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  1. The Union of Audrick and Kutznetsov [!] A depiction of the young couple in the gardens. All it took was a simple conversation which started to bloom and flourish as time went on, for a flaxen-haired girl and dark brown-haired boy, their stories began to intertwine and develop. Mister Adrian von Audrick and Miss Dijana Kuznetsov, join hands in holy matrimony within the next coming days, at the Basilica, after the ceremony there will be a small dinner party hosted at the couple’s home. Ceremony: This is a public event for all of Haense to attend if they wish, all are welcome to watch this joyous occasion between the eldest Audrick son and the youngest Kutznetsov daughter joined together for the rest of their lives, bound in marriage and love. The ceremony is going to be held in the Haense Basilica. Dinner Party: Shortly following the ceremony, there will be a private dinner party held at the couple's home, just near the gardens at Koengstreit IV. This party is mainly for those who are closest to the couple, family, and friends. Those with special invitations from the couple: Mister Ludwig von Audrick and the rest of the Audrick family Mrs. Sanja Kuznetsov and the rest of the Kuznetsov family Her Royal Highness Dorothea Isabel Barbanov-Bihar and her pedigree Her Royal Highness Aloisa Leisel Barbanov-Bihar and her pedigree Her Ladyship Viktoriya vas Ruthern Her Ladyship Juilya Barclay and her pedigree Her Ladyship Johanna Ludovar and her pedigree Mister D’Artagnan Palmer and his pedigree Mister Fabian Alcaraz and his pedigree Members of the Northern Geographical Society To the Kingdom of Haense: This is a public invitation to all who call Haense home, we welcome you with open arms to join us on this monumental occasion, feel free to stay for a short while or stay for the whole ceremony and we thank you ahead of time for joining the growth of the Audrick family. Mister Ludwig von Audrdick Mrs. Sanja Kutznetsov Mister Adrian von Audrick Miss Dijana Kutznetsov
  2. “Vy remind me so much of vyr mamej, little Emerald.” A father is never supposed to outlive his children, they are the ones who are supposed to watch him grow old and turn to dust. It was just a normal day for Elias, as each day passed it was harder for the aging Count Dowager to do normal tasks for himself but he still found a way to manage. What he thought was a normal day was soon to change rapidly when an Orenia courier arrived with a letter stating it was urgent. So Elias took a moment to steady himself before he opened the letter, slowly scanning over his. Everything stopped for him, right then and there, in the middle of his daily walk around the Vale, he just stopped. His breathing started to grow heavy, and his already exhausted gaze began to falter and well with tears which hasn’t happened for years now. The old Paladin began to weep for the loss of yet another child. “Nein...Nein…Nein” He repeated over and over again, his frail voice started to crack, “Nein.” He cried out, “Ve may have had our rough times but Ich have always loved you through everything.” His knees grew heavy, he held onto his cane tighter, his knuckles turning ghostly white as he fought to stand tall, “Tell vyr mamej that ich love her vhen vy see her, tell her ich did the best ich could.” He spoke to the heavens, “Tell her ich am sorry.” After some time, the old man finally fell to his knees, tears staining his scarred cheeks, for he just sat there, recalling many memories with his eldest daughter, watching her grow from afar, to their little adventures they took while they were both still young, to be a complete family. For a father shouldn’t have to bury his child.
  3. Skin Name: We're more ghosts than people Discord: StrongBear#1126 Bid: $10
  4. Adrian receives his letter, a moment of excitement washed over his young visage before fully reading the contents. He stopped, the lad who always had something to say was for once silenced. Instead of leaving his home, he just recoiled to his room, reminiscing the memories and those that could've been formed.
  5. [!] A rather worn piece of parchment with faded golden streaks lining the edges. As I sit upon this ledge, my gaze set upon the horizon. Bouncing back and forth between the stars, constantly pondering what's next to come. What is next for me? A lonely Paladin who constantly wonders what is to come the following day. What battles lie in front of not only myself but the communities I live within? What comes next for the Vale? What comes next for the Paladins of Xan? Even what comes next for Haense or even that of Oren? I sit here ‘pon my ledge, the years are slowly catching up with me. My reflexes slow, I grow with more wisdom than strength these days but am not afraid to put a young one in their place. Perhaps the following day will be my last, perhaps yet another thirty years to go. Either way, all I take is one step at a time, take a little bit through my day to watch the sky touch the ocean, watch the stars rise then fall, the moon taking the place of the shining sun then vice versa. Day in and day out, always the same and different. I am just an aging man, forever cursed by Horen with a shortened life span. I’ve lived a rather decent life, some I wish I could go back and change, alter how my actions and decisions affected the outcome of certain circumstances. There is nothing I can do to change the past, all I can do is take it, and use it as a mold for the future. For now, all I do is be thankful to wake up each and every day, perhaps even live it like it’s my last day. As I grow old, the gray overtakes the blonde more and more, my eyes grow heavy, and my face shows my age and battle-scarred visage. But that is only the surface and well, that is all some need to know. Their father, lover, son and grandson, friend, he is one who only shows what needs to be shown, for what lies deeper shall remain hidden until the time is right. When that time may be, is still unknown. Alas, here I sit ‘pon my ledge, my gaze dancing along with the stars to the unknown. Is it truly unknown or must we wait until our forever slumber arrives to fully know and understand what our lives truly meant to those around us? Upon the ledge, a graying man sits alone with a quill held tightly between his thumb and pointer, a journal resting atop his lap. Days in and day out, the old can be spotted, lost in his thoughts and the world around, drowning out the conversations, the sounds of nature ringing through his ears. Word after word, page after page, until the book was full then a subtle SNAP, the quill lay in two, falling to the pond below. For that old man dare not move from his ledge, for he would rather not be seen nor heard at times, merely listening from a distance. Oddly enough, this has been left unsigned, it could be that of just an old man's rambles...
  6. Perhaps the eldest son, Adrian von Audrick noticed his father was home more often then usual but yet he continued with his usual routine, get up early, stay out later, only to repeat the day after -over and over again. However, he did notice the painting, looking at it with such awe until he went on with his day.
  7. The aging Count Dowager of Halstaig hears of the news in passing but after all of these years of keeping to himself, he continues with such. Only to merely speak, "Only t'e best for my family."
  8. The aging Waldenian peers to the ships as they rose anew, "Ich am coming for t'e Governor and t'e Governor alone." He spoke mainly to himself as he turns his attention back to the map, battle plans running ramp it.
  9. There comes a time when one must meet their; judge, jury, and executioner. A woman with many names and faces, originally known as Astrid Palmer, was born in Al-Faiz long before the Inferi war. She lived a rather simple life but she was rather troubled, causing tavern fights at the age of seven, it only progressed from there, outside forces aiding with guiding her through the darker ways of life; an aunt of hers a practicing Shade, another lived among them as well, finally her father loving and caring from the start but it quickly changed on one fateful night thus which caused the young Palmer to leave and search out for her distant family, to hide from her father until she was certain it was time to return to him. But during that time, many plans came to light for the death of the man, it was kept secret from him until that night came about. The family of Palmer’s and Morgaine’s all in one house, the house in the mountains of Kaedrin, her father went to his old room while the chaos downstairs unfolded. Alone, Astrid and her father were in that room, the old man had drifted off to sleep. Soon thereafter the blood bath had begun, the child who once looked up to her father, was the one to be his end. Time only progressed from there, a life in Helena working underneath Ostromir Carrion and living with her Aunt Meredith in Haense. In her free time, she studied many different languages, cultures, and whatever else she could find, spent her time traveling to other cities to meet people and to cause trouble. But the trouble never seemed to stop, she was able to always weasel herself out of any situation and avoid banishments. One time in particular, in Talons Grotto, a past sovereign Gail Cordius, the man had fallen for Astrid’s trickery and deceit, which led to a banishment but she was easily able to beat the elder man in a fight to have the ban lifted. That was just one of many instances. Enough of the past, time to make the jump to the present. A friendship had been formed with another woman, one who possessed great power in this world; she was rather fond of Astrid and took her under her wing and crafted something that many did not see coming. A woman of ice and snow finding a new path in life, one that many only hear stories of. It was not easy, at first it was quite painful, blood turning to slush, teeth turning to fangs, having to hide away as the process took its course. But after such, Astrid turned into Theodora, the same woman but a new name and look, long brown curls with a blueish-gray gaze, a devious and cold nature about her, not a care in the world with only a few rules to abide by. Her newfound life, it started off small but then it started to grow, one mother to three daughters, close they became, helping to guide one another through the world with the life that they lived. Theodora was not like the rest around her, she was the odd one out, still yet closed off to the ones she trusted, she was rather fond of getting lost for days at a time in a library or lost on the roads of travel in search of who knows what; it could’ve been knowledge, new hunting grounds, or perhaps a life she had wished to change. On her many travels, she ran into some rather interesting people, ones who wish to see all darkspawn slan, she saved one with a warning to tread cautiously, another she worked within the Haense clinic, finally met someone who was in a drunken state but was in need of a deep conversation. Now at the conversation, many things were spoken between the two, a realization was opened up, a change , of course, was taken almost. But Theodora waited and kept to herself, offering a listening ear until she was alone as so she began to write, she wrote for days on end, recalling all accounts of her past life, old things of yore. Years seem to pass by, a snack break is taken from time to time but all she did was write, the writings never seem to stop until one day it did. And on that day, a perilous and treacherous journey was made. She stood in front of those imposing gates, waiting to be let in. All she had asked was for one last final conversation and so she was granted, a few more hours of such, a sinner repenting her sins, a final cup of tea. And so, her time upon this world had finally come, a fate long accepted. Astrid, the last of the Palmer bloodline, was no more.
  10. Two babies found alone, a story already starting. Once there was a set to twins, both flaxen hair with deep forest gaze. The older of the two, he was reserved, quiet, and had a harder time with certain things, the other, he was troubled, restless, and strived to follow in his family's footsteps. As time moved on, so did those twins. The elder turned to the merchant lifestyle, lived a rather simple life with his wife and children. The younger turned to a rougher life, one he was unsure if he would return home or not but had made a vow to his wife that he would return no matter what. Times continued to change, One brother lost his wife, lost his ways, and went to where no one could find him. The other brother also lost his wife, he fell from his tower down into a dark abyss, unable to bring himself back to the light. When all hope was lost, time seemed to slow. The younger, lost and broken, on the edge of giving up. The elder, still lost in the world, lost everything he once knew, his family had longed for his return, hoping he didn’t meet his end in the unknown. The winds and tides suddenly shifted, The elder, he eventually crawled his way back to civilization, back to his family that had longed for his return, still broken and unsure but proud to be at his brother’s side once more. But the younger, still struggling to survive, ever so slowly inching his way back to his tower. All it took for him to strive once more, was something worth fighting for. And so, that same pair of twins, beaten, broken, and lost. After years have passed, they had grown distant from one another, lived two different lives, coped in different ways, ran from the world, only to hide from the pain that it brought them. As the gray strands started to streak their flaxen locks, only did they finally return to each other’s side, to accept that they have changed and were back together once more, that brotherly bond still standing true. Two brothers, standing at each other’s side, filling the gaps of time that had been lost.
  11. An aging Highlander idly paces through the main floor of his home within Urguani lands, a letter of the young Duke's death held loosely in his grip, pondering away at his last interaction with the man, "Vyr Grace." He scoffs, shaking his head, a look of disgust washing over his scarred visage, "Helton, vy vere a kind soul at vun point, but vy changed and nicht for t'e better." He spoke to no one but himself, "Vy vere scared, lost, broken, 'n need of aid, but vy didn' ask for it, vy just pushed everyvun vho cared about vy away. Even almost t'reathen me, of all people, vy should'v known better." Elias fall silent soon after his conversation with himself, even if a bit of hatred had formed for Helton but then again, it could be the fact that he lived in Oren, home of the damned. That same Highlander knew better to keep his thoughts about Helton to himself, slowly making up many flights of stairs to return to his room, swiftly finding his wife to console the woman that had practically lost a son, one not by blood but by bond.
  12. Skin: Fuzzy Shoulders Bid: 10 usd Skin: Fuzzy Shoulders 2 Bid: 10 usd Discord: StrongBear#1126
  13. [!] A little lad runs around all through Sedan, offering and hanging up poorly drawn fliers to every child and adult around! [!] A poorly drawn crest for the Kingdom of Sadoon To the children of Sedan and not the ones of stinky Oren: I, Koeng Adrian, wish to gather off all of the children and declare our independence as a free nation under Prince Fredrick Stanimar! We no longer will be used and aboosed by our parents as their personal servants! Don’t worry, I will have my mother provide snacks so we don’t go hungry! And we will also have a puppy at all of our meetings! And we will have someone stand guard to make sure no adults try to sneak into our meetings! I, the Koeng of Sadoon, need YOU today! We shall join each other to stand up to the smelly adults and fight against the rules of the house! Join me, it’ll be fun, anyone and everyone can join unless you are an adult or from Oren! Signed,
  14. A young tenant came into the Count Dowager of Halstaig’s chamber, the man who lay awake all hours of the night, quietly took the missive to not wake the other who slept. Elias, scanned over the letter, a small gasp escaping his lips, taking a moment to reflect on the first time he met the young Petra. “Vyr nein fun.” The young girl spoke to the Asul’onn when he attempted to stop her from going into the library at the Palace, so she wouldn’t see an argument, “Vy don’ need t’ see t’at.” He spoke in return. - Years started to drift after that, they lived different lives across the world, but every so often the Highlander would return, and when he did, he always tried to find Petra to just check in. The Count releases a soft sigh, lightly shaking his head, “It ist time t’at ich pay my Aunt a visit, ich know s’e ist nicht takin’ t’is vell.” He spoke into the candlelit room, looking to the dark sky through his window, waiting for the morning sun to creep over the mountains.
  15. Shhhh, I fixed it a bit, now I'm going back to selling my soul
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