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  1. Henriette Marna de Rafal would suddenly fill with wroth and temper, “This upjumped peasant need not speak on my grandsire any further, lest he desire me to send blades to remove his eager writing hand from his insolent wrist! To use Emperor Joseph’s name and cause as his reason for this aggression by Orenian forces is abhorrent, simply because he cannot seem to prevent suspicious murder from continuing within his petty state!” She’d slam a fist down on her study room’s table, face filled with heat. Lorena Annabelle Helvets would furrow her brows reading the response, thinking upon both the true fate of Peter Amadeus and the suggested stealing of Kaedreni sovereignty & people. She’d hope to find solace from her father.
  2. Henriette Marna de Rafal takes pride in the planning of her first event as Chamberlain.
  3. Henriette Marna de Rafal hums in satisfaction, glad the Queen made note of her first and latest literary compilation.
  4. This seems like an odd request for the World Team, but after thinking about it for a while, I’d REALLY love to see a more dynamic and unique desert biome for our eventual next map. Some ruins thrown here and there, small oasis areas, and just something fleshed out. I’ve always felt like that area has always been lacking initially, until players come and populate it. Thanks for coming to my brief Ted-Talk.

    1. frill


      next map is in good hands (junars)

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      I no longer trust the staff to build good biome variation in maps. Just look at Arcas.

    3. Anore


      *Excited anticipation*

  5. [!] A note is made by the author, to write a forthcoming document pertaining to the various Baronesses of Antioch since Aleksandra vas Ruthern.
  6. Haenseni Women: A History of Vassalage Penned by Henriette Marna de Rafal 7th of Vzmey and Hyff, 327 ES Preamble Throughout the long history of Hanseti and Ruska, and equally under the Crown of Haense, one might recognize the contribution of several notable women in the success of this old and proud kingdom. Given the recent succession of the Queen Consort, Viktora vas Ruthern, to the County of Metterden, it poses an opportunity to educate those who aren’t familiar with the history of other female vassals who have served under the black crow of Barbanov. Herein my writings, I hope these admirable figures in Haense’s history will have further light shed upon them, so that they might be honored in the future. Ingrid vas Adrian de Sarkozic, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska, Princess of Ulgaard (Disputed) 1629 – 1655 Wife to Otto III Barbanov, Mother to Charles II Barbanov. Ingrid de Sarkozy, dubbed ‘The Good’ by her subjects, is thought to have been the earliest example of a female of Haense who held a title in her own right. Upon the death of her only other brother, historians believe that, by right, Queen Ingrid inherited the Principality of Ulgaard and thus became a vassal of the realm. However, contemporaries observes that she herself never claimed this title, nor was ever listed as a vassal of the crown during her lifetime. It is believed the titled instead was absorbed by her husband, to be joined with the various other titles held by the monarch. Emma vas Rickard Kovachev, Duchess of Carnatia 1647 – 1675 Daughter of Rickard I Kovachev. Emma Kovachev was the only daughter of Duke Rickard Kovachev of Carnatia and his first wife, Elizaveta Amador. Following the deaths of both of her brothers, Emma was left as the heir to both House Kovachev and the duchy her father then held. Following her father’s passing, she attended court famously in a footmen’s livery painted in the colors of Kovachev to swear fealty to the King. This resulted in her intended betrothal to the eldest son of King Otto III and Queen Ingrid, Prince Otto, though such ambitions fell through upon the abandonment of Markev that followed soon after. Following the brief departure of the monarchy, Emma is recorded as to have been left to wander, though never abdicating her position and often signing her titles alongside her name when writing to cousins and kin for the rest of her life. Emma Kovachev is considered to have been the first true female vassal of Haense, in her own right. Emma vas Otto Ludovar, Princess of Ulgaard and Duchess of Kvasz 1666 – 1704 Daughter of Otto Ludovar, Wife of Hans Rovin Emma Ludovar, daughter of Otto Ludovar and Valiette Grimm, was awarded the titles of Princess of Ulgaard, Duchess of Kvasz, Countess of Mondstadt, and Baroness of Mehran for her accomplishment in acquiring several tracts of land to add to the expanse of both the city of Markev and the kingdom as a whole. She served dutifully under her cousin, King Robert I, and is most noted for restoring the crumbling city of Markev to it’s former glory alongside her other cousin, Analiese Barbanov-Bihar. Her other contributions included hosting the very first Barovifest to be held in Markev, and serving as Seneschal to the King for a brief tenure. She likewise the second female in the history of Haense to serve as Palatine-Aspirant after the King’s own sister, Princess Theodosiya. She died tragically, murdered by bandits while returning home from visiting Analiese’s son in Carolustadt, and her brother Jakob inherited her titles. Aleksandra vas Demetrius Ruthern, Red Princess of Muldav 1685 – 1722 Daughter of Demetrius III Ruthern, Wife of Josef I Alimar. Aleksandra Ruthern, daughter of Demetrius III, Duke of Vidaus and Amalie Caunter, rose to initial prominence as Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska under King Robert I. Having been raised by him as a surrogate child since her youth, the Lady of Ruthern was afforded the advantageous marriage with the newly-made Red Prince of Muldav, Josef Barbanov-Alimar. Granted the title and crown of Muldav jointly, the two served as leal vassals to both King Robert and his successor, King Marius II. Despite her great pride in her countrymen and family, Aleksandra was known to be rather abrasive and otherwise unwelcome company due to her personality. She was dubbed as ‘The Vile’ later in her life. Viktoria vas Konstatin Ruthern, Queen Consort of Hanseti-Ruska, Countess of Metterden 1751 – present Daughter of Konstantin II, Count of Metterden, Wife of King Sigismund II Barbanov The present Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska, Viktoria vas Ruthern, recently succeeded to the seat of Metterden after the tragic passing of both her father and only brother. The eldest of three surviving sisters, Queen Viktoria was married to the young King Sigismund II, by which she already has four children. The Countess of Metterden has shown great prowess in her role as Queen, restoring much of the city of New Reza alongside her lauded feats in the field of battle against the invading Scyfling hoardes. As the only female vassal of the Kingdom of Haense presently, Queen Viktoria is the most recent female in the nation’s history who has been afforded the opportunity to directly serve her countrymen in a more direct way. Note A notation is likewise made here at the bottom of this essay, to remark upon the various female figures that have also stood as heirs to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The succession laws of the time would not have permitted them to inherit until the most recent decade , but the historical significance of these rare moments in history are notable enough. They were subsequently displaced by either the birth of a male heir or the appointment of a cousin to the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska. These figures include: Princess Viktoria Katerina Barbanov, Daughter of King Stephen I Princess Amalie Nataliya Barbanov, Daughter of King Otto III Princess Antastasya Ingrid Barbanov, Princess Royal of Markev, Daughter of King Robert I Princess Mariya Angelika Barbanov, Princess Royal of Reza, Daughter of King Marius II Princess Nataliya Reza Barbanov, Princess Royal of New Reza, Daughter of King Sigismund II
  7. Lorena Annabelle Helvets mimics her cousin Elizabeth, making note of the wedding in her newly-established notebook! “Perhaps they will name one of their children Parsley,” She’d jest innocently to her sister Theodora.
  8. Lorena Annabelle Helvets had stayed seated in her bedroom, hidden beneath the Novellen Palace, long into the night after her aunt’s funeral in Kaedrin. The memory of the burning and cindering casket was as bold as a picture in her mind’s eye, the young girl recalling how both enthralled and terrified she had been. As she observed herself in the small vanity spyglass, she wondered how her own nieces & nephews might feel someday, if they never got the chance to meet her? Lorena missed a woman she had never known, and oh, how it pained her.
  9. “What fine promotion of our city’s wares,” Celia Aldirar would remark with great enthusiasm.
  10. Celia Aldirar nods firmly, now able to properly keep a tidy schedule!
  11. The Court of the Warden: 1st Induction Ceremony of the Eldari Nobility 4th of the Grand Harvest, 1773 To all Eldari within the Pale of Aldemar, It is by the Warden’s wish and bidding that the citizens Eldari of the Pale are summoned to a grand court within the Warden’s own hall, to pay host to a ceremony newly-unique to our people. It is herein that the Warden, Keledan Laraethryn, will name the members of his Warden’s Court from the populous of the metropolis he watches over day to day. The Warden’s provided list of candidates include: Lady Amorette Acal'elor, Sorceress Madame Celia Aldirar, Sorceress Alayris Laraethryn, Highguard of the Eldarhim Alongside the list of Lords will be likewise joining the Warden’s Court: Lady Leandra Laraethryn of the House of Knowledge Lord Kleo Vethrai of the House of Wealth Lord Alasnirelan Har’sulahnen of the House of Faith It is expected that these appointed lords and ladies, alongside the appointed Council of Lords, will be charged with setting the standard by which all Eldari will aspire. Such ceremonies will, by the Warden’s hope, become commonplace as more citizenry step forth and prove themselves an able-minded individual within our flourishing community. The ceremony will be officiated by the Lord Warden himself, attend to by his Council of Lords, before the gathering is advised to sup within the Laraethryn Estate in celebration following the event. As decreed by the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, Maruthir Keledan Laraethryn, Warden of the Pale of the Aldemar
  12. Lorena Annabelle Helvets, unaware of any other business surrounding the seizure of the land from the Ruberni bandits, would look to her mother with tender and quiet knowing. The war that she had been told about since she was old enough to comprehend, the conflict that had seen the kidnapping of her grandmother and mother both, was now at an end.
  13. Lorena Annabelle Helvets, having paid visit to her cousins the saint’s day prior in New Reza, would contemplate making some form of contribution to the efforts put forward to combat the Scyflngs, to avenge the death of her aunt’s late husband. She knew her father’s relationship with Princess Margaret was sour, but perhaps it was her job to build a better one of her own. She’d carry her considerations late into the evening as she found solace within the Novellen that evening.
  14. Celia Aldirar would revel in the idea of her first formal invitation in over a century, going in search of a proper marriage gift.
  15. At the gates of the Archaengul’s golden city, a tall and willowy figure awaited the weary Ascended. Her hair reached down to her waist in waves of ashen white, her eyes the shade of a summer sea. Her lips spread into a soft smile, almost in relief at the sight she beheld. Across the great expanse of the Soulstream, her love had finally found her. “My Kovac...you’ve finally found me,” She’d utter, tears welling in her eyes, “And now, we can rest together.” And thus, Victoria Vientos and Rickard Kovachev pressed onward into their eternal and boundless afterlife.
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