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  1. im building night city and giving all the vassals their own skyscraper
  2. THE ROYAL BAN OF HEINRIK SARKOZIC As declared by the Crown, in the year of 1916 BE IT KNOWN to all Adrians and leal subjects of this Kingdom of Aaun that Heinrik Sarkozic has betrayed his oaths of fealty and loyalty to His Majesty and the most esteemed Charter of our United Kingdom. He has consorted with heretics and rebels, and has thus made himself an enemy of the realm. After a meeting with His Holiness, the High Pontiff and His Excellency, Count Sigismond of Varoche, it was brought to our attention that Heinrik Sarkozic had consulted and broken bread with the forces of evil; allowing them to swarm into the Adrian Duchy. Now, he has been declared Anathema to our Holy Canonist Faith; not only that, he has raised arms and banners against our United Kingdom, whose constitution Heinrik Sarkozic himself wrote. He raises steel against his countrymen, against his fellow Heartlanders, and fellow Adrians. To the people of Adria, We say this: Do not be deceived by the false promises and treacherous lies of Heinrik Sarkozic. Take up arms against the traitor and restore peace to our realm. We call upon you all to stand with the Regent of Adria and your Duma, who shall soon elect the new rightful Duke of Adria. SO DO WE, The Crown of Aaun, declare a Royal Ban on the person of Heinrik Sarkozic. All loyal Aaunic countrymen are obliged to arrest and make harm to the traitor, the heretic, the anathema, and bring him to justice. Never another Anathema. Never another Brother’s War. Never another fracturing. Aaunica Aeterna. BY THE WILL OF AAUN, His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun His Highness, Ottomar II Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather His Highness, Robert I, Prince of Sedan His Grace, Brandt I Barclay, Duke of Minitz His Excellency, Sigismond Varoche, Regent and Chancellor of Adria The Right Honourable, Louis II de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine The Right Honourable, Philippa I von Reuss, Margravine of Velen The Right Honourable, Cosima von Augusten, Countess of Hohengarten
  3. Heraldic Grant of Arms to the Princely House Alstreim 10th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1915 Corwinsburg, Arentania To all and singular to whom these presents shall come, we, the Heraldic Authority of the United Kingdom of Aaun, send greetings. Be it known that it hath pleased Us to grant, and by these presents to assign and confirm unto the Most Noble Prince, Patriarch of the House of Alstreim, and his heirs and successors in perpetuity, the following heraldic achievement: Per pale argent and sable, a white rose counterchanged, barbed and seeded proper, upon a chief azure the sun in splendor. This achievement is granted as a perpetual token of Our esteem and in recognition of the Most Noble Prince's esteemed services to the Crown and to the Royal House of Alstion. In addition, the said Most Noble Prince shall have the custody of the Immortal Order of Emperor Henry the Lion, which shall be forever attached to his person and to the House of Alstreim. The white rose, which forms part of the said achievement, shall be the badge of the said Order and shall be conferred on all members thereof. We do also give and grant unto the said Most Noble Prince a permanent seat of advisory in the matters of the Order, which shall always be given great weight by the Crown in the exercise of its prerogatives. With this grant of arms, we declare the House Alstreim to be forever enshrined as kin to the Royal House of Alstion. As custodian to our royal success and Our protector in times of struggle, the Princely House has shown unparalleled devotion to our Royal Cause and to the Kingdom of Aaun. The sacrifice and loyalty that the House Alstreim has displayed for centuries earns them a place of honour in the annals of our history. The Most Noble Prince Ottomar’s marriage to Princess Charlotte, daughter of His Majesty, has only strengthened this bond of kinship. Consequently, let it be known that the White Rose of Alba, which adorns the badge of the Immortal Order and the Heraldic Grant herewith, now also symbolizes the eternal bond between the Royal House of Alstion and the House Alstreim. May their names and deeds live on forever in the memory of our Realm. Thus, with all and singular privileges, rights, and prerogatives, we grant and assign unto the Most Noble Prince, Patriarch of the Elder House of Alstreim, the said heraldic achievement, to be borne and used by him and his heirs and successors in perpetuity. Given under our hand and seal this 10th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1915. His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, Prince of Alstion, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun, Duke of Corazon, Protector of the Realm, Honourary Lieutenant of Snowy Field’s Watch.
  4. Charles clenched a fist, a reminder of his blood oath - his palm having been cut open to sanctify the signing of the Ghaestenwald Pact, "Mankind Undivided." the Alstion uttered solemnly to himself, now pushing forth unto the future.
  5. this is some certified kingshit for real
  6. Having concluded a trek to the height of the hills of providence dividing the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom, Charles Alstion set his gaze upon Valfleur below and nodded in affirmation, uttering forth, "God is good." as he began to admire the subtle changes in the scenery of the valley of flowers.
  7. Down below in the underbelly of Vienne, within the ruins of Providence, a clandestine operation begins within these dark depths to augment the best folkball player ever to grace the pitch - the New Vienne Upstreeters will not lose the next Championship Cup.
  8. Within the halls of Castle Ardor, an elderly man, Charles Alstion, monologued endlessly to a likewise aged woman, no doubt his wife Eleanor of Provins, over luncheon, "Finally, she has found her father's spirit - although a travesty that holy matrimony was broken between the two, one could say it almost be an excusable offense in lieu of this young lass'... growing a spine, as they say - granted she undergo penance to our Mother Church, of course... for she had preached servitude to the Church and its Scriptures, yet broke the holy vow between Man and Woman in the process. Though she did always look dreadful with her husband, as if tied to his leash, quite strange that. I do suppose she is now experienced to the ways of corrupted men, pray she does not once more succumb to their wiles. Though I don't quite get the infatuation with glorifying cuckoldry! Goodness. I suppose the cosmopolitan Petrans are of a much looser kind in such regards. However, quite the accomplishment by Prince Marius, bedding a wedded Archduchess - hah, that'll go down in history; ah, sorry dear, didn't mean it like that ... though... I personally would very much like to see this 'Constanz' be departed with his head, being the cause of evil committed against our realm in spite of the good Paul Temesch, God bless his soul, who otherwise had accomplished united peace with myself. And what a mind he had! Full of idealism that Temesch, though squashed so thoroughly by this foreigner, sundering Petra intwain, God knows why young Renilde allowed it so for this long. You see, not even his own family..." with that, the King rambled on as the elderly might usually do, oblivious to his own drawling as the minutes passed.
  9. "So much for being a pious Canonist - the Church remains eternal and infallible. God be with us." Charles remarked to his compatriots upon hearing of the troubles on the Petra.
  10. "Heyyy! Leon Barclay is still alive!" King Charlie Alstion sung in shout in his march northward back to the heartlands.
  11. "God is my master, His Vicar is my shepherd - He commands, and I must obey, for I am a defender of the faith. To ward against the nature of evil is my cause." 'And Vargentgotz calls forth three deceivers in the guise of messengers, with wings of cold fire. They are called Justice, Glory, and Reward.' "The world suffers, but shall soon be made paradise once the Light of the Seven casts away the darkness of evil." the King of Aaun muttered in solemn prayer, pledging himself to the Church of the Canon in opposition to the godless schismatics.
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