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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT of the HOUSE DARKWOOD The Darkwood Drink Festival In the year of our Lord, 13th of Peter's Glory 23 B.A To those of Almaris: House Darkwood has shown itself to be a house newly dedicated in its curation and creation of drinks of all kinds, having opened a business in the Brown Bear’s Rest Tavern in Balian. Having held such a passion for all his life Viscount Drako Darkwood would like to announce his intent to host a festival in celebration of what he loves in Balian. Starting in the Square of Balian with a small amount of stalls and space within Balian, those who make drinks are encouraged to sell or offer tasters of their drinks for the denizens of Almaris to taste and enjoy. Being that this is a drink festival, there will be a competition held in the tavern with a grand prize of 50 mina. Finally it will be ended with a drunken brawl in the arena, where anyone who wants to take part will drink and then fist fight those in the pit. As declared by, His Excellency, the Patriarch of House Darkwood, Lord Drako Darkwood, Viscount of Renduzzo. Her Excellency, Viscount-Consort Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller of Renduzzo
  2. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER ISSUED BY SEBASTEIN OLIVIER ASHFORD DE SAVOIE Upon the 6th of Joma ag Umund, 442 E.S. Friends, the Lifstala season is soon upon us! The time for each one of us to find a counterpart draws near. How quickly the days have come and gone, flying past as we blink our eyes. Soon, most of us shall enter a new stage in our lives. With this season comes the joy, the pain, the happiness, the anger, and all the other emotions that follow love and passion. But those days have not yet come! So let us enjoy ourselves before we begin to worry! I invite all participating in Lifstala to join me for a party within the forgotten rooms of the palace! Revel in fun without worrying about the future. Lose yourself within the laughter and comradery. Drinks will be provided. Party games shall be played. Make this a night to remember or a night to forget the next day. O N T H E 12 T H O F W Z U V A R A G B Y V C A 4 4 4 E X A L T E D S I G I S M U N D SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Sebastien Ashford de Savoie FIRRESS, Viorica Barrow [OOC]
  3. Beauty of Bethlenen [!] A painting of a man and woman sharing a dance while a crowd watches. Event Information Upon the eve in question, the denizens of Haense shall gather at Bethlenen [September 15th, 5pm EST] for a contest of beauty of all kinds, emotional, intellectual and physical. A variety of yet unknown tests to attain the various participant’s attributes will take place as the Lady Catalina and His Serene Highness will judge and discuss their opinions on each participant. Once the scores for the various aspects are tallied, there will be an announcement by the Grand Prince and Lady on who the victor is. The victor will be crowned ‘The Beauty of Bethlenen’ and then a ball will ensue in the halls Bethlenen. The victor of the competition is also offered the chance for the first dance with His Serene Highness, an offer that any suitor of The Koengzem would seldom refuse. For those not dancing, drinks and food will be handed out by servants. Invites are extended to: Her Princely Grace, Johanne of House Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar and her esteemed pedigree Her Grace, Isabel of House Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck and her esteemed pedigree Their Graces Mikhail and Margrait of House Ruthern, Duke and Duchess of Vidaus and their esteemed pedigree The Right Honourable, Adele of House Ludovar, Count of Otistadt, and her esteemed pedigree The Honourable, Nikolai of House Kortrevich, Viscount of Krusev and his esteemed pedigree His Lordship, Leopold of House Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his esteemed pedigree His Lordship, Maric of House Colborn, Baron of Bethlenen and his esteemed pedigree And all of the Noble girls attending the upcoming Lifstala of The Koengzem Commoners are allowed to attend but they may not compete. Signed, Lady Catalina Rosalyn Colborn ☆ His Serene Highness, Georg Sigismund, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  4. ISSUED ON THE 11TH OF THE FIRST SEED, 1889 Upon the recent move to the Principality of Sedan, the women of House Jazloviecki find themselves seeking companions to socialise and confide in within their new homelands. Therefore, the Margravine-consort of Grodno and her eldest daughter Walentyna Stasia invite all women, both of noble and common blood in Sedan, to attend an afternoon tea party to enjoy some light beverages and the accompanying chatter that follows such events - whether it be idle conversation or gossip. Not only will this occasion introduce the new citizens of Johannesport amongst those in attendance, but hopefully shall establish further connections for a possible lady's society in the near future. SIGNED, The Most Honournable, Lady Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki, Margravine-consort of Grodno, Baroness of Castile The Honourable, Lady Walentyna Stasia of Grodno
  5. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard. Happy Hour! For a limited time only next Pumpkin Day, every freely provided drink in the tavern will also come with FREE pipeweed!* *pipes not included. Please smoke responsibly. ((Just a li’l thing for tomorrow. 3 pm est, Saturday the 10th of September, 2022))
  6. [!] You find a letter in your aviary Gardening! ~A friendly biggun inspects the gardens of Honeyhill~ Our village may be beautiful, but we can make it more beautiful still! Far too much space lies empty, but with a bit of work we can make the village blossom with gardens once again! Ye be invited to join me in this noble task and plant gardens in and around the burrows of Honeyhill! Bring shovels, hoes, seeds, and any flower bulbs you fancy! ~Mimosa Applefoot ((7 pm est, tomorrow on wednesday the 7th of September, 2022))
  7. ‹ ›‹ ›‹ › As of late, some suspicious, horrid sounds have been coming from The Kingdom of Balian's mines, sounds that have never been heard before. Miners who wandered down there to collect minerals could hear screams of some sort coming from the mines before they even entered, most fled in fear. Others who had decided to be more curious paid the consequences for their curiosity. Bodies began piling up in the mines, some sort of monster or monsters had been lurking there for some time now, and it’s been feasting off of the citizens who had dared to travel below. Many others have attempted to force the monster out of the Mines, failing miserably, as none of their plans had worked. This monster cannot be fought alone, NO ONE SHALL ENTER THESE MINES ALONE. If you wish you go fend off this monster we suggest you travel in a group of 5-6. We cannot risk anymore lives of our citizens, it is far too risky. This monster is something many Balianites have never encountered before. It’s to the point that there's no other choice left other than to go down, and fend off this beast.
  8. A Goats Jubilee A depiction of the Sedan citizenry frolicking amongst one another, c. 1887 To the loyal subjects of the Principality of Sedan, aforementioned, it has been announced that the Crown Prince and Her Imperial Highness have welcomed a pair of two, healthy goat Princess’- Princess Marcella, and Princess Matilda. As a result of their births, the Royal Courts of Sedan have deemed it befitting to jubilantly invite its citizenry to engage in a royal jubilee in celebration of the twin’s livelihood. TIMETABLE: A Ram’s Ball Attendees will be welcomed into the keep’s ballroom to dance, sip and feast on the finest of delicacies and converse amongst one another. Present Bestowing To celebrate and mark the memorable births of the pair, guests will have the opportunity to present the little princess’ with gifts of all sorts. Special Invitations are extended to the following below: The King of Haense and his royal pedigree. @gmro The Countess of Otistadt and her noble pedigree. @copowl The Grand Duke of Balian and his imperial pedigree. @ave The Count of Tesmech and his noble pedigree. @bickando The Count of Minitz and his noble pedigree. @goodguymatt The Margrave of Grodno and noble pedigree. @olox Signed, His Highness, Prince Joseph Alexander de Joannes, Crown Prince of Sedan and Baron of Ponce Her Imperial Highness, Augustina Theorosia de Joannes, Princess of Balian and Sedan, Baroness of Ponce
  9. [!] A letter is sent to your local aviary! Grand Opening! ~The new tavern!~ Times be a'changing here in Honeyhill ever since the reconstruction to the other side of the hill began! Let's celebrate the hard work we've put in so far with some alcohol! See some new faces, make some new friends, and drink booze 'till you drop! (If ye attend, you'll have a chance at NAMING the tavern! Ain't that sweet!) The opening will commence next Pumpkin Day! ~Mimosa Applefoot ((4 PM EST, Thursday the 25th of August, 2022)
  10. Ascension of Duke Björn I 5th of the First Seed, 90 SA For many years the Dual Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania has been governed by a regent to ensure the realm would not fall into decay while the heir, Björn Ragnarrsson Mösu, grew old enough to rule the Duchy as Duke. After many years of waiting for Björn to grow old enough and to become ready for the role of Duke by studying long and hard to learn politics and other skills needed for a ruler, he will finally rise to sit upon his throne and govern the realm which the Lady of The Lake has granted him. Citizens from all corners of Almaris are invited to attend a coronation ceremony in Björn’s honor! During this ceremony, he shall be presented to all those invited before being crowned the Duke of the Dual Duchies. Afterwards a celebration shall be held within the tavern of Myrine, allowing people from every nation to enjoy the foods and drinks the duchies have to offer. The Duke himself shall be present, giving both the common folk and officials from other realms the chance to speak to him and get to know him. This ceremony heralds a new era of peace and prosperity for the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania. Come celebrate this momentous occasion at the jousting rings of Myrine, and enjoy the bounteous beauty in which Redclyf abounds. Signed, His Grace, Duke of Redclyf-Rozania, Lord-Protector of Almar & Head of House Mösu ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Special Invitations: Even though the ceremony is not done behind closed doors and is open to all to attend if they so wish, special invitations have gone out to the following realms & peoples: The City of Myrine, The Dual Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania and its citizens; The citizens of The Principality of Celia’nor & his Highness; Illarion Ibarellan, Arch-Chancellor of Celia’nor The citizens of The Clandom Vitsulia & His Highness; Casimir Vilchyc, Piast of Vistulian Clandom The citizens of The Grand Duchy of Balian & His Highness; John Casimir Novellen, Grand Duke of Balian The citizens of The Rashidun Sheikdom The citizens of The Freeport of Akueli The citizens of The Silver State of Haelun’or The citizens of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan The citizens of The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The citizens of The Harvest Confederation The citizens of The Iron’Ugz The citizens of The Verdant Glade The Citizens of The Viceroyalty of Hyspia The citizens of The Unified Domain of Vortice ((OOC: It will be hosted on Saturday, August 20th, at 3pm EST))
  11. [!] Elegantly scribed rice paper flyers are hung around Norland! Come one, come all! To the… Tianrui Teahouse Karaoke Night [!] A Li-Ren painting of a teahouse goat enthusiastically joins in on the night’s festivities! Join us friends, for the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse karaoke night! With a comprehensive list of hit Li-Ren, Oyashiman, and Hyeol-Yeon party tracks complete with an on-stage lyric book, experience a slice of Ai-Zho right in the heart of Norland! If you don’t know any Li-Wen, Oyashiman, or Hyeol-Yeon, fret not! Each song comes complete with Common translation, courtesy of the Tianrui Trading Co. translation and localization team. The first of our recurring karaoke nights shall take place this First Seed, SA 88! Event Planning, Tianrui Ren Eiji Takai Event Hosting, Tianrui Ren OOC: 4pm EST, Friday August 12th in the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse
  12. [!] As the snow of winter begins its slow melt, the fields of Honeyhill once again are exposed, and the residue from last year's harvest pokes through the snow. Halflings from across the village arise from their slumber, put on their jackets, bridle up their ponies, and head to the fields for ploughing season. Without good ploughing, there will be no good planting come The First Seed after all! [!] A halfling farmer ploughs his field. ((Event 5 PM EST, tomorrow on the 11th of August, 2022))
  13. [!] Elegantly scribed rice paper flyers are hung around Norland! Tianrui Teahouse: Alisgrad Grand Opening After much work by the hands of the Tianrui family, we are happy to announce the grand opening of the Tianrui Teahouse on Frey Street! Come enjoy your favorite Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisine once more, paired with the finest teas grown and imported from Almaris and beyond! Accompanying our signature refreshments will be the elegant sword dances of Chen Yunya, and beautiful zither music played by renowned bard Wu Meixing. When you have finished sampling refreshments come visit the relaxing baths, curated from years of traditional Li-Ren herbal remedies. Above the baths sits the Tianrui bookstore, housing a cultural museum of the Li-Ren and Oyashiman peoples! The festivities shall take place on The Sun’s Smile, Year 89 of the Second Age from opening until closing. Be sure to not miss such an auspicious event! Event Planning, Tianrui Ren Event Hosting, Tianrui Ren OOC: 4PM EST, Sunday August 7th in the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse We will be watching “Spirited Away” in the Norland VC in tandem with the event!
  14. COWARDLY FLAMES 12th of The First Seed, in the year 88 of our lord 12th Of The First Seed, in the year Within our own Court, a Assassin had slipped through with ill intentions of harming Balians Princess Augustina. We were hosting a ball within our Court room, everything was fine people were dancing and enjoying themselves. As the room emptied, more and more and the princess was more visible since there were no longer crowds of people blocking her. The Assassin had took their chance getting on a balcony that had looked over the court room. Yelling out absurd things, "AVE ORENIA, ALL HAIL KING FREDRICK". They then proceeded to load A arrow into the crossbow, shooting our princess before she had the opportunity to get down and duck the arrow. The mystery Person in question then decided to light themself ablaze and jump from the balcony onto the court rooms floor. Splattering their blood across he floors. Who would've thought the Assassin had been this cowardly that only shooting one person, and then ending their life before anyone else could was their last solution. We have no clue as to who had the person been, their body is charred and we cannot figure out whom it is. This event was obviously planned for some time we'd assume. We shall be more weary of our Guests within Balian after this dreadful event.. Signed, The Rose of Darkwood, Lady Seraphina Katiana Darkwood
  15. Echos of the ancients festival Many Ker are made to wander and many more are left oblivious to their ancient histories as the holders of said histories linger among the poets and warriors of Nor’asath. A time for the young to hear of our ancestors, the light, the mother, and the wolf. Echos of the past and offerings will be held within the town square. Tales of sport, ancient war and techniques, items to display reverence, and traditional food by the illustrious Chefzerker Thullon will also be available alongside musical performances. All are welcome to join us in the festivities and those privy to the history are welcome to bring trinkets and charms or tell tales of one's clan within three Elven Days. Education of ones people will be available to upon the day. Feast and party for the eve as the city shall come to life as our ancestors feast at our side. (( Festival will be on Friday at 6pm est in Nor’asath.)) Should anyone want a stall or aid in the event of Nor'asath or not send me a dm ColonelKuehl#6302 cya there.
  16. Felyx F. Colborn, a Voice for Reform! Simple contemporary oil painting of Felyx F Colborn Introduction Felyx, born in the Second age 64, did not come into the world in a noble household. He worked for everything he has gotten so far, and will continue to serve his Kongzem to the best of his ability. The combined efforts of House Colborn now mean that Felyx is granted a unique position to let his voice be heard. As a child, he worked to start the St. Carolus University which still exists today, has participated in medic lectures, climbed to the rank of Armsman and Officer Cadet by now in the BSK Haeseni Army, and is an avid Adventurer and Poet to the Royal Family. Felyx made many friends during his time, be it commonfolk and nobility alike, and has expanded his horizons by carefully listening to minorities such as Orcs and Elves in Hanseti-Ruska. This has given Felyx the confidence he needs to run for Alderman on this day. Aspirations and Pledges I, Felyx Francys Colborn, do so pledge to honour our community of evolving peoples in-tune with their conservative roots by working with the Duma to issue reforms that benefit the Kongzem in the long-term. I will be your elected dreamer of a brighter future for Haense and, with the know-how and tools I have amassed so far, vow to work hard to listen carefully to anyone who would give me feedback or advice, and implement reforms that I deem necessary for the prosperity of Haense to Krusae Zwy Kongzem! More specifically, I, Felyx will pledge to work on Seven primary points: Promote Crown-endorsed reforms to stimulate political interest of the People of Hanseti-Ruska. Introduce non-politically aligned Commonfolk Societies for greater multi-social representation in our Motherland. Stand for greater Diplomatic cooperation, including a Worker’s Exchange Programme between allied nations to foster more open-minded generations who are willing to accept the diversity of Hanseti-Ruska and Almaris as a whole. Promote theological debates led by the Church across various beliefs, using a novel, proposed technique, coined: “Deep Listening”. Work to integrate the aforementioned “Deep Listening” into the Duma, which will hopefully bridge divides between opposite opinions to reach compromises. Introduce a Koeng or Koenas Royal Jubilee, in coordination with the BSK, every 5 years to celebrate the efforts of the Crown. Introduce a “World Pilgrimage” with the consent of the Church, in order to become aware of different and opposing cultures and beliefs, to reinforce Godan’s virtues and learn to live harmoniously with others despite opposing views. These are just a chunk of ideas I have deemed worthy to put to paper. Being a soldier of the BSK, I find it important that we can avoid War as much as possible. However, peacetime is never a reason to stop training and drilling diligently. I will take my discipline and dedication from the Army when pursuing my goals within the Duma. With great Passion Felyx Francys Colborn stands by his values, and hopes to work alongside Duma members with his Aspirations, by the pleasure of the Electorates of Hanseti-Ruska!
  17. Disclaimer: This is not public knowledge, merely an account of the first of many events happening within the adunians. 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓗𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓵𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓣𝓱𝓻𝓮𝓮 Storms had raged around the Lordship of Cartref Mor for many a WIldwynn day, killing its crops, plaguing the cattle and beasts. An omen had made itself clear amongst the town, and in doing so, did it herald the arrival of an individual. For many days the Lord of Cartref Mor gained letters, written in an odd sanguine coloration, detailing trials to come. The storms were but the precursor, a taste of what was to truly come, and it was upon that third day. When the roaring winds died down, and the clattering of hooves on ice drew near, the people of that Lordship left those warm walls. Caution had always plagued the Adunian people, and it was that caution now that drove the Lord to find what was going on. “SO THIS IS WHAT THE FOUNDINGS OF HARREN AND SARAI HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO! HIDING LIKE RATS INSIDE OF RICKETY WOODEN WALLS!” A voice, dry and raspy like smoke, bellowed out in the winds. Mockery evident in their manner of speech, as the figure of a hooded crone could be seen amongst the snow laden foothills. The Lord made his way over to those wooden walls, his glowing gaze akin to that of the ice that rose from the peaks near the regions of Norland. Yet as he drew near, did that voice continue on, rising in volume and intensity. “Who is that Lord, that has led you so, that rules amongst these lands!” The glowing gaze of the lord found itself moving to the old crone, his feet moving for him as he descended down. As his people drew bows, and clutched swords. As their lips spoke threats, so did the Lord of Cartref Mor find his scarred maw opening to speak to the one that had arrived. “I am Aurelion Marsyr, Lord of the lands of Cartref Mor. Who are you, to yell and mock my people?” As his leather clad boots found that rough worn path, as he drew near, so did he find his gaze lingering upon the elden woman. His gaze found those familiar features, ears that held a slight point, and eyes that held a blue hue to them. Features that, despite old, held the look of someone far older than they appeared to be. So did he find himself continuing, fear filled him, yes. But not of her, rather, of the reasoning of why an old woman such as herself may be here. A look of shock spread across her withered features, almost as though such a statement of him being the lord was a joke. “You?!? You're the Lord of Cartref Mor?!?.....I expected someone more noteworthy!” He found his words leaving his mouth for him, such a phrase, often leaving his mouth as he spoke to the traveler. His tone akin to the ice and cold that laid bare across Cartref, his demeanor was calm rather then brash or quick like his kin as of current. “Most often are shocked to find me as the lord, yet still you do not answer my questions, what is your reasoning for being here. Who are you?” The old crone seemed to grumble and mumble out of annoyance, before she stepped down closer to the lord. The woman looked over at him, before finally answering in that long drawn out tone. “I am Tindromiel, High Priestess of the Trinity Priesthood, and I have come because I have seen a vision. Of ruin and flames to the adunic people, but also, of a reborn era. Of the days of old once more flourishing within our people, of the days of the High Kingdom!” The lord's blood ran cold as he heard these words, his eyes widened as heard mention of these visions. Images that he himself had seen, of that dark and desolate day, of those fires that raged about the corpses of his people. Yet it was more shocking that she would mention such days, of the elden days of their people, of those days he had only ever heard legend about. His curiosity grew, like those roaring winds that had descended. The lord found himself speaking, before his thoughts had fully processed. “I give you one hour within my halls, to explain what exactly you mean. One hour only, is that understood?” That crone's blue eyes gleamed with mockery and mischief as she bellowed out in that loud tone once more. “You will be having me more then one hour, this will be a stay that will result in my leave. ONLY, when the Trinity deem it so!” He found himself gritting his teeth for the first time since this encounter, the usually calm and unfazed man, being bothered by this entire encounter. Yet still, did he accept such terms, his feet guiding him down as those few who had come outside lowered their bows, and sheathed their blades. His people, finding their way back inside of that long and cold hall. Aurelion would take a seat, upon that raised dais. His gaze lowered to the crone, she, who had brought forth the cold and misery within recent months. She greedily took to the food, and drank the warm tea. Her harsh words, finding purchase in the few guests that had arrived. After some time, with rabid ramblings, did she begin to tell her tale. “I have seen all your outcomes, I have seen the bodies of your families, of the flames of ruin spreading across the town of Cartref Mor. I have seen banners of white petaled flowers, risen high to claim those of our kin. Yet, I’ve also seen success, guidance finally in those willing to take it. Of our kingdom reborn, and of our people rebuilt. Yet such is not an easy task, for it requires you to be worthy of those Tools of the Trinity.” Most within the hall, muttered in their seats, some fearful of such an outcome. Yet others, mocking. The occasional ‘farce’ and ‘con-artist’, thrown within the slew of comments that resounded about the table. One such individual, a man with darkened hair, and a child next to him. Spoke arrogantly and angrily at the woman. “Cartref Mor is more than just a place! It is a people, and a proud people at that! We’ve no fear, for even if our walls are broken and our home destroyed. We will thrive just as well, without worry!” Next did a woman, silver haired and with a worried motherly expression. Chime in to add her thoughts, and concerns. “Can we not wish for a better life for our children? For them to merely have greener fields, without worry of some trial or conflict?” As these were spoken, so did that haggard voice shriek to those others huddled about the table. “So you are content to remain inside wooden walls and barren fields? Of a cramped keep and cold stone floors. You wish for this life for your kin and your kins future kin?” The wise-woman's words spat out, similar to that of a snake spitting venom. Anger was building and rising, tensions growing as she spoke the names of those adunians who attempted to speak out or dissuade her thinking. Oliver, Aobh, and Arnarra. All whose visions and futures, if not done right, led to death and sickness. As more spoke, more was revealed, more was shown to that hold of adunians. Yet still, did the lord remain silent, his ears taking in those words and knowledge of wisdom. Yet his eyes, they searched about that keep. They looked at those wooden beams, of that old stone made in the hands of not them, rather a people prior. Of flags that had merely become strips of cloth, only recently gaining that meaning again. He turned to his people, and what he saw was not unity, rather a fear. A hopelessness, people willing to submit themselves for an ounce of so called freedom, of self respect. He saw, not a lively people, rather the ones mentioned in all those tomes. He saw people, still hiding, still reluctant in their ways of old. The true ways of old for them. Slowly, did he come to stand, his voice cutting through the crowd of people. His words, attempting to find purchase within the hearts and minds of his brothers and sisters. “You are right, we should be wishing for those green hills for our kin to roam in. You are right, Cartref Mor is a people, rather than a place. It is more than just a keep upon a shore, or a town bordering the sea. Yet, do you not wish to regain what was stolen from us all those centuries ago? To regain that respect that was once held for our people and kin? We were once proud and mighty, yet here we reside, roaming for scraps of food and our history. Some, bowing to people and beings that hold very little care for us. Here, do we hold a chance to regain something lost to us from ages past. Here do we hold the chance to unify as a people, to grow as a people. Some of you may be willing to submit, yet I as your leader will not allow you to! I refuse to allow you all to fall prey to those that would care little for your being, and for your health. I, as leader, refuse for you to give up on forgetting those that still guide you to this day. I refuse, for us to merely quiet. To stay sedentary and complacent in our actions, to fall prey to the chains of time. I REFUSE TO LET OUR PEOPLE WASTE AWAY!” His words echoed through the halls, silence resounding through the dimly lit room, as the Lord of Cartref Mor began to walk down the dais. His speech, not yet finished, the elden fires within him only stirring and growing faster and faster. “No longer shall we stay merely subservient to our ways, to the ideology that was thrusted upon us as our youth. For now, is not the age of silence, of hiding. Now, it is the age of revitalization, of our freedom, of the WILL OF THE ADUNIANS!” Silence bounced through the walls, emptiness resounding about, before a clap began to be heard. Followed by another, and another, soon like the choirs of a church. Did the hall erupt into a roar, both frightening yet true. A fire had been lit for the people, and it grew with every cheer and prayer. Many within the hall dipped their heads, and many pledged their blade and body to the cause. To the trials that the people ahead would face. So did the Adunic Lord look about, to his people, his kin. All who bore now, a look of new determination, of resolution. “There is the Lord of Cartref Mor I was expecting.” The crone's voice echoed out, and as it did, so would he turn to face her. Cold determination within his gaze, as the leader of the adunians spoke to her. “You told us of trials, if such is the case, what shall be our first?” Slowly did the crone's lips curve into a withered smile, her hunched form starting to make her way from the table to the door. Her voice echoing throughout the halls of the newly renewed adunic people. “Your first trial shall be announced in the coming Wildwynn days, a trial for Maria, the Mother. Spend this time praying, and preparing. For these trials, will not be any easy thing.” The lord nodded, his own scarred lips curving into a smile, one born from the readiness of doing his eternal duty to his kin. “Then we shall speak in those coming days, may the Ancestors guide you but most certainly, may they guide us to our completion of this task.”
  18. ( Kharajyr revelers walk through the streets of Elysium, making declaration of a festival to come. Naturally, word spreads, and the following information is made known throughout the local rumor mill ) The Festival of Thankful Givings "Come! Come to our grand Pyramid of Eittitica!" "Thankful are we, for our bond with Elysium, and our partnership lasting in the days to come!" "We hold this festival for you! We welcome our friends into our homes to share our culture." "We begin on the ninth day of the calendar's First Seed. The gate opens then." "Our Aelkos shall welcome you all inside himself!" -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- -=+=- This event will be held over the course of 3 ooc days with each day's main activity beginning at 4pm, eastern standard time. The schedule is as follows : - Friday, July 1st When the gate is opened at 4pm est, there will be a grand tour of Eittitica led by Aelkos Ri'Keidha. Festival goers will be led around the many locations of the Pyramid and learn about each one. Once the tour has ended, some of these locations will be hosting local Kharajyr inhabitants, running smaller activity relevant to that location. ( This also marks the beginning of the festival in total, meaning that visitors may now come to interact at the pyramid even if there is no activity currently running ) - Saturday, July 2nd There will be a hunting activity, very important in Kharajyr culture. This will begin with a religious service. A priest of Metztli will lead the Kha and festival goers in a prayer to bless the hunt that is to come. Afterwords, the Kharajyr will lead one or two groups out into the wilderness to track down their prey. ( Be prepared for crp! ) - Sunday, July 3rd There will be a game of Tlachtli, the sacred cultural ball game of the Kharajyr. Ri'Keidha will explain the rules of the game and act as the match's referee. A team of three to six players will step forward from both the Elysian and the Eittitican side. These two teams will play against each other, with the winners receiving a special prize! After feasting in the Pyramid's Tavern to celebrate, the festivities will officially come to an end. Although activities will only be happening at certain times, it is encouraged that members of both cultures come to interact whenever they are able. Furthermore, although the invitation is specifically meant for Elysium, members of other nations are welcome to attend!
  19. [!] With joy, copies of this missive were not only scattered across Karosgrad, but placed neatly at the doors of the manors and keeps of all the Kingdom’s peers, and each house. To those outside of the city, special invitations were sent by an Aviary. [A drawing from a different artist, depicting Elizaveta in deep conversation and planning with the patron spirit of the event – the dear Raven.] THE FANTASTICAL WEDDINGPALOOZA THE UNION OF ELIZAVETA ALBAN & BARLEY WICK An invitation TO THE MERRY AND UNORDINARY For the 6th, in the month of Joma & Umund, 429 E.S VA BIRODEO HERZENAV, EDLERVIK AG KOMYNZ, Following two long decades of being raised side by side as lifelong, childhood friends, naturally – and for everyone to see – a passionate love has blossomed. And through many years of hurdling the restrictions of status and rank, this joyous pair has finally set the time that their souls should be mended together as one in holy matrimony. In line with the complex mind of Lady Alban, this event seeks to forgo the usual bore that comes with the dull feasts and waltzes that follow the wedding ceremony. Thus, the concept of a WEDDINGPALOOZA was born. Though all are invited, should the sight of the unordinary and uncanny of creatures frighten or anger you, consider skipping this event and staying home – for not only is this Weddingpalooza for the people, it is for the creatures who have accompanied the couple their whole life. Even before the wedding takes place, preparations will begin mere days before, based on the many tales and stories the pair has read. The groom is set to depart on a hunt with his dear friends, where they hunt down THREE RAVENS precisely, all while gathering the bones of various animals along the way. These spoils are then given to the bride, as she prepares them for use during the ceremony. The ceremony and events in question will take place in Jerovitz – for there could be no other place than the lands where the couple grew up side by side. Under the watchful eye of GOD, they will be wed in the Chapel of the Venerable Primrose Kortrevich, to be immediately followed by constant merriment and celebration in the form of THREE grand activities: THE DANCE OF TRANSCENDENCE With the month of the matrimony being the harshest in winter, just outside the keep, a grand bonfire will be lit – fueled by the remains of the spoils of the hunt. All invitees are encouraged to join the newlyweds as they dance around its flames, warming themselves – accompanied by song and music. Vials of ‘Transcendence’ and cups of Carrion Black will be provided to promote a more exciting experience. In line with the ongoing theme, three songs will be sung – and nearing the very last one, should the couple be spotted slipping away, guests will dash forth with a dubious prank! During this, the rats – the chosen animal of House Wick – will be given their very own dug-out hole, and attendees will gain the chance to see their own spectacular dance. THE RAT CHASE The spawn of Sergi-boy, first of his name, have been bred with speeds of great renown. The largest rat of his house, Sergi-boy VIII, is a rat of legend – a rat no man has been able to catch. Guests who dare to take on the myth will be led on a chase around Jerovitz, trying to pin a tail on his behind. The very first to do this will be, with the permission of Sir Candle Wick, crowned CHAMPION OF THE WICKWALD. THE WHEAT BOWL For the manliest of men and artists of the blade, a tournament will be held in the newlyweds’ honor. Before dueling, fighters must lather themselves in the very dirt they seek to battle on, sticking onto their armor the feathers of a bird of their choice. The last standing will be named champion, the GRAND RAVEN PRINCE (regardless of gender), and given the almighty BLACK HELM. During all the festivities, food will be provided for all – including special sustenance for creatures, fae, and deities. SPECIAL INVITATIONS FROM THE BRIDE & GROOM: Dearest Mother and Father, Her Royal Highness, Henrietta Barbanov-Bihar, & His Royal Highness, Marus Barbanov-Bihar. ( @PerfectlyPeachy, @mkLouis) Cherished Brother, Matyas Ludovar, Count-Consort of Otistadt, Lord of Alban.( @gusanoarentonio) His Royal Highness, Franz Leopold, Prinzen Oracle of Manvestiyaeo. ( also @gusanoarentonio) His Excellency, Matyas ‘Matty Bee’ Baruch, Best Man of the Groom. ( @Chris (Acaele)) Dearest Friend, Catalina ‘Magda’ Nadia Carrion, Best Lady to the Bride. ( @Melpomenne) Sir Candle Wick, Uncle to the Groom, and all true Wick descendants. ( @HurferDurfer1) Calanthe Wick, Sister to the Groom, and her merry company. ( @doreebear) Illian and Cas, shopkeepers of the bride’s favorite stall, and their merry company. ( @BobBox, @un-w) Miss Margo, the wondrous Oracle woman. ( @Kujo) Elizabeth Brae-Wittenbach, Vice-President of the NGS, and all its members. ( @AndrewTech) His Geniusness, Cosimo Falcone, and his merry company. ( @Goon ) His Funnyness, Shrout Booker Card, Great Sage, Equal to Mani. ( @Xx_BloodStalk_xX ) His Gracefulness, Riurn’parir, the Swamp Spirit of Attenlund. ( @RaiderBlue) His Ribbitness, Mudzskips, the Merciful, and all his remaining Wonk race. ( @Benjiota) His Rhinocity, Rhinonathan, and the citizens of Rhino Rhingdom. ( @PXY) FORMAL INVITATIONS TO THE KING OF HAENSE AND THE PEERAGE: His Royal Majesty, Karl III, the King, and his Royal Pedigree. ( @GMRO) Her Grace, Isabel Baruch, the Duchess of Valwyck, and her Ducal Pedigree. ( @sarahbarah ) Her Grace, Johanna Barclay, the Duchess of Reinmar, and her Ducal Pedigree. ( @Zaerie) His Grace, Mikhail Ruthern, the Duke of Vidaus, and his Ducal Pedigree. ( @indiana105) The Right Honourable, Adele Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt, and her Comital Pedigree. ( @CopOwl) His Lordship, Leopold Morovar, the Baron of Ghaestenwald, and his Baronial Pedigree. ( @HogoBojo) His Lordship, Filip Amador, the Baron of Mondstadt, and his Baronial Pedigree. ( @Lomiei)
  20. FIFTH BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA A painting of a past garden party. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya, on behalf of her son, His Lordship, Andrei Sigismund Morovar, is pleased to invite the denizens of Hanseti-Ruska and beyond to a garden party featuring a scavenger hunt within the gardens of Karosgrad celebrating his birth. In addition to a scavenger hunt, guests will be able to enjoy various games, including pin the tail on the crow. Formal Invitations Her Grace, Johanna Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar and her noble pedigree @Zaerie His Grace, Mikhail var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree @indiana105 His Lordship, Filip Amador, Baron of Mondstadtand his noble pedigree @Lomiei Personal Invitations His Majesty, Karl III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his royal pedigree @GMRO Her Grace, Isabel Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck and her noble pedigree @sarahbarah The Right Honorable, Adele Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt and her noble pedigree @CopOwl The Honorable, Nikolai Kortrevich, Viscount of Krusev and his noble pedigree @Phersades His Lordship, Leopold Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree @HogoBojo Her Ladyship, Sibylla Ludovar and her family @CupOTea__ His Lordship, Sir Borris Kortrevich and his family @tcs_tonsils_ His Lordship, Eirik Baruch @gusanoarentonio Erika Vatornik and her family @MissToni SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya His Lordship, Andrei Sigismund Morovar [OOC: To be held on Thursday, the 16th of June, at 5:00 EST.]
  21. [!] Silver envelopes are delivered directly to Haelun'orian mailboxes! The Return of Summer Festival Issued 10th of The Amber Cold, Year 80 of The Second Age The snow has melted! With good weather finally returned to The Silver City after a time of harrowing blizzard, the High Elves of Haelun’or may once again feel the warmth of our blessed isle! You are cordially invited to join an evening of enjoyment amongst lliran, celebrating the glorious sunshine on the silver shores, with the esteemed host of Okarir’nor Luthien Maey’ronn. Cocktails, canapés and beachside sports are on the agenda of the day. We will rendezvous at The Night Owl Parlour before heading to the seaside. No RSVP is required, simply show up, dressed up! Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya to you. OOC: Sunday 19th, 2pm EST/7pm BST Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas & Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn
  22. "The Stag is blessed with a crown of forked lightning The Caribou's hooves roar over the land like thunder The Elk's voice the screaming wind of the tempest" Excerpt from the Legend of the StormTreader, Guardian of the Storm Moon When the final lunar phase of the spring months has passed, the kin of the Mother Circle know that the harsher times of the lunar calendar is upon them. The clouds churn into great veils of shadow and storm, washing the land with a cleansing rain. When the sky illuminates with the crash of thunder, it is said that the mythical StormTreader stags are clashing their antlers together. Rain cascades over the earth like a tide to cleanse the remnants of the old and warn of the scorching summer months to come, and lightning strikes the land to smite wayward, trespassing spirits of Draoi. To honor the story of this fable, the Mother Circle gathers for a grand hunt and the creation of the Lunar Year's Tempest Crown. The tradition begins with two hunting parties representing the Wind and Rain of a summer storm. Venturing into the wilds, the hunters harvest a deer, elk, or caribou to obtain the antlers required for the creation of the Tempest Crown. Then, a grand reenactment of the clashing of horns is held between two chosen warriors of each hunting party. Using only the horned helms they have created, they endure combat during the first summer storm until one of the crowns break. The remaining artifact is exalted as the year's Tempest Crown, a symbol of the Circle's resilience during real and spiritual storms. When lightning strikes, kin beware; For the draoi and slothful druid Are one in the same in the eye of the storm ((6/14 7:30-8pm est start))
  23. SILLUMIRAN SPARRING Elsillumiran, The Weeping Blades, stand as the historic defenders of The Motherland, her vast woodlands, towering mountain chains, crystal seas and marble spires. They act as the army in times of conflict, and custodians of peace, upholding The Silver Law and safekeeping the values imperative for the continuance of State and People; those found in the ancient philosophy of Larihei’s Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Many Sillumir of times passed hold high honour for their great sacrifices. The Blessed Citizenry and allies of The Silver State of Haelun’or are invited to join Elsillumiran in a training session, overseen by Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul and Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos. Bloodshed is forbidden at this event, and any spill will result in repercussions. Appropriate attire must be worn to participate in sparring to prevent such. This will take place in the Silver Bastille, during The First Seed. [[ CRP & PVP ]] [[ Friday 17th, 3pm EST/8pm BST ]] Okarir’mali Elarhil Sullas Okarir’tir Edgars An’asul Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  24. “For garnering connections is the lifeblood of any city.” Issued by the Courts of the Palati Monterosa On the 7th day of Peter’s Glory of year 9 of B.A. As the next generation of the Grand Duchy of Balian begins to reach the age of majority, it pleases the courts of the Palati Monterosa to announce the Syndesi Feriae Publicae, which will be more commonly referred to as the Syndesi. In any city, connections must be garnered so as to pump blood through its very being and this festival is meant just for this very thing. Courtships abound, friendships forming through the trifles of life and long-lasting allies are always sought through life. Join us in this celebration of life, old and new, as all are welcome regardless of status, age and otherwise. Invites are sent to the following: The Grand Duchy of Balian The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Kingdom of Norland The Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia The Dual-Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania The Viceroyalty of Hyspia The Rashidun Sheikhdom The Principality of Celia’Nor The Crown of Elvenesse The Unified Domain of Vortice The Port Town of Akueli Those of Almaris are welcome to attend. The itinerary will be posted shortly following the missive of those attending. Sign-ups close on the 20th and the festivities begin the 22nd, ending on the 30th. [!] A sign-up form is attached for those wishing to attend. SIGNED, Her Excellency, Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae, heiress to the Barony of Aquilae, Procurator of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Palati Monterosa, Court Celebrant, headmaster of the Balian Arts Guild, founder of the Silken Lily, Senior Bee of the Balian Honey Courts, etcetera. F
  25. TO INFORM / VIGILANT 'THILL From the Office of Elokarir'mali, Issued 10th of The First Seed, Year 77 of the Second Age Every member of the Blessed Citizenry should be aware of late assaults, committed by a coven of Frost Witches. These creatures are devious in appearance, possessing fluctuating forms, they feed on the blood of men and attempt to lure women. It is advised that citizens manoeuvre in the company of another or optimally multiple others. Report any suspicious happenings or beings to Elokarir’tir or another councillor. Be on your guard — vigilant ‘thill. Through the schisms of Lomal and all who have attempted to do so since. Through the assailment attempted by Aengudaemon and Draconic beings, and various grand tragedies of the natural elements. Through each and every migration of the descendants, battles great, challenges multifarious, The Silver State of Haelun’or has endured. When the Motherland is faced with any prospect of danger, it is our sworn duty to end the threat as soon as possible. ALL RISE TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND AY'SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS, AY'LARIHEI MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
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