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  1. last place i expected to see the israel-palestine debate flood into was fuckin mineman, and here we are boys n girls.
  2. MC Name: Tasty_Cheesecake Current Tier: N/A Desired Tier: Washed Up Reason to be Moved: They added horses again but I'm probably cheeks on em right now due to no practice, and without horses I'm super, super washed up.
  3. back in the saddle again

  4. this would have earned you a ban in goddamn aegis lmao what is that emote
  5. jon is the gun and i am the bullet...............
  6. the point of the april fools is to say something either so ridiculous its obviously a joke or just plausible enough that it could be real, but in either case you need to be funny. this is cringe.
  7. if we add electric evo we basically add the ability to set voltages between the source of the spell and the spell's target with the power of magic so a transfigurationist w electric evo can technically make a computer by having rocks zap each other.

    1. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      irl electrician here
      Depends on which current and voltage would evo give.
      Don't think that a mage could actually control the level. Depending on some fantasy electric magics, you could tell, that it must be an electric arc, conducted by the alternating current, which is quite unstable itself. So to power something without actually burning it by the potential difference, you'd need a current transformator and a rectifier, so you'd get the usual 12v we use everyday at the buncha rocks and ores we call a computer.

    2. SquakHawk


      and you ask why i must kill 

  8. When force is no longer applied to a projectile it falls as a parabola (roughly, there's some exponential factor of air resistance as well), so are you saying it continues in a parabola from the point that the force is no longer applied or it just stops dead in its tracks and falls to the ground? How much force can I impart upon my projectile? How fast can I make a projectile go?
  9. Rap'lur smiles at a picture of him throwing bacon into his mouth during a particularly warm cooking session, where he was forced to remove his jacket.
  10. how the michty have fallen.............. btw can u weirte medescular lor?
  11. "Ay, carumba," comments a mercenary of Santegian descent
  12. sorry, that was a strange question
  13. whered onslaughted's status go whats wrong w saying the truth

    1. SquakHawk


      mario kart race track

    2. Onslaughted


      its been fixed, outsmarted the system 

  14. A completely unrelated human man sits by a fire. He for some reason gains the power to project his thoughts for but a moment, yet he has nothing worthwhile to comment. He continues doing nothing.
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