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  1. Siegfried Barclay rushes to bring the news to the Herzog of Minitz, Brandt Barclay.
  2. Siegfried reads and smiles "I love Minitz."
  3. Siegfried Barclay was amongst the first who saw Leon's bloodied horse reach Neu Brandthof. Without his brother atop it, he understood the graveness of the situation. He gritted his teeth, and let out a huff, awaiting for the body to be delivered "Say hello to Vater for me." He then left to find a private place with tears falling from his eyes.
  4. Siegfried Barclay stood quietly in the moot hall, watching as his brother officially abdicated from the throne. He felt a mix of emotions as he watched this historic moment unfold before him. As he gazed upon his brother, memories of their time together as leaders flooded his mind. He felt a pang of sadness, knowing that this chapter in their lives was coming to an end. Nostalgic feelings washed over him as he remembered the good times they had shared, and the challenges they had overcome together. However, despite these wistful feelings, he also felt a sense of pride and happiness. His nephew, the new Duke, was taking the throne, and he knew that the young ruler had the potential to lead Minitz in a positive direction. He felt grateful for the opportunity to pass on the lessons he had learned during his time as Warchief, and excited to see what the future held for his nephew and the kingdom. As the ceremony came to an end and the new Duke took his place on the throne, Siegfried couldn't help but smile. Despite the sadness he felt at his brother's abdication, he was filled with a sense of hope and excitement for what was to come. He knew that his brother was leaving Minitz in good hands, and that he would always be there to support and guide his nephew as he navigated this new chapter in his life.
  5. Overheard in Neu Brandthoff after the Mootgoers' defeat: “He got me,” Halfbert said of Alfredo's play against him. "That f***ing Alfredo boomed me." Halfbert added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times. Halfbert then said he wanted to add Alfredo to the list of players he works out with this summer.
  6. Siegfried Barclay reminisced about how he lived with his kin, Teft Barclay, in a small village surrounded by vast forests and rolling hills. Teft was like a brother to Siegfried, and the two of them had mutual respect for each other. The news reached Siegfried during the Moot of the Reinmaren. He was filled with anger and despair, for Teft was one of his kin.
  7. "All thanks to Teft Barclay." says Siegfried Barclay.
  8. EINLADUNG ZUM ZWEITEN LEONITISCHEN MOOT VON MINITZ SUMMONS OF THE SECOND LEONITE MOOT OF MINITZ Issued by the Graf of Minitz in the year of our Lord 1898 SÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON MINITZ, With a heavy heart does the Graf and his Grafenrat announce the resignation of the first lawspeaker of Minitz, Orion Adler. Lawspeaker Adler served as the upholder of the law of the Kanun, both before and after it was written for fifteen years, his practices shaped the law of our lands to what they are today. For such, the Grafenrat will be forever thankful, and wish for him to find peace and happiness wherever he now decides to depart. Yet, the Grafschaft cannot remain without a Lawspeaker, and for such, the Second Leonite Moot will serve primarily for this purpose, to Elect a new Lawspeaker from amongst the Tribesmen of our realm, to write and uphold the law. It is by the wish of the Graf and his Grafenort that the SECOND Leonite Moot of Minitz be summoned, for the tribesmen, warriors and Lords of Minitz to come together and elect their new lawspeaker. The Moot shall be held soon within the Moot Hall of Brandthof. The Graf shall stand as the front of this moot, as every and all attending tribesmen of Minitz may assist in solving the concerns presented. OOC [Spoiler]: Time: 5pm EST this Sunday (TODAY!) Place: Moot Hall of Brandthof GOTT MIT UNS, Seine Hochgeboren, Leon Brandt Ritter Barclay von Minitz KRE, Ernte Herr, Graf Minitz, Burggraf Tucay, Freiherr Boriënwald, Herr Brandthof und Durres Seine Exzellenz, Kriegshäuptling von Theoderichs Kriegshaufen, Siegfried Barclay von Minitz
  9. In a distant land, the aged Erwin Barclay kneels before a tall stone with many names etched on its surface. He murmurs a prayer in honor of the many soldiers who fought alongside him and laid down their lives during the AIS and Scyfling wars. As he concludes his prayer, he rises, thanks them for their role in protecting the people of Haense, and returns to his cottage.
  10. Erwin Barclay learns of his mother's death from his home in Kalden. "I wish I could've been by your side when it happened. Go in peace mother, you'll be reunited with father soon enough." he murmurs quietly before offering up a prayer to St. Tylos.
  11. Erwin woke in Johnstown, sitting upright and scanning the frantic scene before him. The members of his party were scattered around town, each receiving some sort of treatment. He did a quick headcount...one was missing. It was true then, Bjorn really was gone. Various emotions welled up inside him: Grief, anger, guilt. ”You were one of the best Bjorn.” he whispered as he stared back into the woods. ”Bralt will pay for what he has done.”
  12. OOC Username: StillAMiniguy Discord: Miniguy15736#6963 Timezone: CET Roleplay Name: Somaril Age: 31 Race: Wood Elf Desired Role: Raeden
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