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Found 1 result

  1. Vikelain or Silachian Silachian is a mixture of Elvish and Auvergian. It has a sort of southern flare on top of that. For a more OOc dive, Silchian is a mixture of Lotc Eleven mixed with Lousiana Creole. From deep avuergene roots as well as wood elven ties to the community With this base, it creates a softer, more elegant sounding language with a tone that sounds like water rushing. Rather than more earthy tones, there should be hardly any guttural or rough words used within Silachian. History and Synopsis The words of the sword are translated as Silachin in the language of the protected people. From its founding family, one auvergne & Farfolk woman and one Wood elf, these phrases are both fluid like a swing and sharp to the tongue.. It is interesting to note that the founding couple frequently transitioned between these linguistic influences, which led to a momentous event when a human observer inadvertently interchanged the two terms. This serendipitous mistake has endured through the passage of time. Today, Silachian has become an integral part of the linguistic heritage of Vikela. It can be heard echoing through the streets of Vikela, where it is cherished as a language that is not only well-known but also passed down through generations, embodying a unique and enduring fusion of linguistic traditions. Definition: Auvergnian, interchangeably known as Auvergnat by those who are fluent in it, is a well-known human language. The dialect is famous throughout the various realms of Oren and Aeldin for being crowned the "Language of Love". Auvergnian is a soft, melodic, and yet arguably very complex dialect. Auvergnian is the same as real-life French. Definition: Elvish This language, known as Ancient Elven, was developed by the children of Malin after their establishment in Aegis and was used widely in the ancient world. Grammar For those of you want to fully immerse yourselves. Sentence Order: The common order of elvish sentences is Subject-Object-Verb. The apostrophe-’ : Used in certain cases and possibly dictates a certain pronunciation. Current known uses are: Denoting certain honorifics (such as sainted) Between a modifier and a verb Between a word and its suffixes (more on this below). With the word 'eyha' (and) to connect sentences and in terms of a list. -n makes such a word a noun -an plural AFFIXES & SUFFIXES Use of affixes: This has been shown to be a very important factor in Elven language. Elves tend to use multiple affixes to further define their nouns and verbs, rather than using separate words. For these, the following rules exist: Most affixes seem to have two forms, depending on whether or not the word it relates to ends or begins with a vowel. Suffixes often get added with an apostrophe between it and the word. If a word has multiple suffixes, there will only be an apostrophe between the full word and its last suffix. The priority for ordering the suffixes is least important to most important. So your root word is closer to the most important suffix. If a suffix is separated by an apostrophe, it inflects as if the last letter of the word it relates to was a consonant. -é Makes it past tense, for example: burn - bril / burnt - brilé -s makes it present continuous, -s is followed by the Simple Present word’s vowel, for example: Pèdi - miss / Pedé - missing / Pèdis - Missing Adding “Will - Te” will make the sentence future tense, as the verb does not need a special addition. For example:“Mo te anwo twa ne’pleure…zusna.” - “I will not cry over you...*******.” :) “Burn *****!” “Sluzes Bril!” FAMILY AND PEOPLE Mamon: Mom Malda: Dad Sèsa: Sister Bresen: Brother Tonton: Uncle Tant: Aunt Nès: Niece Nef: Nephew Gra’Malda: Grandpa Gra'Mama: Grandma Numbers un, in - one Dé - two trò, trwa - three Kat - four Sink - five Sis - six Sèt - seven Wit - eight Nèf - nine Dis - ten mu'dis - 100 te'ludis-1000 Much like the grammatical structure, numbers are structured similarly to elvish for double digits and beyond (i.e three-onehundred-five-ten-four). ' is used to link a number with its value for 10, 100 and 1000. Adding the Mu- (very) to add to the beginning of a number to make it ma-single point value. ( Values of Ten). Example Mukat'dis (40,) Musis'dis (60) MuNèf'dis (80). Examples So 14 (fourteen) is Dis'kat [10.4] 40 (forty) is Mukat'dis [10.4] 174 is Mudis'musetdis'kat [100.70.4] COMMON PHRASES & SENTENCES Bonayla! - Hello Heyalez afær? - How are things? heya ça va? - How are you doing? Çé ayla , byin. - I’m good, thanks. Mo byin. - Thank you / Thanks. Ou’Venle - You’re Welcome Twa plitar. - See you later. Svenayla - Goodbye Sven - Bye Mo Mayli twa. - I love you. Swènn-tali. - Take care. Bonayla. - Good Morning Bonker. - Good night avyonii - Little fighter Ti - Yes Ne - No Une gueule de Vallitier - A mouth like holy water fountain (used to describe an ugly man) Une figure lenpomme cuite - A face like a baked apple (used to describe an attractive woman) Pauvres diables - poor devils (used to mock poor people) Un berrbleur - a hot air shooter Un tonnerre a la voile - an unruly person Frou-frou - giddy/ Over dramatic/snobby Menterlien - a lie/liar valllo toujou couri vallhiuw. - The water always goes to the river Coupé zoré milet fait pas faesu. - Cutting off the mule’s ears doesn’t make it a horse Compé Torti va doucement, mais li rivé coté bite pendant Compé Chivreil apé dormi. - Tortoise goes slowly, but he arrives at the barrel while Roe Deer is sleeping. beloun conné sir qui bois l'apé frotté. - The pig knows well on which wood it will rub. Chirr jappô li pas morde. - The barking dog doesn’t bite. Charre brilé pair di feu. - The burnt cat is afraid of fire. Bouki fait gombo; lapin mangé li. - The goat makes the gumbo; the rabbit eats it. Cila qui rit Un lensuloem va pleuré a liewy’ento: . - Whoever laughs on Friday will cry on Sunday. Craché nen laire, li va tombé enhaut vou nez. - Spit in the air, and it will fall on your nose. Vikela an coime en ito - There is a problem in Vikela OBSENTIES (even though LOTC forums will censor this ) ****(Fword): Vexna Shit(poop) : Bix *****(female dog): Sluzes Damn: Acke Ass / ******* (butt) : Zusna Idiot: Ich'me Mother Fucker (mfo): Vex’ma A- Z UNSORTED WORDS. Pronouns: You -mo’ /twa Your - mou’ / Twu We - no’ Which - ki Her - L’leh She - L’ He - Li’ Him -Li’leh I / Me - o This - Thes Who / What / Where - heya’ Our - min Adjectives: Strong - Ceru Weak - Cerune Good - ayla Bad- dyab Later - plitar Old: Ulde Young - Yeune Happy - alèz Confused - ailmathé Sad - melte Angry - furêrion Dainty - Zehp Adverbs: Only - unsel Not - ne’ Out - soti There - Ito Slowly - doucement Very - Mu Nouns / plural Nouns: Action - Aksyon Boat - Amonn’narn Bread - Wehn'tehral Books - Indora Devils/Evil - Diables Expertise - Ekspètiz Forest - Amebwa Fountain - Vallitier Hunter - Lovi Keeper - Gadyem Knowledge - Konesans Mail - Kouryèl Magic - Maji Melody - Ayl’lenniel Midnight - Lin Milk - Valein Moon - Minwi Problem - Coime / Problems - Coimes Red Rose - Wouj’Miruel River - Vallhiuw Side - Coté Sugar - Suika Time - Enet Troubles- Resahnae Vallitier - Fountain - Water- Vallo Milk- Valein - Wind - Bientu Offerings - ofrann Sentiments - santiman Season - sézon Branch - galadh Verbs: Present Simple Tense Past Tense Present Progressive — -é -s Is - di Was - Pranvan (An exception) — Do -fe Did - fé Doing - fes Have - Par Had - Paré Having - Pares Say - psan Said - psané Saying - psans Arrive - riv Arrived - rivé Arriving - rives Stumble - b’ite Stumbled - b’ité Stumbling - b’ites Bite- morde Bit - mordé Biting - mordes Eat - mange Ate - mangé Eating - manges Cry - pleure Cried - pleuré Crying - pleures Hate - Haite Hated - haité Hating - haites Love - mayli Loved - maylé Loving - maylis Like - Mayte Liked - mayté Liking - maytes Know - conne Knew - conné Knowing - connes Burn - brile Burnt - brilé Burning -Briles Care- Tali Cared- Talé Caring - Talis Blossom (flower)-Lapr Blossomed- Laprès Blossoming Lapres miss - Pèdi Missed-Pedé Missing-Pèdis Confuse - ailmahta Confused- ailmathé Confusing - ailmathas Send - alta Sent - alté Sending - altas Go - couri Went - couré Going - couris Talk - goulren talked - goulré Talking - goulres Wave - Anuh'Hiuw Waved - Anuh’Hiuwé Waving - Anuh’Hiuwes Blow - iheiuh Blowed - iheiuhé Blowing - iheiuhes Will - te Would - té Willing - tes Go - couri Went - couré Going - couris Sleep - dormi Slept - dormé Sleeping - dormis Tuck - kach Tucked - kaché Tucking - kaches Dance - danse Danced - dansé Dancing - danses Wear - mete Wore - meté Wearing - metes Carry - pote (To carry something.) cradle-bèl) Carried - poté Carrying - potes Whisper - chitchot Whispered - chitchoté Whispering - chitchotes Pass- pui Passed - pué Passing - puis Paint- peintiye Painted - peintiyé Painting - peintiyes Lay - pose Laid - pozé Laying - poses Bark- jappô Barked - jappé Barking - jappôs Spit - crach (Spit out - Crachoti) Spat - craché (Spat out - Crachéti) Spitting - craches (Spitting out - Crachotis) (In poker) Going all in - Mog Modal Verbs: Should - Dwe Can - Ka Could - Ké Will - Te / Would - Té May - Cen Determiners / Pre-Determiners: The- le / La Such/More - ma- All - ‘tuva Some - kèk Each / Every - ilye Preposition: Of - nun Up - anoh For - pra By - Pa- On - sou’ ( on the- so’le) Like - tankou (“I feel like …..”) About - larenn In - en Over - anwo To - u- (For example: “Me u-couri minwi” - I go to the moon) Beneath - anba With - gavec Down- nadbas Under - neledh Conjunction: And - ehya But - mais Idiom Tali- (infront of a word is part of Derived from elvish) Government Titles / Ranks etc: Government - Gouvènman Council - Conseil Internal - Zefen Internal affairs (internal time) - Zefen’enten Minister - Minstie Knight - Chevalye The Keeper of Books better known as the librarian - Gadyem Indoran Lawmaker - Magi’se House mafia - Mennaj Noble - Noblesse Official - Ofisyèl Writer - Puerith Warrior - lwa Healer - Traiteur Queen - Reîne King - Kondé Princess - Prinsès Prince - Prins Regent- Rejant Heir - Eritye Grand Duke - Gran Dyòk Duke - Dyok Duchès-duchess Count -count countess- Counte Baron- Baron Baroness- L’Baronès Lordship Mesir Ladyship-Mesiris Majesty -Majeste Citizen - sityen When addressing individuals of nobility or higher social status: Grace -Gras [ Your grace- Mou’Gras] Majesty - Majeste (Your majesty- Mou’Majeste) Animals: Deer -Chivreil Rabbit - Lappin Sheep - dòmi Pig - Beloun Goat -Bouki Horse - roch wolf/dog-Chirr Panda-Talibulous Cat -Charre Turtle - Torti Llama- lama Bird - aiweau Days- Following lotc calendar days Sunday - Dimanch Monday - Lendi Tuesday - Madi Wednesday - Mèkredi Thursday - Jedi Friday - Vandredi Saturday - Samdi Next Saturday- Samdi’ento Colours: Red - Mirouj Blue - Blevall Yellow - Aurijòn Purple - Valvyol Pink - Belssezrou Black - Nwa White - Iwan Green - Vèttaynei Orange - Orayl Brown - Caros MALE & FEMALE NAMES Female Names Adeline - Noble Aeliana - Sunlight Amaia - High Place Amara - Immortal Amethysta - Jewel/amethyst Anais - Grace Arcadia - Paradise Astridelle - Beautiful Star Azura - Sky Blue Belphoebe - Fae princess Blythe- Carefree Calista - Most Beautiful Caelia - Heavenly Celestia - Heavenly Chantal - Song Cosette - Little Thing Danica - Morning Star Delphine - Dolphin Eirwen - White Snow Elestria - Starlight Elaria - Enchanting Song Elowen - Elm Tree Evadne - Pleasing One Fiora - Flower Flora- floral Genevieve - Tribe Woman Gwidhiel - Of the Light Heloise - Famous Warrior Hithiel - Running water Isabeau - My oath Isabelette - Devoted Isoluna - Moonlight Jalindë - Beauty Jolie - Pretty Katriel - Crown of gold Khanyisile - Illuminated Kelindra- Leika - Warrior of peace Leza - Joyful Lilithia - Night Demon Lirael - Song of Gold Medea - Clever Melusine - Enchanting Water Mignon - Cute, Darling Mireille - To admire Mwari - Goddess Naiara - Radiant Nymeria - Lady of the Water Nyxira - Night Goddess Oseye - Noble Olwethu - Our Own Phumelele - Achieve Perdita - Lost Qondiswa - Understand Quenmirë - Elf of Jewels Rilindë - The Songs we Sing Ravenna -Raven Roshaera - bright like the sun. Rhianwen - maiden Seraphite - Fiery Angel Serenelle - Starry Sylvara - Nymph Solange - Solemn Solara - Solar, Sunlike Tindra - Sparkle Thalassa - Sea Urania - Muse Uzuri- Splendor Valkyrie - Chooser of the Slain Vespera - Evening Star Violette - Purple Vivienne - Life within Wyneth - Fair Wande - Family grows Winslet - victorious Wynonia - Xiomara - Ready for Battle Xolile - Forgiving Yveline - Yew Wood Yávië - Sprouted from unknown Zafira - Victorious Zarina - Golden Queen Zephyra - Gentle Breeze Zephyrine - West Wind Zenobia - Force of Nature Male names Ahmanu - Notable leader Akuni - Brave Babptise - Baptized Bakari - Promise Bayo - Crown Bilal - Born during the day Chuki - Spirit Cyprian - From Cyprus Cyprin - Cyprus Caden: "Spirit of Battle" or "Fighter" Cyril: "Lordly" or "Masterful" Cassius: "Empty" or "Vain" Calixte: "Most Beautiful" or "Very Beautiful" Celestin: "Heavenly" or "Of the Sky" Coltrane: Possibly a combination of "Coal" and "Strong" Chevalier: "Knight" or "Horseman" Chavez: "Hawk" Corentin:or "Hurricane" Darian - Upholder of the good Edwige - Battle warrior Endymion - Man of the east Estel - Hope Elario - Noble one Folarin - Walk with wealth Faelan - Little wolf Guylian - Variant of Julien Gareth - Gentle Halim - Patient Hadrian - Dark-haired Idris - Interpreter or studious one Ignatius - Fiery Ikechu - God's strength Iniko - Born during troubled times Jafari: - Stream or creek Jareth - Blend of Jared and Gareth Kaev - Life Kael - Mighty warrior Kofi - Born on Friday Loike - Delightful - devirved from Luke Luthando - Love Mael - Chief or prince Nkosi - King or ruler Nyarai - Be humble Olanrewaju - My wealth is moving forward Orpheus - Darkness (mythological figure) Osiris - Egyptian god of the afterlife and rebirth Pemba - White Paka - Cat Panya - Mouse (Swahili) Pascal - Easter Patrice - Noble Porthos - Musinteers Peregrin - Traveler Prospero - Successful Quddus - Holy Quenten - Variant of Quentin Quillon - The best of the swords Quirin - warlike Quillan - Cub Remy - Oarsman Rudo - Love Razi - Secret Raoul - Wolf council, strong as a wolf René - Reborn Rylan - Island meadow Samwise - Half-wise Sebastien - Revered or venerable Tariro - Hope Thandolwethu - Our love Thierry: "ruler of the people." Teo: A short form of Theodore, meaning "gift of God." Tariq "morning star" or "he who knocks at the door." Theron: Chase Tevin Thaddeus:courageous." T'vian Toulouse Tarien Ulysse: "to be angry" or "to hate." Uriel: Fire of spirit Urbain: "city dweller" Ugo: form of Hugh, meaning "heart, mind, spirit." Urianthé: "Enchanting Star" Ulysarion: "Seeker of Wisdom" Ulfarine: "Noble Forest Guardian" Umbrelleth: "Veiled Luminescence" Urendelle: "Radiant Blossom" Ullianthé: "Luminous Dreamer" Umbrosien: "Shadowy Sage" Ullianthilde: "Starlit Grace" Umbertien: "Regal Enchanter" Uzoma - Good road or way Vuyo - Happiness or joy Winslet - Joyful victory Wulfric - Wolf power Xandriel - Elf of splendor Xolani - Peace Yannick - Variant of Jean, meaning God is gracious Yves - Yew wood Yannael - Combination of Yann Yorick - Variant of George Yarrow - A flowering plant often associated with healing Yrian - Variant of Brian Zephyr - West wind Zaire - River in Lurin Zuberi - Strong Zephyr - West wind Zenon - Variant of Zenos, Zethana This language is subject to change and be updated. This was such a fun project to head with the lovely people of Vikela. We orgianzied this is a way we thought made more sense. We recommend you have your sentence, and then move it to subject object verb so you have a clear understanding. Most Vikelian will only be using common phrases rather then full sentences.
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