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  1. "What a shocking turn of event." states Adelwen flatly.
  2. i do not negotiate with terrorists go back to ur country
  3. dont talk to me or my son ever again i do not associate with archer kit pvpers
  4. "Oh my, going back to the roots are we now." Adelwen remarks loftily.
  5. "The Undead is what they're going to try and use to claim their Empire back this time around? Not really creative I must say." remarks a Adelwen the Historian.
  6. oh its one of these types of posts again, probably wont amount to anything like usual
  7. "Is this the common enemy we must all once again unite against, or...?" questions a questionable Ruthern by the name of Adelwen.
  8. "Stauntons can win a war but they cant ******* figure out how to utilize their victory, a shame. Should have given them a more thorough trashing. Someone nip the buds of these overly ambitious twats." grumbles a Ruthern.
  9. "Oh boy, I hope the next ruler can actually manage to hold his Empire together."
  10. Iv Joveo Ehr, 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1607 The wind howled harshly like always upon the Greyspine range, accompanied by the bitter cold weather that could pierce through a man and render him static. The snow flurried as it always had on these gigantic ridges; the perfect conditions for a Highlander. Such environments did not bother Adelwen although; born and raised in these very temperatures, he became accustomed to the harshness of it all, the effects of such lifestyle showing upon his body. It was on the Greyspine Mountains that Adelwen could be seen, specifically the Metterden Peaks high above the Alexandrine Pass, near the Fortress, Alriczan. Followed by a somewhat large entourage, mostly armed with weaponry, this large group of seemingly combatants lumbered upwards, tracing the winding path up to the overlooming Fortress. The sight of the Fortress made the young Ruthern grimace, the large structure appeared on the verge of ruins, the thatch molding, the wooden beams rotting, moss and weeds growing through the walls, shards of glass littering the premise. No welcoming was prepared for Adelwen and his followers, only the perpetual howling wind and the occasional groan of wood under pressure was heard upon entering the Castle’s courtyard. Orders were barked and obeyed, the group splintered within the Fortress, horses were stowed under the decrepit stables, tents begun to be raised, and groups started to explore the crumbling architecture. Throwing off his cloak onto the nearest attendant, Adelwen marched himself into the meagerly sized throne hall of Alriczan, his arms crossed over his chest as he gazed about the decaying room, clicking his tongue out of irritation, his visage appearing to be scowling. With the wave of a hand and a quick say, a makeshift table was procured, being placed onto the center of the throne hall; Adelwen grabbed the nearest object that he could sit upon, and anchored his elbows onto the table, the necessary items put in front of him to create a document. After quite some time, the sun begun to settle, it was then the Ruthern Lord had finished what he was working on, which he promptly handed over to another man who appeared to be a scribe and made his way out, letting the man do his work as he explored his old home. The finalized piece of literature would appear neat and properly formatted according to its content, it appears to be a letter. To His Majesty, Tobias of House Staunton Palace of Curronberg Capital of the Kingdom, Alexandria 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1607 Your Majesty, Peace be upon your family, I write to you from snowy peaks of the Greyspine Mountains in hopes that it catches your attention that the restoration of the County of Metterden is well underway now. As promised all those years ago, House Ruthern is still yours, bound by oath of vassalage. But through some unfortunate events, the one who was to be designated lead has unfortunately passed away through unknown complications, and so I take on the mantle of such position. Myself and my remnants of my House are at your disposal, ready to answer your call at any given moment. For further discussion regarding my inheritance of Metterden and the titles accompanying it, I am able to make the trip to the Capital as soon as I finish stabilizing things on my end. Lastly, I apologize for the lack of communications between our two persons, events that were out of my control occurred which resulted in my removal from society and the likes. Yours Till Death, Lord Adelwen Petrovic Alexander Ruthern God Bless Courland.
  11. shucks i thought lotc might have been gone forever, too bad it didnt happen : ((((

  12. "Your page formatting and colors disgust me, should have let someone of competency handle such a document, someone like myself." grumbles a grumbling Snow Elf.
  13. disgusting

    1. ImperialRoyalist


      how is getting castle ruthern going