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  1. Slayy

    An Old Purpose

    A elfess begins to step out into the brisk shadow of night, the moonlight barely shining down on her skin. Her red locks slowly flowing down her shoulders as the vines around her started to twist and turn into brambles. “Finally.. Some change.” The druidess starts to walk out, her bare feet beginning to send waves of verdant energy which caused most plant-life to take a wild and carnivorest shape. Her embarkment leading her into the black, grim forests of Areas.
  2. A lone seeress would be slumbering within her chambers, the silk sheets tossed and turned from the dreams and nightmares that plagued her. However, this particular night, her face was contorted with the sights, her hands grasping at bundled fabric to clench and grip. Moments pass before Vritra jolts up from her pillow, her hands gripping around her throat, searching and clawing at whatever restrained her scream. However, she found nothing, allowing a harrowing, banshee-like wail to break free. Her blindfolded gaze searched for someone, for something, yet she found only darkness and a lone candle left lit. The smoke that came from the wick danced and shaped itself in a slithering S. “What else is to come...”
  3. Slayy

    DnD DM ?

    Good day where you are, I'm posting this because I'm in search of a DM to hold a campaign for a few of my friends and myself! I can help with any new people and their characters, all that needs to be done is to create an interactive, creative plot for a small squad of adventurers! If you are interested in Dm’ing and trying it out, please contact me on discord! We are totally down for anyone to help us!
  4. Vritra drank at her tea, holding the missive for her to simply read for the short moment. Raising her eyes towards the window, in the direction of the human lands. “A simply mage shall not provide you the comfort you seek, yet someone with a caliber of power and intellgience. Learn, those that dwell so plainly are to be the most suspected.”
  5. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 17k Elven skirts: 15k I really do too girl, I really do too
  6. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 15k Elven skirts: 15k https://images.app.goo.gl/mHDLjVAXE7Mw6xWL7
  7. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 12k Elven skirts: 15k I can’t believe I’m spending this much mina on this dress
  8. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 10k Elven skirts: 15k THATS ON THATS
  9. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 10k Elegant Lilac Elven skirts: 10k PERIODT.
  10. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 10k Elegant Lilac Elven skirts: 7.5k
  11. A seer slowly lights the end of her pipe, allowing the smoke to fill her lungs before puffing it out. Her gaze resting on a near by candle, watching the wax slowly melt away from the heat of the flame. “Grand fiery spirits do usher away the wax of the people. The third omen has yet again been officially been seen. Betrayal marks this land as if it is grass. Blood shall be spilled and our deaths will be not far behind.” Vritra leans forward before blowing out the candle, leaving the room in darkness.
  12. Discord: Slayy#5465 Skins / Bid: Elegant Lilac 10k Elegant Lilac Elven skirts: 5k
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