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  1. someone hit the final blow somehow please

  2. should give the staff some sort of plausible ultimatum or else they wont care and will just continue as they were 

    1. Jonificus


      "do this or we'll.. oh wait nevermind, us players can't do ****."

  3. get out of here turd
  5. im not expert and my eyesight isnt so good but i think the dynamap might be needing an update

  6. "Man, these Dwarves really are scared for the second round of the eighteen year's war." states Harren of Metterden
  7. anyone here ever take the cfat? got mine scheduled on the 5th of july and advises wouldn't be too bad, I already know the basics of what to expect

    1. Taketheshot


      Its not that hard, I stressed over mine, the questions, as you probably already know, range from simple logic to some slightly advanced math. Most of it is to judge that you understand basic ****. At the end of it an officer will take you into his office and tell you whether you passed the basic requirement for your trade. And if you didn't he or she will outline some choices that you did make. Good luck.

    2. seannie


      Many thanks taketheshot. I've already been giving the rundown on that section of things regarding the cfat. Always good to be reaffirmed.

  8. "Just get your guys to smarten up and have them better equipped. I sure do not want to get slapped again by stupid horse lords." grumbles Harren.
  9. what a stupid thing to get up in arms about huh
  10. new map should be anthos with heavily modified terrain due to flooding or somthing

    1. Icarnus


      hell yea boi


  11. Just remake Anthos but the key locations are still there but somewhat modified due to the flooding.
  12. "Hopefully his reign will be that of competency." Harren says as he continues to work.
  13. why r u warclaiming ur own territory?? i am from northern axios treaty organization alliance dont remove
  14. Harren cleared his throat as he signaled for his turn to speak to the Duma, "We already have a majority voting for Stephen Barbanov, so I would advise that all you others who have yet to issue their decision to do so in favor of the young Barbanov. It would do us no good if we were already disfranchised upon uniting together under a new Nation because your claimant was not elected." He'd pause temporarily as he allowed those present to process in their mind what he had just said, resuming with his usual calm demeanor as he spoke, "I would therefore urge all those present who have yet to vote, to do so in favor of Stephen Barbanov, may House Barbanov lead us to glory once more." Harren shifted in his seat after finishing his statement, his eyes appearing to curiously observe the crowd of Lords held before him.
  15. @Gucko



    1. mitto


      no keepy my weewee