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  1. Skin Name/Number – Bid (List multiple separately please!) 24. Male Robes: 10usd - Zadie Discord: StrongBear#1126
  2. Izin Colborn rests a hand upon the his wife's shoulder as she sat in her office, his gaze scanning over the missive before it was sent out, "Hopefully they'll learn something from this, liebe. They need to be taken down a notch or two." @worldeltaii
  3. Am I your favorite son?
  4. From above in the seven skies, Adrian looks down upon his eldest and Karl, "You're a better man, one I wished I could've been." He looks to his wife a moment before returning his attention to the world before, a small smile resting on his visage.
  5. Death is a part of the circle of life. New life is brought into the light, They grow and excel through life. Until one day while they’re old and gray, The circle closes upon itself. Another life has come to pass. It was a rather brisk morning on this particular day, Adrian went about his morning but this day was different from the rest. He packed a small bag with several articles of warm clothing, his favorite book, a journal, and a quill. He looks around his room one last time, several paintings of his wife and children. “...This is my last journey….” As he stepped outside, the fresh snow crunching under his feet as he started his long trek to the far reaches of the north. He just kept walking. Flashbacks to his youth years, watching his sister murder their father and then take her own life, his wedding, the beating of Emir de Rosius by his own hands, the birth of his children, and finally the death of his Dijana. As all of his memories continue to shroud his vision, Adrian zones back into reality, now standing atop a mountain covered in snow, an ice field resting below. "....I'm sorry..." For those who’re close to Adrian, they would surely notice his absence, either his friends or his family. The question would remain, “...Where’s Adrian?..”
  6. Adrian silently wept for his dying wife, watching her slowly pass in her arms, he once more fell silent, the same as he did many years ago... He took some time to collect himself before setting off to Reinmar, looking for his Eldest. "Alexandra, your mutter is off to start her next adventure." He said to her, watching her drop to her knees, as a father he knew he had to be strong for his children, so he went to her, pulling her into a warm embrace, "I know it hurts, it gets better over time." He softly told her. However what the others around him didn't know, it would be the start of his very own downfall.
  7. First, it was Iduna and Auden, then Elias came into the picture, and that duo suddenly turned into a trio -Iduna, Auden, and Elias. The three of them had their good times and their bad, it was a normal thing for them. Iduna passed, then it became just Auden and Elias, they grew old together, they went from spry and energetic young men to graying old men, both turning ninety. There was a shout just outside the Vale, "One of yours has fallen.." The attention suddenly turned to the gates, there standing at the front of the crowd was that old man Elias, he squints attempting to make out the body that was propped up in the grass but there was something off, he just knew something wasn't right. He took the charge to go investigate, he stood over that body, it was too familiar to him, he knew who it was. Someone shouts, "What is it?" Elias remained silent for a few moments as he took time to assess and process what could've possibly happened. "It's my brother." He spouts in return to the group, he carefully collected the decapitated body of his brother Auden, looking to the people behind him one last time before making the long trek back to their former home of Halstaig. With every step, the weight of the body seemed to get heavier but he continued on, "We're almost there." He spoke as he slowly passed the Eastern Fleet, all the memories of their relationship, even Iduna came flashing into view as he passed old Providence, "Your sister will be happy to see you again brother." He said with a pained chuckle, continuing on, passing through the ruins of Esbec, finally, Halstaig was in his sights, "Give Iduna my love for me, that's all I can ask of you." He looks down at the body in his arms, shaking his head, "I guess I'm the last one now, aren't I?" He then looks up to the night sky as the sun started to lick the horizon, "Home has never felt so empty." Elias did what he needed to do one last time at Halstaig before finally turning his back on his old home, there was nothing left for him there, his wife has long since been dead, Auden was now dead, and his eldest Theodosia has been resting peacefully, Eloise was having the adventure of her life. For that old man returned to his home in the forest of the west, only to get back what to what he knows best, keeping his mind busy, trying to keep himself sane.
  8. For a boy to turn into a man, he must go through trials and tribulations. - The same goes for a squire who wishes to become a Paladin. As one would expect Elias Asul’onn went through many such things, either it would be his two marriages or even from being a squire to Paladin, many bumps on the journey and many different paths but all reached the same end goal, well they did for a time. It was supposed to be a normal patrol, nothing was supposed to go awry but everything quickly went downhill. One…two….three….there were only two left against a congregation before long only one remained standing, there the now silver-haired man. Elias stood alone given an ultimatum - to surround or risk the life of another. He quickly weighed his options, the percentage of fighting more, the percentage of his chance of survival if he were to be taken as a captive. His choice had come forward, offering his hands to those he lost against, there was no need for him to even put up a fight for it surely was a losing one in that situation. So for the time being, the old man was held in a deep cell within the Queendom. To help pass his time, many visitors flocked to see the Paladin that had been captured but they were all taken back by his words, by his calmness, and even by the topic of conversations many spent hours listening to. Elias had lost track of time, there were no windows, and he only felt the cold blizzard once, that was when he was allowed to go outside but had to remain bound in chains. As more time slipped by, there was suddenly an array of familiar voices calling out for the silver hair man, his time of rescue had arrived. Before he knew it, there stood the familiar elfess in the entryway of his cell, his grandmother along with a few others had come to rescue the old man which was possibly a deathly fate. Once on the surface of the Queendom once more, there he was greeted by many brothers and sisters in arms from the Vale. A few days had passed since his return to civilization, and Elias slowly got back to working on what needed to be done for a Paladin’s duties never rest. He was called to help secure a prized target, one he had just seen days before his capture at the Queendom. He silently recalled the interaction but he had work to do, the ritual had to be done for it would’ve taken a major player off the battlefield for the time being or so he thought. Another set of days passed, Elias was chatting with a friend within the tavern at the Vale before another came shouting for help, that there was something in the woods harassing people. So the old man did what he does, change into his armor and fetch his weaponry before stepping out of the Vale with two others in tow. Once they were in the wood, there Elias saw who should’ve been locked away, confused but didn’t show it, few words were spoken back and forth before Elias turned his attention towards the large flesh golem, he was called to challenge it would have been dishonorable for the man to turn down such a thing. So there he stood, battling it out with a large flesh creature but however the Lich had other plans, for he had also brought another undead soldier but he barely moved nor defended, easily taken out at the end. The battle in the woods took some time but it only caused the Paladin to grow more tired and irritated with the circumstances, everything was adding up to something but what was that something? Elias was given a warning, he was even told not to wander alone outside of the Vale. Keep inside the walls for he should surely be safe? The Vale was always kept under lock and key, one way in and many ways out if one were to jump from the walls into the ocean below. It was the safest place he could be, right? If people were truly after him they wouldn’t be so brazen enough to attempt an attack from the Vale, not in the slightest with the chance of survival. At first, it was an anonymous letter, which was quickly talked about among fellow paladins, Elias quickly shrugged it off since he had not planned on leaving the Vale, then it was a random shout from a stranger asking for him. It was now, Elias started to piece things together, maybe they were targeting him but how could he possibly be different from the rest in the Order, was it because he was deemed as an easy target after his capture? Another shout rings from the Vale gate. This time it was familiar, it was the same Lich that he had dealt with earlier, the old man’s heart began to race now but he did not show the internal panic that was raging. He found another friend, giving him a warning before moving to his house, gathering what he needed, and quickly scribbled down a call for help. He passes in front of the gate, not even batting an eye at the scene out there as he makes his way to the aviary, quickly finding a bird to send a letter off. There stood a stranger in front of him, one the old man has never seen before, then suddenly from behind a butt of an ax came down upon Elias’ head, causing the man to stumble, he shouts, calling for help, as Elias looked back, he caught a quick glimpse of four then everything went dark. The next feeling to wash over the Paladin was something that he had not felt before, it was not the warmth from his Lord's blessing, it was something far darker and macabre, his very soul was whisked away, leaving his mortal body lifeless as he went into the very depths of Hell where he stood before Ebrietaes, seeing everything that no mortal man should be able to see, all of the sin and abomination that call this place home, it was nothing but pure horror for the old man. Where his soul was, it wished to make its return to the mortal plane, back to the husk it was from. Suddenly life had awoken in Elias once more, but it was not on the battlefield, but it was in his house, his room surrounded but three people, people he would lay his life down for. He was horrified by what he saw, those images will be forever engraved within his mind for he was surely going to overcome those sleepless nights once more hopefully.
  9. Adrian von Audrick, a Voice for Commoners! A portrait of Adrian von Audrick, cira 432. Introduction: Mister Adrian von Audrick, born in the year 408, is the eldest son between Adalaide and Ludwig von Audrick. He was raised under his father’s strict teachings of old military tactics and politics for he was supposed to replace his father at some point as the Chancellor in Haverlock but it was soon war ravished a few years later. His family was then moved to Haense, where Adrian continued to grow and turn into a soft spoken yet intelligent man with the help of others around him. He, however, chose not to follow in his father's footsteps in military life but chose to stay in the political route of things, attending Court sessions and Duma meetings whenever he could. Promises and Goals: Adrian von Audrick vows to help continue the growth in relations between the social classes to help push Haense forward with stronger interrelations. Even if he may come off as hard-headed and stubborn, Adrian is always welcomed new ideas and listens to those around him for critiques and criticism when they are needed. -Help further the relations between those of Noble birth and those of Common -Help find ways for those of Common birth to further themselves through the social ranks if they so wish to. -To aid with creating and drafting new bills that are idealized and brought forth before the Duma members. With high hopes Mister Adrian von Audrick hopes the electorates of Haenseti-Ruska vote for him for his first term as Royal Alderman in the upcoming elections!
  10. IGN: Itz_StrongBear Character Name: Adrian von Audrick Age: 27 Place of Residence: Lorraine Lane 3 Position: Alderman
  11. The young patriarch of house Audrick, keeps to himself, oddly silent for once. (reserved)
  12. “A deer tethered with a golden chain can escape to the forest to eat grass.” I, Adrian von Audrick have taken my father’s place as head of the Audrick family. With everything that has happened over the years, it’s time to make a public statement about such a small title change, but I will take what I was given, with the help of my lovely wife and my siblings, to take our family to greater heights. We may not be well known to the Kingdom as of yet but must start off as a fawn before you grow into your antlers. The Family Born in the City of Karosgrad to Jakob and Alexandra Bishop, Ludwig was the youngest of four other siblings including his twin brother Franz Bishop. Upon learning of his Father's Sedanian background, Ludwig became determined to rebuild his Family's image within the Principality of Sedan, but ultimately came to a disagreement with the main Bishop branch of the family. Taking the name "Von Audrick" after his Grandfather and progenitor of the Bishop-Audrickian line, Ludwig left Haense and traveled to the capital of Sedan. Ludwig met and fell in love with Adelaide, a tailor-shop owner living in Yong Ping who originally hailed from Elysium. The pair eloped within the basilica of San Luciano, and the two moved into a small cottage in Louisville together. It is here that their first children were born; twins named Adrian and Amorie. With Haverlock being constructed after the Tripartite victory in the Siege of Southbridge, Ludwig would move his family into the city and would go on to have three more children while living in the city Aldrich, Annette, and Apollo von Audrick. However, after unsuccessfully partaking in the defense of Haverlock when the Imperial armies besieged the city, Ludwig and Adelaide evacuated their children to Karosgrad and settled into a manor that would be able to fit the growing von Audrick family. "Like the fire of the sun, my fury never rests" Ludwig von Audrick @Javert Ludwig von Audrick (Born Ludwig Bishop c. 32 S.A.) is a Haeseni-born former Sedanian politician and soldier. Much of Ludwig's younger years were spent studying military tactics, Haeseni, and Sedanian history, and researching his Family's origins. Ludwig both enlisted in the Sedanian Army and was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Sedan. As Vice-Chancellor, Ludwig offered counsel to Prince Leopold and encouraged/assisted in the construction of a new Sedanian capital (later becoming known as Haverlock). Nowadays, Ludwig spends much of his retirement with his wife Adelaide and painting many different works of art. Current age: 52 “Even when my soul is tired, I will always find strength for my children.” Adelaide von Audrick @wowsirss The first matriarch of the von Audrick household, Adelaide was now elderly and retired. Although she kept many secrets from her children, she was remembered as a kind, open-hearted mother, even to children who were not her own. Current age: 49 “How much can a crown be worth, when a crow can dine upon a king?” Adrian von Audrick The second and current patriarch of the von Audrick family, Adrian was a sassy and arrogant child, the polar opposite of his twin sister Amorie who was more daring and troubled. Growing up in Sedan, he looked to potentially follow his father's footsteps by joining the military but as he turned into his teen years, he looked in the other direction towards the political side of things. As he grew, so did the number of women falling at his feet vying for his hand to court but he had his attention set upon his future wife, Dijana Kuznetsov. The pair grew close quickly but evidently, waited until they were out of their teen years before tying the knot. Currently, Adrian's focus is on his growing family and a bigger plan for the future. Current age: 25 "Ay, Adrian! Vhat are du vaiting for? Ve're going t' find Vikky!" Amorie von Audrick @bloomtiara The young woman's face appears very close to her own brothers', usually confined within her room at the top of their home in Haense; without anyone's idea what she was up to. She works for the NGS, setting off on adventures with a grin to aid her usually pallid and exhausted features. Current age: 25 "They say 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. But... that doesn't mean it can't hurt." Aldrich von Audrick @PixlHoopa Aldrich Ariel von Audrick is a young man, twin of Annette von Audrick. He often finds himself in rather unusual situations, which over time, has the blame placed upon his red vest. Therefore, it had been personally deemed the 'Variable Vest' by his own words. Holding onto his Auverginian accent, Aldrich greets any and all, friend or foe, by Monsieur or Mademoiselle respectively. Current age: 23 “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” Annette (Annie) von Audrick @TaytoTot The youngest daughter of Ludwig and Adelaide, Annette is a sweet young woman, full of spirit. From a young age, she was encouraged to follow her dreams and she did such, pursuing music and sewing. Current age: 23 “Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” Apollo von Audrick @ThanksChris The fifth of six von Audrick children, Apollo spent more of his childhood among the livestock than the other children. Despite the immense struggles facing the family after the fall of Haverlock, none took more readily to the pastoral lifestyle of Louisville than Apollo. He spent early mornings minding the pig pens, long days working the fields with his father, and cramped evenings hiding whatever pets he could in the small home they all shared. After the relocation of the family to Karosgrad he was able to find work in the stables, sparking a lifetime fascination with and dedication to the care and breeding of horses for agriculture, racing, and war. Reclusive by nature and prone to spending weeks at a time alone on the farm, the recent outbreak of conflict has compelled the reserved Apollo to step out into society once more to serve and lend his experience in animal husbandry to the Brotherhood. Riding into battle on his trusted warhorse Löwenzahn, Apollo is determined to avenge the fall of Sedan and perhaps to earn a good pension with which to open a stable of his own one day. Current age: 21 "All we need is a cause to fight for. And for me, that cause is you." Aurelian von Audrick @Riftiro A boy who's pretty naive as he's young, but picks up on little details quickly around him. He's very laid back, social, and enjoys setting things on fire and playing with others a lot. He looks up to his older siblings and loves to be around them. He also has a very sharp tongue that he's not aware of, and might say things that seem offensive to others, though he usually has no intentions to hurt anyone when he says it. Current age: 12 “ It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything” Dijana von Audrick @Exolaltyl0305 The second and current matriarch of the Audrick family. She was raised in a peasant home with a brother that was barely around. She was very close to her uncle And mother. Her father was part of the guard so she wouldn’t see him very often but they were close as well. She was a very aggressive little girl but after the loss of her father and uncle, she changed and became more relaxed. Her life started to change on one random day when the young Adrian asked if she would accompany him on a little adventure. Current age: 24 “Ooo, butterflies!” Alexandra von Audrick @Ztrog The eldest daughter between Dijana and Adrian, a sassy young girl like her father, well guarded and protected by her parents and the rest of her family. Current age: 1
  13. The Union of Audrick and Kutznetsov [!] A depiction of the young couple in the gardens. All it took was a simple conversation which started to bloom and flourish as time went on, for a flaxen-haired girl and dark brown-haired boy, their stories began to intertwine and develop. Mister Adrian von Audrick and Miss Dijana Kuznetsov, join hands in holy matrimony within the next coming days, at the Basilica, after the ceremony there will be a small dinner party hosted at the couple’s home. Ceremony: This is a public event for all of Haense to attend if they wish, all are welcome to watch this joyous occasion between the eldest Audrick son and the youngest Kutznetsov daughter joined together for the rest of their lives, bound in marriage and love. The ceremony is going to be held in the Haense Basilica. Dinner Party: Shortly following the ceremony, there will be a private dinner party held at the couple's home, just near the gardens at Koengstreit IV. This party is mainly for those who are closest to the couple, family, and friends. Those with special invitations from the couple: Mister Ludwig von Audrick and the rest of the Audrick family Mrs. Sanja Kuznetsov and the rest of the Kuznetsov family Her Royal Highness Dorothea Isabel Barbanov-Bihar and her pedigree Her Royal Highness Aloisa Leisel Barbanov-Bihar and her pedigree Her Ladyship Viktoriya vas Ruthern Her Ladyship Juilya Barclay and her pedigree Her Ladyship Johanna Ludovar and her pedigree Mister D’Artagnan Palmer and his pedigree Mister Fabian Alcaraz and his pedigree Members of the Northern Geographical Society To the Kingdom of Haense: This is a public invitation to all who call Haense home, we welcome you with open arms to join us on this monumental occasion, feel free to stay for a short while or stay for the whole ceremony and we thank you ahead of time for joining the growth of the Audrick family. Mister Ludwig von Audrdick Mrs. Sanja Kutznetsov Mister Adrian von Audrick Miss Dijana Kutznetsov
  14. “Vy remind me so much of vyr mamej, little Emerald.” A father is never supposed to outlive his children, they are the ones who are supposed to watch him grow old and turn to dust. It was just a normal day for Elias, as each day passed it was harder for the aging Count Dowager to do normal tasks for himself but he still found a way to manage. What he thought was a normal day was soon to change rapidly when an Orenia courier arrived with a letter stating it was urgent. So Elias took a moment to steady himself before he opened the letter, slowly scanning over his. Everything stopped for him, right then and there, in the middle of his daily walk around the Vale, he just stopped. His breathing started to grow heavy, and his already exhausted gaze began to falter and well with tears which hasn’t happened for years now. The old Paladin began to weep for the loss of yet another child. “Nein...Nein…Nein” He repeated over and over again, his frail voice started to crack, “Nein.” He cried out, “Ve may have had our rough times but Ich have always loved you through everything.” His knees grew heavy, he held onto his cane tighter, his knuckles turning ghostly white as he fought to stand tall, “Tell vyr mamej that ich love her vhen vy see her, tell her ich did the best ich could.” He spoke to the heavens, “Tell her ich am sorry.” After some time, the old man finally fell to his knees, tears staining his scarred cheeks, for he just sat there, recalling many memories with his eldest daughter, watching her grow from afar, to their little adventures they took while they were both still young, to be a complete family. For a father shouldn’t have to bury his child.
  15. Skin Name: We're more ghosts than people Discord: StrongBear#1126 Bid: $10
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