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    Born in the woodlands of Tahn, Axios, to a nomadic tribe of wood elves, Cassius left his kin (after a family dispute) at the young age of 30 on a trip to become more in tune with nature and his home forests. He has since tried to find his tribe again but with no luck, he hopes to see them again someday but to his bitter regret, he can barely even remember his mother’s face. He lived very briefly in an inn in the Dominion on Tahn while awaiting passage to Atlas, this short time in an unfamiliar, urban environment strengthened his resolve to live in the woods independently. After travelling to Atlas he has spent his time in the woods becoming more and more of a hermit as the years have gone on but in recent years has felt the loneliness taking its toll on his mind, he has now decided he will try to rejoin society in search of knowledge, skills and perhaps companionship. Living a life alone in the woods, Cassius has lived for the most part without many material possessions. He has lived his life based on necessity, he is not against breaking the law if he sees it as a necessity e.g. stealing food from caravans travelling through his home forests if the hunting was particularly scarce, or breaking the law if it happened to benefit more people than it harmed. This particular set of morals has not got him into much trouble in his isolated lifestyle but he is fully aware it may start to on this new journey into society. Cassius is roughly 5’10” , average build and he has light tawny coloured skin. His hair is dyed a mossy green using plants and other substances found in the forests, he has shaggy hair that is cut short to prevent knots and decrease washing time on longer treks and hikes in the woods and wild lands. He wears a simple grey/green shirt under a warm green jacket, brown trousers and supple but strong leather boots, he also wears brown leather gloves to protect his hands from rough tree bark, bowstrings, climbing rocks, and the like. He also almost always wears a deep purple scarf, given to him by his estranged mother, over his face to hide away his face and emotions.
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