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  1. Lydia would settle into her newfound ruinous quarters with a disgruntled huff, mourning the loss of her birthplace and home.
  2. Vaela Nullivari looks upon the formal document with a broad grin, pleased with the quality of her depicted likeness.
  3. [!] Updated on the 19th of Owyn's Flame, 55 B.A. to account for the death of King Alexander I, the ascension of Adrian I, and the birth of the heir-apparent, Princess Johanna Casimira.
  4. Lydia prepares for her brother's coronation, glad that it will mark a new beginning after such a deep mourning. The Novellen knew her late father would be watching with equal amounts of pride and scrutiny from the Seven Skies. - Meanwhile, swaddled within the Queen's chamber, a newborn heiress makes some illegible gurgling sound. One could assume it was her way of celebrating.
  5. Issued by the Office of the Censor 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 54 B.A. | 1921 S.A. THE KING IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE KING. On this day, the 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph in the year 54 B.A, our most beloved and longtime monarch, Alexander I Casimir, has passed from this mortal realm into GOD’s hands. He was comforted in his final moments by his eldest son and his son’s wife, Crown Prince Hadrian Casimir and Crown Princess Andromeda, alongside his two daughters, Princess Elena and Princess Lydia. He died without great pain and left in a peaceful slumber. Alexandros Casimir Novellen had lived his whole life in service to his family and his duty to those who followed them was paramount. Aiding his father, King John, in the founding of Balian and its subsequent leadership prepared him for his inheritance of the throne in 33 B.A. The reign that followed was one known for peace and improved diplomacy, alongside particular triumphs like the successful defense of his capital city against the undead lich-dragon, Cloudbreaker. THUS, WE PROCLAIM THE ASCENSION OF HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, ADRIAN I Upon the King’s death, the throne passed unto his firstborn son and heir, Prince Hadrian Casimir. His Royal Majesty takes upon himself the anglicized ‘Adrian’ as his regnal name. We thus proclaim him as: HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. His wife, Princess Andromeda of Ba’as, is likewise ascended to the title of Queen-consort, to rule beside her husband and speak with his authority. The heir to the throne, until the birth of His Royal Majesty’s firstborn child, shall be the King’s younger brother, Prince Alexios Michael. A coronation, conducted in tandem with the Church of Canon & His Holiness, the High Pontiff shall be announced in the coming saint’s days. THE KINGDOM MOURNS With this proclamation, we also place the Kingdom of Balian into a period of mourning. This will last from this day until the eve of the new King’s coronation, with all members of the Royal House of Novellen expected to adorn themselves in black. All nobles and citizens of Balian are asked to give prayers and thanks to our late-King and to aid our new King in his future as our leader. The Symposia Pragma of 53 B.A is likewise called to a close, out of respect for the royal family in this time of loss and mourning. We thank all those who attended on behalf of both Princess Augustina & the Princess Royal. GOD BLESS OUR LATE KING, ALEXANDER ‘THE JUST’ GOD BLESS HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, ADRIAN I FE STAT I PROSPERITAT
  6. Lydia sat at her father's bedside in his final hours, listening to every mustered word and shaking breath that passed from his lips. So many wandered through his chamber, bidding him a final farewell and speaking of his legacy as King. But the princess was now reduced to the child she had been, always following at her father's heels in an effort to mimic his majesty and leadership. No longer would she hear his words of praise and comfort. No longer would she feel that she, of all her siblings, had garnered the most of his affection. Such would not matter anymore, without him present. Now, as she wandered back to her own bedroom, the Novellen wondered what the world would be like without him now. She worried for her brother too, and if his reign would be as peaceful as their father's own had been. All tears shed long into that evening were saved for her pillow, stubborn to show emotion even in mourning for her beloved pater.
  7. Causa Criminalis 1.50BA: THE CROWN VS. ADAM RANDELL 4th of Lothar’s Gift, 50 B.A. Recorded by the Censor of the Crown, HRH Princess Lydia Antheia The accused, Adam Randell, represents himself before the court of His Majesty, King Alexander I, who stands as judge. The proceedings are led by the Magister, Robyn de Lyons. The charges against the defendant are: Lex Criminalis, Article IV, Section 11D ‘Disobedience’, which has been raised from a felony to a charge of treason against the Crown. The defendant represents himself in lieu of outside representation. The Magister begins the prosecution’s presentation by presenting and reading aloud an affidavit signed by an agent of the Crown. The name of this source is anonymous, but maintains that the defendant was present within the Duchy of Adria prior to their conflict against the Crown’s ally, the United Kingdom of Aaun. Supposedly, he was there to investigate a fellow member of the Company who had previously resided in the duchy’s capital, Velec. The defendant alleges that he was present only to count the Adrian soldiers and informed the Company’s captain, Peter d’Arkent, before conducting this counting. It is the opinion of the Crown Agent that the defendant desired to foster relations between Adria and Balian. The first witness for the Crown, Don Peter d’Arkent, Count of Salia, is called before the King and the court. When asked by His Majesty if he had been informed by the defendant about his supposed mission to Adria, Don d’Arkent denied any knowledge of the defendant’s whereabouts on the day of the battle. The first witness was thus dismissed. The defendant is then asked to speak on the affidavit. He alleges that he was not investigating any member of the Company, thereafter reprimanding the prosecution for withholding the name of the Crown Agent. He stands by his claim of having informed Captain d’Arkent of his whereabouts on the day of the battle between Adria and Aaun. The defendant then speaks to the claims of his seeking to initiate talks between Balian and Adria. He claims that he would’ve only approached any Adrian leaders with permission from His Majesty or the Legate. The defendant reiterates that he had been seeking intelligence on why a man within Balian continued to wear the colors of Adria. The Magister calls forth their next witness, the King’s own sister and Legate, Princess Persephone Maxima. Her Highness speaks firstly to the accusation against one William Leydon, the man who the defendant believed to have remaining ties with the Duchy of Adria. She states that she explained to the defendant how William Leydon did not have any other armor and sought only to protect himself with what he already owned. At the time of his arrival in Balian and subsequent assumption of residency, he was not a member of the Company. The Princess likewise claims that she, too, witnessed the defendant within Adria and mingling with its people as she passed through the area on personal business within the nearby lands of Minitz. The second witness is dismissed. The defendant is once again asked to speak in his defense. He firstly states that his being in Adria is not treason, his actions taken within the foreign duchy were only to garner intelligence for his own investigation. The defendant then begins to go on a tangent, accusing the Magister of not understanding his own revised lexicon and reading before the King’s court the definitions of treason against the Crown. The defendant concludes by calling for the dismissal of all charges against him. The Magister reads aloud Article IV, Section Eleven, Category D of the Lex Criminalis. The charge against the defendant is stated as: “Where an individual refuses a direct order from a member of the Royal Family or the Duana. This shall be a crime of Disobedience, a felony.” The Magister then relays to the defendant that his felony charge was raised to treason on account of the fact that he attended to the Duchy of Adria following His Majesty’s direct order to all citizens of Balian to avoid contact with the Anathema Duke, Heinrik Sarkozic and his followers. The defendant breaks out into protest and is asked to be silent by His Majesty. The prosecution calls forth Don Peter d’Arkent once more for examination. Reminded of the crime for perjury, he is asked if he had any knowledge of the defendant’s self-created investigation. Don d’Arkent says that he had only been informed of the defendant’s actions once they had become a greater issue, with word reaching him of the defendant questioning the loyalties of William Leydon. Don d’Arkent states he informed the defendant that he must cease such inquiries and says that order was given prior to the battle between Adria and Aaun. The Magister calls upon the defendant to speak in response to Don d’Arkent’s further testimony. The defendant asks to call forth four witnesses: Don Peter d’Arkent, Princess Persephone Maxima, Princess Elena Casimira, and the Crown Prince’s intended, Princess Andromeda of Ba’as. Firstly, the defendant asks Don d’Arkent to speak to his character and service, questioning the Captain of times when he has gone and provided valuable information to the Company by gathering outside intelligence. He also claims that he reported to the Captain that the Anathem Duke himself saw William Leydon as an ‘Adrian’. Don d’Arkent denies any knowledge of the defendant’s ventures to Adria or that he ventured there to gather intelligence. The defendant then asks him about William Leydon. Don d’Arkent once again explains how he was informed of Laydon being harassed and subsequently had informed the defendant to cease his inquiries into the matter. The defendant claims that even the Captain had stated his concerns for Segnor Leydon wearing the colors of Adria. Don d’Arkent says that he informed the defendant that there was no concern surrounding Leydon, that the defendant continued his personal investigations after being told to cease. The defendant states that he felt he had a duty to ensure his investigation was thorough, that his suspicions of Leydon were further spurred by the interactions he witnessed between Leydon and the Anathema Duke, Heinrik Sarkozic. Following further outbursts from the defendant, the Magister calls forth the second proposed witness: Princess Elena Casimira, Princess Royal.The defendant questions the Princess Royal of having made her aware, prior to the trial and of the battle, of his investigations within Adria. Her Highness states that he did inform her but that she did not bid him to continue such endeavors. She likewise claims she does not recall the details of said-conversation. The defendant calls upon the Magister and questions if he recalls such a conversation, claiming that he too is held under the rules of perjury before the court. The Princess Royal states she was reminded then of a conversation regarding war reporting, which is confirmed in turn by the Magister. Her Highness then speaks on her reasons for engaging in such a conversation, stating that it was her scholarly desire to write a book on wartime. She asked the defendant about his experiences with combat and what he had learned about the conflict between Aaun and Adria. The defendant contests that the Magister could’ve misheard their conversation and that the Princess may have inquired into his work because she knew he had been conducting his own intelligence gathering. The Magister calls forth the third proposed witness, Princess Persephone Maxima. The defendant questions Her Highness about having conversed with her previously regarding his personal investigations and intel work within Adria. The Princess informs the court that she was unaware of the defendant’s conduct within Adria and that only such things could be permitted by both the Legate and the Constable. She likewise states that he never sought out such permission. Satisfied with her testimony, Princess Persephone is dismissed. The Magister calls forth the fourth and final proposed witness, Princess Andromeda of Ba’as. The defendant asks the Princess if he recalls a previous conversation between them from the past saint’s day. She states that the defendant had in fact asked to become Her Highness’ personal bodyguard in order to protect her from William Leydon, who he thought to be a potential threat to both her and the Viscount of Sapron, Don Franz Sarkozic. The Princess states that she took such information and his insistence of Segnor Leydon’s potential treason directly to Captain d’Arkent. His Majesty interjects, reminding the defendant that the trial isn’t about Segnor Leydon. The King likewise bids the Princess to recall if their conversation involved talks of investigations and intel-gathering pertaining to the Duchy of Adria. The Princess of Ba’as is dismissed thereafter. The Magister calls finally for closing statements from both the prosecution and the defendant. The defendant states that all he did, he did on suspicions he held surrounding the allegiance of William Leydon. He admits to an obsession with his investigations, though claims that such fixation was due to a great love for his country. The Magister speaks next, reaffirming his belief that the defendant should be charged with treason on one count and disobedience on three counts. Before allowing the King time to deliberate, the Magister allows the inclusion of brief testimony offered by both the Governess of the Palatio Monterosa, Princess Augustina Therosia and Jonathan O’Kieran. O’Kieran relays to the court that he witnessed Captain d’Arkent’s ordering of the defendant to cease his harassment of William Leydon. Her Highness then testifies that the defendant claimed he would do combat against Aaun regardless of the King’s decree and the Captain’s word. The defendant denies any animosity towards Aaun. The King’s youngest child and Censor of the Crown, Princess Lydia Antheia, then steps forward to make a quick offering of her own testimony. She recounts several childhood interactions with the defendant and his blatant dislike of Aaun and its people. The defendant attempts to speak over Her Highness and is silenced on the orders of the King. Finally, before the Magister makes his own closing statement, William Leydon is allowed to give a statement regarding the previous incidents discussed. Leydon confirms that he was harassed by the defendant to the point of his informing Captain d’Arkent. He likewise denies conducting any sort of spying on behalf of the Anathema Duke. William Leydon is dismissed. The Magister is called upon to finally make his closing statement and concludes that the defendant has committed treason, disobedience, and vigilantism. The suggested punishments are banishment and the removal of a hand or tongue, or death by hanging or beheading. The defendant gives his own closing statement, speaking on his love for his country and repeating his claims of conversations he had with several leading members in regards to his so-called ‘spy work’. His Majesty is allowed time to deliberate. The defendant is subsequently judged as GUILTY, with his punishment being execution by beheading. However, the defendant demands a final trial by combat, to which His Majesty accepts. The defendant, Adam Randell, is swiftly defeated and executed by His Majesty before the eyes of the court. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Lydia Antheia, Countess of Caluzzo, Censor of the Crown
  8. @squakhawk Please don't forget about our best emo death girl Sokar!

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  9. Returning from the battle fought at Amaethea, Princess Lydia Antheia was thankful she had survived to see her brother finally wed his Rhenyari bride. And all the better to lift her spirits, they had used her invitations.
  10. Lydia watches her father sign off on the new appointment, nodding with approval at her former mentor's elevation.
  11. The Kingdom of Balian is looking for their new CROWN TAVERNER!

    Post is here:


  12. [!] A printed missive is pinned to city boards and around the various thoroughfares across all of Almaris. THE CROWN TAVERNER Seeking qualified applicants! It is the wish of His Royal Majesty, Alexander I, to once again announce the existence of a vacant position to those both within the Kingdom of Balian and individuals beyond our borders. The Crown is actively seeking a person skilled in both the running of a tavern and the sale of varied libations. All those wishing to apply for this position shall first be interviewed by the King Alexander, Crown Prince Hadrian Casimir, or Princess Lydia Antheia in their capacity as members of the Royal Household. Interviews shall take place within the Palatio Monterosa and will be followed by a brief tour of The Atrus Tavern. The person who is deemed fit to take on this role shall be named 'Crown Taverner' and shall be given over to the running of the city's tavern with the Crown's blessing. The tavern will also be renamed as desired or requested by the Crown Taverner. This individual will be tasked with operating this important public establishment on a an almsot-daily basis, providing entertainment and sustenance to citizens and foreign visitors alike. They will be expected to do trade with vintners and brewers who shall keep the tavern stocked with wines, beers, and other beverages alongside prepared dishes for hungry patrons. They will also be asked to host a weekly 'Tavern Night', where attendees may partake in half-priced drinks and some form of arranged revelry. Finally, they will employ various barkeeps and barmaids to assist in daily service to customers. Payment and a percentage of income claimed by the Crown for our Treasury shall be discussed following the filling of this position. *It is to be noted that the tavern itself, the building and all connected structures, shall remain under the ownership of the Crown. This is done to prevent any form of slack on the part of the Crown Taverner and ensure business maintains a steady flow. However, alongside any potential renaming, all themes and advertising shall be up to the Crown Taverner with the Crown's approval. Minor interior alterations are permitted, larger alterations must be discussed with either His Majesty or the First Syndic of Atrus. For those interested parties, please send a bird to the Palatio Monterosa or attend to the city of Atrus to schedule an interview with the Crown! HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Prince Hadrian Casimir, Prince of Monterosa & Duke of Abretta HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Lydia Antheia, Countess of Caluzzo, Censor of the Crown and First Syndic of Atrus
  13. From her desk within the Palatio Monterosa, Princess Lydia Antheia awaited news of how her words might inspire the faithful. She took exuding pride in the more dramatic language used.
  14. THE KING'S COURT OF 51 B.A. His Royal Majesty, Alexander I, calls this royal court into session on the 9th of Peter’s Glory, 51 B.A. His Royal Majesty begins with addressing the recent conflict surrounding the Anathema Duke, Heinrik Sarkozic, and his holy trial that was conducted within the northern city of Karosgrad. The King cautions the court that he does not foresee these conflicts ending anytime soon. His Royal Majesty then calls upon Don Kasimir Sarkozic, to confirm the renaming of the House Sarkozic’s viscounty from Sapron to Pompourelia. The name was previously a traditional title used by the family in the times of old Helena and Providence. The second annual Symposia Pragma is announced by His Majesty, the register for participants presently being passed around the court. HRH Princess Lydia Antheia announces that the Crown is seeking a new tavernkeep. All interested parties are asked to seek her out alongside an impending formal announcement inviting foreign candidates as well. Her Royal Highness also announces that she shall stand in as interim-First Syndic until the next Syndic’s election in three saint’s weeks. Thus, she will lead the efforts of city government and asked all citizens to approach her with any questions or concerns about the current state of Atrus. Finally, Her Royal Highness gives a formal greeting to those gathered in Atrus whom have fled the conflicts between the United Kingdom of Aaun and the Duchy of Adria. The Petitions The 1st Petitioner, Dona Franziska Morovar, offers her services as the King’s royal courier. She claims to have many connections and skills that would make her suitable for the role. Upon further negotiations with His Majesty, the King agrees to allow the young Morovar a wardship beneath the Censor of the Crown, Princess Lydia Antheia. The 2nd Petitioner, Prince Emil Caius of Aaun, approaches the dais and thanks His Majesty for allowing our allies in Aaun to dock their ships at the nearby port in Marsana. He likewise asks if he and his men might set up small camps nearby, to maintain their vessels and conduct necessary training. His Majesty assents, though asks that any trainings be held jointly with The Company of Balian. The 3rd Petitioner, Don Jonathan O’Kieran, requests that the city create a public soup kitchen, to provide fresh bread and other sustenance to the less fortunate within Balian. His Majesty requests that Princess Lydia bring up the Segnor’s petition at the next Concio meeting. The King’s Court of 51 B.A. is concluded.
  15. All this joking about assault directed towards a gay guy by a bunch of dudes. Really makes you wonder....

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      ...that some people in this server are toxic because they love to express their hate and enjoy bullying other players, yes. Simply, they have a psychopath mentality. LOTC is their life, they should get banned and touch some grass.

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      what is it supposed to make me wonder

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