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  1. im being oppressed by the community team so i’m leaving for real this time


  2. thinking abt changing my aura color to green so I can use emerald splash on my arcanist

    1. _Hexe_


      alright man

    2. lev


      my friend¬

  3. whenever I bothered using magic I used it with the support of other people, and tbh I kind of already used “both hands” to like, mime drawing back a bow to shoot arcanism at people regardless, so these changes don’t necessarily affect me too much, but also like. i get u dont want sword mages but like its enough to say that an attempt to wield a weapon immediately shatters concentration u dont have to say “well now u cant even have a casting implement weapon”. but its also kinda whatever to me i guess. can i have a path to rply stop being a voidal mage too btw in case in the future i actually play this game again and want to like actually rp out relinquishing my magic or something
  4. ok demo well if u want force chokes can I have my telekinetic railgun please. lemme hit that other extreme of SCIENCE MAGIC but yea looks good v glad to see “we turned off physics” isn’t the redline as I screeched abt. spells look solid.
  5. “What the **** did he do, hah.” states Lysio before laughing and attempting to send some birds to hear more about this story
  6. “Dude aren’t you like eighty or some **** now? I honestly lost track forgive me. -Maly”
  7. hello gamer

    1. Travista


      Stannis is the true king of Westeros.

    2. Mj.


      @Travista drogg’lak nods to his chieftain!

    3. Onslaughted
  8. Maly ponders why the elves are holding strange Medesculors when those haven’t worked for years due to skygod fuckery.
  9. like i said it triggers me that telekinesis is considered gravity magic because thats just super dumb, but the idea is cool plus juan
  10. Lysio finds it ironic that Iaria managed to achieve hegemony over the high elves and build them into a military power when he couldn’t. Then he realizes he probably would have done a **** job anyway, shrugs, and returns to not caring. He makes sure to send a postcard to Dimmy congratulating him.
  11. wow harrison **** boomed ya

  12. “I feel like people are forgetting the context behind this quote,” remarks an elf as he recalls the first, iconic utterance of this phrase in a streetfight in Johannesburg.
  13. throwback to when darkjames or someone got banned for destroying their own build after getting served an eviction notice
  14. Lysio takes his Savoy tabard out of its box, laundering it and drying it before storing it again.
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