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  1. how long till oren can retake warclaim initiative?

    1. Medvekoma
    2. Lionbileti


      When you win a fight 🗿

  2. "No one's rebelling, Antonius dismantled the old Empire and we never swore oaths to Renatus once they formed." A wise man chimes in!
  3. I feel personally attacked
  4. Armand welcomed Alfred to the seven skies with arms wide open! "Get some rest, you've earned it."
  5. “My fervor only strengthens! Our misery and troubles will only increase ten-fold if Renatus were to achieve victory in the war! Think of these men as martyrs to a cause worthy of dying for, remind yourself of the travesty and devastation that has occurred while these people have reigned! The burning of Ves, the Sack of Adelburg, Ostmark, Cyrilsburg – they’d do it all again if they were to be the supreme victors! Fight on! ” states a Vesnian at a vigil for John and Elric.
  6. A Vesnian wheezes, finding enjoyment in the fact that a bunch of small brained monkeys are belittling his Emperor for lack of battlefield presence, despite the fact that their own Emperor doesn't appear for anything at all, pen or sword, absent in both. It’s almost as if Joseph had a life to contend to, a shocking revelation that monkeys will never realize. Regardless, the man enjoys reading of his Emperor’s daily activities, content that he is actively interested in the Empire.
  7. “He died a better death than anyone else could have. Rest in Peace, Elric Roul.” mutters a Vesnian solemnly.
  8. seannie

    The Human Crisis

    why even bother rping morals and the inner working of a characters spirit
  9. seannie

    To Fireheart

    25v25 combat roleplay in helena palace when?
  10. seannie

    The Human Crisis

    Renatians – realizing of their oppressive history. “I will not allow the rule of Pertinax to dominate once again – they care of no one, only themselves. The wanton sacking and razing of cities gives them no troubles, as if the slaughtering of innocents steels their resolves like the demons of Hel they are. You will find more death in their Capital than anywhere else. Up with Emperor Joseph the Paramour! Down with Tyranny!” states Armand to his fellow compatriots as they gathered to read the King’s missive.
  11. give me warzone!

  12. mordhau warclaims when?

    1. Medvekoma


      Mount and Blade Warband Warclaim > Mordhau Warclaim

    2. WuHanXianShi14


      can i join i mostly just strafe around big skirmishes pot-shotting crossbow bolts into the crowd

    3. Lord_of_losers


      i can get behind this

  13. Armand smiles the sun’s smile as he gazes upon the Imperial Orenian Treasury, with the Stripped Horse Company poster in his hands – ready to once again make use of the gold.
  14. "It's a good thing you cant betray an Emperor you arent a vassal to - you can thank Antonius' moronic dismantling of his own Empire for that. As far as I'm concerned, this war is just between two sovereign, self ruling political entities. These Kortrevich are traitors to their monarchs, lured to another side by false ideals, I do not blame them however - they are a young House, with no political history of note, they are not fully aware of the crimes of the Pertinax Dynasty. Lies must be adressed, or else people will start believing them." comments Armand in the same mystical manner, vanishing into the air after stating such words.
  15. THE BATTLE OF HELBRUKE TAVERN, AN INN BY THE CROSSROAD THE EVENTS LEADING TO THE CLIMAX “Are people really talking about you when you sneeze?” - Count Conrad Falstaff, speaking to Armand Falstaff. Armand gazed longingly over the war-torn battlefields of his home, the County of Leuven. An elbow of his rested upon the ramparts of the shoddily constructed palisades strung about the lands. He’d taken his position a few hours back to keep watch for any wanderlust Renatians thinking of straying into his line of sight - but alas, the night was calm, and his wits grew dimmer. But for a while now… he could feel something change, the stench of battle had been constantly gnawing at his senses, causing the Knight much irritation. Occasionally, Armand is seen wiggling his nose, but nobody pays much attention to it, a dire mistake. Armand himself suspected that the Renatians may have released some sort of secret weaponry akin to the old Teutonic toxic gas of old, but shook it off as nonsense, clasping his cheeks together with his palms to clear his thoughts. He steeled his determination to remain awake, remaining vigilant as he continued his watch over no-man’s-land. THE ACT “The sneeze heard around the world, that one.” - John, speaking of Armand’s mighty sneeze. Though it seems, nothing could prevent the coming storm - one wrong sniff was all it took for Armand to erupt. It had seemed the Renatian fumes had successfully infiltrated his system, and caused great pandemonium. The Knightly head reared back, the mouth agape, his hands still at his side due to the suddenness of it all - and there goes the floodgates. His head launches forth with a tremendous force, his nose bursts with the power of a volcano, and the fallout is flung across the torn up lands. All remained silent for but a moment, with everyone nearby taking a moment to register the noise they just heard - it was as if the string of a trebuchet had just snapped, a formidable noise to be sure. Some thought that battle would resume across no-man’s-land, but chuckles and laughs would stifle any such thoughts. THE CONCLUSION “Good God, that’s a grievance and a half there, innit?” - Rylan, upon the tremendous sneeze of Armand. All had stared in awe at the profound sight, as if history was in the making. But Armand knew, deep down within, that this was an orchestrated attack upon his person by the chemical agents of Renatus. Revenge must be had, he reaffirmed his vows that he would be the one to destroy Renatus, one way or another. He crossed the Lorraine over his chest, now more determined in his ambitions. God Bless the Holy Orenian Empire, Long Live Emperor Joseph. Grievance 101.5? Do we really keep track on this? Can we for real get someone to turn the areas between Leuven and Nordengrad into a proper looking war-torn battlefield?
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