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  1. T h e S u l i e r ’ i r Kingdoms and nations come and go, but elven-kind always endures. The Mali’ame and greater Elvenesse have long enjoyed a period of peace and plenty not seen for centuries – children are orphans no longer, and the echoes of song and dance reverberate throughout the forest for days at a time. Yet with all that is good, those that would seek to corrupt and destroy it still linger. No longer shall they be granted so much as even a single breath on our lands. To the foreign eye, the Sulier’ir might be a rather elusive entity. In actuality, it exists as the unblinking eyes of the elven forest – its constituents often found atop unseen perches within the thick of the woods, diligently and vigilantly scanning for any that carry ill will. In fact, these constituents are rangers, who have dedicated themselves to eliminating anything or anyone that threatens Mali’ame way of life. One seeking to cause trouble would likely be met with swift retribution and an arrow into their sternum. From where? One could not tell. Born deep within the woods, gifted with the blessing of the Aspects, and armed with elven steel and ironwood, the Sulier’ir was founded by Abelas Caerme’onn and Rhathalas Caerme’onn with the purpose of reconciling combat expertise in its various forms with discipline and wisdom that – in concert – make for a truly formidable force. I n i t i a t i o n & T r i a l s Admission into the ranks of the Sulier’ir is earned and pursued after. Those who wish to join will not be turned away, as all with the desire to protect their people ought to be given the chance to do so. Those who excel, however, will be distinguished. Initiation is granted in one of two ways: 1. Conditioning: Those who wish to join the ranks of rangers must undergo intensive physical development if they lack skill with weapons. Prospects must prove their worth in mind and body if they claim proficiency. 2. Invitation: Being sought out does not typically grant privileges, unless the initiate is highly adept. This occurs either through the Okar’ir’s personal scouting or the recommendation of current Sulier’ir rangers. As prospects deem themselves developed enough for initiation, they must undergo a series of trials to demonstrate their capabilities. These trials will be overseen by current rangers. · 1st Trial - Marksmanship. Prospects will demonstrate their skill with the bow, and will be judged based on technique, accuracy, and speed. · 2nd Trial - Hand-to-Hand. Prospects will demonstrate their skill in hand-to-hand combat through a spar (pvp & rp) with either another prospect or initiate, matched by a ranger’s choosing. To initiate is to commit to service until death or discharge by the Okar’ir. This commitment is enacted by the bending of the knee before the shrine of the aspects, where a verbal oath is declared before the witness of rangers as well as kin. Tattoos are often then engraven onto the initiate’ but are not mandatory. A s c e n s i o n A ranger in their truest form has laid down self-preservation in favor of the life of their kin, whether by blood or citizenship. More specifically, they exhibit: · Absolute partiality in the protection of mali’ame and the broader Elvenesse kind, never discriminating by means of personal preference or even blood ties. · Absolute trust in and unanimity with fellow rangers and especially the Okar’ir, never sowing in-conflict of any form. · No condescension or abuse of authority over citizens of the Elvenesse nor their fellow rangers, but rather goodwill and even compassion. · Composed disposition and careful discernment at all times. The ranking structure of the Sulier’ir is as follows (highest to lowest): · Okar’ir – The Warden – the final word and the overseer of all matters regarding the protection of Siramenor and the greater Elvenesse. On the field they patrol the forests, perform administrative duties, and lead training sessions and patrols. · Hesto’ir – The Captain – a distinguished, exemplary ranger who embodies the ideals of the Sulier’ir. Captains have the utmost trust of their fellow rangers and demonstrate excellent leadership. Responsibilities include reporting directly to the Okar’ir, performing administrative duties, leading training and patrol sessions, and gate duty. · Othelu’ir – The Ranger – makes up the body of the Sulier’ir who are adept in multiple forms of combat, are sharp in their senses, and swift to respond to danger. Responsibilities include gate duty, patrols, and other duties as assigned. · Taelu’ir – The Acolyte – prospects who have dedicated themselves to learning and training for initiation as rangers. T r a i n i n g Training is held either by the Okar’ir, Hesto’ir, or a guide of expertise. Sessions emphasize the development of proficiency in various forms of weaponry – typically bows, swords, spears, maces, and shields. Attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended. Furthermore, rangers are expected to hone their skills in and out of formal training sessions, whether that be individually or amongst one another. E n l i s t i n g Comment with the following below: Minecraft name: Character name: Character race: Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): Discord user: Time zone:
  2. From the Residence of Elibar’acal Realm Wide Invitation to Silver Ca. 5th of the Sun’s Smile, 1774 Fellow mali’thill, mali’aheral, and other lliran of Silver across arcas, and beyond, The Diarchy has been dismantled. The countless decades of tyranny, oppression, and stagnation have come to a close. Down are the ones that claimed false maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and puppeteered the very councillors meant to serve the people for their own greed and power lust. In the ashes of the fear and paranoia that once dwelled within the hearts of the mali’thill rises a newborn phoenix. A beacon of liberty, of peace and safety. The compendium and amalgamation of a suffering peoples that now seek a newfound freedom from the chains that once shackled them in place. Symbolizing a new age of unity and maehr’sae hiylun’ehya that beckons the children of Silver forth unto this dawn that awaits us, the New Republic has risen, spreading its wings in preparation for the first flight into the heavens. The Silver State of Haelun’or has been reborn. With a new age comes a new outlook for the times ahead. The era of bygone days calls on us to change and adapt for the future that promptly awaits us. Thus, we answer the call of Larihei and embrace this change, stepping across the threshold of the past, united, as we embark forth, approaching the next crossroads we shall inevitably encounter with each passing day. The solutions to these potential problems rest in the mind of every ‘thill and ‘aheral residing across the realm. As such, the answer to that which we strive to achieve, the success and grandeur that we work so hard in pursuit of, requires the coalesced brilliance of the mali’aheral and mali’thill across the realms and beyond. Even Larihei herself did not work alone; her followers were an integral part of her rise to success. No longer do we push our brothers and sisters away, no longer do we exile and suffocate our own people for the sake of power and status quo. We have seen the success that can be achieved when the ‘thill unite in a common struggle against the forces of evil, and we stand now in the glory and triumph that has been ushered forth when the ‘thill unite. To all mali’aheral and mali’thill scattered across the realm: We urge you home, we call you forth to the Blessed Bastion, so you may share your brilliance and reunite with your brothers and sisters of Silver. For the sake of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, for the sake of all ‘thill and ‘aheral in the past, present, and future, come and stand by your brothers and sisters, that we may embrace the future together and overcome any hindrance that may linger in these skies unknown. The banner of the New Republic waves in the wind with a new ferocity than ever before, inviting all forth, in its flight for maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. May the sacrifice of the Golden One, Azorella Elibar’acal, always be remembered. And may we follow in her footsteps to reach and transcend her incredible legacy. Ay’Azorella Ay’Larihei Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Storm Elibar’acal
  3. The Eldari Infirmary The Council of Lords is pleased to announce the establishment of The Eldari Infirmary as an institution of healing and medical research located right in front of the gates of Tor Eldar. The doctors and researchers alike have been making great strides to improve patient care and medicinal practices in the Pale of Aldemar for the betterment of medicine in the realm. The Ivory Tower works hand in hand with The Eldari Infirmary to ensure that the clinic has access to the most up to date alchemical solutions and to ensure their medical practices are the most productive and effective that they can be. The clinic is currently hiring physicians who are dedicated and passionate about helping and healing others. The infirmary is also looking for those who wish to take on apprentices in the clinic. If you are seeking to learn about medicine, many of the doctors of The Eldari Infirmary are taking in apprentices under their tutelage. Seek out the head physician, Lord Kleo Vethrai, by bird or in person if you are interested in working in The Eldari Infirmary. “It is here that is the heart of Elvendom and the propagators of peace within the realm.” [[OOC: Feel free to pm either Strife#5631 or emmanatalyia#9520 on discord for more information as well as joining the Ivory Tower discord! https://discord.gg/htYFC3Y ]]
  4. WARDEN’S NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION: Sentinels of Malin 20th of the First Seed, 1773 Lye elkarin’ento adont Malin narn elamean marn’oem Pursuant to the delegations of the esteemed Council of Lords and the honored Annilir of Tor Eldar, the Pale of Aldemar sees fit to dissolve its state-funded, ineffective military force, presently dubbed the Sentinels of Malin. Hence, this martial body is to be dissolved and subsumed by the martial company of the seated and serene House Laraethryn. Under direct command and banner of the incumbent Warden of the Pale, Keledan Laraethryn, the aforementioned company shall effectively be the established militant arm of Tor Eldar and the Pale of Aldemar, subject to the law of its host state and the governing body therein. Effective immediately, this decree entails the legitimacy of the following mandates: The soldierly retinue of the seated and serene House Laraethryn will henceforth be tasked with the protection and enforcement of the law within the jurisdiction of the Pale of Aldemar, wielding the authority necessary as granted unto them by the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar. The soldierly retinue of the seated and serene House Laraethryn will henceforth be tasked with the organization, operation, and maintenance of all martial endeavors undertaken by the Pale of the Aldemar, wielding the authority necessary as granted unto them by the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar. Pursuant to this decree, all Eldari seeking transfer from the dissolved Sentinels of Malin must contact the honored Annilir, Alayris Laraethryn. ((Werew0lf#0506)) As decreed by the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, Maruthir Keledan Laraethryn, Warden of the Pale of the Aldemar Highguard Alayris Laraethryn, Annilir The Black Dragon of Caledor, the crest of the House of Laraethryn WARDEN’S NOTICE OF ASSEMBLY: The Eldarhim Ranger Corps 20th of the First Seed, 1773 Preamble: The Eldarhim Ranger Corps, colloquially the Eldarhim, are the militant body of the Pale of Aldemar, operating from within the resplendent city of Tor Eldar. Born of the dissolution of the Sentinels of Malin, the soldierly-company of the Eldarhim is composed of the loyal retainers of the House of Laraethryn and those few sentinels yet eager to spill blood in the defense of their home. Skilled pathfinders and survivalists, the Eldarhim are masters of their domain, having become one with the land and the blades and bows they raise against their enemies. Under direct control of the Warden of the Pale, they are the strong right-arm of the state, tasked with the safekeeping of the Pale and the onerous duty of upholding law. Table of contents: Section I: Induction Section II: Oath Section III: Decorum Section IV: Structure Section I: INDUCTION ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Eldarhim, funded and maintained by and for the House of Laraethryn, is a force not to be reckoned with. A collective of elves and men under the command of the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, they are forever expected to endure rigorous training that shall mould them into efficient, ethical soldiers and citizens of Tor Eldar. To climb the rank and file of the Eldarhim, one must first display the discipline necessary to complete the difficult trials that await -- upon completion of said trials, the individual shall be inducted as an oathed ranger of the Eldarhim and be given their ruby brooch of acknowledgement. Unoathed rangers must work for their uniform, and as trainees, will go through the most basic of training. The initial training will mould their character, instill unto them the respect demanded from soldiers of the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, and strengthen their skills and qualities, that they might become assets in the line of defense of Tor Eldar and the House of Laraethryn. This training regime will include: expeditions outside of imperial lands, mock skirmishes, monster-hunting, sword mastery, archery training, navigation and mapping skills, and lectures on the history and culture of the Pale of Aldemar. ...An Eldarhim with a drawn bow, ready to loose their arrow upon Tor Eldar’s foes... Section II: OATH ________________________________________________________________________________________ When the time comes that a ranger-captain believes an unoathed ranger has satisfied their training, they will be granted ceremonial audience with the Warden of the Pale so that they might swear themselves unto him and to the fair city they serve. To ascend to the rank and file of the officer corps, a ranger must be referred by an actively serving ranger-captain, who will direct the aspiring officer to the Highguard of the Eldarhim for specialized training and induction. “I, _________, do solemnly swear by the might of Malin and the venerable Warden of the Pale of Aldemar, that I shall bear the weight of the mantle of elvendom and safeguard the legacy of Malin against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I shall have faith in and allegiance to the same; that I will never falter in my duties and obligations as Eldarhim; that I will give my life in exchange for this unity and serenity; and that I will obey the command of the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar and the Highguard appointed to me so that order and justice will forever follow in the wake of the Eldari; this I swear and shall hold to my heart; that which is demanded of me shall be done, from now until the day of my release from this oath.” ...Eldarhim trackers interrogate a poacher in the woodlands of the Pale... Section III: DECORUM ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Eldarhim are expected to maintain a certain standard of excellence during their service under the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar and the House of Laraethryn. In observation of this, the decorum of the Eldharim is strictly drilled. The customs and courtesies displayed in the presence of a superior exemplify gratitude and grant merit to the efficiency and character of the elite company of rangers. This entails rigid professionality, both during and outside of service. Failure to obey the outlined decorum will result in punishment befitting the facetious and immature -- thus, the culture, customs and courtesies expected from the Eldarhim are thoroughly instilled unto them through training and routine. Forms of address: All Eldarhim are to address their peers by their appropriate title and are expected to show the same respect to one another in and outside of service. Words of enmity, disrespect, or insubordination are in grave error; even the most senior Eldarhim shall receive severe punishment. All individuals must adhere to the structured decorum below. “Karin/Ker’ayla, honored Highguard/Captain” suffices as an appropriate addressal of a commanding officer. “Karin/Ker’ayla, Alayris” does not suffice as an appropriate addressal. One must be certain to address an officer by their rank, so as to show respect and acknowledge their authority. “Karin/Ker’ayla, Ranger/Trainee” suffices as an appropriate addressal for any rank beneath the authority of an Eldarhim captain. “Mar’karin/ker’ayla, Lord/Lady (surname)” suffices as an appropriate addressal of Eldari councilors and courtiers. When addressing the lords and ladies of Tor Eldar, the intensifier mar- is always added. When departing the presence of a superior, Eldarhim must always cite “Lye vira’n adont ito”, which translates from the elven tongue to, “We wait with vigilance.” Uniforms will be provided to each Eldarhim, issued by rank. Each variant of the Eldarhim uniform bears a different stripe upon their cape to signify the rank they bear. Uniforms must be worn at all times -- both while on-duty and when representing the Eldarhim in any capacity. The Outfittings of the Eldarhim ...An Eldarhim ranger plays his lute in the aftermath of a Nordling incursion... Section IV: STRUCTURE Below entails the structure and ranking of the Eldarhim: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Command Highguard of the Eldarhim: Currently held by the honored Annilir of Tor Eldar, Alayris Laraethryn, the Highguard is appointed by the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar to the Eldarhim as commander of their company. Seated upon the Council of Stewards and privileged by inclusion in the Warden’s court, the Highguard of the Eldarhim is tasked with the administration of the company, strategy, communication with foreign bodies, the establishment training routines, and the general stewardship of Tor Eldar’s military faculties. Excluding direct intervention by the Warden, the Highguard of the Eldarhim is the sole individual responsible for the appointment of officers in the Eldarhim, directing them in matters pertaining to training and special projects. As the highest ranking member of the Eldarhim, the Highguard demands respect and wields great authority. Officer Corps Ranger-Captain: Upon the recommendation of an existing officer and by the grace of the Highguard, an Eldarhim may undergo training to become an officer themselves. Eldarhim ranger-captains are focal leaders who see to the training of their fellows, maintain quality amongst their peers, and lead rangers in battle, occasionally assisting the Highguard when they see fit to seek insight from their officers. Eldarhim ranger-captains are expected to present excellence, and thus are deserving of the respect of their peers. Ranger Corps Eldarhim Rangers: Rangers are oathed members of the Eldarhim, tasked to serve under the Warden of the Pale of Aldemar to ensure his safety and the safety of those that please him. Their duties also include maintaining the justice of Tor Eldar’s codex and the imperial law that is subjected upon the Pale. Rangers are empowered to conduct lawful arrests, disperse crowds, use lethal force in the defense of Tor Eldar, and investigate crime. Eldarhim Grunts: Eldarhim grunts, also called trainees, are members of the Eldarhim who have joined fresh off the boat. They are unoathed and have yet to be provided the suitable uniform of a ranger. Trainees are expected to live within Tor Eldar for two weeks and undergo training on military law, authority, and the cultures of both House Laraethryn and the Pale of Aldemar. During their training, many skills and qualities will be drawn out from the recruits, before they are oathed as true rangers. Grunts do not have any power outside of training unless specifically granted to them by a superior, limited to the singular task they are commanded to fulfill. ((Apply below and contact Werew0lf#0506 or Malaise#1701 on Discord if you would like to join the Eldarhim)) Username?: Name?: Age?: Race?: Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Discord?:
  5. Union of Leandra Laraethryn and Alayris Enrique [!] An artist's depiction of the view of the Eldari Forest from the temple’s overhang. Circa. 1760 The wedding of two prominent Eldari, Lady Leandra Laraethryn and Berun’laurir Alayris Enrique shall take place the Grand Harvest of 1775. The ceremony will take place at the temple grounds and shall be conducted by the Warden of the Pale. Guests are asked to wear fine attire and stick to the colors of red, navy, and black- though variation with colors outside of those is acceptable. The ceremony will consist of a blend of traditional high elven unions with influences from the culture of Tor Eldar. After the ceremony all guests will move over to the tavern for an assortment of drinking games and other festivities.There will be live music for entertainment as well as a variety of local foods and desserts for the attendee’s enjoyment. The guests are free to change out of their formal attire for this part of the celebration into something more relaxed and casual. The overall atmosphere of the after-party is meant to be enjoyable for all the guests invited. Gifts are not required in the slightest as the wedding is meant to focus on the festivities and enjoying the entertainment provided. [[OOC:Saturday June 27th @ 7:00 PM EST // 24:00 CET]] Specialized Invitations are hand deliver to the following: The Imperial Household HIM the Emperor of Oren, Peter III @ARCHITECUS HIH the Princess Imperial, Princess Anne Augusta @DreamInSpace HIH the Duke of Helena, Prince Joseph Clement @Hunwald HIH Princess Elizabeth of Helena @Ivorey HIH Prince John Charles of Helena @KosherZombie HIH Princess Juliette Caroline of Helena @yandeer HIH Prince Philip Augustus of Helena @BenevolentManacles THE PALE OF ALDEMAR The Council of Lords and Their Family Members The Warden of the Pale, Keledan Laraethryn @Malaise Speaker, Head of the House of Faith,Alasnirelan Har’sulahnen @Bagley Lord, Head of the House of Wealth, Kleo Vethrai @Strife The House of Knowledge in its entirety which the bride is head of. The Council of Stewards and Their Family Members Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai @Kimika Steward of Law, Evar'tir Ithelanen @ChaseusBelli Steward of Land, Heahmund Bren @Junar Steward of Housing, Visenra Lareh’onn @axelu Pride Lord, Haskir Ther’kul @Ryloth Court of the Warden Lady, Amorette Acal'elor @Luv Lady, Celia Aldirar @MunaZaldrizoti All Citizens of Tor Eldar and the Outlying Areas of the City. HELENA The Basrid Ministry HIE The Archchancellor, Simon Basrid @Cracker HIE The Secretary of War, Alren DeNurem @Mirtok HIE The Secretary of Intelligence, Frederick Armas @Esterlen HIE The Secretary of Justice, Joseph Adler @wealthypiano HIE The Secretary of the Navy, George Sarkozy @bungo HIE The Secretary of Civil Affairs, Charles Napier @Hanrahan HIE The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Godfrey Briarwood @KBR The House of Sarkozy TRH the Count of Pompourelia, Lord George de Sarkozy @bungo The Lord Peter de Sarkozy @Proddy The Lady Casimira de Sarkozy @ShannonLeigh The Lord George de Sarkozy The House of Basrid TRH The Count of Susa, Sir Jahan Basrid @Dyl Mister Simon Basrid, Imperial Archchancellor @Cracker The Lord Iskander Basrid @KBR The Lord Basil Basrid @MCVDK The Lord Darius Basrid @Quantumatics The House of Carrington TRH the Baron of Carrington, Lord George Carrington @ChumpChump TRH the Baroness of Carrington, Lady Mary Philippa d’Arkent @Ivorey Miss Alpha of Carrington @Merqurie Miss Mary Lucille of Carrington @libertyybelle Miss Mary Sophia of Carrington @Eryane Miss Mary Jane of Carrington Miss Mary Vespira of Carrington @lalosia Mister Jasper of Carrington @EddyTheBrave Mister Peridot of Carrington @Heff HAENSE The Royalty of Hanseti-Ruska HRM the King of Hanseti and Ruska, Sigismund II HRM the Queen consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Viktoria Sofiya HRH the Crown Prince, Duke of Alban, Prince Nikolas Stefan HRH the Princess Royal, Princess Analiesa Reza HRH Princess Amelia of Hanseti and Ruska HSH the Grand Prince of Muldav, Godfric I, and his household As well as the Barclay Household, headed by Erwin Barclay KAEDRIN The Nobility of Kaedrin HRM the King of Kaedrin, Peter II @ARCHITECUS HE the Governor-General, Prince Helton Helvets HG the Duke of Cathalon, Prince Robert Helvets @gamer_guy TRH the Count of Rochefort, Prince Richard Helvets @Methuselah HIH the Countess of Rochefort, Princess Lorena Antonia @Starryy The Lady Lorena Helvets @MunaZaldrizoti The Lady Catherine Helvets @Koanda HG the Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa, Cardinal Laurence Pruvia, and his household @Draeris TRH the Viscount of Albarosa, Lord Frederick Pruvia @BigMacMoMo TRH the Viscount of Rillsworth, Lord Frederick Armas @Esterlen URGUAN The Clans of Urguan Grand King, Utak Ireheart @Mickaelhz Clan of Goldhand and it’s Clan Father Clan of Ireheart and it’s Clan Father Clan of Irongrinder and it’s Clan Father Clan of Frostbeard and it’s Clan Father Clan of Starbreakers and it’s Clan Father Clan of Grandaxe and it’s Clan Father Clan of Irongut and it’s Clan Father Additionally personal invitations have been sent by bird to the friends and family of the Bride and Groom.
  6. THE RESURGENCE OF PROGRESS Issued 8th of the Deep Cold, 1771. A new entrance has appeared by the Acid Pit Observatory... The newly appointed Okarir'tayna calls within the square for attention, as he gestures toward the gazebo on the other side of the fountain. The entrance to the Acid Pit Observatory, the stairwell that had been barred by a gate and a glass wall for months, was now decorated with cyan ribbons. Silvos called out for those present to follow him down, leading the way side by side with Sohaer Miravaris. Upon entering, the citizens would notice a new telekinetic elevator, barred by a silver gate, has been constructed on the other side of the balcony, topped by a sign simply stating “The Eternal Laboratories”. The Okarir’tayna hands the Sohaer a pair of scissors to cut the thin ribbon standing between the public and the elevator, and with a swift *snip*, the Laboratories are opened! The gate rises, and any and all mali'aheral are allowed inside to finally see the halls that will soon host a myriad of experiments, research papers and scientists. At the end of the offices a small hall branches off, aptly titled the “Hall of Discovery”. The Okarir’tayna announces: Mali'aheral of Lareh’thilln, I am pleased to welcome you, finally, to the new laboratories. When I returned to elHaelun’or after my long slumber, I was appalled to find a lack of this integral institute which has allowed so many great discoveries, so much progress, in the past. The place I held most dearly within elcihi, the establishment that provided the Eternal Library with new knowledge, absent. Now, in these difficult times, the one thing we can always agree upon shall remain our loyalty to elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. And Maehr’sae we shall seek once more. I am glad, that I can proudly present to you these halls with such purpose. However, at the moment they are dull, void of any research and progress in the works. This is where I need you. On the desk beside the elevator you will find an application form which you may fill out, if you wish to join me in discovering ever more greatness. I shall provide you the space. I shall ensure your safety. I shall guide the progress. If necessary, I shall expand these halls tirelessly until every single Mali’aheral wishing to do research, can do so, right here. I look forward to working with you. Application form: Please do note that to qualify for a labspace you must: -Be of a mature age (50+). -Be a citizen of elHaelun'or. -Be pure, of course. -Follow elMaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya closely. Signed, Okarir’tayna Silvos Sythaerin Sohaer Alaion Miravaris Maheral Acaele Lazul
  7. The Eldari Calendar Sun’s Smile 1773 to Sun’s Smile 1774 [!] Upon awakening to the sunlight shining through the looming black spruce trees that have taken sanctuary within the Pale of Aldemar, the denizens that live within would find a calendar that had been rolled into a scroll on their doorsteps with an artist’s depiction of Aldemar in the early morning light. There were copies pinned to the notice boards throughout the city to find for all passing through. Summer Solstice Festival Sun’s Smile, 1773 “The Summer Solstice Festival, known as Asul’fiyem Kaliri will take place in the city of Tor Eldar. It is a time of great jubilation within the Pale, celebrating the fruits of our labor in uniting malikind. We look forward to the future of our people, and all ventures to come. The event will begin with a Rite of Passage for young mali, between the ages of 18 and 50. Attendees are encouraged to wear their best clothes, with warm, vivid colors. ” Signed, Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai [[OOC: SUNDAY JUNE 21st 5:00 PM EST // 22:00 CET]] Eldarhim Fête The Amber Cold, 1773 “As per the enjoyment of the Tor Eldar denizens they shall be invited to a night of revelry hosted by the Malin’s Rest Tavern. The evening will consist of wine and fine delicacies imported from different islands of Arcas. All residents are encouraged to partake in the drinking games, dancing, and socialization that is to be had. During the drinking games there will be plenty of opportunity to earn minas. Drinks shall be provided by Laraethryn Breweries and Vethrai Breweries.” Signed, Head of the House of Knowledge, Lady Leandra Laraethryn Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai [[OOC: MONDAY JUNE 22ND 8:00 PM EST // 02:00 CET]] Induction of the Warden’s Court Snow’s Maiden, 1773 “It is expected that these appointed lords and ladies, alongside the appointed Council of Lords, will be charged with setting the standard by which all Eldari will aspire. Such ceremonies will, by the Warden’s hope, become commonplace as more citizens step forth and prove themselves an able-minded individual within our flourishing community. The ceremony will be officiated by the Lord Warden himself, attended by his Council of Lords, before the gathering is advised to sup within the Laraethryn Estate in celebration following the event..” Signed, Warden of the Pale, Maruthir Keledan Laraethryn [[OOC: WEDNESDAY JUNE 24TH 5:00 PM EST // 22:00 CET]] Tavern Night The First Seed, 1774 “All are welcome to join a collection of the Eldari Denizens in the Tavern to partake in a variety of drinking games and socializing amongst each other. Malin’s Rest Tavern is hosting a night of indulgence before the union of Leandra and Alayris the following elven day. There will be different quizzes, board games, drinking games, and the possibility to win mina along with this all.” Signed, Head of the House of Knowledge, Lady Leandra Laraethryn Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai Highguard of the Eldarhim, Alayris Enrique [[OOC: FRIDAY JUNE 26TH 7:00 PM EST // 00:00 CET ]] Union of Leandra Laraethryn and Alayris Enrique Grand Harvest, 1774 “The wedding of two prominent Eldari, Lady Leandra Laraethryn and Highguard Alayris Enrique shall take place the Grand Harvest of 1775. The ceremony will take place at the temple grounds and shall be conducted by the Warden of the Pale. Guests are asked to wear fine attire and stick to the colors of red, navy, and black- though variation with colors outside of those is acceptable. The ceremony will consist of a blend of traditional high elven unions with influences from the culture of Tor Eldar.” Signed, Head of the House of Knowledge, Lady Leandra Laraethryn Highguard of the Eldarhim, Alayris Enrique [[OOC: SATURDAY JUNE 27th @ 7:00 PM EST // 24:00 CET]] “It is here that is the heart of Elvendom and the propagators of peace within the realm.”
  8. The Passing of the Silver Sage Retiring a little earlier than usual, Artanáro navigated himself through the great citadel of Aegrothond, his steps now more akin to troubled staggering. Every bone of his aged body now ached, and the gut-wrenching pain that had been with him for months now had yet to subside. He was old now; a shadow of whom had presented themselves to the Sea-Prince’s court, many years ago. But still, he persisted. Even with weary feet, a wrinkling complexion and scarred limbs, he’d fulfilled the role of which he swore to uphold. Another scar was a trivial thing in his mind, but such a naive approach to one’s own health could cost them dearly. The malevolent spell of a greater demon, the icing on a many layered cake of battles, was perhaps enough to hammer home that reality. Artanáro… no, Rickard… knew that he was stretched thin, the cane in his hand evidence that even his legs were giving way. “I think I’ll sit outside tonight,” the old man mused. With one last gruelling effort, he began the ascent to the great cape that overlooked the bay. Such a climb could take the wind out of him at this hour, but the surprise would be well worth it. As he looked out across the calm sea, where the Almenodrim fleet had since laid anchor, the splendour of the full moon lit up the night sky. There, black waters were transformed into a reflection of glistening starlight and all was quiet - all but the sound of soft waves against the cliffs. So his mind wandered, and his silver eyes, luminescent as ever, glowed with an ever dimming light. Such an unpredictable life he’d lived. A Duke of Carnatia and a scion of Kovac. An Ascended - the Silver Sage. A councillor of the Prince of Elvenesse. One hundred and fifty years this had gone on for. No man of a typical calibre could’ve lived as long as he had - certainly none that had come of his line prior. There was much to cherish and yet much to regret. Much to do and yet much to let go. Something to live for and something to let rest. So he hastened to the submit of the cape and grasped at the splendorous moonbeams. A sight to behold; an eternal beauty that not even age could dull. But his cane fell from his right hand, and Rickard’s fingertips flaked, and for a moment it seemed his digits were wreathed in living flame. Translucent crystal soon took root, and what had once been a hand now crumbled to dust, blowing in the summer breeze and across the bay. “So this is the hour…” he muttered, bearing a solemn tone of voice. Rickard then sighed and comfortably smiled. If there was such a thing as closure, then perhaps this was it. He had finally fulfilled his duty. Sokar’s bells rang out across the twilight, the great sea now giving way to an ashen lunar desert. So the Ascended followed the chimes across the dunes, guided by the light before his path. His final destination was before him. The golden city of the Arch-Aengul - the haven for all her faithful servants and the family whose reunion he cherished! Thus did the mortal journey of Rickard Kovachev end. Thus did he embrace the touch of his Patron. Thus did he rejoice in finding peace... Rickard Henrik Kovachev 1623-1773 12th Duke of Carnatia; Count of Kovachgrad, Silver Sage of Rapport; Grand Master of the Elvenesse Honour Guard Will and Letters [!] Many letters would be addressed to select individuals across the continent of Arcas [!] ~ Evelyn ~ @ImChiicken ~ Helena and Cassandra ~ @MunaZaldrizoti & @Starryy ~ Tristan ~ @Sorcerio ~ Prince Fëanor Sylvarei ~ @wan ~ To the Ascended ~ @Minst, @funnayyyyy, @Sorairo & @Cordial__ OOC Note Well everyone, this is it. A day I have long sought to avoid, but one that I knew would eventually come. Rickard Kovachev (or Vientos, or even Artanáro) was a character I first started playing around about the end of Axios. What was meant to be a mere follow-up noble character, who’d fulfil the cliché vassal role we typically expect from any stuck-up lord, turned out to be one of the most unpredictable and lovable characters I ever played on this server. Honestly, I am going to miss him, but I believe all good stories must come to an end eventually. For Rickard, this was his last stop and I want to thank everyone who joined me through this experience. P.S. To those of you whose characters I didn’t get around to writing letters for – my apologies! Writing this much tends to cramp one’s hand up and demands a constant flow of tea breaks.
  9. [!] A letter would be placed in every mailbox of each citizen including those of the Kharajyr in the Undercity. To the Residents of Tor Eldar Due to the recent events that have unfolded in the Pale of Aldemar, the waters from the rivers have been ordered off limits for the collection of livestock and consumption for the safety and well-being of the citizens. All activities including but not limited to: drinking, fishing, bathing, brewing, and other means of using the river are to be halted until further notice. This order extends to the Undercity of the Kharajyr as they also use the river for many of their activities. If anyone is caught using the waters purposefully, it will result in consequences from the Council of Lords and the Warden himself. The waters of the natural springs and underground wells are considered safe for use and bathing in. To accommodate for less water sources and fishing, we shall be importing many of our fish from the Lake of Helena neighboring the city for everyone’s convenience. All questions and concerns may be taken up with any Lord and The Warden of the Pale. Signed, Warden of the Pale, Keledan Laraethryn Lady of Knowledge, Leandra Laraethryn Steward, Morlia Vethrai
  10. Eldari Culture (Eldari: a demonym used in reference to elves residing within the Pale of Aldemar) The city of Tor Eldar “The Pale of Aldemar is a region of the Holy Orenian Empire that consists primarily of elven residents. Established by the Edict of Settlement per the grace of Emperor Peter III, it serves as sanctuary for all denizens of elven blood to be found within the reaches of the Empire. Pan-elven culture thrives within the Pale, supported by an appreciation for academic pursuits and observed prosperity between elves and men.” ___ On the land and climate, “The Pale of Aldemar is dominated by steep ravines and rivers, both of which are shrouded by a vast woodland of boreal trees. Wildflowers bloom relentlessly upon the fertile soil, granting the shaded realm brief respite from its otherwise uniform flora by way of scattered patches of vibrant color. Atop the largest of the Pale’s steep cliffs sits Tor Eldar, the sole settlement to grace the Aldemari woods. Its sloped roofs elegantly breach the thick boughs of its native trees, peering towards the skies above. A small river cuts the city in twain, cascading into a great waterfall that fills the ravine upon which the Eldari have staked their claim. The climate of the Pale is fair and without great variety, often found to be forgivingly cool. Furs and padded apparel are most comfortable, though more acclimated individuals will find no difficulty in traversing the woodlands less clothed. The native elves will often be found donning overcoats or regal, embroidered threads that provide them ample warmth. Others can be seen sporting dresses and gowns woven of fine, luxurious fabrics, with fewer still adhering to the popular fashions of the Empire that they reside within.” ___ On social norms, beliefs, and values, “Within the Pale of Aldemar, the virtues of the elven mind are held in high regard. Inhabited solely by those of elven blood, Tor Eldar serves a beacon for the preservation of the elven way. Whereas most modern elven states are constructed upon the cultural laws and practices of the various elven sub-races, the Pale of Aldemar serves to protect elves of all origin, regardless of creed, faith, or kin. In lieu of state-mandated dogma, the Pale of Aldemar professes the merit of one’s own elvendom. To the average Eldari, the fickle, frivolous pursuits of the shorter lived races are a waste of breath. The eternal virtues of nobility and grace are far the better aspiration. To this end, knowledge and passion are highly treasured amongst the elves of the Pale. There are few elves within the Pale that would not consider themselves scholars, with even fewer forgoing artistic or oratorical inclinations. The greatest of all taboos to the Eldari is the rampant decline of elven prosperity, wherein the failures that mar the elven race’s past continue to guide the elves of the Pale towards a more hopeful future. Tor Eldar, to its residents, is a shining example of law and order shared with individuality and the freedom to practice the habits of one’s own elven culture. It is not unity that the Eldari seek, but instead shared prosperity for the scions of Malin. Owing to its diverse collection of elven peers, many of the facets of elven culture abroad are to be found within the Pale. Its natural landscape remains nearly untouched, left to flourish as it were before the arrival of the Eldari. An appreciation for the natural world is shared between all of the Pale’s inhabitants and Tor Eldar reflects it. A vast library filled with facilities for scientific and magical research stands testament to the Eldari spirit, owed to the Pale’s high elven population, who yet revere the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya as they forever have. ___ On diet and cuisine, “The Eldari peoples cultivate a number of grains and starches for consumption, planting mostly hardy and durable foods that require less effort on their part in their boreal homeland. Potatoes, carrots, and radishes are staples that can be found in every Eldari home. The rivers that course through the Pale of Aldemar teem with life, providing freshwater salmon and trout for consumption and refinement into valuable oils. The woodlands bristle with the presence of elk, wild boar, and migratory turkey. The most luxurious of Eldari feasts will boast spit-roasted boar, honey glazed venison, and decadently seasoned fish platters. A more reserved meal might consist of salted meats, dried fish, and seasonal greens. A jovial and passionate people, the Eldari consume alcohol with the same vigor as their human neighbors. Mead and wine are favored beverages for celebration, and the lordly houses of Tor Eldar each participate in the production of their own labels. Social smoking, too, is a popular habit within the Pale, often accessed through imports of smoking tobacco facilitated through the Empire.” ___ On leadership and social classes, “The social hierarchy of the Pale of Aldemar is founded upon the status and position held by its participants. A meritocratic society, power and influence is wielded by those that have proven to be generous, ethical patrons of the Pale. At the head of Eldari society stands the Warden of the Pale, the seated executive authority responsible for the operations and well-being of Tor Eldar and its resident elves. Second to the Warden in social status are the lords and ladies of Tor Eldar, ennobled and capable Eldari that maintain the facilities of the Pale. They are often the head of their household and share their status with the members of their clan. Nobility and class are favored virtues in the Pale of Aldemar, and so titled elves most often act accordingly to their status, hosting galas and balls for the entertainment of their peers while also serving as exemplars of excellence in elven society.” ___ On language, “The primary language of the Pale of Aldemar is the common tongue, as it is easily spoken across all races. However, the values of the Eldari always promote the usage of the elven tongue as well, a cornerstone of their ancient history. The basics of the elven language are instructed to the youth of the Eldari at an early age, to encourage and promote a sense of unity with their people.” ___ On religion, ethics, and moral standards, “The Eldari of Aldemar believe strongly in social order, in which each individual has their place in the working system of the Pale. Some rank above others depending upon their work and dedication to their people, and to this end much respect is earned depending on your social station. Unlike other elven settlements however, religion has no upstanding role in the lives of the Eldari. No singular religion is promoted or shunned, allowing for the citizenry to practice freely any form of worship they desire, so long as it doesn’t endanger the people of the Pale. A primary standard maintained by all respectable Eldari is the education of their youth. The sharpening of the mind through lecture and study is highly respected and encouraged, attributing greatly to the vast collections of knowledge that are both housed within the city’s library and within the private homes of its citizens. To raise a well-educated and well-minded offspring is the goal of all true Eldari who seek to better not only their progeny, but the Pale as well. The Eldari of the Pale are a proud and passionate people, devoted to the upkeep and protection of their homeland. They’re skeptical of outsiders, but are welcoming to those who prove to be friends and of good intention. The Eldari Culture is a point of pride for any Aldemar resident, and thus its customs are maintained with great zeal. The Eldari are honorable as well, always keeping their word and seeing their promises to their end.” ___ On everyday life, “The average day in the life of an Eldari is subject to the various roles and responsibilities that they meet in service to the Pale. Many elves will often be seen going about their occupational business, where others can be found in the water fishing and washing their linens. The tavern is a popular hub for socializing and enjoying food and drink, frequented by nearly every resident of Tor Eldar. Musical performances are a popular way to spend free time, and so visitors to the Pale often report hearing soft, distant music in the wind. Children, uninhibited by the busy schedules of adult life, are always to be found frolicking in Aldemar’s many gardens and grottoes.” ___ On clothing, “Eldari Women adopt a humbled sense of regality in their attire, opting for stately garments and frocks that are noble in their cut and make, rather than adorned with many jewels and additional finery. The fabrics are often in hues of purple, crimson, and azure blues, though one might also observe the occasional white or grey likewise. Extensive capes or draping are also common in the fashion of Eldari ladies, as to create the sense that one is flowing as they walk past. Small necklaces or earrings are common, but very modest in their style and kept to a minimum. The crowning jewel of any Eldari woman's appearance is her hair, which is often deemed to be the most elaborate part of their ensemble. It is commonly seen that the hair is worn long and loose, often stretching to the mid-back or waist. It is well-kept and combed for the sake of others, unkempt hair being frowned upon. It is encouraged for those of the Eldari ladies of Aldemar to add, in addition, elaborate looping and braiding to their particular hairstyle, the number of braids being intended to represent that Eldari's wisdom and underlying expertise.” ___ On family dynamics, “The modern elven family within the walls of Tor Eldar is one born of necessity. Humans who visit, used to gender roles taking place in the developed cities of the Empire, might be surprised to find out that the load of physical work and housekeeping is often managed between both the man and woman of the household. Similarly, children are nurtured into specializing within certain professions, their aptitude being assessed by careful observation from their parents. Children themselves are not expected to take steady jobs, but instead to study, train, or improve their skills of artistry, combat, and science until they come of age, in which it is encouraged to see them take an active role in their community, as citizens of Tor Eldar. A typical explanation for the families of the budding Pale is simple. Families all came together to foster the city’s construction, and the lingering ethic of work stuck with its people, common and noble alike.”
  11. Foreword “Esteemed thill this is a transcription of the debate for the various Okarir positions and Sohaer. For the sake of my own convenience in the transcription, only the names of the candidates have been listed as the other ones are although esteemed thill, they are not important for the positions of the candidates and allows me to save the time of recalling everyone’s names.” “For this reason, I have simply labeled those other than the Candidates [name] or Maheral Ikur as Thill Citizen or Moderator.” - Aeron Valaker OOC: Due to having to type this out live during the debate there are likely many typos so feel free to mention them to me (SriFoo#5770) Additionally if your intrested in seeing the document version. Citadel Public Debate I Transcription OKARIR’HIYLUN Okarir’tir Debate Citadel Public Debate II Transcription Okarir’nor Okarir’Maehr Citadel Public Debate III Transcription Sohaer
  12. Hey King, You Dropped This “A bit awkward to be meeting in a tavern of all places for something like this.” Aelthos grumbled, helping himself to a sip of his wine. He looked around, appreciating how much nicer the place was since he had left, but still feeling almost uncomfortable being out in the open like this. He could at least take solace in knowing that it was a slower evening, and there were only a handful of patrons below. “Better than that stiff throne.” his son, Grand Prince Akkar, laughed. “Come on, admit it, you hated sitting on that damn thing too.” Aelthos smiled, now beginning to be at ease. His son was the happiest he had seen him in… almost ever. The burden of rulership lay heavy on the shoulders of those who believed they were fit for it, and many who took that challenge were driven to ruin. Such had nearly happened to him, just as it happened to his other son. It was good to see that being prince had seemingly uplifted Akkar, much unlike what it had done to Aldred. “It’s been ages, father, so long that I thought you were dead.” Akkar confessed, scratching the back of his neck. “I’m glad that you ventured all the way here. I don’t know what I would’ve done had you not.” he said, his tone having shifted from his jovial self. Aelthos smirked, propping one foot atop the other. “You think I’m the type to just go and die? I’ve lived too damn long to keel over anytime soon.” “I suppose not.” Akkar smiled as he rested his arms on the table, leaning forward and looking his father in the eye. “How’s a third run sound to you?” he asked suddenly. Aelthos blinked. “Huh?” “I know, I’ve just sprung it upon you quite unfairly, but I must be honest with both you and myself…” he began, biting his lip as he paused to take a swig of his own wine. “I’d like some time to rest, father, and I believe that you’re the man best-suited to take my place. You’ve led us twice before, so you know how this all works. I won’t force you into anything, though, if you don’t want to.” Aelthos simply sat there for a moment, almost glaring at his son. Quite a way to spring such a serious matter upon him, and in such a casual setting too. Damn the youth and their propensity for tactlessness, he thought to himself, grumbling. However, he almost had an admiration for the approach, it was one that was markedly unique- of course it would be a son of his that would find such a way. What kind of father would he be if he declined? “Fine.” he muttered, crossing his arms. “Third time’s a charm, isn’t it?” he chortled, downing the rest of his wine. “You’ve done well, son. It’s about time I’ve gotten back in the swing of things. I reckon it’s time I see some old faces once again- they wouldn’t dare ignore the summons of the Grand Prince!” he guffawed, at this point talking to himself more than to Akkar. “Indeed…” Akkar murmured, looking down at the ground floor of the tavern. He was met with several faces looking back at him. “They must be confused as hell…” he whispered to himself, amused with the thought. “Oh well. They’ll understand things soon enough.” The father and son had many more drinks that night, and their conversation drew so long that the talk of abdication became merely an aside that the two would deal with in the morning. For now, though, the men merely enjoyed the company of each other and the patrons that were there, for nothing is as rare and fortunate as conducting a transfer of power that goes over smoothly.
  13. Citizens of Haelun’or, blessed Mali’thill, it is with great joy that I announce today that for the first time in over a century, we, the Mali’aheral, shall have the vote. A draft constitution for our democratic state has been completed, a copy of which is available for viewing at the Library. ((Link to draft constitution)) With this, we shall proceed with opening nominations promptly for all Okariran and the Sohaer. May this be a new age for Haelun’or, and for the Mali’aheral. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  14. *A posting is hammered to doors and noticeboards throughout the city.* The nature of being a Mali’aheral to exist in an ever flowing, ever contrasting stream of old and new. Old traditions upheld by new people. Old people forcing new changes. Guardians of the old standing against new progress, and guardians of progress rallying against the old. There is progress, and there is health. There is forward change, and there is the traditional heart of the nation. This is tradition and silver. The lifeblood that makes up the Mali’aheral. When tradition, the heart of our nation, is threatened; it is the eternal duty of our people to be vigilant against those who would threaten it. On this every Mali’aheral agrees. Where they often disagree is their source and form. Sometimes they come in the form of our enemies, and sometimes they come in the form of our friends. Most often they come in the form of ideas. Like the eternal flow of contrast between progress and health, the line between an idea that challenges tradition and an idea that embodies our future is often tumultuous and murky. The rewards vary from mind to mind, pitting allies against one another, creating discontent, causing turmoil, and generating revolution in our state. This too is a representation of the ever flowing, ever contrasting stream of old and new. Today, the city of Haelun’or stands on a precipice. Representatives of the new with no memory of the old, but bearing old allies in the shadows who instruct their every move, seek to command control in the name of what they consider to be progress. They command this control against many of the old themselves. Representatives of tradition. The form this progress will ultimately take only they know. Such is the normal in Elven politics, where the written plans often end at power’s acquisition. Make no mistake that this is a period of decline. The city may appear at a glance to be running as normal despite the hushed voices and knives in the dark, but a war rages on the cobblestones of Haelun’or. A war of ideas that has divided our people. A war between the traditionalists, and the silver council. A war of tradition and silver. A war that has taken the life of our blessed Maheral. A war that has seen our council attacked. A war that has seen our government take to hiding away behind steel doors underground, as if the city itself were occupied. This war has taken much from us already, and it will take more if nothing is done. For a war between tradition and silver is tantamount to a body wounding itself; and while the High Elven state has already suffered greatly, this war bears the potential to do more than divide and damage. It has the potential to destroy. Progress can come only in one form. A return to tradition. To this end, I call upon silver to concede to tradition. To look to the people their council is supposed to represent, and to afford them the representation they deserve. I call upon Okarir’indor Kinahen Athrilum to resign immediately from their office for gross incompetence in the face of threat, and a violation of their oath to protect and give honor and breath to the Maheral as their office demands. I call upon the Sohaer, and the whole of her remaining council, to put their offices to public election - as we did in the past - that the people might be represented by a Mali of their choosing rather than a Mali selected for them by a tyrant. I call upon the Malaurir who influence the current silver council from the shadows, delivering whispers into their ear to broaden their power or consolidate their legacy, to cease in their destructive behaviors. I call for peace in our homes, and in our city, under a government that loves its people and who its people love as we did before tyrants instead commanded their fear. I call upon these things not as one Mali, but as the voice of the Mali in the city who are downtrodden by a council that no longer serves its people, but who instead expects its people to serve it. By Larihei, let your people choose.
  15. The Ivory Tower The Ivory Tower is the name of the scholarly enclave within the Pale of Aldemar. The Ivory Tower acts as the primary academic institution within the Pale in order to promote the pursuit of academics as a key pillar in the community. Within the order, the scholars are aiming to foster a community of like-minded individuals who wish to pursue either higher education or research. The Academic Caretaker is in charge of both the library and overseeing the Keepers of Knowledge within the orders. Under the Academic Caretaker there are five Keepers of Knowledge for different sections of academia that are chosen by the Academic Caretaker to delegate the responsibility of cultivating those sections of the Ivory Tower. These Keepers of Knowledge also maintain the responsibility of bringing in scholars to work with them to fulfill their duties. The Keepers of Knowledge may be released from their duties and replaced at the discretion of the Academic Caretaker. The Keepers of Knowledge Keeper of Anthropology The Keeper of Anthropology has the duty of maintaining the library’s historical knowledge, tomes, and artifacts. A part of the Keeper of Anthropology’s duties is to employ historians to procure artifacts and publish historical books. The current Keeper of Anthropology is Vescyra Laraethryn. Keeper of Artificery The Keeper of Artificery has the duty of working with the Academic Caretaker to regulate the use of constructs and to regulate the artificer laboratories. Another facet of the Keeper of Artificery’s duties is to ensure the Pale remains up to date in it’s knowledge of artificer-based magics and construct-beings. The current Keeper of Artificery is Tarhelas Elverhilin. Keeper of Medicine The Keeper of Medicine is responsible for overlooking the clinic and medical studies within Aldemar. The Keeper of Medicine’s duties entail looking over the medical books and alchemical laboratories throughout the Pale to ensure they are up to State standards, this includes inspections and the vetting of personal alchemical laboratories.They oversee any matters regarding the clinic including the hiring of physicians and ensuring the clinic has enough medical supplies. The current Keepers of Medicine are Amon Hasso Divu’sulli and Kleo Vethrai. Keeper of Sorcery The Keeper of Sorcery has the responsibility of overseeing the magical affairs within the Ivory Tower. Along with this, the Keeper of Sorcery has the duty of taking care of the magical artifacts and tomes within the library in order to ensure they are safeguarded. The Keeper of Sorcery works alongside the Academic Caretaker to propose laws and regulations regarding the use of magic within the city to ensure the safety of the citizenry and magi alike. The current Keeper of Sorcery is Keledan Laraethryn. Keeper of Science The Keeper of Science has the duty of maintaining the library’s knowledge on scientific advancements. This is via the procurement of books and inventions for display and laboratory use. The Keeper of Science is responsible for overseeing the other laboratories that are not overseen by other Keepers. Along with all of this, the responsibilities of the Keeper of Science includes the documentation and publishing the scientific findings of the Ivory Tower. They oversee all of the relics in the library with the Academic Caretaker. The current Keeper of Science is Haskir Therkul. Underneath each Keeper of Knowledge they are responsible for choosing scholars to assist them with their duties, and to assign teachers upon request. If one would like to become a scholar, they have to reach out to the respective Keeper of Knowledge. One is able to be a scholar under multiple Keepers as well. The Compendium of the Ivory Tower The Compendium of the Ivory Tower is a library within the Pale of Aldemar that takes pride in housing more than seven hundred and seventy books available for anyone to read or request copies of. The library is divided into six different sections: fictional literature, pharmacology, anthropology, thaumaturgy, and science. The Academic Caretaker is responsible for overseeing the library as a whole, alongside the Keepers of The Ivory Tower. Each Keeper of Knowledge is responsible for overlooking a different section of the library, as stated above. The library was cultivated to create an environment wherein citizens of the Pale of Aldemar, or anyone for that matter, are able to educate themselves without the knowledge and access to education being gatekept by needing to contribute to the library. In order to copy a book from the library you must contact the Academic Caretaker to retrieve such. In order to gain full access to the laboratories and facilities within the library one must contact one of the Keepers of Knowledge or the Academic Caretaker. Cafe Drakaar Cafe Drakaar is a coffee parlor located within the Compendium of The Ivory Tower. Cafe Drakaar is the perfect place to relax after a long day of mentally strenuous academic work. There is a variety of different caffeinated drinks and snacks for purchase in the cafe. The current barista manager is Vescyra Laraethryn, who is currently hiring baristas. The purpose of Cafe Drakaar is to allow a calm and friendly atmosphere for research and studying. If you would like to join the Ivory Tower, send a bird to the Academic Caretaker Leandra Laraethryn [[emmanatalyia#9520]] to discuss your role within the educational enclave.
  16. VELULAEI’DIRAAR THE ☾ GUARD ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ PURPOSE With the reconstruction of Renelia’s capital underway, it’s citizens booned with riches. Culture was abundant, and happiness spread across the Ker lands. However, what are a people without a force to protect them? With attacks from the Mori, and other vile beasts such as whitewash orcs, Archon Ailmar Velulaei’onn charged his sons, Vaeril and Veris, the who are known as the Elekreynallaurir, and that of Dreyren Indoran and Dalyor to reform the moonguard. And that is what they did, scribbling up notes and organizing the smithing of plate cuirasses, sabatons and steel blades. The city has to be protected, and it’s denizens have to feel safe from dangers. This is the way of the ancestors. TRADITIONS Initiation: Upon initiation, the recruit will be painted in white patterns, and sent out into the world to survive for three nights with only trousers under Luara’s night-sky. While out he will be tasked with bringing three sheep to sacrifice to Enrohk and Kezt, to ensure his safety and honor in the future. Death: Upon death, the Diraar will be painted in white patterns as he was when he joined the moonguard, and cremated. Each member of the moonguard that fought alongside him will be required to sacrifice one belonging to the deceased member, to aid them in their passage to Stargûsh’Stroh. Battle-brothers: If two of the Diraar that fight alongside eachother grow an extreme bond, and brotherly companionship, they can choose to slit open their palms and join hands, claiming themselves as both blood-brothers and battle-brothers. From there, they will fight shoulder to shoulder always, and can even choose to bind their families through marriage. RANK STRUCTURE Officer ranks Archon Commander and chief of the Moonguard. This elf, aswell as ruling Renelia, has the last say on military manners, and commands the entire army. Dagrmaln Meaning warfather, these elves report directly to the Archon about military manners. They sit at the wartables and gives orders to the Silannyer on military matters. Silannyer Meaning sword-dancer, these elves are the subordinates of the Dagrmaln. They are expected to train, supply and spend time with the troops. The Silannyer are also responsible for all matters regarding the safety of Renelia’s citizens. Regular ranks Ceru’dagr Meaning warstrong, the Ceru’dagr have proven themselves worthy after many years of service. They wear the most expensive armor, and serve as the veterans and most respected guards of the Diraar. Mal’dagr Meaning Warmen, the Mal’dagr are the bulk of the Diraar. They protect the citizens, enforce the law and fight in Renelia’s wars. Avern’dagr Meaning Warwanderer, the Avern’dagr are the initiates of the Diraar, yet to prove themselves in the Ancestor’s eyes. EQUIPMENT A steel helm. With a shaped visor, the helm gives suitable protection and vision. Able to protect from heavy blows A chainmail hood layered upon fabric. This helps against natural dangers like rain. A gorget is beneath such. Steel pauldrons, arm harness and gauntlets. These protect the user’s arms in combat against heavy blows. Enamelled steel cuirass. This piece protects all vital organs and is suitable against very heavy blows. Chainmail hauberk suitable for combat. The colored gambeson above it details the rank of the soldier. Enamelled steel sabatons. These protect the legs. NOTE: Different ranks attain different uniforms. Every rank of the Diraar has a standard issue Renelian longsword, used to cut away at heretics. OATH “To the moon and the stars, the innocent and the pure. I vow to protect you. To the Archon and his family, the blood of the moon. I vow to fight for you. To Renelia and her lands, I vow to maintain you. To those unjust and heretical, I vow to remove you. And to the ancestors watching my strife, I vow to join you. Leyu-Luara.” APPLICATION You walk up to the Diraar recruiter. He looks at you, seemingly blind in the eyes from war-injuries; though he knows people only talk to him about military business. [OOC]: Discord: [OOC]: IGN: “Your name, llir?”: “My eyesight fails me, what race are you?”: “I see, I see. And how old are you?”: @MinaGobbler ; @Qizu ; @NokingButMalin ; @Hiroshima; @Visage “Leyu-Luara”
  17. HIRING ACTORS An advertisement posted around Arcas asking for actors. Across Arcas, a certain flyer would be posted: “The ‘ker Capital of Renelia is seeking out actors! These actors will take part in a play depicting various events in the political climate. Fill out the underlying application or contact Vaeril Velulaei’onn if you wish to participate. Pay will be rewarded. Name: Race: Age: Affiliation: Prince and Regent of Renelia, Vaeril Velulaei’onn.” “ Leyu-Luara ”
  18. “Well, how long has it been?” The thought throbbed within Artanáro’s head, memories of the distant past feeling more like an echo with each passing day. At first, the signs were subtle. The occasional desire to sit - to rest one’s feet upon a stool. To recline next to a warm lit fire, to ease the pain that had crept up his back. Of course, everyone desired respite now and then, but these occasions became all the more regular. Then came the next signs of change. A slight drag at his heels as he sparred with young Evelyn, the elfess’ footwork waxing, whilst the tendons in his knees snapped horridly. Artanáro… no, Rickard... thought back to his most distant memories, adrift within the slow decay of time. His uncle Viktor’s greying beard. His grinding shoulder, scraping like a chisel with the pain of arthritis. It had never dwelled upon him before - “So why now?” he thought. As the century bore on, so too did age and experience pave the pathway to knowledge and wisdom. Yet, never before did he ever feel old, not in the physical sense. The Arch-Aengul’s blessings had annulled the curse of Iblees, or so it did for a time. That boon had since left him, and so mortality once again ran rampant. “How many decades will it have been, roughly?” He guessed at his physical age, as if it were a game. A light amusement to pass the time. Fourties? Fifties? How long would it last? Ironic, he had come to live amongst the sons of Malin, expecting to reside for a lengthy period, as he had been accustomed to for the last century. Yet, now he faded, like the rest of his true birth-kin. Nothing truly lasts forever in this realm, and that truth is perhaps no more exemplified than in the race of humanity. Was it something to envy? To despise? Here stood a man who’d outlived all his prior peers. A man who’d outlived every other heir to his disgraced bloodline. Yet, one could only cherish such trivial accomplishments for so long. So he chuckled, and so he embraced the comfort of his armchair. No, Rickard wasn’t at all envious - not in the face of growing old. His only fear was the experience. The reality that there was still so much in this world to be seen... “...Or perhaps... I’ve seen enough for one life.”
  19. THE RENELIAN ZODIAC Luara’s children,those who live in Renelia, have always been an avid worshipper of the moon. She did, after all, birth their success and culture; motivating many ‘ker to do great actions of spectacular magnitude. But where did this motivation come from? How does Luara decide the course of a ‘ker’s fate? Although it’s not an official belief by the clergy, many dark elves believe that the mooncycles of which Luara is in when you are born decides the course of your life and your main personality traits. Thus, Luara can forge the outcome of history. THE LUNAR PHASES: Sky Circlet | Filnran Dark elves born under the Sky Circlet are usually very apathetic, but extremely intellectual. Even though they’re not very strong or athletic, these dark elves have fitness in their minds; as they’re able to think quickly and conjure good ideas. They make for great commanders. Luara’s Fangs | Yûlbun Dark elves born under Luara’s fangs are still smart, but hold more of a physical and emotional foothold than their Sky Circlet brothers. These dark elves tend to be rather depressive and apathetic; being rather negative. They make for great guards, as they are not easily swayed to by sympathetic pleas. Double sided Coin | Yûlakash Guards born under the Double Sided Coin are truly neutral. They have the flexibility of being of average intellectuality aswell as average emotional capability. These Dark elves are also the standards for physicality in Renelia. They are jacks of all trades, being good at generally everything but rarely mastering anything. Devouring Lunarite | Yûlbarkh Dark elves born under the Devouring Lunarite are less intellectual than their counterparts, but hold a great amount of physical strength and athleticism. They are aswell, emotional and empathetic towards others, growing to be great smiths or warriors. Sky Crown | Durbûrzan Those born under the Sky Crown are very emotional. It is not uncommon to see them switch from being gleeful to the max, to crying. They are very physically able, but they do not have the same traits with their minds. This is not to say they’re stupid, but simply not as talented in that aspect. [DISCLAIMER: I know this isnt actually how the moon works btw, it’s just irp superstition.]
  20. A YEAR OF HEALING [!] A small Akezo shrine inside a Renelian home. The Princes of Renelia, Vaeril and Veris, looked about across the gathered ‘ker. There were many of them, all gathered and looking to the two; awaiting their word. Vaeril began “As you all know, my maln, the Archon, is bedridden by illness. Now, our physicians are hard at work identifying the illness, and how to cure it. However, with not much result. Thus, we need to turn to spiritual matters. Follow me.” He led them out of the city, to a rather colossal quartz and stone shrine. It contrasted well with the fungi-ridden landscape. “This is the shrine of Akezo, spirit of healing and fertility. She watches over the fields, the injured. She watches over those that need healing and aid. Today, she watches over us. If we bring her offerings and sacrifices, we might persuade her to turn over and aid us, offering an extended palm to heal our Archon. Thus, I announce a year of healing! Now, if that’s not enough; the ‘ker that brings the most offerings will receive two thousand minae as thanks from the Velulaei’onn family. Leyu-Luara.” The dark elves then went about their day, drinking in the tavern and sparring in the fields. All was well in Renelia, for a year of healing had begun. Tl;dr A year of healing begins as a shrine to the healing spirit, Akezo, is constructed in hopes to win her favour and heal their sick leader.. Dark elves will offer their offerings and sacrifices, and the one with the most offerings given will receive two thousand minae. You can place the offerings in a chest under the shrine outside of Renelia. This event will last for one irl week.
  21. A Trial of Unrivaled Importance The soft lapping of ocean waves could be heard, gently kissing the fine sandy beaches of Siramenor. Many ‘ame had dueled upon these sands before, including the young Oryl Sirame on many occasions, but none had tested him like the spar he was about to enter. Across from him, blade held at neck level was an ‘ame clad in blue, with his hair tied back behind him. Rhathalas, sporting a fine short sword and a dangerously calm expression was waiting expectantly for Oryl’s first move. The young ranger-to-be donning a green tunic held out his blade, a fine single-edged short sword forged by the silver elves. Oryl let a smirk cross his face as he opened with a confident advance followed by a swift strike. Their blades met, slicing through the calm air that had enveloped the beach only moments prior. Rhathalas countered with a strong kick, aimed at the much younger ‘ame’s abdomen, which was immediately rushed by Oryl, as he took the force of the Okar’ir’s kick to his stomach. Having only managed to absorb the kick with his left arm partially, the stunned ‘ame was left slightly doubled over, as Rhathalas stumbled to regain his balance. Grimacing and straightening himself back up, Oryl raised his blade just in time to catch his opponent’s counter-attack. Taking a step back, Oryl was soon locked in an intense series of parries and deflections as Rhathalas pressed his attack. Having been training for several years by himself, the young ‘ame was light on his feet and able to counter most of his opponent’s attacks. Their blades clashing, the pair danced across the beach, until Rha’s blade lept out, soaring down towards Oryl’s leg. Breaking away from their deadly trance Oryl tried to avoid it, but the blade flew too quickly, boring a shallow cut through Oryl’s left quad. Hissing in anger rather than pain, the young ‘ame brought his blade arcing down at his Okar’ir’s still extended arm, landing a shallow hit of his own. Both fighters drew back from each other, regaining their composure as Oryl wiped the sweat from his brow. None of his spars over the years had challenged him quite like this one. Sparing a short glance around, he noticed that a small group had gathered on the beach. Wonderful, now my loss will have an audience. He’d think to himself as his pant leg slowly began to soak up the blood from his shallow wound, the sweat from his skin stinging it slightly. Bringing his blade up once more, another series of quick strikes brought the two woodland elves into a heated battle of strength, speed, and quick thinking, the result of which could be decided by even the smallest mistake. As Oryl brought his sword sailing down toward’s Rha’s blade once more in an attempt to disarm him, he miscalculated the angle of attack, allowing his opponent to swiftly counter this. The force of Rha’s counter opened up Oryl’s defense, leaving him vulnerable for a split second. This mistake left Oryl with a deep cut along the side of his shin, cutting into his calf too. Without a moment’s hesitation, Rhathalas slipped underneath Oryl’s poorly aimed counter-attack, holding his blade against the young ‘ame’s neck. Dropping his sword and doing his best to mask the screaming pain coming from the fresh laceration to his shin, Oryl hissed out a pained “I yield” as he bowed his head respectfully to Rhathalas. With an injury of his own, the Okar’ir returned the bow, holding his left arm close to his side, blood seeping out of the wound Oryl had scored upon the man’s flesh. Both ‘ame turned their attention to a beautiful, young, red-haired healer that had been watching the fight for some time. She hopped up quickly, readying her medical supplies as Oryl slowly lowered himself to the ground. “It’s not that bad,” he said to Aedrie as she began to clean his wounds. Oryl wiped the sweat from his forehead once more, looking at his injuries as the now-familiar sensation of the foul-smelling coagulant was applied to his shin. While this assessment of the young ‘ame’s skills may not have gone quite as he planned, it was a welcome lesson nonetheless.
  22. The Sharp Whisper’s First Hunt ”I will be sure to let you know how it performs” Oryl assured Rhathalas, a magnificently crafted Ironwood bow slung over his left shoulder as the young ‘ame turned to leave the Okar’ir’s home. As he stepped out into the forest, he took a deep breath of the forest air. Securing his quiver over the fur pelt that covered his back, Oryl set off at a brisk walk- allowed only by the recent healing of his injuries. As the ‘ame migrated towards his favorite hunting grounds he began to observe the land around him. The path was quiet, although he soon strayed from it, having been in these parts for quite some time, he had little need for the guidance of the often confusing signs that dotted Arcas’s network of pathways. Slowing his pace, he shrugged the bow off of his left shoulder, peering up at the trees that had been greeting him since his very first hunt in the village. The woods around him creating what could only be described as the face of a loved one, always watching over him. As he continued through the woods, clouds began to roll in overhead, a smile was brought to the young hunter’s face as he slowed to a stalk. Carefully placing one foot in front of the other as he glided effortlessly through the woods until he found a large, sturdy tree that seemed to branch out in four directions. Oryl slung his bow over his shoulder briefly, hoisting himself up into the fork of the tree, lowering himself into it as he shrugged his bow off and drew an arrow from his quiver, awaiting any sign of his prey. A flicker of light tan fur against the dark green and brown backdrop of the forest floor caught Oryl’s eye through the rain. A smile crossed his lips as the scent of the downpour filled his nostrils, he straightened himself up slightly to nock his arrow. He saw a large tan hare resting but thirty meters away at the base of a large oak tree. As he notched the arrow to the bowstring, he very slowly drew it back, raising the bow as he did so. Oryl steadied himself, leaning his left shoulder against the tree trunk, drawing a deep breath as he drew his bow. He looked down the straight shaft of his arrow, letting the breath out slowly. As he found the hare, he held the tip of his arrow to be just above the hare’s right shoulder. The tension in his fingers slowly ebbed away. As he reached the bottom of his exhalation, the arrow lept forth from his fingers, the woven-silk string cutting silently through the chilled air. The ‘ame watched in anticipation as his arrow sailed through the air, landing a little to the right of where he had intended. The arrow struck the hare in its midsection near its spine, the furry creature letting out a surprised squeal upon being hit with such force. Oryl quickly shouldered his bow, dropping to the ground. He would have landed perfectly if it weren’t for a nearly-healed cut to his right shin, he let out a grunt as he hit the ground but sprinted over to where the stunned hare lay, its back legs thrashing as if trying to escape its own demise. Oryl reached his right hand over to brush his left wrist, a lever-activated wrist blade extended from under his sleeve after a split second, locking into place. He thrust his arm forwards, driving the blade into the hare’s neck, just at the base of its skull. The animal stopped twitching immediately, as Oryl then slowly drew the blade back, shifting back to rest on his knees as he bowed his head briefly, offering his thanks to the aspects for his kill. Oryl walked back into the village, the hare in his right hand. He had cleaned the blood from his blade and returned the arrow to his quiver after removing it carefully from his kill. As he passed through the village’s back gates he made his way through the trees in search of the Okar’ir’s home. After a short moment, he caught sight of the blue-clad ‘ame. “Rhathalas!” he called out, a satisfied smile on his face, holding his catch up to the man. “I am proud to inform you that your bow is not only a work of beauty, but a fine and effective work of true craftsmanship, I could not have hoped for a better weapon upon which to string my arrows” he said, as his first hunt with his new weapon had been a successful one. Oryl knew that this bow- Othelu’vihai -would seldom leave his shoulder.
  23. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They had blamed it on her work, the lack of attention.. Every decision she made was wrong as a mother, oftentimes she also felt just as awful at being a leader. She just wanted her children to be happy, her people too, and she had believed she had failed. Rhaellas eyes filled with tears as she thought that she became the one thing she didn’t want to be; the mirror image of her own father. Rhys even compared her to him from time to time- his words live knives in her chest. Reassuring talks became arguments- but it was always her fault.. Or so it was said. Rhaella would take in a deep breath as she looked down at an object she had been holding in her hands; one that reminded her of an easier time in life, one of her most valued moments. It was a small stuffed lamb one of her adopted sons had given to her and her son, Valus, after he was born. She sank to the ground as she held the stuffed toy close to her chest, her tears continuing to fall.. Slowly, she put the lamb down and dug into her satchel, pulling out some papers from her bags Her written will; Who Lunar Sage would go to, words addressed to her family, the dividing of her things.. Plans all made in advance. She would read through it over and over while thinking about the consequences her decision would have on everyone. Nobody could convince her this wasn’t the best option. For not only her, but her children, and everyone whom she loved both in Renelia and Asimu’lei. She felt at peace though, oddly enough. Having taken care of some last things in Asim, and making plans for a future she would not be there to watch. Once done, she would pick the lamb back up. Resting it between her body and left arm along with the stacked papers. The Mali’ker woman stood back up and sighed. Despite her tears and the fear, she smiled then. She felt for the wedding ring given to her by the Archon. Her love for Ailmar and his sons would live on, and she hoped they knew that. She hoped her brothers and sisters would forgive her for the bitterness she laid on them with every adoption Xavis brought into the clan- and Xavis, she knew this would be hard on him, or at least she liked to think that he cared enough to cry for his daughter… Rhaella would laugh softly, shaking her head some as she tried to repress the sinking feeling that ached in her chest. If she thought about it any longer, she might change her mind.. With that she would walk back into her city to meet her sister. ____________________________________________ “Are you sure?” Twilight would ask Rhaella as they looked at the city's clinic Rhaella took a deep breath and nodded, those items still held tightly in her arms. She knew this was a lot to ask of her sister, but regardless she had eventually agreed. The woman would adjust her belongings a bit before bringing twilight into a hug.. When they both pulled away, Rhaella would hand her the stack of items “It’s my will… and the lamb, be sure to return it to Valus.. Ti?” They exchanged sad nods in understanding. With her last bit of remaining courage, Rhaella would have then turned to enter the clinic.. The safety gates then closing. ____________________________________________ Not too long after the clinic within Asimu’lei would be up in flames, the heating waving onto Twilight as she watched for some time. Eventually, she sent for others to help her put out the fire and clear the rubble of the ruined building.. Within the rubble though would be Rhaella’s wedding ring, as well as a star and moon pendant, covered in ash and some damage from the fire. They would eventually be returned to the people who gifted them... and within the elven day, the lamb would find it’s way to its rightful owner as well. ____________________________________________ A funeral date will be decided at a later date by the new Lunar Sage and their council.
  24. *Below is a rough sketch representing a dark elf playing on a flute* Songs of Forged Fire I am Reinald Otherwind of the Seaguard of Vira’ker. I have recently compiled the local songs of friendships and war and i am here to present them to you. At first this may seem a bit dull but this is the heart of Vira’ker and what it stands for so please read below Red Rivers Verse-1 Canoe ahead they shout aloud! A bell ringing in rapid clang. An army on a river they wont believe, untill they come to see our fleet. Drenched in a boat we shout our calling 'River flows wherever calling!' Chorus Clashes of Steel can be heard in the depths. A mermaid surfaces to give its thanks. As armor falls to the bottom, Men pile as topping A red river is a blessing as blue veils the truth Verse-2 As we step ashore a man shouts. Away from our trout! We blunder on soaked and with plenty of spirit. 3 nobles decided to fight us. We showed them the way to their mommies Chorus Clashes of Steel can... Dusty Roads Verse-1 Vira'ker we stand proud, through rain and storm and the burning sun we march to the sound of victory. Vira'ker our home and beloved we fight for you and nobody else. A horn can be heard in distant lands warning the world of perils ahead. Chorus A chant be heard from a thousand throats. A vow be broken but we march on til the end of day Vira'kers banner flies tall and bloodshot showing the might of the long forgotten. Verse-2 Dusty roads we march ever on. Our feet blistering Our teeth shivering. But the march never stops Booze in much supply. Anything and everything to keep us marching Chorus A chant be heard from a thousand throats... My Beloved Verse-1 My heart shatters every day. My beloved will return to me some day I sent you out with a kiss of love but i regret ever letting you go. The seas the mountains and the land i search but ill only find him in my broken heart Chorus We met so young and free but burdens come to bear I pray to the core of my heart but will it be enough. Why this holy crusade i only want us to stay the same Verse-2 I wait in our ghostly home. Alone and miserable. I just want you to return, My beloved But this bears my end i will raise your sons as your legacy Chorus We met so young and free but burdens... Booze and Steel Verse-1 A swig of booze and a sharp blade is all a man needs. I travel the world in taverns full. Numbing my pain and housing my chaos Chorus I feed my habits on a mercenaries pay I fight well but i just numb the pain A purpose is always missing but who am i to say i got all the booze i need Verse-2 When a man sees me suffering they mostly veer away But one day this man bought me a glass the easiest way to my heart Chorus I feed my habits on a mercenaries.... *At the bottom of a page a seal presents itself with a signature from the writer*
  25. The Seaguard of Vira’ker “Stand, fight, die; we must always do the first, we will always do the second, and we will do the third if we must. No surrender!” Reginaeld, the Commander of the Seaguard. =_________________________________= -Seaguard footmen patrol the beaches of the bay, Sun’s Smile of 1767.- =_________________________________= “Reginaeld!” cried Keaton, the Errmark scion, with a hoarse voice. “Land ahead!” Indeed, land was grazing the horizon. Twinkling lights refracted across the nightly waterfront, so vividly that the appearing city seemed a torch, blazing in the moonlight. “Ay, I see it! Make for the lights!” he called out in return, and their tireless troops worked to their effect. The pinnace, slight and elegant, parted the waves and bore them on to the sighted land with complete grace. Only the clanking of plate and the steady heaving of those hearty souls broke the night’s silence. A scant hour later did the keel strike land, and both Reginaeld and Keaton set their steel boots to sand rather than plank. Their wandering eyes regarded the glittering, glowing city before them as if they were wide-eyed children, their speech stolen by the sight of gold. “Truly, a beauty,” spoke Keaton. “This land we have been guided to, perhaps by the grace of GOD, is beautiful. Surely, this must be our new home?” he asked Reginaeld, who had a glint in his eye. “Naturally. In our flight, we have not found a better place to name ‘home’.” To the men - “Scuttle our ship, and raise the flag of parlay! Let us meet our new hosts graciously, let us make a good impression.” And so their company set foot on the shores of Vira Bay, and found their new home. Their company, in the following days, negotiated their settlement. For their new homes, they would raise old swords. And so, for the defense of Vira Bay, the Seaguard was established. =_________________________________= The guard’s hierarchy; The Commander of the Seaguard and the Palatine Guard; absolute leader of the Seaguard - the active military force - and the Palatine Guard - the Prince’s personal guardsmen - with their only superior being the Prince of Vira Bay themselves. Directs the troops in battle and co-ordinates politically and administratively with the Prince. The Captain of the Fore; the Commander’s right hand. In the Commander’s presence, the Captain assists them in their leadership and supports their command; in their absence, the Captain leads the troops and directs matters of the Guard. The Captains of the Foot and the Cavalry; the directors of the Guard’s brigades. They defer to the command of the Commander and the Fore-Captain in the use of their troops, but otherwise direct the upkeep and training of their respective brigades independently. The Sergeants of the Foot and the Cavalry; subordinates to the Captains of the Foot and Cavalry, these officers help to lead and maintain the brigades, conducting training in their superiors’ absence and leading patrols. Palatine Guard; hand-picked veterans, chosen for their military aptitude and discipline. They are charged to protect the Prince wherever he goes and by any means necessary, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans; an official acknowledgement of the seasoning and service of a particular troop; those elevated to the rank of veteran are noteworthy within the Seaguard and have tirelessly struggled for its betterment. Regulars; new members of the Seaguard, who have passed induction and taken the Oath but have not yet distinguished themselves in battle or from the rest of the Seaguard. At this rank, the soldier is provided for with quarters and armaments. Enlistee; a provisional title for those who have recently joined the Seaguard. They are yet to prove themselves with valorous deeds or to take their Oath, properly inducting them into the guard. With following administrative roles; Quartermaster of the Guard; in terms of both foodstuffs, clothing and armaments, it is the quartermaster’s role to fulfill the needs of the Seaguard and to ensure its efficient running. Master of Brick and Siege; specialised in the art of military and civilian engineering, it is the master’s role to fulfill the Seaguard’s architectural needs, be they for siege or domestic purposes. Master of the Kitchen and Cages; a renowned chef, the Kitchenmaster feeds the troops and cooks the foodstuffs for the Quartermaster to ration out. As well, in his alternate role, the Cagemaster maintains any animals held by the Seaguard for provision and supply purposes. Master of the Flag; a clothier by trade, the Flagmaster is expected to maintain and bear the banner of the Seaguard, as well as to design and weave new standards as the guard’s needs. Master of the Pen; for the chosen scribe of the Seaguard, who is expected to document the Seaguard’s exploits, record the Commander’s edicts and actions, and to maintain an efficient archive of both the former. =_________________________________= The terms of enlistment; To be of sufficient age; that is 16 for men and thirty for other races, subject to the discretion of command. To be a resident of Vira Bay, or in the process of immigrating. Those inducted will be trained for the space of a saint’s week, after which they will be either accepted or denied from the Seaguard. Pending acceptance, they will be obliged to take the Oath, upon which they will become full-fledged members of the Seaguard Form of Enlistment; Enlistee’s name. Enlistee’s age. Enlistee’s race. Enlistee’s nationality and country of origin. Enlistee’s religion or practiced faith. Enlistee’s occupational history. Enlistee’s experience in the military, martial or administrative. ((Enlistee’s IGN.)) ((Enlistee’s discord tag.)) ‘The Oath’; “I am under oath now - as I live and speak, and as my name is ((Enlistee’s name)) - to my comrades, to my commander, to my country. Give me a sword and shield, so I may serve to my utmost! Whatever odds fate may bestow, whatever burdens may weary my shoulders; I will cheer the flag. I will do my duty. I am under oath.” ((For any questions on the Seaguard, please add fraserh#4462, Mark2282#7754 on Discord.))
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