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Found 4 results

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A funeral is not a time to be sad but a time to remember all of the good memories of one's who've since passed. Jorden Brashton is one who we'll be having this gathering for, to remember her the way she would have wanted. This is a calling to bring everyone together once more, gather around the tavern, a time to remember, come to Veritas, her final resting place. Brothers of Virtue, all we ask of you is to wear your colors, hold your tatters high for our lost brother but never forgotten. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. VERITAS — THE FIRST COMPETITION OF ARCHERY — "The archer is the true weapon; the bow is only a long piece of wood." OVERVIEW Since its inception, archery has been a favored tool of the hunter and warrior alike. To oppose an enemy from afar ensures the opposer’s preserved state of safety . Though it is often referred to as a coward’s trade by those with shaky hands, it takes a true talent to wield a stringed weapon, because a true marksman would hit its mark each time. Prove your talents among marksmen alike in the upcoming tournament of arms in Veritas. THE RULES - Contestants are to bring their own weaponry, either crossbow or a traditional bow, whichever suits them. - Contestants will take turns on the marks, approximately 50 feet from target, shooting three arrows per turn. - Contestants should not shoot their bows prematurely, rather upon command of the facilitator. - Contestants are to retrieve their own arrows as a courtesy to the next marksman. - In the case of a tie, there should be additional rounds for those who tied until a winner can be decided. THE SPOILS A handful of spoils should be set aside and allotted to the winner and those runner-ups of the competition, including a prize pool of mina and a special item for the winner. 1st : 25 MINA & A HANDCRAFTED BOW 2nd : 15 MINA 3rd : 10 MINA [OOC] Tuesday, 4/6/21 @ 7PM EST
  3. “I will love you, always and forever.” As one goes through their years, they grow attachments to the many people around them. People come and go, relationships do the same. The blonde hair and blue eyed, aged Brashton has done the same as every descendant before her- foster relationships, learn to love those relationships, and eventually watch some take their final breaths. Jorden had never claimed to live an easy life, it was something she always had to gain throughout the years. Fighting; through the war with the Inferi and the countless fights within her own life. Everyone has their own worries concerning the Brashton, though for the most part, she always puts others before her, a greater concern for theirs than hers.. As the years seem to go by like a few bats of an eye, so did the years of Jorden's life. Blink. A young girl- a runaway, scurrying the streets of Helena with not a claim to her name. Only to meet a red-headed soldier who would come to adopt her- two sons of his own. Blink. A young woman in her twenties, then engaged and preparing to have her first daughter. A lifetime of memories by then, those friends she met who turned into family- namely the woman who was soon to marry her father: the woman she would come to see as a mother. Blink. A woman now, fighting the war against the Inferi. Seeming to lose limbs like they were expendable, death as her partner in dance. Though, all of this would take its toll; beginning a fight against her own mental state, a fight that would coax her closer to her family. And closer to the person she would finally settle down with. Blink. Those blonde strands on her head began to turn several shades of silver. A tired, though always gentle smile planted over her scarred countenance. The birth of her first grandchild. And as far as this life had brought her, she was finally able to stand proud; proudly on her front porch that overlooked the quaint valleys of Veritas- surrounded by those loved ones who were left. "I'm not scared of death, only worried about those around me." What all true warriors strive for: finally, a peace. And everyday was about the same. wake up, give the wife a small peck before quietly making her way up the stairs to brew a morning cup of tea. With the cup in hand and her cane in the other, Jorden leaves the house for a small walk around the town, just to check in on all of the locals. Stopping first by Elvish Bakes to see what Anna had baked for the day, then by Alicjo's shop; checking to see if he finally finished that wood carving he had been perpetually working on. Through her limped gaite, aided by that cane she held, she made her way to the tavern then, sound of a light tapping cane echoing against the walls, before seating herself for small chat with Anduin and May. And after the hours of the morning sun fade, the Brashton eventually makes her way back to her home, taking the afternoon hours to read away. "When my times comes, don't worry, I'll always be around" This day, Jorden started it off as any other day, but deep down inside she knew. She knew that something was going to happen. The older woman makes her rounds around the town, having her daily conversations with everyone, making sure everyone was taken care of. Even then, in her old age, she still sought to care for those she loved. But, instead of heading inside for the day after the morning hours passed away, she sat on her front porch. Watching people come and go through the city, giving small waves and a wry smile to those who have noticed her. "You will always remember me, in your heart and in your mind" As the hours of the afternoon have slowly faded away, so did the color behind the woman's remaining eye- slowly growing pale as the midnight moon rose high into the night sky. Tucking away a red tatter within a small black tome, she gently rested her left hand overtop the book, the right atop of her left, taking one final inhale; escaping her lips then as she mutters out simply, "I will love you, always and forever". The midnight moonlight caught the woman's wedding ring, giving it a shine as if it were new once more. The aged Brashton who was once full of life, finally getting the long deserved rest. The warrior can sleep peacefully once more… and for all.
  4. Assembly of the People The First Town Meeting of Veritas A welcome to all - either passing or staying. A town meeting will take place to first celebrate the construction of VERITAS, as well as offer the floor to anyone who may have questions, thoughts, or concerns. Many conversations to be had, and much information will be disclosed at this congregation of the upcoming days. If you've concerns that you wish to be addressed before or during the meeting, all are welcome to send a letter or speak to a Council Member prior to the gathering. This meeting shall take place within the tavern. Come prepared with any of your questions or concerns you have regarding the town and leadership, and ready yourself for the first town-wide gathering within VERITAS! Signed, GRAND JUSTICIAR, Anduin Dering, DAME Annabelle Kelmenour, JUSTICIAR, Jorden Brashton, JUSTICIAR, Alicjo Verrana of VERITAS
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