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  1. The Duchess of Adria would let free a heavy sigh, "I pray this is over by Tuvmas, atleast. The hubris of Urguan will not spoil our holiday season!"
  2. "Language!" The Duchess of Adria would chide him...though winked at him afterwards. She prepared herself for the series of meetings she was certain they'd both be advised to attend. @ErikAzog
  3. The Duchess of Adria, amidst preparations for several dedicated military services, approved the invitation with her own seal. The imperial hoped that they might have a glimmer of joy, even in these contentious times. She was then whisked away, being asked by a maid about which foyer rugs they wished to save from the impending demolitions!
  4. The Duchess of Adria prepares for this new beginning, standing alongside her husband and daughters as they watched the first caravan of supply carts make their way into the city to begin construction.
  5. [!] A letter is copied and delivered to every settlement, nation, and thoroughfare found upon Almaris, bound only by simple twine. To the inhabitants of Almaris, I must apologize for the grim-tidings this missive carries with it, though I feel obligated by my oath to the Aspects to deliver this news unto all who might listen. A party of willing druii from the Mother Circle, lead by myself, ventured into the Voidal Hollow to discern how we might begin to put a stop to it's evident and growing expansion. Initially, we were met with an abominable landscape, scarred and twisted by the magic that persisted there. However, following a confrontation with what seemed to be a sentient stone construct, the true nature of this corrupted landscape revealed itself to us. Transported to an unknown realm, devoid of all life and light, our eyes were made to view a terrible vision of both past and future. The fall of Ando Alur was played out like a story before us, the screams of it's victims echoing in our ears. But even more troubling was the vision of the heart of the hollow, erupting in fiery light and fury, scorching the continent and rending it into pieces. Carrying the burden of these visions onward, we were met with something even more foreboding. An obscured, armored individual residing within a distorted manor, who spoke to us of an Order of the Dandelion, some gathering force to oppose the hollow's destructive path. This person, giving no name or other identity, foretold of a prophecy that would come to pass: "Serpents sleep at the bay of the Black Sun, while monsters stir already in the strait and sea." I entreat with you, leaders and guides of the innocent citizenry of your cities and nations, please heed these warnings and decide if you wish to be chased from yet another home by the forces of the unnatural. The time is ticking down upon this tear in our very reality, and only we may decide if we shall answer it's invasion with passive compliance or defiant force. Signed, Syndra Caerme'onn, The Wyvern Druid
  6. The Charlottean Court Reform Issued & Confirmed by the Office of the Duchess of Adria ANNO DOMINI 13th of the Snow’s Maiden, 1848 - PREAMBLE AND PROCLAMATION - For decades now, the Augustine Palace and it’s court have gone through various changes. These differences have varied from monarchs, to governing figures, right down to the very structure upon which the entire system is built. We have had Governors and Majordomos, Committee leaders and Princess Imperials. However, the lack of an Empress or diligent Crown Princess in over a century has led to what some might view as a power vacuum, allowing lesser roles to take precedence over that which, historically, has always stood above the others by right of natural inheritance. It is my desire to put an end to any questions, regarding who is in charge of Oren’s imperial court. From now until the end of time, the Empress shall rule the palace as it has been since time immemorial. In her absence, the wife of the sovereign’s heir shall lead until her husband’s own accession to the imperial throne . In the absence of either such individual, the Princess Imperial shall assume the mantle until either ascending role is filled. With this proclamation, I also do hereby instate ‘The Augustine Council’, which shall be composed of individuals who have shown me that their desire to see our imperial court thrive far exceeds all of my own expectations for them. These select few are entrusted with the day-to-day governance of the imperial residence and court when the Empress or Crown Princess is unavailable, as well as working alongside her and in tandem with the council’s other members. In this document, I do away with all excess roles that have either stood unfilled or unsuccessful in meeting their intended goal or function. The guidance of a few shall bear fruit for the many, as is the intention behind this final structural reformation. - HIH, the Duchess of Adria THE AUGUSTINE COUNCIL - The Empress At the head of the imperial court sits the Empress-consort of the Holy Orenian Empire, designated to preside over the palace and govern it’s day-to-day business. Her will is carried out by the other councilors, with all decisions or ideas needing approval from her to proceed. The Empress is also tasked with calling yearly or bi-yearly meetings of the Augustine Council, to speak on projects, progress, and other court-related matters. The Governor of the Palace The Governor of the Palace is the right-hand of the Empress-consort, serving as second-in-command of the palace court in the absence of the imperial figure. Their duties will include such things as arranging dinners and gatherings with visiting diplomats and foreign nobility, heading imperial court sessions on behalf of the sovereign, and seeking out projects to be conducted by the palace in any given area. It is also within their realm of work to encourage and aid in the work of those others upon the palace council as asked and requested. This role is, aside from the Empress herself, the most crucial cog in the imperial courtly machine. The Chamberlain of the Palace The Chamberlain of the Palace is third-in-command of the imperial palace, standing only behind the Empress and Governor in terms of authority. Delegated to this role are the duties of household management. This includes keeping a ledger on rooms and their occupants, inviting and interviewing new courtiers, assisting in court functions and activities, and ensuring general repairs and rearrangements are maintained as per the wishes of the Council. The Imperial Secretary The Imperial Secretary is the personal assistant to the entirety of the Imperial Household, though more specifically, the sovereign and their immediate family. From being sent to speak on their behalf to arranging meetings to providing private counsel, the Imperial Secretary is the closest confidante of the imperial family. The Master of Ceremonies The Master of Ceremonies is the paramount revelry planner at court, presiding over all events and activities either within the palace itself or on it’s surrounding estate. Their jurisdiction is over scheduling a bevy of entertainments for the court and greater populous of Oren to enjoy, with the aid of the rest of the Council and additional courtiers as needed. The Master of Ceremonies is also charged with seeking out opportunities in broader-Providence and the Holy Orenian Empire for participation in planning events outside of the palace, through which the imperial family & household might get involved and aid their citizens in planning and promotion of their own projects and functions. The Master of the Archives The Master of the Archives is both the keeper of all imperial tomes and relics, but also the premier court advisor on the supernatural and arcane. Their role, on the surface, is to maintain the imperial collection for courtiers and imperial residents in pursuit of higher knowledge, as well as special exhibits showcasing items owned by historical figures of the Holy Orenian Empire. The Master of the Archives shall also provide the Empress, and the sovereign if requested, with advice and information on any and all magic-related subjects, to the best of their ability. This is so that the leadership of the palace might remain informed upon the goings-on of that which they don’t experience every day and that which is foreign to them. Captain of the Fourth Brigade The Captain of the Fourth brigade serves as the de facto Chief of Security within the Palace, and is appointed at the discretion of the General of the Imperial State Army. He is responsible for assuring the safety of the courtiers and the imperial family, as well as organizing security for those highest ranking Orenians during events. In cases wherein the safety of the courtiers, Orenian officials, and members of the Imperial family are immediately threatened, the Captain of the Fourth may assume executive authority over the court, in order to assure their ongoing safety and protection. [!] Official Appointments to the Augustine Council are made at the discretion of the Empress or Duchess of Adria. Dismissal from any of these positions is also immediate, at either the desire of the Empress or Governor following poor performance. HIH, the Duchess of Adria & Countess of Renzfeld, Charlotte Augusta
  7. The Duchess of Adria sat within her office, reading over the retirement announcement with a stern, unmoving face. The events that had led to this early dismissal were unfortunate, but she could not say she felt remorseful. The Princess knew things of the Lady Mary that she had dared not share otherwise...perhaps this was the safest option, for the palace and the future of the court. Contemplating over the publication for some time, the imperial called for one of her maids. "Yes, please fetch me more ink and parchment along with my sealing wax. I've put off my summons to Lady Claude and her daughter Sophie for far too long. My granddaughters are in need of companions!" She'd speak firmly, keen on asserting this newfound authority in any way she could.
  8. "Hear, hear!" The Duchess of Adria would agree with the public missive, toasting with Anna Mariya in her palatial office. She had grown tired of mindless brigands testing her patience, but tried not to spoil the rest of the evening by allowing it to consume her thoughts. "Your granddaughter is lucky to have you, my friend. Were it not for your quick thinking, Haense and Oren might have known mutual loss."
  9. The Duchess of Adria, Charlotte Augusta, prepared for her eldest child's nuptials with great pride and glee. At long last, one of her two daughters would step into the next chapter of her life. And of course, she would also gain a son-in-law. That made her smile.
  10. [!] A public letter is published by way of the Augustine Palace within Providence, delivered primarily to the Nikirala Palace in Karosgrad by a squire bedecked in imperial livery. It bore the wax-seal of the House of Novellen. @Xarkly @livrose To King Sigismund & Queen Emma, I sit here within my apartments, thinking upon the pleasant evening my daughters and I shared with you a few saint's days previous. It is very rare that I am allowed the opportunity to be hosted within a foreign court, much less for a private dinner. Such an impression was made, I am already pondering how I might return the favor and host either of you, along with your family, at our own palatial residence before the conclusion of this saint's year. However, I shall save you the tiresome task of reading of all the various ideas that seem to busy themselves within my mind. As always, your cuisine was something I can say I am only able to enjoy within your own city walls. My first visit, shortly after my remarriage to the Duke of Adria, was met with both my first glass of Carrion Black and the most interesting stuffed spline I had ever consumed. Though our recent dinner could not top that first meal, I particularly found your Venison Stew quite enticing. I hope in time I might send my secretary along to gather up a recipe from you, so that I might share it with my husband and grandchildren as well. Your warm relationship with my daughter, the Baroness Woldzmir, can do nothing but fill a mother's heart with pride. Though she was raised away from her true family for half of her life, I have always seen a nobility within her that I fear others often grow quite jealous of. Despite the twists and turns life has provided her, she has garnered the friendship of a King, and by extension, his family. For your kindness towards her, I will be forever grateful to you. I would also acknowledge the forthcoming interest you had in the projects of my younger daughter, Lady Josephine. As it is her intention to delve into the exploration of our continent, I pray in future you might indulge her interests, especially knowing the accumulated knowledge you hold within your revered NGS Museum that she speaks so fondly of. And to speak upon kindness, I will save this part of my letter for the Queen herself, whom I spoke with privately after our dinner concluded. Queen Emma, in you I found such a want for change within the world, it reminded me much of myself when I was your age. Your youth inspires me to once again don those whims and ambitions I had as a young woman, so that I might ascend to my future role with the goal of bettering my people. It was your particular intention on promoting kindness which struck me the most, because it is a trait across humanity that I feel has been lost to things like greed and jealousy and violence. I hope this mutual understanding we found together will perhaps aid in that spreading of gentility and chivalry, to the benefit of our two countries, and the greater Almaris. P.S. I believe my granddaughter, Julia, would be keen to meet your daughter, Princess Klara. Perhaps we can arrange, as they call it, a playdate? Most Sincerely, Her Imperial Highness, the Duchess of Adria and Countess of Renzfeld, Charlotte Augusta
  11. The Duchess of Adria looked upon the missive with great confidence, taking pride in her choice for Mistress of Ceremonies. She knew such festivities would aid in ringing in the autumnal season!
  12. The Duchess of Adria, amidst a whirlwind of court-related meeting and business, found the time to hear the news of the former Inspect-General's passing. The imperial ordered a dozen bouquets of Kaedreni roses to be delivered to the Darkwood family, so they might be laid at his grave in honor of his service to their Empire and it's justice system.
  13. The Duchess of Adria would read her daughter's public plea from within her apartment, gaze cast sidelong out the window. She could see citizens milling about upon the various avenues, from her place of comfort and safety. How soon, she thought, could this danger end their blissful ignorance if they did not address this issue head on? The Princess dared not leave any room for them to find out. Charlotte knew, atleast, that she could not return to the woman she had been. A promise had been made to her child, to set aside fear for bravery. And so the Duchess would steel herself to their reality, for her family and her people.
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