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  1. Looking for people that would be willing to help on a lore project themed in a more low-fantasy, grimdark style. My Discord is myholyland

  2. we are so back chat

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      is it time already for yet another controversial status update?

    2. Child Neglecter
  3. what year of your time on lotc would you want to wipe your memory of entirely now same question, but what year would you like to remember everything of (just for reasons related to lotc, nothing to what might've happened to you IRL that year) what's the biggest staff fuckup you think you might've ever seen across your 8 years on the server (thank god ive been here the same amount of time i'd remember just as well) who is one person that you know will never return to lotc that you'd like to see one last time
  4. "Hey .. where have I seen that symbol before ..?" "Oh, that's right."
  5. A solemn, humble farmer, living in poverty somewhere in the world, shouts - "Shut teh fook up, scum. Fear GOD, ya bastards."
  6. i never thought i'd say this in a million years but bring back freebuild
  7. An exalted Father rests in peace, knowing now that the work has been done - that the damage to the orders of the heathens has been made manifest. "The greatest reward, for our folk .. yet one I canneij grasp for myself." He smiled, a little, at that. "My God has not abandoned vy yet."
  8. daily reminder that having a condition like autism isn't an excuse to be a sack of shit

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    2. Ibn Khaldun
    3. Unwillingly


      a wise tumblr proverb once said, "it explains the action, but doesn't excuse it"

    4. TreeSmoothie


      very real

      As an autistic person it feels demeaning the amt of times I've seen ppl on here use it (primarily in ban appeals) to excuse their actions, as if we aren't treated like children enough. There r varying degrees of what folk can struggle with but if you are seriously struggling to not blow up at ppl over anything, a minecraft server is not the place to house that

  9. Alright, time for a blast back to the past. As someone who's continuously roleplayed only spooks on the server for the past 7 years, I can think back to the days of Axios and Atlas and immediately recall how a younger me had some extreme issues with the spook testing that existed in those days. Many of you were not around in those days, spook roleplayers and non-spook roleplayers, and so you might not recall how things existed in those days pertaining to the state of spook testing. As it was, in those days, both Clerics, Paladins and Ascended existed, each a form of holy mage that could test for spooks in their own individual ways. Compared to today, they had complete free reign to be able to easily identify any spook without issue. Today, in contrast, Templars and Paladins cannot specifically identify spooks in the way that they could before. The energy that Paladins produce hurts everyone without any kind of specificity, barring them from being able to test people. Templars, as far as I am aware, are not able to produce any kind of specific spook testing beyond the mild discomfort that spooks feel in proximity to their magical hearths. This is a VAST improvement. Each of these holy mages were able to, and thus did, erect pyres of holy fire in each and every gate house that existed on the continent. Simply stated, if you touched that fire and you were a spook, you would feel immense agony. If you were not a spook, you'd feel some comforting warmth. Another vast improvement is the complete lack of these pyres today. They were chronically used, and you would be asked to place your hand in the fire every time you entered a gatehouse. Not only were holy mages able to SPECIFICALLY test for dark magic in people without fail, but so were voidal mages. I was once caught as a Dark Mage because a Voidal Mage was able to utilize a certain ability to view my magical aura, which, as a spook, was black. They were then able to deduce my status as a spook and sic the guards on me. I know this doesn't seem super relevant, but think about it - if all of these options were around back in the day for people to specifically test for dark magic without fail and effectively curbstomp any attempt at villainy within their cities, why are people still complaining to the same degree regarding spook testing as they did back then? Aurum testing has always been around. Whilst earlier on, there were more efficient, more successful ways at detecting Dark Mages, these have since been eradicated, obviously. The reason for the prevalence of the salt test and the Aurum test these days is simply because there is nothing else, and nothing better, that people can do to try and stop the forces of evil from entering their homes. It is a mundane, accessible option, but not one that always succeeds. It's been around for years. The Aurum test inadvertently exists to make villains think with a little more intelligence. There have been some very valid points from both sides of the argument that have already been raised, such as by @SethWolf and @Unwillingly and @Islamadon, but in all my time as someone who's always enjoyed playing the villain, I've always believed that this test has simply existed as something for people to be able to think more intelligently about how they go about their villainous activities. Whilst it is lazy to test in this way, it is equally lazy to not think of the best way to avoid it. I personally have found that this form of subversion is one of my favourite parts of being a villain. There's always going to be someone who's going to try to get in your way. Your job? It's just as much about getting past them and the problems they pose as it is causing the villainy in itself. I'm entirely open to criticism about the way I think, and I'd be happy to debate it, either here on the forums or in my Discord DMs. My Discord is childneglecter. Hit me up if any of you want to talk about it any further.
  10. we need a FlamboyantRage era with lore games except it's Realm Games

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    2. Nug


      worst take ever gg

    3. ClassyDryad


      He would have shelved your nation for not bribing him (do not ask what the bribe was.)

    4. Child Neglecter
  11. Seeing as now that Greater Mutations are Homonculus and Klone specific, as someone who's had experience with Tawkin for many years, they should have to be documented on the applications of the players who are either Klones or Homonculi in order to make life easier. I've often found that I'd have to create player-made "placeholder items" that would effectively only exist to prove OOCly to other people that the person had the mutation. It's just better to introduce them onto the app and make things a lot more clear cut with mutations that way, since people tend to argue about them.
  12. bi-annual esterlen post incoming in all seriousness listen to what this guy's saying
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