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  1. New Dwarven player and looking for a clan to join? Join the Ironguts! 


    1. Raomir


      dont be an irongut nerd


      join Clan Frostbeard


  2. Signed by Dorin Irongut, Despot and Consul of Holm, Clan Father to the Ironguts.
  3. thaddeus11

    The Kaz'Ulrah Holm Pact

    Dorin signs the treaty, giving a smile and slight nod as he does.
  4. thaddeus11

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    Edit: Here's a more recent map, showing current boarders. WE obviously do NOT own the most land. Fenn, Kurgmar, Kaz'Ulrah or the Dominion seem to be guilty of that.
  5. thaddeus11

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    We own the entire mountain range, yeah, but the two cities and our farm, and the druid grove we have, which are all active, take up that entire space save a little field in the middle. We're also not claiming an area larger than any other nation. We're one of the smallest nations. The Dominion, Krugmar, Fenn, and Hanse all claim way more than us, in fact, they own entire portions of the map uncontested. Don't be telling me that, we claim no more than we need. In fact we are pestered all the time to claim even more land, but we don't because we want to push RP out.
  6. I'm going to start making status-updates every day until this is noticed, as it's become such a large issue for me and all my peeps. Updates on nation rules?

    1. Jaeden


      What nation rules would you like to see?

    2. thaddeus11


      The protections mostly. Raid's, protections over our space, tiles for that matter. We've had to deal with several free builds close to our own that don't look good and even if they did, don't go with our culture. Acquisition of new tiles as well, as we've had several problems there too. Having the authority as nations leaders too, since we currently aren't officially recognized as one. The RP in dealing with these problems is minimal, and hence having access to at least some of these would be nice. I'm not asking for what we had last map, but at least something would be nice.

  7. So, any idea when any sort of nation system will be a thing?

  8. A month on that app now...

    1. GODHawkEye


      time to quit the server

  9. A month since posting my teacher app, 2 weeks in pending... Eventually, right?

  10. thaddeus11

    The Academy of Khronheim

  11. thaddeus11

    The Academy of Khronheim

  12. thaddeus11

    The Academy of Khronheim

    You have been ACCEPTED! Please come visit as soon as possible! ACCEPTED! Please come visit as soon as possible!
  13. After much awaited time, the Academy of Khronhiem is finally built and open! Spread the word!