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  1. Day 2400 of crying of Vikela being a GMT nation 

  2. I can also make kha skins if you uptake the character!
  3. Heheh my arts on a big boy post 

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      I'm so glad I found it

  4. Andria smiles at the treaty ticking off the board in the palace. “The best name.” _ A. |. W. x III. |. III
  5. Andrea smiled as she looked at the map. "Interesting lost art"
  6. Frida Writes out a few special invitations, humming as she made bread from the golden wheat outside
  7. Andria chuckled going through with a red Ink quill correcting their names to their married names with little smiley faces next to each one
  8. The Union Flame & Frost We are delighted to invite you to celebrate the union of Andria Aldin and Nepir Rosalis in matrimony. The joyous occasion will be held at Vikela’s Palace halls, where we will exchange vows and begin our journey together as partners in life. Your presence on this special day will mean the world to us. Please join us for the ceremony and stay for the reception filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. List of Invitations: The remainder of the Aldin Family, With the exception of 11. @JuliusAakerlund @Seuss The remainder of The Rosalis Family. Any Student of The Wolfguard tree, are welcome to attend & a plus one. Sovrèn Majesté, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea & and The De Viola Family @JTMedea Son Altesse Éminente, Consort Walter Blanc de Vikela & The Blanc family @6Dark ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Ses Gras, Arch Dyòk Cyprien De Astrea & His pedigree @HogoBojo Ses Gras, Dyòk Walter Blanc & His pedigree @6Dark Ses Gras, Dyòk Xavier adlier & His pedigree @MockingbirdArt Ses Mecyril , Viskont Gregious Roa and his Pedigree @Me_llamo... Ses Mecyril , Cyril Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House. The Vel’yul Clan and their Pedigree @Kumoko600 Tèt Magistrate Ofisyèl Anastatsya Þér Heskynne & Their pedigree @Periphonics Tet Chevalye premye Mayan Avern & her pedigree @Therainbowroyal Tèt Steward Ofisyèl Illyana @Kayleigh_P Vikela citizens and The Chimera Military are all welcome to come! Special invitations Mika Uialben @mika1278 Emperor King Cyris Collingwood I II & His Pedigree @Hearth Theveus Sythaerin Sohaer of Haelun’or & His Pedigree @MailC3p The free City of Hohkmat and all who wish to come @Minuvas Lumia The Silver Lubba & Lurin @Snow1770
  9. Silvia Set up a gift basket for Rigo with a nice retirement note on it.
  10. Andria's exhale was a delicate gust of disappointment as she uttered, "Might we consider a rebellion against him?." casting a glance to her fiance "May I, darling, indulge in the pleasure of putting him back in his proper place?" . @nepir
  11. Silvia smiled as she read the massive of the ballad. Humming the tune she heard in the fairweather tavern (iconic tcs)
  12. Andria sat alone in her chambers, the weight of recent events pressing heavily upon her. The joy of reuniting with her long-lost brothers quickly turned to sorrow as she grappled with her daughter's passing, Floria. Questioning the depths of her own heart, she wondered if perhaps the ice that seemed to run through her veins had numbed her to the pain of loss. Was she still under the water, being tortured? Floria's death, announced to her as if it were mere gossip, struck her like a dagger through the soul. Some Druid, they said, but to Andria, she was the youngest of her daughters, her precious child lost to the world before her time. Yet, as she stared blankly at her cold coffee long after the talks, she felt nothing. No tears, no cries of anguish. Only a cold, empty void where her maternal instincts should have resided. She recalled the countless tears she had shed before, mourning the daughter she had once loved so fiercely. But now, faced with the reality of her absence, she was struggling to even shed a tear. Had she failed as a mother? The thought gnawed at her. Cracks within the ice, a thin layer that was just holding the ocean at bay, storms. Perhaps it was the years of threats and betrayals that had hardened her heart, numbing her to the pain of loss. Or maybe it was watching her daughter stray from the path of honor and duty, choosing instead to defy the very principles Andria had fought so hard to uphold. She had tried, in her distant way, to be a mother to her and to guide her along the right path. But each attempt had been met with resistance and defiance until finally, their relationship had fractured beyond repair. Andria was not one to say sorry. Was she truly the cold-hearted woman that whispers painted her to be, or was it merely a facade, a mask she wore to shield herself from the pain of a lifetime filled with loss and betrayal? Memories of Floria, sharp and jagged, pierced through the icy barrier she had erected around her heart. She thought back to the moments that had defined her, the choices she had made that had led her down this path. Was it before or after Floria defied the king of Urguan, risking other people's lives for the sake of her convictions? Or perhaps it was long before when Andria caught a fleeting glimpse of a girl in a city, a girl who bore a striking resemblance to the daughter she had entrusted to Kailu's care before marching into Haelun'or to confront her treacherous uncle. The warmth of her fiancé's presence beside her seeped into her bones, melting the icy barrierrs. She felt a stirring of longing, a yearning for something she couldn't quite name. And then, as if in response to her silent plea, warmth began to spread through the cup of cold coffee cradled in her hands, thawing the frost that had settled over her soul. "Oh," she said, her voice distant. A single tear slipped from her eye and into the inky depths of the coffee. "Thank you."
  13. The Mayoral Results of Krisyuln Issued year: 172 SA 2 I am pleased and honored to announce the outcome of our most recent mayoral election. The people of the Queendom of Vikela have made their voices heard loud and clear. Following a closely contested contest where two candidates received more than half of the votes, I am pleased to announce that DYÒK ESTEL BLANC has emerged victorious, securing 52% of the votes to be The Mayor of Krisyuln, Capital of Vikela. I am happy to announce that MOG THE OLOG, who received 40% of the vote, will be our esteemed Vice-Mayor, working alongside Dyòk Estell Blanc in this endeavour. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Prince Orn de Viola for his participation in the electoral process, which resulted in 8% of the votes and two commendable ballots. Best of luck next time. DYÒK ESTEL BLANC, MAYOR OF KRISYULN, and VICE-MAYOR MOG will serve the next ten-year term. Long live the Queendom of Vikela
  14. Lore rewrite that storks deliver babies

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      Already tried the wood elf version, but it was deemed 'unnecessary'

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