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Found 57 results

  1. DaddyDwarf

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    Hello my name is Ragnar Thorns- I am on the search for people who are wanting to end the regime of Renatus The Reason Why I want the imperial regime to end is because. They have gone to far sitting on there arses and drinking and playing chess there children are incredibly snobby ,scummy, and spoiled they don't even pay the servants nor do they pay the legionnaires. This is why they need to end the only thing that they I have seen is put up some towers. If anyone is interest please contact me either through bird Discord:ImTheOgDaddy#6527
  2. MangoArt

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz

    Da Nazty Zkulkaz Throughout Krugmar, messengers covertly spread word of a new, budding group. Covertly would be an understatement, the snaga couriers specifically approaching Krugmar-affiliated goblins and them alone, the slaves not even being allowed to read what is on the paper. Should they read what is on the paper, they are executed. The bodies of such curious snagas clog the shores of Krugmar. : ((OOC: This is knowledge ONLY KRUGMAR GOBLINS HAVE. If your character knows this information, then you are metagaming. So please, hold your ‘The orcs are at it again, better stay off the road’ comments.)) General Information Da Nazty Zkulkaz is a private group of goblins unaffiliated with the official Krugmar Military. Instead, they are a company of covert ops/guerilla warfare specialists willing to work for the highest bidder, unless the current diplomatic situation of the War Nation would forbid them from doing so. They are known to utilize three primary tactics -Ranged Warfare -Stealth -Ambush tactics Let those honorable goblins among you not be dissuaded, for even among the Nazty Zkulkaz there is honor. Read further if you are interested. Tactics Although it is common knowledge that the Nazty Zkulkaz utilise stealth, ranged warfare, and ambush tactics, the specifics of these tactics are a well guarded secret. Those that are inducted are sworn to secrecy before being told the strategy of the band. Thus, only those who are members or those for whom it is far too late will ever know just how the Nazty Zkulkaz operate. Join, and you may discover. Ranks Unlike the majority of this nation, we do not bloat our ranks with pointless titles. Instead, there are simply 3 titles within our group. Boss- The leader of the group, currently held by Snikkit. Although they make the rules and decisions for the band, every decision they make can be overruled if the 2 Nobs can agree on it. These position can be klomped for, but only by Nobs. Nobs- As above, they are both those who rule in the Boss’s stead, but they also are able to overrule his decisions should they be able to agree. They are also there to keep order among the Skulkers. This position can also be klomped for, but there can only be 2 at maximum. This is subject to change. Skulkers- The rank and file of the band. That is all. Honor Code Despite the fact that we use tactics our larger brothers might call dishonorable, that does not mean that we are. Honor is a matter left up to an individual or a group, and thus we have drawn an Honor Code so that the falsehood that we lack honor utterly may be dispelled. -Do not abandon your brothers. Just because we use tactics revolving around stealth and speed of foot, does not mean we can abandon our allies. -Do not steal from your fellow Orc. Stealing from pink-skins is perfectly fine, as it furthers the cause of the nation. -Do not lie. Lying is dishonorable. Silence does not count, however. -Disputes among brothers that cannot be solved with logic should be solved via a physical or mental contest. Might makes right, but might is not just in the muscle and the bone. It may reside in the spirit or the brain. -Never go back on a pact. This falls under lying, but should be added for emphasis. A contract is sacred. Application to Join RP Name: Age:: Combat Experience: Useful Skills: OOC: Username: Discord:
  3. SaltyStormJakob

    The Braduk Clan

    The Braduk clan "Ghash Nagraufom" - "The Fire Rises" The name of the Braduk clan is one steeped in blood and brutality. Legend tells of the grim, dark giants of the Orcish race, their judgement swift and mercy fleeting. Brothers and sisters beyond blood and oath, theirs is a bond etched with fire upon the iron of their souls, a bond shared with their steeds, the mighty rhinos whose calls are as thunder in the night. Founded centuries before many of the modern clans of the current Orc society, the Braduk clan was founded in Aegis by Baderkuk, first son of Braduk. Braduk was a legendary and heroic orc who saved thousands of orcs after the fabled Clash of Clans war and founded the city state of Kenuk, which is widely regarded as arguably the greatest Orcish settlement of its time. In that time of history and legend the Braduks tamed and befriended the intelligent rhinos of the deserts, hulking beasts of vast difference in size and ability with sword-sharp horns and armour-thick skin. From their place of birth the Braduks have cut a bloody path throughout Orcish history, their story one of rises to greatness and falls into apathy. Great Wargoths of the clan whose names sing out across the ages, Mokrag, the Blood Talon, of Asulon, Ghazkull, the Shadow of Death, of Anthos, Kahn, the Iron Rhino, of Vailor, led the clan into greatness only to see their legacies washed away in less than a generation. But the true blooded descendents of the First Rhino have returned and reclaimed past glories. Turob’Braduk, child of Maduk’Braduk, has taken up the mantle of the broken clan. He, who was born with the mark of the Blud Taluun, seeks to restore the clan to its former glory. Members Most of the Orcs in Arcus who name themselves Braduk are not descended from the venerable lineages of that mightiest of lords, for those lines have been sorely thinned by the cycles of attrition and desertion. However with the prophecy of the three coming to fruition once again, purebloods have returned and assumed control of the clan, reforming it and reclaiming it’s past glories. ‘Bloodline’ or ‘pureblood’ Braduks, also known as half-ologs –are the massive, 8-10ft tall dark green skinned descendants of the legendary Braduk, mixed with the blood of the intelligent Olog hero Kudo who cuckolded Baderkuk – they are monstrous behemoths to be feared. though their strength is less then that of a full olog, the combonation of their large stature and their near-normal inteligence are nothing to be trifled with  Leadership Clan Chieften Turob’Braduk The Chieftain is traditionally the biggest and strongest of the Braduks, and may only be a true blooded Braduk. His word is final, and to challenge his word is to face the harshest of punishment. All Braduks and members of the Black Legion fall to his command. Elders Elders are those of pureblood whom have been apart of the clan for some time and show great knowledge and wisdom of its history. They act as guides and mentors to the younger orcs and the chieftan. Madak’Braduk Jolagh’Braduk Vruk’Braduk Clan Laws I. The clan comes before everything else, including you. II. Every Braduk is a sworn brother and sister of eachother, and you are to lay your lives down for them when called upon. III. Do not forget those who have wronged us. IV. Do not forget those who have aided us. V. If you slay, rob or betray your brothers and sisters, you will be terminated. VI. Do not put personal wealth, political gain and power or anything else above the clan. VII. Do not disobey your superiors. VIII. Do not challenge your superiors without proper cause. IX. Once a Braduk, always a Braduk. X. Follow Krugs code to your death. Traditions Ponytails- A Braduk, regardless of their preferred hairstyle, will usually grow out a long ponytail from the crown of their head down, braided or bound with leather or blue cloth. The ponytail is only to be cut off in the event of humiliating defeat. Braduk males popularly shave all of their head aside from the ponytail - with females there is more variation, but a common style is having an undercut beneath the ponytail. History Keeping- Unlike most clans, whose histories are purely oral, the Braduks also make a habit of creating written records of their clan legends on large, word-covered leather skins that are also adorned with illustrations. As a result the Braduk histories are far more detailed and well-remembered than those of other clans, dating back to their founding in distant Aegis. (Examples can be found below in the lore section). These histories are also important in determining how best to follow the third and fourth clan laws.  Initiation- If a clanless Orc wishes to join the Braduks, they must be complete numerous initiation tests. These tests can vary from obstacle courses, to riddles, but usually include a klomp with the current Warmachine of the clan (which they usually do not win). These tests are not about if the Uruk completes the tests, but the way they complete the tests, which will later be looked over by the Elders of the clan. If all aspects are pleasing and show good qualities in the Orc, they will be sworn into the clan by the Wargoth. The Initiation Verse- The Wargoth asks the the Orc to hold out his klomping hand, beginning to say the verse. He then places a cloth in the Orc's outstretched hand, lighting it with a flint and steel. At the end of the verse, the Chieftain sprinkles a small bit of 'Braduk zand' into the fire, which causes it to flare up, turn purple, then die down. At the end, something similar to "Welkum tu da Bradukz bruddah." is usually said by all attending. "Da Bradukz am awl bruddahz am ziztahs, iv nub bai blud, den bai hart. Ib latz behtrae latz bruddahz, latz zuwl, agh da zuwl ob awl latz kubbehz wil buhrn en da Nefah liyk da kluwf duz en latz hand." Choosing Ceremony- At the age of six, or when a recruit joins the clan, a Braduk must receive his or her Braduk rhino. A bond must be cemented, for they are as much a brother as an orc. The tradition goes as follows, the orc will enter the rhino pen where many unbonded rhinos are residing. Then, a rhino must take interest in the orc. They cannot be forced. Once a rhino has found interest in the orc, the two will engage in a klomp, a show of strength. If the orc can successfully mount the rhino, he will go on to name it. From then until their deaths, the two will be bonded. Carrying of the Golok- During the choosing ceremony, a new Braduk is thrown a short ceremonial machete with which they cut a ‘Z’ shaped mark into their rhino’s cheek - the rhino creates the same mark on the Braduk with its razor sharp horn. Thereafter the Braduk will carry the machete with them for everyday use and possibly in combat (although it would be inferior to most battle-purposed weaponry), generally worn strapped to the belt or small of the back horizontally in its sheath. Should the terrible day come where the Braduk is guilty of an incredibly severe dishonour he or she will be expected to perform the punishment of Uihnce with it, as detailed below. Giving out of the Rudis- A Rudis is a short wooden sword earned by an orc of the Braduk clan once they have achieved a great and glory filled deed. Whether it be an immense service to the clan, the slaying of a beast or taking many lives in a battle, an orc will be given this wooden sword by the Wargoth, who would have inscribed the story of as to why it has be earned, on the blade.  Bloodlines Bloodline Braduks are, in short, the phenotype of the Orc species that developed in the city state of Kenuk during the Clash of Clans War in Aegis – the great cataclysm that drove the Orcs into their current state of technological regression in ceaseless waves of savage and unending destruction. The genes of Kenuk’s founding family proved dominant and inter-breeding with other Orcish refugees from the senseless carnage consuming most of the Orc lands produced a high number of very large and dark skinned Orcs. While there is a reasonable amount of variation amongst Braduk’s descendants, a combination of many of the following is usually a good indication of Braduk blood: · Dark Swampy Green Skin – Some variation here but invariably darker skinned that most green Orcs. · Large Physical Stature – Generally ranging between 8ft to 10ft tall, with heavyweight, imposing frames. · High Birth Weight – Braduk blooded cubs are usually quite large when born, leading to a higher chance of difficult births for Braduk fe-orcs and more so for Orc women who aren’t Braduk descendants themselves. · Larger Tusks – The tusks of Braduks are, in general, larger and grow earlier. · Signature eyes – All modern Braduks bare piercing blue eyes, a calling card of the descendants of the rhino. However, it times of old in blood lines now long lost, the colours white, purple and black appeared. However, it appears the Black Moon bloodline, baring black eyes, has returned. There are countless bloodlines that have stemmed from Braduk’s offspring. As previously mentioned, they all possess similar physical traits – however these bloodlines would dictate or even prophesize certain things about the Orcs born to them. They are a unique cobweb that is spun to make up the pureblooded, having created both honourable heroes and terrible warlords. The Founding Lines The First Rhino Blood Line All Braduks descend from this bloodline, begun by the famous Braduk himself. Descendants of the First Rhino are giant creatures, fabled to be destined for great or terrible things. The Line of Goregutz Known as the father of the blessed lines of the Braduks, those of this line were once the great leaders and chieftains of the clan who valued honour and diplomacy above all. The Line of Goregutz gave way to the three famous sub-lines; Blood Talon, Howlur Durub and Black Moon. The Line of Goregutz is extinct. The Line of Orgrim Known as the father of the warrior lines of the Braduks, those of this line are titans amongst men. They are the largest bred Braduks and have an affliction for war and combat, revelling in the glory that becomes from it. The Line of Orgrim gave way to three famous sub-lines; Rage, Psychotic and Insanity. The current pureblooded Braduks all stem from this line. The Blessed Lines The Blood Talon The most noble and honourable of all the Braduks, those of the Blood Talon bloodline were heroes – champions of the clan and the Uzg. Known for their purple eyes, those of this line took the symbol of the horned raven. The Blood Talon line would occur every one hundred years, yet none have been born with it’s mark. It was beleived that this bloodline had gone extinct, until the current chief, Turob, was born with the mark. Howlur DurubLoyal to the death, the Howlur Durubs were utterly without fear and equally without mercy to those who would defy them and their allies. Giant Orcs baring white eyes, those of this line took a snarling wolf as their symbol. Occuring every sixty years Black Moon A disgraced bloodline of the Braduks, the Orcs of the Black Moon who have existed were unearthly cunning and completely malicious. It has been thought that they are inherently evil. Long believed to be extinct, the Black Moon bloodline made a brief return but was soon put back to rest. Those of the Black Moon took a crescent moon as their symbol. this clan is beleived to have gone extinct The Warrior Lines Rage Those of this line take to the spirit Enrohk for worship, and were touched by bloodlust moreso than any other Orcs had ever been. Breath-takingly aggressive and hot-headed, they are well an excellent combination of strength and speed. The children of Kahn’Braduk are all of this line. Psychotic Orcs of the psychotic line possess no feelings of sympathy, nor empathy, and live only to inflict pain and relish in doing so. Torturous, murderous, they are the greatest warriors in the Braduk clan and have taken to the spirit Leyd so that they may be blessed with tremendous strength and physical dominance. The children of Ghazkoth’Braduk are all of this line. Insanity Quick and agile warriors those of the insanity line strike hard and strike often, and with lethal intent. They pay no mind to the harm befallen to themselves, only to the pain they can inflict on their foes. They cannot be reasoned with, only pleaded to – even then there is no guarantees. The children of Drax’Braduk are all of this line. Consider that when making a returning or newborn braduk, even if the sign is extict, perhaps the bloodline has simply not shown its mark until your charactar. or perhaps the day the bloodline appears has fallen onto you. Spirituality Like most Orcs, the Braduks hold fast to their belief in the Spirits and their interaction in the mortal plane. Chief amongst their worship is that of Enrohk, spirit of war, blood and murder. Braduks have served him well over the centuries as well and their clan words make up the latter half of the standard phrase spoken to invoke Enrohk's interest when sacrificing in his name. The last Chosen of Enrohk was Kahn'Braduk, mighty Rex and wargoth in Athera. The greatsword of Kahn, War Maker, is blessed by Enrohk and remains in the clan's possession. It is said that the axe of Leyd is also possessed by the clan.  Moreso than most other clans the Braduks engage in ancestor worship. This is for both famed figures from their history, especially their namesake Braduk and his son Baderkuk, founder of the clan, and general reverence of past Braduks of any rank in order to honour their memory and draw on the strength of the honoured Braduks in Stargush'Stroh, the Orcish afterlife believed to exist at the zenith of the Spiritual Plane. Shrines to all Braduk ancestors are commonly erected by Braduks, as are memorial caves which depict the names of deceased Braduks remembered in their histories as well as those who have more recently joined the honoured dead.   When a Braduk dies their material remains are cremated on a pyre and scattered, although certain figures who attained legendary status amongst the clan in life have been known to have their burned bones placed in large stone urns and interred in elaborate tombs.   Celebrations Blood Talon Celebration- A day to honour the glorious and honourable Mokrag'Braduk, known as the Blood Talon, the greatest Braduk to ever have lived. His life, his deeds and ultimately his sacrifice is the reason why the Braduk clan exists to this day, and he is honoured in an annual festival. ((First weekend (fri/sat/sun) of the IRL month)).   Kenuk Feast- A day of feasting and drink, celebrating the end of the “Village Wars” between feuding arms of Braduk’s family and the start of peace. Various competitions testing strength and dexterity will be held throughout the day, prizes varying from the mediocre to the more valuable.  Zpidhammah Day- Named after the weapon Braduk used in the Village Wars, Zpidhammah day is a celebration of the founder of the Braduk clan; his life, and his death in battle immortalized in the somewhat joyous occasion. On this day, klomps will be held, feasts will be had, and many stories of times long past will be shared to the cubs from the knowledgeable Elders. Punishments All punishments can be issued at the discretion of the Chieftan Blood Taloning, Blood Eagling: Named for the favoured execution method of the acclaimed Braduk Chieftan Mokrag’Braduk, the offender will be placed on their knees with their arms restrained in a stretched out 'T' position. Their back will then be sliced open, created a large wound. The offenders ribs will individually be broken, before the lungs removed from the body, being strapped to the shoulder blades to form makeshift wings. The cause of death-suffocation. Decimation: If any given party of orcs disobeys their superiors in combat or in a given task, the ancient act of decimation will be carried out. The group of orcs will be lined up, and usually every tenth orc will be chosen, and beaten to death with clubs by the other orcs. However, if the number is too few or simply one orc, the clan as a whole will engage in the killing. Due to the low numbers of the clan it has been well over a century since this act has been carried out. Flaying: As the title suggests, the offender will be flayed either lethally or non-lethally depending on the severity of the offence. Crucifixion: The offending offender will be nailed through his wrist arteries and Achilles heels to planks of wood in the shape of a cross, and left to starve or bleed out. Only when the body has completely rotted may it be taken down. Skrote'n: A punishment reserved for males who bare no children, should they commit a great offence against the Braduks, they will have their testicles cut off so that they subsequently cannot breed. Uihnce: An ancient Braduk punishment, given out for only the most heinous of crimes. The orc, in full view of the clan must take an ancient Braduk weapon, a machete type blade known as a Golok, drive it into his stomach and slice it open, allowing his innards to spill out, therefore committing suicide. Clan Lore Threads Overview of the clan history: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/112251-the-rhinos-history/ Sagas of the Braduk clan: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/119187-war-stories-the-braduks/ Lore of the Braduk Rhinos: https://www.lordofth...-braduk-rhinos/ Overview of pureblooded Braduks: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/146917-ooc-bloodline-braduks/ Previous Braduk thread including information on specific bloodlines: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/128780-the-braduk-clan/ Recruitment Information: Considering joining the clan? You can join in one of three ways: Approach the clan on your current character and ask to join. You will be tested, and if found worthy will be inducted into the ranks. Create a new character that is a returning Braduk (either pure or normal). You can either have your character be a Braduk who was previously in the clan, or the (possibly adult) child of one or two of them born outside the clan. After testing for traits of cowardice and divergent behaviour, your character will be re-inducted. Be born into the clan. Start from childhood and work your way up. To join, approach us in game or post here. Alternatively, message me here on the forums. Credits to Samoblivion for contributing to much of the clan post.
  4. Ambduscias

    The West Krugmarian Mercantile Company

    What You Need, Where You Need It Our Mission, brought to you by our Chairman, G. Grokefeller The West Krugmarian Mercantile Company has only one wish: to fulfill the needs and fuel the potential of our guests. That means making the WKMC your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional experiences—consistently fulfilling our Expect More, Pay More® brand promise. Success is making ourselves useful in the world, valuable to society, helping in lifting in the level of our enlightened society, so conducting ourselves that when we go the world will be somewhat better of our having lived the brief span of our lives. We care about the young and impoverished Orcish communities we support, and we give back by ensuring there is always a way forward: employment and industry! Our Services The WKMC has specialists in a variety of topics and trades: Our Local, Family-Friendly Mom and Pop Ork Shoppes that sell any conventional desire you want. From metals with which you can make clubs to crack some Elf skulls, to wholesale non-magically modified wheat and a variety of delectable Orcish cuisines [try our Halfling stew], we’ll always be there to help you find what you need. Find our chain locations below! The Personnel Management division ensures that YOU can have someone to take care of everything you could possibly need. For low prices, our specialists are capable of recovering anything from specialized services like “The Elf of Your Dreams, Today!” or the “Gods, I wish I had a Maid!” package! Contact your local Personnel Management representative today for more information! (GGTeixeira, key_of_solomon) The Multifaceted Protection Contractors offer adaptive and intelligent threat management. Contact the Chairman for more information. Our Board Chairman, G. Grokefeller - Primary Liaison, founder Executive Director, Rex B. Lurstein - Primary Shareholder Executive Material Officer, M. O. Groka - Head of Operations Hiring Procedure Submit all declarations of interest to the recruitment officers P.O box at our offices in San’Jezal. WKMC hosts a wide range of bonuses and salary options to help generate exceptional productivity in all it’s field agents and mercantile officers. Include with the aforementioned declaration a list of past experiences pertinent to your preferred tradecraft. (DM amateur rope salesmen [hunter]#6957 and i’ll get back to you eventually.) Chain Locations Central Guild Office located in San’Jezal. Primary branch office now located in Adria This message was brought to you by our sponsors!
  5. Caius_Araimora

    The Jade Riders

    The Jade Riders The Jade Riders are a broad group of rangers and adventurers alike who oppose threats to the natural world and help others survive in dangerous environments. A Rider might help a small village prepare for a brutal winter, or aid a Kingdom in a deadly war. Riders may protect a town from an onslaught of malicious foes or simply aid in the construction of a new settlement. Members of the Jade Riders know how to survive, and more importantly, they want to help others do the same. They are not opposed to civilization or progress, but they strive to prevent civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another. Members of the Riders are spread far and wide, generally in isolation or small cadres. Survival in a harsh world also demands great fortitude and mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Beliefs: The natural order must be respected and preserved. Forces that seek to upset the natural balance must be destroyed. The wilderness can be harsh. Not everyone can survive in it without assistance. Goals: The Jade Riders goals are to restore and preserve the natural order, keep the elemental forces of the world in check, keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and help others survive the perils of the wilderness. Creed: Allies: Aragrad (Yves Aragon) Ranks: Ranger Division General Rider: Myriil Thuridan Rider Captain: (N/A) Rider Of The Mark: (N/A) Senior Rider: (N/A) Rider Of The Wild: (N/A) Junior Rider: (N/A) Scout: (N/A) --------- Every Rank From Here Up Is A Rider --------- Trainee: (N/A) Diplomatic Division Party President: (N/A) Elder: (N/A) Scholar: (N/A) Diplomat: (N/A) Envoy: (N/A) Emmisary: (N/A) ----- All Ranks From Here Up Are Diplomats ---- Junior Trainee: (N/A) Dress Code: Ranger Division The Jade Riders - Ranger Uniform Each colored cloak varies depending on the rangers environment (White for snow, Green for forest or plains, Yellow/Beige for desert, Orange for red desert or mesa, Blue for water etc.) The color of your belt/undershirt varies depending on rank (The solid white spaces on the skin are for your skin [skin, eyes, hair etc.]) Belt Ranks: General Rider: Green Rider Captain: Black Rider Of The Mark: Gold Senior Rider: Purple Rider Of The Wild: Red Junior Rider: Blue Scout: Brown Initiate : White Diplomat Division: Diplomat’s have no set dress code at this time Out Of Character Rules Don’t be a jerk to ANYONE, be they a Rider or not. Don’t purposely or through inactivity provoke someone. Being active is not mandatory but it would be appreciated. Dress code in not mandatory but appreciated These rules are subject to change in the future Rider Code Of Conduct All people of any race, gender or sexuality are welcome in the Jade Riders. Discrimination will not be tolerated. You must renounce fealty to any organization or national order if the laws of said order conflict with those of the Riders Comitting acts of violence against nations to aid another nation is strictly prohibtied unless the Riders have voted to help Riders who reveal sensitive information or align themselves with a specific nation against another nation will be banished from the ranks without prior warning All Riders must train in the basic skills of a Ranger: bowmanship, swordplay, animal behavior studies, flora and fauna studies, and basic diplomacy. Illiterate recruits will be taught to read and write before they are inducted. One must not intentionally harm any animal, plant, or person not actively threatening one’s self, the Riders, or the balance of nature. Rangers seen breaking this rule are subject to verbal warnings, imprisonment, and banishment, in order of number of offenses. These rules are not to be bent in any way shape or form These rules are subject to change in the future **(To apply, copy and paste this form into a reply below. Being accepted on this forum DOES NOT mean you are a Rider, you must first pass the Initiate Training Process)** Application For The Jade Riders Ooc Information Minecraft Gamertag (Required*): Real-Life Age (Required*): Nickname (Optional*): Prefered Pronoun(s) (Required*): (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them etc.) Roleplay Sample (Required*): Ic Information Characters Full Name (Required*): Current And/Or Former Titles Held (Required*): Race (Required*): Sub-Race (Optional*): Sex And Gender (Required*): Training Known (Optional*): Training Wanted/Needed (Required*): *“By signing this document, you agree to the above laws and any the General, Captain and Senior Rider see fit of adding. You agree to renounce any title that conflicts with the goals/code and will uphold peace and balance between the natural world and society”*
  6. TheNanMan2000

    The Banishment of Clan Raguk

    Music to Accompany Reading The Banishment of Clan Raguk 13th of The Amber Cold, 1703 Deep within the Orcish deserts, north of the old sacked and pillaged Capital stands San’Khatun, the current refuge of Orc-kin. Within the City holds the Orcish Clans, and the Clans of Gorkil, Lur, Yar and Shrogo are bound together in a bloodpact. The Raguks, a Clan that has had a large impact on the Warnation stands with a dishonourable Wargoth, shunned by the other Clans. Many of it’s members are revered for their dishonour and disrespect for Krug’s Tenants. The blood of Shagarath and Groggnar are stained in the sand. A party of Raguks, including Krukleyd, Leydluk and Wurst gang up apon the duo with others such as Blogus the Black and Dr Sauerkraut. Blogus the Black, once the two had been outnumbered and butchered, cannibalized Groggnar’s corpse infront of all those present. Before such events, the Raguks once again gang up apon a half-blood Uruk. When contested by Groggnar, at that time their Wargoth, one of the Raguk Goblins fights him. Now with others watching, Krukleyd intervenes in the one on one fight by kicking his Wargoth in the ribs. Later, Wurst challenges Groggnar to a fight. The fight is accepted, however once Wurst defeated Groggnar, he declared himself Wargoth. No such agreement was made, and the Rex was not present to watch what is supposed to be a series of three fights. After such, Wurst then gives the title to Leydluk, his father. The Rex, Groggnar, and Wargoths of Clan Lur, Yar and Shrogo gather. Three times within a short space of time Clan Raguk has shown contempt for the code of Honour, and stood idly by and laughed as a whitewash Orc cannibalized another none whitewash Orc. Before these events, Clan Raguk has garnered disdain from the Clans through countless other acts of questionable care for Krug’s will. As such, the leaders came to a decision. “Az Krug watchez from dah Ztarguzh’Ztroh, agh dah Anzeztahz whu zpilt der bluud tu uphold dah Kode ov Honour, dey fear for dah future ov owah Kind. Whut kynd ov Rex am I tu ullow zuch dizhonour to be karried out freely wivout repent? Agh whut have we bekum for zuch ah fyng tu happun?..” the Wargoths present grip their spears, swords, shields and axes “If it were unleh ah few membahz ov dah Ragukz dat zhowed zuch dizhonour, it wuld be ah mattur ov whytewazhin’.. But der kontempt fer owah wayz haz gone far longur dan kan be ullowed. Dey replaze Honour wiv Powur. Dey replaze loyalteh tu lat’z kin wiv zelfizhnezz agh dah evur korruptin’ pull ov dah bloodluzt. Groggnar tried changin’ Klan Raguk, but dey have nub changed. Now, Klan Raguk iz banizhed. All thoze within’ diz Bloodpakt zhall ztand bezide me az ah baztion ov whut iz expekted ov Urukz.” He then writes down on a large piece of parchment, giving it to an Orc to be transcribed multiple times and then read out to all those within San’Khatun. “By dah dekree ov Rex Murak’Gorkil, agh dah Waghgoffz ov Klan Gorkil, Lur, Yar agh Zhrogo, Klan Raguk iz banizhed from Krugmar. Leydluk’Raguk, Krukleyd’Raguk, Wurst’Raguk agh Blogus ‘The Black’ are whitewazhed agh zentenzed tu flat. If kaptured alive, dey zhall bekum dah blood-eagul. Klan Raguk zhall be kompletely removed from Krugmar, agh dah memburz nub lizted muzt blah tu dah Rex, or dah Waghgoffz ov dah lizted Klanz, tu be ullowed bakk in dah Nayzhiun agh join ah new Klan. Ragukz whu du nub blah tu dah Rex or dah Waghgoffz zhall be konzidured whytewazh, ~Rex Murak’Gorkil” Beneath the letter is the seal of Clan Gorkil, Lur, Yar and Shrogo Within San’Khatun, warriors of the Clans would be taking to their weapons and armour. Clansmen are readying themselves in training grounds for a potential battle. Others would be forming hunting parties for to track down the recently whitewashed Raguks, some of the hunters may even themselves have personal vendettas against them. Krugmar is ready for a state of War.
  7. HedgeHug

    [Recruiting] Clan Vultur

    [OOC] Clan Vultur From Ash, To Ash Every age, era and period knows a beginning and an ending. Realms are discovered and destroyed. Descendants of Krug, Malin, Urguan and Horen are brought into the world. They live their life until the inevitable befalls them and lays waste to their mortal form. But where most of mortal blood fear the ending that is bound to come, it is those that align their minds with the Spirits that don’t. They await it, welcome it and eventually make peace with it. For it is known that those devoted, those loyal and those dedicated shall be let through the Gates of the Stargush’Stroh. It is this endless Cycle of birthing, life and death that makes the foundation of Clan Vultur. The three tenants of existence as directed by: Ublulhar, Spirit of Hope and New beginnings. Jevex, Spirit of Order and Kor, Spirit of the Dead. These three ways are those of the Vultur. Culture and Beliefs Learn from the Past - to shape a formidable Future. History is what defines us. Making us aware where we are and how we got there. To have knowledge of history, legends and feats of the past can influence one’s current self and even bring shape to one’s future. There is no truer history than the tales of those that witnessed it. Therefore the words of the Ancestors is held in high regard, and They are honored for what they have been through - and be accepted into the Stargush’Stroh. It is the task with those dedicated, the Khlaarmat, to listen, hear and interpret Their word. To then spread it amongst Clansmen. To be a Hunter - is to be a Tamer, not a Butcher. Life that exists and lives orderly is not to be killed. It is thus that on hunts an Vultur will prefer to domesticate their prey, contrary to killing it. A prey is only to be killed if domestication is impossible or if tribute is to be made to an Ancestral that has demanded so. As is told by the Khlaarmat. Hunting is never performed for the sake of it – it is always done per request of tribute from a Spirit. It is the belief of the Vultur that all newborn life is innocent and sacred. No matter the origin or kind. For no sins rest upon the newborn of this realm unless it has committed one themselves. To bring harm to the newborn descendant, beast or being - is to disrupt the Cycle and bring insult to Ublulhar. It is the belief of the Vultur that all that live according to the Spirits, must do so honorably. For there is no greater shame than that of neglecting Their praisal or act against Their will. It is the belief of the Vultur that life must not be taken for no reason. For taking life of descendant, beast or being for the sheer sake of doing so - is to disrupt the Cycle and bring insult to Kor. It is the belief of the Vultur that all those called Brothers or Sisters must be respected, and no harm should be brought to them. Taking care of a Brother or Sister should be held in the same high esteem as praising the Spirits and the Cycle of life. Protect them with your life, and guide those that need guidance. It is the belief of the Vultur that the Great Spirits discriminate not. For all that praise and fear them are found equal - and their potential will be put to use. No gender or race is excluded - no alignment left behind. As long as one’s inner Spirit is attuned to Them, They shall not question one’s loyalty based on such things. It is the belief of the Vultur that other Deific entities exist with their unique touch upon the mortal realm. They are acknowledged for the part they play in universal balance - and do not condemn them or their followers. This pertains the Aengelic deities. All that is found unholy, undead or Daemonic in nature is condemned, for they seek to disrupt this balance. Rituals and Teachings Clan Vultur knows few written and unwritten rituals and teachings. The prayers and chants of Old Blah written in tomes that are kept by the Elders of the Clan. The Ritual of Initiation The initiate Vultur shall be tasked with capturing a Vulture. This is done in a unique way where they shall seek out a desolate and harsh landscape like a desert and lay there in the radiating sun for hours if not a day. They will have to force their body in a state of near-death to attract Kor’s servants: the vulture bird. Once they see that the initiate is in this state and dare come close to them - they shall jump out and attempt to capture it. After this they must spend any time necessary to tame the animal and make it serve them in Kor’s name. After this follows an initiation ritual where the initiate shall align themselves with a path from the trinity of spiritual faith. The Ritual of Hope Fertility is the foundation of Life. To be blessed by Arwa is to be guaranteed a successful start of a life onto this realm. The ritual of fertility knows an act and a phrase. The act being that of sacrifice. The phrase one in the language of the Spirits, dedicated to Ublurhar herself. The sacrifice must be meaningful, relevant and unique. The Ritual of Birth The moment of birth is as sacred as it is meaningful. It is within the duties of the Vultur to carry out this ritual with every birth within the Uzg. Uruk or Beast. And also wherever they stumble upon it. The Ilzpaak shall determine the future of the new child upon this realm. The stars and sands shall determine the path this newborn shall walk. The ritual of birth knows a prayer, followed by reading their future based on the stars that shine above and the sands that lay below. The Ritual of Death Death comes to us all. It is within Vultur beliefs to embrace it. When faced with death, they shall guide the dying or deceased onwards. Those that are to meet their end, are to be comforted and told to praise Kor so they may be let into the Stargush’Stroh. Prayers in the Spirits tongue are to be uttered and candles be placed around the body. The dead mortal body shall be embalmed and eventually burned. May the ashes of their transcendence into the Stargush’Stroh bring fertility to the land - and consequently aid in birthing new life. Such is the way of the Cycle. Optional would be a Lutauman to be present to venture to the Stargush Stroh and await the mortal spirit at the Gate of Kor. Teachings are given by the Elders of the clan. Teachings of an orderly life. Teachings of Spirits. Teachings of the Cycle. Cubs are granted teachings of history so they may shape their paths according to it. Vultur embraces the teachings to live a meaningful life to both the Spirits and fellow Brothers and Sisters. The Trinity of Spiritual Faith As no Spirit stands in the same way as another. Their praising cannot be deemed singular either. The manner in which Their Word is heard and acted upon exists divided into a trinity of paths. For the mortal life is finite. An end lays from where we begin and thus - from the beginning till the end of mortal lifespan it is a path we walk. A path beginning in our birthing in mortal sands, up until entering the holy lands of the endless Stargush’Stroh. The moment where the mortal body gives way to the inner spirit and let it be set free to walk on eternally in the Spiritual Heavens created by Krug. And as the Spirits reside in everlasting balance, so do the paths. Mul’Mau - The Path of the Zealot - A pathway of chaotic and violent nature. Only existing to those that would serve the spirits in a limitless way. A path that leads to destruction of both life and the material realm in the name of the spirits. Those that wield the mark of the Zealot stand in servitude to a selection of spirits that can be perceived to be of ill-will towards mortal descendants. But as the Spiritual Balance must be maintained - there must exist a negative factor. Zealots stand as the ruthless executioners of the Spirits will. No matter how vile or taboo it may be. Their Word is Sacred. And must be adhered. The duties of one who walks the Zealots path are those of unquestioned loyalty to the Spirits they praise and Fear. To be the executioner of Their word. Spirits often praised and related to the Mul’Mau are: Ehnrok Votar Leyd Aztran Mul’Bukot - The Path of the Priest - A pathway of peaceful and tranquil nature. Existing as a counterpart to the path of the Zealot containing devoted servants that would serve Spirits in a way that is not perceived as destructive to the mortal realm and the descendants that walk upon it. Priests seek to spread the word of the Spirits to those that praise them, and to those that can be converted to Their ways. The Priests live by the Spiritual Mantra that ignorance leads to fear - fear leads to anger - only resulting in chaos. If the Priests fail in their duties, the balance is tipped into the favor of the Zealots path. The duties of one who walks the Priests path are those of unquestioned loyalty to the Spirits they praise and Fear. To be the spreader of Their word. Spirits often praised and related to the Mul’Bukot are: Kor Luara Kezt Akezo Ancestral spirits Mul’Hontum - The Path of the Seeker - A pathway of noble yet mischievous nature. Existing as a balanced middle to those of the Zealot and Priest. Seekers are those that pursue knowledge on the material and immaterial. They collect the knowledge of the mortal word and archive it. The mischief to their nature lies in the means they use to obtain this knowledge. For one cannot underestimate the power of it. Any means can be used to obtain it. Part of their duty lies with collecting the word of the Spirits also. Archiving it so that their Word and Will may be granted to the followers of the other paths - and executed. The duties of one who walks the Seekers path are those of unquestioned loyalty to the Spirits they praise and Fear. To be the collector of Their word. Spirits often praised and related to the Mul’Bukot are: Theruz Ixli Veist Ikuras Mul’Ashlup - The singular devoted - There are some that stray from the paths that are laid out to them by the Spirits oh Grand. Instead seeking praisal of one or two particular Spirits instead of the grand spectrum of Their existence. These are the singular devoted. Loyal to a single Spirits Word, often to a fault. Though not forbidden, one must be cautious - for the consequences of praising one Spirit can upset the balance and tip the scales. All remember well, the days of Orgon the Vile. Where the singular devotion to a Spirit tipped the balance and resulted in the inevitable doom of a realm now long past. Be cautious to walk this path of devotion and those that walk it. For they pose a possible danger to the established Spiritual Balance. Ancestral Listeners: The Khlaarmat Khlaarmat is the title given to those that have dedicated themselves to the Ancestors. Days they may spend in meditation to get a glimpse of their word. Upon hearing it they shall interpret it and relay the Will of the Ancestors to the clan. To become a Khlaarmat is to be selected by a shaman of the clan and perform a series of tasks and trials. If successful they may keep this title till Kor takes them, and they may join with the Ancestors who’s word they have heard in the Stargush’Stroh. As sacrifice of this gift they shall swear an oath of passivism. So that no Khlaarmat shall be corrupted and both hear and act out the Ancestors Word. For doing so is uncontrolled zealotry, and lead to a path of Chaos and Doom. The Ritual of Kor Those that wish to obtain the gift of Ancestral Listening must devote themselves to the Ancestral spirits and He who keeps them: Kor, Greater Immortal Spirit of the Dead. It is thus that Kor himself shall judge those already tested and trialed by a shaman or experienced Listener. For this judgement the apprentice Listener shall seclude themselves in a deep cavern. Where no distractions shall influence their minds. Here they shall sit and meditate to Kor over a cup of ash, held closely within one’s hands. In time, Kor shall answer their calling and commune with them. Judge them. Task them. This task is all that remains and once completed shall result in a lifelong pact sworn to Kor himself. Breaking this pact being the greatest dishonor a mortal can ever bring upon a spirit, and lead into their inevitable doom. The pact to be sworn contains an oath of passivism. For a Listener that hears the Ancestors Word and their wishes, should not be able to carry such out himself. This could result in overzealous behaviour and dangerous practises. Violence against another descendant or other being can only be used in defense of one’s self or the life of another. A Listener is never the Aggressor. For such is their way. The Ritual of Communion Once sworn in, they are now a fully fledged Ancestral Listener. This ritual allows a Listener to commune with one Ancestral Spirit for a limited time. To hear their whispers, their word and wishes. Ancestors might demand tribute, sacrifice or favors from the mortals. It is the task of Listeners to obtain these and relay them to those that can execute them. They can appease the Ancestors themselves, but only within the constraints of the oath they swore to Kor. The ritual is to be performed using an artifact that can link the mortal to the Ancestor in the Stargush’Stroh. This could be a weapon, an urn of ashes. Anything that the now-dead Spirit owned in the past, or something linked to this spirit. Think of Kharak and tainted soil. Think of Yar and the Yar-Turtles. Think of Grubgoth’Wud and stew. With this artifact in possession of the Listener they shall cover their skin in ash from burnt wood and meditate under the influence of high grade cactus green to call out to the Spirit. They will then, in this state, hear the whispers of the ancestors they called out to. [[Social/Cultural rp, drug infused rambling, no actual spirit communication with a non-shaman happening but one can still interpret their trip of highness as a spirit talking to them like modern day religion]] Vultur Runes As ash is viewed as the end of something, for it was burned to a crips. Yet it also has the potential to fertilize soil and make way for new life. Because of this similar metaphor towards the Cycle, it shall be the righteous tool to write down Runic Old Blah - The language of the Ancestors. Every carved rune upon an altar, shrine or Totem - even on parchment - shall be written in ash or with charcoal. The Vultur Elders hold the dictionary of runes that are often used by the Vultur Clan to leave their mark upon the mortal realm. Vultur Totems of the Spirits A totem of the Spirits is a permanent footprint of the Spirits onto the mortal realm. Contrary to common orcish shrines, they emanate the aura of the Spirit it is dedicated to. The totems created by Clan Vultur are one’s of distinct construction. A ring of pillars is created to form a sanctuary for the totem. Then a shrine is built in the middle. Texts in Old Blah are to be written onto the pillars and shrine using ash or charcoal, referring to the Spirit an Vultur wishes to bring praise to. A shaman is required to breathe life into the dormant totem and awaken it, imbuing it with the Spirits powers. Vultur Card Reading Among the many rituals the Vultur clan members are taught to perform, reading one’s fortune and misfortune by use of cards is an entertaining one. Each member of the Vultur clan may create their own deck of spiritual cards and use these to perform a ritual, calling out to the spirits for truth, wisdom and guidance. They shall then proceed to display the cards face down and let one choose three. Based on these three cards they can read one’s fortune and misfortune in the past, presence and future. This way of reading can also answer questions one may have, but note that these cannot be closed yes or no questions. They must be open for the spirits to answer them. An example of such a deck of cards, belonging to no less than Shagarath ‘The Vulture’ : https://imgur.com/a/aIWUaYf Vultur Chants: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. “Hiisht da Hiisht, Sat a Sat” All that Begins has an End. “Uk ashza brusnau” Hear the word of the Ancestors “Khlaar’ghashan da Stargush” Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits “Afar’Ilzgul, Lup’Ilzgul” The Vulture watches “Hon’Gâdhûp” Recruitment For those that wish to become part of Vultur and align their mind with the ways of birthing, life and death - must seek out a member of the clan to interact. [[Hedgehug#2111 for ooc questions or Shagarath in Roleplay]] Alliances and sworn pacts Clan Vultur is declared as inherently neutral and in foundation is not aligned with any group, guild or nation. The Vultur are indipendant yet it’s members are free to roam the realm and seek both housing and alliance within the Rexdom of Krugmar. Allies: Rexdom of Krugmar Druids of the Mother Grove Sable Principality of Vira’ker Sworn pacts: n/a Enemies: Any practitioneers of Infamous Dark Arts Any practitioneers of Dark Shamanism Any worshippers of the Infiri and Naztherak
  8. Sykogenic

    Reformation of the Dâr ob Griish

    Dâr ob Griish [ ! – A Poster that Would be Found Throughout the Uzg. Translated to Common. ] Morug and Krukleyd, both of the glorious Raguk clan, Speakers of Gazigash, do hereby declare the official reformation of the Dâr ob Griish. Until the end of our days as those of Krugs blood we shall ensure that Gazigash be praised and weapons created in her honor. We who are blessed by her shall ultimately server no higher power when it does come to the creation of her blessed steel. No Rex, Wargoth or Elder shall demand, and then receive, even a shard of bloodsteel. Only those recognized by the Dâr ob Griish, and admitted as a devotee, shall be capable of creating steel worthy of Gazigash. We do hereby reject all smiths who do not adhere to the ways of the Dâr ob Griish, and deem their works inferior in every way. OOC Information Special Appearance: Aside from the typical appearance of the Raguk, the smiths of the Dâr ob Griish use tattoos and jewelry to represent the other aspect of Gazigash; that of bone. They will often mask themselves in white paints, representing the symbol of the Raguk clan, the open hand. Additionally, they will trace their bones with paint, so as to further represent the skeletal domain of their Spirit. Aside from this there is no stark contrast between a Raguk of the Dâr ob Griish, and one who has not been inducted into the group. The process by which one may join, and how to utilise Gazigash in the Smithing process remains a mystery, lost in time to only those within the clan. Group Structure: While truly no member of the Dâr ob Griish other than the Speakers is above any other, seniority is key. Additionally, various members may serve in different capacities and their usefulness may earn them more respect in the forges of the Dâr ob Griish. The following are the broad categories most members of the Dâr ob Griish find themselves in. - Speakers – These Uruks are the final voice in the blood halls. Their word is law and seek to fulfill Gazigash’s wishes with their every breath. - Shamans – These Uruks have devoted most of their life to aiding new members in communing with Gazigash to receive her blessings. - Smiths – Rather self explanatory, these are the Uruks who forge the blessed metal into weapons of war. - Glotters – These are the Uruks who are chosen by their fellow smiths to forge the glott currency. This is often seen as a position of honor, typically held by an older Uruk. - Crafters – Again, rather self explanatory, these are the Uruks who forge the blessed metal into whatever does not fit in the other two smithing categories, typically tools and everyday items. - Wrangler – These are members of the Dâr ob Griish whom have not yet communed with Gazigash and are in a trial period. They are tasked with finding sacrifices for the enlightened members. ((More will be added soon. This post should have been up weeks ago but RL can be distracting.))
  9. KBR

    Votar's Shaati

    Votar’s Shaati Mission Statement Votar’s Shati, founded on the 20th of The Grand Harvest, 1699, by Burbur’Lur, Farseer and Huntzgrat of the Iron Uzg, exists as a way to honor the Spirits (primarily Votar), to rid the Uzg and lands surrounding it of threats, and to extend the values of the Lur clan to Uruks of all calibers and creeds. Conduct About brotherhood, looting, taming, spiritual stuff, some other stuff. OOC emphasis on the clauses below Brotherhood: The Hunters of Votar’s Shaati above all, are brothers. During hunts conflict must be put aside, fighting with your fellow hunters during hunts will be punished. The life of your fellow hunters will be put above all, should a fellow hunter die in a hunt, any spoils collected will be sacrificed in his name, to aid him in the Stargush. Brothers should wish their brother to become the best he can be, whether it means reporting his crimes, or teaching him something he could do better. By joining and going on hunts with the Votar Shaati you agree to adhere to the conduct set forth and accept any punishments that may come as a result of breaking this conduct. ((Aka punishment clause, by joining this guild and going on hunts you understand that breaking rules will result in IC punishment, the worst penalty being Whitewashed.)) Spiritual Sacrifice: Honoring the Spirit of The Hunt should come above all, therefore loot from every hunt should be sacrificed in the name of 1. Votar 2. Lur and 3. Other Spirits. The members of Votar’s Shaati should strive to honor these spirits, and not be greedy with the amount they take, as it was Votar who allowed them to partake in such a grand hunt. Taming: This guild is not one made for would be druids. Taming wild animals, while they may be used to hunt in the future, or even be made into companions, will never be the objective of a hunt. Nor will hunters of the guild go out of their way to kill any mother of cubs, or any mother carrying cubs, as it is up to these animals to grow up, and reproduce, so that we may continue to hunt. On the off chance that there is a cub left behind, that has little chance of survival on its own in the wild, or a cub of an extremely rare animal that we have the capability of preserving in captivity, caring for the animal, until its eventual adulthood, will be tolerated. Maiming and Death: Scars to many hunters are trophies, proof of their living to tell the tale of their hunt, above the rank of Piil you will see many decorated with these previous wounds. Dying in a hunt, as rare as it may be, to many members is one of the most honorable deaths they may achieve, akin to a warriors wish for a death in battle. Should a hunter die on a hunt, all loot gathered will be sacrificed in his name, to aid him in Stargush. This is not to say you should let your fellow hunters die, if you are able to save them, then it is not yet their time to go, and are not destined to die on this hunt. Should you leave your brother to die when you were able to help him, you will be hunted by all those of the guild. (Above Kasaak maim perms are enforced, above Piil, death perms are enforced. This will be gone over before every hunt to make sure everyone is aware. It is believed by these members of the guild that if a fellow hunter dies, and mysteriously returns to life, that it is the work of Buurzmojo. Note: PK/Maim clauses are not enforceable OOCly, however, if they are not respected you will be barred from the group & such events.) Looting: Loot distribution will be agreed upon by the party beforehand, the types a party can choose are laid out below. Only one spoil from the creature may be taken, and the rest is sacrificed. Leader’s Pick: The leader of the hunting party decides, this has the potential to be an unfair system if the leader is not fair with the distribution of the loot. When under the leadership of a hunter who is known to be unbiased and trustworthy, this is a good system. Vote: The party will vote to determine he who showed the most prowess in the hunt and they will have the pick of one spoil from the creature. Killing Blow - He/She who strikes the killing blow on the beast gets to decide how loot is distributed. The person must be of Zult or higher, otherwise it defaults to leader’s pick. Distribution must be relatively fair or they will be punished, demoted or simply kicked from the guild. If someone waits to strike, in order to steal the killing blow, they will be punished accordingly, if someone is injured or killed because of this mistake, they will be whitewashed from the Uzg, and known as a Kinslayer. Hierarchy The Huntzgrat A title generally assigned by The Rex of The Uzg, this hunter, most of the time a Lur, is tasked with overseeing all of the hunters within the Uzg. His duties include give the go ahead on bounties, recruiting new members, and attending and leading hunts regularly. To this orc, it is a great honor to die on a good hunt, moving on to live with the hunters in the Stargush. | PK Clause The Skrizg | The right hand man of the Huntzgrat, this hunter serves as a second leader of the guild, able to recruit and promote those of the lowest three ranks, as well as demote. This second leader may also give the go ahead on bounties.| PK Clause Shaati (Means Spear) | Veteran hunters of the guild, given permission to lead Votars on the most difficult of prey. These hunters often serve as role models for the lower ranks of the guild, and should strive to set good examples. At any time if the Huntzgrat or Skrizg believes them to not be showing said good examples, they may lose this privilege. | PK Clause Zult | The swords of Votar, these hunters have proven themselves on many previous Votars, and at this point are capable of putting together hunting parties to tackle more dangerous beasts. Often invited to hunt with the Shaati, they are at this point given more specific tasks on the hunt, based on what they have accomplished in past hunts. | These hunters would show off previous wounds with pride, every scar obtained from a hunt, a trophy. (Maim clause will be enforced here, if you for example, lose a finger on a hunt, the monks will not magically regrow it, if you wish to fix it, you must find a way to do so in rp, whether it is having a farseer reattach it with Akezo, a witchdoctor regrowing it as a deformed limb, etc… But no, poof, its back.) (No one will be forced to promote past Piil) Votar’s Piils (Arrows) | Once a Kasaak has been recommended for promotion by another hunter of the guild, they become a Piil, or Arrow of Votar, these are the guild’s halfway members, who have begun to work more with the guild, but have not become full on hunters. | No Clauses will be enforced at this rank Kasaak | True to their name, these are the newbies of the guild. Those of higher ranks have been known to ask those of this rank to go on hunts, only to use them as bait in order to lure the beast out of hiding. Snagas and visitors in most cases, will be stuck at this rank. | This rank has no enforced clauses Note: PK/Maim clauses are not enforceable OOCly, however, if they are not respected you will be barred from the group & such events. Hunting & Bounties Hunts, or Votars are the main focus of the guild, but the Votar’s Shaati have been known to take up bounties from those outside of the guild, and sometimes even outside of the Orcish race. The guidelines to hunts and bounties are laid out below. Random Hunts. Random hunts are able to be lead by anyone above the rank of Kasaak, in which they will go out into the wilderness, and see what they can find. It is advised if they find something out of their parties capabilities of hunting, that they return to the guild in order to make a bounty. Specific Hunts. Specific hunts blur the line between random hunts and bounties, where the party seeks out specific prey, these hunts may often times take longer, and may be discouraging as some animals are not so easy to find. Should a party wish to go on a specific hunt, it is advised they seek the approval of the Skrizg or Huntzgrat, for if they do not, and they go missing, there is little that can be done to help. Bounties: These can range from something as simple as a wolf terrorizing a villages livestock, to a Murûk'Thaguzg that has torn down an entire desert villages with his bare (heh) hands. Bounties may be picked up by teams with the permission of the Skrizg or Huntzgrat, or they may have a team assigned to them. If you wish for something more /specific/ to be hunted, it is recommended that you directly contact the Huntzgrat. To submit a bounty to the Votar’s Shaanti, please use this application. Name: Creature being hunted: Danger Level 1-5 stars: Why should we help?: Location: Enrollment Enrollment in the Votar’s Shaati will be limited to, Uruks, Honorary Uruks, and our spirit worshipping Dark Elf allies. Snagas will be permitted to attend hunts should their master wish to bring them along. Visitors will be permitted to attend hunts should they have an invitation extended to them, as well as the person inviting them providing a valid reason, why they cannot instead bring a member along. To join please fill out this application. You will then be contacted and asked to come to the guild base of operations in order to be interviewed. Application: Name: Race: Age: Discord#:
  10. TheNanMan2000

    The Bloodpact of Krug's Kin

    The Bloodpact of Krug’s Kin 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1700 The Orcish peoples live far in the desert, within the blistering heat and home to a numerous display of ravenous beasts lurking the dunes for prey, Krugmar stands as a bastion to Krug’s Kin, and the Clans that call it home Within the Temple of Enrohk, the Clan leaders gather, Akila’Lur, Nurena’Yar, Znitgit’Shrogo and Groggnar’Raguk stood together, along with the Rex of Krugmar and Wargoth of Clan Gorkil, Murak’Gorkil. Deliberating the future of the Nation, and it’s past falls, the Clansmen decided upon a bloodpact, promising to stand by each other’s side until they met their end. Stood in a circle, Rex Mûrak'Gorkil drew his weapon, the Sword of Enrohk, found inside Enrohk’s Temple inside the coffin of an Orc defiled by Necromancers. The boon of Enrohk within the metal boiled Mûrak's blood, and formed multiple lacerations on his arm, forcing him to with-hold the bloodlust. Stabbing it into the ground, the group clutched it’s blade, squeezing tight until blood dripped from their hands, soaking it’s metal crimson from each Wargoth. They gave out their oath, and with the Spirits and Ancestors as their witness, the bloodpact is sealed.
  11. KBR

    A New Moon.

    Burbur’Lur sat in his blargh, contemplating the decisions he had made, if bringing the Shrogos to see Luara was truly the right idea. When a feminine voice whispered to him from the darkness behind his chair, in the old, almost forgotten language of the Old Blah “Farseer, you ask yourself the wrong questions, what ulterior motives could I have other than strengthening myself, as well as Aztran’s strength?” the shaman did not reply to her voice, knowing she had come here for something, as most spirits did, why else would they come to him? “You perplex me Burbur’Lur, adopted son of Fizzldank’Jakka, student of Phaedrus’Yar. But yes, I wish for the Shrogos to be given another test of devotion. Outside of this cave, in the Valley of Enrohk, you will find the most perfect of stones, imbue it with enough of my power to last a day. So long as the dedicated of Clan Shrogo make the trek to provide the ‘moon’ with the energy it needs to shine another day, it will live on, and grow more powerful. Tell them that one day it will grow into a moon, perhaps as big as a boulder that even an olog would struggle to lift.” Burbur sighed, daring to utter the words “And what will we, the Uruk, receive in return for this obvious ploy for power?” to which she replied “That the light of my moon shall shine upon you, whenever you wish, for as long as that moon survives.” and with that, wind whipped throughout the moon, putting out the sole torch that lit the dank cave. Burbur rose off of his throne, grumbling to himself as he collected his cane, the Staff of Votar, adorned with the trophies of many hunts, capped off with the head of a mighty wolf, before heading outside into the cool air of the desert at night. Below him in the valley where a legendary battle was fought, hundreds of orcs buried below the sands, sat a perfectly round white rock, with only a few dents in the side resembling craters, it practically reflected the light of the moon back at Burbur’s glistening eyes. He moved down, collecting the rock and moving off towards Luara’s shrine within the borders of the Orcish Goi. It was there where he called out to Luara, acting as a bridge between the spiritual, and mortal realms, bestowing the gift of Luara onto the rock, with the terms Luara had requested of him. Curiously the rock did not only begin to glow, but stay floating wherever it was left, though it functioned as little more than a lamp, the shaman smiled, knowing that it would make the Shrogo clan happy, and give them a test of their dedication. With that in mind he headed back to his little hole in the wall with a yawn, going to get some rest, the sun already rising over the seemingly endless expanses of the desert, as Aztran’s light took over once more.
  12. Elite_Snipes_YT

    Challenge for Raguk Wargoth, V2

    Groggnar’Raguk, Dominus to the Rex Murak’Gorkil, strolls into the Central area of San’Khala, The campfires blade fiercely as the sand crunches beneath his footsteps, the sound of forges and anvils clanging and booming in the distance. He stands tall, chin jutting out in pride, as he yells to his Uruk brothers and sisters the message he had in store for them... “Iht Wuz ah Miztake vor Mi Givihn Uhp Waghgoff, Tu dah Cub ohv Leydluk. Mi Challenge Vur Waghgoff aginst Krukleyd’Raguk Vur da Title ohv WAGHGOFF! MAY DAH ZPIRITS BLEZZ MI WIF VICTORI!” With that, The proud dominus takes his leave in search of the current Wargoth , confidence emanating from his person as he goes... Best of Luck to you Rin!
  13. Slothtastic

    Gathering of the Slavers

    (Translated for better understanding) The new Snagagoth approached his second in command, the Snagaboss Mograh’Yar. His opponent in the duel for Snagagoth. “Welcome, brother.” The woman held a pipe full of green in one hand, and by her relaxed demeanor, Orgak guessed she was high. “I have some ideas on what to do with the slaves, would you like to hear them?” She asked, eyes red. Were Orgak not tempted by the Cactus Green, he might not have listened. But this was his business now, and some Green wouldn’t hurt. “Sure.” He said, sitting down upon the bench. Orgak gestured for her to hand over the pipe, which just then he realized how expertly made it was. Ivory, from an elephant. With carvings detailing the hunt. He took a few puffs from the tusk pipe before he handed it back. “I was thinking, we could build a road with the slaves. We have no road as of now, and we need one to trade and raid more easily.” Mograh took the pipe back, breathing the smoke into her lungs yet again. “Sounds like a good idea, we need a road if we are to transport slaves after all. And it’ll give ‘em something to do other than farm.” He grinned, tusks showing as the green took its effect upon the Blue skinned Orc. “I was thinking about more organized slaving times. When people are on the road more than normal.” He spoke. “I think we should test their strength. To separate slaves from sacrifices. Torture them for an hour. Those that break, become sacrifices. Those that keep going are slaves. Then we torture them for another hour to make sure they’re obedient slaves.” Mograh proposed. Orgak laughed, the idea of the slaves being tortured for yet another hour appealed to him. It might be funny to see them become relieved, only to be tortured again. The business was sealed. The next day, signs were posted in San’Khatun and ONLY San’Khatun (meaning no meta other nations), reading as follows: [!] THE SNAGAGOTH NEEDS YOU! REPORT TO THE SNAGAGOTH ORGAK’LAK OR SNAGABOSS MOGRAH’YAR FOR ASSIGNING TO THE KRIMPING TEAMS OF KRUGMAR. THE KRIMPING TEAMS ARE EXPECTED TO MEET A QUOTA OF SLAVES A WEEK. DON’T WANT TO GO KRIMPIN’? JOIN THE OVERSEERS! DO YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO JOIN THE KRIMPIN’ TEAMS? OR THE CUNNING TO JOIN THE OVERSEERS? ------------------------------------- New Rank: Snagaboss Current Snagaboss: Mograh’Yar (Micbox) Handler of the processing of new slaves and the assistant Snagagoth. Snagaboss brands, trains, assigns and leads snaga missions. If a snaga has no place in Krugmar, it is the Snagaboth’s duty to give them one. If there is need of snagas to build or do something, the Snagaboss oversees the operation to perfection. The Snagaboss also keeps them from escaping. New Teams: Krimpin’ Teams Krimping Teams are Orcs who are experts in their field of slaving. Made with up to 10 members a team, said teams will be directed to roads and hotspots to get as many slaves as possible, which they will then bring back to the Overseers, who will then take care of the Snagas from there. Krimping Team Format: Overseers The henchmen of the Snagaboss, the Overseers help with the processing and assigning slaves of the Uzg. As well as help with slave related laws and offenders of these laws. They are under the direct command of the Snagaboss and Snagagoth.
  14. Elite_Snipes_YT

    WhiteWash Announcement

    Dah bluud ov Krug iz zakred. Thoze dat pozzezz it inherit indominable size, huge featz of ztrenff, ruthlezz zpeed agh unwaverin’ tenazity. But zuch ah gift iz dangurouz in dah handz ov immature, un-tempered Urukz. Zuch iz why dah Kode of Honour muzt be held above all elze. Ah Whytewazh iz zum’azh wiv Uruk bluud, tu eneh level of potenzy, agh yet ignorez dah Will ov Krug, agh Honour. However, meneh Urukz then peep down on deze Whytewazhez lyke vermin, or kattle tu be slaughtah’d. Krug, agh Gorkil, taught uz dat Family matturz abuve all elze, agh nub mattur how much may dizlyke dem, dey hav lat’z bluud, agh zo zhall forevur be lat’z bruddah agh ziztah.Mi givez out ah lettur tu all Whytewazhez. Kume tu Zan’Khatun, dah Goi in dah Dezert, agh Blah wiv mi. Zo long az lat ugreez tu blah’n, lat zhall nub be flat’d durin’ lat’z vizit, agh whethur or nub we ugree on zertayn termz, lat wyll leave ulive. Howevah, Whytewazhez that refuze tu atleazt blah zhall be treated in dah zame way az dey have been for millenia - Rex-Wargoth Murak'Gorkil.
  15. Elite_Snipes_YT

    Declaration of Dominus under Murak'Gorkil

    A letter would be pinned to every door and house in San’Khatun with a message on the back of it from someone... Ug Brudda’s and Fellow Zistah’s Mi have a Very Importanz Message for lat , Mi Name is Groggnar’Raguk, Ahnd Mi have been Recently become lat Dominus, Mi vill Serve lat Uruks ahs Bezt ahs Mi cahn, Wif Honor Wif Respect ahnd Wif Dignity. Mi Will Serve Da Rex Wif the same thing and will beeh ah Hozh Dominus tooh latz Fellow Brudda’s ahnd Zistahs! Groggnar’Raguks Signature would be here....Groggnar’Raguk, Dominus of the Peoples of Krugmar!
  16. TheNanMan2000

    A New Rex of Krugmar - Mûrak'Gorkil

    Music to Accompany Reading Official Declaration of a New Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil 4th of Deep Cold, 1693 The displacement of the Orcs has left Krugmar weakened and without a centralized location for Clan meetings and permanent settling of Krugmar’s people. Many of the Orc veterans of the Clans have gone on pilgrimages or not been seen for many months, and few were left behind to take up the mantle of Rex. Wargoth Mûrak'Gorkil and his Clansmen marched on Fort Stronk and he declared his challenge to the title of Rex. None accepted the call, except from Rognor’Lak, a warrior from the all-too-recent Clan war which had split Krugmar from the inside during Shakul’Gorkil’s Rexdom. Mûrak'Gorkil, siding with his kinsmen, defended Shakul and as such, Rognor felt duty and honour-bound to challenge him. Accepting the fight Mûrak and Rognor faced off, then fought unarmed and unarmoured, until Mûrak was victorious. Rognor’s duty satiated, defeated in fair and honourable combat, declared his loyalty to the now Rex and Wargoth of Clan Gorkil, and so Mûrak went on to the rest of his kin, and spread his word.. ”Tu mi bruddahz agh ziztahz ov Krugmar. Wi have been zacked by Albai, kicked by Zhara agh had owah alliez, Kaz’Ulrah, razed tu dah ground, but yet wi ztand! Owah hiztoreh iz nuffin’ but zack agh ruin, but nevur hav wi been lozt tu dah zandz, agh zo neithur zhall wi now! Tu mi anzeztahz, all dat have kume before me, bakk tu Gorkil himzelf, mi zwearz by lat’z zpilled bluud dat mi zhall zerve diz title hozh! Tu dah next yearz ov owah hiztoreh, agh tu bein’ rumembah’d for yearz tu kume! Ang Gijaak-Izhi!” Now under the new Rexdom, San’Khatun, the Orcish City in the desert has been made the Nation’s Capital. Many Orcs would begin making their way across the sands to their ancient homeland and to leave the grasslands behind, belonging to Elves and Humans. The Ranks and Government established by the previous Rex, Gurukk’Lak, is kept.
  17. TheNanMan2000

    Challenge for Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil

    A New Challenger Approaches From deep within the Desert North of plundered Krugmar, a Challenger marches the waves of sand and sharp effaces of stone. A black furred Demigryph, decorated with scars from past hunts, with a brown skinned and equally scarred rider atop, wielding his famous Poleaxe. Beside him are his loyal Clansmen, Shakul’Gorkil, ex-Rex of Krugmar and devout follower of Azog, greatest Blacksmith and 2rd born son of Gorkil. Another, Nazark’Gorkil, a long-standing Farseer of the Clan who’s knowledge keeps us standing. Then is Skorkon’Gorkil, a past Ugluk, riding his own Ugluk Bull as a monument to his past Clan, dedicated to the 3nd born son of Gorkil, Ugluk the renown Warrior. So is Rokag’Gorkil, a Lutauman under the famed Falum’Lur and an Orc who’s legend is still in the making. The group of Orcs, bound by blood and the steeped history of Clan Gorkil, pass Krugmar’s battered walls and ransacked buildings on their march to Fort Stronk, it’s grim display a reminder as to the adversity Orc-kin face, and the result of falling to it’s foes. Such a fall shall not be permitted, an oath whispered by Murak, although fully knowing his Ancestors and the Spirits were listening. Finally reaching Fort Stronk, standing tall as a bastion of Orc-kind’s final stand and surrounded by the ocean, the group of Gorkils march through the camp and into the keep, declaring infront of all Orcs present “Ay am Mûrak'Gorkil, pazt Waghchief ov Klan Gorkil, loyal bruddah ov Waghgoff agh Targoff Vorgak’Gorkil agh pazt Waghgoff, agh Rex, Shakul’Gorkil, now Waghgoff ov Klan Gorkil, challungez all whu zeek dah title ov Rex to ah azh on azh, unarmed klomp in Zan’Khatun, dah Goi in dah Dezert!”
  18. Hey I'm putting all my LotC videos as unlisted and wanted to make this post so that the links could be found without asking me. These videos start in 2013 when I joined and the last one I uploaded was last year in 2017. Green = Better quality / recommended videos. Red = Boring videos that I put in just for the record. Harbinger Fight (Anthos, 2013) Battle of the Nation's Crossing (Thorin's War, Anthos 2013) Battle of Shadowcastle (Pre-Trench War, Anthos 2013) Fall of the Cloud Temple (Anthos, 2013) Deeproads Breach (Ondnarch, Anthos, 2013) Battle of Thoringrad (Trench War, Anthos, 2014) Battle of Indagolaf End (Trench War, Anthos, 2014) Dwarves Help the Conclave (Anthos, 2014) Battle for Kal'Azgoth (Ondnarch, Anthos 2014) The Last Ice Morph (Ondnarch, Anthos 2014) Battle of the Dreadfort (Anthos, 2014) Welcome to the Fringe (Anthos - Fringe, 2014) Skirmish in Kaldonia (The Fringe, 2014) The Battle of Kal'Agnar (Athera, 2014) Battle of Hiebenhall (Athera, 2015) Battle of the Withering Woods Battle of the Melting Frost (1st Frostbeard Rebellion, Vailor, 2015) Dwarf vs Orc Wargames (Vailor, 2015) Battle of Khro'Nagaak (Vailor, 2015) Battle of Kal'Ordholm (Vailor, 2016) Battle of the Gorge (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Battle of Goldfield (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Skirmish of Johannesburg (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Skirmish by Curon (Courland-Haense War, Axios, 2017) Mordring Attacks Bastion (Axios, 2017) Skirmish Outside the Krag (Dwarves vs Norland War, Axios, 2017) Battle in the Cultist's Lair (Axios, 2017)
  19. HortonHeardAWho

    For Yazgurtan

    [!] A letter arrives at Yar hall, as well as on the notice board to be displayed to all [!] To: Nurena’Yar, the standing Yazgurtan. Me have gave lat a mighty length of time, yet lat sit on lat’s arse and act like an absolute glob; lat sit there and do nothing. Lat have been the Yazgurtan since Shakul’s reign, and the only task lat has attempted is merely patching up San’Kala’s walls. Even that lat failed to do, for just a couple months ago me have seen me kin being commanded by the Targoth to reconstruct the barriers that once kept our enemies out. As such me can do no more waiting, for lat’s failure has been too much. Lat am to arrive at the arena of San’Kala in dub months in order to klomp me. Not doing so will be recognized as a forfeit, allowing me to take on the mantle of Yazgurtan. On the 11th of Amber Cold, 1888 Scribed by, Skribblr of Clan RAGUK, Zrarly’RAGUK
  20. We Want YOUR Screenshots! A lot of Orcish RP revolves around the Spirits & Ancestors, and particularly our ways of worshipping them. You’ll often hear a victorious Orc praising his chosen Spirit, or a Orc returning from a hunt dedicating his trophy to Votar. Unfortunately, few track our progress, and thus our Shamans cannot keep RP the Spirits or Ancestors being happy with an Orc’s dedication during the Spirit walks. So, if you ever construct a Shrine, sacrifice an Elf, dedicate a victory or in any other way please your chosen Spirit or Ancestor, send the screenshot in the comments. That way the rest of the Orcish community can share in your victory, and our Shamans can keep an eye on who is most active. Who knows, maybe one-day your fanaticism to Laklul could please the swampy boi and make you devote to his name, and give you Roleplay buffs. Here’s an example of why you may want to keep track of your dedications to a Spirit or Ancestor:
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml8DscySDL0 You’re lost and unknowing. Your mind burns with a thousand questions; “Come, Uruk. . .” A hand through the dark beckons for you. “Come and sit by the fire.” You follow it. The smoke clears. A small fire burns in solitude. You sit by it. “You seek knowledge. . .” From the shadows comes he: ash-seeped and still. He speaks; “And so I shall grant it unto you.” Smoke plumes up from the fire. This time thick. This time invasive. “But the Spirits are hard Gods. This will be your only opportunity.” His voice, a thunderclap, rings out thence: a chant in a guttural and slanting tongue, where the words roll over one another and mesh into pure primordialism. Unhinged, unbridled; all-knowing, melodious in a wild way and percussed only by the beating of your heart, it ensnares you. You feel it in your throat, all throughout your body; in your gut, in your legs- your legs soften. Your arms too. It prys you open, your eyes widen, your ears do not only listen but they hear. You tumble, you’re falling, sinking, the earth swallows you up from all around. . . And then you wake. There's no smoke. There’s no heat. No fear. No noise. Only stillness. But sat before you is a spirit of a million eyes: “I am Lethrothrak, He of a Million Eyes, and my knowledge I wish to impart.”
  22. On the edge of The Barrow Downs, two large figures sit by a fire. It crackles and pops, the two uruks sitting across from each other not as strangers, but as brothers. Brothers who have fought through thick and thin together, as cubs and into adulthood. Now, the drums of war can be heard in the Raguk War-Camp, and as the camp vibrates with orcs preparing for battle, Grubgobbla, the Raguk Wargoth, stands. He reaches his arms out, holding a dagger coming from one of the past Wargoths, the famous Leyd’Luk himself. Rognor, the Swampgoth, holds his hand out as well, and with a swift stroke Grubgobbla cut through his thick orcish hide, wincing through the pain. Rognor followed his actions, and the two pressed their bleeding wounds together. The blood pact had been made. They had become blood brothers. The terms sworn: Raguks and Laks will aid each other in internal struggles within the Iron Uzg They will provide equipment for both clans as necessary This will last until either Grubgobbla’Raguk or Rognor’Lak dies, or either’s clan has been dissolved All klomps will be good and of the highest caliber -Grubgobbla’RAGUK -Rognor’LAK
  23. Humanistic


    Basic Statistics Past History Physical Characteristics Family Spiritual Characteristics
  24. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Peace-Warriors (Guild)

    [!] A paper could be found nailed to most Noticeboards, including the Dunshire Noticeboard The Peace-Warriors of Dunshire! ~Dunshire, the home of the Peace-Warriors~ Since the War of Peace has been declared, I've noticed that we have no military to fight it! So, let us form a basic militia of peace that will keep all of Altas safe from harm! The Peace-Warrior's Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the great people of Altas, who be so fair and varied in look and style. I pledge to protect all children, all men, all women, and others who are threatened by war, and I pledge to never become the threat of war that I have pledged to protect others against!" "I promise that I will never bear a lethal weapon against another while campaigning for Atlas-wide peace, and I promise that I will never harm others even with non-lethal weapons unless there is no other option." "And lastly, I pledge that I will always uphold the good morals of peace, prosperity, and comfort for all that I wish to bring to the rest of Atlas" The Tools of Peace: -Shovels, for they represent the humble peasant who is threatened by wars on Atlas. -Eggs and Snowballs, for they represent the projectiles of childish play instead of projectiles of war and destruction. -Cake, for it represents comfort and prosperity that does not come with war. -Pumpkins, for they grow plentiful and plump, and are not associated with war in any way. -The heart, for all good comes from it. ~An example of a Peace-Warrior, although most Peace-Warriors wouldn't use a shield, of course~ Our Mission: Unlike other groups who attack and destroy others, the Peace-Warriors will only bring goodness to the world, and thus all they do will be completely peaceful. We shall protest against war with our Tools of Peace in hand, and we shall bring about a better tomorrow! How do I join this benevolent group?: Please fill out the following format and send it to Dunshire for us wee folks to look over! RP: Name: Race(can be any): Why do you wish to join the Peace-Warriors?: Please recite The Peace Warrior's Pledge here: OOC: Discord(helpful but not needed): Username:
  25. Quintessential

    [RECRUIT] The Braduk Clan

    ]x[ The Braduk Clan ]x[ “Ghash Nagraufom” - “The Fire Rises” Braduk; A name whose history is revelled in blood and brutality. Our legend of the Orcish race tells of giants, dark and grim. The bond of these brothers and sisters defied time and blood, and their souls were ablaze with the fire and the passion of their time. With the swiftness of their judgement, and the ephemeral of their mercy, these brothers and sisters shared a bond with the creatures of the desert. These creatures were rhinos, gigantic as well as intelligent. These desert beasts became one as steeds with their Orcish counterparts, utilizing their needle-sharp horns and their armor-thick hide, the rhinos shook the earth as they rode into battle. The Braduk clan started in Aegis by the first son of Braduk, Baderkuk. Baderkuk’s father was a hero, famed and praised for saving thousands of orcs after the Clash of Clans war. Braduk went on to found Kenuk, a city state that came to be known as one of the greatest Orcish settlements. It was during this time that they befriended and rode the rhinos of the many deserts. The calls of these rhinos intimidated lowly mortals like children midst a thunderstorm in the darkness of night. Since birth, those who are known as Braduks have gruesomely paved their way through history. From the glory days to dark days, our history contains the names of legendary Wargoths; these orcs led the clan to glory, a nation which progressed under these, Asulon’s ‘Blood Talon’ Mokrag, Anthos’s Ghazkull, and Vailor’s ‘Iron Rhino’ Kahn who once ruled as Rex. Yet now, the pure-blooded line of Braduks dance dangerously closer to extinction. As the world descends into darkness and chaos, a return beckons for the fabled and powerful giants of Braduk clan. Braduk and their rhinos rise once more. ]x[ MEMBERS ]x[ ] LEADERS [ Wargoth: Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk (the1bow) Being a Wargoth means you are the overall leader of the clan, and their word is final. This position was usually reserved by the biggest and strongest orc, but due to the thinning bloodline, that cycle had been broken by a previous Wargoth, Lukra’Braduk. Clan Father: While the Clan Father is an elder, they are the leading lorekeeper, a trial keeper, and a rhino gifter of the clan. They have nearly equal say to that of the Wargoth, and a Clan Father’s advice is always heeded and taken into heavy consideration. Warmachine: The position of Warmachine means you’re the second-in-command. They are able to carry out tasks that are not deemed worthy enough for the Wargoth’s attention, as well as disciplining the other clansmen. However, a Warmachine’s first priority is to protect the Wargoth at any and all costs. Those who take this title must be sworn in by an ancient oath in the old Braduk tongue. Warboy: Upon receiving your position as Warboy, it means you’ve taken up a position of technical tinkering. The Warboy is responsible for all things ‘techie’, such as contraptions and the like. However, the Warboy is also tasked with being a secret overseer. They track and hunt down those who have wronged the clan. ] ELDERS [ The elders are orcs who have been a part of the clan for a long time. They’ve shown great knowledge and wisdom of the clan’s history. Meanwhile, they are like guides and mentors to younger orcs, and new clansmen. Elders are the only ones that can challenge the Wargoth. Kahn’Braduk ] CLANSMEN [ Bloodline: (Updateable) Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk Vruk’Braduk Madak’Braduk Maugoth’Braduk Kahn’Braduk (Deceased) Jolagh’Braduk (Probably Deceased) Kotturik’Braduk (Deceased) Orgoth’Izig (Traitor/Ex-Clan, but still bloodline.) “Bloodline” Braduks are the tall, dark-green-skinned descendants of the legendary Braduk, which was mixed along with the intelligent Olog hero Kudo, who cuckolded Baderkuk. This is where their height came from, bloodline Braduks used to range up to 10 ft, but due to the generational decrease, most blood-Braduks are now 8'6 or below due to the thinning of blood throughout generations. It was thought that the only children came from Kahn’s line, but with the return of Jolagh, hope has shown that someday, other bloodline orcs may wander out of hiding, and a new generation of the Braduk cubs would be born. Normal: (Updateable) Uztrak’Braduk Forkad Burz’Braduk Rugbub’Braduk Nagrez’Braduk Duk’Braduk (Deceased) Most of the Orcs that now apply to this clan are not descended from the bloodline, since many of the Braduk bloodline have been thinned and scattered by the old-aged cycles of attrition and desertion. It has become necessary for the ranks of leadership to be more open towards the non-bloodlined Braduks. ]x[ CLANS LAWS ]x[ The clan precedes everything else, even you. Each and every Braduk clansmen is a sworn sibling to one another, brothers and sisters that are to be willing to lay down their life for the other when the time comes. Never forget those who have wronged or betrayed us. Never forget those who have aided or blessed us. If you betray, rob, or murder your brothers and sisters, you will be terminated accordingly, in the same manner. Never put your personal wealth, or own possible gain of political standing or power, or anything else, above the clan. The clan precedes all. Never disobey your superiors, and never challenge them without due/proper cause. Always remember the Iron Rhino, we are from the Iron Uzg, so always show Iron will and Iron strength. Follow the code of Krug til death and on. ]x[ PUNISHMENTS ]x[ All punishments can be issued at the discretion of the Wargoth. Blood Taloning: The offender’s ribs are individually broken through a large cut in their back, then the lungs are removed from the body and stretched along the shoulder blades in order to make makeshift wings while the victim is restrained in a ‘T’ formation while on their knees. The cause of death is suffocation. This form of punishment was the favourite method of the fabled Braduk-Wargoth, Mokrag’Braduk. Decimation: If any group or party of orcs disobey their superior(s) inc combat, or in any given task, such as the act of decimation will be carried out. The group at fault shall be lined up, and every tenth Orc is chosen. The chosen Orc is then bluntly beat to death with clubs by the other orcs. If the group or party is small, or one orc, the whole clan themselves will beat the entire group. However, this act of punishment has not been carried out for a long time since the lack of clan members. Flaying: In this method, the said offender will be flayed. Whether it is fatal or not depends on how severe the crime or offense was. Crucifixion: The said offender will be nailed through his wrists, and Achilles heels to a cross-shaped wooden structure. They are left to starve or bleed out. This causes long-term torment as they die, because the nerves in the wrist cause one to feel on fire. The position makes it hard to breathe, the Orc must push themselves up to breathe, which agitates the wounds even more. Only when the body is completely rotten, then it may be taken down. Skrote’n: This punishment is reserved for males, specifically ones who won’t bare childen. Should said male commit an act of great offense against the Braduks, said offender has their testicles removed. This is so they cannot breed and spread their treachery further. Uihnce: Reserved for the worst of the worst, for the most heinous of crimes, this punishment is one of the most ancient Braduk punishments. In front of the entire clan, the scumbag must take hold of his own Golok - an ancient weapon given to him/her upon bonding with a rhino - drive it into their stomach, slice it open, and allow their innards to fallout. Therefore, committing suicide. ] TRADITIONS [ Ponytails- A Braduk, no matter their preferred hairstyle, will usually grow out a long ponytail from the crown of their head down, braided or bound with calfskin or blue cloth. The ponytail is only to be cut off in the event of humiliating defeat. Some Braduk males may shave all of their head aside from the ponytail - however, females tend to have more variety, but the common style is having an undercut beneath the ponytail. History Keeping- Unlike most clans, whose accounts of their history are absolutely oral, the Braduks make a habit of creating long-lasting, written records of their clan legends on large, leather skins, while adorning them with illustrations. As a result, the Braduk histories are far more detailed and well-remembered than those of other clans, dating back to their founding in Aegis. These histories are also important in determining how best to follow the third and fourth clan laws. Initiation- If a clanless Orc wishes to join the Braduks, they must be complete numerous initiation tests. These tests can vary from obstacle courses, to riddles, but usually include a klomp with an Elder of the clan (which they usually do not win). These tests are not about if the Uruk completes the tests, but the way they complete the tests, which will later be looked over by the other Elders of the clan. If all aspects are pleasing and show good qualities in the Orc, they will be sworn into the clan by the Wargoth. The Initiation Verse- The Wargoth asks the the Orc to hold out his klomping, or dominant, hand and starts to say the verse. He or She then places a cloth in the Orc's outstretched hand, lighting it with a flint and steel. At the end of the verse, the Chieftain sprinkles a small bit of 'Braduk zand' into the fire, which causes it to flare up, turn purple, then die down. At the end, something similar to "Welkum tu da Bradukz bruddah." which is usually said by all attending. "Da Bradukz am awl bruddahz am ziztahs, iv nub bai blud, den bai hart. Ib latz behtrae latz bruddahz, latz zuwl, agh da zuwl ob awl latz kubbehz wil buhrn en da Nefah liyk da kluwf duz en latz hand." Choosing Ceremony- At the age of six, or when a recruit joins the clan, a Braduk must receive his or her Braduk rhino steed. A bond must be cemented, for they are as much a brother as an orc. This is the tradition: The orc will enter the rhino pen where many unbonded rhinos are residing. Then, a rhino must take interest in the orc. It cannot be forced. Once a rhino has found interest in the orc, the two will engage in a klomp, a show of strength. If the orc can successfully mount the rhino, he or she will go on to name it. From then until their deaths, the two will be bonded. Carrying of the Golok- During the choosing ceremony, a new Braduk is thrown a short ceremonial machete with which they cut a ‘Z’ shaped mark into their rhino’s cheek - the rhino creates the same mark on the Braduk with its razor-sharp horn. Thereafter the Braduk will carry the machete with them for everyday use and possibly in combat (although it would be inferior to most battle-purposed weaponry), generally worn strapped to the belt or small of the back horizontally in its sheath. Should the terrible day come where the Braduk is guilty of an incredibly severe dishonour he or she will be expected to perform the punishment of Uihnce with it, as detailed earlier Giving out of the Rudis- A Rudis is a short wooden sword earned by an orc of the Braduk clan once they have achieved a great and glory filled deed. Whether it be an immense service to the clan, the slaying of a beast or taking many lives in a battle, an orc will be given this wooden sword by the Wargoth, who would have inscribed the story of as to why it has been earned, on the blade. ] SPIRITUALITY [ Like many Orcs, Braduks are steadfast to their beliefs in the Spirits, and interactions they might have in the mortal realm. The most prominent is the spirit of war, blood, and murder. The name of that spirit is Enrohk. The Braduks served him faithfully for many centuries, some of their language making up the standard phrase which invokes his interest during a sacrifice. The last Chosen of Enrohk was the Iron Rhino Kahn’Braduk, the mighty Rex and previous Wargoth in Athera. His greatsword, War Maker, is with Enrohk’s blessing and remains in the possession of the clan. Braduks also engage in the worship of their ancestors, such as their namesake Braduk and his son Baderkuk, who was mentioned earlier as founding the clan. This also includes the common reverence of past Braduks in order to honour their memory, and hope to draw on their strength from the honoured Braduks in Stargush’Stroh. Stargush’Stroh is the afterlife for Orcs, and is believed to exist at the top of the spiritual plane. The Braduk clan often erect shrines in honour and depict the names of deceased Braduks. Not only is it the Braduks which were well-known for their history, but also Braduks who have recently died. When a Braduk dies, their remains are cremated on a pyre, and then scattered. However, Braduks who obtained a legendary status amongst the clan during their lifetime, usually have their burned bones placed in a large stone urns, and integrated in elaborate tombs. ] CELEBRATIONS [ ] UNDER REVIEW [ Blood Talon Celebration: This is a day to honour Mokrag’Braduk, one of the glorious and honorable, the greatest Braduk to ever have lived. He is known as the Blood Talon, and this annual festival honours his life, deeds, and ultimately honours his sacrifice. His sacrifice is the reason that Braduk clan exists today. Kenuk Feast: This day of feasting celebrates the end of the “Village Wars” between the feuding arms of Braduk’s family, as well as the start of their peace. Various competitions which test strength and dexterity will be held throughout the day, prizes range from mediocre to more vaulable. Zpidhammah Day: This celebration is named after Braduk’s weapon which he used in the Village wars. Zpidhammah Day is a a celebration of the founder of the Braduk clan; his life, and his honourable death in battle immortalized in a mostly joyous occasion. Klomps held, feasts had, and stories told to the cubs from the knowledgeable Elders. ]x[ CLAN LORE THREADS ]x[ Overview of Clan History Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/112251-the-rhinos-history/ History of Wars of the Clan Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/119187-war-stories-the-braduks/ Lore of the Braduk Rhinos Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/91744-lore-braduk-rhinos/ Overview of Bloodline Braduks Https://lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/14697-ooc-bloodline-braduks/ Previous Braduk Thread (Including Info on Specific Bloodlines) Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topc/128780-the-braduk-clan/ ] OTHER THREADS [ Previous Braduk Clan Post Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/128780-the-braduk-clan/ Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151150-the-braduk-clan/ Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159917-the-braduk-clan/ Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166136-recruiting-clan-braduk/ ]x[ RECRUITMENT INFORMATION ]x[ Considering joining the clan? You can join in one of three ways: Approach the clan on your current character and ask to join. You will be tested, and if found worthy will be inducted into the ranks. Create a new character that is a returning Braduk. You can either have your character be a Braduk who was previously in the clan, or the (possibly adult) child of one or two of them born outside the clan. After testing for traits of cowardice and divergent behaviour, your character will be re-inducted. Be born into the clan. Start from childhood and work your way up. Please keep in mind that any orcs claiming to be bloodline Braduks must get expressed and full permission. Anybody who did not get permission will be forced to change out. To join, approach us in-game, or post here in the thread. If neither works, you may message me here on the forums.