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  1. Sometimes it takes a mind to understand that everchanging tempest of Time. Other times, they are considered mad and insane. That is what Karren felt like as he continued to delve into the darkest recesses of his own mind and soul. The single moment where his own life had taken a darkened turn was lost to his own memory as he had been claimed by Death and revived by the monks of Cloud Temple over and over again to the point where his own soul felt heavy. He wanted so badly to stop the pain of his own soul from weighing him down that he would've resorted for the blissfulness of the Shades to possess him, but he felt some kind of magical barrier blocking him or even preventing him from gaining such magic as if his destiny was not to fall into the powers of Shade or to fall into the powers of Death and mortality, but of a far more deeper future. One meant to change the world of Atlas forever. Karren was not aware of the cold and hardened fury within his own soul, but a man who had stepped into the Darkness had seen such an unbridled and furious emotional tidal wave of dark emotions within the boy's own soul. He approached the boy many days past in the Dominion and there had begun the lies and deceit, showing Karren the powers of his own soul. His own Fractured Soul. Kindness and humbleness hid away his own darkened emotions and unrestricted coils of anger and wrath, but even the man who approached him was slowly and surely twisting the boy's nature from a kind and humble boy into a hardened warrior of the Shadows. A man whose own destiny was to follow orders and prepare to turn his own emotions and sorrow into powers unrestricted and almost deadly to those he saw as enemies. The future looked promising to the boy as he kept up the dream of Balance and those he had met begun to see a much happier boy who had the time on his hands to learn about the world around him. What everyone did not figure out at all was that this boy harbored what would become the fuel for a spell that would grant him the powers of those tortured and suffered. What would be the Bane of the Shades and used in mind-altering illusions and painful secrets too dark for any one man. Karren Myrsta held in his own soul The Shadowed Fury.
  2. Karren Mrysta, after finally letting his soul become pure once more, has no idea that the corruption of the alternate personality has begun to surge through him like wildfire. Blackouts, sudden fits of weakness, exhaustion, and dreams of a man wielding light to defeat a dark godlike entity fill the young High Elf's dream world. He has felt his heart suddenly lurch back in time to before he was mentally fucked up by Arelion and Filanir, hiding his true soul's colors. His impurity has caused him to suddenly leave the Silver City and seek refuge in the Dominion, hoping that the natural magic of the Dominion can save his aching soul before it turns into a soul that is tainted by a force that can purge the ethereal soul's light and replace it with a cold blackness. Oblivion. Memories of the ancient personality have proven to be difficult for the young High Elf, giving him either strength fit for a warrior or the mindset of a person possessed by a shade. Wielding no magical powers of his own, he is unable to stop the onslaught of the darkness, making his soul blink in and out of existence. He prays that no mental mage descends into his mind and upset the already delicate balance between the light and the dark because if they do, they could teeter him into the pit of the dark Oblivion and risk losing him to his far darker emotions that even a Shade could not ever stop. However, in a singular page, Karren writes down the phrase "From Darkness unto Light" almost as if it is a key to locking away the corruption of Oblivion. The Soul's Ether is always the key....
  3. TheDragonsRoost

    Elsillumiran - The Weeping Blades

    OUT OF CHARACTER Minecraft Account: TheDragonsRoost Discord Name: TheDragonsRoost#0516 IN CHARACTER Name: Kayen Age: 122 Are you a citizen of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or: Yes How long have you resided within the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or: <1 day Do you swear allegiance to the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or: Yes
  4. TheDragonsRoost

    The Virarim

    IC information Name: Karren Myrsta Race: High Elf Nation: Dominion Age: 33 Experience: Elsillumirian Enlisted OOC information Ign: TheDragonsRoost Timezone: Pacific Standard Time Discord: TheDragonsRoost#0516
  5. Karren Mrysta, a pure High Elf of Haelun'or, walks along the docks of the Dominion and starts to speak to himself as he looks out to a beautiful sunset. No soft ticking was produced or any noise as he seemed to have lost his pocket watch some time ago. This was one of the rarest moments that made Karren shed the culture of the High Elves and even his own self to be someone he truly felt without restrictions. The mental Chain of Light started to become the Chain of Shadow as it rebound his anger, his fury, and his wrath into a darkened aura once more, keeping it locked away and far from any mental mages that would attempt to break it. As he gazed out to the sunset, he felt his emotions wash away as if he was purifying himself by bathing in the last lights of the sunset. "It is hard for many things to believe that they can do good," He'd say softly, smiling a small bit. "Even if they themselves were only meant to do evil. It is in their nature, I suppose, but I do owe a great thanks to Ravena and her little trick. Even if given enough time, I'd have a beautiful moment to myself and with its last light, I'd wash away my stress and my grief." He would then take in the warmth of the sunset, which to him, felt all the more refreshing for him mentally. It felt far more relaxing than bathing in the river or even meditating to the sounds of nature to imagine a perfect balance and attempt to understand time. It was this that sent Karren a happy smile as he finally felt like his mind was his own once more. "I cast you away, Kayen. You helped me so long ago that I believe it is time for me to grow up. To let nature take its course with me. I hope the afterlife is as kind to you as I was all this time," He'd say as he let go of his alternate personality, letting his mind fully reforge into his natural state as if it had no other personality inside of it. This had made Karren happy once more and he said softly to the dying embers of the sunset with one last thing before he walked off back into the main square. "Thank you Ravena. I forgive you."
  6. IGN(s): TheDragonsRoost Age 18 Timezone PST Discord: TheDragonsRoost#0516 What map did you join during?: Atlas Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 5 hours Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? 3 years of server administration including Moderator on a Factions server and Owner of the types of servers; Factions, Survival, and Roleplay. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I want to join the Game Moderator Team so that I can pitch in with Player Support as I have experience in dealing with such things. To put in an example, lets say I'm roleplaying as my character (Karren Myrsta) in the Dominion and I see someone wearing a non-medieval era skin (such as a skin wearing Headphones, TMNT skin, etc). As a non-GM, I can put in a modreq in-game or ping a staff member on the discord, which takes time. If I was a Game Moderator, I could temporarily ban the player for ~2-3 mins and supply a ban reason, such as "Please change your skin as it is not a proper skin for this server. Please check out the LotC Skin Archive for examples." in order for the player to find a skin they wish to use and apply it to their account on Minecraft. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?:
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    Holm Invasion!

    Karren would be out travelling across the world of Atlas when he had heard of the news of undead springing up around Holm. He knew that he would not arrive in time to help out those in Holm and he even understood that he was even more unhelpful with only having the knowledge of history as well as understanding how little he knew of combat. He opened up his pocketwatch and checked the time of the messages' arrival. It seemed to happen at the exact time he arrived in the northern lands, avoiding all the bandits who wanted to steal his elven ears. "Damn it. Seems like my adventure to the Jade Peaks must be put on hold for a time. Carsandra might need help..." Karren would say as he sees a dark robed figure appear in his vision. He looked at the illusion with a familiar greeting as if he knew the illusion. "Karin'ayla, Kayen," He'd say to the illusion. "I was wondering when you'd show up in my head considering your the one who put yourself there to heal me long ago." "Help your friend, Karren. You and I both know that you have the skills necessary to fight the undead, even if you know very little magic. Besides, that mental mage did very little damage to your mind as we both know. We are just lucky he did not realize there are two people occupying the same mind." the illusion said as it faded away. "Go and save her." Karren didn't need to be told twice as he grasped his soulstone and made headway to Holm to see if Carsandra needed help...
  9. TheDragonsRoost

    [Complete][SLAVE] Blonde elf seven year old female

    [!] an unknown person posts a reply with 600 minas written on it. Its in a elvish script.
  10. "Magic exists because of the people. No wizard, sage, druid, or anyone attuned to the magical world would ever understand the powers of the more ancient forms of magic that affect all creatures, living, dead, or undead. I've seen gods rise and fall, whole kingdoms laid waste to by the forces of History, and felt the tremors within the Creation's Timeline. No magic on any world is more powerful than the magic of the Emotions." -Kayen, the Lord of Creation. Fractured Worlds

  11. I'm currently writing a few lore submissions (Magic), a Magical Artifact Application, and a few other things. If you want me to try my best to write anything you like, let me know.

    1. Ravondir


      Your character has to have magic for them to be able to make a magical artifact (which it seems you don't have)! If it was made by someone else, then have them submit the MA needed for it or have them comment on the forum post confirming they made it.

  12. TheDragonsRoost

    The September Prince has Awoken

    The following was written on a note of parchment that was left on the sacrificial altar by someone who wrote in the elvish script. It said the following: "To whomever reads this, Dark times are brewing ahead. I have been coming into the amber cave to check up on the September Prince and I have noticed differences in the environment as well as structures made by people who believe they are doing right. I'm afraid that all that has done has been waking him up even further, accelerating such events in Time than predestined. Unlike the people who have come here before, I'm approaching the September Prince with little to no fear and simply just observing. I am no mage as of yet, but I know a few things about Time. If we continue down such a path, History is doomed to repeat itself once more." The note is left without a signature.
  13. TheDragonsRoost

    Red Cloaks on the Rise

    Karren would receive the bird from Carsandra in reply to his question of wishing to chat with her, but to only find her reply to talk about a group of people who call themselves the "Red Cloak" "They hide at the crossroads? I hope they do not try and stop me because if they try to stop me, I'll take them out with my sillumir training." He'd sigh.
  14. TheDragonsRoost

    Where do you RP most often?

    Show HAELUN'OR sum lov! Hit dat liek button! EDIT: Haelun'or, Dominion, Cloud Temple, and Sutica.
  15. TheDragonsRoost

    Aviers's Lore Moderator Application

    Awesome roleplayer. Overall nice person. +1.