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  1. Discord: MunaZaldrizoti#6175 Spring - $40 Drapes - $10 Regency Outerwear - $15 Blue Bells - $15
  2. Discord: MunaZaldrizoti#6175 Spring - $40 Drapes - $5 Regency Outerwear - $15 Blue Bells - $15
  3. Discord: MunaZaldrizoti#6175 (i lied, im back because im weak) Spring - $30 Drapes - $5 Regency Outerwear - $15 Blue Bells - $15
  4. Of your characters that have been human Queens, which was your favorite and why? What roleplay are you enjoying the most right now? If you could do one thing in the future on LOTC, what would it be? What interests you the most right now?
  5. im bad and didn't read the rules, I will re-bid tomorrow <3
  6. T H E C O V E O F F R E E P O R T "The Most-Ideal Port in Almaris, Home of Adventurers and Free Spirits!" Are you seeking a life of adventure, devoid of (most) limitations? Do you enjoy the idea of seaside life, or being apart of a captain's hearty crew? If so, the Cove of Freeport is the FIRST AND FOREMOST destination for free-thinkers and innovative minds on the whole of Almaris! We have small fishing boats and might galleys, we have dockside banter and good ale. We even have a lighthouse....not everyone has a lighthouse!
  7. Princess Charlotte Augusta looked upon the edict keenly, eager to begin her new partnership with the Countess of Renzfield in pursuit of a greater-palace court.
  8. RP Name: Her Imperial Highness, Charlotte Augusta MC Name: MunaZaldrizoti Voted: Yes
  9. IGN: MunaZaldrizoti Character name: Syndra Caerme'onn Which game(s) are you signing up for: All of them.
  10. Princess Charlotte Augusta felt quite confident in the running mayoral duo. A successful businessman paired with an industrious widow, were just the right mix to follow in Mayor Sylvester's footsteps.
  11. "She might very well win," Princess Charlotte Augusta would remark to her father, "But if she does, she must choose between governing the palace and governing the city. To hold both, I imagine, would not win her the love of the citizens," She'd nod, pooling over her own assortment of plans all noted upon spread-out parchments. She plucked one up with a small grin.
  12. Just down the street from Larkspur House, the Princess Charlotte Augusta got word of the Dowager-Duchess' demise. Yet another wound she had to endure. The monumental woman who she had looked up to as a mentor was gone, now leaving her, yet again, devoid of a motherly figure. Already adorned in black, all she could do was weep as a heavy drizzle of rain came down outside.
  13. Charlotte Augusta is offered a note by a weary-looking courier, bearing the news of her grandfather's passing. Though he had perhaps paid her two dozen attentions in her lifetime...it felt as if a great force had departed the city of Providence. The princess made haste to the Augustine Palace, goose-feathered hat flying from her head in her careless race for the comfort of family.
  14. G U L L F E S T Hosted by the Sea Senate of Freeport Year 18 of the Second Age Ahoy, Me Hearties! His Grace, the Lord Admiral and the Sea Senate of Freeport invite one and all to the first of many seaside celebrations, showcasing the very best our small port has to offer the denizens of Almaris! On behalf of Freeport, enjoy an afternoon of raucous competition and carefree fun! We dub this festival GULLFEST, in honor of the totally-harmless native birds that find perch upon our homes, ships, and cliffsides. Fisher's Folly Tourname
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