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  1. IGN: xepphir DISCORD: xepphir CATEGORY: visual arts TITLE OF YOUR PIECE: Lantern Lit Reverie HIGH RES
  2. The bearded maehr stood with disbelief inhis eyes as he heard the news, another friend passed. "Akuu bo ylarya, thyleer. Helun-Velulaeya hon laht..."
  3. To be honest, while I do not take much issue with the current system, I preferred when whe had warps that functioned like the boat/carts that teleport you with a countdown. Not only are those immersive and aesthetically pleasing they are easy to use and understand for new players. Perhaps having boats/carts that lead to the designated places from CT to the main places might be the best solution.
  4. The bearded Maehr's brows furrowed as he read the letter, his mind filled with concern at the mention of Evelynn. "Evelynn..." he murmured softly, his voice tinged with a hint of worry.
  5. babez i got into story team 😎

  6. Zirath approves of this, go valin'dar go
  7. IGN: xepphir DISCORD: kuro#9824 CATEGORY: visual art TITLE: Last Battle full resolution
  8. very nice, cannot wait for the new map
  9. I always keep stuff to myself to avoid slurs and discrimination, quite sad. Most punishment these people get is a slap on the cheek and they'll be back at it again.
  10. Well said. A detailed report that describes the air of hypocrisy around here.
  11. A dark elven man lifted his head with great effort, he overheard about the news through that door which was not his while he laid immobilised and impaired upon the blood stained parquet. Upon his lips a faint smile was seen as he abandoned his head on the floor once again.
  12. This server has gone downhill. Blatant case of target banning. disgusting.
  13. The dark elven man would be busy in his office when the message was delievered. His right hand reached to unfold the parchment as he leant back in his chair, he read those words in his mind asn tightened his grip onto the parchment. "I will visit, Llir" he said as he laid the sheet on the surface of the desk "ah'll see ye again, soon"
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