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Found 163 results

  1. [!] Invitations have been sent to all registered citizens of Elvenesse, with formal letters arriving at the halls of the many elven houses that reside within the nation. [!] The Ceremony of Winter Starlight You have been cordially invited to attend and participate in an ancient tradition passed down by the alder folk, from Almenor and Malinor past. Don your most festive winter garb and bring your kin, for we are to witness the retelling and reincarnation of our grand heritage, almenodrim, wood elven and dark elven alike. In ancient times when Malin's children were plenty, the first sons and daughters would erect a sturdy pine, grown from the earth with the guidance of the Green Mother, and let its emerald limbs drape proudly in the great hall of the Elf Father. These ancient elves adored the light of the stars, even more so for the line of Sylvaen. The winter air blessed the sky with a brilliant shroud of glittering diamond-like stars, and the constellations the elves had named were most clearly visible this time of year. The young children of the elves would gather around the tree and gaze towards the sky with wonder, for those stars hold memory and meaning everlasting... just like the alder folk themselves. As each House gathered with shining, colored glass orbs, fantastically bright lights and golden silks, the elves adorned the tree with the likeness of their most beloved constellations and stars. With each ornament hung, new memories were believed to be sealed anew into those far-off stars above. Malin's halls alighted with the laughter of children as fine gifts were laid at the foot of the tree, waiting to be opened near winter's end. These were fine days indeed, where merriment and the love for the elven people filled the air absolutely. Now we are here at the present, in a new, strange and yet majestic realm... Let us capture the memory of our ancestors and create new ones in merry celebration and liven the winter air of our Elvenesse. May each House and Seed create their own ornament from any material best suited to their family, sealing in those beloved memories of family, love, children and life, and come to the lighting ceremony. To keepers of our faith, bring forth a decorative tree skirt embroidered with images of our Wild Gods, for the faith is the foundation of our unity lies within our dedication to our patrons. At the conclusion of our ceremony, a grand star that will complete the Mariner's constellation will adorn the top of our tree, forged from the heat of Malin's flame itself. May our new gladed home be filled with the winter spirit, I hope to see you all there!
  2. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard ~*Drunken Pumpkin Grand Opening!*~ ~A lovely sight! A tavern full o' drinking halflings, singing songs and being merry!~ Wee folks, we have arrived here 'n our new village of Bramblebury! It's time we celebrate this with a wonderful Grand Opening of the village tavern, the Drunken Pumpkin! -BOOZE- -SONGS AN' DANCIN'- -PIPEWEED SMOKIN'- -AN' MUCH MORE!- Be there next Pumpkin Day (On t'a Amber Cold) or else you're a rotten egg! -Filibert Applefoot, bartender. ((5 PM EST, Monday the 30th of November, 11/30/2020))
  3. _ . _ ~ THE SIEGE OF THALOR ~ _____________________________________ Amidst the rolling hills and towering spruces sat a desolate city. The humble town evaded the ravaged civilizations of Arcas in the deep wilds. The wildlands had harbored the quaint town of Thalor since the Descendants’ arrival to Arcas. Its once-bustling streets have grown silent and now stands as a testament to times long past, times of simplicity and ease. Thalor remained as a sole reminder to nature and its ever-churning repossession of that which is done by the Descendants. Its towering walls crumbled under the oppressive weight of time, seen through its shattered bricks of stone; however, the presiding walls’ looming presence demanded reverence. The whistling breeze echoed through the crumbling buildings and windows, as it had for many decades. Patches of grass and weeds had sprouted up in the cracks between the cobbled roads as if a flower continuing to bloom. Thalor had returned itself to nature in a peaceful manner. Unkept, yet unbound. Thus, Thalor sat in eternal peace for many years to come. The reserved tranquility of nature and civilization’s coexistence was soon shattered by Descendant presence. The Blackhand gang brought themselves before the formidable walls of stone and moss. The intimidating walls of darkened stone were welcoming to the bandits, strangely enough. It was as if the wind had encouragingly pulled the bandits within the encampment solely out of the desire for civilization. The presence of the Blackhand gang was noted by the Brothers of Virtue. The Brotherhood gathered a party to remove the ruffians and allow for quietude to resurface in the ruinous city. Alas, no peaceful conclusion would be reached between the two parties. No peace would ever be found within the walls of Thalor again after such bloodshed. A party of soldiers had forcibly removed an equally aggressive group to preserve the peace. Perhaps it is best for Descendants to not reclaim that which nature has taken for itself. [OOC] This event has concluded. Thanks for one hell of an eventline, @Motherchild!
  4. Covey

    Brothers of Virtue

    [!] Posted around the lands of Arcas, whether it be outside a tavern or on a roadside tree, would be flyers advertising the Brothers of Virtue. By briefly skimming over the flyer’s contents, one could quickly notice that the Brotherhood offers good work, great pay, and even greater drinking buddies. C A L L T O A R M S Brothers of Virtue Est. 16th of Malin’s Welcome, 1782 Take up arms, Brothers! May a common purpose guide our travels, leave us walking a path undivided. Rekindle the embers of long forgotten companionship amidst a world racked with grief, tainted by violence. Offer your hand to your fellow descendant as we bleed out upon the same soil. May our bounds to one another remain everlasting, eternal! The Brotherhood shall prevail! The Brothers of Virtue Purpose Brothers’ Creed Contracts Ranking OOC The Brothers of Virtue To forfeit ourselves to our fellow descendants and to bleed for their needs - The Brotherhood offers ourselves to your needs. For coin, of course. Clad in their pennants of yellow and white, the Brothers extend a hand to those in need of them. The Brotherhood is built upon a code that all its members serve upon. Honor, security, unity, justice, and virtue. Such principles are applied when Brothers are tasked with a contract - the system that the organization operates on. The Brotherhood hears out the needs of all, and to aid them, a contract will be written. In most cases, a group of three to five Brothers will be assigned to any given contract. It will be this group’s duty to uphold the Brotherhood’s end of the contract, and upon properly completing it, the group will be compensated nicely. Purpose When a system fails to protect those it was made to serve, it is in the hands of the people to serve themselves. Take the hand of Virtue, we offer you our service. The cause of the Brothers of Virtue is quite simple, holding no beginning and no end. It is not built upon any primary goal or objective, instead created to aid those who can not do so for themselves. Our purpose is to take on contracts in exchange for a monetary payment. The Brothers of Virtue will take up arms, blade in hand, just as easily as they will oversee a diplomatic conference. Our work is not solely limited to sellswords, as Brothers serve for more esteemed, honorable causes. While we are willing to serve by blade, the Brotherhood does hold the right to deny contracts. The Brothers of Virtue are not assassins. Brothers’ Creed To serve for a cause greater than oneself is honorable, but to serve alongside those one trusts is memorable. The Brotherhood can be defined by five words, each representative of its core principles. Honor Security Unity Justice Virtue Article I - Honor Simply put, to remain honorable is to provide a hallowed respect to the contextualized subject. The cause of the Brothers of Virtue is one of deep respect, not only towards those we serve, but towards those we serve alongside. Respect is to be offered and recognized, and to be a Brother is to embrace Honor. Article II - Security The assurance of peace is a blessing, a rare fortune possessed by few. To be a Brother is to offer security to a stranger, willing to extend your aid to any in need of protection. The virtuous nature of a Brother undoubtedly compels them to offer guardianship to the defeated and damaged. Extending a hand to the unfortunate is always necessary, and to be a Brother is to embrace Security Article III - Unity Bound by our values and goals, we stand as one. Our exteriors may vary, but we fly the same banner - that of the Brotherhood! Unified as a redeemed tribe, to be a Brother is to embrace Unity. Article IV - Justice Justice is a fickle topic considering its many interpretations and subjectivity. However, Brothers mutually understand the principles of retributive justice - eye for an eye. The actions of anybody are deserving of justice, but wretched, immoral decisions are to be acted upon. Embracing the consequences of one’s actions is understanding the principles of justice, as to be a Brother is to embrace Justice. Article V - Virtue To define a guild by a particular word only emphasizes its importance in the group. Virtue is no exception, as the characteristic is a principle the Brotherhood embraces. To be virtuous is to live by your morals and to allow a well-ordered mind to direct you. Brothers understand their cause and do their work in an esteemed manner. We are not crooks or mercenaries, but instead, common folk dedicated to a cause of virtue. To be a Brother is to embrace Virtue. Contracts Unlike the common word, the price of a man is not determined by the quantity of mina he might accept. It is through the use of contracts that the Brotherhood aids those in need of their services. The Brothers of Virtue can serve a wide range of jobs (excluding murder, tortue, or excessive violence). Nearly any job will be accepted by the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood still possesses the right to decline any contract they deem unfit. To employ the Brotherhood, a client must seek out a Brotherhood contractor or visit one of their locations. Upon finding one, they are to formally make a Contract Request with the following format. Client Name Allegiance Occupation Contract Brief Description Particular Information Other Information Following the submission of a Contract Request, a Justiciar will be arranged to meet with the client. They will convene and will discuss the contract’s details, including specific information, reason for needing the Brotherhood, and the payment for the job. If the contract is accepted... The Brotherhood will require the client to pay half of the fee upfront and pay the rest once the job is completed. The contract will be posted to the Brotherhood. There are two options in how the contract may be accepted - Either a group within the Brotherhood will convene to directly accept the contract or the contract will be assigned to a predetermined group. Following the contract’s acceptance, the group will complete the needs of the client. Upon completion, a brief meeting will be called between the client and the Justiciar to finalize the payment and provide assurance of the contract’s completion. In the event a group fails to complete the contract, it will be reassigned to a new group. The Brotherhood reserves the right to deny or disband any contracts, even after its acceptance, but forfeit the payment, of course. If a contract is denied... The Justiciar will politely refuse and send the client on their way. It is possible to renegotiate the contract following its decline. The Brotherhood will immediately decline jobs that entail murder, tortue, or excessive violence. Nearly any other job would be accepted by the Brothers of Virtue. Ranks It is not a ranking that provides for authority, but instead, the trust and honor that has been displayed. Initiate An initiate is the entry level position into the guild. Despite being new, initiates are instantly welcomed. Initiates are to accompany Brothers and Justiciars on contracts, and with enough experience, will be granted the title of Brother. Initiates are granted a gray tatter, recognizing their hazy, grayed future regarding the Brotherhood. Brother When their achievements and dedication have been recognized, an initiate will be welcomed as a Brother amongst the guild. Alongside the recognition of being a Brother, the opportunity to live in Brotherhood guildhalls is available, as well as the chance to aid in guildhall management, if so desired. To be a Brother is accepting the Brothers’ Creed and taking up arms alongside their companions. Brothers wear a yellow tatter upon receiving membership, reflective of their position as a Brother of Virtue. In the guild’s terms, yellow perfectly resembles their cause. Just, noble, and virtuous, yellow carries the properties that are instilled in each Brother’s morality. Grand Brother Grand Brothers, although holding the same status as a Brother, receive a greater title for their noble service and sacrifice for the guild. Grand Brothers are not to be held above their fellow Brothers. However, the title is used to properly recognize them for their achievements. Grand Brothers wear a bronze tatter, which still resembles their previous yellow tatter. The new shade of their tatter is simply to recognize their commitment. Justiciar Justiciars act as the leaders of the Brotherhood, being a collective group with assigned roles for managing the guild’s affairs. The roles assigned to each Justiciar may vary depending on how their fellow Justiciars see fit. The job of a Justiciar, within the Brothers of Virtue, is to aid in the management of the guild, alongside directing and leading their fellow Brothers. Although they hold a title recognizing their power within the group, Justiciars remains Brothers at heart. They are not to order their Brothers around unless leading a contract or settling a violent dispute. Justiciars may be appointed by the Grand Justiciar and the other Justiciars, but can be removed from the title as well. The politics of the Brotherhood’s leadership will not be described here, but it is important to note that new Justiciars are welcomed with a consensus from the existing Justiciars. Justiciars carry a tatter of red to discern their position from their fellow Brothers, despite being of the same code. Red, in particular, is representative of the blood a Justiciar is willing to spill for their Brothers and the cause. Grand Justiciar While formally carrying the title of the Brotherhood’s guildmaster, the Grand Justiciar is not to uphold their authority with an overbearing presence. After all, they remain as a Brother, just as their fellow companions do. The Grand Justiciar acts as the head of all Justiciars, offering guidance and direction to the guild as a whole, rather than a particular aspect of it. The Grand Justiciar may aid the Justiciars in their assigned aspects while possessing the role of guildmaster. The Grand Justiciar does not hold an absolute, undeniable word on guild affairs. Alongside Justiciars, Brothers may raise objections to decisions the Grand Justiciar might make. Regardless of the title, we all remain Brothers, each with an equal voice. The Grand Justiciar is granted the tatter of amber, a callback to their humble beginnings as a Brother of yellow. Within the deep color of amber lies the principles the guild was founded upon. OOC Thank you for taking the time to read through this post regarding the Brothers of Virtue! I will keep the OOC section brief, considering how long the other sections were. The Brothers of Virtue is meant to be a welcoming group on LotC that can create adventurous, enjoyable roleplay encounters for those looking to be involved in them! We use our contracts to initiate role play situations with other players, as well as creating private events of our own. These event-based contracts usually take form in investigations and monster hunting. To apply for enlistment in the Brothers of Virtue, reply with the following format: Username - Character Name - Proficiencies/specialities (i.e. lockpicking, swordsmanship, persuasion) -
  5. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They had blamed it on her work, the lack of attention.. Every decision she made was wrong as a mother, oftentimes she also felt just as awful at being a leader. She just wanted her children to be happy, her people too, and she had believed she had failed. Rhaellas eyes filled with tears as she thought that she became the one thing she didn’t want to be; the mirror image of her own father. Rhys even compared her to him from time to time- his words live knives in her chest. Reassuring talks became arguments- but it was always her fault.. Or so it was said. Rhaella would take in a deep breath as she looked down at an object she had been holding in her hands; one that reminded her of an easier time in life, one of her most valued moments. It was a small stuffed lamb one of her adopted sons had given to her and her son, Valus, after he was born. She sank to the ground as she held the stuffed toy close to her chest, her tears continuing to fall.. Slowly, she put the lamb down and dug into her satchel, pulling out some papers from her bags Her written will; Who Lunar Sage would go to, words addressed to her family, the dividing of her things.. Plans all made in advance. She would read through it over and over while thinking about the consequences her decision would have on everyone. Nobody could convince her this wasn’t the best option. For not only her, but her children, and everyone whom she loved both in Renelia and Asimu’lei. She felt at peace though, oddly enough. Having taken care of some last things in Asim, and making plans for a future she would not be there to watch. Once done, she would pick the lamb back up. Resting it between her body and left arm along with the stacked papers. The Mali’ker woman stood back up and sighed. Despite her tears and the fear, she smiled then. She felt for the wedding ring given to her by the Archon. Her love for Ailmar and his sons would live on, and she hoped they knew that. She hoped her brothers and sisters would forgive her for the bitterness she laid on them with every adoption Xavis brought into the clan- and Xavis, she knew this would be hard on him, or at least she liked to think that he cared enough to cry for his daughter… Rhaella would laugh softly, shaking her head some as she tried to repress the sinking feeling that ached in her chest. If she thought about it any longer, she might change her mind.. With that she would walk back into her city to meet her sister. ____________________________________________ “Are you sure?” Twilight would ask Rhaella as they looked at the city's clinic Rhaella took a deep breath and nodded, those items still held tightly in her arms. She knew this was a lot to ask of her sister, but regardless she had eventually agreed. The woman would adjust her belongings a bit before bringing twilight into a hug.. When they both pulled away, Rhaella would hand her the stack of items “It’s my will… and the lamb, be sure to return it to Valus.. Ti?” They exchanged sad nods in understanding. With her last bit of remaining courage, Rhaella would have then turned to enter the clinic.. The safety gates then closing. ____________________________________________ Not too long after the clinic within Asimu’lei would be up in flames, the heating waving onto Twilight as she watched for some time. Eventually, she sent for others to help her put out the fire and clear the rubble of the ruined building.. Within the rubble though would be Rhaella’s wedding ring, as well as a star and moon pendant, covered in ash and some damage from the fire. They would eventually be returned to the people who gifted them... and within the elven day, the lamb would find it’s way to its rightful owner as well. ____________________________________________ A funeral date will be decided at a later date by the new Lunar Sage and their council.
  6. Talon's Grotto Festival of Transfer 1794 [!] Letters neatly sealed with the wax sigil of Talon's Grotto are sent to every citizen who owns a home within the city, and missives are posted on nearly every free wall in the Queen's Isles and beyond. "The upcoming days will bring historic changes to the city of Talon's Grotto and the people who live within it. Power is being transferred from the 5th Sovereign of Talon's Grotto, James Avery, to the new 6th Sovereign of Talon's Grotto, Gail Cordius after Sovereign James Avery made the decision to step down from their leadership role within the city and retake a position on the Talon's Grotto Council. In celebration of this change, and of James' leadership within Talon's Grotto, there will be three Saint's Days of events within the city of Talon's Grotto, and free drinks available within the tavern from now until the end of the festivities in six Saint's Days." Day One (November 13th, 7pm EST) On the first day of the festivities, there will be a court session within the Talon's Grotto courthouse on the second level of the city where Council members and Stewards will speak about the city, and allow citizens to input any suggestions or criticism they may have (7pm EST). After this initial session, the crowning of the new Sovereign will begin in the same location. After both of these events are complete, there will be a tavern party located in the Alley Alehouse. Day Two (November 14th, 2pm EST and 4pm EST) On the second day of the festivities, there will be a fishing contest hosted at the Talon's Grotto docks, where those from the city can try their hand at catching the largest fish that the sea has to offer (2pm EST). The victor of the fishing competition will receive 1000 minas and a custom-built trident forged by renowned Talon's Grotto blacksmith, Ayred Avandi alongside a trophy showcasing their victory. After the fishing contest, the fish caught will be cooked within the Alley Alehouse, and a feast will be put on within the city square, with citizens and travelers alike invited to indulge in the freshly caught foods (4pm EST)! Day Three (November 15th, 2pm EST) On the third day of the festivities, there will be a tournament hosted within the Talon's Grotto arena (2pm EST)! This tournament consists of one-on-one combat within the arena, alongside team oriented combat. The victor of the one-on-one combat will receive a pot of 2500 minas, a custom-crafted medal showcasing the victory, alongside three vouchers for items to be forged by Ayred Avandi. The team oriented combat prize includes 1000 minas per each individual on the victorious team, alongside a forging voucher for each member of the victorious team, plus team combat medals that are awarded to each member on the winning team. Sign ups for the tournament will be available soon. [!] The notice has two signatures at the bottom. His Majesty, James Avery, Talon's Grotto Sovereign of the Depths Gail Cordius, Talon's Grotto Minister of Defense OOC Info: Times are located next to each day, and the Event Listing on the Talon's Grotto discord will be updated with them. Announcements will be made before each event as well. The location of the event differs based on the day. Directions:
  7. 'Not the End of the World' Festival! Mondy Applefoot 'ere! Yesterday, I finally decided to stop cowering away in my stony shelter in Fort Hope, baking cakes like I'll never get to eat 'un again. When I left, to my surprise, I discovered the other weefolk had built a whole new village called Bloomerville right outside! Seeing t'a life in Bloomerville, I was filled with optimism. Although my much loved once home of Brandybrook, founded by MY FATHER, t'a great Rollo Applefoot, has been destroyed, inferi are swarming Arcas, AS WELL as the moon exploded, I have HOPE that this may not be t'a end of t'a world! So to celebrate this revelation, I have planned a festival! Dunk Tank Witches Brew (a food related game!) A performance from bards, Monkey & Meadow Apple bobbin' Fireworks Lots'a booze! 'N MORE! Every’un is invited to join in t'a revelry, so long as they have nay intentions of causin’ trouble! Bloomerville, Fort Hope (OOC: Friday, 13th November, 4:15pm EST/9pm GMT. Fort Hope is located directly opposite the entrance to Sutica. Keep running over the hill, past the big torch, and go inside the fort walls!) ~Almond Joy 'Mondy' Applefoot
  8. [!] A certain elf is seen posting flyers for a small event in Talon's Grotto, posting them in the tavern itself, and other cities around Arcas. "This Elven Wednesday (5 PM EST), there will be a game of darts in the Talon's Grotto tavern. Come hang out with friends, or make new ones over a drink. It'll just be a wholesome game of darts, with an undetermined monetary prize to the winner!" [!] A map of the way Talon's Grotto is attached.
  9. (Colorized, a soldier of Elvenesse standing against the demon Sultan M’ag’nus C’arne. Circa 1792.) [!]A letter finds it’s way throughout the land of Arcas. For anyone who cared to read. Operation Red Dawn. The 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 1792. From the office of the Prince of Elvenesse Feanor Sylvaeri. “Let it be known now, the demonic “Sultan” known as M’ag’nus C’arne was slain in combat by soldiers of Elvenesse. Led by the Sea Prince Feanor Sylvaeri himself, M’ag’nus was caught hiding within an abandoned forge near the borders of Elvenesse. To which he was swiftly dealt with and killed. The hammer which the demon carried was proven to NOT be that of the “Hammer of Urguan”, but instead a fake which chipped upon a final blow. Throughout the land, the combined forces should rejoice in the fact that a great evil has been slain this day. A mighty endeavor to rid the land of the otherworldly invaders. Take this moment to heart, for the men and women of our great descendant races have truly displayed valor, honor, and courage in these theaters of battle. Let it be known, that M’ag’nus C’arne is dead.” Duly signed, Aesilnoth Tundrak. Signed in absentia, His royal eminence the Sea Prince, Feanor Sylvaeri. Crown Prince for the Realm of Elvenesse.
  10. Gruesome Greetings Arcas Your freaky friends at the Druidic Order will be celebrating Hallow’s Eve’ this year with ghastly games and creepy competitions. All are welcome to join us this Summer, to participate in the season of all things spooky. Trick or Treat Last Elven Year, we shambled our way to haunts near you, spreading the frightening festivities, but you all ran and hid- except the Halflings and Haense, we got on like a housefire! This year boos and ghouls of all ages are invited to trick or treat at our Gruesome Grove, which we’ve decorated devilishly for the occasion. Stitch and sew yourself a costume, then join in. Pumpkin Carving Showcase your gorgeous gourds, in a contest of who can slice, scoop and stuff the best. It’s just pumpkins, fret not! There are several categories to be won, from the most grievous of grins to the more pleasant of pumpkins, and prizes for all. Batty Brewing Practice your potions and ready your retorts, because Batty Brewing is back! It’s time to go up against other aspiring alchemists and masters of mixtures, in a game of continuously challenging concoctions, designed to put your brewing to the test. Beware my wily witches, one wrong move can lead to disaster. At the end of the fiendish festivities, we’ll join the rest of Firewatch in Korvassa for the blood-curdling climax of the season by putting down as many Inferi as possible. Find us wading our way through the infernal invaders, and join us in our celebrations. Sleep tight.
  11. [!] A drawing made by a child would be spread around the notice boards of Arcas calling females to the Belka Tournament, a small note written below the drawing [!] Yu are all invited to compit for de honor of being me mum, the Belka tornament will test yur skills on how to bi a gud mum. This turnament will also test to si if yu will bi a gud wife for me pops Falk. De judges of de turnament will be meself an Dhaen Grandaxe, it will be held in de Tavern in Kal'Evraal and de female compiting will be allowed to drink free juice! Dere will be no second ur therd plaize, dunt be sad if ye dunnot win de honor of being me mum and me pops woife, ye can foind comfort in nowing dere is a chance yell be me frends. Be ready tu compete against thausends of womens for dis honors, bring yer A game. Bi reade tu impress De tornament will be held in 2 stone days ((OOC: The "Tournament" will be held wednesday at 6:00 PM EST))
  12. [!]‌ ‌ ‌ The‌ ‌Orenian‌ ‌Bazaar‌ ‌shop‌ ‌owners‌ ‌and‌ ‌their‌ ‌employees‌ ‌would‌ ‌be‌ ‌seen‌ ‌handing‌ ‌out‌ ‌the‌ ‌following‌ ‌flyer‌ ‌around‌ ‌all‌ ‌of‌ ‌Helena‌ ‌and‌ ‌to‌ ‌their‌ ‌loyal‌ ‌customers.‌ ~The Grand Orenian Bazaar~ Tournament 1790 The Grand Orenian Bazaar has driven the culture and commerce of the city of Helena for many years. In 1787, the shop owners of the Bazaar hosted the first of two parts of a festival, designed to give back to the people of the city. The second part of this fair shall be a grand tournament, where Her Imperial Majesty’s subjects and allies may compete for trophies and prizes in the fighting pit across multiple events. As always, the various shop owners of the Grand Orenian Bazaar will have stalls in the square and some will even be selling their goods at a discounted rate as well as small games to enjoy! * The contents of the tournament will follow as: Team Combat The first event shall be the team combat. Teams of five shall fight in the pit, where the team with the last man standing wins. Each matchup will be best of three, and the winner of each round shall advance. The final team standing shall win the five thousand mina prize, and the honorific, “The Champions of the Bazaar.” [Register your team here!] Individual Combat The second event shall be a melee tournament. Individuals from throughout the realm may register for the one verse one combat. The beginning of the tournament shall be single round elimination, with the semi finals and finals being best of three matches. The winner shall earn five thousand minas, and the honorific “The Champion of Helena.” [Register here to fight in the melee!] The Drinking Contest The final event shall be a drinking competition. This shall be conducted as a race, where the first person to drink ten mugs of ale, wins. Vomiting or spilling your drink will result in automatic disqualifications from the competition. If no one finishes, the person who makes it the furthest shall be declared the victor. The winner shall earn a 2,500 mina prize and a golden mug. ((OOC: This event shall occur Saturday, October 17; 4PM EST In Helena, at the Square outside the Library))
  13. ~The Drifter’s Feast of Remembrance~ The morning sun would start to rise upon the city of New Reza, drawing yet another day of Haense life out onto display. The Drifter’s wagon had been pretty quiet as of recent, this being because of refusing to take people out on bounties until he had figured “something”, that he wouldn't speak of, out. Though today had been different, as the Drifter would finally come out of a shell that he had stayed within whilst planning a surprise for those he had been employing to do bounties. Today would be his big Feast of Remembrance. He had planned and planned for this event, going as far as ordering a party planner to help set everything up. As this party was formulated, the surrounding slum dwellers would come to pick up and talk of this feast. After facing complaint after complaint from these peasants, the Drifter decided to invite them too in hopes that they wouldn’t tell anyone of the feast that had been planned. Though as this party had been being set up, the three bards who had been hired would suspiciously be prowling around the Drifters wagon. One of the three would drop one of the eagle like medallions, without knowing of it. The day had finally come for this party to take place. Once the two men, who had come along for this feast unknowingly, had gotten to the wagon, they would start being debriefed by the Drifter as he made up a bounty off of the top of his head. Thorn and Fyodor stood out front of the wagon whilst the Drifter debriefed them, saying that he had found the group’s base of operations that they’d been looking for. As the two had gotten there, a small feast of berries and potatoes had been prepared for them. Though they were met by an odd fellow, by the name of Albert whilst the three bards played a delightful tune for the feast. The men wearily conversed with Albert, with the tense feeling of mystery. Noises of metallic scraping surrounded the feast as it went on, putting the two more on edge whilst they talked to Albert. Suddenly, the bards would abruptly stop their lively tune, and turn it into a more jestful and violent like song. Whilst the slum dwellers and attendees alike, took a fine moment to take in the sudden change in music, they would know that something had to have been wrong. Suddenly, a wolf jumped out at one of the slum dwellers as it would pull him onto the ground and ravagingly bite into his neck. More wolves would appear as Fyodor and Thorn made quick work of them, with the help of the slum dwellers. Though archers would begin to fire at the duo as Thorn would be hit by one before wildly charging at them like a boar, showing them no mercy as he tore them to pieces. As the fight continued to drag along, Joshua Sirsk would appear to aid his fellow hunters in their attempts to protect the slum dwellers. As the reinforcements had arrived, quickly another beast that had taken up a large cage would be unleashed upon the group. With the command issued by Fyodor, the slum dwellers retreated as two of them would be unlucky enough to be slashed through by the bear’s hulking strength in a single motion. After a little bit of trouble, Fyodor and Joshua would successfully take down the bear whilst crushing it’s spine. Once the bear had fallen, the surrounding men started a retreat whilst the bards pulled Carrions from their pouches and tossed them out at the slum dwellers who had fled combat with the bear. No mercy was shown toward these opposers as Thorn was able to run down one of the bards before pouring alcohol on him, and setting him ablaze. After this long fight against starved wildlife, the trio of men quickly left the area after sorting everything out with Albert. Fyodor would return to the Drifter’s lively wagon on his lonesome, as he turned in the bounty to call it a day. To Fyodor’s surprise, the Drifter had set up the party. Though he hadn’t known anything about the ambush. The Drifter slid a slack of gold, as well as a medallion over to Fyodor as he gave the man a small smirk. The Drifter would go into a small coughing fit as he exited their conversation by entering his wagon. ~Note To The Community~ Looking here at this screen as I write this, I knew it would only be right to have an OOC note to this beautiful community that has brought me here. Enjoy!! I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you a thousand times over from the bottom of my heart! Looking back at these past 2 months, I see a journey that I have partaken. Though it isn’t one that I’m on alone as I, the Drifter, have a community that appreciates the events I run. From my experiences of running homebrew after homebrew and constantly having players go inactive, I see this as a rarity. This growing community of bounty hunters has helped me strive to keep pushing events out. I remember back when I held the first ever “bounty” from the Drifter’s wagon. It was somewhat of an experiment, that turned into chaos rather quickly. Though we made it through the event, fullsteam ahead! Though, I do know that it would’ve gone different if not for you all being there to support me through the troubles I had beginning. Anyone who has been to even a single bounty event, thank you so much, as you helped me build up my emotes. I truly couldn’t have gotten to where I am without this great community of LOTC players that surrounds me. Though it has only been 2 months, look where we are! We have reached the big 50TH EVENT milestone through our hard work, and efforts to keep this wagon stable. If we can do that in only 2 months, I know that we will reach 100 in no time. But first, let's take a step back for a moment to enjoy the 50th. It’s not everyday that you run your 50th event you know ;). Throughout my time at the event running as the Drifter, you’ve all been here throughout my journey that you have joined me on. We’ve had great moments, some bad, and some that have left us with good laughs. Bumps in the road are sure to be encountered by those who fare it. I look forward to continuing on this ride with you guys. I hope that I have left a trail of great memories behind as that is really the whole reason that I have been running these events. It could seem silly to ask this of you, but if you could. Please leave any lingering feedback, or feel free to share a memory that you’ve had in a bounty (if you’ve had any). (Ik that up there ^^ was super cheesy, I don’t care tho ) Big OOC Thank you To: Mio_ : Thanks a bunch for those minas that you gave me! I could not have gotten this far without them, otherwise these events would have made me bankrupt! GoodGuyMatt: Thanks for the RP items you gave me early on when I was just getting started! They’ve helped a bunch! StillAMiniGuy: Thanks for being there to help me out with setting this all up man, couldn’t have done any of this without you! Firespirit44: Thanks a bunch for going over emotes with me, and taking the time to help me out with improving! It means a lot! HRA/BSK/Haense’s community: I’m so glad to be a part of this great community, it feels like a family, and I feel overjoyed to have brought these experiences to you all! I couldn’t have done any of this without your support, fam! The entire community: I’d feel bad if I didn’t include this. Don’t worry if you weren’t on here since there were far too many names to go through, and the forum post would’ve gone on for a very long time if I took the time to list everyone who has left a meaningful impact or had helped me along the way. Just know that I am extremely grateful to you all, and am super happy that you take time out of your daily lives to spend time in my events! Cya around the wagon sometime- Limo_man / The Drifter If you are interested in joining the fun of doing these bounties, have the Discord link! Feel free to join if you wanna, it's open to everyone! ~sigh~, I still can’t figure out how to format even after these 2 months.... lol
  14. [!]‌ ‌ ‌ The‌ ‌Orenian‌ ‌Bazaar‌ ‌shop‌ ‌owners‌ ‌and‌ ‌their‌ ‌employees‌ ‌would‌ ‌be‌ ‌seen‌ ‌handing‌ ‌out‌ ‌the‌ ‌following‌ ‌flyer‌ ‌around‌ ‌all‌ ‌of‌ ‌Helena‌ ‌and‌ ‌to‌ ‌their‌ ‌loyal‌ ‌customers.‌ ‌ ~The Grand Orenian Bazaar~ Trade Fair 1787 Long has the Grand Orenian Bazaar been seated in the midst of Helena, stimulating trade alongside heartening the populace. None of it would have been possible if not for the marvelous citizens that keep it running at a constant. Now the indebted shop owners of the Grand Orenian Bazaar sees it fit to give back to their loyal customers. A grand fete shall be held, being the most monumental and ambitious fair Helena has seen in at least the past decade, or two. This fete shall take place over two Saint’s Days set a Saint’s Week apart on Sun’s Smile. We shall not have a festival without some stalls, so the shop owners of the Grand Orenian Bazaar will be hosting stalls in the square and some will even be selling their goods or products at a discounted rate as well as small games to enjoy! * The contents of the first Saint’s Day will follow as: Helena’s Boating Race of 1787 Taking place in the Silver Jubilee district will be the exigent yet rewarding boat race, nearing the district close by to Selm. In each round, depending on the numbers present, two to three competitors will race each other to a designated finish line. Winners of said rounds will progress further and further, at odds with the other striving victors until two meet in a final bout. Once one has come out on top, they will be awarded a trophy relevant to the content and be bestowed with the title of ‘Helena Boating Race Victor’. Talent Show In the coming days, a stage will be set up in the very heart of Nauzica Square, displayed for all to see. Three guest judges have been selected specially for the day, with the three of them determining the day’s winners in conjunction. However, do bear in mind that the crowd will naturally have a say on the matter, holding a particular sway over the judges if they seemingly love a certain act. So come and put your talents on show, be it magic, dancing, music, art, or anything else you might have hidden up your sleeve! The winner of the talent show will win a piano from Moore Music, alongside a lump sum of 1000 mina. [All may sign up here!] Raffle A raffle will be set up on the day, only carrying the price of five mina per ticket. Then in correspondence to the recent and present Inferni threat, all of mina gathered at the raffle will be donated to the ISA. Donated to the brave, valiant men and women who have tirelessly put their lives on the line for the Empire, so that we can hold such festivities, safe and sound within our city walls. Once the raffle has been concluded and a winner has been picked amongst the lot of you, they will receive their bountiful prizes. Those prizes being an individual item selected from each and every shop in the Bazaar. The winner will also win the opportunity for a “date” with Prince Imperial John Charles Novellen, or Crowned Princess Wilhelmina Beatrix Novellen. [All may sign up here!] The contents of the second month of festivities will be announced at a later date! ((OOC INFO: Week one- 9/27 at 4:00 pm, EST))
  15. [!] A note is pinned to the noticeboard. Supper Party! Come on down ter t’a Greenholm burrow next Elven Day for a party! We’ll be having a meal together! -Dandelion Greenholm. ((4:15 PM EST, 9/16/2020))
  16. Hereupon came midnight, Dominus Grishnaakh’Raguk having awoken from the midst of a slumber, of which he struggled to slip deeply into, similarly so to previous nights. Rising back unto his feet, the elf looked up to the stars, that glimmered a white hue through his tired eyes. This night was no different from that of the night he’d spoken with Phaedrus; just as tiresome and dull as such. The air, which took a deep hue of grey, was more akin to the hue of a bayou, just as murky and heavy. In a struggled attempt to reconnect with his troubled thoughts, Grishnaakh returned from whence he usually strung about; the bottom level of the shaman’s den. Drapes and vines swept across the surface of his long locks of blonde, glare of several torches appearing in the mint green of his beady eyes. The heat, having scalded upon his, now dried, branding of Skalp’Raguk manifesting a throbbing pain upon his flesh. T’was then that it came to him, Skalp’Raguk. A name he knew much of, but seldom heard of since beyond yesteryear; many, many moons beyond. But alas, to Grishnaakh, himself, there was, and will nay ever exist true death, only a change of worlds. And hereupon, so began the elf’s first journey into the Ancestral Realm, since that of Phaedrus’Yar, the Honourary Rex to his own Rexdom during Athera. The Lutauman sat at a rug, reaching into his pockets for a pipe of maple, of which’d previously been imbued with a weak strand of Thunderkrug, from whatever much was left from his mentor’s personal storage. With the burning of herbs, the scent of sage lingered through the heavy air, a sweat coming upon Grishnaakh with the eternal burning of the mind-altering flora, a psychedelia therein materialising in his own cerebral plane of thought, and vision. He brought his fists down upon a set of alligator drums, of which he’d harvested and crafted on his own, the pelt of the poor creature tearing and grating across his long nails with every beat of his free hand against its weak surface. Boom, the drum went, seemingly in unison with the thumping of the Raguk’s heartbeat, the ringing of his ear serving as an instrumental to such. And therein, the chanting began. “Lok Stargûsh-hai agh Kor; gothûrz, dûrburz Kor, ob amut taargus-izg.” He began to chant, either eyelids coming to a close with the beating of the drums. “Thrak-izg taar-thu, krum botlab-û urzkû, agh gaakh-izg irz-tuk mâdûrz.” Slowly so, the elf’s eyelids grew heavier, and heavier with the increasingly loud beating of the drums, the tiresome feeling having come upon him later than he’d anticipated it, earlier upon his day, when the night was still young and prosperous, and when clouds still wafted through the unwavering boredom of the sky high o’er heather. And, as it did the time prior, a near translucent aura manifested under the roof of the shaman’s den, embellishing the air surrounding himself at a slowed pace, however surely so. He’d grown familiar to this sensation, if he remained awake to watch as it managed in a calm struggle, and had grown to a liking of such a manifestation. A tether pulled at him therein, tying back at his stoic form, as a metaphysical noose would, like a burden, the beating of the drums coming to a halt promptly. Grishnaakh’Raguk succumbed to the tether. At first, there was nothing, only chaos reigning the domain of his mind, coupled with a backdrop of pure darkness more akin to onyx than much else. With a blink of an eye, he regained sight; with the thundering of storm clouds beyond, he began to hear; and, with the cool breeze hitting against his face mercilessly, he began to feel. For, as he did one previous time, the Raguk had walked, and did such beyond his own realm of existence. Emerald fumes rose from the ground below himself, that of Gundâr Broshan, cracks in the ground mirroring those of the sky which held a dull jet colour to itself. Above, deep grey clouds loomed ominously, a reason for concern amongst those who seldom frequented Stargûsh’Stroh, however a reassuring sign to himself. Before himself stood the Gate of Kor, shackles of unknown origin feeling against the edges of such, as though to represent the nature of death, in and of itself. The orthodoxy of the world he walked most of his days having left him behind, all oddities and obscurities that may have occurred under the sky of the Ancestral Realm retained a mundanity to them, in the eyes of Grishnaakh, for this was only a matter for further appreciation of the spirits. “Lûk-ob Maehr, broshân urzkû.” A simple lantern of aquamarine fry came to be from the obsidian which formed the walls of Doraz agh Kor, a hand of similar tonality materialising in the air before Grishnaakh, bringing itself down near the ground to pick the elf up, raising him beyond the ceiling to the sky. With a flash of a bedazzled grin, the man scanned the lands before himself, managing a glance at Turu Dobu Ziimarum through his naïveté, Kor having taken notice of such. “Atîg, lok gothûrz Kor.” He replied gently, gates swinging beyond his view at such, little hesitation therein from Kor. “Hon-tû.” The spirit responded at such, dematerialising into a hazy fog as he motioned for the elf to pass through. And so began Grishnaakh’s walk to the Fields of Many Tranquility, passing through several passages along the way, with cloaked sons and daughters of Krug and Maehr watching the high elf expectantly, as though he were to fulfil something in particular. Finally so, the Dominus arrived at whereupon he’d hoped to go, presumably, passing through the buffalo grass of Turu Dobu Ziimarum until he’d managed to see the blindness of an empty corridor. Seldom prospered much in these halls, which took to a projection of utter silence, and darkness, save for the eternal flickering and crackling of fry before himself. As though an endless spiral, and descent into nothing, the walls before Grishnaakh took nothing but further blindness, if any such was possible at all. There was little space to wander amuck to and from, the elf therefore opting to remain stood upon his own two feet. “I have come a long way for you, o’ honourable Clan Father, Skalp’Raguk.” Grishnaakh’Raguk called out expectantly, in the old tongue, the hollowness of the halls instead returning but his own echo in concurrence to his heed of call. Little else became of this silence, the eternal burning of oak continuing to meander in smell and sound. “Broshan, Grishnaakh.” A voice uttered back apathetically, as though not all too eager nor excited, only bored and dull. “Why have you come here, into my own domain?” Such a voice could only be matched to his own might, Skalp’Raguk the Honourable. “I require your guidance, Skalp. Just last cactus day, I spoke with Phaedrus in a spirit walk, with the same request, and yet-” Grishnaakh’s voice echoed through the entirety of the corridor, if there was any such thing as an ending to the constant darkness to it. “I feel just as lost as I did then.” “Speak then, Grishnaakh.” Skalp’s disembodied voice urged for the elf to continue. “I feel lost, as though I do not even know who I am any longer.” He began, a troubled smirk coming upon his visage, in signifying his distress at such a situation, club of bone gripped tightly within his other hand. “All I have ever done is for the sake of pleasing others. I become other people, for such purposes, and now I do not know who I am.” “Nobody asked for you to do so, Grishnaakh.” Further off, Skalp snickered at such naïveté, as though seeing the silliness in such a remark. “Why should you care for the opinions of others, besides yourself?” The voice spat, continuing along its answer. “**** them. You are your own person, Grishnaakh, and you may so go on to do whatever you wish.” “I see.” Grishnaakh placed a hand at his Adam’s apple in a further understanding of Skalp’s philosophy, an uncertainty therein in his neutral, tentative tone. “Well then, perhaps it was high time I searched for who I truly am.” “You are leaving now?” His voice heeded once more, tongue continually brash through the entirety of the interaction, however not at all in a harmful, nor disrespectful sense. “Well then, go make a ******* shrine for me or.. Something. I didn’t die for people to disturb my rest.” With the uttering of a final chuckle, Grishnaakh bobbed his head in reverence to the spirit, stumbling backwards only once before tripping unto the floor in a hurried crash, therein leaving the silence and crimson of the room behind, as he jolted back awake in a cold sweat, amidst the thick, warm air of the shaman’s den.
  17. ~The Feast of the One Eyed Prophet~ The cheers of men and women, and the nice crispy smells of cooked meat would ring throughout the entire Wick Wood as the cultists were having a feast. A newly made holiday that would be dedicated in celebration of their One Eyed Prophet. The HRA would make their advances toward the smell of what was believed to be the smells of cooked human flesh as they searched the Wick Wood. Upon reaching the top of one of the mountains, the group would prepare themselves as they lit their arrows in fire and prepared their cocktails for use. Archer Biano would silently stumble down the hill to make sure it was clear as someone shouted, alarming the feasting men as well as a small hunting force of the cult that there was a disturbance or some kind of intruders in the camp. They would immediately drop their fried limbs, sizzled intestines, and many other cooked organs, limbs, etc., and grip their weapons as the men would rush out from the camp. The hunting group would rush out from the forest and immediately go after Archer. It was a rush to get down the hill as the men fought on 3 fronts in total as the fight went on. The forest group would have a standstill against Ruben, Archer, Genieve, and Astoro. But through Astoro’s command they would finish the fight after gaining an upper hand. On the other front, Reyna, Leonid, Joshua, and Sheppard would hold the hill affront the fort through pushing men back into the flaming fortress and holding the uphill advantage. After an intense struggle, and many injuries, they would manage to hold the hill. At the sight of the 30 dead bodies laid sprawled out all around the field, the HRA would let out a big sigh of relief as they saw everyone still to be living. Sadly, their sigh of relief would be met with a sight of death and sadness. During the battle, Archer Biano took heavy injuries as he would bleed out before the medics could reach him. Archer’s final actions being confessing his love to Reyna as he would give her an emerald ring to symbolize his undying love before closing his heavy eyes one last time and resting peacefully. After a long day, the men would call it at an end. Leonid and Astoro would bring one unresponsive captured cultist back to the church as he was ordered to be executed. Astoro would fling a shot off at his head using his heavy crossbow to deliver a quick and painless death to that heretic. Meanwhile, Reyna brought Archer to the same church as a funeral was held and Archer would be buried at the back of the church for ridding the lands of heathens.
  18. ~Prologue~ One cold day, the drifter sent out a group of Sellswords to check out a small cave, and none seemingly returned. As the days went on, Bounties would be handed from one hunter to another. Months later, the Drifter wouldn’t know of what had happened to his hunters as none of the parties who got involved in his bounties to search for the missing hunters would find them. As the year would conclude, the Drifter finally decided to stop sending hunters aimlessly out into recon after recon the wick wood to search for what could be deemed as a myth or tale. What really had happened that day in the cave would spark a dark ominous threat, leading people into its grasp of death. This story went a bit as follows... the four brave hunters ventured into the unknown dark cave expecting good pay from a run in the mill bounty, as it was for some reason a tier 3 bounty. The group would find that inside of the cave lied simple traps and other mechanisms to be all over the cave. About an hour would pass as the four struggled to get through trap after trap placed by someone who obviously didn’t like visitors. reaching the lower cave, the four would come across the recover mission that they were tasked with. retrieving one of the Drifter’s supply crates that was stocked with food and stolen by the unknown. Concluding someone probably just left it here to either grab later or leave to rot the group started their walk back up out of the cave as they would be met by a towering figure, that stood 4 meters tall, upon reaching the front of the entrance/exit. The hunters would prepare themselves as they knew they were about to die. After a few moments of the hunters drawing short swords, bows, and mace, the cyclops had already thought up a rather simple plan. Whilst the four brave hunters stood to fight the cyclops, the egotistical giant would pridefully spout out ”Rigut is prop’et...great sav’or to hum’e race” while speaking these words, the 4 Sellswords would look to eachother rather confused as one of them would ask cautiously, still gripping their weapon ”Porphet to our race?” . Rigut would give them a small nod before speaking in a sly Cavemanish tone ”Rigut wont sav’ humee’s unless humee’s help me”. The hunters would watch the prideful one eyed man spout this off, not believing him for a moment. ”Give Rigut meat, and Rigut might help humee’s” the Cyclops went on as the hunters still were quiet unbelieving of the giant as they gripped their weapons not wanting to help this obvious liar. Seeing that the humans still resisted his offers, the cyclops would simply walk out of the way from the cave’s entrance. Though as the hunters left the cave, they would meet the same grizzly fate as just about anyone else who ventured out into that cave and didn’t join this Cyclop’s cult. They would all be struck down , later being used as the Cyclop’s breakfast, lunch, dinner. With this tale ending you might be asking, just how did the Drifter know where to send Sellswords on this first bounty? Well, its quite simple really. The Drifter had heard reports of local people in the Wick wood going missing, and so he sent out one of his Sellswords all on his lonesome to search and find out what has been taking people. After a few months passed, the Drifter grew restless, awaiting for the man’s return he would go out to search himself. Unfortunately the man couldn’t find really anything as he searched through the woods, eventually reaching the bandit camp finding corpses to be missing from the camp, shown by the trails of blood exiting it. Upon finding this, the Drifter would then have a bounty prepared and ready for the next group of Sellswords that came along to his wagon. ~The Two Bird’s Camp~ As the day went by, and Haense Duma would end, Haense soldiers would flock to the Drifter’s wagon expecting a hard bounty based off of what they had been hearing for the past few days. Approaching the wagon, the group of 6 would stand by the Drifter’s wagon awaiting his debriefing. The Drifter would wait until he had took a long puff from his pipe before speaking in his low raspy tone, though anyone could tell whatever was wrong was clearly troubling the man as all of his movements seemed tense and forced. ”Right, I guess this should be enough of you lot.”. The Drifter spoke, leaning back into his wagon before he continued onto the debriefing, ”There have been recent local reports of people going missing near the Wick wood. I sent out one of my sellswords about a month back and he has either failed and is to ashamed to bring himself back here, or he was likely dead because of whatever he found. I sent him out to go near that bandit camp your men sieged a while back. Since he never returned, I decided to go do it myself. Though as I looked around the camp, I only found trails of blood exiting the back of it. I want you lot to go search the area and find some conclusion of what happened to my man.”. And so, the Sellswords were off on their bounty. They found themselves in the camp that had previously been sieged , now becoming a corpse dump it would seem as the group of HRA would see a few men covered in one eyed masks dragging carcass’s of half eaten, rotted humans/animals into the camp and leaving them around the area. Trying to be silent, the HRA hid to the sides of the gates as Ruben Var Ruthern would practice his acting skills and start screaming in pain ”AAARGH, AHH NO NOT MY.” . Ruben left off as the three body dumpers would send out a single one to go over to him. As the man reached him, he drew his knife readying it behind his back as Ruben stood in front of him, towering over the man in his plate as the cultist would ask ”Whats wrong friend?” the cultist asked, prepping his dagger behind his back assuming Ruben was hurt. Tough before the situation escalated any further, Astoro would slit the man’s throat trying to be stealthy as the other two noticed. They would run screaming ”ALERT ALERT, RUN!!” . The HRA would chase down 2 more men killing one of them as they question another that had rolled violently down a hill. From what they could draw from the questioning is that the men of this cult would most likely rather die then reveal their burnt skinned faces to anyone else, and that there was a nearby camp just down the pathway to the left. Going down that road the HRA would start to smell the putrid, stench of rotting corpses that the camp gave off. As the group would start going toward the camp, a few men would be visible behind the small wooden defenses they had though they were very unmoving. as Astoro ordered a few seperate groups to loop around the camp, they would find themselves being ambushed by a giant outnumbering force of the cultists as they were all separated. Astoro and archer would hear their comrades engaging in a fight as they started into the camp and discovering that the men behind the defenses were indeed a trap. though without any second to respond, Astoro and Archer would find themselves ambushed from behind. As the long hard fight went gruesomely on, the HRA would gain the upper hand as they slowly but surely scraped along killing the cultists throughout the fight. As the battle had finished, or so they had thought, the group would then be attacked by a hedge knight as he challenging anyone who wished to step up and fight. His opponent, Astoro, would hold his own against the knight. Though the duel would not end how one might think. It would be rudely interrupted by Archer as he stabbed into the back of the man’s neck. The long hard fight now being over, it would be followed by a big sigh of relief being there no injuries as the HRA went along to search bodies and the camp. They would that every one of the dead cultists held a bottled eye as some sort of ID? They would also find a map locating what seemed to locate 4 other cultist camps. The 6 made started their long walk back to the drifter, once returning would offer the drifter the map and one of the cultist’s bottled eyes. The Drifter would seemingly except this as enough for their payment as his stress and curiosity only grew. The Cultist Camps -In depth- The first one the two bird's camp. Its called this because the cultists that had lured people into the camp would hide in the tree's as the unsuspecting men would wander in as they thought they saw cultists standing behind defenses as when they wandered into the camp, they would find the bodies to be dead as the cultists would come out from the surrounding forests, and kill those who wandered in. The second one is known as the Boiling Pot because the cultists themselves had taken up eaten humans and animals as so did the cyclops. the made a camp for the cooking of the Humans/animals in the wick wood as they had a giant pot underneath a campfire to boil dead creatures. This camp would be somewhat defensible as it's their main point of food making for the followers. The third known as the house of darkness. this house would be placed as a decoy cave to the cyclop's home. upon entering the cave, it would be seen that it is littered by traps of all kinds. It would also hold cages holding bears, wolves, and boars (not greymanes just regular ones). there would be beast handlers that set off cages as well as a few people guarding them. The fourth would be known as the cannibals commons camp. this camp is one based by the Cyclop's cave as it holds a lot of the followers. It would be seen as there main home if they were not staying in the cave with the Cyclops. The fifth camp is known as the burner. known as the area where the skinning and burning of faces happens. It is heavily guarded by some hedge knights and a few others as this camp houses all of their medical cultists. The main Base of Operations is known as the One Eyed Kingdom. the most fortified. known as the Cyclop's main home, there would be walls set up outside of the cave as the inside would be disorienting to those not wearing masks because the moss would cause disorientation -2 to all rolls to anyone inside EXCEPT for the Cyclops. the cave would most likely have traps in it as he was known as a more intelligent Cyclops. a trickster. let me know what you think, its my first time making a forum post for eventlines.
  19. [!] A self-made oilpainting by Rha’kir, illustrating the Inferi battling his scouting team, preventing them entrance to Korvassa -The Scorned Blockade- A scouting report written by Rha’kir It is to this one’s dismay that he will have to deliver mostly bad news in regards to the Inferi. Two Elven days ago, this one organized a scout team to enter the Korvassa. We were with a total of 5 members, whom this one will list. Brave warriors, each one of them. -Lorelei Miravaris -Lenora jusmia -Qudlia Jusmia -Twilight Qua’Req -Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl Our group gathered at the gates of Sutica, where we discussed tactics and the plan. The plan was simple, at first. We would cross the bridge connecting Korvassa and the mainland. We would move over to set up camp and scout whatever was left of the old city of Thyra. We assumed the rubble and ruins would be perfect to take cover at. We expected to find information within the rubble. We speculated that the ground could be perfect for certain defenses to secure the bridge, considering it is a direct but fragile line that connects both us and the Inferi. “We were wrong” As we traveled onward and crossed the bridge to Korvassa, we quickly found what this one has decided to call The Scorned Blockade. When we arrived, we quickly found a large wall complete with working gate to be set up, blocking entrance from the bridge. The wall did not stretch much in length but trying to jump in the water and walk around it would not have been an option. There were A few dozen Inferi Troops lined up behind the wall. If we had attempted to walk around, they would have just impaled us the second we tried to climb upon the shore. Upon arrival, we also encountered a large Olog who tagged along for the ride. There was no way around and we did not give up. Our shaman, Qudlia Jusmia protectetd by Lenora, proceeded to summon a large Earth Elemental to aid us with lifting the gate. Unfortunately, this one never got the Olog’s name but he helped us try and lift the gate. In the end, The Inferi themselves lifted the gate to challenge us head on. We were exposed like this and their archers took the opportunity to shoot us down, yet we were lucky with the Earth Elemental ‘s arms around us. Though, that was not the largest problem. These Winged Inferi flew above our heads. They continued to lay a barrage of fallen debris over us. This one does not know where they got those pieces of rock precisely but the debris could have come from Thyra. Unfortunately, we never made it to the ruins of Thyra. The many Inferi guarding The Scorned Blockade proved too much for our scouting team, even with an Olog and the Earth Elemental. We had to retreat after having fought only a fraction of the troops present. Even with Lorelei and Twilight fighting the troops left and right to keep them at bay. However, we did not leave empty handed. The Inferi were commanded by what we assumed to be their Captain. We took his life and his head before the Earth Elemental gave in and exploded, clearing a way for us to depart quickly. [!] A crudely drawn sketch is illustrated here. It depicts the journey the scouting team were intending to make. Now, this is what this report will conclude to. The Inferi are aware of the bridge connecting us with them and have blocked it off accordingly. This is a dire problem and most will not see why. The option of taking a ship to cross the waters is risk on itself due to these Winged Inferi and the rumors of the Naval Inferi. The Winged Inferi on their own could make a ship sink if they do enough damage. The rumors of Naval Inferi have yet to be confirmed by this one, though it would not be a surprise if it turns out true. Our only somewhat safe passage to Korvassa has been blocked off by the heavily guarded Scorned Blockade. There is no secure direct line of connection to Korvassa as of now. -Report written by Rha’kir Therkul-Morthawl [!] The Kha would then proceed to make many copies of this document with the help of his fellow Kharajyr. The group of Kha would then freely distribute the documents through every city on Arcas, either by giving it out by hand or by bird to keep the population of Arcas updated in a transparent way.
  20. [!] A small poster would be plastered across Oren. It has a hand drawn picture. OOC thing: I am way to proud of that picture
  21. A W E D D I N G - – 1780 – - I N R E V E L A T I O N [!] An Artist’s depiction of the soon to be wed couple, Chief of Intelligence, Sir Alaric DeNurem KL and the Right Honorable Imperial Director of Immigration, Lieutenant Viktoriya Helene Châteaudun. Freshly fallen snow crunched beneath a certain Lieutenant’s boots as she’d round the corner of the road leading up to the formidable fortress of the Eye of Man, Captain Alaric DeNurem close in-toe as they’d approach. There, the great bastion stood, ever-looming across the barren tundra of the Holy Orenian Empire’s North-Eastern woodland – the area around them still and silent, as gray clouds, laden with snow, hung heavy in the sky above. They'd approach the lake beside the keep, an eager grin upon Lt. Viktoriya’s face as she’d walk upon the ice. ”Hmmm . . . What’s this surprise you’ve been speaking of, Vikky?” Alaric called after her, outstretching a hand to sit upon her shoulder as they’d walk. Where they stood, the ice seemed exceptionally thick – showing that the Leftenant likely had scouted the area before taking him. ”Ye’ll see – Ye’ll see! Just follow me~,” Viktoriya told back with a hum, grasping his hand to intertwine their digits as she’d glance up at the DeNurem, an almost . . . Fond look in her hues, paired with her anxious smirk. An hour had passed as they traipsed around, sight-seeing and cracking jokes at one another – falling upon their arses and cackling, enjoying their time spent. After her last fall upon the ice, the Lieutenant didn’t seem to bother getting up as she’d reach for something within the depths of her satchel – a small, wooden box. A ring sat within its confines, atop a tiny velvet pillow – looking as if whoever had made it put tremendous thought & effort into the small gift. Using her offhand, she'd pull out another object – a bouquet, except, seeming to be made of carefully worked glass. Staring down toward the ice below them, she'd then slowly peer up to meet Alaric's hues - her anxious expression slowly melting into that of a longing gaze. “Alaric . . . Yer' my world - the dream in my ‘eart. The first time I'd laid m’ eyes upon ye, ae immediately knew we shared somet’ing special - and et wasn't long after t’at I'd fallen in love with ye & realized ah'd been meant to spend my life . . . With ye'. Yer tae most incredible man I've ever known, and ye make me feel amazing each and evereh day. At first, ae'd . . . Been incredibly nervous to say this. But, now - I'm elated to be ‘ere, upon one knee - proposing to the man I love. Ah can't promise ta fix all yer' problems - and I know t’at ye' can’nae fix all o' mine. But I can promise, t’at, from now on - Ye' won't have to face t’em alone.” Alaric's lips parted, his jaw lowering a tad as a grin flashed across his visage - His heart beating quickly as he heard her words, inside feeling his love for the Leftenant. The DeNurem's grin slowly settled on a loving smile, a sense of serenity arising midst her presence. “Viktoriya,” He began his part, drawing in a deep breath, locking eyes with her. “Since the days I set my eyes on you, way back- During my cadet days, a part of me was taken, lost and drifting through the halls of my mind for so very long . . . No more. When despair was cast upon my former marriage, so coincidentally, by fate or not, you were there - A light to guide that part of me that was so lost,” He paused a moment, simply adoring her features. “And in those quick days, I came to notice that my soul was truly incomplete - It was missing you. I love you Vik, so damn much. You're always there for me, one that takes life with such elegance, expertly sailing the waves of time with the things you do so well . .. I could go on for days, never to end on how eternal my love for you ist,” He concluded, widening his smile as he offered his hand for the ring, awaiting the question. “ . . . Yer’ much better at wording this than I am,” Viktoriya would quietly chuckle, bowing her head as she'd offer him the ring. “ . . . Will you make me t'happiest woman in the world-” Viktoriya would pause, then peering back up at him - a genuinely affectionate expression upon her scarred features. “And - And, marry me?” She'd finally choke out, the woman's grin broadening. The DeNurem slowly reached his right hand out further to slip the ring into his right fourth finger - His facial expression beaming with happiness and affection at that. “In doing so, I would, in turn, be the happiest man in the world-” He mirrored the pause, peering back deeply down at her eyes. “Viktoriya-Marie, with all certainty GOD could bestow upon me - I do so graciously accept you in marriage!” He exclaimed, immediately leaning to a kneel before her as his left hand quickly search the back of her neck, resting there as he went in for a passionate kiss. Lieutenant Viktoriya-Marie's smile would grow wider as she heard him, tilting her head to press her lips upon his - tightly shutting her eyes as she'd lean into him. One arm would pull itself up & around his shoulders, while her other hooked underneath his right - pulling him into a tight embrace as they met lips. “Alaric . . .” She'd murmur between breaths, pulling away for a moment to speak. “You've never left my side, even after ah've been . . . Quite the troublemaker. I love 'ye. The mostest.” His eyes closed as their lips met, his hand around the back of her neck moving ever so slightly, giving her skin a little scratch - His right hand circled up to rest by her cheeks, cupping it while they embrace, his frame pressed against hers. “Vik . . . You've been with me in the darkest of times and made this day the brightest of them all- As I with you, you with me. I love you just as much as you love me,” He hummed as they took a pause, going back to the task at hand for a while longer - Before pulling but an inch out, his forehead pressed against hers as he watched her eyes longingly. I T I N E R A R Y Firstly, The Marital Proceeding Those invited & wishing to attend will gather within the Basilica of the Final Revelation, inside the Crownlands of Helena, to bear witness to Sir Alaric DeNurem KL & Lieutenant Viktoriya-Marie Châteaudun’s espousal. Leonardo Châteaudun, Ms. Viktoriya’s father, will lead the maiden down the aisle to ‘give away the bride’, per marital traditions. Alongside her, a Ms. Jacquelyn Cenobia will serve as her Bridesmaid – and Mr. Ostromir Carrion as the Groom’s Best Man. Secondly, Bestowals of Good Will After the holy ceremony, any guests who bare gifts for the couple, or wish to congratulate them, may approach the dais in orderly fashion in to do so. Be their bestowals physical gifts, or wise words of advice, all offerings will be graciously accepted. After all has been finished, while leaving to begin their after party, the newly-wed couple will throw two bouquets into the air – one for any woman attending, and a second for the event’s gentlemen – to grab. Thirdly, A Revelry in Jubilation An after-party event will be held within the grounds of the Dragon’s Rest Tavern, with servantry dispensing refreshments to those who had attended the event. The Bride will hand gift baggies out – containing unique & custom-made offerings to the guests as a thanks for their attendance. After all have eaten & received their bestowals, the newly-weds & their Best Men & Women will come together to host a toast – signaling the event’s next segment, of short games & happenings. Lastly, A Concourse of Fair Maidens & Sirs Once the toast has been made, the next few planned games & contests will begin – the prize pool over 2,500+ Imperial Marks! A Contention of Fine Wear – All fair Maidens & dashing Sirs that wish to participate in the after party’s first event are encouraged to don DeNurem colors: being Gold, Onyx, & White. Once all those that are partaking in the competition gather, the Bride & Groom will confer & select one individual each that they believe to be the most fittingly dressed – a pool of 1,400 Imperial Marks being given away in the first happening. We request that your outfit be made by yourself, or commissioned from another, with proof. Those that are wearing stolen skins will not be considered. The Drunken Jubilee – The Bride & Groom call upon the most avid drinkers to participate in an alcohol-tolerance competition. The drink being used in question is called the ‘Widowmaker Shot’ – notorious for bringing down the heftiest of ologs, and putting the most skilled drunkards into a deep sleep. In order to play, you must pay a sum of 150 mina – and the winner will get 80% of all profit from the pool, along with an extra two hundred per round they’ve stayed sober (With a maximum of Four Rounds). By taking part in the Drunken Jubilee, you understand that we will not take any responsibility for damage you may cause to yourself, others, or the surrounding area whilst drunk. You are in charge of yourself – it is suggested you bring company, in the event that you may black out. I N V I T A T I O N S House of Helane HIM Emperor of Oren, Peter III @ARCHITECUS And the honorable pedigree of House Helane. House of Novellen HIH The Duke of Helena, Joseph Novellen @Hunwald HIH Princess Imperial, Anne Novellen @DreamInSpace HIH Princess Imperial, Elizabeth Novellen @Ivorey HIH Prince Imperial, John Novellen @KosherZombie HIH Prince Imperial, Philip Novellen HIH Princess Imperial, Juliette Novellen @yandeer HIH Prince Imperial, Peter Novellen @Ark And all other honorable pedigree of House Novellen. House of Barbanov HM The King of Hanseti-Ruska, Josef Barbanov @CaptainHaense HH The Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Viktoria Barbanov @Zaerie HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Nataliya Barbanov @doreebear HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Stefan Barbanov @Flapman HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Aleksandr Barbanov @Xarkly HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Juliya Barbanov @MotherLay HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Franz Barbanov HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Analiesa Barbanov @ShannonLeigh HH The Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Alexandria Barbanov @UnBaed HH The Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Nikolas Barbanov @Eddywilson2 And the honorable pedigree of House Barbonov. House of Helvets HG the Duke of Cathalon, Robert Helvets HG the Duchess Consort of Cathalon, Letizia d’Aryn HL Peter Helton Helvets HL Wilhelmina Beatrix Helvets @marinaemily Governor-General Henry Frederick Helvets @Fishy The Rt. Hon Count Rochefort, Richard Victor Helvets @osumanduas HIH the Countess Rochefort, Princess Lorena Helvets of Helena @Starryy HL Adrian Othodoric Helvets The Hon. Victor Leopold Helvets The Hon. William Linhardt Helvets HL Lorena Anabelle Helvets @MunaZaldrizoti HL Theodora Angelica Helvets And the honorable pedigree of House Helvets. House of d’Arkent HG Duke of Sunhodt, John d’Arkent HG Duchess-Consort, Vespira d’Arkent HL Captain Peter d’Arkent @erik0821 HH Tatiana Barbanov @axelu HSH Grand Princess-consort of Muldav, Eleanor Victoria HL Theresa @marinaemily HL Alexander d’Arkent And the honorable pedigree of House d’Arkent. House of Carrington HL Baroness of Carrington, Mary Lucille d’Arkent @libertyybelle HL Baron-Consort of Carrington, Joseph d’Arkent HL Mary Jane d’Arkent @Branchio HL Mary Vespira d’Arkent HL Mary Sophia d’Arkent And the honorable pedigree of House Carrington House of Othaman The Rt. Hon. Viscount of Valles, Erik Othaman @grnappa And the honorable pedigree of House Othaman Personal Invitations His Excellency, The Secretary of War General Alren DeNurem KCL @Mirtok Lieutenant Reina DeNurem @devvy Ensign Wes DeNurem @GrizzlyWes Corporal Virgil DeNurem @Maur Miss Winter DeNurem @BimboBudgie And all others of DeNurem pedigree. His Imperial Excellency, The Archchancellor Sir Simon Basrid KCS @Cracker His Imperial Excellency, The Vice Chancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth His Excellency, The Secretary of Foreign Affairs Godfrey Briarwood @KBR His Excellency, The Solicitor-General Darius Basrid @Quantumatics His Excellency, The Secretary of the Interior Edward Galbraith @sergisala His Excellency, The Secretary of the Treasury George Galbraith @MrChenn1 His Excellency, The Secretary of Intelligence Riordain Armas-MacDroch @calculusdesola His Excellency, The Secretary of Civil Affairs Victor C. Halcourt @Lyonharted™ His Excellency, The Secretary of War Alren DeNurem KCL @Mirtok The Most Honorable, The Lord Lieutenant of Reza His Royal Highness Nicholas Barbanov, Prince of Hanseti-Ruska @Eddywilson2 The Most Honorable, The Lord Lieutenant of Owynsburg Henry Frederick Helvets @Fishy All Oathed Imperial State Army Soldiers & Officers Mister Leonardo Châteaudun @DylanDeNewb Sir Cassius Reine KL @auLune Mister Ostromir Carrion-Tuvyic @Lhindir_ Lieutenant Jacquelyn Cenobia @bloomtiara Miss Annabelle Kelmenour @audyush T I M E & D A T E The wedding between Alaric & Viktoriya will take place at The Basilica of Final Revelation [Church in Helena] on the month of Tobias’ Bounty, 1782. Afterward, an afterparty will be held at the Carrington Estate, upon the Eastern side of Helena. We Hope to See You There!
  22. Brandybrook Gaming Night! ~The Brandybrook Pajama Party!~ It’s that time of year folks! Where I, Filibert Applefoot, the greatest halfling to have ever lived, bring you yet another Gaming Night full of fun and amazement! Every year, on The Grand Harvest ((Saturday)), us halflings will gather together and be merry until the sun sets and has risen anew! It will be a joyous occasion! Checkers! A new game to be seen in Brandybrook! I believe I can pull it off if I gather enough white and blue pieces of wool to use as checker pieces! Darts! The true halfling classic! Throw darts at a board, and whoever scores the highest, wins! Shogging! A game of balance and hand-eye coordination! Knock your opponent off of their log before you’re forced off of your own! Anti-Demon Training! These times grow rougher and rougher. Thus, it would be wise for us to not waste a second, and prepare even more for the Demonic invaders! Come on down to Brandybrook on The First Seed for a blast of a time! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling smart-alec. ((4 PM EST this Saturday on 8/22/2020. Located in Brandybrook, the main halfling village in Arcas. You can get to Brandybrook be heading to Aegrothond and then taking a right after you’ve gone off the main road.))
  23. [!] You find a party notice in your mailbox... Pajamas Party! ~Biggun visitors in Brandybrook! Completely unrelated to Pajamas or parties, but I thought I’d put this here regardless!~ Demons may be at our doorstep, but it’s nay all gloom and doom just yet! It’s been a while since we’ve had a fun event like this, and I daresay it’s time for another! Let us party in the clothing that we wear to sleep, and have a blast of a time doing so! (Do note that if you sleep naked, do NOT go running around in the nude for this party. That is very rude and will get the Thain ‘n Elders to kick ye out!) But, I hear ye askin’, what exactly will we do in such a party! Well, oi’ll answer ye! Pillow Fight! Much better than a mock battle, ‘cause nobody can get hurt! Pillow Fort Makin’! T’a REAL way to stop Demons! Sleeping Competition! Whoever falls to sleep the fastest, wins! O’ course, it’s impossible to tell who’s the winner, but we can still pretend to know! I’ll see you all there! -Filibert Applefoot ((4 PM EST, Wednesday the 19th of August))
  24. ‌ [!]‌ ‌ ‌ The‌ ‌Orenian‌ ‌Bazaar‌ ‌shop‌ ‌owners‌ ‌and‌ ‌their‌ ‌employees‌ ‌would‌ ‌be‌ ‌seen‌ ‌handing‌ ‌out‌ ‌the‌ ‌following‌ ‌flyer‌ ‌around‌ ‌all‌ ‌ of‌ ‌Helena‌ ‌and‌ ‌to‌ ‌their‌ ‌loyal‌ ‌customers.‌ ‌ ~T‌ ‌H‌ ‌E‌ ‌G‌ ‌R‌ ‌A‌ ‌N‌ ‌D‌ ‌O‌ ‌P‌ ‌E‌ ‌N‌ ‌I‌ ‌N‌ ‌G‌ ‌O‌ ‌F‌~‌ ‌ The Orenian‌ ‌Bazaar‌ ‌ 1781‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ The‌ ‌Grand‌ ‌Orenian‌ ‌Bazaar‌ ‌hosts‌ ‌an‌ ‌assortment‌ ‌of‌ ‌goods,‌ ‌services,‌ ‌and‌ ‌eats‌ ‌for‌ ‌all;‌ ‌all‌ ‌ while‌ ‌bolstering‌ ‌a‌ ‌lively‌ ‌social‌ ‌scene‌ ‌to‌ ‌meet‌ ‌an‌ ‌interesting‌ ‌assortment‌ ‌of‌ ‌characters.‌ ‌ At this event, there‌ ‌will‌ ‌be‌ ‌special‌ ‌event‌ ‌pricing‌ ‌from‌ ‌some‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌stalls‌ ‌as‌ ‌well‌ ‌as‌ ‌a‌ ‌ raffle‌ ‌to‌ ‌enter‌ ‌for‌ ‌a‌ ‌chance‌ ‌to‌ ‌win‌ ‌one‌ ‌free‌ ‌good‌ ‌or‌ ‌service‌ ‌from‌ ‌each‌ ‌shop‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌Bazaar!‌ ‌ Featured‌ ‌Shops‌ ‌within‌ ‌the‌ ‌Bazaar:‌ ‌ Elvish‌ ‌Bakes‌ ‌‌—‌ ‌‌Annabelle‌ ‌Kelmenour‌ ‌ The‌ ‌Trading‌ ‌Trawler‌ ‌‌—‌ ‌‌Alicjo‌ ‌Verrana‌ ‌ Aquinas‌ ‌Tea‌ ‌Shop‌ ‌‌—‌ ‌‌Thomas‌ ‌Aquinas‌ ‌ Rolled‌ ‌Gelati‌ ‌‌—‌ ‌‌Vilren‌ ‌ Paint‌ ‌with‌ ‌Grace‌ ‌‌—‌ ‌‌Lillith‌ ‌Grace‌ ‌ Komnenos‌ ‌&‌ ‌Co.‌ ‌Jewelry‌ ‌‌—‌ ‌‌Alexios‌ ‌Komnenos‌ ‌ ‌ Elvish‌ ‌Bakes‌ ‌ |‌ ‌Stall‌ ‌1‌ ‌|‌ ‌ Annabelle‌ ‌Kelmenour’s‌ ‌Elvish‌ ‌Bakes:‌ ‌Bakery‌ ‌Emporium‌ ‌ ~Serving‌ ‌an‌ ‌assortment‌ ‌of‌ ‌elven‌ ‌baked‌ ‌goods‌ ‌since‌ ‌1774~‌ ‌ M‌ ‌E‌ ‌N‌ ‌U:‌ ‌ Lembas‌ ‌Cake-‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌‌ ‌‌16.oo‌ ‌mina‌ ‌ This‌ ‌light‌ ‌brown‌ ‌pastry‌ ‌hosts‌ ‌a‌ ‌display‌ ‌of‌ ‌many‌ ‌ingredients‌ ‌such‌ ‌as‌ ‌lavender,‌ ‌citrus‌ ‌and‌ ‌almond‌ ‌nuts;‌ ‌creating‌ ‌a‌ ‌wondrous‌ ‌and‌ ‌delightful‌ ‌blend‌ ‌of‌ ‌flavors‌ ‌to‌ ‌make‌ ‌this‌ ‌sweet‌ ‌cake.‌ ‌ Helena‌ ‌Cookies-‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌‌ ‌‌5.oo‌‌ A‌ ‌classic‌ ‌chocolate‌ ‌chip‌ ‌cookie‌ ‌with‌ ‌a‌ ‌generous‌ ‌amount‌ ‌of‌ ‌chocolate‌ ‌shards; ‌ ‌filled‌ ‌with‌ ‌buttery,‌ ‌chocolate‌ ‌flavors.‌ ‌ Pumpkin‌ ‌Spice‌ ‌Pie-‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌‌ ‌‌3.oo‌ This‌ ‌pumpkin‌ ‌pie‌ ‌serves‌ ‌a‌ ‌warm,‌ ‌fresh-out-of-the-oven,‌ ‌goodness;‌ ‌all‌ ‌accompanied ‌ ‌with‌ cinnamon‌ ‌for‌ ‌a‌ ‌cozy‌ ‌combination‌ ‌of‌ ‌flavors.‌ ‌ Sweet‌ ‌Rye‌ ‌Bread-‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌ ‌.‌‌ ‌‌1.5o‌ This‌ ‌chewy‌ ‌rye‌ ‌bread‌ ‌is‌ ‌combined‌ ‌with‌ ‌sugar‌ ‌to‌ ‌give‌ ‌it‌ ‌a‌ ‌lovely‌ ‌blend‌ ‌of‌ ‌sour‌ ‌and‌ ‌sweet‌ ‌flavors.‌ ‌ The‌ ‌Trading‌ ‌Trawler‌ ‌ |‌ ‌Stall‌ ‌2‌ ‌|‌ ‌ Alicjo‌ ‌Veranna’s‌ ‌Original‌ ‌Fish‌ ‌House.‌ ‌ ‌ Fish‌ ‌platters‌ ‌fried‌ ‌right‌ ‌in‌ ‌front‌ ‌of‌ ‌you;‌ ‌now‌ ‌with‌ ‌‌kale‌.‌ ‌ M‌ ‌E‌ ‌N‌ ‌U‌: ‌PLATTERS:‌ ‌ Seared‌ ‌and‌ ‌Seasoned‌ ‌Cod‌ ‌Platter‌ ‌‌13‌ ‌ ‌ served‌ ‌atop‌ ‌a‌ ‌bed‌ ‌of‌ ‌fresh‌ ‌lettuce,‌ ‌roasted‌ ‌and‌ ‌honey-glazed‌ ‌carrots.‌ ‌ Seared‌ ‌and‌ ‌Seasoned‌ ‌Salmon‌ ‌Platter‌ ‌‌20‌ ‌served‌ ‌atop‌ ‌a‌ ‌bed‌ ‌of‌ ‌sautéed‌ ‌kale,‌ ‌baked‌ ‌potato‌ ‌w/‌ ‌sour‌ ‌cream‌ and‌ ‌green‌ ‌onion.‌ ‌RAW‌ ‌FISH:‌ ‌ ‌Raw‌ ‌Cod‌ ‌‌9‌ ‌ ‌uncooked,‌ ‌white-bellied‌ ‌saltwater‌ ‌fish.‌ ‌ ‌ Raw‌ ‌Salmon‌ ‌‌14‌ ‌ ‌uncooked,‌ ‌ruby-red‌ ‌bodied‌ ‌saltwater‌ ‌fish.‌ ‌ ‌LIVE‌ ‌FISH:‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Cod‌ ‌|‌ ‌Salmon‌ ‌‌150‌ ‌ ‌basic‌ ‌ocean‌ ‌fish,‌ ‌price‌ ‌may‌ ‌vary‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌size.‌ ‌ Tropical‌ ‌Fish‌ ‌|‌ ‌Pufferfish‌ ‌‌200‌ ‌ exotic‌ ‌ocean‌ ‌fish,‌ ‌price‌ ‌may‌ ‌vary‌ ‌on‌ ‌breed.‌ ‌ Turtles‌ ‌|‌ ‌Squid‌ ‌ ‌250‌ ‌ ‌exotic‌ ‌ocean‌ ‌creatures,‌ ‌keep‌ ‌‘em‌ ‌as‌ ‌a‌ ‌pet‌ ‌or‌ ‌eat‌ ‌‘em.‌ ‌ Aquinas‌ ‌Tea‌ ‌Shop‌ ‌ |‌ ‌Stall‌ ‌3‌ ‌|‌ ‌ Aquinas‌ ‌Incorporated’s‌ ‌very‌ ‌own‌ ‌authentic‌ ‌tea‌ ‌house‌ ‌ ‌ right‌ ‌here‌ ‌in‌ ‌Helena!‌ ‌Now‌ ‌open‌ ‌to‌ ‌special‌ ‌requests.‌ ‌ M E N U: ‌ Green‌ ‌Mint‌ ‌Tea‌ ‌|‌ ‌2‌ ‌ ‌An‌ ‌intense,‌ ‌sugary,‌ ‌herb-charged‌ ‌sip‌ ‌—‌ ‌is‌ ‌one‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌most‌ ‌addictive‌ ‌and‌ ‌refreshing‌ ‌ versions‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌beverage‌ ‌you'll‌ ‌find‌ ‌anywhere.‌ ‌This‌ ‌green‌ ‌colored‌ ‌tea‌ ‌is‌ ‌good‌ ‌for‌ ‌energizing‌ ‌ yourself‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌mornings‌ ‌and‌ ‌travels‌ ‌well‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌go!‌ ‌ Blue‌ ‌Rose‌ ‌Tea‌ ‌|‌ ‌5‌ ‌ ‌This‌ ‌signature‌ ‌full-bodied‌ ‌blueberry‌ ‌tea‌ ‌is‌ ‌artisan‌ ‌crafted‌ ‌melding‌ ‌into‌ ‌a‌ ‌subtle‌ ‌union‌ ‌the‌ ‌ health-boosting‌ ‌antioxidant‌ ‌properties‌ ‌of‌ ‌wild‌ ‌blueberries‌ ‌with‌ ‌Mediterranean‌ ‌sage‌ ‌to‌ ‌provide‌ ‌a‌ ‌ slightly‌ ‌minty‌ ‌finish‌ ‌for‌ ‌this‌ ‌tart-sweet,‌ ‌savory,‌ ‌drink.‌ ‌ Jasmine‌ ‌Tea‌ ‌|‌ ‌2‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Scented‌ ‌with‌ ‌the‌ ‌aroma‌ ‌of‌ ‌jasmine‌ ‌blossoms.‌ ‌The‌ ‌resulting‌ ‌flavour‌ ‌of‌ ‌jasmine‌ ‌tea‌ ‌is‌ ‌ subtly‌ ‌sweet‌ ‌and‌ ‌highly‌ ‌fragrant.‌ ‌ ‌ Lavender‌ ‌Tea‌ ‌|‌ ‌3‌ ‌ ‌Its‌ ‌pleasant‌ ‌and‌ ‌distinctive‌ ‌smell‌ ‌is‌ ‌associated‌ ‌with‌ ‌stress‌ ‌relief‌ ‌and‌ ‌creating‌ ‌a‌ ‌relaxed‌ ‌ state,‌ ‌making‌ ‌it‌ ‌an‌ ‌ideal‌ ‌bedtime‌ ‌tea‌ ‌to‌ ‌help‌ ‌lull‌ ‌you‌ ‌into‌ ‌a‌ ‌restful‌ ‌and‌ ‌peaceful‌ ‌sleep.‌ ‌ Rolled‌ ‌Gelati‌ ‌ |‌ ‌Stall‌ ‌4‌ ‌|‌ ‌ Gelati - 15.oo -FLAVORS- Vanilla, Cherry, Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, Berry -TOPPINGS- Caramel, Fudge, Cherries, Cream, Fruit Paint‌ ‌with‌ ‌Grace‌ ‌ |‌ ‌Stall‌ ‌5‌ ‌|‌ ‌ -OFFERS AND PRICES- Full body paintings: (chibi)- 250-300 mina Portrait: (headshot)- 400 mina (OOC menu:) RP Grace drawing you: +5 mina Komnenos‌ ‌&‌ ‌Co.‌ ‌Jewelry‌ ‌ |‌ ‌Stall‌ ‌6‌ ‌|‌ ‌ Golden‌ ‌Rings‌ ‌-‌ ‌5o.oo‌ ‌ A beautiful looking ring would be laying in the palm of your hand, on top of the ring was a small golden nugget, the ring was of good quality, as the ring was brought into the light the gold nugget on top of the small ring would begin to shimmer slightly in the light. Emerald‌ ‌Rings‌ ‌-‌ ‌1oo.oo‌‌ ‌ A ring for a woman that could only be described as for a goddess or angel in the heavens, the band of the ring would be made out of pure gold with emerald outcroppings throughout the ring. At the very top of the ring would be a larger emerald gem that would highlight the entire ring. (coming‌ ‌soon!)‌‌ ‌Flower‌ ‌Crowns‌ ‌-‌ ‌1o.oo‌ ‌ ‌ Click Here to Enter the Raffle *The‌ ‌Bazaar‌ ‌is‌ ‌located‌ ‌down‌ ‌Merchant‌ ‌Street,‌ ‌in‌ ‌Helena,‌ ‌across‌ ‌from‌ ‌the‌ ‌bank*‌ ‌ [OOC:‌ ‌Sunday, August‌ 16th, 5:00‌ ‌PM‌ ‌EST]‌
  25. [!] A halfling newspaper finds its way into your mailbox! The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Gravestones Defaced! Pending Investigation!~ ~Beach Party Goes Wild!~ ~Drinking in the Applefoot Burrow!~ ~Fort Knox Improved!~ ~Gravestones Defaced! Pending Investigation!~ ~Maybe cookies aren’t enough to draw out the perpetrator...~ It has been brought to the attention o’ Isalie that the gravestones of Brandybrook have been defaced! This is a grave crime against Brandybrook and her people! I do hope that the Thain’s old investigative skills can be put to use here, and that whoever did it gets a time-out for being a naughty halfling! ~Beach Party Goes Wild!~ ~Even the turtles don’t want to miss out on the fun of the Beach Party!~ Such an incredible blast of a part! Lasting for the better part of two days, even! The ocean was filled to the brim with swimmers (thankfully, there were no sharks out that day!), and lots o’ booze drinking and volleyball playing happened as well! Such a party it was that it wasn’t even limited to just wee folks! Plenty of druids and other bigguns came over to join us as well! ~Lots of halfling swimsuits to be seen!~ Such a grand event! May we have more like it in the future! ~Drinking in the Applefoot Burrow!~ ~Such a lovely turnout!~ It turns out that even without pre-planning, us weefolks o’ Brandybrook are more than capable of having a good party! Why, nay too long ago, me own burrow was filled to the brim with guests as we drank booze together and were all around merry! Such a wondrous time was had by all, that Taurin Gardner himself even apologized to me for his previous actions! It seems that he has gotten better after all! Not only that, but he apologized to his own children for having grounded them for so long! Now they can wander about, so long as they have some fella with them! He also apologized for something else, but I was too drunk at the time to write that part down properly! ~Fort Knox Improved!~ ~Fort Knox, now with less annoyance and more Demon-stopping!~ The lovely little fortress we’ve built on top of the ol’ library has been looking rather shabby for far too long! Now it’s been improved to be a lot better, thanks to the wonderful builders we’ve got here in Brandybrook! Instead of annoying all the halflings who want to pass through the area, the fortress should provide a nice little thing to look at instead! Not only that, but some other small changes have been made to improve the defensive capabilities of the fort as well! Everybody wins! That’s all for now, folks! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all. OOC: Halfling activity for the past week is at 1.16%! While it may not seem like much, for us wee halfling folks, this is more than enough to do all that we’ve ever dreamed of doing! Brandybrook Gaming Night is tomorrow at 4 PM EST, be there if you can! Keep on making more ideas for new events we can do! The Beach Party was a fantastic event loved by all, and if we can channel more of that creative energy, we’re bound to have more events like it!
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