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    Sullas was born at midday on the 12th day of Malin's welcome, 1490, on the realm of Athera. His mother was a tavernkeep at Kal'Karaad, but was not married to his father, a traveling merchant, who Sullas never met. For this reason, Sullas spent much of his youth in want of many things and, as soon as he physically could, began working. He spent much of his early days in the mines, and grew up among the vagabonds and deadbeats typical to that environment. Thus, in his formative years, Sullas did not have a disciplinary figure above him and soon became wild and rebellious. Rather than bring back his money to his mother, Sullas would waste all his wage on alcohol and gambling. Such a lifestyle did not lend itself to stability, and Sullas was thrown out by his mother for his rambunctious antics. Sullas cared not. Sullas continued. He squandered away more wealth, drank more ale, but worked less and less. Eventually, he could not pay back his debts and was forced to leave the city in fear for his life. Traveling the countryside, Sullas ventured far and wide doing all sorts of oddwork. He planted fields and reaped harvests. When such labor was in short supply or when economic circumstances demanded, he stole livestock and occasionally stalked the highways alongside other deadbeat dwarves. Sullas was one of the dwarves who left Axios and came to Atlas. In Atlas, he worked in KalTarak as a carpenter for a while. But, always immoral and prone to find trouble, Sullas once again incurred too much debt after a drunken gambling spree and had to leave Kal'Tarak. Now, he is on the road once more, seeking a new home and more work.
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