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  1. Tigergiri

    Vanvir Clan

    Vanvir Clan Introduction to the Clan “Without our hope, we have nothing left in these dark times. How terrible it is to live where you cant see that you are already lost?” ~Fyre Vanvir Isolation is not safety, It is death. If no ones knows you’re alive, You aren’t. If a tree falls in a forest, And no one is around to hear it, Iy does make a sound: But then that sound is gone. Im not saying you’ll find the meaning of life In other people. Im saying other people are the life to which You provide the meaning to. Neil Hilborn Behaviour: All clan members seem to be knowledgeable from one topic to the next, whether it's cooking, politics, or combat. They all desired something to better the clan as a whole or a self-study. Most clan members may feel cold at first encountering them. Not everyone likes strangers… But stop by a few times hopefully one will warm up to you! Marriage- Once a vanvir always a vanvir. You may join the clan through marriage or your first Narn'acaele metta. Vanvir’s rest on the behaviour of that everyone outside of their members may be enemies. Blood is thicker than water in all cases. Family comes first and will always celebrate any joyous moments of marriage. For you can marry so many times, but only can you bind yourself to another soul through Vaellaui’s light once. Youth: The youth of vanvirs is connected to their strengths and knowledge. Constantly quizzed about the world around them. To better prepare them for their life. Vanvirs’ are fiercely protective of their young, and not just direct blood. Any child of the clan is a shared effort to raise them in the wholesomest environment possible. Festivities: Festival of Fairy Triad: Where they grow together it is said that fairies live.! An old tale passed down between Vanvir. Celia Liu is the crowned fairy queen, done by in celebrations and contest for the clan. The Celia Liu of that decade will be the one to plant the tree, a (birch) Hawthorn tree at dusk so it can grow with the fairies. Watching as Fae alike grow around the white trees to play. For those days they play under to bless. If seen the tree fully grown shall have ribbons and wishes tied to its branches and flowers blooming in spirals. 15th of malins welcome is the start of the festival in most cases. But Whenever the moon is at the fullest is when they start. Narn'acaele metta: A vanvir of mature age, will gain a creature from the aviary. Birds of many different wings and traits that resemble the character of their new master. To be trained and nurtured as the vanvir to grow. A company of the sky as a vanvir is a company of the ground. Along with the ceremony of wings, they will also receive the beginnings of needles and blackened herbs tattoo. To proudly show the rest of the worlds that they too can be free. Birds and their traits: Hawk: warrior, Owl: Scholar, Diplomatic: Owl, Luxury: Peacock, Ibis: grace Magpie: sweet & caring. Malieir Metta: The burning of the wings. Betrayal is something that comes with a heavy heart on any Vanvir. Nothing good goes unpunished, with your acts of wrongdoing may you never fly as high as you have again. Burning the wings to be coiled around scars and snakes. Clothing: Clan colours are Blue, white and gold. Vanvir holds their head up high, showing off the colours of not only their clan but cultures from the knowledge they have gained. It is appealing to Vanvirs rather than the hiding shoulder, scars and deformity but embracing them as they stand the test of time. Tattoos/removal: There are a few tattoos that are recognized in the clan for different tasks and ranks among the clan. Wings:A Vanvir coming of age begins the transition into adulthood, starts to get their wings tattooed onto their back. To wear honourably and proudly. Burns: Along with everything, sound must be something to equal it. Betrayal of the Vanvir clan marks with the burning of your wings. Accepted punishments of your wrong deeds are the snakes that lead you away—forever burned on and around your wings. For you shall never fly with the Vanvir again. Tibits: We like books! Vanvirs were once known to create libraries. They seem to have a slight problem in hoarding books. We like strength in compassion in mind. Vanvirs study the Faith of the spirits and Vaellui. Watching the moon cycles and using their meanings to better help their clan. If anyone is interested in joining the Vanvir clan, send TigerGiri#0744 or Braxis#1782 message on discord. You can also find any Vanvir online and talk to them through roleplay.
  2. Welcome to the server Hope you have fun!
  3. Hey, guys, I recognize you have heard this one once, But I'm telling you to wash your hands. Then wipe down your keyboard, even if you wash your hands it means nothing if you reuse your dirty keyboard. Please be safe out there! If anyone is scared or require someone to talk to I know @VonAulussent out a message in LOTC discord but, My Dms remain open I completely understand any panic (my Father and my little sister are in lockdown in Italy, My brother is stuck in Florida by himself and can't go home because of travel bans and doesn't have an American drivers license.  Im stuck at my apartment and my mother has decided she wants to do a visit to every state.)  I Understand any panics and I am here for you. ❤️ Sincerely Tiger 

  4. With a cringed scowled face she down a scotch with Emerich trying to drown her sorrows that her younger cousin found love before she did. “GOD above pray for that couple he will have so much to handle if our childhood had anything to say about it.” Waving to her butler to help her get another drink.
  5. Finding the blue paper and scribble words on a notice near the songbird camp...fingers peeling up underneath the blue harden wax to gather it up. Though from a distance a person could see her reading it upside down. “le’ see hereh! Wehll dae be a numbeReh , scriobbleh scriobbleh. Scriobbleh!” tossing the paper into the campfire feeling as if she learned something.
  6. anyone want to join a random family?

  7. Within the seven skies, Lotte was settled down in her peaceful little slice of heaven. The faithful or maybe just a mothers instinct. The notion of her head ringing. As she moved towards the door to open the door, the area around them shifting and changing from the Markev household to the Haeseni. Plates and dinner with shining red wine in three crystal glasses in an elaborate fashion. A knowing smile was ornamenting her face as she rushed to open the door... "You are merely in time for dinner; I've missed you, My sweet little rose." Lotte's blues eyes connecting to her sweet brave little one's mismatched ones and embracing primrose into a hug and a kiss on the hair. "You've been so courageous, my kind-hearted princess. You don't have to be so brave anymore, You did your job perfectly.. No need to be sad now, Mama’s here."
  8. If a new player ever needs help they are welcome to ask around, and even ./creq which is what the community team is for the communtiy and new players.
  9. I would suggest you read the whole reply.
  10. Let us talk about this post because as many people have stated nothing was done. And that is far by the truth; quite a few people in this list are unbanned. Such as Ixil and GGt whom both are currently unbanned. GGt being the big one from the failure of staff, which I had personally sat down back when Braxis was still a moderator and went through every emote. Not only were some off but some of GGt emotes were generally not in the reading distance which causes ooc arguments across all sides. The staff team may be seen from the community’s eyes as failed, from my eyes, I don't think so. And since this is a debate I can say that. Moderations try to evolve and change our system to help the community as much as we can by stating rules over, going through rewrites changes, making sure all spectrums can at least try to have a moderator online. We are still evolving as a team as the community is still growing as a community. Petty, you talk about Hunwald being biased towards you quite a bit, but this sentence here is what throws me. “I have a problem that Hunwald has been proven to be biased, and he's still here banning me." You were banned for a short time by Hunwald yes. Your admin ban was told to you by the admin team. What it was on and why it was changed, which you fail to acknowledge anywhere in this post. Toxicity bans usually are repeated offence warning. What might of been a shorter time was progressed over toxicity that you show even in this own forum post. You also mention evidence against Hunwald, please if you have it make a document and send it over to management and admins as we can look it over. You are still welcome to show any management, and if you want to call bias on me, you can bring it up to Sykogenic who I’m sure wouldn't mind. A court like a system would be a grand idea if we didn't have hundreds of users like we do. Something similar was applied when the community team had appealed, and that didn't work out as well as everyone hoped when they had it. As stated previously, the US court of law wouldn't be the best course of action? Why? Because LOTC is not a thoroughly American server yes we speak primarily English, but people come from all walks of life to enjoy one server. Such as Italians, Polish, Turkish, Russians, Scottish, Irish, Greece, Americans, carousel, Africa, you name it. So instead we have our infraction list and protocol, which is how things are handled. It’s a learning process for different problems and solution there never one good fix. It comes with time, and I know your upset from many different things. But putting your anger out on other people and saying they are siding with one versus the other is not the way to go about it.
  11. If there is any confusion to this post, we have the Roleplay quality standards that go into more detail. Plus, Moderators are always able to answer any questions anyone might have.
  12. *Dodge with great amount of speed, that blade just disappears into air*
  13. Katharina Baruch stood at the steps of Ayr holding on to a glass of red wine. eyes down trought as she absentmidly swirled the liquid. Tears began to stream for the Princess that was so kind to her. “I hope you are a good sky crow, that you take care of all the little other crows in the sky like you took care of me.” Her voice breaking as she looked to the sky wondering where her only good friend has gone. Taking one last sip of her wine before going to grab some candles to light in her honour.
  14. Songbirds songbirds songbirds 

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