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    "What I had seen that fateful day had shocked me to my core, nearly making me even more destroyed than when I was with my parents' death over 14 years ago. Now, you may be wondering what I shall do next? Well, to answer your question, I will be training with a determination I had not felt in my life and with a cold fury that no magic can extinguish. Learning magic, melee, and archery will take time, but I shall persevere for the sake of the dead for they have been silenced for all eternity." 

    1. UnusualBrit


      You've got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance, it's going to get you killed one day.

    2. TheDragonsRoost


      This is meant to be the character himself in a journal by the way so its just how he's rp'ed.

      Also, please remember not to meta this as this is a direct journal entry for him.