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Found 126 results

  1. The Oath of the Okarir’san Issued on 13th Of Snow’s Maiden, 1751 Office of the Okarir’san Penned by Muireal Aedonin To further alleviate the most esteemed Kharajyr of their grievances towards the Silver State, and the integrity of our recent agreement, the Okarir’san has taken the liberty to pledge his dedication to the Accord’s terms. It is a gesture of fidelity from the Okarir’san. Respecting the sanctity of the treaty is paramount to restoring civil stability within the Silver State, which ultimately promotes progress and health. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” The duties the Okarir’san has pledged himself to in this oath are as follows: [1] Protecting the Kharajyr of the Silver State from unjust cruelty, slanderous hate and prejudice; The Okarir’san will act as a bulwark for Kharajyri justice by standing against any forms of injustice that the Kharajyr may receive from hereon in. [2] Warranting that the Kharajyr will receive aid from the Okarir’san in cases of emergency; The Okarir’san will be as available as possible to the Kharajyr in emergency situations, assisting in the acquisition of proper help accordingly. [3] Facilitating cordial relations with the Kharajyr Province to see to its prosperity; The Okarir’san will promote favourable relations between parties within Haelun’or proper and those of the Kharajyr Province in matters regarding its future development. The oath is to remain indefinitely in effect unless one or more of the following is true: - Permission is given to the incumbent Okarir’san by a reigning Diarch. - An act of intentional violence from a resident Kharajyr against a ‘thill is made known. Okarir’san, Silir Uradir
  2. - The Akkar Proclamation - ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 11th Of the Deep Cold, 1749 ︾ Over the past one Elven month most Mali’Fenn would gather from all of the prominent bloodlines, guilds and businesses that made up Fenn to discuss the future of their Princedom. - Graced by the presence of the Grand Prince Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline; the meeting would take place under the full guidance of the Grand Chancellor & Fennic Prince, Vytrek of the same Tundrak bloodline, with the full Fennic council in attendance for this momentous occasion standing as the First Bloodline Summit. ︽ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Prominent figures in attendance: Grand Prince Akkar Tundrak Prince Vytrek Tundrak Princess Allisa Tundrak Matriarch Estelle of the Drakon bloodline Patriarch Tenvar of the Atmorice bloodline Patriarch Taveric of the Sylric bloodline Matriarch Valerica of the Tathvir bloodline Patriarch Aerilith of the Oakenarrow bloodline Matriarch Ara of the Annungilben bloodline Velatha Sylric of the Fennic Clinic Datura Tathvir of the Fennic Tavern ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ “Akkar’s Proclamation is by my royal decree as Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline hereby fully in effect. Under my rule as Talu’lareh’s protector my government and council will seek the betterment of our Mali’Fenn in all aspects of life. I Firstly I would proclaim that the Bilok’thuln, Evar’okarn, Justiciars & diplomat guilds are officially disbanded until time finds them needed once more, directing our Princedoms resources elsewhere rather than towards guilds that no longer stand to serve our citizens like what was expected in their initial start. II Secondly I would place the Ivae’Fenn directly under the command of the Grand Prince and his officers until our forces are positioned into a better state of being, continuing by; officially removing both Sentinel and Vanguard as official ranks within the Ivae’Fenn until a point should arise at which these ranks can once again benefit the Fennic military. III I would see that my council and the people of the Princedom hear, as thirdly; I call for the reconstruction of the city Tahu’lareh, the Princedoms capital city, under its previous leaders the city serves more strategic function rather than serving its inhabitants with good facilities for all aspects of life. IIII The fourth point of this Akkar proclamation is the clear acknowledgement of our disinterest in the realms of politics, not to be mistaken, I will say clearly that the interest is still present yet my citizens have spoken, the Princedom of Fenn shall prefer neutrality within Elven politics and refrain from entangling ourselves in alliances and defensive pacts unless absolutely necessary for the betterment of our peoples.” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Signed, His Serene Highness, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline, first of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun
  3. Hello im YorkMint or Yharim Calamite and I in the Renelia Union want to make a new clan and for that i need people, new people, new dark elves, or anyone interested in joining the Calamite clan all you want to know about appearence sake is that you can have white or black hair, any gem color eyes, doesnt really matter the age and im seeking a wife too as clan head, and two people for assembly meetings representatives of the clan. We will be the owners of the farms of renelia, land owners or however you want to put it if you want to be a merchant go for it, if you want to be a farmer go for it, want to be into politics by all means go for it feel free to put your discord and ign below and thanks for your time reading this
  4. Day One A gathering of Mali’ker stood within the caverns of the sanctum. Adorning their armor, and weapons. They headed up above, knowing there task was to search the ruins above their home. To their horror, something awaited them in the ancient keep. Undead, restless, soundless, tireless. Of bone and aged metal, the dead covered the fort. Which soon rose around them, given life once more. Strife broke out between the Ker and the restless dead. Fighting in tight corridors, shattering apart the ancient bones. Their task became far more complex now, as they would have to clear the fortress of these horrors. Eyes were upon them as they moved to the higher levels, spotting a towering figure, a skeleton far younger than what had been seen. Holding a bow, the size of an Uruk. The brave Ker pushed onward, after the towering figure. Coming to another skirmish of the undead. The living combated the aged and slow skeletons with ease, the target, the towering skeleton had fled to the tower of the keep. These Ker pushed forward, disposing of the last of the undead before heading after their prey. At the top of the tower, close combat broke, but the undead fell in the end. A boot crushing its skull inward. The bones were cremated later that night, the tired Ker turned to their dens. A job, most well done. Thank you for all that showed! Special thanks to the ST for letting me play da skellies, and extra props to Korvic for the disguise and other useful tools for the event!
  5. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
  6. The Reformed Ivae’Fenn of Wyvurn “If.” Grand Prince Aelthir, when told of Haelunor’s plans to destroy the Mali’Fenn. The Princedom of Fenn has always been a militaristic nation. Bred in the harsh conditions of the tundras of Fenn, the Mali’Fenn are known for their tenacity and unwillingness to surrender. Young Mali’Fenn are trained in the matters of survival and combat so that they may survive the unforgiving place they call home. Loyal only to their Grand Prince, they would gladly die to defend their home and their people. For centuries the Ivae’Fenn has been the shield of the Princedom, serving it proudly and ably in the many conflicts it found itself embroiled in. However, recent decades of strife and warfare have reduced much of the current Ivae’fenn, for many of its veteran footman and officers have perished in the foreign wars of the past century. To prevent itself from falling behind the rest of the world, the Princedom must adapt its ways. By decree of Grand Prince Aelthos, the Ivae’fenn is to undergo a set of reforms in order to remain a stalwart, reliable force for the near future. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ranks, Duties, & Payment Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal holds a position within the Grand Council and leads the Ivae'fenn. It's his duty to oversee all defenses of the Princedom, maintain internal functions within the Ivae'fenn, make sure that the Citadel is secure and do all else required in order to benefit the realm. Like all other positions on the Grand Council, this duty is delegated from the Grand Prince, signifying that at any time the Grand Prince may override the Grand Marshal's decisions. It is not uncommon for the Grand Prince or his heir to take direct command of the Ivae'fenn. Warden The Wardens hold equivalent rank to sergeants. There are several of them, and it is their responsibility to train the soldiers and help lead them into battle as well. Wardens must have superb leadership skills and vast experience in combat. Seeing as these soldiers are considered to be junior officers, they will occasionally be consulted regarding higher military matters and decisions. Duties: The Wardens are required to host at least 1 specialization training and 1 Initiate trainings per two Elven weeks and attend/host 1 combat training per elven week. They are also required to lead 1 patrol per elven week. Payment: (2 coins and 15 iron) Valkyr The Valkyrim are the highest ranked individuals amongst the enlisted soldiers. Hand-picked from the ranks of the Guardians, the Valkyrim are the most dedicated enlisted soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and the most skilled. It is for these reasons that they are tasked with the personal protection of the Grand Prince, serving as his royal guards. Due to this task, the Valkyrim often operate under the direct jurisdiction of the Grand Prince. While they are able to lead Vanguards, Guardians, and Initiates, it is not their primary task. Duties: The Valkyrim are required to guard the Grand Prince at all times, safeguard the Citadel and the Temple, and escort the royal family if outside of Fenn. Payment: (2 coins and 10 iron) Guardian Guardians are the average soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and its very backbone. They fight in tight units during battles, guard the Princedom, and do all else the Commander, Sentinels, and Wardens require of them. While they are able to lead Initiates, it's rare they are put in positions of leadership. Duties: Guardians are required to take part in at least 1 missions and 1 patrol per Elven week. They are also required to do 1 gate duty hour per week and attend 1 pvp training and 1 spec training per 2 weeks. They are also tasked with keeping the city quiet and work as the local police. Payment: (1 coins and 10 iron) Initiate Initiates are citizens who have just joined the Ivae'fenn. During this stage, they are given intense training in commands, weaponry, formations, and other concepts that will be vital for their success. Until such a time as they are ready, they perform menial labor within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, though they shall still fight in battles when their presence is deemed necessary. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- General Rules Initiates who do not get promoted within an Elven month will be removed from the Ivae’fenn. Members of the Ivae’fenn who miss their periodic (once per Elven month) mandatory combat training will be demoted. Payment is dependent upon activity. 2 Wardens at all times. Extra-ordinary performances will reward with a small statue in the hall of fame in the Ivae’Fenn barracks. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ivae’fenn Specializations Amongst the soldiers of the Ivae’fenn, each soldier has proven that they each have their own individual capabilities and specialties. To expand upon these abilities, the Ivae’fenn has created specializations for those enlisted to show off their abilities, take part in missions suited for them, and to expand their skills. Specialization statistics and logging of patrols and gate duty hours are largely the responsibility of Wardens, but the Commander may also perform this task. Such statistics must be submitted to them. For an Initiate to rank up to Guardian, they must be adept in melee (Spear/Sword) and scoutting. Then, they must have passed the Formations Training and the Combat Training. For a Guardian to rank up to Warden, they must be Expert on the Melee (Spear/Sword) and Expert on the Cavalry spec. Then, they also need 15 hours of gateduty, 10 patrols and 3 missions. * All Ivae’Fenn members, from Guardian and above are required to take the Oath of Fealty. Specializations Melee (Sword/Spear) Cavalry Scout Siege Engineer --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Definitions, Clarifications, and Requirements Patrols Each patrol ought to last at least 15 Elven minutes. Standard patrol routes include patrolling to the northern fort, around it and back; a patrol of the northeast area beyond the wall; and the most common, being a patrol around the walls and along the roads from the Alderyn crossroad to the Curon crossroad. Further patrol routes can be dealt out by Wardens and Sentinels. A patrol is going from point A to point B. Gate Duty Gate Duty guidelines are to be found in the Ivae'fenn Gate Duty Manual. Missions Missions are special assignments tasked by Commander/Sentnel. These assignments can be anywhere from detailed scouting reports, to outpost construction, to defensive probing, mapping new settlements or special tasks that need to be done. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Application [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of residence: Race/Sub-race/Culture: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?:
  7. CELEBRATION OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE [Music] Winter, known as a season of desolation, comes anew with new meaning. At the end of this elven year, the State of Irrinor will host a winter festival. All of Irrinor and her allies are welcome to attend. Below is a list of what is to take place. In addition, there is a form for those interested in hosting temporary stalls to sell their holiday wares. Events are listed in order of commencement. THE OPENING CEREMONY A speech shall be made by Chieftain and Chieftess, Allora and Artanis of Clan Caerme’onn. THE SWORD IN STONE For the youth of Irrinor, there will be a chance to pull a sword of Amaethon from its stone imprisonment. There will be a fee of 10 minae per try. Those who are successful in pulling the sword will not only win the relic itself but a plushy of Amaethon or the Silent Beast! [It should be noted that swords pulled are forged by Irrinite smithies and are in no way actual relics from the mani himself. This is solely for the entertainment of the youth.] THE OFFERING TABLES Various offering tables will be set up to honor the mani of Amaethon. All are encouraged to bring goodies or trinkets they see fit to bring to the God of Fatherhood. THE PLAY OF AMAETHON AND THE SILENT BEAST A play penned by the collective minds of Clan Caerme’onn will be hosted to honor the tale of Amaethon and the Silent Beast. The play will take place an elven hour past the start of the festival in the Irrinor tavern. The piece shall be narrated by Allora Caerme’onn and will star the chieftain and initiate pair of Artanis and Anaris. THE COSTUME CONTEST Those in attendance are welcome to enter the costume contest. Costumes must follow the theme of Amaethon and the Silent Beast or any other major symbol of the Winter Solstice. The contest will take place after the play and contest to the following prizes: 1st Place : 1000 Minae and the Crown of Winter 2nd Place : 500 Minae 3rd Place : 250 Minae TEMPORARY STALL FORMS [Disclaimer]: Only five stalls will be constructed for the event. If you already own a permanent stall in Irrinor, you are not permitted to submit a form for a temporary stall. There is no fee for temporary stalls. [Stall Form] Character Name: Minecraft Name: Stall Name: In addition to stalls, the tavern of Irrinor will be selling food and drinks! Music will be played all throughout the festival for the enjoyment of all. We cannot wait to see you at the festival! OOC: The festival will take place on Saturday, December 14th at 4EST. Due to server-wide complications, there may be announcements for a later time.
  8. Yo yo, looking for a skinner willing to create a scholar uniform(s) for Fenn. Mina only, however, I can pay up to 1800 mina. Here is my own attempt with 3oyal: Looking for something better than this 😅. Discord is TDubs#6260.
  9. The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei ☽ A Settlement Guide ☾ WATCH OUR TRAILER “A traveller gets lost in the forest of whispers; an unexpected helping hand is there to help and welcome them” ☽ Overview ☾ The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei is the home of the Mali’ker, though it is open to the other descendants. Asimu’lei is a peaceful town focused on commerce, harmony and progress. This blooming town can be found near the druidic grove, in the south-eastern region of Arcas (762 / 55 / -130), being a mere five minutes walk from Cloud Temple. To reach, just follow the signs for the southern road from Cloud Temple, follow for Sutica until you’ll see a sign on the left that will guide you to the blessed moon glade, Asimu’lei. ☽ Points of interest ☾ The “Adont’Haelun” clinic The “Twilight Trade Square” The “Dante’celia” Tavern The “Ilum’indor” Library The housing district “Diraar’ker” : the guardians The “Vallel’ame” forest The “Vihai’ame” forest ☽ Asimilian Government ☾ The Asimilian government is composed of many organs. First of all, the Lunar Sage, a guidance for the settlement. Then we have the “Council of many arts” with the ministers regulating their own ministries and fields of competence. And last but not least, the Lye debaters, the lifeline of the town, the citizens. Through debating sessions, they are be able to vote and express their desires and decisions, for a better future. Everyone is subject to the Ker’tir or the “Night Law” , a constitution-like document that regulates the everyday life and justice within the asimilian borders. ☽ Activity ☾ Need some guidance? Ask our stewards! Tigergiri#0744 / Mr.LordVoop#3803 / LordYuki#3274 / Josey#5073 Peak time: 3 Pm EST / 9 PM Gmt+1 US – EU timezones A huge thanks to everyone that helped and continues to help with this project.
  10. Mali’fenn Bloodline Reforms, 1741 For centuries, the ancient and sacred bloodlines of Fenn have been instrumental in the running of the Grand Princedom. However, in recent times, these holy families have fallen ill to infighting, rivalry, and a lack of patriotism for the Fennic state. In order to combat the recent misfortunes of the bloodlines, Grand Prince Aelthos III has deemed it fit to reform the structure of the Fennic bureaucracy and rewrite the rules governing the bloodlines. ARTICLE I - THE SACRED BLOODLINES ARTICLE II - THE DUTIES OF THE SACRED BLOODLINES ARTICLE III - THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF THE SACRED BLOODLINES ARTICLE IV - THE LAWS GOVERNING BLOODLINE DISPUTES ARTICLE V - THE LAWS GOVERNING BLOODLINE HEADS ARTICLE I The Sacred Bloodlines The bloodlines of the Grand Princedom of Fenn are families which have shown their dedication to the Fennic state and the Tundrak family for many years. Though this devotion usually manifests in the form of one particular service of outstanding merit, many bloodlines play an important role at different levels of the Fennic government and society. The current bloodlines are as named: I - Tundrak II - Atmorice III - Drakon IV - Tathvir V - Sylric VI - Oakenarrow ARTICLE II The Duties of the Sacred Bloodlines Although, as stated above, individuals within a bloodline are free to choose a career as they wish, each family shall have one specific duty that they are charged to perform. This duty will typically be one that they have performed for centuries and thus have perfected their craft in. It is the responsibility of the bloodline head to ensure that their family is upholding the specific task assigned to them. I - To the Tundraks, they are charged with leading the Grand Princedom of Fenn. It is only by the Grand Prince’s guiding hand that the Fennic state shall prosper. II - To the Atmorices, they are charged with the spiritual guidance of the adherents of Wyrvun as well as leading the clergy. It is only through faith and devotion to Wyrvun that the Fennic state shall be holy and blessed. III - To the Drakons, they are charged with being leaders among the Ivae’fenn so that it may be well-led and disciplined. It is only through courage and an iron will that the Fennic state will be strong. IV - To the Tathvirs, they are charged with learning the medicinal arts and serving as healers both in the Ivae’fenn and in the clinic. It is only through knowledge and reason that the Fennic state will advance. V - To the Sylrics, they are charged with running the mines and smithies of Fenn, for they are to be the main workforce. It is only through hard work and determination that the Fennic state will be able to grow and expand. VI - To the Oakenarrows, they are charged with protecting Fenn and its people from beasts both natural and otherwise. It is only through safety and security that the Fennic state will be able to look inwards. ARTICLE III The Rights and Privileges of the Sacred Bloodlines For their exemplary service towards the Grand Princedom, the bloodlines are to be rewarded with special privileges that are unique to them. These privileges, however, are at the expense and mercy of the Grand Prince, so should a bloodline fail to perform their duties properly they may have them revoked at any time. Because of the bloodlines’ importance in the governance and maintenance of the Grand Princedom, these privileges primarily center around their historical, and present, ability to serve as leaders within Fenn. I - For the Tundraks, one of their line shall always sit atop the throne and be named Grand Prince. In kind, a Tundrak shall always be preferred for the position of Grand Treasurer. II - For the Atmorices, one of their line shall always serve as Arch-Vigilant of Fenn. Should there be one present, an Atmorice will always lead times of prayer, blessing, and sacrifice. III - For the Drakons, one of their line shall always be preferred to lead the Ivae’fenn as its Grand Marshal. The position of Sentinel shall be reserved for the Drakons, but the Grand Marshal can grant said position a non-Drakon if they deem their service worthy of such. IV - For the Tathvirs, one of their line shall always be put in charge of the city’s clinic should they be capable of such matters. Should they need any supplies or materials, the cost will be paid for by the Fennic Treasury. V - For the Sylrics, one of their line shall always be preferred for the position of Grand Exchequer of Fenn. All means of production shall be run and operated by the Sylrics and their employees. VI - For the Oakenarrows, one of their line shall always serve as beastmaster of Fenn. They will be allowed to construct a den or dungeon to keep any creatures they capture, so long as said creature does not pose such a threat that demands its immediate execution. ARTICLE IV The Laws Governing Bloodline Disputes It is no secret that the Mali’fenn are a militant and outspoken people. Although they produce fine soldiers, thoughtful councilors, and zealous priests, Mali’fenn are apt to fight and bicker amongst each other. Most of the time this bickering is no worse than a few petty arguments and insults, but on rare occasions certain ‘fenn of a heated temperament may resort to violence. Thankfully, no deaths as a result of bloodline violence have occurred in recent memory, but there have been a number of injuries that have resulted from these rivalries. In order to prevent blood from being spilled in the future, Grand Prince Aelthos III has created a list of regulations for bloodline disputes. I - If two bloodlines have a dispute, the conflict will first be mediated by the Grand Prince. Violence and further fighting will try to be avoided at all costs. II - Should the Grand Prince deem the situation serious enough to warrant it, the two bloodlines will be allowed a duel to determine the outcome of the dispute. The two primary instigators of the conflict will engage in a duel to first blood. Whichever bloodline wins the duel will be allowed to impose their terms, after confirming them with the Grand Prince, upon the other bloodline. III - Should there be no two primary instigators of the conflict, the bloodline heads will be allowed to name a champion for the duel. IV - Once the duel is complete, the two bloodlines will partake in a feast of reconciliation overseen by the Grand Prince. Gifts will be exchanged, talk will be made, and the feast shall not end until the Grand Prince deems that amends have been made. ARTICLE V Laws Governing Bloodline Heads The leaders of the Fennic bloodlines, better known as bloodline heads, are tasked with guiding and directing their families so that they may serve the Grand Princedom with distinction. Therefore, the expectations of the bloodline heads are even higher than that of their normal family members. In action, conduct, and word, the bloodline heads represent the Fennic state and are thus expected to act as such. To better-establish the legal and cultural position of the bloodline heads, Grand Prince Aelthos III has written a list of laws to govern the bloodline heads. I - When the head of a bloodline dies or is stripped of their position, their family is allowed to choose a member within their bloodline to become the new head. This nomination is then either confirmed or denied by the Grand Prince. II - Bloodline heads must make an active effort to involve themselves and their family in the affairs of the Grand Princedom. Should a bloodline head not be making genuine attempts to contribute to the Fennic state then they are liable to be removed from their position of bloodline head by the Grand Prince. III - Bloodline heads must reside within the Fennic capital. They are allowed to own properties outside of the city, but their primary residence should be within Fenn itself. Should a bloodline head choose to move outside of the Grand Princedom, they immediately forfeit their position as bloodline head. IV - Should a bloodline head go absent for a period of seven Elven Days without first notifying the Grand Prince, they are liable to be removed from their position of bloodline head.
  11. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on my discord) Past work:
  12. Hunters of Blood and Flame Followers of the Sanguine Fire Since the birth of the Creed, it has remained an unknown and quiet addition to the culture of Mali’ame and Druids alike. Its teachings reserved only for those who were thought to be wild in their heart and strong of body. That changes now with the creation of this group, our ways becoming open to any who seek to learn the ways of the Sanguine Fire. As the ways of the Creed say, those who follow it are the apex predators and guardians in the Wild. They hunt the corrupt and tainted of the natural world and cut them out, they purify the debris left behind through blood and fire, and they do it all with the very spirit of a Mani in their souls. The Hunters and Warriors Devout Followers of the creed who show their devotion to the Wild Gods through hunts and battle alike. Typically found in the professions of bounty hunting and tests of battle prowess in the ongoing effort of collecting trophies and adding onto their lists of grand testaments. They are not hard to pick out in a crowd due to the common theme surrounding Sanguine dress and armor. Usually found in padded and studded leather or half-plate, covered in trophies and adornments. Another giveaway is the crimson daubs of paint (or perhaps blood) marked upon their varied armor pieces. Heralds of Blood-Fire The Heralds are the attuned druii of the Creed, wielders of kuila-infused black ferrum weaponry and natural communion with the most wild places in the world. Their duties are mostly the same as the Devoted, spending much of their time as hunters and warriors, only with a more spiritual connotation added to their work along with the added duties of watching the Balance constantly before leading the Devoted to purge any taint threatening its sanctity. The Heralds also act as guides for the rest of the devoted Sanguine. There are only ever allowed seven Heralds within the Creed, for too many may cause an imbalance in the strength of the Sanguine just as too many predators tilt the natural life in the wild. When a place opens up in the Heralds, a current Herald takes on a student from the devoted Sanguine to be taught. Current Heralds The Leopard The Raven The Fledglings The uninitiated of the Creed are those not yet tested by the Wild Gods, and thus have yet earned the right to their Sanguine armor and weaponry. They are encouraged to accompany the initiated and the Heralds on their hunts in hopes of being tested. Once tested, the Heralds will decide whether or not the Fledgling has earned their place among the rest of the Sanguine. OOC This group is essentially mandalorian druids. Bounty Hunting, Taint purging, a lot of event seeking and RP! If you want to join the Creed of the Sanguine Fire, come to Irrinor and seek out Miklaeil or Layla Arvellon IRP! IGNs are ThumperJack_ and Numirya!
  13. Claimant of Victory. 9th of Sun’s Smile,1739. “Miklaeil, A true leader owns up to his mistakes. I owned to mine, yet you give excuses to your actions. That is fine, your rejection is admittance enough. But I feel remiss that it seems you do not understand the full story. None of you do. You only know what the Grand Pretender has told you. What my cousin has told you. A mountain of lies it seems, built upon a foundation of jealousy and spite. Upon my arrival into Tahu’lareh, I had noticed the same masked individual you had only just turned away. Sharing your idea that he was potentially a mage of the dark arts, I confronted him. Upon doing so, a previous subordinate of mine a Guardian of the Ivae’fenn attempted to stop me under a pretense that he was “checked” on. The use of masks covering the face inside the city walls of Fenn is against Fennic law. Laws I wrote. The Guardian then initiated an altercation against me, which Aldred happened to walk in and see. And therefore used this as a means to lie and slander me. I never attacked or threatened the boy. I told him to not be a disappointment, as his Maln had been. That was all. There was never a threat or an attack on his person. As to your declination, that was an expected response. You and I both know whom the better fighter is. For you to accept a duel against me would mean your own death. An act of suicide. But I had no intention of killing you, Miklaeil. I would have offered you mercy. Much more than you gave me. Despite what you and your people may think of me. I would not dare widow Layla, or orphan your children. The many wars between Malin’s children have caused me much pain. I have grown quite tired of the kinslaying. As such, I will not pursue you beyond words. For now, this final letter must come to an end. For there are far more important things on the horizon, Miklaeil. I do hope we will stand on the same side of things when it comes. Ito nae elannil’wyrvun, old friend.” Signed, Aesilnoth.
  14. An Address to the Annilir. 10th of The First Seed, 1739. “Miklaeil Arvellon. It has been many months since our last encounter which left me broken. Not only physically, but emotionally. My mind and heart were not well. An occurrence which was not under my control left you with distaste for me. I could see it, most everyone could. I was your friend, Layla’s friend, and your subordinate. But did you offer your help? Did you offer an ear to talk to, or a hand to pull me from darkness? The simple answer. No. Instead you turned your back on me. You left me to fend for myself as my mind continued to plague me. How could you call yourself Annilir, The one who guides, when you refused to even guide your own friend? The one who guides… yet you were quick to try and guide your blade into my throat. In front of my own daughter no less. If I had not had the reaction I did, I would not be writing this to you now. But here I am. Once you hit me over the head, I assume that was the extent of your care for me once it was over. You left me to the Grand Pretender to handle my punishment. And tell me Miklaeil, do you know what he had done to me? He ordered the Grand Marshal who subsequently ordered a Valkyr to strike my limbs with a warhammer. My left arm and both legs were crushed, seemingly beyond repair. You left me to my kin who would have rendered me crippled for the rest of my life. I am lucky to live thanks to that daughter of mine you would have scarred forever, had your blade found its mark. I have spent many many months healing from my wounds. And now I find myself writing this letter to you, Miklaeil. Enough is enough. Under the sight of Malin. Under the sight of Wyrvun. And under the sight of your Aspects and Mani. I Aesilnoth challenge you, Miklaeil Arvellon to an honor duel. To occur with the next appearance of the full moon. You have slighted me in one of the worst ways imaginable. As someone I saw once as a friend and a man I respected. It pains me that this has become the reality, but it must be done. I shall allot you the time of three elven days for a response. If you intend to accept, then I look forward to our next meeting, old friend.” Signed, Aesilnoth. ((OOC INFO: Duel will be fought in mechanical combat. I.E. PvP. If accepted it will take place TWO days after the acceptance. It will also be fought on neutral ground, as in neither participant’s home tile.))
  15. TO REMEMBER THE FALLEN ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ [!] An exciting flier is pinned around the imperial human cities, as well as the non-human allies, and the neutral people of Sutica, Marsumar, Talon’s Grotto, and so on. “To all men, women, children, and people-in-between... The people of Curon invite you to attend our upcoming festival and celebrate those that gave their all to beat down the Voidal Mother. To you, in the name of all that is good and in the name of the descendants, the people of Curon therefore, open their gates and invite all to celebrate and rejoice.“ “Please join us, and enjoy a good time. Take a gander at the new and old attractions that will be coming to Avalain.“ . ° . ° The Mighty Sword Pull ° . ° . Is sword-wielding your game? Do you think you have what it takes to pull a mighty sword that rests in stone? Only those who are worthy may free the sword from its sediment resting place. It costs 40 minas for an attempt. The one who frees the sword will receive the sword as a prize. (You must roll a perfect 30 out of 30 in order to free the sword) . ° . ° Skin Lottery ° . ° . Do you have a knack for luck? Our lottery is an effort-free event that will end the night. Simply pay 50 minas to insert your name at any time during the festival, and see if Lady Luck blesses you with a brand new set of clothes! The sign-up table can be found at the deep blue stall on the day of the festival. . ° . ° Attractions ° . ° . If dancing and sword-wielding isn’t your thing, there are plenty of attractions at the festival. All we ask is that you do not vandalize the attractions. Connect Four and Tic Tac Toe Need to test your mental prowess? Located by the bonfire are two double chests. One is set up for Connect Four and the other is set up for Tic Tac Toe. These are free to play, all we ask is that you do not take the game pieces. Life-sized Checkers Chest games, not enough? Well, good news for you. There is a full-sized eight-by-eight checkerboard located in the front of the festival. It is free to play, we only ask is that you do not take the game pieces! (You will need region perms to Curon in order to play.) Dance Floor This round dance floor is for those who want to shake their tail! It is located behind the flower, and everyone is free to dance. The dance floor will showcase a railed pond in the middle with exotic fish. . ° . ° Stalls ° . ° . If you’re here for the goods, look no further! The festival will be hosting many stalls of different shapes and sizes with vendors all over Arcas! Here is the list of our current vendors. Right Side Stalls: TRIAGE STALL Incase someone sprains their ankle or lands on a sword, this stall is front and center and prepared for minor injuries. Look for the white/red dome stall with four medical beds. It also has two sections of six slabs to sell medical supplies for those interested in medicine. The Pelican It is a lime green stall located by the terracotta wall. It will be selling toys, books, and so on. Pru This stall sells simple sketches for prices starting from 50 minae. Bust - 50 Minae Waist Up - 200 Minae Full Body - 500 Minae It is a square stall with leafy roofing, located by the terracotta wall. Niko’s Meat Mart The name explains it all, this is a meat mart! One could just smell the fresh meat now. It is a sky-blue stall located by the terracotta wall. Haense’s Greens & Healthy Foods This stall sells fresh produce imported from Haense It is a roofless yellow stall, located by the terracotta wall. Winterleaf Brews Come on down to the green stall! Unique and Custom brews will be sold to liven the mood! It is a green stall which is located near the terracotta wall. Druids This stall sells all sorts of goods from the Talus Grove! It is a roofless orange stall, located by the terracotta wall. Howl of The North Owned by Captain Honour Rackham, this stall is sure to have many items, like alcohol, tea, exotic food, and unusual gifts. It is a red stall, located by the terracotta wall near the bonfire. Tavernier Past the bonfire, under the dark oak pavilion along the terracotta wall, drinks and food are sold by the Crown and Cup and its employees. Tables are set up for those to sit and enjoy a drink and a meal after they are too tired from dancing. Fenn Flowercrowns This popular stall was at the last Fenn event, and now it is here. Selling fabulous flower crowns and other items, it’s sure to be a hit. This pink stall is located near the dance floor, next to the Tavernier. EMPTY STALL This stall is empty, and for sale: 100 minae. It is a light grey stall with four slabs and three carpets. Left Side Stalls: Ruberni Commodities This vibrant stall bears the colors of orange/red. It is the first stall on the left and sells a variety of things. From makeup to action figures, this stall has a lot of worth-while goods. Get them while you still can! Society of Gentle Ladies Curon’s own Society of Gentle Ladies is hosting a stall at the festival. Not only will they be selling goods, but they will also be hosting tea-time under their canopy. Flameforge Smiths Buy superior goods from Curon’s own Flameforge Family. A family of smiths, they are the new upcoming smiths in Curon. Their stall is a rectangular stall, bearing the colors of purple and white. Caliphate Goods Coming all the way from the caliphate, this stall sells signature Qalasheen jewelry, bookmarks, and armor. It is a rectangular stall bearing the Kadarsi flags, located by the bonfire. Obsidian Thread Near the dance floor is a blue stall, selling skins from the talented tailors of the Reg’Wir family. You can buy clothing, and enter the lottery for their spotlight skin. Should their skill fancy your taste, they are available for custom commissions. . ° . ° Fire For The Fallen ° . ° . As a final tribute to those who gave their lives to end the Voidal Mother, a large bonfire will be set to flame in honor of those who fell. We ask that you take this time to contemplate the price of victory along with us. Set aside all differences, just as it was done during the battle. . ° . ° OOC Information ° . ° . 6 PM EST Friday, September 20th. In Curon!
  16. The Firebelly Gecko.||Found|| A small reptilian species. Lives primarily in deep caverns and caves. Sharing their size with the domesticated house cat. The scales bare a dark hue and good natural strength. Making it tricky for blades or points to penetrate their scales. Along the back, upon fingertips, the bottom of limbs and underbelly. The lizards body becomes hard almost like a chitin. Holding a clear hue. As the blood circulates it gives these growths a faint glow looking akin to molten rock. These growths give off a spray of chemicals when the lizards are startled or want to defend themselves. The spray is produced from a reaction between two chemical compounds, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, which are stored in two reservoirs in the lizards abdomen. When the aqueous solution of hydroquinones and hydrogen peroxide reaches the vestibules in the growths, catalysts facilitate the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and the oxidation of hydroquinone. Heat from the reaction brings the mixture to near the boiling point of water and produces gas that drives the ejection. The damage caused can be fatal to small attacking creatures. Upon skin or flesh, the mixture is irritating. Leaving burns akin to boiling water. Some Firebelly Geckos can direct the spray in a wide range of directions. The Geckos fat, muscle mass, and all organs but the reservoirs of chemicals and outer body growths, are safely edible. Eating the organic reservoirs or outer growth will make one sick. The fat, and muscle matter hold 500,000 SHU. Making its flavor to hot for many mouths. The Magma Crab.||Found|| Made of a hard fully sealed shell with dark stone like hues. This shell is able to withstand the molten temperature of magma pools, where these creatures dwell. The mouth features a plate that slides up and down for feeding. The eyes are hidden beneath clear sections of the hard shell. These creatures range anywhere from the size of an apple to the size of a domestic dog. If given room to grow, these creatures will do just that. These Crabs have eight long legs, that can reach up to a meter in length. Equip with two pincers. The average Magma Crab will have a small and large claw. These smaller claws are used to grab hold of rock ledges when navigating their cave homes and for picking up small objects. The larger claw is used to crush prey and defend the crab. Though these Crabs can do little to leather, chain, or armor. These Crabs are able to crush weak sections of rocks to find food. Against smaller limbs covered in flesh or hide, these Crabs are able to break thin sections of bone. Such as the wrist, ankles. Joints. These creatures are hard to cook normally as most Crabs. As the shell must be removed for heat to effect the insides of the Crab. The Molten Hound. ||Found|| This strange molten breed of canine dwell deep beneath the surface. Their size is similar to that of Norlandic shepherd dogs. With near similar running speeds, and jaw strength. What sets these canines apart are their diet and appearance. The canines hide is smooth, and lacks any fur. What makes them noticeable is their blood, and sections of the body that show blood flow. These sections of clear hide are hot to the touch, as the blood of a Molten Hound is constantly boiling. The hounds do not have normal veins, but instead large areas where blood pools and flows evenly through the body. The blood seeps into the muscle through small narrow pathways. The dark flesh of the Hound is toxic to most creatures, as when alive it produces the heat to boil it's bright blood. The eyes of this predator are adept at navigating dark areas. Which see clearly about 13 meters from the head. These animals spend long periods of time in pacts. Roaming the bottom caves for their primary source of food. Metallic ores and gemstones. These creatures break and chip metallic ores and gems to feed themselves. Swallowing the materials whole. To melt them down in a strange wide stomach, which will convert the metallic ores and gems stones into their rich boiling blood. Soft ores and gems stones are a favorite. As these Molten Hounds would have to heat up the iron ore to make it easier to bite into. Through a slow process of licking the ore and salivating boiling liquids onto the hard ores. These hounds are able to walk or swim through pools of Magma, making often trips to pause and drink the molten pool of rocks.
  17. (( Use of any information not learned ICly is Metagaming )) A document has been pinned upon the wall of a tavern. Tucked away in most hallow hollows, for the eyes of those that may pass it by on a walk through the tavern. Travel Notice: Warning: North Eastern Arcas. Far to the north, above any settlement, and tucked away lays yet another plague upon Arcas. Brothers and sisters of these hallows. The voidal issue to the east appears to have taken root in the far north. Or something of a most similar nature no doubt. Within hundred and fifteenish meters of the initial infection, rocks are seen floating above a river bed. Nature is visibly disturbed, infected and wrong. spots of decaying patches and odd molds. As one draws closer, there is visible signs of Eldritch or Daemonic invasion into the realm. Or something very similar. The air within fifty meters of the origin point holds signs of visible corruption. As seen around voidal tears. Within twenty meters of the origin point, fortifications have been set up. With a burning cross facing out towards a body of water. The fort appears recent, as a small encampment of tents lays to the west of the fort. The fort appears to be built around the origin point, making myself suspect it was built to withstand a small scale siege from the origin point. As to the fate of these Valah, I am unsure if they still watch or if their lives have been claimed. Ten meters from the Origin point, the source of Voidal or Demonic contact is clear. A large gate way to another realm rest at the center of a body of water. With a large carved rock formation floating above itself. A pathway extends out across the water. Made of levitating rocks. A sign has been marked, stating ”Begone Demons. GOD protects these lands”. This signs faces the gate. Around where the pathway reaches the shore, a large wooden gate fortification has been set up around the pathway and the gate. The gate itself is a towering object. Reaching well over six meters in height. The gate levitates over the water. Emitting ghastly sounds and leaving a horrid feeling in the stomach. Within the inky black rock formation is the flickering ethereal substance which can only lead to the planes of another world. Far more hellish than our own. Travel safely brothers and sisters. ~Daichia Jusmia ((More actions shot of this place because it is NOICE))
  18. An account of the “Crimson Forest”. 7th of Sun’s Smile, 1737. Aesilnoth stood tall within the walls of the Irrinorian Forest city. A bird soared high above the walls, soon swooping beneath the canopy of trees. A letter had arrived from an old friend. A human by the name of Harold Spencerton, a veteran who had served alongside Aesil during the War of the Two Emperors. It was a call of defense, he had witnessed a group of the Haelunorian aggressors assembling within their walls. A call for action, which Aesilnoth intended to answer. With the Silver State’s recent declaration of war on yet another group, there was only one place they could be going. Quickly did he ride past the lands of Aegrothond and the seafarer elves within. Alongside the mountains of the Under-Realm Dwarves of Urguan across the bridge leading to the warmonger Elves of Haelun’or, but stopping just before to enter the small village of Ruswick. Within it were gathered a decently sized force of its citizens, as well as an Orcish screamer for Krugmar. Gathering inside the tavern, most already knew what was to come. A plan needed to be devised, the marching boots were already booming in the distance. The officers talked for a short while before each had nodded their heads in agreement with the plan. The plan of deception, the element of surprise. Aesil had joined the others squatting in the tavern, lying in wait. Only to soon hear the Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj screeching outside of the village walls. “Come out!” he spouted. Little did he know, we would be doing just that. After a quiet countdown, the horn blew heartily. The screams of the Ruswick denizens as well as his own erupted from the tavern, as the entire defending force charged out of the front gate. The ‘aheral aggressors had no idea what had been waiting for them. Quickly had the silver elves’ courage faded, becoming completely routed as they attempted to flee back to their city. But to no avail, the warriors of Ruswick cut them down one by one as they fled. Seeing as the main force was retreating, Aesil alongside his friend Harold rushed towards the back of the village. It wouldn’t be long before they spotted one of the raiders aimlessly running around the back. A chase had begun, but not for long as the lone raider was cut down “Bye idiot!” He’d spout venomously down at him before his blade Dawn found the raider’s throat. Once the crimson stained the grass, Harold and himself elected to return to the main force. Continuing their path all the way to the steps of the Silver city. Cutting down raider after raider until it seemed as though they were the raiders. A glorious and decisive victory against the aggressor High Elves. The day had been won. The Silver Forest now bore a new name, the Crimson Forest. An artist’s depiction of the defenders standing victorious was drawn below.
  19. [!] This missive would find its way across the Silver City, a few pinned to the noticeboard and the rest in mailboxes It would simply read You all forgot. With one blink, it was gone from your mind. Do none of you feel remorse? Do none of you feel empathy? You ignore the ones hurting, call them ‘ata, and for what? Grieving a friend? Disgusting. You call her a coward for what she did, but do you ever think about your actions? How you suppress people’s opinions to the point where they forget they even have a mind of their own, all because you are scared of the mere possibility of change? ‘Health and Progress’ is a smokescreen. You are slowly regressing, Larihei would be disappointed. She would take one look at the monsters you have become and spit. Ay’Larihei Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya
  20. DOWNFALL OF IRRINOR ✞ 4th of Owyn’s Flame, 1736 Daniel de Alence, a name that is well known across the Realm festers ever so largely, almost like an undying pestilence. His recent purging of sinners and heretics became well-noted during the coming months, and as the days passed by, more and more devout men joined Daniel’s journeys, making thyself a well-suited levy, working under the will of GOD all-mighty. It was another quiet day in the journey of Daniel, all day scouting around the roads for more wood elves and orcs, sadly, the roads were empty of any. and so, he and his group went towards Irrinor in hopes of finding anyone. Daniel, having gained renown, had earned himself many supporters that were quite devoted to help, even in opposing nations. By the notice and aid from an unnamed Mali’ame, they were let into the city – rushing straight to the throne room. An imminent sigh of disappointment crossed Daniel’s features; “Empty throne room... no guards, and no ruler.” he declared as Harper briefly replied. “They are probably killing children, Sire.”, alongside a wry chuckle from Caldwell echoed whilst he muttered “Too bad.” “Let us then,” Daniel spoke no further as he moved towards the throne, signaling for Harper. Harper then brought the goat that was with them, forward towards Daniel. Moving the goat towards the throne, he added; “Ah, the goat on the throne looks as a better ruler than the current one.” he frowned, as the trio watched the mighty goat sat upon the throne. A peculiar silence lingered in the room, with GOD’s subjects awkwardly gazing towards the goat. Momentarily, all was fine – before the goat began to defecate. ”Let us move out – let it be known Irrinor stinks of ****!” Daniel proclaimed loudly, as the trip proceeded to depart from the throne room, back off to the wilderness. WE DO NOT FORGET.
  21. *A large black Lur wolf and fe-uruk would be spotted putting up posters around Irrinor, Krugmar, and many other cities of the like. If someone cared to stop and read them, it would read.* This account was transcribed for those who cannot read orcish blah. I (i.e. Noka’Lur) was traversing our ally nation of Irrinor with fellow clan member Akila’Lur. We had been selling wares to any ally willing to listen, when we came across a group of Kha. Akila took this chance to flaunt his kha pelt that he commonly wore. The Kha’s grew angry about this and demanded that we handed the pelt over and that he wore the pelt of an innocent murdered Kha. Akila explained this was not the case he had taken the pelt from a Kha who had attempted to rob him in the past. Suddenly a kha drew his weapon on us and threated us. Akila and I both sensed that it wasn’t going to be handled peacefully so I had my weapon drawn and Akila was summoning his wind shamanism. Akila was able to blast one of the kha’s away, yet before more violence could ensue, Akila offered a fair deal. He would gladly part with the pelt for a sum of mina, which a Kha did agree to. Akila gave them a price and the kha reached for his minas when suddenly I was meet with a face full of claws. The Kha dishonorably betrayed this deal made specifically to avoid further violence. Akila released another burst of wind to blast us back a few feet before his shoulder was meet with an arrow by an unknown archer. Our curse of bloodlust was ignited in this assault, and thus our memories grow clouded after this face. I heard some shouts from a stranger trying to dissolve the situations as both me and Akila where being attacked, yet the attack continued. An order was then shouted to kill the kha that was attacking us. As the fight slid to the hands of the wood elves, I moved myself and Akila to the nearby clinic to adhere to our wounds. A knowledgeable medic aided us and tended to our wounds, likely saving our Shaman’s life. There we both received proper care and treatment, which afterwards we returned to Krugmar to recuperate from the attack. Our brief stay in Irrinor was met with dishonorable hostility from a group unwilling to listen to reason. We pray our allies have dealt with this act, yet we also extend our thanks for handling the situation following our departure. This massive is meant to add truth to the skewed stories that have encircled our ally since this irksome encounter. *At the bottom of the post a little scribble of what seems to be the Lur clan logo*
  22. A Commandant’s Thoughts. Once again, do I find myself seated at a war council. Once again, do I hear Orenian aggressors march upon the gates of beloved allies. Once again, do the Haelunorian lap dogs bend to the will of their Valah slave masters. Once again, will I put the lives of my soldiers, as well as my own to ensure peace. The disgust I have for my cousin ‘aheral is insurmountable. How dare they break our treaty and slight their own words. And how dare they betray their kin for those Valah who will do away with them afterward. Who are these groups to demand heads from those they’ve not even so much as attempted diplomatic talks with? Disgusting. The warmongers have given us no choice. As to not break our word, as the ‘aheral have we shall honor our pact with the ‘ame of Irrinor and fight a war. Once again, do I find myself seated at a war council. Signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak, Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh.
  23. Amrynn sat idly in the room of her vineyard, her tired eyes soaked with tears as she continued to write upon the paper in-front of her, her hand shaking violently as she finished the paper, which was now stained with tears, crimson orbs alight with sorrow as she lay it infront of her to dry, wiping her tears as she wandered down to the front of her house, exiting for a moment to nail the paper to the gate, before re-entering her house and giving a moment of silence to herself as she uncorked the bottle of nightsap, downing it, waiting for a few moments before she felt the heavy weight upon her eyelids start to push, her crimson eyes closing as she fell into the eternal slumber she wished for, the Raven lay to rest.. The notice upon her gate was as follows: “Do not attempt to reach me, for I now lay to rest, I have made many mistakes and they have taken their toll, my demons have overcome me, but let this be a farewell. To Naffog: Thank you for the lessons of life, and the consoling you gave me in my time of need. To Sahar: Thank you for the company in times where I felt low, and for the teachings you gave me. Your sculpture is outside your room. To Ylva: Thank you for the time you gave me, love, I will forever be in your heart and your mind, do not blame yourself for my death, but live for me. To everyone else: Thank you for the time we had together, I will miss you all dearly, with much love, Amrynn Valerius Telvaroth. ((Not playing her anymore, figured I’d give her a flair post for no other reason than to add another post to this subforum.))
  24. “Un vis plin de vulpe” A fox filled dream [ooc:Due to the nature of this character, it was decided to make it told through third/first-person views. Of her own retelling. For Devika doesn't know how to read or write. With this knowledge, everything has been made into panels and or gifs. Im sorry for the weird formanting Enjoy~] “Roofie tea, Down the hatch!” Cause spoliers are sucky have some nice music to go with it :
  25. Late one night as Fredegar Puddlefoot was just putting out the last candle and getting g ready to turn in, a loud knock sounded on the burrow door. He looked at the door, quizzically. The elves never knocked. They just barged in and demanded a tour. Who could it have been? As he opened it, a short man in a cloak entered. The cloak was soaked from the rain and the man pulled the cloak off him. It was none other than Deek Driftwood, sheriff of Brandybrook and captain of the Spicy Shrimp. "So it's true! Ya are bein' 'eld captive by these menaces!" Fred shook his head. "'Ouse arrest, more like." Then, he smiled and embraced his companion. "What are ya' 'ere fer? Oi jes put tha fire out, but Oi could start it again if'n ya'd like some tea." Deek rolled his eyes. "Ya daft goat. This is a rescue." And, over tea, pie, biscuits, crumpets, and a sandwich, he laid out his plan. The next day, Deek and another halfling in his cloak approached the gate. Other members of the Spicy Shrimp waited beyond the gate for them. There was a commotion at the gate as a line of people awaited entry into the high elven city. "I cannot accept just one bar of iron as a contribution to the city," the Sillumiran manning the gate bellowed to the man currently at the front of the line. "'Ey! Lemme outta' ere!" Deek groaned, pounding on the bars. "You will wait your turn, halfling!" Fred threw a small rock at the back of the head of one of the guests milling in the courtyard and the man turned, confronting a nearby high elf for such an insult. As the gate opened to allow the next guest entry, the affronted man began to attack the high elf. The guard looked over and ran out of the gatehouse to stop the brawl. Deek turned to Fred. "Now's yer chance. Go go go!" Fred burst through the open gate, over the bridge and jumped into the elevator, pulling the lever to lower it. He looked back to see Deek on the ground of the bridge, having tripped. "Run fer it, Fred! Yer free!" As the guard looked back at the new commotion, Deek got to his feet and rain towards the lowered elevator. He pulled his fishing rod from his back and cast the line, wrapping it around a post. He leapt and used the fishing line to repel down the shaft until he landed next to Fred. The elevator hit ground and they sprinted out of the city towards a set of ponies held by a few crewmen of the Spicy Shrimp. As if daemons themselves were after them, the mounted the ponies and rode, not waiting to see how much of a lead they had. Fred was free.
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