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  1. I'm fully gone now ^_^ Was great playing with y'all, nice to have some closure.

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    2. Naj


      No one will match the ultimate Farren.. Nice playing with ya Dave

    3. James


      Good rping with you as well. Hopefully you come back to us at one point. They always do as have I.

    4. Dtrik


      Tethras, He who owes Chase a fireball tablet.

  2. With Uni starting up , I'm going to go for a bit. So in light of that, I'm sorry. I've been bitter lately, and thanks for everything. Enjoy life and don't forget to live it to the full. And "So long and thanks for all the fish!" well for now :P

  3. Regions that kill you are certainly to say the least charming.

  4. Now the question remains, how long shall the next King last?

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    2. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      wont with the power mad thanedom in place

    3. Kardel


      meanking, where are you when we need you?

    4. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      even meanking wouldn't last

  5. Tarren glances at the application, letting out a long sigh as he turns to read it. "I'm afraid to inform you that Golem Industries has been disbanded in accordance with the new laws passed within the Grand Kingdom. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. - Former El Presidente Tarren Starreaker. ((I completely forgot about this, terribly sorry! This guild is no longer active with the recent changes to runesmithing, and the Grand Kingdom policies. Again sorry for any inconveniences. Can a FM please archive this?))
  6. Hey, I am the new Thane of the Starbreaker clan and am just messaging the members on our list that I couldn't get into contact via the server, to just ask if they are actively playing their character. Are you actively playing your Starbreaker? If not, are they still alive? If you could reply as soon as you can, so that I may add you to the roster (Either Alive, Lost or Deceased) that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this. -Grunmin

  7. It's taken me an hour and a half of just walking. But I can finally... Finally! Cut down a bloody tree.

  8. I think Lago summed it up pretty nicely. At the end of the day if you guys want ditch the snow elves that's your right. If people want to continue it, then that's fine. I'm afraid I don't really see the point in this post, excuse me for being blunt here. If you and your group wants to stop doing something because it's no longer fun, go for it. I just do not see the need for a forum post over this. Ultimately to contradict myself a tad here it doesn't matter what myself and the rest of the playerbase think. Since this is obviously something important to your group (considering you made a post about it), just decide amongst yourselves/decide for yourself. Instead of letting the majority choose for you, since down the road it'll only make you resent people. To cut this short, just ignore the poll and make your own decision if you want to quit playing a Snow Elf.
  9. Starbeakers be melon bombed.

  10. I think the video below illustrates what happens when you give people too much freedom. People get "creative". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C_HReR_McQ
  11. Moon Dwarves, dwarves on the moon.

  12. Viva la Revolution!

  13. I don't mind bandit rp, but honestly. If you're gonna do it at least have the courtesy to actually roleplay with the person a bit. Rather than simply, drawing your bow then going to shoot someone :/

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    2. Kaun The Elder

      Kaun The Elder

      and its not allowed either

    3. Kaun The Elder

      Kaun The Elder

      Have to RP before a fight

    4. Tethras


      No, it's allowed as long as they rp drawing a sword. What I mean is at least show some courtesy to the guy you're about to steal from.

  14. I'm sorry coders... But you've made Lord of the Grind.

    1. Eleatic


      Oh damnit. Did they really pull a Vaq?

    2. Tethras


      Takes time to craft things, and leveling... Gah. I mean it's a nice plugin, just not keen on the execution.

    3. shiftnative


      These things are much more potent at the start of a map, once you can buy these goods from everyone I don't think it will seem so much of a burden - but we'll see.

      In the mean time, post some of your preferred changes in rhia's plugin threads <3

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