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  1. The dark elven man would come back to his clan hall, his golden armour stained with now dried blood. ”Et’s done” he announced to himself as he threw his sabre onto the floor with exhaustion and headed towards his room and disappeared behind its door.
  2. Zirath looked down on the missive, a smirk grew on his face "got what ye deserv'd, do niet touch mah kin. As we are niet slaves" he would then fold it in his bag and approached the wall, where a saber was displayed.
  3. even if i do not love christmas i wish you a merry christmas anyway!

    pass some time with family and friends and enjoy the festivities

  4. Available stalls in Nor’Asath’s market district! Are you searching for a good location to sell your goods at? Great! you found what you were searching for. Here in Nor’Asath, formerly known as Stygian hollow, 10 stalls opened up and are ready to be occupied at a cheap and reasonable price. Nor’Asath is a Urguani Mali’ker’s vassal right on the road to the Urguani capital Kal'Darakaan, so we have a lot of people coming onto our roads to visit us! The 9 stalls that are available are located by the entrance bridge and near the bank, giving a profitable spot to showcase what you have to sell! Most of the stalls are the same size, some decoration is needed for some but we will gladly help you if you need materials to decorate yours. Market district 1 10 mina every year, decorated Market district 2 10 mina every year, not decorated Market district 3 20 mina every year, decorated and it includes a house upstairs Market district 4 10 mina every year, decorated Market district 5 10 mina every year, decorated Market district 6 10 mina every year, decorated Market district 7 10 mina every year, decorated Market district 8 10 mina every year, not decorated Market district 9 10 mina every year, not decorated fill this form if you wish to acquire a stall https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHbS_sjyC9jxqRxLlQfeVFdD579bhTfjXaYnCC9-9YvjI4Zg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  5. Zirath watched the body burn with Sevrel at his side, his silver hair flowing in the wind as the fire shined on his golden armor that still was stained with the blood splatters and brain remains from his ultimatum earlier, product of his blind rage. The hammer head of his bec de corbin would have hit the man's head multiple times, giving the others watching a macabre spectacle and a pool of blood and other remnants to clean off the floor. "How dared he" he thought as he threw a stick in the fire, that night he felt betrayed by those words as he watched the fire consume the soldier's uniform, but in the end what did he expect? A compliment? He glanced at Sevrel and patted his back with his left hand, like that, the two mali'ker disappeared into the gates of the vassal Nor'Asath as the fire continued to burn throughout the endless night.
  6. The dark elven man scoffed as he received the news "victoreh was serv'd" he said as he stood up and grasped his beloved Sabres that sat on the shelf, admiring the edge "as et shoul'"
  7. i have a new signature and imma brag about it

  8. Gazed upon the Vassal from the window of his room “et’s for da better” he would nod “new face new begginin’” he smiled
  9. Zirath held the missive with his worn out left hand only hand as he raised his gaze upon the perpetual night of Stygian Hollow, the sight from the mountains was astonishing. He carefully folded the missive and placed it in his bag “nev’r thought we’d be on da opposit’ side of da field… eh ol’ lad?” He muttered as he unsheathed his golden sabre in a decisive manner and gazed upon the worn out edge that shined in the dark environment, he smirked “nothin’ personal…. knowin’ ye, ye’ll never give yerself up hm?” he said to the wind as he put his helmet on and turned to face the north, his long silver hair escaping from the bottom of the helmet as wind rose through the mountains. He spinned his sabre in his left hand effortlessly before sheathing it “WAR ES COMIN'!” he roared through the city as he wore his cape over the golden armour and mounted on his trusted mare.
  10. Addressing the Orenian claims regarding my kin and Stygian Hollow [!] Open letters were spread around around Urguan and Oren I write this missive, not out of free will, but out of necessity… A person I believed to be a friend, ally, and family member decided to paint me and my kin in a spot where we apparently are defenseless and useless. Then they proceeded to offer help from them and the Empire which we didn’t ask for, nor want. Urguan with all its imperfections has been and still is a fair and honest landlord that cares about their citizens and landowners. It has its century old traditions, which unfortunately include practices like clipping ears, but I am not in a position to eradicate such embedded traditions. However this fair and respectful behavior does not count for the Empire… Me, myself, Zirath Talhoffer R’ikarth once was a member of this ‘glorious empire’ that is a safe place for all. Yet this was the place where I have experienced the most racism in my entire existence. Decades ago, I joined the ministry of Justice of Oren, trying to do the right thing for the people, for society. Yet, my comrades, people that had sworn to do the right thing and protect everyone chose to be the least inclusive of them all. Names like dagger ear and coal were names that were thrown at my face on a daily basis. This was simply based on my appearance. My actions did not matter. I was just the dark elf that thought he had a place in Oren. Just a few individuals tried to stay on my side, individuals that risked to protect my place as a Mali in the empire. Like mentioned before, Urguan was always inclusive and respectful, no matter that I was not of their race thus I stand behind the Grand Kingdom in this conflict as well. No matter what lies the Empire is spreading, or trying to claim us, Mali to be the victims in this conflict. We are not suppressed in any way possible in Urguan, we are allowed to live our own lives, keep our own culture and traditions while not getting judgement I received in the Empire. Even better, the government of the Grand Kingdom even allowed me to marry my ex wife Inui that sadly passed away in Kal’Darakaan with my own rituals. Something that would never be possible in the Empire Among the imperials, there might be some of my family and kin, but my Clan and I do not wish to partake, nor do we support the nonsense that has been propagated by the Empire.I sincerely invite my friends and family to join us in Urguan in our safe space that Stygian Hollow is, as it is truly a safe place for our kin where we are accepted and not judged by our appearances or traditions. Signed, Zirath Talhoffer R’karth, Archon of Stygian Hollow & Clan Leader of Clan R’ikarth
  11. The young dark elf would sit in his room as he held a blade in his hand, as he ran his fingers onto the steel he looked up. He was quite conflicted about the passing of Vival. He was sad, yes, but no tears were shed on his behalf. If it wasn't for Vival he would have remained a nobody, if he did not meet him back then in Norland, Stygian Hollow would not be there. Thanks to him he finally gained a home, a family and a clan... Vival Married him to Inui, giving him the blade he was now holding with grief. He did some questionable things too as he kept the truth away from this now ruined man, indeed Vival was known to be kind to his kin... but he was a bastard too and it seemed it was simply in his nature to be one and Zirath was too naive to understand that back then as he blindly followed him around like a boy follows his father, until he understood it the hard way. Even after conflicts between the two, Zirath mourned the loss of his companion out of simple respect as he wrapped the blade he was holding in silk and placed it carefully in a box that he then hid, probably never to be found or opened again.
  12. the dark elven man smiled as his friend finally made his way to the top and wisely defended his family and beliefs as he protected the beliefs of others. "very noice" Zirath said to himself as he sat down on his chair and interlaced his fingers "ye mus' stay strong ma frien'... ye mus' stay strong Minuvas" he then went to finish the project for his son's house in the vale
  13. As Zirath received the invite his golden eyes were invaded by joy "finalleh!" He exclaimed opening his arms to the sky as he heard the news about his dear friend, moj comrade, squire and companion of adventures "MAH MAN'S GETTIN' LAID! WO-HOO" he roared through his room and throwing the invite onto the desk as he turned around to face the door "ah will give ye a good gift, ma man! aye!" The dark elven man chanted as he stormed out of the door, slamming it shut with ... no grace.
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