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Found 106 results

  1. Tournament: First place: 8k Minas + Trophy Second place : 2k minas ALL ARE WELCOME! Sign up on Tournament day with Therren (Limmz) by 4:30pm at the tournament grounds ! If you wish to run a stall or booth, please send me a message by Friday!
  2. The Reformed Ivae’Fenn of Wyvurn “My Lover, He wanders the Tundra” Ivae’Fenn proverb when drunk. Long have the Ivae'fenn stood guard over the Snow Elven people. They have served, for many ages, as the military of the Princedom of Fenn. From the Siege of Fort Indagolaf, to the Sack of Lindale, to the First and Second Sieges of Tar’sil all the way to the Arcas wars, the Ivae'fenn have given their lives and fought valiantly for the Princedom. They have a long history of protecting the Mali'fenn, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Loyal to the Grand Prince and Princedom as a whole, it is their sworn duty to give their lives, if necessary, to defend them. Now that the Snow Elves have once more reformed, the Ivae'fenn will continue to serve. With the higher ranks being equipped with horses, the Ivae'fenn is one of the most elite cavalry forces in the realm, though most Ivae'fenn serve as infantry or archers. It is one of the most disciplined armies in the realm. Within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, a soldier can choose any number of roles once they reach Guardian, including Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, and Siege Engineer. They will subsequently receive advanced training in their selected role(s) and be prioritized in the issuing of equipment related to their role. At the war of the Two Emperors, the Ivae’Fenn’s mounted units earned the prize from their allies, as the most skilled fighters in Arcas. The Ivae’Fenn shall stand strong, guarding the Fennic people until the snow melts. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ranks, Duties, & Payment Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal holds a position within the Grand Council and leads the Ivae'fenn. It's his duty to oversee all defenses of the Princedom, maintain internal functions within the Ivae'fenn, make sure that the Citadel is secure and do all else required in order to benefit the realm. Like all other positions on the Grand Council, this duty is delegated from the Grand Prince, signifying that at any time the Grand Prince may override the Grand Marshal's decisions. It is not uncommon for the Grand Prince or his heir to take direct command of the Ivae'fenn. Sentinel Sentinels are the highest level officers in the Ivae'fenn. If the Grand Marshal is unavailable, a Sentinel will take command of the Ivae'fenn. They help lead the Ivae'fenn into battle, and are expected to perform with discipline and honor. Sentinels must be veterans with experience in combat and leadership. Due to their rank as a high level officer, Sentinels are privy to the more sensitive matters and decisions of the Ivae'fenn. Additionally, it is not uncommon for Sentinels to be included in meetings regarding the Princedom as a whole and its policies. Duties: The Sentinels are to make sure that all duties of each Ivae'Fenn are fulfilled and assist the Commander in any way possible. They are also required to hand out missions and patrols. Also, they are required to attend/host 1 combat training per elven week. Payment: (2 coins and 20 iron) Warden The Wardens hold equivalent rank to sergeants. There are several of them, and it is their responsibility to train the soldiers and help lead them into battle as well. Wardens must have superb leadership skills and vast experience in combat. Seeing as these soldiers are considered to be junior officers, they will occasionally be consulted regarding higher military matters and decisions. Duties: The Wardens are required to host at least 1 specialization training and 2 Initiate trainings per two Elven weeks and attend/host 1 combat training per elven week. They are also required to lead 1 patrol per elven week. Payment: (2 coins and 15 iron) Valkyr The Valkyrim are the highest ranked individuals amongst the enlisted soldiers. Hand-picked from the ranks of the Guardians, the Valkyrim are the most dedicated enlisted soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and the most skilled. It is for these reasons that they are tasked with the personal protection of the Grand Prince, serving as his royal guards. Due to this task, the Valkyrim often operate under the direct jurisdiction of the Grand Prince. While they are able to lead Vanguards, Guardians, and Initiates, it is not their primary task. Duties: The Valkyrim are required to guard the Grand Prince at all times, safeguard the Citadel and the Temple, and escort the royal family if outside of Fenn. Payment: (2 coins and 10 iron) Vanguard Vanguards are experienced soldiers of the Ivae’fenn who have proven their dedication through long service and reaching expertise in one weapon specialization and one non-weapon specialization. A sort of ‘senior Guardian’, it is from the ranks of these soldiers that Valkyrim and Wardens are drawn. Vanguards deal primarily in the security of the Princedom’s territorial fringes, and thus are heavily involved in patrols, scouting, and fort construction. Requirements to reach the rank of Vanguard are expert in one weapon specialization, expert in one non-weapon specialization, 20 hours of gate duty, 10 patrols, and 3 missions. Duties: The Vanguards are required to host at least 1 specialization training per two Elven weeks and join 1 combat training per 1 elven week. They must take part in at least a mission and lead a patrol per Elven week. Payment: (1 coins and 15 iron) Guardian Guardians are the average soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and its very backbone. They fight in tight units during battles, guard the Princedom, and do all else the Commander, Sentinels, and Wardens require of them. While they are able to lead Initiates, it's rare they are put in positions of leadership. Duties: Guardians are required to take part in at least 1 missions and 1 patrol per Elven week. They are also required to do 1 gate duty hour per week and attend 1 pvp training and 1 spec training per 2 weeks. They are also tasked with keeping the city quiet and work as the local police. Payment: (1 coins and 10 iron) Initiate Initiates are citizens who have just joined the Ivae'fenn. During this stage, they are given intense training in commands, weaponry, formations, and other concepts that will be vital for their success. Until such a time as they are ready, they perform menial labor within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, though they shall still fight in battles when their presence is deemed necessary. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- General Rules Initiates who do not get promoted within an Elven month will be removed from the Ivae’fenn. Members of the Ivae’fenn who miss their periodic (once per Elven month) mandatory combat training will be demoted. Payment is dependent upon activity. Valkyrim and Ivae’Waleh are apart of the Ivae’Fenn. 2 Sentinels and 3 Wardens at all times. Extra-ordinary performances will reward with a small statue in the hall of fame in the Ivae’Fenn barracks. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ivae’fenn Specializations Amongst the soldiers of the Ivae’fenn, each soldier has proven that they each have their own individual capabilities and specialties. To expand upon these abilities, the Ivae’fenn has created specializations for those enlisted to show off their abilities, take part in missions suited for them, and to expand their skills. Specialization statistics and logging of patrols and gate duty hours are largely the responsibility of Wardens, but Sentinels and the Commander may also perform this task. Such statistics must be submitted to them. For an Initiate to rank up to Guardian, they must be adept to either archery or melee (Spear/Sword). Then, they must have passed the Formations Training and the Combat Training. For a Guardian to rank up to Vanguard, they must be Expert on the Melee (Spear/Sword) and Expert on the spec they choose (Cavalry/Archery). Then, they also need 15 hours of gateduty, 10 patrols and 3 missions. Lastly, they must be adept on Scouting. For a Vanguard to rank up to Warden, they must be Expert on all above and Expert on one of the additional specs. They are also required to be Expert on Scouting. * Being Expert on more than one (1) additional specs will yield more payment. * The Ivae’Waleh members must rank according to the above. * All Ivae’Fenn members, from Vanguard and above are required to take the Oath of Fealty. Warden+ Lancer / Mounted Archers Vanguard Citadel Guard / Kierguard / Horseman Guardian Archer / Footman Initiate Recruit Specializations Gear Footmen: They carry their spear and round shield. A short sword incase they lose their spear. They wear heavy armour, the typical Ivae’Fenn heavy armour. They carry a small backup, where their tools are and their food rations (1 week) Archers: They carry their short sword, their small round shield, their composite bow and a quiver of arrows. They wear medium armour, a variation of the Ivae’Fenn heavy plate, where most of the plate is replaced with chainmail. They carry a small backpack, where their axe for chopping wood can be found, and their food rations (1 week) Kierguard: They carry their melee spear and 2 javellings, their kite shield and their short sword. They wear heavy armour, the finest armour the Princedom has to offer. They carry their 2 weeks of food rations in their backpack. Citadel Guard: They carry their two-handed weapon, their combosite bow and 2 quivers. They also have a backpack for the 2 weeks of food rations. Horsemen: They carry their lance, kite shield and short sword. They wear medium armour, chainmail, plated breastplate and their Ivae’Fenn full helmet. They also carry 3 weeks of food rations plus any supplies the Ivae’Fenn might need. Mounted Archers: They carry their short sword, their composite bow and 2 quivers. They also carry their kite shield and atleast 3 weeks of food rations. They wear medium armour. A varation of the heavy lancer armour, with chainmail and studded leather. Lancers: The elite unit of the Ivae’Fenn. They are equipt with the best gear the Princedom has to offer. Heavy plate, reinforced on the arms and shoulders. They carry their lance and a spare one strapped on the saddle. They also carry their kite shield and an Ivae’Fenn banner. Their backpack has 4 weeks of food rations and healing supplies. All Ivae’Fenn horses wear rawhide lamellae Weapon Specializations Melee (Sword/Spear) Archery Other Specializations Cavalry Scout Healer Siege Engineer --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Definitions, Clarifications, and Requirements Patrols Each patrol ought to last at least 15 Elven minutes. Standard patrol routes include patrolling to the northern fort, around it and back; a patrol of the northeast area beyond the wall; and the most common, being a patrol around the walls and along the roads from the Alderyn crossroad to the Curon crossroad. Further patrol routes can be dealt out by Wardens and Sentinels. A patrol is going from point A to point B. Gate Duty Gate Duty guidelines are to be found in the Ivae'fenn Gate Duty Manual. Missions Missions are special assignments tasked by Commander/Sentnel. These assignments can be anywhere from detailed scouting reports, to outpost construction, to defensive probing, mapping new settlements or special tasks that need to be done. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Application [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of residence: Race/Sub-race/Culture: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?:
  3. « The Forest Guard » « Okarn’ame » The realm of Cernunnos and Cerridwen on Arcas will be protected at all costs, as will its people. A century of division followed the fracturing of the Dominion of Malin, and along with it came weakness, slavery and death for the Mali folk, as they were taken advantage of by hostile forces in ways akin to the horrors of centuries past. Now, at the dawn of the eighteenth century, another centre of ‘ame, Alder and their wild kin rises. The worshippers of Moccus and Morea, Amaethon and Kwakwani, Nemglan, Hamatsa and more will take up the spear and the sword to defend their new home. The Forest Guard will defend its forest, and Irrinor which lay within its embrace. « Hierarchy » ‣ Annilir - One who guides ‣ Miklaeil Arvellon The Annilir is the supreme commander of all military elements in Irrinor, and is a great leader and warrior appointed by the High Chieftain in order to run the brave warrior bands of the Irrinite realm. ‣ Medirir - One who helps ‣ Therren Caerme’onn ‣ Andria Tresery The hands of the Annilir. They are expected to be able to handle themselves well, and to be ready to lead at a moment’s notice. They are the overseers of internal affairs in the Annilir’s stead should the situation prove necessary. ‣ Halerir - One who lights The fully inducted officery and ensigns of the Okarn’ame. They are expected to uphold the values of strength, valor, and professionalism in their position, as they are the influence of the lower rankings. They are expected to know how to run trainings, scouting patrols, and event defenses.The Haleriran are the hands of the Annilir in issues both internal and external. ‣ Siramir - One who is honourable The bulk of the Okarn’ame. The Siramiran serve as the core soldiery of Irrinor. These are the foot soldiers, guards, archers, and watchmen of Irrinor’s military. ‣ Sanir - One who speaks The initiates and recruits of the Okarn’ame. The Saniran are those who have not proven themselves, and will undergo supervision by an appointed senior member of the Guard. « Specializations » ‣ Elokarir’laurir - Prince Guardian Separate from the formal rank structure, this prestigious position is held by the warrior held in highest regard by the High Chieftain. The fighter chosen has the special responsibility of protecting chieftain. At assemblies, the chieftain’s chosen protector will stand at his or her side, serving as both their shield and even an advisor if asked. ‣ Walehir - Field Medic Every military needs medical expertise with them for whatever situation that may come. The Walehir are medics or aspiring medics being trained within the clinic to assist the Forest Guard on and off the field, further ensuring the survival of the fighting soldiers. These field medics typically serve as a support force rather than the vanguard, and are identified by an aqua blue and white band upon their left arm. They report to the Head Clinician as well as their ranking officers within the guard. « Apply for The Guard » APPLICATION MCname: Character Name: Discord: Timezone:
  4. A Commandant’s offer. 13th of The Amber Cold, 1728. [!]A missive would find its way throughout the lands of Arcas. Addressed to the citizens of the Llyrian Concord. From the office of the Grand Marshal. “Dear citizenry of Llyria. Due to the forced hand of your Empyrion, the wheels of war have begun to spin. The sleeping giant of Fenn is to be unleashed upon your city. In tow with Legionnaires of Urguan, the Haelunorian Sillumiran, and the combined naval armada of Aegrothond and Hou-zi. Soon your walls will topple and your homes and stores pillaged. But I as a descendant would be remiss if I did not extend a hand of mercy. I understand that many of you were not associated with the dictatorial decisions your Empyrion forced upon you. And so, here is my offer to each of you. The besieging of your city is imminent and unavoidable, however we wish to spare the innocent at all costs. We are not murderers, but we will not stand for your leader’s many slights against our Princedom. Collect your things and vacate the city with haste, for soon our combined forces will eradicate all within the walls of the Llyrian Concord. Leave and never return, for if you do then only pain will you find. On the elven day when our forces march upon the feeble walls of the concord, any and all found within will be seen as nothing more than enemy combatants. Continuing to support the Llyrian dictator will be met with a blizzard to last a thousand years.” To the Empyrion of the Llyrian Concord. How dare you. How dare you betray the trust of Fenn, how dare you sentence your subjects to the sword, how dare you start a war you could not finish, and how dare you disregard a land of peace and prosperity. We gave you ample opportunity to avoid what is to come, and you spat on it. You have propagated among your people the ideal that the Mali’fenn are warmongers. This is your doing, Empyrion. I will offer you the same mercy as I have your people. Turn yourself over to Fennic custody and I swear on my honor you will receive a fair and just trial. I implore you to think about the decisions you have made and invite you to mend these mistakes. Think of your people, do not sentence them to ultimate and unavoidable demise. I will give you personally the allotted time of three Elven days from the time of this missive. Otherwise you will suffer the same fate of those that you have condemned.” Signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak. Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh.
  5. The Silma A comprehensive and complete guide to the Silma House Written by Elros Silma, 5th Keeper of Malin’s Flame of the Siolian Line Summary The Silma are an Elder House of Elves who currently reside in Aegrothond. They are generally followers of the Culture of the Almenodrim, though they have their own traditions and rules beyond the Sea Tenants. The Silma, as a house, focus on defending and aiding other elves however they may, whether through skill at arms or knowledge of the world and its ways. They hold themselves to high standards of honor, humility, and hold traditional elven values strong to this day. They are led by the Keeper of Malin’s Flame and see themselves as guardians of the Elven people and the traditions of Malin. Foundation and Ancient History The Silma are an ancient house of Elves whom were founded by Siol, Son of Malin. Many of them were originally a tightly bound company of warriors called the Silmarion, whom were organized by Siol who sought to protect the children of Malin as they escaped from the Demonic Hordes of Iblees, and many died working towards this task. They stood before the demons, their swords, bows, and spears held at the ready and their formations tight, though they were often outnumbered twenty or more to one by the Undead. Overtime, Siol began to see his companions not as simple brothers and sisters in arms, but as family. Hence held them to high standards of honor and humility throughout the war, the same standards to which he would hold himself or his own kin. He adopted many of them over the course of the war, with them taking on his surname of Silma. With the end of the War and the Fall of Iblees, Malin promptly disappeared into his exile, and Siol disappeared soon after. Why he left the people he cared so much for is unknown, but it is thought that he felt some sort of guilt for his father’s self exile. After the departure of Siol, the Silma was left in the hands of Siol’s two sons, Skale and Loriens. They held the unit together as best they could, staying in the city of old Malinor while watching over the elves who resided there and trying to mediate some form of order. The Ichorian departure came very soon after Malin’s death, and due to this early abandonment of Malinor and the Ichorian’s quest for power and to pursue traditions that the Silma saw as savage, few or no Silma joined them. A few decades later, when the Irrinites departed, some Silma did accompany them, led by Skale. They admired the Seeds and were largely Aspectist, and hence wished to leave the walls of the city and rejoin nature as the Irrinites did. They left on good terms with the rest of the house who, led by Loriens, stayed in Malinor as its population dwindled. Eventually, when the population of Malinor was sparse and few besides the Silma remained, Edrahil Sylvaeri and his company returned from their adventures and the famous dragonslaying. At this point the Silma met him at the gates with some degree of hostility due to Sylvaen’s Kinslaying. However, after some form of atonement from Edrahil, the details of which have been lost to time, at least to my knowledge, the Silma and remaining elves joined him in his quest across the sea. The Siolian culture slowly blended with the Almenodrim’s as the years went on, the two houses residing together in Old Aegrothond off the coast of Atlas until it was abandoned and the Almenodrim rejoined the other Elven splinter groups in the reformed Malinor. The Silma then lived in Malinor through its existence, though they started to slowly grow apart as the years went on. This is due to the Silma being less necessary when Malin’s children were at their strongest with no great enemy to fight. Loriens, however, kept what traditions he could and passed them to his three daughters, Lûthil, Hâdhel, and Esgalneth in Anthos. Loriens believed all three, along with his wife, were lost in the flood. This was, however, not entirely the case, and led to a further fragmentation of the House. Then next section will follow the happenings among the branches of Loriens’ children before returning to the Siolian line which persists today. Large portions of the account of Arben’s line are taken verbatim from the histories of Haston Silma, which were given to me by Haust when he rejoined the main line of Silma The Quenching of the Hearths In the years leading toward the dawn of the modern age, three distinct lines of Silma came together in preparation for the oncoming storm of Ibleesian servants. During this time it is said that the matriarchs of these lines, daughters of the then missing Loriens, became twisted in their ideologies. The eldest sister between them, Lûthil, remained most closely tied to Siolian customs. The younger, Hâdhel, proved the opposite. Marrying a man of ‘aheral nobility proved to eviscerate the woman’s love for her kin, as soon concepts of purity and superiority prevailed over her mind. Hâdhel became a soul afflicted by vile whispers of treachery - yet still she could not bear to see her kin slain. In desperation to repair cultural hostilities growing between the two Lines, Lûthil summoned for her sister’s kin. This did not, however, ended in hostility, starting a great and long feud among these lines, leaving only Arben and his sister Tirnel and a handful of others alive at its conclusion. The Arbenian Line The Line of Ârben began briefly after the first blood-feud between opposing lines of Silma. In the diminishing and rapidly darkening days thereafter would the son of Lûthil, a woman hardened by the tragedies of the First Ibleesian war, emerge to lead his few remaining Kin. Much like his mother, Ârben had been forged by conflict, though evermore was he plagued by his earliest days of combat. Later within his life, he was given a Sister - an elfess brought into the Siolian ranks during the earlier days of the blood-feud. It was said that she provided the voice of mercy, a motherly figure to those who found serving alongside Ârben as too exhausting. While Ârben remained the sole Keeper of his line, much credit is given to Tirnel for keeping the few remaining survivors of the feud united. Above all, Ârben taught those who remained under his protection the art of discipline. To be a Silma was to become a greater guardian of Malin’s Children. An honor that befell a relative few, Ârben commanded a guard of Elites that rarely numbered higher than seventy-five men. The distraction of war brought by conflict between the Descendants was not the primary focus of the Line, after all. The Siolians of the early modern age most often placed familial Halls wherever able, creating a network of sorts between Elven settlements of varying size and importance. There was a time in which the Halls of Siol represented a safety of sorts to citizenry - an elder brother of sorts to watch over not only the nobility, but the peasantry as well. Despite whatever poise the Siolians of Ârben’s line seemed to achieve, humility oftentimes shrouded the true magnitude of heroic deeds performed by the ever standing guard. Vanguards against evils greater than the pursuits of lesser men - Ârben’s Line became the unsung champions of their time. Of course, the strength of one’s sword arm means little against certain creatures of the abyss. It was for this reason that Ârben anointed many outside of the bloodline Silma. Specialists of every variety were once as equally demanded as warrior of great reputation. It was for this reason that the followers of Ârben became split into two distinct branches; those who were guided by Tirnel, the sister of Ârben, and those who fought alongside Ârben himself. Tirnel acted as a guide for Siolians delving into scholarly, diplomatic, and creative pursuits. It was beneath her that the true upkeeping of the family took place, the Seer branch being ever important stewards of familial Halls and courtrooms. The Siolian Line Loriens persisted on after Anthos, thinking the whole of his line was dead, not knowing of Arben or of the Quenching. He would go look for his families over the descendents time in Athera and Vailor before coming to the Dominion of Malin in Axios and joining their guard force, trying to reconnect with his past and his old reason for being. In Atlas, Loriens met with Skale again and the two decided to reform the Silma, for a brief time as a banner house of the Sylvaeri and then as their own house as they were in the past. The two brothers blended the old Ame idea of a Seed with the traditions of Malinor and the original Silma in this new iteration of the house, which made it grow quite quickly. Loriens then succeeded Belestram Sylveari as the Third High Prince of the Dominion of Malin after it’s reformation, and he led the nation for a brief time, trying his best to further improve things for Malin’s Children, though internal and external turmoil hindered his efforts. The stress of the position slowly got to him, eventually leading him to step down and go back to simply being the Keeper of Malin’s Flame. Eventually he left even that position, appointing Skale as the new Keeper and going forth to wander and clear his head, occasionally coming back to check on the family he had formed. Skale then left after a relatively short and uneventful term as Keeper leaving Miklaeil as his successor. Miklaeil led the Silma well in his time, with his term stretching over the fall of the Dominion and the migration of the Silma to Aegrothond, to rejoin the Sylvaeri there as they had in ancient times. In his term, though the family grew and flourished in several family units that had been adopted in since the reformation of the House, the strong sense of duty and the purpose of the family were somewhat put by the wayside in favor of being a standard but inviting Almenodrim house. When Miklaeil stepped down and, after a tight election, I was chosen to succeed him. It was then my goal to rebuild the Silma with the sense of purpose we had lost over the years, aided by the last notes of Loriens and the history of the Arbenian line. The following are the codes and traditions of today’s Silma, which will hopefully allow us to thrive and continue in our purpose with a lesser risk of misunderstandings, family divisions, and ideological breaks tearing us apart. These rules are a compilation of Arben’s codes and some I have added for clarity and to suit modern times. Family Tree Note to reader that many on the family tree are adopted, and that all those noted as Siol’s Children, outside of Loriens and Skale, along with Renee Silma, are all adpoted and are simply noted as how Loriens would have refered to them. Whether they are Blood Siolians is questionable, though some (Aewion, Annil, and myself, for example) exhibit some signs such as the line’s characteristic red hair and paler skin than many mali’ame. This could represent some distant relation, perhaps through the Skaelian or Hâdhelian lines, or through some Silma where either no wife/husband is noted or by some unmentioned, deceased line. Hierarchy The hierarchy is fairly simple, with the Keeper of Malin’s Flame as the leader of the house, the Elders as leaders of safehouses or simply being senior and respected members of the family, and the members being brethren in name and in purpose. All in the house can voice their disputes, but the Keeper and Elders will always have the final say, unless they directly break the Codes. When a Keeper steps down, he is the choose his successor from among the Elders. The Elders can overturn the appointment only if they can demonstrate that the candidate directly broke the codes, in which case a new successor will be chosen. If the Keeper dies before naming a successor, then the Elders and family will decide on the new Keeper in an election. The Codes of the Silma The Children of Malin are to be regarded as a precious resource in the realm, and are to be guarded accordingly. Traitors to the race (e.g, murderers, tyrants), are to be detained if found and brought before either the court of the nation whom they attacked or to the Keeper for judgement. If found guilty, these individuals are deemed to have abandoned Malin, and thusly no longer fall beneath the protection of the Silma. If one is found guilty of causing great harm to Malin’s Children (kinslayers and slavers especially), the Keeper and the Silma are to suggest death as a punishment, and carry such a punishment out if it is possible and reasonable to do so Elves beneath the age of 50 are exempt from this process, as they juvenile. The Family and its goals must take precedence before one’s personal pursuits. Elven customs of all cultures are to be tolerated, lest such customs interfere with the greater safety of Malin’s Children. Any Mali’ to declare themselves ‘King’ by right or claim is to be treated as a traitor to the one King of Elves, Malin. To serve Elven royalty beyond the Silma is permitted, so long as no oath binding the individual from acting in accordance with the word of the Keeper or the Codes listed. Our ancestors are to be held in reverence. Fallen Silma are to be laid within a canoe and set to sea, then to be cremated. Interbreeding or engaging in intimate relationships with other Descendants is not to be tolerated. Elven blood may mingle, but the race is to be kept free of halfbreeds. Born halfbreeds are to be treated with pity. These individuals are victim enough already to the two curses that afflict them. Silma are expected to maintain dignity and poise in their public life. Being a representative of Siol’s will is no task to be taken lightly. Discipline or expulsion will follow any act deemed disgraceful to the family by the Keeper. The practice of magic is permitted, so long as it does not endanger the greater safety of Malin’s Children. Any Keeper or Elder within the Silma who gives an order that directly violates these codes is to be disciplined as found necessary by the Keeper and/or Elders (depending on whom gave such an order) The Silma are to obey local laws and traditions when they are afield unless they directly violate one of these codes Traditions of the Silma Trials for Entry The Silma require anyone who seeks to join the House to complete 4 trials in order to prove their dedication to the Children of Malin and the ideals of the Silma. The first 3 may be completed in any order, though the fourth one must be done last. Trial of Knowledge: The goal of the Silma is to aid and protect other Elves, so hence they are to learn of the different Children of Malin, and their customs. For this trial a Silma initiate should as a member of each race and culture of Malin’s children to speak of their people and traditions, and the initiate should then report of what they learned to an Elder or the Keeper in either writing or speech Trial of Craft: A Silma must use their talents to help Malin’s people, hence they should create something with their talents to glorify the legacy and home of the elves. It can be food, music, literature, poetry, woodwork, smithwork, or any other craft, so long as it is tied into the history and heritage of the Mali. Trial of Family: An initiate must know of the Silma and their history and meaning, so for this trial they must speak with the Keeper or an Elder about the history of the Silma and about events in one’s life that display what it is to be a Silma. Trial of Honor: A Silma must help their kin with honor, and in this trial the Silma must demonstrate they are willing to do this. Here, an initiate must do some service for the Mali as a whole, whether it be freeing Mali slaves, defending a Mali nation, healing wounded, brokering peace, or otherwise working for the betterment of Malin’s Children. Once this trial is complete one has proven themself to be a worthy Silma and may receive the mark. Malin’s Flame Malin’s Flame is, in literal terms, the hearth kept by the Keeper or Elders of the Silma house. There can be multiple physical hearths that hold the flame, as any Silma manor or safehouse will hold the hearth, and even the hearths commonly found in the rooms or homes of the Silma could be considered to be lit with the Flame. However, it is much more than a simple ordinary fire found in a Silma-owned hearth, but a concept central to the Silma ideology. The Flame represents the will of Malin himself, and by extension represents tradition, knowledge, wisdom, justice, and strength. A Silma may often bid someone farewell by saying “May Malin’s Flame Guide You.” or some variation of such, as a form of blessing upon a traveller, hoping that they find wisdom and safety in their journey. The concept of the Flame is central to the Silma ideology, so it should never be doused if at all possible. The Burning of the Mark If a Silma departs the house,or if they are determined by the Keeper to have betrayed the goals and traditions of the Silma, or brings great dishonor to the House through their actions, then a Silma is to have their tattoo burned off their back with either conventional fire or with the fire of a pyromancer or fire elementalist. This is to forever be a mark of shame on them, and to show that what they are giving up or what they have betrayed is something that they will likely never attain again. It is meant to be a deterrent, a warning, and a sign to any seeking to join the Silma of the severity of such an infraction and the high standards the house holds themselves too. Funerary Rites A deceased Silma is to be laid onto a pile of straw soaked in oil in a small wooden boat (rafts, canoes, or other small boats are all acceptable) and then pushed out to sea. Once they are a fair distance out, a flaming arrow lit from the Silma Hearth (directly or through a torch lit from the Hearth) is to be shot into the boat, igniting the straw so that Malin’s Flame may claim the body and lead them to the next world. Silma who were close to the deceased, or all the Silma in the case of the death of a present or former Keeper of Malin’s Flame or a great Elven hero, traditionally douse the hearth in their home, though the main communal hearths are to be kept lit. Rites of Hospitality The Silma are protectors, guardians, and friends to all Mali, so hence the doors of their safehouses and manors to be kept open to any who seek refuge, food, shelter, or even simple conversation. If in times of peace, the doors of the main manor are to be kept unlocked. In times of war, or where there is an open threat to a Silma, they are to be kept locked, but are to be open if any of peaceful intent come to them. To violate the hospitality of the Silma, whether by committing a crime, causing disorder, or other such mischief is not acceptable, and will be punished to a level fitting of the crime, with being thrown out being a common punishment for smaller infractions and arrest, execution, and/or the waiving of one’s rights to the protection of the Silma being punishments for serious crimes. Final Notes from the Author Some of the text is of my hand and some is more ancient, though parts of the older transcripts have been edited and names changed so it is easier to read and understand for the modern reader. For example, Loriens and Skale went by different names in ancient times, so their names were change so those of our Era would recognize that they were being spoken of. The history section in general is based of a mix of Silma Oral Tradition, old tomes I have found upon my travels, the histories of the Arbenian Line that my nephew Haust granted me, the Oral Traditions and histories of the Sylvaeri, and some archeological evidence I have found throughout my life. Note that some of this information may be flawed, as some of it is based on logical inferences. Simply note that I tried my hardest to potray events as accurately as I could to history, and our morals as true to the words and Will of Loriens and to the Codes of Arben as I could. Finally, I offer a short note to any who find this tome, identify it, and seek to join us. I can relate with your feelings, as I felt them as well when I first heard of the house and saw the actions of Loriens in the Dominion, and I would encourage you to come and seek me out, for you will be welcomed with open arms so long as you respect our principles. I am often found in Aegrothond though I like to wander, so perhaps you will find me elsewhere. Even if you do not seek true entry to the House, we always seek brothers and sisters in our goals, and would welcome you as friends and allies should you not take the name, echoing the Silmarion of old. May Malin’s Flame Guide Your Path, – E.S. OOC Notes
  6. The Alliance of Ice and Stone “All goons united.” -Ancient Dwarven Proverb The signatory parties shall agree to a binding non-aggression standard between the armed forces of either nation. The signatory parties shall agree to the following terms to be grouped under a “Common Sense” clause with the purpose of explicitly stating a variety of mutual agreements to be adhered to by both nations. The free and unhindered traffic of goods and servicesa between either nation shall agreed to and enforced by this document. The extradition of wanted criminals to the nation seeking their punishment. The unhindered traffic of citizens between the cities of the signatory parties. The signatory parties shall enter into a full military alliance, promising the whole of their forces in the instance of conflict or aggression towards either nation. The Princedom of Fenn shall recognize the right and lawful lordship of the Under-Realm of Urguan over Da Arakh Agnarmar*, the tunnels beneath them, and the Autumn Tree as well as those which may be gained by conquest. “Da Arakh Agnarmar” or The White Mountains: The mountain range to the west of the outer ring road of the Cloud Temple as it stretches from the sea in the south to the borderlands in the far north. The Under-Realm of Urguan shall recognize the right and lawful lordship of the Princedom of Fenn over the region of Snowy Cliffs, the Spider Elves Caves as well as though which may be gained by conquest. This treaty shall last for a total of 12 Stone Weeks, at the conclusion of which the leaders of both signatory parties shall meet to renegotiate this agreement. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun
  7. Royal intervention and decree. The Throne of Lies 6th sun smile 1727 The words of an old women may not mean anything to the eleven community. But from my many years, I have nothing but knowledge to share. Nothing but truth. I have sat by while my son-in-law tarnishes his legacy and leads his kingdom to the ground. But I will not stand by as an illegitimate child born from a traitor ascends throne. If an ascend must be led by the family of Uliben who had taken my late child under the care as I was in recovery. They most know a mothers love before all else. They most understand to see your legacy crushed and tarnished by time that if a child of Xavis Ashwood must ascend throne that is must be born from his seed through marriagal vows. His children may be his clan, but his blood is not to be brought down with his downfalls. Under the royal consort decree of Vanvir Ashwood I call for a ruler of Noble Blood if not at all. If these decreements aren’t made, then Xavis Ashwood it is your Clan that you must sacrifice by enacting your chosen trials. Or it is your head that I am after, you disrespect your lates wife’s name by this behavior. Your disrespect Wrens wishes and her half sisters wishes Mayan Avern by what you have done. If you cannot rule a kingdom, how are you to rule your family? By witness to my claims by Mayan Avern,Xavis Ashwood and my late Daughter Amyliu Signed Lady Fyre Vanvir Head of the Vanvir family, Royal mother-in-law of the Ashwood family Keeper of the Vault Survivor of the Darkness
  8. The Silver Calendar of Sun’s Smile to Snow’s Maiden 1727 [!] A catalogue of events would be dropped off at every doorstep by a small army of Uherian. There would also be stacks of these calendars inside the tavern for all to see whom are passing through the Silver State. Mali’ Yoga Class Malin’s Welcome “Greetings nimble mali’, you are invited to attend a mali’ yoga class. This will teach you to increase your dexterity and flexibility. This class is especially recommended for mages to help learn mana control and increase their control on their connection to the void. The class will be held in the gazebo outside of the ballroom. Afterwards, there shall be a breakfast bar and smoothies.” Signed, Medi’ir Uppori Visaj Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ MONDAY AUGUST 5TH, 2019 4:00 PM EST/22:00 CET]] Archery Competition The Deep Cold “Citizens of Haelun’or are invited to the Berr’lin Archery Competition. Archers are encouraged to come no matter the skill set to prove their strength with a bow. Winners will be rewarded with a bottle of alcohol and minas.” Signed, Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH, 2019 2:30 PM EST/ 20:30CET]] Heial’Indor Snow’s Maiden “Come one come all to the Heial’Indor! The first book club meeting in the blessed city of Berr’lin will take place in the lower level of the Eternal Library. The Heial’Indor will discuss their favorite books as well as what they will be reading until the next meeting. This circle of avid readers and author calls all who wish to further their knowledge and wisdom to join the group in their discussions, debates, and studies.” Signed, Okarir’maehr Nerithil Valarieth Okarir’tayna Caestella Valareith [[WEDNESDAY AUGUST 7TH, 2019 5:00 PM EST/ 23:00 CET]] liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe maehr'sae hiylun'ehya
  9. Declaration for the living. 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1727. The Grand Marshal of Fenn, Aesilnoth. Addressing the Ivae’fenn colorized. The sun rises to find the Grand Marshal and the Grand Prince at the Citadel’s battlements, staring down at the city. Both were rather silent, their eyes scanning over the various faces as they marched into the barracks. The silence lasted for a while until the Marshal began to speak. “I think it is time.” The Grand Prince nodded, which prompted the Marshal to head towards the barracks of Tahu’Lareh. The Ivae’Fenn were already lined up, geared and ready. The chattering between the ranks stopped the moment the Marshal appeared, all eyes focused on him. “Today marks a day of great importance to the Mali’fenn. For today we set forth on an endeavor of might and willpower. Strange occurrences have begun to arise in this land. These Voidal Tears have become a plague, one I will aid in eradicating. Brothers and sisters, let it be known on this day that the Ivae’fenn declares for the living! We will fight alongside those who have already endured. And we will be victorious. May Wyrvun provide us guidance through this era of darkness. Ad Victoriam, Ivae’fenn!” Aesilnoth would then raise his blade Dawn high into the air. Suddenly a roar would erupt from the troops. The sleeping giant of Fenn has been awakened.
  10. 9th of The Deep Cold, 1725 Preface: Any and all who break the following laws and avoid the due punishments, or fail to present themselves before a court trial, will be exiled and blacklisted from Fenn’s borders. Acts of illicit misconduct not expressly mentioned in this document or in any regulation operating within Fenn should be reported to the Ivae’Fenn. All laws hereunder will be enforced by the Ivae’Fenn, and court trials held by the Grand Council. Repeated offenses of these laws are grounds for a doubled (or more) increment of any ensuing fines, as well as added punishments. Table of Contents: Section 1 - General Conduct Section 2 - Military Conduct Section 3 - Business Conduct Section 4 - Magic Conduct Section 5 - Religious Conduct Section 6 - Social Conduct Punishment Levels: Civilians are subject to all punishments hereunder but not limited to the following. Repeated offenses will warrant harsher punishments, and the Grand Prince may choose to decrease or increase any punishment accordingly. The only individuals permissible to organize court proceedings and serve punishments are the Grand Prince or High Chancellor. The listed punishments are as follows: 0: Verbal Warnings. 1: Fines, Labor or Community Service, Repossession, Temporary Areal Banishment. 2: Lashings, Extended Areal Banishment, Imprisonment. Requires an advised consultation with the Grand Prince or Grand Chancellor. 3. Eviction, Indefinite Banishment, Exile. Requires a mandatory trial and consultation with the Grand Prince. 4. Execution. Requires a mandatory trial and consultation with the Grand Prince. Section 1, General Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to any and all persons under the jurisdiction of the Princedom of Fenn. Section 1.2, Infraction Disturbing the peace, Level 0-1 Punishment The crime of disorderly conduct or willfully creating a public disturbance. Loitering, Level 0-1 Punishment The act of lingering or hanging about a public or government owned place with no express purpose. Section 1.3, Misdemeanor A reasonably minor offense. Upon repeated offenses, the punishment will be increased. Vandalism: Level 1-2 Punishment Defacing any property that does not belong to you, without the express permission of the owner of said property. Breaking and entering: Level 1-2 Punishment Entering any building through any amount of force without authorization such as breaking windows, or lockpicking doors. Trespassing: Level 1-2 Punishment The act of knowingly entering another person’s property without express permission. Minor shoplifting: Level 1-2 Punishment Any instance of shoplifting possessions valued at, or under 200 minas. Minor theft: Level 1-2 Punishment Any instance of shoplifting possessions valued at, or under 200 minas. Defamation: Level 1-2 Punishment Defined as statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted toward any individual, especially holding of official title or Bloodline within Fenn, with the intent of damaging their name, reputation, social status, business or guild. Slandering or defamation of military officials: Level 1-2 Punishment Statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted towards any military officials. Slandering or defamation of government officials: Level 1-2 Punishment Statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted towards any government officials. The formation of any ‘criminal street gang’: Level 2-3 Punishment An ongoing group, club, organization, or association of 3 or more persons with the primary focus of disturbing the peace, vandalism, corpse desecration and any other such form of criminal intent. Contempt of court: Level 1-2 Punishment The offense of being disobedient or disrespectful toward a court of law and its officers in the form of behavior that opposes or defies the authority, justice and dignity of the court. Section 1.4, Felony A reasonably serious offense. All offenders caught breaking these laws will be subject to Level 2+ Punishments. Shoplifting: Level 2-3 Punishment Any instance of shoplifting possessions valued over 200 minas. Theft: Level 2-3 Punishment Any instance of thieving possessions valued over 200 minas Thieving as defined as any person with intent to steal and take anything of value from any person in the presence of another, against his or her will, by means of force or violence or fear of immediate injury to the person or property of the person. Extortion: Level 2-3 Punishment Any person who communicates threats to another person, with the intention of obtaining anything of value from said person, associates or other interested parties. Kidnapping -- Arrest on Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment Whoever unlawfully seizes, kidnaps, or abducts and held for ransom, or reward, any person within the lands and walls of the Princedom of Fenn. Manslaughter -- Arrest on Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment The unlawful killing of individual without malice. Murder -- Arrest on Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment The unlawful killing of any individual with malice aforethought. Conspiracy to Murder – Arrest on Sight, a trial will follow: Level 3-4 Punishment Slandering or defamation of royalty: Level 1-2 Punishment Statements that are reasonably susceptible of a defamatory connotation, as targeted towards any member of the royal family. Assault: Level 2-3 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violent intention to do bodily harm to a person, or resident within Fenn’s borders. Guards are exempt from punishment regarding assault laws, as it is necessary within their line of duty to carry out physical attacks; so long as it is in the defense of the Princedom or its citizens. Should their assault be unlawful, report it so an investigation may ensue. Assault on royalty: Level 3-4 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violence intended to do bodily harm to a member of the royal family. Assault on government officials: Level 3-4 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violence intended to do bodily harm to a government official. Assault on military officials: Level 3-4 Punishment Any attempt to use unlawful force, or violence intended to do bodily harm to a military official. Conspiracy to defraud the Princedom of Fenn: Level 3-4 Punishment If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense against the Princedom of Fenn or any agency thereof in any manner, or for any purpose. Arson: Level 3-4 Punishment Whoever, within the jurisdiction of the Princedom of Fenn, willfully and maliciously sets fire to or burns building, structure or vessel, or attempts to do such an act, will be arrested, and put on trial. False impersonation of a citizen: Level 2-3 Punishment Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself, or herself, as a citizen of the Princedom of Fenn. False impersonation of a military or government officer: Level 3-4 Punishment Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself or herself as a military or government officer. Entails imprisonment with trial. False impersonation of Royalty - Imprisonment on sight Level 4 Punishment Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself, or herself, as a member of the Royal family. Slavery The state, condition, or practice of owning or trafficking live persons. Owners of slaves may be blacklisted or turned away from our city, and their slaves can be liberated. This of course, is at the discretion of the enslaved person; if they wish to be liberated, they can make a plea. If not, they will be turned away from the city with their owner. Blackmailing The act of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them. Section 1.5, District Laws Civilians breaking the guidelines hereunder are subject to punishment of a determinable level according to the law broken. All people found in places they are not allowed will be warned, escorted out, and on repeated offence, banished from the area completely. Residential District People may carry weaponry so long as it is always sheathed. One may not cover one's face within the Princedom of Fenn. Bearing arms in the Temple is prohibited. Access to the Clinic should be supervised by a member of the Ivae'Fenn. Access to the Guild Halls should be supervised by a member of the Ivae'Fenn. Main Bilok’thuln farmlands should only be harvested by the Bilok’thuln. Civilians caught stealing from the farmlands must relinquish stolen goods to the Ivae'Fenn and vacate the area. Livestock areas are off-limits to all but the Grand Councillors and Bilok’thuln. Civilians caught trespassing in the Tathvir Bloodline manor above the Clinic without express permission will be arrested. Bloodline District Only Snow Elves apart of a Bloodline may enter with unchecked arms. Civilians may enter but must give away all weapons and armor at the Bloodline District gatehouse before entry. Upon entry, visitors must always be accompanied by an Ivae'Fenn guard, or Bloodline member. Citadel & Walls Only Ivae'Fenn, Grand Councilors and Royalty are permitted to enter, patrol and man the City Walls unless in times of great urgency or war. Access to the Citadel is prohibited for any and all, except Ivae'Fenn Wardens or higher, Valkyries, Tundraks, Stolt’aroloths, and Grand Councilors unless in times of great urgency or war. Members of Royalty may allow the entrance of a civilian to the Citadel on their own volition, but they must follow all the laws of the Princedom of Fenn. Section 2, Military Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to persons within the Ivae'Fenn, foreign militia or official within the walls of the Princedom of Fenn. Punishments are determinable by Ivae’Fenn Officers or higher. Desertion: Level 1-2 Punishment Willfully departing from your post as a member of the Ivae'Fenn within the Princedom. To use your rank knowingly to belittle or arrest a citizen, upon false charges: Level 1-2 Punishment To disobey direct orders from an officer: Level 0-1 Punishment, 1-2 on repeated offence. Fraudulent Enlistment: Level 2-3 Punishment Any person who becomes enlisted in the Ivae'Fenn by knowingly false representation or deliberate concealment as to his or her qualifications for that enlistment and receives the benefits thereunder. Section 3, Business Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to persons owning or supervising the various guilds or businesses of the Princedom: Conduct Unbecoming: Level 1-2 Punishment When on duty, one must act with a sense of professionalism and decorum towards all. Leave without resignation: Level 1-2 Punishment Willfully departing from your post within one of the guilds of the Princedom without prior notice of resignation. Absence without leave: Level 0-1 Punishment Any member employed by the Princedom that, without authority, remains absent from his or her place of duty, at which he or she is required to be, may be fired from the position or fined. Embezzlement: Level 2-3 Punishment in addition to a fine no less than double the value of the money embezzled Whoever, being an officer or member of any guild within the Princedom of Fenn, or of any department or agency thereof embezzles or wrongfully converts to their own use, the monies or property of another which comes into their possession or under their control in the execution of such office, or employment. Other races may bring their foreign businesses into Fenn and practice them, but may not establish them as a guild, office or department anywhere within its borders. Only those who request a permit or business certificate may open stalls or offices within Fenn. Section 4, Magic Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to any use of magic within the Princedom of Fenn. Breaking any of the following laws is grounds for a revocation of one’s Magic Licensing with possibility of re-application. Magic without license: Level 0-1 Punishment One shall only practice magic if they have properly obtained a magic license after passing an interview with someone on the Grand Council. Learning magic: Level 0-1 Punishment One who learns magics by a licensed individual(s) must apply for magical licensing within Fenn before they may use it within Fenn’s borders. Fraudulent licensing: Level 1-2 Punishment Any attempt to claim you have a magic license while you do not have one. Practicing banned magics: Level 1-2 Punishment Necromancy, blood magic and any other dark magic. Practitioners of these magics are not banned, only the use of these magics within the lands of the Princedom of Fenn. Magic assault: Level 3-4 Punishment Any use of magic to harm the Princedom of Fenn or it’s citizens is punishable by execution or immediate banishment with a blacklist to the use of magic within the Princedom of Fenn, and the automatic cancellation of any and all magic licenses held. Reckless magic usage: Level 1-2 Punishment Reckless use of magic resulting in injury of another is illegal and is punishable by determinable fine according to the severity of the offense and a revocation of their magic license(s), should they have one. If not, then they will be blacklisted from using magic within the Princedom of Fenn. Non-consensual magic usage: Level 1-2 Punishment The reckless, malicious or unwarranted usage of magic on unknowing or otherwise non-consenting individuals is strictly prohibited. Section 5, Religious Conduct Compulsory laws that apply to persons following the teachings of Idhren’tirn or reside within the Princedom of Fenn as a civilian. Blasphemy: Level 2-3 Punishment and conversion, if applicable. The act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about Wyrvun or sacred things; profane talk within Wyrvun’s mortal realm of Hesin’fin. Defacement: Level 2-3 Punishment and conversion, if applicable. The action or process of spoiling the surface or appearance of statues, statuettes, way-shrines, obelisks, art pieces, artifacts or general paraphernalia used to pay homage to or worship Wyrvun. Denouncement: Level 3-4 punishment and conversion, if applicable. To publicly declare Wyrvun to be wrong or evil, therefore disrespecting him and disregarding the contract taken up by the Mali’fenn people in exchange for their sanity. Foreign Religions: Level 0-3 Punishment Non-Mali’fenn may practice other religions within Fenn in a private area. Openly practicing a religion, other than Idhren’tirn, will result in level 0-3 punishments. All laws regarding Religion are applicable especially to Mali’fenn no matter their region of residence but should be respected by non-’fennic peoples residing within Fenn’s borders. Section 6, Social Conduct For a Mali’fenn to engage in a relationship, intimate or otherwise, with another race outside the Mali’ is prohibited and will be punished accordingly on a case by case basis. All unrecognized persons must present themselves truthfully and in their entirety: Unrecognized use of facial masks is forbidden. Unrecognized use of face-concealing helms is forbidden. Unrecognized use of face-concealing clothes such as scarves or bandanas is forbidden. To enter Fenn’s capital city, all foreigners, outsiders and newcomers must declare the following: Your full name. Your race, subrace and/or culture. Your allegiance(s) if any. Your reason and intent for visiting the capitol. Your possession of weapons, armaments and mail’. All must be declared truthfully, honestly and without antagonistic behavior. Deportation: Defined as the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country. Entering the lands and walls of the Princedom of Fenn under false pretenses will be grounds for capture, trial, and release back to your native home. Continued infraction of Fennic Law and regulations as set out by the Grand Council and the Tundrak bloodline lands of the Princedom of Fenn, is grounds for deportation for crimes against the Princedom or private citizen depending on trial. You may be offered to be deported instead of fined, but this is solely down to a case by case basis. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun Grand Marshal Aesilnoth of the Annungilben Bloodline, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, Patriarch of the Annungilben Bloodline.
  11. Vinir Orothell Physical Information Height ⊸ 6’1 Weight ⊸ 150 Skin Tone ⊸ Pale Gray Eye Color ⊸ Green Hair Type ⊸ Short silver hair Race ⊸ Dark Elf Gender ⊸ Male Personality Information Strength ⊸ Very agile, has a strong goal to survive. Weakness ⊸ Ashamed of his past choices. Silver-Tongue ⊸ Has a very “persuasive” way of talking when he needs to. Ambitious ⊸ Vinir wants to do what is best for him and his companions, he will do whatever it takes to protect their bonds. Adventurous ⊸ Spends time talking and seeing the ways of others. This includes studying cultures, learning the different languages of the world, and even some information on the different religions. Other Traits Job ⊸ Teacher, smithing, military. Closest Kin ⊸ Conall Orothell Story/Biography [1653-1698] Vinir was a young elf that was born into the Orothell family. He was born in Sutica in the year if 1653. When Vinir was a young elf, he would roam the streets and would always spend his younger days making makeshift weapons with his brother, Andeosi. Andeosi and Vinir would spar day after day just to better themselves for anytime that they would have to fight in the future. Vinir always wanted to be the greatest warrior in all of southern Arcas and he did not plan to let anyone stop him. Vinir’s life was going great, he got to spend time with his family, watch the guards march in and out of the city after doing their prosperous work of protecting the people that reside in Sutica. However, one day when Vinir was waiting to see the guards walk by at his usual spot by the bank, he noticed that the sun kept going down and down, and no guards where coming in. Vinir finally got tired of waiting for the guards so he headed to the nearest wall access, and climbed up the wall. Only to see that there was a conflict outside, that started to gather many people that seemed to be all dressed in the same uniforms. As Vinir was watching, he heard a man scream in pain out of the middle of the conflict only to then later, see him fall to the ground motionless. Vinir was young, but he still knew something was wrong. He quickly ran to get help at the nearest guard-post he knew of but found them all empty. Vinir kept wandering the city looking for help, but he was to late. He saw the vicious men from outside start pouring in the city, as almost as to save himself, he ran to the nearest dock and dove into the ocean. [1698-1707] Now, Vinir was not the best swimmer but however, he knew how to keep himself afloat. To the best of his ability he swam one direction, he became very tired and grew exhausted (which he later found out was West) he became very tired and grew exhausted eventually passing out from swimming so long. He lay, floating on his back drifting with the current. The current took him to a desert island that he has never seen, but one that he has only heard of in silly stories. Upon arrival Vinir only knew little of what his older brother told him that involved survival. Vinir ventured deeper into the island and even found a place in which he could harvest the fruit and drink from the water. At the time Vinir was 45, still a young dark elf, was ready to survive whatever the gods would throw at him. Vinir would go on to survive here for 9 years. He would sleep in a cave that held all the resources that he gathered, a bed of leaves to sleep on, and had a spring at the back of it that he had drunk water from since his time there. Now, Vinir did not plan to stay for long, he had a heart for adventure and wanted to cross the ocean and find the next place that he could. So he did just that. Vinir had so much faith that he left all that he had just to swim towards, what he thought was Arcas. [1707-1715] Vinir walked towards the ocean and started swimming, he began heading in a somewhat straight direction. However, this swim took him to a rather, interesting place. Upon arriving he was greeted by a man that towered above him in a dark black armor. “Welcome to the Principality of Vira’ker”. Vinir had happily entered the city upon being greeted, he spent time wandering around and even saw many eviction signs. Upon seeing one recently evicted house, it caught his eye. He then went to the local steward and even slept that night in his new home. Vinir would spend many nights here before seeing the man the greeted him at the gates his first day there. Vinir later became friends with this man and even found out more things about him. The mans name was Daichia, Hortiator of the Div’Cruan, later known as the Vihai’ker. Later on into their friendship Vinir would challenge Daichia to a duel. Being the agile warrior that he is, he was able to move swiftly around the towering man and even defeat him. Vinir would go on to impress many people with his great agility. Daichia saw Vinir’s talent as he was dueling the prince on the beach and he was even placed Vinir into the military, days later even made a Ordinator. [1715-1720] Upon joining the military, Vinir began to travel. He spent many times escorting citizens and royals to their locations. Upon arriving at one location, Vinir saw a rather familiar face, his brother. After being reunited, Vinir and his brother spent a very long time travelling down the road catching up with each others past lives. Vinir even invited Conall to join him at Vira’ker. The two brothers then stay together as much as they could, who knows what the gods have in store for them, but I guarantee, nothing will stop the Orothells. [1720-Present] After leaving the lands of the Mali’ker. Vinir would visit Krugmar to see his friend Noka’Lur from time to time. After that he still continued to go on anger filled sprees of killing people. He did this for some time until one day, he came across a eagle. Upon following it around in the forest, he had arrived at the things nest where it had been living, in a forest near Fenn. Only to discover the broken eggs that lay in it. Perhaps it was just from a prey the eagle had discovered, so Vinir left and would return days later. When he returned though, the eagle had been laying lifeless on the forest floor. Vinir rushed up to it cradling it in his arms, as he sat there with it. While he did this, his bond would grow strong with the eagle, and soon he named it Tathvir.
  12. Many hand-written copies of a letter were affixed with a nail in all the settlements below, having been deemed ‘easily accessible’ and ‘having of a notice board, or otherwise improvised’ by a trio of Elves, specifically a friend or two and their disgruntled yet extremely insistent gray escort. Helena Reza Brannby Bank Ves Curon Fenn Irrinor Krugmar Talus Druid Grove Sutica Cresonia Thyra Brandybrook Llyria Agnarum Haelun’or The missive itself seemed to handle a personal affair- Yet it began with an over-sized heading, scrawled obnoxiously in blue-black ink. Evidently, the author was looking for a particular pair of eyes that may not have otherwise noticed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR8D2yqgQ1U One is seeking Mr. Sullas. Dear Passerby, With luck, this has been enough to attract more than the curious reader. Or, perhaps it is appropriate that the reader is curious, because it is a quizzical Elf that one is looking for. One digresses. The Author of this public letter has been somewhat overzealous, and surmised that a well-written speech and a two-century old private confession from one’s blond ‘father’ would prove legitimacy. As it happens, the integrity of a more obscure citizen of Haelun’or does not hold up well on its own. Indeed, a legitimacy issue. One shall briefly summarize for the public eye. Haelun’or prides itself on recording their lineage upon a very old book, and one has a mind not to be made a liar when scribing the Bloodline onto its weathered pages. However, the Author is encountering an issue whereupon a relation has been drawn a little too late, and things have taken a turn for the embarrassing. Once a blunder, always a blunder, one supposes. The question that must be posed, without revealing too much as to why it must be asked is thus: Lucion Sullas, have you a fifth progeny? Could this thing have been born from Aelia Calith? Sincerest apologies from the Author themselves, for one would be this thing, and this a letter penned to the progenitor of the unfortunate whelpling that may have been a result from this encounter. This brings an additional petition, in the event that this is to be declared as truth. If one is the whelp, would Mr. Sullas accept it into his Bloodline? Indeed, a bold question, but one would argue that if Mr. Sullas has gone through the trouble of bringing one back into the Haelun’or in the past as a rescued pup; then it could be assumed that there was some wish to accept it, and have it thrive. Luckily, it has. One has sired three already with Mr. Ikur Seregon, and as these letters are being drafted for personal couriering and posting about the continent- hopefully at no detriment to the thing- one is carrying a fourth to be born. As they are an investment of the Author, one would like to extend the offer for them to also be your investment should it be appropriate, Mr. Sullas. It is well known that tragedy has been rife in your blood, and with no disrespect to them, one thinks that this could be the least one could do to give back to the sire. A legacy, a terrifying and yet hopeful unknown. To be sure, Mr. Sullas already has a legacy worth having in his own achievements, but perhaps this might shoulder some of the burden one day. Or, perhaps they will all perish- for that is the gamble. If the idea is to your liking, the Author and their husband’s line of Seregon is to instead be Sullas, and if the opposite is true, no resentment is harbored. One will persist regardless of surname, for this is not a petty play for respect. One desires the truth, for it has been in turns swiped from the grasp and given back as lies over the years. One is sure Mr. Sullas understands, but no sympathy is expected. Should this whole affair displease you entirely, an honor it will still be to be turned away by you. If any of the public is still reading, one imagines you are confused. Please turn away now, the show is over. Persistence in the face of ignorance. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Thy Author, Aiera 9th of The Amber Cold, 1724 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsuY9lHxg88
  13. A vast flock of doves flies over the Silver State, dropping an abundance of letters to those below... Dear Citizens, it is I, your former Okarir’akaln Rosilya Lae’rinsyr I’m going to start by apologising to you. See, I lied. And I lied many times. I was never truly a woman, though on one occasion I did rewrite the fabric of my existence using ‘Soul Weaving’ to manipulate my body into that of a female. You could say, at heart, I’ve always been a woman. Whether that’s impure or not, I digress. Beyond my gender situation, I am also what is known as a Naztherak. I have tamed demons and truly never had them attack anyone, actually. It is considered a dark magic, and my entire family has been aware of it for what must be a decade. We conspired with Llyria on several occasions and Rinaedith was nothing short of a wonderful actor, Rhaelanthur visits Llyria frequently in disguise. Rin took up the role of my daughter and played her part excellently. She was a shield to protect me and my gender from scrutiny and was very openly endorsing of my lifestyle because she too is a tad impure. I say this because I’ve suspected for a while now that she has been into women. Namely, a young human girl she spends so much time with, named Victoria. My other child, Rhaelanthur, is bisexual, leaning toward liking men. He has confessed this to me on several occasions and I shan’t be idle any longer. These truths must come out, and I would be damned if they were to remain stagnant in the face of diligence. Caestella does not practice dark magic, but she is in league with someone who does. I would assume this person to be Nerithil Valarieth, as I’ve heard on several occasions that Caestella lusts for dark magic, and she could not have obtained what is known as an Inferis (a Demon) to study without proper help from a Naztherak and close ally both. That said, it may be another close to her who assists in these endeavors. Nerithil was always a good man, even if he wasn’t great at organising the Lae’rinsyr Book Donation. My critique to him is “Just get it over with”. I placed myself in Haelun’or… To see its destruction idealistically, as in to change and better its atmosphere to be a little more accepting and a little more loving. Rinaedith and Rhaelanthur, I’m sure, sport somewhat similar ideals with their respective ‘ata identities. That said, I could care less, but I’ll care just enough to write this. And so you know I actually mean this – “**** you, Caestella, suck my ****,” – a phrase I would like her to remember. My mission, as I see it, is done. And so, I leave Haelun’or in the capable hands of you all. Keep in mind that the Silver Purity is what makes Haelun’or. Sharing is caring, and you would be nothing without your fellow ‘aheral in this life. Loneliness has long been the burden of immortals, and we are no different. Cherish yourselves and those with you. My children, I love you, but you have broken my heart far too many times now. It has to end. Citizens, there are many dark magics in Haelun’or, living among you. Whether you choose to be ignorant of this stain on your silver platter, is your choice. But the Sohaer would have you remain ignorant, I’m sure. Maheral Iaria Elervathar was set once to wed Crumena Izalith, and visited him frequently for tea in Llyria. She agrees that Dimaethor is tyrannical and that his ideals are nonsensical. This probably will not be addressed, and I imagine none of it ever will. Why would the former Okarir’akaln make this up? The truth is, I’m not. I’ve lived a long and interesting life, truly a marvel, yet the truth of the world often escapes most. This letter is not intent to change your minds or have you rebel. This letter serves as a reminder to keep your eye out for impurity, and to keep your eyes open, first and foremost. Most of you have been very kind, and I wish I could have returned the very same kindness unto you. Alas, I am leaving. I find it fitting not to stain any silver seat with my fine bottom. I do however leave you with this gift of knowledge. For me, I will continue to live my best life, helping out, making my way through the world as I’ve attempted to help you all now. Unfortunately due to my rather hasty kick-out, there’s not much I can leave you in the way of wealth. But the Trade District remains, and so does my and my family’s contributions to the Silver State. Also keep in mind that I have served for years, and years, and years, and years, to your benefit. If this is dismissed by the Maheral or Sohaer as ‘ata trash, then you might wonder what other ‘ata trash lurks upon the council. Not Ikur Seregon, though, he’s one of the good ones. And Iaria is fairly attractive so I’ll give her a win. The rest, though... Eyes open. Signed (Former) Okarir’akaln Rosilya Lae’rinsyr Also, you’re a gem, whoever reads this last bit Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  14. Dear silver Council I am writing this letter to formally inform you that I am very interested in taking the position of the Okarir’Akaln as per recent events the spot has opened up. I believe that I am one of the highest qualified elves in Haelun’or to take the position as I have run many a business, including Calumins Candies, Tillmair Industries, and Tillmair Breeding. I am looking to bring out the best in our city by finding the talents of the elves in our cities and helping them to use their talents in a way that can earn them a living. I would also like to focus on our town treasury, as I feel it is important to have a place for the history and valuables of Haelun’or to reside. I believe that Haelun’or can have a strong trading district while also remaining pure with help from myself and that is why I believe that I am most fit for the position. -Calumin Tillmair
  15. 3nd of Malin’s Welcome, 1724 [!] Posters in many nations would hang Urguan got talent With the ending of Urguan’s First Trading Festival, the dwarves of the under-realm of Urguan are happy to announce, the first edition of Urguan got talent. What is ‘Urguan got talent’, you may ask. It is simple as its name, its a festival at which people attendt to show their talents, with hope to win the prize. The prize of the festival shall consist in the winner receiving the title as honorary dwarf, a golden trophy, 1.500 minas and the winner shall remain in history as the winner of Urguan got talent edition I. The event will take place in the under-realm of Urguan, more exactly at the Bearded Lady tavern at the upper level. After the festival, a feast shall take place where everyone will be fed and drink like never before! Invited nations: -The Princedom of Fenn -The Rajdom of Thyra -The Holy Orenian Empire -The Silver State of Haelun’or -The Druidic Order -The Jade Republic of New Jing-Taiyun -Clan Raguk Banished nations: -The Rexdom of Krugmar The talent of each competitor shall be evalued by a highly trained team of judges. The judge team, consists of: -Hekkaes Goldhand -Ozneat Treebeard -Thumril Grandaxe -Howler Silvervein The presentators of the festival shall be: -Utak Ireheart -Gimli Grandaxe [!] A picture would be drawn of the judges and presentators The festival shall take place in the upcoming Sunday, may the best win! Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, clan father of Goldhand clan, priest of Da Kirjka Dverga. ((OOC)) The event will take place on 14.07.2019 at 5PM EST. For those who have a talent that involves singing, they are required to sing in VC with the judges.
  16. Song down below what once was, what will never be One, Two, Three, Four… the rows went on and on until the room seemed to long to be real. Perhaps that was the half-empty bottle of alcohol clutched tightly in her grasp, or perhaps that was just the harsh reality of her life. Everyone who died, everyone, she loved that didn’t make it to this very day, all reduced to ashes and sat in this room as a cruel reminder of what she’ll never have again. Suicide, murder, accidental, disease… It struck them down like a sword and left a gaping hole in her heart where her love for them was once stored. There wasn’t much left of it. Arabella once believed that she could patch it up like putty to a wall with the constant presence of others or work. Both were scarce these days, all her friends scattered and gone and all of her children off being their own person, no longer needing her to take care of them like she once did. Her tavern was gone, the city she once put her blood, sweat, and tears gone with it. No one needed her, and that left a suffocating feeling of dread and loneliness in its wake. The Warhawkes were gone again, much like when she had first met them. All scattered about and lost touch with one another. They had given her a sense of purpose during her time with them, whether it be going on crazy adventures or manning the tavern they always brought joy to her life. She didn’t even know where most of them went off into the shadows to live on their own and that beautiful sense of community that she loved oh so much went with them. She was reduced to feeling useless and spent, her time was up. The clock had stopped ticking, and maybe that's because no one was around to put in the work to fix it or maybe that was because Ara knew that there was nothing left for her. She had raised her family to live without her, they’ll protect one another like always, Luna or Lyra would probably take in her youngest, who were old enough to live on their own but had never left home before. They’d watch out for them, surely they would. A Delevoye always chooses family above everything. She’d seen where she’d go after death, Dak’ir had briefly taken her there on a spirit walk once, and she knew she’d finally feel the happiness that once filled her up to the brim, left her smiling and dazed with a carefree sense of fulfillment with the life she led. At times things got dark and scary, she lost a lot and saw too many awful things for her to count. But she’d let it all go once she was finally surrounded by her old relatives and loved ones once more. The love of her life would be there, and her parents, children of hers that broke her in half upon their deaths. She’d see them all again, and more. Arabella thought of all the dinners and parties hosted for the family. How every year in Axios on their boat Ara would put together something on their main deck for anyone to attend. Her favorite party will always be the krugsmas one when Lyra was just a little girl, she ate all the cookies meant for decorating and everyone was basking in the holiday spirit, smiling. Kalvo was there, alive and that realization just seemed to deepen her need for what she was currently doing. He was gone, and so many others went with him. A few years later went her granddaughter, weak and sickly she was but full of spirit and love. She hopes that all her children look back fondly on their memories with her, that Luna remembers their afternoons spent doll making in the windmill and Lyra remembers being in the kitchen with her mom. That Nerrin won’t forget that she raised him, that Luna might be his mother but she put in the hard work when it came to parenting her grandson. She doesn’t know what she wants Atlas to remember, just something pleasant, something good that wasn’t tainted by his father or that dark time when things went awry. Maybe Astrid, Aries, and Nova will really only remember her funeral, they are old enough to hold their own but everyone else got decades upon decades with her. She feels selfish for a moment, thinking about them, but one last glance at all the urns lined up in this room full of grief just solidifies her plan. Ara left her shrine room, knowing soon she’d see the people whose ashes took up the space of such a winding and dark place. Maybe she’d finally get to apologize to her cousin and hug her father. The once clear alcohol swished around the bottle as she swayed, it had been tinted a light golden hue upon her adding in the necessary amount of the poison. She was slowly starting to feel it, constricting her airways and making her light headed. She dropped the bottle at the foot of her bed, the glass shattering and embedding itself into her feet and legs. But with the light and airy feeling that enveloped Ara, she did not react and simply fell down onto her bed, slowly turning onto her back and staring up at the light purple canopy of her bed. She knew it was finally coming, her end. All life was slipping away from her, all her woes and worries floating off into the stiff air of the room and despite herself and her predicament, a giggle escaped her as she drew her last breath. The following letters would be for the selected people. The letters would be found stacked neatly upon her vanity To Luna To Lyra To Atlas To Astrid & Aries To Nova To Nerrin
  17. [!] To all relatives and friends of the Barclay and Avern houses, doves and falcons fly with invitations to an upcoming wedding! The tan parchment leaflets are scribed with a shimmering gold ink and tied with a deep green and silver ribbon. Finally, a blue wax seal holds the scroll shut only for the eyes that it was intended for. In two saint’s days, the Stallion of House Barclay; Ser Wilheim Barclay, and the White Dove of House Avern; Marcella Al’abass Avern, are to be married in the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, by Father Johannes. Friends and family of all walks of life are welcome to attend the wedding and reception to be held afterwards in the Bell Inn and Tavern to celebrate the union of the honorable Avern and Baruch households in holy matrimony. If there are any questions or concerns, send a bird to Marcella or Wilheim. Signed, ~ Ser Wilheim Barclay ~ Marcella Al’abass Avern [OOC] The wedding will be held on Sunday at 4pm EST.
  18. Mactroth! Cresonian Ducal Theatre Mactroth - A man and his wife work together to take over a throne that doesn’t belong to them, but what will be their end all fates in this tragic production? Audition to join the cast now! ((Co-ords to Cresonia: x: -1354, y: 60, z: 529)) Lady Jasmin Nasrid, governess of the Ducal Cresonian Theatre, has currently opened auditions, taking place on [[Saturday, 6th June, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT]] Sign up below Roles to audition for: Mactroth (Human) Lady Mactroth (Human) King Duncard (Human) Banqaul (Human) Fishmongerer (Any) Fleana (Human Child) Three Witches (Any race)
  19. The Grand Stables of Fenn “Hear our hooves and despair” - An Ivae’Fenn proverb The Ivae’Fenn of Fenn has always been known to utilise some of the finest horse archers and heavy lancers this world has seen. Many of which were part of the Hordes of Dunamis! In times of war, each Ivae’Fenn would own two war horses; one to use for traveling and one to fight with. But in times of peace, those majestic war-beasts are usually inside the stables, unused and forgotten. The Princedom of Fenn however believes it's high time to allow the rest of the people of Arcas to be able to own one, as the wars are finally over. The Fennic stable is located in the marketplace, just beside the gatehouse. Prices and Speeds: 12.8 to 12.6 are 500 minas! 12.6 to 12.4 are 400 minas! 12.4 to 12.2 are 300 minas! For lower or higher quality horses, you may send a letter to the stablemasters! With each horse bought, you get a free copy of the horse guide, written by the best horse breeder to ever walk the mortal plane, Officer Grudgebeard! *We sell saddles as well, 55 minas each! (5 minas Fennic Tax) ((To acquire a horse, simply PM Goonhz (EST) or Ioannis(GMT)!))
  20. The Wedding of Rathamalion & Kardi The Bells are ringing. Turtledoves fly around. People come in masses to watch the feast.Severeal Doves would spread this Letter to all of the allied Nations of Renatus . My dear Allies of the world i am so proud to finally announce my Wedding to all of you I am going to marry at the 3 Elvenday of this week and me and my Fiance wanted to invite all of you to our Wedding afterwards our closest friends will be able to join us to a little party afterwards. Food and drinks will served from me. Some Infos would be down there When : The 3rd Elvenday this year 7 pm CET Where : Capital of the Khardasi Who : All allied Nations of the Empire ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ ____________
  21. (Credit to @Trinn for founding Tiva lore. Credit to @Sorairo, @Starfelt and @sophiaa for helping me develop this more. Credit to @Aethling for helping me give this more elven flair and for putting up with my anoyingness in general during the writing process of this.) [!] The following book would be found in the Talus grove, Irrinor, Sutica and Agreothond. Scrolls instead were rolled up and delivered to notable Elven leaders and charters, containing the same text. Tiva The language of the mali is often misinterpreted as strictly elvish, leaving a language, an art, and a system of survival left forgotten and in the shadows. Our ancestors utilized simple wreaths to weave stories through flowers, guide travellers home, or warn the same travelers from danger. Wreaths were weaved with messages through flowers and delivered when mali’ame were not advanced enough to read and lived without cities. Centuries of war and Seeds migrating seemed to have separated the main line of Tiva, leaving fractions of the language and the ashes of its glory. From what my mother taught me, and learning by mali’ame around me and from books, it seems there are very few branches of the language that remain the same across all seeds and families from separate regions, if any knowledge still persists. I’ve done my best to put the pieces together and share the blank spaces in common knowledge with the knowledge of my seed. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fully recover the language, but as a culture, as a whole, we can use and revive the use of what we still know, so that our offspring do not lose our culture at the rate we’ve lost it. I am splitting the contents of this book into four chapters: Tiva’lye – Self Identification Wreaths Tiva’annil – Guiding Wreaths Tiva’illern – Ritualistim/Ceremonial Wreaths Saner’tiva – Speaking with Tiva & Gift Wreaths ~ Tiva’lye ~ Tiva’lye is the most commonly used branch of Tiva, worn by mali to denote facts about themselves and tell about their life, personality and family. The flowers are chosen from each category that applies and placed in a pattern which repeats throughout all worn wreaths. True Calling - Angrec - Traditionally worn by druids and aspectists, or general people who seek to maintain the balance and protect nature. - Gladiolus - Worn by warriors, hunters and protectors. The equivalent of the fathers mark. - Mandragora - Worn by healers, doctors and caretakers. The equivalent of the mothers mark. - Chrysanthemum - Worn by tinkers, blacksmiths and those who work with any form of craftmanship. - Bluestar - Worn by sailors, fishermen and pirates. - Mayflower - Worn by those who have not yet found a true calling in life. - Acacia - Worn by those who have retired from their true calling. Lesser Callings - Allium - Worn by kings, queens and anyone with a ‘royal’ status. - Heather - Worn by leaders. Age - Freesia - Under 20. - Alcea - 20-50. - Azalea - 50-500. - Aster - Elders, 500+ Family & Relationships - Lily - Worn by those who are not in a relationship. - Carnation - Worn by those who are in a relationship. - Hibiscus - Worn by those who are open to being flirted with and forming a new relationship. I believe this flower was created to allow the possibility of polyamory. - Bellflower - Worn by those who are not open to being flirted with and who do not want to start a new relationship. - Gardenia - Worn by parents. One flower is worn for each child someone has, allowing multiple of these to be in a pattern line. - Lotus - A sacred flower worn by pregnant mali. One who wears a lotus flower is expected to be given gifts and being celebrated. Personality Traits (These flowers and their meanings can be used in other areas of Tiva, but I most commonly use them for Tiva’lye) - Anthurium - Hospitable. - Bird of Paradise - Joyfulness. - Peony - Compassion. - Calla Lilly - Graceful. - Daisy - Faithful/Religious. - Gerbera - Hopefulness. - Lavender - Discreet and quiet. - Iris - Smart and intelligent. - Lilac - Confident. - Larkspur - Gentle. - Protea - Courage. - Ranunculus - Bravery. - Statice - Sympathy. ~ Tiva’annil ~ Tiva’annil is the branch of Tiva used for guiding people to a destination or to tell travellers of the area they’re in, possibly preventing them from walking into danger if they're observant enough to any carefully-placed flower wreaths. There is no specific pattern, as each flower is self-explanatory and when used alone it gives the message well. Flowers can be stranded and hung from trees, or even planted in significant abundance by the road. Racial Specification - Dandelion - Home of Elves - Anemone - Home of Dwarves - Amaranth - Home of Orcs - Laceleaf - Home of Humans Hospitableness - Daffodil - Hung or planted at the entrances of homes that are hospitable and welcome visitors. - Begonia - Hung or planted at the entrances of homes that prefer living in solitude and do not like visitors. Area Traits - Calendula - Placed in areas that bring death and danger. “Do not enter.” May be a cursed place. - Cattail - Placed in sacred areas belonging to the Aspects. Usually used for druid groves. Druids used to remember how to get to fae rings by planting or hanging cattails on trees in a path to it. - Dahlia - Used in areas with an abundance of animals, welcoming hunters to use it as their grounds. ~ Tiva’illern ~ Tiva’illern is the most sacred branch of Tiva, holding the most important flowers denoting the Aspects. It is regularly used for worship, festivals, celebrations, and specific & notable events/occasions. The Aspects - Vervain - Cerridwen, used in wreaths to honor the springmother and given as offerings. - Snapdragon - Cernunnos, used in wreaths to honor the huntsman and given as offerings. The Seasons - Helenium - Autumn. - Marigold - Summer. - Myosotis - Winter. - Golden columbine - Spring. Events - Pansy - Victory, used to celebrate winning in wars, etc. - Cyclamen - A flower used to mourn the dead. - Magnolia - Literally means ‘promise,' traditionally used in weddings. - Zinnia - Rememberance, used in memorials and celebration of things that no longer exist (perhaps stepped down leaders or fallen nations, separating it from Cyclamen.) - Lathyrus - Departure. Typically used for “going away parties.” - Orange Bud - A flower used that is believed to bring blessings from the Aspects and Mani. Used in worship festivals/rituals. If using in other branches of Tiva, it literally translates to “Blessings.” - Pentas - A flower used symbolizing duties in war and battle, used in abundance after severe loss in a battle has occured. Often found on the graves of fallen warriors. - Rosebud - “Birth.” In traditional elven societies, the birth of a baby was one of the most important celebrations, bringing every member of the Seed to praise the mali woman who was blessed with the rarity of pregnancy. Rosebuds were used as gifts after the childbirth and was used in these mentioned celebrations. ~ Saner’Tiva ~ Saner’tiva is the last chapter of Tiva. Literally translating to “To speak with Tiva,” in Mali, this section is used to give messages to people, and also contains specific words used to compliment the wreaths in all the previous sections. Most of the flowers are assigned a long message that is pre-made, however there are some specifics. Unfortunately, saner’tiva is mostly forgotten and the various specific words are impossible to remember and use as regularly and reliably as our ancestors once did. Simple Messages & Gifts - Linaria Bipartita - “I love you.” Used as a gift for loved ones, typically an anniversary gift. - Rue - Repentance. The giver of a wreath using this flower has wronged the reciever, symbolising sincere repentance. - Wild Hyacinths - Gratitude and Thankfulness. Weaved into wreaths or baskets/boquets and given to someone who has given you a gift or done you a favor. - Sweet Pea - A flower given to someone to wish good luck and safe travels. - Aconite - A form of insult. Superstitious mali believed if one gave this on a wreath to someone or hung it near their house, it would bring them bad luck. Used for people you hate, or enemies. Specific Words & Misc. These are the loose flower meanings, few found after being scattered, they don’t quite fit into a much larger use but can be used to compliment wreaths and give small messages. - Amaryllis - Literally translates to “guidance.” This can be used as the Tiva equivalent of sayings such as “Aspects guide,” or “May the forest guide your path.” - Poppy - Dreams, imagination, or sleep. - Orchid - Rarity. - Sunflower - Friendship. - Rose - Respect. - Magnolia - Promise. - Asphodelus - Death. - Baby’s Breath - Innocence/babies. - Oleander - Maternal love. - Pansy - Victory. - Clary - Knowledge. - Cornflower - Growth. ~ Conclusion ~ The purpose of this book is to spread our culture, first and foremost. Secondly, I wish for all to use this sacred art that I have cherished over the years. It is simple to utilize Tiva in your daily lives – Simply look up at tiva’annil and plant a flower by your door saying you're hospitable or not hospitable, it’s as easy as that. Create boquets and wreaths, gifting them to your friends and loved ones. Explain to them the meaning of the flowers, once they find the meaning behind it they’ll understand the love and effort that put into the gift. Create a simple flower crown with the simple flowers in tiva’lye, not only does it hold meaning but it looks pretty, too. Encourage your children to learn this as a fun game so that when they grow they can hold onto the knowledge. If anybody has questions or needs assistance, do not hesitate to contact me. -~- Written by Skylar Taliame’onn The Rainbow Druid.
  22. The Temple of Wyvrun One true structure to Fennic standards, of extreme beauty and almost angelic tranquillity, though it does sadden me, for you see. Our place of law, court, justice and trial is out of date, renewed unlike the recently refreshed city. It is this for which the Thanian Independence Team must strive to change, as a believer of law and justice we call for court to change the court, we call for the renewal, the rebirth and a following in the new appearance of Fennic standards, be it a new structure or integration into another, we call for renewal! It is why I plea ye, I call for a court meeting to be held in the near future, where the discussion of the following arrangements can be sorted:
  23. The Party at the End of War ”Rejoice! Rejoice! Peace has covered our lands!” yelled one of those indescribable couriers that roamed the lands, a letter delivered to all those Fennic or Friend ”To the good people of Arcas, I shall be hosting a party at the Silver Snowflake within the city of Fenn, there we shall drink, rejoice and relax now that our war is over, if you wish for narcotics I will have some on hand but I suggest you do bring your own if you want a larger stock, drinks are a mere three small mina so take a little purse with you too, we’ll also try to get some food on hand so you can leave happy with some potatoes!” ”Do read the rules though, I shan’t let vagabonds spoil this celebration!” ((Party will be Saturday 4pm est, 9pm for us brits, and uh yeah aussies good luck))
  24. THE NEKHABET & THE TRIBES OF MALI’ASUL & VALAH’HT Mali’Asul History & Society Asul and their human soldiers once were glorious in both might and beauty, their scrolls long since burned. A history once believed to be grand now lay in rubble far below the sands. The Pharmalin believed themselves to be the chosen people of a forgotten Daemon, for they believed their necromancy would allow them to rule and begin a war in the realms beyond, far away from their Mali’aheral brothers they toiled forging armies of dead in the sands. Their kingdom, if you could call a shambling mass of mindless undead fell into ruin as the necromancers fought one another in an vain attempt to grab power over the realm, A realm of little consequence to anyone else. However the sand swallows all in the end as would become a common phrase; the war proved to have no victor, and the art of their necromancy perhaps lost forever in the dunes. The only whispers of this story come from those who claim to hail from the hidden kingdom of the undead it’s name now gone. All that remains is the Nekhabet, Arak, & The Sun Elves of the deserts. Mali’Asul are known mostly for their desire for their aggression, instead of hiding in their homes they are known to instead nearly to a fault be ready to fight both at war and in single combat. For most of all might makes right in the lives of any tribe. Thus one cannot lead a tribe without both the wisdom & knowledge of a warrior and the mind of a leader keeping weak leadership out. Tattoos mark their skin, showing their accomplishments and titles etched in gold for their lavish nature still resides below a warrior’s strong ideals desiring to amass wealth and rule once more remains lingering in all Asul hearts believing themselves not only all deserving of great power but superior to their high elven breathen whom they often call Lowborn for their weak moral code and seemingly reclusive nature. Famous riders and horses are known to frequently come from the stock of the Asul being very numerous it is within their culture to not only honor horses but live beside them. For a Mali cannot rely only on their legs or strength of arms if they are to rule over those whom sit in their castles. The Nekhabet Tribe however have a renown desire for rare objects, scrolls, and gold being interested most of all in their ability to fight against the undead for while they Asul once wielded them, they too fought them. They most frequently share the traits of white hair and amber almost golden eyes Their Sister tribe the Arak however idolize combat to an extreme degree fighting for the simple joy of it, known also perhaps for their lustful nature. They most frequently share hues of gray in their hair, their eyes similar to that of the Nekhabet perhaps denoting a shared lineage. Nekhabet & Arak Behavior Mali’Asul Culture & Society Asul Architecture & Defenses Mali’Asul Tribal Faith The Tribes of the Sun Elves *In full detail Mali’Asul Tribal Virtues firstly are the virtues all tribes shared the Mali’Asul or Sun Elves followed, a strong set of virtues that govern their life since they lack a core religion they instead follow a strict code of honor written as their ‘Virtues’. It brings shame to those whom break these Virtues. Arak Nekhabet Interested in RolePlaying the culture? https://discord.gg/kzGwpZF is the discord. Please if you wish to actively help improve this post join!
  25. 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖞𝖑𝖗𝖎𝖈 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖊 “𝔅𝔦𝔩𝔬𝔨, 𝔱𝔞𝔢𝔩𝔲, 𝔢𝔳𝔞𝔯.” To make, to learn, to protect. Personality & Culture Sylrics are known to be hardworking, determined and very focused at everything they do, whether that is being a soldier of the Ivae’fenn or taking up a role among the ranks of the Bilok’thuln. Thus, many would consider them more serious than other bloodlines, though one can note when asked a question, Sylrics tend to be rather blunt; straightforward and to the point. Despite their often brash or stubborn behaviors, Sylrics can be kind and respectful towards their kin. The Griffin, their sigil, perfectly reflects a Sylric’s state of mind: loyal, clear and determined. The Sylrics are very big on performing private wake ceremonies before a public wake or funeral. Additionally, if someone wishes to be married into the bloodline, they must first speak with the Patriarch of the Sil’siimah, as it would be of the utmost disrespect to wed one of their family without first getting their blessing. This is primarily due to their militaristic, patriarchal family lifestyle from generations of war. Professions & Specialties Because of their industrious capabilities, they can often be seen performing scholarly duties in the Library of Fenn, crafting wares for the general public, tending crops or lugging raw materials from the depths of Arcas. Alongside this reputation of being hard workers, the Sylrics have a reputation for being competent warriors and active in ‘fennic politics. Physical Traits & Characteristics With all their hard work, Sylrics tend to be muscular, with a strong, well-built frame to them. They typically have white to silver hair, but there have been some with blonde. Their eye colors have most notably ranged from grey to blue eyes, as well as the rare occurrences of emerald or amethyst. Style of Combat Because of their mighty physiques, they are often on the front lines during times of war. Their weapons of choice include Longswords, Greataxes or a Warhammer and a shield, though other types of weapons are also used. To stare down a Sylric upon the battlefield is no comforting feat, as their strong posture, large size, and choice of weaponry makes for an intimidating sight. The Sylrics have their own custom-made armor which boasts heavy steel and cleated boots to increase their time on the field of battle. Banner of the Sil’siimah Ceremonies Wryvun’ahern, the newborn ceremony When a new Sylric is brought into the world, a special ceremony is held called Wryvun’ahern. This ceremony celebrates the life of that individual, prayer be that they lead a healthy and successful life that they may join their kin and ancestors in Wyrvun’s realm of eternal slumber: Aira’fin. Bilok’ihnsil, the coming of age ceremony When a Sylric is welcomed into the family, Bilok’ihnsil is held to prove that they can return to their people as a true Sylric. Each participant must forge themselves their own personal weapon; gathering all the materials themselves and by themselves alone. No help shall be offered to them, as they must build their own forge and use what they knowledge and materials gathered to create a beautiful piece of weaponry, from the largest of Greataxes to the smallest of daggers. When they finish and feel that it is worthy of the Sylric name, they are to return to the Manor and present it to their Bloodline Head. Once approved, a hunt ensues to test the durability of the weapon. A feast is then followed provided by the spoils of the hunt. As the feast ends the patriarch approaches the child, presenting him the Sylric Insignia, to be branded on to their weapon as well as stitched onto their cloak. This is to mark that they are now a true Sylric. The Sil’siimah Brooch ((Anyone who wishes to join the Sylric Bloodline can contact the Bloodline Head via the forums, in-game, or discord [Maury#8922]. Applications are acceptable.)) Application Format [OOC] MC Username: Discord: Timezone: Application Type (Highlight): Member / Offspring [RP] Name: Age: Backstory (Optional):
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