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  1. lost faith on lotc community ?

  2. same, hopefully you’ll do interviews soon Braxis ?
  3. Hiroshima#0356 and if tnst doesnt work then Hiroshima#0666
  4. Aight, peace yall. Been a good run, but the server unstable as **** and i dont enjoy rp anymore ?

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    2. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍


      i don’t blame you safe travels

    3. sergisala


      Nooooooo brooooooo ?

    4. SquakHawk


      youll be back but i imagine the feeling things are **** isnt uncommon

  5. remember one year ago when admins were truthful and never did anything against the community, oh wait nvm


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  6. giving lotc 2 months, on da clock/.

  7. How are you all doing

  8. Daniel de Alence signs over the document, nodding once “For Peace.”
  9. ☨ ORDER OF ARJEN CROSS ☨ _____________________________________ Established 20th of The Deep Cold, 1736. History - Arjen de Sarkozy - Founding -Brunswick Tasks & Duties Hierarchy of Arjen Recruitment History Arjen de Sarkozy – Arjen de Sarkozy, was a Teutonic Crusader and a commander of the White Rose. famously known to also be a treasure hunter and an Imperial Pioneer. During the 1440’s an expedition was launched by Arjen to recover the lost relics of St. Lucien, traveling to Aeldin to accomplish said goal. After the eventual discovery and reclamation of these relics Arjen discovered that, despite their well-known documented appearance as lead as copper, they had miraculously transformed into items of solid gold - heralding another miracle. Founding – In the year 1736, a peasant that hailed from Bourdon, sailed to the shores of Arcas. His name; Daniel de Alence. at the time, Krugmar and Irrinor were at war versus the Holy Orenian Empire and its allies. Daniel, seeing his kin at risk of downfall, have begun on the slaughter of the Orcs and Wood Elves. the man becoming a renown fighter and excellent tactic master. Daniel could have been seen wearing Templar / Crusader armor, fighting in the name of GOD and Oren. as more and more weeks passed by, more people began to find interest and volunteer to fight with Daniel against heretics and orcs, thus the Order of Arjen’s Cross was founded. Brunswick – As Arjen Cross grew in power, Daniel’s men needed a place to settle on, therefore, Daniel and his men took control of the then-abandoned Beet city, making it their base. renaming it from New Alexandria to Brunswick. The Holy Orenian Empire have eyed the group for long, discussions was made with high imperial ranks, ending up with Daniel agreeing to take on the Empire Protection. Tasks & Duties The Order of Arjen's Cross consists of a highly pious group of people. Both nobility, gentry and peasantry are welcome to volunteer and devote their life to the service of GOD. Upon dedicating one's life to our Creator and his word, a list of tasks is put upon you - the main task of the Order is the purge the heretics and teach the disbelievers of GOD's word, next is to the spread the word of the Creator across the lands of Arcas. On top of these most pious duties, the Order is also in charge of protecting the citizenry of Brunswick, scouting the roads of Arcas for bandits and delivering food, as well as protecting, the faithful men of GOD. Hierarchy of Arjen Grandmaster | Daniel de Alence Acts as a leader to the Order, overseeing and making any final decisions. Templar-Advisor | Acts as the Grandmaster's right hand, advising him and leading the order in his absence. Military Branch (The Sword) Templar-Soldier This is the default, starting rank of anyone joining the Military Branch of the Templar Order of Arjen’s Cross. A Templar-Soldier is essentially a grunt, following orders dispensed by their respective Templar-Captain. This rank is broken up into various roles suitable for any military, as is listed below: Medic The surgeons and physicians of the Military branch. They are tasked with mending the wounds and conditions of their brothers-in-arms. Equipped largely with medical equipment, however a Medic is also given a sidearm (arming sword or dagger) and light armor (gambeson). Archer The ranged combatants within the Order. An archer typically is behind the infantry, basking in their protection whilst they rain down GOD’s will in the form of arrows and bolts. Or they can be conducting hit-and-run tactics on horseback or foot. Sapper A highly prized and respected position in the Order, a Sapper is responsible for the maintenance and operation of siege technology such as ballistas, trebuchets and siege towers. Recruitment the Templars of Arjen Cross are always looking to recruit more and more devoted people who would like to volunteer, enlist today! FORMAT IN-CHARACTER NAME: USERNAME: AGE: RACE:
  10. I love the wood elves ?

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