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  1. Slayy

    Maybe free character art???

    Oh me! Of any of my characters! Perhaps my witch or my beautiful red headed druid 😄
  2. This girl has been lurking on the forums for a while, just put her on and allow to her to start working on this place!
  3. Slayy

    Art stuff is Art

    I see my witch !
  4. Slayy

    Frott's Lore Master Application

    He isn't that bad! SMH tho
  5. Slayy

    SpiffyTaylor's Lore Master Application

    He is a good lad!
  6. Slayy

    [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    He's an okay man
  7. Awe dang it I came in last because of my laziness!
  8. I really do like the extension for the familiar type of vibe!
  9. Slayy

    Looking for a Skinner

    I'll contact you on discord
  10. Slayy

    Looking for a Skinner

    I am looking for a skinner to create a custom skin for me, just reshading of a head and then creating the clothing from scratch with some art. I willing to pay 2,000 mina!
  11. Slayy

    [Denied][P] Shelyn's Game Moderator Application

    boi what even is this tom foolery ?
  12. Slayy

    [Denied][W] Divinejustice's Game Moderator Application

    I guess +1