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  1. its not a meme if they are Asian tho
  2. Is this when I can say 'poggers'?
  3. Slayy


    minecraft, craft mine please
  4. Looking for a person to play a treant

    1. Trigamar


      I made an app a while ago, sorta had a plan for the character, but what's this about?

    2. MCVDK


      Already have an application accepted. I just haven’t started playing it yet - hmu if you got something exciting.

    3. Valannor


      14 hours ago, Trigamar said:

      I made an app a while ago, sorta had a plan for the character, but what's this about?

      Ditto with this lad. What's up, Chief? There's a few main groups of Treants romping about atm. 

  5. If I don’t get this roleplay, I think the server is being controlled by bias forces.
  6. Kinda cute, Kinda quirky. @Luciloo any event together queen ❤️ 9 hours of love
  7. Why don’t you give give everyone that comments what bender they are?
  8. michael myers more like loser myers

    1. Epistile


      Stop posting on my profile 😡😡😡

    2. Slayy


      okay wench, whatever you say

  9. Thanksgiving?!? And then the map change! Its like a dream come true! OMG
  10. I have to know.... tell me mister Arkantos
  11. I am strongly homophobic @Epistile please do us a favor sir
  12. I feel that there is a very under game idea of having the powers of fire and orc strength. I’ve looked at the weaknesses, there isn’t a common weakness in which you can harm an azdrazi? Their weaknesses for them are that they can not bear a child, can not pick up any magics, can not use their abilities temporally after their death, and being weak against one specific magic. Yet for other creatures and magics, they have certain drawbacks such as fire, gold, fatigue, mana, physical weaknesses. I am simply emphasizing that there isn’t a common weakness in which can balance their powers. Simply comparing the strengths to the weaknesses, there is a huge difference to them.
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