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  1. Hey guys, thought I would share a total obliteration war claim!
  2. Kaiboyer


    Kazj'i as a child was curious and wanting to learn. Being a Farfolk and growing up in Caliphate of Khalestinehem he played many human-like games as a child and very much enjoyed his life. His family loved hiking and always found treacherous but beautiful hikes. On a spring afternoon, they were hiking one of their most dangerous hikes the had ever hiked when his mom, Mavij'i miss stepped and while falling grabbed on the her husband's arm when she pulled both of them down plummeting to their death. This horrified Kazj'i Mizuk'u though he beilved if he fought and became a warrior he could get them back. After this event, he was determined to train for and fight wars. He was very popular in the community for being a fighter so many continued to encourage him. Still, in his teens, Kazj'i was hired to help the Akovia win the Schism War and proved his worth. As his reputation so did his confidence resulting in a current day Warrior. He currently lives alone on the side of a mountain but wants to join a mighty tribe.
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