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Found 2 results

  1. [♪] INTRODUCTION In times where everything we believe in is constantly challenged and when dragonkin with other servants of Iblees are trying to threaten the power of people and the Church, comes a need for a change. The times of powerlessness are receding and with this turn of events a strong and a reinvigorated spring is coming. Who would want to undermine us and turn to the forbidden practices of Iblees? Only pagans and heretics, who in their insults to God have turned their backs on him and with sin want to convert our own people. Will we allow them to spit in our faces? Will we allow them to spread their wickedness in our own holy and God-submitted country? WE THE YOUNG AAUNITES GIVE OUR DEFINITE ANSWER: PURPOSE OF THE MOVEMENT The Sokol Movement is an organisation for committed followers of Canonism. The aim of the movement is to maintain a strong position of the Holy Church in realms ruled by humans. The structure of the organisation is hierarchical and can involve nobility, commoners and clergymen. Members of the organisation are tasked with defending the Pontiff and other men of the cloth at public events, and in the name of salvation and life after death in the Seven Skies, to lay down their lives in their defence if necessary. The hierarchy of the movement is divided into four tiers: Chairman - an individual elected by other members of the Sokol Movement, holding the highest authority. Clergymen - all servants of God that want to join the movement and bless the militia before their guard duty commences. Militants - armed members of the Sokol Movement who are tasked with protecting all men of the cloth during church services and other public events where their lives may be at risk. Common members of the movement - people who are encouraged to spread the word of God and join the social ranks to further promote our ideals and beliefs. THE FOUR PILLARS OF THE SOKOL MOVEMENT I. SALVATION ONLY IN GOD - The God is our Lord and saviour, he decides our fate and when we ascend into the Seven Skies. II. MAN ABOVE ANYONE OTHER - That Man is the right and superior kind to be populating the Canonist world, as it is known in all of canondom. III. PERSECUTION - To persecute those found guilty under heretical acts of magic, and consorting with Azdrazi et cetera. IV. HONOUR AND COURAGE - Two vital virtues of every canonist who is not afraid to die for God’s glory. A person that possesses these virtues should always stand up in defence of the Church and clergy, even if it puts their life at risk. THE TENETS OF THE SOKOLISTS HERALDRY OF THE SOKOL MOVEMENT The official colours of the men and the banner of the Sokol Movement don are green, white, black and gold. The symbol of the movement is a black falcon (sokol) on a field of green, holding a golden cross in its beak. In common parlance, the falcon symbolises both agility and strength, attributes which are required of all Sokol’s militants. ANYONE WHO MEETS THE CONDITIONS CAN JOIN THE MOVEMENT: - Human - Aged at least 10 - Comes from a canonist House - Has no record of cooperation with Iblees' servants - Has no record of breaking the law - Passed a blood test and their dark nature was not discovered in the process WE, THE NEW GENERATION WILL CHANGE THE WORLD FOR GOD AND HIS KINGDOM Motto of the Sokol Movement IN GOD’S NAME, Aleksander Wilhelm Jazloviecki Witold Piotr Jazloviecki Mikhail Stefan Jazloviecki Caius Godwin Alstion
  2. ORENIAN POLITICAL PARTIES A comprehensive guide covering Orenian Poltical Parties throughout the modern period of the Empire. Above is a political compass showcasing party ideologies through a diagram. The common life of a Citizen of Oren revolves around Politics, with that being said, members of the empire should be well educated in the current political climate to better influence their voting outcomes. CURRENT PARTIES The Everardines [Link] : The Everardines, a Conservative party originating in the wheat producing commonwealth of Kaedrin, founded by John Edward Pruvia. The Everardine’s political stance is center right, focusing on staying true to Imperial Tradition & power to the Nobility-pushing reform onto a resurgence of Canonist value & power within the empire, as ofcourse Oren is a Human/Canonist Empire, & should stay that way-Humanity first as they say. Overall this party is well suited for Orenian Patriots. DETAILS CHAIRMAN : ADRIAN OTHODORIC HELVETS (@Draeris) SLOGAN : FOR GOD, EMPIRE, AND MAN. POSITION : CONSERVATIVE RIGHT The Josephites [Link] : The Josephites are a a progressive party, a group of ideals that have been championed by great statesmen such as Sir Terrence May and Jonah Stahl-Elendil. Their values are founded from the Rights of Man as fundamental truths crucial to maintaining the fabric of humanity, founded from the proclamations of Joseph Marna. They believe in a fair and free market, the promotion of business and labor opportunities, guaranteeing efficient justice, consumer protections and civil liberties, and balance of governance. DETAILS CHAIRMAN : JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL (@Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth) SLOGAN : For the Dignity of All POSITION : LIBERAL LEFT The United Tolerance Party of Ratminded Individuals : The UTPRI is a anti-establishment, free creatures party preaches the important of little to no government interaction regarding the sewage and water ways of the Empire. Their values lie in completely open market trade & no governmental structure, vies for the write to vote of all rodent-like creatures DETAILS CHAIRMAN : Gustav Ratmane (@Anore) SLOGAN : Rats. POSITION : LIBERAL Rat PAST PARTIES The CCP (Common Civic Party) [Link] : The CCP, A party founded during the late 17th Century, focusing their interests on Free trade & a Empowered imperial Economy. DETAILS SLOGAN : “Unitatis in populo” POSITION : LIBERAL ECONOMIC RIGHT The ARP (Aurelian Party) [Link] : The ARP, similar to the priorist party covered bellow, it’s values lie in Imperial Nationalism, centralization of the Government, & vast militarization amongst the populous. DETAILS SLOGAN : “An Empire for the people, by the People.” POSITION : AUTHORITARIAN RIGHT The ONP (Supposed ‘Orenian Nationalist Party’) [Link] : The ONP, founded in the mid-1700s by a mad Cascadian known as Pascual de Casanova, during the Sutican Wars, a era shrouded in radicalism & Orenian nationalism- this party focus was on Prideful Imperialism & a Socialist economic push. Funnily enough it was quite well liked by the Orenian Emperor at the time, his majesty; Peter III. DETAILS SLOGAN : “GLORY TO THE EMPIRE, DEATH TO THE PIGS” POSITION : SOCIALIST LEFT LOPA (The Loyalist Party) [Link] : The LOPA, a Suffolk party founded by proud Imperials, their values lie in fierce Monarchism, elitism, & vassalization of non-Orenian powers. DETAILS SLOGAN : “?.” POSITION : ABSOLUTE MONARCHISM The Priortists (PPR) [Link] : The PPR, focusing on Renatian classism, Human Supremacy, Nationalism-& 1 party authority. DETAILS SLOGAN : “The needs of the Renatian people stand above the commodities gifted to those foreign, living amidst us. We must protect the common man.” - Ronald of Sullivan POSITION : RADICAL AUTHORITARIAN SOCIALIST RIGHT The Autarkic Worker’s Party (AWP) [Link] : The AWP, a workers party on the likes of Industrial prosperity, 1 governmental distribution of Minae, & radicalistic Socialism. DETAILS SLOGAN : ”For a strong Empire, and an even stronger Mankind!” POSITION : FAR LEFT SOCIALISM NOTE : THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT OFFICIAL & SIGNED BY THE IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT; rather it is simply a written guide by a proud Orenian Patriot to the lovely Citizens of the Empire. Scribed by, HEINRICH VON BLOWITZ
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