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  1. Leika looks to the missive the her rambous childern... "maybe I shall send a letter..."
  2. Leika unfurled the letter with a hum, her eyes skimmed over it once. Twice.. her hand pulled taut around the paper clutching it. Endangering to rip it there. But these were her words, plumes words she couldn’t do anything to harm… who? Who could of done such a thing… her eyes would look up and count the days.. how long has it been? Plume was the very heart of their city.. and now she was gone. The most unselfish most treasuring individual. A scoff came out of her mouth , developing into a sob. Her body crumpled in itself, hands clutching in the wall as if it would.. it was the Only thing keeping her up. “Oh plume. you amazing girl.. who ever did this is going to feel the wraith of every single person you knew. But I know you. someway you would of cried and tried to smile through the pain and still gone out and help them.” her words breaking a loud curse rang out of the palace. Then a deafening silence. Soft sobs throughout the halls could be heard if one passed the doors and no one knew what to do. Hours later a statue.. an altar of sorts pitched at plumes camp. nothing seems to be built all sort of rolled and arranged. A small patch of moss thrived and a tiny wooden figurine sat upon the only thing clear center. Small inscription written in delicate script of a multitude of inky colours. “Altar of Plume, May plumes’ guidance, devotion and bountiful kindness lead you in the path of happiness. Remember not all heros are required to wear gold crowns. Some wear flowers.”

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  4. Leika paused as the news graced her ears, probably much later then the rest. putting on her coat and grabbing a masked bottle she flew out her eyes scanning till it fell on the home.. one she never step foot into knocking gently to call out to her old friend the one she knew would need people the most. "Astrid?"
  5. Leika sat on the roadside just off the main road between the her home and their new home. She had dawned on a familiar ensemble of scarlet and gold, though it was tighter than that she remembered it. The Silken fabric used to pool at her feet. Now tattered and frayed to create a more modern effect.. or maybe it was torn from past wars. Time was truly putting her mind to the test. Her body felt weighted,solemn as she felt the weight of such a kingdom of such strong-willed-adamant public. Sunken platinum eyes examined the gravel path, the woodland animals scurried and birds from tree to tree sang soft lullabies to their young.Graying brown hair turned back towards the shore's gentle tides lapping along shells and gleaming sea glass of broken carrion bottles. Breathing a long withered sky. “GOD, for I have always been following along someone’s shadow. First, it was my fathers who felt like the sun. Then it was my sister who was a breath of fresh air, then I was just the shadow of the whims of what others wanted, how they pulled and stretch my strings, used me as a puppet for their gain. I thought I was the queen. But merely a pawn on a chess board that was played by six other pieces. “ her fingers flicked down a standing shell as if she was kicking her piece down. The wind whistled as it pushed particles of sand over the piece until it was buried. but the shell it was long gone before she even stepped on the shore. long hours washed away her worries and her doubts as she sat alone. Not before the sun set over the West the tell-tale of familiar footsteps followed by a softer pair. “Go say it. Accost me. Say it- you told me so. “ she strangled out not bothering to look she didn't want to know “But I will not sit here and say that I allowed the city to rot in the sentiment that everything was a utopia. We're a republic now and changing is happening. They will just need to accept that.”
  6. Oh, this time I cannot hide. And through days and weeks Of constant tension The rope that I cling on to frays And as I lay there wishing to feel anything else I tell myself, One more day One more day.


    rising Tides 




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  8. Hot take if your blackmailing people instead of reporting it the minute you know about it. (With the exception of things that need evidence) you should also serve a ban

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      ive been thinking abt reporting [INSERT NAME HERE] for months but the thing that rly pushed me over the edge was him being politically inconvenient to me and many others in my community, so i filed this report to get the jannies to clean up my mess

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      very true

  9. T H E G A R D E N G A L A Of 1888 We invite you, Elysium's magnificent citizens, to join us outside the walls and dance from sunrise to sunset. We invite you to dance the day away, and bask in the aroma of field flowers around you. We honor this grand day as we celebrate the royal family's birthday of the twins, Larissa and Kaev de Astrea. For those in attendance, we ask that they dress up as their favorite fairy tale creatures or even the fae themselves. With an attachment to the tales of old, we wish to truly make the day magical. The best dressed female and male will win a prize picked by the children of Elysium, but we hope everyone enjoys the day, either way. Merry meet and happy cheer! From Mama Queen Leika de Astrea Wildflower of Elysium Duchess of Ardrossan. Princess of Abrhami, La Renarde of Uhie Papa His Majesty, King Consort Ehrendil - The Shield of Elysium Inviations with blue and gold swirl reach the following people Elysium Nobles Ri’Keidha, Aelkos of Eittitica and their citizen @Kebab Countess Suika "Unicorn" Lorenthus Vanari, & Count Ellathor Vanari and their esteemed family @[email protected] His lordship, Count Fal’leon Odinson and the Knowledgeable Odinson Clan @Periphonics Lady Floria sterling Baroness of House Sterling and her esteemed family @Kitsunpixie Baron Sulieronn Ashwood and his esteemed family @MeteorDragon His lordship Oliver Solros and His esteemed famly @[email protected] Lady Scarlet Amberace and her family @KaptianScarlet Lady Astrid Odinson Marlow and her family @RMW01 any Elysican citisen may also come jon the festivies! Formal Invitations Lord Illarion Ibarellan, Chancellor of Celia’nor, Laurir of Fi’andria @VoxyNoir “Uncle “ Kosher Daesmon, Prince of Amaethea and his citizens @Pancho High Prince of Malin’or Vyllaenen Daemyr @Orlanth His Royal Majesty, King Karl III Sigma and His Highness, Sergei-Aleksandr Barbanov-Bihar Her Royal Majesty, Queen Amadea of Susa and their children @GMRO @shay Head Leader of the Mountain of Oasis Citizens and Majlis,Sheikh Shams Al-Nabeel @mrfruit_4 @discojazz His Imperial Highness, John I, by the Grace of God, Grand Duke of Balian @Imperium TH, The Honorable Lady Constantia Irene Novellen ( and the bee club of balin) HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Frederick I of House de Joannes, By the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, and his Cititzens @Dogged @HogoBojo Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her family and citizens @Bethinwonderland Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Mika Anarion, of Lubba Keep and it’s denizens @mika1278 King Odin Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland, along with Dunrath @ichigomaster98 Viceroy Cesar Monet-de Pelear and the Viceroyalty of Hyspia @Javert The Lectors, but with special invitations to Aelia, Oijin, and Trevor @Battle Unit @milksoda @Heathman Lady Otellia and Her jovial guild @MokoMochi [!] written in tinder handwriting a commission slip for cake as well as an invitation with the name Flour on top @Turbo_Dog We ask all invitees to please keep their differences to themselves while within elysium land, if you wish to start a fight or argument we ask you do it at the divered or the roads,
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