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  1. seannie

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    “More?” complained Renhalt, as his helper Theo dumps more documents onto his desk. He groaned at the thought of having to sort through more papers while already being bogged down in enough of it already. “I need to hire more staff.” Nevertheless, he diligently penned responses back to the applicants. -------------------------------------- To all Applicants; Your application has been processed through the Guild and has been deemed acceptable to warrant an interview to be inducted in-person. Please make your way down to the Crossroad Tavern located within the Duchy of Adria, Belvitz and proceed to its second floor, where you will find a man bearing a cross upon his tabard. Introduce yourself as an applicant, and the interview will begin. The Guild offers its thanks onto you for applying. (Apologies for the delay in the response to these applications, been quite hectic since we’ve set up the group. Should be all fine now, will be sending you guys discord friend requests momentarily in order to add you guys into the Guild Server.)
  2. seannie

    1912; The Great War

    THE EMPIRE OF AUSTRIA-HUNGARY TO MODERNIZATION! The Empire was blooming under the diligent rule of Franz Ferdinand. The coffers were filling up on Russian War Reparations, the Military was becoming increasingly competent and efficient, and the overall populace was optimistic for the times to come. Although a minor hiccup, Franz Ferdinand stood by his words when he meant the denunciation of Socialism. Though appearing lenient to some socialist ideals, the Emperor viewed the extremist form of Socialist Governance as a crime against humanity, in which one’s individuality is replaced by a machine like communalism. But all this time politicking within his Palace had strained Franz, as he appeared increasingly weary, his wife, Sophie the Duchess of Hohenberg, took notice. Prompting the Emperor to take a leave from it all just for a few months. Unable to resist his wife, Franz agreed to a tour of the Empire. Leaving his Prime Ministers in his stead, he struck out with a small detachment of Imperial Guards, taking his children and wife on the proposed trip throughout the Empire in a clockwork fashion. IMPERIAL STATE OF AFFAIRS Civilian Affairs As Woman’s Suffrage movements spill over from Germany and into the Empire, the Emperor and his Parliaments attempt to organize a proper response to such an ideal. To give Women equal rights on par with a Man’s would upset the status quo of Imperial Society, but it could also prove to be a boon to its various economies as Female workers flood into markets. Various legislatures are attempted to be passed through the House of Lords and House of Deputies in order to reorganize societal constrictions on the rights of Women, with Emperor Franz favouring establishing full rights for the Female gender. The introduction of exotic resources from Brazil take the Empire by storm. The Dual-Monarchy had never been able to strike out into the world and claim itself a place in the sun, which had restricted its access to acquire any sort of rare goods. Coffee and Cocoa drinks become highly popularized by both the bourgeoisie and the common citizens that can afford it; it's even said that some furniture in the Emperor’s Palace was outfitted with Brazilian Mahogany. The Imperial University of Scientific Advance continues its research into the matters of tele-communications. Hellbent on figuring out a way of improving the lines of telegrams around the Empire. Military Affairs Having understood the frustration that comes with mobilizing millions of troops throughout the Empire, the Imperial General’s Staff work under the Emperor’s Guidance a method of modernizing the Empire’s infrastructure. From establishing roads to far-flung reaches, to improving and expanding current railroads, the general goal of the objective is to improve the flow of Imperial Traffic, both in terms of military and civilian affairs. This initiative works in conjunction with the Berlin-Baghdad Continental Railway. Military spending this time of year around is spent mostly on the matters of Aviation. Some designated Academies that were previously established are now expanded with Aviation Schools, in which airborne doctrines are taught, improved upon, and drawn up. Pilots now enjoyed aviation on a leisurely level as they simulated dogfights and raced each other to designated checkpoints. A culture surrounding the matters of flight and aircrafts was forming around the various Academies as they begin to challenge each other to mock duels and races. Coming at a standstill with the matters of Specialized Infantry, the k.u.k. Generalstab opt out of such efforts in favour of focusing on the previously mentioned Aviations affairs. The Imperial Navy is dispatched from its ports in rotational patterns as they patrol its supply routes from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean tip of Gibraltar in order to keep it operational instead of having it rot away in its dockyards. Foreign Affairs Another bout of diplomatic conflict begins between Austria and Romania as the Emperor’s Parliaments accuse the Romanian National Government of funding extremists sects within the Empire during the Great War, as well as actively working with the Allied Forces despite claiming to be Neutral. The Austrian Parliament issues a demand of Reparation in order to repair the hypothetical damages that were incurred onto the Empire by Romania’s supposed clandestine activities. IMPERIAL ACTIONS Women's Suffrage gains tractions in the Empire due to the movement spilling over from Germany. The Imperial Councils begin to lay the groundworks to establish some sort of agreed upon Women’s Right. The Emperor being in favour of granting the Suffrage Movement its terms. The Empire’s infrastructure undergoes an intensive project of expansion and improvement The Imperial Military’s primary goal this time around is set upon the matters of Aviation, primarily the honing of the Pilot’s competence, with general aircraft improvements coming as a secondary thought. The Imperial Parliaments initiate another bout of diplomatic conflict against the Romanian Government, going as far as to demand a monetary sum as reparation for their supposed interference during the Great War. Telecommunications efforts continue as telegram outposts and lines are improved upon throughout the Empire. Methods are devised in order to figure out more effective ways to establish telegram lines to front-line units during wartime. Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser
  3. seannie

    The Pontifical Enthronement of 1693

    "Puppets to a secular master." sighed Renhalt exasperatedly upon hearing of the enthronement. "God is the only master of my soul."
  4. I am not a fan of the Imperial Horenist Faction!

  5. seannie

    give me your fkn money

  6. seannie

    On Imperial Godhood

    "The High Pontiff is the supreme representative of God, he is the Holy Vicar. What makes this Emperor of ours believe he is above the Pontiff in the matters of Theology?" questioned Renhalt curiously to himself as he pondered.
  7. seannie

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    A select few is meant to be regarding the Kadarsi players that manufactured a lore-breaking weapon of mass destruction. Lore wont simply be modified just because a majority of players screech for it.
  8. seannie

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Positions were abused and lore was warped in order to appease a select few. Keep this retconned please.
  9. Varendozian Guild Applications will be replied to in an hour or two.

  10. seannie

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Renhalt gazes up from his desk within the Tavern of Belvitz, having just finished initiating a newcomer into the Guild, he is presented with even more Applicants by the young lad Theo. Without a pause, he proceeds onto penning a response to the new batch of letters. ________________ To all Applicants, Your application has been duly noted by the Guild, make your way to the Tavern within Belvitz to be interviewed at your earliest convenience. Look for the man with a cross upon his tabard to begin the interview on the second floor of the tavern. Renhalt Varen ________________ To Henry Lyons, The Guild extends an apology, for they cannot accept your Application. The Guild does not endorse the usage of Children in active combat against the unnatural. You may however be brought into the Guild as a non-combatant role that will have to be formed. ________________ Congrats to @DarkElfs for being the very first Adventurer of the Guild to be inducted in roleplay. Once enough players have been brought into the Discord, an Adventuring Party shall be formed to be dispatched to one of the two current Bounties that need to be claimed. If you havent been contacted via discord yet, please toss me a friend inv on discord. seannie#5413
  11. seannie

    [Varendozian Bounty] Nordengrad Deserters

    The location of the brigands are nearby to the Citadel of Vrakai. The Varendoz Guild names its Bounties based upon the closest landmark they are near to.
  12. Wanted: Nordengrad Deserters of Vrakai Soldiery from the now defunct State of Nordengrad that have abandoned their previous oaths of allegiance and have moved south-bound, beginning to terrorize the populace of the Duchy of Adria. Usually an issue that lies under the jurisdiction of the Imperial War Ministry, the Guild has taken it upon itself to remove the Duchy of this threat immediately, due to the threat being in such close proximity to the Guild Headquarters. Threat level: Copper Suggested party number: 5-6, moderately armed. Description of beasts: Descendants of the Horen progenitor. Nothing peculiar is expected out of these brigands. Location: East of the Vrakai Citadel within the nearby forest. Rewards: 1000 minas to be divided however the chosen Party sees fit, as well as any spoils of combat that may be incurred.
  13. seannie

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Renhalt catches Gawain musing over the recent Applications – picking one up for himself, he’d nod in approval. He gathered both of the letters, dropping them off to the young Bastien, asking him to pen a response. -------------------------------------- To Theo, @giambroof Due to your age, we cannot employ you as an Adventurer. We can however bring you under our fold and teach you the ways prior to your coming of age. Come to the Guild Office within the City of Belvitz to meet with one of our personnel, they’ll know of your situation and will sort you out. Renhalt Varen -------------------------------------- To Rolien, @DarkElfs You have been approved for Interview, please come to the Firstlight Tavern within the Capital of the Duchy of Adria, Belvitz. A Guild official will meet you on its second floor to discuss your enrollment. Renhalt Varen --------------------------------------
  14. Wanted: Goblins of Ardes Fleeing the cold of the Vaeyl threat expanding from the South, a band of fleeing Goblins have encroached upon the Duchy of Adria; hypothesized to be nearby the Guild Headquarters. Their erratic behaviorism and hostility has deemed them acceptable for extermination by Varendozian Adventurers. Threat level: Copper Suggested party number: 4-5, moderately equipped. Description of beasts: Goblins are small humanoid monsters derived from the Orcish Race; weighing only about the size of a young adolescent male, they have an unnaturally long arms in comparison to the rest of their body composition and their jaws are lined with sharp fangs. Individually, a Goblin that has turned feral are said to be dimwits, but on rare occasions their past intelligence may appear, turning the creature into a cunning foe. Location: The creatures have yet to have had their location pinpointed. As such, it is expected for the Adventurers to search for clues that will potentially be leading back to their whereabouts. Their general vicinity is near the Village of Ardes within the County of Auvergne, a vassal-state of the Duchy of Adria, near to the City of Belvitz. Rewards: 1000 minas to be divided however the chosen Party sees fit, as well as any spoils of combat that may be incurred.
  15. The Varendozian Adventurer’s Guild The Varendozian Guild Headquarters, County of Auvergne, Ardes, 1647 History The Adventurer’s Guild was originally established in the encompassing wilderness of Varendoz, Aeldin. The Guild’s master, Renhalt started out as a coin for hire attempting to make a living off of the fruitful, and often daunting life of a beastmaster. A few years into his trade Renhalt came into the employ of Gawain d’Auvergne, an upstart Auvergnian noble from the crownlands. Renhalt and the few retainers in his employ were hired to slay a swamp drowner in the bog outside of Auvergne, but after seeing Renhalt’s efficient work Gawain decided to hire the beastmaster on a permanent basis. A few years down the line, with the wide scale corruption and infighting in Aeldin the two decided to depart to the newly established lands of Atlas, where they took up residence under Duke Ratibor Carrion in the Duchy of Adria. Two years into their stay in Atlas, Renhalt branched out from House d’Auvergne and started to map out the outlying wilderness of Adria, cataloging a plethora of flora and fauna new to the world. With the wide scale urbanization of the Duchy the forests began to shrink, stirring up many unruly creatures. More and more attacks began to plague the realm. Beasts such as gryphons, wraiths, liches and drakes had been seen in the mountains surrounding the area. With the increase in fatalities due to these creatures, Renhalt founded the Adventurer’s Guild inside the County of Auvergne, hoping to quell the onslaught of incidents. Mission Statement While the Guild’s main focus is to rid the world of unnatural threats, it does also attempt to preserve and maintain the current status-quo; only when a creature steps outside of its boundaries does the Guild see it necessary to involve itself. ________________ Guild Ranking Hierarchy Guild Master Incumbent: Renhalt Varen The Guild Master is tasked with the general overseeing and management of the Guild. Guild Vice-Master Incumbent: Gawain d’Auvergne The substitute Guild Master, capable of acting in the same authority as the Guild Master. Assumes total control of the Guild in the absence of its primary chief executive. Guild Clerks Men and Women of the Guild tasked with the overall organizing and dispatching of Adventurers to their appropriate Bounties and Requests. They are paid on an annual salary and cannot register to become Adventurers due to the potential of scheming and liability issues. ________________ The Adventurer’s Corp The ones tasked with carrying out the Guild’s primary reason of existence - the Adventurers. Responsible for delving into unknown wilderness, or scouring the depths of a long forgotten ruin. They are the front-line against the unnatural, paid contractors that protect the Realms of the Descendants. ________________ Carbarum-class Adventurer: The apex of their field, the Carbarum Adventurer is one who’s mettle has been tried and tested countless times. Unmatched by others in their field as distinguished monster hunters, they are tasked with contracts of extreme danger, but significant pay. Arcaurum-class Adventurer: Veterans of the Guild, Arcaurum Adventurers serve as figureheads for those of lesser rank, acting as captains on the field. Aurum-class Adventurer: The middle category, the Aurum-class is filled with standard issue Adventurers that have made monster hunting their primary way of life. Ferrum-class Adventurer: The regulars of the Guild, the Ferrum-class is the enlisted corp. These men have picked up the basic tenets of what it means to be an Adventurer but are not full-fledged members. Copper-class Adventurer: The introductory level of the Guild, these are the aspirants. New contacts and unindoctrinated members fall here. ________________ As it stands at this moment, Adventurers may only claim Bounties relevant to their class in order to best minimize damage, however, Adventurers may Party up with high-classed comrades. Guild Identification is required to be shown in order to process their Bounty through. In order for an Adventurer to be promoted within the hierarchy, they must have completed a certain amount of Bounties to what their class demands as well as having to complete a designated Bounty of their target class. And finally, they must fall in line to be analyzed by the Guild’s Own personnel. Code of Conduct While the Guild does not enforce these, every fledgling Adventurer should take these conducts to heart, to ensure a better working environment for everyone involved. One shall not assault another member during a contract. One shall not steal from another member during a contract. One shall not fabricate falsehoods about achievements. The Guild holds no issue with members having hostile relations with one another. It does request that Adventurers prioritize upon their contracts rather than one another. The Varendozian Abnormalities Registry The Guild’s documentation of creatures, monsters, and other hostile or abnormal beings found so far upon Atlas. These anomalous creatures are categorized into sections based upon their threat level; each section more dangerous than the other, with Carbarum ranking at the most extreme. ________________ Copper-class abnormalities: Feral Goblins (Cave Goblins) Vodniks Skeletons Zombies Descendants Ferrum-class abnormalities: Boggens Harpies Fiskmen Skelts Ratiki Drowners Aurum-class abnormalities: Venators Ents Gryphon Jabbernack Cockatrice Liches Trolls Arcaurum-class abnormalities: Basilisks Drakes Wyverns Giants Carbarum-class Abnormalities: PERMA-KILL CLAUSE NEEDED TO BE APPROVED FOR EACH BOUNTY OF THIS CLASS Creatures have yet to be discovered that are properly suited for this Class. With new discoveries being made everyday, the Guild is aware that their documentation will always remain incomplete. It therefore requests that anyone who has information upon new creatures, are to bring said information to any Guild official, to which they will be rewarded on a monetary basis based upon the significance of their discovery. ________________ !CAUTION! Adventurers should only be hunting down creatures and beasts that are of their own class. Those within the low ranks are advised to attach themselves to a group of higher ranked Adventurers in order to acquire more experience in the matters of monster hunting. The Guild does not take responsibility for Adventurers injured or killed during their contracts. Enrolling ________________ HOW TO ENLIST To enroll, one must seek out the Guild Headquarters located within the County of Auvergne, or at the guild offices located within the city of Belvitz. They must then schedule an appointment with an appointed official of the Guild, who will then proceed to assess their qualities and integrity as potential adventurers. Given that the assessment proved to be successful, the applicant is granted Varendozian Adventurer status, now official a Guild-Member. Depending on past experience, be it that it is thoroughly detailed with ample evidence, an applicant may even have the chance to skip one or two ranks of the Guild upon joining. Upon completing the enrolling interviews and evaluation, the newly made Adventurer shall be given their registry form and a badge made of the materials based off of their rank. To get into contact with someone who can process an Application Interview, fill out the following letter and send it off to the County of Auvergne, to which you will be responded to as quickly as possible. Application for Interview Name: Race: Age: Discord#: ________________ DISENROLLMENT To withdraw membership from the Guild, one must locate the nearest official and issue a notification of resignation. To which point, it will be processed through to the Guildmaster, who then officializes the resignation, the retired Adventurer’s registry is archived and their badges retaken.