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  1. Andria takes no care when crumbling the missive under her own red heal. ”Filthy words.”
  2. You gotta die sometime...♫~

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    You can contact me with any questions or concerns through discord (Tigergiri#0744), my forum account, or on the server (Tigergiri).
  5. Hello friends ❤️ would anyone like to play my dark elf child? 

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    ✿You’re On the right track! Just a few things you need to change! ✿ Your Metagaming definition is not up to LOTC standards; please read over our wiki --->Here with our definitions. ✿Your Character Name, Biography, Physical traits/quirks, skin: May not be an existing character or fictional character. It must be an original character unique to yourself that you have created. Rhya of the sephirah is part of an anime/manga called: Black clover. On that note, your character's family may not be famous or infamous in any regards. Inspiration can be found on the Wiki. You only have 24 Hours to make the requested changes before this application is denied. You do not need to post a new application to make these fixes, you can simply edit this current application. If you have any questions about how to make these corrections, please contact me on Discord. Discord:Tigergiri#0744 Im always happy to help! The Wiki has lots of important lore information, as well as the metagaming and powergaming definitions, please refer to this when making changes. You can also join ourr New Player Discord – Where you can ask questions to our Application team, and meet other server players.
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  9. *squints at high elf.. dont take my stuff*
  10. rip thank you again ill fix through :n:
  11. Elvish for dummies: a document I've held on to for the past year and a half. People will yell at you if you call it elvish but ill take that brunt for you bro. Structuring sentences:subject-object-verb ex: that dog fluffy tail has ‘ as a junction between words or a comma. Adjective comes AFTER the noun! - Large Elf <--- plain English structure we all know and love - Elf'large <-- English words structured corrected in Elven grammar ehya :meaning but, and Mali'ker Maliame'ehya : dark elves and wood elves. Heya' is a question. It is used for all: what, how, who etc being followed by the subject in question. Heya'mali would be which elf... (as in who did this? 'This' would need to be specified otherwise the sentence is incomplete.) Flying commas are your friend. Friendly sentences: Ame Velulaei’ehya nae ahererih - My the forest protect and the Moon bless. oromente'yem meaning "meet again" lye tenna oromente'yem for "until we meet again.” Greetings and goodbyes Good morning -karin'ayla Goodnight – Ker’ayla Good bye – Van’ayla Hiylu'evar: Traditional greeting. (Doubles as a blessing with the assumption that the receiver has been kept healthy in body and spirit.) Family Terms Mother- Haelun Son- malii’mal Daughter- malii’lari: Child- Malii (or Mali'ii) Uncle- Malnonn Aunt- Haelunonn Sister- Lari’onn Little sister-Lari’onnii Brother- mal’onn Little brother -mal’onnii ((ciyu/liyur is out dated dont be using ignore this) Male Cousin- Ciyutonn Female Cousin- Liyuronn Nephew- Ciyut'onn Niece- Liyur'onn Sister- Liyur Brother- Ciyut Grandfather- Marmaln Grandmother- Marhaelun (alternative primitive way) Kae'leh :grandmother maln'leh: grandfather Great/grand(everything else)- Ma______ (mar- and ma- means the same thing, the only difference is that ma- is used if the root word has been given a prefix or suffix) Sense of time & space sunset/night -Ker day, but also sunrise. -karinah high noon-Talikarinah highest moon -Taliker Sun-asul Star-celia The moon goddess/ Moon-Velulaei Karim - Fortday - 72 Days in-game - The measure of time from one wake from a sleeping cycle to the next wake ((RL calendar day)) Tarem - Elven Week - 2 years 16 days in-game - The time it is observed in which elves are equally awake and asleep seven cycles ((RL calendar week)) Kalem - Malin's Year - 107 years 5 months 20 days - The length of reign a High Prince has before another election is held. ((RL calendar year) Heya'tal'ker - what time of night? Heya'tal'karinah is what time of day? Numbers 1 oem 2 niut 3 hael 4 vailu 5 kulin 6 banih 7 laier 8 esun 9 moiel 10 telu 100 matelu [ma-(mar-) a preffix for 'very'] 1000 marmatelu Much like the grammatical structure, numbers are structured similarly to japanese for double digits and beyond (i.e three-onehundred-five-ten-four). ----> ' <--- is used to link a number with its value for 10, 100 and 1000. So 14 (fourteen) is moiel vailu [10.4] 54 (fifty four) is kulin'telu vailu [5.10.4] 354 (three hundred fifty four) is hael'matelu kulin'telu vailu [] Tigers often used words Vileyah: Respectful noun for woman. For ladies of nobility or dear friends. Llir-Friend Igne: Flames mayilun:Love maehr'sae: Progress lun :health fiyem:Reborn bida To drink illern-Gift (use this way for childish or learning -->)Liiller'lle:gift Sirame (with rolling 'r'): Honour and connection to the forest. It is unwise to offend an elf's sirame. Hileia: peace Omenta means "meet" Aelor:Evil, or Beastly, Aca:cursed Tali- a part of hope this helps peace out scrubs
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    On behalf of the server and Community Team members, I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! As soon as this is posted, you should be whitelisted onto the server. Contact me or make an /creq if there are any issues with whitelisting or similar. Feel free to browse the Wiki, and you can also join our New Player Discord – which is a wonderful place where you can ask questions to our various staff teams, meet other server players, and learn about new roleplay opportunities for all character races! The new player discord is a great help in getting you situated into our server. I hope you enjoy your time on the server, and if you ever have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Tigergiri#0744), or by /msg Tigergiri in-game. Upon your arrival to Arcas, the monks from Cloud Temple will be there to guide you towards your desired destiny. Happy roleplaying!
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