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  1. A new player emerges in the south of Almaris...


    Komodo Dragon Gif GIFs | Tenor

  2. The youngest of the exiled Archduke's nieces, Lydia of Balian, would catch wind of the duel as word reached the Palatio Monterosa. The girl drew in a deep breath, imagining the worst outcome. Of course, he was her uncle, so she had to believe he might prevail and live his days in exile contented. But after Cloudbreaker's vicious siege, the princess knew that life was not as fanciful as she had previously believed. "Sir Vassilios...I wish to attend my uncle's duel."
  3. Lydia would watch those unfamiliar faces mill about the square of Atrus, feeling some ounce of pity for their plight. Amidst the packing of her belongings in preparation for her wardship thereafter, the youth of Novellen spared a thought too for her uncle Constanz, who was still missing. She knew, deep down, that they would never see him again.
  4. Princess Lydia of Balian was heartened and overjoyed by the invitation, though she had been expecting it after how often she and the older royal had spoken over the last few years. The youngest Novellen hurried off to show her sister and father, making an effort to withhold details of the nuptials from her eldest brother, Hadrian. This was a royal affair, after all, and she felt he still had many manners to learn!
  5. top 3 favorite characters/character moments?
  6. Lady Vaela Vaedrar would see this as the ideal opportunity to further bond with her host, the Lady Ro'ya Nullivari. A gown of azure was selected, to match the watery theme.
  7. One of the youngest defenders, Princess Lydia of Balian, returned to the city of Atrus upon the next sunrise, intent on beginning the desert citadel's restoration. Once or twice, she heard the strange noises resounding from below, though she only kept thinking of the gilded bell that hung within the palace, entirely unharmed. How fate might have spared them, if the Great Sage had kept his promise to her.
  8. Lydia Novellen would prepare herself, both for the memorial and the festivities that would follow. However, a certain solemnity was still present at the reminder that her home now sat in ruins. Aside her sat the bust of her grandsire, King John I, a valuable art piece whisked out of the Palatio Monterosa before the battle. The youngest child of King Alexander looked forward to the day in which she might return the statue to it's rightful pedestal.
  9. Princess Lydia d'Atrus recovered within the confines of Renduzzo, the youth's body aching from the previous saint's day. Figures milled past, some familiar and some not, though she spared lingering thoughts for her father's vassals and loyal bannermen. If they could survive the aftermath of battle and loss, so too could she.
  10. Hello. I wasn't able to reach you in-game, but I wanted to ask you to please refrain from using skins from my past characters for your RP. I was notified by another player today that you were roleplaying on the server, using a skin I paid real money for. I also noticed you've used several of my skins in the past as well, via your PMC account. I really hate having to do this to people, because everyone deserves to have nice skins to use on this server, but it is upsetting when skins that have such meaning to me and the character I played are being slightly-edited and reused without my permission.


    Thank you, and if you'd like to talk further, my discord is MunaZaldrizoti#5064.

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      u need to think of better shitposts

    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      I'm not having a breakdown I'm just stating facts here, it's clear that some of you have your priorities not straight in your head. Nobody cares about your characters, nobody remembers them but YOU, I do not know which character it is and your friends don't either.


      It's all in your little head, nobody cares about your characters guys. Just let them use the skin and don't bash them publicly. Asking them to taking it down via DMs is alright, a lot of people look alike in society, they don't make facebook posts about each other on facebook.


      Let people live their lives and have fun, and remember that the internet gives you a false sense of security.

    4. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Also guys, just make sure to posts this in your community discord so you guys get 2-3 upvotes on your posts and your life will feel way better. It will finally feel like you have wronged the biggest shitposter in lotc history for once.

  11. Karlotta Kortrevich seemed eager to support her mother's efforts in planning this festival, though was less enthused about being among the massive crowds such events would draw in. The youth would decide to coordinate a book to read during each festivity, a much more welcome distraction.
  12. THE RIGHTEOUS VICTORY The Triumph over Cloudbreaker 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 41 BA To the leaders and warriors of the Atrus Covenant, The undead dragon Cloudbreaker has been defeated. Not by the hands of the few, but of the many descendants who answered our call to arms. Though Atrus lies in ruin, the side of the living continues on to see another day. It is the fortitude of those who manned our weaponry and did battle with the undead horde that saw our glorious Covenant to victory. The material wealth and comforts lost by our kingdom is nothing compared to the importance of life, a gift granted to us by GOD himself and secured by our united forces. It is GOD above that, in his righteous glory, has blessed the people of Balian, its King, and our allies with good fortune in this fight. It is to him and St. Lothar that we owe our gratitude and thanks. For this generation and generations to follow, we shall never forget that perseverance and comradery are sure to triumph over any and all unnatural evils. We cannot forget, however, the lives lost during this defense of our beloved city. They shall always live on in our hearts and memories, their legacy being that of unrivaled courage and unyielding strength. It is to them we owe our very lives, as well as those who survived to tell their tales. In the coming years, it is the wish of His Majesty to conduct various memorials and celebrations to commemorate this victory. We invite all members of The Atrus Covenant to attend and join in this well-deserved respite from war and turmoil. As we look towards the future, the known and the unknown, let us always remember that we defended our homeland of Almaris. We stared into the face of death and lifted our swords. We did not flee or cower, we stood strong and triumphed. We persisted, and so too shall we continue to persist. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS ROYAL EXCELLENCY, Ledicort Vuiller, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lord Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Royal Duana.
  13. Princess Lydia polished the golden bell gifted to her by the Great Sage, the pact signatories being read aloud to her by a maid. With a hum, the young Novellen pictured their impending victory over Cloudbreaker and the undead hoard. "Pater will be proud, this was all my idea!" The girl continued on for the rest of the afternoon, pestering any who might listen about how impressive and wise she was.
  14. Within the city of stars, the subject of this noble correspondence seemed oblivious to the arrangements being made between the two mothers. Instead, she pored over tomes regarding Celia'nor's founding and history, keen to make use of the information Lord Amethil had kindly provided her the day previous. In her provided room above the Slumbering Scholar, she inspected her attire and made sure no platinum curl was left out of place. All this she did in anticipation of her debut at Lady Nullivari's ball, where the young Lord Kallias would take his measure of her. "As I shall likewise take my measure of him," The Avirian lady would murmur, a prideful tone to match the smirk spread across her visage.
  15. FROM ACROSS THE SEA: I A Journey Begins 15th of The First Seed, 111 SA It was from her place atop the the Ignus Seat that the Lady-Regent of Avir, Oth'alia Vaedrar, had addressed her youngest child and daughter. The entire court of Ceru'igne had been gathered, from the Regent's own ruling council to the scullery maids who milled about the halls. In the two-hundred years since the beginning of Lady Vaedrar's governance over their secluded island citadel, no mali'aheral had ventured beyond shores of Avir. Whilst they maintained active trading routes and kept their port open, the interest of learning what lay beyond the sea had seemed to lessen with each generation born. Lady Oth'alia likewise did not encourage correspondence overseas, unless of course it proved to be of benefit to council and the House of Acal'elor themselves. However, with each year that passed, it seemed the Regent grew more and more restless herself, burdened by her endless stewardship of a place that still did not truly belong to her. These feelings of dissatisfaction came to culminate in that aforementioned day, when the Lady-Regent announced to the peoples of Isle Avir that her youngest daughter, Lady Vaela Vaedrar, would be sent across the seas to the distant lands of Almaris. It was the intention of Regent Oth'alia to learn of what time had done to those the Acal'elor had left behind so long ago, the Lady Vaela acting as her personal ambassador and point of contact. However, another goal was kept under the surface, hidden beneath the guise of diplomacy and furthered opportunities for their people. A union, one that might strengthen the position of the Vaedrar talonnii and ensure an alliance with those who might likewise seek advancement of their own. The facts of this private matter, however, were only bestowed upon that young daughter, days before the Regent's finest galleon was made ready to take her on to an unknown future. Thus, did a child of Avir venture beyond the horizon for the first time in two hundred years or more, a letter bearing the Regent's seal kept safe and ready for its intended recipient. Vaela Vaedrar, accompanied by a small collective of attendants and sailors, paid no mind to the gulls that circled and screeched overhead. Her thoughts on the matter, positive or no, were drowned out by the great cacophony the waves rising and falling around them created. The port town of Dion'diraar faded into the distance behind them, eventually being entirely concealed by the heavy mists that perpetually kept Avir hidden from those who were not keen on maritime navigation. For the first time since her mother's announcement, the young elfess considered that she might never return to her homeland again. The only thoughts that seemed to keep her from fleeing this ordeal were of her own position or lack thereof, being the youngest of five children with no prospects of her own. In this distant realm called Almaris, she could put her keen mind and ambitions to good use, earning a life for herself that might never have been achieved within the confines of Ceru'igne. Perhaps she'd locate an Acal'elor or two, as well, to send back home to her mother and her people. For now, though, her attention remained on that horizon, her fate waiting just beyond...in a city called Celia'nor.
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