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  1. Haelun’or abides. 13th Sun’s Smile, 43 SA DESTRUCTION OF THEIR SHRINE The Haelunorian workforce, it's foremen the Sohaer Kolvar Uradir in center and Okarir’maehr Tiuthwyn Harriel to his left, preparing to topple the devilish shrine. LET THE REALM KNOW; The Mali’thilln of Haelun’or, according to the treaties and international sentiments of Almaris, have struck upon the evil drake-worshippers found upon our northern shores. A brief respite in busy gatherings within the Haelunorian cihi allowed the Sohaer and a brave contingent of citizens, among them the Okarir’maehr Tiuthwyn Harriel, to direct the toppling of the draconic monument that so imposed upon its borders. Let none say that the Silver State will continue to abide such evils within its borders; let those citizens that defend the State be lauded as heroes, and those that would destabilise it remembered as rodents. We hope that this shows our continued commitment to begin on the path towards de-escalation with the Haeseni nation, and any others offended by the interim governances of the Republic and post-Republican era. Signed by, Kolvar Uradir, Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun'or maehr’sae hiylun’ehya The blessed citizenry, leaving but a rat upon a stone for the Azdrazi, should those dragon-worshippers return.
  2. Signed it with the sun's smile as a cool breeze rolled through Haelun'or
  3. 12th of The Grand Harvest, 2SA COMBATING NEFARIOUS BEINGS The Silver State wishes to let it be publicly known that an abandoned village on our Island that was granted by Sohaer Othelu several decades ago to now known Azdrazi is not recognised as a legitimate entity within our lands.To cleanse the land of lingering taint, the village is to be razed with the full support of the Orenian Empire, who continue on their righteous crusade against their ilk. Signed, Kolvar Uradir, Sohaer
  4. Forever shall we value the health of the nation, maehr'sae hiylun'ehya.
  5. DEFEND THE SILVER REVOLUTION INTRODUCTION “Rejoice my children - for we look evermore to the future, vigorously defending our Silver Revolution! Our Blessed State forever intertwines itself in growth and construction for there is never an end to progress.” Sohaer Kolvar Uradir Under the ever-wise guidance of our esteemed Sohaer, the Mali'thill thrive - our crops grow tall and strong, our waters run clear and blue, and the ‘thill oem’iian beam with pearly smiles, eager to learn with ever-curious minds. Glance from your windows, lliran - gaze in awe upon the argent streets of elcihi, shining with illustrious light upon the bustling Silver Stag and Square, the glowing health of each in sight. Far have we come from when we found our philosophy anew in the restored Silver Enclave of Fi'halen. This is the work of the Mali’thill people. To ensure a continuous acceleration towards the enlightenment of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, we are to clarify certain regulations and methods of law, encouraging and rewarding those Mali’thill who prove to be truly of merit, whilst equally so providing effective identification and management of the misguided. The Blessed Citizenry can expect a series of new regulations over the coming elven days. ay’maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Industry makes pure! PURITY REGULATION 32B REHABILITATION OF THE PURITY POINT SCALE arhiln’thill The Guidance of the Blessed Citizenry of the Silver State by the will of the Sohaer Unanimously confirmed by the Silver Council the 23rd of The Amber Cold, 39SA Blessed Citizenry, Rejoice! For our beloved Sohaer, empowered by ancient tradition, does hereby declare the Purity Regulation of 1706FA in effect once more - and, for the sake of our collective well-being, announces its full enforcement beginning the 24th of The Amber Cold, 39SA. Each citizen and resident of elcihi’thilln will be continuously monitored on a set of two metrics by our loving Sohaer and his Council; the Purity Point Scale, the grading of which is to be publicly available information, and the Dogmatic Adherence Scale, which will be internally maintained by the State to ensure noninterference from subversive elements. Each citizen of elcihi’thilln will also be recognised for their achievements in service to the State; this is exemplified by such actions as the marriage between Adreniel Elibar’acal and Caerthynna Visaj, Tiuthwyn Harriel’s assistance in shelving the Eternal Library’s books, Niënor Nullivari’s teaching of the youth, and other similar deeds. Uses of Purity Points include larger abodes, beginning and deputisation within investigations into suspect elements, postponements of Purity Trials, and Initial Certificates of Purity. Those that are too low on the scale, however, are subject to immediate and equivalent punishments. All citizens below 85 points on the Purity Point Scale are once more banned from unions or other couplings with ‘thill, and are to subject themselves willingly to State intervention. And individual’s points on the scale will be released to them upon application for use of the library for matrimonial ceremonies. THE PURITY POINT SCALE maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  6. "Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, may all children of Silver continue to follow in such astute ideals!" proclaims a shrill voice from the Silver Council chambers
  7. "Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya!" would be heard from within the walls of silver
  8. THE RETURN OF THE OKARIR'MALI 24th of Sun's Smile There is no time for stagnation in the eyes of the ‘thill, it is a necessity to have a leader and organiser in regards to bringing life into the city through the exuberance of culture and festivities for all. The blessed Mali’thill are deserving of progress and health in all aspects of their lives and with the absence of an Okarir’mali, such has fallen short. An individual is called to serve the Silver State once again with the recent fall of our beloved Sohaer. Valyris Wynasul is appointed as Okarir’mali once more with the long awaited return from a business trip. Dedicated to serving the state and the people of silver within the walls, Okarir’mali Wynasul plans to assist the Sohaer in upcoming matters of revitalising aspects of our culture that have been forgotten in recent years along with several festivities planned in the near future. As preservers of purity and adherents to Larhei’s philosophies, it will be the immediate job of the Okarir’mali to ensure that the same duties are being conveyed to the citizenry as every loyal Mali’thill should. Sohaer, Kolvar Uradir Okarir’mali, Valyris Wynasul
  9. LAMENTING THE LOSS OF OUR SOHAER 10th of The Deep Cold, 28 S.A. To the Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or, I write to you now with great sorrow. Our Esteemed Sohaer, Othelu Orrar, passed away this morning. He had been gripped by fever for many elven weeks, forced to govern from his bed. We all wished for his recovery, but regrettably he succumbed to his illness, surrounded by those in which he placed his trust throughout his tenure, the Silver Council. Othelu Orrar shall be remembered for his magnanimity and tireless dedication to the State, even up to his last breath he thought only of us. His accomplishments were many, but his most notable was rescuing the state from the claws of the faux-republic. So deep rooted was the republican rot, that Othelu sought to rebuild the state quite literally brick by brick. This new city in which we dwell is an enduring monument to his legacy and our salvation. It would be very remiss of me not to mention his diplomatic and military successes, which we owe to his steadfast determination to stand up for the integrity of Haelun’or and his unwillingness to back down in the face of injustice. He rebuilt our esteemed sillumir, repelled orcish and bandit incursions, eradicating all who sought conflict. Such success has ensured we have gone without any altercations for three years. Externally, Othelu was able to lead the charge against Elvenesse which forced them into humble submission, all without sustaining a single friendly casualty. He also notably oversaw the downfall of the Sutican leadership through similar means. Following the years of wars the blessed state fought, the Sohaer was still able to establish a good diplomatic standing with nations such as Elvenesse and the Holy Orenian Empire, both of which the state had been at odds with just a short while prior. Such accomplishments are what helped the state thrive during such tenuous times. Such leaders are always sought but rarely found. As we enter into a period of mourning, we must remember that the most fitting tribute to our lost Sohaer is to continue in his footsteps and collectively strive for an ever prosperous Haelun’or. As senior Medi’ir and chosen successor, the role has fallen to me, a role which I assume with a heavy heart. In the shadow of such an accomplished Sohaer I can simply declare that my reign shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great Silver State to which we all belong. lomian’onn maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Signed, Sohaer, Kolvar Uradir Medi'ir, Kiljarys an Iarwain Okarir'maehr, Valindra Viradiraar Okarir'sil, Zelios Viradiraar Okarir'tir, Thalon Nullivari
  10. "Quite an astute argument. I would expect no less from a devout child of Larihei's teachings." Kolvar would muse to himself
  11. "Praise Elsohaer, no longer shall any child of Larihei know hunger!" Kolvar exclaimed
  12. Regarding the Position of Okarir'maehr 14th of the Deep Cold, 8 SA To the Citizenry of the Silver State, As you may already be aware, the blessed council has been absent an Okarir'maehr. It is indeed great tragedy to leave such an esteemed office vacant for such a prolonged period of time, therefore, in light of the new constitution, The Sohaer has appointed Illyara Valarieth to the role of Okarir'maehr. Her command of the ancient tongue and strict adherence to tradition were unmatched by any of the other considered contendors for the role. Therefore, The Silver Council can proudly state that it holds great confidence in her ability to lead the Eternal Library and all other Eternal institutions into a new age of progess. May her tenure by long and fruitful. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. As signed by Kolvar Uradir, Medi'ir
  13. A cool breeze rolls through Haelun'or.
  14. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Iverach)) Name: Kolvar Uradir Vote for Okarir'san: (XX) Caledor Laraethryn ( ) Abstain
  15. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Iverach)) Name: Kolvar Uradir Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( ) Seth Calith (XX) Valyris Wynasul
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