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  1. Kolvar Uradir stands, screeching from the square of Haelun’or while frantically handing out flyers to all passersby. “Those who threaten the sanctity of the Elven State shall be eliminated with great vigor! Those who defend and collaborate with ‘ata shall be dissolved with all known relatives slowly in acid! Those who know of any impure activities and do not report it shall be purged!” A NEW DIRECTION 1st of The Deep Cold, 1755 The cries of the citizenry have been heard and now a change of procedure is in order to combat the encroaching spread of impurity. With the permission of the Okarir’tir, no longer shall submitting a book be enough for entry into Lareh’thilln. Instead, the admittance of lessers shall be limited only to diplomatic meetings and exceptional circumstances where they have proved immense worth, respect and dedication to the state. However, it will always remain at the discretion of the gatekeeper on duty to allow entry. Haelun’or exists for the Mali’thill as intended by Larihei herself and this fact should be respected above all else. With the establishment of the Eternal College it must also be reiterated that under no circumstances should magical knowledge be spread amongst lessers. Magic is the ancient right of the Mali’thill and this must be safeguarded by any means. Acting against this decree would accomplish nothing other than a trial of one's own purity. Finally, the purging of ‘ata should always be a public affair, as such, a new Acid Pit has been planned with the intent of having an accessible entrance located in the main square. Dipping impures into acid will be the most standard of healthy procedures used to cure Haelun’or of her enemies. Signed, Okarir’tir A. Miravaris Haelrir Kolvar Uradir
  2. ~ Structuring the Eternal Library ~ When I first became Okarir’maehr, I undertook the responsibility of restoring our grand Eternal Library. After many elven months of tireless work from both myself and the blessed citizenry, the restoration has been a resounding success. Rejoice mali’thill, for our Library’s ascendance has shattered the hubris of the lesser libraries who can no longer claim a monopoly on knowledge. We have overseen hundreds of new quality additions to our library, allowing the institution to once again live up to its name. However, a fully restored Library such as ours requires new responsibility and delegation. As such, I have taken it upon myself to create an official structure for the Eternal Library as detailed below. Firstly lies the position of Okarir’maehr. The role holds final say on all decisions and is responsible for structuring the Eternal Library. The Medi’ir is second to the Okarir’maehr in responsibility and authority within the Eternal Library. In the absence of the Okarir’maehr, the Medi’ir assumes their responsibility. The Medi’ir is allowed to instigate talks with other libraries for exchanges of knowledge and tomes. They can also assume the role of appointing new librarians. The role of Librarian is given to those who have shown a keen interest in the welfare of the Eternal Library and have contributed to our shelves. They act as role models to the rest of the citizenry for their outstanding dedication to maintaining the high standards we, the mali’thill, uphold. Their responsibility lies in recording all library donations and encouraging those who have not yet donated, to contribute. They are welcome to host gatherings with the citizenry to discuss the topics of mali’thill history, culture and literature. For those seeking to play an integral role in our prized institution, please send a note of interest to myself, the Okarir’meahr of Haelun’or, Nerithil Valarieth, and I will happily arrange a meeting. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. [Discord: Iverach#7358]
  3. Valarieth “Strength through Knowledge” ~ Family Tree ~ ~ Physical Appearance ~ ~ Personality/Beliefs ~ ~ Etymology ~ [Contact Iverach#7358 for any questions]
  4. In the depths of the library, deep within old governmental archives, sits a peculiar sight. On a marble pedestal, the only pedestal in the Library, a book that must be a millennia old rests. While its cover has been redone in white leather, adorned with the image of an ‘aheral looking out from a stone tower, the first pages within nearly crumble as they are turned. There is no title that can be found on the outside of the book, for there is no mistaking what this tome represents. An inkwell sits next to the book, filled with black pigment and within, a quill. Its purpose is clear, for behind a new page rests many ancient dozens, some too worn to read. Each denotes their bloodline’s name, family tree, origins and traits – and there are many empty sheets beckoning. ~ The Bloodline Archive ~ The written record of pure families within Haelun'or. The purpose of the Mali'aheral is within the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. Our philosophy stems both from our minds, and our blood. Silver elves take heed: for the recording of one's family ensures the continuation of our people's health. Scribe your lineage for all to know, and ensure our prosperity for all eternity.
  5. To the Citizenry of the Silver Enclave, Under wise counsel from malaurir Iaria Elervathar, it has been decreed that a full restoration of our Eternal Library must take priority. I have long spoken of the need for fresh tomes for our shelves and now words shall become actions. Hence forth, the citizenry are obliged to contribute at least one written work to the Eternal Library if they are to be granted full citizenship rights, which extends to being allocated a residence. The mali‘thill who are already in possession of a residence shall be given fair notice before the need for any evictions. Minors shall not be expected to contribute until they are of maturity, although they are welcome to submit their works early if they so wish. The written works can be of any genre, fact or fiction. Some of the citizenry have already done their part. For example, Uppori Haviryn has generously contributed four works of fiction to our literature section and Zelphar Elanelis donated a compelling poem. Let these fine ‘thill stand as example to you all. I also encourage the citizenry to not see this as an arduous task, but rather an opportunity to see your literature placed alongside the great works of old, from Kalenz and Sullas to our incumbent Maheral, Dimaethor Visaj. Rejoice at this great chance to showcase your literary brilliance to the whole of Haelun’or. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. As signed by Nerithil Valarieth, Okarir’maehr
  6. To the Citizenry of the Silver Enclave, After the recent dismissal of Erebus Tartarus from the position of Okarir’nor, the Silver Council now seeks a replacement. The duty of the Okarir’nor involves managing the finances and residences of Haelun’or, however, this does not include taxes as, under the wise guidance of our High Prince, the Silver State has abolished the flawed system. Mali’thill contributions to the state should be done out of a willingness of help their fellow kin and not out of a necessity to own a residence. Should any of the citizenry wish to nominate themselves for the position and uphold the values we strive towards, the Silver Council has henceforth granted you the ability to do so. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. As signed by Nerithil Valarieth, Okarir’maehr
  7. To the Citizenry of the Silver Enclave, As you may already be aware, the blessed council, in it’s wisdom, generously allowed the participation of the general populous in the nomination of candidates for the role of Okarir’tir. After numerous names began to be thrown about for the position, it became apparent that Mister Auceps was the clear frontrunner. His ideas and adherence to tradition were unmatched by any of the other nominees, reflected by his popularity amongst the citizenry. Therefore, after much discussion, the council concluded that it holds great confidence in his ability to lead the Sillumir to new heights of glory. As such, it is my pleasure to announce that, from today, Darcassan Auceps will be the acting Okarir’tir. May his tenure be long and fruitful. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. As signed by Nerithil Valarieth, Okarir’maehr
  8. MC Name: Iverach MC name of those living with you: N/A :RP: Head of household: Nerithil Valarieth Family/individuals staying: 0 Number of Children: 0
  9. [[OOC]] IGN: Iverach Discord [Optional]: MeM#7358 [[IC]] Name: Nerithil Valarieth Race: Mali’thill Age: 71 School(s) and Certifications applying to: The Academy of Ethics and Culture - Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in History. Magics known prior: None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Yes Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes
  10. Iverach


    Nerithil grew up in Axios as a Mali’thill raised to believe in his own predetermined superiority over others of lesser blood. Like many, he fled to the new world of Atlas having had no proper attachment to the previous realm. He sought refuge in Okarn’thilln, the capitol of Haelun’or, where he intends to better understand his innate abilities in magic and make a name for himself among his fellow Mali. Nerithil holds a great interest in history, having grasped so little during his time in the previous realm, he now seeks to broaden his knowledge of the world. Nerithil is strong minded in his beliefs of purity, however, he’s always able to mask his intentions if it means furthering a specific goal or avoiding an unwinnable confrontation. He is also a sadist, specifically towards his ’enemies’ whom are one of the few that ever get to see this sinister side of him.
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