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  1. [!] A missive would be sent out to all corners of Almaris, a scroll of dense parchment containing surprisingly legible Common script [!] Dey uv Dah Rex: Ah Celebration! [!] A colorized depiction of orcs being served by William 'Gruksmasha' Raven at the Betharuz Tavern. [!] To all brothers and sisters of Krug, and all other peoples of Almaris: There is wonderful news and reason for all peoples to rejoice this day! The War Nation of Krugmar is delighted to announce a celebration, wherein there will be feasting, fighting, and festivities for all! This i
  2. SPRING SAKURA FESTIVAL [!] Invites would be sent around all of Xin Zhou [Almaris] with colourful depictions of the blooming Sakura trees by Yong Ping’s entrance and a dish of enticing Oyashiman cuisine in the foreground. As the sun rises to greet the newly blossomed buds of spring, the people of The Jade State of Yong Ping gather under the cherry blossom trees in feast; celebrating the new season of fertility. This year, the citizens of Yong Ping have prepared a grand event and invite all the residents of Almaris to come and celebrate in th
  3. A small bird descends before you, leaving a letter of equal size. Once the missive is delivered, the bird would promptly chirp and disappear off into the sky. Should the letter be opened and read, its contents contain the following: Contest Of The Quills Do you like reading? Or maybe writing is more of your thing? Well it seems like this contest was made for you! You can write, horror, informative, romance, fiction, or a biography! The contest will end once the Elysium library is built. And the person who wins will receive a special award! And a
  4. Max would think back on things her friends enjoy before stopping at a certain idea "a fishing tournament!" her voice would boom out, before she went to write some flyers to hand out,. the flyer reading "in three days time, we will meet in the sutican square for a contest to see who is the best fisher in sutica! the winner gets 80 mina!" [ooc] on friday, 05/07/2021, at 5:00 pm est, i will be hosting a event in the sutican square, the person the who changes the most fish win 80 mina! be there or be cringe...
  5. Basic Blacksmith Tutorial in Selestia [!] A small steel sheet bearing neat engravings upon it would be sent randomly around the entirety of Almaris, appearing to be a sort of invitation for an event. Basic Blacksmithing Tutorial, hosted by the ‘Koi Commodities’ Forge in Selestia. A small tutorial on how to forge a basic item using Oyashiman style blacksmithing, occurring at 7pm this Elven day, all are welcomed. If you are to join, please be fully ready to follow the smithery’s traditions, and if not, expect to be escorted out from this event. If you have any following questions once the eve
  6. Letters written in fine elvish script and sealed with a wax of carnelian shade are delivered to all who reside in Elvenesse, and to specific invitees of the High Prince To honor the newly elected High Prince Evar'tir Oranor, the Twilit Folk of the Esteemed House of Hawksong have cordially invited you to attend the traditional coronation of the Hinterlands Royarch. Join us as we herald in a new dawn for the Blessed Folk of Sea and Forest where we remember those who have worn the crown of our ancestors before, those who have fought to defend it, those who have served and preserv
  7. Spring's First Kiss Masquerade [!] A small and ornately written flyer blows in the wind before you, it's parchment bordered with golden trim. Attached to various posts across Sutica and Brynrose alike, as well as dispatched across the realm through the means of many birds, the flyer dictates an upcoming event to be held within the city of Sutica. --- --- A painting of a couple expressing their love for one another through the means of the ballroom. As conflict brews all throughout the realm, it is imperative that we embrace the intricacies of li
  8. [!] A poster is pinned to the Bramblebury notice board. Bramblebury Village Burrow Sale This Sun's Smile, I am organising a burrow sale! What is that you may wonder? A number of tables will be set up by me, Jean Applebottom, that you can lay out any unwanted goods upon for another to trade with, or give them out for nothing if you wish. Only halflings will have a table (hence burrow sale) and you will be asked to station yours. To claim one, send an RSVP to the Applebottom mailbox! If you do not feel you have enough lying around, you can
  9. [!] A simple note made of paper, half covered in brick dust, stamped with a wax seal in the figure of a double sided cross, and tied to several tables in Varhelm & Elysium is addressed to all citizens and foreigners alike. All who see this letter are officially invited to attend a ceremony commemorating the completion of the Ordo Laterem’s Monastery in the far hills of Norland. The celebration will be held in the newly finished monastery, Located directly west of Varhelms furthest southern wall. All those who show will be greeted with open arms and will enjoy
  10. [!] Invites would be distributed to the citizens of Haense and alike for Prinzcesa Petra’s fifth birthday celebration! The missives would be decorated with Barbanov Wax Crests. The Princess’s Wild Birthday Bash The Princess Petra and her kin reveling in birthday festivities. Penned by the hand of Lady Anastasiya of Aebrogikya To the citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, The Princess Royal, Her Royal Highness Petra Emma, Duchess of Karosgrad, would like to formally summon thy to her fifth name day celebration this saint’s year. Attendees will
  11. [!] A large poster of parchment would be found plastered upon various noticeboards around Almaris. TO CELEBRATE A NEW AGE FOR KRUGMAR Sons, Daughters, and allies of Krug may all rejoice this day! With news of good tidings being spread across all of Almaris, Krugmar would like to announce it's own cause for celebration: A proclamation of the great hunter and goblin Yarrow'Lur as the new Rex of our great city. With this wonderful news in mind, the Rexdom welcomes all the various peoples of Almaris to join in our festivities and watch the beginning of a new era for th
  12. [!] A notice has been pinned to the general event board, announcing a coming event that all may participate in! The folk of the House play merry music in anticipation for their beloved cultural pastime [!] The horns of Hawksong ring proudly amongst the treetops, kin, announcing our traditional mounted hunt for rabbits and boar! Our House has elected to open up the ride for all who wish to join us on the following elven day for an event of fast-paced hunting, chasing and comradery of the Twilit Folk's heritage. Limited space is available if you cannot provide y
  13. ((Note: This event was a PvE event hosted by Suicidism, and took place in Elysium! The event was widely loved by those who participated, and sparked a currently ongoing plot line of events that have kept similar engagement among the community.)) The sun rose high over Elysium, desperately trying to cover the frostbitten landscape in a warm embrace with little success. The grand, old snowy mountains that flanked the vassals south croaked and acted like an elderly man with weary bones. However, the ole mountains cries were not heeded in time. And so the mountain fell, an avalanche
  14. [!] An invitation is posted on the notice board in Elysium: ooc: The wedding of Corbin and Maduz will take place at the garden alter in Elysium. Monday, April 19th, 3:30 PM EST
  15. LOKI’S CASINO REOPENING It is with this official missive that announces the Grand Re-Opening of Loki’s Casino as ownership passes onto Albrecht Mondblume. Its doors will be thrown open to welcome new clientele, consumers and lovers of gambling for a night of addictive entertainment. Perfect for those who seek the thrill of balancing on a knife-edge between risk and payoff. Come down to test your luck, drink, and slink into the smoky atmosphere of Karosgrad’s first casino. Among the various games, the casino has a Dukebox and aVIP cigar lounge. There
  16. Welcome to the ⋆✧Selestia Wine Festival✧ [!] An artistically written poster would be sent out and put everywhere throughout Almaris. It would be depicted as an invitation for all who see to come. Welcome to the Wine Festival hosted by The County Of Selestia The County Of Selestia formally invites all who see to the Wine Festival. During this Festival there be a large array of drinks mostly wine but there are other drinks available such as whiskey, medley, Mulled Wine, Spiked Tea, and Flavored Vodka (And much more). The Festival will be a night un
  17. Yong Ping Commemoration Festival Join us this Grand Harvest for a Fabulous Festival in Yong Ping! [OOCLY: Saturday 7pm EST] To celebrate the anniversary of our dear city’s founding, all are invited to this grand spectacle. From games to performances, there will be something for everyone; even merchants from afar will be satisfied by Yong Ping’s finest wares. The event will start off with a grand opening ceremony at the Temple of Enlightenment to commemorate the progress Yong Ping has made thus far. Then, everyone will gather
  18. VERITAS — THE FIRST COMPETITION OF ARCHERY — "The archer is the true weapon; the bow is only a long piece of wood." OVERVIEW Since its inception, archery has been a favored tool of the hunter and warrior alike. To oppose an enemy from afar ensures the opposer’s preserved state of safety . Though it is often referred to as a coward’s trade by those with shaky hands, it takes a true talent to wield a stringed weapon, because a true marksman would hit its mark each time. Prove your talents among marksmen alike in the upcoming tournament of arms in Veri
  19. Ashes to the Wind [!] Passed to the citizens of Yong Ping, and other select people across Almaris, was an invitation, the event in question seeming to be somewhat of a funeral. Details were written on rice paper, with a traditional Oyashiman ink painting depicted above it. (Weeping, Matsuda Saiko, 1812) At the request of his closest family, this invitation asks the presence of it’s recipients to attend the memorial procession of the late Solomon Takezo. In remembering his life and guiding his soul to his next life, the service will follow some Oyashim
  20. The Cookie Crumb Bakery Celebratory 614 SR Elder Elections Opening! Menu, Week 3 (OOC opening time: Monday 5th April, 6:15pm EST/11:15pm GMT - 7:15pm EST/00:15pm GMT) The bakery will be opening to celebrate the election of 3 new Elders, shortly after they are announced this 614 Shire Reckoning! A few treats have been prepared especially for this event. Food Almond's Joy Cake ➢ Almond sponge cake with glacé cherries and a gooey marzipan centre Raspberry & White Choc Blondies ➢ Vanilla brownies with chunks of white chocolate a
  21. [!] Flyers would be pasted across Almaris, and some alongside another flyer in Sutica's Capital. ~=+=~ [!] A painting depicting a faire with a crowd of people under gazebos! "The Sutican Cultural Festival, where all of Almaris is invited to visit the Free State of Sutica in pursuit of showing every town, city, village, and nation's individual cultures, full of events, prizes, and showcases for all citizens of the continent to peddle their wares!" ~=~ EVENTS HOSTED Cultural Showcase [!] Art depicting many different
  22. Year 13 2A: Several travelers arrive to East-Fleet in preparation for a longer journey, lead by a man who calls himself a Prospector, a native to Almaris' underground depths. (Artist) The warm seabreeze of East-Fleet amused an old miner who walked along the crusted docks. He had a moment alone, enough to drink down something amber he bought at the tavern at Southbridge. He rubbed a flat thumb over the cheap label of 'Oaken Nectar', and let the empty bottle plop into the rising & falling tide. The bottle was pulled away by wave and wind, floating towards the horizo
  23. [!] A grandiose, ornate invitation is delivered to all Norlandic citizens and its allies as well. Sven’s Day: A Norlandic Holiday of Revelry and Merriment 20th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 15 SA You are cordially invited to join us in our momentous celebration, Sven’s Day; a celebration of the life of Sven the Bard, the Paragon of poetry, revelry, and song. We will be hosting a grand feast in the palace for all to attend, located in the capital of Norland, Varhelm. Those in attendance will indulge in the heartiest of meals and the finest
  24. The Union of Rosius et Frand ~ ~ 𝔄𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔢 𝔡𝔢 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡 requests your presence at the marriage of her sister, the fair Claude de Frand to The Honorable, Otis de Rosius At the Basilica of the Ascent, in the center of the Imperial City of Providence, officiated by Vice-Chancellor Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa. Followed by a reception at 'The Ivy House' hosted by Madam Ivy herself. To be taken place on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1813 ((Sunday, 3/28/21 7pm EST))
  25. The Joint Coming of Age JEANNETTE APPLEBOTTOM & SORREL ROSEHIPP PEREGRIN Halflings, rejoice! This 613 Shire Reckoning, two resilient, beloved young halfling women celebrate their 33rd birthday's! A joint celebration shall be held for High Pumplar Jeannette Applebottom and Sorrel 'The Wanderer', in the festival grounds of Bramblebury. Expect fireworks, song, dance, food and booze galore! Cordially invited to join the merrymaking are: All halflings of Bramblebury With special invites extended to: The Warden
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