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Found 92 results

  1. NolandTheNovice

    The Evar'okarn

    The Evar'okarn Preservers of the Oasis Overview The Evar’okarn is often described as the pillar of the Fennic government, and that which keeps the mechanisms of the state running from day to day. These functionaries tend to a number of professional matters that call for work of a more academic nature, and deal with core functions of the Princedom. Due to the nature of their work, those who wish to enlist in the Evar’okarn are subject to a high degree of vetting for competence, dedication, and loyalty. The Evar’okarn has three distinct branches, each led by their own respective Grand Council member. The rank structure is universal between the branches. Each branch is led by a Grand Councilor, its regular members are generally referred to by the rank of Functionary, and its newest members are referred to as Applicants. It is recommended that Applicants only pursue one branch of the Evar’okarn, though on occasion entrance into more than one may be permitted. It is recommended that only those who have ample experience in the Princedom apply. Justiciars - Evar’tirn, Preservers of the Law The Justiciars are a distinct breed of academic within Fenn. A hybrid of scholars and judges, Justiciars engage in research and scholarly pursuits, whilst simultaneously serving as the interpreters of Fennic law and arbiters of disputes within the Princedom. Thus, they are expected to be highly educated. The Justiciars serve these dual roles due to the roles’ shared necessity for intellectual rigor, and the fact that the experiences gained in each only serve to benefit one’s abilities in the other. It is the duty of Justiciars to know the law, suggest changes to the law, and to interpret the law in the courtroom in arbitration over Fennic trials. The Justiciars are also integral for maintaining the Princedoms’ records and histories, including those of bloodlines - giving them the duty of aiding Snow Elves in discovering what bloodline they may belong to. If interested in joining, applicants must undergo an interview with the High Justiciar. Led by the High Justiciar, the ‘Functionary’ equivalent is simply known as a ‘Justiciar’, and those who are new or in trial for the branch are known as ‘Justiciar-Applicants’. Diplomats - Evar’hileian, Preservers of the Peace The Diplomats are the face of the Fennic Nation, bridging the political gap between the icy elven kingdom and far away lands. These consuls act in the High Emissary’s stay, meeting with other nations, organizations, or parties when he is unable to do so. Furthermore, it is their duty to aid in the creation of diplomatic amendments, and general overview of Fennic foreign policy. For these reasons, Evar’hileia are chosen based on their political experience, loyalty to the nation, sense of propriety, and a degree of charm. If interested in joining, applicants for the Diplomatic Corps must also arrange an interview with the High Emissary of Fenn as a supplement to their application. The ‘Functionary’ rank is known as ‘Diplomat’, and those who are new or in trial for the corps are simply referred to as ‘Diplomat-Applicants’. These applicants are able to serve as aides to the High Emissary until becoming a full Diplomat. Stewards - Evar’lin, Preservers of the Home The Stewards are an integral part of the Princedom’s inner mechanisms. It is their duty to oversee all housing within the Princedom, but also, to see to it that those who travel to join the Princedom are adequately settled into society. The Stewards oversee evictions, taxes, house distribution, shop distribution, and other matters related to the Princedom’s vital infrastructure. If interested in joining, applicants must undergo an interview with the High Steward. They are led by the High Steward, with the ‘Functionary’ equivalent being ‘Steward’, and those who have not yet received training as Stewards being ‘Steward-Applicants’. Applications Justiciar Application [OOC] Username: Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Race/subrace/culture: Place of residence: Prior relevant experience: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Diplomat Application [OOC] Username: Discord: Timezone: Availability for RP Interview: [RP] Name: Gender: Race/subrace/culture: Place of residence: Prior relevant experience: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Steward Application [OOC] Username: Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Race/subrace/culture: Place of residence: Prior relevant experience: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?:
  2. Lukariatias

    House Auceps

    Auceps (awe-sep) House Crest by B3ast_Mod General Information Founded In: Old Malinor, the era of the Golden Pools. Current Patriarch: Darcassan Auceps. House Motto: “Purity of blood and in disposition, by our own standards.” Core Values: Racial Hierarchicalism, Intellectual Furtherance, and Physical Prowess. Family History and Culture Abridged History: The pools, a time lost greatly to the whims of ignorance and hatred. And yet, it was then when some the proto-Elves broke off, and became ascended. The gifts of the pool do not escape the Auceps to this day, as they too remain with the ‘Aheral-at-large. It is at this time when the Auceps consider their family to have been founded, formally. For the time before the pools is but a footnote for the consideration of scholars who care greatly for that specific era in history. By and large, however, it hardly goes mentioned in one’s home education. Across the ages, from isle to isle, land to land, those significant and those in between, Auceps has been a name for the background. A family whose purpose in existence has been to focus on their interests, their desires, their concerns for the community in which they live in a far more supportive kind of way, rather than one direct and powerful. Hence their lack of listing, their nonexistence in Sohaership, in government generally, as rather they have been the quiet scholars, librarians and inventors. A guard and a soldier, here and there, fighting when the Silver Enclave chose to stand their ground rather than run. It wasn’t until the land of Axios that the family emerged to do anything remotely publically involved, when Darcassan Auceps’ father was elevated to a ranking position within the Vigil, the staunch protectors of purity in Haelun’or. Despite that order’s eventual fall, and the crumbling of the general order and popularity of the ‘Aherals, the Auceps family survived through Darcassan and his brother, both of whom went into hiding for a time. The former to study, the latter to rest and raise his young son. Come late Atlas, and into the flight to Arcas, Darcassan returned home to Fi’haelun, and in a public talk with the Maheral, reasserted himself into the fold. While their exact placement remains to be seen, the Auceps family is yet quite alive, with a blank canvas ahead of them. Tl;dr History: - The family considers their true founding to have been during the era of the Golden Pools. - For most of their history the family has kept to themselves. Rarely participating openly. - Auceps public service has been most often in the form of military service. - As of 1706, the family has publically returned, but does not live in the Silver Enclave. Culture: Purity by our own standards. Uninfluenced, free from political and social pressure, purity in its most righteous and forward-thinking form. This is purity by blood, and by blood alone. To breed with a non-Mali’aheral is a most detestable act. It is as disgusting as murder, as despicable as theft, and as abominable as the Orcs. With this in mind, however, purity of mind and disposition are not swept under the rug, but rather given less gravity. The most significant matter of purity of mind links in with purity of the body, not of race, but of one’s strength and health. The greatest means by which to preserve well-being is in the form of muscle and clarity in thought, unhindered by the poisons of the void. Arcane magics, across the board, aid so little in the advancement of knowledge that their acquisition will rather set one back in work. Considering this, material sciences, scholarly work, and martial service are the areas of interest most practiced by the members of the Auceps house. Many a great warrior and soldier have proudly displayed the Auceps name, so too have a number of librarians and scientists, architects and engineers, politicians and advisors. Never have we wasted a day advancing otherworldly goals, never a day have we wasted sauntering about some dark laboratory on an arcane experiment, for the work we do is selfless, it is for the benefit of our kinsmen as much as it is for the benefit of ourselves, unlike those selfish, ignorant voidal magi. Time is saved too with our understanding of religion and the deities. Like our long lasting kinsmen, we are atheists. Not in the sense that we are deniers of the existence of so-called “deities,” nor do we deny the existence of the aenguls and daemons. Rather, we do not take the time of day to revere them, for prayer and worship are pointless and selfish, they do not advance one’s knowledge nor well-being. Tl;dr Culture - Purity of blood is most important. Do not breed with non-Aherals. - Atheism is our “religion.” Deities aren’t false, but rather aren’t worth one’s time. - Professions should focus on scientific, scholarly, or martial pursuits. - Physical strength is encouraged, voidal magic is seen as a weakness. Assets - Businesses - Estates (image) (name) (desc/summary) Physical Traits Males: Tall and broad-shouldered, the latter a trait uncommon to most Mali’aheral. Their average height is six foot one, and they tend to grow into naturally bulkier builds. Facially, male Auceps carry well-defined and sharp features, a rigid jawline, thin lips, a straight and peaked nose, and sharp eyes that suggest a resting squint. Male hair is traditionally silver with purple eyes. Females: Slightly shorter than their male counterparts, with more feminine (petite) builds common to courtly women of the Empire. Their average height is five foot nine, with a face symmetrically designed, a resting smile and thin, although not sharp, eyes. Female hair is traditionally silver with purple eyes. Family Tree Unplayable | @Lukariatias | Darcassan Auceps Patriarch, elder brother of Ohmbryn, husband of Bellas, father of Myrddin and Filauria. Unplayable | @Fawnytheturtle | Bellas Auceps Wife of Darcassan, mother of Myrddin and Filauria. Unplayable | @Assassinofawsome | Myrddin Auceps Elder son of Darcassan and Bellas Unplayable | @Turgon | Aldorion Auceps Younger son of Darcassan and Bellas Playable | Filauria Auceps Younger daughter of Darcassan and Bellas. Unplayable | @chaosgamer | Ohmbryn Auceps Younger brother of Darcassan, husband of Lhoris, father of Azariah. Playable | Lhoris Auceps Wife of Ohmbryn, mother of Azariah. Playable | Azariah Auceps Elder son of Ohmbryn and Lhoris. Application Some things to note: - While by no means enforced, it is preferred that this be your main character, meaning that you play them the majority of the time, assuming you have other characters. - You are free to do whatever you would like with the character, however it is good conduct to understand and take into heavy consideration this family’s teachings and culture. - Some aspects of the culture and expectations of the family have been excluded from this post, and will be explained to you once you’re accepted to play the character. Username: Ban History: (basic description, if any) Activity(1-10): (1 being inactive, 5 being a few (2-4) hours a day, 10 being 12+ hours a day) Desired Character: (Custom/write-in characters are accepted) Physical Traits: (A basic summary (2-3 sentences) on their looks and attire) Characteristics: (A basic summary (3-4 sentences) on their behavior, quirks, and beliefs)
  3. [!]A poster hangs on the bulletin board in front of the town’s cavern entrance. All other notices have been moved aside, leaving this singular post in the center.[!] A large, vivid sketch of a human takes up most of the page, drawn neatly and carefully. Residents of Vira’ker, be on the lookout for the above human. He has been positively identified as the man who recently enslaved one of our own citizens, who would still be, presumably, under his capture had it not been for a resident aiding in her purchase and freedom. Speak to Vas Vincrute or Xavis Ashwood if you have any information that could lead to his capture. You will be rewarded. More information regarding the other accomplices will be posted as they become apparent. Signed
  4. DaddyDwarf

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    Hello my name is Ragnar Thorns- I am on the search for people who are wanting to end the regime of Renatus The Reason Why I want the imperial regime to end is because. They have gone to far sitting on there arses and drinking and playing chess there children are incredibly snobby ,scummy, and spoiled they don't even pay the servants nor do they pay the legionnaires. This is why they need to end the only thing that they I have seen is put up some towers. If anyone is interest please contact me either through bird Discord:ImTheOgDaddy#6527
  5. Name of your Charter: Sable Principality of Vira'ker Owner's Username: Morghuul Owner's Roleplay Name: Prince Avurak Syllar Location (XYZ): -1370 40 205 Tier applying for: 3
  6. Mistel

    The Settlement of Albion

    ~The Sovereign State of Albion~ Gallahand Harkness, Vitalius Maarsan, Edward Delaney, and Reynald Richmond finally stopped at what seemed to be a gulf on the north-eastern portion of the continent. Gallahand Climbs upon one of the nearby boulders and looks around “This is it, I think, This spot is perfect.” he announces, as the small scouting party looks around in agreement. Reynald speaks up “I agree, the nearby canyons could be a strategic spot for perhaps a vassal. “Aye” simply said Edward, going to sit down next to a tree. “Let’s get started then, friends” said the doctor, Vitalius, smiling under his mask. ~Roles within Albion:~ Visaers- Those who only live temporarily in the city, such as students, or traveling merchants.can only rent property, this also go for merchants, as they can only own stalls, rather than a permanent business. They are not allowed to vote on any matters pertaining Albion. Citizens- Those who live permanently within in the city. Can purchase property, vote, and own business within the city. They are allowed to buy a home, and not be taxed for it after the initial purchase. Soldiers- Within Albion the soldiers are expected to carry out several tasks ranging from regular patrols, to simply manning the gate. Knights- The top of the Albion military, hand picked by the other knights or the Sovereign himself. Constable- The one who represents the knights in court meeting, elected by the knights. Court members- Picked by the Sovereign, councils the Sovereign with their expertise in their specifics field. The Sovereign- The ruler of Albion. ~Laws of Albion:~
  7. Chef891

    The Sylric Bloodline

    The Sylric Bloodline “Bilok, taelu, evar.” (To make, to learn, to protect.) Sylricean Coat of Arms History: Attributes, Personality & Culture Sylrics are known to be hardworking, determined and very focused at everything they do, whether that is being a soldier of the Ivae’fenn or taking up a role among the ranks of the Bilok’thuln. Thus, many would consider them more serious than other bloodlines, unlike the notably carefree Tathvirs. However when asked a question, Sylrics tend not to think too long or hard about an answer to it and tend to blurt out what comes to mind and leaving it at that, unlike the Annungilbens. They are known for being rather straightforward and to the point. Despite their often brash behaviors, Sylrics tend to be kind and respectful towards their kin. The Griffin, their sigil, perfectly reflects a Sylric’s state of mind: loyal, noble and determined. Professions & Specialities: Because of their industrious capabilities, the Sylrics are often seen lugging large quantities of raw materials to-and-fro around Tahu’lareh--the fruits of their labour. Thanks to this reputation, Sylrics often find themselves seated among the Grand Council filling the position of Head of the Bilok'thuln, also known as the Grand Exchequer. It is not uncommon to see a Sylric mining or working in general, providing the Princedom with all that is needed to thrive. Alongside this reputation of being hard workers, the Sylrics have a reputation for being good craftsmen and craftswomen, creative and otherwise progressive thinkers, and scholarly patrons; their expertise spanning a wide variety of professions. Physical Traits & Caracteristics: With all of their hard work, Sylrics tend to be muscular, with a strong, bulky, but well-built build to them. Known also for their great beauty, They tend to be the tallest among the Snow Elves and have grey to blue eyes. There have been rare occurences of emerald eyes as well as amethyst eyes. They typically have white to silver hair, but there have been some with blonde hair. Style of Combat: Because of their mighty physiques, they are often on the front lines during times of war. Their weapons of choice includes longswords, greataxes or a warhammer and a shield, though other types of weapons are also used. To stare down a Sylric upon the battlefield is no comforting feat, as their strong posture, large size, and choice of weaponry makes for an intimidating sight. Sylrics tend to wear heavier armor so that they can last longer on the front lines, much like most soldiers of the Ivae’fenn. When a siege is taking place, Sylrics are generally manning the siege engines, specializing in their craft and operation. Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=ILKTR&c=9ul46u525g&f=935319104124893412 Ceremonies: Wryvun’ahern, the newborn ceremony. When a new Sylric is brought into the world a special Ceremony is held called, Wryvun’ahern, translating to Wryvun’s blessing. This ceremony celebrates the life that Wryvun will bless upon the child, whether it be a life dedicated to soldiering or to working hard. A feast is held accompanied by festive music and dancing. Bilok’ihnsil, the coming of age ceremony. When each and every Sylric reach the age of 30, a coming of age ceremony known as, Bilok’ihnsil, is held to prove that they can be truly called a Sylric. This ceremony is much different then Wryvun’ahern. Each child must venture outside of the walls of the Princedom and forge themselves their own personal weapon. They must gather all the materials themselves and by themselves alone. No help shall be offered to them. They must build their own forge and use what they gather to create a beautiful piece of weaponry, whether it be a greataxe, a warhammer, to even the smallest dagger. When they finish and feel that it is worthy of the Sylric name, they are to return to the Princedom and present it first to their father and then to the head of the Sylrics himself. Once their weapon is approved by both their father and the patriarch then a hunt is held to test the durability of the weapon. A feast is then followed provided by the spoils of the hunt. As the feast ends the patriarch approaches the child, presenting him the Sylric Insignia, to be branded on to their weapon as well as stitched onto their cloak. This is to mark that they are now a true Sylric. Politics: Throughout the Snow Elven years and all the conflicts they faced, the Sylrics have tended to be on the front lines of all major battles. Their thoughts on other Elves are complicated, as centuries of battle waged against them has hardened the opinions of some Sylrics against their Mali’mira cousins. A Sylric will marry out from other elven subraces but they try to stick more toward the Snow Elven culture. Be this as it may, they are generally a more accommodating people Notable Members: Ailduin Sylric - Founder of the Bilok’thuln, Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline Velatha Sylric - Sister to Ailduin, Vanguard and Medic to the Ivae’fenn Rythel Sylric - Elder member to the Sylric household, skilled artisan, weaponsmith and member of the Bilok’thuln Airebys Sylric - Founder of the Fennic Institute of Higher Learning, Deputy Exchequer of the Bilok’thuln, esteemed scholar and Guardian to the Ivae’fenn Minapili Sylric - Cousin of Airebys Sylric, member of the Bilok’thuln and Guardian to the Ivae’fenn Alevaera Sylric - Little sister of Airebys, member of the Bilok’thuln Heirlooms: Gostatha - Great Sword of Ailthidon Lercuvanten - War Axe of Thandir I Hadhafang - War Hammer of Agis Daedheloth - Battle Axe of Amaranthea Other Facts: ((Anyone who wishes to join the Sylric Bloodline, contact Chef891, via the forums, in-game, or discord [Chef891#2923] ))
  8. Chef891

    Bilok'thuln Competition

    To all Uheir’sair’thuln of the Bilok’thuln: Throughout the past few months I have noticed that you all have worked extremely hard, and it pains me to not be able to give payment to all who deserve it for all the hard work you have done. So thus I have decided that we shall hold a competition that we will hold once per elven month. To make it fair for all, this competition will be centered around each role within the Bilok’thuln. Since we are a guild focused around gathering resources, the competition will be the same. The Uheir’sair’thuln who gathers the most of a certain resource will receive a nice sum of minas and also a custom weapon or tool. This weapon or tool will be forged by none other than the Grand Chancellor. Now regarding the way this competition will work. Every month this competition will be held, I will post the resource that will be counted towards the competition. It will be at random so that it will be fair for all. Each role will have a resource to gather. However if you win in one role, you can’t win in another, until the next competition to make it fair for everyone. On the second Saturday of the month I will place a parchment within the Quota drop off location with each roles resource. By the following Wednesday all items collected should be placed in your assigned competition chests, which will be located below the quota drop off. Myself and the Deputy Exchequer will decide the winner(s) and post the results on the next day, Thursday. I just would like to extend my gratitude toward each and everyone of you as well as wish you luck in these competitions. Signed, Ailduin Sylric, Grand Exchequer of the Bilok’thuln, Patriarch of the Sylric Bloodline. Signed, Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak, Grand Chancellor of Fenn. ((The first competition will begin on March 23rd, 2019
  9. Treaty of Peace between The Princedom of Fenn & The Underrealm of Urguan -= 1707 =- ________________________________________ The contents of this document are the recognized diplomatic conditions between The Princedom of Fenn and The Underrealm of Urguan. The following statutes shall be upheld by the agreeing nations for the next 24 years, or six Mali/Stone months. The signing of this document by the officials of their respective nations signify a mutual agreement to adhere to the conditions as given in the following statutes. _______________________________________ Statute 1 _________ The Underrealm of Urguan shall henceforth hold no acts of aggression against The Princedom of Fenn. In no manner will any actions of militaristic, social, or economic aggression be taken against The Princedom of Fenn. The Princedom of Fenn shall henceforth hold no acts of aggression against The Underrealm of Urguan. In no manner will any actions of militaristic, social, or economic aggression be taken against The Underrealm of Urguan. Statute 2 _________ The Underrealm of Urguan recognizes The Princedom of Fenn as the one true Snow Elven nation. The Princedom of Fenn recognizes The Underrealm of Urguan as the one true Dwarven nation. Statute 3 _________ The Nations of Fenn and Urguan shall recognize the following as their official borders. Urguan - Orange Fenn - Blue _____________
  10. Chef891

    The Bilok'thuln

    “Ito nae elahern’wyrvun, ah’lliran!” Welcome to the Bilok’thuln, the greatest industry this side of the Great Ice Wall, and the backbone of the Princedom of Fenn! History and Purpose Infrastructure Uhier’sair’thuln: The beginner level of the Bilok’thuln. This rank is the initiation rank, which most members usually keep for the duration of their membership to the guild. This rank comes with a set quota that each member must produce to guarantee their place of membership within the guild. Annil’sair: The manager of an individual Bilok’thuln division. This title comes with greater responsibility among the Bilok’thuln. Individuals who excel with gathering resources and surpass the base quota are placed above their fellow Uhier’sair’thuln, making sure that those under them are able to reach their quota--and ideally surpass it. Deputy Exchequer: The Deputy Exchequer is second in command of the Bilok’thuln. This title can only be given by the Grand Exchequer. He has the authority to accept members to the guild and give a say in whom deserves a promotion. He also takes care of the Annil’sair, making sure that they are performing their duties accurately. The Deputy also has the authority to update the notice board for potential jobs. If the Grand Exchequer is busy or away he may need to take charge of inventory, the storehouse and ultimately the vault. The current Deputy Exchequer is Airebys Sylric. Grand Exchequer: The Grand Exchequer is the Leader of the Bilok’thuln. This rank belongs to one and only one individual and can only be appointed by the Grand Prince. The Grand Exchequer is in charge of accepting members and promoting members. He also is in charge of resource management, inventorization the distribution center as well as fulfilling any citizen of requests for materials. The current Grand Exchequer is Ailduin Sylric. Roles There are many roles/divisions within the Bilok’thuln, each having its own respective benefits and accesses throughout the Princedom of Fenn. Every Uhier’sair’thuln must perform a minimum of two roles (excluding Bilok’sair) to better the Princedom, but they are able and encouraged to select more: Nor’sair: The Farmers of the fields. These are individuals who work the fields for crops to produce food for the Princedom of Fenn, such as wheat, pumpkins, melons, potatoes, carrots, sugar cane, cactus, and beetroot. Bilokonn’sair: The Breeders or Farmers of animals. These individuals raise animals for their respective purposes. Cows are reared for their milk, meat, and hide. Chickens are raised for their meat, and feathers. Sheep are tended to for their meat, and wool. Rabbits are raised for their meat, and hide. Horses are reared to supply the Ivae’fenn. Narn’sair’magara: The Miners. These individuals risk their lives by diving into the caves to gather precious metals and gemstones. Metals are gathered for tools, weapons, and armor. Gemstones are extracted for jewelry. Not only do they gather precious metals and gemstones, but they also gather quantities of sand, dirt, and stone for building and crafting purposes. Lom’sair’ame: The Lumberjacks. These individuals are responsible for chopping down forests and replanting them, to gather wood for all that is needed to craft a wide variety of things from simple objects such as bowls and spoons, to boats and bows Orrar’sair: The Hunters and Fishers. These individuals are responsible for hunting beasts of all kinds, ranging from boars, moose, and bears to the fish of the seas and rivers, as well as the creatures of the dark. Their spoils go to supply the Princedom with other food sources and assorted supplies. Bilok’sair: The Engineers and Builders. These individuals are responsible for any construction and feats of engineering within the Princedom of Fenn, being the ones to construct siege weaponry, engineering marvels, and the ones who actually construct the Princedom’s cities, citadels, fortresses and strongholds. While the role is considered prestigious, it cannot be counted among the minimal two roles required for enlistment in the Bilok’thuln. Quotas Base Quotas All Uhier'sair'thuln must meet their quota if they wish to keep their membership. Which ever roles an Uhier'sair'thuln signs up for, they must complete the quota. There will be a log within the Bilok'thuln so that you can keep track of your gatherings. Nor’sair: 200 Minas 2 stacks of hay bales per elven week 3 stacks of potatoes per elven week 3 stacks of sugar cane per elven week 3 stacks of carrots per elven week 2 stacks of melons per elven week These resources can be collected in the Bilok’thuln farming district. Bilokonn’sair: 200 minas 6 stacks of wool per elven week 1 stack of meat per elven week 1 stack of feathers per week 1 stack of leather per week These resources can be collected in the livestock area beneath the Bilok’thuln farming district. Orrar’sair: 200 Minas 1 stack of fish per elven week Various collections of hostile mob drops (ie string, bones, arrows, slime) Flowers for dyes (no minimums) Herbs for medicinal use (no minimums) Oceanic resources (i.e. ice, kelp, turtle shells, ink sacs, etc.. no minimums) It is expected that this quota has a little bit of everything when turned in. These resources can be collected anywhere within Fenn’s borders, or outside Fenn, albeit legally. Lom’sair’ame: 200 Minas 1 stacks of oak per elven week 1 stacks of spruce per elven week 1 stacks of dark oak per elven week 1 stacks of birch per elven week 1 stack of acacia per elven week 1 stack of jungle per elven week 4 stacks of gravel per elven week. 1 stack of flint per elven week. These resources can be collected beneath the Cloud Temple in the Resource Pits, located at X-293, Y-64, Z-601. Narn’sair’magara: 500 mina 10 stacks of cobble per elven week 9 stacks of iron per elven week 2 stacks of coal per elven week Additional gain: 100 mina each ½ stack of gold ½ stack diamond ½ stack emerald These resources can be collected beneath the Citadel in the Fennic Mines. Other Incomes: 150 Minas minimum Within the Bilok’thuln’s collection room will be a notice board with other jobs. These jobs do not count as a quota, they are extra tasks that can be completed to earn a little more mina. They range of multiple things such as building carts to helping to build way-shrines and/or forts outside of the capital, Tahu’lareh. Each job is different and may be represented by different rates of pay. The base rate for all extra jobs will be 150 mina per contract. If you fail to make the contract you simply will not be paid. Application Application Format [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (1-10): Discord: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of Residence: Race/Subrace/Culture: Roles (Select a minimum of two, excluding Bilok’sair): Do you swear allegiance to the Princedom of Fenn and Grand Prince, and pledge to do your duty and to never steal?:
  11. Ivae’fenn Tournaments Starting in the year 1707 [[This sunday]], and continuing annually hereon [[Every sunday, time determined on a weekly bases]], there will be tournaments hosted within the Ivae’fenn. Any and all non-magic weapons are allowed, armor is encouraged. Maiming is highly discouraged, and may result in disqualification. These tournaments will take place in the Tahu’Lareh barracks, which are accessed through a staircase found near the square. Civilians are encouraged to come and spectate, although the tournament themselves are for Ivae’fenn only. Any roles may participate, starting at initiate. Rewards will be given out to the winner, to be determined on a weekly basis. Possible rewards include a tax exemption of Fennic housing, hours subtracted from necessary gate hours for specializations, or small monetary prizes. [[Tournaments will alternate between PvP and CRP each week. This Sunday will be PvP.]]
  12. [!] A piece of parchment is nailed outside the entrance of the Sutican Tavern for all to see. The Marriage of Talia Le’Quella and Renne Fester To all Suticans and residence of nearby and allying nations, I would like to announce, with great joy, the coming matrimony of two residence of Sutica; Talia Le’Quella and Renne Fester. They, personally, would like to invite anyone who may read this pamphlet to their wedding in the Meeting Hall in four elven days. After the wedding ceremony, Talia would personally like to invite everyone who may attended to the Sutican Tavern for drinks and refreshments, all proceeds benefiting the growth of the nation of Sutica and the Fester’s themselves. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya! [!] Talia’s would sign her name with her fancy, elven writing. Following hers, would be Renne’s choppy, scribble of a signature. Wedding to take place on Thursday, March 21st at 10 PM EST (subject to change)
  13. DustyDune

    The Vigil

    Lye Lent An ancient creed, rekindled. To Overgrow. As the children of Malin toil to rebuild from the desolation of Atlas, perhaps more than ever they stand divided. Gladewynn, Aegrothond, Haelun’or, Fenn, and Vira’ker. In the shadow cast by bickering and division, the Mali are made weak, and when stagnation sets in, it rots all to the very core. Monsters, beasts, and dark forces. In recent times, it was the September Prince and the Veyl Order, but the divine and ancient are not the only threats, for beasts can take many forms. Arcas is untamed, wild, and unexplored, and as the scattered Elves work to recover and spread resources thin, those who wish our kind ill-will fester. It is times such as these that our Elder-kind requires unity and strength. With these words, the Vigil of old is reformed. Come fellow Mali, and all who would be our allies. We seek the cunning, the wise, and the strong, for the evils that lurk in the deepest corners of Arcas must be brought to light. The Vigil is presently gathering its numbers in the lands Alderyn. All those would work for the betterment of all Mali should seek us out there. ~.-Our Noble Purpose-.~ The Vigil shall work to pacify the untamed wilds and forgotten threats of the world. The Vigil shall hunt those who wield the dark arts and oppose such corruption wherever it surfaces. The Vigil shall lend its strength to the defense of all Mali, for the blood of Malin is precious and our prosperity paramount. The Vigil shall study the workings of the world so that it may effectively fulfill its duties. ~.-An artist rendering of Revin a notable member of The Vigil, Circa 1559-.~ ~.-Ranks-.~ Elvalmuel - The Purple The purple is the leader of the order of The Vigil and deals mostly at an administrative level, dictating the movements and message of the order as a whole. However it is rare, the purple is a fierce opponent and can be seen fighting alongside The Vigil when duty calls them to do so. During times of peace and war it is Elvalmuel who guides, preserves and remains Vigilant in the face of any and all threats. Elvallel - The Blue The blue are the officers of the Vigil, organizing its operations when the Elvalmuel is unavailable, and they are often the ones to lead small groups warriors into battles. They are also tasked with seeking out new Mali to join the ranks of the Vigil. Elmiruel - The Red Elmiruel are considered the elite and most competent elven warriors of the Vigil. The grizzled soldier has proven themselves repeatedly in battle and hold the battle line— inspiring their fellow Vigils. When Elvalmuel and Elvallel are not in attendance the Elmiruel are expected to lead the Elibar and Eltaynei not only with fine example but also with experienced judgment to enact the goals of the order of The Vigil. Elibar - The White Elibar, The White, are the first true-members of the Order. No longer mere initiates, but not a ranking member of the Vigil, it is Elibar who heed the order of those of the upper ranks— and guide and train the initiates. Through demonstration of quick wit, able-body and dedication— it is the White who will continue to advance through the ranks of the Vigil. Eltaynei - The Green The Taynei are the elves who have first joined the Vigil. It is these elves who are considered little but initiates in the eyes of the Vigil and its members. It is through dedication, and discipline which the Taynei will make their way to the rank of Elibar. ~.-Vigil History-.~ The order of The Vigil’s history is a rather new one, being founded originally on the landmass known as Vailor. The prominent group started as a reactionary movement to the division within the Elven Realms at the time. Prominent founders were Uhier and Arche Raell, who wished to unify the elven identity with one goal in mind-- to protect the divided and weak elven states and by doing so aiding in the healing of such states though that protection. Through a massive recruitment campaign and the efforts and progress shown with the actions of the founders the numbers of the order blossomed and at its peak, The Vigil could rally 20,000 to 30,000 men alone. These numbers would be put to work in the Silver State of Haelun’or where a schism left them without a military to protect them from the rouge High Elven state of Celien. They offered to serve in place until the state could afford its own military restored. The Vigil were at the head of such projects as restoring a unified Elven state with the Wood Elves of Laureh’lin and the Dark Elves of Ker’nor known as The Dominion of Malin. They even succeeded in ending the schism that plagued the High Elves, eventually toppling Celien. However over time the order lost numbers, a clear goal and a leadership that could generate interest in the group. Eventually throughout many decades of decay, The Vigil finally departed the Silver State as the self-proclaimed Silver Exodus until ultimately disbanding on the landmass known as Axios. ~.-Vigil Code-.~ 1. A Vigil must remain loyal, without question, to the Order and its ways. 2. A Vigil must not take the life of another member. Murder is for lesser beasts such as wolves and bears. 3. A Vigil may not steal from their fellow brethren, for to do so is unbecoming of both an elf, and of any descendant. 4. A Vigil must remain stalwart in their preservation of the ways of elfkind, not perverting their ways with the influence of the other races. Interbreeding is to be avoided, for it dulls our long-lived blood. Application: *Credits for creation: DustyDune, Aviers* *art of Revin by keem, art of warrior by VCepesh, and art of Vigil flag by MagicPastry*
  14. Caius_Araimora

    The Jade Riders

    The Jade Riders The Jade Riders are a broad group of rangers and adventurers alike who oppose threats to the natural world and help others survive in dangerous environments. A Rider might help a small village prepare for a brutal winter, or aid a Kingdom in a deadly war. Riders may protect a town from an onslaught of malicious foes or simply aid in the construction of a new settlement. Members of the Jade Riders know how to survive, and more importantly, they want to help others do the same. They are not opposed to civilization or progress, but they strive to prevent civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another. Members of the Riders are spread far and wide, generally in isolation or small cadres. Survival in a harsh world also demands great fortitude and mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Beliefs: The natural order must be respected and preserved. Forces that seek to upset the natural balance must be destroyed. The wilderness can be harsh. Not everyone can survive in it without assistance. Goals: The Jade Riders goals are to restore and preserve the natural order, keep the elemental forces of the world in check, keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and help others survive the perils of the wilderness. Creed: Allies: Aragrad (Yves Aragon) Ranks: Ranger Division General Rider: Myriil Thuridan Rider Captain: (N/A) Rider Of The Mark: (N/A) Senior Rider: (N/A) Rider Of The Wild: (N/A) Junior Rider: (N/A) Scout: (N/A) --------- Every Rank From Here Up Is A Rider --------- Trainee: (N/A) Diplomatic Division Party President: (N/A) Elder: (N/A) Scholar: (N/A) Diplomat: (N/A) Envoy: (N/A) Emmisary: (N/A) ----- All Ranks From Here Up Are Diplomats ---- Junior Trainee: (N/A) Dress Code: Ranger Division The Jade Riders - Ranger Uniform Each colored cloak varies depending on the rangers environment (White for snow, Green for forest or plains, Yellow/Beige for desert, Orange for red desert or mesa, Blue for water etc.) The color of your belt/undershirt varies depending on rank (The solid white spaces on the skin are for your skin [skin, eyes, hair etc.]) Belt Ranks: General Rider: Green Rider Captain: Black Rider Of The Mark: Gold Senior Rider: Purple Rider Of The Wild: Red Junior Rider: Blue Scout: Brown Initiate : White Diplomat Division: Diplomat’s have no set dress code at this time Out Of Character Rules Don’t be a jerk to ANYONE, be they a Rider or not. Don’t purposely or through inactivity provoke someone. Being active is not mandatory but it would be appreciated. Dress code in not mandatory but appreciated These rules are subject to change in the future Rider Code Of Conduct All people of any race, gender or sexuality are welcome in the Jade Riders. Discrimination will not be tolerated. You must renounce fealty to any organization or national order if the laws of said order conflict with those of the Riders Comitting acts of violence against nations to aid another nation is strictly prohibtied unless the Riders have voted to help Riders who reveal sensitive information or align themselves with a specific nation against another nation will be banished from the ranks without prior warning All Riders must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Riders, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. These rules are not to be bent in any way shape or form These rules are subject to change in the future **(To apply, copy and paste this form into a reply below. Being accepted on this forum DOES NOT mean you are a Rider, you must first pass the Initiate Training Process)** Application For The Jade Riders Ooc Information Minecraft Gamertag (Required*): Real-Life Age (Required*): Nickname (Optional*): Prefered Pronoun(s) (Required*): (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them etc.) Roleplay Sample (Required*): Ic Information Characters Full Name (Required*): Current And/Or Former Titles Held (Required*): Race (Required*): Sub-Race (Optional*): Sex And Gender (Required*): Training Known (Optional*): Training Wanted/Needed (Required*): *“By signing this document, you agree to the above laws and any the General, Captain and Senior Rider see fit of adding. You agree to renounce any title that conflicts with the goals/code and will uphold peace and balance between the natural world and society”*
  15. Miaja

    I smell the love

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I SMELL THE LOVE
  16. Ioannis

    Fennic Law

    [!] The golden scales of justice are unwavering in their accuracy. Observe and respect the laws of our country and you shall always be welcome within its borders. Preface: Any and all who break the following laws and avoid the due punishments, or fail to present themselves before a court trial, will be exiled and blacklisted from Fenn’s borders. Acts of illicit misconduct not expressly mentioned in this document or in any regulation operating within Fenn should be reported to the Ivae’Fenn. All laws hereunder will be enforced by the Ivae’Fenn, and court trials held by predetermined officials. Repeated offenses of these laws is grounds for a doubled (or more) increment of any ensuing fines, as well as added punishments. Table of Contents: Section 1 - General Conduct Section 2 - Military Conduct Section 3 - Business Conduct Section 4 - Magic Conduct Section 5 - Religious Conduct Section 6 - Social Conduct Punishment Levels: Civilians are subject to all punishments hereunder but not limited to the following. Repeated offenses will warrant harsher punishments, and the Grand Prince may choose to decrease or increase any punishment accordingly. The listed punishments are as follows: 0: Verbal Warnings. 1: Fines, Labor or Community Service, Repossession, Temporary Areal Banishment. 2: Lashings, Extended Areal Banishment, Imprisonment. Requires an advised consultation with the Grand Prince, Grand Chancellor or High Justicar. 3. Eviction, Indefinite Banishment, Exile. Requires a mandatory trial and consultation with the Grand Prince. 4. Execution. Requires a mandatory trial and consultation with the Grand Prince. Section 1, General Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to any and all persons under the jurisdiction of the Princedom of Fenn. Section 1.2, Infraction Disturbing the peace, Level 0-1 Punishment The crime of disorderly conduct or willfully creating a public disturbance. Loitering, Level 0-1 Punishment The act of lingering or hanging about a public or government owned place with no express purpose. Section 1.3, Misdemeanor A reasonably minor offense. Upon repeated offenses, the punishment will be increased. Vandalism: Level 1-2 Punishment Defacing any property that does not belong to you, without the express permission of the owner of said property. Breaking and entering: Level 1-2 Punishment Entering any building through any amount of force without authorization such as breaking windows, or lockpicking doors. Trespassing: Level 1-2 Punishment The act of knowingly entering another person’s property without express permission. Minor shoplifting: Level 1-2 Punishment Any instance of shoplifting possessions valued at, or under 200 minas. Minor theft: Level 1-2 Punishment Any instance of shoplifting possessions valued at, or under 200 minas. Defamation: Level 1-2 Punishment Defined as statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted toward any individual, especially holding of official title or Bloodline within Fenn, with the intent of damaging their name, reputation, social status, business or guild. Slandering or defamation of military officials: Level 1-2 Punishment Statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted towards any military officials. Slandering or defamation of government officials: Level 1-2 Punishment Statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted towards any government officials. The formation of any ‘criminal street gang’: Level 2-3 Punishment An ongoing group, club, organization, or association of 3 or more persons with the primary focus of disturbing the peace, vandalism, corpse desecration and any other such form of criminal intent. Section 1.4, Felony A reasonably serious offense. All offenders caught breaking these laws will be subject to Level 2+ Punishments. Shoplifting: Level 2-3 Punishment Any instance of shoplifting possessions valued over 200 minas. Theft: Level 2-3 Punishment Any instance of thieving possessions valued over 200 minas Thieving as defined as any person with intent to steal and takes anything of value from any person in the presence of another, against his or her will, by means of force or violence or fear of immediate injury to the person or property of the person. Extortion: Level 2-3 Punishment Any person who communicates threats to another person, with the intention of obtaining anything of value from said person, associates or other interested parties. Kidnapping -- Arrest On Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment Whoever unlawfully seizes, kidnaps, or abducts and holds for ransom, or reward, any person within the lands and walls of the Princedom of Fenn. Manslaughter -- Arrest On Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment The unlawful killing of individual without malice. Murder -- Arrest On Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment The unlawful killing of any individual with malice aforethought. Slandering or defamation of royalty: Level 1-2 Punishment Statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted towards any member of the royal family. Assault: Level 2-3 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violent intention to do bodily harm to a person, or resident within Fenn’s borders. Guards are exempt from punishment regarding assault laws, as it is necessary within their line of duty to carry out physical attacks; so long as it is in the defense of the Princedom or its citizens. Should their assault be unlawful, report it so an investigation may ensue. Assault on royalty: Level 3-4 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violence intended to do bodily harm to a member of the royal family. Assault on government officials: Level 3-4 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violence intended to do bodily harm to a government official. Assault on military officials: Level 3-4 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violence intended to do bodily harm to a military official. Conspiracy to defraud the Princedom of Fenn: Level 3-4 Punishment If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense against the Princedom of Fenn or any agency thereof in any manner, or for any purpose. Arson: Level 3-4 Punishment Whoever, within the jurisdiction of the Princedom of Fenn, willfully and maliciously sets fire to or burns building, structure or vessel, or attempts to do such an act, will be arrested, and put to trial. False impersonation of a citizen: Level 2-3 Punishment Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself, or herself, as a citizen of the Princedom of Fenn. False impersonation of a military or government officer: Level 3-4 Punishment Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself or herself as a military or government officer. Entails imprisonment with trial. False impersonation of Royalty - Imprisonment on sight Level 4 Punishment Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself, or herself, as a member of the Royal family. Slavery The state, condition, or practice of owning or trafficking live persons. Owners of slaves may be blacklisted or turned away from our city, and their slaves can be liberated. This of course, is at the discretion of the enslaved person; if they wish to be liberated, they can make a plea. If not, they will be turned away from the city with their owner. Section 1.5, District Laws Civilians breaking the guidelines hereunder are subject to punishments of a determinable level according to the law broken. All people found in places they are not allowed will be warned, escorted out, and on repeated offence, banished from the area completely. Residential District People may carry weaponry so long as it is sheathed at all times. Armour is expressly forbidden. One may not cover one's face within the Princedom of Fenn. Bearing arms in the Temple is prohibited. Access to the Clinic should be supervised by a member of the Ivae'Fenn. Access to the Guild Halls should be supervised by a member of the Ivae'Fenn. Main Bilok’thuln farmlands should only be harvested by the Bilok’thuln. Civilians caught stealing from the farmlands must relinquish stolen goods to the Ivae'Fenn and vacate the area. Livestock areas are off-limits to all but the Grand Councillors and Bilok’thuln. Civilians caught trespassing in the Tathvir Bloodline manor above the Clinic without express permission will be arrested. Bloodline District Only Snow Elves apart of a Bloodline may enter with unchecked arms. Civilians may enter, but must give away all weapons and armor at the Bloodline District gatehouse before entry. Upon entry, visitors must always be accompanied by an Ivae'Fenn guard, or Bloodline member. Citadel & Walls Only Ivae'Fenn, Grand Councillors and Royalty are permitted to enter, patrol and man the City Walls unless in times of great urgency or war. Access to the Citadel is prohibited for any and all, except Ivae'Fenn Wardens or higher, Valkyries, Tundraks, Stolt’aroloths, and Grand Councillors unless in times of great urgency or war. Bilok’thuln members may enter the Citadel with a security pass, authorized and signed by either the Grand Chancellor, or the Grand Exchequer. Members of Royalty, may allow the entrance of a civilian to the Citadel on their own volition but they must follow all the rules of the Princedom of Fenn. Section 2, Military Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to persons within the Ivae'Fenn, foreign militia or official within the walls of the Princedom of Fenn. Punishments are determinable by Ivae’Fenn Officers or higher. Desertion: Level 1-2 Punishment Willfully departing from your post as a member of the Ivae'Fenn within the Princedom. To use your rank knowingly to belittle or arrest a citizen, upon false charges: Level 1-2 Punishment To disobey direct orders from an officer: Level 0-1 Punishment, 1-2 on repeated offence. Fraudulent Enlistment: Level 2-3 Punishment Any person who becomes enlisted in the Ivae'Fenn by knowingly false representation or deliberate concealment as to his or her qualifications for that enlistment and receives the benefits thereunder. Section 3, Business Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to persons owning or supervising the various guilds or businesses of the Princedom: Conduct Unbecoming: Level 1-2 Punishment When on duty, one must act with a sense of professionalism and decorum towards all. Leave without resignation: Level 1-2 Punishment Willfully departing from your post within one of the guilds of the Princedom without prior notice of resignation. Absence without leave: Level 0-1 Punishment Any member employed by the Princedom that, without authority, remains absent from his or her place of duty, at which he or she is required to be, may be fired from the position or fined. Embezzlement: Level 2-3 Punishment in addition to a fine no less than double the value of the money embezzled Whoever, being an officer or member of any guild within the Princedom of Fenn, or of any department or agency thereof embezzles or wrongfully converts to their own use, the monies or property of another which comes into their possession or under their control in the execution of such office, or employment. Other races may bring their foreign businesses into Fenn and practice them, but may not establish them as a guild, office or department anywhere within its borders. Only those who request a permit or business certificate may open stalls or offices within Fenn. Section 4, Magic Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to any use of magic within the Princedom of Fenn. Magic without license: Level 0-1 Punishment One shall only practice magic if they have properly obtained a magic license through the appropriate channels. Fraudulent licensing: Level 1-2 Punishment Any attempt to claim you have a magic license while knowing you do not have one, or hold without notice to the relevant authorities. Practicing banned magics: Level 1-2 Punishment Druidism, ascended magic and any deity magic is prohibited, along with necromancy, mental magic, blood magic, and any other dark magic. Practitioners of these magics are not banned, only the use of these magics within the walls and lands of the Princedom of Fenn. Magic in relation to assault: Level 3-4 Punishment Any use of magic to harm the Princedom of Fenn in any way is punishable by execution or immediate banishment with a blacklist to the use of magic within the walls and lands of the Princedom of Fenn, and/or the automatic cancellation of any and all magic licenses held. Reckless magic usage: Level 1-2 Punishment Reckless use of magic resulting in injury of another is illegal, and is punishable by determinable fine according to the severity of the offense and a revocation of their magic license(s), should they have one. If not, then they will be swiftly blacklisted from using magic within the walls and lands of the Princedom of Fenn. Section 5, Religious Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to persons following the teachings of Idhren’tirn, or reside within the Princedom of Fenn as a civilian. Blasphemy: Level 2-3 Punishment and conversion, if applicable. The act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about Wyrvun or sacred things; profane talk within Wyrvun’s mortal realm of Hesin’fin. Defacement: Level 2-3 Punishment and conversion, if applicable. The action or process of spoiling the surface or appearance of statues, statuettes, wayshrines, obelisks, art pieces, artifacts or general paraphernalia used to pay homage to or worship Wyrvun. Denouncement: Level 3-4 punishment and conversion, if applicable. To publicly declare Wyrvun to be wrong or evil, therefore disrespecting him and disregarding the contract taken up by the Mali’fenn people in exchange for their sanity. Foreign Religions: Level 0-3 Punishment Non-Mali’fenn may practice other religions within Fenn in a private area. Openly practicing a religion, other than Idhren’tirn, will result in level 0-3 punishments. *All laws regarding Religion are applicable especially to Mali’fenn no matter their region of residence, but should be respected by non-’fennic peoples residing within Fenn’s borders.* Section 6, Social Conduct For a Mali’fenn to engage in a relationship, intimate or otherwise, with another race outside the Mali’ is prohibited and will be punished accordingly on a case by case basis. All unrecognized persons must present themselves truthfully and in their entirety: Unrecognized use of facial masks is forbidden. Unrecognized use of face-concealing helms is forbidden. Unrecognized use of face-concealing clothes such as scarves or bandanas is forbidden. To gain entry into Fenn’s capital city, all foreigners, outsiders and newcomers must declare the following: Your full name. Your race, subrace and/or culture. Your allegiance(s) if any. Your truthful reason and intent for visiting the capitol. Your possession of weapons, armaments and mail’. Individuals must always be pat down and searched. All the aforementioned must be declared truthfully, honestly and without antagonistics. Unrelated questions are acceptable, but these laws must be upheld without fail by any within Fenn’s borders. Deportation: Defined as the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country. Entering the lands and walls of the Princedom of Fenn under false pretenses, will be grounds for capture, trial, and release back to your native home. If you continue to break the laws and regulations as set out by the Grand Council and the Royal Bloodline of Tundrak, and do reside within the walls and lands of the Princedom of Fenn, but are not Mali’Fenn then you may be deported for crimes against the Princedom or private citizen depending on trial. You may be offered to be deported instead of fined, but this is solely down to a case by case basis. Phytosanitary: Of, relating to, or being measures for the control of plant diseases; especially in agricultural crops. This refers to arborists, botanists, farmers or other agriculturalists, bringing foreign plants into the borders of Fenn with the intention of planting them and acclimating them to our environment; which can possibly bring foreign plant diseases and disrupt our ecosystem. That said, bringing live plant stems, roots, bulbs or seeds into our borders to plant them in our soil is forbidden, this includes stem succulents like live Cacti. ((Credit for this goes to AFKArborist and MauryTTF))
  17. Dank_Tank_Lord

    Jason Falasrindon

    Jason Falasrindon -----------General Information---------- Given: Name Jason Falasrindon Nicknames: Mud Blood, The Reclaimer, Jackass #1 Race: Jason is a mixture of elves. Primarily, he is High Elven and Wood Elven. He is also Dark Elven, but retains the skin tone of his parents rather than that of his great grandparents. Jason is also mixed with human along the way, however it is only about 10% or so. Still, that distant Human ancestor managed to pass down a few dominant genes such as shorter ears and a more muscular build. Gender: Male Age: 18 Birth place: Ceru, in a cave a day away North by North East of Magara’lin Build : Jason is about 6’3” or so. His shoulders are broad and his body is rippled with muscle. He looks much like a Dark Elf despite his skin and hair. He’s easily 190 lbs or so. Hair: Medium brown hair, curly, and with slight highlights (See Photo). Eyes: A shocking green. His eyes look like illuminated emeralds. Scars: He has very little scarring on his face, though his hands, feet, shins, forearms, and chest tell a very different tale. That of a sword wielding warrior. Voice Reference: Chase Eagleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecx66NV93RA Theme Song: Faucet Failure – Ski Mask the Slump God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZZ9YsvvHXs ---------------♛Personality♛------------------ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Political Alignment: Libertarian Main Character Strength: Hand to Hand combat Main Character Weakness : Lack of Magical Experience Religion : None Explorer: Jason is a natural born explorer. He believes that if one stays in the same spot for too long, they will eventually find themselves falling behind so to speak. Liberty: Jason believes everyone has the right to be free. “The debts of our ancestors are not ours as well. Their debtors were bad investors” Untrusting: Jason does not trust everything and finds that all things need investigation before trust is earned. Stubborn: Once Jason makes a decision, he is not easy to convince it is the wrong one. He will allow debate before hand, but once the decision is made... end of discussion. ----------Goals---------- Find people who Jason may become allies with Survive and perhaps even thrive Find a place to call home, permanently Romance, duh ----------Fears---------- Nothing as of yet. Jason has no fear. Fear is only a limiter, and hence only in the way. It is what keeps him alive, but it does not govern his life. This has yet to change. ----------Relationships---------- (None) ----------Current Home(s)---------- (None) ----------More info---------- Languages :Common; Elvish Favorite Food: COOKIES! Favorite Drink: The Blood of his enemies... also Lemonade Favorite animal: Cats, typically the longer haired species Favorite location: Trees, trees are nice. Good for travelling, good for anything. You can even eat them! Favorite activity: Adventuring Favorite flower: Blue Orchids Favorite color: Turquoise
  18. sophiaa

    ✽ eloemir talonniian'orlomerne ✽

    eloemir talonniian'orlomerne The First United Families Since the beginning of the recent Wood Elven and Eldarian cultural revival, many old Tribes have reclaimed their ilmyumier and their ancient customs. Nevertheless, each has existed as a separate polity, even when kin from two different Seeds join in marriage, each partner usually retains the identity of the Seed of their birth or original adoption. This was not always the case, in ancient times before living memory, the Tribes of old had complex kinship ties that bound Seeds together, often creating large moieties that encompassed dozens of clans. These blood-ties between families came largely from intermarriage, and bound the fates of two clans into one, creating talonnii'orlomerne, otherwise known as brother clans or it’s direct translation, Family Unbroken or United Family. Elven clans bound by blood-ties supported one another unconditionally, in times of prosperity, famine, war and peace. Often, brother clans adopted each other’s gods, each clan adopting the other’s patron Mani as their own. These complex blood-ties were lost as the Era of the Seeds came to an end, but begins anew with the joining of the Caerme’onn and Ithelanen tribes in the modern era. Prior to the wedding of Chieftain Rivaldir Ithelanen and Chieftess Aelin Caerme’onn in 1703, the two took time to discuss with each other and their Seed Elders the terms and practices that would eventually come of their union. This sacred act is most easily defined as a unification between Seeds - where the Seeds maintain their own morals and values along with their respective Seed name, while simply looking upon their brother clan as their own brethren, embracing and celebrating them as if they were members of the same Seed. Members of the first Seed may not take on traditions of the second Seed. In the instance of the Caerme’onn and Ithelanen traditions, Caerme’onns may not participate in inking themselves with Esalathe’lan of lost Ithelanen members. They may still mourn and grieve the loss of their talonnii'orlomerne brethren, but the inking of Esalathe’lan is deemed a sacred tradition only permitted to be upheld by those of Ithelanen. Others seeking to join a clan bound in talonnii'orlomerne, may only join one of the Seeds - not both, and will complete the trials of only the Seed they desire to join. They would still gaze upon their brother clan as their own brethren as all others of the Seeds do. When the two Chieftains are wed, any children brought forth into the world as a result of their union, along with the pair themselves, gain a new marking that is a depiction of both their Seed’s ilmyumiers. The marking is simply meant to show the bond between Chieftains, and the name and sacred union to which their children belong to. The Vel’seda Bloodline Marking The Chieftain’s spawn also adopt a bloodline name and bear this only during their human years. This bloodline name does not mark them as noble, nor their Seed. The children of the Chieftains must still take the trials to join their chosen Seed, and until they decide to take these trials, they may live under their chosen bloodline name shared by them and the Chieftain couple only. Like any other mali’, the children may choose which Seed they wish to join later on in life. And just like any other mali’, they cannot take on both Seeds’ names and traditions. The children remain equal to all other Seed brethren, regardless of their markings - yet this equal status may not prevent the other Seed members from revering the children of their Chieftains. The conjoining of Seeds to become talonnii'orlomerne also grants a new resolution to internal and external issues. Disputes between clansmen, or with their brethren, are able to be resolved by the Elders of both Seeds rather than just one. A clan Elder or Chieftain may not, however, deal one-sided and biased punishment to a member of the opposite Seed. The union between talonnii'orlomerne acts as a full alliance. This allows the Chieftains and their Seeds in times of crisis to function as one brutal force, to challenge any outside conflict or opposition. The formation of this bond between Seeds is a most sacred one, a bond that may only be immediately broken in the case of a Divorce between the unifying Chieftains only, or a unanimous vote between a Chieftain and their elders. Splitting of the Seeds is such a tremendous deal due to the fact that it’s akin to disowning half your family, and due to how sacred the bond is between talonnii'orlomerne, the splitting of them is deemed a heavy tragedy - and should only ever be done after immense conversation and discussion. It would be unheard of for the second Seed to not be aware of the first Seed’s intentions. A divorce between the original unifying Chieftains is a cause to prevent the Seeds from forming a rivalry between their talonnii'orlomerne brethren, in the case of an unhealthy separation in the future. It is to keep from the Seeds from warring each other, and creating an imbalance within the society in which they reside. Seed Elders and members may initiate a split, not out of spite or anger, but rather out of a difference in ideals and values that have grown since the initial union, or a changing of Chieftains to one with plans to shift their Seed onto a new path.
  19. Stack Loot

    Treaty of Man and Mali'ker

    Pact of Man and Mali’ker, 1703 Preface: The Sable Principality of Vira’ker has seen fit to establish contact with His Imperial Majesty and the Empire of Man. As such it is by His Imperial Majesty’s will that the Empire of Man and the Sable Principality of Vira’ker enter into a defensive pact to ensure the mutual success of both nations. Terms, agreed upon by both nations: Both nations agree to entering in a defensive pact, as such both nations agree to provide military support it the other nation is threatened. Both nations agree to permit free and safe passage of the other faction’s citizens within their lands IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Augustus I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Carolustadt, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera. His Highness, John d’Anpalais, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince of Beaufort His Highness, Vulnir Syllar of Clan Syllar, Prince of the Sable Principality of Vira’ker, Protector of Mali’ker and the Onyx
  20. For those that opened this forum post, expecting to read something good from me, don’t expect this story to have a sad ending. This story tells the ending of Jarsek Myrsta, the last of the Myrsta bloodline left alive to a curse that plagued them for centuries. From his beginnings as a soldier left in a war-torn world to the gruesome end that he faced in Haelunor, he lived from 1530 to 1703. There would be no grave to mark for him save for a lone sword that he came across some years ago, a blade that shined like fire in the sunlight. His gravestone was his blade, which he dubbed “Phoenix Blade,” and it would remain in Atlas forever more, to be hidden in the world and never to be found. Jarsek’s killer was someone that his grandson had close ties to, but no one would be remiss of the old soldier whose blood was cursed from the moment of his birth. Let us delve into the story of “The Darkest End” and see how Jarsek spent his last moments... ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories end with a dark note, but this story wasn’t one of them. It began when Jarsek was knocked out by Eros after fighting with a elfess, armed with nothing more than magic and a wand. He fell into the nightmare world once again where he saw his beloved grandson fight a daemon with the strange magic he had seen previously. The daemon was faster than his grandson, but Karren had tried to cast spells faster with the chance of burning up his cursed spirit which made Jarsek cry at the sight of how hard his grandson fought to stay alive. He screamed at the daemon as if he was beginning to succumb to the darkness within as the restraint was unlocked in this world, allowing him access to the magic within him. Jarsek would be casting spells towards the daemon to try and save his grandson, but each spell ended up fizzling as in life, he didn’t know much about magic at all. The daemon was winning against them both, and the struggle was enough to erupt Jarsek in a painful screeching that reverberated into the physical world as a ear-piercing scream. He wasn’t able to wake up from the nightmare since he was slipped a concentrated nightsap pill while unconscious, but he didn’t care anymore. He wanted to save his grandson, but what he did not realize was that his powers did not extend into the real world and only existed in this hellworld. This was when the daemon seized Karren and began to siphon his very soul away to the point that not even the aenguls could revive him. Upon seeing his grandson be seized and his essence siphoned away, he’d cry out to the daemon to take him instead. He wanted to sacrifice his very life for his grandson as he knew that the doors to the real world would be forever closed to him. The daemon agreed and feasted on his soul, erasing every trace of Jarsek from the world. Karren would cry out in pain as he saw his grandfather give up his life for him, but in the physical world, he died from massive injuries to his eyes and loss of blood... Illiran would feel as if he had succeeded in eliminating the Myrsta bloodline, which made him smile a bit. He suffered through that brat Karren and his impurity as well as killing off his grandfather with ease, but something else felt off about the whole ordeal. It seemed too easy to eliminate two members of a whole bloodline, but this would not perplex him as he wished to relish in his ill-gotten victory. Gywnevere, though while present, didn’t understand why that he had died. She also didn’t know why that she shed a tear for the fallen mali, but somehow, she knew that he had sacrificed himself to save someone he loved as a family. It would be one of either many or few good moments when someone died that she knew. Eros didn’t care in the slightest for the death of the mali as he considered him a mali’ata. Though Jarsek was dead, it did not mean that someone else would take up the mantle of learning about the darkness within the heart. Someone unknowing of the power of the Dark Heart, the Cursed Soul, the Fractured Mind and who would play his part to begin with a broken heart...
  21. TheDragonsRoost

    The Darkness Within (Part 4)

    Previous Stories: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: We have reached Part 4 in this series, ending the first arc in the “Key to Oblivion” stories. Thank you for reading the storyline so far and I hope you enjoy “The Darkness Within,” the final story of the first arc. ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories don’t get to end with a joyous note. Others have far more twisted ends to them while the people are left with a sobering fact of life. We all can die and never come back. This was especially true to Karren Myrsta when his throat was slit back in the Druid Grove by Nivndil some years ago. He had left the world while the September Prince still roamed the land, terrorizing the population and leaving him with the sense of powerlessness that drove him to begging for death. Now, he resided in a world that offered no quarter with demons wishing to end his pathetic life so that he may never exist again. When his grandfather “dreamed” of seeing him as he was now, in the middle of transitioning into a beast of corruption and wielding dangerous magical power, he did not wish for him to see how far he had fallen and how close he was to turning into a being of pure hatred-tortured relentlessly by those that resided within the hellworld of The Pit. It was the one thing that he had wished to never lose-the good memories of him, tainted forever by how far that he had become-and the one thing that forced him to cling to dear life within this hellscape. To Jarsek, however, the sight of his grandson being a figure of pure heart and how he became something frightening was enough to break his very heart-shatter his core into millions of pieces. Ascended could not help him with this kind of problem as it affected him deeply to the point of wanting to die, but there was another force deeper within that fought to keep him alive. There was no other way for him to stay alive, broken as he was, besides taking up the darkness within his very being and letting it run free within him. Surging like wildfire and feeling cold to the touch, Jarsek would begin to learn about this driving force of Creation and even attempt to understand it through how it would react to certain situations, but however, something felt like it was being prevented from unleashing itself fully into his body, acting like a powerful restraint that would appear to be indestructible. Not a single clue on how to release that preventive restraint, Jarsek had only one option left to him at the time: begin to learn about the darkness within. This would motivate him into something that would either drive him into insanity or elevate him into power, depending on how fate had willed it. He wanted to know what this darkness was inside of him to the point of asking critical questions that would prove to be even more complex to answer as they simple to ask. “What is this feeling? Where did it come from? Is this part of our curse?” would three of the many questions that would plague his mind for years to come until he either gained a satisfactory answer or not. Critical questions that would endlessly plague him to the point that they would be burned forever to his core, questioning everything. Unbeknownst to even most High Elves, curiosity can be a powerful motivator for either the good or the bad choices made every second of every day, but Jarsek was the most afflicted in this case. Intelligent and witty, he would try his best to understand how this feeling within him worked and what it was truly... ~(+)=~=(+)~ While Jarsek had this feeling within him, something else was brewing in a currently unknown continent known as Arcas. Something that was not always so simple as the lands were brimming with life and suppressing that which was attuned to the darkness, keeping it in perpetual slumber. At least, for now...
  22. Snelfma

    A formal resignation

    “ I have suffered no greater abuse than I have today at the hands of the snow elven people while trying to grieve for my daughter. I try to say that it was entirely possible her death had more to do with someone’s quarrel against me than some odd conspiracy to ruin a frozen city in a barren land, but am told that I may as well have been the one to slit her throat and torn out her heart for the simple fact that I live in the empire. I heard things like this screamed around me while I wanted nothing more than peace and silence to grieve the brutal murder of my daughter. Unfortunately some of the things they kept screaming at me were true and I must address it. It is true that after years of healing citizens, soldiers, and nobility that I am still questioned, threatened, and spat upon by sheer virtue of my race and I am completely exhausted of it. I will not be withdrawing my services from the Empire as I still believe in making a culture centered around healing, but I will no longer accept being sneered at by the town drunk while I work hard to warm up the limbs of a child thrown into a freezing river. I will no longer offer my service to anyone who threatens to cut off my ears or the ears of any other elf, anyone who questions my integrity or skill because of my race, and I absolutely refuse to serve anyone who cannot even manage the most basic of manners after realizing I am an elf. Even with my treatment by humans and my frustration, they still cannot even match the level of disrespect and vitriol I was shown by the snow elves. No longer will I afford a measure of my mind for a so called race who would rather spew propaganda and harass a grieving a mother rather than find the killer of one of their kin, no longer will I lift a finger for a race who would declare me their enemy when I have done less harm to their kin than the vast majority of their officials, and now I formally resign as a snow elf since apparently being a snow elf means I must lick a Tundrak’s boot or be treated even worse than I have been by the most racist of humans. P.S For those whom it may concern, I want to be alone. You may send a letter to could temple if you want to contact me, but until I find that I am once again in a suitable mind to operate I encourage you to contact Iros Windsor or Nepir Wolfguard isntead. Snow elves wishing to point out how humans have committed genocide against their race in the past, which is obviously quite a ways worse than the racial slurs I experience now, please remember to submit your age, the date of the last snow elven genocide, and the average life span of a human. – Zatanaes Avern, Former Snow Elf “
  23. TheDragonsRoost

    Blighted Sight (Part 3)

    Previous Stories: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179359-the-dream-part-1/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179386-cursed-bloodline-part-2/ ~(+)=~=(+)~ It doesn’t end. Ozais and Jarsek went into the town of Belvitz to find all the residents asleep, but strangely enough, Jarsek wasn’t feeling the darkness within him surge through his veins as it did the last time he was in the presence of his master. Even as his true name was called out, something lingered deep within his soul-eating away piece by piece of his ethereal light. He didn’t feel like something invaded his soul or was growing inside of it, but it felt hollow-empty from within. He didn’t wish to seek out the help of the Ascended, who might help him understand why his soul felt hollow inside, or seek any kind of magical attention due to the fact that Jarsek didn’t understand what was happening to him. Then he felt his mind slip, replaced with a dark hollowness that seemed to entrance him. Jarsek kept muttering how cold it felt, even though it wasn’t horribly cold in the town of Belvitz. This coldness radiated deep within his soul and if he was touched, his skin would’ve felt cold to the touch. It wasn’t any magic that affected him, unless you counted what has happened to him thus far. From the dream to the bloodline curse awakening deep within him, Jarsek has had an adventure that most people would try to back out of once they realized where the story was going. Unfortunately, Jarsek was not the type to back out and as a consequence, he would suffer great torment and pain from within. Merely half an hour passed before he regained his senses by Ozais slapping some sense back into him, but it was not without its cost. The bloodline curse took hold within his soul and then would spread to his body, slowly beginning to break it down and further exhaust the young high elf. Little did Jarsek know that some parts of his dream weren’t just symptoms of depression, but of something else. Something else that if awakened, would change Jarsek’s life forever. If people cared to notice his eyes, they could tell that the ambition had been reignited, but not in the way they would’ve expected. His eyes were carrying the Blighted Fire, a darkened flame that burned two types of colors: Black and Purple. The blighted fire wouldn’t mean much in the present time, but no one could predict what it would mean in the future.... A hollowed soul... A blighted fire, reignited... The pain of rememberance... Death of one they loved... A will, shattered by false hopes and dreams, turning to ill... Something was brewing deep within the high elf that would continue to fester until it either broke him or forced him to commit acts of impurity and murder. A hunger was beginning to take form within his soul that not even he could fight alone-a hunger that would become lethal. This was something else.... Something that can blight even the sharpest of sight and quench the fire within. There was an evil within that wanted free.....
  24. TheDragonsRoost

    Cursed Bloodline (Part 2)

    Previous story: ~(+)=~=(+)~ I felt the darkness take hold when I stared into the eyes of my master Ozais, along with the insanity that strangely flowed into my inner darkness-fueling it. It felt replenishing for me to feel my blood grow cold with my darkness flowing through after decades of burying it deep within. The pain and suffering I went through.... I finally understood why I was a good soldier.... The Myrsta bloodline always had some kind of darkness within them, awaiting to be awakened. From their inception, each of those within the clan-either man or woman-felt their darkness be dormant within and the urge to try to coax it awake. Some of the Myrsta bloodline-like Karren prior to his death-had a greater urge to awake and sate their inner darkness while others-like Jarsek-did not have such powerful urges. It doesn’t take much for their darkness to be coaxed to the surface, however, because darkness can come in varying forms. From wishing to know or experience dark magic to even the simplest task of killing those either innocent or otherwise, those within the Myrsta clan can coax their darkness out to the surface, but with a severe cost of losing part of themselves to their dark depths. No magic can undo this, sadly, because it is a firm belief of those within the Myrsta bloodline that those who carry Myrsta blood-even changing their name would not work-within their veins are cursed to feel their inner darkness take hold and make them suffer in varying ways, though no one is sure just how many ways this darkness can make the person suffer. Shades cannot shade those within the Myrsta bloodline due to this belief, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to the dark thought. When Karren was still alive and wishing to be shaded by an old friend of his, the shade felt the darkness of their family curse and threatened to not shade the boy and his “split personality” if he continued to seek being shaded. What the shade did not realize at the time was that a single act of denying Karren that which he wished to have fueled his darkness even more, even to the point of fracturing the boy’s mind. When Ozais, Jarsek’s master, looked into his eyes, he found the darkness take root within his mind-fueled by the Graven’s Eye and coaxed into being. It turned him into a soldier of darkness, making him a Dark Phoenix. To those who are not aware, a Dark Phoenix is the physical form of a Myrsta fallen into darkness-never to be returned to the light. Madness and in the presence of a dark creature made Jarsek’s darkness truly come alive and nearly wipe away the man’s personality that he worked hard to create, but even the family curse could not completely change the person they once were. They couldn’t be returned to the light by any magical means, of course, but there are always pathways back to the light if needed. Though Jarsek now felt his curse take root, that did not alleviate his nightmares about his grandson. When Jarsek was shot and knocked out in Sutica, he was sent back into that hellworld of a nightmare. This time, there was endless screaming along with the ever-burning fire and brimstone accompanying the sight of the black armored figure. It was also different in the fact that the armored figure was turning to face him directly. The figure seemed to have black eyes within his helmet and at his side, the figure had a sheathed greatsword with some kind of magical symbols on the scabbard. Symbols that Jarsek did not understand. He looked to be the same height as Jarsek, but the black eyes within the helmet seemed to be soulless, unlike his master’s eyes. The figure would begin to speak in a gravelly voice to Jarsek... “Grandfather?” The figure would ask with a sad tone. “How can you be here?” “Karren? Is that you underneath all that armor?” Jarsek would ask his grandson, almost pleased to see him once again. “Yes, but you need to leave grandfather.” Karren would say with a small undertone of urgency. “If you stay here, you won’t be able to get back.” “Back?” Jarsek would ask Karren, confused as to what he means. “To Atlas. You aren’t done, not yet.” Karren replied, sounding a little joyous to see his grandfather. “Though I wish I could hug you, you need to wake up.” “Where are you, my grandson?” Jarsek would ask, shedding tears of both joy and sorrow. “Somewhere that only the dead can survive. Barely.” Karren would reply as he would withdraw his sword in preparation of a fight. “Now go!” Jarsek would want to reply with saying how much he loved him and how badly he wished he was there to save his poor grandson from the darkness, but it was when he heard his true name that he felt the chains of life begin to force him awake and suffer through the pain of being shot in the arm. His anger took root as he remembered where his grandson had been this time and that made his inner darkness grow even more within. He was not going to allow himself to fall into that darkness again.... He woke up in his room-hours later-as he didn’t sleep easily last night. He would have a long day ahead of him, but there was a lingering question in his head. Where would the dead survive barely and how can I get back there?
  25. Bany

    [DONE] Elf Skin (hair)

    Skin REQ I need a skin for my character (elf). For more details, contact me on discord (Bany#4241) . Remember what I will pay.