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Found 97 results

  2. Hereupon came midnight, Dominus Grishnaakh’Raguk having awoken from the midst of a slumber, of which he struggled to slip deeply into, similarly so to previous nights. Rising back unto his feet, the elf looked up to the stars, that glimmered a white hue through his tired eyes. This night was no different from that of the night he’d spoken with Phaedrus; just as tiresome and dull as such. The air, which took a deep hue of grey, was more akin to the hue of a bayou, just as murky and heavy. In a struggled attempt to reconnect with his troubled thoughts, Grishnaakh returned from whence he usually strung about; the bottom level of the shaman’s den. Drapes and vines swept across the surface of his long locks of blonde, glare of several torches appearing in the mint green of his beady eyes. The heat, having scalded upon his, now dried, branding of Skalp’Raguk manifesting a throbbing pain upon his flesh. T’was then that it came to him, Skalp’Raguk. A name he knew much of, but seldom heard of since beyond yesteryear; many, many moons beyond. But alas, to Grishnaakh, himself, there was, and will nay ever exist true death, only a change of worlds. And hereupon, so began the elf’s first journey into the Ancestral Realm, since that of Phaedrus’Yar, the Honourary Rex to his own Rexdom during Athera. The Lutauman sat at a rug, reaching into his pockets for a pipe of maple, of which’d previously been imbued with a weak strand of Thunderkrug, from whatever much was left from his mentor’s personal storage. With the burning of herbs, the scent of sage lingered through the heavy air, a sweat coming upon Grishnaakh with the eternal burning of the mind-altering flora, a psychedelia therein materialising in his own cerebral plane of thought, and vision. He brought his fists down upon a set of alligator drums, of which he’d harvested and crafted on his own, the pelt of the poor creature tearing and grating across his long nails with every beat of his free hand against its weak surface. Boom, the drum went, seemingly in unison with the thumping of the Raguk’s heartbeat, the ringing of his ear serving as an instrumental to such. And therein, the chanting began. “Lok Stargûsh-hai agh Kor; gothûrz, dûrburz Kor, ob amut taargus-izg.” He began to chant, either eyelids coming to a close with the beating of the drums. “Thrak-izg taar-thu, krum botlab-û urzkû, agh gaakh-izg irz-tuk mâdûrz.” Slowly so, the elf’s eyelids grew heavier, and heavier with the increasingly loud beating of the drums, the tiresome feeling having come upon him later than he’d anticipated it, earlier upon his day, when the night was still young and prosperous, and when clouds still wafted through the unwavering boredom of the sky high o’er heather. And, as it did the time prior, a near translucent aura manifested under the roof of the shaman’s den, embellishing the air surrounding himself at a slowed pace, however surely so. He’d grown familiar to this sensation, if he remained awake to watch as it managed in a calm struggle, and had grown to a liking of such a manifestation. A tether pulled at him therein, tying back at his stoic form, as a metaphysical noose would, like a burden, the beating of the drums coming to a halt promptly. Grishnaakh’Raguk succumbed to the tether. At first, there was nothing, only chaos reigning the domain of his mind, coupled with a backdrop of pure darkness more akin to onyx than much else. With a blink of an eye, he regained sight; with the thundering of storm clouds beyond, he began to hear; and, with the cool breeze hitting against his face mercilessly, he began to feel. For, as he did one previous time, the Raguk had walked, and did such beyond his own realm of existence. Emerald fumes rose from the ground below himself, that of Gundâr Broshan, cracks in the ground mirroring those of the sky which held a dull jet colour to itself. Above, deep grey clouds loomed ominously, a reason for concern amongst those who seldom frequented Stargûsh’Stroh, however a reassuring sign to himself. Before himself stood the Gate of Kor, shackles of unknown origin feeling against the edges of such, as though to represent the nature of death, in and of itself. The orthodoxy of the world he walked most of his days having left him behind, all oddities and obscurities that may have occurred under the sky of the Ancestral Realm retained a mundanity to them, in the eyes of Grishnaakh, for this was only a matter for further appreciation of the spirits. “Lûk-ob Maehr, broshân urzkû.” A simple lantern of aquamarine fry came to be from the obsidian which formed the walls of Doraz agh Kor, a hand of similar tonality materialising in the air before Grishnaakh, bringing itself down near the ground to pick the elf up, raising him beyond the ceiling to the sky. With a flash of a bedazzled grin, the man scanned the lands before himself, managing a glance at Turu Dobu Ziimarum through his naïveté, Kor having taken notice of such. “Atîg, lok gothûrz Kor.” He replied gently, gates swinging beyond his view at such, little hesitation therein from Kor. “Hon-tû.” The spirit responded at such, dematerialising into a hazy fog as he motioned for the elf to pass through. And so began Grishnaakh’s walk to the Fields of Many Tranquility, passing through several passages along the way, with cloaked sons and daughters of Krug and Maehr watching the high elf expectantly, as though he were to fulfil something in particular. Finally so, the Dominus arrived at whereupon he’d hoped to go, presumably, passing through the buffalo grass of Turu Dobu Ziimarum until he’d managed to see the blindness of an empty corridor. Seldom prospered much in these halls, which took to a projection of utter silence, and darkness, save for the eternal flickering and crackling of fry before himself. As though an endless spiral, and descent into nothing, the walls before Grishnaakh took nothing but further blindness, if any such was possible at all. There was little space to wander amuck to and from, the elf therefore opting to remain stood upon his own two feet. “I have come a long way for you, o’ honourable Clan Father, Skalp’Raguk.” Grishnaakh’Raguk called out expectantly, in the old tongue, the hollowness of the halls instead returning but his own echo in concurrence to his heed of call. Little else became of this silence, the eternal burning of oak continuing to meander in smell and sound. “Broshan, Grishnaakh.” A voice uttered back apathetically, as though not all too eager nor excited, only bored and dull. “Why have you come here, into my own domain?” Such a voice could only be matched to his own might, Skalp’Raguk the Honourable. “I require your guidance, Skalp. Just last cactus day, I spoke with Phaedrus in a spirit walk, with the same request, and yet-” Grishnaakh’s voice echoed through the entirety of the corridor, if there was any such thing as an ending to the constant darkness to it. “I feel just as lost as I did then.” “Speak then, Grishnaakh.” Skalp’s disembodied voice urged for the elf to continue. “I feel lost, as though I do not even know who I am any longer.” He began, a troubled smirk coming upon his visage, in signifying his distress at such a situation, club of bone gripped tightly within his other hand. “All I have ever done is for the sake of pleasing others. I become other people, for such purposes, and now I do not know who I am.” “Nobody asked for you to do so, Grishnaakh.” Further off, Skalp snickered at such naïveté, as though seeing the silliness in such a remark. “Why should you care for the opinions of others, besides yourself?” The voice spat, continuing along its answer. “**** them. You are your own person, Grishnaakh, and you may so go on to do whatever you wish.” “I see.” Grishnaakh placed a hand at his Adam’s apple in a further understanding of Skalp’s philosophy, an uncertainty therein in his neutral, tentative tone. “Well then, perhaps it was high time I searched for who I truly am.” “You are leaving now?” His voice heeded once more, tongue continually brash through the entirety of the interaction, however not at all in a harmful, nor disrespectful sense. “Well then, go make a ******* shrine for me or.. Something. I didn’t die for people to disturb my rest.” With the uttering of a final chuckle, Grishnaakh bobbed his head in reverence to the spirit, stumbling backwards only once before tripping unto the floor in a hurried crash, therein leaving the silence and crimson of the room behind, as he jolted back awake in a cold sweat, amidst the thick, warm air of the shaman’s den.
  3. The Call to Victory Written by Hraaken Underhammer, To every living descendant across Arcas. [Music] Where the Dwarves rest did a lone candle streak through the inky darkness. No forge was lit, no hammer rung, only blackness occasionally interrupted by the dim glow of bubbling magma below. An armored figure marched up the winding spiral of Kal-Evraal barely illuminated by the flicker of a lit wick. Shortly after did Hraaken Underhammer finally arrive in the clergy hall where a few other lit candles welcomed his own. As he entered the main chamber, Hraaken could see the High Preceptor passed out at a desk to his right, buried in parchments and books detailing the gods and times of old. To Hraaken’s left, Kazrin the Brown sat silently regarding him as the rest of the city slept restlessly, their uncertainty resounding through the quiet caverns. Hraaken then moved to pass the cave dwed, taking in details such as a newly forged axe by Kazrin’s side, and a few open books in front of him. He wondered whether the sage-like Starbreaker he saw was reading multiple books at once, he wondered what purpose such a person would have to be up while the rest of the world lays uneasy in their beds. Regardless, he continued on and left Kazrin to his work. Hit footfalls echoed to the shadowy back end of the library where he quietly took a seat on one of the wooden chairs, a small creak coming from under his armored weight. He took off his helmet and set it aside, the blackened glass inside metalwork faintly reflecting his candle as he passed the flame on to a few more candles at the table. There Hraaken sat, unfurling a blank parchment and beginning to scribe away at a document with enough power to potentially shape the future into a new fate. ”In this message, I wish to address all living descendants on Arcas. You may not know me, I am an Underhammer, a dwarf belonging to an old race, an old family of wise and unshakable workers. In my time on this land I have come to learn that despite those who are sun stricken being assailed by the light, they lead happy lives. They have families as I do, they have cultures, they have values, they have dreams and ideals they wish to hold to the end of their days. Countless others before me have wrote tales and recorded history, and I intend to believe that countless others after me will continue to do so. There are warriors of men, mothers that hold their children dear, there are lovers that embrace each other even during this perilous time. All of it would be for naught should we lose it all to the spawn of Khorvad. That being said I do not make this letter to bring yet another scroll of sympathetic dread to your doorstep, as I have heard of the mighty heroes across our many lands and realms of old. I have heard of the might of Kjell, I have read the wisdom of elves past, I have seen the will of Humans, the ferocity of Orcs. I have seen what occurs when all descendants band to together, they write history so strong that even the book recording their actions trembles at the raw power of change. I write this to all living descendants reluctantly, as it is not my place as a simple elder to ask for this. I am no king, I am no emperor, and I am no leader, but I am calling for every last one of you to band together once again to bring forth the tides of change to our history books. To that end, I will be gathering a small force including my son and grandson to travel to each of your major cities and discuss actions to be taken against the incoming threat. There is no where to run this time, there is no city to abandon this time. It is do or die, we have no time to bicker among each other over wrongdoing or one’s honor. What matters is that we win for those who have fallen as well as those who have not yet had time to enjoy the world of the living. I urge any nation leaders that may be reading this document to band together with your neighbors despite your differences, for they can be settled afterwards once we have ensured a future for us all. To reinforce this claim, I have already gathered workers to produce the resources necessary to fortify the lands with which our final stand will take place. I do not wish to win, I wish to beat them back into their hole, a total call to victory.” – Thane of Century Omega II and Clan Elder, Hraaken Underhammer With his document done did Hraaken rise from his seat, quietly push in his chair, and make to the exit of the clergy hall in haste for there was work to be done. As he proceeded past the tables where Norli slept, Kazrin still sat reading away as if sleep were not a concept applied to him. Hraaken gave him a solemn nod as he left, regardless of whether he noticed. It was only then did Hraaken come forth to endure the Endless Toil yet again as he ventured back down the spiral of Kal-Evraal’s walls. His footsteps again being the only disturbance to the snoring of countless dwarves in their homes. As he drew near the Underhammer clan hall, he passed his parchment to a figure hooded and cloaked like the dark itself before letting them walk out of the city into the night to spread his word in good faith. Soon after Hraaken returned to the small forge in their hall and unstrapped his armor to reveal his tree trunk arms with valleys of gray muscle rippling across. He would grab a hammer and continue to shape the Gorix-Az on the anvil in front of him as he prepared for war.
  4. Third Empire - The Decline ---------- "The stars seemed brighter, long ago, before the accursed ascended to the emptiness of the inky, black void. They are a savage people, badly designed for violence, and yet so prone to it. Each day, I stare out across the darkness and the stars seem darker - a foolish thought perhaps, but each moment of their rule feels as if it bleeds the Galaxy of a little more life. I would weep, but such tears would be wasted, and I have greater regrets - for which I shall reserve my sorrows." The year is 10'360AE. A shroud of darkness has fallen across the Third Empire. On Kaumai, the Imperial Capital, the newly coronated Emperor Rän-ji rules from his palace-moon, high above the heads of the commoners where his influence seems to wane by the day, and the senate is consumed by a state of constant deadlock. He has come to the throne of a bitterly divided and stagnating Empire, where far off Stellarchs rule as Warlords, the Senate plots against his rule and the military is the weakest it has ever been. Worse still, his power is even more eroded by the loss of much of the Empire's Psykics, who were once the arteries that allowed fast communication to every corner of the Galaxy, allowing for instant communication, and enforcing the Imperial will wherever they were present. This Great Decline has lasted five hundred years, and the effects are becoming only more prominent, with every passing cycle, more and more cracks spread across the Empire’s foundations. A great era of decadence has rotted away the heart of the Third Empire, while the brutally oppressed commoners have raised their heads, determined to improve the conditions of their lives. Meanwhile, the fighting around Buath continues unabated, as the Irearch lurks, waiting for his chance to crush the Empire, once and for all. Psykics: The Psykic Arts were once the foundation upon which the Empire was built. Psykics were once incredibly common - they served as interrogators, officials, communicators and more. That day has long passed, for now Psykics are perhaps the rarest caste that can be found in the Galaxy. The few that remain are almost exclusively reserved by the Emperor, the Senate or the Stellarchs - where they provide key lines of communication, and skilled secret agents. There are many aspects to Psykic powers - most of which are long lost. The most used, and the few remembered, Psykic abilities include long range instantaneous communication, the ability to search a person's mind, the power to inflict terrible pain without touch, and other such skills. Application: Starting Systems: All Stellarchs appointed by the Empire are given charge of a certain handful systems to administer and enforce Imperial law throughout. You are allowed to select no more than 10 systems (You can have less, I guess..), they must all be connected. Point Distributions (21 Total): Loyalty: Influence: Military: Leadership: Infrastructure: Your Stellarch (Their name + Personal backstory): Additional Characters?: Provincial Culture: All corners of the Empire, however isolated or sparsely populated- were all conquered or colonized by Humans, and more importantly, the Empire. Imperial culture itself varies across the galaxy, however, certain aspects of it, more specifically, naming conventions are based around the Maori / Polynesians of our world. While it is not mandatory to adhere to such naming conventions, we would greatly appreciate it. Human Variants?: For thousands of years humans have inhabited most corners of the galaxy. During such a vast amount of time, certain populations have began to offshoot from the main branch of humanity to better suit their environment, usually mainly in the form of visual differences, but other adaptations have been noted. You are allowed to choose such a variant, so long as you are positioned within the Mid-Outer Rims. Note, this is mainly for RP purposes. Unique Military Units (Two): Pick a number between 1-10:
  5. Mickaelhz


    12th of The Amber Cold/Harren’s Folly, 1778 RESTORATION OF HOUSE HOREN Once more does Mankind find itself embroiled in a global conflict orchestrated by the hand of those who loathe all that which is divine and sacred. Thrice already has the hand of Chaos pulled upon the strings of its servile puppets to turn brother against brother, to entice Man to forsake his ancient oaths for pacts of unholy service, to uproot tradition and abandon GOD in reckless drive to vanquish history and warp the unbreakable ties that bind the Imperium of His chosen folk. And while the unholy legions of the Deceiver rain hellfire upon the realms of Arcas, wretched usurpers and bastards sit upon stolen thrones and command men, women and children of Oren to throw away their lives against our Descendant allies, against the kin of Horen, against our brethren in faith; they do this not for the salvation of all, but their own sake. Scores of bootlickers prostrate at their feet. Power is what they seek and have sought through the demise of thousands in the Great War, in the Rubern War, in the invasion of Sutica. They reign in desecrated halls of their betters, in cities seized from once immortal Defenders of Man, now rife with sin and debauchery where hymns of GOD and Mankind once joyously resounded. Their blackened nails claw at Imperial legacy, their howls command death to all, their slaves to reject virtue and salvation so that their reign of hell might last forevermore. No longer. No longer shall the true heirs of Exalted Godfrey lie dormant in the shadows and permit the daring extinction of Mankind to proceed. No longer shall the Dragons of Man suffer upstarts that brazenly defile the Imperium's legacy. No longer shall these weak and craven men be permitted to decide the fate of knights and heroes. First of many pieces of literature in a period dubbed by scholars as the ‘Adrian Enlightenment’, a young seneschal of Adria wrote an unassuming statement as part of “a true account of the villainies which have beset the Adrian people since the succession of Emperor Anthony” years prior to his own life being cut down during the failed Haenseti-Adrian uprising against the imperial crown. Rife with political observations concerning the sacking of Ves, within this prosaic account is the brief, albeit insistent, point that Calculus of Sola bears a rather peculiar resemblance to Emperor Anthony himself in speech. It would be part of this ‘Adrian rumour’ that Antonius II Horen, who would be nearing his seventy-third year now, would instead be rightful heir and claimant to the throne. Little would this matter in the current era, as Antonius II Horen was ignored by the bastard-son and his fellow burgher political claimants, who instead installed the de Sola child following a power vacuum that existed if but only due to their ousting of their own lord-protector. Let it only be by virtue of some political expediency that the law of primogeniture that the empire had followed for its succession was disregarded in multiple cases by this claimant-government, which waited twenty years between each iteration that further distanced itself from the rightful succession of Helane-branched Horen and further aggrandised its own claim. It is the 1737 Law of Heirs to the Holy Orenian Empire, as legislated by then-protector Adrian Sarkozic and his leal solicitor-general, that attempted to disregard the “attempted reforms of the Marnan era” and instead subvert primogeniture entirely, allowing men marrying women of noble stock to “be capable of acquiring, holding, maintaining and possessing any of the aforementioned properties and rights, as if it were his own direct patrimony, through virtue of marriage”. So is laid the first step in allowing true burgher claimants to wholly obtain imperial titles through marriage Edicts of succession that followed, such as the 1759 Edict of Succession, further legitimised this false premise, allowing the legitimate descendents of the ‘princess-imperial’ to retain their claims to the throne. Placing this as a foregone conclusion where “all doubt as to the rightful line of succession be dispelled,” the rightful claimants to the throne are displaced from imperial discourse if but only due to the framework of the successionary laws being moved so severely. It would be, by virtue of transferring his claim to his legitimate children, the children of Persus Helane, as the eldest son of Antonius I, should the ignoring of Antonius II Horen remain. Current Imperial law, as by intention, does not accommodate anything beyond securing their own position. It is the duty of the remaining patriarchs of the branches of House Horen to restore their house, if but only to affirm their stance as rulers of man while being faced by a great bureaucratic peril that seeks to remove the Dragonsblood from their birthright. It is by the sacred oath of the heads of Dragon's Blood that on the day of the 12th of The Amber Cold/Harren’s Folly, 1778, by the Grace of GOD, the Holy Imperial and Royal House of Horen is restored. To all our rightful subjects of Humanity we thus proclaim: - That undeniable proof exists that the usurper Peter III is not, in fact, the first born child of Emperor Antonius I, but rather a bastard child of the Imperial impostor Calculus de Sola, installed by the illegally enthroned Lord Protector Adrian Sarkozic for the advancement of his unholy agenda to destroy Mankind and its illustrious history in service of the Imperial House of Horen; thus we do declare his claim to the thrones of the Holy Orenian Empire, the Empire of Man, and all of their constituent titles and vassalages void for himself and his kin and children; - That the usurper's unholy administration had ushered in an illegitimate regime backed by murder, genocide, slavery, theft and reactionary purges of ancient nobility and customs and of Renatian, Curonian, Kaedreni, Haensetic, Lorrainian, Suffonian citizenry; thus we do declare this governance forfeit; - That the rightful heir to the offices of the Emperor of Man and Renatus, King of Cascadia and Renatus, various other kingships and domains of Man, as well as his ancestral title of the Duke of Helena remains Prince Persus Horen-Helane, and that this right is therefore restored to his legitimate issue and inherited by his eldest legitimate son, Prince Antonyus Horen; - That the rightful heir to the offices of the Holy Orenian Emperor, Emperor of Aeldin, Apostolic King in Oren, various other kingships and domains of Man, as well as his ancestral titles of the Prince of Alstion, Duke of Balamena and Alba, Count of Johannesburg, Enswerp and Walden remains Prince Charles Edward Horen-Alstion, and that the right of succession to his titles is granted, in the absence of living legitimate issue, to his brother, Henry Stephen Horen-Alstion; - That Princes Persus Horen-Helane and Charles Edward Horen-Alstion, and all the heads of Dragon's Blood do hereby affirm this succession and relinquish their Imperial titles to Prince Antonyus Horen, therefore affirming him as the legitimate Holy Orenian Emperor and Emperor of Man and Renatus, and heir to all domains illegally claimed by the usurper and his administration. May GOD guide us to peace in our time, may GOD unite us against these demons, may GOD guide us to TRUE glory. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/180792-in-defense-of-the-adrians-or-on-the-emperors-lies/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/186343-law-of-heirs-to-the-holy-orenian-empire/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189695-edict-of-succession-1759/ Signed, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY Antonyus “Big Tony” Helane HIS ROYAL HIGHNES Persus Helane, Patriarch of House Helane HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS Oliver Helane HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS Junius Helane HIS SERENE HIGHNESS Lord Pertinax Augusten Tiber HIS SERENE HIGHNESS Charles Edward of the House of Horen, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Balamena and Alba, Count of Johannesburg, Enswerp and Walden HIS SERENE HIGHNESS Antonius Martius, The Prince of Vilachia, Duke of Krajia, margrave of Styria, Lord of Vilacz HIS SERENE HIGHNESS Radu Vilac, Son of Yury Vilac
  6. The Taste of the Eternal Uzg A Comprehensive Guide on Orcish Cuisine Prologue: Whilst a subject relatively unexplored in scholarly works, or otherwise, Orcish cuisine is a wide subject that us forever subject to radical shifts as we progress into each new realm, and new environments to settle upon. Take this guide with a grain of salt as, Orcish tastes in food tend to differ from each clan and individual, and constantly undergoes significant change across the times; consider this a basis on the general conception of what Orcs frequently enjoy to eat. With that said, feel free to leave any criticism, and Krugmari recipes of your own below. On Meats and Proteins: Generally, Orcs favour hardier proteins over lighter ones; this plays a big part in an Orc’s wellbeing, both physical, and spiritual. Orcs are, in most cases, advised to maintain a mighty physique that leaves fear in those who dare oppose, or pick a fight with them, thus the liking for proteins such as meat, and poultry. However, with that in mind, such sources of meat and/or poultry such as cattle are somewhat scarce under the cancerous sun of the savannah, hence why Orcish cuisine may come off as odd to those unfamiliar with it. Orcs usually take to eating whatever meat is available in the savannah, such would include that of gazelles, to more sturdy flesh, including that of wildebeests. The meat, so long as it is fresh, aged well, and shows no signs of decay may be eaten raw, to the Orcs’ liking. Second to an Orc’s taste for game meats is that of swine. Pork, although viewed as that of an unsophisticated diet, is a meat not reared within the savannah. Instead, an Orc may take to hunting it on their own, as the Spirits intended it, or simply purchase it from outside of the savannah; the hardiness of it’s nature makes it optimal for the marginal conditions Orcs are brought up in. However, seldom is swine ever eaten by the Orcs raw, seeing as it may decay rather easily under the sun’s eye. This feat renders preventing significant rot upon the meat from spawning a difficult task, and swine may take as little as two cactus days to grow rotten, but this is no problem to the Orcs for, their immune systems are built to filter out the impurities in such rot. On Grains and Greens: Commonly enjoyed grains amongst the several clans of Krugmar are few as, the average Orc’s diet is mostly consistent of hardier foods, as mentioned earlier on in the guide. With that said, they are not completely out of the picture; maize crops may be harvested, and are favoured across the clans as being one of the healthier dietary options for the growing Orc or Fe-Orc. Rice, too, is a grain enjoyed across Krugmar, primarily because it is so easy to harvest in the savannah. It, in particular, is used frequently in Orcish recipes, specifically Zhroom Gumbo, or Mushroom Stew and Rice, favoured amongst folk of the Madcap and worshippers of the Mushroom Spirit. Zhroom Gumbo is also combined with seafood, such as crawfish and lobster, seeing as the sea is so easily accessible. In terms of fruits and vegetables, the healthy Orc may come to a liking of such foods, especially in the most dire of situations. Cactus Apple, or Prickly Pear Fruit, a subspecies of paddle cacti, is amongst the few fruits enjoyed in Krugmar. This fruit can be eaten fresh, dried, or boiled to produce a sweet nectar one may drink alongside his or her food. Agave and Amaranth are also a fitting food for the ever-changing diet of an Orc, Amaranth in particular being both delicious, and easy to harvest, seeing as it thrives in arid conditions, and requires little, to no irrigation to survive. It is commonly used to fortify bread, when mixed in with flour, or simply eaten after being roasted by a fire, giving it a crisp, hard exterior, and soft interior. It’s leaves, too are often served as garnishes for meats, stews, and gumbos. The Aizen shrub, whilst more prevalent in desert and oasis regions, is also a herb that serves a part in the everyday Orc’s diet that is to be noted of. Usually used as marination of game meats, and a common ingredient in gumbos, this herb is largely known to be immune to the blazing heat, and insufferable drought, and offers a sweet, nearly toffee-like berry that grows off it that, when dried, may be boiled into a nectary syrup an Orc may use as a refreshment after a long day of hard work. The leaves may be eaten dried, or cooked; the seed itself, boiled or baked; and the root, boiled into a sweet gruel. On Alcohol Traditions: The most widely-respected brew of the Urukhai is Grog, which is brewed in a different way as according to what each specific clan’s traditions call for. The recipe most often used simply for the sake of convenience is Cactus Grog; an Orcish delicacy, put lightly. Harvested from the sweet nectar of a cactus’ inside, this beverage is a hazy hue of white, thick in volume, often inducing hallucinogenic effects upon the lucky drinker, similar to those of Cactus Green, having been drawn from a plant left to dry under the heat of the savannah. Similar in both flavour and scent to rum, it retains the same bittersweet taste as Cactus Apple, and gives a burning sensation in the throat afterwards due to such. Similarly to Cactus Grog, or Kaktuz Grog, in Blah, there is Agave Berry Cider, a beverage similar to wine, but significantly hardier. It goes down the throat the same way Rum, or Cactus Grog does; with a burning, tingling sensation. Just as the Cactus Grog, this one puts upon it’s drinker an intense feeling of nausea, and hallucinogenic thoughts and visions, which may include seeing or hearing what may not exist at all; simply senseless babbling and seeing. This is due to the fact that the berries in which the alcohol is drawn from have been left to ferment under the intense heat of the sun. The last of the Orcish beverages I will mention here is Akrûm’Ghûd Ran’Ztauk, or Sweet Berry Moonshine, widely regarded as the strongest of the bunch, in both taste and effects on one’s health. It glows a clear shade of grey, similarly to Cactus Grog, and is brewed on makeshift stills, from the fermented nectar of the berry in Agave Berry Cider, traditionally mixed in with maize crops such as corn, and sugar, if available in the savannah, or wherever one may find the need for it. In regards to the effects it has on one’s mind, one may experience a terrible headache for several hours on end, as well as poor memory, and mood swings, typically, mainly due to it not being fertilised long enough. Epilogue: As mentioned in the prologue, take this guide with a fair grain of salt, as it is not entirely accurate to every Orc’s dietary tastes and needs, and does not nearly include all Orcish recipes cherished and brought down upon by the descendants. To reiterate another thing the prologue mentioned; feel free to submit recipes of your own Orcs, as I will leave this thread open for comments, and will happily add them later on.
  7. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da Eternal Uzg. “Glok agh Glozad.” The Krughai- the military of the Eternal Uzg (Previously the Warnation of Krugmar) and social ladder of the proud orkish domain. All orks- whether they are the scrawniest goblin or an olog of the dullest wit-are expected to partake, for not to do so is considered a high dishonour. HIERARCHY REX | UGRAD’LUR THE SWAMPMONSTER Supreme authority of the Krughai and Keshig alike. ELITE RANKS: Targoth General and Primary Overseer of the Krughai. They are typically a particularly battle-hardened and strategically astute Uruk, who is tasked with appointing Warbosses, formulating plans, offering strategic advice and leading the Krughai into battle! Large scale war games and nation-wide training sessions are also organized by the Targoth personally. UNIFORM: Warboss Commanders of the army, responsible for training and leading a small cohort of uruks known as a Warband. A variant of the Warboss is a Seaboss- who leads a “Crew” opposed to a “Warband.” UNIFORM: Flagbearer Tasked with bearing the banner of the Uzg in battle- a slightly more esteemed soldier and right hand to the Warboss. STANDARD RANKS: Raxborn Widely considered to be the best fighter in the entirety of Krugmar, they are awarded bloodsteel and gold-tinted steel. It is considered a great honor to be the Raxborn of the Krughai and many young uruks seek such out. UNIFORM: Waghboy A more experienced member of the Krughai than the Grunt, having had proved himself in battle and by showing up for trainings. It is also the final rank to earn before moving on to a more elite role. UNIFORM: Grunt Unskilled and seasoned soldiers alike, the Grunts are the main brunt of the Krughai, with cavalry, infantry and archers of various degrees of skills encompassed within the rank. UNIFORM: Runt The newcomers of the Krughai, having not yet earned their uniform. They are often whipped and beaten into a more disciplinary attitude. SPECIALIST RANKS Grubgoth Tasked with keeping the bellies of the orkish people full! And providing rations for orks heading into battle. Especially adroit grubgoths may have dabbled with potion making or the art of gold-plating apples. Gruntboss Tasked with processing new Grunts and equipping them with surplus armour, a home and a pat on the back. Screamer An Uruk- typically a goblin or an ork with a noticeably shrill voice -tasked with rallying the orcs to their battle stations! TRADITIONS Hair-Dye Upon initiation, Uruks of the Krughai will dye their hair in various colors. The most common are of Red, Green and White. They do this to identify themselves amongst one another. Tattoos Orcs of the Krughai will etch a line of black ink into their flesh whenever they garner a kill; and an Uruk with multitudes of lines across his physique is considered to be a great warrior, typically the Raxborn. Initiation Orcs within the Krughai, upon becoming grunts in the ranks, they will go out and capture a non-ork on the roads. Then, they will come back to Krugmar and proceed to party with the outsider; promptly killing them in the end.
  8. Liv

    The Cowardly Rex Hides

    »»————- The Hidden Rex ————-«« ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Let it be known that the Rex of Krugmar has failed to even respond to the call to Klomp for Rexdom, when approached in person, Gadget’Ox was only threatened by the weak Rex but his threats went under deaf ears for the Gobbo was not going to allow the Rex to intimidate her. Gadget goes to the House of the Rex where she demands, she shouts, she stands about and calls for the Rex to face her! The Rex hides away, flees from the Gobbo with fear of her wraith. Let it be known the Rex of Krugmar Korgahk’Gorkil Fled from a Gobbo, Fled leaving a crowd outside his own home, unable to meet the challenge Gadget’Ox Shroom’Gobbo For Snawt! #NotMyRex
  9. The Fate of Rexdom ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Within the Arena the Rex Korgahk’Gorkil finds himself alone with Gadget’Ox, the two understand what will happen as the Rex can no longer run for the only way forward is by winning against the Shroom’Gobbo, the two clashed, clashing in a show strength and speed, cunning and might, the brute of a Gorkil against a nimble quick-thinking Ox. As the two clashes with might and cunning, only one stood strong and claimed the title of Rex. Gadget’Ox, the Shroom’Gobbo, the Whitewash won the fight and ascended to leading the very nation she fought hard to change, she without seconds notice send she casts away Korgahk’Gorkil, whitewashing him as he did to her before leaving the arena, she calls to the people around shouting that the Rex has fallen, that she herself is now Rex. Rex Gadget’Ox, the Shroom’Gobbo. Upon this day the Orc known as Korgahk’Gorkil is cast out of Krugmar, whitewashed and stripped from his title, honouring the klomp he tried to avoid for so long ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Rex Gadget’Ox Wargoth of the Ox Clan Rex of Krugmar Shroom’Gobbo For Snawt! For Ox Clan! For Krugmar!
  10. Liv

    The Rise of Ox Clan

    The Duel for Rexdom ════════════════════════ Gadget’Ox, The Shroom’Gobbo, now the Whitewashed doesn’t accept this whitewashing from a Ukree who prays on the weak, due to this Gadget sends her formal demand for an honour klomp. Honour the klomp and the terms set within the day of the whitewashing, by the code of Krug the terms will be accepted and a duel for Rexdom will take place. ════════════════════════════════════ Terms - Gadget’Ox’s Victory - current Rex loses the title of Rex and Gadget takes it, Current Rex will be whitewashed. Korgahk’Gorkil Victory - Gadget’Ox will willingly without any trouble leave the Goi and accept the whitewashing never to return, Gadget will accept the fate of death if the Rex wishes. For Snawt! For Krugmar! For Ox Clan! Gadget’Ox Shroom’Gobbo Wargoth of Clan Ox
  11. The Return of the Shroom’Gobbo ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Upon the plain untamed fields of the lands of Krugmar lays a simple cave, within this dark moist cave lives a number of bacteria, mould and moss which litter the walls creating a dark gloom atmosphere, those who enter the cave find it to be warm and full of life, going deeper down lives a simple creature whose size matches that of a goblin, who’s features are definitely one of goblin decent expect, this goblins skin is that a tad darker in colour, this goblin had is more shroom is size, this goblin, isn’t a real goblin but like the wildlife of mushrooms, mould, moss and other bacteria, this goblin is made of plant matter holding an appearance of a mushroom creature. Known to little as Gadget’Ox this Goblin holds a unique mindset and a goal in her heart, this goal has caused her to leave the safety of her little wet dark dank cave and return to the Goi, to the jewel of Krugmar the Capital, with determination this marks the returning of the Shroom’Gobbo and her adventures in Krugmar. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Picture of the empty Goi ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ As she looks around the Goi a sorrow look reaches her, with a deep sigh her shoulders roll down sulking due to the vase empty streets she sees, looking around to find … anyone, a fellow goblin? An orc? Even a snaga would do, yet her attempts fail, leading her aimless wanders about alone. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ The once filled streets littered to the sounds of animals which were once tended too ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ Luck finds the Shroom’Gobbo as she bumps into the Targoth, a large orc brother by the name of Kolaz of the Lak clan, no longer alone as she has found another, the duo find each other at the arena of Krugmar where the two bonds over klomps for a while improving each others skill, however, the small plant-like gobbo was never a match for the mighty Targoth but as all do, she tried her best, until this duo found another brudda to join the mix, filled with joy at the once empty streets of Krugmar now holding two other bruddas of the Shroom’Gobbo, next another brudda enters this happened many times over the course of the day until the whole arena was filled with a handful of orcs and that of different races too. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ The crowd klomping and blahing ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ As the group laugh and klomps until the day turns dark, the Targoth leaves for his time is up and busy this mighty warrior of an orc is, leaving the group one less short, no matter this more still joined until another notable figure enters the mix, that of Fiil of the Yar clan which the group then fought all night around a mighty roaring fire ring to entertain themselves, making Krugmar a loud, enjoyable place, even if it was just for the night. Which slowly lead to an end of the day for this Shroom’Gobbo who saw the joy upon her bruddas and sisters faces and knew it was the right time to make a difference, for her clan, for her nation, for her bruddas and sisters of Krug. ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ The Fire circle of which the Orcs created to klomp in showing no fear but enjoyment ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
  12. The city of San’Azgak Wargoth Korgahk’Gorkil enters the town square of Krugmar, stepping with determination and purpose as he reaches its centre. Wielding his spear, he’d stab it into the ground before the shrine of Krug.“Brothers and Sisters of Krugmar. The goi is not what it used to be. We no longer hunt down the undead like the dogs that they are. We no longer hunt and kill beasts that have plagued the lands for many years. Korgahk would lock eyes with each orc as more and more gathered around “Where is the Rex in these times?” Korgahk would stop for a moment looking around to see if someone spoke up. But no one did. “I, Korgahk’Gorkil, will bring Krugmar back to our roots. I will aim to return us to our former glory as sons of Krug” He would stop, looking at his spear he planted prior to the speech, grabbing it and holding it high into the air before the whole crowd “Krugmar will return to its roots to assume its glory. We shall restore the name of the spirits by spreading them around the realm. We shall spread their glory and power not only within Krugmar, But throughout Arcas. ” He took a moment to survey the crowd, the few remaining Orcs of Krugmar not speaking a word The Wargoth would take a deep breath before roaring out to the crowd. So all could hear his declaration “I Wargoth Korgahk’Gorkil challenge Rex Akrukil’Lur for Rex! No longer shall we be held down and confined by our own inaction!” (!) A missive would be left in multiple places around the city of San’Azgak. Written upon it in orcish writing it would state; “To the citizens of Krugmar and abroad. Krugmar will rise again falling back to our traditions, We will soon set out to Arcas. We will set out to eradicate the evils of Arcas. And we will set out to proclaim the name of the Ancestors and Spirits! To Restore glory and honor to Krugmar!” Ang Gijak Ishi
  13. Elite_Snipes_

    A new Rex

    After the challenge was issued to the Rex, Akrukil’Lur, Korgahk waited patiently for the Rex to answer the challenge. Soon enough the reigning Rex showed up clenching his fist saying towards the Wargoth “Leyt uz Klomp Korgahk” Korgahk simply nodded calmly making his way towards the big arena where he witnessed the fate of Rexdoms and arguments decided in this exact arena. Korgahk clenched his fists digging his feet in the warm savanna sand readying himself for probably the most important fight of his life. The Lur Rex let out a monstrous roar before charging the Wargoth, the fight commenced. The Rex landing some early and solid blows on Korgahk, dazing him for a second before quickly recovering and landing some blows on the Rex, the Rex finished off the Wargoth with a swift hook to the ribs, then followed by an uppercut to the jaw making Korgahk fall on the ground. Akrukil won the first round of the fight, but it did not end here. The Gorkil Wargoth rose to his feet dusting himself off, Korgahk would not make the same mistake he did in the first round. Korgahk readied himself once more raising his fists and bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet , focusing on his strong opponent. This Time Korgahk charged at Rex Akrukil, but before they collided he side-stepped, evading a right-cross from Akrukil whilst delivering his own right-cross to his stomach, causing the Rex to hunch over with a large exhalation of air. Pivoting on his lead foot, he’d turn his body with his momentum, sending a looping left haymaker that collided behind the Rex’s ear. Akrukil was caught off guard by this sudden maneuver, his balance leaving him as he dropped to the floor and onto his back, but he was not yet out. Korgahk was stood over him and descended upon the Rex, landing in side-control. Akrukil slowly came to his senses, attempting to push against Korgahk however he pulled Akrukil’s arm up, disabling him from pushing against him, then sliding his own right knee across Akrukil’s stomach, now in knee-on-belly, beginning to slam punches into the Rex’s jaw, who was now unable to defend himself effectively and soon becoming too concussed and ending the round in Korgahk’s favour. The Final round would decide who the Rex of Krugmar would be. Who would the spirits deem worthy of the title of Rex. Akrukil stood up grunting at Korgahk assuming another fight stance and readying himself for the final fight that would decide it all. Korgahk took a deep breath focusing himself once more before walking towards Akrukil which the Rex met with his own approach. Korgahk, emboldened by his previous victory, entered with two swift jabs, one landing against Akrukil’s guard, yet the other sleeping through and landing against the Rex’s forehead. However, Akrukil had swung his right fist in a looping haymaker toward’s Korgahk’s face, which he had not noticed, causing Korgahk to stumble back, raising his guard. Akrukil kept up with him, preparing for a left-hook, causing Korgahk to brace. Yet it never came, as the Rex feinted the punch and quickly shot forewards, picking up Korgahk with a double-leg takedown, taking the wind out of him as he landed, a cloud of sand rising around the two. However, not allowing himself to be disheartened, he locked both his feet around Akrukil’s waist as the Rex postured up in his guard, sending a fist into Korgahk’s cheek, then another against his forehead. Dazed, Korgahk instinctively reached for one of his arms, which he managed to find, gripping it tightly and pulling against it whilst yanking the Rex towards him. Akrukil, not understanding grappling proficiently, collapsed forwards ontop of Korgahk, unable to deliver powerful blows at close range. He’d manage to pull his arm free, placing it against the ground to posture back up, however Korgahk wrapped his arm around it again, yet this time he had placed his left leg on the outside of his knees with his other leg’s ankle placed against Akrukil’s stomach who was hanging over him. Akrukil did not have time to react before he was lifted slightly, then his knees being swept from underneath him and his arm yanked, causing him to land flat on his side and Korgahk swiftly rolling ontop of him in full-mount. Akrukil wriggled his arm free again, covering up the side of his head to defend incoming blows, yet Korgahk did not send any, instead wrapping his arm around both his neck and arm, gripping it in a tight circle, the Rex finally tapped out touching Korgahks forearm signifying he gave up still in a head-and-arm triangle.. Korgahk let out a joyous roar of “Ang Gijak Ishi!” lending his hand to help the Rex up which he accepted saying “Good Klomp Brother, you fought well” Akrukil slightly nodded simply saying “The spirits have spoken. Good fight brother” He said once more before walking out of the Arena, clenching his jaw. Korgahk turned towards the few orcs and honoraries watching roaring out “I declare myself Rex of Krugmar! I will serve Krugmar to the best of my abilities and let us celebrate this moment with a FEAST!” Korgahk said raising his fist to the air eyeing each of the people watching. Before walking out of the Arena going to immediately tell his Lifemate Gorgosha of what happened. (!) Posters would be pinned around the orc city of San’Azgak as well missives sent to multiple nations inviting them to the Feast. The following are invited. - All the Clans/Citizens of Krugmar - Grand Kingdom of Urguan - Clan Ireheart - The Noble concord of Renelia - The Sultanate of Al-Faiz - The Kingdom of Morsgrad - The Carringtons
  14. “Oh no here comes an edgy” - An ancient Anthosian saying The Purification of Arcas For too long the evil beings of this realm have had the ability to roam freely without risk of death. Evil beings allow themselves to influence others negatively without the risk of punishment. Cities like the infested Sutica, have freely allowed these disgusting and evil pests to flow and live within their city, harboring them and allowing them to live normal lives. An agreement found between the clans of Gorkil and Ireheart’s mutual hatred for all beings of an evil nature. The signatories of this agreement will join forces in order to eradicate all beings of an evil nature, without mercy or remorse. Any nations found harboring these beings will be targeted and treated as if they were the very beings they chose to protect. Let all “edgies” fear for they shall soon be exterminated like the pests that they are, and soon Arcas shall be purified. Korgahk’Gorkil, Wargoth of Clan Gorkil Axel Ireheart, Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan
  15. Journey Into Mystery: Deliverance With the siege of Mt. Augustus repelled the Azogs march to Mirtok DeNurem’s base of operations. Having heard rumors of his return, the aged Maur’Azog couldn’t wait to see his old friend again and had detached with a few select Uruks from the main war band for this detour. “Welcome back, brother.” “Mirtok DeNurem,” Smiled the robed figure as he approached his old friend. Long has it been since he’s seen that face. “You look intact.” He lowered his hood to reveal his warped face. His eyes now fully purple in the whites and his nose sunken into his skull. Tusk stabbing into the flesh of his face. “The same can be done for you. Remove that foul taint that burdens your soul. You Azogs have done much for me. The least I can do for you, friend.” “I thank you, DeNurem, but these are mine to carry for the journey is about to begin to the promised lands. This is the moment we’ve both known was coming..” “You mean you’re not staying?” “Yub... To see the face of my friend and thank him for everything he has given me. I know you’re not one for goodbyes either.” he dryly chuckles, pulling out a piece of ink. Mushing the index on his palm onto his index finger. “You had no reason to take in my brothers under your protection when they were shunned by their race. Yet you found it in your heart to call them your own and fight alongside them in the trenches of every battle we’ve fought together. And from there we found the meaning of community and family. There we found purpose and fate in a GOD. For we are cursed children of this GOD but under my guidance I will lead them to redemption in the eyes of this GOD which we call the spirits. This gave me meaning when I died in the nether. And for this, I bestow upon you three gifts in representation of the three Azogs you took in but first.” “Mirtok DeNurem, I hereby bestow the honor of the name of Azog. Absolved of all past titles men have stained your name with hopes to diminish your accomplishments as they have done to our people in the past. Granting you the blessing of the spirits who had pushed us to glory and have destined your family to be reunited again. Rivaling only the Azogs in strength.” He raised his index finger, drawing a black cross upon the Hochmeister’s face. The Orc looked down upon his friend, allowing the memories of their journey that has led to this very moment slip down his cheek. A silent tear rolled down the face of the withering Orc’s alligator skin. Yet the Hochmesiter remained resilient throughout all of this, showing no emotion as the Orc has. Though Maur’Azog knew by his silence, that he was afraid of showing the emotion that had hurt him in the past. But his silence spoke volumes to the Orc. This wasn’t an easy goodbye for the both of them. “This is the last time I see you, brother. Thank you for taking a chance on us.” Maur’Azog gestures for three Orcs of his war band to bring forth a large ornate gold casket. “As for our three gifts.” The three Orcs moved and pulled a casket from the pile of loot the Orcish warband carried. A large golden warhammer in the center with locations of the DeNurems offsprings entrusted in the care of the Azogs when Castle GreyWynn fell. “I cared for them as if they were my own. Letting them go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Their place is alongside humans though and I found them respected quiet families to give them that. Find them and give them the same chance you gave us when you found us. Farewell, friend.” The Great Fire of Helena About 300 Years later... ... Thud! ... Thud! ... GASP … The child gasps for air, coughing out the smoke he’s inhaled in his sleep, “Mother I’m stuck help me!” he cried towards the doorway of his bedroom. Only to be met with no response but the crackling of the house coming nearer to collapsing on the young boy. Slowly his vision faded into darkness, only hearing a voice to the side. “Come, son. The other two await you. Virgil.” A man spoke from his window sill, features obscured by the shadow his figure casted into the room with the sun’s ray shining brightly behind him. Slowly he approached him; the orc from his dream he thought! Though without much choice he allowed himself to be taken by him up from the bed. ‘Other two? What? This is just a bad dream....’ ‘Fate.’ Responded the man. How did he know his name, this couldn’t just be a coincidence, he thought. Though as the figure carried him out of danger he found that his mind wasn’t on the vivid dream he had just experienced or the that his home was burning down.. It was on how this mad man with a thick beard was smoking a cigar through the black smoke of the burning house.
  16. [!] A flyer nailed upon local taverns and boards of many descendant settlements, which reads in bright flamboyan colors. OxCon is a convention held at Fort Ox, in Krugmar. It is a time for the Ox clan members and all of the world's engineers to show their skills and talents when it comes to making machines both big and small. The Ox clan would like to invite everyone to the event, to come take a look at all the creations, and maybe even take part in the contest and festivities, as well as goof around and have an enjoyable carefree time. The convention will be held at Sunday, 5 pm EST / 9 pm GMT. The scene for the Convention, some can try and tell about their concepts During OxCon every engineer around can have an opportunity to enter a contest of wit and skill. The contest is a simple show and tell, in which those who enter can show off their own designs and creations to judges, those with the best design can have a chance to win big cash and other interesting items that may peek the attention of the talented collection of people who attend. Winners gain 5,000 minas in funds as well as a small item to prove that you’re a talented and inspiring creator. The Jury would be held by Rex, Dominus, Tekgoth and two more volunteers. The water-mill powered auto-hammer Maybe engineering isn’t your thing and you’re not the greatest tinker, have no fear, OxCon holds more than just a get together for tinkers and engineers. Stalls can be set up and used by anyone willing or wanting to sell off their interesting items, even spending on the local shops is advised, if shopping or setting up a shop is also not for you, well we all know and love the enjoyable sport of social drinking, make new friends and be served drinks imported from around Arcas. You would also may find yourself interested in goblin gambling machines, the many minigames and so on. The entrance of the said event The goblin Ox Fort rests on a hill just infront of the orcish capital San’Azgak, but fear not, during the event, no hostile actions would be done towards the many races of Arcas or citizens of friendly, neutral, or enemy nations aslong as you bring a mind willing to share it’s contents. Feel free to travel there by taking the road from Clould Temple to Krugmar, then before reaching the Orc Nation, take a narrow path towards the big green building, with lots of cranes hanging from its walls. See you there, friend! OOC: Contact BEZERKER#2703 if you want participate in the contest with your invention. Anything can be the contest item, as long, as it’s top notch enough for the picky goblin jury. - Many thanks to Livviez for helping with this post, and Gallic with taking these screens
  17. A note upfront: Hello there! Yes, it is I, Hedgehug. I'm not dead, not yet. Over the course of the last month or so me and others have occupied ourselves with the task of clarifying shamanism as a whole to both the LT, MT and community. The following product is given: 74 pages of written shaman lore, divided by some google documents and this general codex. Upon acceptance this very thread will serve as a guideline for future shamans. The holy ooc book for shamanism within LotC. Please treat this work, that has taken a large quantity of time and effort, with the respect it deserves. As well as its authors. I shall personally open up a second thread that will serve as a shaman q&a where questions regarding shamanism, spirituality and this newly made codex will be answered by both me and the shaman playerbase. Edit registor: 15-7-2017 ~ Removed google doc links, replaced with referal link to newly made forum post + added farssing in the codex instead of a seperate doc. 7-9-2017 ~ Removed the odd links and added actual link lines referring to other threads With pride I present to you: The Shamanic Codex The capabilities and limitations of Shamans and the Spirits Executive compiler: Hedgehug Contributors (according to relevancy): Smawton, Divinejustice, Pandasan, KBR, Lhindir, Ilikefooddude, Catarrh Table of contents Introduction The Spirit Realms & The Spirits Spiritual Psychology Spiritual Influence Blackspeech Totems Subtypes Elementalism Lutaumancy Farseer Witch Doctor Spirit Smithing Other Shamanic Abilities Voodoo Dolls Muyakelg Introduction Schematic representation of what shamanism entails: http://imgur.com/QufWmgq To begin, it is important to note that all Shamans utilise the energies of the Spirits in order to influence the world, and work directly with them in order to allow the Spirits to enforce their will. A Shaman allows the Spirit to use his or her mana pool, and from this the extent of the Spirit’s influence is put into constraint; as the mana pool of any Mortal has a limitation. The way in which the Shaman interacts with the Spirits, and how he or she uses his or her powers varies from person to person. For this reason, sub-types of Shamanism were made where Shaman focus on a specific way in which to reach out to the Spirits. Spirits vary from each other in their power by how prevalent the thing they reign over is. For instance, the Spirits of Time and Space are the most powerful Spirits in existence, because Time and Space extends to the furthest reaches of the Universe, and the way in which they can use time and space also allows them to gain a significant advantage. The Spirit Realms & The Spirits A listing of all current existing spirits: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153791-the-spirits-grand-list/ Typically, Spirits are split into three categories because their powers are so drastic as to warrant differing realms within which to contain them. All Spirits exist in these Spiritual Planes, created by the Daemon, Apohet. These are as follows: The Elemental Realm - Housing all Elemental Spirits; these are the most powerful of all Spirits. These spirits represent material elements of various kinds, and only touch on that what is material in the Mortal Realm. The Immortal Realm - This realm houses the Spirits that reign over concepts, ideas, emotions and more specific things spread across the Universe. For instance, a house may be made of stone, and as such tied to the Elemental of Stone, yet an Immortal Spirits will exist to reign over the concept of what a house is, and can influence it in such a way as to improve or weaken the structure. The Ancestral Realm || Stargush’Stroh - This is where those devoted to the Spirits go when they have died on the Mortal Realm. Therein exist two types of Ancestors; Lesser and Greater. In order to become a Greater Ancestral, a player must have achieved an exceptional feat within their lifetime. For more information heed to the following post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152380-the-stargûshstroh-apohets-realm-of-ancestors The Mortal Realm - While this is not a Spiritual realm, everything that exists across the Universe contains smaller portions of Spiritual energy, entities that are referred to as stagnant Spirits. These smaller Spirits are directly tied to the Spiritual Realms, and are how a more powerful Spirit in the Spirit Realms may influence the Mortal realm. They use the mana of the Shaman in question in order to infuse their own energy into the Stagnant Spirit, awakening it for the Shaman to them control or otherwise allow to take action of its own will. All Immortal Spirits can materialise within the Mortal Realm when they have accumulated enough power and influence, but if they were to die it would be a permanent death. For this reason, Greater Immortals do not usually summon themselves into the Mortal Realm and instead allow their Lesser Immortals, their servants, to act on their behalf: ET Only: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/147946-the-avatars-of-the-spirits Spiritual Psychology As formations of a Daemon, the overarching design behind each Spirit is their desire and need for worship and control, because being revered, and having the thing they represent be more prevalent across the Universe allows them to grow more powerful and gain further control in the Spirit Realm. Each Spirit tries to overpower one another, which is a scenario we saw very clearly with the Orgonic Plague. Despite the Orcs assisting in the summoning of Orgon, the Spirit decided to attack them when he considered himself powerful enough to do so, as plaguing the Orcs would have empowered him further than allowing them to live healthily on a landmass that could no further be corrupted. Spiritual Influence Regardless of the shamans specific subtype and business, they all share one key ability: that of communion with the spirits. A shaman can go to the Spirit's realm and converge with it in the old tongue. Here the Shaman can bargain and trade. The boons that can be granted by the Spirits have long been unclear and without boundary. It is therefore that the following is stated: In the event of a shaman contacting a spirit in order to converge, bargain, or trade for material boons, immaterial boons, or knowledge, a dedicated ET, MT, LM, or approved Shaman player must represent the spirit. As for the obtainable: this is strictly limited to what is directly affiliated to the spirit in question. The tradeoffs are mostly unfair, as they must be both within the spirits better interest as follow their instinct to obtain power and significance. Old Blah/Blackspeech Additionally, in order to call upon and communicate with the Spirits, Shamans must learn the Ancient Tongue which is passed down from teacher to teacher; which must be a lore-approved item given to the prospective teacher when their application is accepted. This item is a so called codex or tome and contains the teacher's established knowledge on the language. Totems Totems are akin to shrines to specific Spirits that have been blessed by the shaman. By ‘upgrading’ a shrine to a totem it makes for a stronger tether to the spirit it is dedicated to. This makes for easier contacting of the spirit. However, the totem also makes it so that contacting other spirits within its vicinity is more complicated to do. More details below: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/145253-totems/ Subtypes Elementalism Arguably the oldest of all Shaman sub-types, it is also one of the more basic in concept; yet takes incredible patience and endurance to achieve in reality. An Elementalist cannot conjure an Element, and must instead work with existing material. Currently, Elementalists may only use the following Elements: Electricity and Metal require more complex understandings, and I suggest making these available when a Shaman has mastered an Element at T3. When a Shaman makes a pact with a Lesser Spirit of an Element, they may begin to influence the world around them in one of two ways.The first is more fast-paced, and typically these stages of progression correlate almost entirely with those of Evocation, and the progression of tier allows an Elementalism to control more of the Element they are using. The difference with Shamanism lies in a slower approach, in which an Elementalist may continuously re-visit a region in order to influence it further over time; in this instance, it is determined by the region owner or moderator what may be achieved, as theoretically an Earth Elementalism may open up a ravine after many rituals. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/134759-elementalist-clarifications-and-spirits/ To begin a pact with a Spirit, an elementalist must abandon their mortal,physical self and ascend into the Elemental Realm. At first, this travel is taken through intense psychedelics, or a copious amount of drugs, often damaging the elementalist’s mind and causing them to have horrific visions that corrupt and sway their mind. Due to the powerful nature of their magics, spirits of mental instability seek to attack them as they try to connect to the Realm. Once there, the shaman again is bombarded by the nexus of the Elemental Realm, a nexus of twisting and ever-changing elements crafted by Elemental spirits. Lightning flickers throughout the sky, fire dances about the air like dragons, and mountains rise and fall to the whim of the beings within it. To a new shaman, the experience would be mind-shattering, and usually the teacher accompanies them. Once here, they must venture around the nexus, following paths and calling out to the seek out the elemental spirit of choice. When the Spirit itself can be roleplayed by the following: The Teacher, the MT, or an ET knowledgeable in the Spirits. Once arriving upon the spirit, the pact is given by the spirit which essentially boils down to a quest relating to the element of choice. A fire elemental may ask for lava placed upon the highest part of a mountain, climbed by hand and still hot as daybreak approaches, or the death of a dragon or some fiery beast. A storm elemental may want the shaman to climb to the highest peaks and shock themselves in a test of durability and strength. The quests to the discretion of those giving the test, and they do not need to be feasible. A shaman may fail their test, and potentially seek out another spirit. If not completed in 2 irl weeks, it is assumed that the pact has failed, and that the shaman may seek out another pact for a simpler test. Once the pact has been made, the work of an elementalist is not finished. Far from. Once a month, the pact must be renewed through a similar quest. Though not as great as the original pact, a shaman must go out and commit works in the name of the spirit they worship. This may be converting others to the faith, erecting shrines and totems, or performing great sacrifices akin to the original pact. These acts are preserved through screenshots or OOC confirmation by those present, before being sent to the teacher,MT, or ET. If a shaman does not commit these tasks for a whole month, their tier, regardless of placement goes down by one. EVENT TEAM NOTES If any Event Team is bored/seeking new roleplay or things to interact within the realm of spirits, I would suggest a Spirit War or struggle of power. Within both the Elemental and Immortal realms, spirits wage war on each other-- for power is all they seek. Some may seek alliances and work together, while others may exist as puppetmasters to push greater means. The politics of the Spiritual Realms work nearly identical to those of the Mortal Realm. These battles are heard and felt by all shamans, and can involve orcs via the manifestation of these battles upon the Mortal Realm, or by shamans and various groups worshiping spirits to empower them. It is quite obvious that this grants ET a lot of space to work on events and ideas; however, there things to take account for. Battles upon elemental spirits are often the most common, as their various forms act as anathema to each other (water to fire, air to earth, etc), and so elementalists may find themselves at war battling each other. If a Spirit Manifests in the Mortal Realm and is killed, they are dead for good. Do not touch any of the Greater Elemental, Immortal, or even Ancestral Spirits without MT supervision. Avoid giving Spiritual Items/Tools, for the various forms of shamanism do this. DivineJustice’s little blurb about Elementalist Changes: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Previous elementalists got the perks of a magic stronger than evocation at the cost of literally nothing. The pact was almost immediately, and the work done for it was banged out in a matter of days. I loathed the fact that an elementalist basically served as an rp combat magic with little purpose behind it save for squishing people with the elements. Moreover, elementalists hold in little in means of roleplay save for the combat they serve in, so I hope with these interactions, elementalists have a greater purpose within the shamanistic community. I will explain how the Shamans may utilise Elementalism using the… household appliance scaling system. Tier 1 - Minor Influence - Cannot control Shape Fire - May influence a Flame no larger than that produced by a torch. Earth - May influence crumbled earth (gravel, sand, et cetera) to the extent of that which could be contained within a bucket. Water - May influence pure water to the extent of that which could be contained within a bucket. Air - May influence standard Air to the extent of that which could be contained within a… bucket. Tier 2 - Considerable Influence - Can Alter Shape Slightly Fire - May influence a Flame no larger than that of a camp fire. Earth - May influence both crumbled and solid material to the extent of that which could be contained within a bath. Water - May influence both normal water and swampy/murky water to the extent of that which could be contained within a bath. Air - May influence both normal air and smoke to the extent of that which could be contained within a… bath. Tier 3 - Basic Mastery of the Element - Can Alter Shape Completely This Tier follows the same retrains to size as Tier 2, but with complete mastery over the shape and direction it takes. Metal - Can influence Metal to move but cannot alter the shape; limited to that which could be contained in a bucket. Electricity - Can influence Electricity and Static Energy to move but cannot alter the shape or direction in which shoots along its journey; limited to that which could be contained within a… bucket. Tier 4 - Complete Mastery of the Basic Elements Fire - May now influence flames to the extent of a funeral pyre, and can shape it or snuff it out entirely. Earth - May now influence Earth to the extent of being able to shape completely; to the extent of that which could be contained within a van. Water - May influence Water to such extremes that they may now influence Ice and Steam, as well as all forms; swamp, bog, beer, et cetera; to the extent of that which could be contained within a van. Air - May influence Air to such extremes that they may now influence temperature, as well as poisonous air, smoke and may carry air into regions where it does otherwise not exist. Metal - May slightly influence the shape of Metal; to the extent of that which can be contained within a bath. Electricity - May influence Electricity and Static Energy to the degree of being able to completely direct it and keep it on course; to the extent of that which could be contained within a… bath. Tier 5 - Complete Mastery of All Elements and their States All may be shaped, directed and altered completely at this stage; to the extent of that which may be contained within a living room. Creation of Elemental Muyakelgs are also possible at this stage. Red Lines A connection is VITAL to be role-played before manipulating any element of choice. A T5 Elementalist in 2 varieties of Elements may manipulate them at the same time, but will be done at the rate of a T3 Shaman for both elements by either combining the elements or using them separately. A Shaman must role-play any interference of concentration as well as fatigue from connecting to the Spirit Realm. The Elementalist will find that the opposite Elements becomes harder to control, as the Elemental Spirit is displeased with the shaman for choosing it’s rival. (Fire-Water, Earth-Air, Metal-Water, Lightning-Earth) Elementalism is purely altering said element, you can neither add or subtract that of a substance, only alter what is present. Lutaumancy Clarification of Lutaumancy for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ The Lutaumen are shamans capable of communing with the long past ancestors of the Uruk race. They do this by connecting to the ancestral realm, using the ancestor on which they focus on as a tether. Objects in the Mortal Realm may contribute if they bear significance to the ancestral spirit in question. This communion is what makes most of their roleplay: contacting ancestors of either the long past, or even closer past. They have the ability of taking up to two other individuals with them on these so called ‘spirit walks’ to the Stargush’Stroh. Aside from communion they are, similar to Elementalists, able to summon the power of Greater Ancestral spirits within themselves. These powers often granted by Spirits that the Lutauman has bonded with, similar to Elementalism. Tier 1 - Minor Influence - The Lutauman learns the old tongue and the basic principle of entering and exiting the Stargush’Stroh. Here they can encounter ancestral spirits but remain unable to directly contact a specific one. Even with a tether in the mortal realm. Tier 2 - Considerable Influence - The Lutauman enters and exits the Stargush’Stroh with less and less trouble and can stay longer in said realm. Upon attempting to contact a specific ancestor they shall see improvement to locating and contacting them. The usage of a tether greatly improves this. Tier 3 - Basic Mastery of the Ancestral Communion - The Lutauman has mastered the art of Communion with ancestors and can travel to any ancestor at will with little effort. The usage of tethers is still preferred but no longer a necessity. Two other individuals may be brought into the spirit realm. It is at around this tier that the Lutauman is taught how to summon the powers of an ancestor within them and may experiment with self-blessing. Tier 4 - Basic Mastery of Self-Blessing - The Lutauman Masters the summoning of blessings upon themselves. The bonds between Shaman and spirit improve leading to the experimentation of stronger blessings such as Power (Rax) or maybe even the Kurak blessing. Tier 5 - Complete Mastery of Ancestral Communion & Self-Blessing - The Lutauman has mastered and perfected the arts of Ancestral Communion and Self-Blessing. They can call upon the strength of a large variety of Greater Ancestrals. On top of this they can, with relative ease, take up to five other individuals with them on spirit walks to the Stargush’Stroh. Additionally, the Lutauman may create a Muyakelg with the help of a T5 Witch Doctor. Regarding ghosts and other ghostly / spectral creatures the Lutauman has the following ability: As is established: Kor, spirit of the dead is a Greater Immortal spirit with the slight bonus that he is capable of traveling between the Stargush’Stroh and the Immortal Realm. He is perceived the ‘Gatekeeper’ of the Stargush’Stroh. Therefore the Lutauman, upon encountering the creature in question, can summon within him: Kor. This is done in a similar fashion as obtaining a self-blessing from a Greater Ancestral. Upon successfully summoning Kor the Shaman can then begin to ‘consume’ the Ghost until it is fully purged. The soul then travels back with Kor and is left in the Soulstream. This event may be considered a suggested PK for ghosts and similar spectral creatures. Red Lines A tier 5 lutauman can take up to 5 others at maximum with them to the stargush’stroh. The self-blessings, though made to empower the shaman, do have their limits. Namely the Strength and Kurak blessings are to be undergamed at all times to prevent powergaming. The power does not reach above that of a matured olog, the kurak blessing, including it’s drawback of potential friendly-fire, is limited to the physical power of an actual lur-wolf. A shaman cannot spend too long a time in the stargush’stroh. Length is dependant on tier. Tier 1 would make for about a half hour visit where a tier 5 can reach up to about 24 hours (as in-realm time). If the body of a spirit-walking shaman or traveler is killed during their walk, the shaman and or travelers spirit shall remain locked in the stargush’stroh. Though not enforced, this would make for a convincing PK. Should the player not wish to PK after this, it can be assumed that Kor bails them out and sends their spirits back to the soulstream after they’ve spoken to him. (which can actually be roleplayed out should one wish so). This could, if roleplayed properly, end up in a bargain. One with a cost. Farseer Clarification of Farseeing for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ Overview Farseers are spiritual seers of nations and clans. Farseers are gifted individuals that can travel into the plane of spirits and speak with spirits invisible to the eyes of normal descendants. Farseers are troubled by visions of the future and use their insight to guide their people through troubled times. Although Farseers may seem wise and peaceful at first, they are formidable foes; when angered, their wrath is fierce. Immortal Spirits Immortal Spirits began long ago as the creations of Elementals; Deemed to watch over specific aspects or domains of the world, and empowered only by the increase of worship or said domain; Such as how the Spirit of the Hunt is empowered for every kill a Predatory being makes. Cast into their own planes, and considered lesser, by the Elementals, Immortal Spirits seek constantly to gain power, ruling over vast domains featuring prominent features of their Aspects, such as the Spirit of the Sea having a vast watery section of the Realm, with Lesser Spirits of these constantly moving about their planes, all the while plotting and seeking to gain their own powers as well, with the eventual hopes to become Greater themselves. All the Greater Immortal Spirits began possessing only a single aspect, for example Enrohk has three aspects- Bloodlust, Savagery, and War; Enrohk started as the Greater Spirit of Bloodlust and the rest he gained, by either consuming other spirits entirely or by subjugating another spirit that has more than one aspect. When a Greater Spirit is consumed it does not die, the spirit is forced to join in a Union with the other Spirit, much like the union a Spirit is forced into when consumed by a Dark Shaman, meaning it can regain its freedom through the defeat of its overlord; However, due to the nature of Spirits seeking more power, a Spirits freeing one another would be unheard of. Greater Spirits weaken when they gain many aspects because even though they hold many aspects that are powerful, they may weaken because the others are on the same level: In this, one Spirit will never be allowed to gain to many, as other spirits will combine efforts to release and spread aspects from that spirit elsewhere, as there is a delicate balance. Due to the weakness of Spirits holding many aspects, Lesser Spirits are formed to hold superior strength in these fields - Such as Orgon. Greater Spirits in the Spirit World rule vast domains and have countless minor spirits under their control, they wage war, make peace and plot against and with each other. An example of how Greater spirits interact with Descendants, mainly Orcs, is seen before the great revival of the Orcish race by Rex Mogroka. Mogroka was contacted by Enrohk, at the time a weak spirit that only held domain over bloodlust. The former Orcish government suppressed bloodlust and tried to control it. It is said that Enrohk gave Mogroka powers, a mighty blessing to enrage the Berserker-Shaman fit for the Champion of Enrohk, and with Mogroka’s ascent to power bloodlust was made free and with it, Enrohk gained power. Elemental Spirits The Elementals interact directly with the physical, mortal plane. They live in the Elemental Plane, and here, they view our world as the pure elements it is made up of. The most common (and primary) elements are Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. Other elements, like Space and Time, are more complex to understand, and are ultimately more powerful than those before them. For ease, The elemental spirits are separated into four different categories: Primary, Secondary, Advanced, and Master spirits. Primary: Earth, Air, Fire, Water Secondary: Light, Dark, Storm, Metal Advanced: Life, Death, Order, Chaos Master: Space, Time The elements mentioned above are the ones understood and recognized by the Shamanic culture, but it is entirely possible that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of other elements that haven’t been discovered. Spirit-Walking A journey by ritualistic actions and behaviours hidden and protected by Farseers throughout the ages, experienced Farseers hold the innate ability to travel in a manner in which their Soul breaks from their physical form, able to travel directly to the Immortal and Elemental planes; However, this ritual is different from that to travel to Kor’s dominion and speak to the Ancestrals. Whilst the origins of the rituals are as mysterious as the Spirits themselves, Farseers have a strong tradition of secrecy in their teachings, acting as elders in their communities and passing down their trade by word of mouth, with the only known writings to be the Or’Gok Scrolls, lost with Mogroka’Gorkil. While in these planes, the Farseer is most vulnerable, his mortal self idle in his own realm, whilst his soul traverses the realm of the Spirits, in which fatal wounds in either would result in death. Due to this, Spirit Guides are often employed, being that of Lesser Spirits that have a direct pact with a Farseer, much like Elementalists have with their elemental lessers, or that of other Farseers who have incredible knowledge on the domains; However, pacted Lesser Spirits are only able to guide the Farseer through the domain of his own aspect, the guides most commonly seeking something in return for their assistance and appearing like that of their domain, most commonly in an animal-like form. Ultimately, the purpose of Spirit Walking is that of conversing directly with the Spirits themselves. Due to this, and the dangers of traveling about the Elemental or Immortal planes without a guide, inexperienced Farseers find themselves unable to find and converse with the most powerful of the Spirits, the Greaters, by disheartening, getting lost, or threat of death by Lesser Spirits protecting the domain. Far Sight Granting these wise Shamans their names, the purpose of a Farseer, while to act as a mediator between the Mortal Realm and Spirit Realms, is primarily their gift to receive visions of the future itself, the wisest of Farseers commonly coming together to discuss and plan the best course of action to heed warning or take action to fulfil or prevent these prophecies. Far Sight, while being the most basic level of Farseeing, is the most difficult to master, with visions often including vague messages and half-truths that are unclear to even the most experienced Shamans. Far Sight is used mainly for providing hints and information in eventlines, though a Farseer with permission from MT could use it to ‘read’ the future of other characters. Visions Once a Farseer reaches T3, they are able to strike someone with visions, allowing them to infect someone’s mind with any sort of imagery the shaman wishes to evoke. This begins with first an emote of focus, and then an emote of striking the targets mind before the vision commences. Akin to illusory magic, eye contact must be made. However, once a farseer reaches T5, they are granted the ability of long-range visions, however require things such as blood and hair to maintain the connection akin to a Soul Puppeteer or Witchdoctor Blessings Taking upon the successes of rituals leading to Spirit Walking, Farseers can seek blessings of the Spirits in a multitude of ways; With the most successful blessings being that of Spirits the Farseer has actually spoken to, or their lessers, to get a full grasp of rituals and tasks needed to prove oneself worthy. An example being that a Farseer attempting to bless a hunt would require previous successful hunts and ritualistic sacrifices to be made by the Farseer in order to allow such blessings to persist. While the blessings of a Farseer occur most often in that of Immortal Spirits, the most experienced Farseers have been rumored to not only converse with Elementals to gain knowledge, but to be blessed by them, receiving imbuements to Artifacts or totems that allow the Farseer to Champion the elemental, unlike that of an elementalists bond with such. These blessings are extremely rare, often leading to that of great fame for the Farseer, with the most notable being that of the Farseer Mogroka’Gorkil and his ability to call down Lightning from the sky in the name of Neizdark. Other capabilities include that of an imbued weapon by the the Elemental of Fire, Skathach, allowing the weapon to shimmer in flames that burn until sheathed. While these powerful blessings may border on Elementalism, it is notable that Farseers do not have the bond as they do, and such, the blessing only being granted when the Farseer has the favor of the Spirit, as well as the energy to do such. Ritual-Blessings Farseers seeking the blessings of certain Spirits may require more suitable preparations, often requiring more than a single Farseer. While these blessings persist over a period of time, or a large area, they are mostly RP-only by nature. Some of these rituals include things such as Rain Dances, or things as complicated as attempts to draw out and combat spirits tainting body, mind, or land. Rain Dances are conducted by three of more Farseers in order to attempt to seek the blessings of both Arwa and Urin, often used in times of drought or famine in order to prevent further spread of such. This ritual normally lasts over a period of an entire day (30 minutes), and includes chanting and calling to the Spirits, as well as the use of different Farseer tools. Land Healing Rituals are the most complex ritual a Farseer can undergo. These rituals require three Farseers, with at least one of them having journeyed through the domain of Akezo, the Spirit of Health, Vitality, and Healing. This ritual requires multiple complex steps in order to draw out the corrupting Spirit. Beginning with a form of sacrifice, involving chanting to Akezo in the form of mending that which is broken, often a totem or trinket to represent the Spirit from which the Shamans are seeking aid. Following this, totems and incense must be burned around the area in order to draw the corrupted Spirit out with the assistance of the blessing. Following this, the Spirit will either flee or attempt to fight the Farseer, most commonly ending with the Farseers having to quite-literally beat the Spirit out of the lands. (ET required; Event-based Blight Healing) Rituals involving healing of the Mind and Body often act much as those of healing the land; However, due to the scale and weakness of the corrupting Spirits, only a single, experienced Farseer is required; However, while the corruption is removed, it often comes at the price of physical pain brought to release such. This is not always the case, as certain Farseers can, with the favor of the Spirit, convince it to leave by its own will, often by sacrifice, deals, or worship of the Spirit, much like that seen in the early stages of Orgon Worship. Tools of a Farseer Blessings granted onto that of a material object are common, yet highly protected. While not like that of so-called “Spirit Smithing”, blessed objects include that of ritualistic purpose, such as drums and weapons of sacrifice. Drum – The drum is often used by Farseers as the beating of the drum assists the Farseer to achieve an altered state of consciousness, aiding them in their travel to pass on their journey between the physical and spiritual worlds. Farseer drums are generally constructed of an animal-skin stretched over a bent wooden hoop, with a handle across the hoop. Feathers – Feathers are often used in ceremonies and in individual healing rituals. Rattle – Rattles are used in ceremonies in traditional ways, often included to help invoke a specific Spirit in the Farseers ceremonies. These rattles are typically made with things representing the Spirit in question. Smoking Pipe – Used for smoking various tobaccos and psychoactive herbs. Below I will detail a couple of these examples, along with their standard tier progression system: Tier 1 - Small Scale, Slow Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 5 blocks of corruption, which will take an entire IRL day to effect the land entirely;requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them slightly above average ability, but will not last any longer than 15 IRL minutes. Tier 2 - Larger Scale, Slow Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 10 blocks of corruption, which will take half an IRL day to effect the land entirely; requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them significantly above average strength, but will not last any longer than 20 IRL minutes. Tier 3 - Larger Scale, Faster Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 15 blocks of corruption, which will take 2 IRL hours in order to effect the land entirely; requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them super-human qualities, which will not last any longer than 45 IRL minutes. Tier 4 - Large Scale, Fast Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 25 blocks of corruption, which will take 30 minutes in order to effect the land entirely; requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them super-human qualities, which will not last any longer than an hour IRL. Tier 5 - Mastery of Healing and Booning Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 40 blocks of corruption, which can be done instantly without the use of a ward; however there will be a cooldown period of one IRL day. Warded - To the extent of healing 40 blocks of corruption, which will take 30 IRL minutes and can be done twice a day in different regions. Red Lines Blessing are only applied on three people, until an increase to 5 once reaching T5. Repeated blessing of one’s self causes degradation of the mind. More powerful spirits such as elemental spirits may goad farseers into spreading their aspect. Wodanaz, Spirit of Purity, one of farseer’s most useful spirits only works against dark shaman and general undead till T4, able to deal significant damage to aberrant/unholy beings. A farseer must make offerings and tidings to the spirits they request power from as an elementalist would. When imbuing a weapon with memories, a player’s own death cannot be viewed, for if one were to witness such, they would only see darkness. Moreover, the blessing does not act as a camera. It is only able to take bits and pieces Witch Doctor Clarification of Witchdoctory for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ The Witch Doctor, essentially the Antithesis of the Farseer, focuses his or her intent on causing misery and damage through the Curses of the more corruptive of the Spirits. Witch Doctors may use Immortal and Elemental Spirits.. In order for the Witch Doctor to call upon the Spirits, they must perform a ritual to express the domain the Spirits represent. For instance, if a Witch Doctor wanted to call upon the Spirit of Disease, he would hunch over and dance (or other such movements/postures which may please a disease spirit) in such a way as to look tired, while chanting in a weakened voice. He would also incorporate items or ingredients which a disease spirit would find attractive, such as rotten flesh or a jar of vomit. For example, we'll say a witch doctor wishes to brew a bottled fire hex. This would be a potion imbued with the power of a fire spirit, and intended to place a curse upon the imbiber. In order to create this concoction, the shaman would first need to gather the appropriate ingredients. As the witch doctor is attempting to gain the attention of a fire spirit, he needs to make use of ingredients which are reminiscent of fire. Usually, red flowers are a good start. Maybe he could grind up some smoldering coals. In witch doctory, it's less about whatever alchemical properties the ingredient may or may not possess (as witch doctory is NOT alchemy), and more about the symbolic nature of the ingredients. The shaman would begin mixing the ingredients in boiling water, whilst chanting in such a way as to attract a fire spirit. The chant is in Old Blah or True Blah as some prefer to say, and must (in both word and tone) reflect the nature of fire. The chant I would use in such a situation typically goes along the lines of "Ilszgûlu ghaashob, dushnûl ghaashugob!" meaning, "Spirits of fire, cast pain of burning!" Maybe I'd throw in a few more words regarding fire, but the point is the same. Furthermore, the tone would need to be correct. In the case of a fire hex, a harsh, guttural, perhaps even angry tone would be recommended. The same curse could be cast directly on a target (which may include any living organism) without the use of a potion through means of a ritual. In this case, the witch doctor would also gather items to represent fire. He may even choose to perform the ritual near a fire or surrounded by fire. As in the brewing process, the shaman must chant in such a way which would be pleasing to a fire spirit (or whatever kind of spirit he wishes to attract for whichever ritual). His movements play an even larger role in this sort of ritual, since he is not required to stir a pot. For a fire ritual, barbaric, chaotic dancing is usually preferred, often around a bonfire. Not all rituals call for dancing necessarily, of course. Some spirits, such as certain earth spirits, may prefer stability or even a stone-like stillness. Should the ritual attract the desired type of spirit, the curse will take effect on the intended target, causing said target (in the case of a fire ritual) to feel as though he is on fire. Witchdoctors do possess the ability to bless as well, the downside to this is that any positive effect or influence must be countered by an (often funny/ridiculous) counter. For example if one's legs are numbed by injury they can be healed and the person can feel again, the ironic backlash being that the legs then appear immovable. These side-effects will be balanced out and will be better controlled throughout the tiers. Small edit because Hedge does not let me do anything (smh): These applies for all blessings of a Witch Doctor. There will still be unintended ironic side effects or no blessings at all and completely a curse. Of course, all blessings must be in form of a potion/elixir/hex. It is important to note at this point that a Hex of fire cannot be used to directly set someone alight, but instead causes a psychological state in which they believe (and feel) they are on fire, without having the actual, physical repercussions; this applies to all Elemental Spirits. In terms of the Immortal Spirits, it can be a more direct result, and Witch Doctors can cause curses at higher tiers without the use of bottled curses. Tier 1 - Small Scale Hexes Able to produce Hexes that can cause small scale damage to regions, such as corrupting a 5 block radius, which will take the same duration as a Farseer; an entire IRL day to set in. This time too applies when used on Mortals, and will last for one IRL day; The player being cursed may choose to extend this for as long as they wish, which applies to all tiers. Tier 2 - Larger Scale Hexes Able to produce Hexes that can cause larger scale damage to region, such as taining a 10 block radius at half a day’s duration. When using a Hex to curse a mortal, it will last one full IRL day. Tier 3 - Direct Cursing Aside from the more powerful Hexes and their corruption being set to 15 blocks at two IRL hours; (when the Hex is used to curse a mortal, this will last for one day IRL. The Witch Doctors at this tier can also more directly curse individuals which will last one full IRL day. Tier 4 Potent Curses At this stage, Hexes can influence 25 blocks at 30 minutes; when a Hex is used on a Mortal, it will last for one and a half IRL days. Curses will be more potent and will last no longer than an hour IRL. Tier 5 - Strongest Version of Hexing and Cursing, as well as the Creation of Muyakelg At this level, Hexes and Curses are at the heights of what can be accomplished, with hexing being more potent and instantaneous, following the same progression of the Farseer at this stage. Hexing a Mortal will cause the curse to last for two IRL days, or even longer with the OOC consent of another player (maximum of 7 IRL days) Since all witch doctors face a chance at spell failure, all witch doctors are to roll to determine success. The window of success varies depending on the tier of the witch doctor in question. A /roll 6 is recommended, and is typically what witch doctors are taught to use. At T1 (apprentice level) a witch doctor must roll a perfect 6 for success, and even then the curse will be weak. 1-5 are failures for a T1. A T2 (Journeyman level) must roll a 5 or a 6 for success. Anything less is a failure. At T3, the witch doctor is considered a full-fledged, independent shaman. A T3 is still, however, not a master, and must roll a 4, 5, or 6 for success. A T4 (Elder shaman) must roll a 3 or higher; 1 or 2 are failures. Finally, a T5 (Master of the magic) must roll a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 to succeed. A roll of 1 is the only failure for a master witch doctor. Additionally, the Witch Doctor may create a Muyakelg with the help of a T5 Lutauman. Red Lines Curses have their respective times connected to the tier of the shaman. Should a Tier 5 shaman wish to curse another for LONGER than this given time: OOC consent of the victim player is required. As well as MT permission or supervision. Curses are mostly mental and not physical. An elemental curse of fire cannot set one aflame. Though it can bring about the mental pain of a burning body upon the victim. There is a strict prohibition on LOVE and LUST curses. As is seen in the spirit-to-spirit clarification document. This all in connection to the non-rape ruling on the lotc server. A curse is the temporary corruption of the soul and can be healed by magics that affect such. Usage of hexes, bottled curses, is permitted once the creation of such is to be roleplayed out. Seeing the creation roleplay itself is quite significant to the shaman, it is recommended to involve others in such during dancing and chanting - create rp for not yourself, but others too. (hedgehugs note) To make a Muyakelg you must be taught how to. Spirit Smithing Clarification of Spirit Smithing for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ No further amend is to be given to Spirit Smithing || Ilzgul Udalgum https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150019-ilzgûl-udalgum-~-the-spirit-connection-reworking-propositionnew-sub-type-proposal/ Red Lines Each and every item a smith with an MA wishes to create must go through proper authentication/verification via either a designated MT or LT. The following players will also suffice as viable sources of confirmation: Hedgehug, Smawton, Divinejustice, MobyHug. Can never be more powerful that the Blessings or Curses the other sub-types can provide. The Mortal Stone can be destroyed. The Stone has a cooldown of an hour for any activation. Activations can only be used once in combat, regardless of duration. Can only be activated with Old Blah speech. Once used, must be recharged by Smith. Other shamanic Abilities Voodoo Dolls The creation of Voodoo dolls for the use of long range cursing is considered a more taboo quirk that the Witch Doctor has. The creation involves obtaining dna that’s linked to the soul of the victim. Suggested are things as blood, urine, or even tears. Hair and nails can be considered, but will make for a weaker connection. After the creation, through ritual, the doll shall act as a tether. The spirit that’s summoned when cursing this doll shall then use this as a tether to direct the curse to the victim. However, the strength of the curse depends on two factors: The quality of the doll The quality of the connection The quality of the doll matters in regards to how strong a tether it can be. A well-made representation of the victim paired with plenty of knowledge on his/her looks, voice and further appearance matters greatly in the strength of the doll. As mentioned earlier the strength of the different obtainable pieces of DNA matter. The quality of the connection is influenced by the bond the shaman has with the victim. If this is a strong one the curse is more potent. If the victim is a random, however, it can be safely said the curse shall be considerably less potent and shall not last long. Soul Puppetry vs. Shamanic Dolls There seems to be quite the controversy that Shamans also have a similar ability that SP’s have. The following explanation is given: Where soul puppeteering requires a voidal connection from doll to victim, the shamanic doll merely acts as a tether for the spirit. Instead of a direct curse that lasts for as long the anchor is connected to the victim, the shamanic doll allows for the summoned spiritual energy to corrupt the victim's soul as a Witchdoctors curse does - and shall remain for a slightly lesser time than an equal yet direct curse from the same Witchdoctor. Therefore a curse inflicted by a Soul Puppeteer can be revoked by use of Fi, whereas a shamanic curse shall have to be purged by soul-cleansing magics such as Xanism. The main difference to a shamanic curse and a Soul Puppeter type curses are not only the methods they can be done but soul puppetry can be quite limited by comparison. A shaman has a possibility to have lasting curses on an individual without them knowing whereas a SP'er has a direct influence on the person making them aware they are being cursed. Curses from a WD might be similar to a Sp'er but they won't have a lasting effect. Another notable difference is the degree of cursing. Both magics have their unique curses but it would seem that those of the SP can be quite more effective or rather more ‘extravagant’ whereas the WD is limited to the spirits and their effective curses. An example: An SP may curse a victim in a manner where they shall completely turn into cake and can be consumed until they are no more and thusly die. A WD may curse a victim in a manner where they shall consume cake until their stomach rips and they die. (Spirit: Glutroz) Muyakelg Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/164401-additionamendmentmuyakelgs/
  19. Throughout the lands of Arcas, large scrolls and posters bearing the official seal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are sent to heads of state and hung on every signpost and notice board. Beneath the seal, a letter penned in crimson ink eerily similar to that of blood reads… “Issued and confirmed on this day, the 4th of The Deep Cold, 1767, from the seat of the Obsidian Throne and His Highness, Grand King Utak Ireheart of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Honorable dwedmar of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, faithful allies to the Obsidian Throne, and honorable heads of state of the Realm of Arcas, This past stone day -- a day of blood which shall forever live in infamy -- the leadership of the Warnation of Krugmar did knowingly organize and condone the cowardly and dishonorable bombing of the throneroom of Kal’Evraal. With this attempt at assassination of many of the dwedmar heads of state and the Grand King himself, the Obsidian Throne sees no choice other than to recognize this act of terrorism as a prelude to greater conflict. Determined to right the wrongs done against the Dwedmar, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall henceforth enter into a state of open war with the Warnation of Krugmar. Until such a time as the terms of the blood grudge are met, the legions of Urguan shall be tasked with hunting down every uruk on Arcas. Through force of arms, the uruk menace shall be driven from every hole and crevice they cower in until the realm is freed of those who would practice terrorism against the honorable creations of Yemekar. Narvak oz da Dwedmar! Narvak oz Urguan! Kavir oz da Urukmar oz Krugmar!”
  20. [!] Outside of the Krugmar library, a small note would be posted onto the wall. A Warning To My Kin A few cactus hours ago, I had the displeasure of seeing the atrocities of the guard force of Helena. Me and a decent amount of my brothers and sisters from Krugmar, along with a ‘Ker and a stranger from Sutica, decided to visit the city. This was after we were rudely denied entrance to the Silver State, for not having enough ‘prestige’.Very quickly, we decided to go to the tavern. We had a good time, and had the pleasure of having a very lovely bartender. We were very respectful, and paid for everything we had bought. However, one of my bruddas, Korgahk’Gorkil, got a bit too drunk. He had bought many drinks, not only for himself, but for the rest of us as well. After getting drunk, he went up to the bell by the bar, ringing it to get service after he had previously been ignored. However, a guardsmen from Helena, for whatever reason, decided that he was going to punch Korgahk in the side. This didn’t have much of an effect physically, however, it had pissed off the very drunk orc, and he went to defend himself from this pinkeh that had decided to assault him. Very quickly, he defeated the human, falling onto him. However, instead of killing him, he spared him, rolling over onto the floor. At this point, many more guards had come to the tavern, wanting to see what had been going on. They came in, all of them yelling orders, all of them seemingly hell bent on causing trouble. Instead of stopping the fight, they instead drew their weapons, attacking my brudda. However, another one of the soldiers started yelling that all ‘greenskins’ needed to line up on the wall. However, we had all simply sat, not getting involved in the fight. Then, someone, a kub mind you, decided to call them out for this blatant racism. Instead of ignoring the kub, or even moving him out of the way, one of the guards started to assault him, even breaking his nose. At this point, mind you, the man who had my brudda fall on him was already escorted out, and all that was left was a drunk Uruk hitting his head into a wall. Instead of trying to help him, or even just watching to make sure he didn’t get into more trouble, they attacked him, wacking him over and over again. It got to the point that the Uruk tried to run, however they pinned him down. At this point, they were still racially attacking us, telling us to get to the wall or they would attack, and possibly kill us too. After they pinned this very large Uruk down, instead of simply cuffing and putting him into jail, their captain demanded that they ‘put the beast down’. And that is exactly what they did. Instead of going to jail, or getting a fair trial, they murdered him in cold blood, sending a crossbow bolt straight through his head. After seeing this, I ran like hell, not wanting to have the same fate. I end this with a statement. This is not a demand to Oren, or even something meant to make you see Oren in a bad light. It is a warning to my kin, to the sons and daughters of Krug. Oren is not safe for us. Despite Peter III signing the treaty of Krugmar, these guards have denied the peace, treating us no different than wild beasts. Many of us, including myself, do not hold Korgahk’Gorkil in a high opinion. However, this does not change the fact that they treat us more akin to cattle than descendants. This is not the first time they have done this, and it will not be the last. Helena is not a safe place for our kin, and these brutal guardsmen have shown that. Vrig’Shrogo
  21. A MISSIVE FROM THE OBSIDIAN THRONE: VICTORY FOR URGUAN & THE RESTORATION OF THE GRAND KINGDOM Brothers of Urguan, As many of you are aware Krugmar offered their surrender in the last stone day, the resounding victories that our dwed enjoyed on the frontline ensuring that our victory came without a larger battle being fought. As such, the She-Rex has made the appropriate reparations for the original transgressions of her subjects and yielded the criminals responsible for them. Dungrimm has guided us to a swift and absolute victory; our domination on the frontline has spared further bloodshed and settled a grudge that had to be settled. For this I offer my thanks to you my kin, we have acted with conviction and honor in how we have defeated the enemy in the east. We must feel pride for and enjoy our victory, but recognise that the time has come to shift our focus unto a new chapter in this history of our nation. Dwedmar unify under one banner in Urguan, old grudges are buried and our coffers filled with the spoils of war - our nation has been restored to a glory unseen for centuries. With this, there is a greater purpose that must be realised and a new duty that falls upon us to be fulfilled. The Under-Realm of Urguan will henceforth be dissolved, making way for the restoration of the FOURTH GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN - we make this step at a time where our status justifies a return to the old ways. Restoration is not as simple as changing the Kingdom’s name however, it will require another action to be realised in order for this shift to be legitimate. The relics of the old Kings are scattered throughout the land and must be returned to the King who sits upon the Obsidian throne; without the holy relics of our ancestors we cannot wholly justify calling ourselves the Grand Kingdom. Using the mina from our victory we will look forward to reclaiming these artefacts and completing our restoration. If any dwed has information leading to Kingdom relics provide it to the government, there will be a reward. Narvak oz The Grand Kingdom of Urguan
  22. Two short green figures would be seen through the window of an Ox Fort tower. They’re seemingly overseeing the Goi of San’Azgak, discussing on some topic. Two goblins, one of old, and one of youth. - “I would never forget their scream. The whole Tuk district was turned into a slaughterhouse…” sighs the old one - “It was long time ago, Snawt, and you still want to revenge?” exclaims the younger goblin - “No… no, the time has passed. But I would never forgive clan Lak for their deeds.” The old goblin would bang the table, glancing at the spiers of orcish capital. - “The whole city is in my sight… in my hands. If the war with dwarves turns this place in ruins, I can always hide my goblins here, in Ox Fort.” grunts the goblin of old - “Exactly, we are in war! If you go against Lak clan now, it would kill us both.” the young one shakes his head. - “I know… I know. That’s why I develop my clan, gathering every good goblin around to help our mission. It is us, to create new devices for our nation, without a fear of being slaughtered by own brothers…” - “That is good. There’s no need of more goblins dying.” The old one huffs, shaking his head. He unclips a sharpened bone from his shaman belt. He would use the bone knife to cut his palm open. - “You never heard this talk, right Vrig? Ox and Shrogo shouldn’t be enemies, but friends and brothers. We shall bound in blood. No headbutting, we’re not some kind of grunts to break our skulls, innit?” says Snawt’Ox handing the bone knife to other goblin - “Yes, I never liked the headbutting anyways. Let our clans stay strong…” Vrig’Shrogo says and cuts his palm open. He would grasp his bleeding hand into Snawt’s and shake it. Vrig and Snawt shaking hands in agreement. The alliance of goblin clans begins.
  23. JimmyKhorne

    Da H' Poyntz

    Late in the night, a day after the recent attack by the dwarves on the steps to Krugmar. A group of three goblins makes their way up to the top levels of the Goi, a stool and a sledge in hand. They stop in front of the Iron doors to the war room, and two of them bring the stools up to the iron doors as the third steps onto it. the third looks to his side, snarling at the wound left by a dwarven axe before he looked up to the door. Producing a large steel spike, he holds it steady to the iron doors, looking to one of his accomplices to take hold of it and keep it steady as he readies the hammer. One does as the ringleader raises the heavy object. Driving it forward, the sledge pushes the steel spike into the iron doors, crushing the fingers of the goblin holding the nail. The goblin with the sledge puts the blunt instrument against the wall, hands the wounded goblin some Cactus Green, then the next goblin their own bag, and heads to the local food and brew corner shop for a meal and drinks. The following document was written in blah and nailed into the iron doors of the War Uzg’s War Room: An analyziz of the defenze of Krugmar In the aftermath of the klomp with the attacking ztuntiez we have zeen zeveral pointz of weaknezz in the ztate of Krugmar’z defenzez. What we’ve zeen from the defenderz haz been a complete and total disregard of Vulkaz teachings of tacticz, command, and ztrategy. Az an after action report, I az the writer of this paper can teztify that though the command kept morale high they failed to keep communicationz clear and brief, thiz made for difficulty in trying to rezpond to orderz. The excezz of battlefield commanderz made for more difficulty in underztanding what our orderz were. Furthermore our position made it zo the attackerz could rout uz with ease, only needing to cloze the distance with uz to overpower uz with numberz in a close combat melee. The Cloze ztarting point of the klomp made the order to retreat further weaken uz az the attackerz with cavalry could cloze to melee with no trouble, and our expozed backs ample targetz for their already in range archerz. Poor communicationz, with poor tactical responze, and poor pozitioning haz cost us more brotherz to our aggressorz. It is clear that without a reform to Krugmar’z militia, we cannot prevent further defeatz from armiez with zuperior numberz. There are five pointz that would make our forces ztronger in the field of war. It is ztrongly recommended that the pozition of Targoth be reztored to a Goth or Elder of Clan Gorkil or a zimilarly warfare minded leader zo az to inztitute these pointz. 1. the reztructuring of the militia under the Targoth to have a kommand korp trained and picked by the Targoth from any and all clanz. 2. The coordination of the clan Wargothz with the Targoth to ensure the War Uzg standz az a united whole and morale ztays high. 3. The development of a doctrine of defenze and offenze that can be readily looked towardz in order for ztreamlined training and increased combat effectivenezz. 4. The retraining of Kommanderz in tacticz, ztrategic planning, and uze of environment for improved decizion making in the field. 5. The retraining of the Urukz that make up the body of the militia in tactical maneuverz and order responze to ensure quick and decizive action in the field. Without these five pointz being met the War Nation can only expect for Vulka to ignore our prayerz for victory. Written – Gar’Rakat Zigned: Gar’Rakat
  24. bookstar

    Krugmar Showcase

    This is the homeland high video for the orcs of Krugmar. It was fun having everybody involved and produce a fun video showing the might of the Orcs. A big thanks to @Qizu and @MinaGobbler for helping me direct all the bois!
  25. OLD WOUNDS REOPENED “And the uruk carcass gathered in a wretched mound beneath the snowy precipice, no match for Igor Ireheart and the Hammer of Barradin, which quivered in his left hand.” The Chronicles of Igor Ireheart Volume II, Wulfgar Grandaxe circa 1642. The drums of war sound from deep within Kal’Evraal, calling the dwed to arms once more. Utak watches atop the obsidian throne as his kinsfolk swell in the hall before him, a reunion of dwed in defence of their country. Feuds forgotten, a kinship reforged in common cause, the dwed once again rally to defend Urguan from the Uruk locusts. The scourge in the east is a threat that grows ever stronger; Krugmar have sanctioned attacks against dwed, and prevented any peaceful resolution to the situation from happening. A Dwed has turned up beardless, tortured and savaged by Krughai bandits - an act celebrated by the Krugmar Rex. This is a betrayal that must be avenged, and a grudge that must be resolved. The greenskins will be dealt with once and for all, as old foes meet again. Utak raises his hand, quieting the room as he begins to address the audience below him. “I have given this moment much thought, and wondered what I might say to this congregation of my kin. I concluded that there is no wisdom that I can bestow upon this crowd, so rich with experience and knowledge, that it will not already possess. There is also no advice that can be offered by myself to a band of veterans such as this, so hardened by the trials of war, and so familiar with situations such as this. Instead I will remind you of one thing - The axes and hammers of Urguan have grown restless, and savages threaten our kingdom and livelihood. You know what must be done to right this wrong and deal justice to those that offer us harm; bloody our weapons with our eastern enemy. There is only one outcome that to be realised in this conflict, Dungrimm with us we shall ensure it.” The King sits, as a raucous orchestra of roars and cries erupt around the hall. He offers a faint smile, readying himself to lead his Kingdom into war. Type of War : Conquest CBs : Discussed in Private. Attackers : Urguan and Allies Defenders : Krugmar and Allies Wargoals : Conquest Location & Proposed : Time : TBD Contact Information : ?????????#1445
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