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  1. Turge’Ram lumbered over to the new post tacked to the Goi’s notice board, reading his Lifemate’s announcement over quietly. “Guhnna need tuwh keep me hontz peeled fohr da wild azhez, huh?” The former Dominus thumped the board with a chuckle before continuing on with his day.
  2. Turge'Ram is in no way coerced to oblige, haha..ha..The H'orc sweats.
  3. The only ones affected by the year system changing are humans. Unlike other races’ curses that are a bit irrelevant from time to time, Humans have the unique distinction of being able to play elderly characters more often and without just starting old and having nothing to say for your character’s history. I wouldn’t say aging needs to be any faster (unless someone has it out for humans I guess) but I would say racial curses in general could stand to be a tad more relevant.
  4. You’re right, though it’s not too unreasonable for people to want an rp centric server to stay in favor of rp.
  5. Non-combat enchantments seem like a good idea, as I can’t see any harm coming from allowing people to gather materials they need more easily. Potions for pvp is the worst idea I’ve heard in a while though, there is absolutely no reason to be giving MORE incentive to pvp. I know a few folk, myself included, who think the absolute worst part of lotc is enjoying rp when all of the sudden several people in armor hop towards you and pop you. Admittedly, if your goal here is to make it less suffering on the part of those who actually applied to this roleplay server for roleplay (As few as they may be, who on earth goes to the trouble to get whitelisted on lotc to rp, amirite?) then it’d be great. Instead of getting clicked to death in 3-4 sword swings I can get clicked to death in 1-2 and enjoy the minute or so I have to sit and do nothing while a half dozen people stand over me waiting to see what’ll come out of my avatar like some kinda birthday piñata. I couldn’t be any more sincere about the bit about non-combat enchantments, but honestly if you add any more to pvp you’d be doing a lot of us a disservice
  6. I like it a lot, definitely seems like the type of thing that'd be fun to look for with a group of people.
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