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  • King_Kunuk

    Hello! I am new to LotC server and I just made my character

    I am in a bit of a pickle though, as I am not entirely sure if they should live in the Silver City of the Elves or in another elf nation that is less 'xenophobic' to the other races

    I have good arguments for both, but I guess I would rather get a community opinion rather then try to make it my own due to others having more experience here.

    The High Elf in question is named Maehir, and is a scholar/mage(?)/studier of history, magic, and all things unknown. He, like other high elves does believe in the idea of purity. However he is not a super purist at heart. He has a fondness for the 'lesser' races of the realms (mainly humans), and seeks to mimic them in the ways they peruse goals in their short lives and isn't a bigot towards them, nor is one to look down at their inherit 'inferiority'. Due to this conflicting ideal he has, I have been rather stuck on where he should live. Should he have home in the Silver City? Or should he live in a different elven realm (do know he was born in the Silver City to begin with, and does follow many High Elf customs depending on what they are)

  • Dragonayr

    Just listed hundreds of RP items on AH for 1 mina, go grab em cheap, all kinds of random **** haven't bothered to look probably a hidden gem or two in the bunch. Dunamis in Petrus.

  • DrakeHaze.

    Question: To the players that enjoy war conflict, pvp or other such conflict, why do you not raid eachother knowing you'll both enjoy it and you'll be able to progress some story?

  • gameingg

    the m*derator who kicked me from the lotc discord will find a very sticky and foul smelling package in his mailbox tommorow i assure you









    please do not ban me for threats pleas epleas eplease 

  • Tigergiri

    about an 1hr 20m left on my skin auction 




  • NotEvilAtAll  »  gameingg

    Reject modernity, return to Atlas.

  • ๖ۣۣۜ҉𝔘nwillingly

    day 2 of sharing possum pics (u gotta view my profile...) 

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