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  1. “You know horses are disposables these days, right? They’re too fragile now, due to inbreeding or some ****.” remarks an elf
  2. welcome to the club gamer what was the biggest and smallest brain things u ever experienced on staff in 4 years
  3. Maly scratches his head at the prospect of paladins, mostly hung out to dry by the nations of the world, plan to resist Haelun’or, which has superior diplomatic connections with the rest of the world, and an extradition treaty with the paladin’s landlords. He grumbles, as he rummages around for a book and quill to rewrite an old essay on.
  4. locking your govt announcement posts is a stacy move, sorry bro

  5. appeals arent big brain enough for chad mods to handle so pun is yeeting em away tbh assigning a recently unbanned player a ct member isnt a bad idea but having them handle the whole appeal is smoothbrained at best, and overturns like 6 years of gm precedent regarding ban appeals (handling moderator or manager (if gamer is removed) does it)
  6. “The best part is that because the library was literally placed in the Cloud Temple they cannot be forced to do anything, good hustle though”
  7. “Who actually cares what the city is called we’re just going to refer to it as Haelun’or regardless,” states one of the ballot papers. “I vote for the one without Laureh in it”
  8. the barnetts are the lords of the craft

    1. Milenkhov


      couldn’t agree more

    2. Lawrna
  9. Lysio strains his memory trying to recall if his dad was truly some famous elf or just some dude
  10. I rise from the ashes not as a destroyer of bravos but as a wonderful dessert.

  11. give me my robot arms phil!!! wait i forgot this is my alt account lmao uh
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