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  1. Thank for the grammar error spell check. Writing has never been my strong suits and was one of the reasons I joined the server in the first place. I am sorry that I missed these and hope it didn't cause too much of a matter. Im going to blame my art behaviour and my the leftover of the community in me on the format and colourful words I tend to go overboard.
  2. what kind of mental illness do you have to ban a player that hasnt even been online in the first place LMAO

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      who banned?

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      I mean you’re being blatantly aggressive, so

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      You can be honest without being rude, also no one has been banned recently by Tiger, uh helloo?

  3. Introduction Morning/afternoon/ goodnight as we move past the holidays! I want to end on at least sound footing to start this new year on the right foot! We have a lot of changes coming your way that hopefully get you as excited as I am! I am bit late but don't bring out your pitchforks quite yet! We are here and ready to update! New Changes Re-Rework on rules 2.0 We are back at it again! We are hoping this is the last one! We promise if you have yet to add your input and would like to please message a moderator for a discord invite! As told by The leading lady of the project @HolidayChicken “We are hoping to accomplish a system, perhaps a wiki where players can navigate rules and reference them with more ease than the current one. Getting rid of outdated rules and merging similar ones to create a more straightforward set and working with players to create fresh rules that they're happy to follow.” Meetings for this project is fast and productive and if you wish to see our meeting notes The team would be happy to do so! Project holders: HolidayChicken, Braxis1996, iMattyz, & Frill Discord Changes You cried. We answered! All Moderators are required to be in LOTC main discord and to keep their notifications on! So you should see more blue tags in your chats. If you noticed, or not, Muffins the Community Admin kindly shared all of her formating knowledge that she had learned in her discord (NEW PLAYERS DISCORD). We are incredibly grateful; Along with that, we solidified some old rules in our discord. Lotc Main discord is supposed to be a safe place for all players alike. So we are back to enforcing our policy with a bit of a stricter regime. It will still be verbal, > warning > kick > ban. Forums Changes Warning point system Have 10 warnings? Don’t worry you won’t be punished for that number longer! With our new system Warning points are merely a number. They keep a record of what has been going on. If moderation feels you are in need of guidance They will talk you through your warning or on discord if it’s readily available to them. There are our new warnings! Low Effort RP Low effort forum rp is something of a hot topic. Something that a few of you are still settling on. Roleplay replies should have some effort put into them and lead another character into some development! No more trolling rp post and comments. If you feel a player has done this on the forums you are free to report them as the team will review and go over it. Please click here to read more about forum roleplay guidelines. Reports Public reports are back up on the block! Moderation decided to allow the ability for the community to voice back. So If you see player breaking the rules? Try to solve it via yourselves first! 90% of the problems are fixed by talking to the player/person. If worse comes to worst and no one is listening? Gather your evidence together and fill out the forum on the Public reports Page. A moderator will pick it up and begin a process of checking what's going on! Appeals with Community If you haven’t noticed appeals are currently with Community team as Moderation no longer handles them. You can check Community teams Updates in News to read up about these! New Server Updates With the bottom of my heart, all teams are trying their best with the lag. Don’t give up and fight through the lag! If you are lagging or scared of a SS. Please make sure you, yourself, are making the modreq! We do not allow tps for other players without their verified agreeance. If it takes us a bit longer to tp? Don’t fret we are probably loading in the chunk so we can safely spawn you in. Below we’ve listed from newest to oldest update posts. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188313-the-lag-and-plans-for-future/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188245-the-114-problem-update-iii/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188063-the-114-problem-update-ii/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/187758-the-114-problem-update/ I would like to put a friendly reminder to the few that it hasn’t gotten around too. Moderation is no longer handling Charter issues, that go to a focus group within the World. If you are Charter issues, such as placement, shovel help, charters plugin, and the whatnots please make sure to make a world req! Tips and tricks to surviving the lag! Make sure to screenshot your inventory frequently! If you have died, and are back in the same spot make the modreq in that location explaining in detail when and where it happened! Don’t run through chunks and hope they load, Be a little patient and slowly walk. If you get bored, do what I do. #s and sing rp songs or make up your own! It's very fun. And sometimes other players will sing along! Try not to get frustrated we all are experiencing it, Take a deep breath I promise we all will get our Mineman roleplay addiction in. December Data A ballpark of 2000+ Tickets was done In December. Not only was everyone celebrating the holidays, but we also had moderators step up to the plate. I received a present via Holiday hitting 400 tickets on the day before Christmas. This is not exact as when the new year started our data was wiped..... So going off the last data entry I saw is our Quota Queen. Our duties don’t completely regard to tickets, as we also help in Discord, Forums and The Server. We as a team strive to help you all when we can! Active moderation is pretty clear to see, whether it be on the forums, in-game, or working on projects! Ticket Royals of December: Queen @BlueBudgie - 480 Prince @iMattyz - 436 Jester @Braxis - 348 The royal court of lowly peasant moderators bows down to these amazing folks! Current Team Roster Braxis1996 ~ Rose from the Ashes of Jroy96 IMattyz ~ Came back from the dead Basketweaver ~ Came back from the dead Zachosnacko__ ~ Came back from the dead HolidayChicken ~ Stepped into Blue Leather Armour Frill ~ Stepped into Blue Leather Armour Mirtoks ~ Stepped into Blue Leather Armour Z3m0s ~ Multiclassing into Moderation Dibbs ~ Multiclassing into Moderation Sykotic ~ Multiclassing into Moderation Tigergiri ~ Was given the Karen Tag Telanir ~ “Moderation Im HOmE~” Korvic ~ Put on the Shiny, Gold Armour Muffins ~ Put on the Admin Armour Silverstakik ~ Stepped down Ulmo ~ Stepped down Xalid ~ Stepped down Ryanark ~ Stepped down Corweenie ~ Stepped down Gypsy ~ Stepped down Pun ~ Departed from the building Keening ~ Departed from the building Wacko ~ Departed from the building Mitto ~ Departed from the building Special Thanks To our Admins who help out moderations with all-out wick wacky showdowns. I know, Myself gets fussy and completely bombard you! Letting you know the moderation team appreciates you! To our Developers who are doing holy work to keep the server afloat. To my team (moderation) who put up with my craziness and the server. But as you know I think of you as a family! Finally, Thank you to our community! Thanks for being patient for this update as there is a lot of information to cover and I’ll probably have so much more in the following months. Happy Roleplaying! Special thanks for @LotsOfMuffins for helping me so much you are a doll! You know what you did.
  4. Lotte spent her time in the sevens skies were she was most happiest. The Kortrevich manor in Markev. In the seven skies, everything was calm. With a sound of a door opening her head lifted. Her blue eyes catching a familiar face. Pink lips opened in a silent whisper. Before the name tumbled out her mouth. The chair clattering to the ground, her body flinging to the only man she ever loved. For that one moment ....they were reunited. the skies seem to explode with color she long forgotten. “NICOLAUS!” https://imgur.com/gallery/geljy1Q
  5. Lets pass the time shall we? I havent seen one of these done in awhile, but lets start it off! Lotc meme Thread as long as it doesnt break server rules its all fair game in here! Let see what you have made this past year!! Here are some I made, please no one kill me. everything I make is in good fun!Some of these are a bit old... please dear Hel save me from what im about to do..
  6. I am 100 percent late on this, but i still brought to an emotional mess. *cries in aldin* also you bet you can have first pick
  7. Dura swuints at the words, wondering why she still read Rex news... Giving the paper to her polar bear. “ ‘ere Chompi snek fur yer. Taesti Rex puper.”
  8. Hi

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      Greetings Tigeriri 

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      woooooooow i feel so special ❤️ happy holidays 

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      xoxo you as well

  9. I have already said my goodbyes. But here have the full story. I didn’t really know you I had only heard of you and had a few conversations with you when I was just community team. When I switched over to moderation. I don’t know what happened I felt we just clicked. Whether it was one of us in a voice call discussing over conflicts or my awful laughter as I listened to your roomate yell. You always put your best foot forward when you could whether it was being loud and repeating. (Which drive me up the walls. It’s a pet peeve of mine I hate people repeating themselves.) but you have it your all for whatever was threw at you. I have become rather close with you and I’m sad to see you go. But that doesn’t mean I won’t stay in contact every once in awhile. I’m annoying being and I shall use that to my advantage. Hope to see you again! Don’t be a stranger
  10. Through request this has been unarchived for the time being
  11. Devika eyes the sheet of paper that she could barely read... “ahll ee cahn see is booze..I’m Coming!”
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