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Found 136 results

  1. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They had blamed it on her work, the lack of attention.. Every decision she made was wrong as a mother, oftentimes she also felt just as awful at being a leader. She just wanted her children to be happy, her people too, and she had believed she had failed. Rhaellas eyes filled with tears as she thought that she became the one thing she didn’t want to be; the mirror image of her own father. Rhys even compared her to him from time to time- his words live knives in her chest. Reassuring talks became arguments- but it was always her fault.. Or so it was said. Rhaella would take in a deep breath as she looked down at an object she had been holding in her hands; one that reminded her of an easier time in life, one of her most valued moments. It was a small stuffed lamb one of her adopted sons had given to her and her son, Valus, after he was born. She sank to the ground as she held the stuffed toy close to her chest, her tears continuing to fall.. Slowly, she put the lamb down and dug into her satchel, pulling out some papers from her bags Her written will; Who Lunar Sage would go to, words addressed to her family, the dividing of her things.. Plans all made in advance. She would read through it over and over while thinking about the consequences her decision would have on everyone. Nobody could convince her this wasn’t the best option. For not only her, but her children, and everyone whom she loved both in Renelia and Asimu’lei. She felt at peace though, oddly enough. Having taken care of some last things in Asim, and making plans for a future she would not be there to watch. Once done, she would pick the lamb back up. Resting it between her body and left arm along with the stacked papers. The Mali’ker woman stood back up and sighed. Despite her tears and the fear, she smiled then. She felt for the wedding ring given to her by the Archon. Her love for Ailmar and his sons would live on, and she hoped they knew that. She hoped her brothers and sisters would forgive her for the bitterness she laid on them with every adoption Xavis brought into the clan- and Xavis, she knew this would be hard on him, or at least she liked to think that he cared enough to cry for his daughter… Rhaella would laugh softly, shaking her head some as she tried to repress the sinking feeling that ached in her chest. If she thought about it any longer, she might change her mind.. With that she would walk back into her city to meet her sister. ____________________________________________ “Are you sure?” Twilight would ask Rhaella as they looked at the city's clinic Rhaella took a deep breath and nodded, those items still held tightly in her arms. She knew this was a lot to ask of her sister, but regardless she had eventually agreed. The woman would adjust her belongings a bit before bringing twilight into a hug.. When they both pulled away, Rhaella would hand her the stack of items “It’s my will… and the lamb, be sure to return it to Valus.. Ti?” They exchanged sad nods in understanding. With her last bit of remaining courage, Rhaella would have then turned to enter the clinic.. The safety gates then closing. ____________________________________________ Not too long after the clinic within Asimu’lei would be up in flames, the heating waving onto Twilight as she watched for some time. Eventually, she sent for others to help her put out the fire and clear the rubble of the ruined building.. Within the rubble though would be Rhaella’s wedding ring, as well as a star and moon pendant, covered in ash and some damage from the fire. They would eventually be returned to the people who gifted them... and within the elven day, the lamb would find it’s way to its rightful owner as well. ____________________________________________ A funeral date will be decided at a later date by the new Lunar Sage and their council.
  2. The Seaguard of Vira’ker “Stand, fight, die; we must always do the first, we will always do the second, and we will do the third if we must. No surrender!” Reginaeld, the Commander of the Seaguard. =_________________________________= -Seaguard footmen patrol the beaches of the bay, Sun’s Smile of 1767.- =_________________________________= “Reginaeld!” cried Keaton, the Errmark scion, with a hoarse voice. “Land ahead!” Indeed, land was grazing the horizon. Twinkling lights refracted across the nightly waterfront, so vividly that the appearing city seemed a torch, blazing in the moonlight. “Ay, I see it! Make for the lights!” he called out in return, and their tireless troops worked to their effect. The pinnace, slight and elegant, parted the waves and bore them on to the sighted land with complete grace. Only the clanking of plate and the steady heaving of those hearty souls broke the night’s silence. A scant hour later did the keel strike land, and both Reginaeld and Keaton set their steel boots to sand rather than plank. Their wandering eyes regarded the glittering, glowing city before them as if they were wide-eyed children, their speech stolen by the sight of gold. “Truly, a beauty,” spoke Keaton. “This land we have been guided to, perhaps by the grace of GOD, is beautiful. Surely, this must be our new home?” he asked Reginaeld, who had a glint in his eye. “Naturally. In our flight, we have not found a better place to name ‘home’.” To the men - “Scuttle our ship, and raise the flag of parlay! Let us meet our new hosts graciously, let us make a good impression.” And so their company set foot on the shores of Vira Bay, and found their new home. Their company, in the following days, negotiated their settlement. For their new homes, they would raise old swords. And so, for the defense of Vira Bay, the Seaguard was established. =_________________________________= The guard’s hierarchy; The Commander of the Seaguard and the Palatine Guard; absolute leader of the Seaguard - the active military force - and the Palatine Guard - the Prince’s personal guardsmen - with their only superior being the Prince of Vira Bay themselves. Directs the troops in battle and co-ordinates politically and administratively with the Prince. The Captain of the Fore; the Commander’s right hand. In the Commander’s presence, the Captain assists them in their leadership and supports their command; in their absence, the Captain leads the troops and directs matters of the Guard. The Captains of the Foot and the Cavalry; the directors of the Guard’s brigades. They defer to the command of the Commander and the Fore-Captain in the use of their troops, but otherwise direct the upkeep and training of their respective brigades independently. The Sergeants of the Foot and the Cavalry; subordinates to the Captains of the Foot and Cavalry, these officers help to lead and maintain the brigades, conducting training in their superiors’ absence and leading patrols. Palatine Guard; hand-picked veterans, chosen for their military aptitude and discipline. They are charged to protect the Prince wherever he goes and by any means necessary, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans; an official acknowledgement of the seasoning and service of a particular troop; those elevated to the rank of veteran are noteworthy within the Seaguard and have tirelessly struggled for its betterment. Regulars; new members of the Seaguard, who have passed induction and taken the Oath but have not yet distinguished themselves in battle or from the rest of the Seaguard. At this rank, the soldier is provided for with quarters and armaments. Enlistee; a provisional title for those who have recently joined the Seaguard. They are yet to prove themselves with valorous deeds or to take their Oath, properly inducting them into the guard. With following administrative roles; Quartermaster of the Guard; in terms of both foodstuffs, clothing and armaments, it is the quartermaster’s role to fulfill the needs of the Seaguard and to ensure its efficient running. Master of Brick and Siege; specialised in the art of military and civilian engineering, it is the master’s role to fulfill the Seaguard’s architectural needs, be they for siege or domestic purposes. Master of the Kitchen and Cages; a renowned chef, the Kitchenmaster feeds the troops and cooks the foodstuffs for the Quartermaster to ration out. As well, in his alternate role, the Cagemaster maintains any animals held by the Seaguard for provision and supply purposes. Master of the Flag; a clothier by trade, the Flagmaster is expected to maintain and bear the banner of the Seaguard, as well as to design and weave new standards as the guard’s needs. Master of the Pen; for the chosen scribe of the Seaguard, who is expected to document the Seaguard’s exploits, record the Commander’s edicts and actions, and to maintain an efficient archive of both the former. =_________________________________= The terms of enlistment; To be of sufficient age; that is 16 for men and thirty for other races, subject to the discretion of command. To be a resident of Vira Bay, or in the process of immigrating. Those inducted will be trained for the space of a saint’s week, after which they will be either accepted or denied from the Seaguard. Pending acceptance, they will be obliged to take the Oath, upon which they will become full-fledged members of the Seaguard Form of Enlistment; Enlistee’s name. Enlistee’s age. Enlistee’s race. Enlistee’s nationality and country of origin. Enlistee’s religion or practiced faith. Enlistee’s occupational history. Enlistee’s experience in the military, martial or administrative. ((Enlistee’s IGN.)) ((Enlistee’s discord tag.)) ‘The Oath’; “I am under oath now - as I live and speak, and as my name is ((Enlistee’s name)) - to my comrades, to my commander, to my country. Give me a sword and shield, so I may serve to my utmost! Whatever odds fate may bestow, whatever burdens may weary my shoulders; I will cheer the flag. I will do my duty. I am under oath.” ((For any questions on the Seaguard, please add fraserh#4462, Mark2282#7754 on Discord.))
  3. [!] A flyer nailed upon local taverns and boards of many descendant settlements, which reads in bright flamboyan colors. OxCon is a convention held at Fort Ox, in Krugmar. It is a time for the Ox clan members and all of the world's engineers to show their skills and talents when it comes to making machines both big and small. The Ox clan would like to invite everyone to the event, to come take a look at all the creations, and maybe even take part in the contest and festivities, as well as goof around and have an enjoyable carefree time. The convention will be held at Sunday, 5 pm EST / 9 pm GMT. The scene for the Convention, some can try and tell about their concepts During OxCon every engineer around can have an opportunity to enter a contest of wit and skill. The contest is a simple show and tell, in which those who enter can show off their own designs and creations to judges, those with the best design can have a chance to win big cash and other interesting items that may peek the attention of the talented collection of people who attend. Winners gain 5,000 minas in funds as well as a small item to prove that you’re a talented and inspiring creator. The Jury would be held by Rex, Dominus, Tekgoth and two more volunteers. The water-mill powered auto-hammer Maybe engineering isn’t your thing and you’re not the greatest tinker, have no fear, OxCon holds more than just a get together for tinkers and engineers. Stalls can be set up and used by anyone willing or wanting to sell off their interesting items, even spending on the local shops is advised, if shopping or setting up a shop is also not for you, well we all know and love the enjoyable sport of social drinking, make new friends and be served drinks imported from around Arcas. You would also may find yourself interested in goblin gambling machines, the many minigames and so on. The entrance of the said event The goblin Ox Fort rests on a hill just infront of the orcish capital San’Azgak, but fear not, during the event, no hostile actions would be done towards the many races of Arcas or citizens of friendly, neutral, or enemy nations aslong as you bring a mind willing to share it’s contents. Feel free to travel there by taking the road from Clould Temple to Krugmar, then before reaching the Orc Nation, take a narrow path towards the big green building, with lots of cranes hanging from its walls. See you there, friend! OOC: Contact BEZERKER#2703 if you want participate in the contest with your invention. Anything can be the contest item, as long, as it’s top notch enough for the picky goblin jury. - Many thanks to Livviez for helping with this post, and Gallic with taking these screens
  4. The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts Est. Anno Domini 1769, Under the Company of Thespians and Revelers About this Worshipful Guild The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts, established 1769, is a guild under the blanket administration of The Livery Company of Thespians and Revelers. The corporation is a cooperative assembly of verbalist artists. Formed by Peridot Beryl Carrington, the guild represents the interests of comedians, spoken word poets, musicians, actors, playwrights, and other performance-based artists. The guild organizes events for these performers to enlighten the masses, spread their so-saught after fame, and, of course, make money. The primary goal of this merry association is to bring entertainment to all the crowds of Oren, whether it be a high society gala or the local tavern. The Chamber of Romantics The guild is governed in a loose manner, so as not to oppose the freedoms of its performers. Each man or woman is their own, the guild serves more as a means to hone their craft, create bonds with the rest of the performance community, and find jobs. Further, membership is accompanied by a license from the Company of Thespians and Revelers; a member of this guild is a member of that company as well and attains all rights that come with that status. Despite this loose structure, there are basic rankings amongst the group: the organization of this ranking is called the Chamber of Romantics. A key necessary to understanding our organization is that rights afforded to each rank are relatively fluid and ceremonial in nature. Each performer, regardless of their rank in the Chamber, is an individual and has the right to their pursue own activities without oversight. Director-President: The Director-President is the chief amongst the Chamber of Romantics. They are charged with the overall management of the guild and organizing guild-wide events. Further, they are charged with the duty of the purse and are the primary representative to the Company of Thespians and Revelers. The Director-President acts as a manager for all artists and will represent them to potential clients. Master: A master has proved themselves a capable performing artist. Whatever their form may be, they are recognized across the land as a titan of art. Within the guild, masters can induct official apprentices whom they can teach in the arts. Lesser Romantics can also take on students, but these students will not be immediately inducted as apprentices. Journeyman: A journeyman has proved they are above instruction from a master. They can provide their own lessons and earn the right to independent representation. Journeymen are afforded the ability to organize their own events, incorporating other guild members as they please. Apprentice: Usually young, the apprentice is just learning their craft. Apprentices are assigned to a master of their craft if there is one. If not, they are supervised by the Director-President when possible in their performances. Relatively, the apprentice has free reign on their journey to becoming a full-fledged artist as there is no true plan to make somebody into an artist. The Enlightened Endeavor: Stagecraft While the guild does indeed field a wide array of sound-based performers, ranging from musicians to poets to comedians, the primary and recurring function of these artists is the pursuit of drama. Those who come onto the company as thespians will find themselves as the actors of a variety of plays. Further, the company seeks out talented playwrights and directors to aid in the creation and production of these spectacles. The entirety of the guild is incorporated, with musicians and comedians both being brought into the unifying art of stagecraft. Associated Playwrights: Playwrights with associated status are those who primarily identify with the troupe itself. These playwrights can produce their entirely unique scripts and utilize the expert artists and thespians of the guild at their will. The guild, ultimately the Director-President, will act as a producer for the playwright’s plays and coordinate times, venues, and handle the marketing side of the art. These talented writers need to make money after all! Associated Thespians: Actors with associated status are those thespians who run with the troupe and see regular employment in the many dramas set by the company. Thespians of the guild rely on the playwrights (whom they can also be themselves, as artists can be both actor and writer) to provide them with plays and will hone their craft through such endeavors. Actors receive a paygrade from the Director-General via commission of the plays and an actor’s respected role within said play. Scheduling an Event with the I.A.P.A It is hereby decreed that any citizen of Oren or beyond can contract the Imperial Association of the Performing Arts to perform any variety of entertainment at their events. Whether it be a gala or a comedy night, the association can provide entertainment. Below is a format by which to submit a Letter of Request to the Director-General to schedule such affairs. Client Name: Client Aviary Address (Discord): Venue: Entertainment Needed (Music, Improv, Comedy, Actors, etc.) Joining the I.A.P.A Hear hear! All performing actors, musicians, thespians, etcetera, are called to join our Association. You will have access to top-notch production and management, as well as to a semi-regular source of income. Further, you can hone your craft and network within and without our art market. You need not experience, just hope! We can provide lessons and top-notch education in the ways of the performing arts. Applicant Name: Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): Applicant Sex and Race: Form of Art: Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Experience in the Performing Arts (if any):
  5. The Funeral of Prince Solomon Napoliza Issued on the 7th of The Grand Harvest, 1769 From the office of the Grand Lady of Vileux, Princess Dowager Sapphira Loretta Napoliza Grand Princess Luciana Maria Napoliza of Vitenna, Duchess of Fonsi and Baroness of Vileux, is doleful to announce the presumed passing of her son, Prince Solomon Napoliza, Count of Pestilles, after a maritime accident off the coast of the Korvassa. Her Serene Highness has seen fit to entrust Prince Solomon’s eldest child and heir with his titles, making her Princess Julienna Maria Napoliza, Heir-Apparent of Vitenna and Countess of Pestilles and Baroness of d’Alence. She has delegated the arrangements of her precious son’s funeral to his widow, Princess Dowager Sapphira Loretta Napoliza, Countess Dowager of Pestilles and Baroness Dowager of d’Alence, who mourns the loss of Prince Solomon as his mother does. Her Serene Highness has decreed that all citizens shall wear black and all shops shall be closed on the day of the funeral to pay homage to the late Prince Solomon Napoliza. The late Prince Solomon Napoliza, Count of Pestilles and Baron of d’Alence. Those especially invited: Friends and family of Prince Solomon Napoliza The Freed People of Vitenna The King of Morsgrad, his family, and retinue The Sultan of Korvassa, his family, and retinue The People of Al-Faiz and the Korvassa The Maheral of Haelun’or, his family, and retinue Captain Peter d”Arkent and his family at the request of Princess Dowager Sapphira Loretta The event shall include: A parade through the streets of Vitenna, put on by La Coeranza di Vitenna A mass held by Bishop Brownfolk in La Chiesa del Perdono The burial of Prince Solomon Napoliza, Count of Pestilles and Baron of d’Alence The funeral is to be held on the 6th of The Deep Cold, 1770. Tuesday the 26th of May, at 3 PM EST per STATO e GLORIA, HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Grand Princess Luciana Maria Napoliza Duchess of Fonsi and Baroness of Vileux HER HIGHNESS, Princess Dowager Sapphira Loretta Napoliza Countess Dowager of Pestilles and Baroness Dowager of d’Alence Grand Lady of Vileux
  6. Festival of Wandering Constellations Talon’s Grotto Festival Loss is no stranger to the realm of Arcas and its people. All have lost someone or many within their lifetime and the mourning process seems to be little to none. We as members of the Earth are expected to move on quickly after the loss of a loved one or friend. This festival is meant to be a way to both remember and respect those that we have lost in our lives. By retelling those stories of the lost and sending paper lanterns off into the sky to join with the stars as a grand remembrance. During the festival there will be many events held and a bar filled with drinks and treats. Those events would be those previously mentioned along with music, duels, and the many bar games. We welcome all willing to show up as long as not hostility is brought along with you. <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<o>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> OOC: Taking place in Talon’s Grotto on 5/23/20 at 3:00 PM EST You should be able to follow the signs to the settlement but Talon’s Grotto Cords are : 2000/x/2000 All welcome!
  7. [!] A note would be pinned to the Brandybrook noticeboard. Malin’s Welcome Potluck ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [!] The quaint village of Brandybrook. A potluck is to be held the 10th of Malin’s Welcome, in the home of the weefolk! The gathering will be halflings only (with invitations being extended to a particular few). Each halfling family will be expected to bring a dish of their own to share. Booze will be provided but can also be brought along if one wishes. What: A potluck! Where: Brandybrook, next to Aegrothond! When: The 9th of Malin’s Welcome. (OOC: Thursday 21st May, 5pm EST/10pm GMT) Who: All halflings of Arcas! Cordially invited to join are: Samuel Gaia Chemi Beorn Cottonwood Sea Prince Fëanor Sylvaeri Long live ta halflings! ~Micah O’Connell, Thain of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
  8. The Grand Spring Ball of Savinia As the Royal Duchy of Savinia settles once more, it is decided by the Lady Treasurer, Kayah de Medera and the Duchess, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin, that it is a long time due for celebration! Said celebration, hosted as a ball will be spring themed, and it is asked that attendees wear something that represents such. As well as dancing and plenty of stalls for people who wish to sell their items, the Ball also hosts other Events. -=Events=- The Great Drinking Contest: Hosted at Savinia’s fine tavern, Eagles Roost Tavern and Inn, the contest will be played out as such. Attendees who wish to sign up for this contest will do so before the contest, this way the owner, Anduin Dering will have enough to go around. During the Contest, The contestant will see how many bottles of straight Vodka they can drink in under the time given, (10-15 saint’s Minutes). The Winner, and runner ups with get such: First Place Prizes: Lifetime supply of free drinks from the Eagles Roost Tavern, and 800 Mina Second Place Prizes: A sum of 500 mina, and 10 free drinks from the Eagles Roost Tavern. The Dress of The Daisies Contest: For the ladies, a contest will be held as well. This contest will be a contest of the arts. The aim at this contest is to have what the judges deem the best dress. Ladies competing in this contest will be judged on the following: Style, Pattern, how well it fits with the theme. and the full appearance of the lady. The theme, for this ball, is springtime. Dresses should appear light, moveable, with light colors that go well with each other. The judges for this contest are: Her Grace, Annatrina-Beatriz de Savin, Duchess of Savinia Her Ladyship, Constanza-Alexia de Savin Her Excellency, Kayah-Despina de Medera -=- The Solo Winner of this Contest will receive the following 1k Mina, and a free commission from the Duchy Tailor, Kayah de Medera. (On an OOC note I cannot skin Armor) -=OOC=- If you would like a stall, or would like to sign up for something else, please do contact one of the following. Levicourpos(Crushems#4883) IWantAnIcedlatte (ICEDLATTE#9269) Saturday, May 16th at 2pm Est || X 2380 Z -509, The fastest way To get there is the road to Krugmar !! THE DUCHY OF SAVINIA PERSONALLY INVITES THE FOLLOWING; THE SULTANATE OF KORVASSA AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE THE PRINCIPALITY OF VITENNA AND ALL OF ITS PEOPLE ANY OTHER BEING IN THE LANDS OF ARCAS THAT WISH NO HARM ON THE DUCHY
  9. <----------><----------><----------> The Imperial Josephite Convention at the Northern Geographical Society Museum <----------><----------><----------> The Election of 1770 is fast upon us! Here, we declare the second Josephite Imperial Convention to be held at the Northern Geographical Institute in Reza, Haense! We shall gather at this location during Sun’s Smile to set the agenda for the upcoming election, as well as nominate our party members to the House of Commons! Sir’s Terrence May and Konrad Stafyr shall serve as the presiding officers over the convention as Party Leaders. THE AGENDA Introduction by Chairman Sir Terrence May A Diet in Review by Sir Konrad Stafyr Internal Announcements The Candidacy List & Remarks Policy & Agenda Campaign Strategy by Jonah Elendil Closing Remarks THE INVITEES Duke Joseph Clement Sir Terrence May, GCM Sir Konrad Stafyr, KM Sir Jahan Basrid, KM Godfrey Briarwood Joseph Adler Vivaca Rutledge Edward Napier Cyrus Basrid Charles Henry d’Arkent Siegmund Corbish Mary Philippa d’Arkent Edward Selm Cecil Halcourt Rennard Amador Oisin O’Rourke Padraig O’Rourke Donovan O’Rourke William O’Rourke Anseld Dunaidh Abram of Johnstown Franz Nikolai Clement Jonah Stahl-Elendil Angelika Bykov Reuven Engraen Vaerus Irongut Angelika Bykov Juan de Lyons Konstantin Wick Riordain MacDroch Peridot Carrington Alpha Carrington Siegfried Gallus Sam Lowe Vivian Lowe Gavin Fisher Adrian Leopold Green Carrington Edward Galbraith Grey Galbraith Armande de Falstaff & Co. Victor C. Halcourt Listed guests are allowed to sponsor unlisted guests/staffers for entry. ((Saturday 05/16/20 at 8:30PM EST))
  10. Clement Devonshire – Speech of Candidacy for Maer, 1767 Portrait of Clement Devonshire, 1765. Prevja people of Haense! I would like to first introduce myself as Clement Devonshire, and I am running to be the Maer of Haense! I write this message in great pleasure to tell everyone that, with your vote, we can make Haense the forever pride and joy of the Holy Orenian Empire. Currently, I am a subject living in the kingdom’s capital of New Reza. Although I am not a member of the nobility, it does not stop my determination of helping all the people in Haense. Over the past ten years, I have seen our nation and city fall into the depths of despair and rise up and shine with all of its great citizens. My intentions are to keep our great nation and city thriving in culture, class, and a strong sense of morality and community. Although my first campaign of becoming a Senator hadn’t succeeded as I had only lived in New Reza for only a couple of years, it should not dissuade you from helping my campaign now, with a more experienced and refined Clement Devonshire. I aim to integrate the arts and culture with progression. With this, it will make Haense more sophisticated and admiring. With the renovations of the city, I see that our city is currently in a progressive state with housing, this everyone, is what I intend to build upon, progression! I want to progress upon the education and the arts of all of our people and to have exposure to new ideas of thinking. However, jobs in the city are unfortunately limited, my goal is to create more jobs for people who have just moved to Haense and New Reza so that they can become dedicated, great citizens, and to create a unique lifestyle. Together, everyone, we can make Haense and New Reza a more beautiful place. I hope to have your vote for Maer! My goals: Refined and better education for any citizen. Job equality for all people. Cultural and artistic value. Mediaries who can help citizens looking to start a life in Haense. New jobs for people who are looking for work. City progression and renovation. Improved healthcare for our people. Urza! And have a very wonderful day in Haense. -Clement Devonshire. “Let us make our New Reza amazing!”
  11. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! T’a Twenty-Second Annual Drinking Night! Lo again! It's time for yet another Drinking Night here in Brandybrook. Unfortunately, tragic events transpired at the previous one, where it was discovered that Dave Ringo Applefoot had been brutally murdered. At this Drinking Night, we will honour and celebrate his life. What: A Drinking Night! Where: In Brandybrook, home of halflings! When: Right after the beginnin’ of t’a next Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 26th of April)) Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  12. KALIRI MALIN’LEH AHERNAN THE SPRING EQUINOX FESTIVAL Spring has come, and with it the harmonic cycle we are all bound to begin anew. The Gods have been kind to us this season, for our woodland home has prospered, and the laughter of children has filled our halls. Such is the blessing of the Springmother and her eternal servant, Mother Bear Bolormormaa. As it was at the very first Omentahu, we celebrate the coming of this most auspicious season with song, dance, and a contest to honour the Old Gods of the Woods. WHERE The Wood Elven Village of Siramenor To the left of Aegrothond and down its coastline WHEN Sunday, April 26th, 7 PM EST BEAR MOTHER RITE The festival will begin with a sacred ritual of offering and prayer to Bolomormaa, the Bear Mother. We shall offer our libations to the sacred spirit for the health and longevity of our youngest children, and those who have yet to be born. ARCHERY CONTEST All itinerant mali’ame warriors and their guests will have an opportunity to prove their worth with our most sacred instrument: the bow. A field of targets will be set up, and whoever strikes all of them in succession and the fastest will win the regalia mask of Morea, the Wolf Prince of Warriors, as proof of their skill as a marksman. FEASTING Our hunters will have been gathering game day and night for our great festival. When prayers and game have finished, we will have a spread of nature’s bounty. Fill your bellies with traditional mali’ame cuisine and make your minds silly with firewater. All is fair in love and ceremony!
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  14. To the Citizenry of Arcas, Events shift quickly in the world, and many times we miss important matters and proceedings without knowing. Due to this, the Principality of Vira Bay extends to you a humble and personal invitation to the coronation of Zaos Val'Ullr-Puerir, first High Prince of Vira Bay. Proceedings will begin the 17th of Malin’s Welcome, 1763, and followed by a celebration in the local bar and eatery, the Drunken Sailor Tavern. [OOC NOTE: Time: 4pm EST, Thursday April 9, 2020] Signed, Advisor to the High Prince of Vira Bay, Miray Palmer.
  15. [!] Missives are pinned up around various settlements in Arcas. Hide ‘n Seek! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [!] Brandybrook, all festooned with bunting and decorative eggs! T’a weefolk village of Brandybrook will be holding a hide ‘n seek event near the start of this elven week, followed by some shogging and drinks! There will be one seeker at the start, and each hider becomes a seeker once found. To indicate to others they have been found, seekers must hold a wooden shovel whilst searching. The last remaining hider wins, and will receive a small prize! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ The rules are as follows: You can only hide in Brandybrook, not any of the neighbouring settlements. You may hide across the Dinkle River. Nay hiding in any places you aren’t supposed to get to. Nay using magic to hide oneself. Nay using skygod magic to cheat. (OOC: No abusing pex such as fly/vanish) You must not run when found (only to go seek, holding a wooden shovel!) (OOC: Tuesday 14th April, 4pm EST/9pm GMT – Brandybrook, next to Aegrothond) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Glory ter t’a wee! ~Micah O’Connell, Thain of Brandybrook [!] The missive ends with the official seal of Brandybrook.
  16. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! T’a Nineteenth Annual Drinking Night!! ~The last annual drinking night~ Lo fellas! Long time, nay see! I’m here again ter write to ya that another Drinking Night be happening! Get your wee bottom down to Brandybrook or else you’ll be a rotten pumpkin! What: A Drinking Night! Where: In Brandybrook, home of the wee! When: Right after the beginnin’ of t’a next Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 12th of April)) Long live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  17. [!] Across Arcas a flyer is stapled to all easily accessible notice boards. Upon the parchment is the scrawling script describing the following. Join us in the Alley Alehouse this Grand harvest (April 11 at 3pm est) for a joyous celebration of the eternal party. Hosted in the tropical port paradise of Talon’s Grotto the party will include a wide range of alcoholic choices, games, and delectable food for purchasing. Below is described a few games that will be ran during the part: Competitive darts: A game of skill in which the participants shall take turns throwing three darts at the board, Highest scoring individual of the night will win a free drink of their choice from the bar. Iblees coin: A deceitfully difficult game in which players will take turns trying to throw Mina across the table and land a coin in each of the opponents five shot glasses. Each coin made in your glass requires you to slam the shot. If party goers are interested a tournament may be organized but otherwise this will be done on a person to person basis. Tavern Brawl: As the name suggests a section of the tavern has been gated off. An alleged safe place to show just how great of a fighter that drink says you are. Bets can be placed or simply just a friendly event of slamming each other with chairs. Individuals with the most wins at the end of the event shall get 250 mina and free drinks for the following elven week. (mina reward is for pvp based fights not CRP but separate areas will be available for both) These selections are just to name a few of the attractions offered at the Grotto. The government will also be opening the fair ground and all events that can be hosted there will also be made available to the public. The only restriction imposed on attendance is the city will be strictly denying all weapons from entering the city. If you forget this and show up with one the town will gladly hold it for you till you leave. Elsewise all are free to attend no matter race, nation, or creed. -=Welcome to the Party=-
  18. To the Citizenry of Arcas, Events shift quickly in the world, and many times we miss important matters and proceedings without knowing. Due to this, the Principality of Vira Bay extends to you a humble and personal invitation to the coronation of Zaos Val'Ullr-Puerir, first High Prince of Vira Bay. Proceedings will begin the 17th of Malin’s Welcome, 1763, and followed by a celebration in the local bar and eatery, the Drunken Sailor Tavern. [OOC NOTE: Time: 4pm EST, Thursday April 9, 2020] Signed, Advisor to the High Prince of Vira Bay, Miray Palmer.
  19. In the dark of the night; owls sang in unison with the silence of the moonlight coming from the abyssal sky an event is approaching. A mysterious festival filled of events, hideous fancy dishes; and even free alcohol , ready to be tasted by the victims who dare to wander within the event! And whoever enters it is hoped that they're ready to show off their skills, if they are appreciated by the judges; great rewards will be offered, such as: Jewels, swords, minas and more. The costume Contest: Hopefully, the adventurers have prepared themselves to mingle within the creatures of the night, in frightening and dreadful scary costumes! Talent Contest Obviously an adventurer always has an ace up their sleeve, a special skill! a contest of talents will be present, so that they can show off their abilities( Ie dancing, showing off your magical power, singing and so on!) Drinking contest: Who would be ready, attemping to drink some unusual drinks, which could make the bigger knight pass out. whoever resists getting drunk wins! And for the more brutal, brave strong adventurers an alternative challenge; who will be ready to extract a greatsword which adorns the Uradir's symbol from the rock! obviously every alternative has a price. I (Maya Noirette) and Anethra Uradir decided to form this unique, spooky themed event; the idea comes from both. our job is to create entertaiment within the walls, where Lessers and pure High elves will be welcome at this odd festival, ball? whatever it is! please do come and remember to come in costume... and with a smile.(OOC:Event will occur this Saturday at 4:30 pm est).
  20. Auditions for the Crow’s Theatre Troupe 1760 The Troupe performs a short play to a select crowd Vorion Sturmholm, director of the Crow's Theatre Troupe, invites every man and woman who wishes to find their place upon the platform of the Weeping Wick Theatre to come to said stage on the day, to show their proficiency in the dramatic arts. The parts chosen shall be for the upcoming comedy ‘The Merry Men of Money’, written and directed by Vorion Sturmholm. Actors The Crow’s Theatre Troupe is looking for all ranges of actors, from leads to extras. If you wish to partake, bring either a piece of poetry or prose which you would like to recite. Should they be needed, the Troupe can provide lines of verse on the day. No previous experience is needed to be an actor. Stage Crew Other than actors, the play will require stage crew to set up props and stage decorations between settings. No audition is required, but applicants should come to the audition to be included. OOC info:
  21. Although it would be incredible; I’d just like to say now that I’m NOT expecting this to be accepted. I just had the idea not too long ago and wanted to share it. Basically a throng of lunatics led by Mr. Beautiful completely take over the city of Helena. The guards are imprisoned; criminals are set free. The gates are shut; no one comes in and no one gets out. The town will be in a state of unqualified pandemonium; everyone is on their own. Trapped in this engirdled mobocracy swayed by a psychopathic begetter who will be sitting in his chair; laughing his ass off until somebody stops him. Discord me if you’d like to hear more.
  22. There had been many a month since the Terror Beast has dissipated from the land. It seemed the caves had been livelier then usual during this time of rest for the adventuring 'Ker. In time they came to befriend the great bats of Fiandria of which their ancestors had once hunted. At the flank of the Matriarch's wings sat a small fist sized bats clinging to her fur. While they were small and recently born they seemed strong and relatively weened. She eyed Delphi and Twilight with equal interest. Delphi eye's flicks over the small ones, smiling softly. "I've not ever met your young lings, Miss..." (Miss the name she has given the Matriarch during the years they had grown close) she'd reach out hesitant for a moment to pet the 10ft tall bat. The Matriarch's ears flickered with a seldom seen fondness at the touch. After some time her gaze wandered to Twilight where she seemed almost to ask her to come forward with a fan of her wing Twilight waved at them with a small smile "Hello little ones" she then looked to the Matriarch "They're beautiful" the 'Ker said stepping forward "My, seems the matriarch had become a well mother in this time" Gusiam said as he looked back to the grave of Chocolate, one of the two bats that has died during the fight As all things end so do new things begin. With a push of her wing a young female bat was offered to Delphi and a male to Twilight. The rest of the bats clung ever yet to their mother and it was clear her intentions. Delphi took this young bat into her arms, holding her gently in her arms "You're sending them away with us, Miss...?" The bats all seemed to give out hyena like laughter at her words as though it was the most obvious of things. In rest, only one other alike clung to the matriarch. It was clear indication of their genders there needs only be one leader in a group of bats. As such these two groups would have meant to go make their own homes elsewhere. Twilight takes the baby bat with a soft smile holding it in her arms like the baby it was "Thank you.” Delphi bowed her head light, shifting the weight of the young matriarch in her arms "Estelle- Do you like that, Miss? An old word in our eleven tongue for to trust...We'll see to it that all will be well" Both of the young bats clung onto there respective 'Ker as though they were their new mothers. The Matriarch seemed accepting and all was well. It was only time that would tell what would become of these new bats and their new home. Delphi reached out with her other hand, gently rubbing her head "We'll miss you all... not going to forget how you helped us, how you saved us" she'd smile Twilight nods to Delphi "Thank you for everything, I'll never forget this as long as I live" she'd then look over to Sneeze, the bat she had grown the fondest of "I'll miss you the most my boy" Sneeze let out a comedic sneeze as a last good bye. Delphi cradled her bat gently, humming softly "Estelle,Estelle..." she'd sing Twilight looked down to her 'new son' "I'm going to name him Silverling..." https://imgur.com/a/lkWaZ12 (bat boi pic) (This is my first form post, which as just me copy the emotes that were said. I’m trying to work on a other posts as well. I didn’t take the rp date so for oc context it was 3/17/2020 around 6-7 pm i think. thank you so much to Julius for the events he gave us, this was the most fun I had on Lotc in a while and I’m so happy I came back for this)
  23. This post would be written on parchment by Charles “The Bald” himself, it would then be nailed around various cities across the land by paid couriers. INVITATION TO THE TRIAL OF CHARLES THE BALD This is an official invitation to all of my friends to my public trial at the King’s Court in Urguan. What you are going to see is a man beat the justice system of Urguan like never before. If you believe a man of my stature would even attempt to attack another Dwarf, you’re a complete joke. I am a Dwarf with great values and love my kin like no other. I hope to meet some that I have not seen in awhile, especially, those that I have helped in the past. A feast will be organized at the tavern after I hopefully beat the case. But remember, there may be trouble getting to the King’s Court because it will be a full-house. Be there early !!! Thank you, Charles “The Bald” 3/17 (Tomorrow) 6 PM EST BE THERE !!
  24. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! Drinkin’ ‘n Drinkin’ ‘n Brandybrook! ~The vineyards of Dunshire, the land o’ the wee way back ‘n the good ol’ days.~ Greetin’s all! We’ve gone for just a wee li’l bit without a good ol’ Drinking Night to cheer us up! Our leaders may all beh off doin’ Knox knows wha’ ‘n some other land, bu’ tha’ doesn’t mean the rest of us cannae have fun! Let us raise our mugs in celebration of Brandybrook’s glory! What: A Drinkin’ Celebration! Where: ’n Brandybrook, the home o’ the wee! (Next ter Aegrothond) When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 8th of March)) Glory ter t’a wee! Long Live Brandybrook! [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  25. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook noticeboard. May he rest ‘n peace! ~A crude drawing of Benedict~ T’is very sad to see such a good halfling go. Benedict Hassenfort, a weefolk loved by all, has passed on to the eternal wheatfields of Lord Knox high above. Let us celebrate his passing to the heavens by being merry in his honor! No good halfling wants to be remembered with sadness ‘n crying from their loved ones! They want to be remembered with a mug o’ booze in one hand, and the hand of a friend in the other! What: A celebration of the good life of Benedict Hassenfort, may Lord Knox bless his soul! Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the wee folks (next ter Aegrothond). When: Just after the beginnin’ of the next Elven Week! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 23rd of February)) Let us celebrate the good life of Benedict Hassenfort! Lord Knox bless us all! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
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