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Found 66 results

  1. Sermons & Prayers for the Emerald Creed 'Blessed are they who follow the Emerald Way' Teachings of the Archdruid of the Hurricane 13th of Sun’s Smile, 1660 My Rock, My Comfort Praise be to the aspect mother, the Lady Cerridwen, the mother of compassion and the aspect of comfort and healing, who guides us through our troubles, so that we may give our own comforts to those with troubles with what we have been blessed to hold. The life of the mother will give comfort to all. Praise be to the aspect father, the Lord Cernunnos, your strength and rock, the ever-present blood of being. We shall not fear, for his strength withstands all, we shall not fear, even though the wind may buffet at our skin, though the earth may crack and roar, though the mountains may fall into the depths of the great seas. None shall we fear. Send out your doubts and your fears to them, to the lord and lady of the earth, and you will endure, for they will not allow their followers to be shaken. Do not doubt the path they have given you, children of the aspects. Though the trees may fall dark, and though fire may fill the skies, and though you may suffer, look always to the lord and lady. When you pass through raging fire, they will not burn you, the flames cannot set you ablaze. Prayer of Fortitude “Let nothing shake my soul, Let nothing strike fear in my heart, For when the world falls apart, I remember this: The Aspects never fade. Your faith in them gives you the world Whoever has the light of the lord and lady lacks nothing; The Mother and Father alone bring great treasures” Fortress of Light Blessed are you lost souls who turn your eyes to the green light again! For you are no lost soul! Though you may be weak, and weary, though you may bleed on the earth, though you may be consumed by fire, those who look to the Aspects above will have their strength renewed. The crippled will fly, and leap through the air like eagles! The broken will charge through the glades like stags, and all will tremble before their strength! The very name of the aspects is a great fortress! Let the righteous souls turn to it, live in it. Be safe and hold to it, for there you will find peace and safety. You shall not be harmed, and you will find your comfort. I have told you these things lliran, that you may find your peace in them. We live in a world of great and terrible dangers, a world where we may find great trouble in our lives. Take heart, and hold your lord and lady of the earth, for they will overcome them all! Reaffirmation of the Faith O Lord, O Lady, I put myself entirely in your benevolent arms. I swear myself to do your work in all things, from this day to the end of my days: I will love the aspect mother and father with all my life, and all of my spirit. I will not murder. I will not bear falsities. I will strive always for the salvation of our people. To bring comfort to the poor and destitute. To always tend to the sick, to the best of my ability. To bury the dead and complete the cycle of life. To help others in times of dark trouble. To bring peace and sanctuary unto the woeful. I will hold nothing higher than the kingdom of the wilds. I will not give way to anger, but to let your strength guide my hands. I will not seek out revenge, but to let all things happen through you. I will not dance with falsities, but let you speak through me always. I will not guile and pretend, but I will show the world the way of truth. I will not trade wrongdoing for wrongdoing. I will give no injury, cept for those that dare harm your children, O aspects. I will love the enemies of myself and my people. I will not bear curses for those that transgress against me, but I will bless them for testing my faith and patience. I put my trust in you, O Lord, O Lady. I will remember that you, the mother and father know my every deed and that you will surely remember them all. I will call only upon your green light for defense against wrongness and discord that arises in my spirit. I will avoid speaking too plentifully. I will avoid purposeless speech. I will always seek absolution for my transgressions against others, my people, and you, and will search for ways to atone for my evil deeds. I will obey those above me in all things just. I will not desire the approval of others, but I will seek benevolence through you, always. I live through the tenets of the Emerald Way. I will not seek bloodshed. I will honor the Oracles of your faith. To pray for my foes and allies alike, for all live in your kingdom. To make my peace with others before the moon should rise, for the night is dark, ever so dark. Never to shy from your salvation. Blessed be to you, and your followers. Blessed be to the Green Faith. Speak as the Aspects Do Speak as the Aspects do. Speak true and firm in all things, lliran. The world may jeer at you, and spit curses filled with wrath, speak softly to them. Raise not your voice, for a soft word will turn away the rage of the strongest beast. A harsh word breeds only anger without cause. Do this without thought on who you speak to, whether it be an enemy or a friend, all will make way for the beacon of light within you, should you speak to allow it to shine. When you should rise from your bed, take with you a compassionate heart as the aspect mother does, and let it shine to others as a ray of life and joy. Speak with the strength of Cernunnos, and your words will be rooted in the ground like the great elder trees of old. Speak not with grumbling or petty disputation, for you must speak as the aspects do. Speak blamelessly, speak innocently, for the children of the forest must be without a blemish on their souls. We live in the midst of a world marked with blood and greed, we must be beacons of light in the darkness. Speak without blemish on your soul. Prayer of the Essence of War (When drinking of the Essence of Cernunnos) O’ Lord of Death, strengthen my arm: In our time of need, I beg you to come to your people’s aid. Fill my heart with the honor of those past as I face this newest trial As we remember you in all our earthly troubles. Blessed Lord of the Hunt, give me courage: You who guides my arrows, and steels my soul, Father of mercy and end, the blessed rest that we are given in the end, Even as the world turns from you, and forgets your kingdom. Benevolent mother, wipe fear from my heart: Never abandoning your children, always tender, Preserve me that I may see my children and yours live, I place my trust in you to hold my life from the end. O’ fairest mother of mercy, help me to be right and just: Even as I face my cruelest foes, Help me to love my enemy, for only then will I understand them Bless my heart oh heavenly mother! Fill me with the light of your justice Glorious aspects above, please send your light down upon me: (Share your request) Hear this, the cry of your children. Guide me and others to your light in this, our time of need, For I recognize no kingdom but the kingdom of the wild. The Great Duty of Mothers and Fathers We are all charged with great duties through our being, by the aspects and our brethren. We are charged. The forested halls are quiet, and will be quiet. But we all must protect the faintest whisper of the children of the forest, we must all strive to grow and prosper, as is the destiny we have been charged with. Husbands, wives! I speak unto you. You are charged with bringing children into this world. Men, I speak unto you. Seek for yourself a good aspectist mali, a reflection of the mother above. Give to her your love, you happiness, let her bloom with your love. Your wife must be your happiness in life, a ray of hope for you and your people. Wed her, care for her. Lead her not into dangers, let her feel not alone. To leave a wife alone is to neglect a child. A man that cannot be there for his wife cannot be there for his child. You are creating of her a great wife and mother, a reflection of the aspect mother above. Maln is a blessed word! You must earn it! Women, I speak unto you. Settle for nothing, for you are to be a reflection of the mother above. Where the mother goes, the father is not far behind. Find for you a reflection of the father above, a great warrior, with a strong arm and even stronger faith. He will be your rock to rest upon, your great shield. Be for him a great ray of joy, give him your love as he shall give you his. Hold him to his responsibility to you above others. To let him stray from you is to see your children running away. You would not neglect a child, it is a great trespass. You are creating of him a great husband and father, a reflection of the aspect father above. Haelun is a blessed word! You must earn it! Children are a blessing from the lord and lady above, behold! The fruit of your love and life are a reward unto you both! Rejoice! Prayer for the Dying Lady of Life, Cerridwen, as you watched over the body of the Sparrow and gently guided her to the Great Forest above, so guide every faithful soul about to die to a paradise of lush green forests and peace. Let the cries of your faithful stand testament to our love for their souls and their worthiness to find peace. They have used the gift of life in your service, and hold the grace of an honorable death. Guide them, o’ mother above, as you have guided me. On Gifts We are the recipients of a great many gifts in life. Blessings cover our path, like leaves in autumn. Hearth. Bed. Family. Love. Some are blessed with the voice of the heavens, others are blessed with sharp minds. Some are even blessed with what can only be considered a piece of the aspect’s power, and a way into the eternal forest. We are showered with gifts, like a rain from the heavens above. Even when your path is wrought with great and terrible frights, when troubles lead you to suffer and your eyes grow dark, when the world rips many of your gifts away, remember still children of the lord and lady above. Remember their greatest gift to the world. Nae, remember no gifts given unto you, think not on yourself. Remember that the aspects have given a great blessing upon this world. Life is their most beautiful gift. Rejoice! You are life, you are their greatest gift! As each has received a great gift, think not on what the world can give to you. Use your gifts to serve one another, as great stewards of the lord and lady aspects above, and spread their good grace that all mali may share in the good experience of being. For if those that have the goods of the world and sees his brother and sister mali in need, yet shuts their heart to them, how may the love of the aspects live with them? Do they truly have gifts if they shut themselves away from their brothers and sisters? Each and every one of you mali has the power to do great deeds upon the green earth. Do not withhold goodness from those whom it is due, when it is within your power to do it. You are a gift, yes, and you have great gifts. Go out in peace, and share it with the world. Prayer of the Essence of Healing (When drinking of the Essence of Cerridwen) O’ earth Mother, benevolent to the weak and weary, Who spreads the gifts of life and good health over the green fields. You who gifted me my own life, and their life, Pray for my soul and bless my hands with your healing light. O' compassionate Mother, look down upon me, I ask that you help your dutiful servant: (Share your request) so they may continue to serve you and spread your goodness across the land. Kingdom of the Aspects Sons and daughters of the aspect father and mother, look here! Look upon the earth, upon the foundations we have laid for this great city. There, at the crack in the stone. See the grasses push through, how through time they’ve overtaken the stone. It is theirs now, for all will be reclaimed by nature’s endurant heart. For though we may raise great towers on the land, and build great vessels over the waters, though we may build vast cities and empires that stretch over the horizon, all will fall into ruin and be reclaimed by the kingdom of the wilds. All stone will crack and shake, and all steel will rust and break. The wilds were here long before us, and will endure long after the last of us have perished. It will endure long after the last castle has crumbled. Look only to this kingdom, followers of the lord and lady, for when the world has fallen away, there will be no other kingdom but the kingdom of the aspects. Dominionites, look to the wilds, look to your own country. The Dominion is a place of the aspects, look around you all. Our homes are nature, we live as one together. This is a place for aspectists, a temple of nature. Recognize no kingdom but those allied with the kingdom of the wilds, for they will endure. Blessed be unto the Aspects. Blessed be. [!] The tome was sent out to the Naelurir
  2. The Emerald Way

    The Emerald Way ‘Blessed are they who follow The Emerald Way’ Teachings of the Archdruid of the Hurricane 13th of the First Seed, 1660 On yesterday's eve, I witnessed a sight most common, though for some unknown reason, it struck me strange. An elk was torn into by a beast, and ripped into, to eat. A common occurance, yes, this is known. Tis’ the way of nature, the beasts eat the common gazelle, and so on the predator eats the prey, and the prey feeds on what they can. There is no evil in it, the predator must eat as much as the prey, and the prey must eat what it can, and there is only survival in it. The predator feels naught for devouring its prey, nor does the prey when it grazes upon the grasses, despite life from the world being taken out. Such is the unseen way of all natural life, life passes on and on and through each moving piece of it. There is naught evil or good, only what is and what survives. Such also is the way of druidism, our gifts are given without thought of good and evil, but with only this delicate balance of the cycle of life in mind. Druids are expected to be as neutral as nature in this sense, are we not? It is the duty of druids to correct the balance, wheresoever it may be corrupted, without heed for borders. It is our duty to correct it, we must. We have been charged by the aspects above to do our sacred duties, and the order has decided we must do it without heed for borders. But this charge ignores a most fundamental principle of our life as descendants, of how we have grown and developed too live with morality, to have the sense of good and evil, and all in between. It is what makes us what we are, it is what gives us our humanity, and this makes us truly and beautifully unique. We are not a part of this balance the aspects have created for us, but we surely live with it. To attempt to live without morality, to attempt to live neutrally and strive to think as the aspects do, without heed of what is good and evil, this is unnatural of our own being. It makes us only as simple as the beasts and prey that are in the balance we seek so desperately to protect. We cannot, and we should not deny what we are, how we think, but we must find a balance of our own, and look over the balance with a sense of right and wrong. This is what I feel the Aspectists have found quite rightly in the founding of the Naelurir. To live along with both the balance and the descendants, separately, yet together. In this, we are allowed to exercise our sense of right and wrong and do our duty to protect the balance with great strength. It is not the nature of men to keep out of everything, we, as Malin's kin, must be involved in the survival of our people, and our culture, for surely the theatre of the world seeks to stamp us out yet. One would say it distracts us from our duty, to be a part of a nation. This is not the case, nay. I might even say it better allows us to perform our duties. While we cannot live as neutral, we are able to do our best to spread what is good, and what is just. It is of the utmost importance that druids maintain strong ties to the world they live in and protect, they cannot fly above it all. Neutrality is a disease that leaves men weak, and staggeringly alone, as many beasts are. Fellow priests of the balance, I say to you. Do not catch the disease of neutrality. Hone your sense of right and wrong, fight always for the path of good for you and your people. Do not become unnatural men, stripped of all sense of what is good in the world. In morality, we find our strength together. I do wish to begin a great awakening in our faith, an awakening of our morality and duty. Altars lie around our sacred city, placed there by what seems to be a Nightingale and a Falcon, and upon them is inscribed the phrase ‘Blessed are they who follow The Emerald Way’. I take it as a sign, as a great stroke of faith that we must revitalize ourselves, and make something of that phrase. During my pilgrimage, I have meditated a great deal, and I shed a brilliant ray of light on myself and our faith. I have pledged myself in blood to tenants I now establish, tenets of the Emerald Way, and I do thusly take them upon my soul along with my oath as a Naelurir. I encourage others to take the same vows with me, so we can move toward a better future for us all. May the aspects strike us down where we do stand should we break them, and may their wrath be furious and swift. Tenets of the Emerald Way I. Thou shalt honor thy seed and its tenants For we are elves and the life of the family is most sacred. Should we not honor them, we do a disservice to both our faith and our country, and degrade our unity through each dishonor. II. Thou shalt uphold thy sacred duty to your people in all things For we are charged with great purpose in our nation, to spread and uphold the tenets of the Aspectist faith. To neglect our duty to our people is to neglect a child in need of care, for we are yet budding still. III. Thou shalt remember the aspects and hold them holy in thy heart For there ought to be no higher power in the lives of elves. Nature is our life and way, and so we must give thanks and bless them above that have allowed us these lives we do so live. IV. Thou shalt not bear falsities, for thy faith is the way of truth For a lie is a deadly fault, and our faith is the green way of truth. Lies only breed destruction and sow guilt through the people, and we will not live in a world governed by falsities. V. Thou shalt remember thy kin and shield them from the descendants of the world For together we find our strength. We are few, yet long-lived. In order to survive, we must stick together, and protect each other from the outside world, in our blood, in our homes, and in our lives. VI. Thou shalt strive in all things for the salvation of you and your people For the threat of conquest constantly looms, and our people are looked down upon by the other descendants of the world. Too many times have we been shoved into the dirt. We must all work together as one race, one people. VII. Thou shalt not give in to baseless lust and honor the sacred bonds of marriage For we are few, yes. But we cannot bring upon ourselves greater curses than we already have. Baseless lust leads to the interbreeding of races and taints the waters of life. We are cursed yes, but we must band together. We cannot look to others to save our race. VIII. Life is precious, and thou shalt not murder For it is our greatest gift from the aspects, not the powers of druidism. Life must be protected when it can be, though when life threatens other life, it must be ripped from the world. “Thou shalt honor thy seed and their tenants” For all races of the world,family is important, that is no lie. But for mali, important is an understatement. Strong families provide for the whole of our people, strong seeds people our province. To betray your family is to betray your people as well, for a week see leads only to a withered tree. Be not like the boy Faenel, do not weaken your family. Faenel was a boy, long long ago, in a great seed that brought strength to our people. Great charity flowed from the blood of his family and enriched the very soil our kin walked upon. They provided for all, a great, and bountiful seed, donating their time, their sweat, and their blood need be. Faenel was one of 2 sons, a sign of great fertility for the seed. He was the youngest, yes, and his brother and he worked the land from the dawn of day till blink of night. He was given food, water, clothes on his back, and good kin to rely upon. He worked very honestly yes, and he was paid fairly enough for his work upon the rich soil. But his seed was no rich seed, no. They did not carry with them great mounds of minae, they had what they had to get by, no more no less. But Faenel did not like this, he saw a great many others within the city, richer seeds, with fine clothes, and great feasts to greet them when they were home. He wanted this for him, for him family. One day, the boy Faenel saw a great set of fine green robes within a store, but he lacked the money to get such a fine piece. Greed took his heart, and he fell to it. The boy took to his home, and in the dead of night robbed from his own parents. He took what he needed to get these clothes, and he hid them away, that he may reveal them at some lavish occasion. That night, when he had gotten home from the fields, he saw food to greet him at the table. He saw merry faces, welcoming him back from his work. And on it went. Days turned to months, and Faenel returned from his work each day, but this time, he came home to an empty table. No food to greet him, nor welcoming smiles. Just hungry souls set around a table. He had taken too much, and left the family with too little to provide, to eat. And that winter, without enough minae for food, the family soon starved, and the seed vanished into nothingness. Such is the fate of all mali who succumb to greed and selfishness, and of those that put themselves before the survival of their family. If we betray our families, we all fall to naught. “Thou shalt uphold thy sacred duty to your people in all things” The pack cannot survive long if the hunters neglect their duty to hunt, nor can they carry on from generation to generation if they do not bear children. Just as the pack, every citizen of your nation has a sacred duty, and you have yours as well. When these duties are neglected, our people fall to ruin quickly. Crops are not sown, the land is not tilled. Beasts run rampant, and our people starve, with no children to replace them. These are our duties. Achikr. A horrid word for a neglectful parent. I cannot hope to have these words pass my lips anymore in my life. We are cursed with infertility, and every person matters when contributing to the society. When a mali lives and dies without having two children, we must consider it as equal to a death in the society. For without having two children, we cannot hope to maintain our numbers. For those mali with one, we must push them, we must encourage them to continue. For those blessed with three, we must rejoice! For they have brought life to the society. Mothers must teach their children the same, how to care for others. They must be gentle, and compassionate, for the world will not be. To have these children is one thing. For a father to provide meat and meal for them is another. A child is no blessing without food to make them grow strong, without meal to sustain their lives, however long they may be. A father must be a successful hunter and must teach their children the same. The child must be strong enough to provide for their own, and the generation next. Behind every weak child is a weak parent, who had not the stones to bring them up properly. A father must be strong, and iron-willed, for they must face the world themselves. These are our common duties to our kin. “Thou shalt remember the aspects and hold them holy in thy heart” Mali live with and beside nature, as mutual partners. The earth provides for us all, through the crops we sow, and the light breezes. We ride ships to fish great feasts from the sea. We protect it thusly, we shield it from the greedy hands of humanity, they that would place themselves as king of the ashes, founding kingdoms on stone alone, and force the crops from the earth. We have attained this delicate balance, and shield ourselves in the world. We cannot then forget what has allowed us to live, what allows us to continue our existence. The aspects fill our fishing nets, and enrich the earth for our crops. It is by their grace alone that we survive. Remember them in everything, my kindred souls. We must place them in our hearts, upon the highest pedestal there is. Above our family, above our lives, above love. Keep them with you always, and you will never be lost in your doings upon the earth. They will not forget you, their children of the forests. “Thou shalt not bear falsities, for thy faith is the way of truth” No society on this green earth may work without trust for one another. No manner of good unity or kindness can be founded upon lies. Even the delicate balance we’ve achieved with the world cannot be broken with lies and deception. If the aspects did not trust us to protect them, they would not give unto us the bounties of the earth. If we did not trust them to give us good food, and an abundant hunt, we would starve ourselves to our own deaths. We must not allow lies to slip into our society, or we all fall apart. Truth, no matter how heartbreaking, no matter how upsetting, must be told. Truth is goodness, and truth will set you free. Lies chain us to them, and they weigh us down. Can a hawk fly to the forest if it is weighed down with stones? It cannot, and we cannot be weighed down in the same way. We cannot hope to reach peace in our lives if we are tethered to discord with lies. It is the base of fault and allows corruption to exist. Without lies, we find goodness. Do that which is good, and no harm will come to you, nor your people. And when it comes to it, tell your truth. Though your heart may break, you cannot flinch! Speak your truth, and only good will come to thee. “Thou shalt remember thy kin, and shield them from the descendants of the world” We live in a world of grave threats and have been driven near to extinction many times by the other descendants. Uruks enslave us, chain us down with metal they have driven from the earth, steal our spirit away to provide base labor. Bortu delve into the earth and claw the stones and soil from their place. Humanity slaughters us, pushing blades into our throats, and they cover history in our blood. They took upon a false symbol of nature, mocking our own aspects, as they sent us to our own graves. If we are to continue, we must act together as a shield against the others. Mali must come first, before all others. We must push others away, and keep our home for our own. We cannot mix mali and non-mali,elf with others. History has shown that we cannot trust the descendants, that we will only ever be pushed down by them. Isolate yourselves from them, gather together, and we will survive. They cannot be allowed to take root in our forest halls, they cannot be allowed to lay with our brothers and sisters. Interbreeding with the other races is a great sin against our kind. We struggle enough without we doom our children to curses born from lust, or other such curses. We must attain purity in the sense that we keep our forested home for mali. Valah dare not lay claim to our soils. Uruk dare not enslave our people. We must help one another, and fight against the seeds of struggle such as I have told you. “Thou shalt strive in all things for the salvation of you and your people” While we consider our lives to have great value, this is not the case. Our lives are worth little without their continuation from this life to the next. Without hard-fought peace in our hearts, we hold little value, for we will be naught but dustcome our deaths. We cannot hope for legacy to live on, legacy is fickle, and will fade as soon as selfishness takes hold in our children. For mali, we can hope only to bring ourselves as close to the aspects as we can in our long lives, that they may shed some shred of mercy upon our weary souls. Look upon your own hearts before you look to others, take care they do not grow black with transgressions, lliran. Only they with pure hearts may speak on the sins of others, and bring them closer to the aspect’s light. Judge them not, for no judge upon earth is greater than the aspects above. Instead, push them toward the light, urge them yourselves to seek recompense for their trespasses, do this only after you’ve cleansed yourself. Lead others not into temptation, judge not their sins. Deliver them from evil into the light of pure goodness and life. “Thou shalt not give into baseless lust, and honor the sacred bonds of marriage” Lust tears the light from us, it leads us away from goodness and brings us to serve only ourselves. Think in devotion and love, not passion and lust. We are few, yet long-lived. While that may seem to call for senseless breeding, we cannot hope for it. It leads only to neglectful parents that may leave each other long before the child is grown, and cared for. Instead, we must devote ourselves to one, and give ourselves to them fully. Then we can provide together for our children, the children of you and of the forest. Children of the gods above, the aspects of the eternal forest. Blessed are children, yes. But blessed, even more, are parents that love and care for one another beyond base lust for the survival of our race. Blessed more are parents who createfamily, not just blood. Togetherness is sacred and children are, but the bonds of marriage are more so sacred. Baseless lust leads to far more problems, and can even bring others to interbreed out of love for another. Interbreeding is a baseless lust, it surely is. Whoever in their right mind would condemn an innocent child to a life of curses and horrors, a child born as clean as Cerridwen’s fingers? Give not into baseless lust, for your children will surely suffer if you do. “Life is precious, and thou shalt not murder” Life is the aspects most precious gift that hardly ever ends. It ends for us, yes for our lives eventually all cease, and all cry and clamor quiets in our life. But that life does pass on, into the world, into it all. We are part of the cycle, mali, valah, bortu, Uruk. They were all given life as well. And it is a great transgression to rip life from the world without due cause, without the slightest whisper of doubt in the mind that they must end to protect the lives of others. Murder is of the greatest transgressions of our people, for we number so few and far between. To tear one from the world causes great disruption in our balance, in the cycles of life. Even when our courts do deal justice, we must have unblinkable proof of guilt, and no doubt may yet creep into our hearts, lest we destroy the greatest of the aspects gifts without proper cause. Rites of Absolution Nature has no moral compass, as was made clear earlier. We serve as the path of morality, we serve as the patrons of right and wrong. The aspects have left us with a great freedom, in this sense, by leaving us to decide for ourselves what is right from wrong, and thus is the task of the Naelurir, to bring good and evil into nature. It is our divine duty to bring the followers of Aspectism into the light of goodness, to bring them back to a holier path, that they may also see the great green forests above, and find peace past their life’s end. When you leave on pilgrimage, on any journey, what do you take with you? Do you bring all of your belongings, all of your prized possessions and papers? Do you wheel your house behind you on a wagon? You do not, no. You take only what you need for the journey, you take only what is necessary. As with any journey, we cannot march through our lives carrying unnecessary weight, and we cannot be burdened with the weight of our wrongdoings and transgressions. No, we must march on with a clear conscience, all of us, both priest and devout. But we are imperfect beings, no? We commit many wrongdoings in our lives, and we trespass against our neighbors. We lie, we cheat, we stain the earth with each other’s blood and leave others defenseless against the crows that seek to feed upon mali. But all is not lost in this, no, there is hope for absolution. We need not carry our transgressions wheresoever we walk, but we cannot forget them. Instead, we must ask the mother and father for forgiveness, to cleanse us of our sins, however black they may be. By their righteous power, we must seek penance to lessen the load of life upon our backs. In my dreams, I have seen a ritual, a rite so powerful as to wash us clean of our transgressions and push us into a brighter future. I was sent this vision from on high, to give to you, my fellow mali, that we may all bathe in clean waters, that we may journey forward beyond this life with only what is necessary. I invite all to partake in this Rite of Absolution. Those touched by the aspects, those with the gifts, your priesthood. They must lead you on through this rite. They have been opened to the world by the aspects, they are closest to them. Go to them when you have trespassed against others, when you have committed these transgressions against your faith and people. You will speak your sins to them, all of them. Conceal nothing within you, for the aspects will see all. To go to your priesthood speaks goodness within you, it speaks a wish to return to the green light of the aspects. You must seek out penance, a priest will not find you. The green light will not find its way into you if you will not seek it out. If you cannot recognize your own wrongdoings, you cannot find the light. Search always within yourself for these, and you will find the way back to the green faith. Bring with you a sacrifice. A true sacrifice from you to the aspects. Penance cannot be given without great self-sacrifice, for there must be a balance. Fret not on your sacrifice, to be cleansed of guilt is a gift of itself. Burn it in the brazier that you may send it up to the aspects above. Only then will they look upon you, through the priest, only then can you be given true penance. Repeat this sacred prayer with your priest, send it up on high; In Elven; “O' Haelun, O' Maln Kae sul sioln uhiere, ay'khelan ito kae'leh narnsae, avern'ehya ito kae'leh. nae ormartillun kae illerih, ay'kae elnarnsae'taynei uhiere, karin'ento. kae'leh anniln ito iyl, ay'iyl karinah karinan'ehya orento, karin'ento.” In Common Tongue; "O Mother, O Father I seek light alone, for my path is full of darkness, and I wander without purpose. May you grant me forgiveness, for I seek the emerald path. It will be my guide, for this sunrise and all those ahead." After such, the priest will bid you a task, a task meant to atone for your transgressions. While the aspects may have given you peace, you must put the world at peace, your people at peace. Only then can you be fully returned to the side of light. After, bathe yourself in clean waters, feel your sins fall away, and the burdens lifted from your shoulders. This is the path to peace that I have seen in my heart and in my mind. Let you follow it closely. The Circle of Life We live in a cycle of life and death, do we not? The birds and trees die out, but there is ever a forest standing, no? Songbirds fill the air, do they not? We are ever surrounded by life, yet death lurks and strikes here and there. No matter how oft or how heavy death’s strikes may be, life ever moves on. I suppose what I’m trying to say is life finds a way no matter what you may put in it’s path. Nations rise and fall, peoples die out, forests are burned to the ground. But life goes on, and so it goes. We must keep this in our hearts and in our minds wherever we would walk, we must remember this circle. This is why priests have taken to signing a circle over their heart, for they know it to be the truest way of the world. Things go on and on, life spirals and they are a part of the circle of life. It surrounds them, this steadfast balance. To keep it with them always, they mark it on their own body, they circle their hearts before meals, during trying times as a reminder of the circle that goes round and round. It is also for this reason that many a good aspectist will tattoo the very circle of life onto their body somewhere, to show the world what they’ve dedicated their souls to protecting. To imprint their very duty onto their bodies, no matter how big or small, shows great dedication, and our people may look to it as a symbol of spiritual wellness, the symbol of a guide for days to come. This I call the symbol of our priesthood, of the Naelurir. Show the world who you are, lliran. Never forget it, for the aspects will not. Show this symbol wherever you can lliran, mark it as a prayer to the aspects above, that the cycle be maintained. Do it before meals, before hunts, when your family is sick, when great change occurs in your life. Carry it with you as a shield, and the aspects light will guide your way. Mark is even on your body. The world will see your good example and follow you into the light of goodness. Teach it unto others, spread the good word. Blessed be unto the Aspects. Blessed be. [!] This tome was sent out to all the Naelurir, of all rank and number. A tome from Awaiti Aureon. [!]
  3. In need of a job (again)

    Hello, My name is Ailinn and I currently am in need of a job so I can be able to finally buy a house. If you have a spot open for me, In regards to working, Or are looking for someone to hire, I am open for any job. (Also if you are a high elf too please tell me some places where i can live, or how to get to a city that most high elves live in thanks :).) Thanks. (in game name is roseprintss)
  4. The District Head of Velunor

    Evar'tir Sulirrin sat on his bunk within the barracks, glancing around. Several Virarim had come and left at various times, some resting, others grabbing weapons, or storing personal items. Though the barracks remained relatively empty, save for the 'Ker Halerir, who leaned against the wall, sorting through documents, reports, missives, letters, and marking on a roster, sending off acceptance letters occasionally. Though, through the reports, he had noticed something, a large amount of recent break ins within the Velunor district. "Hm... curious," The Mali' murmured to himself. Though the next document he sorted through happened to be the recent government listings. Scanning down the list, the 'Ker's gaze landed on the Lord of Velunor. "Lockezi Voidrye," The parchment read, "I haven't seen him do a bloody thing recently." Evar'tir mumbled to himself, "Sorry to say, Locke, you're due for another coup against you at this rate." A half-hearted chuckle escaped the man, laughing at his own jokes, sure, but he found himself hilarious. "Though, I would like to see the district put to use again. A waste of the culture and area, if people aren't actively there unless for a festival, or a tavern, but aye." He murmured to himself, before an idea coming to him. The 'Ker spent the next few hours, writing. By the end of it, his righting hand being sufficiently cramped, though he did not heed until he finished. Upon the last parchment's completion, Evan read it over, once, twice, and thrice. Triple checking them all, before having each one posted in four various spots. The notice board within the main square, the notice board within Velunor, one sent to Aerith Oranor specifically, and one posted within the barracks of the Virarim. Each parchment bearing the same message, reading as follows: "Dear fellow Mali'Ker of Caras Eldar, Jewel of The Dominion of Malin, I put up these missives to say that I have entered the running for the District Head of Velunor, also commonly known as the Port District, or 'Ker District. I may not have a clan, a large family, nor do I run a tavern... but, I merely wish to help bring the district back to it's lively state, without the need of festivals which run the risk of being in poor taste, which could subsequently put a bad taste in those who wish to live within it, or within Caras Eldar, for that fact of matter. I do not go up, making speeches, as I am no politician, per se. There are things that must be attended to before political matters, such as defense of the city, familial matters, and upholding the law of our lands. There are several issues that must be addressed, too many for one missive, perhaps, but I seek to better them all. I seek to return culture to the 'Ker populace. I wish for our district to be used more then a port, a way in for those attempting to slaughter our people. But if I am beat out in this election of the people, then so be it. To welcome defeat in open hands means that the person who has gotten you beat, is most likely more capable for the position. But, with that, I conclude this missive. I thank you for your time to read such, and hope I can gain your vote. - Evar'tir Sulirrin of Caras Eldar."
  5. The Wolf Awakens: Election of the Silver Sohaerate Published on the 14th of Snow’s Maiden To the People of Haelun’or, I know I am not very well known among the people of this great nation. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. To those of you who do not, I am Gantar Lythian. In our era of discord and strife, we are left without a Sohaer. Although I am far less renowned than my peers, Arelion Laurir'ante and Silir Uradir , I am no less resolved than them in my desire to bring glory and honour once more to our proud People as in the olden days. Although I have no doubt that Laurir’ante and Uradir’s ideals are what they think is most beneficial for us, they are wrong. Uradir seems, although well-intended, overtly pacifist for the role of Sohaer, particularly in regards to the Dominion, and seems far too soft-edged in the event of a war with such a potent power Here I shall summarize part of what I hope to achieve if elected as Sohaer: We shall restore the honour of our people by finally bringing an end to this this infernal rivalry with the Dominion of Malinor/Elvenesse. I prefer to use peace to resolve it, but will use force if absolutely necessary. If negotiations occur, will seek to form a personal alliance with them in possible in order to ensure better tranquility both between our states and ensure an eternal ally in the event of war. Bring an end to the Uruk’s reign of barbary on the free roads of Atlas. In rebuilding our armed forces, we shall restore peace and justice on the roads on and around the Silver State by doing far more periodic patrols to ensure the safety of our people. If elected, I shall increase the income of Haelun'or through inviting businesses to set up their headquarters in provinces held by the Silver State in return for very low taxes on their income in exchange for protection of their trade convoys. This shall provide both jobs for the People of the our state both in defense and in trade operations. We shall make Haelun’or a lively nation once more. Our people have started to migrate out of our city. We must increase our population and business. If elected, I shall oversee the construction of further businesses and increases in trade, both public and private, and encourage further reproduction of our Kind through tax cuts and loans for starting families, in which each child a family has shall reduce the loan payment by twenty five percent. Upon the birth of four children, the loan shall be considered paid off. I know it will be a very difficult road to repair the damage sustained by glorious Haelun’or over the years, but I believe that with a bit of cooperation between our people, the obstacles in front of us shall be reduced from grand mountains to simple mounds. These are trying times, so we must work together. If not elected, I shall lend my advice to whomever is elected in order to do as much as possible to purify and restore our great State. Signed, Gantar of House Lythian, First of his Name.
  6. The Election for the Sohaerate As published 8th of The Deep Cold 1659 Rules for the vote: 1) Only citizens of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or may cast a vote 2) Only a single vote per citizen 3) Your full name must be stated on your ballot, otherwise your vote will be invalid 4) More than half the votes must be for a candidate otherwise the vote will be invalid 5) The vote will be open for a single elven day, after which a winner will be announced As Ah’Sohaer I call a vote. The vote will be between my old friend Mister Acal’elor and the council. Should Mister Acal’elor receive over half the votes he will take the position of Sohaer, should the vote be invalid due to more than half the voters abstaining, the current council will elect a new Sohaer. If more abstain votes are counted than for Athedil Acal'elor, then Interim Sohaer position will be granted to Arelion Laurir'Ante and new elections will be held. Votes: Athedil Acal’elor [] Abstain [] MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed by, Ah’Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Cenwall Maeyr’onn Patriarch of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii, Guided by Larihei’s Grace in his Blessed Rule, Laurir and Malaurir of Mali’thill, Sovereign of the High Elven People, Protector of Silver Law and Overseer of the Kharajyr State.
  7. The Bird Soared and Securely Over Mine Kingdom As published 8th of The Deep Cold 1659 " The Mali'Aheral people must not only spout superiority, they must show it. What are you waiting for? Show it brethren." ~Ah'Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn A wise man once said that all things come to an end.... I Ah’Sohaer, the first of his title hereby write my resignation of both my positions-- Sohaer and Maheral of our blessed people effective immediately. Let the official voting of my successor begin. I will end my term with a story of a simple mali’aheral who hoped for more… Atathri Glaeus. A sickly name to give a child, cursed snake. He was a simple child running away from home, ready to take on this world like none other would… first to the famed Enchantry where he would learn from and meet the greatest magicians in the world. He stood, scar on his left eye, standing in the freezing cold mountains shouting at their gates-- a mali with no knowledge of magic. Bold this pure High Elf was… this boldness would only make none other than the grand leader of the Enchantry to greet him and accept him into their hold… this is where his journey to the Arcane began…This is where he met the most influential magis of our times, where he shed his scar to be wholly pure of form… transformed into Cenwall Glaeus. Cenwall Glaeus would seek to return to Haelun’or, the true home of all mali’thill. This is where he would see ruin, decadence and decay. Shocked his people would be so down-trodden, he saw how the council clung to power yet did nothing with such power. In such distress he met who elves only would call “Fruit Fly”. This man offered a job in what was called the ETHIC at the time, and Cenwall soon grew into an officer of such a force. Integration into the armed forces of the Silver State of Haelun’or was desired by the order. They only wished to protect, yet the council feared them-- they were a force believed could tear down their fake curtain of power. Soon we were thrown out the city as traitors… the first lesson of his life, power. During this time, the Mali’Aheral people stayed in a campsite awarded to them by the Empire of Oren… this is where Cenwall Glaeus met his father Carvalon Maeyr’onn, his true father… A great nephew of one of the founders of Haelun’or-- Nelecar Maeyr’onn, the Lion and first military leader under Maheral Dio. Carvalon was a strict man and soon it was seen between Cenwall and Carvalon their relationship. This is where Cenwall Glaeus was remade into his true form... a Maeyr’onn. Andria, a beautiful elven High Elven woman saw their distress… she too was tired of the lethargy and was a Maheral of old. Soon they led our troops through the streets, weaponless, however extremely zealous in our drive to fix the lethargy which had rested in the leadership-- a result of the recent age of countless coupings. This was to be the final the High Elven people would bear. In what can only be called the Night of Remembrance, the ETHIC drove the councilors from the city and put Andria as Maheral for the reconstruction of their city, for it was half-built and destroyed. Cenwall Maeyr’onn-- myself would grow from the military and into politics, for a vote for a new council under the new administration under Maheral Andria. Soon the people would vote, and so they did. I became Okarir’Maehr, librarian of the Eternal Library of Haelun’or… the most respected of all offices in Haelun’or. It was done, and I moved swiftly to make deals earning knowledge and teaching the people. First a deal with Dragur Library to refill their library and a refilling of the battered and crumbling library of Haelun'or. This is where I learned my second lesson in life, persistence. Tending to the library was not enough for me, I went to making deals with various nations to collect knowledge and gain contact throughout the realms. This was where Andria saw my potential… she absent from my knowledge of this time. This absence would haunt her in her later days of me remembering her. It was a quiet day and I can only see her in the Eternal Library reading the books… she looked tired. I approached and she told me of her coming resignation. Shocked, I wondered who would take her place. It was me… my third lesson, peace. So this was also done, I was named Maheral Cenwall Maeyr’onn-- it was then I had unlimited powers. The system and city had no hope to thrive much longer, I had to revitalize it for our people. I installed twelve councilors, though such was against my main goal of phasing out the ones who only sought power but not wishing to put in the work for the people. I wished for loyalty and through these times it would be what would test me as a leader the most. The city was rebuilt by famed builder Elrith, still a loyal and masterful builder to this day-- the man who built Okarn’thilln of today. With the city built and shrunk to consolidate materials, I waited for those who had devious tendencies to strike. The first week, I was tending the outer realms of the world. I heard of an impending attack and coup under my nation. I rushed back to swiftly end the threat with diplomacy, the leader of such would be my first military leader… my fourth lesson, diplomacy. Such would not be my first threat of ruin-- I heard talks of my second in command at the time Cinh’llytn or now known and banished Lyu Elibar’acal talking of coup behind my back. Whispers long before I had loyal men protecting me at all times. Ralnor, an ex-Sohaer told me of such and pushed me to act. I in my young and brash self went to move. Arelion Laurir’ante, an elven man that I had not known much at the time sent the letter for him to join us. It was their I personally moved to sentence his fate and kicked him in molten lava… such an action would haunt me in my nights alone-- it was this moment killing this elf where I learned my important lesson, culture and security. The mali’aheral people were furious with my killing of a pure-blooded High Elf. The Maheral, “most pure” doing these actions even moreso. I heard whispers of another coup sprouting, yet I knew such had to be done for the security and steady progress of our people… this is when I met my most roudy ally, Athedil Haler’thilln-- a proud and astute old High Elven man. We both came to the conclusion of the importance of the separation of the state and culture. To appease my enemies and restore proper progress of our state I announced the reinstatement of Sohaer and announced Athedil as the new Maheral, where I learned my fifth lesson in life, separation of powers. During this time, during the end of Axios I learned of the secret natures of people-- the greed. One after another my councilors turned on me, attack after attack, yet I survived all of the attacks. It separated the loyal people from the snakes and it gave me more power to bring true security to the state and enact all enemies of the state removed. First the purging of frost witches from Haelun’or, then the purging of all Dark Magi. For the first time in centuries I had created an age of security and an age of progress. My greatest mistake was allowing a wood elf to command my forces. I wished to integrate the lesser elves in our lands-- seeing all elves together as integral to the growth and security of all elves… this was when I realized only a pure mali’aheral can truly lead. Our control of our emotions is the main ingredient in our superiority and it showed during the day of flames when Rhillen, the wood elf threw alchemist's fire on our own men in a stressed battle, ruining our chances of thwarting the coup of the wood elven lands under Awaiti Aureon. The momentum of our people was staggered during this time, and the land of Axios was coming to an end. This is where we come to Atlas… a new land and new opportunity for our people and others. I reformed the government and fixed the problem of top-heavy government. I chose only the most loyal to the people and the state, and alternatively the most zealous in the build-up of our state. Arelion Laurir’ante remained my most loyal friend during this time and to this day. During this time we formed the Sohaerate, formed under the pretence of our ancient alliances and common cultures, negotiated by Varen’thal the current diplomat of Haelun’or at the time. Together we would push forward and in time we saw slow and steady buildup of our power as a state. I set up to making checks and balances of power, even my own and created a voting system in which future governments could properly use. The transfer of power was established and I created new laws alongside Ceruberr to institute Talonni families on the blueprint granted to me by Andria. Soon I met Odessa Visaj, who implored me to recreate the Eternal College to teach our youth and so it was done. For once in a long time our people had hope for the future and steadily we have grown… now we are in the present. War is on the horizon, not a war I wished for but a war of defence in the face of an aggressor-- Renatus-Marna and his allies wishing to attack Norland in attempt to recreate the Orenian Empire and the possible beginnings of a war with The Dominion of Malin who wishes to be a miniture Orenian Empire, killing unarmed High Elven leaders in their gates… I can only hope my people survive the coming times in peace… I rest my hopes in the lessons I taught them during my rule. Such resignation may be heartbreaking to most, for so long we have been steadily progressing the state. Fourty years of memories, security, and hope for the Mali’aheral people under my tenure. First as Okarir’Maehr, then as Maheral, Then as Sohaer, then as both Maheral and Sohaer at once, Ah’Sohaer. I have been blessed by the Silver State and I wish the best for it in the future. May we peacefully transfer power as was done during Andrias departure of power... This is my story, the foundation of the state is their, we as a people just need to stay together and strong against the perils of the world. Together we are strong, alone we are weak. I leave on a journey of self reflection toward the wilds as Larihei herself likely is doing... I did my job. … The bird soared and securely over mine kingdom. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed by, Ah’Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Cenwall Maeyr’onn Patriarch of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii, Guided by Larihei’s Grace in his Blessed Rule, Laurir and Malaurir of Mali’thill, Sovereign of the High Elven People, Protector of Silver Law and Overseer of the Kharajyr State.
  8. On the City of Senntisten [Volume I] An essay on the issues that plague the city planning of our beloved Capital. By Ferdinand Albert Stafyr, 1659 The sun rises over the city, 1659 The City of Senntisten is a glorious sight to the weary man. After clambering over great bridges and trudging through dancing fields of heavy, golden wheat, a man seeks only the comfort of his own kind. The feeling of a large mug of ale between his hands, fresh from breweries of the Stafyrs, or the bitter bite of a good Carrion Black, so generously poured in the smoke-filled Crooning Crow. Good company and the security of tall walls. All these are given to mankind by our glorious Capital. Yet, behind this façade of idyllic perfection projected upon the land like the shadows of our massive ramparts cast by the setting sun, lies a problem that cripples what should be only quietude and harmony. The city’s streets are empty. They meander by a hundred houses empty of all but cobwebs and rats. This issue did not arise in one day, nor will it disappear in one week. But it is an issue that must be recognized and addressed by men willing to put their hearts into their work. It must not be compromised by those who grasp eagerly at the meagerest morsel of power in the hope of climbing a ladder they were never destined to set foot on. An abandonned street, as represented by an artist, 1659 While the vastness of Senntisten is itself a monument to the ingenuity and determination of man, this great act does little to serve the kingdom and its people. For what are people to do with moldering streets, in which cracked flagstones let nature reclaim what was once its own. When our houses house more vermin than the people they were nobly built to welcome, questions must arise within the minds of all men. The Adamantine Cathedral, most glorious of edifices erected in the name of the one and only GOD stands like a pillar of faith and piety. A proud monument to the zealous faith of our people. Proud, yet barren of folk. Rarely does one see pious peasants kneeling before the glory of GOD, or the common folk repenting for their crimes in the confessionals. A sad situation with no easy solution. An attempt at capturing the splendor of the Admantine Cathedral, 1659 Ease has never been the way of progress though, and those who would blame the shortcomings of our own people upon the lesser races debase themselves. To not accept when one stumbles is to walk blind. Elves scrabble at the foundations of our mighty nation, their nails breaking upon the stone of our faith and conviction. A nuisance, much like the rats that wander our empty halls. But true failure comes from the man who cannot comprehend the threats of our own ego and pride. The size of our city is not a reflection of our greatness, for GOD is the source of all wonder and glory, and only through our faith to the one and only can greatness be found. Signed, Ferdinand Albert Stafyr -In volume II, we will discuss the solutions that can bring about the change necessary for the revitalization of our city.-
  9. Between Wrath and Harmony

    The stone walls were stained a sinister crimson, and one lone bead of blood trailed below it, reaching somewhere halfway between the floor and the mark. Nearby, the statues of Cernunnos and Cerridwen stood, illuminated only by dim candlelight. Before them sat a small basin of still water, motionless before them. Before them, a small, troubled girl sat, blood dripping from her knuckles where they had collided with the wall. It had been months since she had last sent a prayer to the heavens, months since she knelt before them and tried speaking, and it showed on her form. Beneath her eyes, dark circles took place. Her hair was cut short, uneven. Her robes were unwashed, uncared for. This had not been the first night she lashed out in her own quarters, striking at walls or the occasional glass. She had hardly even tended to the orphanage, allowing her other staff to tend to the children out of fear of herself. Like many as of late, she was taken by rage at the actions of her fellow members of the faith. Words hissed at her from every corner of her mind, pricking and pinching at her psyche. Voices that were not her own screamed at her curses that set her skin aflame, and sent the hairs on the back of her neck upright in chills. Months ago, she had been angry that she had done nothing, that through her gentleness, corruption had been allowed to take root in her faith and in her city. She had believed her passivity made her weak, a coward that simply allowed things to be. And it was true, yes. But when she had turned to strike with an iron fist, the world cried out ‘brute’, and she could not fathom why. And this brought her here, in her room where she sat alone. Awaiti struck out with a roar, flipping the basin into the ceiling, causing a cascade of water to pour over her. It landed with a clatter, and she only found herself drenched, seething. Water quietly dripped from her chin as she looked forward between the statues. She did not understand what she had done wrong, nor what to do. She would not pray, no. No longer would she sit and just hope for things to improve. She looked to the lessons she had learned once more, hoping to find some missed truth to guide her. “The faith needs compassion and mercy more than anything, Awaiti. The Naelurir needs you to be you.” The words Artimec spoke to her rang out in her ears. It only infuriated her more. Compassion does not keep your people safe in the night. Compassion does not serve as a shield when a man decides to cut you down! Compassion is weak. She thought back, remembering the screams she had heard in the square, the people that cursed her down, roared at her when she struck back against a creature that defied her faith. She had done right by her faith that day, she told herself. She had upheld the tenants of the Naelurir and fought a creature that defied nature. But in doing so, she was roared down, ridiculed, insulted. Called a failure by her own people. She did not understand why, she had finally stood up for what she believed in, but she certainly did not get the reaction she expected. Compassion had not worked. Cruelty had not worked. Kindness had not worked. Brutality had not worked. Nothing she tried worked. Awaiti rose with trembling legs, moving over to her bag. She rooted around, staining the side of the bag red as she moved her hand inside. She took out a jar, uncorking it to which she withdrew a small herb. She reached in again, taking out a small pipe, which she put the herb inside of, lighting it up. Shaking, she placed the pipe in her mouth, taking a deep breath of the smoke. Smoke filled the room as the minutes passed, and eventually, the room began to spin and spiral before Awaiti fell back against the bed, collapsing against the frame. When she awoke, the cave had opened into a dark, cloudy sky, where thunder cracked off in the distance. Thick haze filled her vision, and smoke clouded the air around her. Around the new island, a deep black sea threatened to swallow the island as heavy waves crashed against the sides of the rock, spraying the air with water. She scrambled to her feet, looking around. In the distance, water and air swirled together in the form of a hurricane, howling louder than a hundred wolves. There was nothing else around for as far as the eye could see, only her small island in the sea. She was completely vulnerable to the storm. She had nothing that could save her. It grew ever closer, the waves around her island reaching new heights that threatened to swallow her whole. She could not face the storm, she could not fight it. Raw force would not save her. She could not run. Nor could she cry out to the gods. Mercy would not help her today. In the inevitability of the coming storm, she merely collapsed to her knees, bowing before the storm. The earth beneath her hands parted as she dug her hands into the stone. And then she merely breathed a moment, allowing the world to howl and cry. Allowing the waves to crash into the island. She only breathed. And all became clear just before the hurricane hit. All at once, the girl erupted into fae energies, causing a cascade of white and green light to reach out, creating a shell around her. But it did not stop there, reaching out even further to the storm that now engulfed the island. The waves crashed against the tendrils of light, and against the shell that surrounded her, but did not touch her. At this, she stood, crying out into the storm as the energies mixed with the gale, creating a typhoon of water and light that danced around her. She stood in marvel, standing silently as the shell began to envelop the island. Slowly, the eye of the storm reached the island, and all was quiet. Awaiti could see the storm all around her, swirling. But it was no longer dark. While the storm was upset, raging around her, the energy had silenced all but a gentle breeze. She was in control of the storm, through her own will and power. It was not chaotic, nor was it quite peaceful. It was in an odd place, somewhere between wrath and harmony. Awaiti stood, and quietly whispered “Fall.” And the storm flipped on itself. All at once, water surrounded Awaiti in waves and crashes, and the world fell in on itself. She could see the ocean in every direction, east and west, up and down. All the water had mixed with the light, and before long, settled beneath her. The hurricane did not finish whirling though, and the island sat now in the center of a maelstrom, which raged around her powerfully, yet silently. And all faded into darkness. The girl awoke, glancing about the darkened room. Roots had bitten through the walls, poking down into the cavern. She slowly sat up, lowering her head before she thought to herself. “True power comes from somewhere between wrath and harmony-... I am no longer Sister Orison who prays, I must be more than that. But I will not be held by violence. I must fall between, and lay in the eye of the storm." "I am Sister Hurricane.” ((Hey everyone, just doing a quick little post to signify the change of Awaiti's totem, leave some feedback if you'd like))
  10. The Band of Brigands

    =-The Band of Brigands-= Brigand Troops raiding the roads of Curon, est 1650 =-Information-= The group specializes in the art of raiding and banditing, these people are the lowest of the low and the highest born filth that one can become. From Kings to Tavern Wenches, any man in the group is to achieve great wealth and valor fighting alongside their brethren. These people wish to liberate the lands of any supporters of Kings, Princes, and anyone who opposes the rule of a Communal leadership system. These people hold no lands, but liberate and pillage those who are against the idea of an anarchist peasant state. This group is not for the faint hearted, innocent people are slaughtered everyday because of their denial of the distribution of wealth and anarchist social philosophy. =-How To Apply= Carrier pigeons outside the forest just before the Bandits take a monarchist keep, est 1653 If you want to apply and liberate the lands of Tyrants and Slave-Holders while making a bit of minas while you're at it, here's how to join! Name: Age: Race: Are you willing to kill innocent civilians?: Do you accept an anarchist state?: Now just send a bird to the nearest city, and we will surely find it!
  11. [PK] The Ultimate Slave

    〘The 4th of the Deep Cold〙 〘1652〙 ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ The honorary continued up the steps, the steep, cobblestone-steps until he emerged from the cave. The light shined upon the War Nation. Cohan, the Nixie honorary, clenched his fist before letting out a sigh. Nothing he could do. He gently snapped his fingers in a small tune, before heading down towards the city gates. The dark elf recently heard about a new shop opening, and to be fair, Cohan was interested. Upon completing his way through the doors to get out, Cohan lifted his head- noise. He trotted up to the slave auction area, spotting Zhag and about four humanoids. Two of them were visibly wood elves- yuck. Cohan hid his sneer, but then replaced with a smirk. Zhag had been dealing with this seemingly impossible group. No matter how much they were yelled at, Zhag could not get them to scram. The humans wanted to see the city, and were offering up the two elves as gifts for sacrifice. Cohan gently tapped on Zhag, and he leaned down, lending Cohan a hand. Cohan traced words on Zhag's palm, before Zhag nodded in approval after a while- convinced, Cohan's plan was devious. The humanoids were baffled, only excited to now see the city- and a sacrifice. Cohan hid his dagger behind a friendly grin. He motioned gently for the party to come in, and they followed eagerly. When they into the main area, they let go of one of the elves. A male elf, red hair, oak-colored skin, the name didn't matter. Cohan reached down and jerked the Mali up by his red hair, dragging him towards the bowl in front of Yar. The Mali barked at him as if this hurt his ego. Cohan let go, scribbling out words on a piece of paper. He handed down to the elf and it was read aloud. "Your life is forfeit, I kill you in the name of my late-master and previous Rex." The elf shrugged it off, spouting a remark, along the lines of- "Okay okay, you're gonna kill me because you believe he was the best." An angry huff came from behind as Zhag barked, looking sternly at the sacrificial welf. "Ug twiggie- maybi laht shuuld ztup guezzin' her gend'r-" The wood elf rolled his eyes, about to spout off another remark before the move was made. Cohan sheathed his sword inside the wood elf, his nose scrunching in disgust as he rotated the blade and tore it from the disgusting body. He grabbed ahold of him by his red locks, holding him by the head before giving him the lack thereof. The body fell from the severed head, and the bowl was filled with the blood. Zhag decided to scoop up the other wood elf, and take him to a corner and take the worthless life. Cohan spun his sword around, sliding it into the sheath. The humans were excited, they loved the city and the sacrifices. They eagerly followed Cohan up to the tavern, where Cohan had lured them into hitting up the hookah a few times. This made things easier for him to manage. They stumbled over towards, the humans named Uthberic and Tasslehoff. They wanted to become slaves, Cohan's grin grew- along with his lust for blood. Cohan motioned that for Uthberic to become a slave, the human needed to roll up his sleeve. Uth gladly rolled up his sleeve, unaware of the process as he jumped over the counter to hold his arm out to the dark mute. Cohan smiled, gently taking hold of the arm. He suddenly jerked the human onto the ground, sitting on top as he pulled a red, hot branding iron from the fire and positioned in his hand. Uthberic was going to be Cohan's first slave. Lucky for Cohan, he had to sacrifice his first slave to Krug. Tasslehoff, as drugged as ever- raised his hand in a giddy laughter. "Me next!", the human gave a big grin- while Zhag just kind of huffed, annoyed. Cohan left Tasslehoff with the tall orc, leading his blonde slave out of the tavern. Uthberic did not seem in too much pain from the branding and was baffled because Cohan was still holding on. They walked for a short while, when Cohan suddenly stopped- his grin growing into a devious sneer. He tugged Uthberic forth with a strong momentum, wielding a sword as he gritted his teeth. Uthberic looked down at the sword, blinking once or twice before he like of realized- coming here was a mistake and a regret. The blonde slave cleared his throat. "It looks like one of us is going to die here today." He frowned, clenching his fist. "You better give me your best, because I won't be going easy on a bemoaning darkie." Upon hearing his, Cohan hissed- tossing his sword aside- his back turned to Uth. Cohan suddenly twisted his body around, socking the human in the law. Uthberic anticipated such a sudden move, using his hand to shove away and deflect Cohan's hit. The dark elf continued the flow of momentum, his back up against Uth's chest- sending his elbow into the human's stomach. The human stumbled back, dashing for Cohan's sword. Cohan slid towards the sword, hooking it over his foot- and using his foot to fling it farther away. The sword clanked down, wedging itself in front of the entrance to the hot springs. The two stared at each other in anger, Cohan huffed before silently growling with his sharp teeth. Uthberic charged, lunging at the mute and knocking him to the ground. Resistance was wrestled back and forth. Dominance was between push and pull. Cohan lunged his head forward, going for a bite- but was met with a headbutt. Zhag had rushed over, coming upon the duo- Cohan hissed at him, his stone-cold glare warned Zhag to not interfere. Even though, Cohan was losing. Cohan kicked the human off, done with this playfight. The dark elf pulled out his dagger, attached with a small string to his waist. He slashed his blade at Uthberic, you could hear the air being ripped as the polished blade ran through. Uth threw his helmet up like a shield, the dagger bouncing off with every dancing slash. The human growled and swung his helm, smacking Cohan in the face. Cohan turned and backhanded the human like a *****. Before getting thrown to the ground. By now, Zhag had already killed Tasslehoff- watching as he'd been told- surprised and shock at the anger in Cohan's eyes. Cohan crawled for his dagger, before Uth pulled his back by his ankles. The dark elf rolled onto his back, before pulling the string attached to the dagger. He got up, lunging for the human and knocking him down. Cohan was on top, he finally did it- the dagger was inches away. Uthberic struggled against the hand, two forces pushing against. Cohan feinted, pulling Uthberic closer and biting on. Uthberic knocked him in the head, wresting the dagger from Cohan and wielding it himself. Zhag began to sprint into action, running forth at Uthberic just as he let the dagger be sheathed in Cohan’s neck. The human leaned down to Cohan's face. Uthberic grinned, "You fought well and with honor, it is a good way to die." Cohan couldn't help but grin, before Zhag grunted as he ripped the human off and dead-ass chucked him towards the ground. Zhag stomped forwards, before the human jumped over the bushes and fled. The orc began to run after him, but turned back towards Cohan, stomping over to kneel next to him. Cohan looked over, his face blank- before his lips grew into the largest grin. A guttural sound rose from his throat. Laughter, audible! Loud, joyful and crazy at the same time. Suddenly it stopped with a gasp, Cohan was confused, how was he able to speak? He looked over at Zhag, who didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Cohan left out a small sigh, blinking once or twice. Zhag didn't know whether Cohan was lying about being a mute, or if the spirits granted him a momentary voice. Cohan softly cleared his throat. "I failed, I guess- I was never good enough- to be an orc." He groaned, holding at his neck- a puddle of fruit punch already growing. Cohan took a sharp breath in. "Please tell her, I'm sorry.” He gave another grin, starting to laugh before choking on the blood. He coughed and hacked, he struggled to breathe- he looked down at the city. Cohan gasped for air until he gasped no more. His body sank, and Zhag reached over, his hand trailing down from Cohan's forehead. He silently grumbled, "Laht doez nub wuunt tu be ag uruk.." ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ O happy dagger This is thy sheath. There rust and let me die. ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ ⑄⑄⑄Memorable Screenshots⑄⑄⑄
  12. Article I. Henceforth from this date, the creatures known as Zephonim are barred from entrance into the district of Irrinor without excluding factors such as affiliation to nation, religion, or other circumstances. The faith has identified these creatures as abominations against nature as twisted forms of descendants, and will no longer be tolerated in the district of the aspectist folk. Section I. In the event of Zephonim being found within the district of Irrinor, the punishments are as follow: Lashings Branding Mutilation After such punishment, the creature will be escorted out of the city Article II. Any such citizen of Irrinor who attempts to breed with the creatures known as Zephonim will be charged with interbreeding, no matter the prior race of the Zephonim. Article III. Zephonim may be escorted by Uniformed Virarim through Irrinor in a timely manner in order to access other districts. Any Virarim member who does not escort them in a timely manner to their destination will be punished for aiding banished folk into the city. By the authority vested in Lady Awaiti Aureon of the representative court of the Dominion of Malin, this act henceforth goes into effect in the district of Irrinor.
  13. [!] Another letter is placed at the base of the steps of the shrine to the aspects in the Sparrow Grove, now with a small nightingale statuette to accompany it. We come with more songs to sing, Despite our peaceful efforts to fan the flames of faith, we are met with opposition on many fronts. Members of the Dominion’s government have torn aspectist altars down, despite identifying ourselves as members of the great faith. These altars did not intrude, nor did they block any such passage through the city. They sought them out and destroyed them. Since, we have placed numerous altars in secret that now stand. It is a great shame that we must hide our faith from the lords of elvenesse, lest we risk the destruction of aspectist monuments. It is in these times of great strife when we must be strongest. Druids of the mother circle seek to root out many of our strongest members, leaving the rest to the wolves. And perhaps we would stand a better chance if members of our own faith would not betray their own order. Archdruid Willow has gone against the very tenants of our order, taking matters into his own hands when the Archdruids should have been in agreement. We, the Naelurir are now under assault by members of the government, the mother grove, and our own leaders. The faith must be stronger than ever to survive. Tread with caution Naelurir The Nightingale of Caras Eldar
  14. First Letter from the Nightingales, 1656

    [!] A short letter is dropped in front of the aspecist shrine in the sparrow grove during the quietest hours of the night by a hooded figure. To my fellow priests and priestesses of the Naelurir, I am angry at our faith. Angry not at its followers, but at its inability to motivate them. All around, I see mali who fail to see through the eyes of the true faith. It is our duty as priests and priestesses to open their eyes, and we are failing to do so. Voidal mages and dark beings run amock through this blessed city, and the faith lies silent. Caras Eldar is a city of opportunity, such an opportunity for elves to thrive. They call it the ‘Jewel of Elvendom’. Why then is it that I see our faith dying out like a flickering candle in the wind, like a tear in the rain? A jewel does not flicker or fade. Why have we squandered this chance we’ve been given? In these coming days, we must let faith guide us before all else. I have seen better from my people, I have seen better from us all. I know that you, the followers of the emerald way, are destined for far greater than the sanctified halls of Caras Eldar. I believe in you, my fellow priests. You can help bring our people into the light of a dawning age of faith. I am the Nightingale of Caras Eldar, and I wish only to see our people return their eyes to the faith. This Nightingale has many songs to sing, and you will hear from us more. History has its eyes on you, mali'lliran. As do the aspects. The Nightingale of Caras Eldar
  15. += The Pact of the Sacred Grove =+ The Grove and its surrounding lands are hereby accepted by the Crown in the capacity of Protectorate State, to be a considered a constituent and amalgamated member of the greater forested borderlands of Elvenesse. The new subsistent realm will be afforded the following rights henceforth, granted by the authority of the Woodland royarchs. The Mother Circle, under its traditional structure of three Archdruids, will remain the authority paramount within the bounds of the sacred Grove, retain their ability to keep the law and order of the blessed sanctuary, and maintain all ancient laws, customs, and facets of worship and life which adhere to common sensibility and decency. The Archdruids of the Mother Circle will be granted a representative upon the Court of the Dominion, so that their will and desires may be communicated directly thence, and further unto the High Prince. The Mother Circle shall be afforded the ability to request martial law and/or the assistance of the Crown, in the event of serious internal disturbance or other comparable situation. In matters of national security, allegiance, outside borders, and integrity, the Grove shall be represented henceforth by the Crown of the Dominion of Malin, and will benefit from the existing and future treaties engaged by the protector state. The Grove shall, in times of declared war, serve as a staging-point and forward position of the united Dominion and allied forces; to this end a small garrison of Virarim soldiery will be raised and stationed at the Grove henceforth. In addition: A small fortification shall be constructed by the joint authority of the Crown and the Mother Circle. Signed, His Eminence the High Prince Belestram Sylvaeri; Crown Royarch of United Elvenesse and Sovereign Lord of the Woodland Realms. Lord General Diraar of the United Dominion Forces and Immortal of the Princeguard. Archdruid Renn Avern, Sister Wisteria to the Druidic Order and the Aspects of Nature. Archdruid Hareven W. Lorenthus, Brother Bluejay to the Druidic Order and the Aspects of Nature. Archdruid Kyral Winterleaf, Sister Scroll to the Druidic Order and the Aspects of Nature. Seed Mother to the Winterleaf Seed.
  16. Elheial’thilln Voting Policy As published in 1655 A sturdy foundation breeds health for the state. This document will outline the fluid and effective system the Silver State utilizes to continually advance the state and its people. This document should clarify for future generations on how to run and operate the government of Haelun'or. CONTENTS I. Total Sum of Council Votes II. Councilor Voting System III. Medi'iran Voting System IV. Maheral Tie-Breaker Vote V. Sohaer Voting System I. Total Sum of Council Votes The amount of votes any council now or in the future shall have is a maximum of five total votes. II. Councilor Voting System Each councilor has one vote towards a council vote. If one councilor is not present during a vote, their vote will automatically be allocated to an abstain vote. III. Medi'iran Voting System The Medi'iran who act as the Sohaers personal voice each split up a total of one vote. Each Medi'iran has one-half of a vote and must each agree to equal one single vote. In the case that either Medi'iran cannot agree on a vote then their vote will automatically be abstained from the voting process. If only one Medi'iran stands in office, the remaining half-vote is pooled into a singular vote for that one Medi'iran to utilize during a voting process. IV. Maheral Tie-Breaker Vote In the eventually that the council votes are tied, the Maheral shall break the dispute by using a tie-breaking vote. The Maheral otherwise has no power to use this if the council is not in a deadlocked vote. V. Sohaer Voting System Once the council has voted on a proposed action or bill, the Sohaer has the right to either sign it into law or veto it until a compromised solution is brought forth to the Sohaer. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya Signed by, El'Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Cenwall Maeyr’onn of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii, Laurir of Mali’thill, Sovereign of the High Elven People, Protector of Silver Law, and Overseer of the Kharajyr State
  17. -= Elf-Slayer =-

    A new bandit claims the roads of the Dominion, riding on a brown horse. The savage slays any elves he comes across, and has posted several notices around the roads of the Dominion. 'Go on road - Get kill.'
  18. Minecraft Name: Mordu Discord: Elrith/Mordu#7561 Being a World Dev is more than just building so what can you bring to the team that unique? I have a wide variety of ideas and creativity that I can bring to the board. When designing on a scale of a whole world what do you think the most important design decisions are? Location, Location, Location, Location. When designing small-scale areas, like a village, or a cave singular elements what is your aim in the design? (I.E. function overlook, Player Centric, Looks over everything else etc) The build needs to be appealing, realistic(varies), and has a story behind it that is not expressed through words but through the build itself. Unique! A large part of a WD’s job is creating new ideas for environments, give a brief synopsis of an environmental build/design idea. Terrain. The area contains many low cliffs and ridges, the rock type being soft and light on the surface layers, and harder dark layers beneath. Small streams and ponds are all across the area, with a few tiny waterfalls. The water is dark and murky. Large crystals are scattered across the landscape, being made of a variety of elements. Only a few emit light, others are normally opaque. Rocky spires tend to shoot out of the earth, made of darker rock. Large Plants. Blood Oak: The trees have dark colored bark that appears sickly and the branches droop downwards. The leaves are diamond shaped and almost crystal in nature. They give off a soft glow, illuminating the forest floor. However, upon closer inspection, these trees aren’t normal, they’re carnivorous. They aren’t in large quantity. The roots are very visible, many parts above the surface. Greater Oak Tree: The bark of this tree is slightly lighter than that of the Blood Oak. These trees are taller and larger, but are still low for the standard of most trees. The branches don’t droop as much as the Blood Oak, and the leaves appear arrow-head shaped. They feed themselves like normal trees. They are the most common tree in the forest. Small vegetation, bushes, fungi Vipers Vine: Large vine-like plants that run along the forest floor and rock faces. Small blue flowers are sprinkled along the vine, while large thorns protect it from animals. Grasses: The grass grows tall and thick, with very little flowers growing directly from the soil. Black Cap: Very large mushrooms that are low to the ground. The cap is sooty in color, while the stem is a bright orange. Tendrils spread out from the base of the stem and appear to connect with other shrooms. If you could, what would you change about Atlas and why? The map looks nice, but there are no special traits or interesting biomes, everything seem normal. There needs to be locations that seem vastly different than the rest of the map that the player will normally come across. How much time are you on average able to contribute towards being a WD? Most likely a lot, School is pretty easy at the moment and the summer will be coming sooner than later. I have hours of free time on the weekends, and any days I don’t have school I could probably do some mineman. The world dev team is a diverse group of ideas and opinions meaning disagreements happen show do you handle disagreements or criticism when it comes to your designs? Yes, I ask for criticism! PICTURES https://imgur.com/a/LPWBs Stuff that ain't impossible to see. https://imgur.com/a/bESSD
  19. Gentle Brook Orphanage and Academy “Come to us all ye’ weary souls, ye’ lost children of Malin's folk.” Est. 1653 by Princess Awaiti Aureon and Lady Elleonora Caerme’onn As elvenkind, we are cursed with terrible infertility, leaving our forests cold and quiet. And yet with the few children we have, many are treated with neglect or are cast aside. Others are thrust onto the streets after their parents are taken from them. We have done little to care for these lost children. No more I say. No more will I see elven children left sleeping under a tree because they’ve no home to return to. No more will I see mali’ii roaming wild without parents to care for them, left to fend for themselves in this cold world. It is with great joy that we open the Gentle Brook Orphanage of Caras Eldar, The shining jewel of elvendom. Here, these lost children may find food, water, rest, and care until they are taken in by one of the many seeds that people the Dominion. We welcome all. Mali who have lost their parents, mali who have been cast aside by their parents, and others. Here, children will find a loving hand to care for their needs. Warm food to eat and enjoy with others. A soft bed to fall asleep in, and classes that may prepare them for the world, teaching important skills such as cooking, hunting, and farming. The Gentle Brook Orphanage will lend a helping hand throughout these children’s lives, even after they’ve been taken in or have left, and even help children find work throughout the growing Dominion, that they may find their place in the society. Let the laughter of children ring throughout the forest halls ((An OOC Note: I’ve noticed a strange trend in the Dominion and I think throughout LoTC, and it’s that people like to create orphaned characters, and I’ve nothing against that, but the strange part for me is that most of the time they just pop up out of nowhere and live as though they’ve been on their own for years and years, which is more than a bit unrealistic. So, I’ve created this to serve as a starting point for players both new and old who either want to create elven characters and start as children or who find themselves here naturally through RP. If you are a new player and you want to create an elven child and place them in the orphanage, please, message either myself or ThatOneRey! We can help you either create a character or set up some sort of story that places you in the orphanage and we can help introduce you to the elven player base through it! Alright, that’s all, cheers mates!)) Amenities Shared rooms for children under the age of 18 Individual Rooms for children ages 18-50 Storeroom for personal items. A nursery for babies and toddlers, with around the clock care. Bathhouse Playroom & yard Library and Family Room Dining Hall Communal Garden Kitchen Classroom Services Offered Three square meals prepared in-house per day per child Cleaning of rooms A tailored uniform of fresh material, clean and proper. Medical care Classes and tutoring offered to all elven children of the Dominion to teach valuable skills. Aspectism and the History of the Elves The Studies of Cerridwen (Offered to Girls): Cooking, Cleaning, Herbology, Farming, Healing, Sewing, Reading, Writing. The Studies of Cernunnos (Offered to Boys): Hunting, Fighting, Physical Activity, Fishing, Sailing, Reading, Writing. Adoption Services Please inquire with a matron about the adoption process. Daycare services for seeds with children under the age of 18 Optional work programs for children over the age of 18 Selective apprenticeship programs under specialized workers in the Dominion, I.E: Clinic, Blacksmiths, Librarians, Tavernkeepers, Naelurir, Virarim, Stewards, Lords, Princes. Financial assistance for children who leave the establishment, but are not taken into a seed. Single-Parent Assistance Housing Financial Visitation For further questions as to the state of the amenities, or as to services offered, please write a letter, or schedule an appointment with either matron. Matrons Matrons of the establishment are primary caretakers of the children, tending to their needs most hours of the day. In addition, they handle the administrative side of things, seeing people, creating appointments and the like. Matrons are not paid. Matron Awaiti Aureon Matron Elleonora Caerme’onn Teachers Teachers, while they spend a great deal of time around the children, do not take a role of care in the day to day lives of the mali’ii. They are responsible for teaching the children in their particular area of study. Teachers are given a small payment of 50 minae a year. Aspectism and History: [Open Position] Cerridwen’s Studies [Open Position] Cernunnos’ Studies: [Open Position] Caretakers Caretakers help matrons fulfill some smaller tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and other tasks around the house. Caretakers are given a small payment of 30 minae a year. Caretaker: Liah Aureon Caretaker: [Open Position]
  20. Karin’ayla my llir! My name is Mali’aheral, Titania Star, the first of my name. I shall come forward with myself and come forward when our blessed motherland is in the need of it. We have for a long time now lived in fear due our old Okarir’sil has gone missing. Even the elheilal’thilln has publicly stated that we are indeed of an Okarir’sil. I, Titania Star hereby announce my candidacy. We mali’aheral have suffered a lot of external problems and we have been on our toes for quite some time now. Order must be kept, and the blessed nation of Haelun’or protected. Even worse than external forces pushing our boundaries are the internal threats. In my time I have gained a lot of knowledge about how we have internal issues in our nation. It is the job of Okarir’sil to keep the blessed nation of Haelun’or safe from external and internal threats. This I promise you my fellow mali’aheral. This I promise. I promise that the blessed race of mali’aheral shall rule once again. Let’s build a better future for our offspring. My name is Titania Star and I consent this message.
  21. The Districts Caras Eldar is made up of three districts, each district accommodating the specific needs of the mali’ame, mali’ker, and mali’aheral. All the districts call under the jurisdiction of The United Elven Dominion. Irrinor District: The Mali’ame district. It is home to the Council Chambers, barracks, and Naelurir Grove. Citizens of this district live in wood crafted homes and tree houses, close the town square- where most of the population congregates to socialize. The points of interest are the Ame Tavern, the central library, and bathhouse! Vallienor District: The Mali’aheral district. Known for its magical and artistic ventures, the Upper District is home to many attractions and services. These include the Bedevere Theatre, luscious living, the Clinic, and research labs for the Arcane. Velunor District: The Mali’ker district. Every home has an amazing view of the ocean. You can find Ancestral Priests and Ker Shamans practicing their arts. The best Des’Nox Dank and Blueberry Ale is sold in the local district tavern. Finding a Steward While any district’s steward would be able to set you up in a home, each district has a Steward that can help you get settled into your new home. While you may contact the Lord Steward for any housing needs and the Lord Merchant for business inquiries, there are also a number of stewards that specialize in the different districts to help. Always try to reach out to the district stewards before the Lord Steward for housing! Here are the current Stewards: Lady Steward: Readicti Lord Merchant: Zilldude Irrinor Stewards: Sythan, chaoticConjurer Velunor Stewards: Riftblade Vallienor Stewards: Inquisitioners Interested in becoming a Steward? Send a bird to the Lord Steward to get started! The Fun Part: Paying Taxes Great! You’ve found a home and have gotten all settled. Now you have to pay for taxes. While a Steward should have explained the basics while giving you a home, sometimes the explanation gets shortened or forgotten. The first thing you need to do is know what house you live in! Next to your door will be a sign with your number. While the numbering looks a little different for each district, each house will follow the same general idea. Each district has their own steward office, which also contains where you can pay your taxes. A map is included for your convenience and a steward would always be happy to show you. You will NOT be able to pay your taxes at a different district’s office, so make sure you know where yours is!!! Irrinor: When entering the gate, take the first right and it’ll be the first building on your left. Velunor: Go down to the tavern, which is under the gate. From the tavern and facing the water, take a right and follow the ‘U’ shape towards the docked ships. The office will be the last building before the outer tower on your right. Vallienor: When entering the district, take a left towards the casino and it’ll be a door on your left right before you actually enter the casino. There should also be signs to help you find the office! Although your district’s steward should have told you how much you owe and you can always ask them, you can also find this piece of information on your tax box! Visit your district’s tax office and find your house number or name. On the tax box, it’ll show your house number/address and how many slips you need! Once you have your money, you can buy tax slips from the steward office and drop them into your marked chest. Be very careful that you put it into your chest and not someone else’s or you might get a strike even though you paid! The slip shops are obvious to see as you walk into the tax office, it’ll be a slab of wood with floating paper over it. Taxes are due every week by the end of Sunday. Money, Money, Money There are many ways to make money around the Dominion. However, the absolute easiest way to make some FREE money is just to vote. It takes about a minute a day and you’ll get 90 minas the first time you vote! That almost covers an entire week’s rent for many houses. If you vote consecutively, you’ll get an additional 90 minas. That’s over 1,000 minas a week from simply writing in your name! On top of voting, you can reach out to a steward to discuss your rp interests and plans. They will be able to point you in the direction of jobs within your point of interest. Some of these jobs include working in a tavern, store, or other odd jobs that will fit your character. A good way to find a job is to reach out to the Lord Mechant and the Merchant’s Guild to see how you can contribute! Evictions Paying taxes is important. It drives the economy forward and allows the Dominion to expand and protect its lands. That being said, when you do not pay taxes there will be consequences in the form of losing the house! After missing one week of taxes, you will be able to find a red marker in your tax box indicating that the Stewards never received your taxes. To make this marker go away, you must pay for the missed week on top of the current one to keep your home. If you do not pay for two weeks, you will find a sign in front of your home saying you have three days to move out your things- an eviction notice. Have your stuff out in three days or you will lose it! Fear not, missing taxes for personal reasons will not be the end of the world. Reach out to a Steward if you are aware that you will be missing a week or more so that it can be noted and you will not be penalized. If you cannot got on the server, you can always send a DM through Discord. We cannot read your mind and cannot keep track of everyone’s personal lives so keeping communication open early on will keep you from being evicted. Note: Evictions can also be handed out at the Lady Steward and district steward’s discretion. If you have any questions about how to acquire housing, pay taxes, or concerns about a recent/potential eviction, feel free to reach out to a steward.
  22. ~*~*~*~ Flyers are scattered throughout the city of Caras Eldar, pinned up on light posts, and stuffed into tax boxes. ~*~*~*~ Come one, Come all to the first official festival to be hosted by Velunor. The Day of Remembrance Festival will host a number of interesting trinkets, competitions, and performances to represent the different greater ancestors and celebrate those still alive that have greatly impacted our home. Test your valor in the sparring competition. Fight against your fellow citizens to be recognized as equal to Jiub the Strong. Drink your way through the Arganos drinking competition. Win fun, unique prizes in Lendon’s Joyful Raffle. List of events occurring: Jiub the Strong Sparring* Arganos Drinking Competition and Bar The Xayarasis Fishing Ring Lendon’s Joyful Raffle Fortune Telling If you are interested in being a guest speaker to discuss the ancestors, perform an interesting talent on stage, or sell your own wares send a bird to Lady Steward Amuril Des’Nox (Readicti). * Sign ups for the competition will begin on the day of the event. ~*~*~*~ Festival will begin Saturday, February 24rd at 5pm EST.
  23. A Challenge

    A lone emissary makes way to the Orkish lands, bearing a brief message before departing. To the Uruk Rex, and all his spawn beneath, The affairs of late have run dry. By the powers beyond our control, the everlasting conflict betwixt elf and ork cannot be solved through usual practice of siege craft and large scale warfare. The raids of late mean little, doing nothing more than to pepper moral and keep our respective troops from growing weak and slothful. I propose something else. I will not mask my hatred for you. This incursion of uruk-kind blights our forests. Our meadows are sodden with vile statues to your broken gods. As you have slain many an elf, I have repaid the debt to your own kind. It was under my watchful eye that your previous Rex’s head rolled, as her heart was torn from her bosom. I desire nothing more than to see you laid low. There is no greater remedy for this feud than death. I challenge you to single combat by blade alone. That if we should abide by this ancient agreement, the monks will not come for either of our shattered bodies. Decline, and show Atlas how far your kind have fallen. I eagerly await your response. Signed, Valkorion, Lord General of the Dominion
  24. Declaration of Summit

    DECLARATION OF SUMMIT ((Belvitz Castle, February 17 Saturday, 6PM EST/3PM PST)) The silver state wanes. Our values once held high now tread against the dirt, gathering filth and squalor where oft it might drag. This is due fault to no elf; instead, entropy has lay siege to the greatest mali’aheral values. It is within our view that the state of Haelun’or may be unsuitable to those who prize our ethics of yore. For those who find discontent, for those who wish to start anew, we call for summit. In exactly two Elven Days, we will meet with any of those who tire of the decadence and monotony our once noble and beautiful kindred have fallen into. To our kind, impurity is moral death; and it is to this which we can no longer stand by and watch. It is self evident that we have long departed from our ancient ways. The location of this meeting is within the neutral Belvitz Castle, located beside the Whispering Crossroads. We ask only those who are interested attend. The intent of such a meeting is to bring about the creation of a new settlement, infinitely small enough only to maintain the populace, in interests to preserve ancient mali’aheral culture. To those of Haelun’or and the Dominion: the entire existence of the summit and hopefully settlement thereafter is wholly peaceful. We do not mean to denounce the current elven establishments, nor do we hold any particular interest in them. This is an organization of like-minded individuals with eyes for their own and none more. Our principles are our life. With hope, we will restore them to actuality, lest we fall to the jaws of ruin. Signed, Arcann of Lin’everal Signed, Psyhamirys of Gaekrin
  25. The Atmorice Bloodline

    The Atmorice Bloodline (Symbol of the Atmorice Bloodline, the Snake) “We would rather die for our nation, our freedoms, and our Snow Elven kind before we bow or become slaves to those who despise us.” History The Atmorices were one of the founding bloodlines within the Mali’fenn. It all began with Siol Atmorice, the first woman of the bloodline. She was one of the original Snow Elves, one who went through the world altar and Wyrvun’s Blessing. As she was blessed, Siol is rumored to have seen Wyrvun, whereby the Aengul gave Siol some instructions of her own. Wyrvun told her to ensure that the Mali’fenn do not stray from Wyrvun’s blessing, and to keep a watchful eye on them. To let them stray to the path of darkness, will be the fall of the Snow Elves. Siol agreed to this and soon after she was blessed, Siol became the first High Priestess of the Mali’fenn. That was, until her death. They say she died of illness, but they remember her last words. “Let me not be remembered as a coward, but for the courage and rights we have all fought for.” Since then, the Atmorices have held high expectations to become priests and priestesses, with most becoming high in the ranking. That was their tradition. The rest of the Atmorice History, however, has been kept secret from public eye, for how long no one knows. Common Physical Appearance The Atmorices range in height from 5’8” to 6’0” in feet, often considered to be in the middle when comparing heights of the Snow Elves. They have some athletic builds to them, but not a whole lot of muscle - although they are known for their rigid statures. The common color for an Atmorice’s hair is pure white to silver, and their eye color comes in silver, blue, and rarely, purple. Disposition A common Atmorice is usually discovered to be dignified, eloquent, cultured, well educated, and respectful towards their snow elven kind, putting their main focus into their work and to see and ensure the success of the Snow Elves. The Atmorices consider family to be one of the most important things in their lifestyle, often showing to be very protective of their family members. They are also protective of their Snow Elven kin and would often put their life on the line to ensure their safety. The Atmorices often consider accomplishments to be apart of their lifestyle, taking their work into serious consideration. Towards other races, however, they are untrusting, even hostile, in particular, to the other elves. The reason for this being that the Atmorice bloodline are make up and focus on one of the main aspects to the Mali’fenn culture, religion. This religion being the one in which follows Wyrvun. Furthermore, centuries of warfare against the Mali’mira have led to hostility towards such outsiders. You can usually find an Atmorice studying or working hard to accomplish their goals. The Atmorices are rather honorable as well, despite looking rather cold towards others. They especially honor their previous ancestors, taking what experiences they have had and learning from it. Specialties One of the key specialities of an Atmorice is that they are very knowledgeable about the world around them and can often put up good arguments. This makes them skillful politicians. As part of their religious fervor, they are often adept at motivating the Ivae’fenn for battle. For some who know the Atmorices, they consider the bloodline to be “snakes”. The reason for this is due to their strict views and masterful political prowess. Professions The Atmorices are often found to be the priests of the Snow Elven society, acting to give blessings and ceremonies to their fellow snow elven kind. Their service in the ranks of the Wyrvun’fiyem is profound, and they often occupy the position of High Priest/Priestess. However, they are not strictly to become priests. The Atmorices are also the ones who often put on and plan ceremonies and festivals, as well as other festivities, for their Snow Elven people. About half of the festivities are dedicated to Wyrvun, while the rest are for things such as celebrations and memorials. Style of Combat The Atmorice Bloodline mainly choose to wield lances, spears, and bows, although swordsmanship is common as well. The Atmorices who hold swords are often the strongest of their bloodline. During battles and wars, though, Atmorice would often be found acting as the cavalry of the Ivae’fenn, riding heavily armored horses into battle - making them skilled horse riders as well. These skillful horsemen wield lance and shield, launching thunderous heavy cavalry charges to decisively shatter points in their opponent’s lines. Ceremonies The Birth of a New Member- When a new Atmorice is born, a small ceremony is hosted in their honor. The ceremony is hosted not just for their honor, but to be blessed by the Priest and to wash away any sins that may have been brought. The Priest may also determine a good or bad future for the Atmorice. After the ceremony the Atmorices have a large feast to celebrate the blessing of those born and blessed. Coming of Age- At the age of 16, the Atmorice would hold a coming of the age ceremony to have the Atmorice who turned that age prove their worth. To do this, the Atmorice set up a fighting tournament to see who will come out on top, for all of the Mali’fenn. The same goes for when they reach adulthood at the age of 50. Passing Memorial- Whenever an Atmorice passes away, the bloodline will host a ceremony in their honor. They often dress in black to honor them, and usually give offerings for those who had died to ensure a safe passage into the afterlife. Ancestral Belongings -The Sword of Serenity- Description: The weapon wielded by the first Atmorice of the bloodline. It has since survived the wars and battles it has been exposed to, and it still seems to be in good condition, despite being a very ancient weapon. This sword symbolizes the strength of the Atmorice and the will to fight for what they believe is right for their people. -The Staff of Deceiving- Description: The staff wielded by the first priest within the Atmorice bloodline. Like the Sword of Serenity, it has survived many wars and battles, and it too, is a very ancient and sacred weapon to the Atmorice. However, this staff serves as a reminder of the horrible deeds done to the Mali’fenn, and that no one is as they seem. Despite this, this staff is often used in rituals and ceremonies regarding the Priest and the religion. (Contact EagleEyeKK to apply for an Atmorice!)