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  1. I hope this didnt interfere with the fixing of Nexus. Shits broke
  2. Perhaps we can settle this via 1 v 1? send out your best
  3. The server should experience some sort of technological advancement in terms of non-magictech, I'd rather not experience another 5 years of the same type of technology.
  4. I want to do this with miniature crossbows
  5. I would very like to see basic rudimentary blackpowder weaponry that usually tends to explode in your face after overusing said weapon. Magic people are odd.
  6. "I do not think they're going to accept the Ultimatum. Are we calling for allies, or not, Sire?" The Archancellor informs the Emperor. @Tsuyose
  7. Quite odd that they would ban players who roleplayed with one another in a closed environment with both sides' approval, at the very least, the breach in the techlock could warrant a warn, not a straight up ban with no notification of doing so. Please talk with the players first.

    1. char-char~


      wait who got banned?

    2. seannie


      @yopplwasupxxx @Esterlen @Pyro™


      Only for two weeks I believe, so it's nothing major. An issue arose from this regardless though.

  8. should really invest into horses, huh
  9. betas
  10. "Quite the ill-fated move by these Dweds." remarks Aeternius, strolling among the rows of the dead after the recent victory.
  11. "A shame the Frostbeards ally themselves with people that would turn on them at a seconds' notice. Avarice truly does muddle ones' mind." comments Aeternius
  12. "Continue the onslaught." says Aeternius to the Soldiers of Oren.
  13. "Exterminatus." says the Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire.
  14. "How intriguing." says the Archchancellor upon receiving news of the conflict.
  15. "Glad to see this come to fruition. The Empire and the Dominion always had the strongest alliance amidst all these nations, despite their flight after the Battle of the Goldfield." remarks Aeternius to no one in particular.