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  1. how is everyone doing?

    i'm losing my mind in quarantine and i have 5 days more to go, hope my test results negative so i can hang out.


    1. Rioling


      alright myself :)

      I hope you test negative! stay healthy🤘

  2. @Nug i thought CAs were for creatures in general that fittend under a category 🤔

    that's the first CAs app i made... how do i do it if it's not accepted then?


    1. MiniMuffinNinja


      You'll have to write new lore under the Lore + Submissions page

  3. BTW happy easter!

  4. looking through my old posts... i make a lot of horrible grammar mistakes...

    I'll try to make less typos from now on

    1. Lionbileti


      Dude it’s all good! We all were there once

    2. Nug


      CAs are meant for applying for pre existing creatures, not getting new creature races implemented btw :'-x

  5. zirath would look at the paper concerned then carve the symbol on the door of his house and put some rabbit blood around the carving. he is nervous about what this thing could do, was it really a widow he would try to summor or a demon?
  6. xepphir


    Zirath was born from a single mother, Lielle R’enar, in Caras Eldar(dominion of malin). The father, from the Warhawke’s tribe, left before his birth and without knowing he had a son, and his identity is unknown. He grew in a small house with his mother Liella and his uncle (liella’s brother) Helien R’enar. Helien was like a father to Zirath, he taught him to hunt and to use martial arts at his best, he was a warriror but he retired due to the loss of his left eye and most of the vision on the right. Even if Zirath spent a lot of time learning from his uncle he developed a p
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