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  1. seannie

    Ser Paul Ryan's Arctic Adventure

    "THEY LEFT WITHOUT ME?!" shouted Amandil as he stirred from his slumber, not finding his friends anywhere within the Royal Palace.
  2. "My big, black, Farfolk Ćock shall trump all other Ćocks at this tournament."
  3. unironically caring about lotc makes you a bogdanoff

  4. i wish to become a darkest dungeon rper 

    1. MickMeist


      Even the cold stones seem bent on preventing passage.

    2. Telanir


      Those who covet injury, will find it in no short-supply.

  5. seannie

    Cloud Temple

    lotc is the dark souls of minecraft servers
  6. seannie

    The Death of an Old man

    "A national tragedy, to be sure." commented Amandil as he was informed of Jack's passing.
  7. seannie

    Turn the Page

    im ready for the return of felder VII
  8. berserk golden age arc has the best soundtrack out of all of the shows

    1. GrimReaper98


      big support


    2. James


      you're not wrong 

  9. seannie


    "Perhaps this may lead to fruitful results for both our Kingdoms." Commented the Lord Marshal of Haense to his fellow Councillors.
  10. seannie

    Casus Belli Suggestion

    That seems narrow-minded. We do want to preserve our integrity as a playerbase, but at a core, Haense is a human-centric playerbase, it sticks to that realm of roleplay. Which leaves only Renatus to fall under, but even then, they seem absolutely keen on destroying everything we've worked on and installing their own vassals over our regions, on-top of them being oocly toxic towards our playerbase, so we can't exactly work with them. We don't want to fight any sort of war; the new leadership of Haense is more focused on reconstructing activity within their Capital. We're being put into a corner we dont want to be put in.
  11. seannie

    Community meeting questions topic

    Will the system of Freebuild be altered in some way to better centralize the need for concentrated hubs of roleplay? We have no time to bother about the wishes of players who exclusively disperse themselves away from any places of roleplay; it brings down the quality of the server.
  12. seannie

    Second Golden Bull of Saint Judeberg

    "Who would have thought that criticizing the actions and motives of the Pontiff would have led to their excommunication; just another petty attempt at suppressing the word of good men. Keeping us away at arms-length only proves their foul attitude." murmured Amandil to himself as he filtered through a pile of documents. "How can we even begin a return to the guidance of the Church if they' have prevented the Clergy from performing any sacraments within the Realm?" The aged Adunian complained, slouching in his chair as he pondered the repercussions of the Golden Bull. With a click of his tongue, he'd flick away the document, clearly displeased with having read such. "And anyway, if we permitted the return of the lackeys of this current iteration of the Church, they'd simply work to subvert us from the inside. Same old, same old." The bothered Lord Marshal resumed his work with discontent.
  13. seannie


    Return-Letters are sent back to each person that had applied, they bear the customary Seal of the Aulic Council of the Kingdom of Haense. "Greetings, applicant; your LETTER OF ENLISTMENT has been accepted. You may now begin the process of being inducted into the Brotherhood. As customary, you shall begin as an Unoathed, where your skills shall be evaluated, and if God is willing, you shall be selected to complete your TRIALS and kill the BEAR." "The Grandmaster also wishes to extend his apologies in regards to the tardiness of the reply to your application. The War against the Realm of Renatus has left many of the Command-Center preoccupied and incapable of responding to application; we hope we have your understanding in such matters." "Report to the GRANDMASTER in Markev at your earliest convenience for appropriations and interview." - APPROVED FOR INTERVIEW @StokedOff @Melvinola @IceWalker
  14. if the pixels  of your minecraft skin's eyes are 3 wide, i consider you a mutant 

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    2. Wrynn


      good thing the eyes on my skin are 4 pixels wide 

    3. SuperDuckyGamer


      3 pixel eyes are a sin yes

    4. Juststa147


      i have perfectly normal eyes of 2 pixels if you didn't notice

  15. anthos is south of the ice wall

    1. VonEbs


      I sure hope so!

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      I wish we could go back to anthos