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  1. what if we made swing timers .01 seconds
  2. A senile elf screams, "NO! NOT AGAIN! NOT MORE BRAINROT!"
  3. the solution to your problem was to play your identical twin brother who learned everything ur prev char knew, then become a morbian
  4. so youre telling me that my ferro-myrenian folding boat is not legitimate roleplay and is, in fact, cringe?
  5. 28 based and nexuspilled bandits in prev maps would utterly shred a nation when 4 of them could handily outcompete rallies back then and going earlier when as a rule ppl were on average shit at pvp its even worse
  6. unironically bring nexus back at this point lmao imagine letting people body small groups of people by rallying 2x their number every two weeks
  7. give me nexus so i can bully rpers with epic tier horse equipment and stoneskins
  8. Lysio dreams of having the strength of a hundred men. Oh wait.
  9. honestly the best solution is to nuke the server from orbit. it is the only way to be sure.
  10. is heero now the nothing team admin or is he just gone
  11. pce out niccum lmk if the boys invade some other dnd server
  12. also: are u permanently done with all minecraft rp, or are you done with lotc specifically?
  13. man of culture i went to check that i have u added as a discord amigo still and i discovered that your discord handle is numbered 0690. do you pay for nitro just to have it like that?
  14. ((Minecraft Name: Tasty_Cheesecake)) Name: Lysio Hestonnis Age: Large Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 2: Alaion Miravaris
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