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Found 4 results

  1. Glothir [Oathcast] Basic Information Nicknames: Golem Age: 67 Gender: Golem Race: Construct / Thanite Golem Status: Forgotten Description Height: 8'2 Weight: However much an 8'2 stone golem would weigh.. its alot Body Type: Chiseled [SeewhatIdidthere] Eyes: Bright glowing blue Hair: None, his forehead is decorated with a large shining emerald Skin: Tough as stone [Getit] Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Excellent condition Personality: *...* Inventory: N/A Further Details: The golem's expression is carved into a neutral but intimidating stare, as though quizzical, but also hard and strong, unreadable. It seems to personify his capacity for intelligence and understanding, but also his physical capability and knowledge of war. Life Style Alignment: True Neutral Deity: N/A Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home: The Kingdom of Urguan, Oathcast Clan Job/Class: Protector, follower, wanderer Title(s): - Profession(s): - Special Skill(s): - Flaw(s): Does not hold the capacity to understand jokes, metaphors, things people say but don't mean, etc. Miscellaneous Information: Glothir, known as the fickle golem, was given the name rightfully so. As intelligent as his build is, glothir has been taught [or so they believe he has] the capacity to "wander" and "learn" on his own. He can effectively function on those two terms without an Impera present, however the original purpose for this did not get through, and Glothir is often lost for many months or years at a time as it wanders into vast lands when left alone for a period of time. And at times, becomes lost, and takes ages to return to the cities populated by the people who recognize it. This meaning, he is often called the fickle golem because his understanding of abandonment takes toll here, it does not understand that when he leaves for years at a time, HE has abandoned impera, and that when he returns and cannot find Impera, that it is his fault Impera has forgotten him. He simply understands that Impera is gone, and most likely dead, and he must start anew and search for another worthy of him. [ Please understand, this piece of lore on GLothir has been inserted here because I myself as a player am very picky about my imperas, I want roleplay, that being, interesting roleplay. Which is something possible to have with an emotionless golem believe me its happened, so when I become dissatisfied with an impera because Im lacking roleplay or being ignored, or glothir is being missused in a way I OOCly do not agree with, I have the right to send Glothir into the woods and abandon my own impera. Deal with it, Glothir is a character like anyone elses, just because he's a golem does not mean I have less of a right to my own preferences in roleplay.] Weaponry Fighting Style: Tank Trained Weapon: Golem Hammers A detailed list [often updated] of Glothir's build type and memory/knowledge bank can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13KAjyBW_QlW_YYhe_r3zyBZLCej7NLfvzuiEcooTV_o/edit?usp=sharing Artwork: The original Glothir The Elven Rebuild The Final Glothir [Current]
  2. Golem Industries “We do what we must, because we can.” Introduction Golem Industries is an independent research corporation, with the ambition to become the forefront of knowledge. Founded by two respectable dwarves, they aim to increase to become the spearhead of what is currently the “Age of Industry”. Through research, and commerce they to create a home for scholars and knowledge seekers. Ushering in the what they hope to be an “Age of Enlightenment.” Aims & Objectives Current Aims (Will be updated): Increase our number to fifteen. Create and build a multi-pieced golem. Create Portal device or Portals. Remain Independent. Create a Mechanized suit or something similar. Have fun. Create a Golem with enough sass to rival Paragon Yudora. Enter the Creators Palace and hold a birthday party for him. Current Objectives (Will be updated): Complete the basic construction of Golemic Research Chambers (Headquarters) within the Month. Hold an event every week, and write a post afterwards detailing what happened. Create “Jeeves” the Wood Golem. Create a butlers outfit for Wooden Golem. Within the first month, hold the event “Subject Alpha.” Begin testing on animal type golems within the first two months.· History Chapter 1 - Origins 24th of Sun’s Smile, 1460 - Dared & Tarren Starbreaker begin construction of the Golem Research Laboratory. During construction with their assistant Sharr Irongut, the idea comes to them to form Golem Industries to further their research. Rules & Regulations Overview ((OOC and IC)) Please note that this contract is one that you make with your soul on the line ((meaning it is an IC and OOC agreement)). Golem Industries does not posses any malicious intent towards it’s employees but would like to stress that these terms and conditions are here for safeguard the companies interest. And would like to inform you that the most extreme of these is only to be done in extreme cases. Rules & Regulations : Employee List & Rankings El Presidente [subject to name change] Tarren Starbreaker Dared Starbreaker Head Researcher Researcher Empty Research Assistant Beranabus Whitewolf (Booklight12) Gamril Forkbeard ( _Ritterbruder_ ) Bowman Irongut (Destroyer_Bravo) ---------------------------------- Favoured Test Subject Empty Test Subject Empty Guinea Pig Empty Location Kal’Arkon - Undercity (Headquarters). ((Screenshots to come soon.)) Application ((Yes this post is serious, and it is currently still being edited.))
  3. “Deep within the earthen frame, lies guardians none should irk, for should their patrons be conjured from the ground, colossal foes will lurk.” ~Unknown Scribe Dwelling within the mantle of the greater regions where Anthos and the Fringe reside in, lie mounds of rock guarding something ominous. Their stature varies, but even the smallest tower over the tallest Orc. Their purpose is unknown by most, though if they are capable of perishing, one may discover the reason their stoney hides trudge about the grounds they were birthed by. All of them, upon their temper prodded, gain the will of a volcano, and will ceaselessly guard their birthing grounds from any who dare to try their hand at harming them. Their intent is not to harm, for that is no guardians wish. Their awakening bellows a sound hearty enough to travel a continent, as does their monstrous footfall. Should a city be approached by a beast, they will be warned. Their hardened flesh is entirely impenetrable, and only the mar of being born from the elements may be struck to harm them. This disfiguration is unique from being to being, and is known to hum faint hues of light upon its discovery. OOC Information The purpose of writing this was so that I could slay a bit of boredom and add an interesting way that ET could RP giants, along with a reason. Another frequent Lore writer has mentioned writing up Colossus lore, and should they post it I will request this be removed as a source of information permitted to ET. Also, if you’re thinking it sounds extremely vague, that is because that was the intent, with how much room there is to wriggle in your own flavor of RP, you could have Colossi of the sea or something equally rad. If you’d like to use this lore should it be accepted and you are an ET, and cannot think of a way to apply something unique and intriguing to your event, PM me, I’ve got a few ideas. Apologies for the run-on sentences, they drive me nuts during reviews but I cannot think of ways to replace them, ‘spose I should get better at writing.
  4. I don't really know what to say for a short introduction, heh. I've been on the server for nearly two years, and in that time, I've brainstormed, created, nurtured, and killed many, many characters. It's been a long, fun run and now I believe it's time I finally "document" my characters, what they accomplished, their offspring, etc. All that good stuff. Buckle down and enjoy the ride. Or, if you're looking for a certain character in particular, consult the table below. Ever, the Drunken Dwarf: Post 1 Ingot, the Swordmaiden: Post 2 Alyssi, the Mountaintamer: Post 3 Steve, the Renatus Courier: Post 4 Sylvia Cyrus: Post 5 Karvia Starbreaker: Post 6 Dryads! Kollodis, Doste, and Mitera: Post 7 Hapsi Ludkhov: Post 8 Al Q'mess: Post 9 Apple Dryad Mitera: Post 10 Hord, Apple Dryad Doste, and other not so important characters: Post 11 A family tree: Post 12
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