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  1. TheDragonsRoost

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    I’m only giving my two cents on this. It is ridiculous to find out that the bomb was retconned as soon as I come back to my laptop. Even more so that people on the staff teams are arguing over such a simple matter to the point where seeing this post is going to be a headache. I have read the comments thus far and I’m just going to conclude on the side of the players and say that the bomb should be left unvoided. The LT (if there be any during this event) should have realized the overall objective was to allow the players the freedom to end off certain storylines the way that it should: via RP. Just because a few people get upset over the fact that it was even created is enough to make me sigh in pity. As Ibraheem said, this whole thing took “two RL months” to create. Not my words but I’m quoting Ibra on this. If something took that long to create, I do not find any reason why that so much effort should be wasted by a simple retcon by a LT Director/Administrator. I’m also going to pull into question of the fact that there are some posts made by the ET and the GM teams that do not align properly with this overall discussion. By trying to insinuate that “the LT was not involved” or that players do not know how to roleplay Thanium correctly, you are making it very clear that LotC (while supposed to promote a healthy and very active roleplaying community) is not allowing the basic free will of the roleplay story to take effect and drive away players who are actually enjoying the storyline that Aesopian created back in August. While true that Aesopian has abused his position, it doesn’t help the case of this retcon in the slightest. If you wish to create a happy community, allow them the ability to create things that have been done before. Even if Atlas isn’t full of Thanium or any kind of explosive, just let them do what they do best. That’s all I really have to say on the matter. Please do not tag me as I will not reply.
  2. I think the only main issue is the fact that real life just doesn’t have enough memes.

  3. TheDragonsRoost

    The Phoenix Blight

    The sight hurt. Jarsek Myrsta, upon finding his homeland destroyed and full of damaging magic, was not pleased to find his home in such a state. He blamed September for destroying such a beautiful place while he was away and himself for not being here to defend it. Sometimes, it is enough to find hatred in destruction. He was a pure high elf in every sense of the word, but even he had his faults. No one was immune to emotions running rampant and this included Jarsek. His own emotions were not like most high elves, but this would prove to either be his greatest strength or his weakness. Jarsek felt no pain or sorrow once he looked upon Haelun’or, but rather he felt something else. Something that was beginning to add fuel to a bonfire that would last for the rest of his life. Cursed or soulless? No one knew. Not those left to see the day as this was my own challenge to overcome. He hated the fact that his grandson had been an impurity in his own house. The news of his death did greatly satisfy him, but it was not enough. He wanted to rid his grandson from the history books and make it to where he never existed in the first place. This kind of task would require a great cost, but it was one he was willing to pay. Even in death, his impurity rots. In life, I thought he would grow up to be a scholar working in the Eternal Library, his unyielding curiosity granting us more knowledge. No, this was not to be. After seeing his home destroyed, he came across a fellow high elf. One that even he thought seemed a bit suspicious. This high elf had told him that his name was Illiran Drennan, but he had never heard of such a name before. Even on his journeys abroad, he never once heard of such a house. It was at this moment that Jarsek decided to investigate this house through Illiran, but the risk of having this trust broken was too great at the time. No, he would slowly gain this elf’s trust and try to learn more, though this would also take its time. No greater shame exists than having someone in your own house be impure. Yet, this was something that could be inferred as irony. My grandson was impure and my own impurity stem from the blood on my hands. I took no joy or pity when I fought in battle, but felt nothing at all. This was something that no magic in the world could do to me as I was born with the ability to wield my emotions like a two-edged sword. It was what made me a good warrior, but it can also make me a monster. After talking to Illiran, Jarsek left the site of his old home and journeyed back to the Kadarsi, a cold darkness in his gaze as if he had shut himself from his own emotions. He didn’t know fear or loss, but he did know anger, fury, and rage. This could prove to be his downfall as the sight of his homeland did affect him, but not in the normal ways that a blighted land did. No, he was a blighted phoenix...
  4. TheDragonsRoost

    The Embers of the Cold

    How does it feel? Dreycon asked himself that question as he went home towards Sutica. It wasn’t much of a question, but when he set those crops on fire, something felt off about him. This feeling seemed to persist as the walk back to Sutica continued through the forests and the beautiful landscape. He was a firm believer in fate and the balance of the world, but after the encounter with the sprite and the whole arson, nothing felt familiar. It was almost like he had done something to himself that had yet to be revealed. How does it feel? It lingered in his mind. The only question he was unsure of on how to answer properly. His feelings were complicated at the beginning when he lost his family to elven warriors, making him an orphan. He guessed that it felt good? How does it feel? It didn’t go away. It was maddening to ask himself the same question in his mind over and over again, almost like a broken record. He sought out the forces of September as a way to figure out what was wrong with him and see if they had healers that could heal him, but all he found was a maddening feeling that consumed his mind. How does it feel? He prayed to GOD in the hopes that he’d find redemption, but his prayers were left unanswered. That question still left a mark in his mind that seemed to never go, searing itself into his very core. How does it feel? Dreycon smiled with a dark grin. It felt nice to get it out of its cage. The pent-up rage and fury that had been building over his life finally turned into a bonfire that had plenty of fuel to burn. The flame was a cold one, but his cold embers would wear away his sanity and turn him into a clear psychopath. He felt like some of his constraints had been shaken off of him, the ones that made him weak and insufferable. It would grant him power, but not the magical kind. Power, the type he had his eye on, was physical alone. He didn’t wish to give away control to anything but himself. The dream he had the night before last finally started to make sense. It was a dream of fire that burned cold, but it would consume the world. Dreycon dreamed of a world without nature or descendants, but a world ravaged by the flames of war. How does it feel to finally let me free, Dreycon? To finally let your inner demon burn through your mind and fill your veins with fire and fury?
  5. TheDragonsRoost

    The Rise of Oblivion

    Thank you! I’m hoping to make the Oblivion Magic submission when I can, but right now, it’s a WIP and will need a lot of revising and such. I hope to make it good for all 😄
  6. TheDragonsRoost

    The Rise of Oblivion

    Sometimes you don’t want to believe it. That magic exists and that it is dangerous for all people. With this kind of magic, it couldn’t be any more true. Beasts made from the corpses of those who are long since dead and Oblivion Energy exist, but there are those who fight these beasts to save the world. I don’t know where or how this magic first began, but its power is astronomical at the very least. It allows for self-regeneration and the murder of the caster’s very soul, unable to be revived by any magic that needs a soul. This magic turns the casters into pure psychopaths, even sociopathic in some cases, but strangely enough, not me. I’m the only exception to the rules and even I do not know why that I am. Maybe it’s because I was once human? Or maybe because I died and was brought back with it? Regardless, this magic is dangerous to all people. Across the Multiverse, Oblivion Magic has spread and destroyed many lives in the process. Now, it has its sights on a strange world in the farthest corner of the Multiverse. This world has no technological progression outside of the Middle Ages and relies heavily on magic. Strange versions of Necromancy, Pyromancy, Thergist, and quite a few other schools exist on this world, but none that I recognize. Schools of three types exist in this world: -Voidal: Magic that draws energy from a separate plane of reality and leaves the caster physically weakened once a spell is casted. -Deity: Magic that is either given freely or blessed upon the followers of specific deities, given dominion over certain parts of Creation. It just seems to leave the caster exhausted from what I’ve read. -Dark: Magic that replies upon the soul of caster and is a force to be reckoned with. Not too hard to face against these creatures, but they better pray that Oblivion Magic doesn’t spread here... I hope that someone reads this because if you do, prepare your blades and magical weapons. Oblivion Magic is a hard magical force that cannot be stopped completely and all it wants is the complete destruction of all life in the Multiverse. Barely anything can slow it down, so I hope you are all ready to fight this force head-on. As far as I’m aware, only one thing stands in the way of your world being taken over by Oblivion: Me. I’m the third Lord of Creation. A GodSlayer and the second most powerful being in all of Creation. But even I don’t have infinite power. It’s coming, residents of Atlas.... and it’s hungry.
  7. TheDragonsRoost

    The War for Oblivion

    In this Alternate Timeline, Chronomancy exists. Dunno why, but it does. Maybe because it is a completely different timeline than our own?
  8. TheDragonsRoost

    The War for Oblivion

    Actually, the Lord of Creation character isn’t going to come to LotC and its an open event therefore no protagonists. I’m not involving overpowered characters in this universe as I don’t want that for this server. The lore for this universe is complicated at the very least without the OP characters. The whole premise of this backstory is to give an exciting perspective of how the tear came to be and to prevent normal characters from entering this alternate timeline. I certainly don’t want people able to shift into it and “accidentally” pop into a god-war scenario. Besides, the only characters that cross from that alternate timeline are normal wizard characters (Voidal primarily) and any innocent people caught in the crossfire of this war-torn world. Besides, anything’s possible with magic xD right? Might as well as mess with Alternate Timeline storylines 😄
  9. TheDragonsRoost

    The War for Oblivion

    The bell began to toll loudly across the small town of Dalrak. It was a church bell that rang loudly, however, but it did not ring out in joyous ding-dong as it normally did. It rang out in solemn tones as if someone had just passed away, attracting the townspeople to the church and gathering all to the funeral procession. It was a special kind of funeral where a magician of great renown had passed away, his body now spilling all of its powerful magic into the church. The funeral of this great wizard was one of many that were all lined up to be set throughout the day, though the funeral processors cleared the whole two hours for this wizard out of sheer respect for him. He fought in the war that was being fought all over the world, one of the last great generals of the gods that ruled over this fragile world, and his army was beginning to lose with his passing. No one knew how he died, save for one being who coincidentally attended his funeral. The name of this wizard would have been etched into the history books of the multiverse forever, but there was a sinister plan in motion to kill all who attended this great wizard-general’s funeral. No magic in the multiverse could protect these innocent funeralgoers, save for one. The one magic that this war began over. Oblivion Magic. The magic of Creation and Destruction on a massive scale. In the whole room where the funeral was taking place, there was only two wizards that could do such magic. One of them laid in a coffin, dead, and the other was very much alive. This other wizard had been alive for countless millennia, but he looked so much younger than that. He couldn’t have been much older than nineteen years old, but he had been fighting in the same war as the wizard-general though for much longer. The wizard knew of the sinister plot ahead of time, but how he knew was not easily known to the people inside of the church. They did not know what forces he commanded or just how powerful he truly was, but he and the wizard-general both knew just how dangerously powerful he was. This powerful wizard had told the wizard-general what he was capable of doing as the war raged on. Even saved his life on multiple occasions, this wizard did. But he did not predict that the wizard-general was not a proper vessel for Oblivion Magic. That would prove to be this great general’s downfall as the forces that governed this magical school tore through his soul like a massive tsunami hitting the coast of a very small island. Though this wizard was capable enough to slay any creature he came across, he knew that he could not outright attack them. There were rules he certainly had to follow. Rules that if broken or violated would spell the downfall of many more people than this war had taken. There were explosions outside and they were getting ever-so-closer to the church where the funeral had began. The wizard had retrieved a small pocket watch and opened it, checking the time. He’d mutter something unintelligible as he closed the pocket watch, placing it back inside of his pocket. This was mere moments before the room had exploded into wooden fragments, killing some of the funeralgoers. The war had reached the funeral and this event was known to pass to a certain wizard. He pulled out his wand amidst the smoke cloud of the explosion, igniting it with a small purple glow. The magic used in the explosion, he recognized, was pyromancy. Specifically, it was a fire spell of firebomb, but it was an attack nonetheless. The wizard muttered something in a strange and ancient language and a spell was cast nearly seconds later. The spell had been a teleportation spell for the rest of the survivors, save for the caster himself. He did not flee, but this was when he began to change quite rapidly. To those who were innocent, he made himself look human completely and flawlessly. He loved that form, but he knew that he had to discard it for now. The smoke began to clear and those who instigated the attack were horrified at the sight of the man. To them, they saw what he reconstructed himself to be. They saw his true form, a man who had skin of the astral plane and eyes that glew emerald green. He looked powerful and he was powerful. Powerful enough to destroy the whole multiverse if he so wanted. They saw what the third Lord of Creation looked like and the fear they felt was astronomical. The attackers had no idea that they faced real certain death at the hands of the second most powerful wizard in all of Creation and it had certainly terrified them to the core. Men, women, and children alike in the attacking party didn’t even notice it, but their bodies began to drop to the ground. There was nothing to do when you face the third Lord of Creation in all history and when he starts dropping bodies en masse. Not one of the attackers survived, physically and spiritually. The third Lord of Creation had slaughtered them all and destroyed their souls in the process as he was full of rage that burned through the Oblivion Realm and fanned with the foreknowledge of the attack. He was a time traveler and he knew that this war was going to make noise around the multiverse. He just didn’t know how it would, but he had to figure out how to stop the war from spreading to other worlds. It was his job throughout the war and it was still his job now. For gods shall fall when he is enraged. ((The Shifting Tear event is a continuation of this story, though it does not involve the Lord of Creation. If you wish to help act this out, PM me over discord. Thanks, -TheDragonsRoost))
  10. TheDragonsRoost


    September begins to rally his forces throughout the continent to strike the heart of the druidic resistance in Atlas. Nearly destroyed in both body and soul, he still fights for the supposed battle for nature’s behalf, but he had forgotten one thing. The very thing that makes a druid a druid and allows them to understand nature on a massive scale, to shift the ever-flowing tides of war and peace. The blades of war have clashed between the descendants and the Prince’s army of druids and animals, unending for many elven months, but the question is whether or not that the Prince shall remember what was once lost to his memory. The pantheon of the Skygods shall await what Time has in store for the mortals and the Prince himself. For Balance shall be restored.
  11. TheDragonsRoost

    -=- Dryads, the Daughters of Cerridwen -=-

    I’m completely new to Dryad lore so please understand that I’m genuinely curious about this race. Wow, I read over that and I’m quite impressed with how well it was written! I honestly think that Dryads are pretty awesome already, but I have a few questions that are on my mind. As a male-oriented roleplayer, would the Dryad transformation affect male characters in any way? How would Dryads even be created in the first place? (like being a druid at one point then transforming into them or is it just something else entirely?) What can Dryads do in the varying biomes? Can Dryads protect soul trees of some druids that they grow fond of or something? I’m honestly hyped to see this new lore revision and I want to see how it works.
  12. TheDragonsRoost

    [Trial]Murlocs' Game Moderator Application

    Giving this guy +1 +1 +1
  13. TheDragonsRoost

    [Noob Magic] [MA] TheDragonsRoost

    I think my MA may have been denied I dunno I may need a LT to look it over first 😄
  14. TheDragonsRoost

    [Noob Magic] [MA] TheDragonsRoost

    Ya welcome. +1 to you friend
  15. TheDragonsRoost

    [Noob Magic] [MA] TheDragonsRoost

    MC Name: TheDragonsRoost Character's Name: Fudgit Character's Age: 1337 Character's Race: Elf What magic will you be learning?: Noob Magic Teacher's MC Name: TheMasterNoob Teacher's RP Name: Cray On Do you have a magic you are dropping due to this app?: Yes -Druidism -Shade -Skygod Magic -Fire Evo -Necromancy (Lich) Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Of course Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied?: Nope ~(+)=(+)~ OOC: This is clearly a joke Magic App and should not be taken seriously. LT does not endorse this and this is meant to be a comedic joke ONLY. Anyways, I hope you got a laugh from this!