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  1. the first and last time i rpd a child character i literally played huey freeman
  2. Magic used to only be usable by Irongut clan dwarves, with some famous wizards of the 1.0/Aegis era having been members of that clan. However since about 2.0-3.0 or so all dwarves have been theoretically capable of learning magic. Of course, wizards on LOTC tend to have voidally weakened bodies or otherwise compromised strength, which is generally problematic for a dwarf culturally. You can aspire to be a dwarven wizard if you so choose.
  3. erm... noticed my meme got deleted from 9.0 combat rules... what's up with that...?

    1. Pinks


      it was to based

  4. Because you didn't communicate this until now. If you don't tell people that, then people on this server will assume the worst of the staff.
  5. H-CRP and M-CRP (honor/mechanical combat roleplay) would have served better and gotten you memed on less for mature RP namespace collision. Now, with this change you can get memed on for Minecraft RP namespace collision, which at least carries with it less baggage. To be honest with you, people are gonna call it CRP and PVP no matter what, but if you want to facilitate a culture change, it makes more sense for both honor and mechanics to be methods of combat roleplay, instead of for mechanical combat to be separated completely from CRP, under this logic.
  6. I'm still gonna rp being stuck in a time dilation field, except now I will simply have the memory of the combat be wiped from my mind after the combat ends.
  7. I get that mech-run was wack before pvp was readded but why is ignoring a halt able to result in a tp back? That is a massive change from the traditional precedent that seems to heavily favor bandits.
  8. What is your name, hero-to-be? Hajime Kosuke What is your age? 28 What is your race? Elf Where do you reside? Sakuragakure no Sato What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? A sensitivity for the vibrations of the world What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? One who is burdened only by that they wish to carry
  9. if xionism is about transcending in a neutral way wouldnt all xionists be alchemists or hypocrites?
  10. my dream of being a shaman kani templar voodoo ritualist is............... joever.............................
  11. u have advice on managing shoulder pain he walks but can he run yet
  12. "JOEWARI DA. . ." Kosuke and Enrique utter in unison
  13. im gonna level with u isnt that just a mundane extraction? i dont get what this does differently besides burn u if u touch it.
  14. An aging Santegian stays noided
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