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  1. Tigergiri

    Betharuz Masquerade Ball of 1711

    @tadabug2000 as i said in ooc it would be at 8:00est now but ill head over there rq and see if you want i can lead you from cloud temple
  2. Tigergiri

    Betharuz Masquerade Ball of 1711

    Hey guys Party time has been changed so everyone can go! 8:00-8:30 is the time. If you have any questions msg meteordragon9000
  3. Tigergiri

    Whispers of ash: 1521-1712

    Had to be done. Fight with vengeance now
  4. Tigergiri

    Whispers of ash: 1521-1712

    The day would be a happy day, a saints day before the Ashwood Ball, meeting an old friend she thought was dead. With war approaching, she did not think anything could go wrong. Her family thriving with every day, the memories of them all together dancing around her mind, Fiyem being born the dark tuft of hair and the giggle from the blossoming shy girl. Watching her grow into a beautiful, caring young girl, Her black hair and jewel-like blue eyes a perfect mixture of the both of them. The day she meets her loving husband, laughable in Sutica of all places. Where he taught her weak little self how to fight and have fun. Walking the roads with Ozayis, a smile on her face as they passed the trees. The thought of Mayan and her mother in her head, How they became so close, she'll never know. The Angry puffball that would snuggle against her, ‘Maybe I shall visit her later. I haven't seen Mayan in years.’ she thinks her smile upturned, as the two of them walked in silence, content. Passing the Fenn sigh she thinks to all the snow elves that gave her a home for fifty years. Her odd, yet comforting friendship with the Prince Aelthir Tundrak, her sibling-like relationship with Varan Atmorice. Glad they also found happiness. Her thoughts paused, her eyes narrowing a group of heavily armoured figures. Ozayis skittering pass, Looking around quickly to find the best way to move past them. Her hand on her sword, as she went to sprint past. The group followed her, clad in Purple and black. A man running behind her quicker then she would be in a skirt. Another grabbing her. Pain shot through her skull her eyes blurring, and everything going black. The voices echoing her mind gruff and unfamiliar. Her body jostled as it was heaved. In the darkness, it was quiet. Peacefull, her mind screaming at her that she was in danger... But alas her eyes were heavy and pain still caught her in urges of darkness. Her body hit the wood, of something hard. Screaming Screaming was all she could hear. Chanting.. “Next up the other darkie!” A terrible voice called into the dreadful darkness. Her body jostled her head striking wood. Her burning eyes barely opening to see with regret a sea of valah. Blinking she could overhear their voices, yet no one looked familiar.Flashes of everyone she loved coming across her eyes. The orcs and goblins who she had fun with, Vir'ker and all the memories they accompanied her, Fenn and the snow elves, her adopted family of the Uialbens, Mika and eve especially, The Averns, her first real friend Zatanaes and her children Mayan, The very few humans she trusted and adorated. And finally the face of her clan and family, her last thoughts of Fiyem'sapf growing up without a mother... To defend her from war, to witness her get married, to see her grow up.. she was soo young. Her mind thinking of how heartbroken they would be. ‘no… No. no.’ Wrens's voice could not come out, hourse in panic, her classic vanvir blue eyes flooding with salty tears, every face unfamiliar to her. She never liked valah. She had good reason not to... She was right. They only caused harm and destruction in their wake. “Flip the switch!” someone in the crowd yelled, her eyes wide in terror her body still sluggish. “SCHLING” the sound the ultimate thing she heard as chants for her death and cheers could be heard. ‘Wren’ amylui Vanvir ashwood, head cut clean off her body rolled to the floor. Her flower crown falling off along with her hopes and dreams. Her dying wishes “I hope my family, knows I love them. nae il'kae narna kento, Maylui?" 1521-1712 ‘wren’ Amyliu Ashwood A loving mother, friend and clan leader.
  5. Tigergiri

    Betharuz Masquerade Ball of 1711

    Betharuz Masquerade Ball of 1711 As dusk hit the arcas, a chunky small brown bird would be hard at work. Delivering letters to the vast number of friends of the ashwoods. Every invitation Bearing the official seal of the ashwoods, underneath the seal a preserved daisy. The letter holding these words: “Come one, come all, Nobility and Citizenry alike! You have been invited to a Masquerade ball in celebration! Don a fantastical mask of your choosing and formal dress fit for dancing and fun within Nyfe Andria!The purpose of this gathering? To celebrate new friends and past ones. To create new beginnings and relations! Let us all celebrate and cherish each other as people and spark joyous memories! There shall be music to dance to, and cuisine to enjoy as the celebration moves on into the night. Formal attire is positively encouraged to ensure the night’s expected amount of elegance to be upheld. Just like any ashwood event there will be a few contests such as: A drinking contest: may the strongest drinker arise! & The best mask contest judged by Fiyem’sapf Make sure to wear your favourite extraordinary masks! “ Signed: Laurir’Okar Chamberlain Xavis Ashwood of Vira’ker and Nyfe’andria first generation Clan Leader of the clan Ashwood Laurir’Evar Wren vanvir Ashwood first generation Clan leader of the Ashwood Council head of the Vanvir Council
  6. Tigergiri

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    This is why I love sporadic . CHICKEN TENDIES FTW
  7. This happens to regular renames too.
  8. Tigergiri

    My Poor Turtles

  9. Nyfe’andria Laws and Regulations If The Clan leaders find a clans member that Steals, hurt or put another clans member in danger. The offender will be swiftly dealt with By the clan leader, the likely offender and the one to report it. Punishment will be severe but just. Do not cause intentional trouble or possible mischief within the human cities.(Aria, Helena, Reza, Curon) If it can be prevented, stay away from a situation that you yourself aren't in. Carrion Black the drink may not be distributed in Nyfe’andria. When met with a clan festival or clan meeting all represented Ashwood should be seen in clan purple, dark blue and black). The Ashwood library is Restricted access and should only be accessed by the clan. If a non approved person is seen in the library. The Vira has full access to punish them in any way they see fit. The Vira may also Set any laws regarding the library. Ashwoods most be of appropriate age to drink that means fifty plus, Xavis is known to try to follow Valah laws on drinking. Heed my words, please do not be an alcoholic at the age of 21... Or invoke the vehemence of Wren. *do it as sneakily as possible* Please for the love of Ancestors: Be a nice person Rply especially to other clan members. Don’t avoid emotes, Don’t be toxic, Do not Log off during fights or raids just because you do not like the outcome. shouldn't do it anyways. No humans that haven't been approved by a clan leader or chirr head. May be allowed on Grounds at any time. Trial Crimes Crimes that would reasonably be committed anywhere within the Arcas apply if they are of Ashwood’hiylu or nyfe’andria citizens. will attempt to claim jurisdiction over: such as murder, theft, or assault, **Most crimes are simply written in, with their punishments being attached to the specifics of the crime, however, no sentence will go beyond the reasonableness of the circumstances of the crime. Theft: The act of stealing one’s property, while it is still on their person, whether they be awake or in any state of unconsciousness. Burglary: The act of stealing one’s property, within their home, shop, or similar establishment. Breaking and Entering: The act of putting oneself into a property to which they have not been invited, whether through means of force or not. This also counts toward The gate.. Assault: The act of laying one’s hands on another, in an unlawful manner, whether it cause harm or not. Defamation: The act of lying of another’s character, in an attempt to cause dissent against that person. Forgery: The act of falsifying a document, especially when faking one’s signature or seal upon a letter. False Accusation: The act of creating a crime out of thin air, in the attempt of getting another in trouble with the ashwood rules, is a vile act, for it is filled with lies. The accused will be tried, and if convicted, will be subject to the same punishments as the crimes they fabricated. Murder: The act of taking another’s life in unlawful combat, without permission from someone higher up. Banditry: Those who stalk about the lands of Nyfe’andria to raid it's farms, homesteads, and caravans, are of the worst sort, and there is a very small chance that those who commit such crimes will be executed. If Chirr, can capture a bandit that has been known to Bandit Vira’ker Or the ashwood they will be dealt with immediately. Banditry Banditry is considered the acts of theft and violence against the clan itself, such as attacking merchant caravans, robbing banks, storehouses, or anything else belonging to the clan. Thieves, outlaws, brawlers, and smugglers that act as a group will be subject to the laws of Banditry. Bandits will be killed if they resist arrest. Bandits who surrender will be marked with permanent legal status as a criminal within the land. which will prevent them from ever: A) entering Nyfe’andria, under any circumstances Bandits who surrender will also be faced with a sentence of indentured servitude, with a length to be determined by the ashwoods based on severity. ((they have to agree to this. Going by orc rules) Bandits who attempt escaping their servitude, or incur other infractions during this period, will be placed under someone new or given to another nation that may want them more. . Further attempts at escape or infractions may lead to death. Indentured Servitude In the case of indentured servitude within the nyfe’andria the guilty are imposed a state of indentured servitude as a means to work off the debts and to repay transgressions through a means of service. For those under the terms of indentured servitude, the following apply: For each day of servitude, they will be logged of, their work to repay the debt until the total value of their circumstance is repaid. While following through with their sentence, the indentured servant is not permitted to leave the confines of Nyfe’andria and agrees to check in with their superiors each day to ensure they remain. If the indentured servant does not check in with their superior for one day, they are considered in breach of their terms. Indentured servants perform tasks set by the Bloodline. These jobs can be anything from lumber cutting, tending fields, serving on fishing. Indentured servants are given meager quarters. if they do not already have a residence until the end of their time. Indentured servants may not, under any circumstance, enter the council room, or the clan leaders homes. For indentured servants found in breach of terms, for those who have committed additional crimes while carrying out their already prescribed servitude, or for those who refuse to agree to these terms altogether, other measures will be taken. Individuals who are noncompliant will be transferred to serve the remainder of their time under guard, Further noncompliance may result in death or increased time. Duels Duels are lawful within Nyfe’andria so long as both parties agree to the terms at the start. Duels are defined as an agreed upon contest of magic, or weapons, between both parties where terms are set at the beginning of what constitutes the end of the duel. Acceptable end conditions are first blood, inability to continue, or death. Such duels must have a witness to vouch for the conduct and terms. It is the right of any ashwood to petition the Chirr/clan leader to pursue punishment against those that breach the duel terms, and the Ashwoods may choose to pursue punishment if the other party dies as a result of breached terms. If one party violates the agreed upon terms and escalates the duel, they will be subject the corresponding law and punishment of either assault or murder, depending on severity. If someone wishes to forgo a punishment for a duel they can, based on severity. The clan then will decide who they fight. Signed “Wren” Amyli Vanvir Ashwood’hiylu Clan mother of the Ashwoods 1st generation Clan leader of the Ashwoods. Xavis Ashwood’hiylu Clan father of the Ashwoods 1st generation Clan leader of the Ashwoods. Date: 12th amber cold 1710
  10. Tigergiri


    *a grand smile adoren wrens face, her old and dearest friends making pacts with eachother.
  11. Hello my name is tiger and im scared of seagulls? 

    roommate: why?

    Because they eat my food, and It makes me want to cry! and I cant have this kind of terror in my life.

    1. KiausT


      You know what, me too

  12. Tigergiri

    Butch for Maer of Reza, 1710

    Lotte would smile”butch has become such a perimomt of a person. He has my vote.” Noting down the day
  13. Blub blub blub= I love you all

  14. Tigergiri

    Wedding Announcement, 1709

    Opening their seal and looking at the letter with a smile “Aye, another kortrevich female. Rodrik has done well to fine love.”