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  1. Barbara Morovar, seated in the square of Karosgrad, seemed curious as to the sudden flurry of hushed whispers, gasps, and giggles elicited by some unseen document being passed between a gaggle of court ladies. Keen to remain on top of the latest topics of note, the lady bid a few moments to observe the collection of parchment pages for herself. After a few minutes, the publication was passed back to it's original owner with nothing more than an indifferent, if not disappointed, shrug. Turning upon a heel, the Morovar moved to return to her seat as a quiet remark on the matter was uttered. "How...Orenian, of her."
  2. Barbara Morovar observes the publication with keen interest, seeing it as a guide to the current figures of note within Karosgrad and the broader dual-kingdom. An intentionally judgmental glance is cast towards her elder brother Leopold, accompanied by a click of her tongue. "Papej ought to be much displeased with us...this advisory council is lacking in Morovars," She'd state, almost in challenge. The Baron's only daughter pondered upon that fact as she retired for the evening within the walls of Ghaestenwald.
  3. Not sure why this guy's issues are being blown off instead of being looked into. Maybe a few conversations would help him out, rather than people just making fun of him for feeling like he isn't welcome? I've seen Lion and Chenn already offer to speak with him. And also, there are PLENTY of 'terrible people' still around in that community. But birds of a feather flock together and tend not to rat eachother out.
  4. ROLEPLAY - Rp Name: Andromeda Vandi'ir Age: 91 Role Interested In: Arcane Scholar Classes Interested in(For Students): Deific Magics Qualifications for role (Only for Teachers, this includes magics they want to teach, and if they have taught at an establishment before.): N/A Reason for wanting to join the Academy?: Though I am already a learned voidal sorceress, it has been a pressing desire of mine to learn and delve deeper into the history and mysteries lurking behind Deific magics and the aenguldaemonic pantheon as a whole. Being that my dear friend Slots was recently made librarian to your city and academy, your classes and professor come highly recommended. I likewise come from a family line of well-learned magi and alchemists, so I bring only the greatest respect and understanding of the work you do with me as a willing and interested student. OOC - MC Name: MunaZaldrizoti Discord: MunaZaldrizoti#6175 Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  5. Andromeda Vandi'ir, amidst paying Slots a visit within her newly-granted library of Celia'nor, was passed the flier as she observed the various renovations her friend and the High Princess directed around her. With great haste, she'd go to seek out several copies to distribute to her fellow Goose Feathers!
  6. Andromeda Vandi'ir appeared intrigued, especially at a theme that so suited her tastes. She showed the invitation to the other members of her adventuring band, hoping to gauge how much interest there might be in attending!
  7. Andromeda Vandi'ir spent her afternoon relaying the tale of what she had witnessed outside Fort Myrine to her companions, speculating on how perhaps this alleged-miracle was connected to the various other anomalies taking place across Almaris. As much as others viewed it as a blessing, it seemed to only concern the mali'ker. What did this all mean?
  8. Standing at the foot of the smoldering cathedral, the mali'ker Andromeda Vandi'ir stood in silent contemplation. Though she had missed the initial calamity, the elfess had been present for the succeeding spectacle that garnered the attention of what many had thought to be an aengul, sent from the valah-Creator himself. She had her doubts of the being's true intentions, a thumb rubbing over the bronze medallion that hung about her neck.
  9. yoooooooo thank you for fixing the vip particle effect perk! the whole reason i even paid for it 🙏

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      ( What was broken with it? )

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      @Jenny_BobbsThe old trails plugin was and got removed for a bit before Voop got a new one, old one was getting outdated.

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      Ah so /pp wasn't broken then!

  10. Just be glad you haven't seen logs about ooc plotting and discord rp negotiations, and offensive memes about your own persona....yet. If it reaches that point, then it'll be toxic.
  11. Adeliza Warlai shudders from within the Princess' tower residence, looking out over the square-shaped expanse of Fort Myrine and greater-Drusco. The youth had already witnessed the deaths of her parents at a tender age. Part of her hoped she might not see such horrible things happen once again, in this new country of hers. The girl made haste for the royal couple's chambers, seeking comfort from her thoughts and this talk of a killer on the loose. @MikoMonster @The King Of The Moon
  12. I came back from hiatus at a pretty good time, huh?

  13. The young Adeliza-Gisèle Warlai marvels at the affirmation of peace, having been allowed the opportunity to witness Savoy's own terms being laid out and decided upon just a saint's day previous. "I hope I can be so important like you someday, Princess!" She'd smile then, in awe of her guardian's statesmanship. Unbeknownst to the girl, her connection to the entire conflict was far greater than she might ever know or comprehend. The universe had blessed her with such ignorance.
  14. Adeliza-Gisèle Warlai sat at her guardian's side, taking care not to prick her delicate fingers as Renata instructed her in needlework. The little orphan seemed to brim with excitement at the idea of attending her first wedding as the invitation was read, hoping the Princess of Savoy might bring her along.
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