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  1. Name: Leon Race: Human Age: 19 Discord: 💤💤💤💤#0284
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    is there a way to cancel this and make a better one? i mean i accidentally left some words due to the intense typing... my bad
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    Jack grew up in a small farm in Krugmar, due to his home being far away from the city, his father then needs to go to the city every now and then to sell the crops that they make and make some money out of it. Jack’s older brother likes to help his dad to do some work in the farm, meanwhile Jack doesn’t really have interest in doing that or being part of the farm that their family has owned for quite a long time… Then one day, it was time to harvest the crops that they’ve planted, but he wasn’t home that time and he always wanted to harvest the crops that they’ve planted but he came home late, he was at his friend’s having some fun and as he walks to the door he overhear his brother talking about him, saying things like, My younger brother is so useless and stuff like that, but he didn’t really care about it and kind of played along and went to have dinner. Then the next day his father has harvest all of the crops and has prepared to go to the city and sell it, then Jack’s father asked if he wanted to go with him and refused, he then went out and “I’m just going to go to a friend of mine near our home” said Jack, on the way to his friend’s house he saw some guy with a horse and they are armed with weapons and it looks to him that they’re taking the road that is to go to their house, even though it looked a bit suspicious, he didn’t care much and he shakes his head to clear the thoughts that he had, he then proceeds to go to friend’s house. Later that day, it was late, and so he said his friend that it was time for him to go home, he then starts walking home, he then saw the guy that he saw earlier carrying a bag with crops in it? He didn’t mind that, and they looked to him as rebels that he’s been hearing in the rumors that has been going around, when he gets to their house, he sees the door open, he then thought that maybe they just left it like that even though that has never happened before, he then walks in to their house, “Mum, I am ho-“ said Jack because he knew every time his father makes money, he always bring something nice for them to eat, but he was shocked, he was frozen in fear and he didn’t know what to do, he sees his family, his father’s head was rolling on the floor, looks to him that his father was decapitated and his brother was hanged and his mother wasn’t anywhere to be found, he started crying and he walked out of the house and he said that he decides to travel and he wants to become stronger, he assumes that bandit-ish like shouldn’t exist in this world, they all should die, he then went back to his house and took some money from his father’s room in the secret stash, “I should have enough money to get to he city” said Jack with a very calm voice, he then proceeds to find his way to the city and his goal was to be an imperial soldier, he wants to bring justice into this world and then story continues…
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