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  1. Shodara grinned. “That’s the taste of sweet revenge.”
  2. “Shodara doews nowt understand thwe huurors theese people commeeted, aand she newer will” the Kha sighed as the news came to her. “A shawme fwor ewlf, orc awnd Kha...”
  3. Ailred signed the parchement with a smile. This could only mean good.
  4. Rolf Barclay hung his head when the news spreads across the city of Reza. Another two good men lost to the tyranny of Renatus. Where is the world going next? Will he be able to protect his family?
  5. Bassieboy03


    After living in Irrinor for ten years, Toral had to flee because his parents were hunted down by criminals. He, his grandfather, his brother, and a friend fled into the forest outside the dominion. Because the forest was big, and the dominion hidden, the four were lost. after a few years in the woods, Gerod, Torals grandfather, lost his mind. He tried to atack Toral. The three young elfs had to kill him. The elfs met a trader, not long after. The trader was lost in the forest too. He was heading to Haense when he got atacked, so he ran into the forest. The young elves helped the trader by letting him into their camp, but at nightthe trader killed Bomiël, Torals friend. The trader was actually a bandit, and tried to steal there items. Toral and his brother Hiral killed the trader. Many years passed. The two brothers gave up trying to get out of the forest, and just tried to survive there. They had to kill elves, dwarves, men and orcs who all tried to rob or murder them. After 45 years in the forest, Hindal disappeared. He was gone for a whole year, when finally returning. He tol Toral he had found the world outside. He had found a city. Kaz'Ulrah, a dwarven city. Hiral offered to bring him there, but Toral refused. He had made himself a good life in the woods. It was a calm place, and he was able to live there quite easily. Hiral got angry, and tried to atack Toral. Toral managed to get away, but he lost the place he had built in the past 47 years. After a few weeks of wandering around, he finally made it to the edge of the forest. He had to start a whole new life in the real world.
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