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  1. The Golden Vale peers over Veritas, a smile resting over their covered countance as they walk the quiet streets, "...Nothing makes me more proud to see the hard work pay off..."
  2. An eye for eye, a phrase we have all heard before Many of thy descendants have their two eyes, but there are many of us who only have one. Whether it was someone taking an eye out in a fit of anger, fighting along brothers and sisters on the battlefields, or just pure stupidity, wrong place; wrong time. Some even go to far lengths to say that it’s a family curse of sorts, each generation of one's family seeming to be missing the extra orb, leaving one side blinded; blinded to see oncoming attacks, or even missing just the finer details within their daily lives.
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A funeral is not a time to be sad but a time to remember all of the good memories of one's who've since passed. Jorden Brashton is one who we'll be having this gathering for, to remember her the way she would have wanted. This is a calling to bring everyone together once more, gather around the tavern, a time to remember, come to Veritas, her final resting place. Brothers of Virtue, all we ask of you is to wear your colors, hold your tatters high for our lost brother but never for
  4. “I will love you, always and forever.” As one goes through their years, they grow attachments to the many people around them. People come and go, relationships do the same. The blonde hair and blue eyed, aged Brashton has done the same as every descendant before her- foster relationships, learn to love those relationships, and eventually watch some take their final breaths. Jorden had never claimed to live an easy life, it was something she always had to gain throughout the years. Fighting; through the war with the Inferi and the countl
  5. “The Seven Skies will welcome you with open arms, Peter. That is one of the last things I told you.” Simply mutters out Palmer while walking the street of Providence after hearing the passing of the General, peering up to the night sky with her one eye gaze, looking to the cosmos. Coming to the entrance of the hospital, looking through the windows, peering to the d’Arkent family within, “If only Nicky was here, he should have been here.”
  6. It was another crisp and cold morning in the outskirts of Haesne, just another day with working for the Surgeon General, as the morning hours seem to fade away, the afternoon sun started to warm up the air. The Palmer takes this as a moment to gather her thoughts, pulling out a small black time that a small, delicate, and old blue orchid lays between the pages, seeming to stop on one that hold many memories, ones of Giada, Cosimo, then one of Gino. "The day I met you Gino, there was something about you that I just wasn't sure about" She simply mutters under her breath, "And I was right to
  7. The aging Palmer cackles while reading over the missive before continuing her day while sipping tea!
  8. The ageing Brashton, hums softly to herself, "Hey, that's the name I picked!"
  9. A forever ageing Justiciar holds her red tatter high within her house before slowly lowering herself onto a couch, letting out a deep sigh soon after.
  10. See you later our Lord and Savior! o7
  11. The young Elias sits outside of his dearly beloved aunts room, currled up with Nayda, his cat living doll. "Aunt Addie, please come 'ome, t'ere ist something Ich vant t' tell vy.." The boy murmurs out while tears start to stream down his cheeks. After sometime, the young Asul'onn makes his way up to his room, gently closing his door not to disturb his twin, seemingly trying to find a bit of comfort with this sudden loss of a loved one.
  12. Upon hearing the news of Gail finally retiring, the older woman comments, "So, Gail....are you ready for those drinks I owe you in Vertias?" She lightly chuckles with a tired smile resting over her visage!
  13. Jorden looks over the document a few times, her tired smile only growing "Let us bring some beautiful life to this amazing place!" Spoke the older woman as she signs her name.
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