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  1. "Just as the Creator intended. My adopted cousins shall not be bent so flimsily by lesser beings." Tiber remarked triumphantly at last to his compatriots.
  2. FOUNDATION OF A NEW IMPERIAL CAPITAL by TIBER of the CHAPTER OF AAUN PRINTED BY THE IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN The Imperial Capital Johannesburg, 5th Empire, Axiosian Era OPINION With the rise of Imperial Restorationism, many have come to scrutinize such an endeavor with the usual reactionary skepticism. It is the objective of the members of the Imperial Society to further clarify these ideas of ours in conjunction with the worries of others. Foremost worry of the Restorationist Cause is the issue of autonomy and centralization, of which constituent states clamor for the possibilities of suppression by a central Imperial Government. Whilst we must always be wary of the machinations of those swayed by the Great Deceiver, who in turn seek to manipulate others to their gains by removing their right to self determinism, the Imperial Society has convened ways to best remedy these flaws. The new Imperial District should be governed in part with the Congress of Humanity, as to best facilitate a hub of representation for all Mankind, with each constituent nation of the Empire having their own investment in its affairs - forgoing the complications of centering Imperial administration within an existent city, such as Valdev, or Portoregne. Though potential issue arises with the possibility of saboteurs within the Congress purposefully obstructing the affairs of the Imperial Capital for their own gains., a new coming Empire will be formed at the beckoning of its constituent nations, rather than the autocracy of one ruler. Whilst there are merits in the associating of the Congress of Humanity within an existent constituent nation, such as has borrowing from its already established infrastructure, that capital will remain identified primarily with the culture of this constituency, resulting in the same ostracization that was wrought upon prior Empires, namely the Imperial Capital of Helena - further asserting that a new capital for Mankind must be shared by all, and not already be dedicated to one of its various peoples. However, from this all, the concern arises of purposefully weakening the central authority of the Empire, the issue of a dysfunctional system - it must be thought that from now on the future must not be reminiscent of the past and that the overwhelming strength of prior central imperial authorities must not be emulated. It is through the one struggle of all Mankind that the Empire must prosper, so that all burdens and prosperities are to be shared. The Emperor must not rule from the Imperial Capital with an ironhand, ladened with power overwhelming, but instead, their authority must be carefully weaved together in tandem with the rest of Mankind - we must not seek to establish tyranny in any sense of the word. The prevention of an imperial ‘palace clique’ should be the ideal of all constituents, for the new order of Aevos must be one shared struggle throughout all Mankind, and not be centralized unto one political dynasty, who will no doubt fall to corruption as easily as all the others before had. Supposedly, with a new electoral system to decide the leader of Mankind, the rot shall not settle as quickly as it does with these lineages, with each passing of the ordained leading to the invigoration of new peoples in the Imperial Capital, with their ideas and ambitions - however, from this subject, some of the already contacted Princes of Humanity have decided to defer the appointment of a new Emperor to the High Pontiff. No matter the outcome of this Imperial Formation, the Church shall be of critical importance, and must thus be reserved for the new Imperial Capital as to best coordinate the functions of a new Empire in cooperation with its Princes - much to the chagrin of the established powers, such is assumed. Such are the arguments involving the establishment of a new capital for Mankind, each prone to their own flaws and strengths. Doubtless, there are many more to be had, but that is left up to the thoughts of the reader to further expand on this topic. Ultimately, the mindset of people must be shifted from that of the past, wherein the Imperial Capital of Mankind had ruled with near absolution, and as is reiterated multiple times in this article, we must instead think of a new future based on cooperation with one another, no matter the complications.
  3. A Waldenian Ultranationalist descends from the heavens upon a white horse - Waldemar, friend of the reincarnated Theodoric, Bannerman of the Reinmaren, waves his sword around as he was roused from his ethereal form to wage war upon the outlandish infidels.
  4. we would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids (we got admin pked and persona slot deleted btw)
  5. With notes prepared for debate, Tiber dons his Imperial Society aviators during his way to the [LOCATION REDACATED], boldly declaring, "Time to dunk on my pro-centralist Empire Restorationists."
  6. "They hate their origin...? Talk about being emasculated, yikes!" Tiber remarked on the latest decree.
  7. With Richstaff's letter finding its way to the Imperial Society of the Exalted Horen, its members debated amongst themselves the legitimacy of Peter IV, with one of its aforementioned, Tiber, adding in; "Another peculiar case herein lies with the issue of the boy Emperor John VI, of the Adelsburg Empire, slain as a child and never ordained, yet considered by scholars to be the last Emperor of the Johannians - to conclude this quickly, both automatically inherited the Imperial title following the passings of their predecessors, and thus are to be considered Emperors by way of law, yet, per matters of deserving? Far more dubious." "The mandate of Peter lessens even more when it is reminded that he had never come close to controlling his own Capital, and was instead forced to the hinterlands of the Grenz by his usurper brother for the duration of the war. The Cloudbreaker did fly above the Grenz during the ceremony of Peter's marriage to Lucia d'Azor, but considering the end of that Dragon, that's more a cursed omen than some Horenic divine mandate to be Emperor. Ultimately, Peter did not effectively rally the Empire to his faction, and was never ordained by the High Pontiff, which was to ruin all rights he had to the Imperial Throne - being thusly executed by his own usurping brother, who himself, being a seventh-born kinslayer, never had right to rule in the first place apart from doing so by might. A cursed house, truly - thank the Creator for returning these Novellenites to their senses in these modern times." A summary of the Imperial Society's debate is sent to Richstaff, with an invitation to further inclusion.
  8. The Enswerp Bridge Incident saga continues 

  9. In discussion with his fellow member of the Society, Rigoberto, Tiber of Whitespire exchanged talks over cups of coffee, "I've some issues with this, namely the issue of identity. As dictated by the tensions between the Haeseni and Orenian states during the Era of Arcas, the implementation of a shared national sameness was met with extreme vitriol, which will no doubt be incurred this cycle around as well. Words are not enough to compel... say, a Balianite and an Aaunite to think they hold much in common, despite their Canonist and historical connections. Descendants of Horen all, yes, but how else are they to be convinced that they are to fight for a greater good? What actions must be undertaken? Deeds, not words, shall see the day through." With a final sip of his coffee, the elder Elf concluded, "Otherwise, our fellow members of the Society have some novel ideas on unification, but will it be enough to break the selfishness of our peoples?"
  10. CAUSE AND REASON for AEVOSIAN UNIFICATION by TIBER of NEW PARADISUS PRINTED BY THE IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN An artistic depiction of a Middelander imagining the world without them. With Aevos returned to peace following the conclusion of the Coalition War, the sovereigns of the new world order now gather to best steer our shared destiny forward, one free of unnecessary bloodshed and wanton chaos - as stipulated already by the Winburgh Proclamation, Section VII, the Future of Man, wherein the Grand Covenant of the Exalted Horen's descendants have been convening to discuss such a new pivotal chapter in the Tapestry of Man. So far consisting of the realms of Petra, Haense, Aaun, Hyspia, Balian, and perhaps the emergent Principality of Reinmar. Despite such an impressive array of nations, not one of them have come to terms with what to make of this hard-earned peace - each vying for their own ambitions. So ravenous was the war, that all stately dedications were in the pursuit of winning the present conflict, and not what was to come after such victories, leaving these realms wondering, and more dangerously, suspicious what the others may perpetrate. There is an unfortunate possibility that the aforementioned realms may simply default to the easiest and simplest outcome, that being the maintenance of the status quo, unwilling to respectfully partake in the greatest debate of these recent generations - tragically establishing the parameters for the next Great War in the future. It must be wholeheartedly asked then, with full dedication now; what should become of Humanity? Of Aevos as an extension? Many options lie before us, from which I shall presumptuously list some possibilities, limited to three in this article for the sake of brevity, and ideally, the further addition of my peers including alternatives in their own papers. The Aevosian Union Considered the most radical by my fellows of the Imperial Society, the Aevosian Union shall see the formal elevation of the Grand Covenant into that of a supranational governing body hosting all its constituencies within it for the sake of unifying international affairs. With a new capital for governance, and an elected head of state, the Union shall lay the framework for cooperation never seen before by the Descendants, one wholly untethered by dynastic egoism, and instead led by the dogged bureaucracy of all member states - much to the dismay of the fiery advocates of absolutism, who may just spontaneously drop dead at such a suggestion; the arrogance of the Age of Heroes is long gone now, and great realms run on paper. Now before us, lies a Union in which the existence of its member states are forever guaranteed and supported, taking upon itself the ethos of the Harvest Confederacy in its freedom, whilst sharing the concept of an executive leader tasked with the interoperability of the Union, ideally merging the. With each Aevosian citizen having the freedom of travel throughout Aevos, unbarred by gate searches and so called 'citizenship doors', a free market of material goods such as Netherite, Coal and Iron, enshrined common defense, and an overarching legal code to ensure the goodwill of all. The Empire of Oren Certainly the most controversial of the listed possibilities. The Empire has been formed a number of eight times, and with some reformations to its structure, may be reformed for a ninth time. Oren, afterall, is the aspiration of all Humanity as dictated by the first Holy Orenian Emperor, the Exalted Godfrey, who established the imperial framework for Humanity to unify under ever since. However, despite the nigh century that has passed since its latest collapse, many still think of Oren as a failed project exclusive to the Novellen lineage, with all the good and the bad associated with such a family - its connotations many, and its misdoings fatal. It must be reminded, for the sake of all the history to its name, Oren, meaning Humanity in its Flexian origins, the language of the Aenguls, remains still a divine mandate of the Church of the Canon to manifest, the end goal of all Canondom, even so why reform it? An Empire created eight times already is not a model that inspires stability, though it can be said that the idea of Oren transcends the notion of being just a mere title. It is for certain that a new Oren, should it come to be, would be unlike any other, one potentially devoid of dynastic rule, and instead incorporating an electoral college of the current realms of Aevos to elect a new Imperial Monarch, or perhaps it may be as ineffective as the Sixth Empire was, plagued by useless Emperors and fatal infighting. Furthermore, it is to be wholeheartedly rejected that this concept be renamed slightly akin to that of the Renatian Empire of ‘Man’ or more horrifyingly, be simply reduced to ‘Imperium’ as it has been suggested lately. If the mere mention of the name Oren is enough to render shock, it is advised that these affected peoples seek therapy. The Grand Covenant In which the Grand Covenant shall remain as a loose organization of military treaties between its constituencies, tying each other in an interwoven, yet easily broken web of continental alliances - seen already jolted by the premature withdrawal of the Kingdoms of Numendil and Norland from the war. This remains the most low effort, and easy to maintain option, for it shall only need the maintenance of the current course to maintain this status quo. However, as mentioned, it is the option most prone to failure; for any savvy deviant of Ibleesian influence can render it asunder through wily politicking, and thus propagate the next continental war for their own selfish desires. Despite such a threat, this is still considered to be the most desired outcome by our leaders, for the difficulties of seeking out the greater good are much too arduous when one could simply cloister themselves away in their own pocket realms. Each of these proposals are rife with their own flaws that must be settled by the cooperation of the whole, for it is our most sacred duty to see peace successfully maintained throughout Aevos, to aid each other when ill-fate befalls one, to share the great burden of existence, and ultimately cast off the tendrils of Iblees and slay the Deceiver once and for all. Nothing from here on out will be done without tremendous dedication and fortitude, and we must brace ourselves for the tribulations to come. In conclusion, it is not the desire of the author to rouse issues of paranoia as to what to shape the new world into, but rather open the path forward to worthwhile debate as to best proceed. It must be realized by all that the establishment of the New World Order does not have to be the sole burden of our Princes, and that we all have a part in the making of the Tapestry of Man, no matter petty or grand. From this article, may your imagination be spun.
  11. Tiber of Aaun, caught pondering whilst overlooking the Silver Sea, is shown the works bearing the Sixth Seal. A content smile quickly spreads, now musing on the conversations he had with the Man of Petra - he replies to the Nauzican, "Master Rigoberto has published his letterings on the Idea? Splendid! Was looking forth to such. Perhaps now is my time to access the printers once more, so may we sway the minds of our ordained rulers away from the foolishry they befit themselves. For a prosperous and united Humanity, devoid of Ibleesian interference." The elderly Elfling concluded with a repeated tapping of his index upon the nearby coffee table, his silent pondering resumed as the Societal courier dismisses themselves.
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