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  1. With high expectations, Zelphar would wait for all of the new literature that will be added to our bookshelves.
  2. :OOC: MC Name: hhjer1 MC name of those living with you: N/A :RP: Head of household: Zelphar Elanelis Family/individuals staying: 0 Number of Children: 0
  3. hhjer1


    A young and inexperienced elf, eager to learn more about what he needs to know. He lived with his parents where he didn't get the chance to study. Something always had to be done first in order for him to study, and the materials to learn more were limited to a few books only. He couldn't do much about it in his younger years, but growing up to become almost an adult, he decided it was better to take his leave. He packed his stuff, and moved out to a bigger city. He read about a nation called haelun'or, announcing the founding of Fi'halen to reform Haelun’or in a place for high elves since the fall of Okarn’thilln. He travelled a long way across Arcas in search for the nation as it sounded really promising back then. A lot of questions went through his mind during his travel. Did he make the right choice? What can he achieve in his new life? Looking at the gate of haelun’or, his adventure began.
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