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  1. Nikita wonders why her father Duke Franz, would remarry. walking out the door of their home she turn to look for her father holding the missive to show him. "Papa? i thought you loved mama?" @JoanOfArc
  2. Beloved Philip, @Josef_Rippelberg What are you so fearful of? That the world may I hear our love and become scared? There is nothing that can frighten me away from proclaiming what is only proper. One shall not tell a lie to their beloved. It simply is not correct. It would never feel right to lie to you, like sand on my tongue weighing down the words that shouldn't even be spoken. The taste of dirt and parched. For freely talking to is like a spring, an oasis, and you are the only ones that can free me from. My dear King, a title we have given each other as kids. Kids from that point on, we fought over what we may call our kingdom. But we never fought over what we may call ourselves. That day of the great war. That day where I cried in your arms, and you swore to me that no one would ever make me cry like that again. was the day I knew I could fully listen to your words. I fare that you do not understand the words in which you write. We fully knew about love and commitment. As children, we used our play as feeling, and we used it as toys that we barely knew what we were doing. As we did, we committed to loving and caring for a puppy. Who is not so much a puppy anymore? Just like we are not children no more. Though I do wish we still had the nativity we did back then. Still, I want to proclaim myself the girl that would gladly go into your house to beat you up with a pillow. The girl that looked the bully in the eye and smiled. But alas, we all do change. We were caterpillars, and now we are butterflies how it happens. I haven't the slightest clue. But it's beautiful and new; spring is upon us and all these new feelings. They frankly make me giddy and dizzy. The only time I don't feel dizzy is within your arms. Safe and secure. If you feel lost, I shall hand you my hand. And guide you through this new life together. You ask of me when I made that silly promise? I will be frank I don't think I was of the right mind when I asked that of you. I had lost someone dear to me, and the fear of the unknown haunted me. I ran to you, the only one I knew back then that wouldn't leave me. I knew you wouldn't leave me. If you still wish to figure it out. To find our fountain of youth. I will not stop you; I am curious if we will ever find it? You may not believe you are a good person, but your actions say otherwise. We shall meet, as we always do. My thoughts when I first met you? You ask of me to such to delve into my innocent mind of a young girl. Back then, I was the baby of the family. I was the fourth daughter. Even then, I barely saw my sisters. I still barely see them. For so many of us, you think we would be close-knit. We aren't.. and I don't know if we will ever be. When I first met you, I was like, who is this boy who thinks he can trample on his families feelings. Especially as close as they are. You gave me no choice but to put matters in my own hands and knock sense into you. You were rude and arrogant, but you - you let me hit you and tackle. A girl who was smaller, weaker than you. Eventually, you did. You put up a good fight at the beginning of it. I do not think I have hated anyone. I was jealous that your family had talks and game nights .. and I? I was left to eat dinner alone, surrounded by servants I barely knew. Forced to play alone, barely knowing the names that came after me. Barely even talking to my father unless he called on me. I felt forgotten, and I envied you. I decided you were my friends, the people I would try to model my own family after. Funny to think about, right? as the years passed, your father barely batted an eye at me as I unlocked his door with a hairpin. Your brother would stay silent as I walked to your room to grab things and take Fallon for a walk. No one dared to tell me I wasn't allowed to be there. And for the one time in my life, I felt like I belonged there with you by your side. And with your dotting family. If things were even changed, I do not think they would be as they are now. Nothing would be the same- that I am unquestionable sure of this. Our life would be far from perfect. I believe they would feel incompleted if that day was never to come to pass. How grieved I was to learn that you were compelled to tear yourself away from me, even for a short time; but, my dear King, be assured that whether together or absent, your queen is, and will be, eternally and affectionately your own. I hold on to our friendship wholly- something i have yearned for that ever is growing. You ignited a feeling I long thought was gone. A warmth that creates a feeling of wholeness. I simply couldn't fathom how warm you indeed made me feel. My heart was whole when I read this letter, and Henceforward I am yours for everything. You are not solely at fault; I, too, had tried to twist your emotion and your eyes towards mine. When both of mere fools competing to catch the eye of oneself. You know, we have everything before us, and we shall do very great things. I have perfect faith in us, and so perfect is my love for you...I want nobody but you for my lover, my King and my friend and to nobody but you shall I be faithful. I am yours forever and forevermore. Though The tiniest bit of me, I shall not lie, hold feelings for Castinus, it's nothing compared to how I feel for you. His an ink on the page, while yours a storybook that is forever writing itself. How I wished for you to utter the words to ask me to the dance. I had held off The De Nurems Offers as long as I could. I told him that I had eyes for another but that another didn't ask, I would go with him. I waited till the moment before the dance for you to ask me. I gave you every hint I could think of. But I was not going to force you into something you did not wish to do. But how I yearned for you to say it. My heart was broken into pieces when you didn't even mention it. You are my very life, Sweetheart, and every separation gives such endless heartache. There is only one thing I may cherish more than you. And if you have to ask you... surely it would be best if you thought again. for he's been with us from thick and thin. feverishly and hopefully yours, Nikita
  3. [!] A letter presed and slightly closed as if to ask for privacy, it held a faint sent of honeysuckle and peaches. Written in black ink the cursive would still be drying. with in reference of the duchess of Roxtan letters. Dear Phillip, For where you fall short with words. I will be there to catch your wistful tongue. A few days ago, I thought I loved you, but since I last saw you, I feel I love you a thousand times more. All the time I have known you, I adore you more each day. Everything in nature has its own life and different stages of growth. I beg you, let me see some of your faults: be less beautiful, less graceful, less kind, less good... I thought of myself as a fool when I pushed my feelings down. A fool, a jester within the royal ballroom. My visage dressed in blue, behind a silvery mask of lies, my eyes ever drifted to the edge away from silver and blue and on to gold and bronze. A sunset on a field of wheat. My jealousy raged, for I thought you only thought of me as the little kid that stormed within your house to beat you for calling a lady less than kind words. Your little sister's friend, your brother's friends, then finally the one that raised Fallon. Nothing more, and once I was in resolved with myself that I genuinely and deeply in love. There was nothing else I wanted. Every thought consumed and ran back to you. I could barely eat, much like talk my way through the social idling of courts. My blind eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you. You don't realise, of course, how fascinatingly beautiful you have always been and how strangely you have acquired an added and extraordinary and dangerous loveliness. For me, no flaw can push me ever away so. Nor the flirtations of another man may never sway my devotion towards your eyes, your voice that says sweet nothing. Fierce and Dangerous Loveliness. You drew me from the darkest period of my young life, sharing with me the sacred mystery of what it is to be in the care of another; I learned to see through you and never compose a lie within your presence. I do not wish you to change, and I want nothing but your presence, the knowledge that I can be the apple of your eyes without another swaying your eyes. For I know the sunkissed ladies with their golden locks are far prettier than I will ever be. It should be me saying if you wish to change your mind. Marry Alexandra, you are free to do so. To not be with a girl of far fewer titles than what your name may be used to. I am of fourth in line to ever inherit anything. I have always considered my birthright a burden to be endured and in the most arrogant of ways. I am well aware of my preeminent place in this world, and I own to being conceited and vain. I have often taken without a thought to the consequences to others and without giving freely in return.(.) I am, by nature, wary and reserved. All this you know and accept and have never been repulsed by. With how the world is now, I will never be the way Elder sister Alexandra will be. I will never have her poise, her grace. I never will command a title. The social season is a game for titles and grabs. Yet for you to hold my eye, and you mine. Nor have you ever doubted my right to be as I am. You love me unconditionally and for that alone. It must genuinely be the will of the fates, maybe the guise of two aenghuls struck down by God, for no matter how far they wander from each other. They stay entangled by their memories together. For this, I only say twice to you. Once within this letter and the next time, I shall utter the words will be in front of all our dearest friends and family in front of God himself. For I do, deeply, agonisingly love you. If you so accept my affections and heart. Of your beloved, Nikita
  4. anyone need a child played 👀

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  5. [!] Tucked away, between the streets of providence. Would be a sturdy little board. Once scattered with job openings and other notices. Now was slowly filling with letters! More so, public letters. If one were to watch the board for long they would see two teens mere adults come back and forth reading the letters and posting a reply. Not a care in the world for how others may read or place on the board. Only seemingly to care about what was written for their eyes only. A true declaration of love. The first letter on the board, seemed to be quite old, yellowing at the edges. Glued back together, though a piece of the paper would look to be if there was a bite in it. But if one were to want to start from the trail of letters. It would start here.. Dear Nikita, I miss you. G. [!] The next letter lays with atorn ripped page under neath as if someone had yanked it off the board and set the other one back in place. What other letter this one talked about. Must be long gone.. "Dear Nikita, I have sent with this bird a copy of a letter from a man - who may not be able to tell you this personally. Sincerely, B.”
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  7. Nikita looked at the paper, wondering why the grand couple dance Off was not mention! @MapleSunflower for Isabell was such a lovely dancer! Dance dance 1836
  8. Ceciyila busted into the room, her smile wide “Oh so it really true! Little Emma is all grown up now! You’ll be a beautiful bride I just know it.”
  9. This is alreasy closed, my name has been changed to Grnappa2 Thanks i guess
  10. [!] It seems this season everyone has been flocking to the library for this old post! A certain dark haired Carrion would push past her sisters to try to grab it then the other zodiac books!
  11. https://gyazo.com/d431fef9dc284374b78b76f9448711f7  61 61 PEOPLE  REALLY??? 


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