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Found 149 results

  1. THORODHUIN LAICA -= [Theme] [Theme] [Theme] =- Name: Thorodhuin Laica Meaning: Turbulent river / Verdant Nicknames: Thorì Thorwen Traveller Race: Wood Elf Apparent Age: 30~ ish Age: 240 Years Old Occupation: Trapper / Vagabond Appearance / Mindset: Hardy shoes make for a happy traveller, Thorì is no different. He cherished simpler, more convenient and comfortable clothes rather than lavish garments full of gold and glitter. A warm fire, a good cloak against the rain, and a sturdy quarterstaff was all he needed to wander the wilds. Travel-wise, Thorì wore thick and supple layers of padded garments, that had proved their worth time and time again. A rain cloak, that also doubled as a coat, was wrapped around his shoulders. A hood shields his face from bad weather and accusatory glances alike. Beneath the hood laid a distinctive visage, with roughly kept bark brown hair and tanned olive skin adapted to the outer regions of the world. More importantly, a gruesome scar marred the elf’s left cheek, distorted his left eye, and forced his lips into a perpetual snarl. Finally, druidic tattoos mark his body. Inscriptions run down his spine, on his arms, chest and legs. Meant to be symbols for protection, they hold little value other than superstition. A wolf brooch on his chest, he kept as the sole artifact of metalwork in truly cherished. Physical Attributes: Height: 5’7”ft. Weight: 188 lbs. Body Type: Mesomorph. EDC / Inventory: Thick rain cloak, efficient traveller’s clothes, a waterskin (1 weeks travel), rations (1 weeks travel), a game bag (3 hares), a trapper’s backpack (rope, bait, etc) a woodsman’s axe, a hunting knife, a 7ft walking staff (doubles as quarterstaff), and an old map. Faith: The Father (Cernunnos), The Mother (Ceridwen) & the Moon (Nemiisae). Mani: Thunderbird, Wildcat & Wolf.
  2. Howdy good people. So recently I made two skins some time ago (the first ones I've made from scratch) and I thought I'd share to see how people liked it. As the title suggests I took inspiration from the Witcher games, the 3rd one specifically. So any fellow fan should appriciate it. If anyone anyone needs the second skin I’d possibly be willing to sell it. For that just contact me. Other than that: enjoy 🙂 P.S: The heads don't perfectly fit the original images, that’s cause I’m using them for my personas. 1. The Scoia'tael elf - The Original Image: - The Skin: 2. Damien de la Tour - The Original Image: - The Skin:
  3. THE STARGÛSHOB THE SPIRITUALIST ORDER ⚙-⚙-⚙ CONTENT: I.CREATION II.RANKS & PURPOSE I. CREATION On a cold dark night, the followers of the spirits assembled. Nearing the altar, the drums began. Booming into the ears of the crowd below, thump after thump as a masked man was brought onto the stage before them. The man was unmasked, revealing a stubborn elf of no specific race. Screaming and cursing the spirits, the crowd cheered on for a sacrifice to be made. To please the crowd, the sacrifice was swiftly set into the new sacrificial chamber, the “Mouth of Krug” as the orcs called it. Chained in by Ugrad’Lur, the sacrifice was secured within the stone mouth. On the Rex's command, accompanied by prayers of Nazark’Gorkil, the lever was pulled. As the stone structure above the elf slammed down on the elf, it affected everyone in the so-called “Splash Zone”. The crowd cheered and the drums came to a halt, the sacrifice has been made. Following the sacrifice, it was time to get to business. Skalp’Raguk, the Uniter, The Rex of Krugmar had taken the ears of all present as he began. Laying out a plan to further pursue the worship of the spirits in a more effective way, or in other words the Stargushob. II. RANKS & PURPOSE Heading the Stargushob is no easy task. Therefore there must be a strong spiritual leader among this order of worshipers. The Motshaman. Accompanied by him in the rankings, are many devout worshipers to help guide each level below them. This was created to ensure the effectiveness of spiritual worship within the domains of Renelia and Krugmar. Motshaman: Spiritual leader in the mortal plain. Leads the Stargushob. This individual communicates with the Rex and lays out meetings for the Stargushob. Bubgrizk: Regional bishops for each spiritualist group. These individuals report directly to the Motshaman and speaks for their regions on spir Shaman: Spiritual individuals that speak to the spirits and have learned the art of shamanism. They are in charge of teaching the wisemen shamanism. They are sources of wisdom to the average spiritualist. Wisemen: Spiritualists that have not learned the art of shamanism. They are sources of wisdom to the average spiritualist. Acolytes: Standard Spiritualists that are going through their trials to join the Stargushob. Standard Spiritualist: Individuals that believe in the spirits. “Lûp-Frum.”
  4. - A letter concerning Mali’Fenn - 13th of the Amber Cold, 1760 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ - Akkar of the Tundrak line, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn, would write an open letter addressed to all Mali’Fenn. The letter would be of high quality, with Fennic’-detailing littering around the page, the contents would start with: An open letter to Mali’Fenn ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ “ It would often be said that the history of the Tundrak line is, in essence, the story of the Princedom of Fenn. Going back as far as the inception of the Mali’Fenn in the ancient days of Aegis, our own kin served the Fennic people as the royal line. The Princedom; in its long history, has known both peace and war, equally so it has known of both betrayal and genocide. Through it all, it was a Tundrak who fought in the frontlines of each battle in those same wars and it was a Tundrak battling in politics equally as ferociously for that same peace. With the birth of a Tundrak came a solemn vow: To protect and guide the Mali’Fenn people, holding their intrests and ideals at the forefront of every decision. Yet for all that the Tundrak line has been for our people in these hundreds of years, the vow of our line has now been broken, and with it, the people are the ones who have paid the price since departing Atlas. I, Akkar, of the same Tundrak line cannot speak for those who have came before me, I can only exclaim my own disappointment at their breaking of this sincere vow. I now stand alone, as the only full-blooded Tundrak who still holds our vow, the interests and ideals of our people fuel my decisions. Any other blooded-Tundrak still left other than myself couldn’t possibly call themselves as one, to say so would be spitting in the face of all Mali’Fenn, both our citizens and their childen. I now stand before you all as the last bastion of what we once stood for, the only rightful leader and true chosen of Wyvrun. Whether any Tundraks return to our Princedom we will not welcome them as such, for they had left us in our time of most need. My own mother Aroiia of the Drakon line, holds the Tundrak name and values many times better than any other Tundrak I have known in my life without a shred of Tundrak blood coursing through her. Any Mali’Fenn who return to Fenn with the Tundrak name, must give it up. As Grand Prince I do not recognise any Tundrak who has strayed from our values and forsaken our kin so easily, they have strayed away from the grace of Wyvrun and no longer deserve the blessings that he provides. If any wish to object to their loss of their right to use the Tundrak name they can seek out their Grand Prince and plead their case. As our people work tirelessly to rebuild and repair the capital, Tahu’lareh, as they return our long history and traditions back into our hands though songs and literature; it is now that I ask, not as your Grand Prince or as a Tundrak but rather as your kin: for all Mali’Fenn who find themselves reading this, It is time for you to return to both the safety of Fenn and also to its wealth of history and knowledge which was almost lost to us after the departure from Atlas. Signed, His Serene Highness, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline, first of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun ” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ (( OUT-OF-CHARACTER - One of the points of this post is that as the Patriarch of the Tundrak bloodline, any and all personas holding the Tundrak name outside of Fenn have been disowned and are no longer recognised as a member of the Tundrak line, you can contact me on discord or ingame through RP if you want to dispute this ))
  5. There had been many a month since the Terror Beast has dissipated from the land. It seemed the caves had been livelier then usual during this time of rest for the adventuring 'Ker. In time they came to befriend the great bats of Fiandria of which their ancestors had once hunted. At the flank of the Matriarch's wings sat a small fist sized bats clinging to her fur. While they were small and recently born they seemed strong and relatively weened. She eyed Delphi and Twilight with equal interest. Delphi eye's flicks over the small ones, smiling softly. "I've not ever met your young lings, Miss..." (Miss the name she has given the Matriarch during the years they had grown close) she'd reach out hesitant for a moment to pet the 10ft tall bat. The Matriarch's ears flickered with a seldom seen fondness at the touch. After some time her gaze wandered to Twilight where she seemed almost to ask her to come forward with a fan of her wing Twilight waved at them with a small smile "Hello little ones" she then looked to the Matriarch "They're beautiful" the 'Ker said stepping forward "My, seems the matriarch had become a well mother in this time" Gusiam said as he looked back to the grave of Chocolate, one of the two bats that has died during the fight As all things end so do new things begin. With a push of her wing a young female bat was offered to Delphi and a male to Twilight. The rest of the bats clung ever yet to their mother and it was clear her intentions. Delphi took this young bat into her arms, holding her gently in her arms "You're sending them away with us, Miss...?" The bats all seemed to give out hyena like laughter at her words as though it was the most obvious of things. In rest, only one other alike clung to the matriarch. It was clear indication of their genders there needs only be one leader in a group of bats. As such these two groups would have meant to go make their own homes elsewhere. Twilight takes the baby bat with a soft smile holding it in her arms like the baby it was "Thank you.” Delphi bowed her head light, shifting the weight of the young matriarch in her arms "Estelle- Do you like that, Miss? An old word in our eleven tongue for to trust...We'll see to it that all will be well" Both of the young bats clung onto there respective 'Ker as though they were their new mothers. The Matriarch seemed accepting and all was well. It was only time that would tell what would become of these new bats and their new home. Delphi reached out with her other hand, gently rubbing her head "We'll miss you all... not going to forget how you helped us, how you saved us" she'd smile Twilight nods to Delphi "Thank you for everything, I'll never forget this as long as I live" she'd then look over to Sneeze, the bat she had grown the fondest of "I'll miss you the most my boy" Sneeze let out a comedic sneeze as a last good bye. Delphi cradled her bat gently, humming softly "Estelle,Estelle..." she'd sing Twilight looked down to her 'new son' "I'm going to name him Silverling..." https://imgur.com/a/lkWaZ12 (bat boi pic) (This is my first form post, which as just me copy the emotes that were said. I’m trying to work on a other posts as well. I didn’t take the rp date so for oc context it was 3/17/2020 around 6-7 pm i think. thank you so much to Julius for the events he gave us, this was the most fun I had on Lotc in a while and I’m so happy I came back for this)
  6. The Crowning of The New Sovereign In the absence of Arthur Sterling, I Nathaniel Goldblight, Admiral of the Depths and advisor to the sovereign will be taking over Talons Grotto in his absence. I promise the people that I will continue the great legacy of this town, needless to say, we will begin to search for Arthur, as I am stepping forwards, Ania Sterling, his wife, will aid me in running the city. I will begin to reconstruct laws and policies, as well as the council. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes to our citizens and allies, but we are doing all we can to maintain the order we had when he was here. I want to make sure that all of the citizens and orphans of Talons Grotto are well taken care of, if anyone has any feedback or would like to schedule a meeting, please send me a letter. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Nathaniel Valorum Goldblight
  7. Renelia-Krugmar Alliance, 1758 The Concordat and the Rexdom of Krugmar shall upon the signing of this pact form a Defensive Alliance between the Uruk and the Mali’ker people. --- While in the lands of Athera, Noka’Lur was giving a command by Rex Skalp’Raguk to visit the Renelia camp to discuss the terms of their alliance. Noka would quickly make her way to the camp and would find the prince residing there. After quick introductions and small talk the two would sit down in the seats of their forefathers and sign the document. Noka would return with haste to the Krugmar camp and have Skalp sign as well. --- Both signatories hereby agree to the following terms, as agreed upon during their meeting: Both parties agree to adhere to a strict non aggression pact, under all circumstances. Both parties do hereby enter a defensive alliance, lasting for a maximum of 5 years, then would be brought up for review. If a signatory declares war upon any other state, the other party shall be consulted of such. Both parties agree to respect each other's territories. The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn encompassing the Keep of Temesch, the Plains of Camlannen and the Plateau of Lanthres. The territories of Krugmar encompassing The Swamps and Savannahs of Krugmar. The parties commit to a mutual agreement of extradition for any individuals from their respective territories deemed to have commited a legal transgression in the other signatory state. The Rexdom of Krugmar recognizes the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn as the only legitimate Mali’ker state. They also agree to refrain from signing any treaties with other states laying claim to the same. Signed His Highness Ailmar Velulaei’onn, Mortal Prince, Regent of The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn Rex Skalp’Raguk the Uniter Noka’Lur Wargoth of Clan Lur
  8. [!] A small book would lay on a old desk in the library of Aegrothond. it reads as so The Swift and The Young. +========+++=========+ A story compiled from various papers of old by Feanor of the House Kaeronin, descendant of Aearon. with help from Belestram Sylvaeri. A Long Time Ago. In the land surrounding Old Aegrothond. Two brothers, Sylvean Everflame and Aearon went out to scout some of the woods near the ocean. A solid while passes as the two walked by many old oaks and beech along with the occasional towering pine. They soon came across a stream, cold and clear leading to the ocean. They decided to follow it, wishing to find a portage route for the settlers. A few hours passed as they continue before they spot a large white bear, likely a grizzly or the like with odd colourings of fur, the two brothers looked to each other and decided it was time to set up camp. It was getting dark after all. The tents set up shortly as Sylvaen lights a fire. After the night had passed, the brothers wandered around, looking for the stream they followed. But it was nowhere to be found. They returned to camp swiftly and decided to stay put. As the two elves sat around the fire, Sylvean offered words of wisdom to his younger, Tales of Dwarven holds, steel as strong as the earth itself. He assured him that they would be found or that they would make there way out themselves and with that, they went to sleep. In the deep night, loud footsteps are heard as the trees creak in the darkness as a massive weight was being put upon them. Aearon was the first to wake up, his keen senses helping him on this day, Sylvean then soon also awakened. The two brothers grabbed their weapons swiftly and went to confront the beast outside, it was the white bear from earlier, it roared as it made its way towards the brothers, they're fine steel slashing at it as it swats at Aearon, him dodging out of the way, The beast is soon felled by steel, the likes of which are no longer in this world at large. The two brothers are relieved as they walk away. Them soon finding there way out of the woods almost like they knew there way out all along. When they returned, Sylvean gave his younger brother the Title of “The Swift” to Reflect his deftly dodging of the bears swipe of a claw. A feast was held and many a Mali came, In the years to come. The two brothers go on many more a trip, telling secrets, tales and knowledge of the crafts. Aearon picking up more than his fair share of smithing from his wise brother. Their bond to be tested in these many other tales.
  9. ((Basically just an LOTC version and give me your rep please and thank you 😉)) A snow elf wipes his brow of sweat with the back of his hand as his hand moves the quill across the paper one last time. He holds the paper up by the hearth’s roaring fire and nods. Wise Malin was the Elven-king. Of him the chorus gladly sing; The first whose realm was wild and free Between the Forests and the Sea. His ears were sharp, his hair would sheen. The love for nature always seen; the countless strikes of Malin's sword was the Fallen's just reward. But long ago he fade away, and where he dwelleth none can say; for into legend fell his star in Aegis a land dead and far.
  10. Siol’Avern (The Character Sheet) *THIS CHARACTER SHEET IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS* ANY FEEDBACK IS HIGHLY APPRICIATED Description: The lean and elegant figure, also known as Siol’Avern, stands at roughly 1.75cm (5’9”). The figure, which appears to be a young and sympathetic wood elf, has seen 30 years of life; though as it stands with most elves, it is hard to guess that. Siol’s skin reflects the color of wood brown, quite fitting to him. His body isn’t quite muscular, but neither is it exceptionally slim and slender. The shape and forms of his upper body suggest he could be able to support his weight with his hands, and even lift it without much trouble, while still having an adequate level of agility. If observed closely, his hands show a level of stiffness, as different minor scratches, either healed or not, could be observed all around his palm and fingers. These markings suggest the man’s familiar with an instrument, most likely a lute, since one tends to rest behind his back. The face and head of the figure is overall edged; his nose is relatively pointy, though not too extended from his head, the same applies for his elven ears. His dark green eyes, which represent the leaves of pine trees are slightly mixed in with a hint of blue, while being slightly tilted inwards. Avern’s hair is not too long, and doesn’t normally go below his neck. The hair is of a less saturated and darker brown than his face, though not much contrast can be seen between them, as his hair is pushed backwards and slightly to the sides, with a few dreads seen here and there, not to mention the ones that hand on the side of his face. Backstory:
  11. “There is a thousand and four grudges against the sons of Malin within the hollowed book, and not one written on folk of Almenor. They are steadfast as surfacers may be.” Pact of Stone and Sea I.The signatory parties shall agree to a binding non-aggression standard between the armed forces of either nation. II.The signatory parties shall agree to the following terms to be grouped under a “Common Sense” clause with the purpose of explicitly stating a variety of mutual agreements to be adhered to by both nations. II.a.The free and unhindered traffic of goods and services between either nation shall agreed to and enforced by this document. II.b.The extradition of wanted criminals to the nation seeking their punishment. II.c.The unhindered traffic of citizens between the cities of the signatory parties. III.The signatory parties shall agree to aid one another with the full support of their armed forces in the instance of hostile incursion into either nation and to maintain this level of aid until the threat has ended. III.a In the event of an offensive campaign proceeding as a result of a successful defense, the signatory nations are required to continue the application of their full support until the conclusion of the campaign. IV.In the event of an offensive campaign on the part of one signatory nation, it is the choice of the other signatory nation whether or not they would be inclined to send aid. Should they choose to do so, then this pact shall ascend to that of a full alliance. V.The Crown of Elvenesse shall recognize the right and lawful lordship of the Under-Realm of Urguan over Da Arakh Agnarmar*, the tunnels beneath them, and the Autumn Tree as well as those which may be gained by conquest. V.a.“Da Arakh Agnarmar” or The White Mountains: The mountain range to the west of the outer ring road of the Cloud Temple as it stretches from the sea in the south to the borderlands in the far north. VI.The Under-Realm of Urguan shall recognize the right and lawful lordship of the Crown of Elvenesse over the southern coastlands, the Dincaelan River, and El’Tennallar’elanoh* as well as those which may be gained by conquest. VI.a.“El’Tennallar’elanoh” or The South Sea, from the Straits of Almenor guarded by the citadel of Caras Sylvadrim, to the deep waters off of the Grand Korvassan Bank in the west. VII.This treaty shall last for as long as Utak of Clan Ireheart, and Fëanor of House Sylvaeri remain on their respective thrones. at the conclusion of which the new leaders of both signatory parties shall meet to renegotiate this agreement. Charged as we are by Yemekar and the Gods of Sea and Wood, Sea Prince of the Crown of Elvenesse
  12. One brisk day in the Princedom of Fenn, a female Mali’fenn would be quickly gathering supplies for a journey. As she scrambled about in her bigger than average room in Drakon Manor, she would quietly mumble to herself about various items; “Okay I have my satchel, but wheres my- oh theres my crossbow, now if only I could find that Trident..” After some further searching the Mali would open a chest to reveal the coveted item she was searching for, a Black Ferrum Trident with a shaft made of Fennic Ash. After smiling in relief that she found the prized symbol of her families heritage, in one quick motion she would place the Drakonic Trident on her back as well as secure it for easy access for when she next needed it. Some minutes would pass before the Mali would take one last look at her room she had lived in the past few decades, before walking over to her desk to have a seat on the stool that was there. After sitting, she would then reach for a quill, and begin to write the following message: Akkar, I am writing to you to inform you of my absence in the years to come. As you may or may not know, descendants of various races and cultures will be leaving Arcas, to explore the ruins of a previous land known as Athera. If there was ever a single defining trait about myself it was that I always would find myself venturing beyond the borders of Fenn by expanding my awareness of both Atlas and Arcas. When I heard of the ships leaving for Athera, I knew that I could not pass off this opportunity to see a past land where our ancestors once walked. It pains me to think that I may not return to you or Aelthos, but in the event that I meet my end in this ancient place I wish to share with you some advice. Throughout my life I have seen many forms of leaders rise and fall. As for you, I know you will be a strong leader like your father and his fathers before him. If there is one thing I warn you of its that in times of uncertainty, do not push others away, embrace them. Compassion is not a weakness but a strength. There was a time when I followed every order given to me, and when I finished them I was not filled with pride, but with guilt of depriving a daughter of her fathers embrace as well as disgrace for stripping him of his past accomplishments. The longer I write, the more my window to travel to Athera closes. As some final words remember to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant. Centuries of success and failure take root in you, learn and remember the past and use it to better both yourself and the Princedom. Your Mother, Aroiia Elena Drakon-Tundrak Warden of the Ivae’fenn Princess of The Princedom of Fenn Upon finishing, the Mali would then carefully close the letter roll it into a scroll and lastly, seal the letter with the Drakonic Family Crest. As Aroiia would stand from the desk she could feel the familiar weight of her trident as if it were reminding her of its presence on her back. She would then pick up the letter and whistle for her bird to come to her at once. Upon hearing the whistle, a Raven would fly through the opening on the balcony of Aroiia’s room and with Aroiias arm stretched to the side, the black of night colored avian would perch itself on her arm. Aroiia would smile at the sight of the bird and would offer him the scroll, before watching the bird fly off. When the bird had flew out of sight, Aroiia would then go to her bed where her shield had been resting and picked it up, before heading on her way to board a vessel into the unknown.
  13. - Issued on the 3rd Of Snow’s Maiden ,1756 - THE BLESSED DIARCHY, A revered Sohaer of our blessed nation, Kalenz Uradir, once proclaimed, "Go forth and bear crotchfruit" to the Mali'aheral of Athera. The conception of progeny, or rather - heirs - to Larihei's blessing holds undeniable importance in Haelun'or, for it is only as per elMaehr'sae Hiylun'ehya that we are to ensure our continuance as a pure, blessed people. This one has been made aware of the misfortune that has befallen his most esteemed cousin, Nuala Uradir in her stagnant union with one Delos Telperion, who has been negligent, indifferent and elusive in upholding his duties as a maln. The callousness of the Mali is one that is unforgivable in the eyes of decency, nor is it fitting for an Uradir. The very act of deserting one's marriage is a despicable, flagrant betrayal of the responsibility one holds as part of a union, and as maln. As elMaheral may be aware herself, the Uradir talonnii is in a dire need of descendants for survival. Thus, will it not be in the best interest of the diarchy to support the efforts of Nuala Uradir? To nullify her now fruitless marriage, for the sake of elMaehr'sae Hiylun'ehya and the Uradir talonnii? In light of what has been stated, Delos Telperion must be issued an ultimatum as follows: Delos Telperion is to return to elCihi'thilln within one year of the issuance of this letter, and must thereafter, issue a public apology to Nuala Uradir for his deriliction of his duty as a maln, and as a partner, also vowing to never commit such reprehensible act forevermore in the name of Larihei. Failure to do so shall result in the appropriate dissolution of his union with Nuala Uradir, who will only then be able to fulfill her duties as a just citizen of Haelun'or and a righteous adherant of elMaehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Kaean'leh Evareh, Muriel Uradir, Nuala Uradir, Estranged haelun Kolvar Uradir, Sillumir Anethra Uradir, Laurir Evelon Telperion, Okarir’Leyun
  14. how come when a new person joins no onw cares to help maybe there character is shy and needs friends no I not joined
  15. The Renelian Festival of Unity A feast of peace and prosperity --- The missive is tacked all around the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewyyn. A Resolute Departure, a missive that changed not only the fate of the Kharajyr, but that of the Renelian people too. The Plateau of Lanthres will soon be home to the Kharajyr Pride, under the watchful gaze of the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn. Two vastly different cultures and people united together is a call for celebration. In an Elven Day, the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn and the White Owls of the Altepetl Va’Toltec shall come together on the festival grounds of New Magara’lin. Here various cultural activities shall take place, serving to introduce the citizens of each nation to each other. Visitors will be able to take part in various cultural and religious activities and enjoy the many delicacies of the Renelian ‘ker and the Kharajyr. The festival will begin after a short religious ceremony, at the festival grounds of Renelia.
  16. “The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is associated with sudden unforeseen change.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Agz8AQhfHZI The night was perfect; the rain had gone away and there was not a cloud in sight. A mali’fenn with pure white hair and violet eyes sat in the window of her room within her family’s manor, stroking the head of her tan owl. Her daughter, the tanned skin half-’ame girl of only seven, was curled up on her mother’s bed sleeping soundly. Katia watched her daughter with eyes filled with pride as she sealed her letter and sent it out. She was requesting her lari’onn’s presence in the Fennic tavern later that evening to witness the private union between herself and her fiancé, an ‘ame named Theris. She moved over to the bed and tucked her daughter in for the last time, pressing a soft kiss to her temple. The girl stirred but did not wake. Katia turned to Theris, who had been standing near the door of their room, with a large smile. The thing they had postponed so many times, waited years for, was finally happening. She slipped her hand into his and they slowly moved out of the room. The two of them stood in the tavern an hour later. They were still waiting on Erin to arrive and had become impatient. Eventually, Katia suggested they start without her. They exchanged vows, but as Theris pulled his beloved’s ring from his pocket a mali with a bandana pulled up to cover the bottom half of his face stepped out from behind a pillar within the tavern. He had his bow drawn back and released an arrow. It lodged into Katia’s neck with ease and the woman slowly began to sink to the ground. The man began to speak of purity as he slowly made his way towards the young couple. He discarded his bow in favor of drawing his longsword, stopping in front of Theris. Erin, the woman who shared Katia’s blood and had been her closest friend since they were born, arrived at this moment to see her twin with an arrow in her neck and lying on the ground. Theris clutched Katia’s hand as he sobbed over her body. His ears were ringing and he couldn’t make out what the mali’thill was saying to him. His wife was dead. The mother of his daughter was dead. In her dying moments, Katia was able to mouth two things to her new husband: I love you. Protect Briala. Erin grasped her Fennic spear with determination. Before she could make her way to the group, Theris was struck by the pommel of the mali’thill’s sword, causing him to be flung into the back of the couch. He clutched Katia’s hand as the ‘thill plunged his sword into her skull. Once, twice, three times. He mangled the once beautiful ‘fenn beyond recognition before turning his attention to the late woman’s stomach. “Family,” The ‘thill’s voice resonated throughout the tavern. “Family is a lie. Watch as your precious love leaves you.” And watch he did. He watched as the ‘thill brought his blade down into Katia’s stomach. He watched as the man practically gutted the woman he had fallen in love with. He watched as the man finally took a step back to admire his work- The ‘thill’s moment of glory was cut short by Erin Atmorice’s spear plunging deep into his throat. She dropped the spear the moment she stabbed him, her eyes going wide. She stared at him as he fell to the floor, the blood of the ‘thill mixing with the blood of her sister. She forced her eyes onto the body of her twin with utter horror. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the gruesome sight. In a moment of desperation to just get away from the scene, she tugged her dagger from it’s sheath. Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks as she dragged the blade across her throat. Theris watched as his sister-in-law dropped to the floor. He watched as blood seeped from her, Katia, and the ‘thill. He looked down at his wife, now beyond recognition, and began to sob once more. He remembered his daughter in their manor, sound asleep with no idea as to what had just happened. Many hours later, the mali’ame pushed himself up and dragged himself out of the tavern. He began to wander the barren city, hoping to find someone. [[I have had a wonderful time playing Katia, but it is time to turn over a new leaf. Lots of love to all of the wonderful people I have met in Fenn. This also serves as the pk post for Commander_Jester’s character, Erin Atmorice.]]
  17. Falhen was a elf Who valued his alone time and did not think highly of others until he arrived to Courland where he only saw friendly faces and people who where more than willing to help him so after a month of living in courland he was happy and was a little more sociable he felt like he was on top of the world until the news of the death of his mentor his only true parental figure reached him and he was overcome with sorrow his mentor taught him everything he knew about this world and he did not cope well he started drinking mead heavily and sitting in his own self pity and sorrow then one day he ran out of mina so his only way of coping was out of the picture so he had no choice but to try and get better but he was to far gone so he decided one day to take his life bye jumping off the roof of his house when he hit the ground he lived painless and paralyzed but he lived but was dying but slow enough for him to think how horrible he felt and how he was scared of how his friends might react to his death so he lied there for 30 minutes thinking of his mistakes before he finally died alone and regretful
  18. The Seaglass Marvels of Aegrothond Greater and Lesser Renarias Many distinct cultures upon the Continent maintain traditions of craft which exist solely for the purposes of aesthetic beauty, and the realms of Aegrothond are no exception. While the crafty among the Houses of the Elder Blood may be known primarily for their skill with the smith’s hammer, and in the realms of metallurgy and gemcraft, the greater collective has developed an art which is far less utilitarian in nature, and pleases the eye with its colourful fashions. This art is known as the Mode of Renarion, or renarias in common parlance, after the elf who first promoted its use and caused it to become a mainstay in the cultural fabric of the Elves who dwelt in Aegrothond. In those early days, the seafaring Houses came into common contact with the vibrant stones made smooth by the rolling of the interminable Sea- and it was not long before the aforementioned master of stonecraft began to fit them into various craftworks of his own hand. The decoration of weaponry and other personal effects came first- but ere long it became common for the Households of Aegrothond to inlay their door-frames with intricate designs of seastone and shells which told tales of the Great Sea and the deeds of their forebears. It would be many years before these miniature artworks began to spread into the realm of what a modern observer would consider a “true” mosaic, and due to the difficulty of transportation very few have survived from those elder days. The first among them were placed around oblique menhir, standing-stones which lend themselves poorly to ship travel. In more modern days, the larger mosaics are generally placed upon a flat surface and framed with traditional stonework and carving. Lesser Renarias- The Art of a Seaward People Despite their somewhat diminishing name, “Lesser Renarias” are far more diverse than their “Greater” cousin, and a far larger body of the former exist in the modern time due to their smaller size. In most simple terms, the phrase refers to the practice of fitting small seastones into designs upon weapons, jewelry, furniture, door-frames, and standing structures of importance. Sometimes, these designs are as simple as three stones in a line- but the more extensive among them tend to depict stories and moral fables derived from history. The practice of door-frame renarias are particularly common, with most family homes possessing these stony artworks across and around their central portals- it is believed that such a practice was originally intended to ward off evil sea-borne spirits, but in modern days it is more directly a representation of familial pride. Though the process of creating such designs is varied, the basic methods centrally involve an adhesive agent derived from beeswax. This agent is applied to the carved sockets of the stones, alongside a powder of seashells- together, these components ensure that the stones will not come loose in time. Of course, inlays which need to withstand greater torsion forces and wear will commonly instead be applied with smithing techniques- a fine example of this is the sword-hilts crafted in the Forges of Aegrothond, which are usually inlaid with crimson and golden stones. A common decoration employing renarias in modern days is the depiction of spirits of the ocean, who are myriad and go by many names. These minor deities, and others of a similar nature, are atimes conflated into the realm of the Sealord, who is a near-defunct religious staple of the Almenodrim. An elf-like god, he wields a mighty trident capable of calling down thunder and a driftwood crown which allows him to control the Sea itself. While his religion has been lost to time in large part, his influence remains. Greater Renarias- The Mosaics of Aegrothond By far the most famous and acclaimed version of the renarias tradition are the vast mosaics compiled by the citizens of Aegrothond in order to depict the great events and historical deeds accomplished by those that dwell within the bounds of the realm of the Free Elves. Without exception these marvels take several months to complete, and as a result they hold a very special place in the society of the free Principality- and most Elves of Aegrothond who have any skill with craftwork tend to attempt at least one in their lifetime. Some grand examples at the current capital, Caras Sylvadrim, are as follows: Edrahil and the Dragon Depicting the epic combat of Edrahil against the Dragon Ankar, who preyed on the Folk of the Mountains and the Wood in Aegnor’s day. This mosaic was created by Lord Cullas Sylvaeri, inspired by the then-recently discovered third part of the Lay of Aegrothond. It employs red granite stones along with some sandstone and silica fragments, which create the illusion of flame from the dragon’s maw. It is located in the library of Maehr’evar. Illynora Sylvaeri Depicting the legendary healing abilities of the first Princess of Aegrothond in the modern day, Lady Illynora Sylvaeri. The mosaic was also created by Lord Cullas Sylvaeri, to honour the passing of the great healer and to ensure her likeness would inspire others to continue along her path. It is crafted from petty-jade stones and malachite, as well as shale. It is located in the Houses of Healing, in Aegrothond. Sylvaen the Everflame Depicting the forefather of the House Sylvaeri and the first leader of the Almenodrim, who is featured prominently in the beginning chapters of the Lay of Aegrothond. This mosaic was created by Prince Belestram Sylvaeri in the early days of Arcas, but lost until Cullas performed a curation of all of the mosaics and restored it. It is crafted of granite, sandstone, obsidian, gold and red silica, and is located in the upper portions of Aegrothond which are often shut to travelers. A Mural of Kaer’s Fleet Depicting the seafaring ships of Kaer, forefather of the Kaeronin House and descendant of Aearon who was a son of Malin. The mosaic was created by Feanor Kaeronin to honour the ancestor and to try his hand at the creation of one of these marvels, at which he of course succeeded. It is made of various stones, primarily chert and shale, and is located near the upper portions of Aegrothond. Hamatsa, Spirit of Mercy Depicting the mani-god Hamatsa, which is highly regarded among the Almenodrim and considered a guardian of sailors and shipwrights. The mosaic was created by Illynora Sylvaeri, when Aegrothond was first settled, and was wrought of blue seaglass and basalt fragments. It is located outside the citadel, in a small eastward-facing crevasse. The Battle of the Gorge Depicting three comrades in defense of Aegrothond- Cullas, Azdal, and Jorvin- in their fight against a demonic tiger. This mosaic depicts a rather recent event, which occurred in Arcas during the early reign of Feanor I Flameborne. Crafted by Cullas Sylvaeri, it is located near the storehouses, behind the Inn. [To Be Added To]
  19. HOUSE KAERONIN Basic History Kaer was born a long time ago to two elves who followed the prophet Larihei to the golden pools of yore. His Grandfather was a son of Malin by the name of Aearon, a brother of Sylvaen, he was a Mali loyal to the King of elves with an adventurous streak. Kaer and his Grandfather got along well despite the disapproval of his parents. The Young elf learned his respect for the ways of old from his fatherly Grandfather and admired him deeply for it. The day the news of Aearon’s passing reached the rash Kaer, it lead him down a path filled with distraught and the questioning of the meaning of what life could be or offer. He did what he saw was best to stay close to his beloved Grandfather. He privateered a ship and set sail over the waters his Aearon had loved so dearly. Over the years Kaer acquired a crew of elves alike to his ways, including a certain Elfess stunning in looks and cunning. He married an elven lady by the name of Onin, he loved her, and she loved him. There was no one more caring than her. With her they gave life to two sons and Kaer got swept up in his new life, continuing to explore the seas with his new family and kin. Decades had passed before eventually, Onin died. Pushed off the ship by the wind of storm in attempts to usher a crew-member inside for safety. Kaer was broken and for many a year hardly himself. Even when he remarried and had more children, he was never the same man as Onin once knew. Colder and without much joy in his passion. Kaer and all of his crew died. Atleast, that is what is assumed due to their sudden disappearance. His family had long since split, the younger Generation had built a ship of their own and set out to follow their own course. His bloodline remained strong and alive, setting sail to Atlas. Where their voyage ported, but never finished as the lines of Kaer exist to this very day. Residing within the halls of Aegrothond along the Almenodrim, follow Mali of the Sea. they are currently lead by Kailu Kaeroinin The Kaeronin and the Almenodrim The history of interaction between the Kaeronin and the Almenodrim is a long one with various encounters occurring. Once a large battle was fought between the two! The Kaeronin and Almenodrim did some cultural exchange over the many years between then and now but mostly they stayed clear of one another to avoid more bloodshed. That is until the Kaeronin’s arrived in the Dominion of Malin on Atlas, ready to instate there place. The Kaeronin then moved to old Aegrothond in Atlas for a safer home base. The Kaeronin in Arcas wandered for a small bit even creating their own charter by the name of Attica but they eventually found themselves in Aegrothond once again. RELIGION The Kaeran praise their ancestors and a handful of minor entities for their prior ways and deeds. They aim to roam free and follow their hearts to distant shores yet unknown. The Edge, the home of afterlife, where the souls of all Kaeran go and their voyages come to an end to live with those who had previously been brought there. There they live together as they wait for the Ferryman to bring more kin or sail them back to roam the world once more. The most important and influential ancestors are Kaer, Onin and Malin as well as Aearon. Some Kaeronin will follow other religions alongside this belief in their fore-fathers. Followers of the way of the Kaeronin named themselves ‘Kaeran’. Weaponry The Kaeronin do not have a common set of weapons, each Mali preferring their own. Though, reoccurring preferences tend to fall upon nimble blades such as Cutlasses or Sabres. Traditions/Customs 1.) Kaeronin are from day 1 thought to always follow their own path and live with the wind in their backs. If this path guides them to different shores compared to that of their direct family, so be it. It is expected all Kaeronin will support their kin in their voyage to their own life. 2.) The Kaeronin are a caring bunch. Prioritising family and close friends over the masses in any situation and often seek for ways to show their unity. (Such as common colours) 3.) One of the visual traditions of the Kaeronin is the red-beads they proudly wear within their hair. It serves to remind them of who they are, what they follow and what is important to them. 4.) Kaeronin more often than not seek to drown themselves in both physical and magical crafts and arts. From Sailing, Shipbuilding and Weapon Crafting to the Arts of Weapon-Wielding and Magic. 5.) Not as much a tradition as a cultural pass-over; Kaeronin often posses superiority complexes passed down from their founder, Kaer HOUSE RELICS Kaeronin Relics are far and few between. Plenty of tales run within the house, telling of these mythical objects, though none have yet been found. 1.) The Cutlass of Kaer and Aearon. A cutlass of fine elven make, forged by Aearon very long ago and passed down to Kaer to aid him on his journey. The supposed unending sharpness and controllability of this weapon would surpass the common blade by thousands. 2.) Onin’s Cloak. Though Onin was not of any traceable decent. Her love for her family solidified her importance to the Kaeronin only second to Kaer himself within Kaeronin history. Legend has it her cloak, soaked in blood from her death is still floating in the sea, not rotting and free of decay from so long in the salty brine. Special thanks to our lore writers Titanium430 0MN15514H _Fid_ Thank You ❤️ OOC Note
  20. THE ‘THILL LITERATURE CLUB Written by Muriel Uradir Issued on the 2nd of the Deep Cold ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An illustration of a heated debate amongst ‘thill, an activity synonymous with elMaehr’sae. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Knowledge, to the Mali’thill, is a sacred aspect of the natural world. It is what drives progress, and what preserves health. Thus, It is only obligatory for us, Mali‘thill, to collectively and more meticulously, scrutinise the vast reserves of knowledge in the Eternal Library, with its contents being examined superficially and its implicit messages being placed in the context of contemporary affairs. Following days of construction, and many more days of proper planning, it is with much pride that I announce the commencement of the “Thill Literature Club”, a haven for all ‘thill that wish to further their pursuit of knowledge and perhaps even augment their understanding of the intricacies of the wider world. The club is to be moderately selective in choice, as well as boasting a ‘thill-only policy, with a particular emphasis in discussion on topics of political relevance. An application will be required to ensure all members accepted are of an acceptable competence for the club, possessing a clarity of thought in their political beliefs, as well as a sufficiently strong grasp in their prior knowledge. Exclusive events administered by the club will also be a natural privilege that accepted ‘thill may enjoy upon induction, these will be announced to members in the future once planned. Meetings are to be held weekly at the Eternal Library, a trivial location for the examination of its knowledge, a decided date will be privately issued to accepted applicants. The general process of a meeting is as follows: DEBATE PROCEDURES If you are a ‘thill that possesses an interest in applying for a place in the club, kindly complete the form attached to this missive, it is but a simple measure of gauging your competence and expected commitment for the Club: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOhgrzU-ATU9_ysxELken9NkJty07hTx0uOB2hiAvfMh50Eg/viewform?usp=sf_link MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Kaean’leh Evareh, Muriel Uradir
  21. The Oathblades The Honour Guard of Aegrothond = A Brief History = The earliest definitive historical record of the Oathblades occurs in the last years of Eleron Sylvaeri, during the decay and dissolution of the venerable Princedom of Malinor. Led by the late Prince’s brother, Cyndaer, the last vestiges of the Lumidrim formed a small battalion in the interest of defending the Crown from the Conclave of Malin- a militarist cult under Darius Denurem and Kalameet Izalith. The company was therefore the first contemporary knightly order established in the Almenodrin tradition. It did not survive the Atheran schisms or Haelun’orian rule, and came to an ignominious end when Eleron was burned at the stake circa 1450. Both Cyndaer’s efforts and the modern Oathblade comradery were primarily based on the mythic Company of Edrahil, whose legendary exploits are told in the Lay of Aegrothond; in it, the legendary Lord gathers a host of Almenorean Elves to his banner and goes forth to slay a dragon. These knights, bearing the red pennants of Prince Aegnor and old Aegrothond, were gathered from Edrahil’s inner circle of friends and relations. Clad in rich armour, and girt around with enchantments and powerful natural magic, their exploits are known to most Almenodrin children. In simplest terms, therefore, the Oathblades are ennobled Elves who act as guards and companions for the Lords of the Almenodrim. Some through service become Lords themselves, while others take up positions of great honour in the governance of Aegrothond- in any case, they are held in high esteem by the Elves of the Isles. It is somewhat accurate to compare them to Mannish knights. It follows, therefore, that the Oathblades are not joined out-of-hand; unlike the militaries of other Elven nations, the Company does not endeavor to grow large in number by accepting copious amounts of raw recruits. More worth and interest is placed in the development of individual Oathblades than in the accession of new ones. Correspondingly, each individual possesses weaponry and training not held by most Elvish soldiers- of which more later. = Accession and Oathing = To become an Oathblade, one must understand the creed and tenets of Aegrothond as well as the history of Elvendom from the days of Malin to the present time. One must be able to ride on horseback and sail, as well as be proficient in the use of the spear and sword. The Oathblades fight monsters as often as they fight Descendants, and they must be prepared for these battles through knowledge of specialized techniques and equipment. The first step towards accession into the Oathblades is by locating one, for only by obtaining the nomination of an Oathblade can one be inducted into the order. Once such a bond is formed, the Elf is given the rank of Aspirant and accompanies the Oathblades in all that they do. Tasks and matters to attend are given out, and an Aspirant’s performance in these will decide how swiftly they are Oathed. Unlike many military organizations, the Oathblades consist of only two ranks- once an Aspirant is deemed worthy by the circle of existing knights, he or she is brought before the collective to speak in favour of their candidacy for accession. If the applicant is accepted, the Oathing process from which the order takes its name can begin. There is a great amount of secrecy surrounding the actual knighting of Oathblades, due to the small and insular nature of the organization. Blood plays a part, as does the eponymous Oath, which is sworn to Aegrothond and the Crown of Elvenesse. The words of the Oath are adapted from the old Almenodrin traditions preserved by the House of Sylvaen. “And Edrahil vowed then to Aegnor his brother, to fear neither death nor torture most cruel, in pursuit of the glory of ages. He swore to uphold his banner, and that of their father the Everflame, in contempt of strife and danger; these words he spoke, and many more, such that Aegnor the Prince of Aegrothond was moved to shed a tear. But Edrahil did not weep, for he knew that there was no fate greater or more virtuous, than death in the service of one’s family.” -Excerpt from the Tale of Aegnor, Lay of Aegrothond II. The vow of an Oathblade is considered to be valid until death, and those who break it in treason are held accountable. Unlike other criminals of Aegrothond, the knights are considered for purposes of punishment to be members and banner-bearers of the Princely House- they are therefore eligible to have their name cloven, which is a fate worse than death. = Marks of an Oathblade = The Oathblade’s primary non-combat badge of office is a bolt of crimson fabric, embroidered with the devices of the House of Sylvaen: the Seven Stars of the Mariner, placed in a semi-circle about the Crown of Malinor. This is worn traditionally as a sash upon the belt or across the shoulder, in times of peace or alternatively when armour would be unwieldy or inappropriate. It symbolizes loyalty foremost to Aegrothond, and is granted by the Princes upon Oathing. A second badge of office is one which the Oathblade typically assists in creating- namely, his weapon and armour. Due to the Almenodrin focus on smithing as a sacred art, the weapon of an Oathblade takes a great deal of time to make- of high-quality steel or other rich material, and carved with letters of power which elevate it far above a regular weapon. After the weapon is made and employed in the Oathing process, work begins on the knight’s armour, which can take many years. Each piece is forged of specialized material, and rendered to commemorate great deeds. By virtue of this and the often empowered nature of the armour, a veteran Oathblade’s kit tends to be near-priceless in value. As compiled by Oathblade Avaeramos Enrique and Prince Emeritus Belestram Sylvaeri. Circa 1753 = The Roster of the Oathed = Oathblade Avaeramos Enrique Oathblade Feanor Kaeronin Oathblade Elros Silma Oathblade Ali’ere Silma
  22. A book sits on a pedestal in the library of Aegrothond, the home of the Lorekeeper Maehr’evar. It is emblazoned with the devices of Almenor, the seven stars of the Mariner and the Crown of Malin in silver inlay. One would note upon opening the tome that most of the pages remain blank, save for the very first few- evidently this is to be a work in progress, so that one might read the entire history of Aegrothond at some far date in the future. The pages read as follows: A Chronicle of Almenor, 1753 As Recorded by Belestram Sylvaeri, Prince Emeritus A Breath of Life, and Fair Skies upon the Horizon For many years the Crown and its representatives have remained silent in our isolated citadel of Almenor, for we are not a people easily inspired to advertise our presence, nor to seek glory in word rather than deed. Amid a tumultuous world prone to bouts of ceaseless conflict, it is often preferable to recede to quietude- especially for a dwelling-place which concerns itself primarily with the preservation of the history and moral integrity of Elvenesse. But it is a foolish thing, to look behind and not ahead- for the future grows closer with each passing sunset, and the forges and shipyards of the Almenodrim are never truly quiet. They labour, the smiths and Oathblades, sailors and shipwrights, so that Aegrothond is not consigned to the ignominious pages of perished history as many, even today, believe it has been. Our future is as bright as the crimson sunrise, and the secret fire which burns at the heart of our city is not so easily extinguished. It is therefore the desire of the House of Sylvaen to initiate a chronicle of history for the Isles, so that posterity may read them and know that the hands of the Almenodrim were not idle, but rather toiled and built a greater land for their heirs. It shall honour the labourers, the knights, and the Lords who make this citadel our home, and work every day to make it a better place. Those who have kept faith with the Sea Prince and the House of Sylvaen will be honoured greatly by future generations, for they have stood beside the Realm in a dark and unsteady time. From the ember you have held close to your heart, a great inferno shall be ignited- from the sacrifices you have made, of blood and sweat, you shall reap a thousand times the reward. The forges are lit. The fires are burning. Thusly speaks the Crown. Aegrothond Prevails. The Flame of Silma is Lit The Keeper of House Silma, which stems from the great Elvish hero Siol, has taken up his duties again in full- he has caused the beacon of Silma to be lit in Aegrothond once more. The Flame of Malin, as the House terms it, is a symbolic representation of their devotion to the King of All Elvenesse; a mark that the home in which it burns is a harbour for all Elves who wish to warm themselves by its light. They have taken residence near the Oathblade barracks, and intend to transform the old building into a Hearth and home for all Silma and wandering Elves. The Elder House, which was the second such House to join the great citadel of Aegrothond, is highly regarded among the citizens of the Isles of Almenor. Despite great odds and no small amount of danger to their own wellbeing, the family and its leadership joined the fight against the Usurper King from the Atlasian island. For this reason, they are given the rank of Great House in perpetuity and honoured with the title of Lord Keeper. Citizens of Aegrothond (and indeed all Elves of any nation) are encouraged to seek out the young Haust Silma, or the elder Elros Silma, for more information about the venerable and legendary House. It is understood that this is to be the beginning of a new era in the history of their family, one which has lain dormant for some years. Old Roots Give Rise to a New Vintage A new vineyard has been established upon the western horn of the bay, behind the great statue of Eleron Stormheart, and planted with a special batch of seeds from the forests of Old Malinor. Carried and preserved through the lands by members of the House Sylvaeri, they are believed to have been acquired from the vineyards of the Telrunya Family- a famous wine indeed. The Crown and its representatives now seek a capable and practiced winemaker to take up the formidable task of growing these vines to harvest and fermenting its fruit. The seeds were planted by Feanor Kaeronin, and the ground was blessed by the famous Druid Gi’garun, otherwise known as Brother Pine. The Druid was heard to say that he looked forward to tasting even a small part of home, and the sentiment is shared even by many Elves who never saw the trees of Malinor. An Order of Elves Among Men Reports have reached Aegrothond of a group of exiles and city-elves dwelling in the Orenian Capital of Helena. While information is fairly scarce, it is understood that the group claims to have a Malinic creed which does not conflict with the Tenets of Aegrothond, but the truth of this matter remains to be seen as only two Elves of this organization have found their way to our shores. The Seed Elverhilin is known to play a part in the leadership of the Order.
  23. Purity Purity is like a butterfly, A delicate beauty, Its unbound wings of innocence fluttering at liberty, Unfettered by vice, Untainted by sin’s terrible symphonies, A perfect perfection, unfrayed, its wholesome verity. It is Larihei’s delight, a paradigm for us all, Of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, a principle and a truth withal, One that must be pursued, questioned and sought, Or perhaps, caught - like a charming butterfly, always elusive, worthy of its hue. Yet, its unmatched genuinity is fleeting, fragile, fugacious, A butterfly's wings, it dissolves and dissipates when blighted, A tarnished frailty - its integrity alighted. Purity is like a butterfly, A delicate beauty, Its preservation, our personal vocation, a duty, Lest we forget, Lest you submit to your follies. Penned by Muireal Uradir, With dedication to Silir Uradir.
  24. From the office to the Tilruir’tir Urgent Missive to the Silver State Ca. 20th of the Deep Cold, 1751 Fellow denizens of the Blessed Enclave, the Silver Council, and the Diarchy, When in the history of a nation, the stench of corruption and injustice begins to seep from the machinations of bureaucracy, it becomes evident that such problems have infiltrated deep into the heart of government. The result of such infection, such dirty stains upon high places is due to either ignorance or unwillingness of those involved to treat such a mess. The solution to such problems is simple: Clean the filth that has enveloped the system; remove the dangers and stains that the corruption has plagued upon the justice system, and ensure that both the safety of Mali’thill and the pursuit of purity in maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is upheld, at whatever cost is necessary. As Tilruir’tir, it is ne my job, it is my duty, my obligation to the citizens of Silver to ensure such that our laws, beliefs, and people are protected. Furthermore, it sickens me when injustice is delivered. When the very law of a nation fails in the purpose of bringing those necessary of crime to justice, to punish them for their actions -- worse yet is when the law is twisted and convoluted in such a way as to punish some, but not others. The law is unmoving, unbreaking, unbiased, and should be treated as such. However, the worst feeling as Tilruir’tir is to discover, upon investigation, that the law has potentially been warped and power abused such as to protect enemies of the state. Providing a faux and inconspicuous shield over the backs of dark magic users that have infiltrated our government. To discover that my superior, the Okarir’tir may be abusing their power to aid the enemy sickens me beyond my ability to quantify. It is unacceptable, it is unjust, it is treason and sabotage of the highest degree imaginable and must be quashed, lest the path of Silver become tainted by the hands of the enemy. I hereby declare that the Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris, and the Nerithil Valarieth be lawfully brought to trial for accused crimes against the State, violating the Obvious Laws: Article 1: Allowing the presence of a -- by their natural state -- violent being within the walls of elcihi. This is also treasonous of an Okarir’tir, for it breaks the oaths at which you serve. Article 3: Allowing the impure wanderings of a shade parasite within the walls of elcihi. Article 4: Allowing the purity of an individual to be sullied without actions to prevent such, and in fact allowing it to stagnate. Article 6: Allowing the intentional mutilation of oneself or another individual to occur or go untreated by harboring a shade parasite. Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris is accused of drafting missives to potentially hamper or prevent the arrest of dark mages, disallowing the incrimination of enemies of the state. This is by the Obvious Laws a treasonous act, and is a violation of the oaths they uphold to protect the Mali’thill and the Silver State’s citizenry from foreign threats, and those of corrupt nature that at which exist within the confines of the city. Nerithil Valarieth has potentially, intentionally or otherwise, been infected by a shade parasite, and has been manipulated by the dark being to encourage corrupt actions be taken in the government of the Silver State. This individual by, their mere existence, violates various articles of the Obvious Laws, and for the Okarir’tir to draft missives potentially in their support, implies corruption present within the pinnacle of our Silver State’s government. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA MIRUELN THILL’EHYA ITO KAE’LEH Storm Elibar’acal Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir Valenar Laraethryn Okarir’nor Uppori Visaj Okarir’tayna Ri’Haskir High Aelkos Var’Umi Leparda Varkolu Alu’Rha’kir Aluhuso Tul’Tsisha Tultelkos Anethra Uradir Laurir Dele Seregon Anniler'hiylu Corvac Aldin Citizen Elric Reed Medi’ir Sulraell Head Eternal Librarian Leandra Laraethryn Eternal Librarian Valens Ith’ael Former Okarir’tir Muzthag Leparda Sillumir Quartermaster Nelgauth Maehr’tehral Former Okarir’hiylun Valliline Yllasalor Sillumir Elathion Dagre’sae Sillumir Maya Noirette Informant Kleo Vethrai Citizen Crumena Ilwindior Citizen
  25. RANSOM OF GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS OF HAENSE Issued on the 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1751 SONG CREDIT TO RAEL RADIO GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE -- he sits in our cells, weeping for your feeble rescue of his even more feeble body harmed in combat against our blessed troops in his fourth attack on elcihi. We grow tired of your armies incessantly marching to our silver city, threatening the deaths of innocent citizenry, threatening to skin the Kharajyr, and threatening to bring our great nation to its knees. Fortunately, that will never happen. In each attempt, GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE and his troops have met swift, powerful response and have fallen from our cliffs into the Silver Forest below. In the face of death, GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE, like ERIK BERHAL of REZA, one of his troops beneath his command, FLED COMBAT and left his loyal troops behind to DIE against our valiant Sillumiran, under the command of the very Kharajyr he threatens to flay. See to it that you collect this rat from our cages, should you still desire his filth in your city. Or, perhaps, you would see to his arrest for execution at your own sword given his betrayal of your people! A most worthy punishment, no doubt. GRAND MARSHAL TIBERIUS of HAENSE remains in our custody; yet, the Silver State would look favorably upon the exchanging of gifts. Should the humble offering of that which is listed following be given, we would be most inclined to generously return the favor in the form of your Grand Marshal: < ✩ > Five-thousand minas. < ✩ > 5 original copy books. < ✩ > 1 original copy book with an apology letter, signed by a nation steward or greater. < ✩ > A detailed report of your city’s defenses. < ✩ > 5 artifacts. ~ Ri’Haskir High Aelkos of the Kharajyr ~ A. Miravaris Okarir’tir of the Sillumir ~ Storm Elibar’acal Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir ~ Nehtamo Seregon Tilruir’tir of the Sillumir
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