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  1. A New Knight to Be: It is announced that Sil Grayson Starling, is to be knighted and granted his full duties of service within the Sil’Malin Order. The ceremony is to be held in the Celia’nor palace where he will be oathed by the Grandmaster herself. All who are enlisted with the Sil’Malin and the Celiadiraar are asked to attend this ceremony. [[OOC: Sunday September 18th at 3pm EST, at Celia’nor Palace]] Signed and penned, Grandmaster, Sil Kolvar Lyln Valwynn Chaptermaster, Sil Ellisar Aevaris
  2. THE TEMPLE OF THE ENTWINED STAR GOD The Slumbering One, "The Glodites" The Prayer of the Slumbering God "But the Dream, and the Slumber." [!] Strange Posters, Letters, and Pamphlets would be thrown about the poorer slums of Almaris. ============================================================================================================== Greetings Dreamer, Long have WE watched you sleep. Unaware of the reality of which blankets you, and clouds your vision. Praising false Gods such as the canonist "Creator", the "Brathmordakin", and the "Aspects". The Aenguls and Daemons you so fear are but mere illusions, aspects cast by the Slumbering God. Have you ever felt their watchful gaze, as you sleep? The eyes are always watching, Dreamer. The Slumbering God has begun to awake, and their power can be felt all throughout the realities. His chosen champion, Glod Grimgold, has manifested in this reality as his "living aspect". Everyday, our spells grow stronger. Now, it is time we reveal ourselves to the world. If you wish to join our Temple, you must prove your loyalty. The youth of Almaris are unguarded. They walk the streets without guardians. Babies are left in cribs, in unlocked rooms. Take these sacrifices, and slay them. Their blood will mark your initiation into the Temple as an Acolyte. If one is unavailable, the sacrifice of a Canonist Priest, Brathmordakin Forgeguard, Druid, or Paladin will suffice. Do not feel this is an impossible task - work in the shadows, and slaughter those who work against the Dreamer. Seek out the book known as "The Chronicles of Glod" to begin your path to enlightenment. To show you apart of our powers, the back of this note will include a single spell from our Arcanium. Once you feel the gaze of our Lord, you will know you have become a true "Glodite", and have entered our rank as an Acolyte. ============================================================================================================== MYSTERIUM SOMNIUM ARCANUS ____________________________________________________________________ __________________████____████________████____██████________________ __________________████____████________████____██████________________ ______________________████████████████████████______________________ ______________________████████████████████████______________________ __________██▓▓____██▓▓████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████▓▓████____████________ __________██▓▓____████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░__██████████____████________ __________░░░░▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▓▓▓▓░░__________ ________░░░░░░████░░░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████░░░░░░______ __████__░░██▓▓░░░░░░░░____████░░__████████____░░__░░░░░░████░░__████ __████____██▓▓░░░░░░░░____██▓▓░░__████▓▓██____░░__░░░░░░████░░__████ ______████░░░░____░░__░░░░██▓▓████████▓▓▓▓░░░░░░__░░░░__░░░░████____ ______████░░______________██▓▓████████▓▓██______________░░░░████____ ________░░▓▓▒▒______________░░▓▓▓▓▓▓██__________________████________ __________██▓▓________________▓▓▓▓▓▓██__________________████________ ____________░░████__________________________________████____________ ______________████__________________________________████____________ __________________████████__░░░░░░░░░░░░░░██████████________________ __________________████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░__██████████________________ __________________________████████████████__________________________ __________________________████████████████__________________________ MYSTERIES OF DREAMING ARCANE
  3. Fallen Star So dose the bright star fall, golden locks turned dull, skin as pale as a corpse Eirene de Astrea an elven women known by almost no one for she never liked to go outside the safety of her room, bedridden and ill this young elfess perished with no will, for she had no one to leave anything too, she had many family members but never did she interact with them as she grew up, maybe once or twice as a young child but she did prefer to be alone lost in her books, and now as a young woman pale as a ghost and not but skin and bone the light in her eyes faded, perished from her illness.
  4. The Embers Go Out Once a great flame burning with life, now turned to embers, embers quickly fading, Thena Odinson, a young elfess within the park of Elysium laid silently roses surrounding her the blanket under her now stained red, a book on her lap open on the page she had been in the middle of reading page ruined with her own blood, a stab wound piercing from the centre of her back through her chest, her eyes were riddled with fear as she stared up to the blue sky and the only thought that came to mind was her family, she was scared of dying but there was nothing to be done, she was alone during her final moments, she stared up to the sky the light in her eyes faded and the pale violet colour turned to look greyed the last words she uttered was "mother..." the young elfess called out, but another stab, this one to the heart had her breath her last breath, the embers died out the young elfess now laid there lifelessly now left alone by her killer within the quiet city.
  5. The compiled writings of Dubh Ainmhí, a sister of the Druidic Order. Little known as she is, the meandering crone has seen fit to distribute her Work. By way of loose-leaf tome, board-bound posting, or hidden, roadside scrawling, these texts have been dispersed to the world at large. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ THE WOVEN WAY: Between Beginnings & Endings A passage from my doctrine’s ramblings, offered in preamble; though, there is little weight to my putting these thoughts to paper. For now, my predecessors and I are insignificant. That does not mean it is done without purpose. Without justification in its boldness, even as it is penned by the hands of a circle-less geist. Revelations and mysteries, like those revealed to me in the pursuit of my attunement, demand recognition. Let this be my acknowledgement. Let it be an answer to the ever-gnawing question that has plagued my line since the times of the first divide. Let it be the provocation for countless more yet to be asked. It is not a story the druii would tell you, ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ THE WOVEN WAY: On Absolutes An excerpt of my own musings on Nature, as well as the mire of thought, cast into obscurity by the ages, that we call Balance. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ A RECORD OF SORROW: The Schism Words wrought of my mother’s memory, scribed above in a labor of love, once leveled towards my kin. This is a more complete recollection of her words. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ A RECORD OF SORROW: To My Siblings While not the first of my missives toward this sentiment, this served as one of my most pointed. It was a spark, lit by the igniting clash of my siblings' hate. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ OOC: man...
  6. Musings of oem Laurir An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from the An’asul estate 6th of The First Seed, Year 81 of the Second Age "Deception rules the minds of many. It falls to us to become the vanguard of truth, the guardians of wisdoms past and futures bright. A mournful day passes over this city, this, our beloved home of Haelun'or. Light shall dawn, and purge the hatreds old and new. Go forth then, mine Weeping Blades! Defend our way, and forever to it keep true." - Malaurir Dio Astore BLESSED CITIZENRY OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR, Our blessed bastion is as strong as its weakest link, thus progress must always be safeguarded. As we have many times before, the time has come to choose which citizens we wish to be responsible for directing the future of our people. The labors they face will be great, and they will not prevail without a true will to further the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. For decades have the topic of homosexuality been discussed within the blessed walls of our humble bastion, the time has arise once more. As unfortunate as it was, for myself to allow the Mali’aheral to debate without my glorious presence, I still wish to gift you the enlightenment of my thoughts. Firstly, I wish to offer a few sentence statement in regards of lessers and their homosexual tendencies. I have involved myself in several studies when it comes to lessers and their intimate tendencies, and I must say that I am quite delighted how many of them identify as homosexual, or gay as the liberals have a habit of calling it. The lessers, incapable of absolute purity should be none of our concern, for they halt the spreading of their kin interlocking with partners of the same sex. Homosexual lessers are also much more fun than their heterosexual counterparts, perhaps they enjoy some sort of liberation living their true selves. Thus, I wish that elHeial’thilln Ito Haelun’or will introduce the first Homosexual Parade for the lessers— let us offer them safe haven while the rest of the world hunts them. The more lesser homosexuals, the less lessers there are in this world. What comes to Mali’aheral and the laws or Haelun’or as well as Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya— my thoughts are as follows. A Mali’aheral shall not participate in any fraternization outside wedlock for such represents the greed or elBortu. A fertile Mali’aheral shall not participate in any fraternization with someone of the same sex. However, as we are cursed with infertility and as we reach a certain age we no longer have the opportunity to bear children. Many a Mali have stagnated their most important mission, the creation of Oeman’ii, thus we must progress to ensure procreation. I recommend the following, any infertile (over 500 years of age) Mali’aheral that has provided the state with a minimum of Oem boy and Oem girl child through natural means within wedlock, may apply for State approved Homo-License, HL. Evidence of paternity or maternity must be provided during application. Anyone applying for HL must be deemed pure without prior convictions of fraternization outside wedlock. Under no circumstances may a Mali’aheral participate in homosexual activities without an HL. elHeial’lauriran under the guidance of the Most Blessed may review these applications case by case basis. Fraternization outside wedlock shall remain prohibited and the same sex couple must be wedded in the presence of the Maheral. In no scenario, may the same sex couple apply for a divorce without the approval of elHeial’lauriran first and only the Maheral and in their absence elHeial’malauriran may approve such. These are what I recommend. Signed Laurir Usamea An'asul AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  7. To summon the nobles An invitation to elHeial’malauriran and elHeial’lauriran As Issued from the An’asul estate 4th of The Amber Cold, Year 81 of the Second Age "Should any members of the community find difficulties arising from the changes brought about, they need only week counsel; answers are given to those that pose queries and wisdom blesses the inquisitive." - Malaurir Dió Astóre BLESSED MALAURIRAN AND LAURIRAN, Our bastion, strong hold of progress and health must continue to blossom, even in the absence of the Most Blessed. Guide the Mali’thill, encourage them all that surround you. It is your duty. Many topics have been filling the minds of the Mali’aheral, Haelunorians and others alike. As we live in an era, absent of the Maheral, the duty to ensure the cultural progress falls on the shoulders of the Lauriran. It is a great pleasure that I announce to summon elHeial’lauriran. This council of the most respected talonniian, chosen by the Maheral themselves, leads the cultural aspects of the High Elves. In the absence of Maheral, the council exists to support the former Maheralan, elHeial’malauriran. Malauriran, you are all invited to join and guide the conversation— please accept my humble request. The date will be set on a later date. Laurir Elervathar Laurir Sullas Laurir Calith Laurir Ni’leya Laurir Elibar’acal Lauriran, I offer you my invitation, to meet and discuss the relevant cultural changes that have inspired the Mali’thill to speak up. I look forward hearing from you. Signed Laurir Usamea An'asul AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA [!] This invitation would only be sent to the recipients mentioned in the post.
  8. Larihei of War ______________________________________________________________________________ Since even the most ancient times, that Antediluvian age, when the great seas had yet to rise and swallow the vast lands, separating the many continents, when those most blessed and everlasting yet roamed the cihi streets, and Acalanti had yet to sink beneath rolling tide, Haelun'or had been a great cihistate. it was by the actions of brave, singular individuals, those with the deepest of convictions and power of self and actualization that had always steered the course of our eternity. Through their deeds, history is forever marked, and eternal they live. Not simply in the depths of some unknowable history, but in the world, in your deeds, in your very blood. Living! Is even the most ancient memory! For this fact, we know we may easily come to see deeper truths of not just what has composed us, but through what paths most natural would lead us, in this continual 'growth', or progress forwards from an initiatory state, one must first attain that, which makes the foundation for this state! To initiate from great foundation, one may achieve ever greater heights, through the ever-perfection of the growing ways of what had composed them. This is the role of that great, singular individual. To bring about this state. Not as mere benchmark, but also springboard. For, if one, of blessed birth, had followed truly the way of her mothers or fathers, to whom they were at least acquainted with at birth, and assuming the blessing of good names and deeds of their parents, they would find themselves inheritor of this near limitless source of knowledge, strengths, and eternal glories of the paths walked by those before you. To be the great individual, is to be the Mali on the ascent. To go forwards, always, into the great light of eternal progress and perfection. That your conviction drives before you what must be taken to reach that higher state, to bring those eternal glories to you and your name to those around you, and shape the world so through all, you may achieve that most immortal Kleos, so all after you are touched by your light for all time. In this way, our greatest lady, Tahu'Larihei acted, as that Hero, who had risen truly, through word and wit, spear and shield, health and progress. This of course, logically, is the way one achieves that eternal perfection. Ever-striving, ever-growing, so your own Kleos grows, and it is your example followed by that blood enriched by your inclusion. It is within our cihi that every Mali'thilln is the champion of an ancient unbroken legacy. For this, we seek to act in ways which bring blessing to those around us, those of the most Silvered blood. Yet, in this same swipe, that hero, just as lady Larihei lifts her blade to defend what is true and pure, so too must that individual, COURAGE welled in his heart, heft his spike to any challenge. To take what he needs by that spike, be it fine silver nibbed pen or spear of Cruel Bronze. Do not shun the ways of our forefathers, for it is only quite literally true, that your ancestors too, stood shoulder to shoulder besides the Silvered Maiden, to face all trials, so you may have chance to enjoy Blessed Life. Gather your spike in your hand Go forth and take it That divine glory most eternal For what is one without Kleos, but merely one passing with the wind ________________________________________________________________________________ If you aren't a hero to your people, what are you? -Amberlan Aldin, ancient Sillumiran Defender of Elcihi'thilln
  9. {Blizzard by Tyler Smith} Music For She saw everything Writings of an Elf ”For only acid can purify you” Nuala Uradir BLESSED BE THE CITIZENS OF HAELUN'OR Frozen it was, the city of Karinah’siol, frozen breeze covering everything under her ice blue gaze. No stone unturned, no corner blind. For she saw everything. Was it not for a certain trio of High Elves– of different ages. One was ancient, older than the relics we showcase in museums. One was old, yet young compared to the first one and the last one was the youngest. Equals they were to one another, however. One more educated, one holding a rank above, one's experience beyond comparison. This trio, differences aside was equal, on a mission. On a mission to once more have birds singing, butterflies flying and worms of the earth wake up. “I will make sure every one of them will be eradicated” Said one of the elves, a potent magi “They shall all face my wrath, burn under the flames of myself” She would continue Like this, it was a common goal for these brave elves, for they were alone, surrounded by ice. Simple was their mission, melt down something built by those servants of ice, the lonely women. A fire evocationist, a water evocationist and a transfigurationist together, putting their heads together figured out how to get rid of the frozen construction. And in no time, they began to work– bringing down the cursed icicle. It was trust that had been broken into million pieces, women now suspected. Patriarchy infested its way into the blessed society of equality, men taking habits of lesser races. Subjugating women. Come forth my children of Silver, for we shall not let that. Come forth and free yourself of the powers of the outside. Come forth, for I shall bring you clarity. Come forth, defend what you hold dear. Come forth, women of the lesser to defend womanhood. Come forth, men of the innocent for you shall be eaten. Come forth believers of the holy, for they represent what is unholy. Come forth. I speak to you, my children. For I shall protect you. I shall pledge my life in order to sustain yours. I shall burn to keep unburnt. I shall starve to keep you nourished. I shall weep to keep you happy. I shall be forgotten for you must be remembered. As you are mine, I am yours. Call them what they are, for they will not hear you speak. I write this letter, a head decorating my desk. A head of a lonely woman, who once was like any of us. Now she but resembles everything we despise, crying for her sisters as I cut of her head, burning the rest of her body. Hear my pledge, women of the lonely– I shall bring you liberation. You shall be burnt for your sins and mine shall be the last you will ever see. I will be the liberator, unlonely once more. For fire shall be your demise. Signed, The Sun AY'LARIHEI MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  10. Celia’nor Commission of Foreign Affairs Commissioned by Lady A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn, the CCFA Is an international commission for the pursuit of improved foreign ties with other nations and economic prosperity through traders guilds and merchant organizations. ARTICLE 1) DIPLOMATIC BRANCH Made up of delegates under the leadership of a commissioner, delegates work between the lead nations of joint states. All actions by envoys and ambassadors require the approval of their lead commissioner, and incidents of crimes committed by delegates are to be treated as breaches of law, and to be sorted as seen fit by the Commissioner as to which court of law they are held responsible. ENVOYS) Envoys work specifically under Celia’nor, assigned sectors in which they are responsible for diplomatic relations, renewal programs for treaties, and keeping close relations with specific sectors. They are expected to report to the Commissioner regularly on their sector affairs, and are expected to get the Commissioner's approval for treaty renewal, or term changes. AMBASSADORS) Ambassadors are foreign diplomats who act as figures for foreign powers in Celia’nor. They are to be treated kindly within Celia’nors borders, and meetings about treaties, trade, and other affairs are to be held with the Commissioner, or Royal Family exclusively. MILITARY ATTACHES) A subposition both envoys and ambassadors can hold, attaches are military experts assigned to diplomatic outreaches. They are assigned to sectors or individual embassies, and expected to coordinate military efforts between nations, share military tactics, train military officers, and represent foreign militaries. An assigned sector is not to be diverted from, and an Envoy may only work with that sector and sector alone .They report directly to the commissioner, and are expected to follow orders. Engaging in criminal activity, breaking from one's post, or ignoring/manipulating orders can see an Envoy being removed or reassigned from their post to another. The commissioner is allowed to work in all assigned sectors, rule out Envoy’s and Attaches, and represent both the military and government of Celia’nor, but ambassadors are to be treated as sovereign officials of their representative nation, meaning they cannot be imprisoned, attacked, harmed, or injured by the State of Celia’nor or her territories. Envoys are expected to work on both outreach programs, such as medical outreach, educational outreach, book acquisition, trade support, and event support as part of public interest for Celia’nor. Current positions of the Diplomatic Branch) Commisioner: A’eollaja Ello’janna Sector North Envoy: UNFILLED Sector West Envoy: UNFILLED Sector East Envoy: UNFILLED Sector South Envoy: Mythradir Wynasul (@VoxyNoir) ARTICLE 2) MERCANTILE BRANCH Made of mercantile groups to increase trade between constituent states or independent groups for the purpose of trade and prosperity, the Commissioner signs off on matters of providing stalls with forteign business, relations between stewards and businesses to provide stalls, and supporting merchant groups in Celia’nor, and outside. Working closely with stewards of Celia’nor, the mercantile branch works towards PR relations and public sanctions for business, including sourcing small businesses for events, financially supporting ‘in-need’ businesses through grants or tax-exemptions, for qualifying businesses. During times of war and duress, all businesses however are expected and or required to abide by wartime economy, meaning they are expected to help produce war materiel. However, these businesses are to be funded by the state to help with mass production, and supply the state with rapidly created goods for incentivized funding. Foreign businesses are to be treated on a case by case incentivization, with promoting tax cuts and investment on a merit based case, seeking for more allocation of public affairs funding seen for more active and merited businesses to be entrusted with government funding. Businesses are allowed to form ‘industrial’ guilds, meaning similar trades are allowed to formalize connecting unions and guilds to allow for inner business trade, centralization, or other affairs between businesses. Businesses in Celia’nor reserve these rights: Businesses reserve the right to turn away customers. Businesses reserve the right to ban certain customers, except for those of noble privilege. Businesses reserve the right to create guilds. Businesses reserve the right to establish their own pay rates. Businesses reserve the right to protect against thievery, or therefore unlawful seizure of property by non-government officials. Businesses reserve the right to own multiple properties, but are required to show proof of usage of them. Businesses reserve the right to copyright and identity preservation of naming in Celia’nor Foreign investment is non-taxable on a businesses’ earning outside his or her state owed tax. Businesses are provided with a public forum in Celia’nor to post jobs, business advertisements, and event notifications. Businesses in Celia’nor are held to these standards: Businesses are expected to submit proof of contract of workers under their employment if they are not compensating workers. Only the bank of Celia’nor may exist in Celia’nor. Property taxes must be upheld, and if unpaid without alerting the government after warning, will lose any boons of funding by the government or have their property seized if not paying taxes within a reasonable time. Government officials are allowed to investigate, and if need be, seize unlawful items found inside businesses. Committing criminal acts including but not limited to: Fraud, Tax evasion, Tax evasion through offshore accounting, or other criminalized acts. Businesses are to hold their own job posting, and responsible for their own hiring. *(HOW TO APPLY)* [Message the commissioner through Forum PM’s with your IGN, Discord ID, and what position or role you are interested in filling!]
  11. A Basic Guide To The Ancient Elven Language Re-organized and condensed to What’s commonly used in roleplay! Credits go to - @_mady07(compiler and elven screeching lady) as well as @Diogen (formatting, brain power and moral support) As well as all the linked post’s at the bottom for more detailed elven understanding. Fancy Intro! Explanation: PSA: This doesn't include a lot of the smaller meanings and such, its purpose is to help with some slang and understanding how to use things IRPly, Also to give an easier understanding for new players. I mean let's be honest when’s the last time we’ve seen elves talking in full on ancient elven other than to brag they can (I'm fully guilty of this o.o) Greetings and Goodbyes Karin’ayla: Hello, Good day (Formally used during the day time when the sun is out.) Ker’ayla: Good night, Good evening, (Formally used during the night time or sun’s setting) Van’ayla: Goodbye (Formally used to leave the roleplay or situation) Misc. Greeting and Goodbyes Hiylu'evar: Traditional greeting. Doubles as a blessing with the assumption that the receiver has been kept healthy in body and spirit. Hileia: Peace be with you Explanation: Races and species Elves: Mali: Elf, or Elven. Mali’ame: Wood Elf - Short version of this simply is - ‘ame Mali’ker: Dark Elf - Short version - ‘Ker Mali’aheral: High Elf - Short version - ‘aheral, or Mali’thill, or ‘thill Mali’fenn: Snow Elf - Short version - ‘Fenn Explanation: The rest: Bortu: Dwarves and their subraces all fall under the Bortu category Uruk: Orcs and most things under their species list this includes Ologs and such Mali’uruk: The half breed elven orc race, however little there is left. Tali’bortu: Halflings, no matter their subculture and race. Valah: Humans, in general, they’re referred to as Valah. Adunians: The adunian race is usually kept pretty simple however on occasion you’ll hear mali’valah which is a translation of elf human. Elven Family Terms Most commonly used: Haelun: Mother, this term is a more commonly taught and used one Maln: Father, this term is a more commonly taught and used one Mar’haelun: Grand Mother, this term is a more commonly taught and used one Mar’maln: Grand Father this term is a more commonly taught and used one Lari’onn: Sister, this term is a more commonly taught and used one Less commonly used: Mal’onn: Brother, this term is not as often used however this could depend on the family Marlari’onn: Aunt, or Auntie, this term is not as often used however this could depend on the family Marmal’onn: Uncle, this term is not as often used however this could depend on the family Malii’malonn: Nephew, this term is rarely used Malii’larionn: Niece, this term is rarely used Mal’maronn: Cousin (Male) this term is rarely used Lari’maronn: Cousin (Female) this term is rarely used Malii’lari: Daughter, this term is rarely used Malii’mal: Son, this term is rarely used Explanation: Typical Words Commonly known: Ti: Yes Ne: No Ahernan: Thank you Llun: Sorry Oem: One (Most other numbers are not used.) Ayla: Good Llir: Friend, Alternatively - Lliran: Friends Drui: Druid Mayilu: My love (Often used in a romantical way) Mayilun: Beloved Suika: Sugar (Used commonly in a wholesome manor as a pet name) Less commonly known: Nae: You Malin: The King of all elves Thill: Pure Lae: He Lari: Her Credit to: @Air For the following ones Kae and Heya Kae: I, me, my (depending on the context of the way its used ex: kae llir, being translated to my friend) Heya: What Words that should be used because they’re VERY cute Sew: SOUP! (literally! It's SOUP!) Marn: cave (Say it, you’ll sound like a gremlin) Igne: fire (Like, who isn't a little bit of an arsonist?) Beloun: Pig (Just like you. I'm kidding!) Laurier: A more elven pronunciation of Prince (Differentiates Humanity from the elven princedom’s) Link’s to the other elven language post’s LotC Wiki page for Ancient Elven LotC full and frequently updated language List of Elven sentences also used:
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  13. ✃♛✃Skin Auction.✃♛✃ ✃Information.✃ Collaboration with my husband Delta, find their auction here. [Updated] I take both mina and GBP bids, but money bids are prioritised. I have both Alex and Steve format skins with reference photos for each one. I'll gladly send them to people if asked. Make a new comment if you wish to change your bidding/outbid another. If you edit your original comment it will not count. soz x All biddings start at 100 mina or £5/$7 and can be increased by the minimum of 25 mina or £1/$1. e.g: 125 mina - £6/$8 150 mina - £7/$9 ♛Bidding Format.♛ Skin name: Bid: Discord: ✃Alex Skins.✃ Three From The Sea. Heart Of The Ocean. Harriet. Vidia. ♛Steve Skins.♛ Tilney. The Pirate Medallion. Pirelli's Miracle Elixir. ✃Auction Ends...✃ ... on March 31st, 2am BST. Bids will not be counted after my comment. ✃♛✃Thank You.✃♛✃
  14. This missive is distributed from the office of the Okarir’nor. SHINING SILVER 9th of The Amber Cold 69 S.A. I had spent a good portion of my early adulthood within the walls of Haelun’or. As an oem’ii who grew up on the roughness of the vast oceans, I was sorely under acknowledged in most spheres. Despite this, Haelun’or took me in and allowed me to flourish into a fine young citizen. From a scholar to a Tilruir to medic and back again, I served Haelun’or in any way I could - until I left. When returning from my decades long vacation, I was not greeted by the same Haelun’or that I had left, not the Haelun’or I knew. Instead, I was treated like a criminal, an outsider, by one Braxus Ni’leya - forced to choose between my Talonnii or citizenship, when all my talonnii has tried to do is aid the state to greatness. This is the same Braxus Ni’leya that preaches democracy, yet who rose to leadership without so much as a vote, the same Braxus Ni’leya that attempted mere weeks ago to do the same. How can you believe in democracy but call yourself Sohaer without a vote of the council? It is because he is a tyrant. I loathe the idea of picking sides, to further divide a nation already at odds. However, as I look out onto the marble streets decorated with its citizen’s blood, I can no longer stall. As Okarir’nor, it is my duty to regulate the land. Regulate the taxing, regulate the housing and its residents. But the land I hold so dearly to be is being destroyed. We are falling backwards, to damaging and dangerous traditions. This is not progress, this is digression. Our economy has been ruined under the Ni’leya reign - our diplomacy tarnished and its citizenry at neck constantly. I believe Ivarielle may save Haelun’or, and so, I must follow my gut instinct. Believe in me as I do you, the culture will be preserved, even if I must fight foot and tooth for it. With Braxus, Haelun’or will fall, but with Ivarielle, might it rise. And so, I give my official support to Ivarielle for Sohaership. Sincerely, Okarir’nor April Viradiraar - Valwynn MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  15. From the inception of our nation have we strived to the utmost excellence of the finer way of life, to be the brightest guides in our worlds, to show the way, to be an example for the rest of the world of Mali. Rejected have we done with the notions of Nationalism, from its evil inception amongst the echelons of the fringe--the lessers of our society who could not find their way to the world to see to guide it. The jingoistic impures who intend a struggle of eternal, pathetic notion of supremacy born out of their own unconfident stride as Mali’thill. They are beneath us. They--who seek so desperately to be something greater to excuse their own downtrodden beliefs, to commit to the values akin to Genocidal fanatics who would therein desire to make for the extinction of all other mali as a whole. I disavow them. I disavow our predecessors--those who burned and maimed and brutalized our own people--our kinsmen as their enemies beyond borders--for what--the dogma of purity? The belief they were--somehow, superior by existence. Purity--is earned, through your actions and in your words. Yet they--our serpentine lessers, would seek to undo our creations, of families, or security--for the bet of Mali’thill first. What sort of guidance to the world is that? What sort of teacher would that make for? They are pathetic--creatures of need who desire to be seen, heard, to want and desire, through threats and promises of ‘good’ times for the ‘Thill above all. They would seek to destroy this nation for the sentiment of what--the legacy of a dead Sohaer who died because he sought to make us enemies with the world? The Legacy of a dead man, dragged along the streets by his living counterpart like a parade float. Even now--the tricks of such a charlatan are exposed--claims of Democracy and desire to the old ways, preached by a tyrant proclaiming himself Sohaer. He would kill our nation before he would deem himself equal. The living blood of Braxus Ni’leya, is a parasite on the world. We shall not bend, nor fail to the old blood. I reject our insurgent lessers--those who would plunge this nation back into the depths of the fanatic jingoists. Who would bring back the torture, the murder, the violence, and the inevitable death of the nation the Okariran have sougt to fix. We will not go into the night quietly, we will not sit back and let these vermin claim ownership, we will not let them poison our children, our elders, our peers and neighbors. I say to them and I speak such as no threat, but a promise to our resolve. We will fight them. We will fight them today. We will fight them tomorrow. We will fight with growing confidence and resolve each day. We will fight to defend this island from the overtaking by radicals, regardless the cost. We will fight in the ports, hills, seas and streets. We will fight and never bend. We will fight not because it is easy, but expressly because it is hard. Never give in, and never surrender. Haelun’or will shine in the light of the rising sun once more, not under the banner of warmongers and criminals, but under the stay of Mali. Signed under the office of the Okarir'san A'eollaja Ello'janna Valwynn
  16. To fill a vacancy An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from elHeial’thilln 19th of The First Seed, Year 68 of the Second Age “Rise - rise - rise… Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya will unleash our full potential.” Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar BLESSED MALI’THILL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR As the council voted for Ayliana Valwynn to take the burden of elSohaer - which she graciously accepted - it leaves a vacancy within the blessed silver council of Haelun’or. In order for us to progress, elHeial’thilln must function to its full extent. Thus, it is our pleasure to announce the seat of Okarir’mali open for nominations. elOkarir’mali shall be in charge of all peace time leisure of Haelun’or and to ensure that the silver elves are kept entertained. It is also within the duties of elOkarir’mali to run the silver tavern. We call you, mali ito thill to ascend – ascend to progress the blessed state of children of Larihei. All Mali’thill citizens of Haelun'or are eligible to nominate themselves and as the council has promised, democracy shall prevail; this means once the elections start, all Mali’thill citizens of Haelun’or may participate and cast their vote. We look forward seeing your nominations and urge all those interested to participate. Signed, Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn On behalf of elHeial'thilln, Okarir'akaln Usamea An'asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  17. A letter of resignation An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from from elOkarn Akaln'leh 22nd of The Amber Cold, Year 68 of the Second Age "Heed to my words my brothers and sisters of silver, as our very nation is now threatened from within." An anonymous elf BLESSED MALI’THILL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR None of us are perfect – we are all subject to failure however it is our duty to learn from those mistakes. Some time ago, I called upon a vote to install Ms Ayliana Valwynn as Sohaer and such was met with a unanimous approval. A unanimous ask for change within the Silver State of Haelun’or. I had hopes and I had dreams, a proper change to turn our silver society into a fully working democracy, and such still is a dream I long for. While I do think peace and dialogue is the answer, I ne approve of installing a tyrant who hoped nothing but destruction for our blessed silver council. We are not a Monarchy and the Silver Council is not for anyone to change without the approval of the rest of the council. Thus, effective immediately, I, Usamea An’asul offer the Silver State of Haelun’or my resignation from the position of Okarir’akaln. I wish the state all the best, however I can not support anyone who seeks to install a tyrant into positions of leadership without a democratic vote. It seems democracy is never the answer for those who are blinded by power. Signed, Laurir Usamea An'asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  18. A HIGH ELVEN GUIDE OF HIGH ELVEN KNOWINGS: II So, you want to play a high elf. But you have never played a pointy eared white person before, so you have a whole list of questions. What language do they speak? What should my skin look like? What is the culture like? Within this guide, you will see a scarce outline of the average updated Haelunorian high elf, so you too can fashion yourself a high elf and bring yourself to the great Silver City. PART I: THE BASICS Where do they live? Within this map, the main group of high elves, often referred to as mali’aheral, is situated within the lonely city of Karinah’siol, Haelun’or, located right off of the east hub. Although isolated from the rest of the map, it is not hard to find one’s way, as the ferry to the nation is just one step off the port. Of course, those who wish to leave within other nations do so. What Language Do They speak? Like most of the elven sub-races, high elves speak common, or english with a touch of elven sprinkled within. While speaking the whole language is usually reserved for special events, high elven players will often have a small knowledge of elven during their character’s basic vocabulary. Hello / Good day: Karin’ayla Goodbye: Van’ayla Good evening/ good night : Ker’ayla Yes: Ti No: ne Sorry: llun Thank you: Ahern ito nae’leh Thanks: Ahernan Human: Valah Elf: Mali’ Pure Elf: Mali’thill Dwarf: Bortu Orc: Uruk Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya: Progress and health Similarly but not so, elves also tell time differently than human nations do. While most human nations go by the regular time dating system (1800, 1820), elves, and high elves use the second age calendar. Refer to the in-game command /date to see the date. What Should I Make My Skin Look like? A lot of high elven players make their skin have skin usually on the paler side, although exceptions could be made with the right backstory. Hair usually ranges from a pearly white, silver, blonde, caramel, to even red hair, and eyes usually light hues such as blue, grey, green, even purple. It should be noted that pale high elves with darker colored hair might be accused of being mixed race. Fashion is usually light and flow-y, but can range between events and casual day to day life with some who opt for full armor all the time.. Currently, female high elves wear berets and headbands. Long pointy ears are common! Elves can have beards but it is extremely uncommon. PART II: CULTURE Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya The main driving culture behind Haelun’or revolves around the phrase Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. But what is it? What does it mean? and what does it have to do with Haelun’or? Why do high elves say it every five seconds? This phrase roughly translates into “The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom” , or more commonly, “progress and health”. Progress (Maehr’sae): Progress refers to the overall development of wisdom the Mali’aheral uphold as their ideal. A fulfilled life should be one filled with knowledge, arts and science. A Haelunorian high elf should strive to be masterful at at least one subject, if not multifaceted. This is typically where arrogance can stray from, as High Elves have a belief that they are overall of higher intelligence than the other races because of this incentive to advance and succeed. Health (Hiylun): The health part of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya is twofold. High elves hold a strong care for their own, and ensure that every one of their kin within their walls can live with proper dignity, with a house, proper clothing, education, food, healthcare, ect. They typically live away from others and even go as far to mali’aheral and other races within their residency neighborhoods to ensure this. The second part goes in line with purity culture, and keeping the mind and body pure. But what is purity exactly? Purity Culture "Purity" within the culture is defined by how closely a high elf follows the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, and is arguably split into two forms -mental, and physical purity. Physical purity pertains to the "health (Hiylun)" of the mali'aheral in question. A bloodline untainted by non-high elven influences is essential for any high elf within the city. Great respect is afforded to those with records of their pure lineage dating back the farthest. Physical purity can be foremost sundered by affairs and activities with non-mali’aheral. Depending on the severity, this can lead to imprisonment, banishment, death, or (for the luckier ones) social ostracisation . And although all high elves have different fashion, most are somewhat modest and cover up during day to day activities. However, it should be noted that invasive jewelry and tattoos are very taboo. Mental purity pertains to a high elf's self-discipline, as well as their personal demeanor. Mali’aheral that exhibit good form of mental purity are often calm and calculated, not letting their emotions get the best of them. This is not to say that they do not have emotions, but they don’t let it cloud their thoughts. High Elves who live outside of the silver city are also considered mentally impure, as they do not share the desires to heighten their kin. Simiarly, Pure high elves that live outside the city and do not follow the philosophy would be considered mentally impure. One can be physically pure, but not mentally, but not vice versa. PART III: CUSTOMS Fashion Fashion was lightly discussed in an earlier segment- but here we go into depth about it! First, it should be mentioned that there is nothing wrong with a little bit of shoulder! Even a shoulderless dress can be made very classy. One way a ‘thill likes to express themself is through the way that they dress, and the current most common way to dress is a modernized chique! Things such as hats, headbands, dainty clip-on earrings, fine pieces of jewelry, and sashes are all very in right now! Colors that ‘thill often wear are all ranges of blue, gray, purples, gold (made with the exception that it was not gifted to you, more in depth later), some greens and even pinks! Women usually wear skirts with a small heel and a nice blouse, adorned with cute bags and bobbles. Men usually wear something with drapes, and many have taken a liking to toga-esque fashion, which is completely acceptable as long as the toga does not reveal too much! Even headdresses are making a comeback! Courting Courting in Haelun’or is much different from what one would see in the valah communities or even other mali’ nations. Usually, relationships between ‘aheral are kept rather private, and public displays of affection are kept to a minimum. Do not let this confuse you- as the ‘thill are still very loving and affectionate! Oftentimes, one may first reveal their feelings in the form of poetry, gifts, events held in the honor of the one they fancy, the list can go on. Here in the Silver City, we do prefer to keep things more old fashioned. Gold The legacy behind gold in Haelun’or is a long and winding one. Culturally, giving one gold is like handing out an insult - as if insulting their purity. This stems from the Mali language, where Gold, or Acal, also has a secondary meaning - cursed. Religion ‘Thill do not have a religion. A common misconception about ‘thill is that they worship Larihei. This is simply not true. Larihei was a pure woman, who is regarded highly, but is not worshiped. Many ‘thill have conflicting feelings about religion as a whole - with many simply being agnostic or atheist, it is a wonderful idea to spark up a conversation about it! PART IV: EXTRA There are so many parts of Haelunorian high elf culture that have been formatted into smaller posts. Below, I have provided a set of links that one might find helpful or interesting when playing a high elf. LANGUAGE: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/200447-a-short-composition-of-elven-phrases/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/78799-elven-sentences/https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/19254-recovering-the-ancient-tongue-of-the-elves/ TIME: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Help:Times_%26_Dates#Almaris REFERENCE POST: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97527-the-ultimate-high-elven-guide-of-high-elven-knowings/ CREDITS: @Mithradites - who I ultimately modeled this post after @TwistChunky - for writing the part III @Kiiwi and @Gemini - editing
  19. {Art by atomhawk} To be or not to be An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from elHeial’thilln 20th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 68 of the Second Age “You hallowed harbingers of harmony, offer me your sword as Larihei offered us her guidance…” Malaurir Iaria Elervathar BLESSED MALI’THILL OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR We as a nation have suffered from one dictatorship to another, our nation falling prey to power-hungry megalomaniacs who are blinded by Iblees, who see not their subjects, but only their own lust for power. They act selfishly. They declare constitutions without the procedure of democracy, have the legislative body of Haelun’or vote on matters. They linger everywhere, attempting to turn our democratic republic into an authoritarian tyranny. As of 6th of Snow’s Maiden elHeial’thilln gathered to discuss the Elervathar Constitution that was published without the approval of Okariran ito elHeial'thilln. We deliberated and voted, voted to declare such illegal as we should have done far before the publication of this document. “Shall the Elervathar Constitution be declared illegal and thus not binding?” Usamea An’asul would call upon a vote, by the raise of hands the council voted. Okarir’mali Ayliana Valwynn - Aye Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn - Aye Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul - Aye Okarir’tayna Seth Calith - Aye Elesia Elervathar - Absent The Elervathar constitution shall be declared null and void. “I call upon another matter we shall vote on, to install Okarir’mali Ayliana Valwynn as Sohaer” Asked Lady An’asul, and once again the council voted by the raise of hands. Okarir’mali Ayliana Valwynn - Aye Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn - Aye Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul - Aye Okarir’tayna Seth Calith - Aye Elesia Elervathar - Absent By the authority granted to elHeial’thilln by sacred tradition, Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn shall lead the government into prosperity, and democracy shall prevail. We urge you, citizens of Haelun’or– we will return to our roots and once more Haelun’or shall be called a Democratic Republic. It is also the pleasure of elHeial’thill to announce the results of the Okariran debate! We wish to offer our gratitude towards each candidate, however only one may take upon themselves the burdens of elOkarir. The motherland never rests, and competent tilruiran will also be needed. Okarir’maehr Tiuthwyn Visaj Okarir’san A’eollaja Valwynn Okarir’nor April Valwynn Okarir’hiylun Kolvar Valwynn Welcome to elHeial’thilln Okariran, may your tenure be fruitful! Signed, Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn Okarir’tayna Seth Calith AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  20. A PACT OF NON AGGRESSION Unclassified and public disclosure Parties: The Silver State of Haelun’or; The Kingdom of Urguan Signed under the Office of Okarir’san: A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn NON-AGGRESSION PACT During exchange of Sohaer Ayliana Valwynn, Okarir’tir Iphys Valwynn, and Okarir’san A’eollaja Valwynn; Grand-King Bakir Ireheart and his council chamber, during the 12th of Malin’s welcome, year 68 of the second age, was discussed terms as following, Terms of Agreement) Article One: The Kingdom of Urguan and Haelun’or agree to an immediate pact of non-aggression, meaning until this document has been made null by one party of this pact, both kingdoms sign to a continuous end to any hostilities and or claims of territory, violence, and war between both sovereign nations for a total of 10 stone weeks. Article Two: Both parties will recognize the sovereignty of each other's nation under the stewardship of its current governing body, regardless of leader, for the foreseeable future, unless the governing body is radically changed. Article Three: The Nation of Haelun’or will recognize the sovereignty of the position of Grand King. Article Four: The Kingdom of Urguan will recognize the sovereignty of the position of Sohaer. Article Five: Under stewardship of the Okarir’san and Urguan appointed official, Both nations will establish a permanent office of an embassy for diplomatic relations between both nations, governed by the government assigned official of either respective nations. Article Six: This document will be declared null and void on the terms of either nation committing hostile actions and or violence towards citizens on sovereign soil, or if not renewed within 10 stone weeks. Article Seven: Haelun’or will recognize all claims of the Dwed Peninsula from East-Fleet, including Ando’alur, to the western coastline of Dwed. Signature of Official Parties: Sighned, Sohaer, Ayliana Valwynn Grand King of Urguan, and Bane of Orcs, Bakir Ireheart ---For documentation purposes--- Officialized by: Okarir’San, A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn
  21. {Art by M-Wojtala} To debate, tradition and silver An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from the office of the Maheral 3rd of The First Seed, Year 67 of the Second Age If there were to be a choice, I would say remove power from the council. Do not let them have any more. It is simply too dangerous, and a repeat of what occurred under that Sohaer may lead to our race's utter extermination. We all know there are barbarians who would be glad to see it done. - Malaurir Lucion Sullas BLESSED CITIZENRY OF THE SILVER STATE OF HAELUN’OR, Our blessed bastion is as strong as it weakest link, thus progress must always be safeguarded. As we have many times before, the time has come to choose which citizens we wish to be responsible for directing the future of our people. The labors they face will be great, and they will not prevail without a true will to further Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. All those that have nominated themselves for the seats of Okariran shall debate, show the citizens why they are worthy of such a seat. These debates may include topics relating to the duties of a certain Okarir to the current political climate of Haelun’or to Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Good luck Mali’thill, may the odds be ever in your favor. The vacant position alongside their respected candidates are as follows: Okarir’maehr Leithedir An'asul & Elarhil Sullas & Tiuthwyn Visaj Okarir’san A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn & Arasdir Miravaris Okarir’nor Pamphilos Hyptos & April Valwynn Okarir’hiylun Kolvar Trafina-Valwynn & Rune of Ahad Signed, Maheral Elesia Elervathar On behalf of elHeial’thilln, Laurir Usamea An’asul AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [!] As the missive was posted, the Laurir would speak the contents of the missive within the citadel, filled with Mali and lessers alike. Candidates seemed to be busy with going through their notes, socializing among the citizens. “First, we begin the debate between the Okarir’maehr candidates. I advise the citizens to remain quiet and send all question to me on a paper via the courier that stands by the entrance.” Usamea would speak, inviting the candidates to the dais.
  22. {Winter Caravan by Aleksandra Medvedenko} On domestic and international trade An announcement from elOkarn akaln’leh As issued by Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul 21st of Malin’s Welcome, Year 66 of the Second Age “Our Bastion’s wealth and security depend upon our ability to control and regulate trade, even if that means at the expense of our lesser associates.” - Silir Uradir Haelun’or has been known throughout Her history as the isolated state - from the time of the creation to present day - among the continents we have resided in. Such has been an asset for Haelun’or as we remain self-sufficient, we are not dependent on any foreign nation when it comes to exports and imports. Haelun’or has bloomed from the era of Malaurir Dio Astore to the era of Malaurir Elesia Elervathar. To remain progressive it is important to understand the value of external trading, the value of good diplomatic relations between Haelun’or and foreign nations, however not with the expense of ourselves. We must remain vigilant, yet open. I am thus bringing back something created by a former Okarir’san Silir Uradir - the seal of Elemyumiran. This seal will be granted on application basis to merchants that function within the Silver State. We will uphold and protect the rights of our government-approved merchants, who’s caravans will be sealed with the official mark of our Republic in order to ensure safe passage through the borders of the Most Favored allies. We require all trades associated with our nation to be conducted via these marked and traveling repositories. It is by this method that I ask the citizenry to consider supporting the introduction of enumerated goods. When a mali’thill merchant purchases goods to redistribute with a raised price (as is wise and just), or creates goods to sell, they will be required to filter certain textiles and items of interest back through the Motherland to receive the necessary tariffs. Any Silver Merchant would understand that it is their blessed duty to first provide for our Society, not just themselves. Any profit they make, some will go to our capital city (which, due to its elegance and continuation of our kind, is always in need of funds). During times of conflict it is important we remain open to dialogue and diplomacy, the usage of swords and spilling of blood is but actions of the uncivilized. One must always seek diplomatic resolution to conflicts, even when the swords have already been raised. On this note, I am letting the representatives of the Dual Principalities of Fenn and Nor’asath, the Crown of Elvenesse and the Ebonwood Principatus know that Haelun’or still remains open to dialogue and diplomacy– violence should never be the answer. However for now, all trade between Haelun’or and the aforementioned settlements shall be ceased until further notice. We implore the nations to reach a diplomatic resolution. Signed, Okarir'akaln Usamea An’asul AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  23. A leather-bound tome lies unattended. The pages are stark and clean, suggesting a recent publishing, or attempts at preservation. You pick it up, curious at the title- what are Long Pigs? The answer is likely not what you hoped. To Cook a Longpig Authored by Barbog, Grubgoth of the Iron’Uzg Translated by the Orcish Cultural Revival And Purity project (OCRAP) For too long, brothers and sisters of the Uruk-hai have been left in the dark by the master butchers and Grubgoths of Uruk society. Perhaps these were never meant to be left secret, or forgotten by the masses, but as times and traditions change, so too has our knowledge of the past. Whilst many brothers may still seek out and butcher the longpig like in days past, there is a distinct lack of etiquette about it, and the dishes prepared (if they can even be called such) featuring longpig are woefully inadequate at best, and a slap in the face of Glutros at worst. I shall do my part in redeeming my misguided brothers, sisters, and any who fancy a decent meal of the most coveted meat. TO BUTCHER A LONGPIG As we all know, there are many types of longpig in the world. From the gamey, lean cutlets of the Mali, to the chewy gristle notable in Dweddish meat. Each variety of longpig brings unique textures and exotic tastes to any dish, but all maintain similar anatomy- and thus, similar cuts. Below is a detailed sketch, drafted by a close friend and confidant- whom I paid in meals, of course! The following parts have been carefully labelled and separated on the drawing; Head, ears, jowl, snout, neck, blades, shoulders, hock, back-fat, arms, hands, ribs, flank, belly, loin, rump, lower hock, leg, shank, and feet. Please take careful note of abnormal, non-descendent races. As one might expect, the belching Wonk or the limber Hou-Zi will undoubtedly be cut differently, as their anatomy grows further from traditional longpig cuts. The Musin shan’t be more than a snack. TO MAKE A MEAL OF LONGPIG Whilst cooking the meat itself is none too dissimilar from a hock of lamb or pig belly, one must be careful when selecting your sides! Longpig has a very distinct tone, and, due to its exotic nature, should not be wasted on unfitting dishes. My personal recommendations are as follows: HUMAN - As time-tested-and-true as beef or pig itself. While certainly a cut above livestock, if not just for the hunt involved in procuring this meat, I personally feel that you have better options. Truly, Longpig is meant to be a rare delicacy, and the abundance of humans leave this rather paradoxical- and the tastes and textures themselves are certainly nothing to write home about. If you were to create a barbaric or uncultured dish, then human meat suits perfectly. Burgers and bacon, perhaps, but leave serving longpig before a king to the Mali or Kha. ELF - As much as they may protest when alive, when you get down to the fundamentals- the flesh itself- they’re really all quite similar. Indeed, the tender, gamey, supple meat of the Mali are among my favorite dishes. I cannot speak highly enough of the feasts I have turned the odd botanist or researcher into. Perhaps it is their natural femininity, or their inclination to bookish things, but elves have an unrivaled, juicy tenderness. The finest of red wines, and the most expensive, outlandish sides could never be enough to compete with the meat itself- but perhaps they may make it better by comparison. DWARF - As the stout, tough race toils hard in their mines and are born with muscles taut as stone, so too is this reflected in their meat. If you wish to cook evenly and deeply with this longpig (or shall we call them shortpig?) , then a good tenderizer and elbow grease is required. I can assure you, though, that they make a most excellent brisket if you do, and there is no better iteration of pulled longpig meat, than that painstakingly torn from the Dwed. HALFLING - While it wounds me as a friend of the Weefolk to have to record an entry that may be mistaken as encouraging their slaughter, I only do so in the highest regard as an objective chef. They are, as one may expect, quite similar to the flesh of the human that some allege they originate from. They have more ‘earthy’ notes to them, which some have suggested come from the divergence of ancestry. This pairs well with heady beers and hard liquors. Should you come across the meat of the half-men, I can only suggest one thing; avoid the feet. They are tough, covered in calluses many, many layers deep, and unlike shucking a clam, does not reward you with good grub. WONK - Their anatomy is, quite simply, repulsive to most casual consumers. Even the meat itself is slick and slimy, and the only cure is to char it into a brick- a cardinal sin that no true cook should ever commit. You have two options when it comes to the Wonk as longpig. You may either attempt to recreate certain seafood dishes with Wonk meat, leveraging that sliminess as one might the slippery raw squid, or slick watery vegetables. This, in my opinion, is the best choice for most of the Wonk’s body… except for their hock, leg, and shank. These are fatty and have a texture somewhere between soft fish and poultry. Best when sauteed and stewed! Fun fact: Wonk legs do not stiffen up as fast as most animals upon their demise, and may even twitch when heated up in cooking! HOU-ZI - An odd choice- and I say that proceeding the Wonk! Whilst there are similarities between the Hou-Zi, and races such as halflings and humans, they are an entirely different beast- No offense to Hou-Zi intended! Truly, they ought not be hunted for their meat, as it is rather bland and chewy in the most unpalatable way. Instead, the true delicacy of the Hou-Zi is in the mind… And I say that in the most physical sense. Chilled Hou-Zi brains. Do not question it, merely enjoy it. KHA - Whilst Kha are very few and far between these days, I would argue that only makes the already-exotic taste of the meat feel only that much more so! Truly, in days where Kha would roam our borders in droves, were days where the Ilzgûl blessed our civilizations. There is something so… utterly indescribably, in the juices of Kha meat. I cannot stress this enough- this meat NEEDS to be served rare, if not raw. Any dangers of undercooked meat are well worth the suffering when beer-basted Kha precedes it. MUSIN - Musin themselves have little meat, and are best served as a side of their own. However, should you find yourself with many little mouse-meals, you may find that they are best incorporated as half-dish. Meals such as a mushroom-and-musin kebab, or a chunky stew, would be a wonderful use for these little snacks. SEZZIKBEKK - While their bodies are quite unappealing at first glance, they hold much meat in their more ‘avian’ parts- the thighs, breast, and (on some specimens with less-twisted appendages), wing-meat. Whilst these may be used as a replacement for more common fowl, such as chicken or partridge, they truly shine when deep-fried. Indeed, while I find few things more delicious in this world than Krugtucky Fried Chicken, I have found their equal in Fried Sezzikbekk. TO PLATE A LONGPIG This will, of course, vary by the meat itself, and how you cook it. Humans, halflings, dwarves, and the like will be suitable as plain affairs- one would not be remiss to see human sliders on a plain ceramic tray, and for good reason. For more ‘exotic’ meats, then rest assured, I recommend firmly to play this up in their presentation. Sauteed wonk with a smooth Teriyaki sauce, Musin kebabs wrapped in palm leaves with carefully-threaded skewers connecting the cutlets, and Deep-Fried Sezzibekk stacked like a tower, with garlic powder and shredded kaktuz sprinkled from high above. All of these are presentations I have seen with my own eyes, and they never cease to entertain and enthrall even the most well-fed of critics. Go with your intuition here, but I must repeat from earlier; do not waste your longpig. The taking of a life is much more special here- a cow or chicken are penned and dumb, and the act of bringing one to your table is of absolutely no note. The battle that wins you a prime dish-to-be of longpig, however, means that the meat itself deserves a higher level of respect. Perhaps you may attempt to recreate aspects of that very battle in your plating, but at the very least it makes an entertaining story to share. AFTERWORD Whilst my advocacy for the consumption and proper preparation of longpig cannot be understated, I do not intend for this book to inspire my brothers and sisters to become butchers for the sake of sport. It is the very act of a well-fought battle that makes the meat taste that much more succulent, the comedy of serving a belly cut deep by your friend’s arrow, that is to truly ‘make the meal’. To turn them into common chattel is right-out. Livestock has grown complacent, boring, and dare I say, a turn-off to many chefs. Respect the intent behind serving longpig, by not abusing the source the Ilzgûl have so generously provided. They are the sustenance after a battle, not some simpering beast to be penned and bred for grub alone. But, above all else; Cook well, my friends. -Barbog
  24. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchment was delivered to elSillumiran ito Haelun'or. The missive would also be pinned upon the notice board of Haelun'or. {War by Svadren} For the Motherland, for the bravest of 'thill An announcement to the Silver State of Haelun'or As enacted by Okarir'akaln Usamea An'asul, endorsed by elOkarir'tir 10th of Malin's Welcome, Year 61 of the Second Age The Weeping Blades, elSillumiran ito Heaelun'or, the mighty protectors of the Motherland hold a duty many of us would never dare. They sacrifice themselves for the Motherland and Her citizens. They ensure that our bastion remains secure, they fight in the front lines so us civilians may enjoy our peace time leisure - well, in peace. If it was not for these mighty soldiers, we would be nothing but ash on the ground our mighty walls stand upon. In the light of this, after much deliberation and consideration it is within my pleasure to announce the following: All members of elSillumiran shall enjoy a lower tax of a set price of oem (1) Ibar for their accommodation. The Sillumiran may choose to live in a house within the price range of 2-4 Ibar and pay only 1 Ibar each year. These prices however require full-time participating in all Sillumiran related. The tax reduction will only be applicable to Sillumiran living on their own or within shared lodging consisting only of Sillumiran. The citizenship census must be filled by all Sillumiran who wish to have their taxes decreased. The Okarir'akaln within their discretion may amend this decision. This change will come in effect on the 1st of the Amber Cold, Year 62 of The Second age. Signed, Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul Okarir'tir Sillumir Sixty-One "We rise and fall as one mali... ...one nation" AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  25. [!] A beautifully decorated missive inked upon silver parchment was sent to every household within Karinah’siol, it would also be pinned upon the notice board of Haelun’or. {The Ice Kingdom by Caiji Lin} Citizenship in Karinah'siol An announcement to the Silver State of Haelun'or As enacted by Okarir'akaln Usamea An'asul, guided by elHeial'thilln 6th of Sun's Smile, Year 60 of the Second Age In the light of recent shortcomings, errors made as well as enemies infiltrating our society. On behalf of elheial’thilln - in the absence of elokarir’mali - I have been granted temporary authority to redefine the requisite measures that must be taken in order to obtain citizenship in the Blessed Bastion of Karinah’siol - the effulgent gemstone of the Silver State of Haelun’or. Our city has recently been plagued by our enemies as well as an influx of liberals, thus I feel the necessity to reintroduce tiered citizenship. All levels of citizenships status require an address in the city of Karinah’siol, except for Malauriran. The definitions of the tiers can be found below, along with a citizenship application. Every resident within elcihi must fill out said application prior to residence permit - otherwise they shall be assumed dead, or missing, and will face swift eviction. Signed on behalf of elheial’thilln, Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul Blessed Citizens I. All Blessed citizens shall be granted standing to both challenge for a position on the Silver Council, and vote in elections. II. All Blessed citizens shall be granted a prompt and lawful trial by three Parir’tiran. III. All Blessed citizens shall be granted medical services, housing and protection to further hiylun. IV. All Blessed Citizens shall be enabled to study in the Eternal College and, upon request, a laboratory to further maehr’sae. V. All Blessed citizens shall be permitted to bring grievances to elHeial’thilln. VI. The status of a Blessed citizen is granted to all Mali’thill within the discretion of elHeial’thilln. VII. Only Mali’thill may be granted the status of a Blessed citizen VIII. Elheial’thilln with the approval of the Maheral may grant someone the status of Blessed Citizen. IX. All Malauriran are considered Blessed Citizens and the status can only be revoked by the vote of elHeial’malauriran. X. Vacating the sovereign lands of Haelun’or for more than five (5) executive years will result in the citizenship revoked. First Class Citizens I. All First Class citizens shall be granted a prompt and lawful trial by three Parir’tiran. II. All First Class citizens shall be granted medical aid, housing and protection to further hiylun. III. All First Class Citizens shall be enabled to study in the Eternal College and, upon request, a laboratory to further maehr’sae. IV. All First Class citizens shall be permitted to bring grievances to Elheial’thilln. V. All Mali’aheral residents of Haelun’or are granted First Class citizenship. VI. Non-mali’aheral may hold the status of First Class Citizen. VII. Elokarir’mali may within their discretion promote or demote citizens between second and first class. VIII. Vacating the sovereign lands of Haelun’or for more than five (5) executive years will result in the citizenship revoked. Second Class Citizens I. All Second Class citizens shall be granted trial by three Parir’tiran. II. All Second Class citizens shall be granted lodging, medical services and protection. III. All non-mali’aheral residents of Haelun’or are granted Second Class citizenship within the discretion of elOkarir’mali. IV. Mali’aheral may not be demoted to Second Class citizenship, unless incarcerated. V. Impures of any kind may not hold citizenship within the sovereign lands of the Most Blessed Haelun’or. VI. Vacating the sovereign lands of Haelun’or for more than five (5) executive years will result in the citizenship revoked. "We rise and fall as one mali... ...one nation" AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ELESIA ELERVATHAR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [!] Pinned to the bottom was a document, an application waiting eagerly to be filled out - very important
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