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  1. Slayy

    [Magic Feat] Trumm’Lordak

    @The Redneck
  2. For the situation of magics and creatures, I believe of creating a mash would rather suit or creating different classes of magic. Such as spells that rather fit the class of Supporting / Healers / Necromancers / Witches / Warlocks / Druids. You could repeat types of magics, giving certain race buffs in the class or perhaps allowing them to be natural starters in the art. Just in idea
  3. Happy New Years !

  4. Slayy

    elnarnsae'ame - The Elven Pantheon

    Aviala ponders on these mani, seeing if she will be tickled into all of this worship or not.
  5. Slayy

    A Mother's Memory

    Aviala Cydweli, the unknown druid, seemed to slowly look towards the far off lands beyond her isles. Her eyes seemed to look towards the waves, settling to her knees before she seemed to close her eyes. A small utter, a few prayers left her before she sat in empathy, the first time in her life it felt. “May aspects guide.” ((I don’t know how you feel or what may words do for you. Yet I am here for you and send you much of my love. Always to lend a smile and hug.)
  6. Slayy

    gab’s lm app!

    She is a pretty smart girl here lads
  7. Slayy

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    He isn’t that dumb, he can do it !
  8. Slayy

    Maybe free character art???

    Oh me! Of any of my characters! Perhaps my witch or my beautiful red headed druid 😄
  9. This girl has been lurking on the forums for a while, just put her on and allow to her to start working on this place!
  10. Slayy

    Art stuff is Art

    I see my witch !
  11. Slayy

    Frott's Lore Master Application

    He isn't that bad! SMH tho
  12. Slayy

    SpiffyTaylor's Lore Master Application

    He is a good lad!
  13. Slayy

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    He's an okay man