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  1. [!] With joy, copies of this missive were not only scattered across Karosgrad, but placed neatly at the doors of the manors and keeps of all the Kingdom’s peers, and each house. To those outside of the city, special invitations were sent by an Aviary. [A drawing from a different artist, depicting Elizaveta in deep conversation and planning with the patron spirit of the event – the dear Raven.] THE FANTASTICAL WEDDINGPALOOZA THE UNION OF ELIZAVETA ALBAN & BARLEY WICK An invitation TO THE MERRY AND UNORDINARY For the 6th, in the month of Joma & Umund, 429 E.S VA BIRODEO HERZENAV, EDLERVIK AG KOMYNZ, Following two long decades of being raised side by side as lifelong, childhood friends, naturally – and for everyone to see – a passionate love has blossomed. And through many years of hurdling the restrictions of status and rank, this joyous pair has finally set the time that their souls should be mended together as one in holy matrimony. In line with the complex mind of Lady Alban, this event seeks to forgo the usual bore that comes with the dull feasts and waltzes that follow the wedding ceremony. Thus, the concept of a WEDDINGPALOOZA was born. Though all are invited, should the sight of the unordinary and uncanny of creatures frighten or anger you, consider skipping this event and staying home – for not only is this Weddingpalooza for the people, it is for the creatures who have accompanied the couple their whole life. Even before the wedding takes place, preparations will begin mere days before, based on the many tales and stories the pair has read. The groom is set to depart on a hunt with his dear friends, where they hunt down THREE RAVENS precisely, all while gathering the bones of various animals along the way. These spoils are then given to the bride, as she prepares them for use during the ceremony. The ceremony and events in question will take place in Jerovitz – for there could be no other place than the lands where the couple grew up side by side. Under the watchful eye of GOD, they will be wed in the Chapel of the Venerable Primrose Kortrevich, to be immediately followed by constant merriment and celebration in the form of THREE grand activities: THE DANCE OF TRANSCENDENCE With the month of the matrimony being the harshest in winter, just outside the keep, a grand bonfire will be lit – fueled by the remains of the spoils of the hunt. All invitees are encouraged to join the newlyweds as they dance around its flames, warming themselves – accompanied by song and music. Vials of ‘Transcendence’ and cups of Carrion Black will be provided to promote a more exciting experience. In line with the ongoing theme, three songs will be sung – and nearing the very last one, should the couple be spotted slipping away, guests will dash forth with a dubious prank! During this, the rats – the chosen animal of House Wick – will be given their very own dug-out hole, and attendees will gain the chance to see their own spectacular dance. THE RAT CHASE The spawn of Sergi-boy, first of his name, have been bred with speeds of great renown. The largest rat of his house, Sergi-boy VIII, is a rat of legend – a rat no man has been able to catch. Guests who dare to take on the myth will be led on a chase around Jerovitz, trying to pin a tail on his behind. The very first to do this will be, with the permission of Sir Candle Wick, crowned CHAMPION OF THE WICKWALD. THE WHEAT BOWL For the manliest of men and artists of the blade, a tournament will be held in the newlyweds’ honor. Before dueling, fighters must lather themselves in the very dirt they seek to battle on, sticking onto their armor the feathers of a bird of their choice. The last standing will be named champion, the GRAND RAVEN PRINCE (regardless of gender), and given the almighty BLACK HELM. During all the festivities, food will be provided for all – including special sustenance for creatures, fae, and deities. SPECIAL INVITATIONS FROM THE BRIDE & GROOM: Dearest Mother and Father, Her Royal Highness, Henrietta Barbanov-Bihar, & His Royal Highness, Marus Barbanov-Bihar. ( @PerfectlyPeachy, @mkLouis) Cherished Brother, Matyas Ludovar, Count-Consort of Otistadt, Lord of Alban.( @gusanoarentonio) His Royal Highness, Franz Leopold, Prinzen Oracle of Manvestiyaeo. ( also @gusanoarentonio) His Excellency, Matyas ‘Matty Bee’ Baruch, Best Man of the Groom. ( @Chris (Acaele)) Dearest Friend, Catalina ‘Magda’ Nadia Carrion, Best Lady to the Bride. ( @Melpomenne) Sir Candle Wick, Uncle to the Groom, and all true Wick descendants. ( @HurferDurfer1) Calanthe Wick, Sister to the Groom, and her merry company. ( @doreebear) Illian and Cas, shopkeepers of the bride’s favorite stall, and their merry company. ( @BobBox, @un-w) Miss Margo, the wondrous Oracle woman. ( @Kujo) Elizabeth Brae-Wittenbach, Vice-President of the NGS, and all its members. ( @AndrewTech) His Geniusness, Cosimo Falcone, and his merry company. ( @Goon ) His Funnyness, Shrout Booker Card, Great Sage, Equal to Mani. ( @Xx_BloodStalk_xX ) His Gracefulness, Riurn’parir, the Swamp Spirit of Attenlund. ( @RaiderBlue) His Ribbitness, Mudzskips, the Merciful, and all his remaining Wonk race. ( @Benjiota) His Rhinocity, Rhinonathan, and the citizens of Rhino Rhingdom. ( @PXY) FORMAL INVITATIONS TO THE KING OF HAENSE AND THE PEERAGE: His Royal Majesty, Karl III, the King, and his Royal Pedigree. ( @GMRO) Her Grace, Isabel Baruch, the Duchess of Valwyck, and her Ducal Pedigree. ( @sarahbarah ) Her Grace, Johanna Barclay, the Duchess of Reinmar, and her Ducal Pedigree. ( @Zaerie) His Grace, Mikhail Ruthern, the Duke of Vidaus, and his Ducal Pedigree. ( @indiana105) The Right Honourable, Adele Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt, and her Comital Pedigree. ( @CopOwl) His Lordship, Leopold Morovar, the Baron of Ghaestenwald, and his Baronial Pedigree. ( @HogoBojo) His Lordship, Filip Amador, the Baron of Mondstadt, and his Baronial Pedigree. ( @Lomiei)
  2. FIFTH BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA A painting of a past garden party. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya, on behalf of her son, His Lordship, Andrei Sigismund Morovar, is pleased to invite the denizens of Hanseti-Ruska and beyond to a garden party featuring a scavenger hunt within the gardens of Karosgrad celebrating his birth. In addition to a scavenger hunt, guests will be able to enjoy various games, including pin the tail on the crow. Formal Invitations Her Grace, Johanna Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar and her noble pedigree @Zaerie His Grace, Mikhail var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree @indiana105 His Lordship, Filip Amador, Baron of Mondstadtand his noble pedigree @Lomiei Personal Invitations His Majesty, Karl III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his royal pedigree @GMRO Her Grace, Isabel Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck and her noble pedigree @sarahbarah The Right Honorable, Adele Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt and her noble pedigree @CopOwl The Honorable, Nikolai Kortrevich, Viscount of Krusev and his noble pedigree @Phersades His Lordship, Leopold Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree @HogoBojo Her Ladyship, Sibylla Ludovar and her family @CupOTea__ His Lordship, Sir Borris Kortrevich and his family @tcs_tonsils_ His Lordship, Eirik Baruch @gusanoarentonio Erika Vatornik and her family @MissToni SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya His Lordship, Andrei Sigismund Morovar [OOC: To be held on Thursday, the 16th of June, at 5:00 EST.]
  3. [!] Silver envelopes are delivered directly to Haelun'orian mailboxes! The Return of Summer Festival Issued 10th of The Amber Cold, Year 80 of The Second Age The snow has melted! With good weather finally returned to The Silver City after a time of harrowing blizzard, the High Elves of Haelun’or may once again feel the warmth of our blessed isle! You are cordially invited to join an evening of enjoyment amongst lliran, celebrating the glorious sunshine on the silver shores, with the esteemed host of Okarir’nor Luthien Maey’ronn. Cocktails, canapés and beachside sports are on the agenda of the day. We will rendezvous at The Night Owl Parlour before heading to the seaside. No RSVP is required, simply show up, dressed up! Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya to you. OOC: Sunday 19th, 2pm EST/7pm BST Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas & Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn
  4. "The Stag is blessed with a crown of forked lightning The Caribou's hooves roar over the land like thunder The Elk's voice the screaming wind of the tempest" Excerpt from the Legend of the StormTreader, Guardian of the Storm Moon When the final lunar phase of the spring months has passed, the kin of the Mother Circle know that the harsher times of the lunar calendar is upon them. The clouds churn into great veils of shadow and storm, washing the land with a cleansing rain. When the sky illuminates with the crash of thunder, it is said that the mythical StormTreader stags are clashing their antlers together. Rain cascades over the earth like a tide to cleanse the remnants of the old and warn of the scorching summer months to come, and lightning strikes the land to smite wayward, trespassing spirits of Draoi. To honor the story of this fable, the Mother Circle gathers for a grand hunt and the creation of the Lunar Year's Tempest Crown. The tradition begins with two hunting parties representing the Wind and Rain of a summer storm. Venturing into the wilds, the hunters harvest a deer, elk, or caribou to obtain the antlers required for the creation of the Tempest Crown. Then, a grand reenactment of the clashing of horns is held between two chosen warriors of each hunting party. Using only the horned helms they have created, they endure combat during the first summer storm until one of the crowns break. The remaining artifact is exalted as the year's Tempest Crown, a symbol of the Circle's resilience during real and spiritual storms. When lightning strikes, kin beware; For the draoi and slothful druid Are one in the same in the eye of the storm ((6/14 7:30-8pm est start))
  5. SILLUMIRAN SPARRING Elsillumiran, The Weeping Blades, stand as the historic defenders of The Motherland, her vast woodlands, towering mountain chains, crystal seas and marble spires. They act as the army in times of conflict, and custodians of peace, upholding The Silver Law and safekeeping the values imperative for the continuance of State and People; those found in the ancient philosophy of Larihei’s Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Many Sillumir of times passed hold high honour for their great sacrifices. The Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver State of Haelun’or are invited to join Elsillumiran in a training session, overseen by Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul and Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos. Bloodshed is forbidden at this event, and any spill will result in repercussions. Appropriate attire must be worn to participate in sparring to prevent such. This will take place in the Silver Bastille, during The First Seed. [[ CRP & PVP ]] [[ Friday 17th, 3pm EST/8pm BST ]] Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  6. “For garnering connections is the lifeblood of any city.” Issued by the Courts of the Palati Monterosa On the 7th day of Peter’s Glory of year 9 of B.A. As the next generation of the Grand Duchy of Balian begins to reach the age of majority, it pleases the courts of the Palati Monterosa to announce the Syndesi Feriae Publicae, which will be more commonly referred to as the Syndesi. In any city, connections must be garnered so as to pump blood through its very being and this festival is meant just for this very thing. Courtships abound, friendships forming through the trifles of life and long-lasting allies are always sought through life. Join us in this celebration of life, old and new, as all are welcome regardless of status, age and otherwise. Invites are sent to the following: The Grand Duchy of Balian The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Kingdom of Norland The Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia The Dual-Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania The Viceroyalty of Hyspia The Rashidun Sheikhdom The Principality of Celia’Nor The Crown of Elvenesse The Unified Domain of Vortice The Port Town of Akueli Those of Almaris are welcome to attend. The itinerary will be posted shortly following the missive of those attending. Sign-ups close on the 20th and the festivities begin the 22nd, ending on the 30th. [!] A sign-up form is attached for those wishing to attend. SIGNED, Her Excellency, Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae, heiress to the Barony of Aquilae, Procurator of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Palati Monterosa, Court Celebrant, headmaster of the Balian Arts Guild, founder of the Silken Lily, Senior Bee of the Balian Honey Courts, etcetera. F
  7. TO INFORM / VIGILANT 'THILL From the Office of Elokarir'mali, Issued 10th of The First Seed, Year 77 of the Second Age Every member of the Blessed Citizenry should be aware of late assaults, committed by a coven of Frost Witches. These creatures are devious in appearance, possessing fluctuating forms, they feed on the blood of men and attempt to lure women. It is advised that citizens manoeuvre in the company of another or optimally multiple others. Report any suspicious happenings or beings to Elokarir’tir or another councillor. Be on your guard — vigilant ‘thill. Through the schisms of Lomal and all who have attempted to do so since. Through the assailment attempted by Aengudaemon and Draconic beings, and various grand tragedies of the natural elements. Through each and every migration of the descendants, battles great, challenges multifarious, The Silver State of Haelun’or has endured. When the Motherland is faced with any prospect of danger, it is our sworn duty to end the threat as soon as possible. ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY'SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS, AY'LARIHEI MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  8. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard and spread around the city of Karosgrad! T'a Flowers be Back! Praised be the Great Flowers, always blooming in our village when the time is right! We ought to celebrate and worship these flowers, for they are magical in origin and shall bless all who respect them! The Spirits are with the flowers, Knox is with the flowers! With this, I announce a GRAND FLOWER FAIR to pay tribute to the flowers of Honeyhill! Upon the Grand Harvest o' the next year we shall party until we cannot party any longer! Fair Activities: ~Flower Dance, in pairs of two!~ ~Pumpkin Carving!~ ~Flower Judging!~ ~A GREAT Harvest of all the fields and feast afterwards to celebrate!~ ~Shogging & Spleef!~ LORD KNOX AND ALL OF HIS SPIRITS BE WITH US! -Mimosa Applefoot, halfling of Honeyhill ((Event on 3 PM EST, Saturday the 21st of May, 2022))
  9. [!] Floral envelopes are posted about Karinah'siol! The Roman Ruins in Schönbrunn, Friedrich Frank A Party in the Gardens Issued 12th of Malin's Welcome, Year 75 of The Second Age Gather Mali’thill, for you will find a glorious garden party by the splendour of the blessed bathhouse, next elven day! At the event, Elokarir’mali will be making an announcement that may be of interest to a collection of the citizenry. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to taste wine and cheese pairings, reviewed and chosen by fastidious Mali’thill at The Night Owl Parlour’s recent evening gathering. Visaj Red & Miravaris Cheddar Sillumiran Sparkle & Farmer’s White Cheese Hyptos Honeywine & Mammoth Cheese We have much to discuss and, progress to pursue. Haelun'or rises to meet each day, ever to follow the path of Larihei, the Lady of Silver! OOC: Friday 6th, 2pm EST/7pm BST May your paths be safe, your floors unbroken and may Elcihi'thilln fill your eyes with beauty. Okarir'mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  10. As a group of Mali'aheral continued to work away at a heap of debris, the unstable sapphire mine they stood in would rumble, pieces of the cavern walls and ceiling crumbling down as they chipped off pieces of the bottom. “Is it falling there, too?” “It is!” “Ve can’t leave him!” Hræthån growled, “If we continue to mine, we’re all going to die, including him!” “Just — go!” Elarhil Sullas gave the muffled cry out, agonizing to be witness to, “The death of one Mali’aheral is better than three.” “The death of none is best!” Soris shuffled towards the stairway, peering toward the water. “We could go higher, is there another place we can get him out?” Questioned Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul. The stairs shook as the structure of the cave was compromised. From above, rocks began to cascade. "Please!" Elarhil pleaded, curling up besides the pirate skeleton that rest in his otherwise solitary hollow, as sand and water flooded in. Hræthån grumbled in anger, "SHIT!" He roared as he begun to hammer as quick as he could at the sandstone. Soris snapped her attention to the ceiling, dropping the shovel as she brought both hands to her helmet, holding the sides, "Shit, shit." She cursed, before turning towards the others. Hræthån grasped then that he would have to take a different approach. He turned to Edgars and Soris, "We have to get out NOW!" He shouted, "We can come back later, when it's safer!" Wide-eyed with alarm, Elarhil nestled further, "Ti, Hræthån! Please GO! You'll kill all of us!" He choked. "Alright, time to go!" Ordered Edgars. “ito kae Dio mya’leh!” Three of them made it to the surface. First spoiler — emotes Second spoiler — screenshots
  11. [!] A yellowed, once wettened and now dried note, flutters — hung up infront of The Night Owl Parlour by an elfess dressed in blue. The ink cursive writing is splodgy and rough in places. It's contents contain indications as to why. It is so very cold, and so very dark, now that my oil lamp has burnt out. The dampness of this tomb I wait in worries me. I notice, in this space where I have lost one sense, that of sight; my other senses feel heightened. A pounding in my head, at times, seems all I can hear. Dreariness too overcomes me. No doubt both caused by my dismal conditions. I try to scheme a way out, but my mind is equally as empty as this cavern, now that no other descendants nor monsters roam it. A man who’s been here far longer, a skeleton pirate makes for OK company, though I long to be able to listen to his life tales. Please, rescue me, expeditiously. Larihei kae annilereh. ito kae Dio mya’leh.
  12. FOUNDING OF ST. CAROLUS UNIVERSITY Haense during the Golden Age of the Old Academy ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO ALL CITIZENS OF HAENSE, The Academy of Haense has seen stagnation and little use in recent decades. As I am writing this missive, to be distributed among Haense itself, I - Felyx Francys Colborn - am working to re-establish the Haense Academy to rival and perhaps surpass the Elysium University. With this goal in mind, and with the Justiciar, the Patriarch of House Colborn, and the Crown Prince himself to aid in reconstruction, we heartily invite anyone interested to attend orientation and the upcoming book club events(https://discord.gg/F3HuaCT2qR)! Those of the Child-Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska have already been invited, although there truly are NO enforced age gaps to be a student! There will be small, intimate events to promote learning and discussion at the Eve of reconstruction, with the final aim being a fleshed-out curriculum and graduation possibility with diplomas hopefully someday be recognised by the Holy Crown of Haense itself! I hope to see you around. The first events are already being drafted. Drop by the Old Academy on event-times if you are interested! Est. 423 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. [!] Leaflets are posted in the marketplace as well as outside the bastille of Karinah’siol. Scout Pamphlet, Vol niut – The Sapphire Mine Issued 9th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 74 of the Second Age Theme Last elven day, a band of brave Mali’thill descended into an abandoned sapphire mine that was discovered North East of the Haelun’orian isle; What awaited, was altogether an unknown. Here are the findings of Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul, Anara Elervathar, Hileia, Stelios Kekemos Hyptos, Valazaer Calith, and myself, Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas. We could infer that the last descendant visitors to the cave were a crew of pirates. Their forsaken ship docked close by, a code found upon the vessel allowed us to enter the mine after decryption. Maneuvering through the cave formation was in itself a task. The walls ooze a luminous lime green slime, adherent to touch, it has the possibility to entrap an entire Mali. That which blocked our path we singed by handheld torches, allowing us to proceed. While it had been evident descendants had not entered for quite some time prior to us, other creatures inhabit the area still. A colossal coconut crab, disturbed by our presence, put up an arduous defence till the creature could no longer — retreating to a crack in the wall. Curiously, frequent throughout the cave were locked chests, each with further unique codes needed to be opened. One chest, relatively near to the surface, we found had a ship carved onto the top and buttons on every side marked front, back, left and right accordingly. A quick-witted Hileia solved the puzzle, noting the order of the directions mentioned in a journal scrap found on the nearby pirate ship, pressing the buttons on the sides of the chest, bow, stern, port and starboard to open it. Deeper in the mine, as close to the bellows as we could get, we were faced with an enormous web that crawled with spiders. Ideas were thrown around as to how to surpass this. However, we concluded it would be wise to conserve energy, establish a plan and return later. As such, we are returning to the site on The Grand Harvest. Above ground, a rescue party will be stationed on the beach as a precaution — with refreshments, naturally. Take your best adventuring gear; advised is a light source, a weapon, a shield and light food and water rations. OOC: Saturday 30th April, 4pm EST/9pm BST Uhieran Scout Leader Elarhil Sullas MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  14. Painting in the Park Issued 10th of The Deep Cold, Year 72 of The Second Age Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien, Ulla Thynell Creatives of Elcihi'thilln, On The First Seed of this elven week, a session of painting in the square will commence! For the innovative minds of Mali'thill are not limited to any kind of study; there is much value to be found in artistic fields. All are encouraged to come explore, practice and enjoy. There will be three categories of painting, which will we run through, in the following order: Still life Model Free form For each category, the object of your painting will be up to choice! Nevertheless, should you find trouble within the vast beauty of our State, finding just one matter in your surroundings to focus upon, there will be a selection laid out as an aid. You may find a model in any other willing participant. No need to bring your own brushes - all equipment will be provided by the State! OOC: Friday 22nd, 3pm EST/9pm BST May your paths be safe, your floors unbroken and may Elcihi'thilln fill your eyes with beauty. Okarir'mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  15. [!] Silver envelopes are delivered directly to Haelun'orian mailboxes! 72 SA Sullas Soirée Dearest Mali’thill, It is with bounties of pleasure and pride the Sullas talonnii will be opening our manor to the citizens of Haelun’or for an evening of exquisite grazing, music, dancing and games! We offer a time well spent amongst beloved lliran. Specifically on the agenda of the eve are the following: A toast to the new Republic! A historically Sullasian ideology is in full swing and beckons swift progress for the Silver State, thanks to the tireless work of Elheial’thilln. Various appeals from each host, among these, tarot reading and having a uniquely written poem! Snack buffet and beverages. On the menu is Haelun’orian honey, olives and sparkling beetroot water! Our address is Berr’lin Boulevard IV. Please RSVP. [!] RSVP slips are included. ↓ Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas & Residents of the Sullas’Calith’ehya manor.
  16. [!] A notice is put up on the gates of Karosgrad and on the Noticeboard of Honeyhill Cheese Fair! Dear residents of Honeyhill and local friendly bigguns, we've stocked up on some good ol' cheeses in our new cheese cave, and as such we shall be hosting a grand cheese-sampling and trading fair in celebration! Come on over to Honeyhill on The Grand Harvest o' 668 Shire Reckoning (72 second age for ye biggun folks) and we'll have a cheesy time indeed! Activities: -Cheese Sampling -Cheese Trading (bring goods worthy of trade if ye wanna trade for cheese!) -A Cheese-Making Demonstration May this new portion of our village industry thrive and prosper! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling and Elder of Honeyhill. ((2 PM EST, Saturday the 16th of April, 2022. Located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings on Almaris. Head to Karosgrad in Haense (North Hub) and then take a right down the farmhouses until you reach the village! ))
  17. The Visionary Ooc: Time.. Time had always been a curious thought in Mèlawen’s mind. Since elves often didn't worry about time, they lived far too long to care. When.. .When had she stopped caring as the days passed by, already fifty four. Two children and a net of safety. How long until the net was cut? [!] Mèlawen sauntered around, with her mind full of worry, for her sister with child, for her son’s and daughter and the nation. Carefully she slowed to a near stop, gazing out at the window as a small voice whispered out into her ears.. The ‘ame lady turned around frightened at the sudden noise as she lifted her hand wildly gazing about the room Nothing was there Tic.. tic.. Tic.. tic.. The noise of an old grandfather clock chimed into her mind. Pleasant almost reminiscing as the smell of vanilla filled the air and continued to drift around the large Taliame’onn manor. “Aher’akel ome’ii, asimulum arche hae maehr synalli a’o taeleh” The voice echoed in the halls. Leaving a dead silence almost as soon as the last word had left the ominous voice’s tone. Mèlawen looked to be in pure shock. Standing straight as her emerald gaze widened. “Haelun?..” she paused, shaking her head as almost instantly her eyes turned a bright golden hue, light outlining her form and igniting small embarks of power from her frame. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] The night was too quiet, Mèlawen’s feet landed bare in the grass, in the middle of an unfamiliar forest, surrounding her small stones with inscribed words. Every step the mali’ame took closer to the stones, the harder the words became to decipher. The wind blew by, a gentle breeze.. However, the grass didn't move and the trees didn't ache as the wind brushed their leaves. A single flower, drifted into the wind as almost on command the flower tucked itself into Mèlawen’s hair, a bright white flower with pink imprints to the petals. “Aspects?” she asked while her voice appeared to grow stronger in tone “Aspects?” she called out once more. Her calls were met with silence, simply the night sky and the landscape to comfort the strange experience she’d been jostled into “Fear not ome’ii of flowers.” The voice sounded different, softer, a more melodic tone even “She shall be strong, she shall grow what you have started. She is the future.” Mèlawen frowned, deeply confused however seeming to be unable to speak, it didn't feel right.. It simply didn't work anymore as if her voice had been removed completely. “Chaos will settle in the storm. Light will carve a path in the cobbled streets. Everything will be gone. .Gone.. Gone.. Gone. Time will move along. The tree’s you remember will grow again. Stronger, and better.” The two voices began to speak as one as the final dreaded line hardened growing louder and louder until the voice’s tone was unbearable. “Time will not quake until you find it. Time will continue. It will not slow for your incompetence. Grow up Mèlawen” Mèlawen woke up. Staring up at the ceiling as she leaned over, peering at her husband Kosher, who was still asleep. The room was dim, nothing had changed, there wasn't a smell and the sound of frogs filled the bedroom. The ocean breeze along the widow's peak. Slowly, Melawen reached up pulling the flower from behind her ear.. It was still there in a white and pink beauty. “Clematis.” Ooc: For reference, here is the Clematis Flower
  18. [!] Leaflets are posted in the marketplace as well as outside the bastille of Karinah’siol. Scout Pamphlet, Vol oem – The Bay Issued 9th of The Amber Cold, Year 71 of the Second Age Theme Citizens of Haelun’or Eluhieran, the scouts of Haelun’or, shall be going on an excursion this Malin’s Welcome with a goal established by Maheral Braxus Ni’leya; To capture a white octopus. One has been confirmed to exist off the coast of our Silver Isle. The octopus is then to be transferred to the fishtank within the restricted Eternal Library. The scouts humbly ask you to join us on this day, as it is too precarious to go alone. This task will contribute towards the Sil Badge for Uhieran! In this capture, the creature is not to be harmed, we must be tactful in our approach. [!] A fold on the leaflet can be flipped up! Maheral Braxus Ni’leya Uhieran Scout Leader Elarhil Sullas Uhieran Scout Leader Alpine Wonda MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  19. An artists depiction of an celebration taking place by the tripartite alliance. A GREAT FEAST As the Tripartite army withdrew from the battlefield and returned to their war camp, many small feasts and celebrations of their victory rang out across the various territories of the alliance, mead was poured, meat was cooked and wine was drunk. But as Bakir sat in the great dwarven halls of Kal’Darakaan he would find these celebrations not worthy of the warriors who fell during the battle, not honoring those who were victims to the crimes of Philip III, and not great enough to be remembered in history. So Bakir brought forth a dwarven scribe and issued summons to each signatory in the Tripartite alliance for a Great Feast in the halls of Kal'Darakaan, where food would overflow and your cup would not go empty. So word spread around the entirety of Almaris, and individual letters would be sent to each of the signatories of the Tripartite Alliance. The Kingdom of Haense and to Sigismund III The Ferrymen Band The Vale of Nevaehlen and to Mirven Caerme’onn The Kingdom of Savoy and to Ser Lucien To the Kingdom of Krugmar and to Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal To the Kingdom of Norland
  20. The duty of the Druid is to protect, to heal, to preserve, and to serve the Balance. The Balance is simultaneously mighty in its enormity of influence and fragile enough to require the aid of Druids. From ensuring that descendants do not leech nutrients from the earth from over farming to snuffing out vile sorcerers, the duties of the Druidic Order are varied. They can be quiet, challenging, lethal or anything in between. For the development of Druids both early and late in their journey, it is important to collaborate with our kin. The Mother Circle has seen value in delegating tasks to any willing party of druids for the continued benefit of the Balance. Here you will find adventures to embark on with your kin, with potential reward for all involved, be them attuned or unattuned. Seek purpose here when your duties become light. ____________________________________________________________________________ Current Expeditions of the Mother Circle Riverside Rumble The Rivers beside the Atoll grove have had their natural flow altered by some means, affecting everything downstream. The lack of water has caused great thirst to the land and animal population, and the chance of wildfire by negligence has become dangerously high. Seek out the affected portion of the river using the provided rafts, find out what has caused their disruption along the natural flow and rectify it. Suggested party: 2-3 Suggested party composition: Dedicant, Young Druid Combat: Unlikely Hazards: Whitewater rafting, unstable wilderness, probable wild animal encounters ((Repeatable?: No)) Seashore Shenanigans While the world’s political state has become uncertain with the Orenian and Dwarven war heating up, we’ve seen an increase of military cargo, trading ships, and pirates passing by our portion of the oceans. Some of these ships have sailed dangerously close to known coral reefs, and I am entrusting you and your kin to ensure that these fragile ecosystems are not disturbed by the passing of these vessels. Suggested party: 3-4 Suggested party composition: Dedicant, Druid, Blight Healer Combat: Possible Hazards: Underwater exploration, coral reefs, sailors ((Repeatable?: Yes)) The Laughing God ((Part 1)) Some travelers have been sending the Archdruids letters of warning for travelers traveling from the desert. According to them, there are ‘protectors of nature’ unknown to us that are robbing, stealing, and harming anyone who expresses a wish to travel to the Atoll Grove. One traveler has requested an escort party to help guide their pilgrimage to the Grove. Stay on your toes, team, we don’t have any other insight to the situation. Suggested party: 3-4 Suggested party composition: Any Combat: Expected Hazards: Harsh climate, potential bandits, lengthy travel ((Repeatable?: Yes)) Updated 12th of The Amber Cold ((4/4/22)) ((OOC))
  21. Grand Re-Opening of Destiny’s Crossroads Tavern and Inn Destiny’s Crossroads Tavern and Inn busy getting ready for their grand opening, as painted by Jarad Munnel During 1854, the Dwarven pagans marched into the lands of Lower Petra. Their axes and tiny swords raised as they went to claim our land as their own. The poor residents were forced out of their homes and nobles lost their estates. Lower Petra held many important buildings; such as the Destiny Crossroads Tavern and Inn, a home of the Krugmas truce, and an abbey. Sir Jarad Munnel built Destiny Crossroads Tavern with his own hands & ran it many years, alongside Viscount Rev Vuiller keeping the abbey intact and in use. The dwarves turned the abbey into a shrine for their pagan gods and they threw their flag all over the Tavern. The pagan believed that they would hold Lower Petra for themselves, yet such was not the case. His Imperial Majesty Philip III would not allow this act to go unpunished. Enraged by the dwarves for their violating acts, he would declare for a reconquest of Lower Petra. Upon the Imperial Victory with the aid of the Honorable Ferrymen and Brave Blackvale, Lower Petra fell under the Holy Orenian Empire’s reign and became home to many once again. Destiny Crossroads Tavern and Inn was quickly restored by Sir Jarad Munel with his Orenian banners holding strong. Sir Jarad Munnel would like to announce the grand reopening of Destiny’s Crossroads Tavern and Inn! During the grand opening, a moment of silence will be held in honor for his fellow Orenians that fell during the war. Come by for free drinks!
  22. [!] A missive on beautiful ornate rice paper can be seen going around to the people of Almaris “Greetings and salutations, To all the beautiful souls of Almaris. We of the Tianrui host club invite you to our one night event, of camaraderie and friendship. We open ours doors to those who wish to have a good time at the tea house. Come and served by our hosts and requests to chat with them for the evening. We look forward to seeing you there!” At the bottom the date and address can be seen on the missive. This is open to the whole of Almaris The Tianrui tea house, at Yong Ping Tianrui 28 Taking place on the 16th of The Grand Harvest
  23. [!] A missive on ornate rice paper can be seen pinned to all notice boards of Almaris Hello people of Almaris, we are looking for hosts for our one time event in the Tianrui tea house located in Yong Ping. 20 mina pay for those that show up to be a host, any tips you get will be yours to keep. 25 mina for those who wish to cook in the kitchen, any tips you get will be yours to keep Everyone is welcome to apply Below you will see the standard ‘uniforms’ for this event, but you are welcome to bring your own. This event will be taking place on the 16th of The Grand Harvest
  24. Tianrui Host Club ⊹ 天瑞会館 ⊹ OOC : EPILEPSY WARNING. Open the spoilers at your own risk. Welcome to the Tianrui Kaikan~ No matter the day or hour, you can find us at our club in the heart of Yong Ping. With members from all over the world, we have a unique and varied gathering every night. We offer private rooms for friendly conversation as well as large tables where patrons may enjoy lively conversations with many other guests. Our chefs prepare exquisite dishes using only the freshest ingredients. A variety of wines and spirits are available. If you don't see what you're looking for on the menu, feel free to ask your waitress—we will do everything we can to make sure that you leave satisfied. We hope you'll join us soon! (Address: Tianrui 28) ❖ ☯ ❖ Just Imagine. A number of people gathered around the host club's entrance were being led into the building by a group of girls wearing maid costumes. The club was located in a very conspicuous spot down a street bustling with pedestrians. It had a signboard bearing its name and address, which could easily be seen from across the road. The girls guiding the customers to their seats all wore long aprons, so they were obviously members of the staff. As the last customer went inside, the door was closed and locked behind him. The butlers and maids took off their aprons and put them away in a cabinet before appearing in several pairs of kimonos. One pair took one of the large tatami mats on the floor, while another pair brought out two small teacups and placed them on the table. These teacups looked like miniature versions of the ones used during a tea ceremony. They had been carefully polished until they sparkled. Then, without any further ado, the butler poured the first cup of green tea. He then handed it to the guest on a bamboo tray. "Please drink," he said, bowing slightly. The courteous butler would dip their head in an exquisite fashion as they waited for the customer to partake in the refreshing cup of tea. The customer raised their head and smiled, drinking the liquid that was such a vital part of Oyashiman and Li-ren culture. As the liquid filled their mouth and slid down their throat, they felt a sense of relief wash over them. In addition to the taste, there was a certain pleasure derived from the ritual itself. This was especially true for those who had never experienced it before. The guest would often look about with a blissful expression on their face. The guests were seated in a room decorated in a traditional Oyashiman style, complete with low tables and teacups. All of the walls were covered in paper scrolls. A single lamp hung from the ceiling. Each wall was lined with shelves containing numerous bottles and jars of various shapes and sizes. There was even a large mirror hanging next to the teapot. The staff quietly left the room after taking care of the guests' needs. Meanwhile, the other maids began preparing for the evening's entertainment. They set out small wooden plates of sweet red bean paste, plum jam, and pickles. Then they arranged some fresh fish, vegetables, and rice balls in front of each guest. They also prepared a large bowl of miso soup. When the guests were finished eating, they'd take the bowls back to the kitchen. Then, when the next round of visitors arrived, the maids would return with clean cups and serve the soup. The richness and texture of miso soup was perfect for serving as a light meal. After leaving the room, a masked individual stands draped in moonlight—wearing an omote (Noh mask) as they expertly pluck the strings of the shimasen, an instrument made up of three sets of strings. The sound it makes is soft and gentle, yet powerful enough to fill the room. In this way, the shimasen works to heighten the mood of the audience. Fog would seep into the teahouse from outside, as if the moonlight was slowly pouring through the window and enveloping the audience. The faint light gradually fades with the end of the song as the chill replaces the warm atmosphere and welcome. In the dimness, the stage seemed to glow. On it sits a man with tanned skin and brown hair. His eyes are partially hidden by the ornate fan open in front of him. He wears a beautiful sakura flower brooch as a hair ornament and holds a fan in one hand. His voice is rich and pure like the waves of the sea—a slight rumble or tremor as the sea’s bubbling depths. It carries far beyond the confines of the teahouse, penetrating the minds of the audience, soothing them, and gently washing away their worries. He welcomes you to the Tianrui Host Club (天瑞会館) [Tianrui Kaikan] with these words:  "Good evening, everyone.  I am Kin, the founder of our host club.  My specialty is the tea ceremony, which I learned directly from my mentor, the esteemed lord of the house, Tianrui Ren-san. May we of the Jade State of Yong Ping Welcome You to the Tianrui Host Club!" The event will be on The Grand Harvest at the 16th of Snow’s Maiden. ((OOC: MARCH 12, 7 PM EST)) With your sweet magic ways, Takai Eiji ❖ ☯ ❖ [ OOC : Takai Eiji was VERY VERY drunk in the making of this advertisement and cannot be held accountable for his actions. Disclaimer: I like vaporwave.]
  25. WHO’S THE LOVELIEST OF THEM ALL? A Beauty Contest Penned 4 1 4 E.S As is becoming traditional for the House of Ludovar, heated discussions have taken place within the Ludovar family apartments over whomst among the captivating young ladies of the Haeseni Courts is the loveliest and could be regarded as the most beautiful rose. As it happens, 15 years ago House Ludovar held their own beauty contest to answer this same question in relation to the previous generation of young ladies. THE COMPETITION Any person of Hanseti-Ruska, young or old, may take part as they wish. Ladies competing shall don their most beautiful gowns to present themselves to a trio of judges, while men shall don their finest outfits. All contestants shall strike 3 poses before the judges; Her Grace, Marie Lorraine Ruthern as a previous winner of the beauty contest (@sarahbarah), The Oracle of Krusev who came in third place (@Gusano), and lastly Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Emma Karenina (@livrose). The results shall be decided by the looks, dress and posing standard of contestants. THE NEW TRADITION It has been decided that with each new generation’s iteration of the Ludovar Beauty Contest, a new tradition shall be added to the roster of those already existing. With the generation of 400 E.S, the latest tradition shall be that all participants are required to wear a light pastel colour as the primary colour of their dress for the event. THE PRIZES The top three contestants as decided by the judges shall receive prizes. However, unlike the previous beauty contest that was held, the prizes on this occasion shall be monetary. The first place participant shall be awarded with 300 mina, the second place with 200, and the third with 100 mina respectively. Once the final places have been announced, winners should speak to Lord Johann Ludovar for the monetary rewards. SIGNED, His Excellency, Johann Frederick Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Adele Emma Ludovar
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