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  1. [!] A depiction of a moon seen in the outskirts of Yong Ping >>═══════════════════════════════════════════>> >>═══════════════════════════════════════════>> In the central Tianrui District, where all the Yong Ping citizens are resting after fights with monsters. A couple of unexpected guests appears on the roof of the clinic. The sky is clear and bright, with stars scattered around the sky. Strange sound can be heard coming from Eastern Yong Ping during the third quarter of Ushi (Ushino mitsu doki, referring from 2am to 2.30am). Could it be the noises by the monsters or is it just an illusion... >>═══════════════════════════════════════════>>
  2. The Wolves of Yong Ping Who Dares Enter The Thicket and Maws of the Beast? With the recent vanquishments of the Sirens and Bears plaguing the farms and forest, citizens and travellers have reported deep snarls housed towards the northern farms of Yong Ping - ghastly and sharp howls ring out in the middle of the night from what is presumed to be the pack of Direwolves that have made the farms their recent home. YPA scouts and soldiers have noted that some of the remaining wildlife have gone missing and found towards the northern edge of the Sakura Forest - slaughtered and half eaten at least. There have also been reports of wanderers and other denizens going missing near the north edge, only for their bloodied armour and clothes to be found along the woodland edge. Citizens and other non-military related personnel have been advised to stay clear of the north farms and subsequent forested area. YPA, and other volunteers are to set out on another scouting and control mission in the coming Dragon's Days to help drive the wolves back into the woods whence they came. Such an extraordinary and lengthy task will take a few Dragon's Days to complete so it is recommended that those warriors and brave hearts be prepared for a lengthy trip and battle. If there are any other brave volunteers whom wish to aid in such pest control, send Tianrui Ren / Coffee.exe [BOT]#5456 or Chen Yunya / beautifulwatty#6584 a bird or letter. "No Mud, No Lotus."
  3. The Overtaking of the Hirano Farms A Dragon's week has passed since the monsters corrupted the Jade State of Yong Ping, littering the streets with their filth and spilling blood upon stone. Buildings are damaged, with no signs of sentient life inside them, creatures overtaking once warm hearths and beds. The people of Yong Ping only have one safe area; that of the Tianrui District. Everywhere else, inside or outside the walls are filled with monsters, such as Danungols, Trolls and Maneaters. An effort has been made by the local citizens, alongside the Yong Ping Army, to barricade every entrance possible to keep the monsters from breaking into the heart of the city. Now, it is time for the Yong Pingers to retaliate! Behold, the Zhu seeks brave men and women to eradicate vile beings that have stolen the beloved nation! The best approach to stop the monsters from coming inside the city is to cut their numbers from outside the gate. The plan is to attack the monsters located in the Hirano district, that being by the farm homes near the abandoned Musin Village. The city is now calling forth to the brave people, to scout, learn about the monsters’ weaknesses, and ultimately, cut their numbers from the outside. Let peace come back into our walls, into our streets, and into our homes. Let Yong Ping become the beautiful city we always loved, citizens and visitors alike. It longs for the heroes to come forward and fight the wickedness Almaris hid until this day! “No mud, no lotus.” This will be the first formal event of the Jade Gambit event line, linked here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208688-the-jade-gambit-eventline/?tab=comments#comment-1887149, allowing those wishing to participate a chance to schedule a time to scout out and inevitably defeat the creatures.
  4. [!] Some members of a strange and mysterious group conversing suspiciously Some of the guards on patrol throughout the Royal City of Karosgrad might begin to hear rumors about a strange organization who may or not be lurking throughout the kingdom. Some days ago, it was reported to some of our officers that a small group of hooded and suspicious individuals were seen conversing near the cave underpass on the main road to Haense. Strangely, they carried with them a large horse-drawn container, covered by many blankets and sheets to intentionally and non-subtly obscure vision from any onlookers. Any and all who passed by them would take notice, as when they approached, the group would cease their conversations and wait for any outsiders pass out of earshot before continuing to speak and point towards the Kingdom's capital. One of the men, with a face obscured in full mask, hood, and glasses, is often seen tapping a quill to a tablet of parchment and hastily scribbling some unseeable words and numbers upon it. It cannot be even speculated as to what the business these strange figures have here, or even from where they come. All that is certain, is that strange activity is afoot, and the protectors of the realm ought to be on their highest guard.
  5. The Jade Gambit INTRODUCTION To begin, this post is entirely oocly, meant as a prelude to an event the Jade State of Yong Ping will be implementing. The concept is based around an instance video game, with more to come. For those living or coming to Yong Ping, once this begins, all districts will be closed off except the main district as you enter, the Tianrui District. It starts as a series of creatures all entering the city, whether over the walls or otherwise, requirements must be met to go through the instances that would allow people to begin unlocking more districts. The District Levels The Tianrui Markets Requirements This is our base of operations. It cannot be lost. Players: N/A Key Points: Markets, government building, front gate. The Hirano Farms Requirements A week since the start of the event before anyone can do it. At least one scouting mission first. Players: Min of 5 Key Points: Farmhomes and crops The Zi Ji Slums Requirements For the Hirano district to have been gotten. For two weeks to have gone by since the last district was gotten. At least one scouting mission first. Players: Min of 5 Key Points: Walls, the mine. The Su Weng Military District Requirements For the Zi Ji District to have been gotten. For two weeks to have gone by since the last district was gotten. At least one scouting mission first of the district itself first, a separate mission for supplies from the Long Keep. Players: Min of 7 Key Points: Military keep, more housing. The Chen District Requirements For the Su Weng District to have been gotten. For two weeks to have gone by since the last district was gotten. At least one scouting mission of the district itself. Players: Min of 7 Key Points: More housing. The Jie Lu Ports Requirements For the Chen District to have been gotten. For two weeks to have gone by since the last district was gotten. At least one scouting mission of the district itself. Players: Min of 7 Key Points: More housing. The Watanabe District Requirements For the Jie Lu District to have been gotten. For two weeks to have gone by since the last district was gotten. At least one scouting mission of the district itself, a scouting mission of the enemies main base of operations, a rescue mission of the Goats. Players: Min of 10 Key Points: Save the Goats. Yishu Island Requirements For the Watanabe District to have been gotten. For two weeks to have gone by since the last district was gotten. At least one scouting mission of the district itself, a separate mission to take back the ferry, a siege of the Chen tower, unlock and free the city. Players: Min of 10 Key Points: Ferries and trade, unlock the city. MECHANICS The Tianrui District is in essence like Cloud Temple, at least in this eventline, monsters cannot get into it or otherwise and it cannot be lost. The first week of the event, district unlocking cannot begin just yet. Requirements must be met first before a team can attempt unlocking a district. Districts can be attempted to be unlocked every two weeks. Even after a district is gotten, if upkeep is not done, it can still be lost. RPly, people will not have access to their homes in the districts. OOCly, they can still store things and get to it. Taxes will not happen during this, after all, y’all rply don’t even have your homes. Challenges may include but are not limited to: -Monsters infesting the docks and climbing out of the water, preventing any further trade and immigrations, this one is for the murder hobos. -Monsters creeping through the slums, making for a dangerous horror-game-esque eventline. -Farms are ravaged, crippling the city’s food supply. This will require strategy to root out and keep out monsters, then keep farmers and farms safe. The eventline has not begun yet, you will know when it does. If you are interested in helping with the eventline: forum posts, builds, mats, planning and hosting the events themselves or otherwise, dm me at tadabug2000 or beautifulwatty#6584.
  6. Maritime Merriment Art Giveaway To commemorate the flourishing of artistic practices within the court of Savoy, an art exercise will be held during its Maritime Merriment. The exercise will be open to all attendees of the events, citizens and visitors alike. This exercise entails that all participants pay an upfront fee of 10 mina, proceeding to create and submit an art piece towards the Court Painter, who will randomly select a winner. Artistic skill is irrelevant, with participance and a willing mind as the only necessities. The Winner will be awarded a portrait made by the Court Painter herself, in honour of the court of Savoy. An Example of an Art piece is attached at the bottom. ((Art give away on Friday, January 7th 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM GMT held during the Maritime Merriment in Savoy. Basically a random lottery-esque pick of those who enter!)) Completed, Winner was LithiumSedai
  7. Yong Ping Tea House Quiz Come one, come all to the Yong Ping Tea House Quiz Night. Three categories, five questions each category, save the last which has four. Is there a prize for winning this inscrutable battle of the intellects? You can put that question to rest with 200 mina for the winning team. Teams may have a maximum of four members. Categories Yong Ping History Common Knowledge Wenping Generously invited by Chen Wenping himself When? 8 PM EST 6th of the 1st (OOC P.S.: To make things fair the last category won’t actually be counted. I just did it for fun, but you will still have to answer the questions to complete the quiz.)
  8. To The Mountain Men To the Tribesmen, The People of the Mountains, The Kingdom of Norland and Jarldom of Dunrath do not accept this proposal written forth. We reject it on all counts. 1. The Jarldom of Dunrath shall build as they see fit and as the King of Norland allows. 2. The Fortress known as “Fort Cathrine” will continue to stay standing. 3. The Settlement known as Gränsstad will continue to exist as it has. 4. The Construction of estates outside the walls of Dunrath shall continue as they have. 5. Constructions of roads through the Raenrland will continue as they have. 6. The Tribesman of the Mountains will be allowed to live in peace. These terms are non-negotiable. Should you refuse, The Father’s fire shall rain down on you, and all of Norland shall descend upon your lands until all of you are sent to his halls for judgement. We are the rightful rulers of all the lands of Norland, including the Raenrland mountains. There will not be an acceptance needed as these are our terms, if they are not followed, all of you shall have war upon you. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric , King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Protector of Highlanders His Highness, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, Marshal of the Ashguard, Prince of Norland, Ruler of Eiriksgrad The Most Honorable, Dùghlas MacDhaibhidh MacFhilib MacMartainn Sutharlainn, Chieftain of the United Clans of Barr and Suther, Jarl of Dùnrath, The Rt. Hon. Lady, Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Chieftain of Kazimir, Envoy of the Kingdom of Norland
  9. ❆ The Elysium Krugmas Tavern Night ❆ 19th of The Sun's Smile, SA 45 “Krugmas is the day that brings everyone all together.” [!] A painting of the Elysium square, filled with festive decorations and freshly adorned with a vibrantly lush Krugmas tree, its many branches embellished with shimmering ornamentation. To the Citizens of Elysium and Her Allies, As winter advances across Almaris, the Duchy of Elysium will be celebrating Krugmas! In these darkened days which envelop our realm, times like this allow us to celebrate the cheerful revelry which must be held steadfast in one's heart to persevere. These festivities will commence upon this upcoming Snow’s Maiden, within the upper-most floor of The White Bear Tavern. Any and all are invited to come and enjoy the warm merriment which permeates the wooden walls of our tavern. Steaming hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, freshly baked gingerbread cookies, chilled eggnog and more will be served by our diligent keepers, as the spirit of Krugmas is maintained throughout. Furthermore, all participants will receive small festive presents upon entry, and are invited to take this time to exchange gifts with their family and friends. As well as the interchange of presents, all are also encouraged to swap tales, whether they be of festive nature, or simply stories of times past. Remembrance and communion found the ideals which represent Krugmas, and it is these same sentiments that we intend to honor by hearthfire and snow. Finally, while it is by no means required, all are welcome to don sweaters of Krugmas spirit, whether they be ugly or not! Perhaps, too, Father Krugmas himself will pay a visit this cold winter night, and deliver joy and gifts alike to any young ones who may take part in such holiday spirit… Signed, Duke Eugeo de Astrea Lady Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs Penned by, Lord Esmond Reede, Co-Owner of the White Bear Tavern and Department of Culture Chancellor Lady Emerald Guenevere, Elysian Post and Postal Founder Event Committee
  10. Krugmas In The Jade-State As the snowflakes of winter befall upon the Jade State of Yong Ping, our lakes freeze from the cold and our birds cease their chirping and move onward to a warmer environment, within the Jade State of Yong Ping preparations are made left and right, with decorations such as trees and lights illuminating the entirety of the Nation. To celebrate the coming of this freezing season, our nation announces a grand festival for any and all friends or allies of the Jade State of Yong Ping to attend! During the aforementioned festival, the attendees are invited to attend many activities, such as; Ice Skating within the centre square of the Jade State. An exchange of gifts from whoever has something to give. A contest of drinks, both hot and cold. And the Special appearance of a special guest…… OOC; The Event will take place on the 18th of December at 1:30 PM/EST, in the square of Yong-Ping.
  11. Posters pinned to the streets of Yong-Ping and letters being delivered to the allies of the Jade State.. With the appointment of our new Zhu, we of the Senate feel it is time to celebrate this momentous and grand time within the Jade state to celebrate Tianrui Ryu and his placement as Zhu of the Jade State of Yong-Pong! The Celebrations will come in the form of a grand feast, at the Tea House. Where the humble beginnings of our new Zhu began… The Feast will present the citizens of Yong-Ping as well as any visitors to our nation, to interact with the newly assigned Senate and Zhu. As well as a dance performed by our very own Minister of rites (and my granddaughter) Chen Yunya! Drinks and food are to be offered to everyone who desires to attend the festivities! I humbly invite the friends and allies of the Jade-State OOC; The Event will be held on December the 12th at 3 PM Est/8 PM Gmt, in Yong-Ping at the Tea House
  12. Wreath Making Halflings of Honeyhill, This Sun's Smile you'll have the opportunity to get yourself a handcrafted Knoxmas wreath, though, with a twist; there shall be trails of decorations around the village and no being pernickety, you'll have to take what you can get! At the end, you'll bring your findings to me, the High Pumplar Jeannette, who will assemble the wreath for you. Merry Knoxmas! OOC: Sunday 12th December, 2pm EST/7pm GMT
  13. Blood, Snow and Shadow “When your City is in flames with the walls crumbling around you and the very air in your lungs is choked with ash and ember.. When your citizens are hung from the walls and the banners of the Black Sun hang from the ruins of your Keep.. it will be too late to renounce your False Gods. We offer you this one final chance at Salvation.” - The Barrowlord Astark to the imprisoned High Prince of Fenn, Vytrek. In all of Fenns long and storied history, this would be their darkest of days. A day forever to be remembered, where the Stalwart Light of the few stood against the coming dark in what was to be their final hour. The actions that played out this day would determine the fate of their city and their people as they stood on the very brink of annihilation. And yet.. The Nations of Almaris did nothing, standing on the sidelines and choosing to battle their Descendant brothers and sisters in petty disagreements between Nations and perceived insults. Killing and maiming each other over material possessions, land and titles. If only they knew that once Fenn had been reduced to ash and rubble and the banners of the Blackened Sun hung from their walls.. That this host of Xion, this Legion of the Damned would be on their doorstep next. And so the embattled defenders of Fenn stood alone. The Ivae’Fenn, the Vigilants, the ordinary citizens of Fenn and their Azdrazi allies.. Surrounded on all sides as the jaws of death closed in on them. With a Prophecy foretold, warning of the coming events, they did all they could to bolster their defences and forge new weapons. But would it be enough? ❄ The Battle of Fenn Begins ❄ And so that fateful day arrived, an eerie silence taking hold of the city as the defenders stood ready. The Archvigilant of War assessed the defences and the nervous defenders, he had faith in his people and in Wyrvun to carry them to victory. Several lines of defences had been set up between the main gates of the city and the Keep, the once peaceful city had been turned into a veritable fortress that stood ready to receive the Blackened Host. And so it began.. The silence would be broken as thousands of trumpets pierced the wintry air and the howling winds of the blizzard that still ravaged the city. They could not see their foe, the unhallowed fogs and blistering blizzards obscuring their sight to nothing. Yet, the Children of Fenn had prepared themselves, wearing magical helmets to detect the heat signatures of their foes in the mists. Bang. Bang. Bang.. the Gates of Fenn were battered relentlessly, the cries and moans of the undead crying out for the blood of the defenders in the names of their dark masters. Then, with a thundering crack would the gates be breached and the horde of the damned poured through into the streets of the city. “Open Fire!” The command was relayed to the defenders, several ballista and regiments of archers readied their weapons before unleashing a hailstorm of projectiles into the breach and the horde swarming through it. The projectiles glinted under the blackened sun overhead, their arrowheads of aurum and thanium seeming like a descending storm of stars that laid waste to the first wave. Arms and armour fell to the ground as phantasmal warriors were slain in the hundreds, being manifested and banished to whatever realm they had come from. Yet it was nowhere near enough. The first line of defences were quickly overwhelmed, an intense aura of dread taking hold of the city as the undead horde butchered and slaughtered their way through the Fennic defenders without mercy. Chanting the name of their Forsaken Lord and offering up Xionist chants to the Black Sun that lingered overhead. Those who had not succumbed to the butchery that took place in the first line of defence quickly retreated, falling back to the second line as Ballista's were reloaded and arrows were knocked in place. ❂ The Dark Lord Arrives ❂ From the midst of that carnage a towering figure clad in armour wrought of infernal design stepped forth, their stygian gaze coming to study the defiant defenders that stood in opposition to the Children of Xion. The Forsaken Lord of the Xionist forces had arrived, flanked on either side by an honour guard of towering stone Knights that pulverised any would-be assailant that dared neared this Dark God. A discordant choir of voices would make their presence known, booming forth from the armoured husk of that Forsaken Lord. “Children of Fenn, you have had your chance to repent and forsake your False Gods for years. And yet you still stand defiant, willful slaves to higher powers that care not for you or your kin! And so.. With a heavy heart does the duty of your execution fall upon us. We cannot allow you to be pawns to the Aengudemonica any longer..” “Open Fire!” came that command once more from the Fennic Commanders, another volley of ballista bolts, arrows and javelins descending upon the damned host and the Forsaken Lord. The efforts of the defenders would prove fruitless however, the Barrowlord extending forth a palm and bringing forth the mortal magicks at their command to summon an ectoplasmic barrier of immense proportions that stopped the hailstorm of projectiles in their path. A victorious cry would rise from the attackers as suddenly the atmosphere on the battlefield changed.. Both the Children of Fenn and the Children of Xion fell silent as the shadows seemingly intensified before retreating and being pulled into the centre of the city and the gaping crater that lingered there. The two armies stopped their fighting as they watched onward in terror as the Apparition awoke from its slumber under the earth. As a sickening laugh of a child's voice broke the silence, chaos was unleashed once more. The Apparition was the friend of none and the foe of all, laying waste to both the Children of Fenn and the Children of Xion in droves. It shifted in and out of reality, appearing in the midst of tightly pact formations of troops before tearing them limb from limb in brutal fashion. The forces of Light and Dark resumed their slaughter of one another and did their best to avoid the Apparition's wrath as the very streets of Fenn became slick with the blood of the fallen. There was one however that held the key to Fenns salvation and victory in this seemingly impossible fight, a Draconic Warrior and Champion of the Flame. Standing in the back line and offering aid to the beleaguered defenders, his very presence acted as a beacon that bolstered the faltering hearts of those who were overcome with fear and dread. With ease he laid waste to any hungering geist that managed to breach through their lines, cutting them apart and banishing them with blistering dragon's flame. Yet he was here for one in particular, his fiery countenance studying the carnage before him in search of the enemies Champion and Commander. There they were.. ❖ The Decisive Moment ❖ The Forsaken Lord was cutting a bloody swathe through the battlefield and leaving a great many dead in her wake alongside her Stone Guardians. Though her path of destruction would come to a sudden halt as the Apparition conjured forth a glimmering storm from the skies that unleashed devastation on the battlefield and tore into the Forsaken Lord’s Honour Guard and herself, cutting them apart. This was the opportunity the Fennic defenders needed, a single moment in the shifting events of the battle that would determine their victory or defeat. As the Barrowlord engaged in bloody close quarters combat, their armoured form would come to be destroyed and their true form would be exposed for all to see. The sickly radiant visage of the Wight Barrowlord ascending into the air above the battlefield as infernal weapons hovered around them intent on killing a great many more. Yet, unaware to this Lord the apparition hunted her.. Should the Apparition have claimed the power from this Forsaken Lord, it would be unstoppable. It would be unknown if the Draconic Champion knew this or not, but they were well aware of the opportunity that had presented itself and with their arm reared back a mighty spear of dragon flame was conjured forth and hurled with great speed. It punctured deep into the Barrowlords form, a shrill cry escaping their being as it was torn apart and exploded from within. This was the turning point of the battle and the Hierophant, the Forsaken Lords personal champion, sounded the call to retreat. Their voices booming across the battlefield for all to hear! “The Lord has fallen, retreat!” With this final act would the city of Fenn be saved, the Draconic Warrior watching as the Children of Xion were routed from the city only to watch as the Apparition descended on him in those final moments of the battle.. ↽ The Aftermath ⇀ And so the Defenders of Fenn would win the day, but at what cost? The streets of Fenn were covered with the slain bodies of hundreds and the gutters ran red with the blood of the fallen as the city burned. Many sons and daughters of Fenn had been slain, and the Apparition still yet lived in the Crypts below.. Would they continue to stand alone against this threat? Barely holding on to their lives as week after week, year after year they were assailed by the forces of the dark. Or would the Nations of Almaris finally turn their gaze to Fenn and rally to their aid? Only time would tell.
  14. ~A flier is found flying about through the winds! Its crinkled folds slam right into your face, forcing you to read it!~ Winter Fair! ~An artist's depiction of Honeyhill in the cold months o' the year!~ Now be the time for celebrations! Our harvest is finished, our wheat milled and turned into flour and then bread, and our bellies full of good ale and good food! Now that the busy times are past us, we can look forwards to the simple pleasantries of life! Us halflings do know how to run a good party! Activities: ~Ice Skating!~ ~Booze Drinking Competition!~ ~Sledding!~ ~And More!~ Be there or be a chilly Pumpkin (which is not that bad, in all honestly. Still, it's best to attend this)! The event t'will be taking place on The Grand Harvest o' this year, 649 Shire Reckoning! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill ((7 PM EST, Saturday on December 4th, 2021. Directions to Honeyhill can be found below: ))
  15. FIFTH NAME DAY EXTRAVAGANZA [i] A painting of the Royal House celebrating Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta’s fifth name day sits here. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya, formally invites the people of Hanseti-Ruska and the honorable invitees below to her fifth name day celebration in the Nikirala Prikaz. Attendees will be expected to wear white carnations, Her Highness’ favorite flower. The festivities shall begin with a magnificent feast, where Her Highness shall be presented with marvelous gifts, an exorbitant amount of pastries, and an exquisite name day cake. After the feast, Her Serene Highness shall invite the attending youth out into the gardens to search for a hutch of animals that have been released, with each chicken signifying one point, each rabbit signifying three points, and the singular fox signifying ten points. The winner shall receive a bag of sweets and a sash. INVITATIONS WOULD BE SENT TO: His Grace, Eirik Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Vladrik Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree The Right Honorable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar and his noble pedigree The Honorable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Sigmar Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree The Allies of Hanseti-Ruska SIGNED, Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Emma Karenina, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska Her Serene Highness, Prinzenas Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya [OOC: To be held in the Nikirala Prikaz on the 2nd of December at 5 PM EST.)
  16. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard! EVIL WOLVES ATTACK VILLAGE! Attention all Honeyhill residents! The wolves are back at it again! One of these wretched wolves snuck into our barn and killed many of our sheep! Keep an' eye out for 'em and make sure they dunnae enter our barn and steal our precious livestock away from us! Me an' Onelia Peregrin managed to subdue the wolf responsible for the most recent attack, yet who knows what more is to come! Stay vigilant! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill ((Event tomorrow at 3 PM EST, located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings, right next to Karosgrad in Haense! ))
  17. Wedding and tournament is in the Varhelm Square in Norland. We hope to see you there!
  18. [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Harvest Season! ~Ploughing the fields of Honeyhill~ Good day to all! T'is time to harvest our fields once more! May our fields provide plenty for us to eat over the winter! All who be interested in aiding me in this harvest should report to the tavern with a scythe and a will to work! It will be difficult to harvest all of the fields, but the drinking and booze afterwards will make it worth the effort! A bonfire will be lit before the harvest as a good omen to the harvest spirits and Lord Knox himself. May we all eat plenty in these coming months! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling farmer & stablemaster. ((6 PM EST, tomorrow on November 6th 2021))
  19. Hello LotC! It's marimbamonk, or Zac Clay. I stream LotC on the weekends :) I'm happy to introduce a new project of mine: LotC Quest Cards! Here is the first one. Every day (except Sundays), a new quest will be added to the card. The card will be updated on my Discord: https://discord.gg/SAsaJcRVXj How It Works Quests can range from broad, general tasks – like "RP with another character" – to more specific ones, like "explore this location." If you want to start a quest, simply log on to LotC and choose your own path to try to complete it! Quests are open-ended, so feel free to be creative, as long as you still feel like you've completed the task! You don't need to complete a quest the day it comes out – just make sure you've finished it by the end of the week! Most importantly, make sure you take screenshots as you undergo your quest. You will need to submit 1-5 screenshots as proof that you've completed each quest. Once you've completed as many quests as you care to, you would submit all of your screenshots to the form found in the #cards channel on my Discord. The form will show up on Saturday (when the final quest is revealed), and closes on Monday (when a new card is announced)! Once your quests are submitted, you're all done! Some cards will have rewards, or prizes. Submitting this one, for example, will enter you in for a chance to win a free game through Humble Choice (it's like Humble Bundle). More details and stuff are on my Discord server; that's sort of the hub for the quests right now. See the link above if you want to get involved! Otherwise, let me know what ya'll think! Thanks!
  20. ☾ The Elysium Astral Feast ☽ ✧ The Grand Harvest, Year 49 of the Second Age ✧ -- Pinned to notice boards throughout the realm, a small ornate flyer rests before you, its parchment bordered with an intricate golden trim, and its ink denoted by a rich lavender hue. -- -- A local Elysian artist’s rendition of a darkened night sky dotted full of billowing sky lanterns. To the Denizens of Elysium and Its Allies, As Autumn advances, and the air continues to grow crisp and cool, it is necessary we remember the importance of union and familial bond in times of complexity and change. Let us set aside our trials and tribulations and for one night celebrate and commemorate such strong unification which emboldens us all to our causes, whatever they may be. In two Elven days, upon The Grand Harvest of year forty-nine of the Second Age, invitations are extended to all to attend the Elysium Astral Feast, held within the grand palace of the Duchy of Elysium. Any and all are delightfully welcomed to enjoy the festivities and feasting that will be provided by the de Astrean family and Department of Culture. -- Festivities Upon entry into the palace, all attendees will be gifted their own handcrafted paper floating lantern to keep until the conclusion of the dinner. All will continue up the grand quartz staircase of the Palace towards the upper floor, where a banquet will have been laid out and prepared for all to enjoy a delicious and well-rounded meal of many courses. Following the conclusion of the feast, Duke Eugeo de Astrea shall provide a short speech regarding the de Astrean family and its origins, as well as the significant presence of family and fellowship seen spread wide throughout our wonderful Duchy. Once the speech has seen its end, all participants will be invited to exit the palace and enter the gardens, where the lanterns handed out previously shall be withdrawn. Within these paper vessels shall be penned wishes and whims one may hold for themselves or their families, to be then set alight and released into the shimmering sky above, welcoming the dawning days before as the lanterns intertwine with the starlight beyond. -- Special Invitations are extended to the Clans residing within the Duchy of Elysium, as well as the De Astrean family and its many members. Signed and Penned by, Lord Esmond Reede, Department of Culture Chancellor. With cooperation from, Lady Emerald Ferinn-Guenevere, Department of Culture Collaborator. Orchestrated by, [Saturday, 6PM EST] Issued the 20th of Snow's Maiden, Year 49 of the Second Age.
  21. Joust of Lucien Come one! Come all! Hear the roar of the crowd, the warm autumn breeze. See the multiplicity of colours, your favourite riders. Joust across the field. On this day, we celebrate new life and rejoice that our kingdom is growing ever so bigger. Dear Citizens, we invite you to participate in the event of jousting in honour of the newborn heir between the Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess of Savoy. We will bring our own noble steeds for you to ride on, because we are so generous. Bring your banner men, your family, and join us for a day of jousting! Since it is in honour of the royal peerage. We thought it would be grand to give out one of the most prized possession- love. .. We merely jest we shall allow the winner of the joust to receive a medal of honor and a kiss from one the prettiest ladies of Savoy! Requirements ♛One must be above the age of 14 to enter. ♛ Citizenship, or at least under one of the many vassals of Savoy. ✤ Spefic requests to enter must be asked in person. ♛ Thou must bring their own lance to the joust. IN GODS NAME HIS HIGHNESS, Prince Olivier Laurene, Hereditary Prince of Savoy, Count of Sarissa jure uxoris HER HIGHNESS, Princess Catherine, Hereditary Princess consort of Savoy, Countess of Sarissa HER EXCELLENCY Selvia de Orsella, Lady-Governor of Il Palazzo Aggrade HER EXCELLENCY, Nikita Averilya of the House of Alstreim, Princess consort of Merryweather, Landgravine of Alstreim, Ciambellana of Il Palazzo Aggrade Bruce of Savoy
  22. OOC: Hello there! This is an event designed to simulate a single day of halfling life as best as possible. Everybody starts at the beginning of the hour, having just woken up. Their characters then go about their day as they would IRP, eventually falling back to sleep at the end of the hour, which ends the event. Working, eating, talking, and other things your character typically does in a day can and should be roleplayed. There will be a single roleplay prompt happening during the hour to promote interaction, but attending it isn’t mandatory. Feel free to do as you wish. The intention isn’t to attract a large quantity of halflings into one location at a time, but rather to create as much immersion as possible. SoL Event Checklist (Optional): -Wake up ( ) -Eat something ( ) -Do some task ( ) -Interact with someone ( ) -Eat another thing ( ) -Go to sleep ( ) RP: [!] A note is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard! "Anybody wish to help me harvest some honey from the bees who've taken residence in our village? We can make fun sweets with the honey we're able to get! -Dandelion Greenholm" ((Scheduled for 7 PM EST, tomorrow on Monday the 25th of October.))
  23. The Holy Union of A Fearsome Eagle “With the eagles farsight we reign victorious.” Cum Aquilis longe victores regnamus. ╭ ─┉─ • ─┉─ ╮ ╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯ ╭ ─┉─ • ─┉─ ╮ To our Dearest Family, Friends and those we Love, You are cordially invited to the wedding of: The Right Honourable, Duncan the ‘Fearsome’ And Ravn Vuiller The wedding will take place within the Providence Basilica, followed by a celebration within the Aquila Estate. We hope you can be part of this special day. ╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯ ╭ ─┉─ • ─┉─ ╮ Special Invitations are sent to: His Imperial Majesty, Philip II and his Protegee. His Holiness, Everard VI. His Imperial Highness the Heir Apparent, Philip Aurlian. Her Imperial Highness, Josephine Augusta. His Excellency the Archchancellor, Drasus DeNurem. His Excellency the Lord Treasurer, Henry Penton. Cardinal, Johan Vuiller and his Protegee. The Right Honourable Solicitor-General, Rev Vuiller and his Protegee. The Right Honourable General of the Imperial State Army, Erik var Ruthern. The Deputy-Director, Minuvas Melphetaus and his Protegee. Inspector General, Amie Halcourt-Ruthern and Captain Vladrick Var Ruthern. Father Stor Vuiller. Mink Vuiller Victor Vuiller James Vuiller Jonathan Vuiller Zirath R’Ikarth Grand Veneur of Stygian Hollow. Primrose and Arthur Gendik-Kommenos. Father Tarathiel Daeymar de Melphestaus. Lacazette and Elizabeth Antler. Sir Charles Galbraith Lieutenant Joseph Beckett Garret Darkwood and the Darkwood family Kin and his Protegee Holy Dame Helena Rochefort and her Protegee. ╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯
  24. Prelude. [!] Far and across every realm - to all Descendant kind, the following message would be delivered. To some, it will be stamped with a self-devouring serpent. To others, a single, baleful eye wreathed with flame. To some still, an assembly of seven stars above an Elven crown. The meaning, regardless is the same. I have walked into the den of the Titan, expecting death, and instead am given this charge. This warning I extend to Almaris and all its peoples. “Mark this hour’s passing. Amathea’s doom is certain. I will come upon it as a great and terrible malice of the like that this world has only just forgotten. It will begin at the city’s heart, which will blacken and burn. A poison will flow through the woodland realm’s veins, and when it has been made grey, I will reap all that I have sown and feast upon its lifeforce. Black metal will fall from the sky and mar every monument to elvenkind, every altar to your gods, and every grove in which you celebrate life. I will do this without pause. And when I have finished my work I will look to the East.” For Azdromoth is his name Calamity, his domain Amaethea is next. @Bhased @Panashea @Iverach @_pr0fit @Xarkly @Terry @OhDeerLord@Lionbileti @BenevolentManacles @WestCarolina @Formenost @Malaise @Valannor @Abeam @Monkee@Bethinwonderland @Suicidium
  25. Concealed words The first lights of day broke through the window reflecting onto the dark elven man’s face that rested onto his messy double bed. The man groaned in displeasure as he felt the sun rays on his face, he turned around letting the light now light his back, showing his many ugly scars on his skin of soot in great detail. He then patted the empty space on the other side of the bed, feeling the wool fabric under his palm, as he did that he slowly opened his eyes as he looked at the empty spot with a frown and blurry vision. A groan left his mouth as he raised his back to now sit on the bed, he felt his head spinning as he did that.... right... the other day was very active one for him: he attended his beloved son’s wedding and enjoyed a beautiful night with his fellow mali’kers and family, he organised an exciting fist scuff night too. But after that he had a talk with his latest partner, he now was alone again and got rightfully called a “bastard” by that woman. After that memory all he could remember was running to the tavern with his lads. He now fully understood why he was sick, he surely chugged a whole stock of alcohol, he knew he was a shameful alcoholic and when he saw drinks and started sipping the first he would not stop until he was satisfied, of course he never was so he just ended up wobbling around the tavern while complaining of his crappy life choices and crying about irrelevant things like the drunk man he was. He still now is wondering how his poor liver can still function with this quantity of toxic alcohol passing through it. Other than the spiralling down situation of the other day he stood there with a stupid smile on his face, thinking about the marriage of his son and that sweet girl named Aver’wyn, as he did that he turned to the window and whistled. From the open window a menacing crow with feathers of soot heavily landed on his right shoulder. As it’s claws grabbed onto his skin the man did not flinch, instead he started to write on a piece of paper, he folded it once finished and attached it to the golden crow’s collar “go an’ do yer job, Schwarzer” he said softly as the crow soared out of the window with unnerving speed. You may be wondering who might receive these letters... or what it may be written on them... these letters were merely dropped from the diligent Schwarzer somewhere in Stygian Hollow, lost to time until a lucky folk manages to get their eyes on the mysterious piece of paper. Perhaps Zirath wanted to have some fun after the stressful life he led. He patiently waited for a stranger to pick his letter up and send a bird back.... who knows... he may give a little prize. [ooc: there will be a sign around stygian that needs to be found! it's a letter! good luck :) and when you find it send me a screenshot with you in it on discord! sorry if i made typos and sorry if the sketch is unfinished, bad quality and kinda sucks. i made a little story because i discovered i love writing these! so thought to integrate my creative writing with events on lotc more often, for some reason the post has gray ugly lines...]
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