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Found 86 results

  1. [!] A very lovely looking note is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard. It gives you a weird sense of nostalgia. The Thirteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! ~The newly finished windmill, the tallest building in all of Dunshire~ For too long have us wee folks gone without a good party, I reckon! For too long has Dunshire fallen into a slow slumber while there is still booze to be drank, food to be ate, and pipeweed to be smoked! I say we bring back the Dunshire Drinking Nights of yore, but this time we do it with more booze, more food, more darts and shogging and singing and dancing! Contents: ~Time and other matters ~Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! ~Book-fair! ~Shogging on the Shog-Logs! Time and other matters Time: Near the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginnin’ of the next! ((3 PM EST, Sunday the 11th of November (this upcoming Sunday* Location: Dunshire! Where else would a “Dunshire Drinking Night” take place? Why the sudden revival of the Drinking Nights?: T’eh person who was running 'em sorta died and nobody tried to continue the tradition until now. Drinking in the Drunken Duck Tavern! Our booze selections are not quite as grand as they once were, yet we still have a few surprises up our sleves! Here’s a few of the boozes in Dunshire: ~Applebrook Porter ~Withfoot Cider ~Brandybuck Brandy ~Spiked Eggnog (NEW!) ~Bunny Booze (NEW!) Book-Fair! ~The Library on Melon-Street now has a large selection of high quality poetry!~ You may have heard that Dunshire has lots of carrots and potatoes in it, but did you know that Dunshire also has a library with enough poetry to choke a horse? It’s true! Since we have so many good books in Dunshire, and are always wishing to acquire more books, during this Dunshire Drinking Night there will be a book-fair where all may come to trade books with one another! Shogging on the Shog-Logs! ~Ahhh... Dunshire Lake. A region of Dunshire which has changed quite a bit over the years~ For the finale of the Thirteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night, we will do a very traditional halfling game called “Shogging”, where two players on opposite logs try to hit the other off with a shovel! It’s a jolly ol’ sport, and all are bound to love it! ~Dunshire is not responsible for any injuries or loss of life to occur on the Shog-Logs~ This has been your Dunshire Drinking Night awareness poster, done by none other than the Deputy of Dunshire herself, Daisy Applefoot! Long Live Dunshire!
  2. Ragnio

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    The Atlasian Naval Guild was founded within the realm of Atlas, after the old Sutican City was nearly abandoned by it’s citizens and the leaving of the Trading Princess Lily, allowing those without a place to stay to find a new home to rest and to life at. Unlike most other nations the founders of the Atlasian Naval Guild were known as fairly good sailors and interested scientists, trying to explore the oceans of Atlas and it’s surroundings. While their ideal was it to explore the oceans they also became home to many people around them, steadily growing and expanding their research fleet. Purpose of the Guild While many Guilds are focusing on trading, giving the opportunity to learn a form of magic or just to offer some work the purpose of the Atlasian Naval Guild is different and unique in it’s own. The main purpose of the guild is it to explore the oceans of atlas and to find possible new lands to stay at. While doing so the guild is also trying to do their research of the currents, which are flowing through the oceans of the new realm, finding the fastest one to use for future traveling and sailing. Another big part of the guilds daily work is the research of new organisms, including plants and animals alike. New species can often help understand the current situations in certain regions and can also be used as materials for all kind of stuff, examples being medicine, smithing materials and far more. This is afterward leading to experiments to test possible new tools and to conclude further research on the different topics. Safety Safety is a rather important aspect for each member in the Atlasian Naval Guild, especially due to their dangerous missions. As such everyone is warned that the Guild isn’t having peaceful missions at all, but also rather dangerous ones. Due to those circumstances every member of the crew should be able to fight and be steady on a rough sea. Living Space/Base MS Vaile - The MS Vaile is a strong, nimble and fast Gallion Grade Vessel, housing around twenty crew members. The Vessel is build under the Captain and co Captain Vahryu Daluon, and Julia Abernathy. The MS Vaile can travel at the speed of 27 knots, able to withstand the Weather of the cold Arctic and hot summer winds of the equator. The mast would be made of a strong oak with Iron fittings and the sails would be made of a thin material dyed with grays and greens, the crews quarters holds around twenty eight bunks and the captains quarters holds two bunks, excluding the medical bay and area for livestock. Jobs/Tasks While many different roles are existing each member of the group is trying to help each other by handling main tasks, such as cooking or just cleaning the ship. As such most tasks are the following ones: Cook - Preparing dinner/food for the crew, while keeping a close eye on rations and drinkable water. The cook should be able to handle a knife even in the roughest of seas...and hopefully not lose a finger or too! Cartographer - Creating maps for the guild is an important job, since the guild is always trying to find and explore new lands. However, without creating a map of the new landmass and the surrounding waters such explorations are rather useless, since no one else may be able to find the land again. As such the cartographer needs to create fairly good maps, allowing the crew to find the islands once again. Secretary - The secretary is in charge of the general documentary of the expeditions and tasks fulfilled by the crew. Recording every single day on the sea is of importance, mostly to keep a fine grip on time, date and other important factors. As such the secretary should be able to write and have a talent for organizing. Steerman - Steering the ship with confidence and experience as the steerman guides the crew through the waves to their predetermined destination! A good eye is needed to see through the currents and shallow waters, sailing the ship to new lands to explore. As such the steerman should have some experiences in sailing and how currents are normally acting. Sailor - The sailors of the ship are helping wherever they can, either by hissing the sails or by cleaning the deck. Normally this job isn’t requiring a lot of talent to do, yet, it is one of the more important jobs, since everything is depending on the sailors. Medic - Healing the wounded and sick is the work of the medic, often saving many lives in dangerous situations. As such the medic should have a great knowledge in medicine and should be able to operate in a rather small medical area. Goals The Atlasian Naval Guild has several important goals to achieve, mostly focusing around explorations and experimentation on different naval-related topics. As such the most common goals for the guild are: Finding new land Finding new plants and animals Completing research on different topics, mostly the synergy of different species Preserving the ocean life Discovering ancient sea structures Finding treasures Application MC-Name: Character Name: Age: Race: Hometown: Possible Goals to achieve: Wanted Role/Job: Discord: Member List Captain Vahryu Daluon (@Ragnio) Julia Abernathy(@Space_Gene) Steerman Gilondir Oronar Frostbeard (@SanderGamerNL) Cartographer Jakhatir Kegbrew Grandaxe (@iAssey) Son'ya Sparrow (@MoonsWolf_) Secretary Quillian Caerme’onn (@Torkoal_Tom) Sonya(@EagleEyeKK) Medic Balin Anvilaxe Grandaxe (@TheDarkAngel2308) Makisu Aiichi (@LilBlueMaki) Cook Hekkaes ‘Anvilaxe’ Goldhand (@JokerLow) Sailor Kraggomi Anvilaxe (@Leomits) Eledar Haler'thilln (@Aythinae) Ben Ethil (@HurferDurfe1) Bolon Stormtaker (@DarkElfs) Abdul Mubdee (@Booklight12) Ravondir Torena (@Ravondir) Cassian (@Svaknir) Mith (@TeaSpoon) Ned Anker (@MrForesteroni) Amias Carter Jonesaeus (@Jerome Jonesaeus) Robin David (@SkullMasterRO) Luthais (@IceWalker0) Allied Forces Vizmak Brigade
  3. NotEvilAtAll

    Sweet-or-Spookin' in Dunshire!

    [!] A notice is pinned to the Dunshire Noticeboard among other places Sweet-or-Spookin’! ~The interior of the new Applefoot burrow, home to Daisy and Rollo Applefoot~ Attention all halflings, bigguns, ‘n tree-creatures! I am a wee bit dissapointed ‘n how Spooktober ended ‘n Dunshire (Nay enough pumpkin ale oi say!), so ‘n order ter make up for that I say we give this all one last hurrah! What are weh doin’?: Sweet-or-Spookin’! You have bigguns ‘n other halflings walk up ter yer burrows ‘n ye either give them sweets or a nasty scare! Where be t’is?: In Dunshire of course! Where else would it be? Am I invited?: Yes! Everyone is invited (Unless ye be a dwarf wearing blue-green socks, we don’ trust those fellers) What time?: Same time as all the Drinkin’ Nights were historically done! ((11/4/2018, 3 PM EST this upcoming Sunday)) See ye all ‘n Dunshire! Make sure ter pack up on swee’s ‘n tricks as well if ye plan on participating! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with the Dunshire Rabbit, official seal of the wee-folks of Dunshire
  4. ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio


    EVENT REQUEST FORMAT Players/Group Requesting: The Empire of Man, Order of the Red Dragon What kind of Event are you looking for?: I seek to establish a bounty board of monsters that people in the Empire can kill for prestige without us having to break the rules and play them. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: To be discussed. Organizer's Discord: Zhulik#7438 NOTES: If this works Temp and Grim get all the credit.
  5. The Opening of Alia’s Cornerstone Garden and the Pumpkin Contests Photo creds. to Allieice THE 22ND OF TOBIAS’S BOUNTY, 1686 Between 3 Owyn’s Lane and 4 Owyn’s Lane (better known as The Royal Camerlengo), Alia’s Cornerstone Garden has been constructed and opened to the public. One may find a variety of aromatic herbs, succulent fruit, fragrant flowers, and wholesome vegetables, which are open to public picking and harvesting. – – – Alongside Alia’s Cornerstone Garden and the Fiesta de Fantasma, there are two contests now running. Pumpkin Growing Contest: Whoever brings in the largest pumpkin to Her Imperial Highness, Alexandria Horen in Carolustadt receives the prize of a ribbon and 500 minas. Your pumpkin size will be based off a roll system. Find Esry in-game for more. Pumpkin Carving Contest: Her Imperial Highness, Alexandria Horen, is accepting pumpkin carving designs. The grand prize winner, as chosen by Her Imperial Highness, will receive 750 minas and a private lunch with His Imperial Highness, Augustus Horen. This is an art contest. Submit your pumpkin carving art designs below. The winners of both of these contests will be determined by Sunday, October 28.
  6. Thoak_Sludgefist

    Dwarves - Age of Heresy

    Players/Group Requesting: Kaz’Ulrah dwarves + Any other dwarves/people interested in participating What kind of Event are you looking for?: We are looking for a series of events that pertain to the dwarven clergy and cults/heretics within Kaz’Ulrah and the surrounding lands. I’ve written material that ET can base the events off of that can be found on the forums and given if requested. Old school dungeon / Monster killing preferred. Actors may fill in the roles of fanatics and heretics if wanted. Event areas can be built by me in SP if needed and placed on the server in game by staff. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Starting November 3rd – 4th and progressing every weekend after. Organizer's Discord: Cindervein#1790
  7. PosidonX7

    The Afturkvald Festival

    “Ooooo... Spoopy.” The Afturkvald Festival of Gorundyr The Afturkvald Festival is a celebration held once a year. It celebrates the idea of those that have dishonored themselves through death may one day be able to redeem themselves. It is believed by the more superstitious Gorundyr that if you die on this night in a dishonorable manner, you will be forever damned. Some have said you can hear the chanting of undead soldiers marching through the night of Afturkvald. A common activity during Afturkvald is for the village elder(s) to hide potatoes around the village. The children of the village will then go search for the potatoes, and the child that finds the most potatoes will prosper. For the adult Gorundyr, however, they usually prefer feats of strength by seeing who can chop through a log the fastest with an axe. Other events involve trivial spars between varying members of the village. OOC: The festival will be held on Sunday, October 28th. The festival will begin at 2pm EST and last all day. The festival will be held in Arberrang, about 300 meters directly south of Haense.
  8. NotEvilAtAll

    Bloody Snow, Broken Shovels

    [!] An excerpt from the Daisy Applefoot’s diary is torn out and nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dear Diary... I woke up from some sort of coma just a few days ago, not remembering much of what had happened. The last thing I remembered was the ol’ Dunshire Snowball Fight and the fun we had there. To help me recollect my memories and to put together an account of these events for posterity, I shall write here. It had all started out fine and dandy, with the Pro-Rollo snowball fighters (Supporting the Thain) on one side of the Clearing and the Anti-Rollo snowballers (Supporting the Elderson the other. A handful of bigguns had gathered to watch the ordeal as well, adding to the hype about what was to come. Shouts were exchanged between the snow-forts, and everyone appeared to be ready. The rules were simple and easy to understand. Each side would use snow, eggs, sticks, and sheer willpower to get to the others’ fort and steal their flag. Whoever captured the enemy flag would be named leader of Dunshire. Nighttime fell on the clearing, and torches were brought out to provide light for the upcoming fight. Both sides readied their shovels, donned their protective helmets, recounted their supply of snow, and mentally prepared themselves for the battle. The battle begun with the mighty “WHOOOM!” of the Snow-ballista being fired upon the Elders’ fort as the Thain charged out to meet the Thain and his allies. Sadly, the Thain was beaten back when he realized he had not brought any snowballs with him. I retreated as well after taking a few hits. After another charge from the Thain, another shot of the Snow-ballista, and some improper halfling distracting the third Thain snowball warrior, the Pro-Thain forces regroup for one final charge on the base of the Elders. The Elders and their allies soon came out of their fort to greet us, and a vicious melee ensued. With our padded sticks and leather helmets, we fought each other for control of the entrance to Fort-Elder. The fighting got progressively worse as time went on, and soon some blood was being shed on both sides (T’was but mere flesh wounds, thankfully). The Thain made a sudden break for the Elders’ flag, and from here onwards my memory blanks out. From what I gathered after I regained consciousness, I had been smacked hard in the head by the same improper halfling who had distracted one of the Thain supporters earlier in the battle. The battle must’ve been called off or something, because I have yet to hear of anyone winning. I suppose if a snowball fight will not be able to conclude this conflict, something else will. -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire 15th of Malin’s Welcome, 1687
  9. ultravioletpixie

    La Fiesta de Fantasma Street Bazaar

    La Fiesta de Fantasma Street Bazaar ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1685 [!] Vibrantly colored notices would be distributed throughout the Empire, and to other major settlements across Atlas _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “In conjunction with the forthcoming Fiesta de Fantasma- an event to celebrate the reunification of Man in all of its diversity under one glorious Empire- a beloved Santegian tradition will make its return: the local street bazaar! Beginning at daybreak on the 6th of the Tobias’s Bounty, 1687, Carolustadt will host its first-ever Santegian style street bazaar amidst the day’s festivities, down Antonius Avenue, in the bustling capital of the Empire of Man. Guests for the event will be welcome to peruse a menagerie of vendor stalls boasting a range of rare novelties, unique gifts, delicious foods, powerful magic items, hand-crafted weapons, and more! Those interested in peddling their wares at the bazaar may do so free-of-charge, by either making a reservation in advance with Ingrid Kastrovat (which guarantees them a space), or by bringing the items they wish to sell with them to the event, finding an unclaimed table, and setting-up shop. All inquiries related to the street bazaar- to include special reservation requests- should be directed to the bazaar organizer, Ingrid Kastrovat. She can be contacted by messenger, sending a bird, or requesting a meeting with her in Carolustadt.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((To request a stall be reserved for the event, simply post a comment below, being sure to include your MC and RP names, and you will be contacted by the event organizer. Alternatively, you can contact “Ingrid Kastrovat” (ultraviolentpixi) via Discord or in-game to reserve your spot. PLEASE NOTE: All reservations must be made NO LATER THAN 12:00PM (noon) EST on Friday, October 26th to guarantee the availability of a stall)) OOC: Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018 Time: Bazaar runs from 12:00PM (Noon) EST until end of festival; set-up for vendors begins at 10:30AM EST Place: Antonius Avenue in Carolustadt, capital of the Empire of Man Coords: x -85, z 1148
  10. 𝕿𝖔𝖔 𝕳𝖔𝖙 𝖙𝖔 𝕳𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖑𝖊? OOC Stuff: When?: This Saturday on 20th October, 7 PM EST, 3 PM PDT, 11 PM BST, 9 AM AEDT Where?: Carolustadt, Capital of the the Humans. Godfrey Square 1.Take a left after passing the Main Gatehouse of the City. 𝕹𝖔𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙.., the most famous establishment in the Crownlands openly invites those that relish the spiciest of peppers in a winner takes all seasonal eating contest hosted right in the culinary heart of the Imperium. Contestants will be served with the Cantina’s very own red baron ribs, hunted from the strongest of pigzillas which roam the Renatian forests. The dish would be INFUSED with flaming hot chilli peppers enough to kill a man to put a real challenge for the adventurous few. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a thousand minas to fill his or her coffers! The Cantina and its owners are not legally responsible for any spice-related injuries (Or loss of life) sustained throughout the event! However, as a precaution to minimize liabilities, glasses of milk will be provided to all participants as well as medical staff on site. Rolling System for the Competition: Depending on race, and tolerance to spice, a different roll number will be used: Those raised in southerner cultures, or any other place where spicy food is common roll a d23. Orcs, due to their natural tolerance,roll a d25 if partaking. Those not accustomed to spicy foods roll a d15. Those who don’t fall under any of the above categories roll the standard d20. The same applies in all cases: Competitors roll their suitable number twice. One for spice tolerance, and another for how much they are able to eat. Rolling less than five means an instant failure. The chili is so hot to them, they find themselves unable to take another bite. Rolling a 6-9 will mean your character struggles greatly. Rolling a 6 will take 5 off of your final roll, rolling a 7 will take four off your final roll, an 8 will take three off your final roll, and rolling a nine will take two off. Additionally, rolling a five and below for tolerance means your character will require medical aid. Thankfully, the Clinic is nearby! Some medics may even be on standby for the event! Rolling a 10-14 for the first phase means your character had few troubles. Their modifier remains the same. 15-19+ means your character is taking the whole experience like a champ. Due to their resistance, they are able to eat one more piece than those less tolerant. (Add a 1 to their second roll) Finally, if contestants roll a 20 or more, for every extra number above twenty their roll is, they are able to eat more meat. This means someone who rolls a perfect 25 is able to add 5 to their final roll! The second phase is in regards to how many pieces of meat the competitor eats. The base roll is 15, but changes depending on how high the player’s first roll was. If they rolled a 25, for example, this changes from 15 to a solid 20.
  11. NotEvilAtAll

    The Halfling Snowball Fight!

    [!] A hastily drawn paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard for all the wee li’l halflings to see T’eh Halflin’ Snowball Fight! In order to solve these recent events peacefully, I suggest we all have a li’l snowball fight here ‘n Dunshire so that we can get all out and active without causin’ any harm! T’eh Rules: -Both sides will ‘ave the entire month to build a snow-fortress that will contain a flag, red for Pro-Rollo, and blue for Anti-Rollo. -Participan’s on either side will wear either a red-dyed cap (for Pro-Rollo), or a blue-dyed cap (for Anti-Rollo). -The first team to capture t’eh enemy flag and bring it to their own snow-fort wins! -Snow catapults, trebuche’s, ‘n slingsho’s may be used as long as t’ey are mostly harmless! -Nay buildin’ yer snow-fortress too large ‘er tall! -Only snowballs ‘n eggs can be thrown! -Nay puttin’ ice ‘n yer snowballs! -Nay bigguns allowed on either side! (Although they may watch if they desire) -Nay weapons besides padded sticks! Anybodeh who brings out ah weapon has to sit out fer the rest o’ t’eh game ‘n JAIL! -((The entire thing is to be done in Roleplay if we have under 10 participants, although there might be a bit of PvP stick-hitting and snowball-throwing inbetween volley’s of emotes)) Time: Nex’ Month, so that we ‘ave time ter build fortresses! ((3 PM EST, Saturday the 20th of October)) Where: T’eh empty areas o’ Dunshire Whoever wins will be made leader o’ Dunshire, ‘n whoever loses will get a participa’ion award. May t’eh bes’ halflings win! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with a quickly drawn Dunshire Rabbit
  12. Moribundity

    A Winter's Ball

    ✴ 𝔄 𝔚𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯'𝔰 𝔟𝔞𝔩𝔩 ✴ Credits: Wlop Upon the notice boards of many well known capitals was pinned a piece of parchment of a pristine white hue. Each was written in the same immaculately penned cursive handwriting. His Highness, Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II does cordially invite any persons within the boundaries of neutrality or an alliance, to a ball, hosted within his own palace, known as the Citadel in the lands of Fenn, to strengthen bonds in light of the new threats arising with every waking day. Hosted on (October 12th), at (6 pm est), the esteemed guilds, consisting of the Bilok,thuln and the Ivae’fenn that are responsible for the upkeep of our nation, shall provide the food and protection, respectively. To add to the appeal of such an event of such prestige, a competition for the best dressed, and best dancing pair, shall be held with rewards presented to each of the winners. Enclosed, are a list of guidelines that are to be followed, along with some rules and key terms of our culture, should you wish to truly impress. We hope to see you there, With Kind Regards, Katrina A. Atmorice Stewardess of Fenn Heiress to the Atmorice Bloodline Merialeth Tathvir Matriarch of the Tathvir Bloodline Almithara V. Annungilben Second-born to the Heads of the Annungilben bloodline. Cormil Drakon Below, a neatly written post could be found, in the same handwriting on the same parchment: Rules and Guidelines: Wear warm clothing. Do not go bare shouldered, or bare chested. Within Fenn, it is very cold. Stick to the roads on your journey to Fenn. The wilds are home to bears and Vaeyl, and thus we cannot guarantee your safety if you decide to venture off road. Do not break the law, while in Fenn. Our laws are based on common sense, but being a religiously inclined race of Mali’, we will not tolerate disrespect to our god, Wyrvun. Members of nobility are permitted to bring one armed, armored guard for their own protection. For the safety of others, everyone who enters will be searched for weapons and contraband. Those who are banished will not be permitted to attend. Past grudges between nations are to be left outside the gates of Fenn. This event has been planned to improve diplomatic relations between all who can be trusted. The Ivae’fenn retains the right to detain and punish any who violate our laws. (OOC: A huge thanks to SaltyTurtles, LadyOfArt and Axelu for helping to plan this. Y'all are fab-u-lous.)
  13. The Festival of Gorundyr "Here is an art piece depicting heroes and legends of the past." Opening Ceremony The festival will start off with introductions from the Skarpefangers. First, we shall demonstrate how we greet each other and how to say hello in our language, Jolfmarr'tal. We will then move on to explaining a bit of what life is like in Arberrang and around our people. Musical Performances A number of songs will be played for the citizens of Haense to enjoy and dance to. We will also be showing off many of our dances during these performances. Feats of Combat Combat styles and techniques that the citizens of Arberrang use will be demonstrated during this stage of the festival. The importance in each of the weapons used will be explained. Remaining Activity We shall be sharing our culture with the people of Haense while also offering them a chance to buy many of our products such as weapons, potions, and clothing. ((Named weapons, named potions, and skins)) OOC INFORMATION: The event will take place on Sunday, October 7th at 4PM EST and may last up to 3 hours. It will occur in the square of Markev, Kingdom of Haense. You may request weapons, potions, and skins at any of the stalls present during the festival. Please keep a respectable ooc attitude during the event and use common sense. You can retrieve mina from the Wulf's Den aside the square where a banker is present. Don't forget to have fun. 😉
  14. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Costume Party!

    [!] Another sheet of paper is nailed to the Dunshire Noticeboard Dunshire's Costume Party! ~The halflings of Dunshire meet some so called "Spirits" of Knox~ Costumes are an important part of every proper Spooktober or Knoxween celebration! Since many of us have already made costumes in preparation for these times, now is the perfect time to have a Costume Party! All are welcome to join, be they from inside Dunshire, outside Dunshire, or anywhere inbetween! Event Details: What: A costume party; make your own costume and show it off to others! Where: In Dunshire of course! The home of the halfling race! When: The end of this current Elven Week, followed by a bit more time! ((3 PM EST October 7th, this upcoming Sunday)) What to bring: Your own costume, food, booze, fireworks, anything you think might be good for a party! Activity list: Best-Costume award, Darts, Drinking, Hide-and-seek. See you all there, in the meantime, keep up the good work Spook-ifying Dunshire! ❤️ -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire
  15. NotEvilAtAll

    Dunshire's Cook-Off Festival!

    [!] A scrap of paper is nailed to the Noticeboard of Dunshire or found flying about in the wind Dunshire Cook-off Festival! ~The ovens of Dunshire, producing all the food you could ever desire~ Come one, come all! The Dunshire Cook-off will begin soon, and all are invited into Dunshire to come and bake with us! The best baker will receive a mighty good prize of RP items, hay, cake, and other things! So what are you waiting for? If you know how to cook, there is no reason not to go! All halflings are welcome, and bigguns too! Where: In Dunshire! When: Closer to the end of the Elven Year! ((Saturday, the 29th of September at 3 PM EST)) What: A cook-off, bring your own supplies if you can! We'll provide the ovens! What is the prize?: Booze! Hoes! Cake! Iron! Whatever we can think of really! Oi'll see ye there! -Daisy Applefoot, Deputy of Dunshire [!] The paper ends with the image of the Dunshire Rabbit
  16. From a tower in the Cloud District came a flock of crows, circling over Holm and posting on the notice boards and dropping papers into windows. After finishing with Holm, the birds spread out, darting across the sky to deliver more notices. They all read the same: "Join us for the first ever Quadrennial Blackfog Bazaar, hosted by Holm! Looking for trade goods or services? Want to offer your own? Look no further than the Blackfog Bazaar at Holm! Seek Vendel Heartstone in Holm to register, whether its goods or services, or even entertainment you wish to offer - though there is a small registration fee. The date and time of the Bazaar shall be announced upon the compilation of a healthy roster of volunteers and stalls."
  17. TarreBear

    The Midnight Ball

    ↞ The Midnight Ball ↠ The Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska’s Suitor Ball - 1682 - [!] A magnificent illustration of guests enjoying a traditional ballroom dance is printed here in fine inks. ____________________________________________________________________ Be our guests! The Nobility and Citizens of the Empire are cordially invited to the Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska’s “Midnight Ball” in the Krempost Palace at Markev. Originally being arranged as a traditional Hansetian ball following in the footsteps of past royal dances, the Lord Palatine believed it wise to host this particular event as a way to bring the youthful lords and ladies of the realm together. The lady in particular to be honored at this event is the Prince-Grandfather’s daughter, Princess Analiese Bihar, in the hopes that she might acquire a fine suitor from amongst the lords and knights in attendance. Rules and Regulations: ⚜️ The Royal Family asks you wear your finest attire, those in inappropriate garb will not be permitted into the ball ⚜️All weapons shall be checked, and if any are found, we ask you leave them at the door or keep them sheathed & secured. ⚜️ Men of noble or knightly stature who are interested in taking Her Highness’s hand in marriage must present themselves at the dias and join her in a dance. ⚜️ The evening will conclude with a final dance under the stars, accompanied by a firework show. ⚜️Hold yourself with class and dignity, those who are disruptive will be escorted out of the ball. ⚜️ Most importantly eat, drink, dance, and enjoy the night! _________________________________________________________________ Signed, Her Highness, Analiese Natalia Bihar, Princess of Hanseti and Ruska Written By: TarreBear & EternalSaturn
  18. EVENT REQUEST FORMAT Players/Group Requesting: The Halflings of Dunshire What kind of Event are you looking for?: The staff who wish to participate disguising themselves as animals and running a race through Dunshire so that the Festival-goers may place bets on them. Real quick, real simple. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Around 4:30 PM EST today, although the time could vary a bit depending on how the Festival goes. Organizer's Discord: https://discord.gg/BRhJrHM For Reference: Also, it might be nice to get a little Event Message broadcast to Atlas about the Festival beginning.
  19. ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio

    Humans - ET Plot-lines?

    EVENT REQUEST FORMAT Players/Group Requesting: The Empire of Man and the Order of the Red Dragon What kind of Event are you looking for?: The Empire is looking for an overarching quest-line of sorts, to give Knights some quests to do. The Empire would also prefer it to be related to Human lore in some capacity (I can help with the provision of such). Events can be anything, really, from one-on-one interactions and dungeons to massive group PVE battles. The main goal is just that there's an overarching plot or interactions, if possible, so that we get more bang for our buck. A possible event line that may be interesting to the ET at-least is the Vaeyl Order since apparently they were former servants of Horen, which would naturally make the Imperium Septimus their enemy not because we're poaching their land, but because we would think them to be impostors and not real humans. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Can be disccused. If it's multiple events, then a single time may be fruitless to describe. Organizer's Discord: Zhulik#7438
  20. Players/Group Requesting: Kaz'Ulrah dwarves What kind of Event are you looking for?: Old school dungeon / monster killing. There general area & antagonists are set, and there are some details to include. Other than that, the ET member taking it has full freedom. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Next Weekend (14th, 15th or 16th) Organizer's Discord: Ronald Reagan#9284
  21. Event Planners, MC Names: Slothtastic85, FamousSloth Event Type: Long term event line, no enforced PKs. Your Timezone: EST Affected Groups: Gallics, Druids, Fae Event Location: Across Atlas, starting in Sleetfells and then continuously going around the world’s forests until all forests have been cleansed. Summation: Nature is beautiful, providing, self-preserving, but it is also wild, untamed, destructive, and unforgiving. An unknown disease is spreading across the land, changing nature itself. The grass became purple, or dead. Tree leaves became dead, the very life sucked out of them. Only a single tree, standing out from the rest was spared this. The center of the blight on the land, the place it called home. Giant thorn branches emerged from the ground, the animals in the tainted forests changed as well. (The now corrupted Sleetfells) They became corrupted, with bone and boils jutting from their skin. Teeth growing sharper, horns becoming longer. The wildlife was no longer safe to hunt, water no longer safe to drink. Not even Nature’s guardians were spared the corruption. Fae, of all kinds from Cervitaurs to Satyrs became terribly deformed. No longer did they resemble men and mer, their bodies and minds changed. They grew fur on their upper bodies, where Cervitaurs grew horns and antlers with deadly points, Satyr’s horns became only sharper and larger. The Fae’s teeth became narrow points for ripping and tearing. They grew claws and less resembled those of which were first made. It was nonetheless a painful transformation, but to them it was worth the price. (A corrupted Fae) The corrupted Fae only had one goal. Destroy the Descendants, let blood flow from the rivers. No longer would nature provide the Descendants. Now it would destroy them. The Fae became more and more feral, arming themselves with crude and deadly weapons with jagged edges. Building from the remnants of destroyed villages and buildings, chariots and war machines. (A warchariot being pulled by two corrupted Boar) Giant wooden balls with spikes set aflame and sent towards their foes. The taint, in both land, animal, and Fae, has a weakness. Druids could heal the blight, provided they have enough time to before they are cut down by the Corrupt beings whose home is in the forest. They’d also have to heal the center tree in order to truly remove the blight in each forest. ‘A few examples of transformation emotes (3-5 emotes): (Fae name here) began to hold their head slightly. A mild headache, it seems. (Fae name here) ’s headache seemed to worsen, before they collapsed doubling over in pain. Excess fur began to grow from all over, even their upper body’. (Fae name here)’s teeth began to thin, but became sharper like a shark’s. Where the gaps were of the now thin teeth, there grew more. All the while they groaned and screeched in pain. (Fae name here)’s eyes turned yellow, their nails becoming claws. Horns (grew sharper ((if a Satyr* (grew from their head, becoming sharp and distinct ((if Cervitaur* (Fae name here)’s screams of pain came to a close. After a few minutes they stood, now changed with a mind fixed on one thing. Concept Images/Screenshots They are in the summation above. What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders? I’d need ET builders create some of the corrupted forests, and for Actors to play some of the Corrupted Fae. Despite some of them being Fae players themselves. -- Note: Sloth can't format forum posts atm, so he asked me to post this for him. All credit goes to him for this
  22. Event Planners, MC Names: jumperhand3 (me), and perhaps Revolutionaries or Natalac. All the halflings could pitch in. Event Type: Minor famine/crop failure, long term event instead of a one off thing. Your Timezone: American Central Time, but for the rest of the halflings EST works just fine Affected Groups: The halflings of Dunshire Event Location: Dunshire Summation: When Dunshire was settled, seeds from the previous halfling village of Mapleshire were used to plant the fields. These crops were used to the warm climate of Mapleshire, and didn't ever have to deal with cold, snow, or any of those extremes at all! However, after having settled Dunshire, a problem would begin to arise in those Dunshire fields, SNOW! Unlike Mapleshire and all of the halfling villages previously, Dunshire's climate snows every winter, damaging the precious roots of the crops with it's relative cold. The crops would get more and more stressed out by the difference in climate, and soon the halfling food supply would dwindle. With no other options, the halflings of Dunshire would be forced to ration what they have left, or adapt to the new climate by using different types of crops in order to save their village! Concept Images/Screenshots What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders?: ET builders could be used to add snow in places around the village during wintertime to add to the immersion, but other than that this event would consist of roleplaying the lower amounts of food available, and many meetings among the halflings as to what should be done. ET actors would not be needed, unless it's revealed that some grain monster is actually what's causing the crop failures or something like that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, what do you think? I want everyone's input on this idea! Is this unnecessary and un-fun? Or will it be a fun little bit of change in Dunshire's atmosphere and roleplay?
  23. Hey I'm putting all my LotC videos as unlisted and wanted to make this post so that the links could be found without asking me. These videos start in 2013 when I joined and the last one I uploaded was last year in 2017. Green = Better quality / recommended videos. Red = Boring videos that I put in just for the record. Harbinger Fight (Anthos, 2013) Battle of the Nation's Crossing (Thorin's War, Anthos 2013) Battle of Shadowcastle (Pre-Trench War, Anthos 2013) Fall of the Cloud Temple (Anthos, 2013) Deeproads Breach (Ondnarch, Anthos, 2013) Battle of Thoringrad (Trench War, Anthos, 2014) Battle of Indagolaf End (Trench War, Anthos, 2014) Dwarves Help the Conclave (Anthos, 2014) Battle for Kal'Azgoth (Ondnarch, Anthos 2014) The Last Ice Morph (Ondnarch, Anthos 2014) Battle of the Dreadfort (Anthos, 2014) Welcome to the Fringe (Anthos - Fringe, 2014) Skirmish in Kaldonia (The Fringe, 2014) The Battle of Kal'Agnar (Athera, 2014) Battle of Hiebenhall (Athera, 2015) Battle of the Withering Woods Battle of the Melting Frost (1st Frostbeard Rebellion, Vailor, 2015) Dwarf vs Orc Wargames (Vailor, 2015) Battle of Khro'Nagaak (Vailor, 2015) Battle of Kal'Ordholm (Vailor, 2016) Battle of the Gorge (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Battle of Goldfield (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Skirmish of Johannesburg (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Skirmish by Curon (Courland-Haense War, Axios, 2017) Mordring Attacks Bastion (Axios, 2017) Skirmish Outside the Krag (Dwarves vs Norland War, Axios, 2017) Battle in the Cultist's Lair (Axios, 2017)
  24. sophiaa

    The Ox's Harvest

    The Ox’s Harvest The Ruric Clan Sigil During the autumn harvest days, men and women work from dawn to dusk to prepare for the next winter season. After their work is finished, they dedicate a day to enjoy themselves, and give thanks to Hjarn av Vynland, “The Ox”, for a bountiful reaping and in hopes for another strong yield the next year to come. A Prayer to Hjarn av Vynland "We, sons and daughters of the Father on High, do beseech the Lord of Harvest. We thank him for this bountiful harvest as the cold breath of winter blows ever stronger. Thus we offer ourselves and sacrifice to show our thanks.” This day of celebration shall fill all citizens with happiness and warmth, as we praise the All Father and his paragons. A handsome display of Nordengradic delicacies will be available to all, as well specialty drinks from The First Hearth Tavern. Vendors will be auctioning their most prized possessions and many will be given the chance to win great prizes during events. The festival will follow the schedule below: Offerings and Ritual Gifts and personal items will be offered to the Lord of our Harvest, Hjarn av Vynland, whilst we gather around a great statue of him. Following this will be a short moment to remember kin lost in war, and the harsh winters before the Ox graced us with his strength and protection. Then to conclude, a ritual dance to the beat of our ceremonial drums. The Feast Nordengradic delicacies and specialty dishes will be served to all who wish to attend, using the fresh foods from our most recent hunts and gatherings. Drinks will all be free, and the one who can prove himself the champion of the mug will receive free drinks for the next year! Ceremonial Hunt Those who wish to partake in the hunt will join us on the walk to the Nordengrad hunting lodge, where into the woods we will release a previously captured animal. The one to down the beast and return it to Nordengrad for sacrifice will receive a prize from Thoromir Ruric, and given the title Lord of the Hunt. If you wish to rent a stall or receive a vendor's license in Nordengrad for the duration of the festival, please contact one of the following; Thoromir Ruric (Narthok) Gaius Mournstone (Keening) Sigrid Mournstone (hellebore) Ellenora (PlusOneMorale) Alderman Sigrid Mournstone of the Harvest Council, Stewardess of Nordengrad and Matriarch of House Mournstone
  25. An Announcement from the High Queen of Kaz’Ulrah When the rule of the Khazadmar grew corrupt, antagonistic and paranoid, four clans exiled themselves to the north of the realm, to live in the snow, to live off the land, to take a path they found right and to eventually overthrow what they rose up against. Some were reluctant to join them first, and years of bloodshed followed where many Dwed fell to the axes and hammers of their kin. From the ashes of war, a kingdom rose. A Kingdom of the Dwedmar that persisted through many years, a kingdom that re-united us and a kingdom that represented progress. This, kinsmen, is not the tale of how Kaz’Ulrah was founded. This is the tale of how the Empire of Khorvad fell, and how the Second Kingdom of Urguan was founded. The very kingdom you now wish to “reclaim”. The Dwarves of Kaz’Ulrah gather beneath our Kingdom’s banner with a reason. It is a unity of joy, progress and a different take on Dwarven leadership. The Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah did not wish to re-form the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, because the Grand Kingdom died. If you op to crown a Grand King, then do so. You did not require to kinslay, you did not require to shed unneeded blood in the shadow of a looming threat over Atlas, yet you opted to, you opted to declare war to reclaim a home that was never yours, to claim a legacy you could have claimed on your own. And today, you killed a man speaking for peace in front of his own throne, defaced his body in front of those who welcomed you to their city, and proved to Atlas that you do not care about Urguan, you do not care about the Dwedmar and you do not care about those who seek to aid you. You care for blood, you care for revenge and you care for senseless destruction. But the same day, one of you spoke truth, one of you spoke honest and one of you defied the madness Khorvad settled on your kin. This same day, I swore both to this defiant Dwed and to the late king of the Elvenesse that I would seek out peace and prosperity amongst the Dwedmar, and that I would aim to finally put and end to the hostilities that have plagued us for so long. To the Khazadmar of Kaz’Ulrah, know that change will come to the Kingdom and the Dwedmar and that you are all invited to the DIET OF KAL’TARAK which will be a set of meetings to address various topics around the Dwedmar, recent events and our re-union. To the Khazadmar of Holm, let it be known that the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah has not ignored the fact Holm gave shelter to kinslayers, to revanchist and bloodthirsty Dwed who wished nothing but destruction around them. However, mistakes are made, and we know most of you weren’t directly affiliated them, and Kaz’Ulrah is ready to reconcile. The Dwedmar of Holm are invited to the DIET OF KAL’TARAK, first to explain their involvement and affiliation with the kinslayers, and second, to participate in the discussion and to start relations anew. To the Khazadmar of Az’adar and Ord, the High Queen affords you 72 days to attend a hearing in front of the High Queen and the Dwedmar of Kaz’Ulrah. If you truly wish to serve the Khazadmar, whether it be in Kaz’Ulrah or elsewhere, you have nothing to fear, and post-amends you will be welcomed to the DIET OF KAL’TARAK. But if you intend to continue your senseless crusade of revenge, you will be declared a Pariah, a non-Dwed, a clanless runt to be hunted and to be expelled from Dwarven society forever. Kavir oz Arcadia, Narvak oz Khazadmar! High Queen Koralon Onyxheart (( Hearings can be arranged for VIA in-game PM, forum PM or discord PM. In regards to the 72 hours / 3 OOC days deadline, having been unable to met due to time zones, commitments or RL life is completely fine. Expressing the wish to be heard before the deadline & eventually attending a hearing before the Diet is what's important. ))