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  1. Bundesrepublik Almaland In response to the advent of rampant terrorism throughout Avestival, Almania has sent a task force of Military Police to assist the United Republics of Emritia. Though much of the actual response to the terror attacks are left entirely up to Emritian officials, the Almanian Task Force's purpose was largely just for good-will and diplomacy. A foreign police agency having a hand in domestic law enforcement would do no one any good, and so the Task Force was regulated to menial tasks. It could be rumoured that Almania had one of the strongest
  2. “Oh my, this caught me by surprise. Well done, well done indeed.” Sigmund mutters to no one in particular as he took to the new edition of the Governess Yearly, sipping from a cup of tea and the likes.
  3. “That’s the Barclay Bargain.” Sigismund recites, at gun point or not.
  4. Bundesrepublik Almaland ACTIONS Income: 78,400 Population: 106,090,000 4 Mines [20,000g] 6 Civilian Manufactories [45,000g] 2 units of Military Police (10,000), Tier 3, Regulars [12,000g] Dumping 1400g into Atlas Tech --------------------------------------------------------- MILITARY 5000 Regular Inf 10,000 Military Police [Next Turn] 500 Ground Armor 5000 Mechanized Inf 200 Helicopters 100 Jets 200 Icarus Suits 2 Icarus Aces -------
  5. Sigismund picks out his fanciest uniform, ready to attend his cousin’s wedding.
  6. Sigismund downs one more mug of Carrion Black as he finds himself responsible for the death of another man. He groans drunkenly.
  7. A forged signature of Sigismund II appears on the petition, which approves of UNFORCING THE PK OF CHRIST PUNCHSTEEL
  8. Bundesrepublik Almaland “Thou shalt not suffer a kaiju to live.” A common creed of the Almanian Government. The Kaiju threat has long gone through intensive campaigns of propaganda within the Bundesrepublik, so deeply villainizing these foreign creatures that hatred against their kind has seeped its way into every fabric of Almanian society. There are no toys, no cartoons, no shows depicting Kaijus in any fair or playful light; they are regarded as demonic monsters of chaos and destruction, beliefs indoctrinated into the minds of the populace at a young age.
  9. “And why wasn’t I informed of this?! The Emperor believes he can do what he wishes with my land? The preposterous fool!” exclaims the King of Haense, a fist slamming a desk.
  10. “The Society has gone such a long way since its humble beginnings in Reza – bravo to them.” Sigismund says in comment of the announcement to his family.
  11. “Committed suicide with three crossbow bolts to the back of the head I assume – huzzah for the return of Cannonism.” Sigismund commented over a cup of morning tea.
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