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  1. all right. the big dogs are back
  2. how abt lets make everyone angry and implement smartphones
  3. adding pike without horse buff. cringe.


  4. Lysio munches on his bread in a friend's basement
  5. i think hanrahan gets dunked on primarily for being hanrahan not for posting about muskets
  6. muskets have not, and will not provide any valuable roleplay to the lord of the craft community lol
  7. it doesnt need to do anything but function like dying without actually killing you
  8. its a little unclear to me as to whether or not we're getting buff horses bcs they were kinda divorced from vortex crafting and were more of a surge thing, but r still sorta vortexy. idk. id like em but if this is the sacrifice to kill a half-baked nexus then so be it.

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Llama trade caravan plugin 2.0 when I wanna be a Llama salesperson

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      @nickrocky213yeah i mean if u scale speed back to like a 16-16.5 cap or something while not scaling back jump/health wrt the top tier (these frankly don't have too much bearing on how u fight people, health a bit but i can always run away and slap the horse w a haybale at any point) it shouldn't be an issue. we lived just fine in 5.0 on 16 to 17 ms horses. i have opinions on dismount arrows n **** but may as well see how they play live before i whine too much abt anything.

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    4. NotEvilAtAll


      @tasty_cheesecake wait they're actually doing ranged dismounts? Holy cow I was just meme'ing when I suggested that I hope it doesn't become real.

  9. No horse buff/rework? If so, a small sacrifice to dodge the bulk of vortex nonsense.
  10. if lotc years are 7 months then an 18 year old character on lotc is actually biologically 10.5 years old by our years.

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    2. Esterlen


      I've thought about this a lot, because in theory this means LotC months are 24 days each, so even shorter. Maybe the Almaris day/night cycle is longer than we understand it to be than in our real life calendar? Can someone do the arithmetic on this?

    3. Hephaestus


      make it stop.

    4. Heero



  11. Humberto shows the notice to Renault, suppressing a gag at the thought of Kha-human relationships. "Perhaps we should second the cats on this..." @Aengoth
  12. PROSPECTIVE BACHELOR FORM IGN: Remeron Name: Crumena of Kamees Age: 800 Place of residency: N/a Bank account balance: Xan's Light Hobbies: Xan, finding a fertile wife, finding a fertile wife that's high elven, finding a fertile wife that's a high elven female. One interesting fact about yourself: I am infertile. Why should Tatiana choose you?: I am infertile.
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