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  1. Sutican Festival of Love Conversing and Commiserating __________________________________________________________________________ A painting of two people, a man and a woman, conversing, while the gentleman seems to be offering a dance to the visibly disinterested woman. The Sutican Festival of Love is a festival held by the Sutican Event Committee to help the citizens find and celebrate love of all kinds, even in the strangest of places! Sit down at the Saloon, have a drink with someone, grab a bite to eat, and converse ‘til your pants drop!
  2. Year 13 2A: Several travelers arrive to East-Fleet in preparation for a longer journey, lead by a man who calls himself a Prospector, a native to Almaris' underground depths. (Artist) The warm seabreeze of East-Fleet amused an old miner who walked along the crusted docks. He had a moment alone, enough to drink down something amber he bought at the tavern at Southbridge. He rubbed a flat thumb over the cheap label of 'Oaken Nectar', and let the empty bottle plop into the rising & falling tide. The bottle was pulled away by wave and wind, floating towards the horizo
  3. ~` The Cartagena Trading Company `~ The Cartagena Trading Company presents the Cartagena lottery! As it is a rather brand new concept, the company decided to reward the lucky winner 100 minas. Feel free to pass by the shop and buy some tickets, at Lubba 10. The results will be anounced in three saint days (24/2 3:30pm est). The lucky number that wins it all will be decided by the spining wheel, good luck to everyone! ATTENTION! There are 30 tickets for sale. In order to recieve the prize, the participant must hold the ticket he or she bought
  4. A painting of the baroness of Antioch in Nikirala Prikaz Prinzenas Hauchmetvas of Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov, Bossiras of Antioch Themed for Grandness and Elegance Vzmey and Hyff A Lady Hauchmetvas or debutante in common, shall be held in the Nikirala Prikaz palace to celebrate Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov’s 14th name day, the only daughter of the late Koeng Josef I and Koenas Isabel of Valwyck. This occasion commemorates her ascent from adolescence to adulthood. Suitors are welcome to introduce themsel
  5. It seemingly started as those of the Fakhr tribe came back from an outing, boisterous laughter and general chatter leaving them as they'd come back to the entrance of the camp. Just up ahead, an unknown group had gathered, features much like theirs, darkened from the desert sun and wearing turbans, yet still unfamiliar. Greetings are called from those returning home but it'd seem these visitors didn't wish to talk, save to exclaim one thing. "These are our lands now, Akhi." The words accompanied by a spear landing just centimeters away from the nearest person in a clear and distinct warning.
  6. 10th of the Deep Cold, Year 11 of the Second Age Dear adventurers, explorers, and frontiers men and women. I have now situated myself close-by to the ruins and await your arrival within a matter of days. We have learned much in a short time here, yet something remains... awry. I shall provide you a map to assist you in reaching this place. Signed, Aliyah of Brev Affixed to the bottom of the letter was a small map and coordinates. x - 1452 z - 3568 ((OOC NOTE: Only come if you are on my list of attendees or have prior affirma
  7. [!] Posters would be plastered everywhere throughout Almaris Torneo De Osanora Depiction of contenders dueling for the title of Campeón de Osanora Por honor y gloria! Osanora is hosting its FIRST ever tournament in search of a Champion! Come test your skills and try your chance at winning our grand prize. While in Osanora feel free to stop at the cantina to taste some of our unique cuisine, browse the stalls, or enlist in our newly branded guard. For the tournament all combatants are required to bring their own armor and weapons.
  8. [!] A flyer was be distributed round all of Almaris, with it's usual elegant Li-Wen calligraphy and common translation provided underneath. This flyer was special, a gold finish bordering the red sheet, with an illustration of Li-Ren adorned in gold, carrying a Dragon Dance Costume above their heads! DRAGON DANCE PARADE The people of Almaris have joined together and taken the time to welcome in the New Century with the people of Tai Ping through our Lunar Festival- first washing away our sins and pasts, to dazzling the sky with beautiful fireworks, a
  9. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with, not only elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath, but a beautiful sketch of a tradition Li-Ren Lion. LION DANCING COMPETITION With our bellies full from the beautiful Firework Feast, and our tongues left in flames from the infamous Spice Challenge, through our year-long celebrations of the Nian festival, the time draws near for our famed Lion Dance Competition! We in Tai Ping humbly invite the boldest of competitors to watch- and participate in the most daring contest
  10. [!] Posters would be plastered everywhere throughout Almaris, as far as the eyes can see! THE FIRST SUTICAN TRADE FAIR Women browsing amongst a local florist's spread of goods. Throughout Sutican history, trade has always been at the nation’s core- a staple into its longevity. A testament to what has shaped the nation’s founding initially: mina. Hosting a city against a port has always encouraged a colorful cast of traders and travellers, those who bring their rarities and oddities through the city, and in these coming months, Sutica wishes to retur
  11. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation, along with a traditional painting of a fireworks show underneath! FIREWORK FEAST With our woes and worries washed away by the fire, and the suffering of Tai Ping to be long forgotten, we can only make way for the most joyous events now as we move into the third month of the celebrations! Now, more than before, families gather together to celebrate the Nian Festival, and it isn’t uncommon to see colorful sparks lighting up Tai
  12. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath. WASHING AWAY THE ASHES OF THE PAST AND BEGINNING ANEW Following the, yet again, traumatizing events of what happened in Tai Ping on the night of our beginnings to our new century, the perfect opportunity has arisen for Tai Ping and it's people to wash away and leave behind our past transgressions, as we come close to our Cleansing Ritual. The second month of the Nian year-long festival heralds a purification rite where each are give
  13. The First Ever Doublesweet Festival! [!] A series of flyers are pinned to various spots in Bramblebury, including the noticeboard. Flyers have also been placed inside the mailbox of every occupied home! You are invited to Bramblebury's first ever DOUBLESWEET FEST! This festival is to celebrate love and camaraderie; love of our friends, love of our families, love of our allies, love of future friends, and our love of, well, our lovers! Attendees who already have a partner can partake in fun activities with their partner, and those who don't will be assigned a
  14. The Sky and the Star The evening creeped in over Talon's Port quite beautifully- the tavern was busy with celebration and chatter, nevertheless, today was a day the people of Tai Ping had been dreading since the very first victim claimed. From the front gates, the Talons citizens would turn their head to the sound of a loud gong. Soon after that, it wasn't long before the sounds of sobbing and wailing trailed into the area. Marching slowly through the streets, dressed in all white, the Li-Ren funeral procession made its way back to their own district going over a mile,
  15. [!] Flyers made of rice paper would be distributed across Talons, the calligraphy written in Li-Wen, ink brush strokes seen across the top of the paper. There would be a brief poem to start off the flyer, only legible to those who could read Li-Wen. Mourning the Lost Four elven days ago, our community was stricken with unimaginable grief as the people of our city, in our own district, had their lives so suddenly taken from them by men whose souls need not respect, nor remembrance. The living who survived their hand go on to bury the victims, still, no dou
  16. [!] Flyers made of rice paper would be distributed across Almaris, a small ink-brush doodle of what looks like a fun child’s game dominating the page. Battle of the Bei-Blades Calling out to all the kids in Almaris, big and small, as well as the playful at heart - challenge your friends in this fun new game of ‘Bei-Blading’ at Tai Ping District, Talons Port! This traditional Li-Ren sport consists of a match between two expert ‘Bei-bladers’, equipped with their trusty spinning tops. Each contestant will face off against one opponent per heat, with
  17. [ ! ] A flyer would be posted wherever a flyer may be posted - taverns, posts, poster boards. AMBIENT MUSIC - THE FIRST - ♜ SUTICAN CHESS TOURNAMENT ♜ “When war is neit in season, the wisest commander still sharpens his strategy.” - A retired, chess playing commander. Chess is a board game of old, played for centuries before and centuries to come by men and women of cloth or steel. A pastime of many in the modern home or a routine exercise for
  18. [!] Spread throughout Almaris, and especially throughout the streets of Talon's Port, flyers are tacked up to nearly every available space! There will be a competitive darts tournament held within the seaside city of Talon's Port in the upcoming days! The tournament is to be held in the local Alley Alehouse Tavern, and will pit contestants against one another in this classic Talon's game. There will be an entry fee of 5 minas to take part in the tournament, and the victor will be entitled to a prize of the combined entry fees every each contestant. Should you wish to join the tournament, pl
  19. [!] Posted around the lands of Arcas, whether it be outside a tavern or on a roadside tree, would be flyers advertising the Brothers of Virtue. By briefly skimming over the flyer’s contents, one could quickly notice that the Brotherhood offers good work, great pay, and even greater drinking buddies. C A L L T O A R M S Brothers of Virtue Est. 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1782 Take up arms, Brothers! May a common purpose guide our travels, leave us walking a path undivided. Rekindle the embers of l
  20. Tournament of Nations The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska extends an invitation to every nation and settlement all across the continent of Almaris to send their most valiant warrior to represent their people in the Tournament of Nations. The victor of this tournament will be bestowed the honorary title of Champion of Almaris and be gifted a decorative olive wreath signifying their victory. After the tournament, we will head to the tavern for drinks and various tavern games. The Tournament will consist of two brackets, a winners and losers bracket. Once someone loses a
  21. [!] A single sheet of paper is pinned to the noticeboard of Bramblebury ~One of the many songbirds local to the region. Here it is drawn on top of a snowy branch, a typical scene in this here Great Winter~ "Hello fellow wee folks! Let us go on a walk and explore the fantastic flora and fauna of our village's woodlands! Today we will be focusing on birds specifically! All who attend will be given a commemorative birdseed brew, so please keep that in mind when considering your attendance! The time will be within on the Snow's Maiden, the first day (as the great pumpkin
  22. [!] Invitations have been sent to all registered citizens of Elvenesse, with formal letters arriving at the halls of the many elven houses that reside within the nation. [!] The Ceremony of Winter Starlight You have been cordially invited to attend and participate in an ancient tradition passed down by the alder folk, from Almenor and Malinor past. Don your most festive winter garb and bring your kin, for we are to witness the retelling and reincarnation of our grand heritage, almenodrim, wood elven and dark elven alike. In ancient times when Malin's
  23. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard ~*Drunken Pumpkin Grand Opening!*~ ~A lovely sight! A tavern full o' drinking halflings, singing songs and being merry!~ Wee folks, we have arrived here 'n our new village of Bramblebury! It's time we celebrate this with a wonderful Grand Opening of the village tavern, the Drunken Pumpkin! -BOOZE- -SONGS AN' DANCIN'- -PIPEWEED SMOKIN'- -AN' MUCH MORE!- Be there next Pumpkin Day (On t'a Amber Cold) or else you're a rotten egg! -Filibert Applefoot, bartender.
  24. _ . _ ~ THE SIEGE OF THALOR ~ _____________________________________ Amidst the rolling hills and towering spruces sat a desolate city. The humble town evaded the ravaged civilizations of Arcas in the deep wilds. The wildlands had harbored the quaint town of Thalor since the Descendants’ arrival to Arcas. Its once-bustling streets have grown silent and now stands as a testament to times long past, times of simplicity and ease. Thalor remained as a sole reminder to nature and its ever-churning repossession of that which is done by the Descendants. Its towering
  25. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They ha
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