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  1. how will i get my company to implement ERP (enterprise resource planning) software now???

  3. A letter penned with thick, crude charcoal lettering would make its way to the editor's desk: Ug, I don't know too much about this Atemu-ta, what he has done, or any details of the grievance the current Rex has with him. However, there is one detail in this paper that I believes distorts the truth of the death of Atemu-ta's sister slightly. Atemu-ta's sister was being held captive by the Akaal rex authority, and in her desire to be free, she slit her own throat to choose death over bondage. I do not know what happened before this to prompt this detainment. However, the commitment to the principle of freedom or death deserves to be stated truthfully Rap'Lur
  4. imagine being oppressed for being a lector #FREEWOWJ mods buttmad they got ratiod fr fr

  5. "i write lore to annoy the st :3" isnt a productive attitude and writing a powergame license for vamps isnt gonna help anyone. it will just make crp more aids than it already is when u have ppl pointing to their lore powergame license like "SEE! LOOK! LOOK!" (when as other ppl said its smth u can already do without needing a powergame license, but you would need to be more clever than *uses powergame license).
  6. An ancient dwarf would croak "Back in my day, boat paragliders were an OFFENSIVE weapon!"
  7. A set of two haikus would be mailed to the Amador house: Yelling out to all "I got robbed! They broke my locks!" Said the easy mark H. K. Silence is golden Hidden chests are ironclad Curtains are silver H. K.
  8. “NOOOOO MI PRIMO NOOOOO!” cries Enrique from his hospital bed (he sprained his ankle right before the battle)
  9. Hello? Based department? It’s about Kardika…

  10. Rap’Lur states (translated from blah for my convenience) “I’ve never heard of voting to permit a Rex klomp in my life… nor have I seen someone so avoidant of battle to exile himself to deny his enemies a fight.”
  11. thank u for hiding all those posts @Mirtok u improved my post 2 rep ratio by culling poor performers

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