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  1. (I also wouldn't mind visiting. Desert and Egyptian-inspired themes and rp on LOTC has, imo, been an unexplored realm. I'm excited to see what you do!)
  2. "Mama! Look what this Madame de Potins has written! She says cousin Anna is having a little baby!" The young Charlotte Augusta would speak in great excitement, not quite understanding the nature of this pamphlet. However, her innocence to the world of gossip was better preserved for now.
  3. Charlotte Augusta appears enthralled by the announcement, eager to drag her father and mother to see the play along with her!
  4. Charlotte Augusta, having witnessed what she hadn't realized to be a wedding proposal from the drawing room window of Rosebud House, squeals in excitement at the thought of her cousin's wedding. She prepared a new dress for the impending event!
  5. THE RITE OF YULE - A Celebration of the Winter Solstice - Year 7 SA, (1803) [!] An announcement of jubilation is written in an array of paints and inks. The winter months of any elven year are filled with change and rebirth. The death of plants and the hibernation of animals are only some of the ways in which the natural world around us replenishes itself. However, each time the snow begins to fall upon our forests and glades, it is time for us too to go through our own cycle. The Winter Solstice, or what we in the Father Circ
  6. Syndra Caerme'onn, as usual, always kept an eye out for Avius, whether he knew it or not. She had become fond of him in the almost-decade she had known him thus far, mostly for the fact that they were so similar in personality and dry humor. However, as she observed him that particular day, she noticed he seemed irritable and on edge. She felt, in that moment, a pang of worry pulsed through her. Though he had his mate, and likewise a child by her, sometimes she found herself wishing he might look to her for consoling and comfort. The stoic and hardened Avius was just the sort that
  7. From her place in the Seven Skies, the last Princess of Pruvia gazed down upon her kinsmen in renewed fervor, exalted and resolved in her faith that hers was the true line of Pruvia, heirs to Vandoria and Marna by virtue of their blood. She damned the bloodline of her traitorous half-uncle, now revealed as bastard-born, and laughed gleefully from her spectral place at the natural course of karma. There would be no more Pruvia-Albarosa, tainted and disenfranchised. No longer would her son and grandchildren need bear the burden of a broken house. It was theirs for the taking, with the ancient
  8. welcome to lotc, where racism is only met with a few months worth of ban and then ignored entirely 🙃

  9. THE FACES OF ELVENESSE An Appearance Guide for New Players for the nation of Elvenesse The Crown of Elvenesse is home to a wide-variety of elves from all different backgrounds. Primarily made up of the Almenodrim of Aegrothond and the Mali’ame of Siramenor, our playerbase boasts a bounty of well-written culture and unique characters created by our community. We're also home to a smaller group made up of the Mali'ker, children of Luara. In this guide, we will show you how to create your Elvenesse persona, be it choosing their skin tone, thei
  10. Syndra Caerme'onn, Sister Venom of the Father Circle Anna, Frost Mother of the Fjarriagua Nienna Vientos, Initiate of the Ascended Order
  11. When is the CA-Mermaid expansion pack coming to LOTC?? 🧜‍♀️

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      @SquakHawk cold frozen mermaids? Is this some lore I've never heard of?

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      4 hours ago, MunaZaldrizoti said:

      @SquakHawk cold frozen mermaids? Is this some lore I've never heard of?

      the frosty wimches..

    4. altiar1011
  12. From the Seven Skies, the Princess of Pruvia would greet her childhood friend at the gilded gates of their afterlife. "My dear Anne, finally. You've been missing all the fun!" --- From across the sea, word would eventually reach the adult Lorena Helvets upon her shipping galley. She dismissed her crew members for the evening, caressing the Sash of Ophelia in her palms as she wept for the aunt who had been more like a mother to her.

  14. Grand Queen Olenna Ireheart-Frostbeard would sigh from her spectral place in Khaz’A’Dentrumm, the legacy of her revered husband Algoda and son Barradin muddied further by their descendants.
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