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Found 67 results

  1. Pun

    The Virarim

    The Virarim The Sirame reformed for a new age of prosperity; the Virarim is the united military of the Elven Dominion. It promotes stoic and competent values in combat, for Elves to act calmly, quickly and cohesively. Undignified war cries and undisciplined screaming are not permitted within these ranks, as all within the group are held to the Bronze Standard of Conduct. They are held to this standard as they are expected to serve as the bulwark and representatives of the Elven realm. It is preceded over by a Praetor, the commander of the force. The combat styles of the Virarim, like the Elves collectively, are adaptive for almost any situation, but specialties are inevitable. In a pitched battle, shields and spear can be locked together in a Phalanx capable of driving away the strongest foes with waves of arrows raining on the enemy. In the forests and jungles, the Virarim find their home territory, conducting lightning fast guerrilla strikes on enemy supply or war parties before making a swift withdrawal. If necessary, the command structure of the Virarim can be remolded for the situation; strict unit hierarchy and disciple might be enforced in a pitched battle, whereas operating in small teams, the structure can be changed. The very greatest of the Virarim may be challenged to prove their peerless combat prowess to their Commander. If they are deemed to be worthy enough, they may be called up to an elite group of warriors named the Immortals. They represent the very best the Elven realm has to offer and have the personal responsibility to protect the Administrative Council, and most of all, the High Prince and the King. Hierarchy The Virarim is managed by a cadre of officers and soldiers chosen especially for their dynamism, talent, martial skill and command prowess to fill roles as follows Praetor The single commander of Virarim. This position is usually held by one of the Bronze Lords, but this is no requirement. This leader has tested themselves in battle time and time again and has proven to be a loyal soldier of the Dominion and its people. Current Evar’tir (AgentChaseMcCain) Lady/Lord Imperator The single right hand of the Praetor. When the single commander is not present, the Aneh'wy has jurisdiction over the Virarim. He has the privilege of attending Princely council meetings on topics which concern the Virarim. They are to be shown equal respect as the Praetor and their words are the representation of Dominion law. Current Arwenia Silma (Punisher8817) Officer A more experienced Sentinel who has shown competency in commanding their fellow soldiers. They answer to the Lord General and the Praetor They hold tasks Quartermaster- An organizationally minded Virarim who manages the equipment and resources of the military in conjunction with its commander. This individual might also possess skills with which to fashion the war material which he then manages, as a blacksmith or a fletcher. Recruiter -An officer with a trained eye at spotting those who would be able to serve the virarim and the Dominion.Bring new recruits to the Drill master. Drill Master- Highly Trained Virarim with the experience to Train the recruits and Virarim. They host trainings and drills as well as training new recruits in procedures and expectations Sentinel An officer-in-training who is selected by an officer for education in battlefield tactics, home defense and large-scale military decision making. All sentinels selected must be confirmed by the Praetor to begin their higher service. Virarim The valiant defender of the Elven state and its most veteran foot-soldier. These soldiers make up the elite block of the Dominion’s forces, and it is in these grounds that a soldier may prove themselves to the Sentinels, and furthermore, their Praetor. Furthermore, they may seek to advance to officer status, possibly ascending to join their ranks. They are permitted to don a shield emblazoned with the Dominion's logo to indicate their elite status. Scouts/Pathfinder An experienced scout, usually a naturally exploratory Virarim with a knack for independent action and physical endurance, who can be sent as the leader of a small team of scouts. These can be either explorers on foot, or mounted soldiers depending on the need of the situation. Recruit A new recruit to the Virarim, who must prove himself/herself a loyal warrior in order to become a Legionnaire. All must start in this position. Irrinites The militaristic subdivision of the naelurir priesthood, they handle all matters in relation to the Aspects. They hold power to step in regarding such matters. They cannot overrule Lord/Lady Imperator and the Praetor. The Keeper and Commando of the Irrinite do hold the power over Officers , virarim and recruits in religious matters only. Guest Sword The defender of the Elven state who doesn’t seek to officially join the military, but would still like to help with home defense and organizing civilians into militias to fight off invaders, raiders and bandits. Virarim Fabri: When in peacetime and also finding a use in war, soldiers of the Virarim will play a part in maintaining the Elven Dominion through their martially useful skills, rather than merely laying passive and waiting for the next battle. Specializing in just one of these fields will also give the sentinel skills in their daily lives. To apply Either fill out form below or contact a recruiter Official 1671, Posted with the Permission of the High Prince Abelas ((ooc note: Thank you to iMattyz and Gaia for original format and texts))
  2. GaiaLoTC

    Tome of Strife

    Copies of the Tome are sent to the Libraries of the Naelurir, of the Mother Grove, and to the druii of the Maelstrom for all that wish to read them. They are marked with the Circle of the Emerald Way. The Tome of Strife Writings of Sister Hurricane “To will change upon the self is to change the world. Only through will can all balance be attained.” - The Axiom of Will, Teachings of Sister Hurricane I. The Absence of Understanding The Lord and Lady have blessed you with eyes to see and ears to hear, and a whole world to experience. Yet we remain blind and deaf to most of it. I remain blind, despite teachings that were meant to open my eyes and help me see the world for what it was. We consider it a great tragedy when one falls to darkness, when they stray away from the teachings of the order, and when they fall into hands that turn them to violence and disparity. Many of our students are failing, falling to darkness in their belief continuously. Those that remain follow blindly to their teachers, like sheep, unable to think past the surface of druidism. Most haven't thought yet to dive in. We are missing something within our teachings. Missing a piece that keeps the ambitious prodigies away from darkness, and a piece that allows others to break their chains and to be free from the slavery of secular thought. The teachings of our order, I find, ignore the dark of the world. They preach only the light, and are blind for it. I have sought the contrast myself, the dark to compliment the light, not to oppose it. I will not tell what I have learned here, only that the current teachings do not hold all of the answers you need. By learning what they have not taught me, I have seen what makes us weak. If you are to truly understand, then you too must seek this contrast, not adherence to this single ideal. To believe in an ideal is to be willing to betray it, to look where it may forbid you to go. It is a lesson of strength. If you do believe in an ideology, then find its opposite, so that you may reinforce it by correcting its flaws. Become what strengthens an ideology, not a slave to it by following it dogmatically. Without this contrast, we are but marionettes, tangled in the strings of weaknesses in our ideologies. II. The Value of Struggle and Self Reliance Pure benevolence weakens the self, and those to whom it is cast upon. Do not roam the world, dispensing pity and self sacrifice unto others. By giving others the chance to fight their own struggles, internally and externally, we give them the chance to cultivate their own will. Do not be a thief in the night, stealing strength from others where you would mask it with benevolence. If you truly wish to help another, recognize the value in letting them cultivate their strength and will through their struggles. When they triumph, their victory will be far greater than it would be if you would help them. Through your own struggles, cultivate this inner will, and you will find the path to balance. Create a strict reliance on yourself, rather than your connection to the balance, to the thing you protect. Too many druids of our age focus on honing their gifts to better serve the lord and lady above on this earth. I ask you, strip them of their gifts, and what do they become? Only empty shells, incapable of enacting their duty to the balance without the gifts of the aspects. And that is no true disciple of the balance. Without will, we are nothing. This brings us to a fundamental question: If a druid loses her powers, is she still a druid? The way you would answer would depend on your view. If you say no, you believe inherently that only those with the gifts can make a difference in this world, and you are wrong. The devout, druii without gifts, are simply those with greater will. With the proper will, everything can be changed, such is the nature of will itself. Druidism is something greater than simply gifts. Those that would choose death over a life without their gifts are those whose wills are weak, and were unworthy of them in the first place. III. The Nature of Life and Death The Mother above creates and cares for life throughout the world, and spreads it over the land. Helps it grow, nurtures it. Heals it. Guides it. The energy of life exists through all living things. Tt surrounds us, penetrates us. It binds the world together, and unifies it all. It is fluid, like the water that carries it. This is known. Death does not exist. This life created by the mother never leaves this world, it merely passes from vessel to vessel. The fallen elk feeds the grasses, and the prey feeds the predator. On and on the cycle moves, life being poured from vase to vase. It holds many different shapes and forms, but at its core, all forms are simply life. We are no exception to this. It is because of this that the role of the father is oft misunderstood, however. He is not death, nor is he the hunt. His name is strength, not for his ability to take life, or hold mastery over it. But for his power to move the energies of life from one vessel to the next. It is from his will that the balance exists. It is from his own will that life moves from vessel to vessel, never stagnating, never finding stillness. It is due to this change that life is truly precious, and each form just as valuable as the last. So where do we lay among all of these vessels? Where does our power come from? We cannot define ourselves by our ability to take life, to control it even or possess it. To do so is to have nothing, truly. Death does not exist, and if you define yourself by your ability to usher it, your strength is as fleeting as grains of sand in the wind. But if we define ourselves by our ability to will great change in the world, to move and change the vessels of life as Cernunnos does? That is true strength, lliran. This is what the focus of druii should be. Cultivating the will to usher change. IV. Facing Conflict I speak much against a neutral stance, and this much holds true. One should always act when they have the opportunity to, and when there is greater suffering in the world. But I have not always been clear on what it is to act on, or how one should carry themselves. In my life, I have been through many struggles of my own, and this is the view I have learned thus far, and it is the view I shall give unto the Emerald Way, that others may find a better way to approach their problems. Live your life, and act with great respect and wisdom, for you must be a beacon of change for the world, a fount of knowledge and veneration. Without strong principles to guide us through our own morality, what then can we enact our will from? A principled life, one with a strong basis for which we act is the only life worth living. But what is principle without the perspective to see the world around you as it is? Through rigorous meditation we gain clearer perspective, and can find the solution to any problem. When on your journey through life, take one step at a time, look up from your feet and observe the living world around you. Speak to all you may meet and soak in all the details you can, learn what comes to you. Life is to be savored, taken slowly. Rashness is the path toward greater suffering. Will. Principle. Perspective. These are the three great values that the Emerald Way promotes. Through these values, act with a tempered and clear mind, and seek always to see more than what you are shown. From these values, we find the strength to change anything in this world. Even destiny. V. The Place of Gifts and Tools I have said before, the druids rely on the gifts far too much. It overtakes their being, and in some cases, druids cannot function in day to day life without the use of their gifts. It becomes a crutch, one that would leave a druid crippled without it. Such deep rooted dependency is something to be avoided, something to be shut down and moved away from. And even in our divine mission, many rely entirely on this aspect-given gift to do our work. Without them, I don’t doubt that many would fail in their mission, that they would cease to protect the balance without their precious gifts. And I sense an even more sinister plot. That many druids are here only for the power that they may receive from the gifts. Devotion is a scarce thing to see these days, true devotion to the lord and lady above. Many druids fall, and when they lose their gifts, they simply move onto something else that may give them the power they seek to enact their wills. Give many of the druids of the order only silence, and you will truly see who follows the aspects. But you may see this as me having a negative view of the gifts, which cannot be further from the truth. I have only a negative view of druids that rely on such gifts, that depend on them, sometimes to the extent of needing them to live. Such reliance is weakness, and weakens the order as a whole. However, the gifts themselves are not to blame. We have many tools at our disposal to aid us in our mission of preserving the balance of life. Our mind, our physical strength, our charisma, our words, and yes, our gifts. The gifts are but one singular tool with many uses, just like the other tools. You do not need the gifts in order to protect the balance, just like you do not need the gifts in order to be a druid. To believe that one must have the gifts in order to carry out our divine mission is vanity, don’t you see it? I would rather a devout person without gifts that protects the balance to the best of their ability rather than a druid who uses their gifts for personal gain, or one that seeks personal power. The Order should enforce teachings of these inherent tools that we already possess, and their uses in protecting the balance, rather than preparing them to rely on their gifts. Teaching students that only their new power can preserve the balance is a dangerous and self destructive way of thinking, and is the reason behind many of the greatest failings of our order. There is a silent lust for power within our teachings, I think, and we are utterly blind to it. Always, the next step in learning is to master a new gift. At least, this is what I have seen in the world. There is a great flaw in this method.
  3. GaiaLoTC

    Tome of Two Balances

    Copies of the Tome are sent to the Libraries of the Naelurir, of the Mother Grove, and to the druii of the Maelstrom for all that wish to read them. They are marked with the Circle of the Emerald Way. The Tome of Two Balances Writings of Sister Hurricane “To will change upon the self is to change the world. Only through will can all balance be attained.” - Teachings of Sister Hurricane, the Axiom of Will I. Morality as Inner Balance On yesterday's eve, I witnessed a sight most common, though for some unknown reason, it struck me strange. An elk was torn into by a beast, and ripped into, to eat. A common occurrence, yes, this is known. Tis’ the way of nature, the beasts eat the common gazelle, and so on. The predator eats the prey, and the prey feeds on what it can. There is no evil in it, the predator must eat as much as the prey, and the prey must eat what it can. There is only survival in it. The predator feels naught for devouring its prey, nor does the prey when it grazes upon the grasses, despite life being taken from the world. Such is the unseen way of all natural life. Life passes on and on and through each moving piece of it. There is no evil or good in the natural balance, only what is and what survives. Such also is the way of druidism, our gifts are given without thought of good and evil, but with only this delicate balance of the cycle of life in mind. Druids are expected to be as neutral as nature in this sense, are we not? It is the duty of druids to correct the balance, wheresoever it may be corrupted, without heed for borders. It is our duty to correct it, we must. We have been charged by the aspects above to do our sacred duties, and the order has decided we must do it this way, completely neutrally. But this charge ignores a most fundamental principle of our life as descendants, of how we have grown and developed to live with morality, to have the sense of good and evil, and all in between. It is what makes us what we are, it is what gives us our humanity, and this makes us truly and beautifully unique. We are not a part of this balance the aspects have created for us, but we surely live with it. Though, to attempt to live without morality, to attempt to live neutrally and strive to think as the aspects do, without heed of what is good and evil, this is unnatural of our own being. It makes us only as simple as the beasts and prey that are in the balance we seek so desperately to protect. We cannot, and we should not deny what we are, how we think, but we must find a balance of our own, and look over the balance of nature with a sense of right and wrong. To live along with both the balance and the descendants, separately, yet together. In this, we are allowed to exercise our sense of right and wrong and do our duty to protect the balance with great strength. It is not the nature of men to keep out of everything. One would say it distracts us from our duty, to say, be a part of a nation. This is not the case, I don't think. I might even say it better allows us to perform our duties. While we cannot live as neutral, we are able to do our best to spread what is good, and what is just. It is of the utmost importance that druids maintain strong ties to the world they live in and protect, they cannot fly above it all. Neutrality is a disease that leaves men weak, and staggeringly alone, as many beasts are. Fellow priests of the balance, I say to you. Do not catch the disease of neutrality. Hone your sense of right and wrong, fight always for the path of good for you and your people. Do not become unnatural men, stripped of all sense of what is good or evil in the world. In morality, we find our strength together. Apathy is a fate worse than death, for even a rotting corpse feeds new life. II. Will Within Balance We are inherently separate from the thing we protect so dearly, as druii. The balance consists of life around us, the seen and hidden movements of nature ever moving in a circle around us. The birds and trees die out, but there is ever a forest standing, no? Songbirds fill the air, do they not? We are ever surrounded by life, yet death lurks and strikes here and there. No matter how oft or how heavy death’s strikes may be, life ever moves on. Many druii take our duty to protect the balance as a sign that the world is weak. It is the opposite indeed, for the balance of the world knows a will far greater than our own. Life will find a way, no matter how damaged it may be. We druii exist only as a means of preserving the balance’s state, and correcting it where we find imbalance. Yet as I say, we are inherently separate from the balance of the world. Instead, we hold a force of our own within, potentially even equal to this primordial balance of the world. The balance of the self. The Emerald way is, at its core, the way of two balances. One cannot neglect this balance of the self when protecting the balance of the world, for it is far more fragile, and far weaker. This balance, in a way, is even more important than that which the druii are sworn to protect. With this separation from the balance of the world, the circle of life is entirely indifferent to us, to our very being. We have little sway over it, though many druids seem to rely on it for their source of strength. They use their gifts frivolously, and have grown dangerously dependent on them. They fail to realize that to rely on their gifts to protect the balance is dangerous, and leaves men weak. No man or woman can hope to fully control this primordial force, and they are left with atrophied bodies, defenseless without their gifts. They fail to realize that true strength comes from within, and that in order to change the balance, and protect it, we must cultivate our own will to match the strength of the world’s will. While faith is important, true strength is drawn from our own volition; The power to use your will, which is equally important as obtaining power itself. Never live for the sake of another, or an ideology. Live for yourself, and no other. With that, we empower ourselves to carry out the will of the aspects, to protect the balance. III. The Nature of Will A man can change everything if he is willing to sacrifice for it. The greatest sacrifices require the strongest wills, And we must give much for the salvation of this world. In the beginning, we have nothing. Our privilege is the dirt. In such darkness, our will guides us to light Perspective pierces the veil of dark. Our birthright is our failings, and the pain we suffer. When darkness comes, we can rely on no other to face it for us. Only in our willpower can balance be attained. IV. Beings of the Present Self The balance does not, nor can it be made to be still for long. All things move until they pass on, and even then their energies move ever forward into other forms, other vessels that will move on and on. And from movement, movement is born, ever arching outward. You, druii, are no exception to this commotion. We constantly expend our energies in creating islands of quiet within our lives, trying to still the waves that march ever onward, yet it cannot last. Time encroaches, it consumes all things. Fling yourself to the waves of life, druii, engage in the here and now, and you will find that the key to living is your own will. The will to see life for its flaws, and the will to better it, to create your own waves. One cannot focus on the waves that have long since passed, the echoes of feelings you once felt. The past does hold merit in giving us its teachings, but from there, move on. It holds nothing for you. Let the past die, and use what you have learned to shape your present. With the lessons of the past, we can focus on dealing with what is here and now, with the waves that crash over us. Use what you have learned to enact your will, and shape the waves around you. And perhaps prevent a tidal wave from overwhelming you in the future by dispersing it before it happens. By changing your destiny. There is no lasting stillness. It is impossible. Accept this. Know it in your bones. Watch the world happening around you, and through your will, forge your own echoes, your own cadence in this world. Live in the moment, and your will can shape the future. V. The Balance of the Self My words earlier in these pages were far too simple, I’m afraid, for they leave out a great deal in seeking to express the point, but they failed to truly explain my deeper meaning. Earlier, I stated that the balance within consists of the will to act on the sense of good and evil. Though I do not refute that, I’m afraid that the truer meaning of the inner balance is lost on such words. Good and evil are a point of view, different to each person. I have found better words to explain such a dichotomy. Instead of viewing the inner balance as the senses of good and evil, replace such words with selfishness and selflessness. To act for the self, and to act for others. This opens the situations to all by providing a common meaning. You cannot have one without the other in life. Pure selfishness only harms others, and amassing your own power can lead you to enact your desires. Instead, one must use the powers gained from selfishness to act selflessly in life. To sacrifice for the good of others, and of the balance. But beware, lliran. Pure selflessness is just as destructive as pure selfishness. Benevolence for the sake of benevolence leaves you in a worse position than when you started, it weakens you and sacrifices your own strength to help. In addition, it robs others of their struggles, their own opportunities to learn and gain their own strength. Never sacrifice your own strength to rob another of their struggles. As I said before. Recognize the value in letting people fight their own battles, and they will be all the stronger for it. Selfishness for the sake of selflessness- this is how we can protect the balance. By enacting our own will through this, we have the strength to alter the balance and preserve it. This inner balance is not inherent to druids, or even the balance that they protect. It is inherent to the descendants, this ability to act in selfishness and selflessness. It is where inner strength is drawn, the will to enact change upon the world. Such a principle applies to all aspects of life, and so it is important that druids hone their will to act on this sense. A druid who has mastered their ability to act on this sense will go far. A soldier who has mastered it will find his enemies falling before him. A farmer who has mastered it will know only bountiful harvests. It applies to all paths through life. If we cannot find the strength to act on this and hold balance in our sense of selfishness and selflessness, how then can we hope to protect the primordial balance of the world? We cannot.
  4. 18th of Malin’s Welcome, 1672 After many years, and due to the industrious nature of the Mali’aheral who wish to see their home prosper, the Silver City has been rebuilt. Like a diamond recut, the glory of elcihi’thilln stands as one of the crowning architectural achievements of the Mali’aheral; a fortress of learning, peace, and stability. Under the enlightened wisdom of the Silver Council, the gates of Haelun’or are open once more. The progress of the Mali’thill may now continue as it always should, for all toils bear fruit. All citizens are directed to report to an Okarir to be housed. Do not forget our heritage, children of Silver. To those who have strayed from the teachings of old, a pardon is offered. An opportunity to walk the Path, and have one’s impurities of the past washed away, to be forgotten and forgiven by all, as one embraces Silver anew. Leave a life of decadence and ignorance behind for one of the blessed light of Haelun’or. To those who continue to adhere to the elmaehr'sae hiylun'ehya, return to your homeland, for the realms of the lesser races are fleeting in the fires of chaos and war while the wisdom of the Mali'thill endures as eons pass. Ay’Larihei [[OOC]] Hello friends! As some of you may have noticed, Haelun’or and the High Elf community has been a bit quiet over the past few weeks as we have been revamping our city. Now that things have been finished up however, we’re looking for people to join us in some High Elf RP (and fill up some lovely tower houses)! Somewhat interested? Then if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message myself or @countessem (Sakura) with questions about High Elf culture and RP. We offer many tea and library related activities. If the military is more to your liking, just drop a PM to @Corpean, leader of our guardforce, the Sillumir. Not a High Elf? Feel free to stop by our inn. We don’t bite. (Probably)
  5. -=-The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition-=- The Red-Cloak forces giving justice to the realm by burning a vile elf-lover, who brought an elf into her chambers and interbred with it. -=- The Red-Cloak forces found their-selves rallied for a cause greater than this world, the men of Renatus, the men of Haense, the men of Belvitz, and the men of Atlas, all united under one banner to relinquish the elven scum from the lands of Humans, and bring back the justice of GOD. They found themselves marching towards Haense, the known capital of harboring elves, and what they found was more sickening than an elf itself. They found a woman by the name of Alayne av Grimrich, or Alayne Tosali, who slept with an elf prior to her marriage to whatever Grimrich she is married to, being declared by her brother, Arstan of the House Tosali. The men began to tie her up, and bring her to the Flame of GOD for justice of the realm. They placed her on the cross, and said prayers to calm the souls watching, the scene was glorious and holy. The vile elf-lover screeched as the men did their duty, only departing after she was gone. They all screeched the call of "Bog Vedet Nas!" or in other words, "God Guides Us!" The men found themselves marching back home, ready to secure the fate of another heretic who wishes for their trial. Alayne av Grimrich looking to the crowd as she awaited her trial by Flame. -=- The men lighting the cross and giving justice to GOD for allowing this filth on his land for so long. -=-
  6. Okay guys so this is like very epick sad, please five retweets and plus 1's XC
  7. FOREWORD All residents of the District of Valleinor must acknowledge that the following laws are supplementary to the Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion which are clearly outlined in the Dominion’s Codex of Law. As a resident of Valleinor, both the laws presented below and those listed in the codex must be adhered to. The punishment for each crime is outlined in the respective document to which it is scribed in. Ignorance is not a legitimate excuse for any infringement. The following district laws as scribed by Lord Ceruberr Asul'Ailer are effective immediately. Federal Laws of the Elven Dominion: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169636-the-dominions-codex-of-law/ ELTIRAN'LAUREH - THE NOBLE LAWS SECTION ONE - APPEARANCE & BLOODLINES Residents of Valleinor must be of elvish blood. Exceptions may be granted by the District Lord/Lady. Residents of Valleinor are expected not to be unnatural or corrupted in any capacity. The criteria for this will be decided on a case by case basis and left to the discretion of the District Lord/Lady and elheial’tahu (The High Council). Residents of Valleinor must be of a reasonable skin colour (fair, brown, ashen), reasonable hair colour, and wear appropriate attire, as judged at the discretion of the District Lord/Lady. One’s identity must never be hidden within the District of Valleinor, and must be easily identifiable at all times. Hoods that obscure a clear view of the face are forbidden, and any form of facial mask is strictly prohibited. Residents of Valleinor are encouraged to scribe their lineage and present it to the District Lord/Lady to be published for all to see in the Bloodlines of Valleinor. SECTION TWO - RESIDENT CONDUCT Residents of Valleinor are expected to carry themselves with dignity -- both through action and spoken word. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in physical fraternization with a minor (a minor being any mali less than 50 years of age). Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in fraternization of any intimate sort with non-mali. An incredibly selfish, inconsiderate deed which may result in a child burdened with an additional curse. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in non-consensual physical fraternization. Residents of Valleinor shall not participate in incestuous intimate fraternization of any kind. SECTION THREE - HOUSING Housing precedence will be given to mali’aheral over those of other racial heritage, and the District Lord/Lady holds the right to reserve available property for this purpose. Furthermore, Talonniian’laurir (noble bloodlines) are granted preference in housing due to the contributions that those of their blood have made to the district. All residents residing within a particular home are required to fill out the Valleinor Housing Registry Form. Should another individual wish to desire in your home, you are required to inform either the District Lord/Lady or a Steward so that they too may fill out the Valleinor Housing Registry Form. All residents agree that in the event that the Dominion of Malin reinstates taxes, all residents must pay said taxes in a timely manner. Any and all expansions of homes must be approved by the District Lord/Lady. Evidence of unapproved expansion will result in swift eviction from the property. In times of war, at least one individual from a household must contribute to the war effort. It is the duty of all to defend their home. The District Lord/Lady holds the right to randomly inspect property for evidence of any infringements of both Federal and District Law. SECTION FOUR - MAGIC Any and all significant matters of sorcery and voidal anomalies must be reported to either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter immediately. The creation of potentially hazardous arcane devices is prohibited. Should any resident be uncertain as to whether or not their creation could cause harm to person or property, they should contact either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter. Any and all unlawful use of magic is strictly prohibited within Valleinor -- further defined as any use of magic which breaks either Federal or District Law. Residents of Valleinor reserve the right to publicly practice their magic within the district’s borders, however, must cease this practice upon entering Irrinor or Velunor. Residents who desire to learn magic are encouraged to join the Mage’s Guild or another magical guild of equal standing to ensure they are adequately instructed and learn to wield the arcane responsibly. Residents of Valleinor are prohibited from the study and practice of any and all Dark Arts. These include: Necromancy, Shade, Mysticism, Dark Shamanism, Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, Puppetry, Soulbound Golemancy. PUNISHMENTS FOR TRANSGRESSORS Failure to comply with the following laws will result in one or more of the following punishments. The verdict of each crime is to be determined by the District Lord/Lady, and in more extreme cases, elheial’tahu (The High Council). Fine Community Service Confiscation of Goods Eviction Banishment
  8. HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA History It was upon the realm of Axios that Titania Hawksong and Ac’Aelu Tinuvial birthed the settlement which they named Norseth’onn - Land Born of the Void. The settlement itself had a distinctly High Elven style, both in architecture and culture. However, what began as a reclusive establishment, home to but a few sorcerers and researchers, soon experienced a grand era of arcane advancement. Such advancements included the creation of both the Manablade and the Arcane Familiar. This period of prosperous ingenuity and growth gained the attention of the Dominion, and so, Norseth’onn was elevated in status to become the third recognised state of the Dominion of Malin. Norseth’onn and her people prospered within the Dominion, and they followed their kin to the land of Atlas following the poisoning of Axios. Caras Eldar, capital of the Dominion and Jewel of Elvendom upon Atlas, became the new home to Norseth’onn and her people, who established themselves in the upper district of the city. The peace, however, was not to last. For reasons known to but a few, Former Lord Arcanist Ac’Aelu Tinuvial lead his Order Absolute in rebellion against the Dominion. The rebellion met a swift end before the state was seized by former Lady and Architect Titania Hawksong and Prince Belestram Sylvaeri. Following the treasonous rebellion, the Dominion reorganised its constituent states into three districts: Irrinor, Velunor, and Valleinor. Norseth’onn - Land Born of the Void would be renamed to the latter; Valleinor - Land of Water, which reflected the natural beauty of the upper district. Titania and Belestram reconstructed the district with a particular vision in mind -- they desired for the district to be a peaceful home to the Elder Houses of Elvendom, dedicated to the memory of Malin. The Reformed Vision of Valleinor It is now that the District of Valleinor experiences yet another reformation, spearheaded by the current Lord of Valleinor, Ceruberr Asul’Ailer. As it stands, the district’s citizens are predominantly mali’aheral -- as might be expected given its architecture and arcane history. The district also houses a number of guilds, including: The Mage’s Guild, The Enchantry, and the Celestial Order. Given the quantity of magi and arcane-affiliated guilds which are situated within, the district has attracted a great number of scholars and arcanists to its ivory heights. Looking to the future, it is the intention of Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer to combine the visions of his predecessors in the reformation of Valleinor, as is encapsulated in his dictum for the district: Hileia’sae Maehr’ehya -- Spreading Peace & Wisdom. Firstly, the District of Valleinor will continue to serve as the Dominion’s home of both arcane and scientific research -- a haven where scholars may conduct their studies safely and under the watchful eye of both the District Lord/Lady and the Lord/Lady Enchanter. Any and all significant matters of sorcery, creation of potentially volatile arcane devices, unlawful use of magic, and voidal anomalies must be reported to either the District Lord/Lady or the Lord/Lady Enchanter. This is to ensure that a high standard of arcane practice is enforced and that the treason the Dominion faced at the hands of Ac’Aelu will never be felt again. Secondly, the District of Valleinor proudly houses a number of well-respected elvish Talonnii (bloodlines). One need only provide the District Lord with said records to have their family recorded in the Bloodlines of Valleinor. Furthermore, certain Talonnii that prove themselves to be diligent, reputable, and dignified members of society, and can provide proof of their unsullied elvish blood, may be eligible for the status of Talonnii’laurir. Talonnii’laurir (noble bloodlines) are granted specific privileges including prioritised housing and a single representative seat upon elheial’tahu (The High Council - see “Governing Body of Valleinor” thread). Each individual member of a Talonnii’laurir will subsequently be regarded as mali’laurir (noble elf). A Lordly Invitation Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, formally invites all mali’aheral and other elves of suitable stature to dwell within Valleinor. As it currently stands, mali’aheral are without a proper home upon the realm of Atlas. Venture to the upper district of Caras Eldar to reunite with your kin and do your part in contributing to the pursuit of wisdom of our people. Come take advantage of the accumulated wealth of knowledge the district and her people have to offer. Hone your skills and work alongside your fellow citizens toward the discovery of stimulating new breakthroughs for the betterment of the realm. For all housing enquiries, please contact the District Lord or an official steward of the Dominion. Nae lin celian anniler, lliran. ((To join the District of Valleinor Discord, please message me at: CaptainSheepy#7719 or @ me in the Dominion Discord)) Additional Screenshots Artistic Credit
  9. CaptainSheepy

    Bloodlines Of Valleinor

    HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA “Silver elves take heed: for the recording of one’s family ensures the continuance of our people’s health.” - The Bloodline Archive Since a time immemorial, tradition and history have guided the way of Elvenkind. Throughout this history, many names and deeds have been dedicated to the progression and prosperity of our kin. To ensure their memory isn’t like winter’s snow, wiped away by the new spring, their deeds and bloodlines shall be recorded. This is so that future generations may be inspired and aspire to follow in the footsteps of their forebears. By recording their memory, our ancestors are respected and their way of life is made eternal. Blood is inherited; tradition cannot fade. From the ruin which is the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya of Haelun’or, which has been warped and misinterpreted for centuries, rises a new dictum, one by which all residents of Valleinor will live by: hileia’sae maehr’ehya -- spreading peace and wisdom. Where the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya has ultimately failed in its spreading of wisdom and health, it is the desire of Valleinor to see peace prevail, as opposed to the chaos which has ensnared Haelun’or and her people for too long. For it is truly only during a time of peace that we can hope to focus on garnering newfound knowledge, and work to utilise said knowledge for the betterment of our people and the realm. However, just as our ancestors are remembered, so too must we remember that the initial intention of Haelun’or was a noble one. Back in the time of the most blessed, mali’aheral championed that they must keep their lineage free from blemish. By recording their line, Silver Elves keep proof of their exalted blood, and the names and deeds of their heritage are neither diluted nor lead into disregard by unbefitting individuals who may by chance inherit their blood. TALONNIIAN'LAURIR From our ancestors blood we also derive merit in the form of the Talonniian’laurir, the noble bloodlines of Valleinor. Not all bloodlines are equal. Some are virtuous and will follow and embody the hileia’sae maehr’ehya with more fervour while others will not. Therefore, it is only just that those with virtue are granted an elevated status, for silver and tin, while both metals, are not equal in lustre and worth. These noble bloodlines come to be via the following criteria, however, under special circumstances, the District Lord/Lady of Valleinor may grant the status to any them deem fit: firstly, their line must be without blemish and proof of this must be shown, the more generations back this can be proven, the better. Secondly, the bloodline must have at least two members who live and participate in the life of Valleinor. Thirdly, said members must have made notable contributions to the District of Valleinor and the hileia’sae maehr’ehya. There must also be a patriarch or matriarch of each Talonnii’laurir, who is initially the eldest member of the bloodline. The title of patriarch or matriarch is passed on via first of kin, however the one who holds the position and subsequently nominated to sit with elheial’tahu (The High Council) is determined internally by each Talonnii. It must also be noted that Talonniian’laurir are expected to be diligent, reputable, and dignified members of society who carry themselves with the knowledge that their words and deeds reflect upon that of their predecessors. This investiture of a bloodline by the District Lord/Lady grants the noble family a single seat upon elheial’tahu so that they may be directly involved in the continued governance of the district. Moreover, each individual within a Talonnii’laurir will be regarded as mali’laurir (noble elf). Step forth, mali, and scribe your lineage and the deeds of your blood for all to see. CURRENT TALONNIIAN'LAURIR Hawksong Sylvaeri OOC: How to Format Your Own Bloodline Post
  10. CaptainSheepy

    Governing Body of Valleinor

    HILEIA’SAE MAEHR’EHYA The District Lord or Lady of each of the three constituent municipalities of the Dominion of Malin have developed distinct systems of local governance for their respective districts -- each reflective of the dominant culture therein. The District of Valleinor, situated within the heights of Caras Eldar, is no exception. As home of the arcane within the Dominion, the governing body has been organised in a manner so as to ensure the viability of controlled magical practice and research. Furthermore, in recognition of the Elder houses of Elvendom, the District Lord or Lady bears the right to name certain families as Talonniian’laurir (noble bloodlines). The ascension of a bloodline to this status is typically the result of a prolonged demonstration of loyalty to the district, and by extension, the Dominion of Malin. This investiture of a bloodline grants the noble family a single seat upon elheial’tahu (The High Council) so that they may be directly involved in the continued governance of the district. As it stands, the foremost figure of authority within the District of Valleinor is the District Lord or Lady. It is the Lords and Ladies of the Dominion that represent the rights and powers of the three district municipalities. Vetted with authority by the people of their districts in an election called by the Mortal King in his throne room, the members of the House of Lords are held to a rigorous standard, expected to serve for twelve years (3 Elven months) before facing reelection. Each candidate for these elections must publicly give a concise speech of their ambitions, past services, and goals for their term in office. The duties of each governing body of Valleinor, as established by the King Kairn Ithelanen and Lord Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, are outlined below. ELHEIAL'TAHU - THE HIGH COUNCIL DISTRICT LORD / LADY The House of Lords representative for the District of Valleinor. They are tasked with writing district-wide laws, arranging public work projects, events and general maintenance of the district. The District Lord or Lady holds the right to both ascend bloodlines to Talonniian’laurir status and to revoke this status as they deem fit. It is also the Lord or Lady’s responsibility to arrange regular metings with elheial’tahu. LORD CERUBERR ASUL'AILER ((CaptainSheepy)) LORD / LADY ENCHANTER The Lord / Lady Enchanter represents matters of sorcery in the upper district of Valleinor. It is their duty to handle approval for arcane devices, practices and to ensure that the district is kept clean from rifts, tearing, and voidal sewage. [Picture] [RP Name] [MC Username] ELHEIAL'TAHU - THE HIGH COUNCIL The High Council is composed of the District Lord or Lady, Lord or Lady Enchanter, and the matriarch or patriarch of the Talonniian’laurir. In addition to these individuals, the District Lord may also ask the leaders of prominent guilds within the district to attend council meetings. The High Council will regularly convene to discuss matters of important within the District.
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    The Silverblade Family

    The Silverblade Family Lord of House Augustus Silverblade [5itty] The Elders are the notorious three that govern the family with the Lord of the House as head of their council, being one himself. With advisory council, the Lord will come to final verdict on all matters. Elder of Wealth - [Vacant] Elder of War - [Vacant] Elder of Peace - Ariana Silverblade [Nethrel] The family lineage and bloodline is then segregated into 2 differential societal groups, Greater and Common. Greater family members are that from the purest of noble lineage, be it via direct association with the crown, by governing landholders or simply through notorious good deeds recognised to the mass. In confluence, you then have common family members, still a forefront to the Silverblade lineage, these individuals are those yet to achieve higher status by recognition of their peers. Greater: Augustus Silverblade [5itty], Roei Silverblade [Roeiii], Ariana Silverblade [Nethrel], Danis Silverblade [Onslaughted] Common: Ameilla Silverblade [Firegirl], Hieronymous Silverblade [Frill], Alyssa Silverblade [Charb0nne], Noel Silverblade [OtakuPan], Taevius Silverblade [RammerJammer] Missing: To any and all missing members of the Silverblade family lineage, we implore you to come forth and reunite. Times for reform are upon us, we must gather our strength and redeem our prestige in our world of Atlas. Family Tree: Click Here for Family Tree The Silverblade Family Conduct 1. In the circumstance of diplomatic alteration with foreign relations, family members must take proof of evidence to support said change to the Council of Elders, where a determinative vote will take place to ascertain the new relationship status with said nation/settlement or organisation/guild. If by summary of the vote the elders are at a stalemate, another noble figure to the family may intervene to tip the scales. 2. Hostile Acts including the following violence, verbal descent, political sabotage etc between family members has zero tolerance. The instigator or aggressor in the matter shall meet strict consequence either internally or with local authority. Punishment may vary from social scolding to extremist banishment in exile. 3. The council of the elders is unchallenged. Whichever judgement that comes in any matter be it societal, diplomatic or anything involving the Silverblade name is final, and all conforming family members are obligatory to this. 4. Thou who bears the Silverblade name must hold oneself in utmost high regard. To utter and convey with proper tongue and demeanour, with impeccable posture and presentation. Clothing must be of a high standard, and all family members are obliged to compose themselves to the standard the family beholds. 5. Family is family. In order to ensure we continue developed and ongoing we must ensure all weak links are resolved. Therefore when family members endure troubles, financial, emotional, physical the like, then relative Silverblades are obliged to resource said individual with whichever aid necessary to ensure all family members are better off. House Heirlooms Braxis: A Greatsword forged during the Orenian Empire, currently in care of Augustus Silverblade. The Diamond Forel: A diamond gem passed down by the once grand monarchy of Alras. Passed down from their later princess Tara Forel who eloped with Braxis Silverblade during Asulon. Heart of Silverblade: The Heart of Silverblade A golden necklace currently belonging to Ariana Silverblade with a decent sized blue gem that has a Small Silverblade emblem in the centre of it. Lands held The County of Halton Old Lore Source: Uknown The house of the Silverblades had once been a great family of nobles who were very important to the humans and the elves. The family mostly made of humans and half elves had a very important position of power in how Oren would be in the future. Their members had taken high seats in the government, which had made them very well known. As time went on the family had come to a conflict, some members of the family had decided that they should move to North and defend the people there being attacked by the monsters which back then had no name, but were known for their powers of being able to shoot “Streaks of light” down from the sky. The Silverblade family divided as some stayed in Oren, as the nobles they were brought up to is, and some had gone to The Great North where they would do their best to ensure the protection of the people there. When the family split this had left the Silverblades of Oren in a vulnerable state, the once noble family had lost many positions of power that had kept them at the top. But, with the leaving of some members in high positions the Silverblades had nearly lost their name and would need to gain it back. As time went on a battle had erupted between the humans and the orcs, and theSilverblades had been chosen to lead the humans into battle with their great military strength and strategy. The head of house, Richar, would lead the forces and his sons would battle under him. Gideon, his eldest son, would fight as a knight and battle until the death if his father had wanted him to. Seventh, his youngest son would act as protection for his father as he was not old enough at the time to fight in a war of any kind. As the war raged on battle after battle it had been clear that the humans were winning but now the orcs had called upon their allies, the dwarves, and it was a two on one fight against the Humans. This war that was about minor differences had turned into the great war of Aegis. At this time Richar knew that they would lose if they did not attack soon, so he had his son stationed with the knights outside of the Human area, in a fort located down the road a ways. As Gideon soldiers and fellow knights watched the soldiers come up to their base they thought they would be demolished, it was twenty men to forty, and they had been out numbered two to one. But, that did not stop Gideon from battling for the Humans. The battle had started and Gideon had deployed the men to attack. The battle had lasted three days and nights, and in the end only Gideon and two fellow knights had lasted, against the last ten men for the other side. They had fled to the barracks before the final wave of enemies had charged in. The remaining men would not cower or wait for them to go to Oren, so they needed a plan. Gideon had chosen that they would go out through the tunnels and flank them from behind. So the plan had commenced and as they walked to the front gate they began to sweat, questioning themselves “Are we going to live through this.” They halted at the front gate watching the ten men as they screamed for victory, this is when they struck. They had battled blade versus blade and strength versus strength, and as their swords clashed everyone was killed, except for Gideon and his knight friend. After the battle was over they returned to the Human capital where they fought in the last battle. It had been known that because of them killing the first army, the humans won the war. This had given the Silverblades their power back. But during the war Gideon’s father was assassinated, and Gideon had taken over as the head of the family. He was a lord of the humans now and would have to take care of his family and keep it at its noble state. The North Source: Braxis Silverblade This was a sad day in the Land Called Agutha were the Silverblades fled to after a family war had begun Silverblade Himself lead his family forward to the harsh lands of Agutha, A heavy snowy region with brutal cold weather. When Silverblade Arrived he had realized some very important people he loved were gone some of them stayed and some fled south to a land Called Aegis Silverblade was very saddened when he learned his wife had went south to keep the Elven side of the family safe. Silverblade kept this motion bottled inside. And soon found this land called Agutha had no major Kingdom which later would change but that is another story soon to be told. Silverblade and others of the family soon found some land and built a great manor called Galhun that one day grew into a small town for the younglings to one day build and own their own houses. That is how they began in the northern lands. And now this is how they fell... 100years after Silverblade settled the land. The day Althos Silverblade died protecting young Braxis from a mercenary paid to kill Braxis is how it all started. A couple of days after that event Braxis left the family town of Galhun and went to seek out the murder. Once Braxis found the Murderer they clashed blades but before Braxis killed him the mercenary told him he had a note and gave it to Braxis. This told Braxis who was targeting family. Braxis worried for his family back at Galhun let the mercenary live and rushed back to his home. But alas it was too late his family estate and the town of Galhun was burning in black fire. Braxis Ran into his home to see his mother dead in a table with her food have some bites taken out of it and her face pale and not visible cuts proved she was poisoned. Braxis drew his blade and slowly walked into his house searching for his younger twin brothers the Levor and Goldleaf Silverblade but he could not and feared the worse. Braxis saw a familiar face his old friend Naxxar who went to the Black arts of magic and used it to kill off the Silverbladefamily and they clashed at the end Braxis won at the end. Braxis was saddened and have nothing left so he went south to travel and to find his purpose in the world. The family of the north had fallen quickly. The remaining family had returned to Oren and re-joined the family, but they would not tell the tale of what happened. The family had re-joined together and had returned to full nobility. The two heads of family had been lords of the humans and had kept the family intact. The House of the Silverblades are nobles of humans and will fight for the humans again and again. Current Diplomatic Relations: Kingdom of Renatus-Marna: Under Vassalage Kingdom of Haense: Neutral Dominion: Friendly Dwarves Neutral Krugmar: Neutral Holm: Friendly
  12. //Loyal High Elf slave.// Starting Price: 500Minimum bid:500Buy out price: 1500Ending time: 1 hour after the post was made
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    Trapped in a Trap

    16th of the Deep Cold, 1669 The Sil'Vethryn Steel Forge in Caras Eldar was eerily quiet for a week now, going on indefinitely perhaps to the approval of those who neighbored the business. The reclusive ‘ame who was typically seen either tending to the forge or skinning a freshly slain buck had all but vanished. A letter at the forge would be left for Mae as well as Caliban’s trusty Zweihänder. Sil'Vethryn Steel Forge ________________________________________________________ Deep within the Mixed Knolls, a shrine was erected far from the main road. An emaciated Caliban clenched his eyes shut as he weakly drew blood from his callous palm with a sharpened kopis. His grip turned ghost white as he held the shagreen covered hilt tightly dragging the ferrum blade across his other hand and afterwards drained his wound over the burning pyre before him. His hand trembled as he did this and a low rumbling was audibly heard coming from Caliban’s stomach. Caliban began to pray, albeit empty in voice. O’ father of the hunt, Blessed be to this bounty, whose hide will clothe our young, Whose flesh will fill our stomachs. As we take from your realm, we give back So our souls may be one with the great balance “Cernunnos will provide…” The ‘ame said to himself and his accompanying donkey after reciting the prayer, a forced smile being offered from the former to the latter. “I thought I was going back alone, but the Mother and Father are always with us - isn’t that right?” The malnourished donkey did not reply, not that Caliban expected it to. Behind the donkey’s voluptuous eyelashes was an apparent sadness in the beast. The mali caressed the bridge of the donkey’s nose letting his hand descend down stopping short at the muzzle before repeating this action to keep the beast calm. Caliban’s stomach then began to rumble and in his distraction, his hand felt something sticky when he touched the muzzle of the donkey. Cloudy droplets of blood with a blue sheen in the late evening sun. “It was very selfless of you to come along though, my llir, ahernan...” Caliban manages to say with a lump in his throat and he would go to softly embrace the donkey around the neck. He brings his kopis up from underneath the donkey’s view towards the donkey’s throat… Dying Donkey before mercy kill RIP ________________________________________________________ The cold winds of the desert night began to settle as the sun crept on the horizon. The slain donkey laid out in the sand with slight movements coming from its cut open under belly. Caliban’s head poked out of the bloody mess and he gasped for fresh air. With hefty breaths, the mali’ame looked around him. All was quiet at the shoreline where he rested and he looked out towards the rising sun. “I was so excited to leave this land - only to find myself coming back..” Caliban now had donkey to eat today.
  14. Pettywise_


    Carter didn't understand the Land of Atlas completely but he sure was gonna adapt to the environment. He had to or else he wouldn't survive. Being helped by a lovely couple from Dunshire, he knew that God was looking down on him with sympathy in his eyes. With this same type of sympathy, Carter turned that into empathy and was willing to help the Child Thief in Dominion. The Kid was hard headed that's for sure but one day, he's gonna give into Carter's persuasion. He was willing to raise money for a house or apartment for him and the boy. He knows what it feels like to be without parents and he doesn't want the same thing to be for the Kid. Someone has to pull up their socks and be a leader.
  15. Criala

    An Offering

    The statue of Cernunnos stood before Vienele, and to its right, on the other side of the brazier, was the statute of Cerridwen. The light from the fire illuminated the blade of the sword in her hands and her left side. Guyden was a few feet back, merely watching in silence, arms resting against his chest. Her first druid task. Give an offering to both Cerridwen and Cernunnos. But it couldn’t be just anything. Not just a random flower she found, an object that she bought or anything of that sort. No, the offerings had to be of importance to her. A part of her. With a deep breath, she knelt in front of the statue. Carefully, she laid the sword down in front of Cernunnos’ statue. A sword given to her by her father when she told him she wanted to go out and travel. Something to keep her safe, he'd told her. If she was going to go out and travel across the land, then she needed something to protect herself with. “A sword given to me by my father.” She murmured. “I give it as an offering, because it’s important to me.” "But why is it important?” Guyden finally broke his silence, otherwise unmoving. "Because… He gave it to me as a way of protecting myself… A way to keep myself safe... While I was traveling the world.” She replied, not once straying her eyes from the sword, which now lay at the foot of Cernunnos’ statue. She’d always held it dear, even when it wasn’t on her person, even though she hadn’t needed to use it very often. "It was the last time I saw him alive." Guyden gave an approving nod before falling into silence once more. Then she eased herself up and moved to the statue of Cerridwen. It was a long moment of staring at the statue. With a slight shake to her hands, she reached up, undoing the strap for her violin. The strap slackened, and with that, her violin was removed from her back. She knelt before the statue, violin held in her arms. “The breath of life that my mother gave me by teaching me music…” She sucked in a breath, before placing the violin at the foot of Cerridwen’s statue. It was hard, something she’d had with her for so long, even longer than the sword from her father. The violin her mother had given her when she’d first began to learn to play all those years ago. The comforting weight as it rested against her back, the feel of it in her hands. As hard as it was to let go of the sword from her father, this gift from her mother was even harder to let go of. That violin had been a part of her, an extension of herself. But it wasn’t supposed to be easy. One last look at her violin, and she stood. Guyden motioned her towards the brazier, where he offered her a knife to cut her palm with. “Just a little bit of blood, doesn’t need to be much.” He told her with a smile. “Alright.” She nodded her head and brought the blade across her open palm, blood already beginning to drip from the wound. The knife was given back to Guyden, and she held her hand over the fire, palm facing down. A few drops of blood dripped into the fire. An oath to the Aspects. “Ahh, now let me take care of that.” Guyden pulled some bandages out of his pockets, immediately tending to her hand. “It doesn’t really hurt.” She said, though she let him bandage her hand. Bandaged tight enough that it wouldn’t come loose, but not too tight that it would cut off her circulation. Her first druid task was done. It wasn’t a decision that she had made lightly, one she’d taken plenty of time to think on. But it was the first step towards the new path she’d chosen for herself.
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    Anadude's skins

    I'm back with my not so great skins, yay. PAYMENT: Outfits (no head) will be 600 mina whilst full skins will settle at 800 mina. I can also be bribed with nice rp items so lol. Previous works: LIST: 1. DustyDune 2. Reserved by z3m0s 3. Calabreeni 4. Areln FORM: Username: Outfit or Fullbody: Ref: Description: Proof Of Payment: (Optional) Item of bribery: (Optional) Cute birb: @Sug digs it.
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    Buying Custom Skin

    Looking to RP as a Dark Elf. Need someone to make me a skin. PM for details about money and such, but I basically want a skin that looks like Leo Bonhart, except as a D-Elf. Referance:
  18. The ‘Ker stood beside Loriens, the High Prince. The meeting seemed to drag on; the Renatians would prove a point, only for the Mali leader to respond with another. Evar’tir listened, but not many words were registered with him. His gaze darted around the room, to the Renatian General, to the soldiers alongside the room, guarding the meeting. At one point, he had turned around to address His Majesty, King Horen, giving him a glance at the spectators, which he had seen during his entry with the rest of the diplomatic convoy. Though he turned not long after, facing Antonius once more. The meeting would only seem boring for a while longer. A bit of time passed, and the ‘Ker seemed ready to leave. The meeting had drawn on long enough, though things seemed to go south, as Loriens leaned over, to him, "Evar'tir," He whispered softly from the corners of his mouth, "My old friend, I do not think this bodes well for us." "Loriens," Evar’tir responded quietly, "Aye. I fear the worst. Choose your words lightly, for I think we are close to being struck down without mercy," he said regrettably. Soon thereafter, came the order from Antonius, "Justitia suum cuique distribuit." After the call, the sound of drawing steel, shield banging against weapon, and mild confusion from those of Malin’s Descent. The sound of men walking forward. The call for “Shield wall!” echoed out at some point. The sound of a voidal screeching raised in his mind. A silent scream. “Men of Caras Eldar, stand down.” Loriens’ call rang out. Though the Renatians did not heed. An attack to the head blocked and backpedalled away from. Another stab towards his head missed as he crouched down to lay down his valtin halberd under order from the High Prince. A third attack, again, directed to his head, missing, as one of the soldiers grasped Evar’s hair, forcing him from the circle of Mali and Valah. The Valah, Deckland, dragged him out, and to the right of the dais, where he then raised his mace, slamming it down on the man’s right hand. A brief hiss of pain escaped him, as the human soldier moved on his left, though, a split second decision lead the Tharan to roll to his right, successfully evading attack, but not for long. “Deckland, what are you doing?” “I'm going to remove all his limbs, bit by bit.” “Just kill the fucker, no need to be psychopathic about it.” “Please… let me die in front of my High Prince...” Groaned the Virarim militant to the Valah. “Then I shall kill you outside the Court.” Came the grunt of a response, dragging the armoured man off. An attack heading for him missed, because of this. Lucky fella. “It’s been an honour, sir” He called out to Loriens, as the High Prince was forced to kneel before the dais. “You've served well, Evar'tir.” Loriens responded. The sound of fighting escaping Evar’s ears as he was removed from the hall, the door shutting heavily behind them. Outside the court, he was put to the ground again. The man raised his mace, dropping it towards the Mali‘Ker’s skull. In a swift motion, Evar’tir kicked off the ground, the mace strike hitting his left leg, denting the armour, and greatly hindering his movement. “Please… you have a family, yes?” The broken man managed out, a plea for his life. “No,” Responded Deckland, readying for another attempt at ending the persistent ‘Ker’s life. “Is he not dead yet?” Asked another Renatian, a flaming sword in hand as he exited the court, into the hall to check if the 'Ker was dead. “Not yet, he’s persistent. Seems he doesn’t want to die.” Grunted the militant. “An admirable trait. If only he was not an Elf.” “Aye.” With the attack readied, Evar’tir sighed softly. The fight was over. He had lost. All the wars he had fought, and one. All the fights he’s been in. Winning or not, most of them, he got out alive. This one was different. He had no possible way of escaping this. Reasoning with barbarians works if you have a force to show for, but he was in Antonius’ court now. Well, outside of it, at least. Disgraced, the Tharan, closed his eyes. Sighing once more, before giving in into the thoughts plaguing his mind. Inhaling heavily, he let out a screech. Consisting of clicks, chitters, hisses, croaks, and other other-worldly noises. The sound echoed throughout the hall of the court, easily being able to be heard from outside the building, and within the court, where the noise of fighting still raged on. This was abruptly was cut off, as the man fighting him, slammed his mace down. The ‘Ker’s skull shattered, sending gore flying. Another slam hit his mess of a skull. If he wasn't dead then, he certainly was at that point. His head being ruins of what it originally was. “There we go. Search him for anything useful.” Said the man with the flaming blade. The foot soldier nodded, searching the corpse of the military official. Though they found nothing, save for his rations. “Toss the bodies outside,” The man said, moving back within the courtroom, unigniting his flamesword. The other man nodded once more. Tossing the body to join the rest of his disposed of comrades. Gilondir, Elros, Miklaeil, Aewion, and Aravae. All tossed lazily outside of the building. The High Prince as well being disposed of in the same plain fashion. Who was killed not long after the Tharan’s death. ~ --~ Killed, but not gone, Evar'tir Sulirrin had heeded orders, surrendering, though the barbarians of the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna kept their attacks persistent. The meeting had taken a considerably sharp turn, that Elven Eve, unfortunately for the Mali, it was certainly not in their favour. ~ --~
  19. Shamanism for the Mali'Ker In all of the 'Ker homes scattered around the District of Velunor, parchments would sit wedged beneath the door, an odd seal printed on them, accompanied by a small bag of cactus green. It would read: ^ * ^ * ^ * ^ I have spent many decades scouring both the Mortal and Spiritual planes, and I have learnt much along the way. One such understanding, is that the Uruk are not the only ones to have been shaped by the Spirits. I see in you the influence of Luara, and the favour of Kor. It is time you came to understand the Spirits, and the pursuit of Shamanism. I am currently staying within the tavern. If you wish to respond to this letter, leave your message with the barkeep. (OOC: Respond in this Thread) v----v----v
  20. The Prince of Mali'Ker (In the Isilioleth, a prospective Elder is draped in a crimson cloak- a symbol of power and status. When the ceremony ends, it is cut and fashioned to be worn across the shoulder) Zaniil Isilioleth let out a drawn sigh as his scarlet gaze looked upon the Horizon, to the many tents and totems that comprised the Warhawke region. In a moment of reflection, his eyes drank in the colours that swirled against the backdrop of the sky, his eyes sinking lightly as a smile lifted his visage. He threw down the wooden post that was slung over his shoulder, sinking it into the earth. It appeared to have a parchment and a strand of red silk already nailed to it, which wafted in the humid air. The 'Ker took a step back, procuring a pipe that was previously clipped to his belt. He lit it as his eyes perused over the text. The same post would be seen in the District of Velunor, wafting in the sea breeze. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is with this post that I, Zaniil Isilioleth declare myself the Prince of all Mali'ker. I state this with the confidence of my Clansmen and my Ancestors, the hand of the Spirit Realm resting upon my shoulder. It is not up for debate, nor contestation, for the Isilioleth are a breed you have not known, but will come to recognise. The 'Ker, our people, (regardless of affiliation) have suffered the cruel barb of time and its sting of separation. We are the gifts of Luara, yet we do not honour her, nor Kor. I am tired- tired of the mediocrity that plagues our people. What have we become but a disheveled, disordered and insignificant mark on the worlds stage? I say this not with malice, but with the love of our people in my blood. It is time for change. Let us mend our wounds, Brothers and Sisters. Let us convene. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. ~-=-~Leyunia Karin Zyltris~-=-~ (W.I.P) (Not my art nor a request, I simply found it. SouOrtiz is an amazing artist.) "She whom kindles the flames of knowledge." ~-=-~ -=-The Card-=- Full Name(s): Leyunia Karin Zyltris Nickname(s): Leyu, Yun, Little Ward. Titles(Current/Former): Librarian(Current), Steward(Current), Headmistress(Former), The Lorekeeper(Former) Occupation: Steward & Librarian Voice Reference: Ciri(The Witcher 3) Gender: Female Race: Elf Age: 200 something Hair Color: Dark Auburn Eye Color: Forest Green Skin Color: Pale Peach Height: 5ft4' Weight: 130lbs Body Build: Curvaceous Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Visible Disfigurements: Scar across her left eye. Visible Tattoos: None. -=-Attire-=- -=-Inventory-=- -=-Personality-=- -=-Strengths-=- -=-Weaknesses-=- -=-Lineage-=- -=-The Past-=- -=-The Present-=- -=-Art-=-
  22. Elrith

    [Machine Spirit] [CA] Elrith

    Username: Hyperthinking RP Name: Elrith Character's Age: 340 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): High Elf Transformed form: Animii/Machine Spirit Creator's MC Name: Niv_Mizzet Creator's RP Name: Avenel Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Animii are machines that function using primarily gears, vessels, and alchemy. They have very dull senses but are completely capable of emotion and have a limited consciousness. Of course, it does change depending on the 'type' of Animii. Machine Spirits are essentially Descendants that lack flesh, blood, and everything else that a normal biological creature has. However, even with all of these drastic changes a Descendant will still have all prior memories and be completely free-thinking, but that is only if the creator of the Animii did not add their own blood into the alchemical mix. If the creator of the Animii does this, the machine will have undying loyalty but can be allowed to do as they please. Machine Spirits do function mechanically like normal Animii, using a clockheart and everything else necessary to work properly. The Machine Spirit is limited to only a humanoid shape but can have some size differences. Animii function by using the clockheart to pump fluids through vessels inside of their body to power gears. The clockheart is essential for Animii to work and it can be salvaged from a 'dead' Animii and be reused if it is undamaged. An Animii is sort of like a living creature, just comprised of different materials. If a Vessel is punctured, it is similar to 'bleeding', and an Animii will 'die' if they lose too much of their alchemical fluids. Of course, the joints are the weakest link in the structure of an Animii, slight damage can drastically hinder the automaton. When a Machine Spirit 'dies' the soul will either be sent to an available body, or if there are no available bodies, the soul will enter the soul stream. This means that technically a Machine Spirit could potentially live forever provided they have enough bodies, but if they have none left and die it will be a PK. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yh Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: I agree. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope 
  23. Licorish


    ((Please don't metagame this information!)) General Information Status : Alive Names : Valdun (Born Val'thryis) Surname/Seed: Evolasti Alias(s): Vangirai, the Voodoer Titles/Ranks : Advisor-Regent, Magister Sex : Male Race : Wood Elf(Clipped Ears) Birth : Born in Linandria - 9th of Grand Harvest, 1320 Age : (Ingame Age) Health : Previously an amnesiac, currently in good physical and mental health. Faith : Shamanism Previous Affiliations : Courland(Citizen), House de Castro(Soldier), Dominion of Malin(Citizen), Mages Guild(Instructor), Krugmar(Slave) Current Affiliations : Chieftaincy of Ghanyah(Advisor-Regent) Alignment : Chaotic Good Previous Abilities : Archery(His magic has made it too straining to practice efficiently) Current Abilities : Fire Evocation(T5 and TA), Telekinesis(T5), Blacksmithing, Beastsmithing Hobbies : Burning things, Smoking, Fighting, Appearance (I don't own this artwork) Height : 5'8" Weight : 130lbs Figure : Mesomorph Markings : If revealed, his right arm is completely encased in a marking that resembles a red chain, a few crude blood red markings on his face. He has a scorpion branding on his left arm aswell. Skin Color : Cinnamon Brown Hair Color : Dark Brown Eye Color : Aegean Blue Jewelry : None Visible Weaponry : Usually would walk around with a spear in hand. Aura : Red(Commanding, Domineering) Aroma : Typically smells of smoke Acquintances Vulryn : Ex-Wife(Spook'd) Girde Evolasti : Son(Deceased) Vorir Caemlock : Adoptive Son(Unknown) Jason Evolasti : Brother(Deceased) Rilden Evolasti : Nephew(Alive) Elias de Castro : Employer(Unknown) Murak : Bum Buddy ;^) (Alive) Puknaak'Lak: Enslaver(Deceased) Grimlak'Yar: Enslaver(Alive) Juumane M'Baku: Negus(Alive) Stats Class : Wizard Strength : 12 Constitution : 12 Dexterity : 10 Wisdom : 16 Intelligence : 16 Charisma : 10 ((WILL BE EDITED OVERTIME))
  24. Asimulum

    The Library of Sutica

    -=- The Library of Sutica -=- -=- (OOC Notice:) The Library of Sutica is an institute of collecting, categorizing and shelving books of various topics for the sake of the Public to enjoy. The Library has been reformed, rebuilt and reworked to operate more effectively and serve the Public better. It operates in two distinct groups, of which serve the Library in various ways. The Librarians: The Librarians are in charge of sorting, categorizing, and shelving books and helping the visitors with what they require, such as showing them the location of a specific section or a specific book. They also write down the requests for copies of preexisting books, to be processed by the Head Librarian, with some limitation on what is allowed to be copied. The Head Librarian is the primary position, the one who runs the library and its behind-the-scenes work, processing requests for copies and so forth. Currently held by Leyunia Zyltris. The Scholars: The Scholars are the writers of the Library, they write and contribute at their own pace in return for simple recognition of their exemplary work. Application: For the position of Librarian, one must simply send Leyunia a bird for an interview. For the position of Scholar, one must bird Leyunia for an interview and provide a piece of their personal work to prove they are capable writers.
  25. AgentChaseMcCain

    The District Head of Velunor

    Evar'tir Sulirrin sat on his bunk within the barracks, glancing around. Several Virarim had come and left at various times, some resting, others grabbing weapons, or storing personal items. Though the barracks remained relatively empty, save for the 'Ker Halerir, who leaned against the wall, sorting through documents, reports, missives, letters, and marking on a roster, sending off acceptance letters occasionally. Though, through the reports, he had noticed something, a large amount of recent break ins within the Velunor district. "Hm... curious," The Mali' murmured to himself. Though the next document he sorted through happened to be the recent government listings. Scanning down the list, the 'Ker's gaze landed on the Lord of Velunor. "Lockezi Voidrye," The parchment read, "I haven't seen him do a bloody thing recently." Evar'tir mumbled to himself, "Sorry to say, Locke, you're due for another coup against you at this rate." A half-hearted chuckle escaped the man, laughing at his own jokes, sure, but he found himself hilarious. "Though, I would like to see the district put to use again. A waste of the culture and area, if people aren't actively there unless for a festival, or a tavern, but aye." He murmured to himself, before an idea coming to him. The 'Ker spent the next few hours, writing. By the end of it, his righting hand being sufficiently cramped, though he did not heed until he finished. Upon the last parchment's completion, Evan read it over, once, twice, and thrice. Triple checking them all, before having each one posted in four various spots. The notice board within the main square, the notice board within Velunor, one sent to Aerith Oranor specifically, and one posted within the barracks of the Virarim. Each parchment bearing the same message, reading as follows: "Dear fellow Mali'Ker of Caras Eldar, Jewel of The Dominion of Malin, I put up these missives to say that I have entered the running for the District Head of Velunor, also commonly known as the Port District, or 'Ker District. I may not have a clan, a large family, nor do I run a tavern... but, I merely wish to help bring the district back to it's lively state, without the need of festivals which run the risk of being in poor taste, which could subsequently put a bad taste in those who wish to live within it, or within Caras Eldar, for that fact of matter. I do not go up, making speeches, as I am no politician, per se. There are things that must be attended to before political matters, such as defense of the city, familial matters, and upholding the law of our lands. There are several issues that must be addressed, too many for one missive, perhaps, but I seek to better them all. I seek to return culture to the 'Ker populace. I wish for our district to be used more then a port, a way in for those attempting to slaughter our people. But if I am beat out in this election of the people, then so be it. To welcome defeat in open hands means that the person who has gotten you beat, is most likely more capable for the position. But, with that, I conclude this missive. I thank you for your time to read such, and hope I can gain your vote. - Evar'tir Sulirrin of Caras Eldar."