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  1. I need to learn to sort my sleep schedule out... didn't wake up till 1.30pm!



  2. A young elf glances at the notice, sighs sadly and shakes her head. "If Grandpa dies what's going to happen to me?" She then leaves the area, confused as to why she was referred to as a spook.
  3. I gotta say, for a person with a new group. This server has been horrible. How can you guys let a RAID happen on a group thats barely been on a week?!

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    2. Elennanore


      Can't really stop people from raiding or banditing new players, but really, if they do, they're just assholes so just ignore 'em. It'll be all good in the end, not much should go horribly wrong.

    3. Slothtastic


      Depending on the group, you will be raided. By like everyone. Heck I’ll probably end up raiding you

    4. Inferno_Ougi


      stop living on the grounds of yore

  4. Katastrophy


    Eletha Wynrel (Ellie for short), 18 years old, born and raised in Sutica she was brought up by her mother Roshi. Eletha never knew her father, except from exerts from her mother's diary and some drawings she'd found around the house. Growing up without a father proved to have quite the impact on the youth. She grew up to be confident, brave yet harboured a resentment for men in general due to her father's lack of presence. Whatever the absence of a father brought, Roshi was adamant she would provide - she would never allow her daughter to feel unloved. Under her mother's care, Eletha was educated to respect and nurture nature and grew a habit of climbing trees - much to her mother's chagrin. As an added bonus of being raised only by her mother, Eletha found comfort in solitude and often read whatever books she came across. The main skill that Eletha trained was archery, often on apples she'd place on fences or on any monsters that she'd encounter. On the eve of her eighteenth, Eletha went through the hardest moment of her life when her mother Roshi passed away in unknown circumstances. Without her mother there to guide her, Eletha (for once in her life) felt lost and alone. For a whole month Eletha kept herself locked away in the home, never once venturing out. When she did venture out however, she'd shed the pretty dresses her mother had once clothed her in, and dressed only in blood red. Only the residents of Sutica had attended her mother's funeral, even her father had not attended. Outraged by the lack of her father's empathy or even any sign of affection for her mother, Eletha packed her things (including the diary and drawings) and headed off into the land to find her father. Eletha wanted his blood. Whether it was to burn the ties or deepen them has yet to be seen.
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