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  1. The lost son Turan in the audience of Başıl & Kübilay Karamanoğlu A LOST SON RETURNS “A Tartışma in Helena?” Turan muttered, looking up to the sky “ By Kashgar, I haven’t heard that word in ages.” He marched forward through Helena, observing a couple of guards chatting near the courthouse. “Arkadaş, have you seen my people pass through this stone yurt?” “Stone yurt? The feck he on ‘bout?” the Guard scratched his head, staring in confusion at the young Turan. He looked around awkwardly, before simply walking away: that ordeal wasn’t worth anymore of his time. He went to the tavern across the courthouse in the hopes of finding people. There he found no living soul, but the remnants of Hookah ash & emptied mugs. Had he heard correctly, about this Tartışma? Or was he merely enchanted by the temptation of wishful thinking, wishing for him to be reunited by his people again. Following a trail of rumors and hearsay, Turan found himself in the arid Korvassa. squinting at a map that a kind traveler had given him. The blowing sands obscured his vision, but it didn’t really matter as he couldn’t read the map anyway. His faithful horse had long since perished, and Turan’s provisions were running low. As he munched on a stale loaf of bread, he glimpsed a narrow stone road, covered with sand. Hope returned to his heart as he forged his way to it, finally having firm ground below his feet once more. He trudged along the length of the road, finally arriving outside the gates of Al-Faiz. “Merhaba! I’m looking for the Karamans, my kardeşler.” he called to the seemingly empty gates, coughing as the sands washed over him. Before long, a voice responded “Kardes! We’re inside, come join us!” Turan made his way through the now opened gates, glancing around at the sandstone walls and merchant shops of the square. A look of disdain crossed his face, how could his brothers have chosen this place to live? Cramped in sand and stone, there was nowhere to ride horses freely. Nowhere to roam with nothing but your brothers and the clothes on your back. This was truly the definition of a Stone Yurt: a self-entrapment upon which the meek hide within. He was suddenly accosted by his brother Kübilay, who quickly wrapped him up into an embrace “You’ve returned, kardeş!” he exclaimed “Back to your people once again..” Turan’s eyes grew teary: “I’ve returned” he replied evenly, returning the embrace “I heard of the Tartışma in the stone yurt of Helena. I’ve been alone for so long, but I couldn’t stay away from my kardeşler. By Kashgar, we are reunited!.” He stepped back, a scornful look on his face once more. “Nevertheless, how can our people thrive like this? In the south, without our horses?” A voice replied from the walls, it was his kardeş Bayezid: “We made a deal with the Sheikh, to manage their stables and trade our horses. It will bring us prosperity and wealth while we reunite the rest of the tribe.” Turan looked thoughtful, although he still seemed skeptical “I suppose that’s a start…but there’s still much work to be done.”
  2. Erwin sat near the riverbank, rubbing the back of his head as he gazed upon the pagan corpses that littered the field. He had manned the walls during the stalemate at Reza, he had watched from afar as the Haeseni defeated the Suffonians in Warwick Castle, but this was the first true battle he’d been in. He had been one of the first across the bridge, flinging himself headlong into the pagan lines, hacking away at any who were near. It was a battle he was determined to win. A battle filled with blood and death. A battle where a boy becomes a man. He stepped over the dead as he returned to Reza, whispering “Ave Oren, Ave Haense.”
  3. Erwin scans the missive from Freisburg’s Great Hall, recalling the meeting that took place over a game of poker. “We can accomplish more together than we could’ve alone. It’s time to get to work.” he murmurs before taking a huge swig of beer, promptly shuddering at its bitter taste.
  4. OOC Username: StillAMiniguy Discord: Miniguy15736#6963 Timezone: CET Roleplay Name: Somaril Age: 31 Race: Wood Elf Desired Role: Raeden
  5. What is your name?: Darien ((What is your Minecraft username?)): Miniguy15736 ((Discord)): Miniguy15736#6963 Additional Comments:
  6. Darien surveys a nearby notice board with interest, his eyes landing on the flier. He taps his foot and thinks for a moment before tearing the flier off. ”Maybe I can finally get a shot at this...” he mutters before starting to fill out an application. (Mc Name)): Miniguy15736 ((Rp)) Name: Darien Reyne Are you currently a mage: Nope When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): I’m available to receive messages throughout the entire day EST. Discord is Miniguy15736#6963.
  7. “Wish I could’ve gotten to know you more...” says Darien, saddened at the news
  8. NAME: Darien Reyne NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N RACE: Human (Heartlander) PAST EXPERIENCE : Fought against the ratmen in Ves and serves as a Landser under House Barclay
  9. Miniguy15736

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: Miniguy15736)) ((Discord: Miniguy15736#6963)) ((Timezone: EST)) RP What is your name? Darien Reyne Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I want to learn how to protect myself and others from those who’ll use magic for harm. I was helpless to stop a rogue mage from going on a killing spree, and had to wait for other mages to step in. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I’ve been nearly killed by bloodmagic if that counts What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? None, but I’d like to learn transfiguration or runesmithing What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Vanguard, but that may change When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Around 2pm to 7pm EST
  10. *Wanted posters begin appearing around Sutica, with the following picture and message WANTED: THE RED WANDERER A killer known as “The Red Wanderer” has recently been roaming the streets and sewers of Sutica, leaving several wounded and a few dead in his wake. The Wanderer has the appearance of the above picture, except he has a red hood. They also wear a mask and gloves. They are known to have powerful magical abilities in fire and physical manipulation. They are also deadly with a longsword. If you see the Wanderer, do NOT confront them alone. Many have done so, and paid the price for it. I call upon all able-bodied fighters to defend Sutica and bring the Wanderer to justice. For more information contact Darien Reyne.
  11. Miniguy15736


    Born in the city of Helena, Darien grew up with great pride in his people and nation. His father Adrian was a man-at-arms in the Imperial Renatian Legion, and Darien worked hard to follow in his footsteps. However, after Adrian fought in the War of the Two Emperors for the Imperium Renatum, he became disillusioned with war, believing that the horrors and suffering brought about by war outweighed the glory and pride that was to be gained from it. Adrian began pushing Darien away from the Legion, but the more he pushed, the more Darien wanted to join. Darien grew bitter with his father, believing him a coward who couldn’t handle blood, and since Adrian would no longer train him, Darien began to leave home for days at a time to practice his swordfighting. As Darien began to search for adventure outside the walls of Helena, he met a young noble named Felix who was exploring alone. Felix was also in search of adventure, and the two became fast friends. The two explored together, camped together, and trained together. They had many long discussions over their campfires, and although Felix taught Darien the values of honor and chivalry and that a soldier lives for the safety of others, but Darien was still only interested in personal glory. One day, the two went too far from the city, and stumbled upon a group of bandits camped out in the woods. Darien wanted to bring them to justice, so he charged into their camp despite Felix’s pleas for caution. As expected, an inexperienced and impulsive swordsman didn’t stand a chance, and Darien was quickly beaten down. Felix came to his rescue but while Darien escaped, Felix wasn’t so fortunate. When Darien brought Felix’s body back to his father, he was blamed for Felix’s death. Darien was forced to flee the noble’s wrath and quickly left Helena. Darien has struggled with the fact that he survived but Felix didn’t. But now he’s hardened his resolve to survive and live his life for others in the way Felix would’ve wanted him to.
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