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  1. In a distant land, the aged Erwin Barclay kneels before a tall stone with many names etched on its surface. He murmurs a prayer in honor of the many soldiers who fought alongside him and laid down their lives during the AIS and Scyfling wars. As he concludes his prayer, he rises, thanks them for their role in protecting the people of Haense, and returns to his cottage.
  2. Erwin Barclay learns of his mother's death from his home in Kalden. "I wish I could've been by your side when it happened. Go in peace mother, you'll be reunited with father soon enough." he murmurs quietly before offering up a prayer to St. Tylos.
  3. New form submission from Story Team Application Minecraft Name: StillAMiniguyDiscord ID: Miniguy15736#6963Timezone: ESTWhat skills can you apply in your role as a Story Team member?: Outside of LOTC, I’ve accumulated several years of roleplaying experience through tabletop games like D&D. My time as a DM has given me experience in planning and executing immersive stories, as well as the ability to adapt to unexpected decisions from players on the fly. Inside of LOTC, I’ve often held small scale events to provide rp for my community that are specifically catered toward the needs of each participating individual. My time as a leader in my current community has given me experience in producing rp out of practically nothing. Additionally, I consider myself a very diligent person that is committed to providing a better rp experience for people on the server. I take my responsibilities seriously and don’t burn out easily. How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?: In my opinion, the players on LOTC lack variety in rp opportunities. In many major cities, I’ve found that people are usually having “How was your day?” slice of life rp or they’re in VCs talking to each other and sprint jumping around the square. As a member of the story team, I would run small scale events that provide players with the opportunity to develop their characters. The best way to develop a character is to present one with difficult situations where their actions will matter. An archer and his 10 friends that are trying to shoot some giant monster with copy pasted emotes get less value than 1 player who must decide whether to release or execute a prisoner of war. Each player in the first scenario has far less agency than the player in the second scenario, and I want run events that give people agency and enhance their roleplay experience. I’d like to primarily conduct events in rural areas and the wilderness. The centralization of rp has resulted in most nations feeling like more like a large metropolis rather than a country with multiple settlements and villages. I’d make the server’s nations feel more like actual nations by providing opportunities for players to interact with encounters outside cities, such as a farmer getting his crops stolen by a band of local bandits. There should also be opportunities to interact with the unclaimed wilderness so the overall world feels more immersive. Exploring mysterious ruins or discovering an abandoned cottage can really engage both new and veteran players. Ultimately, my goal is to make the server more fun by providing players with events where their actions will affect the world around them. Link insightful feedback that speaks personally to you.: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179548-event-battle-discussion/Attach any relevant media or links you want to share. (Portfolio):
  4. Erwin woke in Johnstown, sitting upright and scanning the frantic scene before him. The members of his party were scattered around town, each receiving some sort of treatment. He did a quick headcount...one was missing. It was true then, Bjorn really was gone. Various emotions welled up inside him: Grief, anger, guilt. ”You were one of the best Bjorn.” he whispered as he stared back into the woods. ”Bralt will pay for what he has done.”
  5. OOC Username: StillAMiniguy Discord: Miniguy15736#6963 Timezone: CET Roleplay Name: Somaril Age: 31 Race: Wood Elf Desired Role: Raeden
  6. Darien surveys a nearby notice board with interest, his eyes landing on the flier. He taps his foot and thinks for a moment before tearing the flier off. ”Maybe I can finally get a shot at this...” he mutters before starting to fill out an application. (Mc Name)): Miniguy15736 ((Rp)) Name: Darien Reyne Are you currently a mage: Nope When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): I’m available to receive messages throughout the entire day EST. Discord is Miniguy15736#6963.
  7. “Wish I could’ve gotten to know you more...” says Darien, saddened at the news
  8. Miniguy15736


    Born in the city of Helena, Darien grew up with great pride in his people and nation. His father Adrian was a man-at-arms in the Imperial Renatian Legion, and Darien worked hard to follow in his footsteps. However, after Adrian fought in the War of the Two Emperors for the Imperium Renatum, he became disillusioned with war, believing that the horrors and suffering brought about by war outweighed the glory and pride that was to be gained from it. Adrian began pushing Darien away from the Legion, but the more he pushed, the more Darien wanted to join. Darien grew bitter with his father, believing him a coward who couldn’t handle blood, and since Adrian would no longer train him, Darien began to leave home for days at a time to practice his swordfighting. As Darien began to search for adventure outside the walls of Helena, he met a young noble named Felix who was exploring alone. Felix was also in search of adventure, and the two became fast friends. The two explored together, camped together, and trained together. They had many long discussions over their campfires, and although Felix taught Darien the values of honor and chivalry and that a soldier lives for the safety of others, but Darien was still only interested in personal glory. One day, the two went too far from the city, and stumbled upon a group of bandits camped out in the woods. Darien wanted to bring them to justice, so he charged into their camp despite Felix’s pleas for caution. As expected, an inexperienced and impulsive swordsman didn’t stand a chance, and Darien was quickly beaten down. Felix came to his rescue but while Darien escaped, Felix wasn’t so fortunate. When Darien brought Felix’s body back to his father, he was blamed for Felix’s death. Darien was forced to flee the noble’s wrath and quickly left Helena. Darien has struggled with the fact that he survived but Felix didn’t. But now he’s hardened his resolve to survive and live his life for others in the way Felix would’ve wanted him to.
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