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  1. Azzie wondered which snowflake she was in Raziels mind.
  2. Icy blue eyed Andria stares at the photos a look of disgruntled barely contained disgust. “Crotch fruit goblins”
  3. i miss my husband

  4. So they resided in the planes below GOD, and no place was forbidden to them but the Void. [9 ]A nd GOD saw that it was good. -Scroll of the Gospel 6:8 Omnibus Godefridus Fidelibus To all faithful Cannonsit people to whom this present shall come to read, Within Petra, Know that Princess Apollonia for certain pecuniary sums paid to me beforehand by Connor Sinclair and for other diverse and rational causes and considerations especially moving me, have given, conceded, and by this my present writing. I have confirmed to the aforenamed one Castle with its appurtenances in Frey Valley the said country of Petra, to have, enjoy and hold the said Castle with its appurtenances to the aforenamed Connor Sinclair, his heirs, to the proper use and behoof of the said Connor his heirs and assigns, forever, of the chief lords of that fee by the services thence formerly due, and of right accustomed. And I indeed, the aforesaid Princess Apollonia De Rivera and my heirs, will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid Castle with its appurtenances against all men, by these presents, to the aforenamed Connor Sinclair his heirs and assigns. And know as well that I, the aforenamed Princess Apollonia De Rivera have made, ordained, constituted, and in my place by these presents placed by my Exhaulted Saint Godfrey taken and had, then for me, in my place and name to deliver full and peaceful possession and seizin of and in the aforesaid Castle with its appurtenances. According to the tenor, force, form, and meaning of this my present writing has and in the future to have, as valid and acceptable. In witness of which matter I have affixed my offical seal to this my present writing and given on the 1909 Horens Calling in the Seconds age . Her Grace, Princess Apollonia Selene Catherine Temesch de Rivera
  5. Leika weighs her prospects before writing Boots a cease-and-desist letter and some official communication. "Please do not use dissolved titles. - Good luck on nomintions"
  6. Leika, who is elderly, watches the birds fly off and muses, "Maybe I'll give it both scarlettes in my contact book... Maybe both will come."
  7. The Union of Crow and Butterfly valllo toujou couri vallhiuw The De Astrean invites to witness the marriage of Larissa and Vaen . We shall celebrate within The Park following the ceremony to conclude the reception in the Burrow. During this festive period, we urge that everyone at the party continue to treat one another with respect. List of Invitations: The Groom’s Father His Lordship, Fal’leon and his pedigree @Periphonics The Brides Mother The current paramount Leika de Astrea and her pedigree @The Republic of Vikela The brides Father, Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and any remaining line of Ishe. @Junipersandwhich Countess Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha Banner lord Flour and any company they wish to accompany them. @Turbo_Dog Ri’Keidha and the inhabtiants of Aelkos of Eittitica @KeiLynx Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House. @THEKINGOFPIRATS All ravens are formally invited and encouraged to wear armour or not- we dont care about dress code. Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay Bal’ance the bear ARISTOCRACY OF CELIANOR & VASSALS Her Highness, Princess Valyris Ibarellan @Cepheid Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii @FredrickTeufel Virar Aestenia Aevaris and their Talonii @lillyeveans Laurir Ante’ahern Athri'onn and their Talonii @Air Laurir Senna Cerusil and their Talonii @Sailor Lauririi Raziel Amethil @Laeonathan Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion @Smol The Hermit's Grove and its inhabitants @Birch The Wanderers guild and her guild members @MokoMochi FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Mika Anarion, The Silver Lubba of Lurin and his citizens @mika1278 Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her citizens @Bethinwonderland Arch-Druid Aerendyl Hawksong and the inhabitants of the Mothers Grove @TwilightWolf Renilde I , Archduchess of Petra and her citizens @tilly SPECIAL INVITATIONS Astrid Marlow and any company she wishes to bring @RMW01 Scarlet and any company she wishes to bring @Xx_Scarlet_xX Mystery Scarlet may come as [email protected] Rose Kleodora Thulun and any company she wishes to bring Suika Lorenthus Vanari the Unicorn @Fluttershy Aurelia-Jay and any company she wishes to bring Madoc Floria Starling and any company they wish to bring
  8. For those who didnt know him he was a good man and you can get to know him more through some of the videos he made through the years.
  9. The songbird cheif looks at the Heather picture knowing her Tiva from past Taliame’onn she knew what the words entailed even if she didn’t know the words he wrote . “Gud leadereh dae one’s. Ee always see hios lio’le spawn everywhere.. damm flowereh man.” Leika looked at the proclamation, a soft smile on her lips as she stared at her elderweiss kept in peak condition at least for a wilting flower. “The world of darkness. Indeed but the bright colours they- he brings in with his knowledge of the seed truly make it all bright.”
  10. Leika took a look at the wording and their spouse gathering her belongings in a basket before departing to visit an old colleague in the celianor and carrying the letter and a bottle of wine to cheer him up. "I wonder whether they'll be dressing in bathrobes once more? The last time we visited a coronation, Celianor filled the whole southern side of the courtroom. want to be my courtroom buddy second time?" offering up bribery of red wine and cookies
  11. Tired gold eyes read the missive a deep languid sigh crossing the room. Her husband who had been tirelessly working, head popped up orange glasses glinting in the firelight. Only to watch the flames erupt in front of him. The sound of crisp paper burning in the silence. “Was it anything important?” “no. The idle tongues wagging at matters that simply destroys what ever semblance of peace there is or was. This is not my problem, they wrote it, they’ll reap it.”
  12. Astyrn looks at the missive with a smile "Maybe ill go tell my friends to go see razzy.'"
  13. I miss you put save yourself
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