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  1. A Holy Union Regarding The Unions Between House Mösu & Rhodon de Rosius Upon the 14th of the Seventh seed, 113 of the Second Age, an invitation goes out to the friends and family members of House Mösu and Rhodon de Rosius to witness two marriages! One between Björn Mösu and Emma Rhodon de Rosius alongside. The ceremony shall take place in Petra, although due to the fact of there being conflict in the region, it is required the guests that partake shall not cause trouble or start conflict and remain respectful to all during the duration of the event no matter what strifes they have outside of the event. __________________________________________________________ Formal Invitations have been delivered to the following: House Rhodon de Rosius, and all their Rosius kin House Mösu, and their kinsmen His Royal Majesty, Charles I, King of Aaun, and his royal pedigree His Royal Mahesty, Georg, by the grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, and his royal pedigree His Grace, Duke of Adria, Heinrik I Sarkociz, and his esteemed pedigree Auntie Sarah Artenin Uncle Joe
  2. [!] A notice is spread through the wind. A copy slams into your face comically, forcing you to read it. A NEED FOR HEROES ~The peaceful lands we must protect!~ The forces of Darkness, of Evil, of Despair, of Hatred, and of Improperness have escaped justice once again! They now aim to conquer time itself, hurling the world and all of its peoples into eternal darkness! This MUST be stopped at all costs! The Quest Office of Bywater hereby declares this to be a TIER SSS quest (of utmost importance!) with a grand reward in hay, leather, meat, and iron for any adventurers willing to defeat the Time Bandits (now known to be worshipers of the Squid Lord!). Knox speed and may righteous fury be with you! Knox shall protect us, and you are to be HIS shovels! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Bywater ((3 PM EST, tomorrow on Sunday the 29th of January, 2023. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris. Directions to Bywater: ))
  3. TO PROTECT THE REALM Issued by The Brotherhood of Saint Karl On this 8th of WZUVAR AG BYVCA of 462 E.S. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl and the Order of the Crow are to expel the Evil that looms in the dark. During the recent years, multiple reports of people disappearing in the Staalmarsh; the swamps of our Eastern borders. Soon after, a group of Brotherhood Soldiers were sent to investigate, finding evidence of excessive undead corruption of the lands, as well as managing to capture an alive Ghoul, which was soon after questioned. The captured demon has spilled valuable information. Thousands of undead looming in the far lands of the Staalmarsh, preparing to attack the realm and its citizens. The Haeseni people will not succumb to the forces of Evil, forces have already been sent to investigate, finding the keep of the forces of Iblees. With the help of GOD, the forces of the Haeseni people will soon begin to march to that keep, by joint effort of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and The Order of the Crow, and will unroot evil. This is a call to arms. Soldiers and Knights of the realm, to show our strength and willingness to protect this realm from the forces of The Betrayer. By the will of GOD, we shall end up victorious and save the realm and its citizens. Signed, His Lordship, Baldrum Carr Ingvar Colborn, Viscount of Venzia, Baron of Bethlenen, Captain of the Colborn Company, Lieutenant of the Brotherhood of St. Karl Baldrum Carr Ingvar Colborn His Excellency, Ser Conrad “The Bulwark” Barclay, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska His Lordship, Felix Weiss, Bossir of Zvaervauld, Lord Marshal of His Majesty’s Brotherhood. Felix Weiss His Lordship, Ser Sébastien “The White Sun” de Savoie, Deputy Palatine and Meyster Knight of Hanseti-Ruska
  4. [!] You find a notice on the Bywater notice tree Drinkin’ Time! Let us convene in the tavern once again to drink our fill! It has been a long while since we have done so, and our weary hearts deserve the treat! Drinks are on the house as always! -Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater. ((today at 8 pm est, located within Bywater, the home of the halflings))
  5. ᛞᚢᚾᚷᚱᛁᛗᛗ'ᛋ ᛞᚢᛗᛒᛒᛖᛚᛚ DUNGRIMM’S DUMBBELL. ᚨ ᛗᛖᛋᛋᚨᚷᛖ ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛞᚢᚾᚷᚱᛁᛗᛗ On the 112 of the Second Age i believe us dwarves to have been blessed by one of the Brathmordakin themselves, I believe Dungrimm has approved of Mine, Ulfar Starbreaker and Angr Ireheart’s hard work with our launching of Dungrimm’s gym and has granted us an even greater challenge. When me and Ulfar were having a nice chat about the possible expansion, we spotted quite the sight outside Urguan’s valley. We spotted what we have now dubbed ‘Dungrimm’s Dumbbell.’ inside the valley of Kal’Darakaan. It is a massive dumbbell, presumably used by Dungrimm himself for his exercise. [!] A depiction of the Great Dumbbell. As we should, I decided I shall host a contest to see what person holds hidden strength within themselves! Whoever can successfully lift the dumbbell off of the ground shall receive 250 mina for their prowess in strength, and shall gain 1/10th of the stocks in Dungrimm’s Gym. It shall be hosted in a few stone days from now! (OOC: The Event will be hosted at 28-1-2023, at 5 est. Rules are simple, whoever rolls a 19/20 or higher twice in a row lifts the dumbbell off of the ground! Location is right outside in the valley of Urguan, head to Urguan and you can’t miss it.)
  6. [!] A notice is pinned to the Bywater notice tree! Making New Clothing ~A barefoot, PROPER halfling hard at work on a loom!~ New clothes, better clothes, that's what we ought to create! I'm tired of us halflings runnin' round in rags and old hand me downs! Let's make some new outfits for ourselves from the best cloth and threads in the village so that we may feel beautiful and refreshed once again! ~The cloth-making area of Bywater where many looms and a spinning wheel reside.~ ((Event 4 PM EST, Tomorrow on Saturday the 21st of January, 2023. Located in Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris. Directions to Bywater: ))
  7. [!] You find a note pinned to the Quest board of Bywater Clear 'em Out! ~Bywater adventurers gathered in the ol' sewers~ I believe I've found the Arugulean Cultists' lair deep within the mountains. If we gather some adventurers to clear out these foul spooks and evil-worshippers, we may have another prolonged peace in Bywater! Any adventurers answering the call to defeat this evil will be rewarded well! ~Mayor Mimosa Applefoot. ((7 PM EST, Friday the 2oth of January, 2023))
  8. The Inaugural Grand Tournament of Haense Hosted by Ruslan Kvazyev @Aidoro and Elia Eryka Colborn-Stafyr @DahStalker ___________________________________________________________________ ┏━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┓ The Inaugural Grand Tournament of Haense will determine for the first time ever who the strongest, most skilled warrior is in all of Haense. Representatives from the great families of Haense are cordially invited to participate in the most pure form of combat, with the victor being dubbed the Champion of Haense. The tournament will be hosted every five years, with the victor being rewarded with the Resplendent Belt of Haense, a grandiose bear hide belt adorned with the finest jewels found in Almaris. In addition, courtesy of Her Ladyship, Ada Natalya Colborn, the victor shall have a brew in the Goat’s Lookout named after them until the next tournament! This belt will be contested over by sixteen warriors, with twelve families of Haense earning automatic spots, with four spots being given to the first warriors to register their name. All matchups shall be determined by the roll of a dice, so that fairness is guaranteed. The warrior who emerges victorious will earn honor, respect, and glory for their family, and solidify their mark as the best amongst us. The runner up shall earn a spectacular gold brooch, to signify their accomplishments in combat. In addition, a third place match will be held, with the winner receiving a silver brooch. This event shall take place in the fighting pits beneath the tavern, with ample viewing space so every drop of blood, sweat, and tears will be seen! To take a break from the combat, halfway through the event there shall be a performance by Borris Iver Kortrevich (@alamo), whose lively music will be much appreciated! The families who have been granted an automatic position are as follows: - The Ducal House of Barclay @Fionn__TWG - The Ducal House of Baruch @Drew2_dude - The Ducal House of Ruthern @Demavend - The Comital House of Ludovar @DearConnorMurphy - The Comital House of Kortrevich @MapleSunflower - The Margravial House of Draco @ItemVendor - The Vicomital House of Colborn @worldeltaii - The Varonial House of Pelear @Javert - The Baronial House of Bishop @Lomiei - The Baronial House of Godunov @poki - The Baronial House of Weiss @SethWolf The final four slots shall be granted to the four individuals who register first. In the event that a house does not submit a warrior in time, those who registered after the aforementioned four shall be given the positions in the order they registered. Houses may not have more than one warrior participating. Signed, Ruslan Kvazyev & Lady Eryka Colborn-Stafyr 14th of Deep Cold
  9. [!] A note is pinned to the Bywater notice tree! Help Needed! ~Hard at work in Bywater!~ As the next season comes about, we're in need of some hard workers to plough up the public wheatfield for future planting! Head o'er to the tavern two Pumpkin Days from now to receive further instructions! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater. ((5 PM EST, Monday the 9th of January, 2023, located in Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris))
  10. “A quill is mightier than the sword.” The above statement, no matter how commonly used, rings decisively true when spoken. Through the recent conflicts and disasters that have plagued Almaris, it is imperative that we remember the persuasive effects that words can have. One use of the quill is to combine our thoughts into a gentle stream of words that form a beautiful and intriguing rhythm: a form of creative writing known as poetry. Ergo, House Ruthern of Balian invites all inhabitants of Almaris, young and old, large or small, to come to the Brown Bear’s Rest Tavern in the Kingdom of Balian and share their poetry in the coming four Saints' Days. The first part of the event will have participants share a single piece of their best poetic masterpiece to the audience, these works will NOT be judged. The second part of the event will provide a ten-minute window for participants to write a free form style of poetry which they will then share and be judged for by the audience themselves. Please bear in mind that anyone is allowed to be a participant or an audience member. However, if the participant does not wish to read their poetry, they may ask someone else to read it if they wish to remain anonymous. Complimentary Food and Drink shall be provided to the patrons and participants as well. The Honorable Baron of Marsana, Lord Gaius Rosius of House Ruthern
  11. Winter Wonderland Fest Snow? SNOW! Snow EVERYWHERE! The snow trickles down from the leaves, falling atop of a young elfess’ head she’d run to the side of her Haelun laughing happily.Icicles dripping from the tree branches, the fruits covered with a slight frost. The stands and games for the Winter Festival are prepared by citizens. Everyone works in harmony, celebrating these somewhat joyus times! Amaethea invites friends to its lands in an enjoyment of Winter; a lax season for the Amaethean lands, but celebrated nonetheless. The festivities will include free food and drink, various games, and more. The festival will be held in the fruit orchard that rests outside the main city. If you wish to have a stand in the festival contact Miss Ullruthir Krisswynn! (( veres#8800 )) PENNED AND SIGNED, Ullruthir Kriswynn, Matriarch of Krisswynn Evgenija Larian SPECIAL INVITES ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: ARISTOCRACY OF AMEATHEA His Royal Highness, Acanthus Onar Tailime'onn Daesmon Silma, High Prince of Elvendom and Ameathea, and Prince Of Thorns @AgentofDeath13 Her Royal Highness, Aleasia Ithelen, Princess-Consort of Ameathea & Elvenesse @Phersades Her Royal Highness, Idril Slyvaeri, Princess-Heiress to Ameathea & Elvenesse @JJosey His highness, Kosher Daesmon, Prince of Ameathea @Pancho Her Ladyship, Stalashal Vuln'mirel, Lady Commander of Ameathea @TaytoTot His Grace, The Taur and Duke of Helious, Lord Steward of Ameathea, Jarad Munnel @JoshBright FORIGEN DELIGATIONS Alexander I King of Balian and his citizens @Shmeepicus His Royal Majesty Karl III King of Hanseti and Ruska and his [email protected] Willy of San’Velku and the Iron Horde @Cloakedsphere Netseth Loa’Chil, Primarch of Nor’asath and his [email protected] Charlie I King of Aaun and his citizens @seannie Agnar Grandaxe King of Urguan and his citizens @Legoboy7984
  12. [!] You find a flier in your aviary mailbox KNOX Shall Guide Us! The United Knoxist Church of Bywater is now open for mass, private prayers, weddings, and other such religious activities! Within this church we shall worship the perfection of creation, the Great Farmer Billy Bob who grew us from the fields, and Lord Knox, our patron spirit! All are welcome to attend, be they worshippers of the true faith, shamanic or druidic teachings, or pagan religions from abroad, for all are welcome within the Knoxist church. May Knox bless Bywater and all weefolks (Gnomish and halfling alike) and reward the faithful with His blessings. May the potatoes from the creator Billy Bob never stop flowing! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local Knoxist religious leader. ((Knoxist mass event at 5 PM EST, Monday the 26th of December, 2022. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings: ))
  13. [!] A letter is pinned to the Hayhollow notice tree Cloth! ~Hayhollow by night~ After a talk with Taylor, I've noticed we nay have any cloth 'er clothes making facilities set up 'n running here in the village! Of course, that can nay do! Thus, I'm gathering together a few o' us halflings to prepare the first few rolls of cloth from our new home! Hopefully then we'll be able to patch whatever holes arise in our shirts and trousers! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Hayhollow. ((4 PM EST, TOMORROW on December 20th, 2022))
  14. [!] Darn, these halfling tavern advertisements just won't end! Why must they fill your aviary every year? T'a 2nd Drinking Night! ~An ol' gathering of people for cooking in Hayhollow~ The Tippen's Tavern opens its doors for ye weary travelers and weefolks alike once more! Free drinks will be provided as usual, and special brews will be brewed just for the occassion. May we drink to our hearts content! Knox bless the tavern, Knox bless the shire, Knox bless Hayhollow! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Hayhollow-Bywater. ((6:30 PM EST Tomorrow on Sunday the 18th of December, 2022. Located within Hayhollow-Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris: ))
  15. KRUGMAS BALL Balianites celebrate Krugmas in the City Square, B.A. 35 Inhabitants of Almaris, it is that miserable time of year once more. It is the season of nestling up in a warm woolen blanket by the fireplace with a book in hand in desperate hopes of curing your seemingly eternal boredom. We Balanites sympathize with you, we were once just as unfortunate as you all. It is why, with it being the season of giving, that the Palatio Monterosa invites all who are fortunate enough to have not been snowed in to join us in the south for an unforgettable day of celebrations away from the snow, and instead, in the sun. We encourage all guests to bring gifts to be exchanged and to dress down for the occasion. Join us on the 20th of Horen's Calling, 37 B.A. at the Palatio Monterosa, Balian SIGNED, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Augustina Therosia “The Snapdragon Princess”of Balian, Viscountess of Salia and Governess of the Palatio Monterosa THE HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Baron of Sapron, Head of the Palatial Events Committee
  16. [!] You find a letter floating through the wind. It hits you in the face comically, forcing you to read it! Drinking Night! ~It's quite cozy in here~ My daughter, Rosebud Applefoot, has constructed a WONDERFUL tavern for us here in Hayhollow-Bywater! With a warm hearth, smoking lounge, and splendid bar-counter, this tavern is sure to amuse and guaranteed to fill your mug with beer 'till the cows come home! Thus, I announce a day of FREE DRINKS in the Tippen's Tavern, named after the Tippens Root gifted to us from a kind biggun in the tavern's first ever opening hours. Let us drink until we reach the bottoms of our mugs and them some! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling and Mayor of Hayhollow-Bywater. ((5 PM EST, TOMORROW on Sunday the 11th of December, 12/11/2022 ))
  17. A Haelun’orian High Tea 3rd of The Amber Cold, Year 105 of The Second Age Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or, The most wonderful citizens of Haelun’or have ever-provided the Silver State with their boundless achievements and efforts. These constant efforts do not go unrewarded, however, as they allow us Mali’thill to host such splendid events as these, for all our Mali’thill lliran to attend. And so, dear lliran, I invite you all in near future to a quaint event of elegance and delight. This will be held within The Friendship Park - we host this event in hopes of giving back to the community which empowers us. A fine arrangement of suitable dining shall be laid out, for all citizens to enjoy. We sincerely hope to see you there. The Haelun’orian High Tea shall occur four elven days from the posting of this letter. [Friday 9th December, 5pm EST/10pm GMT] Signed, Ernnir, Tilruir’mali, Elarhil Sullas
  18. For Charity! Fix the Loc, Fix the World! [!] A sketch of what is left of Du Loc, the old city crumbling away with fungal growths and decay plaguing it. (Screenshots taken by PufferfishTrash!) The once great city known as Du Loc, as you all know, has fallen. Still, it’s citizens cling onto the past, weaving through the horrid circumstances loyally in search of what little good is left of the town- despite waiting, searching, and surviving within the walls. Some keep their grip firm on the ruins out of loyalty. Others, simply because they have no choice. And how horrible the conditions have become! Ever since the town’s leadership has collapsed, the walls crumbled and continue to crumble to this day, beasts long banished and forgotten to the Du Locians have made their horrid returns, terrorizing and preying on those unfortunate enough to be sighted by them. The majority of ourselves are quite well off. We can help them. We can make a difference. All it takes is a small spark to start the flame. ._________________. We can fix this. We can have an impact on this world. Together, we can help it. We just need you to light that spark. ._________________. All forms of charity, whether it be helping us clear the Loc of villains (Cough, glory hunters & loot gremlins, cough), volunteering to help us rebuild or just simply donating materials and food will all be deeply appreciated! Let us give these people the home they once had and rightfully deserve! For Charity! And what’s better is that if we are to exceed the required supplies needed to bring back Du Loc to it’s former glory, we shall move outwards to help those who need it most outside the city’s great walls! First the Loc, then the realm! So whether you are here for adventure, putting some baddies to the ground, Helping us in rebuilding the city and those to come, or just donating to help our movement, The Loc welcomes you all! ._________________. Directions to Du Loc can be found at the Eastern Fleet. Specifically found along the road between Lucsiensberg and Yong Ping. A donation bin, if you are simply stashing supplies will be present at both entrances into Du Loc! See you there! And if you do not like the idea of running over to a new, unfamiliar realm, us members of Charity's Hand will come visit you in your own local town, city or village in due time. Thank you for reading! ._________________. - Slith ‘Azh Arm’, Representative of Charity’s Hand
  19. ゴジラ! GOJIRAAAAAA! The Retaking of Yong Ping Kaiju Battle of the South Eastfleet! Death of The Bold Blue! Upon the dilapidated jade tiles of the bygone state, a group of ronin and heroes discovered an incredible bipedal lizard of gargantuan size had made itself a kingdom out of the rubble of their former home. Fearing no one but the Creator LORD GOD Himself, these men made a pact to slay the beast and restore the defunct Li-ren state as Oyashiman clay. On the eve of battle after months of preparation, the band of ronin and heroes amassed a number of brave souls, with Ser Uther Pendraic’s Harrenite Band and Theodoric’s Warband lead by Chieftain Siegfried Barclay and the Lord Vandalore Prince Ottomar Alstreim answering the call to honor the half-millenia old blood alliance of the Waldenians, Adunians and Oyashimans. Accompanying them in honoring their friendship with the ronin were the angel Janus’ Wyrmstalkers of the Order of the Lion and Pamphilos Callidora’s Blessed Band of Sulianpoli. And lastly, with mutual interest in slaying the tyrant lizard, the Fourth Fleet of the Hunter’s Guild supplemented the gathered cohort with auxiliaries, raptor mounts just shy in size of their enemy and a variety of weapons. The ronin did not come empty handed however for on their way to the rendezvous point the cohort rode upon a gigantic, smog spewing mechanical boar that was adorned with the Icon of EXALTED FARFOLK OWYN and made the earth tremble beneath it with each clunky step. A young Harrenite knight took hold of and raised it into the air upon the cohort’s arrival to the entrance of Yong Ping and a prayer was said aloud to ward them from the beast they were to face off with; “May the Creator protect us and in turn we protect others. Let Him be our shield, So that we may be His hammer, ridding this world of darkness. He who stands with me shall be my brother, …Amen.” A large roar echoed over the crumbling walls of the Jade State and with anxiety finally tipping over into the volatile cauldron of battle, those mounted upon the reptile mounts scaled those walls while the mechanical boar, Seidaina Inoshihi 盛大な猪, stayed put awaiting for the other teams to lure the kaiju. Looking over the walls from atop the mechanical boar’s head, a spotter heard cracking thunder in the distance as a bolt of light streaked out from the ballista of the paladin mounted reptile “Shredder” and striked the lizard king directly causing the beast to hit the ground hard from the unexpected first wallop. The spotter turned their head and saw there was no pause in the pace of the combat as another reptile named “Biter” rode up upon the opposing end of the downed kaiju bearing the gleam of the polished bronze of the Band of Sulianpoli who launched ballista bolts blessed by their ancestors to hex and curse the tyrant lizard causing a thick ichor to leak from the orifices of the beast. Streaks of flame clashed with the horizon as the smaller, mounted reptiles fought with the larger raptor. While the sounds of battle roared within the ruins of the fallen Jade State, the enraged tyrant lizard launched a volley of adamantine projectiles out wildly causing the order for the reptile squads to begin their retreat outside of the ruins. The spotter looked upwards towards the sky before leaping down as a prismarine colored projectile nearly careened them, but the head of the mechanical boar was less fortunate and shrapnel, torn metal and the flamespitter cannon flying in different directions. Miraculously, the Waldenian cannoneers in the hull of the boar were disoriented but mostly unscathed with their two bow cannons remaining intact. A lesson learned from the kaiju, the two cannons were angled high before the order to fire was given, and two cannonballs were shot in retaliation right as the beast had charged out attempting to eat one of the reptile mounted crews and misdirecting it over the ruined walls and outside where the cohort had been baiting the beast out to. One of the reptiles named ‘Eater’ boarded by the Band of Harrenites charged out recklessly towards the tyrant lizard to bite at it and keep up in pace with their enemy. The mechanical boar turned then, exposing the cut open hull’s passengers face first with the beast but the cannoneers were diligent in their labors, reloading the cannons for a third volley at the beast. The cannon balls striked true and downed the lizard tyrant, misdirecting it as it came towards them. The mechanical boar attempted to turn away but slow as it was, its back legs were ripped off by the kaiju causing red oil to spew out and the machine tilting downwards before hitting the ground with a loud crash. While Theodoric’s Warband and the other occupants of the mechanical boar abandoned ship with some jumping onto nearby reptile squads and others abandoning through the ruptures in the hull, the band of Harrenites lead by Ser Uther leaped off from their raptor and mounted upon the Bold Blue itself, stabbing at any of its exposed flesh and bracing themselves as the beast attempted to regain its bearings. In a last ditch attempt to relieve itself from its assaulters, the beast let loose one last round of projectiles at those around it causing bodily harm to many with one projectile smashing into and piercing the head of the paladin mounted reptile ‘Shredder’ putting the paladins on foot like their Waldenian comrades. From the rear of the kaiju, the reptile mount Biter charged and bit down on the kaiju’s tail but was swatted off by the bigger lizard. Running low on ammunition, the Band of Sulianpoli that rode Biter loaded their ballista with a boomsteel lance and fired it into the head of the kaiju, ripping through its natural armor and flesh and toppling it over with the Band of Harrenites bracing themselves on its back barely managing to survive the impact. An unlikely hero, one of Theodoric’s Warband cannoneers named Slith that was thrown off the falling mechanical boar by his battle buddy Krieger and onto a reptile mount found himself face to face staring into the eye of the fallen kaiju. With destiny in his hands manifested as the blighted-steel spear he raised, Slith charged bravely at the beast alongside the on-foot ronin, wyrmstalkers and Theodoric’s Warband and pierced the brain of the tyrant lizard and brought conclusion to their successful hunt. Tales and Legends would be told of Theodoric’s Warband, The Pendraic Band of Harrenites, the Blessed Band of Sulianpoli, the Wyrmstalkers of the Order of the Lion and the Band of Ronin and Heroes who rode great raptors and a large metal boar into battle to defeat the kaiju Gojira, The Bold Blue Tyrant Lizard of Yong Ping. And Owyn’s descendants looked to the sun and rejoiced! Their pact fulfilled, they were home again at last!
  20. [!] A notice hangs from a nearby tree The Eighth Century (by Shire Reckoning) The eighth century of village culture has come upon us! Let us sit around the bar, drink, talk, and reflect upon all the good times in our lives and the prior seven centuries of our people. Drinks will be provided for free! Show up near the bar (just down the road towards the river docks) sometimes on The First Seed near nightfall and drink as much as ye can! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Local halfling and Mayor of Hayhollow-bywater. ((5 pm est, tomorrow on Friday the 25th of November, 2022. Black Friday is cringe play LOTC instead it's better for your health (less trampling*
  21. [!] Right on the bend of the main thoroughfare of Hayhollow, you find a strange halfling who's wearing goggles above his eyes and an all-red uniform. He calls himself "Dondo", the greatest redstone engineer in all of Almaris. What strange things will he have to show you?
  22. THE FESTIVAL OF ST. TOBIAS TO LEAL CITIZENS OF AAUN & FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL, This Saint’s Week marks the turn of the Century. Our generation has been unfortunate to see bloodshed between the realms of men. No realm has lost more than we in the Heartlands. To begin anew, to wash away the sins of the past, We proclaim to all interested parties the FESTIVAL OF ST. TOBIAS of Sarkoz to take place in the first year of the 20th century. On the 1st of Godfrey’s Triumph; in dedication to St Tobias Sarkoz we recognise the wealth and richness of our realm. Vienne will welcome a market for vassals and peerages of Aaun to represent their House wares. Browse beautiful hides, cutting-edge weaponry, strong armour for you and your loved ones all whilst indulging in wine from the Arentanian hills or strong beers from the fields of Minitz - or both. On the 1st of Tobias’ Bounty; the second day, a fight against Aaun’s war-hardened footmen, officers, and Nauzican alike. Fight in this tourney to win. Place bets, drink with your friends, and place bets again. We invite you to watch and partake in this spectacle. If that doesn’t suit, try your hand at archery and prove your accuracy. Win and perhaps the maiden across the field WILL consider your suit after all! Come first or second and win prizes for your victory. And more beer! On the 1st of Sun’s Smile; a joust will conclude the festival on its first month, in a clash that will go down in history as one of the many fighting displays of this year! Stir your horse into a gallop, run your lance into a noble! There is no limit to the fun when you’re staring at a large wooden pole racing towards you. If you win, sit at the table of our Prince and shake hands with the Duchess. It is all to play for. If you do meet your unfortunate end, it will be in battle showcasing the very best of the Heartland’s knightley traditions. Catch the joust, it's all here! Win the fight and get a prize. It's all to play for, and forever to play it! Signed, HER HIGHNESS Sophia Adeline Alstion, Duchess of Leone, Master Almanac. ((OOC Notes: The 3-day-event will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday all at 5pm EST in Vienne. To set up a market stall is 50 Mina (per stall) and PM on discord- Fredja#7417 to book in your stall for Friday!))
  23. The Union of Cassius von Draco & Sophia Adeline Alstion To The Peerages And Friends Of The Houses Alstion And Draco On the 1st of Godfrey's Triumph, 1900; invitations are hereby extended to the peerages and friends of Princess Sophia Alstion and the Lord Cassius von Draco to witness their matrimony under His eye within the Holy walls of the Mardale Cathedral. Once the ceremony is concluded and all vows have been exchanged, guests will be guided to the Draco Keep- Eichenwald to further the celebrations. At arrival, guests will receive an arrangement of beverages and canapés alongside music and an open dance floor. Special invitations would be sent out to: His Highness Loran von Draco & his kin, Sovereign of Aaun Charles Alstion & his kin, King Karl III of Haense & his kin. Signed, HER HIGHNESS Princess Sophia Adeline Alstion, Duchess of Leone, Master Almanac. HIS LORDSHIP Cassius von Draco. ((OOC Notes: Wedding will take place in Mardale on Friday 25th November at 3pm EST))
  24. Hyspia Camping Trip [!] A beautiful campsite next to a river. [Thursday November 24th at 5pm EST] In 4 Saints Days the children of the Social Circle have been invited by Lady Amity and Crown Prince Francisco to a camping trip within Hyspia. Francisco will take the group hunting followed by gathering around a fire for a meal of whatever the group had caught. The group will engage in campfire stories, roasting marshmallows, games, and general chatter long into the night. A wonderful way to get away and not worry about the weight of our responsibilities. Signed, Lady Amity Ionna, Ward of Hyspia His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Crown Prince of Hyspia
  25. [!] For some reason you keep receiving halfling work-related letters in your aviary.... The Harvest! It be upon us! The harvesting of all of our fields and processin' them into grains and flour! Tedious work, of course, but necessary if we are to thrive. We certainly haven't a lack of mills nor tools to get the job done! [!] The windmills of the shire creak and groan off in the distance Let us eat bread and cake! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Hayhollow. ((Event 6 PM EST, tomorrow on Thursday the 17th of November, 2022, 11/17/2022))
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