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  1. Chaones

    Dwinic Language Revival

    how is this possible? the document is the original dwinic and it literally reads "add words based on greek, latin, albanian!!!" this language as I know has existed because I found link to document in a book on the server and was in use. also it is important i think to seperate the original dwinic from this one? maybe you are refering to this language here called "Dwarven Language:" this one is not dwinic it is "Dwarven Language." There are similarities with this one and dwinic and I think maybe it is based on celtic (it looks exact like Warhammer dwarven language to me...not sure how celtic based that is). The dwinic as far as I know is unique language to Irongut family in Holm not to all dwarves...I explain in introduction. Im assuming that this Ziko is PizzeriaDjango. his name sounds greek to me (Ζηκος is greek name) so maybe that is why he made up this greek based language? why did everybody hate this and where can I find the darkjames' old stuff? maybe he took the idea from him? this language has little lexicon and a lot of grammar/morphology rules so maybe the darkjames stuff has the actual words. maybe people hated it also because of these rules and very little vocabulary, but i think it is a good lore and maybe we can save it still...i dont know, if people dont like it then they dont like it.
  2. Chaones

    Dwinic Language Revival

    ((in the original document for this language it says that this language is already based on greek. also this is the reason why I join Holm, because it is somewhat greek based. I think holm dwarves were hellenized even before this one because their culture different and because the Dwinic language based on greek. Here is link to original document where this dwarven subculture was already hellenized: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lmm6tAbYr4_uu91XFHBDu4QwbKyDHgT8CMyw2y40zIk/edit?usp=sharing ))
  3. Chaones

    Dwinic Language Revival

    ((i am not sure of the original language and how it was based but the google doc was shared with me said its based on latin, greek albanian. I agree with you the writing with greek letters is not deep but is like "placeholder" because whoever make this language made very good rules for it but not a lot of words. so i am going to follow those rules and make a few more words according to the rules, but i think for purpose of quick RP writing in greek letters feels more "foreign" and achieves same effect. but as more words are added to this language I think it will be more deep like you said, because the words wont just be english in the greek letters but unique words in unique alphabet. but if original language was based on celtic maybe I am wrong. EDIT: Also as sidenote I do not mean to offend PizzeriaDjango and his creation and writing. i like his idea a lot and when i found the doc I thought maybe I can expand on since he is inactive. i chose the greek alphabet because it is IMO easy way to make "runes" and also because i am from greece 🙂 ))
  4. Chaones

    Dwinic Language Revival

    ((Instead of comment just to commenting could you be constructive please? Thanks))
  5. Sullas Irongut wobbled down the twisting hallways of the academy of Holm, careful to balance a melting candle on its dish in his right hand to avoid the hot wax from further soiling the sleeve of his robe. He holds the entirety of his left arm close to his body, so as to not allow the dozens of manuscript pages tucked underneath to fly away. He stops before the Pupil's Board, sets his candle down, grabs a hammer and a nail, and pins up his first academic writing. The paper is full of childish citation errors, grammatical discrepancies, and a predilection for overly inflated language contributing to its generally bad style. Nevertheless, shortly after Sullas submits his work for review, a Proctor walks down the hallway and immediately begins reading it: at least it's legible. (( ORIGINAL DOCUMENT BY PIZZERIADJANGO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lmm6tAbYr4_uu91XFHBDu4QwbKyDHgT8CMyw2y40zIk/edit?usp=sharing )) FUNCTIONAL STUDY OF THE DWINIC LANGUAGE Τιραοσα Βενεκτιρα Δου Γαλατα Ανουινηκκα BY: SULLAS IRONGUT, B.S. IN KHAZADOLOGY AND PHILOLOGY Abstract: Introduction: Alphabet: The Runic Alphabet of Dwinic (Η αλφαβιτα δου Αντουινηκκα) is as follows: Α\α is equivalent to "A" Β\β is equivalent to "V" - "B" is spelled "ΜΠ\μπ" Γ\γ is equivalent to "G" - ῾ΓΓ\γγ᾽ makes a soft "G" - ᾽ΓΚ\γκ' makes a hard "G" Δ\δ is equivalent to a hard "TH" as is "that" - a hard "D" is spelled "ΝΤ\ντ" which can also be "ND" Ε\ε is equivalent to "E" Ζ\ζ is equivalent to "Z" Η\η is equivalent to a hard "EE" Θ\θ is equivalent to a soft "TH" as in "think" Ι\ι is equivalent to an "I" Κ\κ is equivalent to "C" "CH" or "K" Λ\λ is equivalent to an "L" Μ\μ is equivalent to an "M" Ν\ν is equivalent to an "N" Ξ\ξ is equivalent to an "X" or "KS" "CHS" Ο\ο is equivalent to a soft "O" as in "board" Π\π is equivalent to "P" Ρ\ρ is equivalent to "R" Σ\σ\ς is equivalent to "S" - if at end of the word, written "ς" Τ\τ is equivalent to "T" Υ\υ is equivalent to "Y" or "I" as in "yolk" or "rhino" - "OO" or "U" is spelled "ΟΥ\ου" Φ\φ is equivalent to "F" or "PH" Χ\χ is equivalent to "H" or a "CH" as is "Bach" Ψ\ψ is equivalent to "PS" as in "psychology" Ω\ω is equivalent to a hard "O" as in "overwhelming" ((Note: to RP speaking Dwinic, it is enough to write out your words in the alphabet above. Switch to greek polytonic keyboard and type in English: RPly this can be considered Dwinic, although the language outlined below is actual Dwinic. Τυπε λικε τχις. Φορ εχαμπλε, τχις κουλδ βε κονσιδερεδ Δουιννικ)) WORDS, PHRASES, AND GRAMMAR: Because this is a functional guide to Dwinic, I will focus only on language that Holmite citizens can use every day. The following are some typical dialogues in Common and then Dwinic: Χολμενορ Holmenor - Holm Αντουινηκκο Aduinikko - Dwinic Κρορουλιοτις Kroruliotis - Irongut Καζαδος Kazdos - Dwarf Χομμος Hommos - Human Ορουκος Orukos - Orc Μεσουμμος Mesummos - Halfling Ελγγους Elgus - Elf Greeting: A: Hello. Καλοσ Kalos B: Good Day. Καλοσπερις Kalonetris A: How have you been? Πωσ βοσ εχουμις/ Pos vos exumis B: I have been fine, and yourself? Εχουμο καλο, βοσις/ Exumo kalo, vosis/ A: I have been fine also, thank you. Εχουμο καλο εντε, φαλας Exumo kalo ende, falas Farewell: A: Good to see you. Καλο τακωρμου Kalo takormu B: I'm glad you are well. Γαζορο σε καλοσμερα εχουμις Gazoro se kalosmera exumis A: I have to leave now. Δεμπουμο υρομις τανι Debumo yromis tani B: So soon? Τανισμερας/ Tanismeras/ A: Yes. Farewell. Εχι. Καλονετρις. Exi. Kalonetris. B: Goodbye. Καλον. Kalon. [[TBA]] In the Market: A: I want to buy this. How much does this cost? B: It costs twelve minas: A: Twelve minas is too much. I can give you eight. B: Eight minas is too little. I will sell it to you for eleven minas. A: Give me a better bargain. I can give you ten. B: Alright, I will sell it to you for ten minas. A: Is the quality good? B: The quality is very good. A: I think it is cheap. B: I promise the quality is very good. A: Alright, I will buy it. B: Thank you for your business. While Traveling: A: Hello B: Good Evening A: Where are you from? B: I am from Kaz'Ulrah. And yourself? A: I am from Holm. Where in Kaz'Ulrah do you stay? B: I stay in Kal'Tarak. Where in Holm do you stay? A: I stay in Greater Holm. Is Kal'Tarak far from here? B: Kal'Tarak is close to here. Is Holm far from Kal'Tarak? A: Holm is far from Kal'Tarak. B: Where are you going? A: I am going to the Cloud Temple. Where are you going? B: I am going to Belvitz. A: Very good. Goodbye. B: Well met. Languages: A: Do you speak Dwinic? B: I speak a little Dwinic. And you? A: I speak Dwinic very well. B: What languages do you speak? A: I speak Common, Dwinic, and Dwarvish. How about you? B: I speak Common, Dwinic, Elvish, Orcish, and Imperial. A: You speak a lot of languages. B: How well do you speak Dwarvish? A: I speak Dwarvish very well. Professions: A: What do you work? B: I work as a Blacksmith. And you? A: I work as a Miner. B: Where do you work? A: I work in Holm. And you? B: I work in Kaz'Ulrah. Blacksmith: Miner: Farmer: Lumberjack: Merchant: Carpenter: Doctor: Alchemist: Scholar: Official: Mercenary: Soldier: At the Academy: A: What do you study? B: I study science, and you? A: I study professions. B: What is your degree? A: I have a bachelors. And yours? B: I have a masters. 😄 Hello Class, I am your professor. A: Hello professor. 😄 The lesson today is on history. B: History is a difficult subject. 😄 Your homework is to read. History: Mathematics: Literature: Linguistics: Art: Magic: Science (anything abstract): Professionals (anything applied): On the Battlefield: Forward March Retreat Box Watch our Flanks Attack! Charge! Cavalry Missiles Shield Wall Siege Defense Offense Line Three Lines Hold your ground Advance F*** Sh** B*tch Motherf***** Bastard ((Credits for the original idea go to PizzeriaDjango))
  6. Chaones


    Sullas was born at midday on the 12th day of Malin's welcome, 1490, on the realm of Athera. His mother was a tavernkeep at Kal'Karaad, but was not married to his father, a traveling merchant, who Sullas never met. For this reason, Sullas spent much of his youth in want of many things and, as soon as he physically could, began working. He spent much of his early days in the mines, and grew up among the vagabonds and deadbeats typical to that environment. Thus, in his formative years, Sullas did not have a disciplinary figure above him and soon became wild and rebellious. Rather than bring back his money to his mother, Sullas would waste all his wage on alcohol and gambling. Such a lifestyle did not lend itself to stability, and Sullas was thrown out by his mother for his rambunctious antics. Sullas cared not. Sullas continued. He squandered away more wealth, drank more ale, but worked less and less. Eventually, he could not pay back his debts and was forced to leave the city in fear for his life. Traveling the countryside, Sullas ventured far and wide doing all sorts of oddwork. He planted fields and reaped harvests. When such labor was in short supply or when economic circumstances demanded, he stole livestock and occasionally stalked the highways alongside other deadbeat dwarves. Sullas was one of the dwarves who left Axios and came to Atlas. In Atlas, he worked in KalTarak as a carpenter for a while. But, always immoral and prone to find trouble, Sullas once again incurred too much debt after a drunken gambling spree and had to leave Kal'Tarak. Now, he is on the road once more, seeking a new home and more work.