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  1. Slayy

    The Swamp

    Aviala would turn her head in the direction of the swamp, her eyes having a small iridescent glow around it. The whispers causing her ears to twitch a bit. Yet within an unknown tavern, a bandit seems to slowly twiddle with a dagger, raising a mug to her lips. After chugging down the mug, she swipes her wrist across her mouth. “Hmm, seems the treasure is calling my name.”
  2. I really wanna play DND

  3. Within a cold sweat, Aviala awakens. Her eyes fluttering about before they drew out to the coast line, her hands gripping the sheets before she gulped down a breath. “Again... terrible pitiful men ruin things.” Her jaw clenching as the flowers around her head began to bloom. “But for those little bud, I shall have my revenge.” A crone stands far far beyond the city lines, watching the blaze take down the branches and roots of ancient trees. Herself cloaked with a cold aura. “Silly young boys drawing their swords as if it was attached to them.”
  4. Aviala wonders when she will still get her training lessons, mourning a bit as she believes he is now dead from the years.
  5. The witch of the wild watches from the trees.
  6. Some of the abilities could use a little rework, with some circumstances, it could cause for them to be broken. Yet the piece isn't entirely bad. It does seem like some of the creativity was taken out of another place yet most of the lore pieces on the server are as well.
  7. Since your Canadian, favorite type of maple syrup?
  8. Aviala gasps, then nods for woman power.
  9. Love when people use you

    1. Maury
    2. ferdaboys69


      vent more on a roleplay forums

  10. Trust me, I know of the horrible things Luv has done -- and I haven’t forgotten about them. I’m well-versed in my knowledge of terrible things, such as the fact that you are well aware of Luv’s pronouns yet have chosen to refer to them with the opposing ones out of spite. Additionally, why don’t you take your disagreements or quarrels to Luv’s PMs and have a civilized conversation instead of shitposting on their things? I know Luv beyond how she’s displayed herself in the past, the ‘terrible person’ you know is not the current one. If you don’t take in the fact that we can’t judge people because we don’t know what the hell they’re going through, you’re just going to keep lashing out at people who’re proactive and try to better themselves based off how things’ve occurred in the past.
  11. I still enjoy the fact that we can’t let a goodbye post be filled with something good. We all make mistakes, countless ones. We all aren’t perfect, but we shouldn’t let that be the main thing about a person. We aren’t a one worded story.
  12. I don’t want to believe you're leaving, and I don’t wanna say goodbye. So, just come back ❤️
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