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Found 105 results

  1. OLD WOUNDS REOPENED “And the uruk carcass gathered in a wretched mound beneath the snowy precipice, no match for Igor Ireheart and the Hammer of Barradin, which quivered in his left hand.” The Chronicles of Igor Ireheart Volume II, Wulfgar Grandaxe circa 1642. The drums of war sound from deep within Kal’Evraal, calling the dwed to arms once more. Utak watches atop the obsidian throne as his kinsfolk swell in the hall before him, a reunion of dwed in defence of their country. Feuds forgotten, a kinship reforged in common cause, the dwed once again rally to defend Urguan from the Uruk locusts. The scourge in the east is a threat that grows ever stronger; Krugmar have sanctioned attacks against dwed, and prevented any peaceful resolution to the situation from happening. A Dwed has turned up beardless, tortured and savaged by Krughai bandits - an act celebrated by the Krugmar Rex. This is a betrayal that must be avenged, and a grudge that must be resolved. The greenskins will be dealt with once and for all, as old foes meet again. Utak raises his hand, quieting the room as he begins to address the audience below him. “I have given this moment much thought, and wondered what I might say to this congregation of my kin. I concluded that there is no wisdom that I can bestow upon this crowd, so rich with experience and knowledge, that it will not already possess. There is also no advice that can be offered by myself to a band of veterans such as this, so hardened by the trials of war, and so familiar with situations such as this. Instead I will remind you of one thing - The axes and hammers of Urguan have grown restless, and savages threaten our kingdom and livelihood. You know what must be done to right this wrong and deal justice to those that offer us harm; bloody our weapons with our eastern enemy. There is only one outcome that to be realised in this conflict, Dungrimm with us we shall ensure it.” The King sits, as a raucous orchestra of roars and cries erupt around the hall. He offers a faint smile, readying himself to lead his Kingdom into war. Type of War : Conquest CBs : Discussed in Private. Attackers : Urguan and Allies Defenders : Krugmar and Allies Wargoals : Conquest Location & Proposed : Time : TBD Contact Information : 𝐌𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐡𝐳#1445
  2. bookstar

    Krugmar Showcase

    This is the homeland high video for the orcs of Krugmar. It was fun having everybody involved and produce a fun video showing the might of the Orcs. A big thanks to @Qizu and @MinaGobbler for helping me direct all the bois!
  3. ROYAL DECLARATION OF WAR Urguanians, This missive is not one that I had ever wished to send to my kin; more so now than before, as we are currently enjoying a time of great resurgence within our halls. Yesterday we hosted the new Rex and her assembly within our lands to finally hear a response to our demands regarding recent events. My council and I were of the expectation that concessions were to be made by the new Rex, who had already shown a greater capacity for diplomacy than her predecessor by merely answering our messages. I had stayed my hand as long as I deemed to be possible, and explored every avenue of ending the forthcoming conflict, however my optimism was short-lived as a result of yesterday's meeting. Through its own insolence, an Olog accompanying their party confessed to the crimes in question. Despite this, the she-Rex continued to defend the events caused by the beast by spatting deceitful justifications of its actions on that day. To stand at the foot of my throne and continue to mislead my kin and I, after our numerous attempts at resolving this issue peacefully, is an insult that I do not take lightly. We had expected a conclusion that would draw on honor, an ideal that is at the root of both of our societies. Our terms have always reflected this notion; hand over brigands responsible for the crimes against us, and pay the necessary reparations - deliver justice towards those who upset the balance of our friendship. In our eyes this was the only honorable solution to the situation at hand, and we had anticipated that the Rex would share this opinion. We learnt yesterday however that these crimes were not committed by some rogue Uruk. We can only assume through the Rex's defence of the Olog that on some level his actions were planned or endorsed by officials in their nation. Any respect between Urguan and Uruk died with this, as this new generation clearly suffers from a contempt towards the ideas that were once mutual between us. It saddens me to tell you that our terms were not met, and no peaceful conclusion was reached between us. Consequently, this country is at war with Krugmar. It saddens me further to call to arms my friends, those living peacefully within our lands, but I do so swiftly and with confidence. I trust that those who have enjoyed the peacetime within my long reign will alongside me end this new evil in the east, and our rest will be renewed once more. Narvak oz Urguan. May Dungrimm watch over you my kin, ARUUUUUUUU! Under-King Utak Ireheart
  4. A letter bearing the seal of the Under-King is handed to the Rex of Krugmar. Greenskins, Two stone days ago my messengers delivered an ultimatum in response to the hostile actions against Suticans and dwedmar by subjects of Krugmar. These terms were simple and equitable; consider them a courtesy from my council and I, one that acts as an acknowledgement of the long and enduring friendship that our kind have fostered in the past centuries. It saddens me to learn that no response of any kind has been given to our outreach, and that no indication has been given that Krugmar intends to meet our demands. In the view of my council and I, the concession of criminals to our judiciary system seemed a fair exchange for peace. Similarly, the financial aspect of our demands were only in place to remedy the burden placed upon the families of the victims in the midst of this crisis, and the costs of a judiciary process involving both ourselves and our allies. My council and I inferred that the sum of mina mentioned would be easily sourced by a nation that sees fit to pillage and steal the wealth of others that have earned it fairly. We can only conclude that your decision to protect these criminals from due justice represents Krugmar’s official support of their hostilities towards my kingdom and its allies. Through your continuing silence, reports of Krug'Hai mobilisation, and the obvious construction of wartime defences, our conviction in this idea grows. Despite your silence, your actions speak clearly enough that it is not peace you desire. Consider this a final ultimatum from my council and I; if the criminals are not turned over to our legion, and the financial reparations are not given to our treasurer, we will be forced to take further action. We have offered you a way out of this situation, but my advice is to tread carefully, as the contempt shown towards our tolerance will not be forgotten when our final judgement is enforced. Our aim has always been to enact justice whilst sustaining peace between us, but do not mistake this generosity as weakness - There will be no hesitation from the dwarves in this matter. I pray that your decision is the correct one, as I would not wish the consequences of your ill decision upon your subjects, who would bear the true repercussions of this whole situation. Signed, Utak Ireheart
  5. From the Desk of the High Preceptor : Balance Upset ~ 3rd Edition, 15th of Grand Harvest, 1762 ~ When Yemekar had done in forging the mountains and valleys, once the forests and caves had been given life, once the excited waters of the world flowed, the jewels of the night sky shimmering, the great coin in the sky was set, once the world was carved with runes and named, and once Khaz’a’dentrumm was forged in the fires of the soul forge for a millenium, the world was with balance. However, in order to make such intricate creations as the descendents, he had to instill chaos into them, that random chance and divergence from his otherwise orderly creation that would make it so much more complex and beautiful. When the All-Maker made the dwedmar, the creation most perfect in his image of the descendents, he had given them the task of leading the other descendents to honor, to guide and preserve the balance of creation so that they may continue to bask in his creation and commit to their craftsmanship. That balance has been upset. The orkos of the Krugmar have for the last few decades acted with dishonor and as thieves. They have used the gifts of might bestowed upon them by the All-Maker to ruthless destroy, and their culture has become corrupted to only being that of bloodlust. Where once perhaps there was honor in the ork’s bravery, they hide behind walls and fight only when at a clear advantage. They pillage the weak and brutalize those who would dare resist. This all culminated when a few stone days past, the orkos of the Krugmar raided Sutica and kidnapped a dwed guard there, a citizen of the Under-Realms working to protect the people they and their clan conducted business with. The orkos took her to Krugmar and brutalized her, and only relinquished her when the dwedmar showed up with a large force. Too long has this been allowed, too long has the ork culture been that of dishonor, too long have the children of Urguan let the orkos disrupt the balance of Yemakar’s creation. It ends now. Rex of the Krugmar, you are given these terms for how you may fix your culture and begin the process of amending your wrongs. First, the orkos who had been responsible for the kidnapping and brutalization of the dwed in question shall be submitted to Urguan to be given a trial in the High Courts, and exiled from ork lands. Second, the leadership of the Krugmar are to pay a fine of 20,000 minas to Urguan so that they may learn the cost of failing to keep your people in order, and failing to keep the deeds within your city honorable. Third, the leadership of the Krugmar is to take active steps in redeeming their people, and preventing the sons of Krug to devolve into cowardly bandits. It is not the desire of the dwedmar to see the sons of Krug wiped out, to see the destruction of a creation Yemekar chose to let live. We do not seek genocide, we seek improvement, and extend to the orkos a chance of redemption. It is with the interest of the Brathmordakin and the cooperation and support of Urguan and its legions that I offer these terms, and rejection of them will stand as dishonor to the Brathmordakin and to the Under-King. Narvak oz Brathmordakin Narvak oz Urguan Narvak oz Krugmar Utak ireheart Under-King of the Under-Realms of Urguan, Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan Norli Starbreaker High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga Jorvin Starbreaker Grand Marshall of the Legion of Urguan, Clan Father of the Starbreaker Clan
  6. Time For a Change ((Orcs in Question)) As Noka takes up rexdom, seeing that the previous rex had just left without a word, she thinks to herself that its time for a change. The whole homorexdom needs to be burned with fire. So from this moment forward. The gay rex Skalp’raguk and the Lur member Ugrad’Lur is here by whitewashed under Rex Noka’Lur. And the two are too be killed on sight. Signed Rex Noka’Lur
  7. For The Time Being (A painting of the city) A drizzly day was upon the orc city as Rex Skalp’Raguk looks over the vast lands from his balcony. A tired, worn-out look on his face seemed to grow with every passing day, a change was needed. The Rex would start searching for Noka for an idea ad sprung to his head. A trip, why not? A hunting trip to gather his thoughts together and to make peace of the turmoil in his mind. Once he found her, a quick little discussion was talked out. While away on his trip with Ugrad, she would be in charge of the goi. Noka would be taken up with great pride to be entrusted with the title. ((OOC: Heyo guys! It’s your friendly Bookstarz here! Just as a heads up, Minagobbler is going to be taking a break from lotc and ask me to take care of rex things. Nothing is going to change in the ways of rexdom this is just me helping a friend who needs a break. If you need something just msg on discord @ Bookstarz#2361))
  8. Vol.1 of my unfinished Krugmar project. This is just a an example / concept of how it should look like. Full version will be released in the upcoming week, which should be drastically enhanced in total. If anyone wants to participate in the upcoming shootings of the video, shoot me a PM through Discord ; Pieman#2313
  9. THE STARGÛSHOB THE SPIRITUALIST ORDER ⚙-⚙-⚙ CONTENT: I.CREATION II.RANKS & PURPOSE I. CREATION On a cold dark night, the followers of the spirits assembled. Nearing the altar, the drums began. Booming into the ears of the crowd below, thump after thump as a masked man was brought onto the stage before them. The man was unmasked, revealing a stubborn elf of no specific race. Screaming and cursing the spirits, the crowd cheered on for a sacrifice to be made. To please the crowd, the sacrifice was swiftly set into the new sacrificial chamber, the “Mouth of Krug” as the orcs called it. Chained in by Ugrad’Lur, the sacrifice was secured within the stone mouth. On the Rex's command, accompanied by prayers of Nazark’Gorkil, the lever was pulled. As the stone structure above the elf slammed down on the elf, it affected everyone in the so-called “Splash Zone”. The crowd cheered and the drums came to a halt, the sacrifice has been made. Following the sacrifice, it was time to get to business. Skalp’Raguk, the Uniter, The Rex of Krugmar had taken the ears of all present as he began. Laying out a plan to further pursue the worship of the spirits in a more effective way, or in other words the Stargushob. II. RANKS & PURPOSE Heading the Stargushob is no easy task. Therefore there must be a strong spiritual leader among this order of worshipers. The Motshaman. Accompanied by him in the rankings, are many devout worshipers to help guide each level below them. This was created to ensure the effectiveness of spiritual worship within the domains of Renelia and Krugmar. Motshaman: Spiritual leader in the mortal plain. Leads the Stargushob. This individual communicates with the Rex and lays out meetings for the Stargushob. Bubgrizk: Regional bishops for each spiritualist group. These individuals report directly to the Motshaman and speaks for their regions on spir Shaman: Spiritual individuals that speak to the spirits and have learned the art of shamanism. They are in charge of teaching the wisemen shamanism. They are sources of wisdom to the average spiritualist. Wisemen: Spiritualists that have not learned the art of shamanism. They are sources of wisdom to the average spiritualist. Acolytes: Standard Spiritualists that are going through their trials to join the Stargushob. Standard Spiritualist: Individuals that believe in the spirits. “Lûp-Frum.”
  10. A new Gobbgoth Two Shrogos raiding Sutica It was a good day in the Krugmar. Many had gathered for the meeting regarding the future of spiritualism, not only Orcs, but Dark Elves as well. Vrig’Shrogo, a mushob, and a relatively new Shrogo, Al-Uk had come back after a long hunt for a sacrifice to get for the meeting. After a long journey to Sutica, they had captured a pinkie that they had deemed to be good to sacrifice. They arrived back in the goi a bit before the meeting had begun, prisoner in tow. As Al-Uk took the sacrifice to the side, Vrig cleared his throat, stating to the group that was gathered around the Krug shrine. ”Mi hab zum newz fur ull of lat!” A grin on his face, as he jumped onto the previously mentioned Krug shrine. ”Da kurrent Gobbogoth, Znitgit, haz gawn tu Zhroglund, da hohmland of da zhrogoz, on a pilgrahmig. In hiz abzenz, ‘e hab apointed Mi az da gobbgoth, az wi wayt fur ‘iz return. Mai ‘e hab hayzt, agh be zikzezful in ‘iz pilgrahmig!” The goblin took in a deep breath, before shouting out, ”LOP LUARA!” , jumping off of the shrine, pulling a cactus green joint out of his robe, going to stand by his fellow Shrogo and the sacrifice to be.
  11. bookstar

    The Union of Mates

    The Union of Mates ________________________ A Photo of The Two Orcs ________________________ As the dusk settles onto the plains of the krugmar city, Ugrad’lur would start to get nervous. He would start to fidget with an item that he held in his satchel. This had to work out, his one shot to finding happiness. The time has come, time to find the Rex. Ugrad would be standing on near the edge of the small river that runs around the city, when Skalp’Raguk would stumble upon the troubled uruk. Ugrad would look over to the rex with a small grin on his face, “Fullow mi” he blahs before running off. Ugrad would climb the tallest tower of the city as the sun began to sink below the horizon. Skalp would come huffing up the stairs, not knowing how Ugrad was able to climb all those stairs so quickly. Ugrad would continue his little game of chase with Skalp. When in the end they end up on a small balcony to watch the sun. Ugrad would then begin to start some small talk, but Skalp would begin to sense something was off. Ugrad would cut the small talk and get to his point. He would explain that he had feelings for Skalp ever since the time that they klomped over the decision if Mau’Mader should become vassels with Krugmar. And asked Skalp to become his lifemate. Skalp would think for a moment, the silence would start to make Ugrad worry when Skalp replies. Skalp and Ugrad would chuckle among themselves for a moment, when Ugrad would sly say. ________________________________________ A photo of the happy couple ________________________________________
  12. A CALL FOR CHANGE THE SPIRITUALISTS GATHER ⚙-⚙-⚙ WARGOTH NOKA’LUR HEADING TO SAN’AZGAK FOR THE GATHERING. The warhorn rung loud throughout the golden city of San’Azgak, bouncing from wall to wall and house to house, alerting it’s residents. Something was happening. It drew them to the square, and one by one, family by family and clan for clan they appeared, looking about. The great shrine of Krug stood tall, yet there was one problem. It was ablaze. The slave-run led by Multgar had left Krugmar alone; without it’s troops. Only the Rex and Vrig stood in the square; tossing buckets of water onto the shrine to no avail. Soon, all sorts would be beckoned by the warhorn’s call; Talon’s Grotto, Multgar’s warband and other denizens helped swiftly to put out the flames; as it was soon found that every single shrine in San’Azgak was lit on fire. Such was an insult to the spirits, the religion these zealous orks followed. Those gathered managed to put out the fires, but the shrines could not be salvaged. They were ruined. The Rex turned to his peoples, distraught. “We are under attack. Those who deem our religion to be unstructured, primitive and weak have taken advantage of it! Oi wont fockin’ have it, will you?” he pointed to the shrines, and the air was met with cries of denial. “Good! Oi am hereby calling a gathering of all spiritualists to come to Krugmar this Grand Harvest. Those of ork blood, elf kin or even the pacifistic halflings; if they are spiritualists, they will come. From there, we will discuss change in our religion, reformation in order to make it more structured and safe from attacks. For now, seek out the perpetrators of this crime, brothers, and string them up! Lup-Frum!” The air erupted into roars of ‘Waaagh!’ and other warcries; which fused nicely with the aroma of smoke and ash. The time for a change in Spiritualism was now, and the orks of Krugmar were ready for the change to come. “To: All spiritualists. The Rex of Krugmar, Skalp’Raguk, calls for a meeting in San’Azgak the Grand Harvest of 1759. In this meeting, the reformation of spiritualism will be discussed, as such precautions are necessary in order to preserve our great religion. Those formally invited: All orks of Krugmar and her Dominions. The Onyx clan Renelian citizens. All spiritualists Scribed by Wargoth Noka’Lur Issued and signed by Rex Skalp’Raguk the Uniter “ “ANG GUND GRIISH.” [Saturday 2 pm est]
  13. Krug’s Ladder A Canonist Parable In his flight from the East, where he did battle with the Deceiver and smit him from the world, Krug lighted upon a certain place and tarried there because the sun was set. He thought it a terrible place; no house, no hearth, but that night he dreamed. A ladder set upon the earth and the top of it reaching to the heavens. Behold, the Lord stood above it, and He said, “Mi be wif lat, agh will keyp lat in awl plazez wherevah lat goz, fur mi will nub leav lat.” And in Krug’s dream he saw the invisible world, companion to the known one we perceive. With its rocks and moon, its barren sands and savage animals; and all the people we know, have ever known, and will ever know, so complete it would seem to leave no room for its invisible brother world, which is yet more immense than the one we see. For in this world dwell the elements that keep us, the Lord who will not leave us, and the departed, who though cleaved from the frame that carried them yet live.
  14. The War on Forgotten Lands As the group neared the old lur camp, a small fire was swiftly lit. The orcs gathered around the fire preparing to hunt in the lands of the old city which has swiftly been reclaimed by the nature around it. Animal tracks littered the area, fur was caught in the blades of the grass, and carcasses of small animals littered the area. Something was off, but what could it be? Night came quicker than usual. Swift winds poured over the tops of the grass and wheat within the area carrying the smell of fresh blood. As the group began to finish up their gathering of supplies for the event, howls are heard in the distance. Perhaps they are lur wolves hunting at night. The group carried on as usual with the hunt, leading them on a trail of footprints from a small beast… but followed by a pair of larger footprints. They lead off into the grass taking multiple curves and twists along the terrain, almost as if the animals involved in this where being chased by each other. The group carried on, and so did the howls. Along with those howls, streams of movement begin to scatter across the grass around the group. However one in particular stream darts towards Ugrad who ventured ahead of the group. Before anyone could even save him, he was gone. Taken off into the deep grass as screams and howls and even a slight whimper are heard within the faraway grass. Going to call for help repeatedly he is cut off. The larger groups of uruks and ologs form a circle amongst themselves, which pays off as one of the beast jumps towards the Olog Ghorza’Ogr before she punches it off towards the side. However, she is left with a blood smeared fist from the fur of the beast. As the beast is hit off towards the side of the group, a tighter circle begins to form around the 2 groups. Ugrad, and the others. Noka’Lur quickly rushes towards Ugrad to answer his calls for help, though her very own Lur Wolf is swept out from beneath her. The group lead by Nazark begins to slowly move towards the last sighting of the two Lurs. The group finally makes it near Ugrad and Noka. Finding Ugrad with a large bite on his neck, as his body is covered in claw marks and bites. The group tucks themselves into a tight circle as something suspicious begins to happen. The circles disappear from circling the group, however there is one trail remaining. A very large trail circling the group. It rushes in at once. The larger trail growing nearer and nearer to the group, before stopping in its tracks. A large pair of red eyes emits from the grass before the group. Growling deeply as the sound travels into the ears of the orcs. However the group lashes out at once towards the beast. One orc in particular landed a well noted blow. Korgahk had managed to spear the beast in the eye, sending it into a retreating panic as it ventures back over the hill it came from, leaving the orcs still with a lack of sure knowledge as to what these beasts are. Some orcs are left with flashes of the beast, though no exact picture of what these things were. Consultation would be needed with a very wise orc to tell what these beasts were. The lands of the old city are not the same. The lack of hunters in these fields and valleys has caused the rise of many beasts. However next time in particular, these beasts are surely to return with greater numbers...
  15. TO MILLSTONE “Krugmar and Millstone become one. Ang Gund Griizh.” The Shepherd of Millstone is a subordinate to the Rex. Millstone is to be a dominion of Krugmar, and Krugmar hold domain over it’s lands. Millstone’s peoples will be considered Krugmar citizens. Krugmar agrees to make no changes within the lands of Millstone, unless it is to aid a defensive effort (e.g building a fort) / the lands are being used to aid the enemy. A leader from Millstone will be allowed into the Wargoth council, and will hold the same esteemed privileges as a Krugmar Wargoth.(Right to vote, etc) Krugmar agrees not to call Millstone into any war he wishes, only when he raises the scorpion banner and the war is considered a threat to the Krugmar peoples(AKA Millstone and Krugmar’s other dominions) as a whole by the vote of the Wargoth council, or the war is defensive in nature. To do otherwise would be an insult to the agreement. The lands of Millstone are allowed to use their own government system, and express their own culture without interference from Krugmar. The citizens of Millstone are considered equal to those of San’Azgak, and will be considered Krugmar citizens, and will be treated as such. Millstone will also be allowed to make its own affairs with other states and nations so long as they do not hinder the Krugmar peoples, and pit do not Krugmarians to fight against each other(ergo joining an alliance that pits Millstone against Krugmar/her dominions). Signed, Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter Shepherd of Millstone, Evindal
  16. Renelia-Krugmar Alliance, 1758 The Concordat and the Rexdom of Krugmar shall upon the signing of this pact form a Defensive Alliance between the Uruk and the Mali’ker people. --- While in the lands of Athera, Noka’Lur was giving a command by Rex Skalp’Raguk to visit the Renelia camp to discuss the terms of their alliance. Noka would quickly make her way to the camp and would find the prince residing there. After quick introductions and small talk the two would sit down in the seats of their forefathers and sign the document. Noka would return with haste to the Krugmar camp and have Skalp sign as well. --- Both signatories hereby agree to the following terms, as agreed upon during their meeting: Both parties agree to adhere to a strict non aggression pact, under all circumstances. Both parties do hereby enter a defensive alliance, lasting for a maximum of 5 years, then would be brought up for review. If a signatory declares war upon any other state, the other party shall be consulted of such. Both parties agree to respect each other's territories. The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn encompassing the Keep of Temesch, the Plains of Camlannen and the Plateau of Lanthres. The territories of Krugmar encompassing The Swamps and Savannahs of Krugmar. The parties commit to a mutual agreement of extradition for any individuals from their respective territories deemed to have commited a legal transgression in the other signatory state. The Rexdom of Krugmar recognizes the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn as the only legitimate Mali’ker state. They also agree to refrain from signing any treaties with other states laying claim to the same. Signed His Highness Ailmar Velulaei’onn, Mortal Prince, Regent of The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn Rex Skalp’Raguk the Uniter Noka’Lur Wargoth of Clan Lur
  17. As the sun dipped down under the various hills and mountains of Krugmar, a booming voice was heard within the goi. Targoth and Wargoth Korgahk’Gorkil stood before a group of fresh new Gorkils, instructing them in the ways of the Mauogh and combat effectiveness. “Rememmba, Bruddaz agh zistahs. Du nub harm ohr exploit ashes weaker dehn latz, daht meanz nub harmin cubs, nub harmin Halflinz, Dah zpirits made dem weaker den latz agh iht wouhld be dizhonorable to exploit zuch.” The band of Gorkils remained silent, as to not interrupt the lesson. “Nowh leyt uz ztart off wif dah bazik skah. Throw latz zpear aht dah target until lat hiht it.” He gestured to the various small targets set up in the square. Taking out his own spear he stepped forward and said, “Peep clozely, bruddaz. Peep lat targeht and gruk dah zpot lat wahnt to hiht dah target. Dehn wif lat dominant foot, ztep forward agh throw dah zpear aht dah target, aimin’ vur dah area lat want tu hit.” Korgahk went through the process in a matter of a few seconds, stepping forward with his right foot and throwing the spear straight towards the target, hitting it, and turning to the group. “Focuz agh gruk, agh dehn throw iht,” He said. He fetched the spear and stepped aside for the others to start. This went on for quite a while, each Gorkil trying his best to hit the small target set before them. “Focuz. Peep lat target, ztep forward, agh Releaze,” Korgahk instructed after one missed the target after throwing his spear. All of a sudden, a loud sharp shriek sounded, making Korgahk jump a little. Korgahk turned to face the darkness, looking towards the square entrance. He motioned for the other Gorkils to stop throwing their spears. Korgahk himself gripped his spear tightly, moving to step in front of the group of new Gorkils, his sights focused on the blackness of the night. then, finally, out of the darkness came another shriek, but this time multiple undead would rush from out of the darkness from all three entrances, flailing their arms, screaming, and charging at Korgahk. Korgahk quickly pounded the butt of his spear against the ground twice, and the Gorkils heeded this battle command, getting into a line formation. Korgahk readied himself in front of the Gorkil formation, his spear facing towards the charging undead before screaming “WAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!” The line charged into the undead attack. Korgahk collided straight into one of the undead, stabbing one right in the throat with his spear before using his leg to push the creature away, pull out his spear, and stab it again; this time in the stomach. The Gorkil battle line easily finished off the undead at Korgahk’s lead, all simultaneously thrusting their spears outward, impaling the undead in reach. Then, out of the darkness emerged two dark figures, each glowing green. Behind them shambled ranks upon ranks of undead. Both of them raised their arms and rushed the line of orcs. Korgahk roared, smashing against the charging undead and Necromancers, “WAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH, ANG GIJAK ISHI!!!!” The two necromancer-esque entities split up, joining the ranks of the undead and aiming to target the flanks of the Gorkil battle line, As the Gorkils didn’t have shields, putting them at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, Korgahk charged in, though the undead were harder to cut down this time… almost like they were stronger when nearer to their masters. He sley any undead in his path, executing a series of swift strikes, kicking each undead’s legs before piercing its skull and letting it fall to the ground with a “THUD.” However, it seemed the other undead they had slain earlier had been revived and stood up again, joining the attack. The screams of battle and death filled the square, and Korgahk glanced quickly to his flank to then see one of the Necromancers cutting through a couple of his Gorkils, their bodies crumbling to the ground in front of the darkened figure. Suddenly, a whistling sound filled the air, as Korgahk glanced up and saw the night sky filled with falling arrows. Korgahk called out to warn his brothers of the immediate danger, but all of a sudden, a sharp piercing feeling shot through his body. He glanced down to see an undead’s sword sticking through his flesh, right near his stomach. Korgahk didn’t have time to roar in pain before the arrows fell on him and the line of Gorkils. Screams and Roars filled the air seconds after the arrows hit, and two arrows lodged themselves into Korgahk’s chest, the burning feeling running through his whole body. Korgahk in return quickly kicked the undead in the leg before snapping its neck and taking off its head. He quickly wrenched out the sword with his free hand, let it drop to the ground, and continued cutting down the Iblees-Spawn, although the wound slowed him down slightly. The sounds of battle and death still filled the square as the battle raged on within Krugmar, and Korgahk slowly but surely made his way to the nearest Necromancer killing his brothers; his kin. One of the younger Gorkils tried to stab the figure in the middle region, but the necromancer simply side-stepped and touched the Gorkil with his staff. The orc Crumbled to the ground. Seeing this, Korgahk roared out in utter rage, his bloodlust consuming him. His eyes turned dark red, his Gorkil tattoo glowed bright gold, and then he just charged. lowering his spear he attempted a thrust at the Necromancer’s leg, but the dark being turned around to parry the strike just in time. As the strike was parried, he used the butt of the spear to hit the stomach of the Necromancer before stepping back and then quickly forward, then throwing his spear directly at the Necromancer’s arm. The Necromancer parried the first strike, but was unable to dodge the spear going straight towards him, eventually hitting him in the chest. An ear piercing screech sounded as the spear hit. One of the Gorkils tried to run over to Korgahk, but was cut down by one of the undead, his knees giving way and his body crumbling to the floor. Korgahk, naturally still in a state of bloodlust, grabbed one of the weapons lying nearby and attempted to finish off the injured necromancer. Aiming to lunge at him and swing down at the necromancer, he was suddenly smacked from the side and flung a couple feet away, tumbling and rolling, crushing a few undead bodies. Before he could get up, many arms and hands grabbed his feet, arms, hands, and hair. Korgahk tried to resist of course, but, being held down by some twenty or more undead, it was of no use. Korgahk was lifted to his feet and faced towards the two Necromancers, one pulling the spear out of its arm. Suddenly, Korgahk blacked out….. Korgahk woke to the piercing sensation of a Sword penetrating his lower leg. He tried to lean down to reach for it, but couldn’t, as he was tied down. he resisted a little, trying to break the binds, but it didn’t help. he looked up, grimacing, and saw a figure in a full black coat with skulls tied around his waist. Suddenly, the figure pulled the sword out, allowing blood to flow down Korgahk’s leg. Korgahk glared at the Necromancer, as utter hatred and rage filled him, having seen his brothers die at the hands of the dark mage. The necromancer pointed the tip of the bloody blade at Korgahk’s throat, saying in some untranslatable language, “Tell alnej whaav jiak wanav avo know filavh.” Korgahk responded by simply spitting on the Necromancer, “Skah lat, agh may da zpirits kurze lats agh latz kin.” {Player event approved by ET management}
  18. The Death of an Olog It was a warm day in the lands of sutica, all was calm and the square was lively with folk as it always was, up until the sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard. An olog slowly trodded into the city, the giant eyeing over each and every one of the puny creatures, hungry for food, but even moreso then that, hungry to prove himself to wud. For this olog had done terrible things, and lost the favor of the spirits whom he worshiped. The void had taken his honor, his will, the big mouf that he fed had taken his daughter. It was time to prove himself once again to the spirits, to show his strength, and to prove that he may one day walk with his bruddas whom he had tricked and led to their deaths for his voidal momo. The olog readied his warclub, before issuing a challenge to the entirety of the city. It was time for these defilers of the spirits to be shown the strength of Krug, the might of Enthrok, and the hunger of Wud. He charged into the square beginning to lay waste to folk, crushing bones and proving the ferocity of his kin. The bells of war rang throught the city, and the square began to fill with the filthy mojo users, archers, and brave swordsmen. One elf, a ker of the ashwood clan Xavis, threw what seemed to be fire incarnate at the olog, setting him ablaze. the olog, full of rage and pain, embraced this fire, becoming a pillar of anger, rage, and death. He crushed the elves shoulder, sending him plummeting to the ground, and was about to crush another swordsman's skull, before the ascended, Rickard of Carnatia, came into the square. he shot a blast of his mojo at the ologs skull, denting it and sending the olog flying into a tree, nearly instantly killing the creature. Broken and bruised, Shrog the Olog, Elder of the Ogr clan, Former member of the clan Shuzig, Mouf of the olog hai, the Pale Death, Hunchback, father of a human cub, began to stand, his whole form charred, his black ferrum armor and spikes of aurum the only discernable thing within his inferno of death. The olog took one... two steps, looking to each of those whom eyed him with fear and terror, the olog a menacing threat even without the fire on his skin. He shouted into the city “Miz Vlat.... Vor tha Zpiridz...” before crumpling to the ground, his form being burned and charred by the flames around him, his greatclub clattering to the side. The olog had fallen, and would not rise again.
  19. THE SCORPION BANNER IS RAISED As the Rex, Skalp’Raguk the Uniter, sat idle and pondered the Renelian situation, he weighed his options. The Suticans attacked spiritualists, and had even heretically denied the old gods’ existence in sight of his Mau’Madurian subjects upon their visit. To not go to war would be to leave his kin alone in their struggle, and most of all, it would mean Krugmar was left out of the fun. Nay, the spiritualists were kin in the eyes of Krug, and in the eyes of the Rex. Skalp rose from his feet, screaming at a goblin to move with haste. “Go now! To each on mi council, bring mi their vote.” and off set the messenger, for he held a letter of great importance. To raise the scorpion banner was to proclaim a holy war in the name of orkish kind itself, and no small ordeal. The replies were haste, and soon Krugmar’s halls were filled with ravens, pigeons and all sorts of avians delivering their answer. And such was unanimous, for Enrohk does not look kindly to those who mock him, for Leyd does not look kindly to those that turn the other cheek, and Krug’s peoples do not look kindly to those that harm it’s kin. Krugmar and it’s dominions had spoken, and war was to be declared on Sutica in order to aid the spiritualists of Renelia. The Scorpion Banner had been raised. Ang-Gijak-Ishi, Ang Gund Griizh, Nagijak Urukim! CLICK HERE FOR WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH TUNES
  20. The Gorkil Warrior’s Arsenal “Zteel iz onleh az hozh az dah flezh dat wieldz it, but ah warriur ztill needz hiz toolz” - Mûrak’Gorkil The Philosophy on Armaments An Orc is born into the world with the gift of his race’s evolution and descendance from Krug to be naturally gifted killers. When thinking about an Orc, and their physical condition, they are closer to chimpanzees or gorillas, than Humans, in terms of strength. But even so, there are more beasts in the world that were born with even greater feats of natural, predisposed ability to take the lives of contesting prey. As such, a Blacksmith must look apon the Orc condition as the framework to a killing machine, then with a fine and precise tool, decide what must be added, and what must be protected. A sword, to many Orcs, must be massive, heavy and adorned with numerous spikes along it’s serrated edge. However, such a crude weapon gives little benefit in exchange for a clumsy and tiresome experience for the wielder. The rules of weaponry and armour must apply the same to a Gorkil as it does to the weaker races, who can’t rely on strength alone to keep them alive. Every ounce of steel, serrated spike or gap in the armour must have its purpose. Gorkil swords seem very similar to their Human counterparts, albeit Gorkil swords are proportionally sized to their strength, so that they are not too cumbersome, yet take advantage of being able to be longer. The same applies to armour. Breastplates are only as thick as is necessary to withstand the piercing of bows and crossbows. Helmets as enclosed as possible without causing too much restriction in the eye-sight of the wearer. When such a philosophy is carried out by an Orc, they become an almost unstoppable force of nature. Both physically gifted, and paired with fine-tuned weapons of war Common Weapon-types Military Weapons Shaatii, the Spear The weapon a Gorkil is first taught to use is the spear. Perhaps the most neglected weapon amongst Orcs and many races, however, it has been present amongst the entire duration of history. A spear is longer than the vast amount of weapons carried, far faster, capable of delivering fatal stab-wounds upon first incision, and can be paired with a shield. Such a weapon is most prevalent during hunts, where many beasts, such as Wyverns or Straadoths, may decapitate an Orc with one singular strike. To avoid such a quick demise, it is advised to remain at a distant, outside the beast’s attacking range. However, spears also make exceptionally well at piercing tough hides. If the spear-head is thin, even a Wyvern’s rough hide cannot resist the streamline metal piercing through, sethering arteries and tearing tendons. Poleluzk, the Poleaxe - Similar to the spear in use, a Poleaxe is granted to a Gorkil once they have grasped the fundamentals of using a Spear. With a spike on its head, an axe-head at the front and hammer-head on the back, it’s a highly diverse weapon, but requires more skill, and is best paired to a warrior when fully armoured. Due to the added affixes at the top of the weapon, it needs to be shorter so that its weight is not too far away from the wielder, thus meaning the wielder is then closer to the enemy, and more likely to be hit. Despite the set-back, however, the Poleluzk is often a display of a Gorkil’s prowess in combat. Shaatii-Luzk, the Halberd - Adopted after its use by many Human nations, the Halberd is a two-handed weapon, as long as most spears, but carry an in-wards angled axe-head underneath it’s spike. The weapon is best used on the battlefield, in a formation of Halberds to create an opposing formation that have the capability to both hold off and withstand an enemy for long periods of time, or cause heavy hitting strikes whilst standing at range to deal a surprising amount of casualties. It’s not entirely uncommon for a General to switch-out the use of Spears amongst the main force of his army to use Halberds, if the General believes the enemy will be fielding few archers, or if the General believes the enemy is most susceptible to being over-run and slaughtered in the battle. Leydzult, the Greatsword - Perhaps the rarest sword used by Gorkils that is still documented to be used, the Leydzult is chosen by very few Gorkils, and just as many are skilled in its use. It’s advantage lies within its size, and hitting power, however, such advantages are also gained in other two-handed weapons, but have less downsides. Many Gorkil commanders and strategists have debated over how a Leydzult should be used in battle, but perhaps the most prevalent is their ability to make big, scything swipes against spear or pike formations, batting the weaponry aside so that the opposing side may advance. Despite the weapon’s controversy and rarity, the Leydzult is still considered a noble and honourable sight. Representing the power and strength of the Orcish race, and it’s potential to cut a fighting warrior cleanly in-half during battle when in the hands of an Orc. Side-Arms Longzult, the Longsword - Every Gorkil should be armed well enough to defend himself, and his kin, at all times. Where-as a spear can be cumbersome to carry around during your daily tasks, a longsword can sit more comfortably on the hip. Compared to other sidearms, such as a single-handed axe or mace, the Longsword has impressive range, and is also very agile, whilst capable of delivering immediately fatal blows to foes. The weapon is very well balanced in all aspects a sword can be used for. Thrusting, cutting and even, in many longsword designs, piercing maille. A skilled Longswordsman with a longsword tapered well enough to pierce maille can defeat even a foe in full-plate, so long as they employ half-swording. Kurvedzult, the Saber - Instinctually, for many Orcs once adrenaline has taken over and the bloodlust has sunk in, the natural pre-disposition is to start start wailing and slicing at the opponent. Although such lack of skill and control over the bloodlust is frowned upon by Gorkils, it can be easier for some to use a weapon that emphasize cutting and slicing in it’s fighting style. Thanks to the curved edge of sabers, striking an opponent will cause the edge to slide even more along their body, and due to the curve, the edge of the sword lands with less surface-area. To anybody that knows about physics, something that is sharp, hits hard and has less surface area will pierce deeper than a normal sword with a flat edge, which has more surface area on impact. However, such emphasis and cutting power of sabers comes at the price of more difficult and restrictive stabbing. Depending on the curvature of a Saber, the wielder must angle the weapon at an angle in order to get a clean thrust, and even then, such an angle often makes the thrust less powerful, and make piercing the target more shallowly. The saber, to many Gorkils, is considered a more savage and ruthless weapon. Duf, the Knife - Carried by every Orc almost everywhere, a knife is highly useful in everday life. However, due to the philosophy of always being armed and ready for combat, many Gorkils carry knives that can be used in combat if necessary, or specialized to pierce chainmaille when grappling. A design for combat would be a Messer, a design created by Humans, or a stiletto, excellent at piercing chainmaille. Shakop, the Mace: A fairly uncommon sight amongst Gorkil warriors, the mace is purely designed for striking opponents in armour, or more particularly in the head. A poor choice for a main side-arm, however they can be useful if carried around with another weapon, like a sword, incase fighting an armoured opponent. When compared with the strength of an Orc, however, they can cause devastating blows, snapping bone, mashing flesh into a bloody pulp and caving-in skulls. The mace can also be affixed with sharp flanges surrounding it’s metal-globe, causing it’s force to be centralized on a small surface area, sometimes allowing it to deliver more force upon armoured targets, but more importantly, it also means when used on unarmed foes, the metal flanges may cause deep lacerations on the skin, almost as much as a sword. The Mace is the most crude and bestial of a Gorkil’s arsenal, however, it is often very prevalent amongst ritualistic killings. Ranged Weaponry O’Lig, the Bow - One of the most common ranged pieces of weaponry used by numerous races, an Orc can make far more effective use of it’s simple design. A highly experienced and trained archer may be able to use the Longbow, at most weighing around 110lbs in draw-weight. However, an Orc, far stronger, can pull 200lbs or more, making armours such as chainmail vulnerable to it’s use, aswell as the thick hides of numerous beasts. af-Shaatii, the Javelin - A common ranged weapon used by many infantry and cavalry forces in the Gorkil army, it can be thrown with tremendous power from an Orc, and with the right spear-tip, can pierce targets better than a bow, such as shields. If in desperate straights, it can also be used as a short spear, however the only downside having to carry it around, which is usually only done when expecting conflict. Flakas, the Sling - An ancient weapon, used before Orcs knew how to make bows and used in replacement of throwing rocks. The Sling, despite it’s crude and ancient origins is still an effective weapon when used by the right wielder on the correct target. With the power of an Orc, swinging around the slung rock, or even metal ball, it may be propelled with skull crushing and bone splintering force. An added benefit to the unlikely weapon is it’s incredibly easy to carry size and inconspicuous design. af-Pilik, Tomahawk - An uncommon weapon, only a select few Gorkils choose to carry one or more of these weapons. Ineffective against most armour, and even gambeson is most cases, the Tomahawk, or throwing axe, is a close-ranged throwing weapon that is optimized and specifically made to devastate unarmoured targets. This weapon, however, takes a long time to train with and is limited in it’s use. Krûklak, the Crossbow - A typically unfavoured ranged weapon, due to the fact it generally doesn’t benefit from Orcish size or strength, the Crossbow is still a choice for any Orc. It’s by far the easiest to aim, requiring a small amount of time to practise with and can be pre-loaded to be quickly and readily fired when it may be needed later. However, it suffers from a load and prep time that’s longer than the other forms of ranged weapon, and generally must be done when standing still. Light Armour kaal-Mau, Gambeson - The most common and easily accessible type of armour, many believe Gambeson to be only used by peasants, or that it is next to useless when protecting against weaponry. However, the tightly packed and thick layers of cotton or other fibers creates a very effective form of padding, and can often even restrict blows from Longswords completely, or make their damage on the body minimalized. Not only that, but they are highly effective when worn under another layer of armour, such as chainmaille, plate or even a leather jerkin. It is essential to all forms of warrior, from peasant to fully armoured veteran. horn-Mau, Leather - Typically a rare form of armour, due to its price and usefulness for other more important items, like boots, belts and gloves, it’s a much more common sight amongst Orcs who belong to Clans with it’s own Clan-beasts that have hides more sturdy than common cattle, aswell as going on many hunts against large beasts who may yield a large amount of highly durable leather. When standard cow leather is boiled, it’s durability is on par with standard gambeson, however it typically does not provide as much padding, making it less preferable against blunt weaponry. However, if a beast such as a Wyvern or Jabbernak is slain and skinned, it’s thick and dense leather can sometimes rival the strength of chainmaille. A skilled warrior often chooses such armour as a sign of his prowess. Medium Armour gaium-Mau, Chainmaille - One of the most common armour types used by a Gorkil, gaium-Mau is well-rounded in it’s protection, weight and mobility. Both scouts and warriors can put this armour to good use, paired with gambeson beneath to bring it to its peak potential. Many Gorkils do not increase the thickness of their rings to provide extra protection, but keep them at the same size of a Human’s. This gives them enough protection from most weapons, but makes the armour very light, making long-lasting combat much easier, and allowing the Gorkil to undergo a bloodlust in peak vigour. hiis-Mau, Scalemaille/Lamellar/Coat of Plates - Also called lamellar by some, scalemaille is less common than chainmaille, however it’s design of overlapping plates makes piercing more difficult, as weaponry must first slip through the plates at an awkward angle before passing through. Some instead make the overlapping less tight and compact, allowing more movement to grant the wearer less restriction, but makes penetrating the armour less difficult. More commonly worn by Warboar riders, the design is less heavy than chainmaille, although more-so because it cannot cover as many areas, such as the joints, and so thinner chainmaille is often worn beneath, or segments are wrapped around exposed areas. What truly makes scalemaille popular, however, is due to cockatrice scales. Usually a task of great undertaking and difficulty, elite Gorkil warriors will track down the dangerous beast and slay it on a hunt, collecting each scale from it’s large corpse to make 2 or 3 sets of complete cockatrice scalemaille. Due to how lightweight the scales are, whilst retaining the strength of iron, a Gorkil Warrior with a set of cockatrice scalemaille is a fast, explosive and durable combatant on the field, capable of sustained pro-active combat, or riding with the fastest of the Warboar vanguard. Heavy Armour goth-Mau, Plate Armour - The most expensive, yet most protective armour any could buy. First made by the other races, it’s highly effective design was quickly adopted by the blacksmiths of Clan Gorkil, and serve as a great deed in the name of Azog upon being forged. Such all-encompassing armour slung over the body of an Orc creates an extremely powerful entity of war, and its use is regularly employed. uf-Mau, Bone Armour- Perhaps the rarest type of armour, this armour is primarily and most commonly ceremonial and used as a form of outfit, usually to show of the wearer’s skill in bringing down as many beasts as they would need to in order to make the armour. However, the rare few, often mad or obsessed with the hunt, wear bone armour for combat. In these instances, it’s usually from beasts with bones renown for their strength, such as Wyverns. Since it is bone, it regularly needs to be treated with oils and kept in the right conditions so it does not dry out and become too brittle.
  21. They’re small, they’re green, they’re nifty. They’re Ox. From the deepest caverns and deadliest badlands, the wee sized greenskin folk are marching through time. Even since Axios the goblins of Ox are existing as a family and culture. They may be not biggest orcs, may be not best fighters either, but they’re smartpants for sure. Goblin honour is something far different from Uruk-like, some uruk say they don’t have any though. Their people are also called Golin’Dar. Clan Hierarchy Big Bozz This one is a title is the same of Urukish Wargoth, but according to Golin’Dar’s culture. That is a superior gobbo, leading his Oxies (young Ox goblins) to the brighter future. The new Big Bozz is to be chosen by previous one, or with the debates on the court. Current leader is Snawt’Ox, the first Ox. Big Bozz himself. Dankzter That is the rank of a goblin who dares to dive into the life of a Criminal. Those are usually the ones that gather the wealth to their clan. Bandits, Thiefes, Assassins and Drug Dealers of course. They’re the main military force of the Clan. Dankzters have to go through many trainings to practice their skills well. Every Ox has to prove himself before going on a real Deal. They must prove they’re tough and artful enough to handle their duty, such as roof-jumping, lockpicking, assassination and teamwork. Ox Dankzters mocking on an Oren Soldier. Puzzlah This is the rank of those who are caring about fate of their Clan and carrying the knowledge of Engineering and Trading. Many great deals were done by the Puzzlah of Golin’Dar, many Shekelz (goblin currency) were gathered by those who invent and move the progress. Usually Puzzlah are practicing in building warmachines and forts, some of Puzzlah managed to sell their blueprints to other nations. They also managed to restore the lost technology of Steam-Engines, though some may say it was stolen from the Dwarves. Oh yes, Dwarves and Ox Goblins are blood enemies for many centuries already. An Ox riding a rhino traveling to Icy Mountains of Fenn. Clan Codex An Ox jurist. As in every well formed group Ox Clan has it’s own Authority and it’s own Laws. Such As: Big Bozz is a Big Guy, listen to him, kid. Don’t be dumb. It’s a fine. If there’s disagreement between two gobbos, or a gobbo or any kin, the lawsuit must be done. That’d be a fine. Don’t steal anyone’s chicken, that’s a fine. Pay Fines, or you’ll be fined too. Ox Culture Snawt’s Blodline – The true Oxies are carrying blood from Snawt’Ox, the First Ox. Those are midget sized goblins, being from 3 to 4 feet tall, having long twitching ears and a long pointy nose hanging down from their nose, such pointy it can be confused with a knife. Goggles – Children of Snawt have a chance of having vision problems, their eyesight tend to be blurred by unknown mutation. Probably the same mutation that turned Ox goblins that small. Don’t fight, ask a Brudda - True Oxie wouldn’t throw himself at the enemy. He’d probably give his fellow Uruk a well goblin crafted weapon and ask them to slay the foe. Praising Trokorl – Being faitful Engineers and Builders Ox gobbos are worshiping the spirit of Engineering, the Trokorl. Every well built goblin structure is a Trokol’s shrine itself. Ox Naming – Every Ox has his own unique name that represents their nature, skills or even their further fate. (OOC) Be a Gobbo, fill in the Application! MC Name: RP Name: Timezone: Discord:
  22. A MISSIVE TO THE GROTTO ⚙-⚙-⚙ “Lucky uz! The Rex, Skalp’Raguk da Uniter, who rules over Krugmar and its domains, orders an audience between Krugmar and the Talons Grotto. We shall arrive there the next Grand Harvest to talk diplomacy. We expect to work together nicely. Dominus Skorkon’Gorkil Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter” “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  23. EndCallCaesar

    Clan Ogr

    Origin: On a fateful evening, an Olog whom had ingested various hallucinogenic substances, received a vision of a double-tailed scorpion leading them up a mountain side toward a plateau to what can only be described as an enormous gaping maw with various teeth that went downward into darkness, its voice would resound with a guttural boom that would shock the Olog. The sight of such a magnificent being inspired this Olog, known as the ‘Butcha’, to seek out their fellow Ologs and proclaim the glory of what they could only describe as… “DA BIG MOUFF.” Unity: After this assembly of Ologs, one among them, having bested the lot of them in a Klomp, donned the title of Tyrant, acting as Wargoth for this new clan they named, “Ogr.” After feasting for 6 days and 6 nights, the Tyrant set about coercing several Uruks into spreading a message by word of mouth to all Ologs of the land, that they would be welcome among the ranks of Clan Ogr should they seek grub and battle. Furthermore, that Clan Ogr seeks to venerate the spirits of Hunger and Bloodlust, and that any Shaman who’d praise such spirits would be welcome to visit and engage with the Clan. Ranks: Tyrant- The Wargoth of Clan Ogr. Responsible for its administration and objectives. Waghcheef- Second in command, can pick up responsibilities of the Tyrant should they not be present. Butcha’- The spiritual leader of the clan, responsible for contacting Shamans for assistance and explaining the spirits of the Clan to other Ogr’s. Ogr- An Olog of Clan Ogr. Purpose: To bring Ologs together, regardless of Clan. To encourage cooperation with other Clans. To work with Shamans for spiritual experiences. To breed among one another to expand the Olog subrace.
  24. SECOND DIRECTIVE OF THE REX ⚙-⚙-⚙ [!] Throughout San’Azgak sounded the goblin’s cries, for news spread about the city! He tosses out fliers and staple them to the wall, such holding the blueprint of what seemed to be an arena. . . “Lucky uz! The Rex, Skalp’Raguk da Uniter, calls for his second directive! We are to build a bub’hosh arena, but for such we need materials. An ancient blueprint has been uncovered; ‘ere, take ash, boyz. To da east of the Goi are multiple chests and crates for you to deliver your goods to. Ang Gund Griizh!” Coords for chests: xyz[1703/58/180] “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  25. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
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