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  1. Sounds fun! Would be good to add within the redlines about the aversion / resistance to fire evocation and how exactly that works. And fire in general as well.
  2. The major question is, those that do know you are a seer, are you able to converse with them since they know already or will it be different? And I don’t know if those activities really qualify as seer activities, Zarsies would have just said player activities instead. I’d just wait to see his response for that question.
  3. What would be seer activities? Would that be the activity of keeping empires busy and away from the following of the gods? Overalll, this would be cool. It sounds like it can lead to an Order of Vassek, but wouldn’t it be a bit hard to not accused and found of being a seer since most have heard of its feat for a long while?
  4. The first section of runes that deal with summoning and changing of natural things would need to work on how strong these runes are, these runes can produce heavy effects even though, I assume, this magic takes up one slot. Furthermore, the tier progression and alteration of some of the runes have either been left the same or just amplified for ultra weaponry based attacks. I could see someone literally just have an object with a rune water runes and release a powerful fireman’s hose while I doubt that even water evocationist at tier 5 can do without have repercussions on themselves. And the runes that affect the body seem to lean into a type of blood magic, similar to where we had beserkers and rogues yet this time you guys have amplified everything. Someone with some sort of abilities or knowledge could literally just be twisted into that of the hulk or made into some Super Solider Captain Arcas. I never saw runes as something for the body, it was meant to be magic that alter the world, the language of magic. It seems to be twisted to just be a powerful magic meant to be locked in a group, the dwarves & friends.
  5. I am happy to see you post this! Starfelt did an mazing job! It doesn’t halt the progression either in case Stars gets denied, it speeds it up as this would be a good alternative! +1 Go Lore Master!
  6. This magics seems interesting! Sounds like a cool and fun type of holy magic! And the formating here is amazing! Go Whiteknight!
  7. I really enjoy this piece! I think it would give the server a good place of explanation for magics and a cool chance of voidal mages to work together. It creates a type of group roleplay, for either large events or simply for battles / item craft. +1
  8. An interesting piece! It sounds like a cool and fun way of roleplay that would bring more than the simple plant roleplay most do! +1
  9. Barely skimming through it, it has some promising spells and mechanics yet it still needs to be worked on a bit. +1 for trying!
  10. Amazing lore piece! Happy to see one of my favorite magics back!
  11. This is really cool! It is heavily different from the original drowned lore piece, this adds cool flavor to it! Happy to see it!
  12. I love the additions, I love the writing style, I love your passion Luv! Thank you for working for the community of Witches that the story team has seemed to have forgotten, not even allowing us to rewrite the errors. Go queen!
  13. Luv

    seems everyone is gettin’ the spiffy names, huh?

    1. Slayy


      We getting cute, but we are nothing like you ?

  14. Reminds me of DnD and I enjoy it a lot !
  15. Question, so if a person were to try to get the runes to fit an object and it mainly fits like 5 different objects, how will the LT decide which to give? Place numbers on them and allow the person to roll, and allow them to roll the fate or give them the least powerful or un-useable item ?
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