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  1. Skin: Of Sins and Virtues – 1k Skin: Awfully Middleclass -1k Skin: Cactus Green – 1k Total Bid: 3k Discord: MunaZaldrizoti#6175
  2. THE TOURNAMENT OF ST. EMMA Hosted by the Queen’s Council 9th of Msitza and Dargund, 340 ES Rejoice, knights and soldiers of Hanseti-Ruska! By order of His Majesty, Josef I and the Queen-Consort, Isabel of Valwyck, a tournament is announced and prepared to be held within the impending months of the coming year. Being the first such tourney since our newfound independence, we invite all eligible citizens to participate and take part in this great show of arms and kill. Please note that all events will require a 10 mina entry fee. The sum collected from all entrants will be donated to the Church of the Canon on behalf of His Majesty, Josef I. The Joust The main event of the day will be the grand joust, held within the jousting arena just outside of New Reza. Knights and able soldiers of the HRA are encouraged to take up steed and lance in order to show off the great skill of our countrymen. Favors are also permitted, to be granted by young maidens to bring their prospective victor good luck in the lists. A grand prize will be presented to the winner alongside a sum of 2000 mina, with a smaller prize being granted to the runner-up alongside a prize of 1000 mina. The title of ‘St. Emma’s Champion’ will be presented unto the victor, an honorary moniker to honor the saint who represents soldiery and valour against all odds. The Fisticuffs A smaller bout of weaponless combat will be held for those who wish to showcase their brute strength as opposed to skill on horseback, fought entirely with one’s own fists. The last man or woman left standing after this fisticuff brawl will be presented with a prize for their efforts in pummeling their friends for good sport alongside a sum of 2000 mina. The title of ‘Dargund’s Berserker’ will be afforded to the victor of this competition. The Archery Range Those who prefer the sleek elegance of the bow and arrow will be allowed to put their knowledge of accuracy and marksmanship on display for all to see. With several targets to hit, a limited number of arrows will be provided for the competitors to use in order to prove their prowess. A prize will be presented to the winner of this archery contest, alongside a sum of 2000 mina. The title ‘Arrow of Msitza’ will be afforded to the victor of this competition, The Apple Bobbing An event solely for the enjoyment of our kingdom’s youth, several troughs filled with water will be filled to the brim with apples plucked directly from our local orchards, for the children to make a contest of. The first child to pull forth 8 apples from their respective trough will be declared the winner, awarded with a very special grand-prize trophy. Drinking and other revelry is encouraged throughout this day of sport. This event will be guarded by the HRA. Attached below, please find the entry form for the tournament. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska
  3. [!] A reply is delivered to 2 Silver Jubilee in Helena, stained parchment sealed within a peach-colored envelope. The letter itself smelt of jasmine and rosemary.
  4. “Exclamation point, period,” the Lady Henriette Marna de Rafal would exclaim aside the the Queen Isabel, breathing in the fresh air of independence.
  5. “The intention of the foundation is to support & and aid in planning these kinds of events and projects,” Henriette would idly remind the Vyronov.
  6. THE MARNAN FOUNDATION for Public Works & Cultural Preservation Est. 1786 An artist’s representation of a street in New Reza, 1784. Introduction The Marnan Foundation, established by Lady Henriette Marna de Rafal, is created with the intent to further the interests of the common people within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by way of charitable donations and gatherings. In the days of Joseph I, the rights of the people and their well-being were placed first above all other issues. This stance has been passed down to through his children and grandchildren, to be uplifted and carried on in the hope that it might always stand as a beacon to each succeeding generation. Purpose and Intention With particular emphasis on kingdom-based entities, the Marnan Foundation will provide monetary funds to local entrepreneurs in need of financing, alongside aid in commissioning public works and providing additional aid to the Royal Curator in their cultural endeavors. Some of these tasks and projects will include: - The funding of public spaces, including parks, bath houses, theaters, gardens, festival grounds, and any other location that might benefit the populace of New Reza. - The support in creation of necessary charitable locations, particularly clinics, hospitals, shelters, and orphanages. - The funding and designing of dedicated statues, murals, plaques, and fountains to honor both living and dead ancestors and heroes of Haense. - The planning and funding of festivals and bazaars that will showcase the craftsmen and artists of Haense, with the intent to promote their wares and local business on a semi-regular basis. - Historical preservation of landmarks, both metropolitan and rural. - The funding of any events of cultural preservation held by the Royal Curator of Haense, with the intent of educating both young and old about the deep culture within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. *Monetary support will be determined by the size and scope of the intended project, organization, or event.* Contact and Interest Though the primary goal of this foundation is to select projects that interest us, we’re not opposed to being approached in regards to assistance in funding or planning any work or event that pertains to an improved experience for citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Please seek out Lady Henriette Marna de Rafal if you’re so inclined to our goal and mission, along with your intended proposal and plans. Signed, Her Ladyship, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Secretary to the Queen & Chairman of the Marnan Foundation
  7. Henriette Marna de Rafal admires this work as she enjoys a respectable glass of Carrion Black and a slice of Haeseni Vatrushka, glad to see the great Haeseni culture furthered and uplifted.
  8. Henriette Marna de Rafal (vote Marna for Grand Maer) prepares to contend for the portrait was well, intending to make use of the great Marnan Inheritance she had kept safe in her possession.
  9. Henriette Marna de Rafal nods in approval, her protegee continuing to prove that her upbringing had been well-done.
  10. HENRIETTE MARNA DE RAFAL “Above myself, the people thrive” Citizens and denizens of New Reza, I, Henriette Marna de Rafal, do announce my candidacy and campaign for Grand Maer of this incredible city. After a decade of residing within the walls of Reza, I feel confident enough that I can contribute in a greater way to the well-being and organization of this growing bustling metropolis. My grandfather, Joseph of Marna, issued The Rights of Man as a declaration of his devotion to the improvement and betterment of humanity. As his granddaughter, I must carry those wishes and that legacy upon my shoulders, if not on a smaller scale. The city that has given me a new life and the love of so many children, as the former Head Governess of the Ekaterinburg Palace, is exactly the place I should hope to invest that great legacy into. Job Acquisition One of my initial projects will be to ensure a proper and organized ways to acquire positions of interest within in the city. Be it as a bartender, farmer, steward, or equerry, anyone with a particular talent or knack will be able to find steady income and work without the need for extensive waiting. This will be accomplished by the New Reznian Job Register, where employers can send in listings regarding open positions for unhired workers to then apply to without extra unnecessary hassle. Public Works and Dedicated Spaces The city truly lacks a substantial amount of public areas for leisure and casual enjoyment, alongside a steadier amount of dedicated monuments to those who have served our kingdom and lost their lives in the process of fulfilling that service. My mission is to redesign and reinterpret some of these spaces and introduce new ones as well, gardens and parks for the populace to gather within and enjoy themselves after days of hard-work and toil. Statues and memorials will be planned as well, with ceremonies held in honor of the person’s memory and legacy. Festivals and Holidays Jubilation and congregation will reign supreme if I am elected as Grand Maer, with events both great and small being held for the enjoyment of not just the citizen of New Reza, but the entire dual kingdom as well! Great bazaars, jousts, and fairs will be the highlight of my tenure, with a intent focus upon collaborating with local businesses to showcase the bounty of Haeseni craftsmenship. The Maer’s Forum Much how His Majesty holds court, I intend to hold what I dub the ‘Maer’s Forum’, a public gathering in which all citizens of New Reza are invited to state their whims, woes, and occasional praise to the municipal government. This would be done in order to foster an even closer bond between the leadership of the city and it’s people, to build both trust and understanding. These initial plans are only some of the main projects I plan to tackle as Grand Maer of New Reza, but only if the good people of the city provide me with that honored chance. To vote for me is to vote for a fresh breath of life to be blown into the streets and alleyways of our royal capitol, and I pray that you will allow me the honor of heading that revitilzation! GOD BLESS HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, JOSEF I! Signed, Henriette Marna de Rafal
  11. Henriette Marna de Rafal, once again, is glad to help shine a proper light upon the invaluable women of Haense’s long history. Her admiration for Miss Petrovic only grows with each publication!
  12. Minecraft Username: MunaZaldrizoti Character Name: Henriette Marna de Rafal Character Age: 45 Place of Residence/Street Address: Ekaterinburg Palace Position (Grand Maer/Royal Alderman/Tribune): Grand Maer
  13. Glad my favorite Archaengul is still getting the respect and lore she deserves
  14. From a pristine marble estate within the Silver City of Haelun’or, the talonnii of Maehr’tehral would send word of their attendance, to witness the coronation of their patriarch Nelgauth’s most admired valah and friend! @Parion
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