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Found 1 result

  1. Golem Industries “We do what we must, because we can.” Introduction Golem Industries is an independent research corporation, with the ambition to become the forefront of knowledge. Founded by two respectable dwarves, they aim to increase to become the spearhead of what is currently the “Age of Industry”. Through research, and commerce they to create a home for scholars and knowledge seekers. Ushering in the what they hope to be an “Age of Enlightenment.” Aims & Objectives Current Aims (Will be updated): Increase our number to fifteen. Create and build a multi-pieced golem. Create Portal device or Portals. Remain Independent. Create a Mechanized suit or something similar. Have fun. Create a Golem with enough sass to rival Paragon Yudora. Enter the Creators Palace and hold a birthday party for him. Current Objectives (Will be updated): Complete the basic construction of Golemic Research Chambers (Headquarters) within the Month. Hold an event every week, and write a post afterwards detailing what happened. Create “Jeeves” the Wood Golem. Create a butlers outfit for Wooden Golem. Within the first month, hold the event “Subject Alpha.” Begin testing on animal type golems within the first two months.· History Chapter 1 - Origins 24th of Sun’s Smile, 1460 - Dared & Tarren Starbreaker begin construction of the Golem Research Laboratory. During construction with their assistant Sharr Irongut, the idea comes to them to form Golem Industries to further their research. Rules & Regulations Overview ((OOC and IC)) Please note that this contract is one that you make with your soul on the line ((meaning it is an IC and OOC agreement)). Golem Industries does not posses any malicious intent towards it’s employees but would like to stress that these terms and conditions are here for safeguard the companies interest. And would like to inform you that the most extreme of these is only to be done in extreme cases. Rules & Regulations : Employee List & Rankings El Presidente [subject to name change] Tarren Starbreaker Dared Starbreaker Head Researcher Researcher Empty Research Assistant Beranabus Whitewolf (Booklight12) Gamril Forkbeard ( _Ritterbruder_ ) Bowman Irongut (Destroyer_Bravo) ---------------------------------- Favoured Test Subject Empty Test Subject Empty Guinea Pig Empty Location Kal’Arkon - Undercity (Headquarters). ((Screenshots to come soon.)) Application ((Yes this post is serious, and it is currently still being edited.))
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