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  1. Come join the Council of Vortice for an evening of splendor and enchantment! Her Sovereignty Lenora Jusmia humbly invites all who wish to participate in festivity and dance to join her in our upcoming Vortician ball, where tapestries of golds, greys and reds will decorate the walls, drinks will be had, and conversations will flow freely. Music and Dance will ensue, and meals will be provided to all in attendance. Dress code is formal reds, greys, blacks and golds. No armor is permitted unless given special permission by the Vortician council. Her Sovereignty will be blessing our ears with her piano playing. A best dressed contest will be held with a fifty mina prize for the winner, so make sure to wear the nicest outfit you own! To be held during the month of the Sun's Smile year 148 SA
  2. THE FUNERAL OF ALEKSANDR KORTREVICH Tragedy has yet again struck the House of Kortrevich with the passing of a beloved cousin, Aleksandr Audemar Kortrevich. He is survived by his children, including the Baron of Mondstadt. THE SERVICE The funeral shall take place within the Everardian Basilica, led by His Eminence, Josef, Patriarch of Jorenus @Pureimp10, before his pyre is lit within the square of Valdev. All are welcome to attend. It is asked that those in attendance pin a red primrose to their attire in honor of the late Kortrevich. SIGNÉE PAR, Her Ladyship, Irena Stefaniya Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Regent of House Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska His Lordship, Henrik Edvard Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Her Ladyship, Liridona Ingrid Amador, Regent of House Amador, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
  3. A Reunion of House Seregon and elSullas Talonnii As written upon on this 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 144 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Diligence in the face of ignorance.” "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Members of the Sullas Talonnii and those of House Seregon, as well as Friends of either Family, Miven Caerme'onn- @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn @thumperjack Valmir Arvellon @drusus We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. It has been far too long since we last gathered together as one family, united by blood and bound by love. With the blessings of this Autumn season upon us, and the readmittance of Elerríon into the Sullas Talonnii, we extend our heartfelt invitation to you all for a grand reunion in the Lordship of Caladras. The bonds of family are some of the strongest and most cherished in our lives. As we have each pursued our own paths, our hearts have remained forever connected by the ties of blood and kinship. It is our deepest desire to once again come together, to share stories, laughter, and memories that span the years. Caladras, the beloved bastion of House Seregon, stands as a testament to the resilience and strength we hold dear. It is only fitting that we gather within its walls to celebrate the enduring legacy of both the Sullas and Seregon families. The reunion will be a time of joy and festivity, filled with activities to suit every age and inclination. Whether you wish to indulge in hearty feasts, engage in friendly competitions, or simply bask in the warmth of family, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars for the appointed date, and make your way to Caladras, where our gates will be open to welcome you with open arms. Let this reunion be a testament to the love and strength of our families, a time to celebrate the past and embrace the future. We eagerly await the moment when our family gathers once more, under the banner of unity and love. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, Friday, September 8th @ 7:30 PM Eastern Lord Elerríon of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Cálienë of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  4. THE VALDEV DOG RACES FOR THE HEARTH OF THE HOMELAND. Issued by the LADY CHAMBERLAIN On this 8th day of Tov ag Yermey of 491 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Throughout the history of Haense, dogs have played an integral role in the culture and daily life of the region. From companionship, to guarding and hunting, these loyal and skilled animals left an indelible mark on our history. House Ludovar– in particular– are well known for their connection to dogs, notably their renowned breeding of a specific dog: the Ottoshund. Such hounds were descended from herding dogs, and are now fit to fulfill many jobs due to their size and temperament. To honor this historical bond between Haense and its faithful canine companions, a grand dog race event is set to take place within the town square. As participants and spectators gather to witness the thrilling races, other festivities and stalls will be set up to be enjoyed by all. THE RACES Similar to celebrated races held in other nations, a charming track will be laid out to challenge the young, eager puppies as they showcase their agility and spirit. Alongside this endearing spectacle, spectators will line the sidelines– anticipating the triumphant arrival of their entered canines. Owners, in the spirit of friendly competition, can encourage their puppies to reach the finish line. As the dogs dash towards victory, treats and affection from their owners and other spectators will await them at the end. BETTING Amidst the joyous atmosphere of the event, an exciting opportunity awaits attendees in the form of friendly wagers. As the energetic race unfolds on the track, betting booths positioned around the course will offer a chance for attendees to showcase their instincts and predictions, further enhancing the thrill of the competition. With each bark, leap, and dash of the racing dogs, the suspense will grow, and the stakes will grow higher the more bets are placed. Should a dog win, the amount will be dispersed between all those with a ticket for the winning dog. This is all in friendly competition, so the honor system will be utilized- if you use, pay up. ADOPT YOUR OWN An important part of this event is finding young pups their forever home - whether an elderly lord wanting a companion, a farmer needing a herding dog, or a child wanting their very own new best friend. Seven puppies, ranging in different sizes, colors, and temperaments will be up for adoption - eagerly anticipating their proud paw-rents. A playpen will be included by the adoption center, so that children can play with their puppies, with toys being included in the pen. Great for bonding with your newly acquired friend! In addition, a small stand will be set up, featuring commodities such as fine-toothed combs for dog grooming, dog biscuits and treats, as well as toys for your new puppy! DLUM VE EDLERVIK AG VE BIRODAL, Her Royal Majesty, Amaya of Venzia, Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess-Consort of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duchess-Consort of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margravine-Consort of Korstadt, Rothswald, and Vasiland, Countess-Consort of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, Toruv, Valdev, and Werdenburg, Viscountess-Consort of Varna, Baroness-Consort of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lady of the Westfolk, etcetera His Excellency, Fabian Otto d’Arkent-Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska Lady Liridona Ingrid Amador, Regent of House Amador, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska Lord Murtagh Matyas Amador, Master of the Wardrobe of Hanseti-Ruska, Protector of the Phoenix Lord Aldrik Ludovar, Ward to the Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska
  5. Wedding of Serene Silver Morgana Anarion & Thomas Braxley Several servants, clothed in blue and silver clothes, would ride through the alleys of the serene State and the neighboring lands, carrying small bags filled with papers. Each of them would stop at another house, estate or even castle, handing the letters to the servants of the nobles or just slipping the letters under the doors of those not available at the time. The letter would include a single piece of paper, each of them decorated with silver ornaments and being written in some curly, but beautiful looking handwriting. “Our dear and beloved friends, The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of: Morgana Anarion and Thomas Braxley The wedding will be held in the cathedral and will follow a flowery theme, as such feel free to prepare your most wonderful dresses and suits for the ceremony. After the ceremony is over a feast will take place within the beloved tavern of the state. Food, Drinks and some musicians are also prepared to fulfill all of your wishes. We look forward to seeing you and enjoy this exciting day of our life with you.” The Wedding will be open to the public, though special invitations will be sent out. Special Invitations: All members of the Lurinite Council and their respective families The esteemed De Astrea Family The Athri'onn Family The Aelrothi Family The Lalwen Guild The Valiant Seekers Cyrius, King of Dunfarthing, and his esteemed pedigree James Leopold, King of Aaun, and his esteemed pedigree Lenora Jusmia, Monarch of Vortice, and her esteemed pedigree Garedyn The Emerald, Grand King of Urguan, and his esteemed pedigree The Princess of Talar'nor, and her esteemed pedigree The Atronach Kiraso The Musin King Patches and his esteemed pedigree, the Musinkin OOC-Information: The wedding event will start at the 19th of August, 3:00pm EST, and the main ceremony shall be done within one hour. Afterwards you are free to leave or take part in the feast, which will run for around 2-3 hours, depending on the activity and amount of players. All in all; The theme for this wedding is FLOWERS!
  6. SE GRAND ARGHUGON Issued on the 6th of Laenors Escape of the year 5 AST. THE GRAND HUNT The Grand Principality of Aeltarys shall host a hunt in the snowy tundra of Aevos. We shall pursue the stoneback-avetas, formidable creatures known for carrying massive boulders upon their backs, alongside that of the Neveli boars, said to be hardy and suitable as mounts. THE FEAST Following the hunt, we shall celebrate with a feast. The fruits of our labor shall be prepared by the talented and aspiring Inferno of Servitude, Alden. During the feast, witness the potential Inferno of Servitude as he takes on the royal challenge of catering the first event within the Principality. His culinary skills will certainly be put to the test. DRESS CODE As this is within the snowy tundra of the Principality, we encourage you to don warm, comfortable attire suitable for the hunt. After the hunt takes place, we shall transition to the feast, where a lighter attire may be had if one wishes Zālagon Jehikagrī, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, by the Grace of the Dragon, Maegor Valraenos of Aeltarys, Grand Prince of the Aeltarosi, Prince of Dragonclaw HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Arabella Valraenos of Pavia, Grand Princess of the Aeltarosi, Princess of Dragonclaw, Lady of Pavia, Lady of Atalais, Lady of Erice, Lady of Austerone
  7. COWLT: SCAVENGER HUNT ───── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───── The timeth hast cometh for the Cowlt to take over Aevos, we formed at the end of Almaris and survived and now we bring you a challenge, bring us our precious heads and be rewarded with your own uniform and a portrait of thy self. A Messenger shall meet you within the Ashen State, find as many as you can and you shall be considered as the champion of cows and be able to continue the message... "Praise the Cows, Respect the Cows, Eat Chicken, and Never Waste Meat" OOC Details:
  8. Fox cubs Orphanage I am proud to announce that as of today the orphanage of helios after half a year of construction Is now opening its doors. We are now prepared to take in children from ages 0 to 17 During the orphanage's construction I have already been left with three infants one toddler and one ten year old. They were left at the orphanage over the past couple months. Potential parents are welcome to send me a letter to come visit children. I would like to reiterate that the purpose of this orphanage is to keep these children safe and sound, fed, and educated. In this mission we will now be accepting donations of materials, food and toys for the children. I wish to make their environment and time here as peaceful as possible. We will accept all children big and small so do not hesitate to bring any lost or abandoned children to our doors or send me a letter if you find one. Children are our future and they’re potential is boundless we must protect and guide them. Fox cubs orphanage is a place for them to grow and learn and just BE children. With that said I bid the people of Helious and Aevos a good elven year It is my hope that the fox cub orphanage becomes a safe haven for children all over aevos Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  9. A Union of House Seregon and elSullas Talonnii As written upon on this 6th of Malin’s Welcome, 139 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Diligence in the face of ignorance.” "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Members of the Sullas Talonnii and those of House Seregon, as well as Friends of either Family, Laurir Aiera Sullas @Stump Malaurir Ikur Sullas @- Pastry Elarhil Sullas @riorr Caelius Sullas @ErikAzog Celadon Sullas @Commander_Jester Andwen Sullas @Amelica Rhaelanthur Seregon @Cypher_nicus Daerine Meracahe’onn @Vic Valmir Arvellon @Drusus With hearts brimming with joy and excitement, we, Lord Saoren and Lady Dele of House Seregon, cordially extend our honored invitation to you on behalf of our cherished grandson, Amaethii, and his beloved Aelwyn Sullas, as they unite in the eternal bond of matrimony. This momentous occasion of love and unity shall take place at the enchanting Lordship of Caladras, nestled upon the northern end of the Kingswood. As the ancient trees bear witness, let the soft whispers of the breeze carry the tidings of this joyous union to your ears. In the spirit of both elven traditions and those influenced by the Daelish, the ceremony shall be a wondrous celebration, steeped in grace and elegance, as two souls intertwine to form an unbreakable bond. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the blessings of our ancestors, Amaethii and Aelwyn shall pledge their hearts and lives to one another. Following the sacred union, a grand feast shall be laid out in the gardens of Caladras, where fine delicacies and wines from our lands shall delight the senses. As possible bards or minstrels regale us with songs of love and valor, we shall revel in the company of cherished family and treasured friends. With this missive, we send forth our messengers, guiding them to your abodes with utmost care. May they find you in good health and high spirits, and may the journey to our Lordship be swift and safe. Let us gather under the silver moonlight, as we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of Amaethii and Aelwyn. Your presence and blessings are an invaluable gift, adding luster and joy to the celebration. We eagerly anticipate your arrival at Caladras, where love and unity shall reign supreme, and where memories will be woven into the tapestry of our hearts. Until the day of celebration dawns, may the light of the stars guide your steps and the blessings of the ancients protect your path. In merriment and anticipation, Lord Saoren of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Scribe and Tutor to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Dele of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Amaethii of House Seregon, Groom of House Seregon Aelwyn Sullas, Bride of the Sullas Talonnii
  10. The First Lemon Harvest 16th of Tobias’ Bounty, in the year of our Lord, 1935 To the Good People of Canondom, Thanks to the contributions of the Canonist Faithful, Lemon Hill has been founded between the rivers Constance and Northflow. After years of hard work, our providence is made manifest. Upon its peak the Monastery of the Sacred Heart stands to serve as a true bastion of learning for all the land. Down its slopes our congregation now settles, tilling the fields, pursuing their crafts, and tending the lemon trees. To celebrate the coming harvest of lemons, the good people invite all the realm to come and sample the fruit of our labors. Be it our titular lemons, our patented brews, or our fine meals, all shall be provided in ample abundance to those who come. IN NOMINE DEI OOC: Saturday, July 29th, 3 PM EST
  11. ⋆꒷꒦‧₊˚𓆩The Narrator's Prologue𓆪˚₊‧꒦꒷⋆ [Before you, a book written and published under the name Fal'leon Kagura Maehr'uhier] We found ourselves in a space unfamiliar, cold, and devoid of life. The silence of nature was near deafening, and I was thankful for the song my staff gave off. Myself, Nemea, Elenora, Floria, Lesley, and a ‘ker unbeknownst to myself stood on the black sand, surrounded by crimson walls and a dark ceiling. The being- a man, or something emulating a man, faceless and threatening floated above us with menace. The Narrator, it so dubbed itself, and thus I shall do the same. The Narrator spoke, “Think of this as a first draft to my story. I’ve read stories with dragons and beasts, where a group of heroes save the princess.” Questions flurried from us. Where were we? What are the rules? Can we bird a friend? They were answered, though the information was hardly noteworthy. If the Narrator bore a gaze, it landed on Nemea, who had provoked it previously. Within an instant, she was atop a black stoned structure that hovered in the air. We, the heroes, I suppose, bickered for a small bout, the fault of our situation up for debate. A discussion I will save detailing. “Do you all have your weapons ready?” We were asked. Yes’s from nearly everyone, except myself and Floria. Panic struck me at that moment, but this Narrator creature is apparently not an unjust creature. But, rather, a storyteller. A glaive, my glaive formed into my grasp, thankfully. The engravings of elven, the decor, all as created. How interesting this creature is. The Narrator vanished before I had even a moment to notice, and in its place a creature of vile appearance. Its maw was large and toothy, hung open in an unpleasant manner. Its flesh, or something like flesh, was black and inky in colour, similar to the sand below us. “Thats a face only a haelun could love” “I dont think even a haelun could love THAT.” While humorous, it wasn’t a false description. This creature wasn’t something I enjoyed viewing. I can’t imagine any of us did. Our time to simply sit and observe was not long spent, as it let out a noise I can only describe as the roared version of a stomach gurgle before beginning to approach one of my comrades. We moved in tandem to encircle this creature while Lesley began to egg it onwards, yelling and running to draw its attention away from the rest of our party. I waited, my glaive ready, my breath held. The chance of this thing being peaceful remained on the table, that is, until it struck Lesley. I took this as this story’s confirmation to be on the attack, and attack I did. Decades of combat etched into the very bones of my existence, the cobwebs promptly shaken free in the moment of my approach. Swift, fluid, and on the mark. I felt my blade bury into the back of this creature with great satisfaction, and when I returned to a defensive position, saw what must have been its version of blood-- that thick black sand all around us-- leaked out. This initiation of combat wasn’t something that would go without punishment, I learned this fact quickly. I had kept my distance from the beast, the length of my blade allowing such, however not enough it seemed. Claws raked my face and seared pain through me. The sting of combat, a masochistic joy I seldom admit to miss. I felt the blood seep down, and with two of us bearing injury, a silent acknowledgement of the severity of our situation sunk in. Even if the Narrator wouldn’t allow us to die, a prospect we had no proof of, we could leave with severe injuries. Perhaps that realization is what caused everyone to move in at once. In succession, Elenora, myself, the ‘ker and Floria all moved to strike the creature down where it stood. Axe, glaive, trident and spear, all sunk into various places. Myself, I aimed for the very arm that dared to strike me. And, as swiftly as it had formed, the creature fell to sand as its jaw unhinged. We stood together, still seeing red, our chests heaving. I was brought from my trance by Nemea falling from above and landing next to me, and realized then it had ended. “Tutorial complete.” The Narrator floated above us once more, and I craned to view it. I wonder now, in recalling this, if it had expected the majority of us to have enjoyed the experience, or perhaps it was disappointed by such. It was hard to tell what a faceless creature was feeling, given it couldn’t emote such to us, and certainly wouldn’t give word. What it did inform us of, is that this was hardly the end of our new story. This was, in all senses of the word, a test. Our toes dipped into the waters of this tale, of the format in which this writer would be crafting its next book. Concerningly, excitingly, I’m under the impression that these chapters -- as I’ve been calling it -- will increase in difficulty going forward. This prologue was easy, but if the Narrator is as much a craftsman of chronicles as it claims to be, then things will grow more interesting with time. “I will give you two years' rest.” Two years. That’s the amount of time we have to prepare ourselves for the first real chapter of this tale, and hone the skills we have. What this Narrator is, its powersource, is unbeknownst to any of us. Voidal in nature, it is not, this is something I am sure of. Thus, it remains a mystery I hope to solve. I hope these next two years treat us well enough that we may be prepared for what lies ahead.
  12. Inaugural Banquet and Ball of the Lordship of Caladras As written upon on this 15th of Sun’s Smile, 138 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Númenedain of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, as well as Friends and Distinguished Guests: Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath - King of Númendil - @malchediaelvuilt Miven Caerme'onn - Matriarch of Nevaehlen and the Wood Elves - @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn - Valeseer of Nevaehlen - @thumperjack Lord Haus Weiss-Vuiller - Master of the Abstract - @primnyaquorum The Lord and Lady of Caladras, Ser Saoren and Ser Dele of House Seregon, extend a heartfelt invitation to our noble and valiant friends and countrymen, to join us in celebrating the founding of our newly constructed lands, the Lordship of Caladras. With great joy and anticipation, we beckon you to grace us with your presence on this auspicious occasion. As the fortress stronghold of House Seregon, Caladras stands proudly upon the northern end of the Kingswood, a bastion of strength and protection for the northern reaches of the Númenaranyë. To commemorate this momentous event, we shall host a splendid banquet and enchanting ball. The revelries will commence as the sun sets and the stars take their place in the celestial tapestry above. We invite you to don your finest attire, bedecked in silks and velvets, as we dance and feast in our halls. (Fri. July 28th @ 7:00 PM EST) Let merriment and music fill the air, as bards play melodies that echo through the ages. Raise your goblets to toast to new beginnings and unyielding bonds of friendship that shall endure like the ancient trees of the Kingswood. Come, partake in Daelish feasts and indulge in the finest wines of our family's history as we celebrate the birth of Caladras and the unity of our kingdom. Share stories of valor and chivalry, recount adventures that have shaped our lives, and forge new memories that shall be treasured for generations to come. Our hearts eagerly await your presence, for it is in the company of our beloved countrymen and dear friends that Caladras truly comes alive. We send forth this missive, guiding you to our stronghold with utmost care. (Follow the signage from the gates of Númenost and the crossroads of Petra/Haense/Númendil.) May you journey safely and swiftly, and may the road lead you to our gates, where the light of Númendil shall guide your way. In the spirit of camaraderie and revelry, we eagerly await your arrival. Lord Saoren of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Scribe and Tutor to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Dele of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  13. Issued the 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1930 The Kingdom of Aaun THE HAVERLOCK GRAND OPENER An Illustrious Bachelor’s Sport Penned by Leopold Alexander Haverlock & Julietta Laurelei Haverlock Published by Clementine Court Introduction & Event Itinerary A man's hobby is clearly indicative of his character, for how can one infer the condition of a man's heart other than what he takes pleasure in? That is why it is important for an upcoming bachelor, and those that have already matured, to reflect upon his moments of idle time. Upon maturation, a man's interests change from that of fruitless trivialities to those of true fulfillment. One of these interests is the essential labor of fishing. Fishing has found itself a central part of both society and its participants. That is why, for the men of great pedigree, we should find ourselves indulging in the illustrious practice of taming the creatures of the sea as we do with those who walk upon the land. Participants will compete for the greatest catch in both quality and quantity. This will be conducted during a shortly timed collection period where participants will either ride on a boat or stand upon the banks of our fair city. We will meet at the docks to provide rods and twine for each member. After points are allocated we will enjoy a feast from our bountiful harvest. To assist our righteous government we will also be selling commemorative pins. The funds collected from these sales will contribute to the Kingdom's coffers. Point System Auunic Cod | 1 Point Oceanic Salmon | 1 Point Tropical Cichlid | 2 Points Oceanic Pufferfish | 3 Points Junk Items | 1 to 2 Points, final decision made during the event ‘Treasure’ | 1 to 3 Points, final decision made during the event. Available Prizes Winners will be determined by the number of points collected by the end of the session. Those present will decide upon the method of determination in the event of a tie. 1st Place A reward of 50 Mina along with a trophy constructed from the winner’s catch. Likely a taxidermy fish. 2nd Place A potion of their choice that is provided by Julietta Haverlock. A list will be given to the 2nd place winner as to which potions are available. 3rd Place A commemorative pin, either fully custom, or one that will be sold during the duration of the event. Signed, Her Excellency, Julietta Laurelai Haverlock, Lady Chamberlain of Aaun, Founder & Head of the Order of Elixirs, Councilor of The Medical Society of St.Catherines His Lordship, Leopold Aleksander Haverlock
  14. … .. . [!] A few Saint’s Days ago, a brave group of young men and women descended into the Weaver’s Den within the Swamp. The Valiant Seekers: Wyn ‘The White Light’ Julietta ‘The Sharp Shooter’ Zelphar ‘The Erratic’ Leonardo ‘The Pack Mule & Bomber’ Raven ‘The Inflaming’ Rumil ‘The Unrelenting’ Uhier ‘The Golden Throw’ Giraudus ‘The Explorer’ Saxton ‘The Gaunt’ Handil ‘The Watcher’ A’lia ‘The Hound’ Azra ‘The Invincible’ The Weaver’s Den is a cave system shrouded in darkness consumed by Piranha Wasps. These wasps live in the upper regions of the cave hive, eating and tearing through everything that enters. The Valiant Seekers came across many dead bodies that fell victim to these wasps in their venture. Further down lay the Karkossa, acid spitting spiders the size of humans, poking out of holes in the walls. Taunting the Valiant Seekers. They appeared in numbers, usually three or more. Then, at the very center, lay the Queen. FIRST EXPEDITION Wyn, Julietta, Zelphar, Handil, Raven, and Azra enter the Weaver’s Den, the party not knowing what to expect. Lucky for them, Wyn brought torches. This kept the Piranha Wasps at bay, the only thing keeping the group alive. They transcended the tunnels, no map in sight. When approaching a dead end, the Valiant Seekers found themselves cornering the Piranha Wasps. Light keeps them at bay, but they quickly found out that if the bugs felt like they had to, they would charge. And that they did, passing through the group giving everyone scratches and nicks. The medic during the expedition, Julietta passed out a Tippens Root salve to everyone and they moved on. Down the winding tunnels, they found themselves at many fault lines. Passing over them with relative ease until Zelphar threw a rock at one. The whole fault line crumbled, the sound of shifting rock all around them. They moved on, Julietta throwing a blast potion on another one which opened up into a massive cavern. Wyn and Azra approached the hole, before it collapsed beneath them! The group rushed in aside from Handil and Julietta where they found themselves face to face with the Karkossa. Eventually, everyone makes it down there and after Wyn, the Tank, kills them all they ascend to the surface once more. They needed to prepare. SECOND AND FINAL EXPEDITION We return to the Weavers Den. Now a party of 10 and much more prepared than last time. The Valiant Seekers knew what to expect and what to bring. Weapons and potions, as many lanterns as one could possibly carry. Back inside the winding tunnels they found themselves with Piranha Wasps on both sides. They had to make a decision, into the tiny tunnel or be eaten alive. As they all rushed to the tunnel, for obvious reasons, the Piranha Wasps left them alone. Finding themselves in a new place within the hive, they continued on. This was the Spiders Territory. One Fault Line after another, eventually they ended up breaking one. In doing so, the noise alerted the Karkossa and they began to attack the rear of the group in a giant wave. Those at the front of the cave were helpless in the matter and after doing a Perception check, Leonardo heard something. A scream. He transcended down into the cavern, Julietta quickly following with a now loaded crossbow. The fighting continued up above, the duo now in a new tunnel and making their way through it. A cry for help was heard, before nothing. It was silent, too silent. Julietta advised they wait for the others and headed back to the entrance, Leonardo quickly following. The group rushed down the new tunnel, their eyes watching every crevice within the walls. A cocoon. A silk cocoon. Wyn cut it open, the dead body of a man falling out. He collected the man's belongings, hoping to give him a proper burial once they made it out. Even so, they continued on. Reaching a thick tunnel of webs, Raven lit the thing ablaze, burning their way through the pathway. THE BOSS BATTLE The tunnel opened into a massive cavern, eggs and webs covering the walls. Everything was still so quiet, the party on high alert. Those same silk cocoons hung from the ceilings, the victims' cries never having been heard. Then, she appeared. The Queen. She shot that same acid onto Raven, burning him beyond belief. Julietta immediately shot her crossbow, landing a solid hit on the thing. A blast potion was thrown and missed, scaring the Queen further into the room. Uhier threw another blast potion, hitting the Queen dead on. She fell, scurrying off to the far side of the cave room. Wyn and Rumil followed, Julietta passing Leonardo an acid neutralizer to help with Raven’s burns. Zelphar, Saxton, and Handil took care of the minions that began flooding into the space. Julietta loaded up a flaming bolt within her crossbow, waiting for the perfect shot. Wyn slid under the Queen’s underbelly, stabbing it with his greatsword. One thing led to another and his leg was punctured by the Queen’s. Rumil slashed at the legs of the Queen, cutting one off before getting thrown by another. There! The perfect shot. Julietta warned everyone before letting the bolt loose, hitting the Queen dead in the head! Her whole head lit ablaze in mere moments, Wyn using this time to slice her head clean off. He succeeded, but in doing so the Queen retaliated. She lifted a leg, going to drive it directly into the man in a killing blow. While her head was no longer, that leg still had to come crashing back down. But to Wyn’s luck, Uhier sliced it clean off, saving his life. The group cheered. Wyn and Julietta get the finishing blows with Uhier saving Wyn’s life. On the other side of the cavern were the three men, Saxton, Zelphar, and Handil taking care of the minions in perfect succession. THE AFTERMATH With the Queen dead, the Valiant Seekers cheered. A’lia and Julietta rushed to Wyn’s aid, A’lia magically healing him with her wolves following. They surveyed the area before taking whatever they could get from the Queen’s body. Then they felt it. A rumble. Something had awoken. Something much bigger. The Evils of the Swamp were not defeated yet, the party had another mission after this. This was not the last the Swamp would see of them. Until next time. THE WEAVER’S DEN WAS DEFEATED, THE VALIANT SEEKERS VICTORIOUS. FIRST ONES IN, LAST ONES OUT. To celebrate the victory, Julietta is hosting a tavern night in Whitespire, Aaun, on Wednesday, June 21st at 9pm EST. Be there to hear the terrifying tale of all they have to share. OOC
  15. The Sol Dame and Desert Lun, a solar Eclipse in love… 17th of hedgehogs Harvest, The Solaric year 51 Sun Light always Lowers so moonlight can rise. It is rare and not so common amongst the people that elven kin or distant humans who live within the kind of Mali- conjoin in a union in comfort. Even rarer that the family of Solarii, like the Munnel would have a marriage after so long. But finally, in the age of Unity and rebuilding, a miracle happened. Thus it is proclaimed that on set elven days [ June 30th] Sil’rumeiry-Luzxi Aspin Aelius Munnel & Gine Kyrie Elise Faervel With their self conscious and right to choose. They chose to let life guide their hearts into the union. Thus the Ganrim (groom) takes upon the Foxes' challenge and commits to the Munnel trials together. As follow the trials are issued Trials of Union Da aitun ou’ Amire A hunt held for the groom alone, the proposed will await the throne, claimed as the prize. She will judge whether the hunt is worthy or not. If found worthy she will be allowed to pass on into the making of the catches Blood wine chalice creation. (Private) Rrisem’ ou’ por’aty Upon such being prepared the drink is brought to the soon-to-be wedded and the head of the highest ranking house or lady of the highest ranking house. They both would kneel as the officiator presents such to them as an oath is made to the house. (Private between families) Rrisem Ou’ zte’rs The wedded the. Take a trip to the Astral plane where they shall meet the lesser spirit of the household, and speak of what they wish to ask it, before being United under it. (Private) Mae’inao ou’ Sol a’ Lun Upon the Sunlit sky, the pair come together in a public ceremony held in the city of Helious. As the bride and groom are now United under the Sun of Solaris. (Public) INVITATIONS The cordial Talonii of Faevrel and their esteemed pedigree The Cordial Sol’Talonii of Aelrothi and their Esteedmed pedigree The Sol’Talonii of Munnel, and their Royal Pedigree The Sol’ Gine and Gino of Helious and their esteemed pedigree: Valahrii’Talonii of Roa Sol’talonii of Aesserg Valahrii’Talonii of Bishop Valahrii’Talonii Hope All Citizines of Helious and amathine, and her allies may come and witness the union first hand on the said date Signed, Aspin A. Munnel and Kyrie Faervel His Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, Ac’Luxz Kni’ich of Helious, Taur, and Ruke of Alterk, and Lunderia, Magin of Vali’mae, Co’tr of Voclia, Cond’pos of Oblen, Vaton of Achyae & Sievis, Gin of Sen’nyor, Patriarch of Munnel, Ac’Luxz of the Mali’Solaril Her Serene Highness, Sorise Munnel, Ac’Luxzi Kni’ich of Helious, Tauria, and Ruchess of Alterk and Lunderia, Magine of Vali’mae, Co’trine of Voclia, Cond’pess of Oblen, Vatoness of Achyae, Floyya & Sievis, Gine of Sen’nyor Matriarch of Munnel
  16. [!] You find a scrap of paper nailed to the Dúnwen noticeboard Event Calendar ~Halflings at work!~ ~The Amber Cold~ On this Pumpkin Day we are to prepare tools and other goods required for future work in the village! What is a farmer without his (or her) tools after all? Be there if ye are needing anything. Gather by the work-burrows before the sun is set to receive instruction. ((7 PM EST, Monday the 12th of June, 2023)) ~The Deep Cold~ Nuffin' too important on this day. Just go about it as usual. ((4 PM EST for a SoL-Hour style event, Tuesday the 13th of June, 2023)) ~Snow's Maiden~ Early spring planting! If ye have any plants that can survive the frost, now's the time to get them into the turf. May also chop lumber and dole out other responsibilities on this Pumpkin Day too. ((4 PM EST, Wednesday the 14th of June, 2023)) ~Malin's Welcome~ Plant all yer spring crops on this day if ye haven't already! It's good to plant early once the snow's all melted! Meet by the granary to be assigned an allotment if ye've nay one already. ((4 PM EST, Thursday the 15th of June, 2023)) ~The First Seed~ Weed yer gardens, weed yer flowers, weed everything! T'ae uninhabited meadows on the top of the hill will also be cut down to use as animal feed here. ((4 PM EST, Friday the 16th of June, 2023)) ~The Grand Harvest~ Field harvesting, obviously. What else is there to do on such a Pumpkin Day? Gather in the tavern and we'll drink before 'n after the harvest. ((4 PM EST, Saturday the 17th of June, 2023)) Knox bless t'a wee! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling of Dúnfarthing
  17. T H E T R I C O L O R E D S O I R É E Embrace the Blue, Bask in the Gold, Ignite the Red! With great pleasure and honor, I cordially invite you to The Tri-Colored Soiree in the Viscount of Atalais. As the esteemed Roa family, we shall open our gates in the beautiful Helios to welcome you for an evening of grandeur and revelry. Join us as we commemorate the rise of Atalais, our flourishing Viscounty, with a night of enchantment. Embrace the tricolor theme that embodies the spirit of our beloved land, where the blue skies meet the golden fields and the fiery red sunsets paint the horizon. Our skilled musicians shall serenade you with melodies that will ignite your spirit, guiding you through waltzes, mazurkas, and Cha cha slides. We simply ask our esteemed guests to honor the occasion by adorning themselves in the regal colors of blue, gold, or red. If you wish to forgo this it's simply there to add to the revelry. Invitation List: His Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, Prince of Helious and his esteemed kin His Royal Majesty, Adrian I, King of Balian and his esteemed kin Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelar, Vicereine of Hyspia and her esteemed kin His Highness, Maegor Valraenos, Prince of Aeltarys and his esteemed kin The Right Honorable, Cosima Monika, Countess of the Hohengarten and her esteemed kin Firr Otto Lothar Bishop, Heir to House Bishop and his steemed kin The Citizens of Helious The Citizens of Balian The Citizens of Hyspia The Culture of Aeltary Time of the Event: Signed Lord Gregorius Roa, Patriarch of Roa, Viscount of Atalais, Lord of Erice Lady Firentia Ivonne Roa, Heiress to Atalais and Erice
  18. Issued 19th of The First Seed, Year 132 of The Second Age Far have the Mali’thilln travelled - through treacherous danger, trials of the elements, fighting away dark foes. Though our home in Almaris was lost to the Mori’Quessir, our people and the teachings of Larihei persevere. The Children of Silver press forth - in progress and in health Arriving to safer lands, the busy hands of the Silver Elves set to work. Our new home was raised tall upon a lofty peak of Aevos: Tahn’miar. In fair Tahn’miar we shall host our grand ball; an awakening of our new home, open to all Blessed citizens and our allies. The theme of the eve will be white, silver and blue - colours symbolic of purity, Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and knowledge. The Silver City kindly requests all guests to plan their wardrobe accordingly. Prizes shall be distributed for best dressed. Location: Tavern Invitations are extended to our allies: The Kingdom of Balian @ErikAzog The Kingdom of Norland @ichigomaster98 The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil @MalchediaelVult The Crown of Amathine @JJosey The Shiredom of Dúnwen @Hearth The Ashen Realm of Nor’asath @Gaea_Foundation The Most Serene State of Lurin @mika1278 The Iron Horde @Evonpire The Village of Hefrumm @_RoyalCrafter_ We look forward to your attendance, lliran. ~ Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya ~ OOC: 3pm EST/8pm BST, Sunday 18th Medi’ir to elSohaer
  19. THE SIXTH HAESENI SOCIAL SEASON UKEN VE KRAWN I ROZZ Issued by the QUEEN’S COUNCIL On the 7th day of Joma and Umund of 480 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK With the transition of our Kingdom finally reaching its end, and our roots firmly planted into the soil of Aevos, the council of Her Majesty is delighted to announce the coming of the sixth Lifstala season. Having suffered so much heartbreak at the hands of the Mori’quessar, from the darkness does bloom a ray of hope and tranquility, and that is precisely the theme for this year's season. Hope, Renewal, and Rebirth. Thus, with this announcement, the season of love, honor, and adventure begins. We wish those participating in their debut of society a swathe of good luck and fortune, and we are eager to witness the unions that come from our historically entertaining event. It must be noted, finally, that while events pertaining to courtship shall be restricted to those participating in the Lifstala itself, those that do not are open to the subjects of the Crown, who are most welcome to attend. The lists of those debuting which follow are subject to change: LIST OF ELIGIBLE DEBUTANTES ROYAL DEBUTANTES HRH, Princess Adeline Johanna of the Royal House of Alstion HRH, Princess Lydia Antheia of the Royal House of Novellen HRH, Princess Frisketa Medina of the Viceroyal House of de Pelear MAINLINE NOBILITY HL, Aleksandra Milena of the Ducal House of Ruthern HL, Stefaniya Ipera of the Ducal House of Ruthern HL, Winifred Clarisse of the Ducal House of Barclay TRH, Ileana Stefaniya of the Comital House of Kortrevich HL, Karina Amicia of the Comital House of Ludovar HL, Karyna Rezalin of the Comital House of Colborn TRH, Eirene Linh of the Comital House of Vuiller HL, Aurora Diane of the Comital House of Vuiller HL, Ivette Madeline of the Comital House of d’Abbassia TRH, Aloysia Dorothea of the Viscomital House of Roa HL, Serena Viviana of the Comital House of d’Arkent HL, Alyona Rhetta of the Baronial House of Godunov HL, Katia Milena of the Baronial House of Godunov HL, Henrietta Anabel of the Baronial House of Stafyr HL, Kamilla Eryka of the Baronial House of Stafyr HL, Liridona Ingrid of the Baronial House of Amador HL, Anne Eleanor of the Baronial House of von Leopold HL, Julietta Laurelai of the Baronial House of Haverlock NON-MAINLINE NOBILITY HL, Ekaterina Emma of the Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar HL, Regina Charlotte of the Ducal House of Barclay HL, Karolina Mariya of the Comital House of Kortrevich HL, Marija Odilia of the Comital House of Colborn HL, Astrid Parvana of the Comital House of Colborn HL, Maja Tuva of the Comital House of Colborn HL, Annika Adriana of the Baronial House of Amador HL, Nicolette Arika of the Baronial House of Amador HL, Ariane Leana of the Baronial House of Stafyr COMMONER HOUSES Miss Franziska of House Morovar Miss Emmeline of House Hargrave Miss Kaida of House Voltonen-Novikov Miss Xénia of House Korvacz Miss Anya of House Volkov Miss Allessandra of House de Vend --- LIST OF ELIGIBLE SUITORS ROYAL SUITORS HRH, Stefan Edvard of the Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar HRH, Alexios Michael of the Royal House of Novellen HRH, Cesar Franciscito of the Viceroyal House of de Pelear MAINLINE NOBILITY HL, Viktor Siegmund of the Ducal House of Ruthern HL, Alasdair Lorchan of the Ducal House of Baruch HL, Konstanz Gottfried of the Ducal House of Barclay HL, Sergei Nikolai of the Comital House of Kortrevich HL, Lykvyk Heinrik of the Comital House of Ludovar HL, Perseus of the Viscomital House of Roa HL, Valerian Vesper of the Baronial House of Godunov HL, Malcolm Sigmund of the Baronial House of Gant HL, Richard Edmund of the Baronial House of von Leopold NON-MAINLINE NOBILITY HL, Andrik Dmitry of the Ducal House of Ruthern HL, Teodor Nikolaus of the Comital House of Kortrevich HL, Ludwig Godric of the Comital House of Colborn HL, Sterling Percy of the Baronial House of Amador COMMONER HOUSES Mister Mikolaj of the House of Barrow Mister Demitrey of the House of Novikov Mister Ryba of the House of Novikov Mister Adalwolf of the House of de Vilain Mister Tullius of the House of Vlastos Mister Otto of the House of Bishop Mister Charlie of House Merce Mister Olivier of House Ashford de Savoie Mister Aleksandr of House Othaman Mister Cornelis of House Brasca What follows is the itinerary for our sixth Lifstala of Hanseti-Ruska, in which individuals are encouraged to host their own affairs outside of such if desired: PRE-SEASON PREPARATION Pre-Season Masquerade: Something Old, and Something New. For this year's masquerade, the debutantes and bachelors shall have the opportunity to shed their identities in favor of something new and mysterious, stepping through the evening in the haze of candlelight as they search for their future wives or husbands. They are asked to don themselves in an individual interpretation of their House or culture’s traditions, honoring both the fresh perspective of a generation upon the old customs which guide them. There shall be dances; music, and refreshments provided, while the Grand Lord shall offer tarot readings to those who wish to garner some insight into what the Season may yet hold for them. (OOC: Thursday, 8th June, 4pm EST) --- OFFICIAL SCHEDULE OF LIFSTALA THE PRESENTATION: DAY ONE In accordance with tradition, the presentation of the debuting men and women of Lifstala will mark the official commencement of the Season. Each participant will have an opportunity to be called forth before the royal dais, occupied by the Queen and her Grand Lord. Attendants and spectators are welcome to line the halls of the throne room to offer their support for friends and family; and, if of a participating house, gauge the prospective matches and competition for their debuting kin. Due to the remarkable enthusiasm for this season, the First Day is reserved for Royalty and those of their house’s Mainlines, while the second shall be for Cousins and People of the Common Class. Debutantes are asked to bring a token of appreciation for someone of great Influence upon their life, which they shall present to the Queen and her Grand Lord and bestow upon the Individual they wish to give their thanks to. (OOC: Friday, 9th June, 4pm EST) THE PRESENTATION: DAY TWO In accordance with tradition, the presentation of the debuting men and women of Lifstala will mark the official commencement of the Season. Each participant will have an opportunity to be called forth before the royal dais, occupied by the Queen and her Grand Lord. Attendants and spectators are welcome to line the halls of the throne room to offer their support for friends and family; and, if of a participating house, gauge the prospective matches and competition for their debuting kin. Due to the remarkable enthusiasm for this season, the Second Day shall see both Cousins of the Mainline Nobility and People of the Common Class; nobility presented first, and commoners thereafter. All debutantes are asked to bring a token of appreciation for someone of great Influence upon their life, which they shall present to the Queen and her Grand Lord and bestow upon the Individual they wish to give their thanks to. (OOC: Saturday, 10th June, 4pm EST) A NIGHT OF REVELRY The Madame Raev once more opens the doors to her prestigious establishment and welcomes the debutantes and bachelors of Lifstala to walk through the threshold into a den of excitement and entertainment. Gone are the expected terms of etiquette, and in its place sits the expectation of drinking, indulgence, and candid fun. What happens in the Raev House, stays in the Raev House. (OOC: Sunday, 11th June, 4pm EST) THE GRAND HUNT OF VALDEV The Master of the Hunt invites the debutantes and bachelors to an evening of woodland exploring, with the intent of claiming prized prey. Hunts are a staple of the Hanseti-Ruskan pastime and have been enjoyed by generations. The attendees shall dress in appropriate hunting attire, with each participant welcome to wear subtler insignia to indicate their allegiance to a particular house As the evening progresses and should the hunt prove fruitful, participants may take a trophy from their quarry and present it to one who has also succeeded in the hunting of their affections. (OOC: Sunday, 11th June, 5pm EST) JOSEFINA: THE BALLET A spectacular production of Ruskan-styled ballet - full of tragedy, romance, heartbreak, and suspense. Following the love triangle of Josefina; a witty and alluring young woman, she must decide whom her heart shall belong to; that of Ilya or Boris. Composed by the Baroness Elia Eryka Colborn-Stafyr, renowned for her production of “The Huntress and Crow''. (OOC: Monday, 12th June, 4:30pm EST) MIDSOMMAR FESTIVAL The capital square of Valdev shall host a traditional festival celebrating the forthcoming Summer solstice to honor the Scyfling roots of the newly-wed Grand Princess Amaya Milena. Commonly dubbed ‘Midsommar’ among the Scyfling people, the festival will herald a month of revelry, comprising an array of traditions such as the annual lighting of the bonfire, games of strength, the Maypole dance, and many other entertaining activities. (OOC: Tuesday, 13th June, 4:30pm EST) THE ROYAL AUCTION OF VALDEV To further enrich the spread of multiculturalism across the kingdom during the Lifstala season, the Grand Princess of Kusoraev seeks to host an auction selling the finest of garbs tailored by subjects of the Crown across the Dual Kingdom. Any who wish to participate are encouraged to send her a raven. (OOC: Wednesday, 14th June, 5:30pm EST) TAVERN NIGHT WITH THE HAUCHPRINZENAS Yet another night of revelry forsaking etiquette, and status, instead prioritizing the bonds acquired during this Lifstala season, will take place in the tavern under the jovial guise of the Grand Princess. Drinking games and tavern performances shall commence on this eve, and all are invited to attend to commemorate the love and kinship that Lifstala brings. (OOC: Wednesday, 14th June, 6:30pm EST) THE END-OF-SEASON BALL The end-of-season ball will be opened with a grand magic display by our Master of the Abstract, Haus Weiss-Vuiller, in which something majestic and uniquely its own will be displayed before the masses. As this magic display comes to an end, thus kicking off the ball, those who have found a match may announce their courtships and engagements; then, enjoy the music and dance which shall conclude it. (OOC: Thursday, 15h June, 4pm EST) SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Sofia of Hyspia, Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess of Hyspia, Princess-Consort of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Slesvik, Solvesborg, and Ulgaard, Duchess-Consort of Carnatia, and Vanaheim, Margravine-Consort of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Countess-Consort of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Siegrad, Torun, Toruv, Valdev, and Werdenburg, Viscountess-Consort of Varna, Baroness-Consort of Astfield, Buck, Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, and Thurant. Penned by, Her Serene Highness, Analiesa of Karosgrad, Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess of Karosgrad, Duchess-Consort of Vidaus, Viscountess-Consort of Greyspine, Countess-Consort of Metterden, Baroness-Consort of Rostig, Lady of Druzstra and Protector of the South Penned by, His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska
  20. [!] A note is pinned to the noticeboard of Dunwen, the only halfling village on Braevos. The First Booze-Making! There t'is a slight problem in our humble village. We have NO BOOZE OF ANY KIND! This problem ought to be fixed immediately or else we will be forced to face the terrors of sobriety. Thankfully, the pre-builders of Wee-Tech Inc. have given us the proper facilities for brewing and aging beverages in the Town Burrow and Keg Shed, so we ought to put them to good use! Gather in the tavern with anything ye think can be turned into alcohol next Pumpkin Day when the sun crests the hillside! We will not go sober! ~Temporary Mayor Mimosa Applefoot (for but three Pumpkin Days), proud Dunwen patriot. ((Monday the 5th of June (6/5/2023), 6 PM EST, Located in the halfling village of Dunwen, closest to the Birch_Forest warp or just south-west of Lurin/across the lake from Aaun and a bit to the south.))
  21. THE STORY OF THE LECHIAN ARTILLERYMEN [♪] The sun has not been seen in Karosgrad for months. The dark night shrouded everything and the only sources of light were lamps and bonfires. Humanity has struggled with the bane that was the Mori for a very long time. The battles in the human kingdoms were constant. People were dying like flies trying to fend off the attacks of these spawns of Iblees. The time has come for the final battle for the fate of humanity. The last capital on the continent to hold out while the human Kingdoms of Balian and Aaun as well as the elven, dwarven and orc ones fell. Volunteers streamed into the Haenseni capital from all directions, and their flags flew in the cold nightly wind. Amidst these masses of volunteers were the flags bearing the White Eagle. The proud people of Lechia, despite coming in a group of only four, have answered the call. The flags carried by the volunteers bore a big White Eagle and the famous words "For Freedom Ours and Yours". When they arrived at the main square, they had no idea where they would be assigned, which gate or regiment. Then Lord Marshal, Wilheim Barclay, arrived and ordered the Lechians to defend the port gate. Their struggle to defend humanity began. The volunteers quickly ascended to the top of the gate where they were given two cannons and supplies of gunpowder and cannonballs at their disposal. Having split into two teams - Aleksander with Waclaw, Mikhail with Boon - the Lechians quickly began preparing the cannons. Shortly afterwards, others arrived at the gate. Many different nations fought at the same gate, but their shared goal was clear - prevent them from going through. First the locusts arrived and then hordes of slaves began to march across the dock. The first order was given by the Barclay: SHOOT AT THE HAY BALES SO THAT THEY START TO BURN Shots rang out and cannonballs hit their target. A first success for the men who will be called Artillerymen at the end of the battle. Blocking the slaves' access to the barricaded harbour gate, the cannons focused on the oncoming locusts. Children of Warsovia worked fast, almost like a mechanism - roll the cannon back, clean it, load it, push it forward, shoot, repeat. There was no time for mistakes, there was only victory in their minds. Cannonball after cannonball flew out, hitting their opponents perfectly. The horde of locusts had thinned out - it was time to target the infantry. The first and one of the few artillery stumbles, the right cannon jammed. While Boon and Mikhail cleaned the cannon, Aleks and Waclaw quickly reloaded theirs. Moments later Waclaw lit the fuse. A powerful blast resounded amidst the harbour buildings. After the dust had settled, nothing remained of the group of slave infantry at which the left cannon was aimed. They all died, the shot was perfect. Moments later, the two men on the right cannon have managed to load it once more and fired towards the right infantry group, also sweeping it away. Lord Marshal Barclay was pleased with the work of the brave Lechians. Suddenly the ground trembled. A terrible roar echoed through the dock. The Devourer of Dobrov arrived. BOON, LOAD UP THAT PLATE! Mikhail shouted to his comrade and rolled the cannon back to clean it. The two on the left cannon did the same. The fight continued. In addition to cannonballs, arrows flew from the gate and two nearby towers. Archers and people manning the catapults hit the enemies well, with more and more locusts flying down dead. It was time for another attempt, the cannons reloaded. Another two blasts resounded. Then the least expected thing happened. The beast, the Devourer of Dobrov, wailed and went back under the surface. The joy of the Lechians was indescribable. The temporary defeat of the centipede gave them courage and strength. It doubled their efficiency. Suddenly, arrows came flying and Boon was hit. As he was pulled back to the tower, the Lord Marshal himself came to help Mikhail operate the cannon. Shortly afterwards Sir Ludolf Barclay arrived and swapped with Duke Wilheim in helping with the right cannon. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, more and more hordes were streaming towards the gate and the huge centipede seemed to be approaching the surface again. The second order was given by Lord Marshal: RETREAT! JAZLOVIECKIS MAN THE CANNONS ON THE STREETS! This was what they did. They fired at the oncoming hordes for as long as possible. They strategically retreated as far as the central barricade where the gunpowder depot was. It all went good until the pavement ripped and a smaller centipede emerged from underneath, probably the offspring of the Devourer. There was no time to waste. The Lechians were shooting fast. Even wounded Boon with a bandage wrapped around his belly helped Mikhail to load the cannon. After all, the pain was less important than duty. Finally one of the cannonballs shot by Aleksander and Waclaw got the smaller centipede and killed it. That was not the last of their problems - there came the Legionnaires. The defenders were outnumbered, they had no chance. Forced to retreat once again, all have abandoned the barricade. Yet one of the Lechians did not retreat. Young Aleksander Jazloviecki stood on the barricade until the very last moment before setting the reserves of gunpowder on fire and running back towards his comrades. The explosion was enormous. Many Legionnaires died, staining the walls and ground with their blood. Another small victory for the Lechian volunteers. The fight was soon to be over, with forces from the harbour gate being pushed back against the palace. All forces were to retreat, except the brave Artillerymen. The Lord Marshal ordered them to fire one last time as soon as the enemy armies came close to the palace. Mikhail and Boon fired first, injuring two Dreadknights. Then fired Aleksander and Waclaw, hitting the incoming Legionnaires with their last grapehsot. After that they were forced to pull back for good along with others. Karosgrad was lost. Their work in defence of Haense and humanity was over. Even though they failed, they did their best to prevent it... From that day the story of the four brave artillerymen, who together resisted the Mori hordes, is known among all Lechians and members of House Jazloviecki. Through all, they prevailed.
  22. OOC: Hello there! This is an event designed to simulate a single day of halfling life as best as possible. Everybody starts at the beginning of the hour, having just woken up. Their characters then go about their day as they would IRP, eventually falling back to sleep at the end of the hour, which ends the event. Working, eating, talking, and other things your character typically does in a day can and should be roleplayed. There will be a single roleplay prompt happening during the hour to promote interaction, but attending it isn’t mandatory. Feel free to do as you wish. The intention isn’t to attract a large quantity of halflings into one location at a time, but rather to create as much immersion as possible. SoL Event Checklist (Optional): -Wake up ( ) -Eat something ( ) -Do some task ( ) -Interact with someone ( ) -Eat another thing ( ) -Go to sleep ( ) RP: [!] A notice is nailed to the Bywater Noticeboard: "Urgent: Fields need planting! Can provide ye with booze afterwards for all ye who wish to help -Mimosa Applefoot-Nimblefoot, Mayor of Bywater" ((4 PM EST tomorrow, Thursday the 4th of May, 5/4/2023. Located within Bywater, the home of the halflings on Almaris.))
  23. 24th of Malin's Welcome, Year 126 of The Second Age [[Art credits, left to right: @JJosey, @frankdh, @Amayonnaise, @CyyanTea , @Shi]] CELEBRATING HAELUN’OR Our silver bastion FLOURISHES once more, under the blessed guidance of Sohaer Luthien Maeyr’onn, Maheral Seth Calith and their esteemed council. And indeed, what might vivacity call for, if not a ball? In celebration of our great State, and the diligent Mali’thill that make her prosper, elHeial’thilln invites you to join us for this evening of commendation and delight. ITINERARY 🥂 - Welcoming Reception - Parade of the Weeping Blades - Ceremony of Awards - Commencement of the Ball DRESS CODE Red, White, and Silver - the colours of our nation. Invitations are extended to our allies: The Kingdom of Balian @ErikAzog The Kingdom of Norland @ichigomaster98 The Kingdom of Barrowlands @MalchediaelVult The Crown of Amaethea @JJosey The Iron Horde @DrunkPapaBear The Ashen State of Nor’Asath @ColonelKuehl1 The Most Serene State of Lurin @mika1278 [[OOC: Sunday 7th, 3pm EST/8pm BST]] Medi’ir Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  24. Calavénon Boozy Bazaar The 24th of Sun’s Smile, 125 SA The Calavénon Talonnii have, over time, become regarded for their impeccable reputation in the creation of exquisite wines and various other beverages. Thus, the Talonnii has made it a family tradition to host an array of festivities celebrating their success within the industry. In particular, the Boozy Bazaar where all of Celia’nor is invited to enjoy the collection of Calavénon specialty drinks whilst enjoying various contests and games beneath the stars. F E S T I V I T I E S The Boozy Bazar will hold many smaller events for those who attend, such as enjoying the various foods to be served during the festivities. The social spot of the evening will be the tavern, where casual conversations between friends of old and new. Near the early evening, the fan-favourite game of ‘Quip or Drink’ entails where participants will be asked questions they must answer or be forced to drink. As the evening comes to an end, the tavern shall end with a grand contest. The contest in question is whoever brews the most grandiose brew that one can imagine tasting and handling the drinking contest. 1st Place shall be awarded 200 mina to spend wherever they like. Alongside free drinks at the tavern until the festival comes to an end. 2nd Place shall win 100 mina alongside free drinks at the tavern until the festival ends. 3rd place shall win a 50 mina prize alongside free drinks at the tavern until the festival ends. S T A L L S Additionally, the talonnii also encourages smaller brewers to venture to the beautiful West, where they will find that they will be more than welcome to pay for a temporary stall for the duration of the festivities. This will merely cost a humble two minas per stand. Those who pay for a booth are allowed to sell drinks. Those interested in laying claim upon one of these stands are requested to send notice to either Auro'ra or Jakob Calavénon through a bird. SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: ARISTOCRACY OF CELIA'NOR Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonnii | @Amuletic Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonnii | @_Sug Virar Theoden Akaln'riv, and their Talonnii | @FredrickTeufel Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonnii | @Allien Virar Aestania Aevaris, and their Talonnii | @lillyeavens Laurir Senna Cerusil, and their Talonnii | @Sailor Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion | @smol Noron Kraal of Dralguna, and their Talonnii | @_hexe_ TALONII RELATIONS Xavier Adiler, and the Adiler Talonnii | @Bird2k Jarad Munnel, and the Munnel Talonnii | @JoshBright Mika, and the Uialben Talonni | @Mika AY'PUERAN Jakob Calavénon, Patriarch of the Calavénon, Previous High Prince of Ando-Alur And The Calavénon Talonnii (OOC INFO)
  25. The 200 Knights A Ballad detailing the Redclyfian Defenders of Amaethea during the Mori Invasion During the hard-fought siege defense in Amaethea against the Mori invaders, The knights of Redclyf were among the brave descendants who fought on the front rows of the walls. Although greatly outnumbered by both ally and foe, they put up a valiant resistance against the invaders as they attempted to scale the walls, mori being met with arrows, war hammers, swords, and cannonballs thrown at them. The Redclyfians were among the last to withdraw from the walls and Amaethea, having made sure their allies such as the elves and Uruks of the Iron Horde retreated beforehand. The Ballad has been written to commemorate their sacrifice, bravery, and defiance against death and impossible odds. It is played with drums, trumpets, violins, and flutes while the lyrics are sung from the perspective of a father to the brave warriors. A depiction of the 200 redclyfian knights defending the Amaethean farmland walls against Mori and dread knights. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The lyrics of the Ballad: Six of my young lads stay at home and hide the clear gold. The other six in elven lands put the swords to the test. They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! They raised their yew longbows high on the walls, then they let a volley out to the mori below. They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! They fought upon the farmland walls for 3 and 4 lady's hours, The mori fell at Clearon's sword like plants fall for a good scythe. They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! They fought upon the farmland walls, they were all full of wrath the mori fell at Bjorn's warhammer like the snow falling on fields. They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! They fought upon the farmland walls, tired were the redclyfian knights, the moon could not shine bright because of the mist of mori blood! They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! They are overwhelmed by the mori, slowly backing up, Then earth and stone shatter as Bjorn calls out "Death before Dishonor!". They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! So far reached the inspiring words, it resounded in the sheaths, The knights threw themselves back into the fray, held the mori off to let their allies flee. They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor! The knights fell back, they board ships all soaked in red, they have successfully defended their fleeing allies and all the descendants fled. They Ride out to Amaethea with fine maidens on their saddles! Fight the mori on the walls Death before Dishonor!
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