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Found 8 results

  1. @siglms_ Mi challenge the honor of Krimpgoth agh hiz decizion, uzing the negleckful example of the foreign Onizhiman Uruks, and pardoning the Petra whitewazh whoze faith iz in the burs gods of Krug's enemies, agh who iz nub committed to the zacred zpirit of Krug, the Old Popo and Spirit Popo. A collectiun of beliefz is more like a confuzed zpirit than one who grukz its purpose. Any Orc that does not conform to the path ub Krug and their ancestors is lozt and haz fallen to the darknezz. I intend to challunj Druz the Krimpgoth to an honor klomp until he exhibits regret for his actions and seeks absolution in Krug and the Ancestor Spirits. Forgiving a deluzional brudda is nub an act of compazzion but rather an affirmation of their diztorted world-peep and collekted religiouz beliefz. A zon of Krug ought to remain wit hiz kin and blood family who can better protect and guide him in life. If there is no honor among blood-bound relativez, then the blessingz of Krug have been lost from the Uzg. Unfortuunatly, an Elder haz to be the only ash to uphold the remaining honor among blood bruddas. Name the tik agh plaze. [This is a challenge to the spirit of the Krimpgoth decision to pardon Gob Ztabba-Zniffa (@MrMojoMordor) of Whitewash status despite his lack of faith in Krug and absence from the Fatherland of the Desert. If the Krimpgoth reverses his decision, the challenge will be resolved. It is not an attempt to claim the role of Krimpgoth.]
  2. Ob Honor agh Dizhonor This letter is spread across the realms of Aevos as hurriedly as a humble Scholar could write for all to be informed! Tu da dizhonorable ob da Iron Uzg, How dare latz sully da proud legacy ob our anceztor Krug, for mi have heard from friendz ob da Kanondom that not only latz joined da wagh on da zide ob Adria, da League ob Veletz for da azhs that would cry rivers ob tears for zuch an atrocity mi hab committed, but tu join forces in da wagh wyth burrzspawn that wi would flat on da spot. Da Uzg has dizhonored Krug’z legacy by breaking bread wyth Iblees’z ilk agh vermin. Mi hab alzo gotten a letter from a dear friend ob mi late lyfemate agh eternal love Scrap, may she rest in da Seven Skies, about Uruk kidnapping hundreds or even thouzandz ob da citizenz ob Hyspia, nub juzt da men but da women agh kubz agh having them klomp each other to death! Wi da Decendentz ob Krug do nub wish harm to come to any kubz Uruk or nub! ZHAME on da Uzg agh ZHAME on da Rex for letting zuch atrocities happen under latz watch! IF Krug were styll ob da mortal plane, he would leave Adria agh da dizhonorable Uruk, Gobboz, agh Ologz ob da Burrz Uzg nub-thing but red on da continent ob Aevos for da Horde haz decided to embrace da curze that da Deceiver, Iblees, branded Krug agh hiz descendentz wyth! ZHAME ON DA UZG AGH ZHAME ON DA REX FOR THEIR SINZ ZO MANY! Signed, Varn'Gorkil, The Scholar (An Artist's depiction of the Uruk Scholar)
  3. “Mi love the name ob Honor more than mi fear flat, does latz?” Hear this mi bruddahs. The Wargoth, the Kukaal grukked as Ixula’Akaal has nub showed in answer to the challenge he had accepted. For his once known fearless reputation seems to be ash of scam. It has been around three years, a year overdue of the tik mi has given him, since he has accepted mi challenge. Mi gave him tik in response to his begging for mercy, his begging of mercy to allow him to say gug’ye to his kubs. It has been far too long. Agh so, this message is to lats, Ixula’Akaal, Waghgoth to Waghgoth, lats hold a week to face mi, or mi will end lats honorless life, agh curse lats to nuber peep the stargush. SIGNED, GRIMRUK’LUR.
  4. THE KRUG'HAI “GLORY TO THE HORDE, GLORY TO KRUG’S PEOPLE!” THE TOP RANKS REX Grommash The Rex is the supreme leader of the Horde and the Krug’hai alike. TARGOTH Grimruk’Lur The most Targoths there have been in Orcish history have been two. These orcs are in charge of the Krug’hai and answer to the Rex specifically. Their responsibility is to ensure that every orc is fit to fight and that every orc is trained properly. KESHIG [REDACTED] Though not led by the Targoth, the Keshig are members of the Krug’hai respectively. They are supreme bodyguards that form a protective vanguard for the Rex himself, and answer to him only. These orcs are in charge of special operations, escorts and overall protective duties for the Rex. WAGHBOSS Himdokh'Azog, Udecc'Yar, Kho'Gorkil, Mohg'Mog The Waghbosses are in charge of setting up training, aiding in the Targoths endeavors, and are fit enough to lead battalions into battle. These orcs are tasked with recruitment and making sure honor is held up within the ranks of the Krug’hai. These orcs are chosen by the Targoth and have the right to punish others for disobedience. THE LESSER RANKS NOBZ (30 pts.) “FLATZ ‘EM ALL!” The ‘Nobz’ are the top warriors within the lesser ranks. They have proven themselves through battle and are veterans within the Krug’hai. They are in charge of helping the Waghbosses when required to. They also have the right to ask the Targoth about becoming a Waghboss and to punish those for disobedience. GRUNTS (15 pts.) “ANG GUND GRIIZH!” No longer are these Orcs the meat shields of the Krughai, for they have proven themselves to be honorable warriors. The Grunts of the Krug’hai form the standard infantry, cavalry, and so on. RUNTS (0 pts.) “GYET AT ‘EM!” Runtz are made up of the lesser kind, or they are new to the Krug’hai militia. These orcs have yet to prove themselves to be honorable orcish warriors and are sent into battle as meatshields to prove themselves. ON PROMOTION To be promoted in the Krug'hai, a person has to either be an honorary, on the path to being one or be of Orcish descent. They too must prove their value in combat, earn points, or perform an outstanding act that will cause the Targoth to personally promote them. POINT SYSTEM To become a Waghboss, you must rise through the ranks, coming from a Runt, then to Nob, respectively. Only then will one be able to have the right to challenge a Waghboss into a Hur’Mauk. A trial will be held to be promoted after earning 15 points. WINNING OFFICIAL HUR’MAUK: 1 point(s) ATTENDED BATTLE: 2 point(s) PROVEN KILL : 3 point(s) KILL OF ENEMY LEADER: 5 point(s) THE CODES AND OATH THE OATH GIVEN TO GRUNTZ “MI HONOR WILL UPHOLD, MI MIGHT WILL NUB BE FORGOTTEN. MI GLORY WILL BE SPREAD, MI ACTIONS WILL NUB BE FORGIVEN. GLORY BE TO THE HORDE, GLORY BE TO KRUG’Z PEOPLE!” CODES: AZH (I) “SHOW HONOR AT ALL TIMES” DUB (II) “UPHOLD THE FAITH OF THE SPIRITS” GAKH (III) “MURDER OUTSIDE BATTLE IS HONORLESS” FUTH (IV) “PLUNDER BELONGS TO THE VICTOR” H’ (V) “RESPECT THOSE THAT HAVE EARNED IT” SIGNED, GRIMRUK’LUR WARGOTH OF CLAN LUR, TARGOTH OF THE IRON HORDE, AXE OF CLAN LUR, STEEL-WOLF OF CLAN LUR, GOTH OF SAN’YARROW, GOTH OB CASA DE LUR
  5. THE WILL OF A CONQUERER Come Urukiim, become one with the horde. Raise your blade and bow, use your strength for KRUG’s glory. The Wargoth sat upon a great and tall tree, a tree he had climbed as a challenge for himself. Up within the gracious and damp leaves of the grand flora, Grimruk fell to thought. He spoke with the spirits, confiding in them and giving his questions, remarks, and trivia. “Fiarza, give mi a zign.” His voice echoed throughout the great winds that came from behind him. Silence fell upon the jungle, and within that moment, a shadow of great proportion had taken over his spot, causing his skin to cool. His brown eyes set themselves upon the origin of such a proud sign, and there it was. A hawk like no other flew overhead, letting out a call that shook the very branches Grimruk held his balance on. The grand beast then was swallowed up by the grand sky, turning into a cloud that struck thunder into the river and kept his people from thirst. Grimruk understood. “MI!” The proud Lur Wargoth then called, atop the horn of yar. “MI WILL LEAD UZ TO VICTORY!” His axe rose itself into the air. “OUR PEOPLE WILL NUB COWAR AGAINZT LEZZERZ ANY LONGER!” His roars became ever mightier with each word spoken. “WITH MI AZ TARGOTH, WE, WE WILL BRING GLORY TO THE HORDE!” The winds that had once met him atop a tree arrived once again. The strong currents were clashing against the firepit before him. “WE ALL, WILL BRING VICTORY! LOOT! AGH HONOUR TO OUR PEOPLEZ!” The winds had overtaken the flames now, causing them to fall silent for one moment. “WWWWWAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!” His roar was now at its peak, and the air currents that brought about the flames expulsion,, now caused its grand eruption.
  6. OOC, please read: [!]Gorom feeling overwhelmed [!]Within the jungles of the horde a faceless jungle tribe makes its presence known! Across the jungles and deserts of the horde, they place this message for all to see. Greetings fellow inhabitants of these sacred jungles and our neighbors in the Iron Horde, It is with both trepidation and conviction that we emerge from the shadows to address a matter of great concern that has newly haunted our ancestral lands. We stand united under the banner of the Verdant Shadows, a combined people sworn to protect the harmony of this jungle we call home. For the past couple years, we have observed the comings and goings of Gorom the Collector, a wanderer whose penchant for marking his travels with signs has brought discord to our sacred abode. We, the Verdant Shadows, believe it is time to shed light on the issues that have arisen from Gorom's actions, issues that threaten the very heart of our jungle community. The olog known as Gorom, in his quest to commemorate his journeys, has knowingly paved the way for external forces to exploit our land. His signs, innocent as they may seem, act as beacons to bandits and those who seek to pillage and disrupt the tranquility of our homes. These invaders and bandits interpret his markings as invitations to prey upon our resources and people, leaving a trail of chaos in their wake. Though others may be ignorant, we see past his pitiful facade. FOR THIS, WE WILL NOT STAND To the Iron Horde: We, the Verdant Shadows, cannot stand idly by as our sacred home is desecrated. We seek to rectify this situation, to restore balance to our jungles. However, we are not without reason and understanding. Instead of acting first, we give an ultimatum of peace: 1. We of the Verdant Shadows demand that all of Gorom’s Signs within the Iron Horde are broken, each piece turned to sawdust and spread across the jungle’s floors. 2. We of the Verdant Shadows demand Gorom to be handed over as prisoner, enslaved for his lifetime to atone for his transgressions. Should this not be met within 2 years, we will come unto your lands and remove these signs ourselves, leaving destruction ten fold of what your olog has brought to us. Your walls will fall. Orcs will die. Gorom will be enslaved. To all other nomads of the Jungles: The Verdant Shadows call upon all those who hold the jungle's well-being close to their hearts to join us in our quest for a harmonious resolution. Let our voices be heard, and may the jungles endure. For all matters related to this ultimatum and the concerns presented, please direct your communications to Sylvan Keera, the appointed emissary of the Verdant Shadows. Sylvan Keera will serve as the primary contact for any discussions or inquiries. [[OOC: To send a bird, IGN: Hermit_Jack or setup a time to RP, discord: hermitjack. Anyone within the horde is able to participate and contribute to the event's outcome!]] In unity, The Verdant Shadows [!]A drawing of verdant eyes overlooking the jungles, the Verdant Shadow's Crest
  7. [!]Gorom finding his sign broken again Gorom, a towering and simple-minded Olog, enjoyed his time with his kin in The Iron Horde. Every morning, he would painstakingly carve and paint a wooden sign declaring "GoRoM WuZ HeAr!" only to find it broken by mischievous hands or the elements by day's end. His dim eyes would reflect a mix of disappointment and confusion as he gathered the shattered pieces, his massive hands clumsily attempting to mend the damage. Despite the constant setbacks, Gorom's spirit remained unbroken. With each failed attempt, his determination only seemed to grow stronger. On a fateful day, as the sun dipped behind the horizon, Gorom decided it would be his last stand. With a resolute gleam in his eyes, he carved a new sign, simpler than before, but bearing a profound message. The sign now read, "GorOM WuZn'T HEaR." each stroke etched with a mix of pride and sentimentality. He was sure this new message would dissuade those from tearing down his hard work. As he placed the sign firmly into the ground, his heart swelled with a bittersweet mix of emotions. A sense of accomplishment washed over him, knowing that this time, his message would endure. Yet, a tinge of sadness lingered, for this marked the end of his persistent battle to maintain his humble presence in the village. With a final, determined nod, Gorom took a step back, gazing at his handiwork with a newfound sense of peace, as if silently imparting his simple wisdom and enduring spirit to all who would pass by.
  8. The Old Lur traveled far and wide with his ancient Lur Wolf as an independent unit unaware of the events that transpired in San Velku. The Orc and Wolf find themselves in a dark environment full of Netherrite, Falum watches under his darkened old hood as many other descendent refugees flood into the area. The elder kept himself away from the Mori as he kept himself isolated working on his studies and practices. He would exhaust himself regularly due to his old age, but had the work ethic to continue on. For so long he allowed his mind to be clouded and for it the ancestors have punished him to a great degree. Falum’Lur traveled between the many caverns and found many of the ancient anvils amongst other things. He found many of these sites peculiar, having interest in such ancient ruins & relics. When he returned to the underdark ruins he found that many he acquainted with were not of his kind; not of Krug’s lineage. Though he searched through the ruins there was no place he would find Orcs to be taking shelter in. During his search he reminisced upon his life many centuries ago when he was displaced from his home after an attempted genocide on Krug’s people and the court execution of his father, Vorgo’Yar. The shaman returned to the ruins as he sought an isolated meditation. The Ancestors have possessed and punished the elder’s mind for decades with the lack of piety within himself and the iron horde. The orc compels himself to think with great difficulty as he rests his blood-red eyes while his Lur Wolf roams the lands of Failor on its own for prey. His eyes snap open and he leans onto his feet using his old but large and strong muscles and says to himself. “Mi shall raise a Temple to those who came before us. Ash dat will nub ever be wiped from duh memory of cubs and even the spirits themselves shall exalt.”
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