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  1. 𝒜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒞𝒾𝓉𝒾𝓏𝑒𝓃𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝒟𝓊𝓃𝓌𝑒𝓃 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐵𝑒𝓎𝑜𝓃𝒹 Recent reports have been made that a large bundle of Lume Ferrets is becoming increasingly hostile within the city of Dunwen. They have been reported to be causing trouble and destroying public property. I and the other Ferret Meisters of Solheim have attempted to investigate this string of events and have found ourselves face to face with an aggravated bundle of Lume Ferrets that promptly drove us off. I, Captain Vicnan Hawkins, Head Ferret Meister, am posting missive with hopes of finding willing citizens of Dunwen and possible adventurers and critter lovers from beyond to help us investigate these strange occurrences. We suspect that there may be an outside source that is causing their aggression, and we would greatly appreciate any help that can be given. (Note. Any help from the Druids would be greatly appreciated.) This Event will take place on Thursday, February 15, at 6 pm EST. Please meet at the Town Hole in Dunwen at least 30 minutes before the set start time.
  2. A FIFTH ROYAL NAMEDAY Of Rafael and Renata THE VICEROYAL HOUSEHOLD 11th of Javier’s Justice, circa 89 D.R. It is with immense joy that the Viceroyal family announces the fifth nameday celebrations of His Highness, Infante Rafael Arsenico and Her Highness, Infanta Renata Alba. They are of the first of their name, and we watch on to see the precedents they set for those to follow after them. The theme of the nameday celebrations is that of ‘A Night in Hyspia’, the meaning of such up to the attendees discretion, though heavily encouraged to come dressed in your best. The night will end with a sleepover for the children in attendance, so be sure to get your parents permission first! [A depiction of the celebrations to take place.] The Festivities The festivities will open with the introductions of the young royals to those in attendance, within the Palacio de Garisol. A series of tables will be set out, showcasing a series of different foods for the attendees to enjoy at their discretion, while a series of performances take place. Following this is a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Bull’, the unveiling of a new game invented for this very day and the beating of the traditional Hyspian pinata! The night will close off with a sleepover in the palace, where it is encouraged to bring your best onesies to wear! For those seeking to bring gifts, the Infante Rafael is known to enjoy anything to do with fighting or to do with music and the Infanta Renata is known to love all things purple and anything that can lead to adventure. [Thursday, 5pm EST]
  3. @siglms_ Mi challenge the honor of Krimpgoth agh hiz decizion, uzing the negleckful example of the foreign Onizhiman Uruks, and pardoning the Petra whitewazh whoze faith iz in the burs gods of Krug's enemies, agh who iz nub committed to the zacred zpirit of Krug, the Old Popo and Spirit Popo. A collectiun of beliefz is more like a confuzed zpirit than one who grukz its purpose. Any Orc that does not conform to the path ub Krug and their ancestors is lozt and haz fallen to the darknezz. I intend to challunj Druz the Krimpgoth to an honor klomp until he exhibits regret for his actions and seeks absolution in Krug and the Ancestor Spirits. Forgiving a deluzional brudda is nub an act of compazzion but rather an affirmation of their diztorted world-peep and collekted religiouz beliefz. A zon of Krug ought to remain wit hiz kin and blood family who can better protect and guide him in life. If there is no honor among blood-bound relativez, then the blessingz of Krug have been lost from the Uzg. Unfortuunatly, an Elder haz to be the only ash to uphold the remaining honor among blood bruddas. Name the tik agh plaze. [This is a challenge to the spirit of the Krimpgoth decision to pardon Gob Ztabba-Zniffa (@MrMojoMordor) of Whitewash status despite his lack of faith in Krug and absence from the Fatherland of the Desert. If the Krimpgoth reverses his decision, the challenge will be resolved. It is not an attempt to claim the role of Krimpgoth.]
  4. [!] A letter is pinned to the Dúnwen Noticeboard THE FROGS ARE PROTESTING EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT the frogs have been CROAKING AND CROAKING AND CROAKING AND CROAKING and I cannot get a wink of sleep! They say it is because of "ribbit.... long working hours... ribbit" and "ribbit... unfair strikebreaker tactics... ribbit" and other things. I'm not an expert on this, but it seems we've made the Frog Union mad somehow (maybe it was that strikebreaking of the mines? I don't remember...). REGARDLESS: we must put an END to this protest so our sleep is no longer disrupted! Go forth and make the Shire proud! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Thain of Dúnfarthing ((Event 4 PM EST, tomorrow on the 5th of February, 2/5/2024. Located in Dúnwen, capital of Dúnfarthing, home of the halflings on Braevos))
  5. [!] This missive would find itself on the notice board within Kaethul and those abroad. ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ [!] An artist's depiction of a busy beachside festival, a group of bards performing on the stage. BRIMZTRA’S FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS Arise craftsmen, artisans, and performers, for your time to shine is now! Within the ashen year, an art festival shall be hosted in the City-State of Kaethul in honor of Brimztra, the Spirit of Creativity, Music, and Art! Many stalls will be present for merchants to sell their wares along with a stage for performers to show their talents. For Bards, you may challenge the hosts to a bard-off for the potential to win a prize, try looking for us around the festival and present your challenge! This is one festival you WON’T want to miss! We hope to see you there! Bastian Jusmia With the Spirits' Grace, Minstrel of the Eastern Krasts Godwin Almiresson Poet of Portoregne
  6. Arthur had sat upon the stairs of Celia'nor, awaiting the next time he'd be belittled. He peered to the ground, where a stamped upon missive lie. Seemed interesting, he thought. . . . . .After he read the news of Lanre's assault on Hallowcliffe, he had a joyous confidence about him. He went up to find some people to speak to- "Arthur! Thank God you're here!" Vulla, someone typically sending criticism his way, had said. "The princess has been captured! We need to go save her!" she added. He'd not expected this, but, agreed anyway. He prepared himself. . . . . .The bird sound was made, it was his time, his time to make a distraction. Save the day, at last. He conjured his spell- the most powerful one he ever did, and brought down half of the walls of the fort, before promptly running. But before he knew it. . . . . .He sat within a cage. Hoping for the allies he had came with to save him, until he heard Valindra's retreating taunt. His glowing eye flickered to his fellow inmate as they conversed, their conversation gave each other hope, but, deep down, they both knew, survival was unlikely. They sat for at first hours. . . . . .And then days. . . . . .And then weeks. . . . . .Rescue was coming, was it not? Art by la-Structure-du-Ciel on DeviantArt
  7. THE FIRST HUNT HOSTED BY THE LORD OF ALBA, HRH CHARLES ALSTION UNITY AND PEACE UPON THE LOWLANDS, UNITED AT LAST, I address you for the first time in my life, in an official document as the Crown Prince of Aaun, Lord of Alba. I was born shortly after our victory at Breakwater, where the forces of the Grand Covenant bravely defeated the forces of my excommunicated uncle, Gaspard van Aert and his orcish allies. Truly I pray every day for his repentance and that the Lord has mercy on his soul. As this bloody war takes its toll our lives have to go on. Therefore, to make this turbulent time more pleasant and merry, I am organising a duck hunt. It shall take place on the Floodplain. Despite their swampy nature, they are full of life and exquisitely beautiful. For as long as I can remember I have admired them from a balcony while observing through my spyglass. Volumes could be written about their beauty, but that is not the subject of this announcement. The target of the hunt will be local birds: ducks, wild geese, turkeys. It will be a good archery test for those who will participate. Furthermore I encourage those to bring appropriate clothing that will not hinder their movements as well as a bow or crossbow of their choice. Every citizen is invited, but I am also sending personal invitations to friends from Aaun as well as from beyond the borders of our rebuilt Kingdom. PERSONAL INVITATIONS: HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Leon Anton Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz HIS HIGHNESS, Johannes Lothar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine HIS LORDSHIP, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen HIS LORDSHIP, Waclaw Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia HIS LORDSHIP, Emilio Varoche, Baron of Napoliza HIS LORDSHIP, Fernand de Lewes, Baron of Virdain HIS LORDSHIP, Robert Haverlock, Baron of Gotfridcher HIS LORDSHIP, Krzysztof Jazlowiecki, Baron of Krakovia HIS LORDSHIP, Leufroy Otto von Reuss HIS LORDSHIP, Leonard Franz d’Abbassia HER LADYSHIP, Alicja Julia Jazlowiecki HER LADYSHIP, Jadwiga Maria Jazlowiecki HER LADYSHIP, Konstancja Illena von Reuss HER LADYSHIP, Siegmunda Agnes von Reuss HER LADYSHIP, Guinevere Milena von Reuss HER LADYSHIP, Cosima Victoria Temesch HER LADYSHIP, Claudia Lorena Temesch TANDEM TRIUMPHANS, His Royal Highness, CHARLES REMAN ALSTION, the Lord of Alba
  8. The Paradisian Court presents… THE CHAMBERLAINS GRAND TUVMAS BALL C.1956 [!] Ornaments that adorn the Tuvmas tree in the square. INTRODUCTION As such jolly, though joyous times befall upon our beloved Nation the Chamberlain and the Alba Council saw it was time to host a ball. Despite the brutal times that have befallen us, we host such an event to uplift the spirits of many. We ask that everyone in attendance wear Red and Green to symbolize the primary colors of Tuvmas. We invite our allies the covenant of five to join us in these festivities. May GOD guide us to peace and harmonious days. I T I N E R A R Y Tuvmas Welcome Reception Guests are ushered into the Whitespires walls and arrive at the Tuvmas-like wonderland, greeted by carolers and warm Tuvmas beverages and trinkets to kick off the festive spirit. Royal Tuvmas Address by King John I Gathering in the grand hall as His Royal Majesty, King John I delivers a heartfelt Tuvmas address, expressing gratitude, sharing Tuvmas traditions, and invoking the spirit of joy within our nation. Twilight Ice Skating Extravaganza As the Royal Tuvmas Address concludes and the night begins to fall, guests and citizens are once again ushered outside of the palace to enjoy a magical ice skating session under the twinkling Tuvmas lights, creating a picturesque winter scene. Twinkling Midnight Ballroom The night culminates in a grand ballroom celebration, featuring a mix of Tuvmas classics and contemporary tunes, allowing guests to dance the night away in Aaunic style. The final dance shall be the Golden Dragon, a traditional Aaunic dance. INVITATION LIST NOBILITY OF AAUN His Serene Highness, Ferdinand Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz @HugoAntero His Highness, Johannnes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather His Lordship, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen @Timer Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Dieuxmont de Rosius, Marichoness of Haute-Epine @Axelu His Grace, Jànos Ivanovich, Duke of Stan @Mattiii His Lordship, Wacław Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia @ratlordmagic His Lordship, Grzmichuj Jazlowiecki, Baron of Triglav @Mykei His Lorship, Robert Matyas, Baron of Gotfridcher @alien_mc His Excellency, Ferdinand de Lewes, Baron of Virdain, Lord Chancellor of Aaun @Mattiii His Excellency, Emilio Varoche, Vice-Chancellor of Aaun @Enlightenment OUR ALLIES, AND FRIENDS ACROSS LANDS His Royal Majesty, Aleskander II King of Haenseti-Ruska and Citizens of Haense @Mio His Royal Majesty, Adrien I, King of Balian and Citizens of Balian @ErikAzog His Grandness, Garedyn The Emerald, Grand King of Uruguan and Citizens of Urguan @_RoyalCrafter_ Her Majesty, Catherine I, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and Citizens of the Petra @Zaerie His Highness, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia and Citizens of Hyspia @Wavey SIGNED, Her Excellency, Clementine Francisca of Salia, Lady Chamberlain of Paradisian Court Her Ladyship, Lauréne Renaulta Adelaide Ashford de Savoie-Lewes, Grand Reveller of The Paradisian Court
  9. ❅ ❆ WINTER WONDERLAND! ❆ ❅ The time for festivities has arrived and Nor-velyth welcomes you to join in on the fun events that are being hosted by our locals; they are sure to be amazing! ❅ Itinerary ❅ Pinecone Hunt Figure Skating Contest Snowball Fight Snowman Contest Outdoor Winter Gala Disclaimer: We do not condone intentionally harming guests and goers, should there be an accident please proceed to a nearby health practitioner or a shaman. ❅ When and Where ❅ Festivities will be held on the 23rd starting @4pm EST. You can find the festival grounds just behind the Bard College! Follow the snow path and candy canes leading there! [Join the Nation Discord!] OOC ❅ Snowman Contest Instruction & Prize❅
  10. In the dead of night, the tranquil Balianese countryside was laid waste to amidst a clash between the Armada and the bandits that plagued the realm; a rift bore itself between the earth and sky, and out spat red-hot flames that targeted soldier and thief alike. Explosions shook the earth, leaving craters so deep one could stand in them – the jousting ring thoroughly destroyed. The sky over Balian was black for days. The outcome was disastrous, and as the handful of survivors: Balthazar, Alfonso Galbraith, and a number of bandits fled, the leader of that troupe took one John Augustus Galbraith as prisoner after finding him fainted in the bushes. In the days following, a metal drake would visit Portoregne, a raggedy letter held within its maws sent by the Royal Legate . . . “HELP ME!!!” [!] A depiction of a very sad Royal Legate. You presume he drew this himself. Comrades! I’ve survived the battle with those wretches – but I’m taken as hostage within Fort Alexandros, they’ve overthrown the place whilst we were prepping for the next field battle. My current guards aren’t quite literate, so they don’t suspect anything of this ‘strange art piece’ I’ve sent you all, but … I don’t what they plan on doing with me. I’m scared. I have little food and water. I cannot move, my legs are broken. Worst of all, I have no lotion for my [pristine] skin nor cucumbers for my eyes! I’M ALREADY BREAKING OUT! I MISS MY BESTEST FRIEND, RHYS! And my family. Please, save me! - John [OOC EVENT INFO] Next Wednesday (December 20) at 3 PM EST! Rally in Balian’s capital.
  11. Penned by The Majordomo C. 1955 INTRODUCTION Following that day’s Royal court, Princess Sophia James Alstion will gracefully step into the realm of adulthood at the splendid age of eighteen, we invite you to join us for an enchanting celebration that will linger in the memories of all who attend throughout the night. EVENT ITINERARY A Royal Joust Join us for a realm-wide joust, where men, women, and teens are invited to showcase their skills. The triumphant victor will be honored with a prize personally bestowed by Her Highness. The Feast of a Thousand Indulge in an extravagant Nameday feast, a culinary celebration fit for her Royal status. Desserts and Gifts for Her Royal Highness After the feast, indulge in a variety of desserts – cakes, puddings, cookies, and more. Simultaneously, attendees will bestow gifts brought for the Princess, creating a sweet and memorable conclusion to the celebration. A Magic Show Fit for a Princess A magic show performed by the esteemed Ser Emir for all those gathered to enjoy. THE AFTER PARTY Games of Splendor As the night gracefully concludes, the Princess will lead her dearest friends into the inner sanctums of the palace for an intimate gathering. There, the air will be filled with the echoes of laughter and the warmth of shared moments, as the group indulges in a night of games, creating cherished inside jokes that will linger in their memories for a lifetime. Beneath GOD’s Gaze, HER ROYAL MAJESTY Amelia of Middelan, Queen-Consort of Aaun, Princess of Alstion, Duchess of Corazon and Balamena, Countess of Enswerp and Whitespire HER ROYAL HIGHNESS Adeline Johanna Alstion, Princess Royal of Aaun HER ROYAL HIGHNESS Sophia James Alstion, Princess of Aaun, The Majordomo of the Paradisian Court
  12. Penned by The Majordomo C. 1955 INTRODUCTION As the joyous season of Krugsmas rapidly approaches, the Aaunic Courts cordially invite you to a festive soiree in celebration of this special occasion. Embrace the spirit of the festivities by adorning yourself in vibrant reds and greens, topped with delightful fluffy hats. Engage in a friendly competition of best-dressed attire, partake in lively cookie exchanges, and move to the rhythm of music that will set the stage for a night of merriment. Champagne will flow, complemented by a diverse array of Krugsmas treats that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Aaun. Join us in creating unforgettable memories as we revel in the magic of Krugsmas together. EVENT ITINERARY A Festive Cookie Exchange To begin the event, and as guests begin to filter in, all are welcomed to bring and exchange Krugsmas-themed cookies. The Krugsmas Best-Dressed Contest The Lady Chamberlain shall then host a pageant and act as part of a panel of judges to determine the man and woman that best exemplify the holiday spirit. At its conclusion, the Queen will give a personal award to the winning pair, and they shall act as the opening dancers for the Evening Gala. The Evening Gala Attendees are encouraged to pair up for the evening set of three songs; the first traditionally long-standing couples, and the latter two shall, in the Krugsmas spirit, make introductions or learn about those that one has not previously met. Wine Tasting, Champagne, and Cultural Krugsmas Treats As the night winds down, a Krugsmas Champagne bottle provided by Boon and Bane will be popped open by the royal couple, before wines will be put out for tastings, paired with traditional Aaunite treats. Beneath GOD’s Gaze, HER ROYAL MAJESTY Amelia of Middelan, Queen-Consort of Aaun, Princess of Alstion, Duchess of Corazon and Balamena, Countess of Enswerp and Whitespire HER ROYAL HIGHNESS Sophia James Alstion, Princess of Aaun, The Majordomo of the Paradisian Court HER EXCELLENCY Clementine of Salia, Baroness-Consort of Montfort, Lady Chamberlain of the Paradisian Court
  13. Come join the Council of Vortice for an evening of fun and dance! The Vortician Government humbly invites all who wish to participate in festivity and dance to join her in our upcoming Vortician ball, where holiday and seasonal decorations will line the walls, drinks will be had, and conversations will flow freely. Music and Dance will ensue, and meals will be provided to all in attendance. Dress code is formal whites, light blues, creams, and yellows. No armor is permitted unless given special permission by the Vortician council. The ballroom will be decorated with winter colors! We encourage you to come in the most beautiful outfit you own. We might have a present for you if you do!~
  14. Penned and issued by, the Bailiff of Apfelberg On the 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1953 WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE, and God’s blessing to all men and women of Merryweather and the United Kingdom of Aaun. The last few years have brought our Principality and Kingdom naught more but poverty, sadness and damage. Despite the loss of our Prince Heinrich our lives go on and we, the people of Merryweather, have to carry on what he and his family started. To bring joy despite the hard time that everyone is going through we, the Bailiff of Apfelberg, announce the first MERRYWEATHER MERRY SWAP: a seasonal celebration brought directly from the shores of Hurstcombe by me and my brother, Bane. It is a traditional, surprise gift-giving festivity. Everyone who wishes to participate in our event shall contact me! The Merry Swap will have three stages: STAGE I Sign up - everyone who wishes to participate should inform me of such by penning a letter or leaving their personal information on a piece of paper inside the box located within the Apfelberg Community Center. Citizens outside of Merryweather are encouraged to partake in this joyous time, provided they intend to come celebrate upon our grounds when the day of gift giving comes! STAGE II Preparations - once you receive the information of who you will be making a gift for you shall take your time and prepare! Think of something that the person would like to receive, think of something nice that would bring them joy! It is suggested you give your recipient from ONE up to THREE gifts. STAGE III Gift giving - once the day of the Merryweather Merry Swap comes, all those taking part should gather at The Blue Bonnet with their presents ready and give them to their recipients. In case one cannot make it to the Merry Swap night, there will be special numbered letter boxes prepared inside The Blue Bonnet where their gifts will be kept safe until the event begins so that the recipient can receive them on this day. Those taking part should inform the Bailiff about their possible absence at least THREE SAINT’S DAYS before the Merry Swap. On this 12th of Godfrey’s Triumph in the year of our Lord 1953 I announce that the first annual Merryweather Merry Swap has begun and my mailbox is open for your signups until the 11th of Horen’s Calling, 1954. After such a date, I shall be sending letters out to inform each participant of whom they are to prepare their gift/gifts for, and their allocated number of letter box they may place their gift into up until the special day. Penned and issued by, The Bailiff of Apfelberg, Chef of Merryweather, Foreign Relations, Builder, Handyman, Investor, Non-Profit, For-Profit, Seamstress, Chutney Developer, Marmalade enthusiast, and Co-Owner of Boon & Bane's Ltd. and Bane's Brother. OOC Information (INCLUDING signing up via Google Forms)
  15. THE FIFTH NAMEDAY OF CRESSIDA AF BRASCA Issued by The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 17th year of the Age of Rights and Age of Reckoning. It is with immense joy and pride that we, the Baronial Household af Brasca, extend our most cordial invitation in joining us in celebrating the fifth nameday of our youngest daughter, Cressida Natasya af Brasca. As she has grown, she has begun to embody the finest qualities one would wish to see in a young lady of their household. To honor this special occasion, we have chosen a theme that holds a special place in Cressida's heart - Blossoming Gardens. We welcome all who appreciate the splendor of Veletz's gardens and the wonders of nature to partake in this celebration. The Festivities The festivities will commence within the city of Winburghs castle situated within Veletz. Here, our young lady will be introduced to those in attendance. Following the introductions, a series of activities await, including a communal effort to plant gardens, a session of molding soap into intricate shapes, musical chairs and a simple game of ‘Pin the Petal onto the Rose.’ A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt After the games, an exciting city-wide scavenger hunt will unfold. Participants shall be urged to explore the city in search of hidden chests. The one who uncovers them all first will be crowned the victor! As the scavenger hunt concludes, we invite you to present gifts to the birthday girl. Consider items with pleasant scents, floral themes, or perhaps books on herbs and gardening, in homage to her love for nature and the gardens. [Friday, Nov 10th, 5pm EST/10pm GMT] Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca Her Ladyship, Cressida Natasya af Brasca
  16. THE FIFTH NAMEDAY OF THE BRASCAN TWINS Issued by The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 16th year of the Age of Rights and Age of Reckoning. It is with immense joy and pride that we, the Baronial Household af Brasca, invite you to join us in celebrating the fifth nameday of our beloved twins, Jan Gaspard af Brasca and Andrik Pierre af Brasca. As they have grown, they've begun to embody the finest qualities of both their parents, exemplifying their mother's wit and their father's unwavering commitment to honor and chivalry. To mark this momentous occasion, we've chosen a theme close to our hearts - the Knights of Aevos. We invite knights and noble souls from near and far to make themselves known at this event based on chivalry and honor. Fun and Games The celebrations will commence at the Winburgh castle in Veletz, where the young lords will be introduced to those in attendance. Following the introductions, a series of lively games will ensue, including familiar favorites such as Pin the Dagger on the Spookman, musical chairs, hide and seek, and a surprise game made by the Baronial Household for this very occasion. A Celebratory Tournament After the games, a tournament will unfold within the Veletzian tourney grounds. The participants will engage in duels, vying for victory in a single-elimination style. The individual who emerges victorious will be granted a substantial prize of 150 minas! Upon the closure of the tournament, we encourage you to present gifts to the birthday boys. Consider items such as those used by a Page or Squire, books on the art of war, chivalry, and honor, or hats to put upon the head! [Saturday, Nov 4th, 5pm EST/9pm GMT] Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca His Lordship, Jan Gaspard af Brasca His Lordship, Andrik Pierre af Brasca
  17. • ○ KNOXOWEEN FESTIVAL! ○ • Come be Fabulously Frightening! What better way to feel alive than by being scared half to death? Nor-Velyth made a partnership with the Bard’s College for a special festival and are finally ecstatic to announce the show! Join in on Knoxoween! • Itinerary • Scavenger Hunt. Pumpkin Carving contest. Costume Contest. Horror Maze / Timed Trial Maze. Themed stalls and products. Spooky surprises along the day! Disclaimer: Though this is a festival that encourages you to wear costumes to scare, we do not condone intentionally harming guests and goers, should there be an accident please proceed to a nearby health practitioner or a shaman. • When and Where • The 28th starting @2pm EST. just behind the Bard College! Follow the dirt path and lights that had been laid out! (time may be subjected to change) [Join the Nation Discord!] @Creete [Join our College Discord!] @tgrt
  18. 𝄞 GRAND UNVEILING OF THE ATELIER 𝄞 Paint the Night Away𓂃✎ ✦•·························•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•······················•✦ Ladies, Gents, and creatures in-between Welcome to the grand unveiling of The Atelier. Here you may create anything your intricate mind imagines, May it be for the arts, literature, your skills in domestic and culinary magic. It is a place to cultivate the wonder within you, Within a haven of inspiration, And a nurturing atmosphere. Anyone may join in on the expression of oneself through the arts and magic. The Atelier is a safe haven for one’s passionate endeavors. Head of Nor-Velyth Bard College branch, Kanuul-Dazyb
  19. Issued by The Viscomital Household of Temesch and The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 11th of Horen’s Calling of the year 90 ARP. Haunts and thrills have overwhelmed the halls of the Beaumont Keep The households of Temesch and Brasca are joyful to invite the citizens of the Kingdom of Petra to a night of festivities within the Beaumont Keep whereas many festivities will be held in order to celebrate the season’s change. Alongside this special invites are sent to their respective families, Queen Renilde I and the Order of St. Jude to attend the evening! T I M E T A B L E THE CARVING Pumpkin carving will start our guests off, allowing for any children to find their entertainment early on as each guest picks a pumpkin from the Baroness Viktorias pumpkin patch. The carvings will be judged afterwards with a modest prize. DANCE OF THE DEAD In order to fully immerse oneself into the night, the masquerade ball will be held; capturing the essence of whatever costume they desire. Animals, Ghouls, and even historical figures shall dance the night away. Sometime throughout the night, a costume contest will take place - intended to find the best dressed at the event. POOL OF RED During the continuing festivities of the masquerade, guests are given the opportunity to dip their faces into an illustrious pale of red fruit; otherwise known to them as bobbing. The children in which attend will be allowed to keep the apples in which they catch. Signed, The Right Honorable, Anthony Marcellus Temesch, Viscount of Mies Patriarch of House Temesch The Honorable, George Marc af Brasca, Baron of Brasca The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness-Consort of Brasca
  20. Ice on the Hill 5th of Horen’s Calling, in the year of our Lord 1945. To the Canonist Faithful, A freak winter storm has descended upon Lemon Hill, cloaking our fair grange in a sheet of ice and snow. Many of our lemon trees have been affected by this frost, it is not yet known the extent of the damage. It is expected for our harvest to be much diminished in the coming year. Strange figures and ominous whispers have been observed in the blizzard, likely the result of magi and ne'er-do-wells. Visitors should take caution and remain in the warmth of a brazier or torch. All residents are advised to wear a second layer of winter clothes, as well as to double their supply of firewood. GOD shall yet see us through this trial, for we are His faithful. IN NOMINE DEI Ser Morgan of Angren
  21. Come join the Council of Vortice for an evening of splendor and enchantment! Her Sovereignty Lenora Jusmia humbly invites all who wish to participate in festivity and dance to join her in our upcoming Vortician ball, where tapestries of golds, greys and reds will decorate the walls, drinks will be had, and conversations will flow freely. Music and Dance will ensue, and meals will be provided to all in attendance. Dress code is formal reds, greys, blacks and golds. No armor is permitted unless given special permission by the Vortician council. Her Sovereignty will be blessing our ears with her piano playing. A best dressed contest will be held with a fifty mina prize for the winner, so make sure to wear the nicest outfit you own! To be held during the month of the Sun's Smile year 148 SA
  22. THE FUNERAL OF ALEKSANDR KORTREVICH Tragedy has yet again struck the House of Kortrevich with the passing of a beloved cousin, Aleksandr Audemar Kortrevich. He is survived by his children, including the Baron of Mondstadt. THE SERVICE The funeral shall take place within the Everardian Basilica, led by His Eminence, Josef, Patriarch of Jorenus @Pureimp10, before his pyre is lit within the square of Valdev. All are welcome to attend. It is asked that those in attendance pin a red primrose to their attire in honor of the late Kortrevich. SIGNÉE PAR, Her Ladyship, Irena Stefaniya Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Regent of House Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska His Lordship, Henrik Edvard Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Her Ladyship, Liridona Ingrid Amador, Regent of House Amador, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
  23. A Reunion of House Seregon and elSullas Talonnii As written upon on this 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 144 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Diligence in the face of ignorance.” "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Members of the Sullas Talonnii and those of House Seregon, as well as Friends of either Family, Miven Caerme'onn- @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn @thumperjack Valmir Arvellon @drusus We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. It has been far too long since we last gathered together as one family, united by blood and bound by love. With the blessings of this Autumn season upon us, and the readmittance of Elerríon into the Sullas Talonnii, we extend our heartfelt invitation to you all for a grand reunion in the Lordship of Caladras. The bonds of family are some of the strongest and most cherished in our lives. As we have each pursued our own paths, our hearts have remained forever connected by the ties of blood and kinship. It is our deepest desire to once again come together, to share stories, laughter, and memories that span the years. Caladras, the beloved bastion of House Seregon, stands as a testament to the resilience and strength we hold dear. It is only fitting that we gather within its walls to celebrate the enduring legacy of both the Sullas and Seregon families. The reunion will be a time of joy and festivity, filled with activities to suit every age and inclination. Whether you wish to indulge in hearty feasts, engage in friendly competitions, or simply bask in the warmth of family, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars for the appointed date, and make your way to Caladras, where our gates will be open to welcome you with open arms. Let this reunion be a testament to the love and strength of our families, a time to celebrate the past and embrace the future. We eagerly await the moment when our family gathers once more, under the banner of unity and love. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, Friday, September 8th @ 7:30 PM Eastern Lord Elerríon of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Cálienë of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  24. THE VALDEV DOG RACES FOR THE HEARTH OF THE HOMELAND. Issued by the LADY CHAMBERLAIN On this 8th day of Tov ag Yermey of 491 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Throughout the history of Haense, dogs have played an integral role in the culture and daily life of the region. From companionship, to guarding and hunting, these loyal and skilled animals left an indelible mark on our history. House Ludovar– in particular– are well known for their connection to dogs, notably their renowned breeding of a specific dog: the Ottoshund. Such hounds were descended from herding dogs, and are now fit to fulfill many jobs due to their size and temperament. To honor this historical bond between Haense and its faithful canine companions, a grand dog race event is set to take place within the town square. As participants and spectators gather to witness the thrilling races, other festivities and stalls will be set up to be enjoyed by all. THE RACES Similar to celebrated races held in other nations, a charming track will be laid out to challenge the young, eager puppies as they showcase their agility and spirit. Alongside this endearing spectacle, spectators will line the sidelines– anticipating the triumphant arrival of their entered canines. Owners, in the spirit of friendly competition, can encourage their puppies to reach the finish line. As the dogs dash towards victory, treats and affection from their owners and other spectators will await them at the end. BETTING Amidst the joyous atmosphere of the event, an exciting opportunity awaits attendees in the form of friendly wagers. As the energetic race unfolds on the track, betting booths positioned around the course will offer a chance for attendees to showcase their instincts and predictions, further enhancing the thrill of the competition. With each bark, leap, and dash of the racing dogs, the suspense will grow, and the stakes will grow higher the more bets are placed. Should a dog win, the amount will be dispersed between all those with a ticket for the winning dog. This is all in friendly competition, so the honor system will be utilized- if you use, pay up. ADOPT YOUR OWN An important part of this event is finding young pups their forever home - whether an elderly lord wanting a companion, a farmer needing a herding dog, or a child wanting their very own new best friend. Seven puppies, ranging in different sizes, colors, and temperaments will be up for adoption - eagerly anticipating their proud paw-rents. A playpen will be included by the adoption center, so that children can play with their puppies, with toys being included in the pen. Great for bonding with your newly acquired friend! In addition, a small stand will be set up, featuring commodities such as fine-toothed combs for dog grooming, dog biscuits and treats, as well as toys for your new puppy! DLUM VE EDLERVIK AG VE BIRODAL, Her Royal Majesty, Amaya of Venzia, Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess-Consort of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duchess-Consort of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margravine-Consort of Korstadt, Rothswald, and Vasiland, Countess-Consort of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, Toruv, Valdev, and Werdenburg, Viscountess-Consort of Varna, Baroness-Consort of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lady of the Westfolk, etcetera His Excellency, Fabian Otto d’Arkent-Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska Lady Liridona Ingrid Amador, Regent of House Amador, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska Lord Murtagh Matyas Amador, Master of the Wardrobe of Hanseti-Ruska, Protector of the Phoenix Lord Aldrik Ludovar, Ward to the Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska
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