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    Arthur was born on the outskirts of okarn'thilln with his twin brother, Aliash. His mother was travelling to the city of the high elves for their magical abilities as she had been experiencing abnormal pain during the pregnancy and thought they could help. Post giving birth, she realised that one of her babies were not breathing and sadly, Aliash died that same day. Now as a team of two, Arthur and his mother set off for their home city of Caras Eldar. Growing up, Arthur received training in multiple combat forms, picking up very little skill or knowledge in them. His small stature interfered with his dream of becoming a skilled hunter and providing food for his seed. This was concerning to his mother, a woman permanently crippled by the traumatic experiences that took place on that journey, who did not have the capacity to steer her son in the right direction. Arthur’s desire to contribute to the seed led him to the art of carpentry, as he would be helping the seed by making the weapons necessary for the hunt. The boy’s careful hand and nimble fingers helped him to create beautiful weapons of both grace and destruction. He soon, however, became bored of the simplistic design of the wood elf weaponry and seeked something more artistically challenging so therefore decided to travel south in search of a wider carpentry career while still holding on to his hunting dream.
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