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Found 2 results

  1. [!] In the edge of the great desert, within the oasis, a young Uruk takes a rush to find a roll of cacti paper and spare ink. Upon sitting down by his growing Gorkil-Boar, the child began scribbling and writing with rush and haste. His first ever missive. [!] _________________________________________________________________________ Throm’ka coalrexes agh the like. Mi write this post, agh share it with mi gobbo bruddahs to spread, because mi is so, so SO bored of lats. Mi popo ashed blah’d “Lats will be a hosh warrior soon!” But that shits cannub happen if lats nuber klomp! Every raid mi went on so far, is coalition hiding. Maybe lats should raid for ashs! Afterall, burddah Rex blah’s “pinkiez breed like rabbitz” So there should be no numba issue! Please start raiding agh klomping us Coalition. Agh throw some kubbies into the roster for mi to klomp personally. _________________________________________________________________________ SINED, Thraaluk'Gorkil ob THE Gorkil Klan
  2. THE WILL OF A CONQUERER Come Urukiim, become one with the horde. Raise your blade and bow, use your strength for KRUG’s glory. The Wargoth sat upon a great and tall tree, a tree he had climbed as a challenge for himself. Up within the gracious and damp leaves of the grand flora, Grimruk fell to thought. He spoke with the spirits, confiding in them and giving his questions, remarks, and trivia. “Fiarza, give mi a zign.” His voice echoed throughout the great winds that came from behind him. Silence fell upon the jungle, and within that moment, a shadow of great proportion had taken over his spot, causing his skin to cool. His brown eyes set themselves upon the origin of such a proud sign, and there it was. A hawk like no other flew overhead, letting out a call that shook the very branches Grimruk held his balance on. The grand beast then was swallowed up by the grand sky, turning into a cloud that struck thunder into the river and kept his people from thirst. Grimruk understood. “MI!” The proud Lur Wargoth then called, atop the horn of yar. “MI WILL LEAD UZ TO VICTORY!” His axe rose itself into the air. “OUR PEOPLE WILL NUB COWAR AGAINZT LEZZERZ ANY LONGER!” His roars became ever mightier with each word spoken. “WITH MI AZ TARGOTH, WE, WE WILL BRING GLORY TO THE HORDE!” The winds that had once met him atop a tree arrived once again. The strong currents were clashing against the firepit before him. “WE ALL, WILL BRING VICTORY! LOOT! AGH HONOUR TO OUR PEOPLEZ!” The winds had overtaken the flames now, causing them to fall silent for one moment. “WWWWWAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!” His roar was now at its peak, and the air currents that brought about the flames expulsion,, now caused its grand eruption.
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