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  • creamynoteblock

    the redditposting is getting out of hand i am not reading allat

  • Benleft

    If anything that you don’t immediately agree with but gets a few upvotes is a repfarm, we need to talk about runesmithing. It’s not just a repfarm. It’s not just a pipe dream.

    Please laddeh, lightning can strike. you can write a sub that it’s both interesting and fits LT’s desires. 

  • Tav

    lotcs biggest complainers mad that it's not them rep-farming now so it has to stop

  • siglms_

    I recently mentioned that one of my biggest gripes with LOTC is the lack of an economy. 


    However, that doesn't even make a dent in my biggest gripe. Lemme ask you a few questions.


    1. What other staff team on LOTC is allowed to openly and plainly call members of the community that disagree with them the "Weirdo Brigade?"


    2. What other staff team on LOTC is allowed to walk around in a FNAF purple guy skin or use their powers to teleport someone to Lurin and back?


    3. What other staff team on LOTC accepts or denies your hard-worked writing "depending on who is reviewing it and what kind of day they're having?"


    4. What other staff team on LOTC wants you to not enjoy your fun, but their fun? 


    5. What other staff team on LOTC uses the volunteer-card when the community corners them?


    6. What other staff team on LOTC openly makes public posts for all to see detailing how another staff team isn't doing their jobs correctly?


    7. What other staff team on LOTC openly mentions that they don't like specific lorepieces due to the previous connotations of the community that had it?


    Just food for thought. 


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  • Astrophysical

    I like seeing an imaginary number go up

  • satinkira

    I would note that no-one disagrees that the current server has issues, but when the issues are brought to community discussion on the forums certain people belittle them and call them repfarms, the 'joke' being that no-one actually cares about the health of the server and that everything is ironic and posted for rep and social clout - a somewhat self-revealing assertion. If a community widely understands that the current state of the server is not what it could be, then it is GOOD that discussion is held to remedy it; it is GOOD that a contreversial group seeks out feedback in order to improve. 

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