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Found 2 results

  1. ⋆❆ Secret Sohaer ❆⋆ It has been over fifty years since Krugsmas has come. In only a few years it’ll arrive once more. To celebrate this rare occasion, an event is in order! Haelun’or will have itself a secret gift exchange. Want to participate? See below! Please note that only current citizens of the city may join the festivity. ⋆❆ Participant information ❆⋆ To participate, fill out the information at the bottom of this page. After it is filled, beneath the tree behind the tavern, pick a chest and name it yours. You may give up to three items. [These gifts must be RP/ST signed items. They cannot be regular mundane gear/food/etc.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorting will commence in two elven days. [Tuesday, December 5th at 3pm EST.] Names will be sent out about who you are getting shortly afterwards. After you receive your person, you may begin! Do not under any circumstance contact your secret sohaer. If you have any questions, please relay them to the event coordinator, Soris [WizardWhisper]. Form link: https://forms.gle/A8ozuzQXanR4gnzp7
  2. Penned and issued by, the Bailiff of Apfelberg On the 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1953 WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE, and God’s blessing to all men and women of Merryweather and the United Kingdom of Aaun. The last few years have brought our Principality and Kingdom naught more but poverty, sadness and damage. Despite the loss of our Prince Heinrich our lives go on and we, the people of Merryweather, have to carry on what he and his family started. To bring joy despite the hard time that everyone is going through we, the Bailiff of Apfelberg, announce the first MERRYWEATHER MERRY SWAP: a seasonal celebration brought directly from the shores of Hurstcombe by me and my brother, Bane. It is a traditional, surprise gift-giving festivity. Everyone who wishes to participate in our event shall contact me! The Merry Swap will have three stages: STAGE I Sign up - everyone who wishes to participate should inform me of such by penning a letter or leaving their personal information on a piece of paper inside the box located within the Apfelberg Community Center. Citizens outside of Merryweather are encouraged to partake in this joyous time, provided they intend to come celebrate upon our grounds when the day of gift giving comes! STAGE II Preparations - once you receive the information of who you will be making a gift for you shall take your time and prepare! Think of something that the person would like to receive, think of something nice that would bring them joy! It is suggested you give your recipient from ONE up to THREE gifts. STAGE III Gift giving - once the day of the Merryweather Merry Swap comes, all those taking part should gather at The Blue Bonnet with their presents ready and give them to their recipients. In case one cannot make it to the Merry Swap night, there will be special numbered letter boxes prepared inside The Blue Bonnet where their gifts will be kept safe until the event begins so that the recipient can receive them on this day. Those taking part should inform the Bailiff about their possible absence at least THREE SAINT’S DAYS before the Merry Swap. On this 12th of Godfrey’s Triumph in the year of our Lord 1953 I announce that the first annual Merryweather Merry Swap has begun and my mailbox is open for your signups until the 11th of Horen’s Calling, 1954. After such a date, I shall be sending letters out to inform each participant of whom they are to prepare their gift/gifts for, and their allocated number of letter box they may place their gift into up until the special day. Penned and issued by, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Seamstress, Chutney Developer, Marmalade enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd. and Bane's Brother. OOC Information (INCLUDING signing up via Google Forms)
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