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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! if you are searching a new charcater to play in a family this is the place for you! some time ago the players of my two kids Aesar and Virion just stopped completely playing the characters and they ahev been unplayed since... they were kids so now they should be around 15-20 years old? or more? The R'Ikarth family will hopefully come together with the help of two active players playing my two sons, we already have a player for Delra R'Ikarh, the older daughter of my Character Zirath T. R'Ikarth R'Enar leader of the R'Ikarth clan and Grand Veneur of Stygian Hollow. This Clan is pretty fresh but we have our own traditions and activities! We have already a discord and a couple of members and a clan house too. Aesar R'Ikarth A young dark elf with soft features, emerald eyes, gray skin and silver hair, son of Inui Ba'Ikana that will later marry Zirath R'Enar to form the R'Ikarth family. Aesar was then raised by Zirath and was treated as his son, the father-son relationship between the two was beyond blood relation, he trained Aesar to be a hunter and Aesar himself would later help Zirath with matters in the R'Ikarth clan and will help train his younger half-brother Virion. Zirath then decided to transfer his family from the Stygian Hollow to Rozania after the some events and the death of Inui, his wife. Aesar has a fond interest in books like his father and loves to teach others about what he learnt. Virion R'Ikarth This young dark elf, son of Zirath and Inui R'ikarth, has beautiful golden eyes, a very dark skin and silver hair. He is a pretty mischevioius child and the youngest amongst his siblings. He was trained from his father and his older half-brother and turned out to be an excelent user of the saber and the poleaxe, but despite his abilities in handling weapons he is a little too rash with his decisions and often asks for his older brother's help. He is quite the honest one and he always needs to say what he thinks... this has turned out to be a bad thing in certain situations. Nonetheless he is a good individual and when it comes to help someone he will always do it. Unlike his father he is very fixed on aesthetics, he will always wear fine clothing and he will always have perfectly styled hair. [OOC: sorry if i made grammar mistakes but english is not my first language. Please for any info on the two characters don't hesitate to DM me on discord kuro#9824. Skins are already done for the characters and i have some art representations of them too, the story was really shortened in this post to make it easy to read but i assure you it's a bit more complicated than that. Anyhow! i hope you will apply for this! thanks for reading and good day THIS IS CLOSED]
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