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  1. Okay, but where was this same staff energy and concern when people, including staff members, were actively harassing me ooc-ly with vulgar, sexual jokes and Youtube videos about my persona for actions done in roleplay? I'm so confused as to why taking action seems to be selective.

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    2. MunaZaldrizoti


      @rukio We can hash it out in Discord if you want. Just leaving the offer out there. Otherwise, I just disagree with what you said.

    3. rukio


      Sorry, waiting to see if the weird bug in the system happens to your reply again

    4. MunaZaldrizoti


      No, you're good! I think it says what it needs to say now :^)


  2. From the coniferous forests surrounding the sanctuary of Woldzmir, an ancient creature watched the fortress from afar. Sensing the air begin to stir, she felt the time to finally introduce herself was fast approaching.
  3. The Lady of the Interior swelled with exuding pride, more than prepared to undertake this greater role in her beloved Fi'andria.
  4. More map-lore that is actually actively used. Feel like especially places like deserts and oceans could use more attention, since I feel like they include cool ruins but alot of the events around them are either extremely isolated or seem non-existant. And more fast travels? That's more just personal preference.
  5. Barbara Morovar scoffed. "I will await the word of the King and the Surgeon-General...not the vague words of some fearmonger," She'd toss the scrap of parchment into a hearth she passed on her way to her new office, settled within the Aulic Envoy's ambassador hall.
  6. i did not foresee covid roleplay in 2022

  7. Andromeda Vandi'ir smirked at the missive, passed unto her desk by a palace servant within Celia'nor. "They're willingly blind to the reality of Celia'nor and the haven it has become for all elves. Envious green does not match well with silver, I fear. But then again, what else can be expected of 'thill who submit so willingly to enslavement?" She'd remark to the particular maid who had delivered the article, then directing her to a pile of gowns in need of mending.
  8. Barbara Morovar let out a sigh of relief, glad the time she had spent forcing herself into a corset had been well worth it. She eagerly awaited her first summons to the Queen's Council, having only met a few of her now-fellow councilors at various events over the past two saint's weeks she had been back home. "Just like I promised, papej...it feels good to be home again," She'd muse to herself.
  9. Barbara Morovar read over the final draft of the poem within the comforts of Ghaestenwald, commending her cousin-in-law on her literary skills! "You ought to sell these as gifts for loved ones, in future. You could make a damn good fortune!" The woman would hum towards the Princess.
  10. To my girls, There comes a moment, in the life of us mortal humans, where we realize that the curtain on life is soon to fall. For these last few months, I have asked my maids and ladies to keep such reality from reaching either of your ears, leaving you to the belief that I have merely caught some small chill or stomach ache. But now, I hear the echos of my grandmother call to me, and my father too. So thus, I pen this final letter to you both in the hopes it might bring you even some small comfort upon your return to Woldzmir, when either of you return from your business abroad. My greatest triumph in life, above all things, was to be blessed with you both as daughters. My own small legacy to leave in this mortal coil once I was gone, to watch with pride from the Seven Skies above. The products of a marriage you both know held no love, and yet such a strong adoration was borne for these two blessings I had carried into the world. To my Anna, my Moliana, I leave with you my hopes that you and Elimar will take great care in tending and growing the love you so evidently share. A truer compassion have I never seen elsewhere, nor have I had the pleasure of experiencing for myself. I searched years to find find that infant girl, stolen from her crib and from her inheritance, to then be reunited with a young woman who bore a greater intelligence than I could have ever imagined. You have taught me a great deal, both about the world and about myself. For that, atop my undying love for you, my darling, I shall be forever grateful. Kiss my grandchildren for me...and Booker too, should you see him. As much a surrogate son as any. To Josephine, my little sparrow, named for your grandsire, I leave my desire for you to live life unafraid and unflinching, defiant in the face of your illness and it's setbacks. I pray you'll find your happiness, with Konstantin or some other man worthy of you, and I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive any ill word I may have spoken about him. Just as your sister has done, you deserve love and acceptance, the warmth of tenderness and care. You shall always be my Ruby of Providence...a sparkling, flawless jewel without fault. I pray you will come home to me soon, before I pass from this world, so that I might sing to you once more as I did when you lay sleeping in your cradle. My handmaid says you have ventured to Providence, so I only hope you will remain cautious. Do you girls think, someday, the people of Oren will remember me with any lingering fondness? My father used to speak of legacy, duty, and service. I recall giving speeches in Mister Komnenos' tavern...how nervous I had been. But how was I to know how my future would twist and turn, with it's moments both good and bad? Perhaps it is too late to ponder it now...no point to it. I certainly feel no regret, the past is in the past. But all I did was for my family...my true family. My girls. And I would sooner do so all over again if it meant I could provide you both with the world and more. My hand grows strained and my maid says I must attend to some small supper before I retire once more. I hope this finds you both in a timely fashion, elsewise I shall have to find some new servants. As much as I try to act the benevolent mistress, these folk certainly do not measure up to the liverymen and women we kept in the Augustine. A discussion to be had when either of you return. Hurry home, my dears. Your mama misses you terribly. Signed, with much love and adoration, dated 1860 Your Mother, Charlotte A.
  11. Barbara Morovar, seated in the square of Karosgrad, seemed curious as to the sudden flurry of hushed whispers, gasps, and giggles elicited by some unseen document being passed between a gaggle of court ladies. Keen to remain on top of the latest topics of note, the lady bid a few moments to observe the collection of parchment pages for herself. After a few minutes, the publication was passed back to it's original owner with nothing more than an indifferent, if not disappointed, shrug. Turning upon a heel, the Morovar moved to return to her seat as a quiet remark on the matter was uttered. "How...Orenian, of her."
  12. Barbara Morovar observes the publication with keen interest, seeing it as a guide to the current figures of note within Karosgrad and the broader dual-kingdom. An intentionally judgmental glance is cast towards her elder brother Leopold, accompanied by a click of her tongue. "Papej ought to be much displeased with us...this advisory council is lacking in Morovars," She'd state, almost in challenge. The Baron's only daughter pondered upon that fact as she retired for the evening within the walls of Ghaestenwald.
  13. Not sure why this guy's issues are being blown off instead of being looked into. Maybe a few conversations would help him out, rather than people just making fun of him for feeling like he isn't welcome? I've seen Lion and Chenn already offer to speak with him. And also, there are PLENTY of 'terrible people' still around in that community. But birds of a feather flock together and tend not to rat eachother out.
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