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  1. Her Last Feather PK of Marcella Avern-Barclay Born in 1688, Marcella Baruch was the daughter of Richard Baruch and an unnamed woman from Curon. Her father was a known necromancer in his past and the woman was unknown but to a select few. However, under the custody of her father, he aimed to improve upon his ways and took up an alchemist stand within the city of Sutica. When Marcella was just shy of one her father was arrested and executed for his past crimes, abandoning her in the basement of Richard’s shop. Her adoptive brother Hiren had found her some time later an
  2. Gemini

    An ancient letter

    [!] Dust seems to decorate the ancient parchment. The corners of the paper have but crumbled. It is clear this letter is old, at least a couple centuries, perhaps even more. To the beloved daughter, It was a beautiful day. Choirs consisting of different birds, all singing in tune. The sun and the moon facing each other, how magical it felt. It was right then when Gwynaeth took a look at me, her face filling with joy as you were delivered into this world. Nuala, we decided to call you. For the never ending respect for
  3. OOC: This Tome is a collection of poetry written by Silas Astasel, located with an irp book. Often, these entries will involve some background as he writes it, which onlookers/those reasonably around may emote in response to within this post. If you wish to do this, simply begin a reply, select the entry and hit "quote selection," then add your response emote. Direct confrontation between characters should be avoided most times, as to not metagame or make the post a confusing web. This being said, the contents written within this tome are located behind closed pages, an
  4. It would be yet another delightfully cold and snowy day in the northern region of Almaris. As a certain Mali'fenn sat in her home in Norland, she would begin writing a missive. It would read as followed: The Mali'fenn of the once great Princedom of Fenn, It has been some time since I have spoken to some if not all of you. Firstly I would like to ask for forgiveness for not being present in the political affairs of our people. I cant help but feel some amount of guilt for not being the leader I vowed to be when I became the Grand Princess of the Princedom of Fenn. I
  5. The Arvellon Seed Watchers in the Autumn Woods _________________________________________ “From our trees of red, gold, and orange do we watch.” The Autumnal Lore _________________________________________ The Arvellon Seed is one of the smaller and lesser known tribes amongst the first migration of Mali’ame. Whilst others adorned themselves in unique and colorful markings and apparel, the Wood Elves of the Arvellon were only identifiable by their shared physical traits and their name. Yet even this left them confused with the seedless brothers and s
  6. A note is slotted into the loose bark of a tree beside Silas’ tent in New Esbec. It isn’t nailed, as to not harm the tree, but instead loosely flapping it’s corner in the wind. It is sealed with a silver wax stamp, depicting a falcon upon a branch. Upon opening, in cherry-red ink and Silas’ flourished, ornate handwriting, it reads: "Hunters. Friends. Family. I come to you in some of the most troubling hours of my life. You see, in the face of false authority and undue peerage from sources not our own, I have decided to resign my post as Leutnant and Alderman of Esbec. I wish n
  7. The Sentinels of Elvenesse. In it’s reformation the elves of Almenor and the woodland realm join forces. Their purpose, to maintain a level of peace and prosperity for the homeland of Elvenesse. As the two cultures joined into one city, so too did the elven warriors of each land. A new golden age, men and women of Elvenesse prepared to maintain peace and justice by any means necessary. These Sentinels of the elven realm duly sworn by oath, to maintain tranquility in this new age. An oath crafted in brotherhood against the invading Inferi, to be sworn before the oathta
  8. INDOR TIRAN Established. 2nd of Sun's Smile, 00 SA INDEX BILL OF RIGHTS Universal Rights Domestic Rights CRIMINAL LAW Article I: Crimes Against the Person Article II: Crimes Against Property Article III: Crimes Against Morality Article IV: Crimes Against Justice Article V: Crimes Against the Crown Article VI: Crimes Against the Faith Article VII: Magic & the Supernatural CIVIL LAW Article I: Identification Article II: Contracts & Labour Article III: Domestic Relations JUDICIA
  9. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They ha
  10. Decree of Banishment Seed. 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1794 ~ Overview ~ Until subsequent review, with reprieve and exemptions only to be granted under the authority of the Crown and government, the following parties are hereby banished from the Princedom of Elvenesse and all the lands encompassed within its dominion: The Clan of Ireheart The Hanged Men Those found to be in contempt of this ruling are to submit themselves to escort and removal from the land encompassing the Princedom of Elvenesse. Refusal to do so shall b
  11. (Colorized, a soldier of Elvenesse standing against the demon Sultan M’ag’nus C’arne. Circa 1792.) [!]A letter finds it’s way throughout the land of Arcas. For anyone who cared to read. Operation Red Dawn. The 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 1792. From the office of the Prince of Elvenesse Feanor Sylvaeri. “Let it be known now, the demonic “Sultan” known as M’ag’nus C’arne was slain in combat by soldiers of Elvenesse. Led by the Sea Prince Feanor Sylvaeri himself, M’ag’nus was caught hiding within an abandoned forge near the borders of Elvenesse. To w
  12. A package for the Dominus. 13th of The Amber’s Cold, 1789. “You are hereby deemed guilty, for the crimes of interbreeding, treason, and contempt against the Crown of Elvenesse.” - Olorin Telemnar. And thus, the judgment of the Mali’ame Casca Terin was given. For the betrayal of her kin, she was cast out. Branded as a betrayer, and maimed to remove any semblance of her original race. Guardsmen took their turns, handing down the punishment given. Until what was left was nothing more than a disgraced humanoid. “We will not take pride in thi
  13. Frozen Ash. A grandiose archway, now merely a window into the cataclysm of his once beloved home. Aesilnoth had stopped short of the arch, his mind drew a blank. He could only attempt to comprehend what his one eye could see. Where once the capital Tahu’lareh stood, a fortress atop the mountain, was now reduced to an abyssal pit of fire and ash. Yet even then, he was compelled to move forward. Clambering his way up the decimated mountain side, his lungs burned as frigid air became mixed with ash and smoke. What could have done this? His thoughts seemed to race through his mind at a
  14. THE RESURGENCE OF PROGRESS Issued 8th of the Deep Cold, 1771. A new entrance has appeared by the Acid Pit Observatory... The newly appointed Okarir'tayna calls within the square for attention, as he gestures toward the gazebo on the other side of the fountain. The entrance to the Acid Pit Observatory, the stairwell that had been barred by a gate and a glass wall for months, was now decorated with cyan ribbons. Silvos called out for those present to follow him down, leading the way side by side with Sohaer Miravaris. U
  15. SUNDERED ELVES I. Origin + History [Sorry can’t make this two separate sections you’ll see why] Ancient History | The First Phase [This is the same as the past lore.] Part I: The Experiment The tale of the Mali’fenn begins with the schismatic war of the ancient Elcihi’thilln of the High Elves, or the Silver City. The untouched visage of the would-be ruler of the Mali'aheral, Lomal, after the inferno died around him during his trial by fire had stunned the many Mali’thilln of the Silver Hall, among them a young researcher named
  16. || IN THE PRESENCE OF SPECTRES || ”Lo’ return the age of Lutaumen, conduits to Kor. Purge of the remnants to the Soul Stream, that shall be the law.” EAR HERE, LO’ DESCENDANTS AND BRETHREN IN ARMS, AND LET IT BE KNOWN GHOSTLY APPARITIONS OF ALL ILK, AND DIFFERING IRE HAVE SPA
  17. Hereupon came midnight, Dominus Grishnaakh’Raguk having awoken from the midst of a slumber, of which he struggled to slip deeply into, similarly so to previous nights. Rising back unto his feet, the elf looked up to the stars, that glimmered a white hue through his tired eyes. This night was no different from that of the night he’d spoken with Phaedrus; just as tiresome and dull as such. The air, which took a deep hue of grey, was more akin to the hue of a bayou, just as murky and heavy. In a struggled attempt to reconnect with his troubled thoughts, Grishnaakh returned from
  18. A single page of a succinct, but professional document was placed neatly on Lareh’thilln’s imposing notice board. Lettered in a legible albeit twisting cursive with blue-black ink, the thing seemed to detail a current event intended to inform the populace and were it to be removed unexpectedly, a new handwritten copy was replaced promptly. Mali’aheralonn Lareh’thilln Haelun’or’ehya, It is with utmost condolences afforded that one must announce Our Tilruir’indor Talia Kae’areh to be incapacitated by a pesky illness, and make it known that well wishes in any form of object,
  19. The Call to Victory Written by Hraaken Underhammer, To every living descendant across Arcas. [Music] Where the Dwarves rest did a lone candle streak through the inky darkness. No forge was lit, no hammer rung, only blackness occasionally interrupted by the dim glow of bubbling magma below. An armored figure marched up the winding spiral of Kal-Evraal barely illuminated by the flicker of a lit wick. Shortly after did Hraaken Underhammer finally arrive in the clergy hall where a few other lit candles welcomed his own. As he entered the main cham
  20. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. The Empty Agreement There was mist, a slight wisp that traveled over the cracked and dusty ground. It was out of place in the dry air of the desert night, crawling over warm dirt. It seemed to speed up rushing angrily and haughtily into the air, screaming into the ashen night, devoid of moon, or stars. Its topmost tendril reached for the darkness, its shadowy form stretching for nothingness and then it was nothing, a little mist, the smallest amount of va
  21. On the Brink 11th of the Amber Cold, 1782 The cogs of war begin to turn, and out of the churning machine sail ships of naval warcraft. Dispatched with orders to blockade, the duo of battleships make headway from the Firelands unto the shores of the evergreen forests North. Racked with cannons and ballistae, food and water, and tools with which to build, these ships crept up the Wildlands coast into the bay of Gehenna. Here under their watchful and mighty masts donned with the Standard of Azdromoth, no ships would enter nor leave. No supplies would come, no people would go. Only
  22. Chapter 1 - The Dread War. The history of the Mali’ker, like all elves, begins in a fiery war that consumed the known world. In ancient times, while the four brothers were young, the archdemon Iblees rose to power and sought to bend the mortal realm to his desire. The elves were a distinct race at this time, lithe and pointy-eared, but it would be a long time before they had split. During the great war, the elves were merely the sons and daughters of Malin and had nothing else to their name. As the war progressed, Iblees attacked all fronts, isolating the four brothers. Malin
  23. [!] A single letter would be delivered to the Maheral’s office by courier pigeon. The handwriting is unrecognizable by anyone in the Silver State. TO RANSOM A SOHAER A sketch of the Sohaer locked in a damp cell dated 8th of the First Seed, 1782. For too long the allegedly (and self-proclaimed) blessed elves have lorded from their silver pedestal, as if untouchable by the gods themselves, till now. We have apprehended your poor excuse of a Sohaer as penance for your egotistical and self serving lifestyles, where you’ve resorted to cowering behind the ideals of purity and d
  24. T h e S u l i e r ’ i r Kingdoms and nations come and go, but elven-kind always endures. The Mali’ame and greater Elvenesse have long enjoyed a period of peace and plenty not seen for centuries – children are orphans no longer, and the echoes of song and dance reverberate throughout the forest for days at a time. Yet with all that is good, those that would seek to corrupt and destroy it still linger. No longer shall they be granted so much as even a single breath on our lands. To the foreign eye, the Sulier’ir might be a rather elusive entit
  25. Weeding out the weak. [!] A simple letter was sent around the realm of Arcas. A stone wall, a dead end. You cannot bring peace to those who wish to fight. After the destruction of Korvassa, the Irehearts decided it was time for a more friendly way to go about the trials, one that was less lethal in order for us not to form any sort of barrier between the Arcas population and survival. For this reason Utak Ireheart, an elder of the clan, brought a beardling onto wood elven territory with one simple task, finding an elf to have a friendly duel with. When
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