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  1. help me get to 600 rep plz.

  2. same, hopefully you’ll do interviews soon Braxis 😄
  3. DECLARATION OF ABDICATION, 1750 Issued 10th of Sun’s Smile I, Daniel de Alence hereby Abdicate from all my titles, and pass them to my heir Solomon de Alence. He shall serve as the New Count of Pestilles until I am to finish with my duties as a holy man, setting aside the rulership.
  4. Janos Vilac would shake his head at the actions of his daughter, “My half brother is the Patriarch of house Vilac – He is a prince, not me. not anymore.” he then continued, “And even if you do try to take over Vilac, you forget I have a son – you have no claim, perhaps you should stop acting like a fool. Ontop of such... if you ever thought about taking ahold of Vilac, going towards the Empire is a insult to all of us.”
  5. Hiroshima#0356 and if tnst doesnt work then Hiroshima#0666
  6. Aight, peace yall. Been a good run, but the server unstable as **** and i dont enjoy rp anymore 🖐

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      i don’t blame you safe travels

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      Nooooooo brooooooo 😢

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      youll be back but i imagine the feeling things are **** isnt uncommon

  7. remember one year ago when admins were truthful and never did anything against the community, oh wait nvm


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  8. giving lotc 2 months, on da clock/.

  9. Name: Taunar Miravaris((MC Name)): DuelfAge: 60What magic are you trained in, if any? None.How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? I am the Mal’onn of Alaion MiravarisHow long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? Since I was bornWill you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Ti, I will.What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Arcanism and Perhaps Conjuration
  10. Pestilles Yearly The Pestillian Newspaper! Issue One. The Pestillian Newspaper is a newspaper for the peasant folks of Pestilles and everyone else who would like to see the recent events within the county. (Newspaper every OOC week.) CONSTRUCTION OF PESTILLES IS NEARLY FINISHED Ever since the missive on the construction on the County, both the folks and laborers have started to assemble the pieces of Pestilles. As calculated, about 80 percent of the design is finished! The build is only missing a town hall, and a big sized house. Local folks and many allies come each day to contribute to the county in countless ways, AND SO SHOULD YOU! THE STATE OF BRUNSWICK Some rumors have been lurking about the OVERTHROWAL on BRUNSWICK. Reports from witnesses who were passing on the roads near Brunswick have stated that NO BEING of the Pestillian folks have even SET FOOT there for YEARS. Therefore, SER BRAND HAS LIED AND TAKEN A LANDLESS KEEP. Daniel de Alence has not given an answer yet in the matter. THE EMPTY RIVER While the construction continued, a problem occurred within the County. THE RIVER HAS GONE COMPLETELY DRY. The Peasants around town have been trying to find a solution to this dry situation. Luckily, the Count was prepared for this, the treasury now obtaining water from allied cities. SET TUNED FOR THE RESULTS OF SUCH EVENTS, AND REMEMBER TO VISIT PESTILLES. (For Info about the county or if you are interested in joining, Please contact Hiroshima#0666)
  11. @frill A LETTER TO THE CHURCH OF CANON To His Holiness, Pontiff Pontian III, I write you this missive with only positive intentions. As a start, I would like to congratulate you for your ascension to the Speaker of GOD and the head of the Holy Mother Church. You have assuredly done a great service so much. I shall get straight to the point of this missive, for I know you must be a busy man. as you know, I have wronged by supposedly pretending to be a Holy Order. I have longed believed that my duties to expel the corruption of the World was a duty to GOD. however, the Church of the Canon have deemed my actions wrongdoing. for this, I would like to atone for my former actions. I shall not fabricate, and I declare that my previous behavior were simply improper. I would like to settle the matter of my wrongdoing, and shall dissolve the Templars of Arjen Cross. For I should not challenge the heads of Canon. for you, Your most holiness, is superior than me in Religious matters. And so I wait for a reply from Your most Holiness. May GOD protect all of the ones who do good. Signed by, Daniel de Alence.
  12. @Ankan A LETTER TO THE SILVER STATE To the Silver State of Haelun’or, I write you this late missive for I wish to address the horrid matter that have happened with my cousin, Orphee de Beauvais. It is evident that my Cousin’s actions were a violation to the laws of the silver state and the General legislation of most Elven or Human cities. no justification is acceptable enough for what he has done. nonetheless, this was past. Orphee is no longer family of mine, he was renounced of his family surname and titles, lands as well. I would not like for our relations to stay tainted permanetly. for this is a call for a neat and fresh start. for what is soul without truce. I humbly seek for a reply from the Sohaer, Ave Peace and Prosperity. Signed by, Daniel de Alence
  13. Construction of Pestilles 22nd of Sigismund’s End, 1745. It is this day where the design and architecture of Pestilles has finished. the workers of the County gathered and began the Construction of Pestilles. the County of Pestilles will be a home to the common folks who would like to live peacefully within the fields of the County. Furthermore, the Council of Arjen seek for workers that would like to contribute by helping build and sell materials in order to help the County grow and improve. [!] A set of drawing of the finished product of Pestilles would be displayed [!] Signed, Daniel de Alence, Count of Pestilles
  14. FALSE COUP Ah… and so a dog of mine turned into a snake, magic does exist, then. I’ve no clue about this coup - this man who ‘couped’ I own no lands. I am wondering something. Is Orenians truly magical for never dying? I don’t know who you are very well, I just know that you are a pawn of mine that went rouge and tried to play king. You fail to understand that I am simply superior to you, a small boy. I’ve killed dozens and Dozens of Orenians, outmatched battles, what have you done in your lifespan? I will slay you again and again until you finally die, rat. Hence why I call you for a duel to the death, no tricks and no snaking, Me and you.
  15. Butler’s Duty Bartholomew the Servant and Damien the Butler serving an Aeldinic King, C. 1739. Bartholomew the Servant and Damien the Butler provide their services to the land of Arcas, both long and fruitful experience in serving Aeldinic kings and Nobles. Payment and Services we require Bartholomew and Damien will clean your estate, wash your clothes, babysit and cook your food for only 600 Mina per Week, 300 for each. We look forward to working with you, The Lord or Lady that shall hire us.
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