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  1. Zirath T. R'Ikarth grasped the flyer, wrinkling the paper, as a little sparkle was seen in his eyes. He solemnly nodded as he ripped his outfit in a dramatic way, revealing the cute and girly dress and talent the bearded and manly elf hid for all this years. The socks were so tight on his massive muscles that they were on the verge of ripping and the corset of the dress squezeed his hairy pectorals, this dress was not surely made for a MAN of his size but he wore the cloth with style and proceeded on unsheating a saber from the skirt and swinging it with ease "this is my time to shine" [OOC: i am ashamed of this but proud of it at the same time]
  2. [OOC: send me a bird in game (ColonelXepphir1) or on discord kuro#9824, we are recruiting everyone but we expecially are searching for dark elves, dm me for any questions you have or for lore and stuff about the clan]
  3. [!] as the wind blew on Stygian Hollow and Thunders roared in the rainy sky, a golden figure glanced over the dark elven city with eyes full of bitterness and rage, burning the trees with its fiery gaze. In the air some energy and tension could be felt building up as the rain consumed the stone under its feet. [!] "may the ones yond consum'd pow'r decayeth and roteth with these poisonous roots yond hath grown with those folk!" ???, ???pm EST, Stygian Hollow, Urguan LOTC event note: the animation is not the best and the voices are even worse but i did my best :) enjoy
  4. Draw zirath please, give it your best because imma pay you double
  5. Username: ColonelXepphir1 RP Name: Zirath T. R'Ikarth Address: Arazo Avenue IV Vote: King William Buckfort
  6. As the chilling scream was heard R'enar woke up from a horrible nightmare, sweat was running down his temples and his heart was beating loudly. He quicly stood up ran to the balcony of his villa to meet his gaze with a terrifying view. As he inhaled violently a chill ran down his spine, he put a hand on his chest violently pushing his fingers onto a fresh stabbing wound situated on his heart, the mali'ker hissed in pain as he looked at the newly acquired scar, not remembering any event leading to it. He inspected further and found a set of words carved onto his chest near to the unnaturally pure white wound, he furrowed his brows as he raised his golden gaze towards the figure that gloomed over his beloved city and he spoke out loud those words "A dark cloud looms, and its totem is veiled by masks and metal" His voice trembled as he put his elbows onto the edge of the balcony fence, laying his forehead on his left palm and running his fingers through his wavy and messy silver hair, he then stood up and went back in the house slamming the doors of the balcony shut. He searched for his precious cup that he always had on his belt to drink some booze, but is was nowhere to be seen, maybe the memory loss was due to alcohol? it's not to be known.
  7. Nice pfp, that's pretty metal. 

    1. xepphir


      thanks! i made it

  8. xepphir

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    I sign this my nickname is ColonelXepphir1
  9. Hello everyone I am xepphir and I am the lead builder in the Stygian Hollow settlement. Today I am here to give my great thanks to those who supported me and assisted me in this long journey. First of all I need to give great thanks to ColonelKuehl1 for trusting me as a lead of a project this big, even being my first one, and giving me full artistic freedom. I must thank Kuehl for finding me great assistants after he saw that I was struggling to carry onto this project alone after spending day and nights on it. I need to give a great thanks to Hotbox that took into his hands the build when i had an hard time due to my personal health and giving his personal touch to the build, but still respecting the style and the layout of it. Thanks to Frenchless_fry, worldprincessii, trnsparentsoul, Cappor, Pakkleaf the interns, the smaller buildings and the details were created to bring the build alive. Thanks for the other ones too that tried to help in their own way by decorating and stress testing the build to make sure that it was safe. I started this build alone and I ended it with a beautiful team, stronger than ever. This was my first big project and I will remember it as a great success thanks to the help of you guys! If I remained alone in this I don't think i would have been able to complete this. I am really happy i found a great team like this and I'm happy we were able to work together, i hope the journey of this settlement will be a fun and interesting one and i hope we will provide a great role play environment! (I'm sorry if you are not in the screenshot) Sincerely thank you! From Xepphir i will be making a youtube video about it soon!
  10. Name: Zirath R'Enar Race: dark elf Birth Year: 1774 Peerage (if applicable): Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): N/A
  11. Zirath R'enar would read the fake article "ah... yes... yes..." and proceed to use it as toilet paper
  12. how is everyone doing?

    i'm losing my mind in quarantine and i have 5 days more to go, hope my test results negative so i can hang out.


    1. Rioling


      alright myself :)

      I hope you test negative! stay healthy🤘

  13. @Nug i thought CAs were for creatures in general that fittend under a category 🤔

    that's the first CAs app i made... how do i do it if it's not accepted then?


    1. MiniMuffinNinja


      You'll have to write new lore under the Lore + Submissions page

  14. BTW happy easter!

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