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    Ameli was born on roadside , after arriving 3 days earlier than expected. Because of this, the Kidar family decided to take refuge in a nearby town, Nordengrad until the mother had recovered. This temporary solution turned into a permanent accommodation and the now family of 6 quickly became members of the town. There they stayed for the next 9 years, until a business importunity arose, which entailed them travelling around Atlas, supplying small goods to groups and settlements. With that, the Kidars were off again, staying in various cultures along their travels and finding increased interest in the more primitive elven nations. This soon became Amelis norm, moving from place to place frequently with no time to settle, but she didn't seem to mind so much. Her 3 other siblings were able to keep her entertained, despite their significant age gap. The Imperial-run towns were the places the parents fought to avoid as they didn’t want their children exposed to such toxicity and racism, but despite their best efforts it was inevitable. Belvitz was a frequent supply destination at the time, which often created a lot of tension when they were visiting. Despite this, there was never any direct trouble to them as their passive attitude prevented it, aside from the few occasions they were mistaken for wood elves. Although the family had greatly distanced themselves from their people, the parents worked hard to ingrain their specific branch of culture into the children. Education was very important to them so all the family was completely literate and art was also involved into their curriculum. Because of this, Ameli was very knowledgeable in the arts and often practised with the supplies they would transport, becoming most comfortable with the pigmented powders. As the time went on, the journeys became harder and harder for the group with the parents getting old and when their mother, Samia, passed away the father decided to hand over leadership to his eldest son and retire in Caras Eldar. With the son, Alios, as their leader the troup slowly thinned out before Ameli chose it was her time to go as well. She set off alone, in search of a career away from her family and a life not on the road.
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