXPERIENCE: Yes ((MC NAME)): Endershadow292 ((DISCORD)): snipertje21#7705
  3. IGN: Endershadow292 RP NAME: Dain Metalfist CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  4. The Metalfist Clan Their Will - Korthon’Var The Metalfist Clan is a relatively young, lowborn clan who find their roots back to the beginning of the First Confederation of Hammers at the early days of Atlas. A clan born out of necessity, formed to create a home amidst the rubble of an abandoned city. It was here where the clan played a crucial role in the forming of the Second Confederations of Hammers and their survival, which in turn led to the forming of The Kingdom of Agnarum and the later return of Urguan as we currently know. Their history has
  5. Dain Metalfist read through the old tome as a grand smile appeared onto his face, he'd think back about the good old times in the confederation of hammers and in Agnarum when he used to lead the Legion of urguan. He then looked down at his children as he told them ”Read des keds, des tells ef wot yer fameleh ‘as done en ahr loifes. Ef da grand toimes ef da confederatien ef ‘ammers whech turned entu da kengdom we currentleh live en safeleh.” He'd then close the tome as he happily answered all the questions his children had about the old days, happily moving to sit at the fire place.”
  6. [RP] Participant’s Name: Dain Metalfist Name of Ancestor: Hekkaes Goldhand Why this Ancestor: Hekkaes Goldhand he put a lot of work towards making the grand kingdom grand. Mask (Homemade/Custom Order/Standard): Standard Mask Description (If Ordering): N/A [OOC] MC Name: Endershadow292 Discord (If you have): snipertje21#5631
  7. Deldrach would hear of the news of David's death as he said “May you and Billy find eternal Happiness.”
  8. As soon as the results to the chiefdom of cotton were in Bordavir slammed his fist on the table saying “T’ese bastards forgot aboot t’e loine ef cotton and refuse teh lesten tuh a elder dwed's words agenst a beardlin’.” He’d then start digging in some old documents looking for the old clan traditions, as he found them he blew the dust off of them as he proudly read through “Ah well challenge Maggie Cottonwood tu a duel fer chiefdom ef cotton” He’d then go on to read the old document stating: To Gain leadership of the Clan a Cottonwood would challenge the Chief f
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