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  1. i know 501forehead wrote it and i know u dont want to but add nexus back so i can defeat my enemies again
  2. literally 1066 bro why cant i play a 6'8" tight end i know a 6'8" tight end irl!

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    2. Gridlock


      Hey if you wanna throw shade it me do it to me directly instead of over some wacky ass status update wankboy.

    3. Burnsider


      Hey @Gridlock, is it so important to your pixel RP that your human is the tallest human ever?!

    4. Gridlock


      @BurnsiderI need my Gregor Clegane RP to compensate for my IRL dwarfism!

  3. oh noooo! i cant make my epic atronoch army so i can walk into town with 4 voidal poopslaves to beat up my enemies that my noodle arms are too weak to handle! voidcells seething over animiichads
  4. Enrique would remain unaware of this event but would have a strange premonition that someone just attempted to farm rep by posting about something that happened but also demanding that people forget they read it.
  5. MC Name: Tasty_Cheesecake Discord: BaratheonBBQ#3922 Image: Description of Image: A depiction of Exalted Owyn's workout routine Dimensions: 1x1
  6. how do i harvest redstone for my red oil
  7. only if a stork drops off the kid will i abide by this
  8. bodbmakos real????? NUB WAE......

    1. Panashea


      nub blah blah when lat abandoned krug

  9. i dont think i ever killed rap'lur but he'd be like a minor ancestral at best even if he was dead. might eventually pk him tho idk, he never does anything ever.
  10. can i use klones to achieve immaculate conception if we do stork lore


  12. Somewhere, Enrique remains unaware of the passing of Bodbmakos but wonders when he will see the Hyperborean man of Du Loc once more.
  13. "To the VARANNOR, You risk spawning a dangerous thing into this world by creating an order of 'witchers'. I among others will likely send letters cautioning you against executing this plan. Soon we may be overrun with gruff, silver-haired creatures running around with aurum blades performing shoddy 'monster-slaying' scam jobs if this is not well controlled. Tread carefully."
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