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  1. Nikita in the skies so soon from the darkness she was met with light and before her eyes her dear friend. “Oh for we are too young for even this my friend.” moving to comfort the lady in her arrival.
  2. The Sacrifice of Motherhood It was a typical day, a joyous day, the birthday bash of the Alstreim castle. Nikita smiled, listening to the laughter and the words of the people around her. Her people. Something she never thought she would say. The people around her loved her, the people she took refuge in when she was younger, which helped her mature. The people who cared and loved for her, and in that moment, the glow of womanhood took over. From her childhood, they chose to keep her in the dark. The gloomy halls and the death ridden halls. Everything there was void of emotion, a mask splayed out to show that they lived and nothing else. She had felt tormented there, tormented she couldn't smile, couldn't call her family in any sense family. So she ran to Oren, who had healed her heart -partially. The world there was shiny and new, but it was only shiny and new as long as you didn't touch it. But she wanted that warmth of a family; a greed struck her, an envious greed took over to ****** away the happiness her best friend had. She yearned for that family that he took for granted. She wanted it. But she could never have it. She could never experience the feelings that Philip could enjoy. She attempted, dammit to god she tried. She felt like her heart, which finally started to beat, was complete, and then Oren’s pale hands advanced in, seizing it tightly before tearing it out from her still feeble body. Once it was ripped from her, she fell into desperation; she wouldn't eat, wouldnt drink, Tear had lefts trails across her cheeks. She screamed, and screamed and screamed, all of kremlin heard her sorrow that day. She didn't know what else to do, so she went to the only person who supported her. Duke of Adria Franz Nikolai looked at for the first time in years; maybe he took pity on her. Maybe he was only there lining in his pockets, but he picked her up and brushed off the young girl's shoulders. And brought her to Savoy, the heat was different. The air felt lighter as he struck a deal. A deal that changed everything in her small life. Everything was coming together; her husband loved her, her children were born. She held a position that gave her great joy, and by title, she was a princess. Something she had only dreamed about being the fourth in line of fourteen. Nothing that led to her life was anything she could ever think was how it would be. But it was hers. The life built was hers, and she clutched on to it dearly every day, every sun setting, every rise of the stars. Nikita was the one that had suggested the tour between the vassals. Never had she imagined that Niseep would be her end. She had thought of her end by the hands of a man of brown hair. Never by a monster at least not in this sense. She stood on the ship proudly, her arm looped with Lady Vasileia, her young son beside her as the ship set sail. “Are you ready?” A sand ship was new and exciting until the driver, the reckless driver, shuffled and shifted his passengers. The worst was jousting around the people within when she saw the red and black scales slither in and out. The whispered words of Her friend to keep still. In her mind, she was worried her baby was on board, her son. However, he was not the only one but his safety was the only thought on her mind. Nikita was never fearless, and she always took the cautious route. She always tried to find ways without conflict. Time was not on her side. As the shouting of the driver brought forth the worm. Ripping and shredding through the sand boat, The wood falling as the acidic drip of the worms wavering up as it loomed over the people on the ship. Her son was there, the second closest on the ship, slowly sliding in the rails. Her eyes shifted from the railing she was gripping, her voice ripping into a scream, “HEINRICH!” The unsinkable sand ship was sinking, and they were all running out of time. The driver was gone, Vasielia jumped, and the other magick their way out of the ship. There was only one thought on her sanity: ‘get Heinrich and get him off the ship.’ she would worry about herself later. She would figure it out all later. She would attempt with every breath, every struggle, to reach her son, trying to grasp on to his hands and body to get him off the vessel, with the last seconds of the ship falling apart and her son off the ship. He would be on the further end of the maw. The sand to his aid was much more than the ship had been. Just as the vertical ship moved, her body lost balance once more, slipping back and her hands scraping, gripping, grating against the wooden busted floorboard. Below her, the wretched aroma of rodents making her dread grow. The heat of the sun or the breath of the maw awaiting dinner was felt on her clothes, her screams piercing, trying her muscles to kick and get out the sandpit of destruction. The teeth gleamed at her rows and rows of teeth. The roar of voices and the magic swirls are all oblivious of her. Her mouth agape in horror trying her best to keep herself above. “FIRE! GET EM!” A cannon had gone off, hurtling before her was an iron ball of sorts, Coming straight for her and the worm. That at that moment, she knew it was over. There was no saving the girl. There was no saving the mother of four, the governess and loving wife. She knew it was over either by cannonball or eaten alive. Hitting her straight on, knocking her straight into the maw. Her voice cut into a shrill scream. She wanted to accomplish so much, so much she wanted to tell her family. Every flash of the moment every thing she desired to tell her family. Every happy moment everything left unsaid. She would never be able to return the words she said to her father earlier. She would never get back the time of raising her children. Never watch them fall in love, never get to lie next to her husband. Never get to see her beloved friends, her niece. She was missing so much, and yet- if it saved her son? Maybe it was all worth it? A sacrifice the ultimate goal of motherhood, To protect your children. And with that last thought, she accepted her own death. Maybe every moment leading up to this was worth it. The darkness swallowed her, smoke waiver up and the last sound muffled but heard “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”
  3. Leika peeked at the pub clamoring from her window ,“I AM NOT BUYING THE CITY A ROUND OF DRINKS DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” her golden eyes zipping about before muttering to herself “maybe just a few.”
  4. Looked at the missive with a smile, looking down at cardinal with a triumph smile on her complexion. “I told them I would get the Prince to come to their birthday party. “ Moving away to get the guest beds in order and the menu for the day.
  5. Be free <3 Ill miss you
  6. Overhearing Lotte Kortrevich swatted the back of his head, “if I recall, you both challenged Rodrick after he left; I think the boy has some guts to go against his family like that.” huffing to the men.
  7. Something in landgravine seemed to be overjoyed, and her face seemed to brighten up entirely at the mere mention of a seaside beach party. Her eyes swivelled to the seaside admiring its beauty in its blue waves. As she stared, she gulped, going to find her husband to whisper in his ear. “Dear...I don’t recall knowing how to swim?”
  8. The Rekindling of Les Ves Les Ves is a Savoyard new years tradition which references one of the many miracles. Les Ves celebrates the Miracle of even with the purity of fire, that an opportunity can still be attained. Something precious can be left behind if only one takes the time to look. The capital will take a chest and place all their wishes for the Next Generation and bury it in the middle of the square when the new Generation comes around. They build up a tree around the box, which the Royal children or the next highest authority may then get to light it aflame. While the 'tree' burns, the townsfolk have a feast and festival saying goodbye to the old and whisking in the new. Once the burning is fulfilled and the festival over, the senior generations usher their children to read their wishes and make new ones for their own - A charming cycle to celebrate the miracles and their children. TIMETABLE Preparation It is at this time that we collect old bygones, timber, and falling leaves that are beginning to come down and move to the centre, and we begin to make a wooden statue of some sort, so we may burn it. Capsule Notes will be handed out for anyone in attendance to be put into a chest. We hope that everyone gives their best wishes and allows us to bury a sort of time capsule for another generation. When the next Les Ves festival comes up, we may dig it up and reflect on our past notes. Rekindling Once the capsule is buried. The timber moved on top and is burnt until it scorches the ground it ends on. The embers and ash give us a gentle reminder of our ancestors and the fire that broke out in their own cities (ves). Though it may burn high and bright- and sometimes can get out of control beneath it is something we hold dear and are able to recover if we ever wish too. It only takes one person to search and dig through it. Celebration As the fire blazes, we wish for everyone to be humbled. As well as we want everyone to have an adequate time. As the night falls, the sky fills with stars and the haze clouds over our eyes. We hope you tell stories- maybe a scary one around our 'campfire' or sing a song. The court will hand out drinks for those that want them. For we wish this new year to be as grand as the last. IN GODS NAME : Governess Nikita Von Alstreim Lady Vasileia Ekaterini Basrid
  9. The Language of Fiore Floriography: a court pocketbook Flowers are all around us, though we may not always appreciate them past their exterior. They serve their own purposes; herbs and some floral can be used for medicine, painting, and even be eaten. Nevertheless, what if I told you there was another way they could use it? That with a well-trained eye- one could discern danger from devotion. A language of its very own. Welcome to the world of Floriography, the language of flowers. This guide is to help you progress in this secretive and prestigious world and become one with the court. As we are humans, a few of our purposes are not always intentionally insulting or proclaiming love. From the heartbroken to the hopeless romantic, there is always something that we can learn. Contrary to popular belief, blossoms are not all about love. In fact, I suspect more flowers represent hatred and politics more than they embody love and devotion. There was once a childhood story that told of a young girl named Flora. She was mute, and she did not know how to read or write. So instead, she grew a garden so vast that everyone came to visit. She used this garden to convey her words. wearing them as jewelry or quite literally handing flowers out of friendship. It is believed that she created the language. However, it has never been officially proven. Please note: this guide is based on information from my own studies. I do not know everything as some may like to think. My examinations can only go as far as what I know between my travels to Oren and back home to the savannah of Savoy. Flowers are vast and unyielding, and new ones spring up. I played around with herbs with the Carrion household when I was much younger. Those teachings from my aunt gave a new life to how I look at flowers. Much like her grandmother before her. Arcas Herbs Frost vine- the danger is near, or your looks freeze me. Saffvil- similar to carrion flowers, means there is an undead nearby. Serpents stalk - bad luck in the summer Chime lily -liveliness and energy Purple flower of Tippens root- healing creativity and happiness Goblins ivy - added insult to injury, you are far more disgusting on the outside Crimson vase- an undying heat that can not be doused by rejection The Unsorted Amaryllis-pride Buttercup-childlike happiness Cabbage - profit Camellia -excellence Cardinal Lobelia -a distinction Cleome-good but odd Daisy -innocent Fern- magic Fennel -worthy of all praise Hyacinth-profound sorrow Kaulfaussia-Happiness in a humble life Laburnum - pensive beauty Lily of the valley- oblivious sweetness Night-blooming cactus flower- I am shy, or I shall meet you by midnight Primrose-unconscious beauty Ruscus: Thoughtfulness, humility. Savoy lavender - grace and beauty Sunflowers-happiness Saguaro cactus flower - I wish to open up to one day, or I shall meet by noon On Friendship Alstroemeria- an ensuring friend Blue periwinkle- Early friendship. Cymbidium-valued and respected friendship Larkspur-I am enraptured by your humor Pepper-your Wit is too keen for our friendship Zinnia- Thoughts of an absent friend On Love and Devotion Bud of White Rose- Heart ignorant of love. Coral rose - desire Fuschia-proposal of marriage Four-leaf clover-be mine Forget me not - true love Honeysuckle- devoted affection Hydrangeas- lost love, a break-up Ivy - remember me Lavender - a confession of love Lime- conjugal love Lilac- first love Myrtle -the emblem of marriage Orchids-everlasting love Pansy- have my visage in your thoughts lovingly Purple columbine - I cannot give you up red chrysanthemum- love Red dahlia - betray lost love Red rose - love, passion Sweet pea -holding hands White clover -think of me Yellow iris - my love for you as fever too as it unyielding Yellow lily-False, forbidden love that can never happen Yellow chrysanthemum- slighted love/resentment Yellow Roses - friendship sent to a lover. A friendzone On Mourning Please note that when sending flowers of mourning to do so in even numbers. Calla-pure sympathy Daffodils- death is only The beginning of their adventure Green Lotus leaves-affection beyond the grave Gladius - find the strength to lift you past this loss Persimmon-bury me amidst nature Pink carnations- offer sentiment for someone you knew little of Red spider lily- ill sprout to you when I see you again; I shall never forget our meeting. Red Camila - meaningful death Red poppy-consolation Red carnation - deep love and remembrance Scarlet corn poppies- are fallen soldiers Thrift - be assured of my sympathy Weeping willow- mourning Yarrow- to heal a wounded heart Yong's magnolia- nostalgia On Resentment Black dahlia- evil and deceit Blue Lobelia -malevolent Blue rose- to be unable to attain your goals, to give up Carrion- a disguise of the dead, be wary of who you trust Cherry-deception Cobœa-gossip Dahlia- instability French marigold - jealously Larch - the audacity of one's action Lemon- discretion Litchen - solitude Red dahlia -liars or cheaters White Camellia Japonica- Perfected loneliness. Yellow hyacinth -because of you, I know the bitterness of envy Yellow carnations- you have disappointed me On Politics and Warnings Bay rose -danger Catchfly -I am a willing prisoner Cattail-readily armed Catchfly -I am a willing prisoner Dandelion-depart Garden pea-appointed meeting Laurel - glory Live oak- liberty Milk foil- war Palm-victory Tansy -I declare war on you. Tritons- I forewarn you, the danger is ahead On GOD and his Scriptures Bay-protection Blue iris- hold fast to hope Cedar-invokes spirit Holly-foresight Mint-virtue Pale peach rose - modesty Plumbago- holy wishes White rose - youthful innocence White lily - purity Water lily -purity of heart White iris- your purity is blinding Sentences Milkvetch-your presence softens my pain Currant -Thy frown will kill me. Eglantine (Sweetbrier) -Poetry. The wound I heal. Purple iris- your wisdom is unparalleled Mountain ash - with me, you are safe. Prickly pear cactus flower- don’t approach, for I am agitated Applications So now you know the meanings. How would one night apply this to your life? There are several tried and true ways. Bouquets Bouquets are a double-edged sword; they are gorgeous and made to appeal to the unknowledgeable. For the most part, that can be true, but with a bit of comprehension and this practical guide. We can whisk you through a world that can even scorn your unfortunate enemies without so much as them knowing. well unless they read this guide... Insults An impertinence bouquet- an arrangement of flowers prepared in this order. Cherry blossom or foxglove, (insecurity) scarlet Aurieula (avarice) Turks Cap (Hatred). All of these combined into a rounded shape. Convey this message “your insecurity and avarice make me hate you.” Warnings Admonition bouquet- an arrangement of flowers arranged in a posy of sorts so that each flower may hang down in a sort of triangle-like way. The flowers you will need are “oleander (beware), white flytrap(deceite), frost vine (danger is near), dandelion (depart). With the added herb, many take the time to admire its refreshing look, but ladies who place this in a vase at their home know more than they let on. For its translation, “it is urgent you depart quickly for danger is on its way.” Letters Single Flowers With letters to show genuine emotions, sometimes a little something is needed. The meaning of a letter can be converted for words can be read but think of your flowers like an exclamation point. Appear and read an entirely different way. A different tone, emotion govern the way you write. Multiple flowers Why the distinction between the numbers? Because, depending on how many flowers you have, you could be committing a major blunder! Even the number of flowers reserved is reserved for funerals or mourning. Having such an even number is restful and relaxing. Having an odd number sent to a lover or friend means the adventure is always ahead, or my feelings are ever-changing as we continue our journey. A continuation of a sentence instead of a dull stop The only exception to these rules is marriage proposals. Flowers sent in bunches of 12 convey the meanings of "adoration" and "or this is the end of our childhood." Outside of a letter On the outside of a letter, the most common way is on the exterior sent with the wax seal. This means your flower is placed above a closed letter, and then your wax seal is poured on top. It is an overall feeling or emotion to be displayed. Setting the tone before one can even open the letter Formally used in love letters, wedding invitations, and bereavement. The mourning letter is most often used to show or allow the reader to know the bad news. Inside the letter Petals or flowers inside the letter can be shown as an added note of gratitude. It is not as well known unless the flower is used within the letter for the most part. The meaning is doubled and more critical. Vases Vases are common clay or glass pots used to place flowers in. It is common everywhere we go. However, it is also a sneaky way for ladies or wives to talk to their guests without even speaking a word. GOD WITH US, HER EXCELLENCY, Nikita Averilya of the House of Alstreim, Princess-Consort of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgravine of Alstreim, Daughter of Adria, Governess of Palazzo Aggrade
  10. Nikita looked at the missive, "neit they're still too young to worry about the adults." her tongue clicked against her teeth, walking off to see if she could get children ponies to for horseback riding.
  11. Nikita scanned the waves of people, and work begin to stack up. But the smile on her husbands face quieted any worries she held.
  12. The Princess-consort bristled at the remark of the return of the Orenian Princess. Words she had not heeded in years- she had left the fragment forgotten in her mind. A trait that only a few would know- her words rushed out a sense of trauma. “Neit- Iem vill neit zend a gift. Zhe haz reaped nutthin that cauzez celebration.” Her heels clicking away.
  13. The landgravine scribbled on her stack of papers, reaching over to the following letter address to her family. Fetching the golden luminous dagger to open it - plucking out the letter and reading it. “Oh, the celestial nights they've had- I wonder if the words they whisper across the table are as elegant as the ones upon poetry night.” finding the calendar, marking the two names down with a heart. With a chuckle- she wave over the Governess/nany “would you tell the little darlings to compose a poem as gift for The Lady regent and her husband to be? A lesson, some homework would do then good.”
  14. The governess straightened her back and began looking and checking all the gifts for poison. Blue eyes darting over each little thing, before setting then on top of the feast table for the regency to see. Thinking back to the last words spoken to her from the princely family.
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