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  1. {!} In a smoky corner of the Basking Turtle tavern in Beznov, Adria, Ahren Jaeger lay slumped over his usual table, seemingly half-dead. An inordinate number of empty Euler Max bottles lay strewn about the tabletop. Traces of smoke rose from the tip of his quill. This meant only one thing: the siege engineer was writing another essay. Some time later (after taking some herbal remedies and alchemical concoctions for his liver) he would travel around the various realms of Aevos, distributing printed copies of the following essay series to any public library that would accept them. For more centralised discussion, he would also pin a copy in a corner of the Adrian Quest Board along with a blank sheet of paper for people to write feedback on. {!} Right beneath our feet By Ahren Jaeger The Harrower readies his next strike from right under our very feet. Deep below the soil on which we stand, his forces are digging the world’s largest network of underground tunnels. He is likely using them, along with sections of the Aevosian Underdark, to move troops, equipment, and supplies around the continent undetected and unopposed. He and his forces can wreak a lot of havoc with such tunnels at their disposal. The only thing limiting their sheer destructive potential is human imagination. The Harrower’s tunnel network could pose a serious threat to the realms of Aevos if we fail to enact timely and effective plans to neutralise it. I thus urge realm leaders to prepare their troops for tunnel warfare and commence countermining operations as soon as possible. It appears that the Harrower’s forces have already made a lot of construction progress, so it might not be very long until they do something truly terrible. We must do something to prevent (or at least soften) the coming blow. Preface As of the time of this pamphlet series’ publishing, there exists a powerful Darkspawn entity known as the Harrower. He appeared a few decades ago, enthralling the tribes of Ailmere under a wicked curse and enshrouding the northern taiga in a fog of voidal darkness. He still leads his legion of brainwashed Ailmerians in a war of subjugation against the rest of Descendantkind. The Harrower’s forces suffered no few costly defeats over the course of the war, and have since retreated back to the northern taiga to lick their wounds. But while, on the surface, it might look like they’ve put their campaign on pause, it would be a mistake to assume they’ve been lying dormant. After a skirmish involving the Harrower’s elite Chosen warriors, a concerning map was found on the body of one. This map, which consists of intricate carvings on a stone tablet, suggests the existence of a continent-wide underground tunnel network. It also implies a new, potentially more troublesome phase in the Harrower War. The Harrower War will probably feature quite a lot of tunnel warfare going forward. It isn’t something that happens very often in Aevos. And it’s reasonable to assume most fighters in most realms aren’t very experienced in it. Tunnel warfare requires a very different approach and mindset to more conventional warfare on the surface. So I am writing this pamphlet series to help people understand it better. The main goal of this pamphlet series is to equip the leaders, soldiers, adventurers and prospective combat engineers of Aevos with some basic knowledge of how tunnels are typically used in warfare and some idea of how to go about detecting and countering them. So when the Harrower tries invading our homes from below, at least we won’t be completely blindsided. An introduction to tunnel warfare Table of Contents Part One: Common uses of tunnels Part Two: Detecting tunnelling activities Part Three: Scouting for tunnels Part Four: Destroying tunnels Part Five: Tunnel fighting Part One: Common uses of tunnels The pickaxe and shovel can be more devastating tools of war than any blade or cannon. Descendants have been weaponising tunnels in warfare for thousands of years, and often to decisive effect. They’ve brought down grand fortresses where massed artillery bombardments failed. They’ve empowered rag-tag bands of insurgents to fight much greater armies to a standstill. And more. The mundane hole in the ground can determine, and has determined, the course of entire battles. The utility of tunnels should not be underestimated. This section will go into some detail about a few of the more common military applications of tunnels. In siege warfare, engineers dig tunnels to undermine well-defended and artillery-resistant walls. In guerilla or asymmetric warfare, tunnels can benefit numerically and technically inferior forces as excellent force multipliers. They may dig tunnels to stealthily manoeuvre around an area, allowing them to flank and ambush superior enemy forces. They can also act as hidden bases of operations and as a strong means of area defence. Knowing that these applications exist and why they work will be a good starting point for understanding the potential threat posed by the Harrower’s tunnel network and how to go about dealing with it. Undermining Some walls are so heavily reinforced that they will never topple over no matter how many rocks or cannonballs you lob at them. In these cases, siege engineers can still breach those walls by using an age-old tactic called ‘undermining’. Undermining basically consists of digging a tunnel directly underneath a building’s foundations, building temporary supports to prop up the structure, and then destroying those supports (usually either by burning them away or blowing them up). A combination of gravity and mechanical stress will then cause the building above to fall into the tunnel. The tactic features heavily in sieges, in which walls are its usual target. When the Attacking side undermines a wall section, the resulting collapse often creates a huge breach in the defences through which their troops can assault the interior and eventually overwhelm the Defending side with superior numbers. The Defending side, having just lost their main advantage of fortifications, often surrenders before they get slaughtered. The threat of undermining should be a compelling reason why fortress commanders and city rulers should keep around dedicated teams of engineers and miners in times of war. Oftentimes the only viable ways for them to stop a besieging force from tunnelling under their walls are to either 1) dig a moat deep enough to reach the local water table or 2) build their own underground tunnel or ‘countermine’ to intercept and destroy the enemy’s before they can get too close. How to undermine a wall The basic process of undermining a wall hasn’t changed too radically over the millennia. The besieging side’s engineers figure out exactly how far away the target enemy wall section is, calculate how big a tunnel they need to dig and how much kindling or explosive ordnance they need to achieve a breach of a desired size, and then plot a path for their team to dig. Miners then dig into the ground with shovels and pickaxes, deep enough to avoid exposing themselves to enemy fire on the surface, but not so deep as to hit the local water table and end up flooding their entire tunnel with groundwater. Along the way, carpenters make shorings and supports to hold up the walls and ceilings. The team then sets up these supports, hauls debris to designated dumping areas outside, and keeps careful track of their precise location in relation to the target wall section. When they end up directly underneath the target wall section, they then destroy the supports under it while maintaining a safe distance. The resulting cave-in finally collapses the wall above. The two most popular methods for initiating the collapse involve the use of fire and explosives. The first method involves simply starting a large fire underneath a target structure to burn away the wooden supports. The second method replaces the slow-burning fire with a gunpowder explosion contained behind a sandbag wall. A small explosion should be sufficient to near-instantly destroy the tunnel’s supports. A larger explosion involving massive amounts of gunpowder can more thoroughly weaken or destroy a structure’s foundations, shake the entire structure at its very core, and potentially achieve even bigger collapses. The effectiveness of undermining compared to artillery bombardment It is perfectly possible to build a wall so thick and shock-absorbent that even cannonballs will bounce off of it, dealing no serious damage. Seeing this, it’s no wonder why the rulers and inhabitants of cities with such walls so often boast of their strength. They may even go as far as to claim their walls are invincible. This is a common folly. For while they can resist artillery bombardment, no land-based structure is completely invulnerable to undermining. At the moment, cannons are the most powerful mundane artillery available to Descendantkind. They use the explosively expanding gases released by burning gunpowder, funnelled through the narrow and partially enclosed confines of a gun barrel, to launch projectiles at high speeds and with great force. The destructive power of the average siege bombard far surpasses that of the average trebuchet. And so, cannons have largely replaced classical siege weapons when it comes to tearing down fortifications. But even gunpowder, mighty as it is, has its limits. By far, the most common type of cannon ammunition is a solid and somewhat loose-fitting spherical projectile called ‘round shot’ or ‘solid shot’. The destructive power of a cannonball (assuming it’s already strong and hard enough to not break apart or deform heavily on impact) mainly depends on its kinetic energy (the energy something has because of its motion), which is proportional to its mass and the velocity at which it impacts its target. Basically, the heavier the cannonball and the faster it is flying, the more damage it deals when it finally hits something. Cast iron cannonballs and corned powder have rendered many classical fortress designs practically obsolete, but the combination remains far from a be-all-end-all. Gunpowder can only propel an object so fast. And there also seems to be a soft limit to the weight of ammunition gunpowder is capable of launching at practical ranges without also blowing up the cannon and its crew. The very largest of siege bombards and mortars on Eos can fire stone or metal projectiles weighing a little more than a metric tonne. While these can utterly obliterate most classical-style curtain walls and castle towers with ease, defence-minded military engineers developed many innovations to mitigate the effectiveness of artillery. For example: solid shot fired from these same cannons would struggle against the thick and shock-absorbent brick-and-earth walls of a modern bastion fort or Oyashiman ‘shiro’ (castle). Of course, it is possible to make specially crafted ammunition or ‘Craftsman’s Shot’ that have more going on for them than just their kinetic energy. For example, engineers may incorporate explosive charges using low-density boomsteel or blasting potion gas. But these tend to be prohibitively difficult and expensive to manufacture at scale. So militaries generally stick with solid shot for the most part. When even concentrated artillery fire proves lacking, siege engineers must find other ways of achieving a breach. And oftentimes they resort to undermining. Against artillery-resistant walls, simply collapsing tunnels directly beneath them are often what ends up creating the breaches a besieging army needs to finally take a fortress by storm. This is because undermining weaponises the force of gravity and turns a structure’s own mass against it. At least for now, there are very few man-made weapons that can compare. Destroying large structures Various forces constantly act upon the things we build, even when we’re not actively trying to destroy them. To specify a few: Gravity always exerts a downwards force on our buildings and seeks to sink them into the ground. Wind blows against their walls, wobbling taller structures and constantly threatening to knock them over. The materials we make them out of also need to be able to withstand the ever-shifting weight of their moving occupants and the things said occupants put inside them. In areas prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes, they also need to be specially reinforced with Acts of God in mind. And of course, any building needs to be able to support its own weight so as to not fall apart on its own. One of, if not the most, important contributors to what keeps a building standing is its foundations. Foundations are critical to structural integrity: they bear the structure's load, they safely and more evenly transfer its weight onto the ground, and they stabilise it against horizontal movement. Without good foundations and a solid connection to the ground’s bedrock layer, larger and heavier structures will eventually sink into the soil and crack themselves open without any outside intervention. The job of the foundations becomes more difficult as the mass they must support increases. As a structure is built bigger (and thus heavier), its foundations must be exponentially stronger to support its weight and prevent the entire structure from collapsing. This is because of the Square–Cube Law: if you double the size of, say, a cube, its surface area is quadrupled, and its original volume is multiplied by eight. Essentially, as a structure grows linearly in size, its mass grows exponentially. So the larger a structure is built, the more it will take to keep it standing in the face of the various forces and stresses constantly seeking to displace it. And at some point, enlarging a structure becomes counterproductive; it becomes more prone to collapse as the inherent strength of its constituent building materials (or at least the ones available with our current level of technology) gets pushed to their limits. Undermining basically deletes foundations from the equation. Remove the ground below a target building section, and the only things left to hold it up are its connections to adjacent building sections that are still touching the ground. The entire weight of the undermined section continues acting as a strong downward force. But without any connection to the ground to support it, and the weight of the foundations themselves now heavily contributing, it puts itself and adjacent building sections under extremely high amounts of stress. The bigger and heavier a building, the greater the downwards force it will exert on itself, the greater the stresses it imposes on its own structure and constituent building materials. With larger and heavier structures, like castle or city walls, the inherent material strength of even strong building materials like stone brick often proves to be no substitute for solid foundations. And so, the undermined building section collapses, often taking parts of adjacent sections along with it. Sometimes, this may even start a domino effect that inflicts even more devastation against other parts of the building. Even the grandest of castle keeps, the tallest of city walls, and most imposing of evil villain towers are still very much susceptible (or are perhaps even more vulnerable) to undermining. No matter how strong people believe their walls to be, no one should ever feel complacent. The ground may just open up right under them. Guerilla warfare Tunnels feature prominently in guerilla warfare because it helps insurgents operate out of sight and often out of mind of enemy forces, which tend to be numerically and technically superior. As soon as guerillas get caught in a prolonged engagement or pitched battle, they typically get annihilated. They only manage to survive in the long term by avoiding battle until they find good opportunities to inflict great damage on the enemy while minimising their own losses. To that end, forces finding themselves fighting at a disadvantage often find great utility in tunnels. Tunnels as covert avenues of movement Underground tunnels allow guerilla forces to covertly move around fighters, equipment, and supplies without being noticed by enemies on the surface. If guerillas move around on the surface, they risk getting spotted and engaged even if they’re covered head-to-toe in camouflage. However, if the very ground is blocking direct line of sight and muffling sound, an enemy patrol may pass by on the surface completely oblivious to the fact that there’s an entire tunnel system in active use mere metres beneath their feet. When travelling on the surface is too dangerous and risky, tunnels can be a very stealthy and safe way to get from Point A to Point B. This can be exploited both offensively and defensively. Tunnels can enable fighters to covertly outflank their enemies and strike from various and unexpected angles and locations. In raiding operations, a tunnel could let them bypass enemy watchtowers and fortifications, strike targets deep inside enemy territory, and vanish before any large muster can be rallied against them. In the defence of an area, tunnels can be especially useful tools. Tunnels as underground strongholds With tunnels, a military force can maintain a powerful and prolonged presence even deep inside enemy territory while staying hidden. Engineers can expand rudimentary underground tunnels into veritable underground fortresses. Such tunnels may have all sorts of amenities such as sleeping quarters, storerooms, hospitals, training areas, latrines, recreational rooms, deep wells, and kitchens. A tunnel can be expanded so that even large military units can comfortably live within and operate from them for extended periods of time. If a tunnel network is allowed to develop to such great size and complexity, it can become extremely difficult for attackers to dislodge enemies from them. Underground tunnels also give great advantages to its defenders, making them difficult for attackers to clear out. Situated beneath layers of soil and perhaps even solid rock, they are naturally resistant to artillery bombardment and aerial attack. Through the use of trap doors, air locks, water locks, and ventilation pipes, larger and more complex tunnel networks can no longer be destroyed by simply bellowing fire or poison gases into an entrance. The narrow confines of small tunnels also make it easy to funnel intruders into booby traps like punji sticks, venomous animals and insects, and pitfalls. Adding to the difficulty of clearing out such tunnels, fighters who inhabit a tunnel system will likely grow intimately familiar with all its nooks and crannies over time. In defending it, they will use their superior terrain knowledge to their full advantage. It is also common for long-time inhabitants of a tunnel network to run drills simulating defending it in complete darkness. They may train their senses of smell and sound to extremely keen levels, such as to the point they can differentiate friend from foe just by how one moves and breathes around the environment. Attackers will often find themselves taking heavy casualties to traps and ambushes. Besieging a tunnel network and trying to starve out the defenders can also be rendered an ineffective tactic. A tunnel’s occupants may have tunnel sections unknown to the attackers or build entirely new branches leading outside the cordon. These could be used by the defenders for resupply or escape. They could also be used to launch sorties from beyond the cordon, allowing them to strike the attackers from the more exposed rear. When operating in an area where the enemy is known to use tunnels, one should never drop their guard. If such well-developed tunnels are encountered, there is typically no ‘easy’ way to get rid of them. The odds are that troops will need to delve inside and eliminate the tunnel’s inhabitants in hand-to-hand combat. And unfortunately for the attacking side, tunnel fighting tends to be a very brutal and messy affair compared to combat on the surface. Predictions for the Harrower’s strategy With uncontested control of the underground realm, a continent-wide underground tunnel network opens up a whole new world of tactical and strategic possibilities for the Harrower’s legion. It is likely that their new offensive strategy will involve many of the tunnel uses described above. The Harrower’s legion will likely build a number of underground bases — at least one stronghold in each realm they're targeting. Given their current less-than-successful track record of invading Aevosian lands, any forward operating base they build on the surface outside of Ailmere will probably get razed within months of them breaking ground. But if they build their bases underground, they will be a lot more difficult for Aevosian forces to detect and destroy in a timely manner. They can developed into excellent staging areas for offensive campaigns in relative safety. They can also make hidden supply depots to sustain large forces far away from Ailmere. And even if these bases do get discovered, clearing them out will be easier said than done. This is probably their best bet at projecting power beyond the borders of their enshadowed homeland, at least until they can regain enough strength to capture and hold significant territory on the surface. Tunnels would also enable them to wage asymmetric warfare campaigns within the realms of Aevos. For example: they can attack merchants and travellers on the roads, raid lightly-defended settlements, and ambush troop columns on the march before disappearing back underground. Kidnapping people to create more mind-slaves for the Harrower would also have a higher success rate, as nearby tunnels entrances would be a very convenient means of escape. With escape routes more conveniently close-by, they can muster the confidence to pull off all manner of other shenanigans. With tunnels, the Harrower’s forces could do a massive amount of damage by the time quick response forces arrive to stop them. Undermining will also probably play a key role in sieges. The Harrower’s forces can branch out from their main tunnels and dig up towards the base of any fortification that gives them trouble (should the local terrain permit it). They will probably rely on undermining a fair bit because don't have many other viable options for breaching the average city wall. It seems as if they have very limited access to gunpowder; instead of cannons, they rely on older and weaker siege weapons like trebuchets and onagers. Theoretically, they could match the firepower of siege bombards and mortars by building absurdly large trebuchets capable of launching massive boulders. But such projects would, realistically, be destroyed by fire arrows, sallying forces, or cannonballs long before they can be completed. Alongside the First Zenith’s Portal magics and the Chosens’ Shadow magic teleportation, tunnels are one of their few practical weapons for sieging down our cities. Things get a lot more complicated and unpredictable when you throw magic into the mix. The Harrower is an extradimensional Voidal entity whose powers are continuously growing and expanding. And among his followers – or at least the ones that we currently know of – are a number of powerful sorcerers: he commands Frost Witches, Necromancers, his Shadow Magic-wielding Chosen, and several generals (called Zeniths) with unique magical abilities such as Portal summoning and Self-cloning. Together, they can probably brainstorm and pull off any number of creative, unexpected, and devastating stunts by pooling their spells and combining them with the utility of tunnels. But rather than theorising what they could do, it would probably be more productive to try and physically shut down their ideas before they have the chance to surprise you. The Harrower’s tunnel network can not be ignored any longer. His tunnel warfare strategy poses a massive security risk to every realm of Aevos. If the stone tablet map is anything to go by, his legion already made quite a bit of progress. We must contest their control of the underground realm before it can be solidified any further. The more we idle, the more we undermine our own safety.
  2. THE GREAT UNIFICATION DIE GROSSE VEREINIGUNG | THE GREAT UNIFICATION Issued by the Princes in Reinmar In the year of our Lord 1979 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, FOR NINE GENERATIONS HAVE THE LINES OF MANFRED AND BRANDT BEEN SEPARATED, but now they shall be united again under the blessed sacrament of matrimony. Just as the son of Gelimar wed the daughter of Theoderic, so too shall the son of Leon wed the daughter of Alfred, consolidating their respective claims to the Principality of Reinmar to one day rule as a single unified House. The eldest child born of their union shall forever end the divide between kin, between Sutica and Minitz, and lead the Reinmaren into a glorious future. ITINERARY DIE ZEREMONIE | THE CEREMONY Performed by His Holiness, Caius I, High Pontiff of the Holy Mother Church within der Tempel der Waldenisches Märtyrer, the wedding ceremony of Frederica, Baroness of Sigradz, and Brandt, Baron of Hussen shall take place on the 10th of Tobias’ Bounty in the year 1980. DER BAU EINES RUNENSTEINS | THE CONSTRUCTION OF A RUNESTONE Once the ceremony has concluded, guests are invited to join the newlyweds outside of Kretzen’s walls at the crossroads between Reinmar and the rest of the continent. There, they shall witness the construction of a runestone of the couple’s own to represent the beginning of their union. DAS HOCHZEITSFEST | THE WEDDING FEAST A feast shall be held within the walls of der Heidehof to congratulate the Baroness of Sigradz and the Baron of Hussen, with food, wine, and ale aplenty for guests to enjoy. INVITATIONS TO THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH His Holiness, CAIUS, High Pontiff of the Holy Mother Church. The College of Cardinals. The Diet of Bishops. The Clergy of Clement and Evaristus. TO THE REALMS OF CANONDOM His Royal Majesty, IVAN, King of the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Haeseni people. His Apostolic Majesty, JOHN, King of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun and the Heartlander peoples. Her Royal Majesty, ADALIA, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and the Heartlander peoples. Her Royal Majesty, TAR-CARANETH, Queen of the Kingdom of Númendil and the Númenedain people. OIJIN KATO, Shugo of Sakuragakure and the Oyashiman people. TO THE WALDENIC DIET His Highness, JOHANNES, Elector of Merryweather-Alstreim. His Lordship, SIEGMUND VON REUSS, Elector of Velen, Ritterkommandant of the KOV. His Grace, AUREL VON THEONUS, Elector of Vohenheim. The Honorable, FRIEDRICH VON AUGUSTEN, Elector of Hohengarten. SIR DARIS VERETHI TERES, Syndicate Envoy to the Waldenic Diet. The Waldenian Peoples. TO THE ALLIES OF THE PRINCIPALITY Her Excellency, ILLYRIA, Regent of the Principality of Celia’nor and the Celia’norian people. TO THE TRIBESPEOPLE His Grace, NIKOLAUS VON KANUNSBERG, Duke of Kanunsberg and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, ROBERT VON LANGENKIRCH, Baron of Langenkirch and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, ROLAND VON WESENBURG, Baron of Wesenburg and his noble pedigree. The Reinmaren Peoples. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, ALFRED, GMSTSR, ROKSG, Prince in Reinmar and of Sutica, Duke of Reinmar, Count of Kretzen and Freimark, Baron of Madvon and Freising, Lord of Sankt Johannsburg, Neuburg, Wilheburg, Erwinsburg, Freiburg, and Rozenfeld, High Chieftain of the Reinmaren HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, LEON, GMSTSR, Prince in Reinmar and of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount of Tucay, Baron of Boriënwald, Lord of Durres, Chieftain of the Reinmaren, Warden of the Franklands and Ferdenwald HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, ADALFRIEDE, Princess of Minitz, Margravine of Vanderfell, Lady Vandalore HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court HIS LORDSHIP, BRANDT, Baron of Hussen
  3. THE SILVERVEIL BANQUET By the hand of Lady Royanë an Naedwylm, 182 S.A The Silver State of Haelun'or shall host a grand banquet in honor of the newly appointed Sohaer, Calathân an Naedwylm. The event will take place in the opulent Silver Citadel, a majestic venue adorned with ethereal silver tapestries and shimmering chandeliers. Elven nobility and esteemed guests from across the realms will gather, dressed in their finest silks and adorned with precious jewels, reflecting the elegance and refinement of their culture. I T I N E R A R Y I. THE SOHAER’S ADDRESS Standing beneath the grandeur of the high arches of the Silver Citadel, the Sohaer will make a short address, outlining his vision for the future of Haelun’or that promises the returned prosperity of the heritage of Haelun’or, marking the beginning of a new and promising chapter in the history of the Silver State. II. REVERED REFRESHMENT The banquet tables will be laden with an array of exquisite delicacies, from the freshest fruits and seasoned meats to rare elixirs and fine wines, each dish designed to accommodate a variety of tastes. As the evening unfolds, melodic strains of traditional Mali’aheral music will weave through the serene celebration, performed by skilled musicians on ancient instruments. III. A PINNACLE OF ELEGANCE At the height of the evening, a dazzling outfit contest will captivate the guests. Participants will be assessed on their creativity and individuality. Each ensemble should reflect the wearer's unique style and innovative flair. The guest who presents the most intriguing and original fashion will be awarded a generous prize of 150 mina. [ Sunday 26th May, 5PM EST in the Silver Citadel, in the Capital of Haelun'or ] S I G N E D, Lady Saelihn Wynvyre, Guardian of Events Lady Royanë an Naedwylm, Grandmother an Naedwylm MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  4. Pomegranate Gloves A decomposing of skulls by flowers Once met under a withering tree on the road to Haense to nearly newly-weds under a dying sun: a noble's boutonnière that is made of the blood of withering lilacs and blood of leeches and a twisted pin torn from a patched garment. A pair of white gloves started a bond, an unvoiced disclosure written in myth. A marriage of flower and bone between Khel’wyn Adiler and Olias Rement. One from the duchy of Maehr'nor and the other of simple wanderer origins. PERSONAL INVITATIONS Xavier Ad iler and his Talonnii FORMAL INVITATIONS SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta, and her Talonnii
  5. THE FIRST REINMAREN UR TOURNAMENT DAS ERSTE REINMAREN UR TURNIER | THE FIRST REINMAREN UR TOURNAMENT Issued by the Baroness of Sigradz In the year of our Lord 1976 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, WITH THE REVITALIZATION OF THE BELOVED GAME UR, it is the wish of the Princess of Minitz and der Heidehof that it be more widely introduced to the Reinmaren people, so that they too may find enjoyment through a classic pastime from generations prior. The game of Ur was first put to paper by Johanna Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar, with a description of the board and the game’s rules. The game had existed long since before that, often enjoyed by Waldenian youth and scions of House Barclay for generations. With this new resurgence of the game, brought about by the Princess of Minitz, House Barclay invites the Reinmaren and their allies to the first tournament of Waldenian Ur. The first-place winner of the tournament shall receive the first Ur Championship Cup and a cash prize of 150 mina. The second-place winner shall receive a runner-up ribbon and a cash prize of 100 mina, and the third-place winner shall receive a cash prize of 50 mina. All are most welcome to attend, and those who wish to participate are directed to send their names to the Baroness of Sigradz, the final call for entries shall take place on the day of the tournament. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HER LADYSHIP, ADALFRIEDE of HEXENWALD, Princess of Minitz HER LADYSHIP, FREDERICA, Baroness of Sigradz, Seneschal of the Heather Court
  6. [!] Missives circulate Aevos. 𝕿𝖔 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕯𝖔𝖜𝖓𝖋𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝕺𝖋 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕮𝖔𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖑𝖞 𝕷𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝕻𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝕽𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖛𝖆𝖑 To the Cowardly and Obedient Paladins of Xan, It behooves me to announce that despite my general apathy for your people and station I've found insult levied upon me. It was a shock to find that not only was the gang slandered by one of the highest ranking officials of your dying order, but also intertwined with the group known as "Azdrazi," of which no Swiv has ever been a part of. Despite this, an insult upon the Grand Kapo of Luraq is an insult upon his people; and through doing this you have made an enemy of our race and creed. While it is true, I know little of this feud between men in shiny armor who seem to never actually preform combat with the materials they keep so clean, and these described 'lizard men,' I know one thing. Your demise is coming, and Luraq will feed upon your carrion like crows. It brings me great pride and joy to announce that our nation has already decided what to do with the remnants of your keep when you've been eradicated. It was brought to my attention that whilst we own a keep we own no palace- so it was decided amongst our gang to take your keep for that very purpose. But, I'm sure you will not mind as you will not live long enough to see such an event. You can call Elf-tings into your fight to die for you, or even the Oiashmen (though we've heard they left after realizing the folly of siding with a half-witted group such as yourselves.) Nothing will stop the tide of Luraq, and when I saw your head off with my Thanium blade you will know that it was more than a mistake to cross paths with Daahd'Lur, Grand Kapo of the Swiv of Luraq. And finally to Alicjo Verrana, while the Swiv admire your skill in "Swiv-Wahg," it will not be enough to rebuild an order full of nincompoops. Signed, Great Kapo of Luraq Daahd'Lur, The Warmonger
  7. “I WILL OFFER YOU A CHOICE, KEEPER. AN ACCORD WHICH COULD BENEFIT YOU AND ME.” “May we speak plainly? There’s something I wish to tell you before I give my answer.” “SPEAK.” “I stood once to inherit a Kingdom ‘til the cruel hand of fate determined I would be exiled. As a young boy, I learned that the world in which we reside is a fickle place, one which we must make sense of. I endeavoured from that point on to cry out against fate. To find order in chaos. And I swore to do so whilst remaining true to myself.” “Perhaps My Lord thinks of me a disgrace. Captured by whelps, barely worth his time. But I don’t seek his approval, like a child clinging to his father’s tail…” “No, Azdromoth. I refuse.” And so the Archdrakaar came forth, bearing down upon Albéric - bound in chains, yet unbroken in resolve. Azdromoth would make an example of such defiance. “I WANT A WITNESS TO GREATNESS.” The Keeper’s sister, similarly bound and beaten, would bear witness. Time was no longer a luxury he could afford to waste. Death had finally caught up to him, determined to snuff yet another light that had once burned so bright. So he decided, then and there, that he would make this final moment count. The Keeper would claim a victory in the wake of his defeat. “Lord of Sunlight - Patron of Order…” “I beseech thee. Grace me with your light and bring us victory in this fight.” “Save Her.” His final wish in life, for an intervention, was granted. Order descended, denying Ruin his satisfaction. Even with the Keeper’s demise, the Archdrakaar stood mocked, wounded by the vessel’s hand and robbed of his witness, who drifted to safety. Even as his accursed blade struck Albéric’s head from his shoulders, the pair of them would ensure she lived. Death. Another path on the road we all must take. We fear it because we fear the unknown - the suspense of what will happen next. It was no different for Albéric, adrift in currents beyond the mortal plane. He was lost but not alone, for the fallen knight felt a presence nearby, one he had grown all too familiar with in his years of service. He had only one question: “What now?” Knee-deep in still waters, through which countless souls had passed before, he waited for an answer. His cold hands brushed across delicate reeds, the lake surface shimmering with the faintest glint of sapphire. Gone were the scorched dunes he had once trekked in his mind, punishing and relentless. This place was comforting and familiar - it felt like home. "You will serve, as you have done for those interminable years." It was a callous voice from an indurate, bloodless lord; a bairn clutching at their prized toy, and to Order, Albéric was a chattel - an eternal soldier forced to fight a cruel war in the heavens. “Spoken like a true autocrat.” He raised his voice, not in defiance, but in acknowledgment of his Patron’s nature. “For the longest time, I feared your scrutinising gaze and desire for retribution. But, as the years wore on, I also found myself inspired by your tenacity. Though wrathful, you still cared enough to act, even for those who might seem like insects. For all your cruelty, there’s still a spark of compassion.” “I simply hope you have foreseen what cruelty begets, My Lord.” At the end of the waters, there was a vertiginous drop of light that palpitated into an empty pit; a hang-over of wailing souls trepid in damnation. It was a cross-road, an easy route to prepare for servitude in the Immaculate Palace, whereas the other winding path led only to eternal solitude in darkness. "This blether of words should be focused on somebody who will foster your kindness. To me, these appellations are of no worth." "Enter the light." Albéric’s gaze lingered upon the cross-road ahead. The light offered not the fulfilment he desired but an eternity of ruthless servitude. In the darkness - solitude, but also freedom. Freedom from cruelty and freedom from responsibility. “Responsibility…” The word clung to his consciousness. He could run and save himself from eternal torment, rejecting his fate as yet another cruel arbiter of Order. Yet, what kind of salvation would cowardice entail? The hand of Ruin still gripped the world; there was far more at stake than merely his freedom. “I still have a responsibility to see this through.” Through the waters, Albéric strode towards the light, towards a damnable existence. A necessary existence. He reached forth, fingers stretched as though grasping a sword. His fate was at long last sealed. Yet, the flame of kindness still burned within his soul. “But I also made a promise. I won’t lose sight of myself, for I am a knight of the realm.” A hum resonated from where the light shone, embracing the paladin-keeper in its full breadth and warmth. The Sunlit Lord remained silent in his reprisal, and looked to only embrace a new centurion into his retinue. In the sky, the sun would shine brighter ever so slightly. Art by BasilTheBunny ~~~ Albert Salvian Knight of the Lake 1899 - 1975
  8. [!] This missive would be hung around as many nations’ board as this writer could go to Vikela Boxing Championship 004 Results: Fierce Warriors of Aevos, This missive is written to announce the results of the Vikela Boxing Champioship 004 (VBC). After these long, friendly, and competitive bouts, there was a new winner crowned: Cerrick of Kamees @Pancho After his bouts, he has made an interview addressing the fighters of Aevos and the citizens of Vikela: “Another Xan W” We would like to thank all who has made the event possible, especially our guests from Celia’nor, which was made possible by Fali’dra Glanaeri @Piper Until we fight in the ring again! For Vikela We Soar Signed, Son Altesse Éminente, Tèt Medic Ofisyè, Konso Walter Blanc de Vikela
  9. The Siege of Minas Tirith by John Howe [MUSIC] Where the vast forests and plains of the Midlands gave way to the river Foroduin, and the great white mountain of Alkayaban- The final salvoes of the Adunic Civil War are issued. Two armies chant in a strange, almost elvish tongue, audible even over the din of battle and storm, and screams resound through the night as mighty flaming boulders from mangonels and trebuchets land upon the walls of the White City, and within the cityscape behind. Arrows fly, traded between the two hosts, and the howls of dying men are heard, along with the utterance of curses and broken oaths. The army of the Star-Demon, Delgorthad had come, arrayed in black, gold, and bloody crimson, marching under the banner of their baleful king, Ar-Azgarazor, he who had given himself unto the Everlasting Darkness. They bring siege engines and sappers, and things that should not be yet are, they bring Oathbreakers and things that were once men. They roll devious, towering engines of war before the White City, her walls now blackened from the soot and smoke of battle, and somewhere within their host, their fell king smiles. Opposing them up on the wall are the rain-soaked defenders of Numenost, fighting beneath the Radiant Banner of the Warrior-Angel, a mighty host of silver stars on red and gray fields. Those few, brave, repentant sons of Harren, among them the very men who marched beside the redeemer-king in decades past. Beside them are their sons and daughters, their children and grandchildren, friends and countrymen who all have gathered to turn back the tide of darkness, and restore the light of heaven to the Last Kingdom of the Adunians, for should Numenost fall, the strength of Harren’s Folk shall wane forevermore with it. A bloody warrior-queen raises on high her father's blade and swears to end the kinstrife once and for all, besides her, a Gray Prince bellows commands- Frantically mustering a defense for the only home he’s ever known, while at his side, the repentant do battle, among them a Knight, fighting to redeem his house from the Everlasting Darkness into which it was plunged by his grandfather. A thousand more voices ring out, Adunic, Common, Elvish, Orcish even, as a red giant battles in the name of the Radiant Crown. Some here have fought this war for nearly forty years- Others only today have come to save the White City. Her fate, and perhaps that of the Midlands of Aevos as a whole, lies in their hands now, for should the hosts of Delgorthad not be stopped here, they will light a fire to consume the world. Amidst the thundering rain and darkness, the crackle of lightning and the rumble of thunder, and the laughing of dark, malevolent things beyond the veil, a single shout is repeated again and again on a thousand lips, and could be heard throughout the Númenaranyë. “AURË ENTULUVA!” (Day shall Come Again!) [!] The battle would wage for several days, visible to any who neared the lands of the Adunians. Its victor yet undetermined…
  10. [!] Flyers have been found about Hyspia . . . A depiction of those gathered for a Hyspian meal. The Murietta household alongside the School of Veronica presents multiple days of culinary delights in celebration and honor of the Crown Princess, Santana of Hyspia Quinceanera. The food and dishes within Hyspia are world-renowned for its flavor, seasoning and ingenuity - and with this in mind, we wish to share a few recipes to the public to enjoy as they please. CLASE DE COCINA The first day will take place within the Hyspian square, where a class will take place on the making of Hyspian cuisine and varying dishes that can be made for your enjoyment. Learn to make things such as canapés and enjoy the fruits of your labor after! [Thursday the 18th at 5pm EST] CONCURSO DE COCINA The second day will be a showcase as to what all you have learned from the first, in which a cooking contest will take place! The same foods you learned from the first day will be judged upon, with a mystery round in which you may make anything of your own imagination. [Sunday the 21st at 5pm EST] Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Demitrey Denodado, Gran Chancellor de Hyspia, Maestro de la Esquela de Veronica, Oficial de Imigracion SENORA, Mariposa Murietta, Canciller de la PatriaS
  11. ~PETRAN MACH~ (Depiction of two youngsters racing in Solland) || Imperial 1972|| Atstana de Regne Petrère 117 || I invite all people of Petra to compete in Petran Mach! A race on horseback across the landscape of The Commonwealth! There will be both drinks & much merriment provided both before & after the race near the Tournament Grounds. All does who wish to participate will be given a horse to ride on, to keep the competition fair. The route for the competition will also be shown to all the participants before the start of the race. (The estimate route) The prize pool will be 175 mina: 1st place 100 mina & horse. 2nd place 50 mina & horse. 3rd place 25 mina & horse. [OOC:Sunday 14th April at 5pm EST] Signed by Lord Mayor Pym Volkov of House Volkov Mayor of Vallagne & Horse Lord
  12. VILE DISCOVERIES OF THE CURSE TO THE CITIZENS OF Aevos, Kaethul humbly presents its findings on the magicks of the Ailmerian threat. The first thing we need to stress is thus: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO spirit walk with the marked/cursed. The powers of the Harrower have grown - spirit walking is now a suicide mission, which will result in the death of the cursed individual. It has become impossible to win in his domain at this time. This is not a challenge of your personal conviction or strengths, nor should this be taken as one. I don’t care how strong you are, you cannot save the cursed via spirit walking at this moment. INSTEAD, KAETHUL HAS DISCOVERED a new cure - a harmless one. By merely subduing the cursed with null arcana, and then bringing them to a Paladin for purging, one can safely remove the curse from the victim. Failure to use Null Arcana will result in the Cursed being able to call for the Harrower’s Chosen to launch a rescue mission, which will result in a very difficult battle. THE SECOND DISCOVERY OF Kaethul is where the Harrower gains his powers. The answer is rather simple - blood. Via spilt blood, the Harrower is able to grow his magic and powers. We believe this does not have to be blood spilt in ritual, but rather the blood spilt of ANY of the Harrower’s forces. This means that every single thrall or Chosen we slay is in fact empowering this being. Furthermore, the Harrower’s Domain has begun to tear. We believe the dark fog surrounding Ailmere is a result of these tears. There is a theory that the Harrower’s Domain is actually a prison, one that the Harrower is slowly escaping. THIRDLY, WE PRESENT GRAVE news. The Tribes of Ailmere - the Thralls and Chosen, are in fact Slaves. For some this information is known, however what isn’t known, is that every single Thrall and Chosen, the Zeniths included, no longer possess memories of their lives before the Harrower - they have been stolen by that very same being. Thus is the fate of all cursed individuals. FOURTH, WE ISSUE A warning. The Raiders of Ailmere are in possession of what many believe to be a mere Mine. Reports indicate otherwise, and allude to the potential of a large, underground Stronghold, where the majority of the Harrower’s forces amass. If you are attempting to explore these mines for the promise of loot or reward - Do not, it is a trap. The ‘mine’ is likely detailed that way to trick you into seeking the rewards - it will be your grave. Don’t throw away your life for the promise of a shiny ingot. IN LIGHT OF THESE recent discoveries - Kaethul hereby seeks a change in tactics. We wish to see the Ailmerian Tribes freed from their shackles, rather than killed and merely added to the power of the Harrower. If the situation turns dangerous, then do prioritize your own life, but please, try to take them alive and free them from the curse. MAY THE LIGHT OF Purity triumph over this darkness. SIGNED, DAINN, Guardian of the Unicorn, Priest of Eraan, Sword of Purity JUNIPER ROSE, Royal Scribe of Kaethul, Anti-Darkspawn Air Shielder
  13. A MISSIVE OF INFORMATION AND PRAISE THE BATTLE OF THE Harrowing Peak, an operation led by Kaethul in tandem with the brave Ravenswood denizens, was originally a siege on the Western Ailmerian Fort. This quickly changed however, with the appearance of the Raider's three Zeniths. THE ARTILLERY DIVISION, COMPOSING of Ravenswood’s finest and a small cohort of Paladins, were ambushed atop the peak opposite the fort, by the ever watching banners of Ailmere. The Three Zeniths appeared before them - the three Commanders of Ailmere’s forces - and unleashed their never before witnessed magic. A dark fog engulfed the division, extinguishing all mundane lights and rendering magical lights to a mere personal glow - save for Paladin mist. Dark portals opened in this fog, summoning forth the legions of Ailmere, bringing Chosen and Thralls to assault the cannon crew and their Paladin defenders. IT WAS THEN THAT Kaethul’s assault force, a large division of armoured cavalry led by the Sword of Purity, Dáinn, turned their attention from the fort to their allies, and began racing through the snowy peaks to reach them in time. THE CLASH OF BATTLE was fierce. Flames flickered briefly through the dark fog, cannons kept firing towards the Fort, even shattering those gates - Ravenswood held firm, their adept forces crushing the countless hordes that surged from the darkness. The Paladins, the sole source of glowing light amidst that dark cloud, faced off against the Zenith Tor, and a newly discovered Zenith, a woman of white hair donning a curious mask. Both factions fought bravely, but alas even they would not have withstood the might of Ailmere.. FORTUNATE, THEN, THAT THEY did not stand alone. Kaethul's cavalry arrived, the Sword of Purity's light blazing through the darkness as the call of reinforcements echoed through the peak. Horse and rider charged fearlessly into that black void, plunging into that wicked darkness. IN THE ENSUING FIGHT, Kaethul's multinational force procured overwhelming victory. Ravenswood held and remanned the cannons. Balian took the right flank, absolutely obliterating the ranks of Chosen and Thrall alike. A detachment of Urguan Dweds and their adventuring allies joined with the battered Paladins, pushing forth towards the Zeniths. Forces of the Vale secured those cannons, fending off even Kamikaze Thralls, men strapped with Blasting Potions. The Sword of Purity, paired with the great Obok, hammered into the Zenith Tor, the former plunging both axe and sword into the foul beast's neck - Victory was assured.. BUT ALL PETS HAVE a master. The Zeniths were close to defeat. The Harrower himself stepped in. His voice rang through the mountain, his rage felt like a burning pressure on our shoulders - darkness swept over the battlefield, healing and revitalising our enemies, even saving Tor from the brink of Death. Portals opened all around, and the full, unfiltered might of Ailmere was brought to bare.. LET IT BE KNOWN that for the first time since this war began, it was KAETHUL that forced the Harrower into action. Our Power - our Strength - was so great that only the master of the Raiders could halt us, and force a retreat. Even then, our retreat was orderly, formed, and resulted in the safe extraction of every single member of the expedition. KAETHUL FACED THE WRATH of the Harrower, and emerged without a single casualty. AND SO, THE FOLLOWING words are dedicated to the brave warriors who fought at our side. Although ultimate victory was not achieved - our enemy were forced to reveal multiple of their hidden cards, and were bled dry of countless lives. They may have held the fort, but it is a bitter, pyrrhic victory for them. KAETHUL THUS GIVES PERSONAL commendations to the following individuals: HILDA ADRIANNA BRAWN - A squire of Balian. Growing up, I was always fond of Balian’s Knighthood.. Their honour was unquestionable, their pride deserved, and their talents unmatched. Squire Hilda Adrianna Brawn is all the proof I need that these traits have persisted. Responsible for the eradication of several Chosen and countless more Thralls, Squire Hilda made her contributions even more impressive, when during our retreat, she took it upon herself to carry our wounded from the frontline. The skills to destroy our enemies, and the humble sense of duty to protect her comrades - There is no individual more deserving of Knighthood than she, save for perhaps Balian’s current line of Knights. RAVENSWOOD - Praise is given to the entirety of Ravenswood, who, despite the threat of war, devoted time, effort, resources and their very lives to participate in this siege. The mages and soldiers of Ravenswood held the line valiantly, defending the cannons from hordes of Thralls, and lasting long enough for Kaethul’s reinforcements to arrive. Even after our cavalry stormed through, the heroic troops of Ravenswood remained, providing support and aid to our forces against the Zeniths, and even opening a sizable hole in the gate of the Ailmerian Fort. A fearless band of heroes, led by a charismatic and beloved Sovereign. Kaethul does however stress its political NEUTRALITY in cases of war. Our only enemy is the Harrower, and the usual threats to Descendant-kind. All others are welcome within the lands of our Merchant State. GALLIO GRANDAXE - Once more, Kaethul praises the might of Urguan. Yet another Dwarf has proven their undeniable valour and strength on the fields of battle. Gallio was not only a destructive force against our Ailmerian enemies, but a source of protection and fearless resolve when facing the unknown Zeniths, and extracting our unconscious comrades. One day I hope to see the pure power of an army of Dwarves - I only pray I will stand on their side, should the day come. I WILL ONCE MORE state the importance and virtue of every single member of our fighting force. You were all vital. You shall continue to be so. SIGNED, DAINN, Guardian of the Unicorn, Priest of Eraan, Sword of Purity JUNIPER ROSE, Royal Scribe of Kaethul, Anti-Darkspawn Air Shielder
  14. 12th of Carlos Strength, 97 D.R. A depiction of the children of the orphanage. The Hugo’s Cradle Orphanage is pleased to announce the overwhelming support received has allowed for the orphanage to officially open to the public. A grand opening will be held this next Saints Week, open for all to attend within the Sovereign State of Hyspia! GRAN INAUGURACIÓN The grand opening will begin with an announcement from our Orphanages Headmaster, Mona de Hyspia. A tour will be provided to those visiting so they can see the grounds, ending in the recently planted community garden. PICNIC DE HUGO Within the garden, those attending will get to enjoy various dishes made from ingredients entirely grown and made by the children and caretakers of the orphanage. A picnic will take place where all may enjoy! [Friday the 12th, 6pm EST in Hyspia at the Hugo’s Cradle Orphanage] Signed, Her Highness, Renata Alba De Pelear, Infanta de Hyspia Her Highness, Mona de Hyspia, Princess of Dúnfarthing, de Coin, de Orphanage Caretaker, de Honk Senorita, Amelia Miramaris, Dama de Honor
  15. IN CELEBRATION OF ACHIEVEMENT THE EAST HAS FALLEN - Tyrand, once the indomitable bastion of The Harrower’s influence in Eastern Ailmere, sits with its gates blasted open, towers set alight, and residents put mercilessly to the sword. LED BY THE INGENUITIVE Norlandic battle-bards, the combined forces of Norland, Kaethul and Nevaehlen launched a vicious bombardment upon the Fort of Tyrand, before engaging in a mountained assault upon their gates. Our enemies utilised ice to encourage difficult terrain, from whence they could release volleys of arrows upon our approaching forces. Behind the breached gates lay a trap - wooden walls hastily erected around even more ice, providing cover for their fresh ranks of archers whilst, beneath that ice, lay near overwhelming monstrosities. Corpse golems. Beings of flesh stitched together from the fallen and unrecovered bodies of Reinmar, Celia’nor and Haense - all now put to rest upon the pyre, in the hopes that it may grant their souls peace. EVEN WITH THEIR ARMIES, the Raiders of Ailmere were massacred down to the last. The combined power and might of these three forces eradicated the Chosen and dispatched the Thralls. VICTORY WAS ACHIEVED. THIS MISSIVE AIMS TO both inform the world of our findings, and ensure due commendation is awarded to those who performed exceedingly well during this offensive. TWO IMPORTANT FINDINGS WERE discovered within the walls of Tyrand. Firstly: The presence of a Frost Witch shrine, confirming reports that the Frost Witches are in dealings with The Harrower’s forces. This shrine was aptly destroyed. Secondly: Information on the Harrower’s central Camp. Within those wooden walls you may observe a small forest of ancient trees - They call this place The Grove. Whatever lies inside there, it is clear this place holds a unique importance to the Harrower, and potentially even the Tribes of Ailmere who now stand enthralled and chained beneath his banner. THE FOLLOWING WORDS ARE dedicated to the brave warriors who fought to take Tyrand, and provide this monumental victory. Each and every soldier, adventurer, citizen, mage and druii who fought alongside us deserves praise. The battle was taxing, the fighting was fierce and bloody, and many times it looked as if defeat was the natural outcome. This victory was possible because of every single individual who took up arms, left the comfort and safety of their homes, and pushed themselves into a war of righteousness and justice. I thank you, and pray you will continue to stand at my side as we drive our blades deeper into the Heart of Darkness. KAETHUL THUS GIVES PERSONAL commendations to the following individuals: ARIANE DRAKON - A warrior with an unparalleled sense of battle and strategy. When duty called, she was there. This woman not only stood at the forefront of conflict, even pushing herself to hold our left flank alone, but also defeated numerous marked, Thralls, and Chosen, all whilst ensuring her comrades, myself included, remained safe from devil sorcery and sharp blades alike. To call her friend, is an honour too great to state. OBOK METALDRINKS - A dwed who, alone, proves Urguan’s might and strength. This valiant, sturdy soldier not only captured the Raider’s gates, but interrupted the vile spellcasting of Inferi Warlocks by beating them with his hammer, before even leaping atop the first golem sewn from corpses, and repeatedly decimating what constituted as a ‘head’. Obok played several vital roles during the siege, and I would rather stand alongside no other man should the choice be given to me. TALIYUN’ORRIR SIRAME - A druii who deserves more respect than half the Knights I’ve witnessed, and a tragic loss in the War against Ailmere. Nature itself weeps for his death, and after standing alongside the man, I know why. When the day comes that my children ask me what the Druids of Nevaelhem are like, it is the story of Taliyun’orrir that I will tell them. It is his bravery, courage, strength, honour and sacrifice, that I will pass down to my own blood, ensuring his memory in the hearts of Man lives on. May he rest well in Nature’s embrace. FARIAN MALTO-GYLLDENE and VICNAN HAWKINS-GYLLDENE - Two members of the Norlandic Gylldene Clan, whose contributions for our pushes into the siege were astronomical. Both of these honourable men utilised their bardic magic in the most selfless and trusting way possible, using a spell that rendered all enemies who witnessed them incapable, whilst also rendering themselves the same. This magic not only disabled enemy archers from launching their volley, but even took down the primary group of Chosen, allowing our allies to swiftly cut them down. If I had to give my life to anyone and trust them to keep it safe - it would go to one of these two fine men. The Gylldene Clan once again proves its fame and prestige is rightfully deserved. I WILL ONCE MORE state the importance and virtue of every single member of our fighting force. You were all vital. You shall continue to be so. SIGNED, DAINN, Sword of Purity, Guardian of the Unicorn, Priest of Eraan JUNIPER ROSE, Royal Scribe of Kaethul, Anti-Darkspawn Air Shielder
  16. [!] This missive would be hung around as many nations’ board as this writer could go to Vikela Caden Beswen Pra Batals! (Vikela needs fighters for Fighting!) Fierce Warriors of Aevos, I am Walter Blanc, Tèt Medic Ofisyè nun Vikela. This time, I am writing in the same manner, but with a different approach. Instead of inviting descendants to obtain information, I will be inviting the fierce warriors, adrenaline junkies, hungry for power and dominance over the opposition, and the bravest fighters of Aevos for a clash of pugilism. The tournament, Vikela Boxing Championship (VBC), shall crown the newest champion of the City of Crystals, and the new champion will be rewarded with their custom championship belt forged by our own smiths with a special twist to it, and receive free service in the tavern for an Amethysta week. will have to defend their title every Amethysta week against new challengers. Join us, in an event of pugilism sponsored by Heisethbergen Tea Company™️ accompanied by homemade food, and drinks from the Viola Household. If interested, send a bird to yours truly or come to Queendom of Vikela and get ready to rumble! Signed, Son Altesse Éminente, Tèt Medic Ofisyè, Blanc nun Ahmanu, Konso Walter Blanc de Vikela
  17. [!] Flyers have been found about Hyspia . . . A depiction of varying forms of seafood. Days are often filled with work, whether governmental, as a shopkeeper or the raising of a family. Enough time isn’t taken for the simple enjoyment of a meal and time with your beloved family and friends. With this in mind, and a recent blessing by DIOS of an abundant haul of rabbit meat and vegetables from hard-won crops, the Murietta household will The recent collections and rabbit hunts have proved abundant and a blessing by DIOS. It is with this in mind that the Murietta Household will host a barbecue for all to attend this next Saints day, taking place within the main square of Hyspia. Be sure to come hungry, as plenty will be provided for all in attendance. [Wednesday 27th, 6pm EST in Hyspia] Signed, SENORA, Mariposa Murietta
  18. KAETHUL’S EFFORTS TO REPEL THE DARKNESS FOR THE PAST FIVE years, the city-state of Kaethul, in tandem with Norland and groups of independent adventurers, has been at the forefront of the NORTHERN WAR ON AILMERE. Commander of the Northern Front, Anatoliy Ilya Silveira, writes the following missive in the hopes of spreading awareness, and sharing information, to defeat the encroaching Darkness. FOR THOSE UNAWARE, THE tribes of Ailmare, the Northern Snowplains, have all been united under a singular figure - The Harrower. Information on who this individual is, is sporadic at best. Recent reports suggest The Harrower is a spirit - one of darkness, who was able to connect our world to his own via a forbidden blood magic ritual that took place on the continent centuries ago. This ritual was performed by an ancient noble family, known as the ‘Gnaefa’ family, who swept over their lands, abducting their own people and casting vile magicks on those who remained. Their defeat is theorised to have been brought by the Mori, who had inhabited this Continent long before they crossed to our old lands of Almaris. For reasons unknown, the Harrower has returned. His forces possess a large, barberic arsenal: ‘Thrall’ - The cannonfodder peasantry of the raiders. These soldiers are weak alone, but work exceptionally well in formations. It is believed that this is due to the Harrower’s influence, and that ‘Thralls’ possess no personality of their own, merely acting as instructed by their master. ‘Chosen’ - The elite of the Harrower’s forces. Each one of these soldiers possesses a rare metal weapon, most commonly Azhl, though Boomsteel, Thanhium and more have been confirmed. They possess dark shadow magic, able to not only teleport at will between shadows, but fade into black mist and become the shadows themselves. There are also reports of Chosen possessing Shadow-Clone magic. ‘Raven-Riders’ - Thundermaw Ravens who are under the influence of the Harrower’s mind control. They rule the skies, with a ‘Thrall’ rider sat atop them, and rain down bolts of destructive lightning from their beaks. It is believed that impacting one with null arcana will cause them to go feral - Though equally, it is far more effective to simply shoot to kill. ‘Mammoth Riders’ - Exactly as described. The Raiders of Ailmere have either mind controlled or tamed the mighty mammoths of the North, and use them to charge forth into their enemies. These beasts are tough to kill, and possess large tusks that are more than capable of demolishing a descendant - However, they are unable to compete with the raw alchemical might of a Smogger. ‘Goat Cavalry’ - The Raiders do not possess horses, but instead large Goats capable of easily traversing the frozen, rocky wastes of Ailmere. These creatures can skewer descendents with their horns, trample them with their legs, or simply get their rider close enough to launch their own attack. THE HARROWER’S FORCES ALSO possess siege equipment, observed to be large trebuchets on wheels, and likely possess even more. Furthermore, in every corner of their lands, you will find a large looming banner that overlooks strategic placements - These banners act as watchtowers, allowing the Harrower to look through them, and observe his domain. This means that if you step foot in the North, you have already been spotted. Camouflage has proven an effective means of avoiding the Harrower’s sight, implying that the Banners merely allow him to see through them, but do not automatically identify a person’s presence. These banners are regarded as highly dangerous, as ANY physical contact with them, be it from a man or animal, will result in possession until contact with the banner is broken. There is likewise a theory that suggests each banner is crafted using the very soul of the ancient inhabitants of Ailmere, though this has yet to be proved. The most Dangerous weapon the Harrower possesses though, is the ‘Mark’: THE ‘MARK’ IS A powerful, exceptionally dangerous curse. This curse is placed upon a captured descendent, and allows the Harrower to not only see through their eyes, hear what they hear, and read their very thoughts - but equally it lets them possess the victim, and even acts as a teleportation gateway that allows the Chosen to appear around them. THE CURSED ALSO SUFFER mental side effects, with their minds altered to show loyalty and willingness to the Harrower, essentially turning them into unknowing slaves. These effects are removed once the curse is lifted. IN THE PAST, THE curse was identified via a marking upon a person’s back - An open palm with an eye in the centre. Overtime, the curse has evolved to hide this marking, and now the curse can only be seen via things such as Arcana Flow goggles, which will show the cursed individual as having a constant, ominous aura that clings under their clothing. Currently, only one means of curing has proven effective - Spirit Walking. The important thing to note however, is that attempting to spirit walk with the afflicted will NOT take the shaman, nor the cursed, nor any who join, into the Spirit Realm. The Shaman, cursed, and other participants will be taken in the realm of the Harrower - A reported land of complete darkness and endless twisting staircases. The Shaman and other participants will then have to engage in battle with the Harrower’s forces, in an attempt to rescue the cursed from the clutches of the Harrower. As long as the cursed is willing to be freed, however, they shall be, but failure to safely rescue them will result in the cursed, after being returned to the mortal plain, erupting into black flames that seek to consume their entire body. It is theorised that null arcana might be able to subdue these flames, but nothing else has worked. The cursed will also suffer permanent memory loss of any and all events relating to the Harrower. I will also be releasing a list of all known cursed individuals, who have already been discovered before, but have evaded capture and escaped to the Harrower: Slith Hera Gallio Narli Sermi (Yes, the Devil. Do not bother with curing - Kill her on sight - Though the Church should expect the Harrower’s forces to intervene.) Grimni Lorandil ALL INDIVIDUALS ARE CONFIRMED to be cursed, yet have been either willingly or not, taken away by the Harrower. In cases such as Slith and Hera, it is unwilling, with their minds confused as Chosen drag them into the shadows. YOU MAY ALSO NOTICE many dwarven names here - Until they have been cured, it is of my personal opinion that Urguan has already fallen to the Harrower. I HOPE THIS MISSIVE aids the forces of Light, in the war against the encroaching shadows. Remain Strong. The Night Will Fade. IF YOU HAVE ANY questions, or seek to join in this fight, merely send word to Anatoliy or Dainn (Caelaerin) And a special message for Hera, because I know you are reading: We’re coming to rescue you. We haven’t forgotten you, and you are not alone. Kaethul remembers all you have done for us; as do I. Stay strong, Icon of Salvation, it’s our turn to save you. SIGNED, JUNIPER AURELIA ROSE, Royal Scribe of Kaethul, Anti-Darkspawn Air Shielder HIS LORDSHIP, ANATOLIY ILYA ALYOVICH SILVEIRA GODUNOV, Baron of Verskaya, Commander of the Northern Front, Sword of Salvation
  19. SUN’S SMILE 94 D.R Prepare your bait and memorize your routes! This coming Saints week, upon the sandy shores of Hyspia, a day by the waters will be hosted for the attendees enjoyment. Varying events have been planned for a day of fun, and it is recommended to come in something you don’t mind getting wet. CARRERA DE BOTES The events will begin with a boat race, in which boats will be provided for your convenience. The teams will go on to row through the waters, the first to arrive back winning the race and a prize of twenty-five [25] minas. CONCURSO DE PESCA Following the events of the boat race, a fishing contest will take place! A set amount of time will be allotted in which the goal is to catch as many fish as possible, and once the time is up, present what was caught to the judge. Your catch will be weighed, and the person with the most will win a prize of twenty-five [25] minas. [Friday the 22nd, 6pm EST, Hyspia] Signed, Her Highness, Renata Alba De Pelear, Infanta de Hyspia Senorita, Amelia Miramaris, Dama de Honor
  20. This message is written in Ilzakarn - The Inferis Language Any non infernals reading or seeing this would only see strange runes like above, and hearing it being read would be incomprehensial to a normal descendants ears. [posters would be send to selective places and hung] Infernal brethren and sisters, as many of you might or might not feelis that we demon have not full filled our duty as a plague for the mortal races as we shouldbut do not worry for me "Rokmae'Nazkrul", invites you for a oppertunity to serve your desires beyond your contractors. I invite you to a eternal carnage and butchery, the new group i personaly named "Ilzaduv" (Mayhem) No more shall we be limited by alliances, no more orders for people seeking power to rule the world, here we will roam like a plague on the mortal bones and spread all over untill nothing is left but ash of the past If you wish to join the infernal mayhem to spread around the realm find me In the place where light barely passes, where the dark rules, by the antlers of the embodiment of the spirit of the forest.
  21. The Bounty Board With the growing aspirations of the commonwealth and the readiness of her people a public bounty system has been opened to help secure the realm and her lands. These bounties will operate on a “first come, first serve” basis, the details for each bounty will be found within the Fairweather in the Capital city. Hunters will be required to bring their own gear and will be rewarded with payment upon completion of the order, Hunters are also entitled to any trophies they collect in the process. Unwavering under the sun, Sir Artel “The Flamebringer” von Theonus, Local old man
  22. [!] A body is hung on great wooden bridge. A piece of wood in nailed into its chest.
  23. 𝒜𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒞𝒾𝓉𝒾𝓏𝑒𝓃𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝒟𝓊𝓃𝓌𝑒𝓃 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐵𝑒𝓎𝑜𝓃𝒹 Recent reports have been made that a large bundle of Lume Ferrets is becoming increasingly hostile within the city of Dunwen. They have been reported to be causing trouble and destroying public property. I and the other Ferret Meisters of Solheim have attempted to investigate this string of events and have found ourselves face to face with an aggravated bundle of Lume Ferrets that promptly drove us off. I, Captain Vicnan Hawkins, Head Ferret Meister, am posting missive with hopes of finding willing citizens of Dunwen and possible adventurers and critter lovers from beyond to help us investigate these strange occurrences. We suspect that there may be an outside source that is causing their aggression, and we would greatly appreciate any help that can be given. (Note. Any help from the Druids would be greatly appreciated.) This Event will take place on Thursday, February 15, at 6 pm EST. Please meet at the Town Hole in Dunwen at least 30 minutes before the set start time.
  24. A FIFTH ROYAL NAMEDAY Of Rafael and Renata THE VICEROYAL HOUSEHOLD 11th of Javier’s Justice, circa 89 D.R. It is with immense joy that the Viceroyal family announces the fifth nameday celebrations of His Highness, Infante Rafael Arsenico and Her Highness, Infanta Renata Alba. They are of the first of their name, and we watch on to see the precedents they set for those to follow after them. The theme of the nameday celebrations is that of ‘A Night in Hyspia’, the meaning of such up to the attendees discretion, though heavily encouraged to come dressed in your best. The night will end with a sleepover for the children in attendance, so be sure to get your parents permission first! [A depiction of the celebrations to take place.] The Festivities The festivities will open with the introductions of the young royals to those in attendance, within the Palacio de Garisol. A series of tables will be set out, showcasing a series of different foods for the attendees to enjoy at their discretion, while a series of performances take place. Following this is a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Bull’, the unveiling of a new game invented for this very day and the beating of the traditional Hyspian pinata! The night will close off with a sleepover in the palace, where it is encouraged to bring your best onesies to wear! For those seeking to bring gifts, the Infante Rafael is known to enjoy anything to do with fighting or to do with music and the Infanta Renata is known to love all things purple and anything that can lead to adventure. [Thursday, 5pm EST]
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