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  1. Shhhh, I fixed it a bit, now I'm going back to selling my soul
  2. [!] A missive has been posted on all available poster boards all through Almaris Monstrous, freak of the night, I made my step, the hunt has long since started, the plan has finally come together and the first few steps have been made. Your little sibling, well, they have a new room, no longer will they wander the roads aimlessly. We found where they were spending the day and waited for them to step within the lions' maw, for then we took your little pet. They scream all hours of the night, longing to be set free from their cell. You know where to find me, for even then, I shall leave the front gates open for you, so that you may flaunt right in and even take what is yours. It was only a matter of time with this; just lying in wait, waiting for the weakest link to step out into the open. As for this, well, I will let you decide, it’s your move to make now. Do make it quick, I’m not sure how long I can keep my brothers in arms at bay. Oh, how I have longed for this to come to an end, sitting and planning is not something I tend to do. But for this; I’ve spent many, many, days of planning, hours of going back and forth with different ideas. Meeting after meeting being held month after month, everything finally coming together, for this is glorious. Perhaps you are just another piece in this chess match, we will just have to wait and see what your next move is. The lion must feast when he grows hungry for he shall devour. Signed E.O.A
  3. The Count Dowager of Halstaig emerges from the depths of the estate, taking the missive from a tenet whom passed by, "Rest easy lad." Elias mutters out while taking a pot of freshly brewed coffee only to return to the lower floors once more, going back to work. "He ist just a causality 'f a pointless war, hopefully t'ings will come t' an end soon, so nein more need t' burry t'eir children, husbands, or wives," He spoke to no one in particular.
  4. The Count Dowager of Halstaig, skims over the missive about his niece's funeral while in Haense, pondering if he shall return even amidst times of war.
  5. [!] Posted on all available missive boards through all of Almaris No longer can I sit back and wait for this freak of nature to lie in wait for me to step into their grasp. No longer do I wish to be the mouse in the game, it is time, time to move forth and be each other's downfall. One of us may fall and the end of the game will come with that but until then, I always keep an open eye out for you, warn the people who you have brought pain and harm to aid in this torment, even if you find a sick and twisted sense of humor to this. You know who you are, I do not need to give your name the fame that comes with being posted on a missive, your name is already famed enough though me. An eye for an eye; a hand for a hand, so on and so forth. Far too long has this game been going back and forth, too long have I pushed forward then get shoved three steps back, too long have I allowed you to just simply walk over me. No more; no more of this slander to my good graces or what very little I have remaining. You know where to find me, you know what cities I patrol, you know my people, even if you ask, they shall bird me with news of your arrival. I grow tired of the consistent worry that you are lurking behind within the shadows of the street. Perhaps this time around, I shall be the one to come out on top, be the one to be the victor of this battle, throw the fight the same as you did this last time. But I will allow you this and this one time only, you and I alone, a meeting place of my choosing, none of my hounds nor yours, settle this as we have spoken. The lion must feast when he grows hungry for he shall devour. Signed E.O.A
  6. The lone Highlander paces into the empty Keep, his worn gaze slowly looking over the pinned letter, "Don' do anyt'ing stupid out t'ere, remember ich am t'e family idiot." He jest to himself as he moves to the upper floors, returning to his room.
  7. Amidst a conversation being held within a private study somewhere deep within the Orenian Empire, an Asul'onn, curls his digits around the missive, awaiting for the opposite party to take their leave before scanning over the crumpled paper once more, his gaze growing cold, "Vell, vell, vell" He groused, looking towards his armor, brows furrowing, "It ist time; time for t'e so called followers 'f a false GOD t' fall..."
  8. Skin: The Tudor Bid: $15 usd Discord: I hope you know it Previous Bidder: Nein
  9. A lone figure in armor, alone he sat among nothing more than stone ruins. His gaze set on the distant treeline, thoughts and inquiries running through his mind. Footsteps growing louder as an odd pair of siblings drew near, yet the man did not look at them, for he knew why they had arrived. Only a few words were exchanged before the man came down from his perch, his lip quivering as he offers himself a small cant of prayer, his helmet did not cover his flaxen locks, perhaps this would come back to haunt him. Blades were drawn and alchemical concoctions shaken, still that man waited to bring forth his hammer. Suddenly, a Tanglefoot was thrown, shattering at the man's feet. He knew he had no chance of escaping it, so he stood there ready for the young freak to make their move. They rush forth, attempting to drive their blade into his dominant shoulder, causing the man to open his body, dropping his hammer. He retaliates with a quick jab to the left side, then a heavy strike with his right to the little one's chest to send it back. The elder of the siblings, dare intervene, only yelling commands and coaching the young, giving aid if it were needed to help bring down the towering man. O'how fleet-footed the young one was, she darted around the man, heaving his hammer up to her shoulder. The Highlander was crouched, smashing his way out of the solid goop at his feet. As he went to stand, that hammer came down, crunching and crippling his back plate, forcing the man back onto the ground with a pained groan. He did not stay idle. Unable to see his attacker, he forced himself onto his back. The little one did not hesitate nor wait for the man to stand, they brought his hammer back down with much power, aiming to destroy his right knee. The man saw this and forced himself to roll back out of the way before pushing himself to stand with heavy and pained exhales. The Highlander took a sharp inhale, planting his right foot before pushing off with it, sending his shoulder into the chest of the freak once more. As the little creature started to fall, the man curled his digits around their collar, holding her up. He should've just let her go, he should've had his helmet on, maybe he should have called his auric murk. The little freak started to dig her gnarled claws into face, digging and scraping around his left eye. He clenched his jaws, using his other hand to hold the little one by her side, lifting up before sending her into the ground. Maybe he should have just let her go, maybe he shouldn't have done this. As the little one was being driven into the ground, her claws found what she was intending to do, as the man released it, a forest orb was held tight in the little freaks grasp, crimson running down the man's countenance, covering his chest plate. The elder finally made their way down from their seat, coating a blade with another concoction. They stood, speaking toward the man before they drove the burning blade into his hip and pulled him in close to drive it deeper. The Highlander bellowed his pain, a hand falling from his missing eye, his other grabbing ahold of the freaks shoulder, pushing against her, trying to push himself back to pull the blade from his hip. But it was to no avail, she pushed the blade in deeper, moving her dominant foot between his legs, pushing him to the ground. There he fell, prone, in pain, bleeding, his chest rapidly rising and falling, the freak did not stop there. They took the searing hot blade and drove it into his left hand, the man fell silent in pain, a scream nor whimper escaped his lips, he just stared at the thing. Was he going to finally meet his end here? Was it his time to join his mother? Was it his time, that his actions would be his downfall? The freak spoke more and more. The man, barely conscious, responded with a few words of his own before lifting his free hand, curling his digits around the blade that was burning and melting his hand and left gauntlet, painfully pulling it out and throwing the weapon. He was told to crawl away but he did not. Pride lifted him from the dirt, as the man forced himself back to his feet, his left leg barely working as it just hung there, chest heaving, a mix of sweat and crimson coating his face and his heavy plate. A lone figure in armor, alone he walked among nothing more than stone ruins forcing himself to return to his place of comfort…
  10. So what is your quote that you have saved from an RP you've done? Who is your favorite character? When can we take over an empire? Also movie night when?
  11. I would say I will miss you but I'll see you on the flip side, all things said and done. Much love for you neo, talk to you soon, I know where to find you! <3
  12. "Come back t' me, ich am nicht ready t' add another ring t' my necklace" "I promise." Elias's middle child, Eloise came storming into Keep within dwed lands, a crinkled letter held tightly, shoving it into her father's grasp. O'how did this young woman sob into her father's chest, asking question after question, speaking to the highlander, before he sent her off to be with her siblings. The Asul'onn found himself deep within the castle, looking to the painting of his wife he hung on the wall after she left on this trip, pacing back and forth within his room, violently shaking his head, "It's t' soon, vy vere supposed t' live longer t'en me." He calls out to the emptiness, his steps pick up, back and forth, back and forth, he goes, "Iduna, vy, nein." The Paladin chokes out, looking to his coffee mug on the edge of his desk, holding it tightly before he sent it flying into the nearest wall before dropping to his knees, tears start to stream down his visage once more, "Vhat am ich supposed t' do now? Ich am already fallin' apart, vy laid vitness, vy vere keepin' me held t'gether." He chokes out, his screams of pain and sorrow ring throughout the rather quiet Sunbreak, his voice growing hoarse. "Vy said vy vould come back, VY LIED, here ich am, alone, vithout vy, ve are never goin' t' see each other again, vy 'n t'e seven skies, ich von' be t'ere t' feel vyr embrace..." Minutes turn to hours, that turns to days, Elias leaves his worn and growing ever more tired gaze on the horizon, another ring hanging from his necklace, "Vy made a promise, Iduna, ich made t'e same and ich alvays returned. Ve vere young vhen me met, vy vere my best friend, my only friend for t'e longest time." He pauses, "Ich never stopped lovin' vy, ich never gave up, t'rough t'e t'ick and t'in, ve had each other, odds vere against us but ve proved t'em vrong." A husband, a father, a brother, a son, a Paladin, he had nothing left holding him together, the slowly breaking man, had reached his breaking point. The once tall and humble man, now lays in ruins, turning his back on the world and his duties to come.
  13. That so called young one, found himself near that faithful tower, finding a seat along the ledge, curling his hand around yet another new coffee mug, "Ich should've hit him again." The highlander lowly mutters to himself, glancing to his healing knuckles, "Tis vhat happens vhen vy mess vith t'e lion...Vy get eaten." He said with a ligh shake of his head, his gaze rising to the Horizon, only leaving himself to ponder.
  14. The missive arrives to the County of Halstaig, finding it's way into the gardens where the Count found himself seated with his mug of coffee, idly sipping on it wiliest he scans it over. Elias, Uncle to the young debutant, hums something unsung, "Time flies vhen vy get old." He chuckles to himself, "But ich took a vow and vill be t'ere 'n my bruders place." He softly spoke to the old golden lab who was curled up at his feet.
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