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  1. DUDE... you are a fool for getting baited by eli on that thread

    1. Borin


      ive seen this before

    2. Ramon


      yea same borin

  2. A thoroughly unamused Alstion threw away the declaration at the courier who delivered it, yelling back, "Tell my grandson not to parley with our enemies!"
  3. Portrayed over an array of documentation and maps within the halls of Brandthof, the elderly King of Aaun perused his opportunities carefully - eventually complaining to his accompaniments, "It seems that the Miracle of the Petra, in which God forced our arms to do no harm to one another, has backfired. Now this rump-state fools itself into believing it shall have reconciliation. I think not!" the Alstion exclaimed, an unexpected bout of passion for his age, propelling him into a rambling tangent, "Suffer not the heretics and their wile ways - tongues of the Great Deceiver they have, for they shall do their best to manipulate themselves into being viewed as the downtrodden, unbefitting of our righteous rage unto them, alas, we Crusaders clarified by the Light of God, cannot be so easily swayed." The Alstion slams a fist onto the table in emphasis, the shock of which displacing many items, "There must be an extermination of the Adrian, nay, Renatian, way of life, from root and stem for their persistent assaults unto the faith. Our most Holy Church must reaffirm the Godfreyist Crusade upon the ascension of the new Vicar of God, lest we allow ourselves to idle away." With this, Charles Alstion concludes with the battlecry of the Crusade; "Adria Delenda Est."
  6. Aaun was prevented from building its capital on tile_91, assume the same rule applies to any other such nation? It seemed that with the recent developments, you have since decided, or plan to decide otherwise, leading to the League's publication of their warclaim.
  7. THE ARMISTICE OF 1918 On the 4th hour of the 4th day of the 4th month Gathered within Eastfleet, the King of Aaun and the Duke of Adria do henceforth acclaim; I. The immediate independence of the Duchy of Adria and severance of all servitude and obligations to the Kingdom of Aaun. II. The termination of hostilities on all fronts of war. III. The affirmation of the new borders of the Duchy of Adria, being the territories of the Lower and Upper Petra, included within; the City of Vienne, the Lands of Acre and the remaining Kingsroad. IV. The Crown of Aaun shall petition the Holy Mother Church to lift the excommunication of Heinrik Sarkozic - and as per the terms of His Holiness, the High Pontiff, Heinrik Sarkozic shall fulfill his desire for penance and reconciliation. V. As per the desire for peace, the Kingdom of Aaun shall refuse to partake in, and actively deny any Coalition measures against the Duchy of Adria. VI. The Kingdom of Aaun shall petition the signatories of the ‘Polar Concurrence’, the Commonwealth of the Petra, the Kingdom of Haense, and the Kingdom of Balian, to both disband their efforts against the Duchy of Adria, and to establish Pacts of Non-Aggression with the Duchy of Adria for the sake of the Great Peace Almaris upon the lifting of Heinrik Sarkozic’s excommunication which shall negate their original purpose for assembly. VII. Both the Kingdom of Aaun and Duchy of Adria shall establish a Pact of Non-Aggression between their two nations for the duration of 15 years. If the terms IV. and VI cannot be fulfilled by the expiration of two months, concluding on the 7th of Godfrey's Triumph, then hostilities shall resume. IN THE PURSUIT OF PEACE, His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, Prince of Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Duke of Corazon, Protector of the Realm, Honorary Lieutenant of Snowy Field’s Watch. His Grace, Heinrik I, Duke of Adria, 1st Count of Veletzia, Count-Dowager of Aldersberg, Keeper of the Swans, Head of the Northern House Sarkozic, Founder of Velec
  8. DUDE... you are a fool for getting baited by eli on that thread

  9. heavy is the head that wears the diamond helmet

  10. actually delusional. your 'dude trust me bro' sources aint helping anyone, nor is moving these wacky goalposts wherever it suits you. 'closest confidants and affiliates'? minitzers? what are you even going on about, you legit came in here onto this thread, and tried to whataboutism and deflect onto another playerbase with one of the most wildest and fake takes ever, instead of dealing with your own 'skeletons in the closet' as you put it and then got the audacity to say we're the ones undermining the issue here, completely dismissing the fact we've crusaded against ppl like alty in the past for being absolute weirdos and sexpest. trying to turn this into a political mineman issue as if aauns specifically out to get your guys banned is honestly a mockery to muna, toni and anyone else affected by this for the sake of the original issue at hand, dont derail this any further
  11. what are you even going on about, aauns councils is sanitized af and we've even put down beamon for it in the past, i cant think of anything thats ever gone to the point of n words - this is a goofy ass take trying to comparison us to this shit. we've got a naughty bot (the nauzica agent) to specifically stop this shit, try this goofy shit again and ur catching my hands i work for the feds i glow in the dark u wont catch me saying this shit ill have HR on my ass cause these guys def got remote access to my accounts, grow up
  12. THE OLIVE BRANCH PETITION Written, Issued, and Confirmed by His Royal Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Charles I of the House of Alstion BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE KING AND IN THE SPIRIT OF PEACE, Let it be known to all Adrians who still have love in their hearts for our Realm: I offer you reconciliation. I do this of my own goodwill, for fear nor favour of none but my Lord God, but for a chance of true peace. Evil and wickedness has beset our Realm in recent times. My legal son - Varoche - slain, my daughter become a widow. Their children who call me grandsire, without a father. Many more, I fear, shall experience this sense of loss. Our peace in tatters, all through the conceitedness of one man. But this ambition need not define the Adrian people, who have - in my lifetime - shown tenacity, courage, harmony. This was the Adria that I knew. The Adria that understood right from wrong. That its government should fall to such depths displeases me more than you, my lawful subjects, shall ever know. And yet, it is our duty as servants of the Lord to discern the great providence to all things. That Heinrik Sarkozic would spring his plot against our people prematurely prevented the greater assembly of a rebel army. We give thanks to God for His intervention. For He must surely know how the heirs of his Exalted Godfrey have suffered in silence these past centuries. I remember a time, when the Kingdom was young - our ethos still to be mould - it was Heinrik Sarkozic who put the government of the Realm to pen. It was he who wrote the very laws that he now claims to be unjust. It was I who, with nothing but trust and love in my heart, allowed that idealist the keys of our young kingdom. But now, he has betrayed his principles in favour of the Renatian, who devours and besmirches Adria’s good name. We shall not be denied Our Realm. We must not allow the ideals of liberty, self-determinism, and freedom to be threatened for a return to our anarchist past. Or worse, a dictatorial regime under the yoke of tyranny and the thumb of the Renatian who may once again burn down Adria, as they did to the Golden City of Ves. WE AS THE CROWN OF THIS REALM LEVY THE FOLLOWING CHARGES AGAINST HEINRIK SARKOZIC, With a heavy heart, bring the following charges against Heinrik for his crimes against our people. Being of sound mind and conscience, We levy the charges of sedition and treason against Heinrik Sarkozic for conspiracy to topple the Realms legal government alongside sworn enemies of our people; plotting to conquer our people and his Peers through use of mercenary companies; through bearing arms against the kingdom and threatening the stability of the realm. Being of sound mind and conscience, We levy the charges of sacrilege and heresy against Heinrik Sarkozic for the worship of false idols, namely the Renatian heresy, and for his impudence and refusal to acquiesce to the right of our Holy Mother Church; for his excommunication, which spurs us to seek God's justice. Being of sound mind and conscience, We levy the charge of injury against the Crown to Heinrik Sarkozic for conspiracy to murder the Sovereign and members of his royal family; and to usurp the legal Alstion Crown for his own. Being of sound mind and conscience, We levy the charge of breach of the constitution against Heinrik Sarkozic for plotting the restoration of the Kingdom of Renatus in spite of his oaths to our United Kingdom; plotting the destruction of all liberty in the Realm in spite of his signature to Our constitution; violating the natural order of the constitution. Being of sound mind and conscience, We levy the charge of desertion against Heinrik Sarkozic for treating his summonses to court with contempt; subverting the rights of the Diet to hold his peerage to account; perverting the natural course of justice through displaying arms against Officers of the Peace. Being of sound mind and conscience, We levy the charge of murder against Heinrik Sarkozic for the execution of Count Varoche contrary to the laws of the Realm. So it shall be. BY THESE PRESENTS IT HATH PLEASED US TO OFFER CLEMENCY, We bring these charges against Heinrik that the Realm might no longer suffer the destructive ambition and tyranny of one man. He shall be arrested, and in accordance with our laws, tried for his crimes against the Realm and Religion. To all other Adrians, we extend the offer of peace and reconciliation. Lay down your arms and you will be granted clemency and the tender goodwill of the Crown, with assurance that vengeance shall not be carried out, property repossessed, livelihoods disrupted, or further arrests made. We extend this olive branch with unending affection to the Adrian peoples and their long struggle for peace. We extend this olive branch with care to nurture Adria back to greatness amongst the hearts and minds of men across the globe. We extend this olive branch for the sake of our Kingdom, which has stood fast against tyranny in all things, and has only ever wished for the proper fulfilment of the constitution and the law. We extend this olive branch due to our love for Adria, and with recognition to its place within the tapestry of our Realm. THE OLIVE BRANCH PETITION ☨ Having fought for Dumacratic ideals during the varied summits with Haense and the Karovic Houses, the Crown has maintained its desire to continue this honored tradition. With the arrest of Heinrik Sarkozic, in accordance with the Lex Aaunica, the Adrian Duma shall resume, and elect for Adria a new Duke as per Adrian Law, free of our interference in the elections. ☨ Civilians of Adria that desire to flee the war shall be welcomed in the bordering lands, and accepted as refugees by the Count of Vaška and his neutrality, the Duchy of Minitz, or at the capital of New Vienne. It is the fervent desire of the Crown that the greater good is always upheld, such being that the Rights of Man, Liberty, Life, Trial and Property are forever upheld, should one desire to maintain such by fleeing the war. ☨ The City of Velec, apart from the tragedies of siege, and other justifiable acts of war, shall face no further destruction, the homes and livelihoods of its inhabitants upheld to the fullest under the continued protection of the Greycloak Watch. ☨ Stated in the declaration of the late Count of Varoche, any nobility, or citizenry of Adria who actively partakes in the overthrowing of the rogue Heinrik, or seeks neutrality, shall be granted full royal pardon, bestowed honors and be protected from any prosecution. ☨ Despite the treasonous actions of its patriarch, the House of Sarkozic shall not be further discriminated following the arrest of Heinrik, and shall be afforded every rights expected. Furthermore, they shall, with their approval, be rehabilitated by the Crown into the greater politics of the United Kingdom once more, so that they are not so shunned perpetually by their peers. ☨ The Renatian Menace, who have no love for Adria or Aaun, but seek to destroy it, who exploit our civil strife to forge their own kingdom from the blood of innocents; and who do not immediately exile themselves from our Realm, shall be afforded no quarter or mercy under the law. They shall be expelled from all lands of the Canonist League, so they may never again attempt to undermine the Great Peace throughout humanity. Their names will be damned, and their descendants persecuted for all time. We do this not to instill fear, nor for the sake of vengeance, but for the correct assertion of God’s law, and for the safety of our peoples, who desire only peace. People of Adria, the keys to peace now lies in your hand. Down with the Traitor, the Kingdom forever! TANDEM TRIUMPHANS His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, Prince of Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Duke of Corazon, Protector of the Realm, Honorary Lieutenant of the Snowy Fields’ Watch.
  13. Put Aaun down for Option 3
  14. THE GREAT PEACE OF ALMARIS The Summit of Karosgrad, 1897 Heinrik Sarkozic, You ungrateful cur, tales of your misdeeds are told from Novo Horos to Fi’andria, Is this your payment for all that was done for you? Was it not I that nurtured you to this point in time? Consider my shock for a moment, when the husband of mine daughter came to me with words of your misdoings, his accumulation of evidence so fraught with your countless sacrilege that not even the Holy Pontiff could tolerate. I gave you the benefit of my doubt when you began employing enemies of my lineage within Adria, believing you to be of proper integrity, capable of reforming them to reason - yet alas, the opposite occurred, for ‘twas thou who found themself corrupted by their whims. Whereas you might have once been a man of formidable virtue, dedicated to the pursuit of fostering his peoples, you are now held hostage by lesser men. You sadden me Heinrik, after all that was done for you, avarice clung upon you like a poison - as if you inherited the curse of the Dwarves, perhaps you are the bastard of one! You must pardon this old man for these sentimentalities, but I once counted you amongst foremost allies, furthering the cause of a restored heartland. With great effort, you wrote our Great Charter, establishing the prerogative of the Crown you so claim to be tyrannical, the supreme laws you now so easily discard - given the tools to succeed by forces you now claim oppressive. You understood that I was most content with the success of all my vassals, seeing their joy as mine own, yet you treat such belief as weakness. Have you mistaken my kindness for weakness? You speak of my family as strangers, as if Caius, Emil, and Anna, have not all made their homes within Velec, as if I do not spend my winters in your southerly lands with Eleanor, enjoying the latest drinks of the Eulers. Was it not you who cheered my name as we raised Carrion Black in unison at my arrival? You have clearly lost your mind, so I must remind you of your misdoings in the same order as you ‘wrote’ yours; You know full well our dedication to the restoration of the heartland, of which the old Orenians had brought to ruin in the Sinner’s War, yet when our endeavors to instill reason into the madness of the Orenains failed, we instead sought amiable service, valuing cooperation above self interests and aiding Emperor Peter IV against the forces of his rebellious brother, Frederick. Who thus forced us from the heartlands following our defeat at Providence. Despite catching the vision of Saint Lothar, and his many miracles in my flight south, I knew I had to return to these distraught lands, so I did. And we restored sense to it, reforming this United Kingdom of ours together through tremendous effort, which you now so easily discard on false pretenses. Further, in some strange twist of treachery, you claim I seek to disturb the Great Peace of Almaris I so doggedly achieved throughout Almaris through concessions, agreements, and alliances, yet, twas you who advocated warring the Haeseni for your titulars, believing your right to the Duchy of Adria to be superior to the safety of Aaun - only to be refrained from doing such by the might of Herzog von Minitz, who so sufficiently cowed you into submission. Perhaps this be the start of your misbegotten grudge against our realm. Rather yet, not once did I ever see you further the cause for continental peace, for your excommunication only proves such and the acceptance of warmongers in your ranks solidifies it. You speak of my coveting of your wealth and strength, yet twas I who granted upon you this strength and wealth wholeheartedly. Many would consider me a fool for choosing the betterment of my vassals firstly rather than mine own personal strength, but I have always seen your success as mine - your future was mine, forever shared, as with the rest of my vassals. Do you believe I would give you the world, the primest of land within our Kingdom, scorning my other vassals in doing so, granting you a subsidy of six thousand minas for new Velec, just to simply ****** it away wantonly? NAY! You must recognize that you now pay the price of your own treachery. We had a good thing, we had it all, everything you needed. But, no, you just had to blow it up. You and your pride and your ego! I refuse to believe this ploy of yours to be the popular acclamation of the Adrian people, for I do not concern myself with your Renatian mercenaries as equal to the people of Adria, of whom you have flooded your land with in the pursuit of grotesque power, much to the chagrin of your Council of Orel. You failed to even realize that your own people saw your growing corruption, believing you far too gone from any rescue. And this last insult, you do not even do me the courtesy of penning your own words, instead allowing ne'er do wells and other miscreants to pull your strings. Do not be surprised when I refuse any further correspondence with yourself, for you have become a man I no longer recognize as a friend, and your words are no longer your own, now a puppet in the truest meaning. In short, your grievances are nonsensical and delusional. I do not seek the destruction of Adria, for I view myself partially responsible for its liveliness. I wish only for your people to prosper within the shared unity of Aaun, as you once propagated. For it has been throughout my life, the seeking of the best in people, yet time and time again I only uncover the worst in them. Despite this horrendous repetition, I struggle on, staying true to myself - unlike yourself, who's tendencies are akin to the Great Deceiver's doings. You will receive no further luxury, no second attempt at life, you have spent all the goodwill I once spent upon you. ---- I promise you this, Heinrik, your mortal coil will perish for your transgressions - your soul already lost to the damnation of Iblees and his voidal hell. In due time, sense will be restored unto the land, and the Adrians will continue to flourish, without your corruption. God willing, we shall not suffer another anathema. I leave you with a passage you know most well; "And Vargentgotz calls forth three deceivers in the guise of messengers, with wings of cold fire. They are called Justice, Glory, and Reward." Your Once Friend, Charles Alstion, May you Rot in Hell
  15. "mess wit the world order and the world order will mess with you..." charlie spoke solemnly @gusano @Shmeepicus
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