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  1. my humble request for when/if arcanism gets taken behind the shed, can i have earth evo thank you

  2. “Wait, yeh fucks lost tha Hammer of Urguan?” retorts some old coot Irongut everyone forgot about.
  3. Hey dog when is keldrith getting his monks back?
  4. well but uh but you see um get the **** off my server
  5. “I cannot support a man who can’t stick a sick dab without wearing his armor. Disgraceful!”
  6. “I spit on the notion that one should ‘avoid’ war at all costs, at least how you seem to construct that ideal to be ignoring the fact that war exists. I forgot who said it, but someone must have once said ‘should you desire peace, prepare for war’. Attempting to discredit Kaelan for mentioning his experience with war discounts that even in peacetime, a veteran of war will have familiarity with methods to prepare for the next war, and like it or not there will always be a war coming, and as our lifetimes are measured on the timescale of centuries, we will likely have to put up with it. Elahern and Alluin strike me as green soldiers, inexperienced summer children who haven’t seen their first metaphorical winter yet. Nobody seriously thinks war is a good thing unless they stand to profit from it, but soldiers understand that war is something that happens when snow elves and humans sneeze, and accordingly war must be prepared for by a standing army. Kaelan is tried and tested, just look at his face, take a long hard look for a moment and tell me that is a man who does not stand for Haelun'or? I have witnessed this man literally throw himself in front of his troops to defend them, not caring for his own personal state. He saved us from the construct menace, Caestella Elibar'acal’s thanhium bomb under the city... What more could you ask for in a Okarir'tir?”
  7. I think you’re ignoring the stealth value of having a collapsible covered wagon drive-by fire at targets. Or, by coordinating Polish wagon fortresses with superheavy crossbows, we can effectively annihilate armies in the field by simply volleying them with scorpion bolts.
  8. i want to make a red steam shovel

  9. Lysio considers a list of tritely smug remarks, but refrains from thinking them too loudly- oh wait. Oops.
  10. “Who the hell even won? I actually forgot. Wait what side was I on again?” mutters an elven veteran of the war
  11. I was going to make a joke about how the winning move is not to play but you did it for me
  12. “Why don’t you just say ‘Adunian’ and leave it at that for your smear campaign? Would have saved a ton of parchment and achieved the same effect” comments an old elf, who recalls how Adunians were the butt of many jokes back in his day
  13. An elf reminisces on the time he almost assassinated a maheral to consolidate power
  14. A boomer high elf gut-laughs as he reads this poster, reminiscing, “Back in my day, horses moved nearly twice as fast and could stand up to far more punishment than any modern steed could! Decades of experience, feh, it’s the breedstock of this continent which has been rendered ****...”
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