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    1. UnBaed


      ./vote disable is a blessing

  2. elves and magicians fear the gun 

  3. seannie

    A Dragons Ire

    The long lost and thought to be deceased John VI, the legitimate Holy Emperor of Oren, dons his Horenic Dragonblood Armor, seeking to reclaim his land.
  4. Mikael Kovachev receives his letters with much surprise but also pride, now having just been recognized by Imperial Authorities as a man worthy of bearing the title of Knighthood. He then packs his basic necessities, heading off towards the Imperial Capital of Helena to make audience with the Emperor, and eventually be formally inducted into The Most Ancient and Most Noble Imperial Order of the Lion.
  5. Mikael avoids placing in his application, hearing of the Emperor’s admission into the Guild, as he thought of the possibilities of embarrassing himself in the presence of such acclaimed Imperial Celebrity.
  6. seannie


    Mikael sneezes and goes on with his day, oblivious to the demonic screeches of the ruberbundians down the road.
  7. i am of the opinion that haense must be destroyed, can i please be added to the anti haense chats? cheers thanks

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    2. seannie


      aw shiiiiiiet my haensas 

    3. Valaryon
    4. vonAesterwald


      **** he’s onto us *activates secret lucienist distress beacon*

  8. so what pureimp is the sole representative of haense, he’s haense embodied? you seriously hitting me with this weak stuff you making me doubt you, the rp isnt legit, icarnus says so himself, so what you did was go about trying to claim u making babies with someone who never gave u the approval to make their kid. it aint really rp at that point in the sense of it, more like a veiled ooc attempt to stir shieet up
  9. how is this relevant to anything, i like aidoro and rukio and im proud to say we chill with one another, the attempt on their character’s life was purely political, as I wanted my candidate to win his election – plus it wasnt a throwaway character, the assassination attempt was done by my mikael kovachev and njbb playing my brother, yuri kovachev, both nobles of haense. had it been uncovered itd be big af bro this shiet is weak af, just give me an example already please
  10. can u give me an example of haense treating u poorly, im trying to cover up the issue so people will stop yelling at me thanks
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