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  1. A Departure for good

    would hear upon edel leaving and just continue his farm work not really bothering to much about it "never really loiked t'e ***** anehways." he would say with a sigh while bending down to continue the work
  2. The Cottonwood clan

    The Cottonwood Clan The Cottonwood clan is a Forest dwarf clan with a chief as leadership insteaad of a clan father, better known as a tribal clan. The Cottonwoods enjoy spending their time away from the mountain folk caring for their lands, animals and family. You can always rely on a Cottonwood for having food with him/her while traveling which they freshly made from their own land. The Cottonwoods worship the aspects and have a yearly feast around their holy tree. Clan Appearance The Cottonwoods have Ginger and brown hair, ranging at 4'0" - 5'0" ft in height with different shades of green eyes some can also have purple eyes in rare cases. Cottonwoods normally wear brown to green clothing to blend into their environment. Personality The cottonwoods are kind and peaceful dwed but can be easily angered by their mountain kin due to their stupidity. The Cottonwoods are very loyal to the people and the land they live on. Leadership As all dwarven clans are lead by one dwarf it is the same as the Cottonwoods but instead of Clan Fathers these individuals are known as chiefs and being called a clan father is a insulting thing to say to a Cottonwood. To Gain leadership of the Clan a Cottonwood would challenge the Chief for a duel if the Chief wins the duel he remains chief and has proven his strength to his people if he falls he is considered a weak leader and the one who beat him gains the title of Chief but challenging the Chief is considered a dishonorable thing to do and shows the challenger has no respect for him and will be shamed also the Chief can decline your challenge as he sees you unfit for leadership. OOC (Copy and paste the format and fill it in if you wish to join) MC Name - In Game RP - Name Age - Current Skills - Short Bio - Chief Boldrumir Cottonwood Elder Members Sildrumir Cottonwood