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  1. We all love water owo
  2. Slayy

    [Magic Lore] - Galderes

    Some of the abilities could use a little rework, with some circumstances, it could cause for them to be broken. Yet the piece isn't entirely bad. It does seem like some of the creativity was taken out of another place yet most of the lore pieces on the server are as well.
  3. Leaves a small blue lip print on.
  4. Slayy

    This map sucks...

    Since your Canadian, favorite type of maple syrup?
  5. Slayy

    Flight of the Raven

    Aviala gasps, then nods for woman power.
  6. Slayy

    Conversion Overflow Thread

    Main Username: Slayology Helper #1’s Username: Joyfuli Is this an alt or another player? If another player, ping them here with an @forum name: Alt
  7. Love when people use you

    1. Zastro
    2. ferdaboys69


      vent more on a roleplay forums

  8. Slayy

    Say You'll Remember Me

    Trust me, I know of the horrible things Luv has done -- and I haven’t forgotten about them. I’m well-versed in my knowledge of terrible things, such as the fact that you are well aware of Luv’s pronouns yet have chosen to refer to them with the opposing ones out of spite. Additionally, why don’t you take your disagreements or quarrels to Luv’s PMs and have a civilized conversation instead of shitposting on their things? I know Luv beyond how she’s displayed herself in the past, the ‘terrible person’ you know is not the current one. If you don’t take in the fact that we can’t judge people because we don’t know what the hell they’re going through, you’re just going to keep lashing out at people who’re proactive and try to better themselves based off how things’ve occurred in the past.
  9. Slayy

    Say You'll Remember Me

    I still enjoy the fact that we can’t let a goodbye post be filled with something good. We all make mistakes, countless ones. We all aren’t perfect, but we shouldn’t let that be the main thing about a person. We aren’t a one worded story.
  10. Slayy

    Say You'll Remember Me

    I don’t want to believe you're leaving, and I don’t wanna say goodbye. So, just come back ❤️
  11. Slayy

    Demons of Lies and Frost

    A hidden Fjarriuga clutches the pamphlet within her nails, her disguise not faltering as she read through the lines. Her brows raising as she hears of the Vaeyl. Her eyes crumbling the paper before discarding it. “Hmmm, seems there are others of our origin.... I wonder how they are fairing now.” She smirks before wandering off into the darkness of the city.
  12. Slayy

    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund

    Rumors of the cult stretched far enough to reach the ears of a hidden Fjarriauga, who was finishing the kill of her messenger. Her cold digits, stained red, pulled out a small crumbled sheet, the tattered parchment was barely legible. The title, “Order of the Scarlet Fist,” was the most visible to her eyes. “From the Scarlet Fist to this, I wonder what is next.”
  13. IGN: Slayology Name : Aviala Cydweli Residence: Gladewynn Chosen Mani: Silissa / Siss’siru (I’ll edit it before friday)
  14. Slayy

    What Pokemon would your character have?

    Aviala Cydweli: Svette / Enva:
  15. Slayy

    Happy Birthday, Tarrebear!

    Happy Life Day!