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Found 103 results

  1. “Something stirs within the mountains Our beasts grow restless among the moons light Red eyes lurk among the bushes Great shadows on four legs stand upon the mountain tops” Uneasy mountain folk from the snowy hills of Urguan call upon capable dwarves to hunt a beast of unknown origin. Sighted about many small villages within the area, targeting wildlife and rarely villagers out at dark, the beast has left little more than large footprints and ruined corpses. A small militia was emassed to kill this beast, made up of capable men from the neighbouring villages, though all that survived from their first attempt was a young man of no more than fifty, with both arms torn off he didn’t live long enough to give any information on the beast. Now those that remain call upon the willing and brave of Urguan to rid them of this beast. (This is a player run eventline I’ll be doing for the dwarves, thought I’d try and chuck a bit of hype behind it) 6pm EST – This Saturday P.S You should +1
  2. !State wide caution! Due to the events that happened in sutica, the careful eyes of the state let the plants grow out of control. The Armitage Institute (TAI, and yes we are still a thing) conducted several tests. Sutica proved positively on the tests including the Moonmoss and its habitat. It is not dangerous yet. But it is growing out of proportions in the common river, the port and the underground basin’s. The Armitage Institute calls upon every willing man and woman to take down these bodies. They don't have to go extinct from Sutica, just lessened in population. Moonmoss emits a glow in the shallow waters of Sutica. When one decides to make the swim into the dark, they might get benefits out of it. The moss can be used as anti-inflammatory medicine aswell. If they are removed carefully and with patience, they can deliver this specimen to the regular hospital/medic post and get a reward for it. If not acted upon the spread they will keep growing until they take over the whole floor of the sutica water's. Take this alert to caution. The Armitage Institute.
  3. Trivia Night in the Bear’s Domain An exciting night of fun and entertainment is happening very soon within the Kingdom of Curonia! The action-packed event will see competing teams face off against one another, going head to head in a battle of wits and intelligence. Questions will be centered around the vast history of the Descendent races and their many notable historical figures, achievements, downfalls, etc. The game will be set up in a tournament-style fashion where the teams shall be split up into varying brackets. Each time a game is completed, the winners of a round shall progress upwards into the next round of the winner's bracket and the losing team shall be placed into the losing bracket. At the very end, the team who wins the victors bracket and the team who wins the losing bracket shall face-off, head to head, in order to claim victory and earn for themselves the 5,000 mina cash prize! Requirements to enter the competition: A team of 3 members must be submitted to the following form (at the bottom of the page) before 3pm EST on Saturday, September 28th. Any teams who submit more or less than 3 team members and or any team who complete the registration form after the 3pm EST deadline will not be allowed to compete! A team name must be selected and given on the doc to be used in the competition. (Meme names are fine just keep it pg-13 folks. Anything deemed inappropriate will result in the team members being disqualified and or unable to compete in the competitions.) A team captain must be chosen for the whole team. (This is purely for OOC reasons such as to communicate with the team before and during the event. The team captain will be asked to give their discord username in the form.) OOC Note: Only the team captain needs to fill out the form below. They will provide all the information needed for the rest of their team. Team Registration Link: https://forms.gle/uppoPowUmiRwTrsp8 OOC Information Date: Saturday, September 28th Time: 5pm EST Location: City Square of Curonia
  4. TO REMEMBER THE FALLEN ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ [!] An exciting flier is pinned around the imperial human cities, as well as the non-human allies, and the neutral people of Sutica, Marsumar, Talon’s Grotto, and so on. “To all men, women, children, and people-in-between... The people of Curon invite you to attend our upcoming festival and celebrate those that gave their all to beat down the Voidal Mother. To you, in the name of all that is good and in the name of the descendants, the people of Curon therefore, open their gates and invite all to celebrate and rejoice.“ “Please join us, and enjoy a good time. Take a gander at the new and old attractions that will be coming to Avalain.“ . ° . ° The Mighty Sword Pull ° . ° . Is sword-wielding your game? Do you think you have what it takes to pull a mighty sword that rests in stone? Only those who are worthy may free the sword from its sediment resting place. It costs 40 minas for an attempt. The one who frees the sword will receive the sword as a prize. (You must roll a perfect 30 out of 30 in order to free the sword) . ° . ° Skin Lottery ° . ° . Do you have a knack for luck? Our lottery is an effort-free event that will end the night. Simply pay 50 minas to insert your name at any time during the festival, and see if Lady Luck blesses you with a brand new set of clothes! The sign-up table can be found at the deep blue stall on the day of the festival. . ° . ° Attractions ° . ° . If dancing and sword-wielding isn’t your thing, there are plenty of attractions at the festival. All we ask is that you do not vandalize the attractions. Connect Four and Tic Tac Toe Need to test your mental prowess? Located by the bonfire are two double chests. One is set up for Connect Four and the other is set up for Tic Tac Toe. These are free to play, all we ask is that you do not take the game pieces. Life-sized Checkers Chest games, not enough? Well, good news for you. There is a full-sized eight-by-eight checkerboard located in the front of the festival. It is free to play, we only ask is that you do not take the game pieces! (You will need region perms to Curon in order to play.) Dance Floor This round dance floor is for those who want to shake their tail! It is located behind the flower, and everyone is free to dance. The dance floor will showcase a railed pond in the middle with exotic fish. . ° . ° Stalls ° . ° . If you’re here for the goods, look no further! The festival will be hosting many stalls of different shapes and sizes with vendors all over Arcas! Here is the list of our current vendors. Right Side Stalls: TRIAGE STALL Incase someone sprains their ankle or lands on a sword, this stall is front and center and prepared for minor injuries. Look for the white/red dome stall with four medical beds. It also has two sections of six slabs to sell medical supplies for those interested in medicine. The Pelican It is a lime green stall located by the terracotta wall. It will be selling toys, books, and so on. Pru This stall sells simple sketches for prices starting from 50 minae. Bust - 50 Minae Waist Up - 200 Minae Full Body - 500 Minae It is a square stall with leafy roofing, located by the terracotta wall. Niko’s Meat Mart The name explains it all, this is a meat mart! One could just smell the fresh meat now. It is a sky-blue stall located by the terracotta wall. Haense’s Greens & Healthy Foods This stall sells fresh produce imported from Haense It is a roofless yellow stall, located by the terracotta wall. Winterleaf Brews Come on down to the green stall! Unique and Custom brews will be sold to liven the mood! It is a green stall which is located near the terracotta wall. Druids This stall sells all sorts of goods from the Talus Grove! It is a roofless orange stall, located by the terracotta wall. Howl of The North Owned by Captain Honour Rackham, this stall is sure to have many items, like alcohol, tea, exotic food, and unusual gifts. It is a red stall, located by the terracotta wall near the bonfire. Tavernier Past the bonfire, under the dark oak pavilion along the terracotta wall, drinks and food are sold by the Crown and Cup and its employees. Tables are set up for those to sit and enjoy a drink and a meal after they are too tired from dancing. Fenn Flowercrowns This popular stall was at the last Fenn event, and now it is here. Selling fabulous flower crowns and other items, it’s sure to be a hit. This pink stall is located near the dance floor, next to the Tavernier. EMPTY STALL This stall is empty, and for sale: 100 minae. It is a light grey stall with four slabs and three carpets. Left Side Stalls: Ruberni Commodities This vibrant stall bears the colors of orange/red. It is the first stall on the left and sells a variety of things. From makeup to action figures, this stall has a lot of worth-while goods. Get them while you still can! Society of Gentle Ladies Curon’s own Society of Gentle Ladies is hosting a stall at the festival. Not only will they be selling goods, but they will also be hosting tea-time under their canopy. Flameforge Smiths Buy superior goods from Curon’s own Flameforge Family. A family of smiths, they are the new upcoming smiths in Curon. Their stall is a rectangular stall, bearing the colors of purple and white. Caliphate Goods Coming all the way from the caliphate, this stall sells signature Qalasheen jewelry, bookmarks, and armor. It is a rectangular stall bearing the Kadarsi flags, located by the bonfire. Obsidian Thread Near the dance floor is a blue stall, selling skins from the talented tailors of the Reg’Wir family. You can buy clothing, and enter the lottery for their spotlight skin. Should their skill fancy your taste, they are available for custom commissions. . ° . ° Fire For The Fallen ° . ° . As a final tribute to those who gave their lives to end the Voidal Mother, a large bonfire will be set to flame in honor of those who fell. We ask that you take this time to contemplate the price of victory along with us. Set aside all differences, just as it was done during the battle. . ° . ° OOC Information ° . ° . 6 PM EST Friday, September 20th. In Curon!
  5. [!] A paper is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board! T’a Ninth Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night! ~Micah’s speech during Rollo’s Wake!~ T’is been a while since we last had a good ol’ Drinking Night in Brandybrook. Sure, we had plenty o’ other gatherings, but none o’ them were Drinking Nights! Thus, I see it fit to bring back the ancient halfling tradition dating back to the Dunshire days o’ me youth! O’ course, we ought to pray to Lord Knox more as well, thus we’ll be having a good ol’ Knoxist prayer at the end of this Drinking Night on top o’ the drinking! What: A drinking party + Knoxist prayer right afterwards! Where: ’n Brandybrook, the home o’ the halflings, right next ter Aegrothond! When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week ‘n the beginning of the next! ((Saturday, September 14th, 4 PM EST)) Knox bless us all! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood [!] The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  6. -={ Nakama’s Harvest Festival }=- In celebration of the approaching harvesting season his lordship, the Daimyo, announces to his people the holding of a great festival to begin the season. In order to ensure a properly wealthy harvest respect must first be paid to the Spirit of Nakama. As the founder of Nakamachi and teacher of the farming techniques that enable us today, Nakama is responsible for all our success and it is the wish of the Daimyo that we honor him. WHEN: At the end of this elven week. (Saturday the 7th at 3est) WHERE: The Village of Nakamachi WHO: -All residents of Nakamachi -Our friends, the elves of Haelun’or -Any and all spectators and well-wishing visitors
  7. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! Rollo’s Wake! ~Rollo Applefoot wearing his casual clothing!~ T’a Thain is dead! Long Live the Thain! Instead of cryin’ over his death for years and years like some weirdo bigguns, we’re gonna hold a MASSIVE party in Rollo’s memory. Instead of mourning his loss, we shall celebrate his life! It’s what he would’ve wanted. All folks o’ all races are invited to this party, and no expenses shall be spared making this the best party ever held! Activities ~A mug from the tavern!~ ~Drinking in the Toady Traveler Tavern!~ ~Shogging!~ ~Fishin’ Tournament!~ ~Darts!~ ~Baked Goods Stall!~ ~A Eulogy from Micah, t’a new Thain!~ Time/Location Close ter the end o’ the Elven Week, located entirely within Brandybrook o’ course! ((Sunday the 8th of September, 4 PM EST)) All yer friends ‘r gonna be here! You should come as well if you don’t want to be left out! [!] The notice ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  8. First ‘proper’ ship seen on the expedition. Circa 1715 “The smallest landlubbers, callin’ themselves the halflins received a bounty that would lead them to the shipwreck, as they ventured out from brandybrook’s decks they would quickly find out the shipwreck was no fluke and that another ship had been shattered to pieces there while trying to retrieve the much acclaimed treasure… Was it the aggression of other ocean-travelling folk or just another casualty of the forceful tides that often brought a wet demise to unsuspecting sailors… ? The warning remained, but with the demise of the other ships a lucky group of landlubbers have taken the opportunity to check out what sweet loot these remains had to offer. They were greeted with relics of long past lives and the unwelcoming otherworldly presence of an apparition that had formed from the many lost souls that drowned or died any other horrible death upon the ocean. Seeing that everything eventually sinks down to the ocean floor to ultimately rot away, the shipwreck preserved itself as a warning to all those who are foolish enough to venture out into the unknown seas unprepared. A storm was coming... Luckily the Pirates were giving the landlubbers who received the bounty missive instructions and cared for their safe travel across the seas. Although with the whole population of ocean-dwellers on the line they had no other way but to cooperate with the main-land centric descandants, who were currently in the turmoils of war. Cap’n Octatre’ was send out with a small but dedicated crew to establish contact with the crews that were able to sail out far into the ocean. Far behind the high tides, where rocky formations would carve the floor beneath the surface, a menace would slowly inch closer. It was a sinister creature that would devour everything in its vicinity. As the creature was a very slow organism, the ocean-dwellers & descendants alike wouldn’t know about it at all until its large unsaturated hunger would mess with the whole eco-system. of the uncharted seas Large amounts of flat, marbly bone substance would wash up from the depths of the sea. It was completely dead material, preserved in form, but devoid of life. Once a living organism was turned to dry bones, the salvaged lifeforce would be absorbed by the creature. With the now established contacts to the mainland the pirates hope to salvage the ancient remains of the precursors of the Arkos seas to put an end to this terrible creature, and hopefully free the ancient civilisation trapped beneath a blanket of bones….” *The old man would sign the book, on the last page was a drawing of the shipwrecks at sea. He went to the library of dragur to publish his observation upon sea.*
  9. Skeptic

    Comedy Night

    Seeing as how the previous Comedy Night was so successful, Henry Clericus is proud to host it again at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak! No sign-up or form to fill, just jump on stage and joke away. Info: Snow’s Maiden, 1731. ((Wednesday, 28th of August, 2019)) at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak. Directions: From Helena: Turn right, when approaching the three-way, turn right again and head straight, crossing over the wooden bridge. Continue on the road towards Haelun’or. Soon enough you will turn left, and finally you will arrive at Laanhold, Westmarch! (( XYZ: -872 // 62 // -1723 )) A map is attached to the post with a red dot labeled as Helena and a green dot, presumably Westmarch.
  10. [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Brandybrook Notice Board T’a Eighth Annual Brandybrook Drinkin’ Night! ~Brandybrook as seen by the birds!~ Lo’ t’ere all! Us halflings be back at it again with these Brandybrook Drinking Nights! The only difference is that t’is Drinking Night will be followed by a short Knoxist prayer loike the 5th and 6th Drinking Nights, for goin’ two weeks without praising the Pumpkin Lord sure be bad luck! What: A night o’ drinking and free booze! Where: In Brandybrook’s Toady Traveler Tavern, next to Aegrothond! When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ o’ the next! ((Saturday, August 24th, 4 PM EST)) What do oi need to bring: Nothing but yerself ‘n any things you wanna drink that we nay have ‘n the tavern! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Officer of Brandybrook [!] The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  11. [!]A painting of the County of Ayr circa 1728 Decades ago, deep within the realm of Atlas, the House of Baruch remained a shadow of its former self. After a brief succession crisis following the death of Count Aldrik, Marius, who never expected to ascend to become the head of his family, struggled to keep his father’s holdings intact. Many of his followers, sceptical of his ability to lead, left for the capital of Markev, leaving Ayr and Greyguard Hold, the seat of House Baruch, barely defendable. Enemies of Haense were keen to take advantage of this, storming the keep and rebranding it “Arberrang”, taking hold of the precious Baruch relics hidden inside. Marius and his remaining family believed they had been lost forever, and for good reason. Following the siege of Greyguard with the Imperials emerging victorious and routing the Arberrang dogs from the lands, the following Baruch heirlooms were absent: The Whalebone Coronet: A relic in which all Counts wore on the day of their ascension. An ivory white whalebone formed into a circlet with a crowned grey jewel symbolizing the prowess and prestige of the House of Baruch The Whalebone sword: A silver blade with a whalebone hilt, its pommel curved as if it was the tail of a whale, a dark grey gem within it. [!] The siege of Greyguard Hold in which the Baruch’s lost their home. Now, almost five decades later, the Baruchs have found what is rightfully theirs. They had found the heathens who had taken their relics and have retaken them and they are now in the hands of the House of Baruch once more. As well as this the Baruch seat, Marianburg, has been erected for what will be 20 years. This is a time to rejoice with festivities! To celebrate this most joyous occasion the Count of Ayr, Sigmar Joren Baruch, along with his cousin the Baron of Gant, Joren Aldrik Baruch, wish to invite the noble families and their retinues within the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska to a feast which will be hosted by the Count Sigmar in the County of Ayr. Signed, Sigmar Joren of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Guardian of the Haeseni Coast, Lord of Jorenstadt, and Marianburg, and Lord Kastellan of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Joren Aldrik of the House of Baruch, Baron of Gant [!] The Coat of Arms of House Baruch [!] The coat of arms of the County of Ayr ((Friday, feast will be at 3:45 est in Ayr.))
  12. Skeptic

    Trivia Night

    Henry Clericus is proud to present Trivia Night at the Eagle’s Beak of the Duchy of Westmarch. For those unaware of how the game works, there will be 4 categories, Arts, History, Science, & Geography. There will be 5 levels for each category, 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. The harder questions will earn you more points, the group with the most points in the end, wins. For those who are curious, the winner wins 500 mina. So all looking forward to joining us we recommend stopping by at the library. Trivia Night will take place on The First Seed, 1729. Afterwards all are welcome to the wine tasting located at The Fourier Estate. ((Friday the 16th of August at 5pm EST – Duchy of Westmarch)) ((Located on the road North to Haelun’or.)) We hope to see you there!
  13. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard! T’a Seventh Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night! ~The Pillowfoot family burrow!~ Lo again Brandybrook halflings! T’is time we have yet another Drinking Night here ‘n Brandybrook, in order to maintain the tradition for yet another year! The last Drinking Night went very very well, so there’s nay reason to not have another one! What: A night full o’ drinking and free booze! Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the halflings, right next to Aegrothond! When: Close to t’a end of this Elven Week and the beginnin’ o’ the next! ((Saturday, 17th of August, 4 PM EST)) Can oi attend?: O’ course ye can! Just nay cause any trouble! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Officer of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  14. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board T’a Sixth Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night! ~Brandybrook as seen by the birds!~ The last Drinking Night was a grand success, for we not only had plenty of shogging but also lots of booze drinkin’ ‘n Knoxist prayer. We should try and make the next Drinking Night even better, with even more drinkin’ and even more worship o’ the Pumpkin Lord! What: A bunch o’ drinkin’, followed by a Knoxist prayer! Where: In Brandybrook, o’ course! When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and tha’ beginning of the next! ((Saturday, 10th of August, 4 PM EST)) Who be invited?: All ‘r invited ter the Drinking Night, ‘cept for the nasty no-good bigguns who do bad things, o’ course! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Officer of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  15. The Silver Calendar of Sun’s Smile to Snow’s Maiden 1727 [!] A catalogue of events would be dropped off at every doorstep by a small army of Uherian. There would also be stacks of these calendars inside the tavern for all to see whom are passing through the Silver State. Mali’ Yoga Class Malin’s Welcome “Greetings nimble mali’, you are invited to attend a mali’ yoga class. This will teach you to increase your dexterity and flexibility. This class is especially recommended for mages to help learn mana control and increase their control on their connection to the void. The class will be held in the gazebo outside of the ballroom. Afterwards, there shall be a breakfast bar and smoothies.” Signed, Medi’ir Uppori Visaj Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ MONDAY AUGUST 5TH, 2019 4:00 PM EST/22:00 CET]] Archery Competition The Deep Cold “Citizens of Haelun’or are invited to the Berr’lin Archery Competition. Archers are encouraged to come no matter the skill set to prove their strength with a bow. Winners will be rewarded with a bottle of alcohol and minas.” Signed, Okarir’tir Alaion Miravaris Okarir’tayna Caestella Valarieth [[ TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH, 2019 2:30 PM EST/ 20:30CET]] Heial’Indor Snow’s Maiden “Come one come all to the Heial’Indor! The first book club meeting in the blessed city of Berr’lin will take place in the lower level of the Eternal Library. The Heial’Indor will discuss their favorite books as well as what they will be reading until the next meeting. This circle of avid readers and author calls all who wish to further their knowledge and wisdom to join the group in their discussions, debates, and studies.” Signed, Okarir’maehr Nerithil Valarieth Okarir’tayna Caestella Valareith [[WEDNESDAY AUGUST 7TH, 2019 5:00 PM EST/ 23:00 CET]] liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe maehr'sae hiylun'ehya
  16. The Cresonian ball [[9th August, 5 pm EST, 10 pm GMT]] “You are hereby invited to attend the Cresonian ball. It will be held in the honor of my eldest son, Rahim Nasrid. He will also be looking for a lady to marry during this as I will be abdicating to him after the ball. Thus the heir of Cresonia needs a wife and soulmate to stand by his side. I would also recommend you all wear something light, as the heat is quite intense for those not used to it here in Cresonia. A small feast will also be held before the ball to introduce Rahim to all the ladies and lords.” The feast starts at 4 pm est The ball starts at 5 pm est The Gardens will be open for all during the ball! Signed, Her Grace, Asria of House Nasrid, the Duchess of Cresonia [!]The following list of friends and allies who gained their personal invitations from the doves[!] The House of Johannes, and the Nobility and Citizens of the Empire The rest of the Dragonblood houses The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of Barbanov, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense The House of STAUNTON, and the Nobility and Citizens of Westmarch The House of Kharadeen, and the Nobility and Citizens of the Caliphate The House of Helvets and the Nobility and Citizens of Kaedrin The House of VISAJ and the Citizens of Haelun’or The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia The House of Merentel, and the Nobility and Citizens of Vintas The Jackalope of Lorraine and all Lorranians Other allies, friends and those who are neutral to Cresonia are also welcome. OOC INFO AND CORDS:
  17. THE SKIRMISH OF THE BURNING HILLS Issued and confirmed by his Majesty, Adrian I, King of Kaedrin. 18th of Horen’s Calling, 1727. Nightfall, and yet nothing was silent. The twilight of the darkness which was to plaster a silvery lilac hue over the world was disrupted by the brazen flame of combat. To the men in those hills, slumber could only be acquired through victory or, eternally, through defeat. To the men of Kaedrin, this night was a night like many others. For days they had been engaged in a war of attrition with the vile pests who decided to infest their home. ‘Ratmen’ as they would be known to outsiders, or ‘Henry’s Kin’ to the warriors clad in White and Crimson had infested Ves before and were routed, hopefully never to be seen again. Yet, it twas Commodus’ honey farm, pillaged and scorned by putrid teeth and nefarious plots that enabled the men of Kaedrin to know that the job was incomplete. To the North-East, the Ratmen had constructed a fortification which probed the icy waters. They had confiscated a boat, armed with a steam-weapon of sorts - powerful enough to blow a man’s head clean off with a proper blast. It was the duty of the Kaedrenis to evict these creatures from the dust, and so the battle raged. As quickly as Ballistae were erected, they were scorched by the hordes of rodents. Attacking from all sides, and using their vast tunnel systems, they managed to outflank Kaedrin’s heros and put them on the defensive. Moltovs were flung back and forth, both sides facing the wrath of flame. Yet, still, Kaedrin held firm, maintaining their trench positions despite the wounds taken in rear flanks. Volleys of bolts flung from either side, many Kaedreni auxiliary being hit, but even more rats. The wounded cried in pain, and were hauled to the medical tents which too faced fire. It was a miracle that the medicae were not harmed in the chaos. Perhaps it was a blessing from the exalted Owyn himself from the Seven Skies. By dawn, regiments worth of carcasses littered the hillsides. Some were gored, some were scorched, and some were munched upon during the battle. Yet, as if by divine providence, the sun rose. The lines of Kaedrin held firm and now that the battlefield had become illuminated from the dark, the rodents retreated back into their caves where they could plot their next scheme. Kaedrin had won this day, and this bout of King of the Hill, but there would still be more strife to come. WISH TO JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE RATS? WISH TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK? WISH TO FIND A PURPOSE? JOIN THE ARMY OF KAEDRIN IN CONQUEST OF RATSTANBUL TODAY, AND BECOME THE KAEDRENI MARINE OF TOMORROW. IN NOMINE DEI, His Excellence, The Honorable Richard de Reden “The Red”, Governor General and Protector General of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Count of Kreden, Baron of Caer Bann, Arch-Lector of Owyn’s Creed, Moranguard of the Caernguard, Knight of the Imperium Nonus.
  18. The Archduchy of Suffonia proudly presents, Alexander II, Beauty Pageant and Garden Party With his Imperial Majesty Alexander’s II accession to the imperial throne, beauty has embraced the lands of Arcas. To celebrate this happy occasion and to show our gratitude to his Imperial Majesty for his existence; we are holding a beauty pageant express the beauty of our realm. Our guests will be first served grilled meat and alcohol at our Alexander II Garden and following this humble feast the beauty contest will begin. The contest will have two phases. For the first phase the contestants will present themselves in their best dresses and for the second phase the contestants will be expected to perform a talent of their choosing. Following these phases guests will vote for the Alexander II Beauty Queen. How to Participate as a Contestant? All females who are above the age of 16 will be eligible to attend. Please contact @Mordred#0340 or @Kata#8905 until ((4pm est Wednesday)) to sign your name for the contest. If you are below 18, parental consent will be required. (Legal Disclaimer: Alcohol will be served; make sure you are prepared in case you fall into the swimming pool! Our Archduchy will not be responsible for possible wetness or drowning.) Citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire and all her ally states are invited, we especially wish to invite the following, ~His Imperial Majesty Alexander II and the House of Johannes, and the Nobility and Citizens of the Empire ~The Dragonblood houses and their Nobility and Citizens ~The House of Devereux, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia ~The House of Helvets and the Nobility and Citizens of Kaedrin ~The House of Barbanov, and the Nobility and Citizens of Haense ~The House of Merentel, and the Nobility and Citizens of Vintas ~The House of Staunton, and the Nobility and Citizens of Westmarch ~The House of Nasrid, and the Nobility and Citizens of Cresonia ~The House of Kharadeen, and the Nobility and Citizens of the Caliphate ~The House of Visaj and the Citizens of Haelun’or ~Howl of the North Trading Company Signed, {OOC Information}
  19. The Festival of the Golden Crow =~+~= A multitude of fliers could be seen posted along the sides of inns, stables, and road signs that line the highways of the Holy Orenian Empire. Should you choose to take one of them in hand, the pamphlet would read as follows: =~+~= ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ *A small sketch of the city of Reza can be seen drawn here, along with a majestic full moon in the background.* Greetings, traveler! A new age is upon us, one which is destined to bring wealth and prosperity to the whole of humanity through mutual respect, cooperation, and peace. For over a decade, the Royal City of Reza has had to face the trials and tribulations of war. But now capital of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has now finally been restored to its previous splendor as the “Gem of the North” through the hard work and determination of the subjects of Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Therefore, in order to celebrate the newfound prosperity that has been brought by the stability of the Emperor’s Peace, the right honorable Maer of Reza has deemed it both just and proper to authorize undertaking of the first Festival of the Golden Crow as thanksgiving. *A drawing of Reza’s mercantile district can be seen being portrayed here.* All people, Haenseni and foreign alike, are invited to attend. The festival is to be held on the 15th of Tobias’ Bounty, and shall consist of several primary attraction, including: =~+~= A Grand Tournament, open to all fighters who wish to prove their mettle in battle! The entrance fee shall be 100 minas per contestant, and the winner of the tourney shall be bequeathed the Golden Crow Cup and half of all profits a reward! Merchant Stalls, to be manned by some of the finest vendors in all the North, and beyond! Those interested in setting up one of their own should contact Kamilla Julya Stafyr, the Maer of Reza, at least a Saint’s Day before the festival. ((Saw#1299)) A Matchmaking Service, which shall be open to all those wishing to find love! Those who submit their names shall be paired with a partner of the opposite sex from a similar age and background. Participation costs 50 minas per entry. Beautiful Music, to be played for our visitors by some of the greatest bards in the North and lead both old and newly matched couples in dance! The Dunking Booth, where participants shall have the opportunity to force some of the most comical characters in all of Haense into the icy cold waters of a tank below. The Great Bonfire of the North, to be fully stocked with the finest foods and drink the land has to offer. A place where festival goers may enjoy themselves passively away from the affairs of the fair. Haenseni Chess, a great game of strategy which has been hailed by generations of northmen as one of the finest tests of wits in the Empire. =~+~= So please, come and enjoy the greatest hospitality that we, the men of the North, can offer to valued travelers such as yourselves! We wish you all a wonderful day, and hope to see you on 15th of Tobias’s Bounty. If interested in participating in either the tournament or in the matchmaking service, please fill out the application below and send it to Safe travels, and may GOD be with you all. ~Lady Kamilla Julya Stafyr, Maer of the Royal City of Reza ~Ser Konrad Arthur Stafyr, Knight of the Haensenic Realm, Lord Speaker of the Royal Duma ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ ((OOC: The festival shall be held in the City of Reza at 3:00 PM EST this Saturday. Please come, and feel free to bring your friends as well! If you wish to enter either the tourney or the matchmaking process, please fill out the following survey and prepare to pay the fees upon arrival at the festival: https://forms.gle/sompmzWHJUhxht7y6 ))
  20. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board Brandybrook Shogging Night! ~Shogging in Brandybrook!~ ’T ‘as been quite ah while since we’ve shogged properly here ‘n Brandybrook! T’is time for another Night o’ Shogging, this time nay in ah competitive format! Instead o’ drinking booze this night, we’ll be shogging, thus making this a Shoggin’ Night instead o’ ah Drinkin’ one! What: A shogging party! Where: In Brandybrook! When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week! ((Saturday, August 3rd at 4 PM EST)) Am I invited?: O' course ye are! Just nay cause any trouble! Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a Wee! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Official of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
  21. (Translated From Blah) For years the Lak clan has been following the command of Laklul.. however that command has come to challenge an individual group of spirit worshipers, those of Freygoth. Recently in Krugmar many issues have been arising because of this ongoing conflict. To put an end to this conflict the Lur Warlord, Ugrad’Lur, has decided to take actions into his own hands. On the 14th of The First Seed, 1726. Ugrad’Lur proposed a clan battle to the Swampgoth Lubok’Lak, between Lak and Lur with a set of terms. The klomp will only be between the two clans, Lak and Lur. There will not be any outside clans or forces interfering. The two clans will not be allowed to use snagas for the fight. Until the time of the klomp, both clans will not be allowed to recruit any members. If the Lak’s win the skirmish, the Lur clan will be forced to accept Laklul and to stop worshipping Freygoth. If the Lur’s win, the Lak’s will no longer be allowed to force Freygoth following Orcs against the spirit of Freygoth. Only the use of a set of iron armor, a sword, a bow & arrows during the skirmish. Exiting the skirmish area of fort Gurmazg to the top of the hill is prohibited. ~Ugrad’Lur, the Warlord of the Lur clan. ~Lubok’Lak, Swampgoth of Clan Lak and Maugoth of Krugmar. ((The Location and time is being determined between the two clan leaders. They will be in charge of informing their members accordingly.))
  22. [!] A series of penned missives were available to Arcas – as for the public, to the cities of Fenn, Urguan, Vira’ker, and peculiarly the Silver City might these parchments be found. Similar fliers were sent in private. (Above, an illustration depicting the newly wrought ships, at night.) A series of events are scheduled for the following months, listed as follows: A Celebration Fëanor Sylvaeri, having reached the age of 100 this previous year, will hold a more private celebration to commemorate the event. Friend and family of Aegrothond are welcome to attend, as well as any smith or gemcutter that may exist in Arcas. A drinking contest may ensue. To mark the event, a series of statues shall be examined in memory of the late Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak and the High Prince Avurak Syllar. Constructed in a fashion befitting the sea-faring Almenodrim, the priests of Wyrvun and the Primarch Da’kir and his companions are welcome to attend – and offer advice to the memorial sites, as to pay respects to Wyrvun and the Ancestors respectively. To conclude the event, the boats shall be christened, to be prepared for the next month’s events. This will take place at this Elven Day (July 26, 2019 at 10PM EST). Private invitations include: The Ascended, Damien, and various others – regardless of race. A Memorial The following Elven Day, the memorial sites shall be opened to the public, and a beach-side celebration and feast shall commence. This shall also be a pre-emptive celebration for the coronation which will take place later that Elven Day – to formally crown Delmira Sylvaeri as High Princess, alongside the current High Prince. All are welcome, if they are able to keep peace. Additionally, opportunity will present itself to those seeking to make peace or otherwise politically approach Aegrothond. This will take place the following Elven Day (July 27, 2019 at 4PM EST) at -520 280 behind Aegrothond. Take the Korvassa road. Private Invitations Include: The Freeblades, The Syllar, Tundrak, Sylric, Annungilben, Starbreaker A Coronation A private ceremony, welcoming the Under-Realm, Fenn, Vira’ker and family and friends of the Almenodrim, will see Delmira Sylvaeri crowned formally. This will take place later in the month. This will take place later that Elven Day (July 27, 2019 likely past 11PM EST).
  23. The Archduchy of Suffonia proudly presents, With his Imperial Majesty Alexander’s II accession to the imperial throne, war and disasters have ended and peace and prosperity await humanity and all races of the lands of Arcas. To celebrate this happy occasion and our humble vassalisation under his Imperial Majesty, we wish to hold a feast at our Castle of Warwick. We will grill game animals at our garden Jardin d'Alexander. Alcohol will be served; make sure you are prepared in case you fall into the swimming pool! Our Archduchy will not be responsible for possible wetness or drowning. Citizens of the Empire and all her ally states are invited, we especially wish to invite the following: ~His Imperial Majesty Alexander II and the House of CASCADIA, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~His Holiness and the Bishops of the Church of the Canon ~The House of DEVEREUX, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of BARBANOV, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of HELVETS, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of ALSTION, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of SARKOZIC, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of VISAJ, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of NASRID, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The Royal House of Kharadeen ~The Noble Houses of Dragonblood ~The Noble House of Staunton ~The Noble House of Merentel ~The Noble House of Keint ~The Noble House of Falstaff ~The Noble House of Castelo ~The Noble House of Ironwood ~The Noble House of Falkenrath ~The Noble House of De Alba ~The Noble House of Halcourt ~The Noble House of Draskovits ~The Noble House of Harkness ~The Noble House of Silversteed ~Howl of the North Trading Company Signed, {OOC Information}
  24. *Apologies for the lack of decoration in this post, forums are being annoying and not letting me upload the usual pictures I use :C* The Archduchy of Suffonia proudly presents, Suffonian Grand Auction Esteemed habitants of the land of Arcas, we are proud to invite you to our first traditional Grand Auction. In our Castle of Warwick, following a feast given in honour of our honourable guests, we will hold an auction where one can buy valuable or peculiar items. Make sure your biddings are prudent, as you will be held accountable for them! You Can Buy, But Can You Sell? If you are interested in selling your precious items as much as buying them, you can contact our Auction Curator Princess Elizabeth Suffolk (Kata#8905) or her assistant Prince Anthony Suffolk (Mordred#0340) until ((Saturday 2pm Est)) and following their evaluation our Professional staff can put your items in to auction on your behalf! Make sure you come with a full pursue, credit will not be accepted! [!] IMPORTANT [!] All income from personal sales of the House Suffolk will be donated to his Holiness, the High Pontiff of the Church of Canon. The House of Suffolk wishes to support all kinds of charity and religious activities by his Holiness and Edward Suffolk personally pledges his fortunes for the aid of the men of the faith in need. Invitation List Citizens of the Empire and all her ally states are invited, we especially wish to invite the following: ~His Imperial Majesty Alexander II and the House of CASCADIA, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~His Holiness and the Bishops of the Church of the Canon ~The House of DEVEREUX, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of BARBANOV, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of HELVETS, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of ALSTION, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of SARKOZIC, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of VISAJ, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The House of NASRID, and their Noble Vassals and Citizens ~The Royal House of Kharadeen ~The Noble House of Dragonblood ~The Noble House of Staunton ~The Noble House of Merentel ~The Noble House of Keint ~The Noble House of Falstaff ~The Noble House of Castelo ~The Noble House of Ironwood ~The Noble House of Falkenrath ~The Noble House of De Alba ~The Noble House of Halcourt ~The Noble House of Draskovits ~The Noble House of Harkness ~The Noble House of Silversteed ~Howl of the North Trading Company Signed, Elizabeth Suffolk {OOC Information} 16:00est, 26th July, Friday
  25. [!] A note is pinned to the Brandybrook Notice Board T’a Fourth Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night! ~Chatting with a new halfling ‘n Brandybrook!~ Although somewhat delayed, the last Brandybrook Drinking Night was an amazing success that brought loads o’ fun and enjoyment ter our village nay doubt! Thus, we have no reason to not continue with this wonderful tradition! Let’s have another one! However, ter mix things up this time, we ought to play DARTS and the ancient halfling game o’ SHOGGING as well as just drinking! Nay reason not ter ‘ave a variety of merrymaking! What: A Drinking Night full of booze and all sorts of fun, with Shogging an’ Darts as well! When: Close to the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ o’ the next! ((Saturday, 27th of July, 4 PM EST)) Where: In Brandybrook, o’ course! In the Toady Traveler Tavern! Long Live GLORIOUS THAIN ROLLO APPLEFOOT, Praised be Brandybrook! -Pervinca Driftwood, Customs & Excise Official of Brandybrook [!] The note ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!
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